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Did Somebody Say 'Hail Hydra'? | Guest: Rep. Chris Stewart | 11/11/19

2019-11-11 | 🔗
The public hearings start on Wednesday! But while everyone is dead set on Trump and Biden, we’re asking WHY the Democrats suddenly ran toward impeachment (did somebody say “Hail Hydra”?). All the chaos is bumping right up against the holidays. But come the new year, the Senate must start playing offense and expose EVERYTHING. Kanye West might run for president in 2024 – but don’t laugh! He’s serious. And the new James Bond movie is even more politically correct now. The Democrats’ defense of Joe Biden is laughable, but Trump is actually HELPING Ukraine by providing it missiles to deter Russia, not just blankets. Rep. Chris Stewart joins to give a firsthand view of the hearings, Schiff’s heavy hand, and the GOP’s plan forward.

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Welcome back, it is Monday and we're glad you're here still think about how to frame Wednesday show. This is. This is interesting territory that we're headed into and is all revolves around the PA impeachment. It is what the Democrats are really afraid of. And why they ran towards impeachment understand at all. These guys run to impeachment on this on the phone call it mean. How is it possible. Why you that doesn't make any sense any sense. Unless You know, really hiding You understood a baseline of that in our first chalkboard, but
hail Hydra. You will really understand what they are hiding by the end of the next special, which happens Wednesday. And we'll tell you all about it coming up in just a second standby the fusion, entertainment and enlightenment, hello, America, unwelcome led by programme today, a great show trying to get you up to speed and ready for are the impeachment hearings that are going to be happening in the house beginning on Wednesday. Now Wednesday night is a very
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allow America its Monday, the beginning of impeachment weak thought, I'm so excited about impeachment week. Have you put your tree up here? Your impeachment tree yeah yeah, with all of the with all of the Trump people that we can lynch on the impeachment tree in our own homes. It's going to be very, very exciting, Here is my worst nightmare. My worst nightmare is that everybody makes this just about Donald Trump and the fight with Joe Biden cuz. That is, not what this is about it didn't make sense that all of a sudden Nancy Pelosi with all of the things that Trump is done? Takes this? ukrainian phone call, where Joe Biden did exactly the same thing, a binding strangely gets credit. Is this
great hero, foretelling a nation to stop. Looking in investigating corruption Dalton, where are seven billion dollars? Is being a hero for doing that and yet I'm just says hey. I want to know where that is. Go ahead and investigate please investigate and she's held for impeachment? Now why, on God's green earth, would you bring up impeachment on that, certainly not to strengthen your front runner causes does not strengthen Joe Biden, really hurt him, though, either to be honest, is pullings holing. Nobody, you willing that eleven lasted you're willing to roll the dice on. That is Nancy Pelosi: hey, let's bring up the burrito a thing:
now I mean it's a bizarre reserve, half its abuse because there's been so many things that they put play so much attention on. So I mean your mother is the most obvious example, but there's plenty of them where they spit so much attention on trying to convince the american people that this was a unimpeachable situation, and yet this came out for anyone even knew any of the details about it before they even had the transcript of the call. They were saying it was a beautiful and why, Would you bring attention to Ukraine and Joe Biden, your front runner. On something that is risky, that you could just avoid and leave alone, why would you do that especially when you know to people in Ukraine were convicted of tampering with the United States election on behalf of the DNA C and Hillary Clinton. So your point
the cameras The scene of the crime, We know from me, you know, murder, Investigations, person that you're supposed to investigate, as the suspect who calls it in change the body is the start they're. Okay, if I'm the body given the body when you rule them out, you can expand. Where I found this body is the? And see, but they believe, Did they control the media so tightly? They control? Google? Facebook and Youtube, and everybody else so tightly that they can actually get. President thrown out of office and not have to pay for any of their crimes, and we are talking about crimes here. This is
high crimes and misdemeanors, which is political. These are crimes. So? What is this really about? Well, You know, I'm a fan is still not a fan of Marvel. I'm and of Marvel and I'm very excited about the the beginning of Disney plus this week. Because Disney Plus has some new marvel shows on it that are gonna, be preparing that I imagine or good seeing that they spent one five million dollars per episode. That's in Sanity incredible what was a game of thrones, was fifteen million dollars in episode most expensive fifteen million dollars net, so the average about four million dollars in episode. This is
when he five million it better, be damn good but I'm a fan of Marvel, and so I'm I'm excited to see Marvel and, as we were looking into this. If we realized. What we're dealing here with is is a reality. Version of Hydra. And if you watched any of the marvels. You know that Hydra is kind of, like Spectre, is to James Bond except Hydra, is is king for a new world order, and there point there they're using for different cadigan raised to be able to bring that that new. Old order into play and They use these for independent sectors and with their players inside of these sectors there to take over the
at least that's what they think so, the the Itself is split into four independent sectors: the internet. No corporations and they use legitimate businesses to conceal their illicit activities, they use government acts assets, they use you know individuals within the chain of command and they they like to do it not in the administration's, but they do it in the butt. Accuracies, because there is very little turnover in the bureaucracy, Use global criminal groups and those are for the short term goals. Also, is to deflect unwanted interest from global law enforcement community. So they are there in bed with really add oligarchs and criminals, and then elegance agencies they use the
governments, intelligence agencies to be people to know exactly what's going on all around the world now, why would I bring up hydra. What does Hydra have to do with the impeachment hearings this week? A lot because this is revolving around Ukraine and as told you what our last special when we it. Looking into Ukraine, we found some things that we didn't expect define yes found corruption, its Ukraine, es we found Borri, Smart and in just imply Isabel story about Joe by and his son that it was completely innocent and that Joe Biden knew nothing about this,
need to Joe Biden was over there to break up the the Gas and oil companies, and restructure so he had to do was just hammering all of the infrastructure of oil and gas. Have his son on the board of directors of one company and, of course, but he's going to look at that in a corrupt nation and go oh. I see how this works. Okay, so if his son is over on the board of directors of that one, that one is this chosen winner, because that's what corrupt governments do they pick in winners and losers, so you didn't really have to be in cahoots with anything. You just text Have your son known to be on that board of directors and, of course all the government contracts will go are because everybody wants more from the United States because You were providing we're blankets,
they're fighting Russia we're providing blankets. While some tanks how some of you, no guns airplane What do you say? Nano will provide you tanks and I will provide you, blankets and maybe more maybe more, but you've got to do a few things that we say you have to do now could be could be that they just. You know America, just hates Russia, so much that we were just going to give them blankets to fight against Russia that doesn't work. It could be well know it there really can't be.
Thing else. It looks like we were trying to infiltrate their government and set up a government that we could control, but the american people would find out and back and people wouldn't like that. How else could we do it. Hydra on Wednesday, we are going to show you exactly what this state department has been building, not just in Ukraine but all over. The world we're going to show you a plan, started by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton another old familiar face and and what they did in our state. And put it into play that has everyone
screaming bloody murder, because whether tromp newer it or not, he stumbled into something that would expose all of it. The State Department started to say: hey, hey, hey, hey! We don't want him in this territory. Over here. He can't stop this. He can't do anything over here, so whether Trump was doing it, because he wanted all that dirt on on Joe Biden, because he clearly never said By the way, I'm not going to pay you unless you get MIKE my opponent you get dirt on him. You take him down. Otherwise, I'm not going to give you the four in a million that he never said. Any of that. But let's just say that was his desire. What he actually did set off a chain of events that was going
suppose exactly what the Dnc Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and U S, department of State is doing in your name with your money over the world and it ain't pretty it's Wednesday. Don't miss this tell a friend Made it free, we ask that you would join us at the blazing fact you can get. Twenty percent discount, but enjoying the blaze which helps us pay for all this research, etc, etc. You just oh to blaze, tv dot, com, slang Glenn and use the promo code, GB, Wendy off and you'll, be it will to sign up? We we really need your support. But we've made this special free, so you can take it
Can you can share it with everyone? You know it will be on Youtube we'll be on Facebook, so make sure you're watching eight p dot m this Wednesday. The Democrats Hydra I think we might Leon today is gonna talk about not only what happened down in Mexico but hope to get some idea. From him on what is happening with the impeachment, also congressman. Chris Stewart is going to be joining us, hopefully today as well, but he will be joining us for sure later in the week he is. He has been to all of the hearings, and he knows what's going on and is going to be able to discuss some of the things that he has already gone through and discuss with other colleagues as such as these hearings begin so we'll have some
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find it in me that when they resisted, the president, they weren't being insubordinate, they were trying to save the country, it was their decisions, not the presidents that were in the best America, the president, didn't know what he was doing. Haley wrote, that's the view. The two men had not Haley didn't feel this way back. She said that The two of them came to her and said Hey. Will you help us invoke the twenty fifth amendment and she said no no. I won't. She Ed with the best and most Open legal and ethical staffing advice from across the government those are the ones. That's sad that we have to help him make an informed decision, and they were working against Trump, Tillerson said: if What you give
what she means by this that the best word you know Steer him into the right direction that I'm guilty as charged, I know this a good thing. Didn't we elect a president. One of the things we elected president to do was what people really felt strongly that should come home. This is what Bronco bomber promised are true, should come home. We should end these wars, one the things that I know for a fact is? Tromp is not a warmonger he's who wants to go to war he's, not a guy who believes we should be involved with other people in war. He believes that we should be taking care of our business here at home. Now, that's what Brok, Obama said in two thousand eight, but he
do it and why didn t do it? Could it be that what George Bush told me in the oval office that whoever sits in this. Chair is gonna. Have the same advice come in from the same advisers, going to realize that the president's hands really are tied remember him telling me that and I'm thinking would then why do we have elections. If we can, if our president, to get the same advice and can't do anything about it. Then, why do we have elections? We're not run by the President of the United States, your voice doesn't matter. So the president comes in. He wants a different strategy. First of all His strategy was to give them more than just blankets. He was going to give them weapons
able to stand against Russia now. How is that pro Russia cuz? I remember they said first, he was colluding with Russia, by a lot of these advisers who said that they don't like what trumpeted. With this whole thing, are saying that the policy, though, was better too for your Craig, yes, they're, all dangling out by the way at the ukrainian thing was that worked out for Ukraine and it was better than Obama was doing so? Who wasn't it better? For stew I mean, it was better for Ukraine who wasn't it better for doesn't make sense. Does it Why would they want to remove him? Why was why was he so dangerous if she was the one who said yes, they should be able to protect themselves, let's give them more than just blankets and
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I should especially on Wednesday at eight you can get it for free. I knew to also join blaze. Dvd com, GB, twenty off is the goat, since, when do we have do we have for the president. Aid. What the president should do in seat cabals and then take him out when he won't go. That way, I mean you quit you don't like it. You quit. This is an elected official. This is, they eat and come up with, like you did, you were appointed He was elected.
I understand that in guinea, imagine imagine what people would have said if Barack Obama was surrounded by a bunch of people who were Determined to thwart him every step of the way If old man, only if only man, but I would have done enough damage if everybody he was irish, decided to quit. Well, the media certainly wouldn't have been friendly to those people know who we're trying to utter by the President like they are now now. You think they would have protected those whistleblowers. No, no. They would not how and when to praise the anonymous book release. I enough from AIDS, live industry, anticipation and like Anonymous, is a brave, wonderful, powerful, courageous thing to do like they would be, they would be persecuting them. Person who was anonymously, writing something about Obama. All the resources will be poured into finding a
at one hundred percent for another resemble so our next president? twenty twenty four could be Conway. What Congo Kanye has come out and he said that he was going to run in twenty twenty four and then, started a laugh and he's like what are you laughing at you? I did not like her. They landed a leaden now he's not about it, and so when I President twenty twenty four we would create, as so many jobs. In fact, I'm gonna walk I am saying is when you all read the headlines, Conyers Crazy this and that in this- and that is like one Three african Americans are in jail and all the celebrities are in jail also because they can't say nothing no opinion there so scared. I brought her
I heard the audio of this statement and I could not decipher what he was talking about. You know I'm reading it and I can't really decipher when one is not exhaust. All about those- and I know this from his past, even which is a little more coherent than this- he was talk. But the number of African Americans in jail and ended that this is. This is what they ve wrought from supporting Democrat, all these years. This is what has happened to is that there's there's very few fathers in heading the household in black families, that is so many african Americans are in prison, so many are hooked on dry. So many hooked on the welfare system and he's fighting against it. He really he sounds more concern active now than he did when he first started doing the Maga thing, like. He knows what he's talking about now, whereas before he like Trump
really necessarily it didn't seem to me anyway, like he knew really would trump stood for it or if he supported it now I think he does, and he does. Bored at the one thing he's been pretty consistent on, I think is he's offended by the idea that he has to believe a certain way, because he's very much that part I love you. I M all of that to a letter really is a really basic in our universe. You get to make your own choices. Aren't you offended by all of the things that you're supposed to believe because you're, a conservative you are supposed to hate children. You are supposed to like people dying in front of hospitals without care you or so Let's do like starving people to death to just love war in all of its form? I do love that I mean those around. I mean get obvious that in the hospitals yeah yeah than better than the hospital one too I mean
are all used to being offended, because we're supposed to believe these things when that's? How are we believe the same thing? Kenya, he's like wait a minute just because cuz I'm a different color I'm supposed to believe these things, what's more racist than that, because black. I have to believe, like you do, because I'm black, I have to vote Democrats. I have to keep voting to stay on the plantation. Thing more racist than that. Nothing and any new look that racism is collected they are, the one of the same one is just a version of the other and you you have You took my identity politics and I got well. We black voters want vision. We that is just collectivism you in taking these tiny ear. The these she shall work for these groups in these groups should believe we're all visuals and Conny West is, I think, a powerful force, it least in it
illustrating that point, whether he knows what he's talking about in any of these issues, I dont know ok, consult I'm not sure if he knows what he's talking about and and I'm sure he does more than I do, but last week It came out that he and his wife Kim had a disagreement about her met. Gala gown. Did you hear this? No okay, it's that yeah no idea turned to step up our met Gallagher now I know that the only reason why this caught my eye is because they headline here: Kardashian removed fake nipple from her met, gala dress after Kanye Voice displeasure that they There are that they weren't the now that they were that they were, and he said, listen here. He said there was actually
by the maize at anyone know. That was a thing I I don T said a while. Looking at my wife, oh my girl needs to be dressed like these other girl, showing your body off showing this showing that I didn't realize that it was affecting my soul. In spirit. Is someone who's married in love, the father of? What's about to be four kids a course? It is a form of underwear, it's hot, it's like it's hot, for So that was my question. Whole thing. Is you know what, whatever No, there was such a thing is fake, nipples, the item you and she apparently removed them. Where you buy them. What do they look? Like I mean. How do you attach them? Do tat them to you. Do you attach them to the dress? Is it something that a woman would want to receive: hey Honey, you're, so fake nipples, cuz, you're, real ones? I don't like right I mean about it there
do you mind the dress? So do you have your biomass? Sat, I dont know. I mean our sure you buy me sets of do, but do you mind that's of six one would be a weird perch. One simulated would be a very odd per. Does, I think, to me I feel like they come in, like a almost like an egg create or you're gettin like several errors in their disposable, that's how I owed and vision, and if that pride doesn't want us await, and so do the fake nipples. Do you wear than one use either one use nipples, but wait. Can I tech lenses rightly hold a jealous out of the night. Do you attach them to the dress or you I'm gonna go if you're gonna probably had touched, I was a probably to the dress right, because if you, if you tell me you and you were a bra than your kind, losing the point of the fake nipples harassed. So I think that the point of I'm assuming the point of this is the point, but I guess I had
I consider by now, but I have no idea. You man, Do you see nipples, you think they're real who now who know that they were fake who they were fake. We ve been deceived, we too many what again women just so deceit women while can't live with them. So anyway we like to find out. At least I would I just like to I'd like to get to the bottom. Yeah has maybe he's crazy maize like mine, I swear vague Naples that she's, like an owner, fake nipples, says you would salted and a call for all I know is that the end of the day or like you know what look thank you so much her sitting. I had met with my own after I've worked hard. They worked out every day. Anyway. Are our sponsor this? power is the Uscca.
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Seventeen round magazine and with just it fits I'm a big guy. It fits in your hand just right. From SIG. By the way, did you see, the new bond movie is getting very, very politically correct. Hours really yeah seems like the vague act franchise that could be completely ruined by that yeah. You think yeah. He it's a new all electric Aston, Martin Well, I mean, as we know, I will save you. The electric cars are pretty impressive. When it comes to performance, Tesla's Electric Aston Martin it could be good. Our colleague, it's gotta be fastened very fast the they theyve David. Decided to not let the first all female the first female black oo7 to happen
thriller Oo1. Apparently I think that's ridiculous. I mean seven is the moniker didn't mean she's, aims bond it mean she tat his moniker confusing, I think, to the average person. I guess I guess double. Oh seven, is so closely associated, a million bond films- and I don't remember the backstory of double o, seven or double at one like it- that there are different agents, tell the woman who owns and created fleabag yes, oh yes was at an Amazon prime darn afflicts or something it's a series about. Basically, a poem He was a woman really screwed up woman. Who's very promiscuous but anyway,. She was brought in as scriptwriter for this new bond. Ok
who created that work is very well written. Isn't I think you you liked plea bag, quarterback, J. I like the way it was. I like the way was written the end. She it's a redemption story. Redemption story, her trying to figure out her family and everything else, but really harsh, yes, end and missed harsh, but they they brought her in to write it. So it could, you know it could serve Even the meat to era, so he its married and first thing that happens is he says good morning, MRS Bond, and she said MRS Bond, don't you mean? Don't you mean? belle winger, whatever name, I am at five, because you, you you look at all the villains like These movies and the ones that are convincing are the ones that you can understand
now as watching. Haven't we watching a little bit of you to kill, which figure barrage more dramatic. I believe. Nineteen. Eighty five is closer bad awesome. Director and silently arrest is certainly the greatest bond. Sometimes question no Adele close cell guy fall but you're not even remotely close. In February I issued just delete awry. They should delete Adele's additions to the polluting legally you dont, like Adele at all, now she's fine. I just said Not even in the category of of of the incredible me to render Rand's veto kills the greatest bond song of all time. There's no disagreement with it did just I mean you, eaters you're, just this does your hot take. As well. I personally would not ask anyone movie, they would have them. Do the next ten However, I have made broken up about six times right here it, but anyway, I'm going to put the story. The point of the story is the Tsar remit.
His or in industries? Is the bad guy max or anything is name as an end as a Christopher? Why Can I say I anything so written ridiculously over the top, as a villain like he has he's decided to put a weapon underneath, the San Fernando Valley, it's so funny to see this because it's like there's, people who don't like social media. That would be all on this guy's plan, because basically you Can it calls a giant, earthquake and wipe out Silicon Valley, so we or get Facebook. We never had a twitter. We dont area is ruled out why we need this guy's major Britain, this plot back, but he so he goes in and he decides to hires hundreds and hundreds of workers to work underground in a mine to load it up with explosives so that when
set off the explosives. It sets off an earthquake which floods this entire city and kills. Tens of millions of people are. This is big plan. So now he's he's heights now, you think of how do you keep this together if all these workers I believe that none of them go to like me maybe maybe he's seen as very liberal it. He would. They went all the papers and just hit all the reports. I don't know no those whistleblowers came out, but then he as the as the price the starts to go off this earthquake. He decides to laugh and execute all of the work in the mine with machine guns. As he's helping out for no reason these people have helped to blur the world, and then he buys the giant. He has. The giant does Evelyn to go for the San Fernando Valley and watch it all flood and watch all the people die like at some level. Other than the democratic candidates are our village that bad, not just because we believe it
I do love. Is it all of the new villains, though, want to do those things they do, who villains in like that. New bond movie there's been several out now that are the village These are equal terrorist kinsman. At some point Hollywood or are you reading? What you're writing you're listening to Glenn Beck, Still we going to go over, I'm looking through there's a really great story today that I've got to get to
on how when what what people are questioning now people are people are starting to question everything, and this impeachment. The way it is is going to come together is not going to help things just not going to help things. People. Leave that there is there they're not getting the truth. You know on MSNBC and Alabama student said Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself and they were like what's the new thing to do like the new Baba, Booey is essentially to say to Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself it does seem a robber bully Bob, We didn't mean anything Jeffrey. Steam didn't kill himself. If you ask any Roebuck about whether he killed himself or not, that's just she's only seen what would you say? A hundred percent convinced that he didn't this is a reporter recovered the story for the past three years That was our take on it
I guess I'll see. We have not seen any evidence and like it, but it's a fascinated vacant You to go down this road, for changing in America and we're gonna talk about the impeachment, how that's gonna play out next, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment? There was some transcripts released here and there in the case, the president, we we know you're gonna. The story from the mainstream media on all look He's the worst human being ever look there, it is there it is. He saying I'm going to kidnap your children unless you give me, all the dirt. On Joe Biden, you have that lets
into the other things that the press really hasn't found need to report on and those transcripts as we get ready for the impeachment. Will do that in one minute program get your busy I'm busy. Let's get right to the point of the things that you have to do throughout the day The last thing you need to do is worry or worried about possibly your car into the shop because it needs a repair seeing check. Engine light come on when you're driving on the street is enough to conjure up mental images of all the important things we're gonna miss out doing while Europe simultaneously going broke at the hands of somebody who actually knows how to fix your car because you no longer can fix your car car shield makes a process of fixing that car for a covered repair. Amazingly simple, you have your favorite. And Accord dealership do the work which frequently isn't the option. They also provide money for seven roadside assistance and a rental car while yours is being fixed for free? So don't let it
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So far we have transcripts from the inquiry. Of about twenty seven hundred pages of transcripts? we have Fiona Hill. George. Can Michael Mckinley Gordon Sondland Bill Taylor Alexander Veneman Ochre and Mary Yvonne of it. She was the the ambassador, so we still of Christopher Anderson, Laura Cooper, Catherine Croft, David Hale, TIM Orson, Philip Rigour, Jennifer Williams, to be released, so we still don't have about half of the transcripts of the behind the scenes stuff they ve already done, so that step one, that's cool at some point. These things will start trickling out, we'll get all of them
Wednesday is a big day for a few different reasons. Number one there's a big special unbelief tv should go to place to be dot. Com is a promo code. Gb twenty off at twenty percent offers of christian helps, support these things, and it's about the impeaching we'll get into the exact details as to what we're gonna cover with the special on Wednesday. But you can get a free and you too, we can share it when you tube in and all these other places, but certainly your subscription is. Is welcome to support all these efforts. That is one thing on the other side is the first live testimony we're going to get in public this going to come from Kent.
Taylor Tailors one of the air he's a former bassett her eye top. U S diplomat in Ukraine he's one of the guys that was texting about. Basically, there was a quid pro quo, one of their one of their star witnesses. I would say: there's also can't who is really critical of the presidency, their leading with some of their best material here, and this is enough, Amber 13Th, which is Wednesday, then on Friday, you're going to get testimony from Evanovich. She is the former ambassador to Ukraine and was fired basically by the in a strange and she's the ambassador that everyone said, I was stopping any investigations by the Ukrainians into government. U S! Government officials into the Anti Corruption Bureau into anything with George Soros.
Anything having to do with bereaved MA, stopping all investigations and stopping any information coming into the union state. She wouldn't provide visas, nor deliver any information from the prosecutor general in Ukraine, that's pretty significant course. Now they don't die on talk about that. Maybe they will. I mean this is a chance for Republicans ass of aversion to now. Next week is another week they believe of live testimony and what's fastening to me about this is next week. Next week on tread on losing track. My weeks, your how many weeks until actually thanksgivings two weeks show to free weeks before the thanks giving weak You are really bumping up against the holidays. Here with your life. Testimony is probably the last week where your people are really going to pay all that much attention to
at least on the top of their new cycle people drift in and out of IRAN. The holidays are gonna Christmas parties. There go into the eggs, giving dinners gatherings all these things news notice, from years and years and years of experience that the market place for news drifts off a little bit in December. So it's weird depletes things that you want attention on. In December, You can help it well that you would make sure that you lead with the with the ones that you think are the safest, the ones that are going to make it through any kind of cross examination. You do that this week, then You go with your second tier next week and then after that, doesn't matter
Benchley just started Michael Avenant, Easter, Sprint, people and a man. You know get her almost done either. Then their affair, like whatever, because the people are like yeah, how many days till Christmas I gotta get some shopping directly, so so that the next two weeks of live testimony than we gone too thanks giving week whether sure to take a break invocation time, then they come back and then there's a funding of the government needs to be funded, which is your typical. Debate that would highlight and and be the first thing, people would be talking about the news yeah, but again the way. Why did they put it at this time of the year as get disappear? Syria it disappear then you have. Then you have the descendants of what the rest of the schedule is. So after we get all of these Davos testimony done the house goes and they come up with their charges of impeachment. If there Rennie casinos. Maybe they'll decide their ard, there's not needed up and wrong. I know this affair, open process and maybe they'll just decide. You know what looks like the present was clean here.
Maybe that will happen but likely that go back and come up with articles of impeachment if they do that, they think they will have a committee report of and vote on the first week of December as early as the fur week of December, and that is you have the votes than the next week's you have they the report that the charges, the hearings, then the vote the next week, which would be probably December sixteenth. They think again, you're now in the mid who is paying intended the news and December sixteenth right. This is over. Its possessor. Now I will say the Clinton test. The Clinton impeachment vote did happen under summer nineteenth. Ninety ninety eight, so is not the first time this has happened. This deserve time period. But it is sort of in the middle of the Christmas holiday and this would be the type of
neither not committing to that timeline, but that's basically, which are looking at their saying now. They think they're gonna get a vote done completely by the end of the year. I met its after mystic, I think for them. If they could be twists and turns and laying and Harris's here's the thing I'm can. I am concerned about I'm concerned that the GOP is not going to allow it to proceed to the Senate, and I think that, Massive massive mistake. You cannot are about that yeah, you can't you Anna you have to start playing offensively. This is there penis into a defensive mode, offense, as we like to introduce to the american people as well. We ve got our own witnesses to call. We have our own pieces of evidence to.
And they want to do that. They want to bring people like Hunter Biden to testify right, but they think the Democrats are going to block that from happening. Well, you can do that. I believe you can do that in the house, but I don't believe you can do that in the Senate, because the Senate, president has a right. He has his own attorney has defense. Bring up all of the stuff but he said in the phone call hey. You know. I want to know about the corruption with the elect tampering, I want to know what was happening with purisima. I want to know what was happening with our seven billion dollars. They do not want that to come up and so far. I don't know why, but so far you don't I have a lot of Republicans
talking about this year that I've got to go on the offensive. I think a lot of Republicans think that's not the office that they think that giving Senate trial is giving it too much credibility. You below it out of the water. Yet because it here's what you think again, we if these things are tough to predict, but I mean generalizing here, what's gonna happen is the Democrats in the house are gonna, bring their best evidence, and there is not really going to be a chance to push back on other types of related issues in public because that's not the weights format. It so does this. Why they like it right? They get up that's tough out there to deal with the other stuff, and it goes in the year. They get the impeachment vote and they can tell all their people that yet we got that done, although senators in oak at in and they can all brag about her Their party is the one that was able to impeach Donald Trump for the primary and goes to the Senate and if Mcconnell says you know what this is nothing in this is this just political and we're not going to talk about it. Then they have
arguments of this is the first time in history which it would be that the Senate did not take up in a peach meant that was done in the house it is it was. It would be one of those things where they would have an argument that say essentially, but the Republicans are just ignoring all the bad things that they're doing. If you bring, if you have the trial, it's not like the Democrats are going to come up with a dish information on this they're going to blow it all here in this impeachment thing, so your rehash of all the stuff we've already heard, and then additional evidence of all the things that the Republicans can talk about can't get away with talking about in the house, not to men, in that it will pull all these sectors that are presidential candidates, offer the campaign and they re learning hated it. I think this is. I think this is just destruction thinkative. Every single senator stands up from the room, a black inside.
This is nothing but a circus. This is a waste of american time and american money, but the emir People need to know what the democratic are willing to do too. Throw a duly elected president, so I vote bring it on if they approach it that way and every single one of them, when they are voting, say that. Don't just say yay say yea, say. Damn right blurring it on you have to have it because what will happen is adjusted. Votel say: oh, my gosh. Sixty Republicans think this should be looked into as well No, all of them need to be in lockstep. This is a trial that is going to reveal the truth, not about
happen on that phone call, because we all know that farce. We are only voting. Yes, president, has a right to defend himself to showings actually what the Dnc is been doing. What Hilary when these role was Collusion with Ukraine. You want to bring it up. You want to expose you want to you, and I have an honour. Its conversation. Democrats bring it on and in what What are the? What are the Democrats going to bring to the table there they're going to be able to bring up the third time we've heard testimony from Taylor. What what are you? What are you gonna go to their right? I wouldn't even use. Do when you see what the special is this Wednesday. Evidence that we have look at just the evidence that we have. We have two people that were convicted for work with the Dnc and Hillary Clinton
collusion with the Ukraine in government took election already been convicted. If we have the tape of them admitting it Not seeing that anywhere aria its I type the american people see it and the press can use it in his defense It's not unrelated. It's not unrelated talking about in the phone call all of those people when he says look, there's some people that were involved here and I think they're still around you of the names that we have on the Chalkboard fair game, if they're making it about the phone call, it opens up the door for all of it to be. Exposed and on Wednesday you'll, see how deep this thing goes. We thought this was about Ukraine until doing the special the last special.
And we were doing research and we came across a name and it popped in one of the hearings and we're like. Oh my gosh. Wait until you see I like to call it. The Democrats Hydra. That's Wednesday, eight p dot m, don't miss it. You can if twenty box, by using the promo code, the GB too t off by going to blow is tv dot com, slash back use a promo code, GB twenty off you'll save twenty bucks. We asked you to services subscribed because it helps us pay for these kind of stations, which are extraordinarily time consuming and stored, narrowly expensive, so we are asking. It's about crime, but I want you to know we're making it free on you open facebook. So everyone can see it You now have to do your work and tell all of your friends. You gotta watch Wednesday Watch
Wednesday. The Democrats Hydra what's really happening and why the president should go on the offensive. Cuz. It's not going to just take down Joe Biden. Oh no! No! No! Oh! No, takes down all of it, including thing is that people who voted for Barrack Obama wanted to stop. This one opens up the entire can of worms. Join us Wednesday, Are you getting to the transcripts? Next hang on just a second person. When I talk to you about Xchair, it makes a great Christmas gift. If you, if you know somebody who just has a new office or a great office, but a lousy office chair, You want a new office chair for the office at home for your spouse. This is the best. This year it is the next generation it has ten,
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set of the new x wheels with your chair, Xchairbeck, dot com, promo code. Back we break for ten seconds station id Okay, have a ton of newly released freedom of Information ACT stuff that we are going to go over on Wednesday show. We have is of evidence and documents on the Democrats, New Hydra, but let me Are you some of the players now lieutenant? Colonel Vindelin he's the guy who replace the whistle blower. Remember when there are like are we ve got a second whistle blower this when they dont mind exposing, for some reason This is a second whistle blower. That's how was introduced to us a second whistleblower, because the first one had some problems
so we got a second whistleblower. We know this guy's name you'll, understand like you've, never under before why they don't really want to get into the whistleblower soon soon Wednesday night wait for a Democrat. But this is the attorney speed into the members of the select committee who were in the secret hearings This is this is lieutenant. Colonel VIN means the second whistleblowers attorney mister Cobb says look. He came He came here He tells you he's not the whistleblower okay uncomfortable about Tryin respect his feelings at this point. Well, we're uncovered impeaching? The president. Excuse me kiss me: if you want to debate it, we can debate it, but what I'm telling you right now is that you have to protect the identity of a whistle blower. I get that there may be polite,
Go over tones, you guys got it. Do what you have to do, but do not put this man in the middle of it. Now. This is the middle of this. We know the whistleblowers name on this one. It's on the record, Mr Kastler says so how does it out anyone He had one other conversation than the one he had with George can't. Ok, ok, what I'm telling you right now is we're not answer that question if the church, You're wants us to hold him in contempt for protecting a whistle blower God be with you, and you can go run out there and talk to the press about it and have a great I'm telling you right. Mr Kastler says you know none of is having a great time, will look look. What I'm telling you is I've, never seen any party, but any party ever tried out a whistleblower and in the same concerted way that is going on here and it we're just
to find out if it's one person or five people look I've been a prosecutor, for twenty five years, are ok, I handled confident, bill informants, I handled very risky situations. What these questions are designed to do. You ve already done. You don't need this, you don't need to go, on this and look you guys can if you want to ask you, can ask you, can ask about his conversations with Mr Kent, but that's it answering any others. Mr Selden, the only conversation we can speak to Colonel Venneman. Conversation within Bassett or can't correct and you've already asked your questions about it, so I don't think they're hostile at all. The witnesses are now telling the prosecution what and am cannot ask.
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Welcome to the program. Glad you're here! Thank you for listening, we're getting it ready for the impeachment. All this week miss any of the shows at five this week on the blaze tomorrow. We're really going to batten down the hatches on what to expect. We have Chris Stewart coming up in just a second. He has been in these secret meetings. He can't tell us anything about it, but he is Going to be walking us through the impeachment the as the live impeachment hearings begin to happen publicly. So he'll, be here with us every day, we're going to talk to him coming up in just a second there's, a couple of things President. I guess was taking on Republicans this week and say no wrong strategy. Don't say that yes
quo happen, but it was justified. Mr President, please please there. There is quid pro quo here. You were holding back, or under million dollars. Now you gave it before they did anything, so I guess technically you're right but it is your right as the president to say that just it was Joe Biden is right to say I'm not giving you the money. If you continue to investigate. Only one of those is in the national interest and it's not Joe Biden, A Joe what happened when seven billion dollars- I don't know, and I told them to stop investigating- that's. Yeah, that's the wrong kind of quid pro quo. Press conference. It happens. All the time
behold, back resources for throughout comes that. We want, throughout the world This is why we give foreign aid. It's not because we're nice. It is not because you're nice because we're friends with everyone is because we want specific outcomes around the world. This is we sometimes it's, because if we think it's good for our security, sometimes our sun need no drug money. Whatever the thing is we're doing his All the time. If the United States was giving money to Russia, to Russia, and we thought Russia had colluded with Donald Trump would you have a problem with the government saying we cannot pay another day. Time to Russia in aid. Until we, find out what Ben during the election The only reason why you would say no to that is because you no longer believe in the system.
Call who's going to ask that if the Democrats going to ask that they're going to say they're going to put a stop to it, you know version. Just there just are just trying to their just trying to beat them down into the ground, so they'll get the facts that they want. That's not what the president was asking for. Will. The president was asking for was a very broad investigation. Now, if you don't like the present You might read into it that the only thing he cared about was getting Joe Biden hurt in the political race right in UK. You can guess about that, but you don't have that, and this is why I think that the strategy's is as an interesting and potentially faulty one from the president, because I think he thinks look, not backing down and if you go back to, if you go to a really nice trump hotel You come out of the hotel and your friend is easy at the front is how was it was a nice I'll tell you too
really really nice, but it's not the Mandarin Oriental, but I mean it is one of the nicest hotels I've ever been in that would piss trump off to no end because you're saying something's, better, then his hotel, he he would say I mean. Look at some some of those properties back in the day, specially some of the ones in Atlantic City that had his name on it. We're not even nice hotels guy, that's not what they were, but his point any. He says this in the art of the deal he said it was a very aim is sort of Advertising tactic, never give it up. Domino's pizza is the pizza in the world do not. Some small place in New York City. What are the original raise? What are you talking about? Dominoes is the speech in America. That's. Why should by the pizza from us, and I think, people overtime- that's evolved. People become scheme The goal of advertising and messaging and people say the dominoes thing work. Well, when they said look our pizza kind of suck before we ve made a better, it's not expense we could Peter
a family. It's a deal used to be it used to work. Now it's a laugh line. Now it's kind of a cork. You know at best when he says. Oh, no, my hotels are the best most luxurious, the biggest bath the most luxurious towels. You laugh about it I already from I've stated Trump hotels. They are very good hotels, very good, but and if they are the best towels you know I was just saying at a Trumbo tell with my son recently we went to, we went to the hotel and my son. Came out of the shower and he had the towel wrapped around. He said dad. These are the most luggage Recently I mean it's a joke yeah. I know it's an endearing joke shirt, but when we're talking about this week- talking about high crimes and misdemeanors play. Straight man play it straight, and I think he's
as a retreat right. If you give up on this like let this quid pro quo thing, Retreat, but what do I think it really is is a lowering of the hurdle. The Democrats have to clear. I agree if they even remember it's not Republicans that are gonna, make the decision as to whether this escalates into something bigger for the election or and maybe conviction of the Senate. Although unlikely to be the minute, the middle of the middle people that are not necessarily paying perfectly close contention attention. Not you eat and may not be trumps supporters and may not A democratic support rights there just like I, I Really, no, I don't follow it, and so it's going. Be who what taste is left in their mouths right and you're, saying all they? What what has been set up, as is if they can prove its a quid pro quo venues guilty and should be impeached and if they can't venetian, but it's like.
It's obviously at some level of subjective thing. So your yet this you're saying well, I mean yeah. Ok, we have all these witnesses were saying it was quid pro quo, their texting about it at the time. Some of these people are big time. Donors who Donald Trump. They were not trying to get him grown out of office by any means, but that was the understood, in that they had you have. Him and another transcript saying not. Specific legalistic quid pro quo, but suggest money and end these investigations very close to each other. And you know where the media is gonna presented us with being said, is it the best defense to set up that very low hurdle, because we all know quid pro quo? happened. It's a matter of this one in the american interests are not oh, here's the difference. Let me read this transcript two ways: First, all read: it the way the president would want you to read it and then I'll read it, though press wants you to read it now. This doesn't matter,
how its read in a coup, law. As long as these things happen, and you have nothing else, your fine God is walking away, because he said these things, unless you have something else. First, let me The way the press wants you to hear this the president in the transcript now this is an actual transcript from the questioning the present, in the transcript uses, you know some words hedging from time to time. On page three says whatever you can do, He ends the first paragraph on page three, you know if that's possible at the top of page, for if you could speak to him, that would be great You know whatever you can do again, it stop a page for if you can look into it, It is reasonable. Is it not to conclude that those words of hedging for some you know, lead people to conclude that the president wasn't
to be demanding here. Oh, I think people they hear what they want to. You know as they already have preconceived notions. I'd also like to point your attention to whatever you can do. It's very important that you do it if that's possible. Yes, thank you. Witness stand these and gentlemen of the jury. I rest it if it's possible. That's the way they want you to hear this. They want you to hear is, as he's John Gotti and all he has is on the phone going look you know, go ahead in the put that money in the bank account. You know he only if it's good for you, I'm not telling you to do it, I'm just seven's possible. Whatever you couldn't do awesome I mean it would help me out, but you know we are
our own decision. So you do what you have either been at it bring up. I know where your child goes to kindergarten rocky nose like edit. Were it whether enough there's, never a quid pro quo. I'm gonna kill you your child, it up with the money in the account, but these are just their qualifies. There lie the lay sick. One virus say that all you have to say is I hear your child, I hear your young daughter just had a birthday yesterday and And she's celebrating it school today, got to love our daughters huh That's all you have done a thorough, that's what that's a nice thing about a daughter. What are you talkin about so now you have to interpret them because you're in your movie head so if you are in your movie head, you know exactly what that means, but if I scollops due tomorrow and I said a stew, hey? We got to get together tomorrow. By the way I heard your daughter is having a birthday and they're celebrating it's cool man. Don't you just love our daughters?
it wouldn't be a threat it all totally via exactly right. That's why this kind of stuff always thrown out but this kind of stuff is read like wait, a minute, president in the transcript uses. You know some words that are hedging, for I'm too time on page three he says whatever you can do paragraph three on if that's possible on the top, a page forty says, if you could speak to him, that would be great so whatever you can do again at the top of page, for if you can look into it, You know, isn't it reasonable to conclude that those words of hedging might for some? You know lead people to the conclusion that
president was not trying to be demanding here. Might he saying if it's possible, if like it, if you can do it, if the facts follow that line, who I would love to see it? If it's, you know what the truth is, that doesn't mean that you must do this for money. So here's the thing, Donald Trump, either really meant it that way- and we don't know for sure, but he really meant it that way or he's John Gotti, and he was saying you know so if there's something you Do you know what I'm saying it got a lovely family hate, something happened, they have family gay. We don't know we're in a legal proceedings were assuming his ill intent. Exact over the media is doing all the time. So here's the thing, Mr President, this is not a legal standard. This is
the standard of what the press can make up the majority of people in America believe and it to easy for those people who are just coasting along, not paying attention, go! Oh well! Oh! Well! I guess I guess did say that and they're saying that he's such a bad man. It was like a mob thing. No offense! Mr President, not defense, offense, offense office, yeah. I did say that exactly the same thing that Joe Biden did except Joe I said: hey that seven, billion dollars that you know if USA money don't look into that that's a corporation with my son. Don't look into that, What I said was yeah, look into that, we both said we're withholding money. He said, withhold it
stop an investigation in the interest of american people? I said I'm withholding the money cause. I don't trust your country with any more of our money, proof to me that you are a different kind of president investigate those things and then we'll know we have a good partner. Amen brother! That is an open and shut case to the american people. If presented. That way, hey by the way it's veterans day. Thank you. So much if you were a veteran, all that you have done sacrificing. Your time and too many of your friends are blind spot come what may joining expressing our gratitude to the heroes that have served our nation also. I want to remind you that if you have not tried blinds dot com, now is the time they're offering up to forty percent off everything included
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This is the Glenn Beck program. I guess what I'm saying on the on the last break. Here is the Mr Trump. Please you play to win. You don't play to tie the game. You're on the help me out to your on. The one yard lie here on the one your lawyer ago. You have the superior team team is tired. Maybe a couple of their great guys have been taken out you are dominant on the field right now you're lying language. It kicked field, gully, pungent punch it in
a gm it down their throats and make the touch down to win amateur has its. I think it's being portrayed as its some retreat, but really makes it makes the task for the other side easier, you're, giving them an incredible another sports incredibly low, a hurdle to clear right, make it difficult make them prove that this not in the national interest, and you have evidence of it, and I just want you to know it took me a second, because I was like hurdles. I know that's in track: okay, okay, he switched sports I did. Don't do that you could hurdle a player in the NFL Football team it doesn't seem like the right approach, but this is, we noticed his armies. Well done this, Oh it's not just him. I mean a lot of people on the republican cider down this road. I just say that like
set. Your sail here is that this was good for the country, like you did something good, not that you didn't do something bad. Is that you did something good just answer as opposed to defence. Do you want to see how good the offence is make sure you're watching the special he's tv on Wednesday just join us. Lays tv, Slash, Glenn usable LG v20 off and save twenty percent off your subscription right now blaze tv Wednesday night, eight p, dot m. Our I wanna talk to a little bit about relief factor, look relief. Actor will help you. It will help you. It will help you. I will help you get out of pain. For me, the hold in elevation is always a problem for me,
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Seven hundred and seventy eight seven hundred and nine eight hundred and five seven thousand seven hundred and eighty seven nine or genucel dot com is genucel com. In the constitution. It says the President vice president and all civil officers in the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors treason other high crimes and misdemeanors. What does that even mean bribery. This is what they're going for it appears the bribe would be. To every one if Trump, this is a core the Atlantic, if Trump in the people were acting on his behalf, had told you Minions will release your military aid, but you have to you have to do favor of contributing a million dollars to trump twenty twenty. Then we'd know but bribery.
Oh! It's on, like maybe a minion, saying well know they don't have any time to meet with you. Although You know they do have this foundation, and it be wonderful if you would go ahead in donate to that And then suddenly there are scheduled, opens up and they can meet with those people up, as so you she could have impeach for that. That's in the car, situation, bribery. Instead, Trump, they say. Oppressed Ukraine for a favour is valuable to Trump as a million dollars they Ukraine, to launch, or at least an ounce of corruption, investigation into the Biden family. Returned. The Trump team imply that they would get military aid for an oval office meeting trumpet As for a favour that would benefit in politically entitled to foreign aid.
It also would have helped the country as it was a national interest was the last thing in a long long. One hundred and fifty one word laundry list of things. It looks like they're going for bribery, the interesting thing they're gonna attempt there- I mean you know: do you want to know they're there direction, it's good to get out in front of it, and this is what they're going to go for you to all the sudden hear the Democrats love the constitution, they care about it so much it's right. There read it every day and it just giants. One of the only two specific things mentioned for impeachment is bribery on. This is clear. This is what it is. This is the road they're gonna go down right, and you know I mean because we know, we know that the Clinton
foundation, got rich off of people trying to meet or smooth with with the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? We know it, we know it nobody ever wanted to pursue that nobody ever want to look into it Why don't you look into why all of a sudden, the Clinton Foundation is struggling for cash because soon as she's not the inner in the oval office or not as the Secretary of State, all of a sudden, all those those guys, great people all over the world that just thought this was so wonderful have suddenly stopped thinking. It's so wonderful! Why? Why why? Why is that? this is a dangerous road, I would say for Democrats to go under because, as you point out, there is endless evidence of these,
going, I mean it. You could read any number of Peter Schweizer books to see the documents and details of the times they take money for favours happens all the time yet, while they ve got Mitch Mcconnell on that too, because Mitch Mcconnell is also in its whites are book being just as bad as the rest of them. So but also you have, You do have somebody else that be brought up because bring up the Clinton Foundation in your defense cuz. That's not. This case, however, You could Make the case that it was bribery that work is also involved in the quid pro quo from Vice President Biden. You could try that you could have time for that. They are probably going to about is the idea that their defense
on the Biden thing is so weak It's it's just this idea that Billy. This summary of it is Joe Biden, pure and down trumps evil. I'd really is, although there is because they're just they're, saying yeah sure there's a lot of really shady things. It looks like happened with Ukraine, but Joe Biden intentions were perfectly clear. He's told us to our face that they were were clear and, and so it we're fine, but we believe him just believe it right their defences is that so I thought this is fastenings buried in the New York Times, peace from today about which bay, exonerates Joe Biden, new creation point of its ok right, and so there's lots of excuses as to why all the things that went on there's lots of coincidences. They were even his policies or his ideas, you just executing and then the only reason he did any of them because he was known for taking but tough jobs
administration couldn't find anyone else to do. He was just a hard worker he's. A lunch sale show tat. He was almost a camp, is almost a campaign communal, but buried in their about three quarters of the way down. Is their defence on breezy, my and this is the only natural gas company in ukraine- that Hunter Biden work for and they say Britain was a smaller accompanying, but it he didn't know played no role in Mr Barton's. Press campaign, Officials could not recall whether the company was even mentioned in meetings. The vice president attended on energy matters. If these people around them in their saying, while they didn't even mention, varies with a small company they know, even if he ever given knew about it, and it was. Definitely not involved in its pressure campaign know so well. This pressure campaign, he had a pressure can pain going on with the energy industry or what was that your campaign about. Wasn't it
paragraph of the same story. Ukraine's energy industry. The country's geopolitically, crucial economic engine was a central point. Between the Obama, administration and key you, Mr Bite, and another person they introduce earlier they talk about. Pressuring Mr Parish Anko to reform the operations of the state owned natural, get gas company NAFTA Gauze, which controlled, about two thirds of the country's energy resources, so he wasn't helping bring up all the is take down their top competitor. It's like work. Look Joe Biden is running the FDA and Hunter Bite and works for burger. King and Joe I happened to be investigated. Mcdonald's. He was even mentioning Burger King Hunter,
was I burger king? That was a bite in Prague? May I also get. May I also say that they were pressuring Mcdonald's because they had a lock on the market and they were saying hey look We got to investigate this unless you're going to investigate, but we're going to investigate it and by the way we have USA dollars in the bill. For any energy company that wants to make a case that they can do a better job in in finding natural gas and oil your state guess it's for anybody else. You gotta forgot there finally, taking down the major competitor, but also offering money? Now go to do it another way. If you are your Feist president, present is over there,
looking at all the companies that you might want to invest in the companies that using might have the best shot at getting that american money, my be the one that has Joe Biden Sun on the board. Just fan, you think well, in a country like Ukraine that completely corrupt yeah, yeah sort, I'm saying my impression at just after going through all this, over the past few months is that if you feel buy in the airspace over Ukraine, you will become corrupt, that's how corrupt the Ukrainians are in their government. The story like very telling us this is the left's case is they were so corrupt? We, bring in a new guy. I was so corrupt. We re in a new guy and I was so corrupt than to bring in a new guy. That is there. That is their place again. It's not the total case. Yes you're right about now having to bring in that guy and then the other guy in and the other guy in the other young right. But
Good news is from the outside. The United States insisted, through an end GEO they set up a national bureau. That's for anti corruption! Strangely, by an NGO, we should look, that They were going to work with the government to make sure that Although Thou at corruption was gone, fortunately, the guy who ran that Anti Corruption Bureau yeah he was, he was Victor in meddling, in the U S election by helping Hillary Clinton and bragging about it on tape, that's why they gave him up fiction there on that? While he was only recorded, saying it and then it was played impact played on one of especial scare. There does having dinner possess guy yeah we're Helpin Hillary Clinton by just a few,
not there. No one cares. Yes, the conviction was a conviction and in Ukraine of course, again, every single and who's ever walked through. Ukraine apparently is corrupt. I don't know, maybe it's maybe it's the radiation from showing what causes it. So here's, let me get. Let me just give you this. This is. This is a key. Conversation in the Bay Republican the questioners or investigators in the in the private hearings in the class. I'd hearings- this is part of the town. It was released over the weekend now again is the top ukrainian guy for the. Security Council, so this is the guy who knows it all inside now he was selected guy, on Ukraine Question
so. What do you know about jealousy? Jolliffe, ski the oligarchy that controls bereavement? Frankly, I don't know much donno huge amount, You are you aware that he's the former Minister of Ecology and remember had guy breathe, What's the plan gas G should figure out who the minister the college, it wasn't all your daddy Alia yeah. No, I'm not are you Arab! Any investigations the company has been involved in over the last several years Well, I am aware that breeze now does have questionable this dealings, that's part of their track record. Yes, fashionable business dealings. Are you aware of I think it's no more of a generalization. I'm aware that it has questionable business dealings and they were you know they were known as a fact: okay, Did you know if they ve been involved in misappropriation of energy licences?
I don't know that. Don't think I could say that, but I think general, the general answer is they have questionable this business dealings, so money laundering tax evasion, to those investigations. That would come with your understanding of the company yeah. We are pretty much the that would comply with the understanding about business is done in Ukraine. Ok, aright, so into They undertook an initiative to bring in some additional folks on their board. Where is the folks say added to the board in twenty fourteen the only individual that I'm aware of again after you know, it's been reported in the press is mister turbine now that just brings into question I blew it. May I just reproach the bench your honor here and talk to you the listener Doesn't that make you look at Joe Biden GO weight If the National Security Council. New that what was it
bribery, money laundering, tax evasion was part of the deliverance but maybe should follow John Kerry steps on and say guys. We shouldn't take this board seat. I can't do, cuz? This is crazy. These guys are really bad guys Joe Biden done it? You don't question the people around Joe Biden, maybe that you know the secret service. Nobody said hey by the way he's getting into bed with a really bad company ended check with any of the authoritative sources in government to learn a little bit more about these. No, I didn't, even when the narrative started to creep in I didn't, I didn't think it was appropriate. I mean he's a citizen. U S, citizen I gonna ask questions frankly, that all into the law enforcement sphere like the Anti Corruption Bureau colluding with the Democrats and Hillary Clinton to throw the campaign. You mean
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bonused and silver, its eight sixty gold line one eight, six, six gold line or gold line dotcom we break for ten seconds station, I d, So exactly what did you do with your authoritative sources to evaluate what was going on with Purisima where are you know? I I I talk to my interagency interagency colleagues, you know some for their views, they shared the men. I incorporated that into my own personal assessment assessment. That's really it are you telling me you just made a couple of phone calls. Yeah I mean whatever the format of exchange was. I don't recall so telephone calls. He males attempting yeah. Something like that. Yeah, oh man,
Let this guy's on the National Security Council cause. He is he's. Did he eat he digs deep for truth. Doesn't transcripts kind of interesting. That is not necessarily the focus of a lot of the media coverage, for example are these people who are critical highly of trump, and main witnesses for the Democrats right now: people MIKE Taylor, who is the guy? I would say most centrally, probably accusing him of of bad actions in texts and such I want a career diplomat all these people who are super highly focused on Ukraine? cases well she's, trying to help Russia listen, etc. This testimony, as are the interesting so ass, he was a republican Laura talking to Tailor says I want you join the administration in Kiev and yes, it is keen that Kiev, where you have
with the package of aid. I was happy that we are providing aid. I guess we could always be more, but I was got it was I would have an unhappy if it didn't come, but troubled ministration had a package of age aid to Ukraine. Right yes, including leaf, defensive weapons right, yes, financial assistance. That was very happy about that was this: an improvement over years, prior the critic The trumpet menstruation says it was was a substantial improvement. It was substantial improvement in the end that this administration provided Javelin Anti tank weapons, the shoulder, missiles. He said successfully deter Russians from trying to grab more territory. There also very strong political message. That said, the Americans were willing to provide more than blankets. I mean that was the previous talking about the Obama administration, and these were
our serious weapons, they kill russian tanks, so these are serious weapons. It was a distress was a demonstration that we support Ukraine and against Russia this case again they were over and over and over again we see this. The russian heritage is largely to dissolve now they're they're, all saying they're, all saying a couple things: one for Russia now no parenting eyes, actions too was very dangerous on Ukraine. How Obama administration was giving them blankets. I don't know smallpox included, giving them blankets he's giving them javelins wait out, as is, schedule, walk if they change anything in the State Department's policies thing there. We should look at our lifelike. We are being warned about he's skimming. That's when cybercriminals watch online shopping carts in order,
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till the separate that lifelong dotcom, eight hundred lifelong placed. The com is a promo code, GB twenty off get access to the Democrats, hydrants Wednesday, eight p m Eastern also available on you too, this is the Glenn Beck program. Wasn't it's Monday. The impeachment hearings begin. Chris Stewart has been kind enough to be able to make time in his schedule he's a cow twin from Utah that has been in the skiff. Have you not been you've been beat up first, experience in skiff: do you not first at first
syrian song more than one occasion Glenn and before getting that, let me say: happy battering state are better and God bless them all out there. If you would, let me the lily. I know you're a veteran so happy veterans day to you and your family is just riddled with heroes and am grateful for everything that they ve done low with all the other veterans. So Chris First ball. Just side. Note your ear in on these impeachment hearings. You been sitting there in listening to this in the skiff yeah yeah. Access for last six weeks by the way. This goes back really three years I mean for three years. The intelligence committee, which is one of the most harmful mediation Congress or we do really. Matters would have been diverted for years now on. First russian collusion, Mueller Report Justice and then they ran out of
out of ammunition air. So now we're doing teach bent on Ukraine. So why not yet up in their day after day? Up into that, can you tell me first of all justice just for casual interest, what The skiff like! Is it a regular room? Is it like in the movies where there's a glass box in the room there is again. I do not have the stereotypes may sound administrative church facility. You have the obvious security around. If you go down the hallway through a very heavy, that's not really a blast door, but it's a door in order that works the electronic mission Journey and he found then you go through another inner door and after that, its much like any other kind office space. There's a couple hearing some conference rooms, a library, coaches and yeah yeah Hannah disappointed. I, like the movies, have better okay, so Chris Wheat, we now have from Schiff.
It is going to happen. He says, as we move to open hearings, it's important to underscore the impeach the inquiry, and the committee will not serve as vehicles for any member to carry about the same sham investigations into the bidens or debunked conspiracies. Sixteen? U S, election interference that President Trump oppressed Ukraine to conduct for his own political benefit, The committee also will not facilitate efforts by President Trump and his allies in Congress to threaten intimidate retaliate against the whistleblower Raise the initial alarm, the duty of the intelligence committee to protect whistleblowers, and until recently this was a bipartisan priority, blower, has rights under laws champion by the committee to remain anonymous and be protected from harm inquiry? Moreover gathered and ever growing body of evidence from witnesses in documents, including president's own words, on his July. Twenty fifth phone call that not only confirm
but exceeds the initial in information from the whistle blowers complaint. The whistleblowers testimony is therefore redundant and and necessary, wow. Well, let me just nonsense there's so much in that. That is just nonsense, but that's the way this investigation has been conducted from the beginning you know that letter is in response to our request for six additional witnesses? and you know they write up the resolution that governs this impeachment inquiry in such a way that we can't even call on witnessed it. We can ask the questions that we want asked. Everything we do is the approval of the chair, and you want to prove any of it. Imagine a defence, can you imagine a defence or you're actually a trial and the judge does well. You can't call any defence witnesses or your defence. It turn. He can't make certain argued that's what we're in the middle of your natural. Having shift is doing but Glenn knowing surprised about this,
truly were not surprised, that's the way this has been conducted from the beginning, and it's the only way they can conduct it and have the narrative that they want Crestwood and go out and get to try to convince you. American people Oh you! What is the plan? Then, because what you are not facing a hearing, your your facing an inquisition and Adam Shit, the issue is the grand inquisitor, If he makes all of the rules and they do reply to any kind of natural american rules do you have your besides an inquisition? Well, I think, there's a couple things number one is just the Kavanaugh hearings, where they took the presumption of innocence. The idea that you fate, your kids are? We took these principles we supported and and defended for itself years and threw him out the window. The american people are offended by an air, send it by this as well. Part of the argument. We point out how unfair it is unfair. It is not filled
Laron witnesses to make on arguments. But I think the biggest thing is like you've been saying for the last week, and that is: of course, American television or american law enforcement agencies investigate and work with foreign governments to investigate crime and crime. Course we do. Has anyone ever heard of Interpol? We do that all the time, and the second thing is, of course we do Of course we will hold aid. I mean we had a president who came to power in Ukraine that none of us knew he came if she was corrupt or not, and it would be perfectly legal Fifthly, within the realm of not just legality but common sense to say, hey understand this individual even said we can trust. He even says in the phone call look
are intelligent shows that some of the corrupt people are still around you and he says no, I know who they already cisno misprision. I don't think you do know who they are, but we Eve there still around you and influencing you. So the president is questioning the guy's credibility in saying: look, we don't know if you're wrapped or not, and you have to show us that you're not exactly This is from the president. Again, we didn't know anything about. We knew he was supported by some oligarchy now families regard for claiming that there are five corruption, but that's it that's a difficult argument to accept on its face The president was saying we need to ensure a bite illegal, and this is important for those of us who work in National Street intelligent. We had heard earlier in the spring when this election first, it it would likely be a hold on some of the military. So we are going to provide
we evaluated the new treasure and the new administration will begin its perfectly understandable, in fact, its expected- and I think the lasting for this is another key. How you can investigate people, but you can't investigate politicians if you're running for office, you can't be investigate I think that an absurd argument, if you wanna happier people talk about the leech in Washington, would it make the argument that you can investigate anyone, except for someone running for office like by spreading abide. Was there beyond investigation generic improper, asked questions about them I think that's a knotty arguments make so crew. Do you believe, You guys are just going to be shouted down. I mean you know when you say the Kavanaugh hearing the cat ah hearing was made because we heard from the two sides: if you can't
call the right witnesses and you can ask questions. It was the Republicans that were asking those questions that revealed who she was, and then it was Kavanaugh's opening statement Where do you? What do you have and what tools do you have to be able to? have those people make the case because nobody's going to listen to the people, give beaches up on by the committee. Yeah. Well, I grant, I think, there's a couple of things wanting the rules of engagement with the closed during for going to have to open up have instances like there was with me and others were at chairmanship. Actually, wouldn't. Let me ask a question or phrases in a way that I want to underline system didn't changed my question: This will now sure, but then I can build a do that in open session like they have been able to do in closer than the second thing is.
Even if not able to collar witnesses, which is incredibly destructive to the sense of fairness about this, I once again we can go point out to the american people how how absurd that is? We your interested in a fair, fair process, fair to both sides, and then I think the third thing is if in its not something that we talked about much, but that is just has to go to the Senate and the Senate walk right by their own rules and the Senate. I think if they wanted to Some of these other individual data have an opportunity to do that, at the end of the day. The Senate me wash out some of this. You know thanks or say here in the house. Why should the? Why? Should this whistle blower be quoting quote exposed? Yeah? that is very clear and it's been contorted and that's not surprising. It's not the only thing that has been but contortion, saying that its illegal to expose him. It's not it's! It's!
illegal or or inappropriate for the inspector general who is conducting the investigation to exposure to reveal we, as the point being as you and on have reprisals from his co workers or his supervisors to fall down upon him? But this is something quite different. You can't initiated the impeachment of the President knighted states. Sector remain anonymous and not have to answer any questions. And there are meaningful questions that we want to ask whistleblower. We wanted to it in person such as, we can evaluate him. Can see his response. That's an important part of of any insuring. That's why you have court? Will you bring the witnesses for the jury? You don't just have them sit in the back room and answer questions in writing and We really hope you have a chance to talk with this whistleblower face to face the american people deserve to hear from himself. Chris. I have to tell you I don't know
you seen the chalkboards specials that I've done, but they have his fingerprints, I mean he is he's like Capone, accountant he is, fingerprints are in and around all of the things have transpired with with Biden with the IMF, Lassiter with Chalupa, I mean he's there at NC he's there the scene around the whole time, though time Well, it's him and others other France is not the only one you're! No. I know lad yeah yeah! Well, that's. Those are great examples, as you've pointed out now for a couple weeks, and those are great examples of fair questions that the american people should have a response to Kristen. What are you do now today and tomorrow went when? Should we start seeing things? What should we be looking for houses play out in the next couple of days?
What are you not actually here, inserting you today flying back to teach you to night organ. Have that some strategy meeting tomorrow overgrown have opportunities, can sit down as a republican carcass into account work out how we think will handle these open hearing. I gotta tell you glad I dont think I can be very compelling. I don't think, there's any surprises. It either way, there's not going to be a groundbreaking moment. Old man. The president is in a lot of trouble. Not even if you re think all this is it's got the toy there's nothing there. It's just is what it is, but I guess we'll just yet, the first turn on Wednesday and and see how that first one goes and then maybe evaluate what what changes we might make our strategy after that While so you are you, because I said this morning. I think the president needs to. I think the Senate needs to take this and start playing. Offense Take this up because if
going to get anywhere with it and you're just going to have the you know I, in the end nobody's nobody's mind is changed and nothing really been exposed. It's gotta go to the Senate and they ve got to start playing off ants. Is that night? kind of where you think it might go. I agree with you- and I kind of alluded to that earlier- that ever hands tied like we have is that? A personal belief of yours like it is a personal belief of mine, or something that has a chance of really happening. Absolutely as a chance of happening. When you talk, when you talk to some of the Senate or two or are going to be involved with this approach to this process, I think it's Now, look I'm not near attendant. I'd want to speak for them, but I think it is more than likely no less great. Ok, good. I'm glad to hear that possess of me there's a lot to uncover theirs. Lot to uncover Chris. Thank you so much on a glancing
sorry about that. Sir representative. Chris Stewart, from the state of Utah who is his Ben? the hearings and I've been trying to talk to him but he's in the skiff, and so he can't say anything but on the public hearings he and we're also going to be talking to some other people along the way to to get their viewpoint on. What coming course, I just have to say this real, quick Peterkin. We lost him he's not running for re election, yet that crappy. Public and we're enough to find another crappy republican D run, I dont think regular to find one is crappy, though that's the problem. It's really really hard. Has Taylor level regime not do not put it passed. The g happy to be able to find somebody worse than Peter King. They can do it.
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a star. They just imposed a for a few regulations on video game playing for minors. Anybody under eighteen, you know just to prevent people from I'm, quoting indulging in online games it put an online ban in for minors. Anybody under eighteen. Play anymore from ten p m to eight a m and also your restricted to ninety minutes of gain time every day, except for national holidays and then you're allowed to play for three hours I'll. So well, that's not too bad well, and then you also can't play- and this is everybody- this has been over eighteen under eighteen over eighty you're also prohibited from playing any game that depicts sexual explicitness Gordonis violence or gambling wow a lot of stuff their impact man is still available
ghosts, was violence well very glory, but you are destroying violence. Was this copy and paste it from the Bloomberg twenty twenty campaigns as we develop for that and get it yeah it's coming to a country near you quicker than you might think. That programme.
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