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Hour 1 Nancy Pelosi, take shelter: The low tax apocalypse has arrived...Apple says it will buy back $100 billion in stock...worldwide economic boom…how did we get here? ...Trump’s tax cuts are big signs of optimism... ‘they're working’ ...What's happening to Kanye West?...has a chance to make 'free thought' cool ...Free your mind and don't follow? ...Optimism + Glenn Beck = Bad News ...Scientists are saying the magnetic field is shifting; the poles may flip...Glenn explain what this means?...luckily, he can find a catastrophe when he needs to ... ‘we're long over-due’ ...Prayers for Pat Gray...undergoing another surgery ...nacho cheese sauce = antibiotics    Hour 2 Pretend to Offend... ‘The Simpsons’ creator brushes off Apu controversy… people like to be offended these days...won't bow to the bullying ...Greatest threat to civilization = Radical Islam...Rabbi Raphael Shore, founder & CEO of the Clarion Project, joins to educate the public about the threats of Islamist extremism (faithkeepersmovie.com) ...Terrifying: China is now monitoring employees’ brainwaves and emotions?...real-life ‘Black Mirror’…the show imitated China’s social ratings system, not the other way around...discomfort and resistance ...America = Not Proficient...67% of public school 8th graders can't read read    Hour 3 Glenn Beck meets Glenn Beck...82 year-old actor Glenn Beck joins the show...what life is like as Glenn Beck?...the Sharknado episode that never happened?...'Life' advice from one Glenn Beck to another? ...Kanye is right; we are enslaving ourselves...the good, the bad, and the dumb? ...Drunk Glenn takes the mic?

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The blaze radio network on demand, courage: Sri Lanka, back Nancy Blowsy, please report to your bomb shelter. I repeat: Nancy Pelosi, please report to your bomb shelter army, is is not looming. No, it has arrived. You know we were mocking last week that you know the rapture was coming, we're already minus five, days pass the rapture. I guess none of us were worthy to be taken up, but Armageddon is here now one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. No, as apple bring this this message of our demise and listen. If you dare, but you have
what listen here, the Horton. Those are the hoof. Those of beef of the four horsemen of the apocalypse apple. Yesterday announced a record shattering buyback programme. When it's all said and done, they will Paid over one hundred billion dollars to their shareholders in the first case, or of this year alone. Apple is aid shareholders. Twenty three point: five billion dollars that exceeds the value of the majority of the companies and the ESA. Ninety five hundred index, the horror as as if all of that death and destruction weren't enough, there is more threw out the mob. Quarter apple, his paw over three point two billion dollars in dividends. So If you had stock in the company, this evil company paid people money
They also have plans to boost those payments up another. Sixteen percent going forward Amber, hits just keep on coming. now. I know I shouldn't joke about this. If you have Aachen in Apple This is too much to bear like two easier suffering and if it would help, I will be there echo official Lamb and take those evil. Capitalist shares off your hands, it's the least, I in the audience, can do audio. Are you willing to take? If somebody decides to donate, you know, or they just go. Bear the thought that capitalism is held in people and they just have to spit themselves out of that evil cap this system- please let them know
you are willing to take on the burden of their apple shares. The end is so close. It's so near. I can smell sulphur. I can actually some apple yesterday also announced the construction of a new mega campus chess building stuff all over the world, both here in the United States. There looking and adding over twenty thousand new jobs, all those bastards the next five years there predict now that they will add three hundred and fifty billion dollars to the? U S economy. I can't take it. America in dire times such as these. We ask ourselves: how did we get here? How did we get to a place where a company can add twenty thousand jobs in the next couple of years? Build campus after campus?
build campus build, make money off the backs of people. they're so stupid that when they built an apple stew or in California, and the city government told him not to do it. They built it near. Park, sellers trees everywhere and Apple said. I know what we should do. We should have Glass walls will just make this big round glass building. the goal of our other apples. Tourism be glass Box and they said, don't do it. You're in California, people are too stupid. They're gonna, just there think they're outside and LO and behold what is happening. People are getting injured day and night because they are just walking to that glass? They don't see they just Doomed therein a park and that cash register is just sitting out there in the park with all of these devices out in the forest. Does this happen? What what has caused this
I was at final act that cause the waves to come flashing and. any down on us like flaming media rights of destruction, How is it turns out? Nancy Pelosi was right. This all due to tax cuts, TIM Cook, an apple have even admitted it? You want. Oh, what the low tax apocalypse looks like made a quote him cook in an interview he gave talking about the recent tax cuts, but I have to warn you. It is so scared. you. It sounds as if it was pulled rights read out of the of revelation, and I quote There are two parts of the tax bill: there's a corporate peace. individual peace, I who believes that corporate tax side will result in job creation and a fast a growing economy. End quote: oh my gosh. Wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait more!
jobs and a faster growing economy. That's not what we want. This is worse than we thought. Look we ve been the ones that have been left behind. Armageddon happened last week. I don't know what we're gonna do to fight back this beast, but fear not we'll figure out a way to get through it. Will I don't know I pray tell New York Times. Will you run yet another piece about? old Karl Marx was right, please having a job in getting lots of money. Oh my gosh, the paint few realize you're gonna have to do the bank more if you get a raise in your salary, going to have to like figure out what to do with that, maybe you could be more charitable you're going to be running back and forth. You have to make new decisions were like put that money on me. It's a nightmare But less again cause we're Americans and we will endure and don't forget.
I'm willing to take a hit. You know for the good part of this most instructions on how you can transfer your apple shares to me Nancy Pelosi. It is my burden to bear It's Wednesday may second year listening to the Glen Back Programme, I have to tell you fellows. Do I have to tell you that getting more and more optimistic, which is scaring the hell out of me your optimistic everything's about to suck yeah. I'm the guy and stew can verify he's Woodman with me for twenty years pat, is the same thing. Packers white cause either women for thirty or so years, and an eagle white when I go optimistic keys light. While these already the wives white man with his leg is no color he's like pure white and I'm the guy that you'd do not want
the coronation and the first sailing of the titanic. You know I'm either because half way across the ocean, you just you're, saying to the captain- canoe shut this guy up because I'm I go in the six in a I'm telling you don't have enough lifeboats there too arrogant, something's wrong I'm telling you it's gonna happen and can't I've kind of life Have you kind of light and everybody on board is like shut the hell up the minute we hit the iceberg, I'm the guy who's up on the deck doin you play some music there's gotta be great guys, everybody into the boat, we're gonna, be fine, everybody into the boat. So when I become optimistic wherever reaching an iceberg? I'm just saying ass, I'm whereupon everything when I'm pessimistic things are good. When I am optimistic. Everything goes to help both feel be. That guy. I am that guy because it means everyone's rooting. For you to be sad. Yes,
yes, yes, yes and I believe most my life. That way, so I'm I'm happy to do it, I'm actually starting to be freaked out, because I'm fine good, but what do I let my signet for feeling good? Is this just a feeling or is there now there's something to look at the economy? Look at what's happening. And I don't even mean that the economy is health because as the economy is not healthy, gay Let me let me just can't spell it out for I don't think I need to. We ve got serious deep problems. However, there are so many optimistic signs that point now to the truth that this works and it's actually get when ball when apple comes out and says now it's a tax cuts, its attacks, guts, you really, I mean it's ear. I guess it's. If it was just apple
Congo, and I know that everybody says commies crazy. I got it. I gotta they know who can you West is he's the guy who George Bush hates black people? I got it. He is a a pity, Barnum you will say whatever he has to say, he's he's doing just is likely next week to say you know what I think Ronald Reagan was the greatest ever he's just as likely to say that as we never one the moon. oh, I know who he is and I'm not jumping on the Congo bandwagon with everybody else going he's. One of us be careful, be careful what is happening is a discussion about freedom of thought that I haven't seen in very long time, that is the movement that I have been looking for. I've been wanting somebody who says you noticed what he saying here, of you man. I love you
I love you, that's fine! You can say that. I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings but I'm just doing. This is what I think this is what I feel, and maybe we should think. Maybe we should start thinking out of the box. I don't know that's perfect and if he makes that cool not not, makes conservatives cooler anything else if he makes free thought cool, we win that's great. So I am optimistic cause I'm I also just got back from California. Theirs I'm telling you there's something happening in California. There's lots of things happening: death, destruction, high taxes, earthquakes I mean there you're all going to die. I just want, if you're in California, you're all going to die like all the signs of the apocalypse on all you re I've gotta, it's it's going to happen there first I mean I'm sorry, God will destroy you first anyway, but there
is also something else happening there. And that is what happening with Congo West its and there are there, people I talked to a friend of mine who lives there and He said that we were talking about conquest and he said Glenn I live. Where did the creeps hang out long beach for out they'll be see the OECD, so he said, I think he lives down there it he may be a blood but he's living under cover and that's a different story. Let's stop talking about butter He said He said to me the other day. I said what about this kind thing. I think this is he looked at me when he's not you know, I'm like no! No. I know that you got that but he's having a conversation that America. Hasn't had ended. happening not in our world. It's happening in the pop culture. World Nobody crosses that barrier
and he said actually, I am starting to hear this from my friends. He said I have always been the token conservative he's like you know. Every time something happens, my friends will call. Can I come over and talk to you and he said they come over there, like you explained, what's going on, because I dont understand what's going on matters that would allow right. Ok, so he said they don't really want me to explain. They just won a vent on somebody that they know, it's not gonna hit them back. You know domain, he said, but for the last six months or so here I'm having different conversations with my friends. He said friends or saying: ok, I didn't your stand? This any said you know. So I went online and I watched you know a Prager University on which led me to this, which led me to this. So
now, because I can't make the jump from here to hear and he's like what I think this is gonna, get to put a revelation This is his eye and he said- and I believe it's true Dave Ruby. said to me: he said was walking to the studio to do an interview with me just the other day, and he said he was walking down. Ratura boulevard and a guy reached up and put his hand up in the air and Davis. Like he's gonna hit me slap me any was wanting a high five. And he said I didn't think this sky would be somebody that would be a no go and hey Dave. I sure a priest what you're doing right now and looking into different options anything put his hand up and gave him a high five and said free thought. Brother free thought that's fantastic, that's fantastic, and if it can happen,
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Special everyone seem to say it up until like me, no one week ago, what makes well now known, as the left didn't know little Matthews a genius than a laugh. Yet you imagine how bad this, but what the reviews are gonna be like on this, this forthcoming seeding. Can we guarantee that this is his worst reviewed musical, EVA of history already written already written? He has lost did he's out of touch. He he's these horrible. The lyrics make no sense. The music makes no sense he's plagiarized. What ever it is. They are going to say about this city, and I could tell you do if this guy has ever as much as a looked at a female back stage in the wrong way union only here and about a real soon real soon you'll be hearing about that when a real zoo, real soon so Tanya West is his look he's nuts? Can you when we everyone used to at least have an elm? of understanding about that and we shouldn't that's why we should be a little bit cautious here I mean even here, if a person where it's like part of
geniuses that he's not ripe- and I am- I dont- consider homogeneous much make clear what I'm saying is a port people who believe he's a genius. Think because he's You put himself through torture, you come out on the other side as an artist right, that's been his stick and most of is controversies over the year have been mostly related to he in believing he's greater than ever What else did he does, and this is hard to say at this point in human history, but he may have the biggest ego I've ever seen right. Honestly, the person you can compare him too is Pre Presidency Donald Trump right, like think of doubt that is the present eight states, but the guy. When he's just a celebrity and he's out there talking about himself all the time in saying how he's the greatest that everything else that is very similar to con, you mean they ve, almost an identical media profile from two different world. Yes, right again, this is, talking about back in the day, so but you look at Cotonou. I mean you know how
so. Is there a lot of that stuff? He obviously ruined really important moment for Taylor. Swift, famously George Bush doesn't believe you know doesn't like black people. oh he posed as Jesus Christ, with a crowd of thorns on his head on the cover of rolling stone, all stuff. That makes him a genius to laugh till I ll stuff. That makes him a genius and one interesting thing, and this is one of the reasons you may not sell yourself completely induce philosophy. Obviously we shall know I'm not totally. No, you know, I think a lot of people are excited about Cotonou. Talking about there's no be excited that he's bringing free thought the idea of free thought into the culture. Don't then leave it there right and free goes on both ways. Right, sometimes he's got put Thomas solely there, which is great Sometimes you go said Emma Gonzalez's zero and you may not agree to agree with you. However, you probably really want agree with his commentary on AIDS
A lot of people in China have commentary on a sub people do fell, K are this one before you ve heard this it before. I have or argovie very familiar with this and remember how you reacted last time you heard it. Ok, AIDS is a man may disease. There was at least that Africa, just like crack, was placed in the black community to break up the black panther yeah So we need to remember who cod you're. My right, that's what, unless I'm here, that you share my right, how does it it's the exact philosophy of Jeremiah right? I like it when he talks about Tom, a soul and incentives to people who have never heard of domicile check this black man out that's great, that's great stuff, great stuff, free your mind, don't follow me one Glenn back mercury,
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use wax heretics. Dot. Com use wax, are ex dot com this, is the global programme so high, as I stated a few minutes ago, I'm becoming very optimistic and that's odd for me and quite honestly, disturbing to people like stew. And maybe it's just is it just because you're so used to being pessimistic or catastrophes, I went the patterns of time, radio notice them man usually like when things are going, you're, like the we're all going to die and psycho good thanks for coming to my birthday, Regrettably, I and the other thing is like when people you know what look. I think we turned the corner. You're things are going well, it's usually death
and then for one people like all God we are really screwed. This is going nowhere than you're like all. Well, you know what are you gonna be optimistic. You know, because after the fall out leaves there's gotta be wonderful flowers, all around me taking radio great, but that's always true. It's always usually ass, we're all in a concentration camp now, but state of Israel's could be restored. Ok, yeah! That's a good, so stupid, been talking about this since two thousand eight that yeah when I get optimistic this next time could be bad happened. And so we re kind of looking for that and the Good NEWS is. I haven't, had any optimism for quite some time and no optimism. However, becoming very optimistic? So what I did last night is, I decided to look into the pole shift because I mean I can't get my arms around global warming and that
Can do anything about it but I I can get around a pole shift. Have you heard about the pole shift in that not as much as you think it is a policy of common. I probably should heard Olano what Paul ships are magnetic pulse, if only very basic success that we ve visiting over to turning on it. access rights as they wish. Declaring upside down almost stray others, two things there isn t there is the the mantle shift. Ok, and then there is a neglect. Man, electro magnetic pole, shift so thee, the electric field, is around the world but keeps us protected from you know radiation, so we're not all like walking outside and, like all of a sudden were John Mccain, were the all of that field helps us to get rid of a lot of the radiation everything else, so we don't all die from cancer immediately
that always moves. I mean the the North pole, the magnetic North pole, I think, has been as low as Ohio YO at one point, and I mean a long time ago, but we have a pull shift about it. Two hundred to three hundred thousand years and that would mean all. I would really mean to you if we were living without any technology or anything else. All it would mean as you'd look at your compass and you go a thousand now north is that way and all the birds would be flying into trees, and every that everything would be screwed up. Anything that is is has A kind of sense of north and south we'd all be screwed up, so we in a few days, would realise our something has happened now my the place is pointing to Antarctica instead of Arctic, so
it would be confusing, for we too have to take our globes apart and and just say no, this is the top now another is no top in space. So we're not. Living like the neanderthals, though a pole shift if it happens slowly, we are due. tat scientists are saying now it could happen at any time, but you gotta remember. Any time is like but beyond. Two thousand years for now could be today, and their seeing of real, strong destabilization of the field now and we're way overdue for this, if it happens slowly, no problem happens over the next hundred years, not a problem if it happens tomorrow. we won't be This'Ll, be our last broadcast and because raw gonna die, but because all of the satellites. Everything is geared to a strong Electromagnetic fields which we are losing now, and so
It is their working on ok. What does that mean for all of our communication, satellites and everything else? If it moves quickly, it will destroy like a giant GNP global and it destroy all of electronics and communication and satellites and everything else so be very, very but there is also something happening and they're saying that these are disconnected. did. You know that if you ever heard- the mantle pull shift. This something that also known happen and were long overdue for it apparently, and they are, connected, but the mantle. You know how the core of the earth and and remember, I'm a doctor. Okay, so don't please so you. So if you happen to know more about this, if I get bored of threat a system. Yes, if I get to technical outs that just keep it to yourself, ok, so the the Aunt The are the the core of the earth is hundred percent marshmallow fluff and
just outside of this core but its extreme temperatures because of the gravitational pull, and so it's it's really liquefied marshmallows and just standing outside of that is liquid metal, ok and the the these, what the metals on the outside of the fluff was Europe is azure. Do I talk to you about when you put chocolate in your peanut butter, don't talk to me about my metal in my marshmallow fluff got it I'm a document so so we're really kind of like that the world is kind of, He skating on this liquid metal her eye. If you If you had a very long time to look and you were watching us from space. You would see that the globe spins on its axis, however the continent spin slightly differently because there moving. It's the viscosity of that metal. Were actually sliding, and we
slide about the same speed that your fingernails girl now shoot. You know in your short lifetime. Ass, no big deal you just you know: you're you're, Howard Hughes and you ve got really long fingernails a year in the Guinness Book of Records that's not a long way for our continent dislike. You know. I mean it Straightened out can be the curly kind of fingernails after the grow perfectly straight. That's not a big deal to slide. If you know, if you're the United States of America, we slight a little bit I will, however, over a long period of time. That's dramatic the larger point you can make the United States. We slight a little bit no big deal, but over a long period of time you might not granting as are more ass. You might have noticed the sly, Namibia larger lesson to learn their, so we kind of figure this out when we went down a we were exploring down in an article and they found
they found fossilized tropical plants that like how the hell did what and they believe, there's a theory, probably wrong, but there is a theory that that was the legendary lost city of Atlantis and pull shift happened, and that was more towards the equator and the continent slid and now. It Landis is, we know Antarctica again. Population, probably wrong, but we do know that the the continent's have shifted and they have all moved into the positions there it. So if we have a a magnetic pulse, It means an end of communications and it will also mean we have if its rapid. and will also have a hard time growing food, etc, etc. To be really bad, you want to talk
global warming is global warming on steroids? If we have both of them coincide, you have basically, the the scientific explanation for the book of revelation, standing on your standing on firm ground at night. And we know when we read the book of revelation, it says and the stars will fall and the earth and the water in the land will be poisoned K. Well, how do you make the stars false? no. The stars are gonna fall, but if you're standing on the earth all of a sudden you have a continental shift. It will appear to you as the stars falling if that shift happens with the magnetic pole that could poison all of the water and the land and just be apocalyptic in its nature. I dont believe that this is going to it. Could but in our lifetime. If your lifetime is a hundred thousand years,
scientists are now saying it could happen at any time, our noticing, a fitting and a destabilization of the electromagnetic fields and the poles are shifting, but we don't know what's gonna happen is just interest thing, especially if you're looking for something that says now don't be optimistic land. Don't there's lots of things you can worry about, so when my time last night trying to find something else story about, you just say, He had too many moments, positivity yeah I got out yesterday and I'm like no one start to feel good is anything out there that could cause a catastrophe. Yes, there is rare. I found it, I found it out of the way you operate the way I although I will say it evidence if cognate west is a conservative hero, the Poles may be shifting traffic and I think that is absolutely true. Loopholes are shifting.
by the way. I have some other news for you. I dont know if you ve noticed that the Federal Reserve has has shifted. tons and tons and tons of reserve gold back over two years. And all around the world. The countries are calling their gold back from the Federal Reserve which just member. This word rehire publication. When that happens, trouble you. Read the word: we publication, don't even know what I mean. You don't even know what it is. That's fine look you can learn about it really important when you hear that word used by somebody other than me, that is crap the ball and there like well, one we're really dealing with here is re. Hypothecated run run for your life. Ok anyway, there we all the gold and everything else Have you noticed Have you noticed that you have lost a lot of money in your savings account just because the dollar
is depreciating. A lot of people are to have a bit bit corn, that's crazy, it might be crazy, it might be crazy, also crazy not to have like a hundred bucks in this market, but it so hard to understand the fur. Just understanding what Bitcoin is stem near impossible and then trying to by it or sell it? I No idea I mean it is its my thirteen year old son I'll tell you that right now, I look at him all the time I'm like. Can you fix the tv? Yes, he can can ok, I just want to go online. He can do that. I just by some Bitcoin or I'm? Looking at this coin? Can I buy dad? I don't it's beyond me. so it is complex. So we, when we looked for somebody that could teach this on what it is, how invest what to pass we invest in, so it's a crypto course, and I will I urge you to go
and take this course. Now you go to Smart Crypto course: dot com that Smart Crypto court, dot com you watch scores and If you want to invest, you can invest do your own homework. This is what this is really felt do you like? I did I needed in education on what it was how it worked and how to invest and how to sell, let get really easier by than they do to sell, isn't that strange? anyway, Smart Crypto course Dotcom go there now smart crypto course dot com. Back mercury. Glenn Back able just take a second and say a prayer for a good friend, Pat Grey,
A pat was was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago and his kidneys shut down. He went into kidney failure, they thought he had kidney stones. He didn't he had done a scarring in his kidneys and they had a, but since in the in the kidneys, so they could get him to start functioning again. I dont something with a flop into abstaining ovaries, but Tom a document editor of your doktor at you. I can't deny Madame of humanity's, which means I can talk about anything with the human condition and diagnose anything. Even without examining the patient, oh yeah, yeah doktor of humanity's that's all of its really what that is. I think it is, and I were not asking questions anyway, so he's going under the knife again today he's going into surgery, he may be in surgery now. So if you wouldn't mind you say a prayer for him. We sure would appreciate it
two surgeries going over the next week. So let's rough rough stretch for pat and this, as you know, what none of it is to make him look better, which is ninety I asked agree, he's lost what thirty five pounds year and as we know as he would, he would tell you that, with the positive side effect of odd, I did I'm telling you really honestly pain, surgery. You got it and if I can lose thirty five pounds in own a couple of weeks on their but here's here's my rug because, as you know, I'm not a doctor, but I want to be once of well. So here's my diagnosis nominal, let me run by the actual doktor. Yes, Pat lost thirty five pounds of her. He lost thirty of it before He was sick now we're here for one my point is: him getting healthier was the reason he's have
these health problems and he king, where you go away, go to talk about liking, where this is added, because Taco Bell, nachos she's us is basically antibiotics. You know what it is. It's the Napo cheese. I think that kept those full tubes, a well raise yet sure. Whatever live yourself, opiate ITALY, owing to observe, know that you have inside of you. Do you have any other tubes? There's probably Aren't you in there? I don't. I don't think so. Let me at the intestine thus to blight, but not really as too, rose down there at what point do you say want to go into that. As a doctor, Ok. Now I went into all of humanity. Ok, that was my specialty I'll. I didn't have to study, much for which was great. Just became a doktor. Just called man said: hey we want to make your doctrine, I said again
so anyway. But at what point are you? Are you narrowing things down? And you say I want to study people spots I want to crawl up, in their words, really gooey anarchy and stinky, and I really want rats worth vats where I want to dedicate my life as a doctor, I'm like nope. No, I don't want to look there. You got something going look, MRS Johannsen, you may have sir, but it's in the Netherlands, the regions and I'm not gonna, look now like being Cleveland, Browns, quarterback, somebody's gotta, do it you know, and I think, might be you, that's not the way they act. It's how you go to one of those doctors and alike The guy there all you haughty about it like I'm. One of them
but doctors and airy hell you probably what one that's good years right now. You do, but I mean it, did you hear what you just said, I'm one of the best, but I told you say that you are saying that do they they have that air to them and that's all Did you wash your hands with that? Please, I just don't think I'm even shaking hands with the button, but anyway stew, arena paddies in surgery and nice tribute to our friends after that Lord but Pray Forum keep him in your purse next week or so. Please, Glenn back. mercury
Courage shrink back. So do you remember when? Oh, I don't even know how, many years ago, when the world was very, very young sometime in the nineties, when Bart Simpson said eat. My shorts and people went crazy and said: oh my gosh eat my shorts. You can't have a young gentleman on television sing eat. I shorts showing disrespect to his father and then his father. Why go there and that's just gonna courts in our society and remember. We were told by a Hollywood to shut up. while I would just like to say I don't think it's simpsons related, but have you noticed the coarseness of society My short is really not a big deal. I ve that is there
is like if Ronald Reagan came back and ran in the next and his big put down was eat my shorts, we like MIKE she is like George Washington. He so presidential. So for everybody in Hollywood who said shut up. Let me just. give you up a story here that maybe the rest of America might have something to say back to you. We should take note from met graining he's a creator of us. He was in an interview with USA today, and he responded out of the recent backlash surrounding a Pooh so you know a poor is a cart in character just wanna, throw that in He he's the indian character whom social justice types claim, perpetuates and evil stereo type in the interview he said, of the accusations, I'm proud what we do on the show, and I think it's time.
Culture where people who is just a time in our country where people love to pretend that their offended amen, We are outraged by outrage not so much, not so much the best approach is to shrug off the outrage and let all of those people are like why your little just stew in their anger and their self Portance like spoiled children who throw a tantrum when they don't get ice cream for dinner and when dad says no they're like why Why do you need my shorts UK because their problem, the problem. You have a problem with Abu page deal at that It's a cartoon, I think they're, the ones who were disturbed star botched it by giving in universities throughout the country have done the same. They led the way, but it never works. Nothing's ever good enough. Apu
there has been the main stay on the show for decades. His identity is only become a problem after a documentary film, maker, whose name I'm not gonna try to pronounce, because I believe that that would be cultural appropriation. Aid in entire film, accusing the show of racial stereotyping as too the expected the social justice warrior types who have been most defended? No very, little about the Simpsons, as they would see the cultural richness that the character Abu has given over the years. Wouldn't you say, Stew, as you watch it from your arm, chair and study it its cultural richness. Certainly, yes, he struggled with a few issues. I feel bad for a blue he's, I for one of the most nuance characters on the show and that saying something for it our tune character, but that's not good for social justice warriors their arguing that its accounts Ro pauper appropriation,
to use a white actor to voice a Pooh. Now this tank area, one most impressive voice, actors of our time in those acting now blank. He, how, dear him do a Tasmanian devil he's not from Tasmania Kurtz Cultural cooperation. It is once in the indian actor would replaces area. They would argue that I oppose character. Needs a name change because Abu, please and made the different back story and a new job. notice it all. These notions themselves are premised on stereotypes once again, Progressives are signalling virtue for the community rather than their own. It's fun they don't have a problem with the character Calidis. Who is, based on the stereotype of a white poor redneck with a litter of toothless children, most of whom run around the trailer park was shot guns. Eva Brahma Cleat is no because I think it's funny why
because it's a cart. How about the scottish stereotype used with Greece, his keeper Willie or the state the types of the police. You know the. we're sized donut eating Chief Wickham or politicians like the corrupt womanizing mayor, Queen Bee ever notice that are using all corrupt politicians, sound like the Kennedys, the fat Tony, character. Oh my gosh, the stereotypes about organised crime, Grandma Simpson, Grandpa Simpson is an agent large Simpson status as a housewife, perpetuates outdated, general rules out dear them, and where are they? engendered characters, but are yet where all the vision atheists, latino pixie, Kin, non gender, binary, costa rican PAN sexual who teach feminism ebbs as they make your coffee where all those characters,
But why anybody knows that the only real, progressive and non funny one on the show is LISA. So eight the Progressive is the smart one That's not funny! I can't wait to watch the Simpsons Just LISA lecturing us on how we have to live, get rid of all other nonsensical, quite characters. Let's just have LISA if she was just black, The message is clear: Buckling. Two demands and outrage only increase the demands and intensifies the outrage, we ve learned is that Social Justice warriors never get enough and that graining did the right thing by not bowing to their bullying. they got their way with Abu. They would have got it every cartoon they could ever get there's their hands on you notice. My gosh guns we ve got it. We ve got to stop all smoking and
guns in movies, I mean it's, you know making. lots of money then we'll go, those guns in the movie will glorify them platter, have you noticed all the kids that are dropping safe saw little bunny rabbits? No, I really haven't big, largely succeeded in condemning certain books. I mean Wednesday book burning, left. and condemning movies there. Now to con West he's hard to stick up for But doesn't have a right to his opinion by the way burning books, banning movies, destroying people.
Sounds familiar historically speaking. Doesn't it it's Wednesday may second year Listenin to the Glen that programme? Well, here we argue in view of the boys. Girls have just announced check on this issue, not the I'm reading it from boys us now changing their name to scouts. Because the boy scouts have now let girls into them Scouts, so it's sexist to say that their boy scouts its Although the gender roles, please stop git, Your kid out of this scouts, we'll just scouts colon, be a say
but their new name is why I think that I think the bs still works screw, the bee doesn't apparently no but the bs together. in scowl, right works better than it ever has. I think they can Kentucky chicken wanted to deny essentially that they're making fried chicken and ethnic, not just KFC. Now those letters don't mean anything No, I think these binding be as a makes even more sense than it did congratulations boy. Scouts your efficiently over the BS of America. Is it is it is? You know I did a little optimistic today, that's kind of draining out of me, but I got some. I'm gonna get excited yellow on israeli air strike on the western syrian acidity of Hamas, which is like Hamas. Without the s Sunday, I killed two dozen turanian soldiers and targeted arms recently delivered from IRAN said three officials- and this is the latest sign.
Israel and IRAN are moving closer to open warfare, quote I'm a list of potentials for most likely live hostility around the world. The bat between Israel and IRAN and Syria is at that. Of the list, drunken okay, without loss, we stay out of it. I'm kind of ok with that. Because we all do well. I really do well. Let them take that highly inflamed Middle EAST isn't necessarily I address it's not optimal enough. It's not sub optimal, ok yeah, but who am? I to judge I want to tell you that we have. We have been airing a show and its available now on demand right now. It's called faith keepers at the blazed com, Slash tv, and it was done by the Clarion project the founder in the ceo, is a rabbi shore and he is on with us he's on what is now rabbi there air glad and need to be on your show? How are you doing very, very good? I have to tell you you.
You guys are responsible for some of the best stuff in the most. The bravest stuff. I think I've I've seen on radicalized Islam and the Middle EAST, you are the ones responsible for obsession which we based aid. He meant a special on CNN years and years ago we base on obsession and and you were the first to really take the leap and tell story and a compelling way for Americans to hear it and now with faith keepers. Here you are of a rabbi, and you are a whole Now the Christians in saying here look genocide. it's happening. Work can be Why is it? Why is it falling to a a rabbi to lead this?
I think it's actually perhaps the sensitivity that now pretty solidly embedded in our genetics. We have a sensitivity to suffering the jewish people have suffered their own genocide, just listen hundred years ago. We also in addition to the genocide, almost a meal Jews were kicked out of the Middle EAST at the hands of the majority muslim countries. and now we're seeing it happened to the Christians in the Middle EAST, and I guess because we have experienced it were sensitive to it. And I see what's happening and if view it not just as a threat Those minority groups in the Middle EAST, but it threat to Americans, because this is a moment of article is London is global, and so I feel that it is necessary to alert Christians as well as every good american to this big threat. The world has we're. As we are seeing this movement spread it
this incredible to me that People have a hard time. no understanding the enemy when the enemy seems to them to be crazy. It's why people than stand up right away when they heard about the Holocaust, even some of the german people that, because there is some of the german people even said at once, they would never do that they would or do that. But that was generally the world, when you have an enemy like radically Islam in in particular here with ISIS and ran their ideology is that the know the mom of time is coming and going to wash the world in blood. Nobody is getting their arms around this. They just think that other just the bad guys. Don't we, you look a little deeper. Yes, Indeed, an in what's astonishing is that people do tend to think that this threat is just a
a few crazy terrorists in various places in the world, but the fact is that there is approaching one and a half billion Muslims. Now, even if the great Georgie are are moderate. The east there solid minority, and it could be five or ten percent that really care I ideology that you're talking about of the desire to see a victory of Islam. for every other religion and ever civilization on the planet and are determined to do it with terror and with many other vehicles as well and they're, not so crazy, we're talking about! Therefore, a hundred million plus people, and so this is kind of the greatest threat to civil society. In western civilization that we have facing us today and yet Will tend to marginalize it and think? Oh, it's just some terror attacks, or just some. some brown people, far away that that are getting hurt, and it's really not like that at all.
You. There are several references to the armenian genocide that happened with Turkey that no one will know one will met to still in Turkey may have you been hold on the carpet at all. I bet you ve heard some backlash on on saying that, like the Armenian Gittin genocide in and if so, how do you defend that I think that the armenian genocide is just exactly the the topic that we're dealing with it between one thousand nine hundred and fourteen and one thousand nine hundred and twelve. There were three and a half million armenian questions that were killed, in the Ottoman Empire indeed at the hands of radicalized Muslims, and this is just an idea about them, a move a little bit the little bit later and then, as I said, the jewish communities of the entire Middle EAST, where dispelled and persecuted and left don't have a million around in late fortys and then today,
in the last few decades, the christian community, which it turn of the century in the Middle EAST, was around. Twenty percent is now only three to five percent, so this is going on for over a hundred years, in quite some intensity and the armenian genocide, it was just the beginning of a peddler. Hitler was clear when he said nobody paid attention to the armenian Christians and if that happens, we do whatever we want with the Jews. Are you can see and if we don't pay attention to this now in the Middle EAST, that somebody's learning, a lesson that the world doesn't care, yes, definite There are many theories that Hitler at the beginning would have been satisfied, It was a horrible horrible, evil man and he probably would have been satisfied with just then, the Jews out of Germany, or possibly out of all of Europe, is world would have just accepted them or British had allowed them to go to
to Israel at that time, but they did they did not and as a result in this autumn, as was to do the not letting them out of Europe, and so he drew the conclusion that the world does not care and does not like the Jews, and then he proceeded to the final solution, and I definitely think that that is something that that turns around in history and when evil people see that the rest of the world does not care they are in. Already embolden lunatic. That's what's going on with the Iranians in the radicalized Muslims, all over the place, Rabbi Rally shore from the Clarion project, the founder and say. Oh, thank you so much and thank you for all of your hard work. The documentary is faith keepers and right now go to the Clarion project: dot org. You can get obsession for free that a must have if you ve never seen it you need to. You can get that for free. and the film faith keepers discounted for fun if ninety nine for four
for them, so free and five. Ninety nine first, five thousand people who sign up for our newsletter we'll get the shipping that isn't the clarity project, dot org Google there now you can also see faith keepers, the movie undermine now at the blaze sponsor this half our gold line, why listen to last hour. If you are thinking about, I don't know. If you need to prepare the things that are going on in the world. We were just talking about it with Israel that can change everything. I am very concerned about the seventieth and Three that is coming up with Israel and and Donald Trump is to be their opening, the? U S embassy, I mean if it isn't an important date, know what is Israel is now preparing for you to go to war with with ran? What are we You want to do this. Whole thing is a house of cards and one day you're going to wake up and you're gonna realise wait a minute wait about what you mean. I can get.
I can get my money out of the bank or I can only get this or it's. It's gonna happen. It's going to happen when it does. What do you do. May I suggest that you have some food, you have some of the basic stuff and you Have some gold gold? is the hedge against insanity, Anne and against inflation, and God forbid high, for inflation gold, though, always returns to common sense and always returns to gold, eight six. Ex gold line read the important risk information and find out of gold or silver is right for you, one, eight, six, gold, mine or gold dot com, Glenn back Mercury- Glenn back
do not always do seemed programmes here, but today we have a goal in mind. Yes, the entire gold? The programme is to take you learn from optimism to pessimism because when you're optimistic. That means usually the future is is: is it dark. What are you I mean? What do you have? What do you have to to make that clear? I mean that's, not We have already given you the fact that there might be a war, the Middle EAST. I have given you that the that the boy scouts are no longer going to be called the boy scouts, their removing the word boy, but their key. the bs in bs event. They are, They re all. I want to start on a teacher, the says, keeping a b s in the b s away. When you Are your kids when you by your cartoon. Dvds, like bugs body in foghorn, leghorn, you get this but the cartoons you're about to see are a product of their time. They made a pact, depict
some of the ethnic and racial prejudice is that were commonplace in american society. These fictions were wrong. Then, in a wrong today. Well following, while the following does not represent the Warner Brothers view of today's society. Some of these cartoons are being presented, as they were originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed. You're such a rookie at this you wanna be pet. You wanna be pessimistic. Let me take to China: ok, we're derivatives. Chinese, have still adopted a new, exciting, artificial intelligence technology. Now great, it's great you're, gonna love it
this. Is the Glen Back programme fled into the programme glad that you are here There is a lot to discuss today, We have some a really good history. Guy named John Cancer that we're get to bed Conway we kind of stumbled into yesterday. He been really know it, but that's worth discussing so you can talk, social media with your friends and introduce him to some? I single euro laughter there as I am I hate you know, Cotonou is actually making the optimistic because now because of you know, Are you coming to our side or whatever, but he's probably nuts? I mean here he's got a long long. long list of saying crazy things: George Bush hates black people etc, and so just as likely to say you know what a move that moon landing was a movie net
the weak, as he does to say- and I learned something else from Thomas or so- but I am. I am optimistic because he's bringing this conversation of free thought into the mainstream and I think we are. There is a possibility that there's a damn break here, that's all simple and that's good, that Euro optimistic at least it would be finally enable because I've been around for a long time now. Remember: ninety ninety nine, you being very pessimistic, particularly about Osama Bin Laden and then I was hurried off. Did it only then two thousand run happens and then you become optimistic, optimist because we made it would everyone else's is, is either right eye
this tell you what's coming and then, when it comes on like abba, don't worry about it, because I think it was a housing crisis right. You are very pessimistic and two thousand seven hundred thousand ADA than you became optimistic after an absolute leaned, a Catholic rip it off the. So it is a little concerning that. I am optimist right now. The lesson I learned is to try to make you pessimistic, because then good things will happen to me. That's what I want out of this, but I think there s a ceremony, a little story. Actually, our eye and the we're on this topic. Coming up in just a short time until a story of a of a man he's an older men had a great career work Ard, really, Bros, incredible heights and his industry and then you ruined his life. I ruined his lie. You ruined his life, I ruined his life. He was very well respected. and then you came along its advance Jones
Are you always this prize otherness surprise? Bring van genetic value is not in the UK are a second element of it. It's a prize that would have been a serious. Yes, we have someone that you ve never spoken to her. To my knowledge, ok, and I think a little to tear me down this. I will to hurt your feelings. Now I don't know that this person necessarily explains this career Ark the same way, but how I'm looking at- and this can also be looking right. You know we just go to China. You wanna be pessimistic about things. You want to hear you look at your phone in a whole new way instead of like. While this is the greatest device, you know, not when you get mad you're like why Isn T sing another look at it like. This is trouble. Let me take you to China China announced yesterday that they,
begun monitoring, employees, brainwaves and emotions through a new chip. And it is boosted one of the companies profits by three hundred and fifteen million dollars. Employees quoting employees brainwaves are reportedly being monitored in factories, state owned enterprises and the military across China. The technology works by placing wireless sensors in employees caps or their hats, which combined with artificial intelligence, algorithm, spot incidents of workplace rage, anxiety and sadness, quoting employers use this emotional surveillance technology by then
We can work flows, including employees, placement and breaks to increase productivity and profits. A dozen businesses and chinese military, are now using this programme. They fight. We could read their mind speaking if the meaning- employees. This key as some discomfort and resistance in the begin on, did it yeah, but after a while they Oh god, you use to the device and they wear it all day at work now when system issues. A warning the man asked that worker to take the day off or move to a less critical post. Some jobs require high concentration and there is no room for mistake. Plight I'd, spread, use of emotion. Monitoring may mark a new stage in China's surveillance state they have. Generally been focused on facial recognition and increased?
Barnett, Sir censorship. Now say to yourself what could possibly happen. What could go wrong with sight, but this is actually just to help you out. This is actually not the first step, the first we found out about four weeks ago and it is China. imposing a social. credit system. Now. Listen fully implemented by twenty twenty listen to this the chinese state of setting up a vast ranking system that will monitor the behaviour of its enormous population and rank them based on their social credit. The social clause system first announced in twenty fourteen aim. To reinforce the idea that keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful. The programme will be fully optimized and I am quoting fully.
Operational you shouldn't you death star. Let's go in Europe, a giant government properly up a wretched hit at all used to help by twenty twenty its piloted now for millions of people already. Is mandatory here. It is so far it is piecemeal. Private spreading Scores and people will allow have a social score and it will move up and down depending on your behavior. What methodology is, is still secret. A little like the New York Times best seller list. Examples of infractions include bad driving, smoking and non smoking zones. Loop, in too many video games or posting fake news online. Well, I don't do any of vat, nine million people already with low scores have been blocked from buying tickets for domestic here. plain flights.
nine million. They can also clampdown on luxury items. Three million people are now barred from getting business class train tickets. The eventual system will punish passengers specifically potential this deeds and glue driving ride with no ticket loitering in front of a boarding gate, or looking in non smoking areas. What possible abuse could happen here They also are going to monitor whether you pay your bills on time. Other offences. Here too, on playing video games, wasting money on what the state says is frivolous purpose purchases and sitting on social media spreading fake news specific. About terrorist attacks, airport security or anything? the government is also punishable, seven, in people who refuse to carry out military service last year were barred from enrolling in higher education, applying for high school or continuing their studies city.
With a low social credit will also be prohibited from enrolling their children at pie, paying private schools trust Breaking individuals will be banned from doing any kind of management management, jobs in state on firms and big banks, so crimes like fraud and embezzlement would also a big effects on social credit people who use. The military service are banned from hum of firm holidays and hotels so who holiday is like the english holiday vacation, the regime wards, people as as well as punishes them people with good scores, speed up travel applications to places like Europe, and unified woman in Beijing, told the BBC. She was able to book a hotel without having to pay cash deposit because she had a good score naming and shaming is the other tactic the government put
people on notice: they that companies need to consult the black list before hiring people or giving them contracts, People will be notified by the courts before they are added to the list and are allowed to appeal the decision with Ten days, that'll work out well you'll definite, get something overturned from the chinese government. Now imagine that This is, if you saw the black Mirror episode that I am completely convinced, was based on this programme like it's not the other way round me like all well. This is just like that. Like me, Europe episode know its black mirror just made it americanized and made we know a fictional version of it where The every interaction you have me you can do rate the per that you ve had this reaction with now. This is more individuals the same thing happened with plane tickets, that with the woman, was going to do to fly to a wedding rights couldn't and she couldn't, because her her social score had fallen below a certain point and she was not allowed to buy an airplane.
ticket right- and this happens get cycles out of control for her in the episode it's worth watching, if you ve never never never seen its it erodes is exactly this story. Inaction except this one's from the government I mean like in ok. I guess the government system had been applied where this is more people reading you, in individual interactions, but I bet that's gonna, be part of it enough It is vital, as people are very excited about it because they say people used to cross the street outside of cross walks, and they no longer do that, because, if or cod on camera, crossing the street, not obeying the traffic laws than you are automatically gonna get two points deducted. But if you go to the government website for a day, and you have the government match you up with a spouse. You get extra points Very nice. Is this true, fi unifying and I've been bits and pieces of this already coming. I was ice on add the other day for a new car insurance company
in the car company has new technology that monitors your phone for the car insurance company? You drive around for two weeks answers everything you do while you're driving around and then it makes you if you're a safe driver, a safe driver whatever. That means right. So the idea is that you get better rates because they dont have to ensure the crappy drivers. Economic, ensure the good drivers they're gonna monetary you driving around deceive, you exceed speed limits to see, really everything that you're doing right in Eureka. Is that it's a good idea? I mean party, and my first reaction was: I should sign up for that year and then I thought let us hear you speak driver. I didn't sign up for the euro, but the other thing is. The nice thing is, you know, is long is like pats had a couple of surgeries. We ve had some people with cancer. Long as we fire those people or don't hire them? our church rates will be a lot cheaper. But when we have somebody who sick, we should just get him off. That's the kind.
thinking. This is that this is briefly dangerous end China now is implementing brain. Scans to be able to read the workers mines? This is not some! You know, futurists, novel. This is in place to day in China would Think America, you think. Maybe we should try maybe do men Manhattan Project for a high, because whoever gets a. I first is to rule the world cereal a pessimistic, wow you're future outlook on the future. Doesn't look too bright right now, but then I remember that I have this happy surprise coming up in just a few minutes from you and suddenly I am more optimistic, I'm hoping it goes very badly very badly. I ruined his life, in my view, you ve ruined his life? Yes,
now that he would say that, but he may not. You know it's hard to examine yourself in own, would I know his name you would definitely with one hundred said, certitude will know this guy's name, one hundred percent. Anyone ever talk to her before I am. no more those aims, not like a family man out of eminent ok, I can't wait now see I'm optimistic, I'm excited, there's something live for in an Ex twenty minutes or I let lifelike vulnerability on your on your life. Looking, We just talk about. now. Somebody is hacking into all of those things: You heard this. The casino in LAS Vegas. What was the movie oceans eleven? You saw what oceans left was. Ok, I mean
pretty sure that they have something kind of like all of those devices to make sure that nobody hacks in to the casinos This document is gone. She so Packer unsuitable hackers it is true just happen, act best a smart thermometer at a casino, and they hack the inn and got all of the information in the database of high rollers from the monitor Don't think somebody's gonna get your stuff. It's the end out of things everything is connected, and if there is one tiny little space open were somebody can get in they're gonna get in that. By the new life lock, identity theft. Protection has added the power of Norton Security to help you protect against threats to your identity and dear devices You can easily see or fix on your own and if you have a problem there agents who are going to work to fix it. Nobody can up all cyber threats, prevent identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but with the new life
awkward, Norton Security, they're able to uncover the threats you might otherwise miss so go to life, locked outcome, call one eight hundred lifelong use, a promo code back additional ten percent off your first year, promo code back at life lock dot com, Glenn Back Mercury. Back up The five percent of AIDS graters at american Public School sixty five percent- are not proficient in reading silver braided six seven percent are not proficient in mathematics. We need more money.
In the urban districts it's even worse In Detroit, only five percent of eighth grade students are proficient in reading annulled. Seven percent or proficient or better in in math? Let me know The five percent aren't. Is that really the right math, but I figured it out Oh, you mean seven percent, yes in Cleveland public schools, only eleven percent of eighth graters were proficient or better in math and ten percent we're proficient air or better in reading by. Two more eleven percent in Math thirteen percent in reading in France, oh eleven percent and fourteen and reading you don't need it anymore, though you just. You just need to be able to google through your beer. Brain ship and then everything's gonna be fine yeah! You call you can't read anything bud Chile, someone or reading you can't right. You know you can't write what you were
Looking for indigo, they just have the guy on sixty minutes who did it without typing anything? It was attacked, to his thoughts can be. Somebody he heard they heard the question. It googled it for you and it told you through your ear and gave the answer police authorities are in your task and if I could get a chip in my brain hunters how I'm feeling it. What I'm thinking gives me a score on where I can go and what I can do, and the gulf I can read that how man, they were right. China is the bright bright future Glenn back Mercury. courage, shrink back. Ok, I dont know. If anybody's noticed this still have you,
contrariwise has a new up. Go you know years. He now he's in the news. A lot lately, but tweeting each. But being an is convincing Emily. While everyone Talking about me he's got a new album coming out now my guess is going to be the worst review. Album he's ever done without a doubt if Jesus is singing with him and God himself wrote the music going to get bad reviews, but that's what's happening. Ok, the man knows what he's doing he throws. You know those curve balls into the culture all the time, and it is at whirling undertone of identity, politics that view Bush AIDS, black people, that's me that's Kanye West, now he's doing the other way now announced he doesn't mean what he sang. Although some
It is doubtless tongue in cheek, but what I am saying is that Commie does this every time that he's about to release an album ass time, went on Kimball and appeared to lose his mind before that he was effectively back. To Hawaii after his Taylor, swift snafu. This is what he does now. Hopefully. You know, he's gonna get some word out into the culture about free thinking, remember Kenya is part of a family that found its way to make millions of dollars for posting selfies on Instagram. We they literally get paid to use We have also found a way to monetize Americans, emotional reactions and that's what's happening here. Every time Opponents or a journalist as a piece about Congo Chechen, he wins every bit of of stretching he wins. now the problem is gonna, come out, and you're gonna massive tour and then he'll vanish again make another album. What He does
as part of his unique ability to sell himself as a brand. Quite honestly, much like the President of the United States does from Congo West or their contrary, and they fight the power constantly, but they are are the power they both of rising the feathers of the elite and right now the elite happened to be a bunch of brandy, intolerable social justice warriors running a mock through the country. For now calm. Ye may be kind of on your side. If you're a free thinker, and an end whether you're just up to you know buying into the hype or not. It's Wednesday may second year listening to the Glen Back Programme, government promised to surprise I've been in a very good mood today and I've been promised to surprise vice. Do he's been
to destroy my career or destroy my mood all day when I do it because I'm positive and he doesn't like it when I'm positive, very true, and that We brought to you. I think a cool surprised at you promised me someone that I will know a hundred percent will know my name that I have destroyed their career. I don't think he would described with that way, I'm trying to make you feel bad, so I'm describing it that way and more his careers entire life, because here's a guy who is an incredible career for many many decades and then around the early, two thousands something changes in my career and it involves you very closely. Really, yes, is he a celebrity? He is and I would know his name- a hundred percent will know his name. The ideas that we have talked about em before we have now her talked about among we ve, never talked about him on the air before I dont think. Ok, maybe once or twice, but that doesn't
so who is, ladies and gentlemen, a sixty, I'm a working actor for about sixty years welcome to the programme. An back. She ought to learn. How are you low a low alone? I have been a fan of yours since Spahis space Odyssey all the way it to your fine, fine work on haters back off oil. I get all. I ve seen your work. I've seen your work, you are just in the movie. We were talking have recently little pink house. Little pink house you're in there now show pursue. There was a wonderful experience. There was a very quick cameo, but how do I turn with cap an early coldly So speaking too Glenn back on the Glen based Programme. What
I apologise for anything that I have inflicted on your life. What is it been like to be to be configured to have the same name same spelling? Well, I followed some years ago the you were exactly the same spelling- and I just took a does- that's fine, then what do we do I guess I've got it away a little better. You probably got my way a little bit of. Did you have a hard time? Has anyone in Hollywood giving you a hard time for having the name Glenn back in the land, ten years. No not at not along the The only problem I had was a little story that how'd. You know my agent inside blow was available to go to Romania
relation the money and everything like tat to quit viable contract over then I found that they were actually looking for you Why didn't you would have it if you would have gone through if you would have gone to Romania? I guarantee it wasn't a movie role. They wanted you for something else. You would have never returned. I'm sure you do that you didn't do it. Did you do that job No, I actually did. I do know what you're talking about they wanted to make a movie. I think it was, It was a shark NATO's. They were filming in Bulgaria in Romania and want me to go, and I couldn't make the time only enough. I'll find lately the purple contract prevention, the money and everything is binding. my might hold up perhaps learn
you could dive dance a little bit of trash had absolutely I couldn't. I could have taken on board, but unfortunately it is a lobster european Europe and Canada, howl of a man. Are you now? Do you mind me asking only eighty two, eighty two who you have been your and doktor strange love. I mean I've been in the movie You ve been in the movies for it seems I mean you got gotta, be one of one of the longest running Anders around suppose I reminded it. I just work good slimmer and ninety just turn. We are Whole procedure that's amazing. So so tell me like whoo hoo,
Have you met or who is taught you anything that's been? Instead, until in your life. For you know what is some of the behind the scenes of being. You know a Glenn back that used his powers for good, as opposed to even well, he has at last Sunday. Lively must keep her, must keep really, guidelines together without yes failed anyway, when I first started those in Vancouver, where I am now absolutely wonderful people who taught me a great deal, and I did it. I did Some work like I gotta sixty wires business anyway. I these people, help along the way, but waited but where it was absolutely wonderful, because everyone today worthless worked hard witches,
occasionally Google at that time. they really worked Well, I learned so much more globalized, Albert three. I worked with less there Jim, don't you but you may know Dubell deleted by among Broadway and stuff like tat to you, I mean you worked. There is a difference between an english actor in a north american actor because they take their cravat, zero snobby war, particularly butter. at times it was kind of say hello, Vancouver. how ya doing what it was. The learning out. All came from me, particularly in movies, you loved, because I didn't know unless another stage smile. I have. We
she's didn't realize we note the first of all the lengthen and all the credit that you haven't me. Two thousand want to space odyssey. There's, there's incredible amounts of rope really well known stuff that you ve been in England, but I was amazing museum. Looking at the credits of little pink house, the movie- I see Glenn back, and this is a case- the keel, ok, some Supreme Court, which is incredibly important case that we have talked about for years and years and years and years and looking I thought, maybe yeah, I thought. Maybe they had cast the Glen back. here of sitting with me in the movie, because it cannot glens done his share. As you mentioned shark, NATO, they wanted a monopoly in your share of movies and tv stuff. Where you ve appeared, it is herself. I thought it was going to be that then here you horror is it? Was it at all strange to kind of be involved in a movie like this in end and what was the experience like It was a job, it was under the good job because
I believe I believe, what they were like, what they were trying to fight the very also I die every was adopted money What did you do it all have you haven't you. Have you had a good life Glenn? Yes, if you one still over you're good. Like that's a crystal lunch, I am so working in the yellow, but you obviously obviously would be the what would be the wisdom that you would leave us from one Glenn back to another. Why would I leave it know what what wisdom could you leave us with Dash not when are you gonna leave us with wisdom and I'll? Do you have any advice from one Glenn back to another here? That's that's, probably a better way of saying it any advice, life advice.
the United States on the way up, because you want them on the way down ways that is that not great advice not created by Mr Glenn. I just one quick questions. My daughter will kill me. We watch backers hate off heaters back off with Miranda and what is the? What is that actress like when she's, not Miranda? wait paralyse the yellow. This third just tell em I'm not really wonderful good actors, yeah now she's a girl. He sees the current range very strange, well yeah yeah similarly glare it is a pleasure to talk to you, sir, and employ I'm sorry for any of the damage that I may have done to your career until you're, good name we should before it before Glenn least, we should mention. Also in national Treader played Abraham Lincoln, bearing a heck of a role the creator
We can only do we define Canadian later that's great glinda Thank you so much. I appreciated. God bless his five That is why I would like you, Mr Back, and we will maybe died. Are you doing other than other tunnel? It would be an honor. Thank you so much that has been more optimistic. I made out of the ground. I now used to use we too nice hosting plan back that I have a lot of respect and hits the first for me I was really hoping he would be like I, you know I had this incredible role lined up and they said no way are we putting Glenn beckoned this movie and ruinous career? Unfortunately, not true I should have got it. We should have done tat. earlier in Yemen and gave him yeah some amazing actor. He could it pulled it off. He should have said but Europe you ruined his guests.
I guess maybe a producer or a writer would have thought of that in advance. If perform notice that I was fast, they Dave mother's day mother's day is coming up, not this Sunday but Sunday. After what have you done do you have any thing got anything going. I mean how many weeks you gotta watch this Sunday vote next, ah, have plenty of time. You know so much alike search. that's why one eight hundred flowers is is a good thing to have, because you don't have to think about. In a lot advance a man. I think a lot about it. Well that's what I'd measures from other people? Yes, those people, don't you think about it? I've already obviously purchased. From one in her face, and I you know I I purchase them, because I've put a lot of thought into it. And I'm not a procrastinator. That's the whole point of view
the lower than those in it is it it's me it's like taking it taking events that would be difficult for you to do still executing them really well, but you want to put any effort into it. Could do. I give you a little piece of advice as well. If you're a new dad Your wife is like now, honey You know we don't need anything, don't I'm not you're, not my mother, do not listen to her. Ok, Listen, you don't listen to her. Take this from either. two wives, so I have experienced more experience of most people. Ok, I've done this twice. So it's not a good commercial freer anyway, my mother's day, don't screw this up. Mothers one eight hundred flowers giving you exclusive? Twenty four for twenty four offered: twenty four multi colored roses for twenty four dollars: that's only a d or paroles, bright and beauty what makes premium roses rainbow of colors twenty form
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he worked with Anthony Hopkins Clive Owen, Christopher Plumber, plumber. Peace He was in the original doctor who series I mean. The guy is just been It's weird of probably for him. And I had a good thing own forum, and then this guy comes alive is like a cheese. You have to have my same name last hour we were talking about the the these cities in the urban districts that have the worst scores. Now, in Amerika, and if you Look at the the top thirty scores the percentage of eighth grade eighth graters here here here they are number one. Charlotte with forty one percent in Math, Austin. Thirty, eight percent, San, Diego thirty six. These are eight
sure proficient in Math Boston Number, four, with thirty three offered county thirty one Hillsboro County Florida, twenty nine- New York City, twenty eight Chica, about twenty seven Denver, twenty six Clark County, twenty five Jefferson County, twenty five Duvall County, twenty five Miami day twenty four Houston, twenty four Albuquerque twenty two LOS Angeles twenty days eight hundred and twenty Dallas, twenty Atlanta nineteen Fort Worth nineteen Philadelphia, sixteen Shelby County, twelve Milwaukee, twelve Cleveland, eleven Baltimore City, eleven Fresno, eleven Detroit five hundred and fifty sent or proficient in math, to me, is, is in some ways kind of along the lines of what Conway was talking about. P who are being enslaved does matter what color you are, but you are being enslaved. If you will
you have five per cent of the eighth graters that are proficient in math. They have no future, have no future. the best one in surely with forty one percent does really terrible. Well, that is the only way to solve this is to lower the standards. That's what happening, but it only dead and provision of math doesn't mean addition. Try this try this for reading. for this for reading Austin Number one with me six percent San Diego thirty five Hillsboro, thirty four Boston, thirty, two Duvall County, thirty, one Jefferson County, thirty Guilford county thirty Miami date, thirty Charlotte thirty, Denver, twenty nine New York City, twenty eight Clark, county, twenty, seven Chicago twenty, seven Albuquerque twenty five, a quarter- quarter of eighth graters cat or can read only occur. Only a quarter can read LOS Angeles, twenty three district,
we had twenty one. You think you couldn't you're not going to be a slave to somebody you are a slave to the system. You can, if you read any of you. Try to get your kids to read. Old classics are not fast enough because there are used to think it's happening so fast so rapidly, but you try to get your kids to read an old book and there too slow. I look, I'm new, I can't read largely can't, read Non fact our fiction, I can't it can't be bothered with some of the greatest joys of my life, send their careers proxy had tons of great authors that right, amazing stories. I just you, know four fiction. I am not willing to stick around four nonfiction I'll stick around relaunch books, because I want to know the the information I want to understand the arguments I mean I I like that's what, if you can't read you don't have that choice, No, you don't have a choice. You don't have a choice. How can you? How can you do it you,
you can say hey. I just found Thomas soul. Who's gonna worry him. he's talking to a group of people in urgent, never gonna freedom read how you get sucked into arguments like AIDS or I treated by the government to kill off by people. That's right, We are enslaving, slaving ourselves and it has nothing to do with Color Glenn back, mercury survivor herb several years ago, Glenn was selling his house and here's the thing when you're with Glenn every day you actually to deal with it like he gets the authorities Turkey's blabbing about all the prophecies having with his house, it was agonizing you weren't there I was, it wasn't fun. Luckily, actually took a positive step to correct this issue, because He was having issues with his real estate agent at the time and decided to create the company real estate agents. I trust I come in the idea, was hey, there's gotta be a better way to cellar else then just depend on this person, you apparently no and not getting updates what there
to be great agents out there and there are but- They are all hard to find, and unless you have real estate agents. I trust I com, you might not be able to find the best one. If you go there, To give you a there is a network of over twelve hundred agents. You can find the best one in your area really easily go there. And try to sell your house or buying a home run estate agents. I trust I come let these agents earn your business real estate agents, I trust dot com you're listening to the Glen. That programmes are allowed to your router, you you're just talking about you know how schools passing kids in dumping Amanda society without the ability to read or write or to think at all we're paying for that now and Why are we fixing that when you have forty percent of the kids in April
has not been able to do math or reed. I'm sorry, only forty percent, unable to pass the test on math and reading sick Sixty percent and that's a good number stand a five percent Detroit. What what are you doing them? Do we We try to argue about. You know the higher intellectual points of the constitution with the Kenyan read it. I even people who who do read and even like to read what were the constitution behind people write again. I can't read write, obviously that huge percentage here we ve been saying: hey. You know we got a red the stuff. We agree that now we have to your children, how to read? Or they are all going to be slaves. So we started something last year with mercury, one, it's our leadership programme. It darts in just four weeks, the first Two weeks session starts, may twenty Eightth, so at the end of this month. The second The weak session starts on June eleventh and the third one on July, ninth,
view or someone. You know between the ages of eighteen and twenty five, with a passion for discovering the truth and the desire to become a stronger leader. Please share this with em. it's a once in a lifetime experience a two week journey of discovery, guest speakers myself, David TIM Barton, others. You actually are engaged in in projects, I'm going through the actual documents and the actual things we just got a piece in from Thomas Pain. That is unbelievable. It his hand written a letter to Benjamin Franklin, saying no, It's not what I meant, I'm not an atheist. I do believe in God I am trying to make the case for the French will have turns history completely upside down.
one one student graduated last year she wrote something: was it on with man can't remember now is either on the new deal or something slave. Remember what it was off to look it up and and find out, but she, who wrote a paper and the the professor she wrote it in college and cheapest expected the professor just at hand. her and the professor said? Can I see you have glass? Yes, he gave her in a sense. can, I meet with you because I dont know where these sources are. How did you find these sources, and she very wisely didn't mention my name or David Martin. She said here's where you can find them online he's been helping him learn about the truth. He's a perfect! he didn't even know how to find these original documents. So if you to participate there. Is it either
small charge, then have to pay for the hotel in food everything, but it's too it is so well worth it now. everybody is going to be accepted, you do have to apply and you will be You will be interviewed for the position, but It's happening again made twenty Eightth next session is July, Eleventh the final session is, as our June eleventh and the final session is July, ninth apply now you can do it at mercury, one dot, org, slash, L! p p amazing that meeting these kids last year, and then seeing them after two weeks, and they were totally transformed it. It was astonishing. Not just huge step up for your life I mean if you're, if you're educated to this point, improve back to five percent of people can actually breed and do math and see our cities.
The advantage you have is is substantial. Last year we had like four five teachers. We had people that were teachers, that said, I wanted to go back because They knew they were missing american history and they didn't know that enable For a start, we had teachers come and we ve from them saying it's written. workable, how it is changed their teaching. and changed the people around them and my uncle is a history teacher and he visited here. This is not part of the programme, but just we know we gave him the sort of little whatever I bet tour. There is of just we. Obviously walking around: where are you era. Are you know, artifacts are strewn out all over the place. and he was amazed. You know he just seeing some of the just the artifacts that bit because it thing to learn about them is one thing to for some: to tell you hey, there was once a letter that Ben there was written to read Franklin that explain excellency, so they actually see it. and when you read the actual words in their handwriting
makes a real impact on your standing that we have a big book now of just letters from early seiners of declaration of independence and early president's and to see Jefferson, writing to atoms and be able to? You know we, evident, abound, abound book now so it's suits, you can't really actually touch it, but to actually costs. Read the letter in their handwriting and then turn the page and it's a letter from Washington and read what they're saying to each other. It is profound, By the way, we're doing that also the last class or the second class, I think the second session June eleventh. I think there actually are Prepare the museum because we were having the museum have to check it out mercury, one look for the museum, but we're doing really great museum. This year, it's only when for three days and you'll be able to do what must stews relative dead
Anne and walk around, but it is in a really amazing way. the studios here in Dallas, Texas, even go to mercury, one dot org and find out more. Why the these rates how people are reading inner proficient in math being so low, is part of the reason why something like a Prager university does really well. Yes, that's not because there dumb down at all their very smart pieces, but they explained uneasy. They make them either. explain them in an easy way, and I also think it the reason why the Congo, best thing is more important than a bunch of album promotion from from the sky, because the its communicating to people who might be that five percent right there communicating to the entire country Certainly a lot of smart people like Cotonou S, but allowed dumb people conduits to now A dumb people are reading the constitution. So the fact that the ideas of Thomas soul could be introduced to an audience that be really receptive to them? In our
especially when you're talking about communities have been downtrodden for a long time. The ideas of Thomas soul could cure it. Just someone saying you don't have to be a Democrat there are other eyes ideas out there. I'm not saying I like the Republicans, but you don't have Be a Democrat you don't even have to be republican. Just for yourself. Its remarkable anybody was I'd I'd our target about Congo West. I understand that because it, It doesn't have any meaning to the political movement per se. If you like, I want more constitutional rule of law, but it does as to the culture and culture leads ten The guy who can change the culture, even if it's just record promotion it making an impact. I mean look at you know and then- this stuff just needs to be said of a basic level. do you consider right, under Vladimir Putin to be a healthy society
I mean, I would argue, no, I would argue, know yet he's getting far lower percentage of the vote from there, can people then african? Americans are giving the Democrats it's not even close you got something like seventy one: seventy two percent in the last election I mean Al Gore whose The widest white guy in America got ninety two percent? from African Americans me? Obama was even higher, but at least you can kind of an argument for that. This is. The thing is like there has to be a break out here and it's its honestly. Why I think Congo is right when he talks about slavery B a choice. I dont think it was a choice. You know, you know it wasn't a choice back then, but being a choice on freeing your mind today is Stephen Psmith made this point very well. Several years ago the sports commentator monies. He said: look there. Don't need you don't they dont need
If they don't care about you, if you're african American in your bed, the democratic leadership, because they know they ve got you already all I have to do is show up and you give them their vote and if you don't at least challenge that listen to the other side. It listen to what their due they're, saying and consider a bit odd. Considerate Seriously and then go back to I regret to say you know what I like this part of what they're saying: if you dont make those cases there, there never going to do a thing for you and it's it's that needs to be done. It's amazing to me how many people, immediately just shouted com. Down when he said look. It was that the Republicans that freed people it was, Democrats, it was the Republicans now that doesn't, asked forever reply Begins, have sold their sold, the devil back and forth, and so has the Democratic Party back and forth many times. But if you want
Look where real racism, institutional racism has been for a very long time. It is the Democratic Party and I'm sorry, but look to Johnson, I believe the great society all of that stuff that he passed with the civil rights act? He passes. Right act. Benny passes the great society tonight. It too the clock on the blaze and will be the stats on what happened to the We can american community because of the great society they they had higher marriage rates than white people did They were higher as entrepreneurs. Then white people were what happened. The rate society and Johnson. And people don't want to talk about that because it makes them uncomfortable or they haven't thought about it, but you have to if you want to learn from the past, you have to learn. get all of the things that are uncomfortable in there's, a lot of things that are uncomfortable. Just Google first slave in America,
can't tell you how many times you're gonna, how many stories you're gonna have to read through before. find the name. John Casper see He s a war buzek. I It was actually the first slave in Eureka in debt, shared servitude was, something that people did not slavery indentured servitude, they still do it in some countries. and what it means is, I want to go to the new world. I want to start a new life, but I don't have the money so go to some big. You know, rich guy, who I know, has work over there and I say to him. Look if you pay my room and board to get over there I'll work, to pay it off in seven years, I'll be in it dread servant, which means he He owns your work. He doesn't own you, he owns your work, for seven years. Is the contract
and you get your way over there to the new world. Will that was happening all the time and it wasn't looked upon. No, it was the same way slavery on this, not to know it wasn't, and why people did it. Everybody did at Indians. Did it every one did it and and then we started the the american slave trade. The English in the Dutch did and they started bringing people to the Caribbean and when they went, to the Caribbean. You were made a slave, but if you were off here in Amerika, you weren't indentured servants, so one of the eyes- and he was a white guy, I'm sorry he was a black eye. He was an indentured servants and his name was John Cast and he worked for. Another guy who held his indentured servitude contract John had worked for seven years, but I dont know how it works.
But he didn't say you know. My seven years are up. so his owner of contractor come to court and said no, I own him not the contract I only him for life, rest. The story changes everything and it's not just the fact that that owner was a black man. but what happened after that? Black man's death after he started slavery in America. Everything changed, and I'll talk talk about it tonight at five o clock. Big news last couple of weeks simply safe, one, the editors choice of words from Cnet magazine and PC magazine and the wire color, and you know we're thrilled and we're thrilled that their finally getting thee, the notice that they are do you know they have they ve gone and
really change people's lives, the way the way security works. I mean it was really cutting edge stuff when they started in there still way ahead of everyone else, but if they took great leap. You know they were going up against. You know people like Wells, Fargo and weep I this you know we're gonna bring anywhere wiring everything they city he'd. All that you don't need to pay for bucks a month and you don't. They have somebody traipsing through your house soon we say for whom get really simple It's all wireless! It's been it's real. the top of the line you have, the camera you have the thee when he called the things you put on the windows and doors you have the keypad all of it, but you install it in like half an hour and there's no contract you own it so you to save a butler money and then its fifteen dollars a month without a contract. If you want the professional monitoring, Nobody else is doing this. Nobody else has done it. They the first. Nobody else is doing it
That's why they're winning all the awards and are not protecting two million homes, hull or business, give simply safe back, but try go to simply safe back dot com. please safe back, dotcom, just go to the website, see how much money you're gonna, save tat. Control of your own security take ten percent off. Now it simply safe back dot com, Glenn Back Mercury, Glenn back. You know. I found that things kind of makes sense a little bit more when you know if you're drinking and I gave up all of those great blackouts. You know yeah, there's so many great positives to alcoholic consumption at levels that are inhuman,
I think something we ve overlooked on the programme today. Personally try. This is just came out from USA today. I think makes more sense, if you read it this way. Boys, ass of Amerika. double down today on onest class, they become this carrying ever organization of choice. The boys and girls how do you call a voice gas by they're gonna there? today drop the boy from voice Ass, the door the boy from boy scouts from the distant the there, the others, the singer see in your programme. so they won't use. Boys is signature programme the chief scout executive Mike's bar also unveiled the new group. The group's new skydiving en masse
getting campaign programme to include Inclusiveness, inclusive ink, the closest togetherness, scout me in allow me in as we have entered a new era for our organization. Tat S important is that all you can see themselves in scouting in every way pause possible did you birth in the middle of possible I M here to tell you this scouting news that makes sense Glenn back mercury.
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