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Filling in for Glenn, Stu and Pat discuss another Biden speech failure, and the media ignore it once more. Biden was also caught unprepared for a question while at an ice cream shop. Walmarts and Targets in San Francisco are shutting down after a spike in shoplifting. Stu and Pat discuss all the people challenging Texas Gov. Abbott and their chances, including unannounced candidate Matthew McConaughey. Hunter Biden’s laptop has revealed yet another private meeting with billionaires, and President Biden was right there with them. ESPN is yet again facing controversy after it recently went woke. Campus Reform posted a video collecting college students' opinions on America, and it was almost completely negative.

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The gun back,
with that in stupor Glenn today, but we had a great fourth of July. We can present a do. The United States, Joe Robin Ed, lighten, was on fire on fire one in it. You got it swearing some american citizens. I think there were two of them there and he had to swear them in with such in firing. Speech will share some of that. We come up and sixty seconds programme Patents do for Glenn on the Glen Back Programme Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy Kay, President Biden. is just absolutely beloved, on virtually every
angle agenda item that he has, but especially his border policies are approved by a full thirty three percent of the american people. Thirty three percent he had to get. Probably almost F. Democrats on that that's pretty good for foreign every year It's a fifty one percent of it we are not happy so fifty one third, Three he's upside down by there. I would call that the fourteen points. Of beer that minus eighteen good way to go. Serbia has a margin of error, three and a half percentage points, but he is not doing well with the immigration policy that he has. I wonder why maybe it's because of all the kids in cages? Maybe it's the fact that border crossings are up like a billion per cent. there are other highest, they ve been in twenty years and his border policies
plain, failing, However, over the weekend- because this is traditional on independence day- we can for the president to swear in some some new immigrants and he took the chance to that and gave them a little welcoming speech which was so inspiring. I sent a service look, LT today A special guests all use my honour to congratulate the twenty one of you love her, The title of our democracy in every legal title, that democracy is using the same consequent slightly citys citizen, of the United States of America. I mean it. maybe he's he's reading it and he's still can't get it That is the case. So often with him is the case that Looking into look, here's the what
try we I've just said too much. Welcome reports about that that it really is interesting, comprehensible. What he's trying to say there? He almost he acts as, if he's reading a speech, inane perfectly dark room. Where there's a stroll blight on so he can only like every other word or other word, and he didn't. Sometimes he goes up to align above worry supposed to me. Sometimes he does two or three words from three lines down yet ounces. and fourth hidden, I just can't do this. He can't it just shows how incapable he is of doing the job you if you can't even so much as swear in some citizens who are there on the fourth of July trying to become citizens, and you ve got them copy right in front of you on how to do it and you still can't do it. You something's wrong near and its fascinating to me that nobody cares
the sea it ends in MSNBC, SIRI, CBS, NBC, ABC they dont care, they dont show it. They die Old, acknowledge it it's as if everything's fine, what How dare you say that his cod, to abilities are less than may be where they should be, how tear you a kind of spear receive theorist, are you and that's our? read it when we take note of it it's there's a transition in the media over the past five years from I think it group of people who were blatantly left, leaning, liberal lie, just at times but true to hold up generalise concepts of journalism where they would say they would as if there's like this like you, know, sheen of credibility that they would hold everything together with They would say: ok, look
We just we think the facts are this way we're just given you the facts and then you know sure a lot of times when you listen to the facts, they happened to align with democratic party. That's what it used to be its that, like now. This is just straight up. So often is just straight out activism maybe even a clearer example, is the Hunter Biden situation where, like every story. They ve told us about over the pie. five years, whenever someone gets caught, saying something bad in private. It's a major story, whenever someone is, is caught in international corruption. It's a major story whenever People are misusing their power for business gains. It's a major story whenever the sexual escapades and whatever you would. Maybe take advantage of a woman and then, when they are having your baby, you kind of north of men, don't pay for it. All of these things would be major stories with any one else. Yet this person does
these things, I think, comes on four softball interviews about as new book don't say anything about any of those. They don't say a word about it and it's like one on the word is supposed to sit here and be like all cable. That's totally normal They no longer are trying to hide. They are not try to tell you even any more that they're doing journalism they're just out there being advocates yeah, they don't care. I think they are We have come so far that it just doesn't matter anymore. It's to import. I think that they see Trump. And everything since drum as so uniquely threatening to the United States of America, there's no more time to fake journalism. We can't pretend we're doing it any more means two important. We need to just come out here. It was the image that during tromp era. There was that big conversation about whether the present, should be called a liar. Remember that oh yeah
and they were like. I don't you know there was that you should know what we must come out and just say it here. We must come out and just say he is alive. The president, who is a liar, was speaking in Georgia this weekend, like they needed a cop out its. I had ever died as a war gotta be amazed. They made this out to be some brave act where they took this step normally would be held back by the rules and traditions of journalism button. This is Joe, do idle. We hatred that damage to our nation. We must just come out and say it and that's that therein, come out and say it no longer hide behind journalism. No longer hide behind those things. Just be an activist, be honest, come out and advocate, one side of the iron because that side of the island better, that's what I think and that's what they're doing exactly what they're doing
I, you know I'm amazed by the fact that they didn't in short and then try to spin it. They just ignore at any time that looks like an absolute buffoons or he looks completely lost, or he can't his mind engaged in what is simple. to be talking about it's just ignored by them. He went in I don't know some little store. I guess you're buying ice cream, a girl's, oh she's, disquieting ice cream, its he's making me dislike ice cream. I know I have an idea now screen in putting its own pudding ice cream. Can I grim pudding sounds pretty good. Actually, dialogue total, isn't it. I love the banana putting ice cream, I'm all over that when I sit on the menu. So here he is buying ice cream. Again, Annie's asked about russian hacking.
sure. I think that with the most recent by the Russians, would you say that visit this means arguing brief one good reason so does your camera was just geography is intense because in better shape to talk to you about it, when I have my medications, noakes sticking out of notes, notes on all sides, the idea first, what we should do that directly before resources recovered to assist in response. If we determine Eurostat and the fact is directed until this deep guy mom was happened, no better, and if it is now a job consequence now Russia, then I told you we will respond, notes back in his pocket complexes. Renard we're not certain initials thinking was. It was not rushing, we're, not sure ok, so he phrases for up to ten
seconds at a time can't say anything. These days, currently searching for words or where he is or if he has his pants on IDA. I don't know any He does not his pants. I wish it more that outdoors does hanging on to have these bees wearing trousers. Yes, yes, he is it takes out his notes and that still doesn't help him much a soaring his words. I mean it is so clear. There is a serious problem here and this you're. So right and I I e feel bad you'll bad, even talking about it, but it's like he. He can't answer this very basic question right that any politic it should be able without know, what's at the same time on he can't do it with notes. while trying to complete an ice cream transaction like that is like its throat. operating system off rugged gave us all of those things you can have calculated running had her email, he cannot be king, he can't multitask.
There's no way you can ask that of him. The president of the United States PATH, I know, and I before he entered that restaurant that ice cream shop, they told him Mister Mister Don't worry, have planted, He's gonna. Ask you a question about russian hacking. Nikolai oats are in your suit co, and the right inside. Your suitcase both sides when they ask you the question: get your notes out and read what we ve written for you at again. His notes seem to indicate they just didn't know it was Russia bloody. That's we don't know who it is. Yes, there's. You know fibre in other words, if you just can't read right, I don't know. According to those answer, the notes just said we are not yet so the answer is clear: we don't know where it is yet we're not gonna come until we do that's how you written down. That's the answer you right Yes, it is the answer he gives the
I got used to have two- is one of the cash years asking him about. I think it is one of the cash odors and acting somebody came around with them and put a migrant in front of YAP both of em and so yeah. It like, look out look the present, I'd states has a wide berth in these situations to be able to answer with with some with a delicate nature right, as an international incident were talking about the need to give an answer to every cashier who asked a question about their rights as it is, they look, we don't know yet, but clearly they planted the question, because why I've got the microphone ready and they and he has his notes. Why on earth, I do pursuit all other me. We want to pack a Marlborough hold on about the russian hacking. Why cashmere asking about the russian so bizarre at again. little is such
The handling of bided is almost as bad as the presidency of lighted like. Why is he in these situations, but gets some one else to get the ice cream, so he isn't have constantly embarrass himself now. I only mean that, for me is illegal it's me in a political sense. I think he has this year. I would advise rise. Is president, he insists and he believed he still believes, he's that Joe Biden here who is charming and folksy and young can get out of any situation, courageous jovian Joe, and he thinks he can do that and he can't and you know what aunt when He's shown that he cat he never pay the price for it. immediate, doesn't show these things. Only the evil conservative media covers them. So he never Emily pays the price he it's now. embarrassing him on the networks he's watching. So why not? So why not keep doing it? He knows no way to tell Joe. This has got to stop
I can see you know from a from an if you're in one of his aids you're sitting here. like how do we convince them to stop doing this and they ve tried everything. I mean there don't teleprompter and kindergartens there, given it notes in porn site that is suit, goat and anything that goes for the wrong side, the meaning and let it get that. I don't know, that's all it's more in one minute. Well, if you're worried about russian hacking, what you should by the way they almost, evidently were responsible for this of a more recent incident, which is a big deal over the weekend. This keeps happening over and over and over again and you wonder not just it such as made. National actors and criminal gangs like we're talking about Russia, there's lots of individuals who are doing these things as well trained staff, your identity! This is how running all over the internet. It's happening to people every single day thanks
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it's bad is due for Glenn on a glimpse programme You can hear my my show Padre unleashed every week day morning immediately before this one and anytime, you want on podcast the where we get back ass, safer stew does America you can get that at any time. At your lease make sure this subscribe and the rate in the review in the five stars being the appropriate number of stars. I think tat we need to come. We that needs to be said that I have in my life is just note in my pocket from some adviser. They tell me when someone asked me a difficult question. I should just basically say I don't like how do you feel today? Stu, I don't know, I don't know how when we look at this time. We don't know how I feel ok, but we may have more information on how I feel that at a later date, and that's how I feel ok, I want someone to be telling me things like that, because you get in
was times or that you get an uncomfortable question. You know maybe a come home a little too late, maybe overhang it out the Tackle Bell parking lot at multiple trips around the drive through trying all their new products. You come back home should to a dinner, that's been look? Don't you think yourself? I don't have if I'm really all that cuz, I just ate at Taco Bell for straight times and when your wife says hey, where were you you just say, now we may have more information about the coming soon made. Of course, you should obviously be silent for about ten seconds in the middle of that right and when it I didn't want to replicate, that part of it, because over stations were Gough dear, but just a good ten second silence mixed in with a sigh version of. I don't know some. stuttering and changing back and forth between conversations and perhaps luring your worries? Yandah we gotta, so aren't you are saying, are all slurred? It's a good idea.
This kind of fascinating. I I love this story. You know the train story. He keeps talk, talk about the conductor that comes up to him and grabs by the arm and his Joey. You do you know how many miles you travelled on. I am track. A one and a half million euro, you ve, not hired story. I have always been all that you told it three or four times over the last couple yours and he loves it, because he thinks it makes him believe he's just like them, he travels Amtrak every day and that's not german trample. Is like the sail away to travel insurance like I used to train, I wouldn't we're doing national radio shows and national tv shows. I took New Jersey transit because it gives us like one entered the call. Yes, it's very expensive amtrak it s, not an average american thing to do so anyway. This this guy Angelo Negri Negri, who
He and Biden supposedly became friends and came up to him and told him. He's he's travelled over a million and a half miles on I'm track owners, one million miles well off talks and the daily mail and even CNN, eventually looked into this and there's just a little problem with story of Angelo Negri coming up to him and tell him about the one and a half million while milestone only one point: four million miles. I know it's just that Angelo had retired decades earlier and in fact, when he hit the milestone of one and a half million miles on Amtrak Angelo had been dead for a year now, so he would have had a heart. I'm come on I'll. Tell him about the hit. Poor Angelo is just like the story of Katy member that Katie's diner. Whenever he used to go out on a closed and nineteen eighty four, but he will still go on there in two thousand and eight
part about the Angelo story. To is that he was killed by it Amtrak trade. He was run over standing out in unfortunate position while they took up eighty seven years old, hit by an M treachery pancakes persons programme Tibetans to Berlin, jubilee. Seventy seven be easy game. Target Walgreens make its drastic changes due to, The increase in theft in San Francisco Turning to the California Retailers Association, three cities in Caliph you are among the top ten in the country when it comes to organised retail crime, LOS Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento. already live in, seeing the negative impact.
Its having in San Francisco restores permanently shutting down or closing early because of theft at their stores. it has now acknowledge San Francisco the only sitting in America where they have decided to close them stores early because of escalating retail pram people just when it takes stuff and leave It's not like there breaking in the middle of the night. You know in this during store hours, often broad daylight. If anyone any company knows this, I don't know how it couldn't be the because they were the one that was told when their buildings were burning to the ground? It's just property rights are being cut. lately, cleaned out and city after city after city It's just property, don't worry about it and so Ah there relax ensuring right yet of nature. Which by use it as any small- This honour will tell you your does that doesn't work out that what you don't get me a hundred per
of your money. I know as I do, that works. You have your roof replaced recently after the hail time he's not. I did not yet deriving minor, replace and its insurance comes. And it says yale- give about half both that what that's where they dont say, half, but it is about half of what it will actually cost. That's great yeah, plus my deductible power the insurance thing needs not ideal. So when you're telling these companies scare just use your insurance first I shouldn't, be stealing stuff from them, but we ve got into the place where the apparently that's ok, for certain people to steal things from a store. Its it is, I think it's an organised thing at this point. I love to hear if there's any small business owners who have gone through this at their if they own a retail facility. I know someone who was in a sore and watch. This happened where here d w area in this is Texas area, where
A group of four people came in She was storm. It was a make up store when garbage bags and walk to the counter. Rather, displays were and took their arms and cupped. Fifty to sixty, like lip glasses and just shut. well them into the garbage bag. About ten times each and then walked out of this oh, my god, for garbage bags filled with make up thousand of dollars of make up the steps, friggin expensive, believe it goes about two thirds. My salary goes to it so or these, where these people, who are the greatest danger we face in America, white supremacist, I dont know if it were. I will say that this as if they were white supremacist, they were really bad at this particular group of lay don't tell me they were by puck morning by part people pay her Bypass Bray Whereby Park on this particular group, black indigenous people of color. Yes, now it's interesting because you have to look at the incentives of such
situation, but blade seven. Twenty seven back. If you happen to be a small business hunter I've seen this happen or how I could. I would love to hear how you're dealing with it yet Instead of this situation is the the employees of a corporate retail establishment. Dont want to get into an altercation there. we to not get into an altercation. They are trained to know well say: don't try to stop X y in the type of person, because that's not theirs. Indeed, signs all over the store saying how much black lives matter and how we know every every dumb left wing slogan is pasted all over every one of these stores. As we ve seen even would like Starbucks Starbucks. What was that proposing they didn't allow someone to go to the bathroom and it became a national story. Yes, Let us stop someone you tackle.
woman with a garbage bag of make up, making walking out the door. What that is only to what happens in that situation. You're on the news as the bad person you're on the news as the terrible person who didn't let this innovation well, who stone with thousands of dollars worth of Europe material, your product, what you gonna do even a step back and you're going to let it happen and they're gonna work. at the door and if they do get caught, which they probably won't. Probably the This will be dropped right. we ve seen antifraud that they burned down cities. In the end, we have the vice president of the United States, begging for money to bail them out, So why would you possibly believe you're going to get in trouble over something like this and if they do, trouble. What is it a fine a fine. That is what one tenth of one hall from one of these stores so you're saying this olive. Otherwise there is a video that went viral unless we could the week before I just walks in fills a gap
we're back with all sorts stuff on his bike and is right to point out the front door? The store? There's no longer this. You don't need to be oceans, eleven anymore, there's! No other! You don't need to have this incredibly intricate operation. You walk in the front door like every other customer with a garbage bag this play. You feel it with the material. You walk out the front door, the same. What you came in you just ignore everyone telling you to stop it's ours. Is that it's not that hard! Now, oftentimes people don't even tell you to stop they just yet, what you go out, the door. I look if you're an employee, making me now thirty, in bucks an hour of our market: to get our market to become an international. Miss story because I stopped by park individual from from stealing something or hispanic individual or white individual. I'm sure this is happening with all sorts of colours a minute it just this particular stew we happen to be that and I would think
it's a lot harder to justified. A corporate you did something in this situation. The fur down the oppression ladder you get right. yeah we're seeing this story after story after story now the lest the formerly oppressed women, the formerly oppressed gaze, the former Theo Press. If you're, not you, don't twelve dick an intersection quality groups. At the same time, the union, go up on these charts anymore, like a poor women. Remember when women were oppressed, another form of forgotten class completely. Absolutely. Yes, they are indicated by the thing last week, at the We spy in LOS Angeles, were the Trans woman, goes in the bathroom and shows her wiener to deliver her? We,
I will say this to you to listen to those two words next to each other, that it says a lot about is this does? Doesn't it shows a winner for it? It's not funny The law, not thirty- and I know it's not funny- is how Europe identifying. There was a little girl about asking what gender they are still so one person one person goes too counter and complains about that, to the spot employees and person is the bad person. Because how dare you say she sure wieners people in the bathroom. How dare you does it and so she's bad guy and the everybody defends the person showing their genitalia in the bathroom
little girls, it's like. Ok, we don't care about defending or directing little girls anymore, no other way for that matter? We don't don't care about nope. In fact, if you if you ask about it or say anything about it, you're a hate longer. Well, this is absolute insanity over the weekend of food you people show up to protest that going on eight calling it pedophilia could because it is, and and tv shows up and beating these people want got slashed with a knife in the arm. Others were beaten to the ground this this guy, this asian, just standing there in a woman runs up and kicks him where he lives and he responds by Hitler in the head with a water bottle, he's the one gets arrested, he's the one everybody's yelling and screaming about because these anti for people that there the aggressors and then, if anybody, you know it
massive back towards them. No, no! Now there the bad person. Yes, that is how this works. It is, then they do it really! Well, electricity really waiting to see our society react to the stuff, not us negative Walgreens are making decisions they believe are good for their bottom line right there, and what you're doing is we re There be closed. There are seven eleven needs that are closing yeah now the original meaning of seven, Levin was seven days a week, open eleven hours a day right. That is what it ignores she'll eleven at night I was eleven hours. Maybe you want to live in a night. It was something of that nature. I thought I was in London or is a date which is an all that impressive. Now it was the toll Levin at night when there is it now. It's obviously, but everywhere to twenty four hour business and they are closing, or at least closing now allowing people inside, because the fact is so prominent. Retard tart
Walgreens just closing their stores, closing them because they see it as more of a problem to remain open to shoplifting. so bad. They can't make money because of it because of the shoplifting. So they go. It is well just close out outlet which they did and normally what your answer is. I mean look: if there are some levels were, maybe you'd closest store down. I guess I'm sure it's obviously happened before becoming more common, because you The other way of handling this is adding security people, but the secure people aren't allowed to do anything this. This security guard says His name is Kevin Great House. and he said that there told not to physically engage with those who shoplift he said. It's gonna be lawsuits. Obviously they dont want ourselves or anybody else to get injured, while we're out here attempting to make these apprehensions and leave it to law enforcement. carries with it a hand, gonna taser, pepper spray, but he's never use them,
On the other hand, he says people shoplifting have at times threatened him with a knife eddies. I don't have any intention of getting stabbed for sixty dollars worth of stuff. Well, ok, Oh, you can hire security guards, but if you going to tell not to engage with anybody who steals what good are the better. Just wasting your money, there's a video. another video that went viral this weekend of a guy in New York in a place of like the place, we should certainly walked by a million times when we lived in New York in one of these LE pen, station type hallways, like they're, not pretty and usually on the site might be a homeless person sitting This guy he's sitting there he's he's mopping he's bobbing the floor. Then these guys bucket there's more than the floor. It turns rise by with four and you see tat happen as does he turns its back his mother, the floor, the homeless, gets up walks over time, round, sits down on the bucket and starts taken a crap in the bucket all now this guy turns around with back with us.
mop widow where's Corbett and goes The guy does get out, get out of the guy is offended that He's tried to stop him in the middle of going to the bathroom in his cleaning bucket and takes his and start having and with him up now has tons of people walking around. There is in the middle of a high traffic area Annie's he goes pushes right through it and gets go right. Goes right back down, sits on the bucket. those for it in front of everybody. A man I mean this is the state of our cities. Right now, and I got news for you republicans run in any of em right there's no Republicans run in any of these cities. Basically, at this point is a couple, but there's very very few, and this is what has happened over and over and over again, these cities are just turning into
disintegrating an apocalyptic scenarios turbulent. Seventy seven be easier to Brooklyn Programme it's bad stuff, Glenn Glinda Programme hope you had a great fourth of July weekend using well here. Whether wise did you did you I hope you to do a backyard barbecue still, but a well not with anybody. not in your household and even people who were in your household need to be in separate backyards as we established on Friday, yet we work that out I'll out. I also require everyone who came over to get all of the available vaccines, including the chinese vaccines. Oh yeah, we imported a bunch of sino back inside of farm. And so we rejected every one and in various bottle of olive advertiser, Madonna, Asters, Attica, Johnson and Johnson and sign of acts out of an ANT Sputnik five Sputnik fire
We get the russian thence power. When do I get that coursing through some veins as well? We just limiting the people's revived it. Anybody survive and vaccines is like that many vaccines might be very damaging unless they do, I don't know. That's a good question seems like too many vaccines for one day, but in no way look, I, notice around here. At least life is completely back to normal. I got The way I was actually entirely, we. There was a big, a fourth of July celebration in my suburb, yet there is fifteen, many thousand people there and almost but he had a mouse got near. I almost ailment wide say. Why was I went to a more this weekend? as well as a multiple outdoor gatherings for fourth of July many people are into it. It out of the crowd, seem big and passionate and really were enjoying getting back to the sort of stuff, but I would say,
you don't maybe the mall. It was five to ten percent masked I wish you know outdoors Minos, let alone two percent in a very, very small percentage, and you know like we I understand that you think Texas is about fifty percent vaccinated. So, like all the sources they ll come out in no mask if you're vaccinated. We all know that the people are just doing it anyway break again like would. This is where we are we're back to normal life. When people have the choice to get the vaccine, the pandemic is over, but they do want to get it. Then they dont get it like the problem.
with a pandemic, is you are at that point where you're something you could do it right now? There is something you do do it. If you want don't do if we want, but then you just take the gods. What's others actions bright, both sides they re going to have you with us. It is patent stupor land on the Glinda Programme Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy k, we're just talking to the format it buzz about how virtually every republican in this state is running for governor of Texas right now, through the maze, exact, rounded fields, it's a crowded field, he is being primarily like nobody's ever been primary, get into that little bit and much more coming up in sixty seconds programme. If you happen to be the type of person, who is low to move right. Now you you better better, be careful, because this is a crazy
housing market. I mean it's one. I don't think I've ever seen. One like this people are- looking to spend their money on homes prices are going through the roof, especially if you happen to be in a state like Texas, all the p tried to escape California, New York, Illinois, Michigan and coming Texas. Florida and other sites that are maybe down south, maybe a little bit more open. That's been happening over there six months or so, and it's really does increased as the economy has sort of warmed up come the pandemic winter so have a situation where, if you're selling a home, this could be the biggest Paul you ever make in this could be the biggest financial transaction you ever having your entire life. You better take advantage. you better make sure you get the most for your money, secondarily, if you're going to buy a house right now, you better be careful to overreach in a go for something that maybe cos
more than you can afford? Maybe you're overpaying, because you get caught up in the hope of a market have a real estate agent on your side of either side of that transaction, to make sure that your doing The right thing you can find that person at real estate agents. I trust outcomes cup accompany the Glen started several years ago to find the best way citizens around the country, you can do it. where you are in America, go to really did agents. I trust dotcom name says it all its real estate agents. I trust dotcom Glenn on the Glenn Beck program. Eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy e c K. There's a new pull out shows Governor Abbot with a thirty nine thirty percent lead over, a few Mokanna hey? Now? Nobody even knows what
theme economies at all as ease our once is agenda eat he hasn't even declared our you're a Democrat or a Republican. Nobody, no more independent or an independent ono switch is probably what IRAN S, because you know if you're in nothing but a left wing. Kook Democrat you can't declare out of your in Hollywood right, so he probably have to say easy, depended but Thirty nine thirty, eight, whereas Mokanna hey months ago, was way ahead of of abbot in it. The head competition, at least according to the Poles now There's another republican whose probably, well known outside of Dallas and that's a Don half Heinz he's got a big card deal Ship empire here abbot leads him. Seventy seven to twelve. So he's probably not a real threat, but just entering the race
is Colonel West. Yet on West, who former congressmen, obviously, but very active and conservative politics for a long time, he's gonna be running. He was the chair of the Texas Republican Party for about fifteen minutes, yet every law, but he's very well known and well respected, I think in the conservative community I think he's Actually, you Nepal, that they just conducted a little bit ahead of governor out. The interesting they areas is a threat for sure I would think to abacha. You know, of course, our own Chad Praiser here from blaze. Tv is running as well as the crowded field and is interesting because Abbott is not wake grey. Abbott is a guy who are if he'd, if you're, not from taxes, you might not have a huge impression of of abbot. It's interesting. When I talk to me, outside of Texas. What I hear typically is
I wish we had a governor like yours, who didn't lock down the whole time and is lifted all these mandates, and all that is exactly that is what I hear from people in Texas Gorgeous angry at him for ever having the mechanics site. That's the way this breaks down! You talk to livestock. Andrew Wilt Thou also from place to be our friend from he lives in New Jersey. I think now his impression of good of job Greg it is doing, is quite different than I someone whose living in Texas positive survey, let us out of our house for fourteen buttons. So we're we would love to have anyone know what it would allow that I mean we. I did everything down on basically was more sixteenth was smart. Fifty two sixteenth with Sir David, no trumpeted thee, fifteen days to start this, to stop the spread speech and was that
led to, of course, another month of fitba of slowing the spread, and so turning to the to the end of April, where basic nationally, we were shut down for six weeks. On May first, I went out to restaurant down the street for this facility. It was twenty four percent capacity. I don't even know if they hit eighty five per cent capacity at the restaurant I was at, but damn I was at it. I was there chauvelin food down my gullet that, where you contracted covert level not to later now I got it at a restaurant interactions massage later about setting up a sword as a covert nineteen serves a survivor. You you bring up a very sore subject. There are plenty of is that it
It's not a terrible point by your right, but I guess it did happen and again happened. I mean it's definitely rest, but again it was my choice, turn aloud and shovel for right on my guard in the middle of a pandemic, my joys and having covered nineteen, for you was a lot like not having covert ninety. I guess it was you I led up to. It was a symptomatic from Amazon, basically staying home for ten days, which was not fun and didn't necessarily enjoyed our whole. Are we do have some fun family times, but even when you really can't go out for any reason when you have it, but still you get through those times. My point, though, with abbot, though, is that it was it s camp. to the nation. He was definitely on the leaning freedom side of the transaction, however, protect this. You know that nothing, but been perfection will do and these situations and embryo abbot has had some problems that many diseases he's been. Some people just got Unreason
we passed out thinking like real, like job done with him I'm done with him forever, yeah yeah nights inevitably was at least around and look. I work at the place which bunch of people who are very conservative and very outspoken, so I did hear maybe more than the average Texan did you look at. It is like they just pull on Greg its approval rating within the republican party. He has a seventy seven percent approval rating. Among Republicans, you should be able to win that way. If you have anything percent apparel, you should win. It's amazing that he has this many challengers when he had when you have a seventy seven. That is already, though, he's got some chapters end. Some real ones like Alan last is a real challenge around West is a real, is a real challenge. Chap raiders really populars spam, particularly in Texas. You know and how funds has a lot of money. I don't either but again like it's, it's well funded candidate is a big challenge to a good tool to a person in the polite you saw. Praetor was
actually I head for me too, to thirty five percent over Alan West and then thank God Abbot was it thirty or somewhere in there he was actually in the lead, publicans. It's interesting, I don't know what's gonna happen, but I think these things are We're in the middle of a cycle to take it out of TAT, here for a second we're in the middle of a cycle where there is a way. There's gonna be a cycle here of of of rhetoric should essentially for what happened in the pandemic. My only worth seeing that on the streets right now, you know we're seeing that fraud, in in political parties where if you didn't do what you're based thinks is the right thing. You're gonna be targeted and punished and no doubt an taken jury these primaries, and going to try to exploit it, It was like when
had a series of this even after two thousand sixteen there Obviously, the Republican Party was sort of split on people who really like trot. And people who didn't like Trump and the people who spoke out against Trump. Had a lot of Murray challenges from people who were very very pro trump Anna worth we're. Seeing that now happen with anyone who voted for light, like the impeachment, for example, or people who spoke out like we see the most obvious one is less Cheney, right, There are lighting, there's probably be ninety seven people were insulin, Liz Janian, the next primary, because There's there's a dividing line there and I think the same thing is going to happen with cove it. You know, there's a lot of people. Some Republicans did not go as far on the freedom scale, as many southern states did and Also, the reason why you're seeing people circle around Rhonda Santas as a guy who people like because they liked what he did during that period? tax rate was a test of your principles
you know, what is what do you do when it in a really difficult situation? Do you still favour freedom or, it only when you're running for office and many these. Even republican governors are finding out look girl, gash. Maybe I should have Ben Ali was I to freedom year. Keziah, look you're, not the people who try to take that as like. Well, if you're on the side of cord, unquote freedom, you're trying to kill grandma and as you will know, side of freedom. Your letting people make their own decisions and look in imposing grandma at, and that also includes like how your affecting others right, I mean a pandemic, is not just an isolated, as we all know that that's the problem with a pandemic, but people have the the right to be able to to take the right. That they feel are necessary and also take responsibilities of actions that might not be might not be so so thoughtful
Repeat, there is definitely more those people do so, I think, this is going to be one of those dividing lines at last for a very long time, and we have no no choice. but to deal with it, especially when it comes to financial matters. As our country is spent so much money and when I say spent money, what I mean is they printed it I mean it's like to say that they were spending money that existed before two thousand and twenty is a sort of sort of a false we have at a time when we ve just done anything that we were terrified of as conservatives all at once within an eighteen month period, and we saw that three four Five six trillion dollars to go here. Looking to spend more doubling and tripling in quadrupling down on this stuff, and you just have to believe there is a point that way There is a breaking point here: yeah, oh yeah,
and we don't even have to print it anymore. That's the beauty of it. We just digitize, if that makes it even more fun to spend it. It's just a number numbers on a screen. That's all it is the number we don't even have to do the paper anymore, so it so easy to spend money now and nobody that's an eye at a billion dollars or ten billion dollars or fifty billion anymore, that didn't that doesn't even phase people, don't even think. Oh, my gosh we're gonna spend five. Billion on on that they don't care because it it's. It does you can have an impact until you get to try to trillions now, become so use hearing the billion dollar figure it used to be millions and honey. millions then it was billions now You dont you're, not even phased. Unless you hear that we're going to spend a trillion dollars yet and even then, maybe not very much you're, not you not worried about. and this is not the not that long ago, that
Word trillion was poison. You eat media democrats. If you remember going through the post, two thousand eight recovery period, Barack Obama gets elected, he comes and be conversation. He wants to spend seven hundred and eighty seven billion dollars I think that was the right. That was it everyone accepts the stimulus right and they didn't want. It was Obamacare. They worked very hard to manipulate the numbers to keep it under one trillion than causes in the nine hundred billiards. Now, of course, it wasn't actually in the nine hundred billion, but that's how they presented it and the media, of course- went along with it, but they they thought If it had a trillion, the american people will revolt against it. The american people not sort of revolted against it, at least bad now, not valid? I care now the love care. Now it's part of our culture and, as we said, Missus gets become something that is yours, something you owed
go away and that's where we are with Obamacare now, obviously, but at that time it wouldn't didn't think we're gonna pass remembered. They had sixty votes and they were doing this. They say Steve Votes in the Senate, and they were saying we can't get it over a trillion dollars. It will never get approved and now where the poor like well. If we have fifty votes, we can pass up five trillion dollar bill right Evidently a gap. Corsican get fifty votes shook her head, and help you we'll take a single responsibility for another trillion and infrastructure just to make your job a little easier. Just That makes it you can get that extra jointly to have to make it a six trillion dollar bill. Making two five trillion dollar bill will take: the other trillion on with you ended up happened so fast tat. late, seventy seven be easy Kay patents Glenn on the Glinda programme. Aaa seventeen. Seven be easy K added.
had unleashed on Twitter, Did you see the queen? The greatest hits of queen or number one on Itunes over the weekend now an album that is Forty years old this year, number one over the weekend and number two was Joe Mitchell and her blue. Well, from nights heeds, so the one I think, which was fifty years old this year, were reside coming from. Is that because of the anniversary, is getting a little out of permission, I think, as anniversary, I think they they probably redid. Ties did and spruced it up and then released, and so they shot to number one in number. Two. Can you imagine when we were kids? in nineteen eighty one you think of a of an album that was forty years old. It would have been nineteen forty one I can imagine not happening there. An album from now
in forty one guy number one nineteen, eighty one, this is not a game we should play now. It makes me feel really pile about my life me to get out like what they do. This all the time with the September eleven thing now September. Eleventh is, it is a moment in my life tat. I remember vividly Thirdly, I remember being on the phone with Glenn back when the second plain hit the tower and like that vivid moment in my life and my career Matt was twenty twenty years ago. The other September eleventh, will be commemorating the twentieth anniversary and twenty years before that is. I was five, the same distance from NATO. I was your final. I was three or through our little younger yeah you're, looking a little younger, but I mean I got that's like the first thing I can ever remember was probably five years old right it. It's like the
at the same distance. From now to September, eleventh wholly crap and my getting old and let it hits addressing in weird ways: you start playing this game. These are getting a forty year game, then you're starting to hurt yourself. Forty years is just crazy You know it's it's interesting, though, how Queen has held up. I think but the real musicians. The real musical Back kind at tend to hold up fires yeah have some staying power like queen and so that, when the wind kids subjected to the music there like yeah, that's pretty good physical handle they didn't want to kill themselves yeah the singers actually singing notes and the guitarists can actually play the guitar s really somethin pressing idea. It is not one that I consider should the people who were singing songs actually play the instruments to
radical concept, a crazy idea. It honestly is it's a radical concept, the guy who developed the M rna treatment, His name is Robert Malone, Arduino Robert, he was he did he I hate did three days and around Michel Rank. He basically became the co host of programmes for multiple day, which was at last the last week I was here. I think right really couple weeks, ok, so yeah he's if you wanna, go back and listen to the archives. It's available on the pod cast three days are over Robert Malone, while his linked in account was just deleted this last week you don't want that's the nicest thing you could do for somebody I linked in account. If there's anything you up Alessi entity, guys, it is someone to whoever owns, whoever is overseeing big tech right now. It's like you know what I really like, that robber look Malone deleted linked anyhow, they may can ever happened, you a human being. I would not have one he does. It seem to think so you and I both would agree
them, deleting your linked in a coward God. Thank you, oh god, my legs, you divide our choice of gulf of someone giving me a cheque for eight million dollars and my linked in account be deleted. I would get my linked in Macao deleted. That is, That is where I am with you: how How many emails can they send you it's they have all of them. They just set up Jack in terms of servers. Just send me email. Yes, I know Even so I don't even have a legitimate. I would hate me. Why do I get somebody messages from them? It's incredible! It's incredible but Robert Malone was actually live offended. Probably after he said my business pays for linked in premium, so that's true been paying for this service. I don't know why you would, but he did. I and deleted purchased a service from linked in to promote by company. This is very different from the Youtube or twitter terms is arbitrary.
Capricious action is damaged our business and we deserve to be compensated. Given no notice, no warnings, ten to fifteen year old account has never had a warning make just delete. It is because he said there were problems with our aid aid delivery devices, and, if you disagree with what you say, I mean there's no reason to silence. People now have people at the discuss it discuss it. Marketplace idea was very thing I don't understand, is just fascism Belgrade stupor near in this way for Glenn, Tripoli. Seventy seven be easy. King Another story, that's breaking that doesn't seem to be getting a lotta coverage. and it is even about Hunter Biden. This is about his d. You might have heard of his dead, Joe
yeah he's a guy gets ice cream. You might know, Mr Guy who's at all the ice cream stores right around America, Everyday NEA that guy always buys vanilla. Just racist, the authorities, but they always like what flavour did you get? I value say like double chocolate chip, vanilla, I mean look further, was available, I'm gonna take if it's the only option, only option sure absolutely I'm not I'm never going to an ice cream specialty stored ordering vanilla now doing that? Why would you you, don't wanna, vanilla! You know what are one of the crazy flavors while the topics of mixed and that's what you do. That's what you do. Don't order Venerian is vanilla. Bigs like if you have thirty flavors of ice cream is vanilla. Still like the lawyer, too big number one its number one, but that's that's! That's unfair. Right I'm saying like how does it do versus the other flavour you expect vanilla chop strawberry to be probably the top three. Maybe
is a cookie dough and chocolate chip mixed in southern. Like that, the basics, I'm gonna, obviously Do the other the longer, so many things with vanilla. That's I think, that's why you can add sauces to end in whatever else meat bacon people, but big it up. They need it as a man who owns economy, company that had a bacon based solely very recent is true. You actually go, then his yeah. Yes, you can do it by the way you get those it correctly dot com. That you, by the way I ordered some this weekend, did we here we have pats cookie companies on over its now, I gotta go suppose you call Pat up its aid package to get some cookies yeah good, but that means you have to talk to people. You know make phone calls right in our action now, so it is over its going on there and they brought over the butter beer wine in I'll, just amazing. By the way I will set up, that is not that's, not a commercial, that's just legitimately adoration. Free and cookies are delicious okay. So this is the hundred bide store. Ok, that's a button
it's actually not really Hunter by this is right is what I think is the most important part of this is not a hundred by its or this is aid. Joe Biden story, Joe Joseph Miranda NET, by didn't Junior president of the United States, you believers at least two of those. Why would you do that? Why would you do that? Somebody named them Robin and Robin at noxious runs its there's wrong. It sounds like yeah like, urban is Batman, psychic. What the net is Robin site like anything? It's maybe his female was I'd, get because its Robin net. I feel like it's, it's rabanus, transgendered senator is Robert at Lady its way, rather, that guy was what Robin does on the weekend. Ok, he becomes Robin yeah. He goes to certain clubs that dire and he would normally go to. Maybe he goes to the library and reads two kids on the wagon. I don't know, maybe
you can't wear that you either costume everywhere re. Sometimes you bring a different costume. It's a dress, will say to the story for a man who know says he knows nothing miss from hotter by the way. Who knows nothing about his sons, business dealings, Joe Biden, keeps popping up and emails that point to a different conclusion that laptop of Hunter binds that most of the american media has chosen to ignore has produced. another interesting story as turning internally reasons. It appears that Joe Biden is in fact aware that his son idols influence and helped him to do. As vice president, now Gonna get into some, but some Stick you. Sometimes we get into these little stories of corruption and because we We are all familiar with all the players in the stories they can get a little overwhelming, so summarize here and a second militarily at least give you some of these details hunter and by in family friend, Jeff Cooper hatched applied in two thousand thirteen to invest in multiple businesses in
go and Latin America using, their relationship with a mixed in billionaire alimony family with late Patriarch MC well Amanda does who served as President Mexico Cooper an attorney who worked with hunters late brother BO binding on us best. Those claims donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to binding political campaigns of the ears was particularly excited by the venture, prospects writing to Hunter in February two thousand. Thirteen quote this is setting up to be flippin gigantic brother. I do select the fact that they were not swearing better than hunters record on his private messages were here reusing racial slurs constantly flippin the choice here, and I to appreciate that all ask as its bow Unite Bow was good son of RE nets, that even Joe Wedding, you, Joe it's either even Hunter would probably honestly say that the prospects for profit only girl when Hunter joined the Bullet Board of Ukrainian Gas Company bereavement the following year. He in Cooper, Sir,
to help of the Valdez grandson, an airline ceo, forge a relationship with the richest man in Latin America, Carlos Slim and attempt to cash in on the privatisation of the giant state, Company PAM Rex four bereavement and themselves Hunter and Cooper were working on their business plans. They manage to get the billionaire Slim Velasco and Mcnerney upright. Meeting with then Vice President Joe Biden so step back per second now you get all the names you might remember: em, but family friend, a business associates up Hunter Meeting with billionaires Oliver Latin America and get Those billionaires meetings with the vice as it is of the United States. Here the details, Hunter and Cooper did the meeting photos hunters, laptop dated November nineteenth, two thousand fifteen. Show, the six men smiling and hugging in them in Joe Biden Vice presidential residence at number one observatory- circle, Washington DC, email,
also show the billionaires met with Joe at the White House. It isn't clear: if anything were what was discussed with the mexican billionaires, but of course this is what, Influence peddling is remember Joe said he knew nothing about hunters biz. Dealings whatsoever. He said they had one. conversation where it was brought up, and he said to Hunter hey everything! Ok with that, and he said yes, that's what he has said. Basically, all he knew now what on earth would he think that his son a family friend would we all sin to the White House: and to the vice presidential residents, with Malta, latin american billionaires for meeting and a photo Photoshop now get these? These are not public photos. This is not a public meeting. This was discovered on huh guidance laptop, which is still
most amazing story of all time. The fact that this kite left this laptop Peter repair shop is among craziest thing that ever happened well was russian hacking. We don't know we We don't know, though we doing do now, is like them: tricks system. We just don't know now do thou to American. We don't you know just google it if you could confirm so they d, Just don't know a Russians could have come in taken it hacked in what and then dropped it off at that at that computer shop to be fit. When this first startled Ike by would have thought, there's no way Hunter Biden, just like his laptop paddy computer repair stop shop, so it could be if they could just go through and all of his private correspondence for multiple years, except they did that's just what happened yeah, that's just what happy as he was. Probably so, I don't know yet cooked up. whatever he forgot about it had to be, and by the way, when you ask him that he will not deny it
nobody's oh yeah- could be mine or could be russian hacking but like if these things were false. By now he could say, he's got my laptop. I didn't have photos multiple billionaires inside oval office with our inside the White House with my father, like that, would be an easy. thing to deny. I could ask you this path tat. We have photos with multiple billionaires inside the vice presidential residents with your father. No, that's enough hat, and so I did that Brad, I'm right there in front of you and I was scanned the entire thing I'm gonna find one photo, not one for not want. No, so I want now, if someone produced a photo like that that they were lying and it was not your laptop bright right, that's right, contact by Russia I can't say for certain it may have been hacked in the meantime. You noses less. I checked hunter key. Do the thing you just
least honestly now he'll lie about it, I'm sure at some point, but this isn't a mate. He doesn't even lie about this. At this point to me he doesn't deny this is his laptop, he just says that he doesn't mean. Oh, he did his endeavour, for sure is a no for sure which has seen his stupid. Of course, it is his, but again like would drop off at that place. Will ya I don't know. I can't I can't remember it's amazing though no Republican would be allowed to have that answer no public and will know to say I don't know. Maybe it's my laptop with way what person I don't know if it's their laptop. Are you there's been thousands of messages, release, there's pictures of you looking up with workers all over it I dont know is that you were the hookers. Do you remember being with ogres? Maybe it remember every hooker you ve been with, but what about one of these hookers? Do you remember of these hookers do any of these workers? I this one this this stripper here happens to be the father of your child. You remember her He has even even remember the people now who is impregnated you ever
Anthony weeder situation when he fell, showed his namesake. And he adds value, is asked about it will, as yours. DE, I always use I wish it was. I wish it I wish. I there's not a process that has my vote on. One of my favorite political moments passing is: he asked them at the same time boy lying to the entire country he's in complimenting his own wiener. I wish I knew if I like that. I'd be August, joy that big off every around America Swag disorder, that figure out libraries all over the country so safeguard yeah. I don't know: I wish it. Why wish it was me, that's why what I love to be endowed like that? You back
mistakes during his loud it is here that is, and then he did say at least at the aggregate say. Look I dulcea. It was impressive. I was impressed by before repressed. Buy it now particularly by the way he's having trouble getting hired Anthony. We, that is shocking, studies of he just can't seem weird to get him, part I will say, though, in recent interview and I think this should happen- this should be reality than it right. an interview, he said he couldn't get a job, he's having trouble paying the bills, any thought to pay the bills, maybe what he could do. his cell the laptop that started the who situation with the Aberdeen Laptop, my Gaza and and that that model opening- the investigation ten days before the two dozen sixteen election right, that whole scenario started whenever they wiener people forget that now, but he said I still have a laptop. It's in my closet me de I should sell it to my pillow guy and I was like that.
Needs to happen. I want glinda step. I dont Glenn you gotta museum over here right. You should, by the frequent thing and put it in the museum. Did you now have not already, and I want it behind glass and plastic? I don't want us. I want to touch on one of my bare hands and opening regulated toxic waste department to come in here and put it in the museum, and I will in a vacuum, and I want that I won an air duct. outside the building Look. I don't want to walk in a room with the same error rate as there's no, but it be amazing, delay I think you should sell it. You know I mean, I dont necessarily want Anthony Wiener to get money, but on the other hand, it would be kind of a cool thing would NICE Museum piece it what the term relates. Seven be easy K. Patents do for Glenn on the Glinda programme It's been stupid when, on the bloodbath ferment, Tripoli,
even to seven be easy, k things pretty good over the weekend. in Chicago You know they know how to celebrate the fourth. ninety five at least ninety five were shot in Chicago over the independence day. Weekend include to police officers and Six year old girl, sixteen at least sixteen people died. I mean the stiff the gun laws in the country and time after time after time, after time were reading about, weakens like this in Chicago. That's because The gods are coming from small, suburban towns and I'd states in like Idaho Right that ain't a whole to Chicago Pipeline are my gosh. What happens is all of the gangs leave Chicago and they go on train trips to Idaho and they go to the smaller, like a foot. Tat Elect a thousand people
very red big trouble voters where they had the gun laws are more lax. and they go in they legally by those guns, and then they bring the back to kill people by train it by train by turn in in, Chicago Kimberly fly with all the guns so that Austria was right, but they don't even take the like of they interact. Transit. Take the nice scenic like the steam trains, because, just until it is like it may another the time you're able the gangs being old time people this is that the picture they try to set down like almost what they're doing, leaving somewhere else yeah takeovers are also cover. The red state area for other gods are of no they don't. You know what that the gangs aren't flagging in due to Texas to buy their gardens happening if any of their coming from anywhere else. Here's, where coming from the southern border. There across the southern border and those illegal guns are being a used in cities across Amerika, that's happening. There have attacked
often where people go into legal gun owners, facilities and steal guns, not sure how what God law, because my understanding is its legal to steal a gun on that, gun law. Stop that but in reality, that is bad weather? from their Nottingham, like the there's not liking Gang leaders are like going into the local gun shop, in? Why and interesting I'd like to get you to have a hundred seventy five our fifteen's wicked snag from young dessert needs. You lie asinine its asinine. It's obviously not happening internet by the way. It's also not ghost guns. These guys are building their own guns themselves that what's happening That is what we're told. So I'm we're supposed to believe it.
by the way I lied, it wasn't ninety five. It was of one hundred people shot over the weekend, just the hunting them fatally could have been fifteen hundred. It could have it, but it was only one hundred with just two hundred good weakened
program. You know it you on your new entertainment in sports network, like what would you call a network, like maybe bs the end, you want politics, that's what I want and they continually deliver and great. Although this situation is developing or that developed is kind of behind the scenes stuff, and I will get into that. Tell you what's going on there. Also, we ve got some amazing video from Georgetown in american universities. It'll cause you some, maybe consternation, perhaps for what are what our children believe about this country, that in more coming up in sixty seconds
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t w like a now as to you, ok are, and what will happen is you'll see Studios America channeling should subscribe to. I will see it and I subscribe in thy raided yeah, just type. How many like one and a half star side had aren't. I start is the appropriate number of stars? Would you save for both, I think, for both those programmes? The bolt deserve. Five the great programmes- and you should definitely rate than five stars- also available, of course, on all the podcast platforms- I happen to a frequent as well. this radio show every day and get it for free check it out We get your podcast, you definitely do yes, pre uninhabitable issue again in he s paean, seemingly always having some issues lately, but this one's kind of a non issued to me I mean there I'd on the cheap. Rachel Nicholls really do something really horrible. Yes, she did. She had somebody. Suddenly horrible horrible tat can tell me about it, cause I
I was under the mistaken impression. It wasn't that big a deal all MIKE Wire yeah. I was you bastards baby. I don't know the full story, apparently not. Ok, so Railroad Nicholls as a broadcaster, Forty onest pm She was one of the main NBA announced the hosts of their we now their posts gash, our whatever pre gave Germany many times yet very well known She apparently had an issue where she left on her microphone. You can do this in today's sniping. That's for sure cannot and private conversation? Oddly with one of like Lebron James is advisers? Yes, it I would never guess he had an adviser that way. He acts, I mean I've told you he's gotta adviser has ever at a very strong, maybe it'll Braun ignores everything is adviser. Advises made that's pause. I will say his comments and here are pretty frigate interesting to us. Aside story, Spain. This conversation so based
Rachel Nicholls wants to be the lead anchor of the NBA coverage and realizes after her very long Razumihin lots of success and very well known, realises she's, not getting the gig for the twenty twenty NBA finals. Now? Why would that happen? gee. I don't know she seems to be highly qualified, seems to be well liked by everybody. I've, never, Third, should never you hear bad at occasionally it here from sports fans. They dont particular like female answers as much. They seem to like her but what's your face is a really good example of the bathwater face Beth. What's your face, fidessa play by play college football out: I'm have you not watched rich. I told my by that, what's are for peace, that she does she's, nothing that your favorite. Oh, my, no, not my favorite and that's what I said A standard complaint from guys over the years right, diver, we condemn it that that's been something that other guys. Not us, not us have unemployed or traces, fine, not she's, perfectly fine. So what rate
because this has always been one of the anchors that I thought it has been. Rightly. Una well well respected sage, another another one, Aeneas pm that all like. I never heard a bad word about her female We can do great jobs at whatever, so What's interesting, here is she's off camera. She realizes she's, losing this gig she's, losing this gig two Maria Taylor now Maria Taylor, is a woman as well and african american woman. Now think about you in this situation per second. If you're, Rachel Nicholls, you just lost your big primetime gig right, you're pissed off about it our people at times in those private conversations might say so that you know like they don't necessarily have evidence of what there you know expressing frustration, and especially, if, like she says it, is it's in your contract that you're gonna have to get right. This is our aim. especially be upset about. So here's what she says in a private conversation she's
I wish Maria Taylor all success in the world. She covers football. She covers basketball. If you need give her more things to do because you're feeling pressure about your crappy long time record on diversity, which by the way I know person only from the female side of it like go for it. Just fight it somewhere else you're not going to and for me or taking my thing away, end quote ah This has been said. Type of thing. It s been a big its term, into an international incident. What's fascinating about this is some one. We don't know who who could it be? I don't know I don't have evidence as to who it was But I will say someone held onto this. Recording like a year it is now somehow got it to the New York Times right. Around the moment. Maria Taylor is renegotiating our contact with yes pm now. Look who could it be?
could be anyone in the whole world. It's like the guy in the Netflix series. I think you should leave with TIM Robinson TIM Robinsons step as a hot dog in a hot dog costume after a hot dog. Car crashes into a close, store and they're all looking round. Who did this and the guy hot dog costumes, saying I don't know who it could be any of us, it's you with a hot dog costume. You are driving the hot dog car. we don't have any evidence that she was driving the hot dog cards, because this situation, but it could be, could be. Let's give us some scenarios could be one of someone who's aligned with her could be someone random could be someone who just really cared about Racial justice, Pat, could be someone with just got a hard core belief and Rachel Justice. Where I know is he who could be but its end, I think that is coming up, particularly at this time when
apparently the the belief is that yes, p, has offered Maria Taylor multiple millions of dollars, but she wants multiple millions of dollars. More short, something like a million dollars a year while That's the reporting go I weren't. I want that too. I wanted to tell you. I, like you state that now I want to know, a million dollars a year, what I find become completely fascinating about the story and, first of all, it falls right in to the Pat gray sweet spot. Liberals eating their own. Yes, if you notice the comments from Rachel, Nicholls she's, not saying it's unfair, to give some one job. They don't necessarily deserve because of their physical characteristics. She say: that's fine. They should take away other people's jobs instead of hers right and she's. Also saying that she Jean was on this bandwagon already on the female side of it. So she actually seemingly for people,
being promoted because of their local characteristics because she believes there's been some injustice against those people right so she's not against. She wouldn't say, like I think I don't she would summarised her position as I think that a person should get the job, no matter what their, what their skin, color or gender right now, that what she saying now she's saying women should get diverse behind, maybe even but that she saying that Spain has a bad record on diversity and they should be promoting black than to these rules just don't take my gig. I want want that money. Not her. Give me the money, give me the job she can Take some white guys. Job is basically what you say and does Europeans have a bad record on diversity, because it's there
proximity three white men who marketing year this work that our people have failed. I don't care, I really don't IRA there, but I didn't go to say they have a problem with diversity. There's women end by pox everywhere on the network. Yeah there's, like you, said, Maybe three white people left is that too many Look at our own Jason would lock who works here at the book by police tv now just started by the way shows start up. I don't have it started. Coming soon, he's got a pot gas coming out everything Easter, a great house, when he was obvious pm they started was at the undefeated. It was a but it was basically supposed to come. the racial, the intersection of race in sports and Jason was one of the people who started it and joy. You know Jason and his views on race in sports, Annette Intersection, they are not approved. not yet brought ESPN announced for sure and so he's in a certainly no longer there, and they took in a totally different direction, which was essentially if,
Alexander, Abkhazia, Cortez, ran a sports publication right like it that's what it is now, what So weird because the average sports fan is not there and any ever sportsmen is not going to decide either relative. it's been more of a political all move. Now, then something that could have been really interesting. If you look back at some of Jason's work, when he was there, some of its fair tat he's, always great Jason, but I mean like it's it's fantastic. So what I find to be fast, in writing about the story, though, is let's just, my game theory here for a second pat, how would you win in the scenario? How would you would we know that Rachel Nicholls is in trouble. Why, because she said they Promoting Maria Taylor to this job, because she's, a black woman right there trying to resolve these diversity problems, so they promoted black women, into this role. Right.
What's funny about. That is that this is so civically the request from the left, but you promote people because they are black women right back in the day. The position of everybody was hired the best person for the job don't notice, their skin color and be noticing their skin color Kay new request is the opposite of that. It's you must notice there, in color. You should give people who are Let's say African American a leg up. Whether they are the best person for the job or not. You have to give a black person the job right. We all this with the M the lynne- men Well Miranda Movie that came out. Recently in in the heights. Think of scope where they got in trouble because they hired almost exclusively hispanic actors but not dark skinned. Spanish actors are not dark skinned enough to wasn't it.
that the actors in the singers in the dancers did a bad job, they want the most qualified. Is it they didn't have dark enough skin too. To please the woke crowd. so what Rachel Nicholls is saying and getting in trouble for. and accusing ESPN of doing is the exact thing the walk people are requiring. So how could you, Possibly one in this situation if you say they only put this black and in this role because she's black you're bad, however, the left is also say: you must put this black woman in this role, because she's black They're saying we both sides at issue, it's impossible to win person, Secondly, we should be trying to win because its me no anti american too, and I think completely wrong. to make decisions based on skin color. It's a thing I've had for a while I've had this weird inklings
out my entire life that you should make approximately exam equally zero decisions in your entire life based on skin color there I know my loss of where are you getting that kind of nonsense, rounded up? Who else would have felt like yeah? That's ridiculous, an outline of a position to take it is now It is now who wants it. NL case not well and the movement anymore, yeah. Someone's every in others, this book, antiracist baby that we ve talked about a few times from Abraham Ex Candy and vastly away to indoctrinate people and this in babies literate Babies into this hard core left wing wool. ideology: no critical re. Syria, it's all involved in this, even though its occasionally denied and Someone asked someone really know: hey like! Why? Don't you you know they posted something? Maybe
about antiracist baby, and they were like Why don't you like? Why don't you watch with it being an antiracist insightful ip. For the way, I'm ok one about it. That's that's the problem here prefer the way. I'm ok thought about it, and I that right. What is what we have now is this idea that we should discriminate against certain groups, yes to try to even some score done by their ancient relatives like that I call nuts wrong, and you know, I'm not gonna teach my kids that electric each babies that it's the wrong thing to teach them. and it's amazing to see ESPN try to figure out how to Navid this situation, because one is saying you should be work for women. The- person saying you should be well for black women and his prayers be saying: hey, put the best hosting the who's the best host, but them on there, and I can't even do that can't do it anymore, credible
blade. Seventy seven be easy catch its patents do for Glenn on a glimpse programme: Purple eight. Seventy seven be easy k, here's another example liberals eating their own when bury who turned her back on the flag and the national anthem last week and took all the attention from the gold and silver metal winners in placed it on her in a hammer, throw competition to see who were going to be our? U S. Olympians in that competition. You know, she's he's getting some of our own medicine, because what the left loves to do is look at your tweets from last week last month. last year or last decade and they beat you over the head with him well somebody looked into ass. Tweets of Gwen
oh now and all their some nasty stuff in there this sounds about a sad turn it it really is about to start because she has said some nasty things in the past lake. After watching a video of a little white kid, dig up she says this little white boy being bad as hell, I would smack is ass, then stamp in stopping a child shaking my head white people, kids, hella disrespectful! Now I happening. I've seen your car before Pat and you have a bumper sticker that says: white people, kids hell it is hell. It is respected, desire you're on that train the I am, but you might. I think it's ok for me because I'm a white per year wipers like it, you can say those things can go ahead and criticise white people, you can say those words. Yes, it's not ok Gwen, very to say them exactly right, even though they might be the same words
for you to call for stumping children. If there are white, if their white now Ok, how not to do it not her? That's that's bad is not cool, not cool at all, then she says another tweet just this girl wearing heels? white socks. What the Hell Ashton, chinese people always trying to start out trends, my head girl, is there a big use on Twitter for hashtag Chinese? Be aid there is by the way, one interesting thing is the word girl, I r L, Now I see you are just worried: she g G, you you, you are our r l, L L that doesn't work now have ever gone, searched Pash Tag, chinese people. I was trying to start new trends that didn't. I am not. I was a big thing, but again maybe it is. If you don't understand all parts of culture exactly than theirs,
apparently you do know about this trend. I'm pretty sure Mexicans just don't care about people. He's, got that guided twenty dismal generalise, an entire country that does not worry about it, and you know what say disparaging things about Mexicans: I've never seen that burn anyone. ever it's been it's all. You have recently approved and cheered on by the media. I've noticed man, I will say it. She also may say that she made light of rape during a tweet when she said I'm about to rape, my lunch that just made laugh, I not supposed to laugh at it but It makes me laugh. Please didn't rapier logical, knowing should now think about a joke about rate bid. You uttered way shape or form by the way. She did also criticized women who she said
El the females are gonna, get drunk and get wrecked. By for duty, then cry rape this weekend, whirls that's way over. The major line allowed to say that it could save about. Lunch, gets eight about women's rights for citizens programme. this patent stupid when now just when you think things can't get any worse, they sort of do this kept. Reform, video cameras, reform, went out too the Georgetown area, with Georgetown students at American University students and asked him how proud they are about America, because it was the fourth of July weekend. It was independence weekend and ages. to see where our kids, around national heartwarming view re, get some nice reactions and patriotic people re saying what they love about this country ia and end here Here's how it went,
if you re a Jacobson with cameras or forms, they were in Washington DC talking with young Americans to see if their pay to be an American. Do they think that? has the greatest country in this war option not can enable better country, let's find out Are you proud to be an American? no, I feel, embarrassed to be an American every day. There are a lot of things in this country are really embarrassing, really I'm a writer says sorry, colonization currently interest, what's going on with column, is politics and the cops really in the climate? No like I'm a black person, so Finally, I have some experience. A lot of you look. You know there's like oppression. That comes. She looks approach first, not most of the time. I think. Sometimes it's just a little embarrassing. We claim to the lake support everyone, but
You know we continue to Israel, which is Israel, locating quite a few palestinian, just looking for people on their shoulders and most want to sound an alarm, ensure brought away, and what is there to be proud about your black and be like you know, like is not a step that goes on for by people like you. I think. That's it go, get a question for me. I think tank. I I think, most of the time, no, at least over the past four years, oil slick, eater protruding me. I love to be an american half of these online like partly because, like I've as there are entitled to share its library controversy, but I would like it or not I support an historic make like like p, I don't even like yeah in general, I wouldn't say that I am as proud as I was, but I would still see there's a hundred cried. Do you think that America has the greatest country in the world?
I mean like to be a person. It's pretty good, to live here but like over. I don't think it's the greatest country in the world No, No, no. No, no The american dream is so saw after that it not even a shilling anymore. It's got a thoroughly worked. It's all. There is an american Jim really anymore. I mean like. I would honestly a kind of live somewhere out like where I mean I don't know. that it's like the greatest, unlike the Olympics Olympics, America's nobly known for being like the most hospitable place, even though we have a reputation like where it's like, you can come here and do what you want to be. we wish you wanna being do what you want to do away with us, the opposite really I'll be welcoming to most people become dynamic country, that's more welcoming than the United States.
really, I don't really know their agile prize information came a better country than the United States in your opinion, I'm not sure. If I can, sign, I think I can be there's probably easy. I really tiny here. The country that yes looked not go. The push Europe Europe's, not a country, I well. I guess you literally millions of another country elapsed, joke about They joked was fully serious like I'm in a move to be sure we have only I purse, I'm the type of person that likes to help people, so I was, I would actually consider going someplace like more with more poverty.
would you can do anything about it? You're? U s it, and I want to live in a place with more poverty. I'm just not bad necessary. I mean I can still take vacations here. Definitely be actually would you say that a college has helped shape your perception being not proud to be an American? Yes, I will say an agency you so yeah me. Yes, absolutely sure I would do American, which is an extremely like liberal bubble, schools. I know I've like lots of liberals causes light into the liar, but I think I learned a lot from Georgia and I would have never learned if I had not taken those classes just about the way the justice system works and laws and everything else knowingly haulage opened my eyes a little bit like the reasoning, laws or so our regions in this country, and I am glad she found out about the zoning laws, because we try to keep that once you get the idea
We try to kind of sweet that, under the rug, the zoning law situation. That's why American University was created to keep teach kids about zoning laws and that's why, by the way and their charter is acting as and its also, why you have to pay for forty, nine thousand, eight hundred and eighty nine dollars per year to go there. Oppression, zoning law and for the zoning lawyer, information you're gonna get the impression of this country. We are terrible at oppressing people who we really are like the one. Lady he's, like you know what it is terrible to be here, was carrying a bag from foxtrot market. which is a incredibly upscale market Where you by fine wines and cheeses, You now get my government cheese, no cause, no, no in releasing all sorts of it before the diseases from all around the world from those poverty countries and if we look, hi, hi and coffee bar
it's a very nice place to go. I've been I as a fan of America. I will answer places like it. That's how oppression is it she has to go. There for her cheese, it dosages, deliver toward door, good, be delivered yeah. She could like call over each house or whatever it is you be firing and yeah, but this is she had to walk in the beautiful. Sunshine on July Fourth, go get. This really is amazing to see that because it so common in it and its is culturally pop I just love the way, the one who wants to live in a place with more poverty. Let's hear we just don't have enough poverty for her liking and this country and she wants to go to a place with more poverty. I think that's good guess who still live in a place, it's doing well, nobody, nobody! So, hopefully, to be able to find a place like that. Is gonna go recommendations, Bunda,
yeah. You wouldn't want to go to any of them know by what the country of Europe is nice. This time also, I will say that all that's not a country. Well, you know what I mean you now. I really don't that's a continent, but what do you mean I'll give you a country can go, live linen Andorra. They said tiny countries in Europe are ok, my Anoura very nice place to go drivers are going on. There, though, was named after bewitched. Just Islam is that what that is is ok, exactly the country of Andorra, lots of people, Spain, or moving there, and what their finding is that fact is become one of the global global play. for people who rely like Youtube creators to go live because very, very pretty. Very. Statuesque exert a beautiful country near and and does not have the tax rates of Spain saw these people who are like Two creators and Spain are moving to endorse their pink ten percent income tax there and the people,
Spain or, like all the media in Spain, is wrecking them for moving there, because I, like you, bandit, because you're not paying our taxes you're making owes money on Youtube and you're paying the tax rate in Andorra, that's right. and, of course, indoor also made it easier to get through the pandemic, not constant, locked downs and things like that, so people went there Men are enjoying their lives there, and it's like almost like there's this incredible idea. Where you'd have a gun, will competition among countries to make people the most free life possible and people would choose in that market where to go as you see if you watch the border anytime, recently seen a lot of people choosing the United States of America. But what are we doing now? Pat, on the July, fourth weaken? What are we actually doing? We, going around to country after country, and harassing them to keep their tax rates high so that people,
don't leave us and go to them that bided administration, they ve created a global or or agreement, a hundred and thirty one, These are participating in this all saying: hey, don't rate, dont, lower York, your corporate tax rate too much, because if you do Then people are gonna, leave us and then go to you and we don't. That to happen so keep your rates high now, of course, most the countries involved in the the agreement already have tax rates above this level, which I think is fifteen percent, including us, and we obviously rates much higher than that. Until recently, there turned to reverse those right now, let's play like Ireland are like wait, a minute You want us to raise our corporate income tax, so we can be in a global agreement that our citizens Joan agree with that our government doesn't agree with, so we can pull he's the United States, so they don't lie whose corporations to go to Ireland, which, by the way, we should just be competing and winning worthy, Knighted States of America I dont know make we look.
Sickly brought the free market to market Europe. should be able to out compete. Ireland for business up. Instead, we can't our argument now is to go to the world and tell them to keep their tax rates high. Its outrages, believable outrages. We do have some good news up. You know we just came up a and indeed ended Stay weekend, and so there is some hope there are people who do appreciate this nation Maybe it's not the college students and go to George Town and American University and their taught to hate this country bud. how bout as e g in former professional baseball player, from Venezuela, ah m l b network or no, he was on an interview with NBC Sports Chicago oz again and he's asked about becoming a? U S. Citizen check this out
an american citizen, you were born in Venezuela and what this country means to you, and it was at the date right here January of two thousand and six. That's when you became an american citizen about this, they wouldn't have known remains essential. They don't know how hard I how many people die. How many global The thing how many born agree a make. It isn't very if we do that, there really emotional, why you saw motion on certain about maybe cut back to the studio desk, modern, opportunities moon opportunities, open the door for me mean greater believing in these countries for a long time, Family a great cause, an open, the door for them to be what they are eating The video is coming. Maybe that archives survivors very well informed about and cried out in number dopamine butter seen that
what kind of becoming a union citizen? Yes, I mean that's awesome, oftener and there is an enormous, couldn't that's an emigrant. We want in this country somebody who appreciates it. Somebody who understands what America means to them, somebody who chokes up, just speaking about becoming a citizen, its adds that is great stuff, and when you fling a place like Venezuela, it does create, create a lot of emotion, yeah. I mean it, I think, of the life that he would have had had. He remained. There is a totally different existence for him and his family and this is this stories repeated all over the world. People come here and now that there's but a better man. I mean, like nobody, precedes this country more than someone coming here from Nigeria and trying to escape the that the situation there to come to come see it here people have come from other former soviet satellite, our country mean, or you ve come
from Cuba, and these are the people that understand what America offers so great and unfortunately, our kids at Georgetown, taking everything for granted eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy e c k that's fattened stupor Glenn. I did you save your sixty cents on Euro fourth of July meal or we can well. I live in. A red states was only fourteen safety area, that's ox an amazing wait I'll I live at our heads same one is you saw why I must have only save fourteenth sense too. I think, as the Babylon be this at their meeting New Joe Biden. Sixteen cent coins to honour the sixteen, since we all saved July Fourth Rosati, other yeah, there always pretty solid so
The other thing about the sixteenth sense is that the supermarkets are stockpiling inventory because food costs have got up so much there. Sir. Give up on everything from sugar to frozen me before they get even more pricey Girding for what some executives anticipate will be some of the highest price increases in recent memory. zero dollars and sixteen cents savings is going to go away, even if I mean it as if you had zero dollars and sixteen cents savings for market say their buying and storing supplies to keep their shelves full amid stronger demand. Grocery sales. In the? U S for the weak, ending June nineteen throws about fifteen percent from two years earlier. Fifteen percent. stockpiling by food red pillars is driving shortage of some staples and that striving prices to, but when you go to the supermarket, I
Dont know where the Biden administration shopped to get that extensive savings, because you're buying meat and meat was included. They they included some ground beef, but Now, where I shop it's up, Alot Meet Bryce Crush, you don't buy meat so now with the council pressure now mean that you could just tell all the prices are opened and his obvious gas rice are really noticeable. You notice that every single time you go to the Gump filled up this morning. Seventy one dollars, but my take seventy one dollar that's just create a new one dollars gear. I saved sixteen since last week. Could I bought you watermelon, and did you probably not now probably seem like I save sixteenth, since it didn't this isn't working out so well. So far, it's really nice, my summary of the Obama administration working out. What's worse so far, out of a radical statement. Do we
couple hundred good years. Maybe this too, we should give already live. We shouldn't get greater price as assume oil. We expect two hundred and forty five more and I mean come on. Let's just call it a day, look back at or pass in the programme
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