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Desperate for a Revolution | Guests: Pat Gray & Brad Thor | 6/18/19

2019-06-18 | 🔗
Hour 1 Will the Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up. His Campaign is already in panic mode ...Pat Gray thinks God has a beef to pick with Jeffy. Enough Girth to move the earth Hour 2 'Backlash' and the list of books he thinks should be preserved. Author, Brad Thor joins. We've become intellectual and spiritual lazy. The Bible, The Federalist Papers just to name a few... ...Pro Gun kid has his Harvard acceptance, revoked. Everything will haunt them forever Hour 3 American Farmers are in crisis. First Drought, Now there's too much rain ...Home on the range with Horny Bulls and rental Buffalo's. A Fixer Upper he ain't ...The slave trade is alive and well in 2019 ...Flashback: You Can Keep Your Health care

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