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Hour 1 'Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong'...Globalist George Soros admits he's 'living in a bubble'...Trump may 'destroy the world' ...G7 Summit dustup...Trump vs. Trudeau...'Eyebrow gate'?...Is Justin Trudeau an alien? ...Author of 'Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong II' Michael Malice joins Glenn to discuss what to expect from President Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un?...Who's playing who?...What does Kim Jong Un want out of this deal? ...No, Thomas Paine was not an 'atheist'?...MercuryOne.org/Museum2018...Get Your Tickets Now for June 15-17!   Hour 2  Uptight, out of touch and hysterical?...the logic in 'hating men' ...'Don't eat and Tweet'?...Twitter CEO gets backlash for eating at Chick-fil-A ...Battle of the Genders...Glenn vs. Stu? ...Women In Work Place = Better ...Women at Microsoft confront its worker-friendly image? ...Are we living in a new 'Enlightenment Age'...Acting mature in an immature world where there is no truth? ...facing the end of your life ...Charles Krauthammer = Class Act    Hour 3 Meddling with history?...Erased from existence...Putin is systematically destroying Russia's history of the Stalin era...but why? ...Alan Lowe, executive director at the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum...joins Glenn again to discuss the end of President Lincoln's life...and artifacts and items left behind? ... 'Timeless' TV ... watching? ...Viral: TSA pats down a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair; internet outrage ensues ...Iran finally admits they played a part in 9/11/01

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The blaze radio network on demand back. I hate to do this on a Monday morning, but you want here guy without you Hereabouts always realms, I meet somebody was real problems, I mean I mean I mean I just a plain old heart, good luck, down on his luck. I it's almost grapes of wrath kind of trouble. I'm not, I mean we're not talking about it. You know Stub Tower Miss Flight or eviction nor death in the family, it's worse than that workers than a death in the family. It is our right here Let's have it everything that has gone wrong, everything It could go wrong, scoundrel everything everything
now that's that's a quote what they actually he said about like this, every everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. yeah George Soros man. I feel bad for him. For some unknowable reason: people, don't trust. George Soros and he's just figure this out. According the Washington Post, He is you know: all these trying to do was just dominate the geopolitical landscape of the western world and train tours Anaklia over the political systems. By initiating, are you afraid of the dark underhanded methods like astroturf, Ing and paid protesters and media rigging. I mean I feel bad I really really do, but the ship has sailed in the better, beyond the bold or not on them, yeah, not on the George Roundabout. Apparently, a lot of people in the world are not on the boat. It's weird
the western world, despite sources, nauseatingly, multi, comma monetary contributions, the cause is against the free world, right, leaning settlement has been spreading, they don't want his global world. It's weird that are said telling the washing imposed. living in my own bubble. No you in a bubble come on you, don't say that about yourself. No, the living in a bubble. What all at old white man that look like you Mary, beautiful young women. It's not. It know that happens all the time. It's not your money. It's nothin like that man, you're your lofty cute pulpy in community? First, you know the gilded betterment
of all mankind in him, the harmony in the little birds and world domination and all that stuff. Ah, he says it's gone just like that. His greatest fear things that keeps him up and tight they're afraid that the Trump Phil destroy whole world stew. After statement like that, is it not red hot day? For me, I mean it. It George saw my biggest problem. Is Donald Trump may destroy the whole world our data break out the red had for that one? Why don't we just lead him? Destroy the western civilization, I mean seriously come on ease old pledges.
destroy western civilization forum. I feel bad poor old sorrels slumped into his golden throne. You know mansion like up, I got villains headquarters. I've got sharks underneath floor of dining room. I bet you do it's wonderful in your sobbing there in the water of thousand dollar bills, each one, no longer good, humming, It was a good idea. I liked it to have your face thereon on the on the front of the thousand dollar Bill George. But you know that is quoting the Washington post. I think maybe I was just a little bit early-
That's bad, you of your right, you in just early you're twenty years. I have your time its mandate, you and eleven. This is the Glenda Programme, maybe a little bit thoroughly or late me, been like seventy eight seventy nine years late, I'm just saying under the programme. Hello stew, how are you pretty well have yourself how my oh, my gosh, did you see I think that we can see movies or anything Oh no, no, I didn't really do that. do. You want a movie pass, a proud movie subscriber you're, not Europe Rocky, I'm costume, Lots and lots of money here as well Fourthly, I am not alone, and so I'm really regular vent, I'm really bombed. I will you know we were. I couldn't go, removes we're finishing the book this weekend. I think, you're in a really like it is called
addicted to outrage, haven't seen, cover. Yet so, but it's a day did the outrage, and I think you really like it's gonna come up fall, so get a chance to go see. Can I wanted to see oceans, eight and I really wanted to see Jurassic Park, but I hear that as a nightmare. I I'm not interested in seeing harassing the hearth. Alas, what I thought was for we want to see together, I think, didn't we remember me you and Patton Dr China, relying too I kind of like it. I mean it's fine, it's popcorn movie, Yeah this one apparently is is, does nothing but social justice stuff. To the point where you like, Hin Hin, one, the dinosaurs just eat that guy can. Somebody would dinosaur. Please come and eat Jeff gold. And I mean in real life: don't you think realize we had ever pterodactyls swooped down raw?
Can we other headlines of glared back won't? Do it encourages dinosaurs to come? You Jeff Golden Loom, saying anything Jeff goal blue method that is in is going to wind up being that where I had a pity That's why there's times even in you know, even in like independence Day, it was hoping that this is only a part of that. Why is all happening rating for a Pterodactyles swooped down and take him off in his beak? I do not the oceans ate. One is weird tools or female cast right. I guess that makes all my makes me. Let's move. I guess that makes sense is wrong with that what is wrong with that stew will. First of all I didn't, I said I said: Billina charities aid. If we may, we ask whether you said it was weird. It was going to some other than weird to its up This involves on female candidate is will hear frightening, that maybe it's a moot wake. It's over One pointed out that it would be great if it would have been a great movie if it was just its own movie, why
Have anything to do with the oceans? Siri has he's the more it is her brother is Danny Ocean ago. You don't follow these things wash it was it was. This previously disclosed know now is I'd get there just like I hey, we ve got a bunch ethic ghostbusters thing right, which was, I thought, also weird, because it was a female past period in that, like you, just like your ears like hey, we got this thing. Sit Nord, this oceans thing that rights to ensure do somebody after I have regarding women are thrown on their. Have you to say movie now lot, people will say gland, there's a lot of things going on in the world there and there are there our and lino. Let's, let's get right to trade, shall we the G8 the G8 summit? Sure there was. There was a real dust up in an fact: let's go to Larry COD Low and what he said happened between just in true dough.
and the prisoner states one is not going to other people to suddenly take potshots at him hours before that the summit and and number. Two Trudeau should have known better right over double decker publishers, Doyle, witness rain to impress an energy star per se. It suffers a goofy guy, just. you want to hear from Justice Trudeau here here Justin, Trudeau and out what he said. You have the avatar. I have consistently stood up for canadian interests, consistently demonstrated where we disagree, but doing so in a polite and cordial context, hold on just the same. For the audience areas pause for a signal for the audience. who happens to be watching the show.
He's a big controversy. Is they just intrude doll? I mean I want to talk about trade. Do I want to talk about trade stewed? You aren't I about our eye of tough sure. We want to talk about trade, just didn't I. just introduced. Eyebrow appears to be falling off now. I am not saying that it is, but I'm get Not saying that? It's not saying I'm not saying it. That's all Definitely what you got out of the g7. This is really the only point I really cared about written the I love me IRA, following Bia, apparently he's got big. Leah to tone I'd die Browed does he mean they showed many other pictures of his eye, in which the bottom seems ought darker? that time be like that, can't be doctored. In fact, it could be your right, Now we see the correct cleared out here that I'm not saying it is, but I'm not not say It either look I'm a doctor. I know eyebrows, ok, doctors, I'm I'm a doctor, you're eyebrows.
Doctor, I'm a doctor of humanity's, which means I cover everything. that's not what I mean, I'm pretty sure it is so as AIDS as a doctor as a surgeon, if you will, I looking at that eyebrow thinking. No, he Glued those on no matter what kind of evidence comes out. I'm just saying as a surge. Are you a surgeon not watching Minister, you surgeons, are you a doctor? No I'm a doctor of humanity's I'm telling you I have looked in a lot of human human whom, humans eyebrows and that when there's trouble I dont know if it's because he's an alien race could be could be. Well, if it is then you're, not an expert hearing, I decks burden that I say entities right as why say could be. I dont know if it could be than you're not actually identifying per se in that if he is a human, which I not saying he's: not
but I'm not not saying it either, who we're gonna, ask you're the one who's saying you're, an expert on humanity's right, so you're the. Why should we identify whether I don't want to go out on a limb and speak where I am not an expert? Ok, I'm not. expert on alien life. So just intruder is in fact an alien which could be ok. I'm not the guided. I'm too, I don't know who that is, but you need. Doktor of alien life, I'm a doctor of humanity's, so I can speak to him as, if he's human. ok, and would you can't tell, even though you have a doctorate enough without of examination, would be it would be wrong of me? I mean it would be. Would we shameful I've taken enough, so you can You can identify his eyebrows problem without a night that, without a Yes, what examination again television human Emine has several human rights, but I can't
finish lively declare without an examination of anywhere, you want to talk about the trade deficit than I fact that we have a trade surplus with Canada. Do we do not have a trade deficit with Canada at all? they also have lower tariffs than we do over. No, I'm you don't wanna, hear that stuff. You doktor man, I will I'm very seriously concerned about his eyebrows. I mean what condition what kind It could be mental illness that causes you to tape, eyebrows you know could be, what do you want to talk about North Korea? That's going on right in other first face to face meeting at any one on one with just translators there, which is actually went on one that's more like to do is still that, first meeting is here, but that's how they're gonna be discussing As you know, our values, our reside, browser I mean look when we started with moving. We talked about Donald Trump here for a while, but are we I mean you don't think that
another good. Look at that honestly! Look at the IRA. I want you of your at home and you haven't seen the eyebrow shot to still take a look at the video watch. lay the rest of the video for those who are watching here, Sir just take tastes taken in and play the rest. If we were going well see last her far Joshua, they stood up between eighty and interests consistently its calling out straight it where we disagree, but done so in a polite and cordial context. I think that's what can have always expected available That's what we're going to do no sui, he said cordial too Here here maybe he may be alien. He may be like not familiar with the word cordial, so he just as pronouncing it just said it differently, cordial it to Caesar said it differently. and you noticed that as a doctor of humanity's his speech, not a part of the human experience, you don't even know. If he's human
no, that's what I'm saying, but I'm not saying it either. Anyway, we could go through the fact that when we have a trade deficit is when our economies doing well and we have a trade surplus with the world. We are in recession, through that? I dont understand that at that doesn't make sense to me. I thought it would it would it what you mean by that I mean that people complain about the trade deficit, but when will end in trade surplus that only an is occurring when we're in deep recession is not something. Why is I want to strive for? Ok, aright, you're, smarter, you're, smarter than everybody else? Okay, so go ahead. and tell me why? That's why that cells, to be both envied, because it means that we have more desire for other people's goods and they have ferrars rights. If we have it's a star like, for example, you have more desire to go out and buy things. When you have lots of money, your bank account the answer that, of course, yes, the other way is well we're having Times it reverses, we actually want to trade deficit,
if for the past, forty years has been a sign of real and really encouraging economic science, not not negative ones, but you wanna talk about it. I know I know I'm just looking your eyebrows now I'll, be your eyebrows eyebrows I would say there you doctor the doctrine alive? So let me let me let me: do the eyebrows accurately bunching make an employment them and see me round, took loudness afternoon ass. We say and do everything I can to avoid. The FBI has issued an urgent request to reboot your run, your home or your office internet router. Right now,. I don't think that is I mean really what we have the energy that your advice it looks like being Thousands of routers have already been compromised. Its mouth malware call the VP end, filter and it's cool. King information passing through your router
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present then bring the whole family to the rights and responsibilities exhibition presented by the Mercury Museum, taking a glimpse of what the world was like before men had rights and tyrants Jonas brothers, they weaken soon fifteen to the seventy pure Mercury studios in Dallas, your tickets and mercury, one that works flash Museum twenty eighteen hour. I welcome ACT of the programme. It is Monday we should get serious about something. So can we serious for a minute. Ok, let's say no, I cannot say no, if new, day and a lot of things are going on. I know I've been joking around a lot, but about movies- and I browse so far out but have been I would like to. I would like the series of one thing come out: look at the eyebrow that is falling off its falling budgeting seriously. Don't you think I think this is what America needs right now and I think we need the blow some steam and make fun of APOLLO, mission from another country that we don't
we care about- I don't dear about him at all at all at all. but you don't care about his policies. I don't care about anything about care about his eyebrows. I do I do care about It was not at all. You know, corral. I mean the eyebrows or a pretty Lu Lu item. Well, waste are falling off. Then there then they go cavalier like boom bred up at the top, and you like You can't listen to him anymore, then you're like then, once you, focus on the eyebrows you're like it does. It looks like it's falling off, come on that's fake, low priority item just happens to be your singular focus. Yeah yeah, I've united. Think. Yes, I think I'm good yes on well, also that and George Soros, George Soros being depressed, very sad, very, very sad were all broken annoyed at
no he's depress, because his plans have been forwarded. Spooky boots plans, forted He pulled out of aims at a San, Diego district attorney re dumped, a bunch of money into couldn't win that one either might have been too early for take over of world animal is already what in his eighties yeah, I'm gonna how early that is: yeah well they sprinting to the finish line with its downhill your role to it. But what are you I'm just saying between the eyebrows and George Soros. Ok, we'll go another way, we'll go another way. We'll talk about your actual news That's what you want out of life, x, are we going to Michael
I see- is the author of the book, dear reader, the unauthorized biography of Kim Jong IL from Michaelmas start COM, Michael. How are you, sir? good morning. Elongated ear, so so the president is now with the north korean leader, they're gonna meet this week your thoughts going into this. I mean it's just so exciting. Frankly, this is something that is almost surreal, so many elements of the sittings, no one could have predicted just a couple of it's a girl. I mean it is four years ago you said that presents will be meeting with Kim Jong alone in Singapore. The question would be whose King John Patrick, I didn't shop. So the fact that these things are happening so quickly It's getting me an enormous amount of hope that good things will come out of the summit. also very saddened by how many people already. You know just basically dismissing the opportunities here. Just because they have such contempt for the president
So Michael, what do you expect? The wolf? First? Let me start here: Kim Jong earn before he left here. sure that nobody there was going to take his position. It gives us a little little recap on why what happened before he left. What? What? What does a guy like? This? Have to do to make sure that so the Elles doesn't gets country, that's very Well, the first thing you have to do is murder. Your brought her because North Korea has a constitution for display purposes. Only just like many of the communist countries did and they all right. Nice. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion and all that bill of rights. Stuff and, of course, is a complete sham. But North Korea is a unique because they have. thing called MRS had demonic? say that word very carefully. Didn't talk to Monica's country is they have something called the ten commandments of the great leader Kim IL sung. Kendall song is Kim Jong UN's grandfather. He was the founder of North Korea and the tenth of May,
states that thou shalt continue to generate the revolution through generations until it is completed and what that means is only a direct blood descendant of the great leader can take that leadership position. They had no MIKE Pence there and, in fact, many decades ago. When someone even asked someone high up in the party leadership as well, What are we gonna do when you came up guys even talk about that. He was sentenced to the countryside and lost his job. So there's no plan in place for it he happened to him. The only plan would have been if you had something our heart attack or something Kim Jong NAM? His elder brother could have been flown into take his place but now there's no one day. So this would be an unprecedented situation for the idea that there should be some true, and you know again, like a vice president step in that could not happen.
what is so. What is he? What is his game? Do you think that we have? We have I couldn't him to some degree or is playing us. What what is your best guess? Well, I don't know if it's either of those, I think it's to determine what it is that he was at the very least it very clear that he wants more respect on the world stage I see much morbid internationalist, then his father Kim Jong. the dear leader, in his grandfather? Certainly the fact is that he's meeting with us and with South Korea China, an hour and russian dignitaries. This is a big break with north korean past. According to north korean ideology that you she idea they. Basically. don't want to have to do deal with any one else in the outside world it all by Koreans in four Koreans, and when you are there and its very surreal feeling it's like being another planet, because
You don't know what's going on in the outside world, but this again this is a change for him feel even left North Korea there is a very big deal. I Kim Jong IL with both. Why I have to leave Pyongyang all these world leader, come here and basically genuflect before me, so this could be it Williams in several directions and desperately hoping that they will be positive, sorry, malice, Michael, that there was a focus this morning. I heard, a lot of which was about this proposal. Change in language where we at the beginning of this war, saying what we want Is them to give up their entire nuclear programme and then we'll talk about, making things a little bit better for them and its chair In turn out the DE nuclear rotation of the Korean Peninsula and giving the sense that in perhaps were going to back off of our defence of South Korea as part of this. These savings
Anything else is there any importance to that. Is that just you know, generally speaking, trying to make it the language more friendly for the North Koreans? I think, it's very important to if we make concessions for both sides to be able to save face and not to make it so no like we're backing down to a show strength. North Korea can't do that, and president drop certainly is not the kind of person who would do that still, I had said it earlier if, if their price for the nuclear, I think, would be to get us out of South Korea. I dont think that reasonable request at the very least because if there are no giving up there they need some assurance that as soon as they do this, it's not a trick and we're going to come storming and I'll from their perspective, as the title of one of their books is called, the USA
early start the Crimean war and were waiting any moment to re, invaded and conquer them and make Korea are Beach quest for world conquest. This is the korean idea, green ideology. So again, I've seen a lot of people like to thank President trumps. Gonna make a show of strength and they're gonna come fully back down and we're not gonna, have to do anything in exchange. That's what I had negotiations work that basically health threats, work and my I'll bet it seems that the way this is we present shop is going is that we will have them further. negotiation round Then you know all this blustered. I swear among the listeners again last summer there were threatening to new glum and, in the farthest set its president from the death. So this has been the very positive progress in the direction we would like So to Michael MILES, is the author of dear reader, the unauthorized biography of Kim Jong, Il Michael, you think we would give up. I mean it does fit Donald trumps. You know
a philosophy from years ago, where in US time to bring Americans home. Why are we paying for all this? Where we defending all these places? Do you think Donald Trump would go our position in the in South Korea. I I this absolutely. I think it's on the table. I dont think it's that against South Korea very wealthy country. I one point: I am not sure if it still the case very recently, where the highest GDP, in a with Asia, which is no mean feat, and there too, what is in south korean politics, a lot of contempt and hatred. Why the Americans still here, so I don't think it would be that much of a hard sell. I think this would be something that many people predicting the Republican Party. His base would be happy to see any would be a very again if they're giving up nukes the boys, home and switching defence to the south korean government, so I dont
It would be that radical over move on transport as you read it and how much you ve been talking about these issues, and in these terms I mean I don't know what kind of a power vacuum that that causes, but I am all for bringing this stop defending these posts all around the world, as long as we have an ability to deploy. If we need to have their problems you know with somebody coming after us. and then I don't think I mean China is, not our best friends with the idea that China is going to allow this mouse China there But they would allow some sort of real war on the korean peninsula. The border. I think at this point in time. This is not the nineteen forty like you fit these. I think their view. That would really be really clamp down on a pretty quickly because it's interesting as you point out the the deepening of of the in the ideology that South Korea
not South Korea right. South Korea is theirs vetoed it according to the North Koreans right, it's Korea Well, that's a little bit imprecise fell when, whenever I write about in my book and if it was re funding for me to see, they always preferred it South Korea, the lower case and a lower case, as because of their claim is again nor three. As the most racist, homogenous Nick Korea is the only country in Europe that has racially pure blood. Korea was Where's the government on earth the first language spoken and Korea is indivisible their slogan. Wherever you go, North Korea as Korea is one and all the maps have a unified Korea. Therefore, South Korea is not a separate country, it is a separate region. Under occupation by the? U S and careless and the south korean public fascist regime, the kind of guy down with the name, calling obesity, South Korea but is their mentality that this is a country that cannot be denied divided and is only temporary
separated, Dude machination about business. My point is that once we're not there and its no longer Unger under occupation of the evil imperious Americans I mean it, aren't they. To be it. Isn't there goal going to be to undermine the south korean government in any way possible and try to to make what they ve been putting on their maps reality. I bet, It could be the way that they're going this this After you only in listing the eighties became this kind of quality, liberal democracy before but they did have a series of strong then, and they had uprising, just like encampments greater put down in the later- these early eighties and things like that. It was not a pretty place for quite a while. I and endowed with part the background for this kind of approach. now we thought. I footage. I mean they do tat undermine it to a point that South Korea also try to undermine the north. You know with with blasting music,
sending information and they kind of agreed to lessen rhetoric in that regard, so I bet they don't have complete free speech. Is it illegal in many cases, to speak well of the north of my friend who lives in the south? what the sheriff my book would be allowed there the eye, because it's written from the north korean perspective, even though the point is to condemn them as harshly as possible So that would be a question, but again they China, looking over their shoulders and it would not be the interesting to see what happened there. Celine there's a lot of people, Michael that will that that say, dollar, Trump is being used. Other people would say, you know we he's broken the back, whose walking into the room with the most power, I acknowledge the unemployed The other thing is obviously the American North Korea admit that the American Big bear metaphor it. This is their metaphor, that their use in their literature they an hill and we
an elephant there's no way they can be the elephant, but the answer can guide the elephant where they wanted to be, but I want to point something else out: Europe, people, a community policy and others. In the end, You know the corporate press are thinking, trumps gonna go in there and the kind of bamboozled this guy, an international real estate magnates he's negotiating with people for decades. Kim Jong known at the very least just a kid in his thirty. I mean the idea that he's brilliant, not them in negotiating with no evidence of this, and we certainly a thin radioed evidence of President Robin barely real estate, knowing how to these people and ambition by them. So the idea is blindsided, especially as the State Department apparatchik that it back at people who are either reared. Doug you gotta bureaucrats, who I not get it then brutal that easily I'm very sceptical at the idea that they're gonna kill. But one over on him and make a full. Let him a great stock to Michael.
again as the year as the talks begin and I will check in with you, you probably going to Morrow thanks so much great pleasure guy. No. My Michael malice, author of dear reader, I wish point out you kept saying dear reader, the unauthorized biography of Kim Jong IL you're missing something out here. This is, it is not the unauthorized Otto Biography of Kim Jong, which are not out such a thing, and I dont Michael created at right genre of unauthorized autobiographies round, is not appease right. One Himsel egg, it also somebody's gotta, do it. Accordingly. Had been homes have sold faster than ever in April, twenty eighteen prices rose seven. Point, six percent to a new media and high of three hunt. in two thousand two hundred dollars novels First time the national media in home prices surpassed the three hundred one thousand dollar mark cheese if you're my age
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the state agents. I trust, Dotcom. That's real estate agents, I trust dot com so excited to have the museum here, an exhibition for some of the greatest artifacts anymore. in history and some things that are setting the record straight. We have this amazing letter reassured today on TV. I was just doing research this weekend for the for the book and I kept coming across Thomas pains where he was. You know, he's an atheist he's an atheist sees an atheist, no he's not, and we have the letter He wrote to Benjamin Franklin it. It will be here this weekend, you'll see it on tv tonight, but our rights and respect abilities. Museum opens for the three. Day showing June fifteen through
seventeenth its rights and responsibilities. It's it's all about the what our rights mean. Where did they come from away. What role do they play? How do you know when they're wrong in and when, we're violating them, hesitant reviling, all of em Why do you want to see this this Sir Museum? First time we have opened up the entire studio back in front all studios. so you can come on in and cease. But the artifacts it we have for our Mercury Museum. It is our temporary pop up, big exhibition for three days. Fathers day weekend makes a great gift for fathers day, and we will see you this weekend. Mercury, one dot, org, Slash, museum, twenty eighteen, mercury, one at Org, Slash, museum, twenty eighteen New Gazeta for tourism, myself with Glenn, but rather stuff is well work, real, quick time tv earning a little preview of what and see this just a little slice of the museum, but we're talking about three comments that I would say completely change,
the main stream narrative of history. Yes, for three massive players of american haired Heritage, this is a pretty big, pretty big deal. It's it's. It's meeting when you just go to original sources that you're like weight that, but that's not what the history book teach. That's, not what it well here? It is, in their own hand, proving three. things in american history that you learned come pool he d inaccurate. Would you be that tonight? at five o clock in a blaze and come see them for yourself. Mercury, one dot, org, Slash, museum, twenty eighteen, it happens this we get back, Back my friends, we're here for answers and we have them. Finally, we have them the answer to the question that we ve all been asking. Should we be able to hate men, amen,
as has been said now, the answer is out there. We can rest a little easier this morning because the answer has been found by Susanna Walter's she's. Professor of sociology and rector of the women's gender and sexuality studies? northern Unit Northeastern University, I say that with a smile on my face because worthless degree that is anyway, If you can believe it, she has posted her answer in the Washington Post titled. Why can't we hate men? She starts by listing recent occasions in which men have been evil. It goes without saying. The president tromp is right there on the top of course, right there at the very, very tippy to be top. And she said you know, he's very degrading to women, etc, etc. seen in this indisputable, true context, its It is logical to hate men,
I can't lie. I've always had a soft spot for the radical feminist smack down for naming the problem in no uncertain terms. Man. I ve I called at the, but we don't hate men. You know protests furred from generations of would be feminists, the men are not the problem. The system is, the ad adds a budget gobbledygook. So. The entire article is jammed full of words and their great, word, some of the best words words. You know right out of the syllabus from the gender studies class, wage inequality, patriarchy, education, inequality She and ironically, refers to America as the land of the legislative, legitimate it toxic, masculinity, hot but terms about issues that have I ve been made up or dramatized as means of
you know pushing the narrative, the. a thing: it real like a comedy, I mean it really does reads like you know, It reads like something that red: maybe what is That was our no. You know We can agree that that was it. Our Deniro, was getting it. award and gave us beat. You know something some. Maybe he would be able to do. You know something try it out of touch hysterical humorless in that kind of thing she says, so men if you're really are with us now like us, not age, you would be nice. I would like that sure then lean out, so we can stand up without being beaten down. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Are we I stopped beating women. Wage to vote for feminist women only
don't run for office, don't be in charge of anything steadily You know what I think she's right. I've just. Well, maybe I should just finished the show, I think, maybe I'll finish it will have a woman on here tomorrow anyway, step away from the power we ve got this Please note that your crocodile tears won't be wiped away by us anymore. We have every right to hate you because you, I've done wrong. Hashtag because patriarchy its long past time to play hard ball for team feminism and win. This is for you to fall. I'm gonna get outrage: cuz, she's, idiotic,. the article stance is one of more divisive, inflammatory pieces of rhetoric coming out of the radical left which more often is less radical and more and more commonplace. happening now in the washing imposed.
Can you imagine an article in the Washington post? You know what should we hate black people? Let me give you some reasons why we should a black people. I don't think that would happen. Just white men. Using myths and opinions, as fact can we look at some of the things at men have also done now. No men shut up sit down, you have absolutely no value this is the world, but your headed toward and I will show you how it is infecting everything and about to turn- on the machine, its Monday June eleven. This is the guy that programme, but give them to. A couple of. Let me give you a couple of things here, just headlines, they're going to come back to some of these two
the ceo caves in he a backlash because he tweeted his. You know: hey look saved a your body money at chick fillet and people are like. Why are you an aging filet? Oh, my god, you're one of the most sandwiches are sexes Hum Causest, oh god, on behalf of the whole l GB. he q Eminem, then no p, Community, we are really really were really angry with you, and so he apologized for eating at the bait, the the head of twitter, poligized for order bring a chicken sandwich at chick fillet, meanwhile who was fair icon, which are going to come back to Middle did some anti a medic, I can't believe I know I know Louis Farrakhan, you don't believe it until you actually read it, but he He came out and he was very anti semitic and talked about. You know how those satanic, Jews or taking over everything, but
There came down hard on him. he lost his blue checkmark know he did not. Yes, he did they did it, but Took away his verified account status now, people can still read it and still see it and he still can t to all. But you don't know of its Louis Paragon or not. He is no longer a verified status. Member. That's how they are on this, so it's not the things that he saying about Jews is just the fact that these same them as a verified twitter user yeah, which actually, I think, is a worse outcome than leaving it the way it was right because now Our people will say it's almost deny that lose fair concept thanks, you verify right, like I, people to know that actually is Louis Farrakhan saying those things when he too doubt his animated simulators down the punishment of losing your verified account. I have
verified account and do not really considered a punishment if it went away to Morrow? Well, you haven't lived through the nightmare that is losing the blue checkmark. Now let me take you here the blaze reporting the cross fit executive that was fired for clean, that algae BT, Q, pride is a sin boy He was their de facto spokesperson They said: are we gonna put across Fit Jim in Indianapolis, for the cities pride weak and he said no way, somebody personally that personally believe celebrating pride. Is a sin I'd like personally encourage cross fit to to us. And by their convictions and refuse to host, and indeed pride, work out, he's been fired, need lost more than his blue checkmark he's been he's been fired, sergeant.
yeah, so he law he lost his job here, the put yeah. I just I to twitter. Guy just did no use eaten chick fillet, otherwise, otherwise it could have been much worse. He said I completely forgot, I'm sorry right so he's off the hook, thank God, thank God They just didn't. Remember I'm here to remind you, don't eat cheerfully doesnt Zone tweet, so lonely tweet don't eat into it. And in the lowest Farrakhan thing I mean: do you want to come down harder on him. Then taken away is blue. Checkmark really. Is there tougher of punishment and in our society I dont know no, but just to show people are aware. Sandwiches dont have opinions on things they're just sell goods, are at Europe dangerously close to losing your. Perhaps Think of themselves at times. Don't please don't make me into a cent when I would that I have happened at one point on Twitter to know his opinions are not my opinions do not lose my blue checkmark because of the hateful things that he is saying now, Google,
as is released its diversity record and It's a problem and its appeal for Google and they brought it up the shareholder meeting. Because over all the Google, the Google Workforce is, seventy percent men. Thirty percent women Sixty one percent white- thirty per cent asian two percent, three percent hispanic one percent other. And then I don't know what to wear more must be near two things. or more or is that a new gender? I dont know what that one is but two or more is four percent, so there is a problem A Google and they wanted solved and in fact
The community has come out and and demanded that they start hiring. People that are not white and not men and the a lot of the people who work there are coming together. You know they already Google to drop the Pentagon deal, which I buy I fully agree with. I was glad to see that but tat so there there there shareholders stood up and said, fundamentally hurts the products of Google, and by having this many white men working there has come. left many of us feeling unsafe and on aid to do our work. not a big fan of white men, and just sooner they they seem to everything. They touch dies, they're, just terrible, terrible people and I'm glad Google's, finally acknowledge
Yes, we'll Google is saying we don't really know what what to do here, because as men are the ones that go into tack generally speaking up and by large percentages? Of course, that's also the font fault of men. We should point out, a men have been intentionally telling girls they're pretty instead of saying there smart and if they would if they're smart than they would go into engineering, because there's the difference between them. The only difference being that, of course, that you tell women that they're pretty its will because I told all my daughter's that their smart. I'm gonna, give you ever say that they are pretty. Does that cancel out candles had always it yeah. If you say that they look nice at any time in their life, they're gonna just go into making teacups, they dont have any choice. Women really gonna can control really make them. They discovered from making teacups really here
something else. My somebody ice makes them. They just paint them are usually out yet course, not obvious. They can't handle production lines. French women. They hear scare and mean that our saying someplace there was a real. There was a big factory with. In charge making teacups. I will, of course also like don't be ridiculous, I'm saying maybe occasional knitting given to me. right, like selling various kitchen storage, we if we know pieces at home, we'll Tupperware party up her report as you're not going to employ the minutes. now you're like a container yet or there'd. Be a woman. Bono counter is not, of course, a little get clear about our right. It's not at all, because I little lady is not coming out of the kitchen to buy anything you know for my Sweden's in our Sweden's GM likely, we lose my sweet pea. She is that leave in the kitchen cheese in she's got things to do she's in their busy. So I'll do it,
Awesome, I dont know Pall mall ever some soap to keep her hands, be no soft and supple and then I'll go to the you know, container store or the kitchen. saying that sit next to this sink store yet and I'll buy some of those by the way that store owned, of course, by a man. He'll he'll run the accounting or departs outweigh women can thing that sits by the kitchen things. They were not very good at naming. The white people particular, but we make clear that it is not. It is not the fact that men and women are different, It's not the fact that men might enjoy engineering. Women might enjoy high paid healthcare jobs like their dominating the field. I won't tell you this right now and I want you to listen carefully. There is no difference between a man and a woman, none there's none! There is no different sites, can't find. Where is no different nope, that's why we need women to run company back.
because we need more. Women in things would be different. If we add more women, why would they be differ? The author of the same, because they would be they'd be different? Never what I'm saying is if you're saying that the exact same, if you play authorities, are doing what we try to confuse this. They exactly the same, ok so area they are actually the say. I'm a dreary is no different time. Agreeing with you all right. All right, I don't know you Hubble differences, but it will not say don't go there don't go there. you're so child is known, even though their near notable differences, there is My point, though, is not that the disagreeing with you, because you are using your- have fundamental scientific basis. There is no differing. My point is: if there is no different. Yes, then, if you put women in charge of the kind of things will be fixed, they'll be better. We. Why would they have women in
charge. So you think things would change. If women were enforced, they would chain what aid on the centre as men. Why would they chain because their women but women are the same as men, so there be no durable. Try to turn this around with your hip. No since, then all you races, bigot, Miss urgent, try to do listen, carefully: ok, ok there, is no difference between a man and a woman. None zero got it. if you were to put women in charge of just take it at one of the time you got that I got, it is separate, build a wall between the UK. Now we need more women in the workplace, but why do you cause? It will be better women do things country would be in the mess citizen if it were run by women. Answer the question
Nor can I ask you? U massage innocent the end as there is? No, I would think you wouldn't be in this problem is not because women are better. We need them in the workplace, but based on what you said, better betters different right like they hold on just a second. You miss The fundamental did not say build a wall between the you did you did that's one statement, that's a true statement by its agree, true statement. Women are no better there. There no difference there stood there exactly the same theirs. Thing, a man can do, but a woman cannot do and inventories going home and vice versa. Do we give vice versa? That point is nothing that a woman can do that. A man there's lots. things that a woman, what woman women can do things that men can't do lots of but men can't do anything that a woman can do. No more can't do no! No.
So I m sure I understand there is no different in hand, but women can do things that an ok do right, the humbler we know now. If we can, let me let me draw this out for you. Ok, that draw out and take these paper draw three little boxes like the three little pigs, you dumb man. Ok, you draw three little boxes first box women are no different got. It second box, We need women in the workplace because Things would be better. And Third box yellow. Was there another wool and others in boxes. Ok, you couldn't understand the weather in box and then the third box there Are things that women can do that men cannot got it? I get I get the boxes thing, but we would like.
We live in a world where we would hear part one and then apply it to part in three in your world of in your world of higher go rules; pda! No thanks to your patriarchy and your hierarchy. Ok, these are just three boxes: side by side and all of them drew period. If a liberty, safe liberty, safe, I dont, know how many men are in making liberty safes, probably a few. we'll have them killed by the end of the show. Ok, although liberty, safe workers, is each statement, Lee in a liberty, safe, that's locked, the locked up, locked up EU plight, dialog box for so security or get now liberty safe, great pride. you can receive twelve months interest free payments with Z rode down in zero AP aren't you know who probably thought of that? A woman. Very now there's liberty. Safes were as low as twenty dollars a month, another idea from a woman
liberty, safe, has been around for a long time. They ve never offered this before. Because they were run by men, I'm sure you'll Piece of mine lifetime warranty in home delivery service, and it's all unmatched in the industry so by liberty safe. Now, the best built safes on the planet, liberty, safe, dot com, that's liberty, safe, dotcom, glare So here is a good thing. Here is a good companies. Do as a good company that is made changes in the Tec world. Microsoft. They gotta go on they? They have decided that they're gonna die all their executive bonuses in to work for where's diversity. Oh good so here. Is they just tweeted a picture of all the Microsoft summer Interns that's a tweet. They issued
There- and I think, that's that's a great class- that's a good looking class. It doesn't the tone or may have been theirs. I dont doesn't mean all that time verse. No, I don't. I don't. I don't see any white people in that huge ground no, but if you, but why people in there you're not gonna, get a bonus? Ok, you're, not a bonus so weird We are amazing so there's a box and between the box is waivers. There's a war between the two biases, why are we in the situation in right now Why are we in the situation to wear. Nothing makes sense, men and women are exactly the same. Exactly the same,
There's nothing a man can do that. A woman can't separate box next box we have to hire more women because things would be different if we hired more women things, we country wouldn't be in the mess it's even if it was run by women. Do not refer back to the first box. This is Post modernism, that's what this is we are now at the end of the republic. Post modernism there is. No truth, There is no reason. it's only what you decide so today, a twitter, I can decide that Louis Farrakhan who is saying that that Jews are evil their Satan,
should be destroyed. Twitter can decide. as there is no truth that their goal to punish him by removing his blue check. Mark. At the same time, the ceo of Twitter needs to be punished because, he tweeted that he was buying a sandwich at chick fillet. People were up in arms. Guy who works for cross fit fired because Because he said he didn't think that there, but he thought I was a sin.
He expressed his point of view he was fired. Meanwhile,. They're still debating wedding, cakes. There's a bakery in Denver. I'm sorry church in Denver that says Jesus would have baked the cake. That's beard, that's weird, because he'd even have an oven or house possibly even frosty. but Jesus would have made the cake fix reason, firmly in her seat. I never understood that as much as I do right now. I understood the other part in question with boldness: either The very existence of God I've lived in a country in a time where reason ruled.
where men were men and women were women now men, I'm in all different shapes and sizes and personalities whim. The same, but there is an. since a Y period. but that's when reason and science prevailed now we can have gender studies. People just tell us but there's one hundred and forty different genders ha fix. Reason firmly in her seat. That was the Was the age of enlightenment, but we weren't going to just take something from the church we weren't just going. Take somebody's word for it, we were gonna use science and reason. And if it made sense, You could verify it. We're goin
there now there would be some things we take on faith. something that we don't know for sure. But if we knew it from science, what are you doing. So the enlightenment came out of a time where people dropped their self imposed a majority. I want to quote something to. I read something too. I want you, listen carefully, tell me who you think wrote this. Enlightenment is man's emergence from his self imposed, immaturity amateur pretty is the inability to use one's understanding without guidance from another. This image already is self imposed.
When its cause lies in though not in the lack of understanding, but in the lack of resolve and courage, to use it without guidance from another. The motto of the enlightenment is: have courage, to use your on own understanding. laziness and cowardice are the reasons why such a great proportion of men long after nature, his release them from alien, guidance Nonetheless, gladly remain in lifelong immaturity, and why is it so easy for them to establish themselves as guardians one over another. Because it so easy to be immature. I have a book ass, serves, does serve my understanding. A pre steel serve my conscience doctor,
he's going to disturb the determine my diet for me, so I dont really need to exert myself at all. I don't have to think as long as I can pay somebody else, he's gonna have under Take all the work for me. The guardians. who had been so benevolent. They have taken the supervision of men, and they have carefully seeing to it that the far right this portion of them regard taking the first step to majority as very dangerous, not to mention difficult having having that first made their domestic livestock dumb. Carefully made sure that these docile creatures will not take a single step without the go cart in which their harnessed the as guardians will then show them the danger that threatens them? Should they attempt walk alone. Oh danger,. now. The danger is not actually so great for, after five, a few times. They would, in the end, learn how to walk, but an
Example of this kind of men. This kind makes men timid and usually frightens them from all further attempts. So it's The call for any individual man to work himself out of immaturity. Because that becomes his nature, becomes fond of the state. for the time being is actually incapable. Of using his own understanding. because no one is allowed him to ever attempt it rule listen formulas, those mechanical aids to the to the rational use, rather misuse of his- trolls gifts, those things are shackles of permanent a majority. Nothing's required for enlightenment, except freedom
and the freedom in question is the least harmful of all, namely the freedom to use reason. freedom to use reason publicly. In all matters but on all sides today. You here, don't argue, the officer says: do what you're told argue drill says the quarter master tat Man, don't argue, pay, pastor, donor, You believe, meanwhile,. the guardian say you as much as you want. but you're going to obey. Now many affairs conducted in the interest of the community. A certain mechanism is required by means of which Some of its members must conduct themselves and entirely passive manner, so
through their artificial unanimity. The government made I'd them towards public ends or he's prevent them from destroying such ends, here. One certainly must not argue. Instead One must obey, however, in so far as this p the machine also regret regards itself as a member of the community at whole, or even of the world community and as a consequence addresses the public in the role of a scholar in the proper sense of that term, he can most certainly argue without harming the affairs for which, as a power if member he's partly responsible because it be disastrous if officer on duty who has given command by his superior were to question the approach it miss or utility of the order here. Two must obey. But as a scholar, he cannot justify and beacon
drain from making comments about errors and military service or from placing them before the public. For its judgment, the citizen can refuse to pay taxes imposed on him. Indeed, impertinent com, This is of such levies, would then would say, we'll have to be paid by him and would be punished. but the same person does not act contrary to civic duty when, as a scholar here expresses his thoughts regarding even the injustice of taxes, likewise pastor is bound to instruct EL, his congregation in accordance with the symbol of the church. He says he serves, for he was appointed on that condition. Is a scholar he has complete freedom, even though
lying in two and impart all of his carefully considered and well intentioned thoughts concerning the mistaken aspects of that symbol, but they don't do it. When asked, do we live in an enlightened age? No, no! We don't. Any idea who wrote that. Does it seem like it was written for today, the only ones who can question of the scholars. You're not allowed just obey. and men are mature. Men are mature because are not required to think in fact their instructed not to think there told what
to do and then they are showed example shown. Example after example, after example of this is what's gonna happen to you you're, going to fail. You're gonna say when he's gonna hurt, really really bad, and The guardians of the state come in and show that their benevolent and there a glare gonna, they're gonna hold you up. You just have to do what they say and they'll Would you up it'll be ok, you're not gonna fall nobody's gonna get a Bubu, and so you not only become immature. You stay immature because it becomes, of your nature this was written by a manual can't in seventeen eighty four this, was the age of enlightenment. This is what brought about our country. This was the foundation of
what how loud Thomas Jefferson Essay question with boldness? then the very existence of God, for if there be a god, he must surely rather on questioning over blindfolded fear. We are now no longer in the age of enlightenment, it went from the Age of enlightenment, to be called the modern age. Where reason was fixed in her seat and we reason and science and fact, and that What was taught Each individual was taught to be strong and to stand on their own and to use their own intellect. We are now in the age of post modernism. Which means we are passed. Modernism. We are passed the age of enlightenment
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one eight do through three: four W W W that animal S, consumer access, dot, org, It's really sad news. Over the weekend with Charles Crown Hammer came out, we were off the year before this news broke Charles crowd. Hammers sir, I mean we're, losing a giant came out, but he has been fighting cancer for a very, very long time and he's been given about two weeks to live, and so he is at home with his family and its I mean there's a guy who has fought his whole life and just brilliant, just truly brilliant, our thoughts and prayers or with the crowd, hammer family, impossible situation. When he's been dealing with for such a long time and then to Canada that moment where you're like in a what you're not dead you're just. Saying I know, I'm gonna be dead soon. I think that's a good thing.
Now, a minute you get to say everything you need to say to people with us. Certainly a positive. You know, but it's tough to deal with, basically be really finality of it. All your stimuli for who knows me weeks, I don't know. I hope I can go out with as much classes. He no kidding. You know go out, I wish I could be half the man Charles grant him his lassie intellectual, good glass, strong back. Mercury, glad that you read this line from back to the future are raised from expressed. Hence when Doc brown so the picture of Marty who hail from it from existence was happening doc screwed Marty, what the police, as we remember it. I've seen, was now I've reactionary without gay, sodium Vladic know why spread rice from acceptance.
Vladimir Putin is doing kind of the same thing right now. He is meddling with history. Unlike with Tannen, trying to no, create an alternate universe. Russia isn't haunted by the legacy of Joseph Stalin anymore, because Putin is building his casino, the most brutal dictator in history, Joseph Stalin,. People are now saying in Russia and good luck. getting away with this. Vladimir Putin is systematically. Strewing the darkest parts of the old Soviet Union and playing. but things like the it's true, Amphion World WAR, two
Russian historians are now concerned that the government authorities are destroying the records to downplay the crimes of the Stalin era. Police recently destroyed the archives of all of the victims, of one of Stalin's Burgess, now imagine getting It of the archives and but this would mean for history. Getting if the archives and all of the names at Auschwitz Oliver all that paper work just was gone. On and destroyed. hard? Would it be for people in coming generations to believe that were true. Some of the harshest camps in stones gulags system were located in the eastern region of Russia
and when a researcher enquired about some of the destroyed archives police in the region confirmed that there was a government order in twenty fourteen that mandated that police destroy all of the prisoner Reggie registration cards that are now over eighty years old. Why would you do that. millions of Russians were killed by Stalin, sent to force labour camps, those there were fortunate enough to eventually be released, had their personal details recorded on govern registration cards. They were permanent This year alone, hundreds of Russians who have inquired with Moscow, Gluck history, museum Attica Bake for great. We can doubting They have asked for their information about relatives whose victims. who were victims of Stalin's purges historians now have asked the Kremlin's Human Rights Commissioner to launch an official investigation into,
was destroyed. Records yeah. I'm gonna be the one who stands up its yup. Well, definitely potent yuppie woozy the Human Rights Commission ensures and jump right all over them, These are fascinating and dangerous times for the truth, and it's happening all over the world whether its literally erasing historic evidence like in Russia or the deceptive cherry picking of history here in the union states or the fright. in deep fakes, this new technology- that is point to falsify history. We have to know history. We have to do our own homework. We have to know the facts. because there are those in power. And those who aspire to power. who stand to benefit from keeping people locked.
The dark, its Monday June eleventh. This is the Glen that programme. One of the reasons why we're having our museum this weekend there some really in well things that we're gonna be showing you that the original documents, the original pieces. If you will of history there, show a story and bring it to life and a lot of the things that were doing our correcting history, were showing you in their own words in their own handwriting, documents from the time that history has it all wrong. We have several pieces that to do that with AIDS, Am Lincoln We also urge thrilled to have the original hand written in Abraham Lincoln's hand, gettys
Berger dress coming from the Abraham, Lincoln Presidential Library, Museum and Alan Low, whose executive director up there is joining us now allow Alan. How are you going great to be back with you. So what do you think we were just talking about? What's happening was was stolen, I mean sorry, I was stolen under Putin. What do you think are the things about Abraham Lincoln, that that there have been either brushed aside or intentionally skimmed over right laughing? First of all, you know every day here he such an icon, and one thing we stresses with a man he lived here in Springfield, he raised a family bought a house. He had all the time I was tribulations of anyone's life and He once said in a great speech at the Cooper Union, a New York that we have to have faith. That right makes might I think he really shows us that, in
Europe can make a real difference in the world that all of us have the power than us to do that, so we, often think about him, maybe philosophically brooding in his office, in thinking big thought. But this was real person who had a deal? without a lot of big and small issues of governance and of life, but he saw as well that ain't, a real vision for the future of the country and he worked every day to make that happen, it was a different world. When he He died, and I think it would have been a very different country had he lived. But I am. I had a hard time with his with his death and the way the way how how callous some people worth at the end of his life, where we we own the collar of his suit. We have this in the out of the museum wheel, collar of his suit, which was cut off you know,
as he was dying, yeah I mean who does that kind, stop I know we have several items from the night as well. The gloves that run his pocket. Sir, are you on and on your right. You that you think of Herndon, for example, he Bernstein correctly had a book of Lincoln's Earl, in writing the sum book which called and and we'll, come to him, they wanted a piece of Lincoln and he literally split that book. A pardon said the patient. here and there are people immediately wanted that connection with whether he rubbed do you know? do you know the story of Laura keen the the actress that was on stage. So I would love to hear. If you know somebody I mean you, ve got all the experts, so I would love to have you check with the experts and then, when you come down this weekend, maybe tell the story but Laura was the one that was on stage during the shooting and
heard two versions, one where she is just you know. Oh my gosh, the president. She runs up with a deal of water and says I could do they get water. And then she says why I just can't think of the present lay in his head? down on the floor? Let him put his head and rested in my lap. One side, the other side was. She came up the water after he put on a dress that was was White and pristine knowing that this would be history, and she wanted to be remembered as the as Florence Nightingale of the time. I know that part of at dress is in one of the museums in Washington DC. I'd love to hear The prevailing theory was on her. Was she
was she just acting quickly like most human beings were or was she somebody who saw herself as being able to get famous? I hope it's the form but I will find out for you. We have Lincoln destroying here and the state is drawing him Illinois. They know a lot of stuff, so I will check with them and no, when I come to endow you know, it's really important what you guys do and- and I sure appreciate it- I have not been to your museum yet, but everybody who works here has been up to the museum says. It is absolutely incredible. Wealth we'd love to have you come visit. Well, thank you for those very kind words. I think it's and of a fund. it's an inspiring place. We have great story to tell, and I think we ve tell it in a really innovative interesting way for sure what is the ghost, what he meant, the library? What is the ghost of the library? What is that one of the two shows we haven't had to go to the library and Lincoln's eyes and go to the library talk about why?
presidential libraries. Museums are important more fundamentally. Why maintaining these archives? These documents, these artifacts these photographs, why it's important thrust like you're talking a Howie! Cannot forget, our history is told some would similarly using holographic technology that Even I don't quite fully understand how we do it and I don't want to know Glenn unhurried mystery by it. It's a wonderfully funding, variant. I think very touching and compelling. you cause. You did the Bush library. We were in charge of Bush library in the build out and everything else. Then you woke up. The Lincoln Library you drove Both of them have the oval FF that time period biggest differ between the two Well now I hear we actually had a cabinet rooms. You know the over wasn't done until the early hours. We know until early twentieth century, so another the Ipad he's been allowed Hemingway
was the cabinet room at the big couch there that he didn't quite said on and that's why I love his me. Things were so. I know you know that it's interesting to see again one of the big differences and I've been around presidential libraries and museums most of my career is that the difference in how may people were in the White House helping the president, so you know. see what Lincoln had deal with every day, with a worn and so many other issues of domestic and foreign policy had almost no staff compared to what in the modern president. We relate picks up in the twentieth century. I can't remember which, which president it was. But do we have the bell that, from the front. You know from love. You know the front desk where you would ring the bell, he'd walk into the White House and ring the bell. If you wanted to see the president, and he would have to set aside of parts of every day, to meet with visitors and and an unending parade of people wanting a piece of his time. Amazing amazing Alan.
thank you so much, and thanks for the use of some of the documents, as some of the things that you have at the museum, the Lincoln Presidential Library Museum, But no annoy you, you have to see it. I will go the next time there. Every one I know says, is one of the best museums in the country, and we are grateful for all that. You do Alan. Thank you so much they could go on. It can wait to see it. We'll see this weekend, Alan Low, the executive director and that the Mercury Museum happens this weekend, its rights and responsibility. Presented by the mercury museums and exhibit at last for three days. It is happening this weekend fry a Saturday and Sunday, it is Father's they weekend we're gonna, be there all we can. My family is gonna, be working at two were all. This is like a we think we're all gonna be here, and we would love to see your family and take you through history and the biggest Lincoln Marquis items where the Gettysburg address handwritten by Lincoln. yeah they begin to the biggest the biggest
our key items from the linking left from the link collection. I dont know I mean that's one of them. I mean, I think, that's that's the one that I'm gonna be saying, the cow, but there's some other things than I am to that first time I saw them. You know me. Todd Lincoln's dress? That was made for the funeral, and you can see the hem of it and it's just been stitch so fast the flowers that she carried to the funeral, I think a bible that he read every day I mean some missing stuff from neighbourhood Lincoln, and that is that the rights and responsibilities music, here at the Mercury studios join us this? You can get your tickets now at to one dot: Org, Slash Museum, twenty, eight, eighteen, mercury, one dot, org, Slash, museum, twenty eighteen! You can also sign up- and I think
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safe back Dotcom ledger here. Who wants to show timeless. I do not have never have I've heard good things about it. Have you really no. What networks on everything else I watch it on medical, Amazon or Netflix when those it is it's great, you know complaining about cant, find it showed a watch. My family This is it this is it It's smart, it actually peaches history I mean I'm, I'm shocked, How many times I am like she's gonna, take this This is going to me. Oh my gosh, that's right! Yes, yes, that's exactly Yes, that's right. It's really well done. Well, ACT did an venture. It's about a time machine and people chasing each other. You know back and forth Jason, a bad guy who's trying to change history and there
stop him it really don't think it through too much because you're like why don't you just show up ten minutes before he gets there and shoot him when he gets out of the time machine? But I you know rather than the here. There's a plot explained her. There will be at the end. It's like that. Shaft in the death star yeah, you thought you're, so smart ages build a death star with a big shaft in the metal. Well, now you know now you know if you washed Rogue one, you write that day. Did it intentionally wouldn't screw up? What about her classic movies of all time? Work without was a real thing. We men to do that right, I'm an Abigail Spencer fan as well from pursuits alone some very ably I've looked at this move in the series and thought this could be pretty good. It is really good to really get new actually like it, which means, of course, I want my won't show that I will now try it you sure I hated you should try I'd I'd really be interested in and in your point of view, I really and it
changes in the second season. I've, never one mood changes in the second season. You like it, I'm interested. This is its NBC rower. So then beseech boy how'd I mean ok, grandpa, Do you know what I said? I don't know what network is all right I mean, but is that mean? Isn't that crazy thing I learned to answer for you all hate you I mean. I can't even imagine watching it on tv now took. Error leads on tv it's on Tv Glenn, it's on tv and is a major watch. Tv. I do watch tv? Yes, if I ever mainstream Mama it shows. On television, not like sports, you watch shows a most. Seattle k- I we occasionally. I got all certainly watch occasional. cable news due to do too much to ask that tv, you're saying
network real, like watch. I had almost lip on what even know cadmium, lacy, early and lazy related industries in whom I can watch and that this really really good agonies all overly it's insane is changed it. It's not about there's almost too much lazy in agony these right away. I look out hang me unless I do suits, is a show that I do watch when it's on like this You showed like that because I believe in you always indian but obviously in coming eventually. I will certainly watch that when that happens, there's a few of those show or watch you now family guy he slipped in family guy just does not, alas, TAT is not. I mean I just wait for it on. You know that you're getting it the openness of, unlike the fact that I've gotta wait, don't like waiting I believe that all genuinely attention at all to the networks- you dont, know you're waiting, right now, like timeless brand new to me,
I do know that on what for two years, I only third season now one of the big things, especially with the serious act that that's an ongoing storyline. You dont want to commit what in season one, because what if they cancelled five episodes in Europe, I think I'm still mad at NBC for cancelling. Why was it the wizard of OZ? Shall they did, was great agony and lazy. Cagney lady, I saw it has highlighted our Miller's wizard of OZ show that was on. That was really really. It was a re imagining of it the with installed the well. It's not that I know this doesn't sound good, but it was actually a really different. interpretation of the wizard of OZ and you Let the whole see visa was putting the gang together and then your life then come back. You like wait wearing that why it happened.
you're. Listening to the Glen Back programme Programme of the programme. Mr Pat Gray, thank you rise, you could make it through the maze of our studio. Now if everything being built for the year for the museum, it's a little. I know You call this a pop up, museum there's like, been going on for a while this year, extensive the others some there's been some building of some walls and things here in this studio. To make this a very different experiences. you gotta be our best. Yet looks like to me. It's gonna, be between the items that we have and the way this is being set up. It's gonna be a lot of fun gets its role. Well, we love to see you, I think, I'm Thursday, night Fred and I dont remember which night but go to mercury. One dot, Org, Slash Museum, twenty eighteen we're all giving private tours. You can come in, I'm gonna be here, and you know me Greeting the whole weekend,
and you can also have dinner with me, and I don't know for offering dinner. I better not say over the whole evening is, I know, We're doing a movie, I think, is on Thursday Zip Let me see what I'm doing is narrow make out session with you to their various. You pay extra not to make gowned. Let's see it's our operation underground rail road, benefiting the Nazareth fund. It is a an evening with us from operation Underground rail road, and me you, go see the movie. We're gonna think we're opening up stage to hopefully to see this movie and love for you to attend that, and they will so be the private tour. I believe that goes along with it. You would find out all about it. Mercury, one dot, org, Slash, museum, twenty eight team, eighteen that movie by the way, is on the history of operation, underground railroad, how it started in. What's going on, it's really good
It's really really good aright, Mr Pat Ray? What are you outraged today. I am outraged about the tac again still forever just it's amazing to me how many people are like ads. You know put up with anything Because it's it's about our security, I don't think so. I really don't. I don't buy that What they're doing up grandmothers in wheelchairs. This latest when is ninety six year old, great grandmother, wheel, they're bound and they messed with her pelvis and just area for six minutes that's a long time when you're feeling somebody up, I mean you, at least expect dinner before after what actually we're ninety six, I don't we are used to being touch their our thanks, so the families
and by thing didn't say, is this really necessary? I mean you know that problem with this. Is that while this is happening to this ninety six year old, great grandmother there an Iraqi with a box her scream and all of you off barges, walkin right through security and ninety bills, even ice age, it at what might be a little exaggeration token thinking too much of an exaggeration for some reason, a united six year old woman in a wheelchair. Gets onto a plane and blows sulphur antics. Nobody, whether eminence they'll get you got us. I didn't. I thank God I come on. I mean it's ridiculous when we're, whereas the example of paying suck
potentially don't do that through their own use example, I know, whereas what we need to be do I know, but that's what we won't do because of political correctness. What is profiling? After all? It's it's looking at the people who perpetrated the crime and and giving that general description and saying we're lookin from basically these this kind of person. We already have that, We know what committed the crime. Let's look for. Basically, so can a person so you're. Looking for the? U S, government and George W Bush getting on an airplane cause, he was the one who was. I wonder why the red it on the internet? Let's not leave Dick Cheney! Thank you is probably ninety six and in a wheelchair right now, Mr Packer, ninety measured Donald Rumsfeld. Yes, now I noticed, if you did you notice this, that Pat didn't bother, to finish the story: did the
her mother blow the plane up when she got out she did not because, fortunately, they paid close attention to her that they needed to C4 earlier work and there you know their excuses. While we tell him every step of the way. Oh ok! Well, I'm going to grab your man unit now and I'm going to twisted into knots that still doesn't help me. I dont care that you told me you're going to do that. Then you do it. We have to get out. There has to be an intersection between this ts, a treatment and the meeting will sunset time soon doesn't out. There has to be a woman who's going to claim hey I went to war felt up here and you because he and its unacceptable were told. Don't you remember, there was the female who was it? She was in Congress and she'd. She complained, no I'm term Ambrose, either congresswoman or a woman that complain to their congressperson and the Congress person said
this is an outrage and then they had a discussion with the Department of Homeland Security and then they came out said you know. Well, that's right. Remember yes, Henry like. You know why I'm tired of others nothin here to see it's no big deal. They were outraged it's because we're lemmings, we're just were told. This is Necessary is a necessary part of our security were willing to give up everything for our security and our to Pat. I just listen. I just read about all men, gone soft, how men have given up reason. they just how they are not men, any more. There told exactly what to do and they do it. There told not to think it was from seventeen. Eighty seven Emmanuel caught and it live well written today. Wow, and it was There is no reason we're not living in the age of reason or enlightenment. because nobody thinking yeah
and he says the reason of the enlightenment. The age of enlargement can be desire, a did defined by men, who have the courage to think and act without permission to correct definition. If we use today the flow here's to be now we're all. I got her, how can we do that? I don't know we mean care, We do that we better ass, big brother, that's ok, right! That's what we do is just we, really been. We really, been taught well and we imply equally well yeah and ever since two thousand one they ve got that vehicle. Well, do you want to tap it again now, but are these are these measures necessary? this long there were still looking for the same thing when it's probably gonna be something else. So are you familiar with the Weinstein's and Evergreen what happened to them. Now then,
there are very progressive, very left. They are He is a professor of evolution. Very biology. So, that a lot in common here I'm gonna call him this week and saving get him on the show, just somebody No, I just gave me his cell phone number and he reached out right away and said: hey call. Let's talk the sky? We don't have a lot in common except we have it on income and- and I think He is the best example of what is coming our way he and his wife. What happened at Evergreen College, most people just art, paying attention, they just don't know how He and his wife were beloved were everybody's favorite teacher cities, progressive yoga and he was everybody's everybody's favorite, professor ok,
open minded everything you know he's a lefty he's a lefty, they started. First, they started with this council and they said we want all of the. We want all the white people to stay home, no white people can come and no white people can teach and he said, okay. Well, that's ridiculous! That's ridiculous! What are you doing they turned on him and his wife. really hard and then it was really dicey and got dangerous for them. Then the next step is they had a tribal council. The students did and they said here's our canoe agreement, we're all in this canoe together. And they made all these crazy things and he was sitting in the back and he's like these are crazy. Crazy guys, what are you doing this? Not this. This is you're starting to sound like fascists, and they said okay
everybody who, in the canoe, come up on the stage and they had indian drums beating in the back, and they got all the lemmings to get into the canoe with them. He would he and his wife would not get into the canoe wow He was he was pulled aside held. against his will by students. He will. His wife was it home. She had have police because they were attacking they held him Instead, Whitley kidnapped him. It's this literally alien literally held him against it for his crimes, which are now getting into the canoe while modest get it is willing. I would ask you when you hear the story. It shows me- and he is now one of the most outspoken people on the left about the left,
And he saying this is this: is insane it's got to stop this? Isn't the age of enlightenment. He said, I believe, what I believe, but I'll back it up with science and reason, and I'm not jail, the people, who disagree with me. The school did nothing, it's incredible story. Does he started job he has now are we doesn't know, did quitter you're fired he was told he had to comply and he said nope and they fired them both with US, and so he took them the court. They won two years salary. So he's no longer teaching there And he's he's he is, but one of the leading voices warning academia is out of control and its and then what is? It was interesting reading all of the reports about a one- the protesters action.
he said. Looked it one of the teachers whose, like ok, wait a minute guys guys guys and looked at one of them? fasten said weird. doing what you taught us to do. While how frightening is that and most of the professors were such lemmings. They were afraid they said there right. The students are right. Let's back up the students, are we you could say that unbelievable, but it's not it's not enough. We seek. We see it heading this direction every day, but that's what's gonna happen: Google, the social justice warriors are going destroy Google, they will destroy it. We see there do now there. demanding they broke up the these are the employees broke, a plea, shareholders, meeting and said you know we demand justice. We demand that you have quotas, will you This is an unsafe workplace, because you have too many white men working here, while its
going to start getting crazy, yet wiping MID already started yeah, but I think you're gonna see it more and more, just not on the campus you're gonna start seeing more and more in businesses thanks fat. To put it, That story that whole story in my upcoming book addicted outrage. it's just there. We had too many words come if, like overlap Forty thousand words ambition. A story like I can't cod, out of that. It is just incredible so compelling when you really look at what happened. It is it's a it's crazy, it's crazy That colleges super crazy left wing, but that's filtered into many
Oh yeah, behind coming there come they're, leaving college guys. They're leaving college You gotta be probably turn conservative, though once they get out, I or yeah absolutely that go back to being rack as their pretty open minded about conservatism in age time, d, ass, the one thing that so good dialogue with other they celebrate diversity. You know right there in the glow of the nice fire where they're burning the books, but, the upcoming book is addicted. To outrage it's available. Now you can pre order it at to Amazon, We tell you about the each letter. These are the people that we called when we were looking for somebody to teach a course really for us. We may be. We asked he to worry to come into my office and stew, and I set therefore on a couple of hours, and we said we wish. We understand this level of crypto currency, but
Don't we don't understand all the ins and outs? We don't understand which countries are going to block. What do you think is going to happen in the future? You got it, you got it, we don't know even how to sell or buy some of these things so he said in our office for a couple of hours about halfway through, I said, would you do this? It is, of course, for the audience, and he had ninety seven percent of the listeners who now have gone through his crypto currency course have given four or five star rating. It's really really good and very helpful if you're interested in crypto currency and all you want to know about blockchain, you want to know how he's gonna come into play. You know Why? You know what are the ups and downs? How do you sell? Why do you sell it I know everything you can about crypto currency Did it take our smart crypto course at Smart Crypto course, dot com that Smart Crypto Court, dot com or call eight seven.
of an back. This is the kind of briefing than that that I got first hand and asked him to to do for you. It's smart, crypto course dotcom. Eight seven seven PD, L back eight, seven, seven p, B, L back or Smart Crypto course Dotcom Oh, my gosh Robert Deniro to Tony said here: EL aiming I care less about than Robber, Deniro commentary about politics and the Tony's? Neither do I There is something that I think is really interesting, and I have heard me problems assume you're going to I have here, so we have to learn about international the hanging
to say I was gonna say that Dino ran admitted to assisting the nine eleven attackers on the World Trade Centre, so be we're getting breakfast bacon. Brunch was a guess. I heard internet for house of brunches is the very first time that they ve ever admitted that they were involved at all, and they did so without any compunction or, seeming. You know, like all, We shouldn't relieve even say this out loud, its international has of burgers and then actually change your name. It is the biggest there they already had burgers on the menu another, also highlighting their burgers so you have to you'd, have to ask yourself which is More concerning fact that around just Piggly Till came out zombie yep, we welcome behind all this. or the international hausa burgers, and I would I have to say it's clear. The Berger thing stay
It has also changed its name now to take em actually kind of I'm interested in. I would actually like a thin cake like that. Like stack on they can establish different facings make a big like layer, cake like thin layer of cake, by pre major stacking on top of each other, like I don T like them to be wholly in that you can make yourself our new partners? maybe it no need the pilot, all chocolate, strawberry, verandah, vanilla, ice open to Poland is a like a cake. That is Is a man lay whenever it is, then I mean Glenn back mercury
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