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Disarming Cops Is INSANE | Guests: Dan Bongino & Bill O’Reilly | 4/16/21

2021-04-16 | 🔗

Democrats have announced a plan to “unpack” (AKA pack) the Supreme Court, but Nancy Pelosi isn’t on board … yet. Some on the Left want to take guns away from not just you, but the police. Radio host Dan Bongino joins Glenn to break it down. Was the story of Russia putting bounties on the heads of American troops a lie all along? Bill O’Reilly talks the week’s biggest news stories, including Woke-a-Cola, Disney’s new woke changes, Project Veritas’ CNN exposé, and Hunter Biden’s new book. President Biden is embracing hydrogen fuel, and Glenn can’t stand the hypocrisy. BlazeTV’s Chad Prather joins to discuss his run for governor of Texas. CNN’s Chris Cuomo is mad Sen. Ted Cruz won’t wear a mask after being vaccinated.

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