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Don’t Mess with Our Rights! | Bill O’Reilly & John Solomon | 1/17/20

2020-01-17 | 🔗
Virginians are overwhelmingly standing up for their Second Amendment rights while Gov. Northam is adding fuel to the fire. BlazeTV’s Cam Edwards, host of 40 Acres & a Fool, joins with the latest and what we can expect at the rally on Monday. And a North Carolina sheriff's deputy went on record to say he’ll never enforce an unconstitutional law. Bill O’Reilly gives his take on CNN comparing Trump to Al Capone and his predictions for the 2020 Democratic primaries. Attorneys Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz have joined team Trump for the Senate trial. Journalist John Solomon provides the latest on the trial, Ukraine, and Lev Parnas. And make sure to catch the newest Glenn Beck Podcast, featuring never-before-told stories with Stu Burguiere.

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I have to tell you we have never done that interview before now. And we don't. Even we are so busy. We don't sit around revenues. I remember we don't know a lot of that. Stuff came to us. We are talking about, like. Oh, my gosh yeah there's. So much we didn't get to all my conversationally. We could do we do five hours. Just on that stuff, in a last effort thoroughly as As our. Let me tell you about home title lock, the FBI. I'll call home title lock, one of the fastest growing white collar crimes. They say that in Manhattan it's an epidemic. People can surely steal your home that sounds knots, but they can. They can steal the title of your home. An home title lock, will protect you from that. Its
They are the only ones that do this. No other service does this. They stand right at the vault door, where all the titles are in Amerika. So please just give it a shot go to home title locked dot, com right now, home title locked out hello, America and welcome to the programme where we don't have a lot on the impeachment. Today. The opening statements are actually at one p m on Tuesday, but things have gotten under way and they'll be working all through the weekend. Oh my gosh, we'll talk,
little bit about that, but I want to concentrate right away the beginning about what's happening in Virginia, and Just getting very little coverage when it does get coverage, I think it's mostly distorted what surprise the left is trying to make constitutional is look like radicals, and this is something that is very important that you, oh in advance, what's happening. So you can call me your friends down and explain, what's happening to your friends, I believe Virginia what happens in Virginia, good or bad
maybe the example in the path for the rest of the the country, and we are keeping an a strong eye on it and real prayers for the people of Virginia I'll explain and we have cam Edwards on with us the co host of forty acres and a fool on the blaze. We have him extra in one minute is: is there program. So you know New year's resolution. Are you how you don't own user new year's resolution avian alive? I did the resolve to make one Did you bet I wanted now? Is it likely yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna? Have I'm gonna lose the wait this year, and I know that I said that last year, but I'm my misery. No I'm on it. This year have allowed the pound, but I'm each and moving in exercising everything else eating is the opposite of workers posted it when you know my meaning that they dont remember. I already right.
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left and the right have something to prove the right is looking. For their constitutional rights to be protected by the government and they are being there being in and everybody I've talked to in Virginia says the same thing, it's our fault, but the Republicans didn't get out the vote and the Republican screwed things up, and so is our fault. However, there is a power going in and they ve done three. It's done three things: the Electoral College, their basically abolishing it. Once the Democrats got power, then they ve Chow, in the rules on impeachment for the governor it used to be ten percent of the population needed a sign you no sign a petition and then that would go forward with an impeachment. But now
strangely, for some unknown reason. They move that number up to twenty five percent of the population and they're going after guns in every way they can do this is shaking the constitutional lists in Virginia am I missing anything on this either you it had Glenarm, and I think that one of the reasons why you see this incredible outpouring on the part of God on Urgent Virginia. It is because, when Republicans were in charge of this a lot of people say you know you never did anything like this and suddenly they wanted the didn't work. I think they would put lives matter angry at how the Democrats want
who fundamentally remake this stayed based on you now openly a fairly marrow victory in the November elections they ate window. You know ten thousand loads across the entire state, and some of these legislative races would have completely changed the outcome of this election, but democratic or acted as if they have this incredible command a majority behind them and and they are trying to turn Virginia into EAST California or South New York, I am. The junior doctors are speaking up in standing up in opposition, so cam. Is it just gun owners or is it that are there people there that are seeing this government in view Then you have a true power grab and then looking at their constitutional rights of the second amendment. As you know, according to the declaration of independence, government is established-
by man to protect those rights and when it starts to, but you know, be the the the main problem with those rights the people have, of a right and a responsibility to alter or a bomb shit and the only way you abolish it or alter it. There's two ways: election and God forbid, the last way to do is with your second amendment right. So what is is. Is this is this just about the gun, or is this about a power grab? I do very much started out being a bad guys and envy. The second amendment issue and a gun control agenda rather more than a set of a lot of the auction in the room. But now the legislative session has started. You're right there are more people,
I'll make it up to some of the other, really truly awful bill that are being proposed here in Virginia I- and they do you see this, I think as a broader power grab. So I think that the spark were those Virginia gun honours. The second and sanctuary committees that you and I have talked about in the past, but but now it is, I think, becoming a broader opposition to thee entire agenda, idly Democrats; third, on controlling the jet swine, a guest on yesterday. That said to me that I think he said Ninety out of ninety five counties or ninety out of ninety five cities, something on that have gone again. Then said we're gonna be a sanctuary city. Is that number accurate? I mean. How big is this movement yeah?
is accurate. There, who, I believe, is ninety one out of the ninety five counties in Virginia and we have over forty cities and towns that I'm also ass these resolutions. I think you know, Sadly, in terrorist anything up to one hundred and thirty six communities, the vast majority of which are counties but also includes some of the states biggest eddies Glenn Chesapeake Virginia, I Virginia Beach, they both as per second on the resolution. So this isn't even just a rule. Verses, Odin thing: This is you know that the vast majority of the land area- and I believe now, like you, know, sixty percent of the population of urging it outlines in a second and sanctuary community. So this is a much broader move and I think the most of the media even a credit? What part of the population lives in the Northern Virginia you crystal City Arlington, that that whole
which county that is. I can remember now early didn't Ganny, fair, back scaling. The Maria area is mass it now and that people who don't understand a big DC has become you'd only they sit in the suburbs and exercises in Washington DC now stretch of fifty miles in every direction. I'm a it is a they megalopolis way. It is, Is it is it's an affront to everything this country still for there is no reason for all of these companies and everything else to base their operations. Exe. For lobbying in the night since capital, but so what is the percentage of population of of Virginia? That is actual? just a suburb of Washington D C is a very good, shrunken and I'd say we're looking at closely Maybe a little more Europe has granted Virginia alone, has nearly two million residents
I'm gonna Virginia, which is one country overtaken DC. Then nearly a million residents Athens, William Ghana, which is just to the south there about eight hundred thousand, rather than so. It is a really big chunk of the state So if those numbers are true you're talking about thirty percent of the population, and you said, sixty percent of the population is now in a sanctuary, county or city that only Lee whose ten percent- and we hope that that's its remark well that thirty percent of the population is is being of tyranny? of the minority. Exactly an answer rather than is that you get oh, you talk about elections and using the ballot box and I've never seen.
As in dazed as they are right now? I've and those could have a huge impact on twenty twenty, but I am also seeking some some really unique suggested. There is actually a good while measures and Westward Julia men are proposing to allow counties in Virginia to be annexed. By the State of Virginia. I talked with a delicate area out. We must begin to lose serious about this. There is no reason why these counties in Virginia should be subject to the whims of the minority and or the Virginia. They are much more in common with West Virginia outlet. Let the leave peacefully day. I think the end of the General Assembly will allow itself. You actually have other law makers and other states trying to do for you know. Since this war we haven't talked about these kinds of things, I mean this is this hasn't been talked about for You know, since the civil war we haven't talked about these kinds of things it insane what's going on and the left
the left knows there. There are two things that could lead to civil war. According to a study by the via the Democrats, there two things that could into a violent civil war, one the peach meant and removal of Donald Trump, but before the election to taking away up the the second amendment and taking away people's right to bear arms there doing both of those and they're doing full throttle. What I mean It's it's almost intentional. I I've had those aims he says I add I've been so bitterly disappointed our governor Glenn. I gotta tell you he came out and talked about the need for a civil conversation with and this fact based discussion. I restarted the governors, others on multiple occasions, asking them to sit down
they are on bearing arms Ghana governing for a civil discussion. Let's talk to gun owners, talk with gunners is that of talking down to them. I could get a response back together. Secretary, governor, has no interest in actually having a conversation with the people that he's trying to disarm. He wants us to sit down to shut up to people and it's not gonna happen. Well, here's what I am concerned about came the way He has approached this. Whole thing has poured accelerant I mean this is this is this is arson, and I want to talk to you about that. The way he has positioned the people Virginia that are just they just want to stand up for the constitution, how positioning them as radicals revolutionaries and nazis, and I wanted the
in your opinion on what it feels like on the ground is if, if that is an accurate view from half way across the country back with Camp Edwards. Here in just a second and by the way you can follow him, Camp Edwards, you couldn't find his website bearing arms, dot com and you, of course, see his podcast forty acres and a fool on blaze. Tv just subscribed now are our sponsor car shield. Let's say one day: you're on your property or shooting at some food, because you're, a terrible, terrible terror shot you. Some are another just hit the ground and up from the ground, come some bubbling crude black gold, Texas, T Vienna so on the advice of your family. You load everything up and you get Grannie in their drop chair in the back in your head out to Beverly Hills. I don't
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red car, six thousand or car shield. Dotcom use the promo code back right now you ll save ten per cent car shield dot com, ten seconds station, I D. So I want to give the governor of Virginia the benefit of the doubt, because I'm not a citizen of Virginia and I'm not seeing it. As a citizen and I'm not local, but when when I heard him talk about. We ve got to declare a state of emergency, because now, Caesar coming and they're all kinds of death threats. I interest there might be, but he didn't space, Difficult, we point out that most of the people in Virginia that believe in the second amendment. Are God fearing
a law, abiding citizens that are just they may have a different opinion than the governor on what the guy institution says and to me then seemed like accelerant. Is that the way feels in Virginia? I think you say I do think that there is not a policy believe they're. Gonna nor the movies pouring gas on the fire and led by invoking Charlottesville What happened in Charlottesville trying to push phrases about the tapie on Monday, as some sort of violent insurrection when it not in his lobby day glance a chance tens of thousands. Virginians to go to the capital to lobby their lawmakers. Tell me what ah be day. Is that a is that of Europe? Is that of Virginia tradition or yeah yeah sort of an annual event
it is generally held among other King David, said holiday, and so people can get off work and go down to the cabin and talk a mob acres and you're in years past He might have eight hundred many a thousand dollars they're pretty good turn out, but this year because of the gun. Agenda of its expected that there are going to be tens of thousands of these Virginians and and look what I want to make it clear in time that there's is a movement that become really popular. You do seem people on the fringes. Try, a grab ribbon and use it for their own purposes. Joe. I am concerned about people trying to turn this into, something other than that. It is not absolutely and my concern that there can be people who will try to use this event to seize the spotlight than their own purposes. Here I am but but ninety nine point nine percent of the people we are gonna, be there on Monday and Tuesday capital, I believe her
going to be the same. Virginians that showed up in their country should revise its meetings at their city council meetings to advocate in support of their rights and are gonna do so peacefully they're, not interested. In starting a war there not interested, but they are interested in defending their constitutional rights, they're interested in ensuring that their children and the same liberties that date, and they're gonna be using their voice and down is it is? It is a shame that, broadly speaking, rally, they are at the lobby day on Monday. Again, I can tell you there's gonna be a cross section of Virginia there. You know it all races, colours and breeds. But the one thing they're gonna have in common is their support for it: liberty for individual freedom and in four hours to keep him there. S wages under the salt long ago, you, the agenda, May I ask you a a question of leadership. The people who are speaking, etc etc. Is
or a sense that you have I talked to a lot of people from Virginia yesterday. In some said, there come with a gun, some so they're not come over the guns, but anyone did they were coming with their guns said we are going to we're gonna, be back behind the line, so we won't violate the law, is a sense of no matter what happens on Martin Luther King Day, we should follow the actions of Martin Luther King and if somebody starts a fight, we'll take the beating Somebody's trying to arrest us we'll just big will go peacefully cause. I want to show that we are not the agitators as you know about gunners- and I think that the only as weak or so a lot of the boat you are attending. You stand the options? We understand that giving them more wants to betray us in the worst possible that the media, Eight and a bedroom
given the opportunity, and so we now but the deck stacked against. As we know, this is not a level playing field I do think that there is that awareness among alive gardeners that that, yes, we have to be good ambassadors for our rights and our cars, no matter what the other side night row is. America has not really paid any attention to Virginia, so This'Ll be their first exposure. If something goes wrong, it'll be everywhere and image is everything, and if, if the car, institutional list are calm collected and their taken beatings from not Caesar edify, which I don't think he's gonna happen it they win if they look like there, the instigators or make it just do something like a big UK. Even break lines, you could even go and help your friend on the ground with Martin Luther king. They were so discipline, but that's why they one. Can
in so doing the law abiding citizens that are coming out in droves. I think you are the state capital in Virginia, as these people start to gather, for you and all of the people involved. I think it's going to be a peaceful movement and I think what the virgin, in so doing the law. Fighting citizens that are coming out in droves. I think You are setting the right example so far for the rest of the country, because I think you're a guinea pig programme. While you d want to talk about how difficult things people against embarrassing. Sometimes it's awkward, but you do have start your doktor when you have actual medical problems and if you want to deal with something, that's difficult, you gotta make that call gotta do those things. Well, those things are difficult before, but with Roman, it's easy to talk about it with a real doctor who can prescribe.
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Welcome to the programme, we welcome to the show Mr Pat Gray from Pakistan least not cast that you can grab on anywhere you fine podcast, but also at blaze, tv you can watch him. Do it live on blaze, tv and blaze. Radio right before this programme airs welcome. Pat thank you. My good to be here is it as if it isn't Israel down. Yet how do you feel about the how you feel about the impeachment I'm excited about it? Yeah man? I love him. I can't I can't hear enough about it. I can't talk enough about it. I can't watch and cant watch a lot about it. I am actually going to be watching the trial and I'm anxious to watch that. I am too because that is somewhat that's where this thing should turn. Yes, it is their doing their job. The Republicans
that's where this things? Well, I will tell you this. I read in a bed, peace that you know they have to vote on the witnesses and I could see Mitt Romney could do voting for all the Democrat witnesses and then saying no to the whistle blower and all those guys. I could see guys like living in in Utah. If he does that, I I think I think he may be done in Utah anymore, be I've. Her hair stood him, yet he is a big big name in Utah and and and really well liked and respected up until he became senator right. He may be done already made some big mistakes. Now
underwater and approval ring, which is incredible. Tat is incredibly does incur. I mean for a state that put up with Orange hatch off good God. She ever forty four forty years and this time I think, they're, looking at him and going if he's this bad now and what will he be like in forty years we gotta get rid of this guy while he be a hundred and seventeen and forty or so of past. Probably hey live till twenty thirty and who know, but this latest thing I'm I'm fascinated by the fact that withholding aid is illegal. Now, that's the big talking point for the democratic. They got that from the jail from the government accountability office in, and I just so I I was fascinated by that, and then it turns out that there are some even worse news going on the National Association. A terse has declared that being a lying, scumbag is also illegal. Really, yes
Adam? She is going to be arrested disaster in my GOSH by the real to buy the realtors by the network, who have just as much power as the government accountability off. Then there is an organization with even more power than the International Brotherhood of the Moose or Moose lodge those guys their most people is constitutionally as much power as the sheriff. That's right: yeah yeah and the g o J yes, so how about the Gmos that Gmos don't you're into this. Real well rely mass alacrity that was really sue. Sorry and I'm not talking about just any of the local chapters of the Moose Lodge I'm talkin about the National Moose love. John our quarters. The national. Whilst I mean you know their practically the municipal, so it's a secret society, I'll. Do anything you know it's so amazing that the democratic run with his GEO stuff, whose gotten I've got no power to declare what legal and what isn't it
How is the president? How is the President not allowed to hold back aid, my kids either, but I can't collusion of charge of foreign relations, but if the if Congress says money needs to be spent in a certain way, the president can stop it. The issue to me here is that he did. Spend it. Why did you do that for many years before receiving any more of that? Let's not argue that, because in two weeks this programmes going to change that argument We have, we can't wait documents and some information that make this whole thing irrelevant really it in its shocking longer it shocking. Is it written none unholy
no pad. No, it's not it's one of the radical than that really at around on our own cause. A hotel name was on the note that no, what did the no pad say saint reaches so easily you're. What I have something which is clearly a relic from us saying why? But I do think that is something that is important like. I would not like, for example, of a republican Congress was passing bills. That said, you had to spend money in a certain way and the democratic President was saying I'm not gonna spend it that way like there's a reason why there that none of the purse lies with calm power, the purse does and how should? However, the power of statesmanship River resides with the president, so the president has a right not not coming, he can do it through executive order, but that's extra constitutional and down and not popular
he could do it in the United States and say we are not going to pay those things for plan parenthood or we are going to spend more money with plan parenthood and allocate it differently than what Congress in Congress would then have a responsibility to go to. The president's say scares me, Mr President, but we just voted again, no gate. They have a right to do that. It sketchy inside the country. I dont think he has a right to do it outside he would have that right. If, if the Congress of the Congress said hey, we voted last month for for aid to the Taliban when just making this up in the aid to the Taliban and then something happens, and the president has new information. He can stop that aid. He probably has to go to Congress from, and I think he eventually reach has to go to any seems like the president
is that he has wiggle room as far as the timing, yes and everything else right there, which is decided by a thousand times right. Why don't think this is applicable? Sonatas particular said you can't just stop it for all time and say screw you right, but he can stop it. And say? No. I have my reasons, I'm stopping it for right now and if they don't like it, then they have to go to work and say. Mr President, we are good move on you. If you don't release this aid, we're just going to vote again. And then you must do it right and it seems like Vegas dont like his reasoning, which of course is what this whole thing is about. Well, that's you think it's because of his personal political benefit. He saying it's about our national interests and that, of course, where the mole dip debate is so really the gene
more, doesn't seem to have any teeth at all known to have been I've anyhow and they don't let it doesn't make any difference. In this argument, we need the Democrats are using them as the be all and end all or not. There are obviously not in, and the the question is too: does the United States have to give aid? Now? I don't know who this was a bill that that was passed, because The first I'm hearing of it. If it is, I think, was inadequate funding. May I think it was in a five. You just wanted money laundering as ignobly. Don't we pass bills anymore? I know we don't do standing, we let s do these gigantic bills and they thought Dan right, one fat. It was assigned to be given to Ukraine as as foreigners. Yet but real, it's remember, the Democrats are all like they ve got at this foreign aid. He had already given foreign aid cases he had already given them. What part of the use of the money that promised he's holding back on the second,
I'm no military, eight hundred million now, but he had already given military Previously s went further and Obama, and the Democrats refused yeah, titty, to a crane, any aid. So this idea that suddenly, oh my gosh, they have to have when they were at war with Russia. The Democrats refuse to give them any aid gave them blankets, blankets, which is amazing yeah, because now there acting like- and this was a big put- a very nation at peril- what doesnt blankets each year? Yet this height breaks down at two different parts for me, which is, I think, the trunk. What the troubled ministration did. Is completely defensible when it comes to this sort of process. However, I dont want to get on the argument at the side of setting a precedent that President's get to just say no to
yet, as I bet that concierge exactly- and I think he has the right, I think certainly for for the widow room of timing and in all of this, in its best and my unprecedented, that this has happened with every president Adopt happened over and over. Energy. I want you to remember the word and when I start when I give the day that we release this information were just buttoning it all up. Now it's coming next couple of weeks. I want you to start that break before, I tell you what it is with the word timing, just say tall about timing, the president as a right. It's all about timing, just remember that, because this is a non issue and I have to tell you if Mitt Romney and end,
a few of those republican senators don't stand in the way. All of this stuff. I think we'll come out about its very possible that Mitt Romney and those people vote, for you know all the democratic witness the witnesses deem serious yeah Hunter Biden. Not Syria there's no reason for not theirs. They it well I'll, show you in two weeks- and I want you to know that I've written this on a post, yes and I've written on the posted note, Saint Regis, so this is It has the power of the constitution. Now why this has not been since all about timing. Ukraine funding is now constitutional on a sea, Regis say predisposed that no post, why are who knew he was alive? I posted notes were I've already by an interview on Rachel Matt out tomorrow, night
you know, while you're sitting near the man, can you check into that because this may be. Why he's a saint? This may be before three M made posted notes. This was the first one and it just magic. He stuck to things, oh, my gosh, why? I think that's why Saint Regis, as well aren't. You may I love a stop. Yeah make stuff stick yeah give me what I'm going to reveal we'll stick. It will I'll. Stick is this on a special this coming year we're gonna do I specialize we're not waiting for the special were waiting, because we just need a cut. We have two things that are blockbusters already. We want to add a couple of other things to it: to expand, to show you, ah how people knew probably everybody. This is what they are eating it. They are in collusion with the press and
It's it's it's criminal what's happening is criminal. Does the most lodge nobody? Well, I will do this. I got it from the Elks all why now hissing too, but we get all the updates from the Moose Lodge and the National Association of Real tours from Pat Gray unleash street and get all the shows now on Youtube for free ivory debt owed? Was you too, but general you tube doc? I re unleashed. I mean shadow, please I gotta get to a commercial. I want to talk about shave, secret shave secret, it shouldn't he a secret you to save money. It is the way to shave you shouldn't shea, with soap and all of the pics bearing the lather stuff. That's a marketing gimmick! What you need is shave secret, and it is a it's an it's an oil that you just put on your face. It's really good for your skin.
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h e b, Wegg Men's Amazon or shave secret dot com, but try it you will not. You will go back to anything else when you're shaving shave, secret dot, com, promo code back back really cited this weekend soon. I did something we ve never done before. We we did a podcast together. I interviewed him because he's got a new show that Sir Launching- and I just want to do- you get to know stew more than you do in and our history together, we ve never when disgusted affair are
not really, and it is really funny very interesting and if your fan they show at all, this is a pod cast. You don't want to miss if you're just gonna lose or warm fan tolerated. You know what I mean: because tolerate. I asked you to do for me all the time just tolerated a bill arrival is coming up in just a second, I want to play some audio of a a Sanctuary sheriff enough Carolina who is tat. Into the city council about protecting the second amendment. Listen to this. I just want to personally and publicly go on record supporting this resolution before us this evening. You no gas. It is simple. Like a lot of a mixed said. The constitution needs no, no explanation, it
an enforced for several hundred years. Now, it's easy to understand says what remains. It means what it says in the last time I read the declaration independence it it. It specifically Roma, All of us were endowed by our creator with certain in aid Annabelle rights, which means guy, given among these likely. Pretty in pursuit of happiness and the governments or instituted among men specifically to secure our God given rights, and it says when government becomes destruction today remains maybe when they go above and beyond, trying secure our liberties and trying to take em is the right of a people to alter or abolish government either by voting or, ultimately God forbid, the use or second memorize to predict, or so from tyranny and on his desk and all we all do you, madam,
join our sister counties of Wilkes Surrey, Stokes Lincoln in charity, and get on board with his bang and publicly demonstrate to us We will end up whole and honour the same overtook when I put my hand on guys word and his mother hand up to him and swore give my life to depression, that constitution and I, I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but regardless of what you do, don't do. I'm not gonna enforce it. Constitutional law, but interesting, is everybody cheers in that room, but he's not going for cheers that he is right. Please just stating the fact, this is why you really after no and support your sheriff, because the sheriffs they don't answer to the governor they don't answer to law enforcement. They answer to the people and to the constitution. So
you gotta be in the right county with the right sheriff. If unconstitutional, I start to happen. It's up to the sheriff to be able to defend them, and to stand with the people, and this this sheriff from Davidson County seems to understand that clearly, and I tell you everybody everybody within the sound of my boy should memorize the first two pair drafts of the declaration independence because it's all there it's all there back in a minute would billow Riley Belinda. No really is coming up next.
I can't wait to hear his take on the on the news of the weak, as it is extensive. What's been, what's been happening, what's the biggest three to you. Not necessarily history would say it's the impeachment but yeah. What's the biggest story this week to cash there, so many areas near the impeachment you have the debate. Slash election were only a few weeks away from that governments are to release their their models of of the mighty, far election and how it's gonna play out with to me, serve a fascinating thing. We were just talking out the air, but this australian fires thing, which is a huge story, and I'm I'm riveted by this, because the data, seems to show that law area in Australia has been burned in almost than almost any season in the last twenty years, but all
hearing about it, how this is a climate catastrophe, besides the fact that it was sent by people, its appears that it is then me, but not man made global warming are using matches Ben arson and you know you should look into still the same thing. I think happened with the Amazon that Amazon's area was huge and when Turned out at the end, not so much in the fusion attainment. Phil O rights. You may remember that Mr Obama once publicly oppose gay marriage is administration, deported record numbers of foreign nationals who are legally entered the United States compare To the left zealots today, Barack Obama could have.
Old in four Sean Hannity- and I think he's actually pretty right, I want to talk to us about why. The Democrats have move that far. More importantly, to me at least is Why is Barack Obama? A guy we know, is a a radical who did want the fundamental transformation of Amerika. Why is he suddenly? sensing themselves from some of these policies will start with bill, o there and impeachment in one minute that combat programme. I can't wait to hear him talk about the cat fight. That was the democratic debate the night buying or selling a home. It's really big task, both physically emotionally it's one of those. You know it's what is at the top three. It's
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estate agents, I trust dot com they'll. Hope you find the right agent to buy your Tom at the right price and sell your home at the moon The amount for the most amount of money and with the least hassle it's real estate, the agents. I trust dot com Mr Bill O Reilly amiable winning journalists, blah blah blah he's, got lots of books, blah blah blah, and he is now on his own, his own website, where he D his show bill, O Reilly, DOT, com, bill, o dot com stir bill o what a week it has been I gather that really happy to hear you have Jackie on a programme later. If I may Jackie Gleason fan, so don't mess with him. I like Jackie, Gleason and what people are now. Is he never rehearsed.
Almost like you back, you know what he was doing and we got on the air and then it was quite clear here he will. He was fantastic, aright bill. Where do you want to where you want to start you wanna star with impeachment, must start with the debate. You want to start with maybe genes are now you know. Why Brok, Obama is doing this and moderating himself idea, let's start with President Obama, because that leads to everything each man and the saw do very logical thing here. Unlike most weeks, Obama no is or thinks he knows, that Armageddon may happen in November. For the democratic party. That's where you and he's not alone, this guy
nervous, you heard on CNN cassettes, were his guys live. They work than jobs than Jones yeah. What's his name, a guy with a mustache Randal Obama's campaign, was in a way out, but anyway, I part They see also act. Excellent you think I'm a guy in a black top hat, with a curly mustache That point of view. I could I actually like M o. You know I've known him for four years, but smartest of the crew Human Podesta, much from the DAS visa requirements guy, then that this is not looking get at this point. Even with each man, even with the media or that saw Morocco what goes. I don't really want to be tied into this radical left movement. I think you're making a mistake assessing him. He is all about economics. You'd, nodded
social impact, Barack Obama. If you look at em outside of the drug use, pretty Standardized guy not be not back comparable he's not a socialist. Boat and about their now. Looking there now looking he is an income redistribute her teeth: socialist, ok, yeah and his wife is even more so we wish you much more socially liberal in Prague Obama, I don't mean about social, I dont mean I don't mean necessarily about society, I do mean. Changing the culture of the country and fundamentally transforming it. Those are his words and her words, but they are they are for american standards. They used to be radical, they are Socialists, but there are now looking there now, looking like you're right, Shaw, inanity look there
He tied in the Obama someone be tied in with a drastic defeat. That's where you type number two right. Therefore, ass if links into the far left. There is a link, their eyes, like labeling people, there is beyond reasonable doubt, but there and by the US for two years on Fox NEWS, but you were busy the. Prevailing wisdom of the far left in this. This is why they do what they do and say what they say that America, is an evil country. Yes, I from the very beginning of the FAO fathers, father is slave holders. This has been an Country run by rich white guys who have screwed everybody else and because that now it's our time and we have to change
everything to punish the white guys. The patriarchy. All of their assets in money, and this includes corporations a Wall Street and give it to those people whose ancestors were exploited. If you understand that and it is no doubt about it. If you understand that everything you hear from Bernie Sanders, Elisabeth worn and all the rest of them makes perfect sense. The inn redistribution policies abroad, Obama make perfect sense. Problem with it is that number one most american, You don't believe that right and number two wherever the socialist policies have been implemented.
Had turned into totalitarian disaster direct okay. So those are the two problems that we start with the far left. Now. May I ask you this question Me Bernie Sanders now in the latest. Pole is, I think, one point ahead of Joe Biden. This thing is: free for all. I think you good head to a fractured you hi aware that an annual international, real, clear politics, average bidest Olga comfortably alone, national postal really mean much when you're you're talking about the primaries. But let me just gives hear me every second If they go to a fractured convention and they need it, broker her. They need to broker a new deal. The wonder obviously call on Israel Obama and the Bombers are positioning themselves and back,
to the centre and looking like they're, not part of all of this think that plays a role in any of this possible. People who know Michelle Obama, who I know say that sincerely does not want to do that do not want to run for private. Ok, so I see it's more of a Bloomberg play that Bloomberg Obi hovering around. We'll tell the democratic power, you say you may not like, because I'm a rich white guy, but I can beat him so so you don't have anybody else. Let me be the nominal so Bloomberg is playing the Rudy Giuliani strategy from a few years ago the G o p and putting all of his eggs and Super Tuesday hope that I think that there is a different winner in every primary going I was in.
Commanding, leave her out Bloomberg knows he doesn't really have a chance to get. Is not delegates to win he's doing two things. If there is a broker convention there, he is and even if there is a nominee, it'll, probably be Biden and bite and will give me Secretary of State Secretary of Treasury does would Bloomberg want is a guy. I think that the split up convention thing led to some possibility, for you know Bloomberg in this we know sort of fantasy world are you he is always salary. However, maybe it'll be there because he's not really consensus candidate for the for the left. Bloomberg what he might be Oh is an alternative if Sanders weeps. The early primaries and bite in the campaign is a shambles. You know you have but there is an alternative to a Bernie which there is a good chunk of the Democrats. Who are they actually don't want him to be the nominee
they take almost anybody else and he's got billions of dollars to spend. Is there a possibility, therefore Bloomberg job call? The democratic party if they give it the Bloomberg all a far less progressive raising- and I don't think I come out above a billboard. Either could be wrong and, alas, one but I know the progressives will not buy into his own business media that props up the far left doesn't want Bloomberg either. Although the New York Times had probably we locked it way, get behind him so this is the latest from Doin from the washing examiner Bernie Sanders. Supporters in Iowa are warning that a lack of enthusiasm for Joe Biden would bring the same result nomination of another milk toast Democrat that did four years ago, electing Donald Trump. They said that if they, if the Democrats go with, a a bland centrist they stay home and the
the Sanders supporters are the ones with the most passion there also for this left concerned at all bill about some of the threats that we learn from project veritable this week from some of these some of these people on the Sanders campaign that we're talking about? You know Chicago. Sixty eight in Milwaukee I am not concerned about civil unrest on the left. What I am perplexed about it out any American could support Bernie Sanders I just can't imagine I dont know anyone, personally and I know thousands of people, most of whom all talk to but I know them I don't know anyone can support him, two reasons. He said very clearly. From the very beginning of the campaign that he would wish.
All american troops from the Middle EAST, so an ass by the very astute wolf Blitzer. Hey. If you do that, to school reconstituting, kill thousands of people as it did when Barack Obama did exactly the same thing in a rack. Do you not remember that, and do you not fear that ISIS would reconstitute course didn't come anywhere near answering our questions. She went back to Vietnam for little lecture and then to the Iraq war. For other little lecture, but instead following up. Mr Blitzer didn't, of course he didn't, because if he did follow up He wouldn't have the swat in the debates in and would remove him right. All he had to say was with all the rest senator you didn't come close to answering my question. Isis will reconstitute they'll kill thousands of people, they try to attack the United States. What are you
Gonna do about it and burning words lies with everybody we'll get the allies you dont some stupid billy like that. The second thing which is even more intense. Is it Bernie Sanders? Was repression, the United States and did manage to control the Democrats, the house in the Senate. There would be a deep impression, those countries that have recession? Depression are right, there the mass massive flight of capital out of the United States, because people in court operations that have assets are not gonna. Let Bernie Sanders and the Democrats take was ass. We know this from the the, partially socialist government in France. When they went for taxes like Bernie Sanders is talking about they had to rip, you'll it within the first year, because France was collapsing, people just left
They move their money out and out with that, that would make, plants. Look like a boy scout young eating. They were geared, we all twenty two trillion dollars. Well, what were people holding their dead? Do I want I want I want to give. I want to give you one other reason that you might vote for Bernie Sanders, and that is your a fan of curb your enthusiasm, you're, you just don't know, that's not Larry David and you think he would be really funny are back. If Bill O'Reilly here, just a second. Let me take one minute to tell you about the exchequer. The very first thing that early man ever did and I have some good authority- is sit down. I've a long day. I've been hunting, you know too, and a source rex and I'm tired. Ok, can you just give me a break before I have ask about your day and is ever since We ve been trying to find comfortable ways to sit down the way God intended
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states breaking out in the next couple of weeks. Impossible implies. I you know it's impossible. You just can't predict. I awoke Here's kiss seventeen people voting correct right, it's weird and then, in a couple, my bed night than before in the Superbowl lose loser, manage your right. So noble about two ammunition. A party run thing dominated by really weird, so weird system so let's give Bernie I'll give it to him. Are you win it by the old three votes the thirty seven then I go over there, to New Hampshire, neighbouring state of were Bernie allegedly lives, and I think by me pull it off in the granite state abuse I too statewide boat people
after you that some radical yuppies up there, but nothing like Vermont, I mean if you can't pull his own region. That says something yeah, I'm gonna give Biden and I could be wrong. Obviously, I'm gonna get him New Hampshire than I swear down to the South Carolina out to Nevada by animals. I've Carolina, everyone knows Biden will win because the african american vote there that I think by will probably went as well as people out there. So you know the radicals are really not going to help us very much out here. So we'll go with the reliable Jean Louis? That happy that happens. Biden is on his way to the nomination and, as I say, it did very early on. He would get it because it the Democrats and we go back to Barack Obama. Here they know that if they run sanders are worn, we're gonna, it's gonna, be a George Mcgovern situation
be a landslide and people are gonna. Lobby would stay home to the prom trump has, and I actually told them to the present. What I had dinner with em about five weeks ago is that key people are put off by him, not not by us. Policies, if you're a mainstream american- and you have a retirement account here, really well, if you have a college fund for your kids are grandkids that way up, and you want to give all at Do you really want to do that and then wages Working Americans are, you know explosive now in this cycle and in is a calculation that voters will have to make some got a really put off by Trump, and there are millions who we'll stay home they will vote for.
Crazy socialists. I talk to me about the debate. Anything you thought was really miss that needs to be. We went over the the ISIS woke Blitzer yeah we went over that sorry the other thing in the debate and I tweeted at the low Riley's a tweet or but wait for my life nerves, so they don't have to watch it it was a seventh debate and did you learn anything back? Nobody who did you learn nothing, you now nothing. So I'm is I do I have to watch another, episode of STAR Trek although I think the guy that I think the episode with Lincoln in the lava rock would be great if you got the lava rock on stage like how many mash episodes can I watch right. So I did
in four about ninety minutes. When I learnt nothing but the Elizabeth, Bernie Sanders thing with me. I then France is reporting because, of course, approach doesn't want to report back so what happened there. Why, in one minute, is why telling the truth? A private discussion with Sanders. Two thousand eighteen and Sanders had something to the effect that if the woman, it's a nomination Elizabeth, you better watch out because drop is gonna, go wind and the republic you gotta go when it was not a sex are saying it was a political calculating strategy. Yes, less aren't so desperate to herd Bernie. She made it as such, Staying got mad, but I didn't okay. So there the reach call each other, a liar, the progressive press, the media hates and that was the only amusing thing. Ok, I have-
Questions do and I have been debating all morning. I think you can answer and then we all go into the impeachment with bill o Reilly. Just a couple of minutes standby year, lessening back, there could finance incorporation and then, unless one, two, three four W W W that animal S, consumer access does or I would you just look at yourself right now and look at your finances if one of your mere resolutions this year, if he will was to be more, financially independent pay down your d, to save more money this year. American financing is the key to make that happen. If you own a home Austria financing your your high interest credit card debt will save you a ton, a ton of money if you haven't
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Similarly, it is coming up again here to cement with more analysis unit a bill, o Reilly dot com and get it every single day that this is based on what he called credible, serious threats coming from, in many cases from hate groups from outside the state coming from militia groups. He also says what there's group for pines who do according to this intelligence, was to disrupt this gun rights rally. That's gonna be taking place on Monday. So what did you do as a result? He's declaring a state of emergency goes into effect on a Friday. It will end on Tuesday. He says. Not only does it include guns
but he says it also includes sticks as well as chains. He wants this to be as safe as possible and look all of this taking place in the backdrop of what happened back in Charlottesville back in two thousand seventeen. You remember that unites right rally. Allow the protesters who showed up there were armed. You remember, law enforcement was in some ways criticized for their response. Remember young woman died when other high white supremacist ran over her with her car. They don't want to see a repeat of any violence, and so whether trying to do is trying to get ahead of this by an act in his temporary ban. Of course, the temporary ban is also absurd. A number of gun rights advocates CNN, trying to make gun rights activists lumping them in with Nazis and anti far at a traditional day to go lobby the the legislate, sure in Virginia on Sunday also the CNN at the same time, compared last night
Donald Trump to Al Capone and Billy the kid where the bill O Reilly Bill CNN just continues to double down on their strategy of no trump at any cost. Ratings are big cut. It Lee in half their days that I had higher numbers, I headline news which for people watched this is This is a publicly traded company with fiduciary. Responsibilities that I don't care what you believe when you're doing this to a company: your shareholders. I've got to be upset. Why is this strategy there waiting gaiety into which step in you're right, I mean it's a disaster on every front. Everybody knows that the overlanders destroyed. Now. And
now. I cannot answer that question. I know the people over there. I know they're fanatical left us. They hate Trump with passion that I've never seen. I mean what next was bad. I remember how much do you, rather low Richard Nixon but I haven't seen anything like doesn't mean I didn t just took it over and you would think that they were gonna, make changes in, say alright right, maybe whirl a left wing network, but we're not gonna be a joke what it is it's a joke- and I dont know why anybody would would bother again the ratings Bernie Sanders. What why would you bob put it on you not to learn anything going from motivational step standpoint there bill, I mean they were always a left wing network. They not This is crazy, so now would lead. Why are they doing it? This way what's changes is
the networks have always been left wing, I work at CBS. I worked daisy see as news corresponded yeah they ve all been, but they would they would not change. The fact or not seek the fact. If the facts hit the minute They would report the facts right now. They will so how it all Narrative trump is the devil. We up to destroy him find stuff that will prompt that narrative up and we'll go back. The Wolf Blitzer anybody. Seven year old and eight year old in a in a classroom would have said the follow up question you didn't answer, What I say is gonna reconstitute. How would you stop it? He did not do it. You can't tell me that were Blitzer didn't know. That was the natural follow up. Of course he knew, but he is fearful
he knows he won't be the debate moderator if he does stuff like that and that's what you have over there The White House is announced that leading the team for four or try in the impeachment. Try, in the Senate can STAR and Alan Dershowitz does Tell you anything about the president's strategy at all. Star is effective. Through its is, is a play to the west. Easy saying, work. Even our Dershowitz, an avowed liberal, from Harvard believes. This is nonsense. That's what P r thing obviously frame of reference off the chart rise. He went through it.
He can raise points that, while I mean this is what happened in quite new, not doing the same thing, and so I understand both of those so actions. I don't know whether I would have gone at way. Who would you have gone with where the best people? in very soon eight times they have to be able to explain it to the american people to go, You say this is a beer violation of our electoral process, I'm in the Wall Street Journal today, written by MIKE Pence outside the vice president, when it goes over how the exact same thing happened to the immortal Andrew Johnson is that the north, didn't like drew Johnson's soft we, Destruction after civil war policy had splitting kindly they trumped up.
A charging get em out right was a political play. Everybody knows that is easy. Actually the same thing with no difference, so I would- why don't you know I would have avoided somebody was very down to earth, may be still My name, is aware, Had him go in and say look. This is what it's all about, and I think the american people know that anyway aren't so. Do you believe that they are going to vote for witnesses, because I could see Romney snow vote? before you know new witnesses from the Democrats, but then at the same time the whip, blower and Hunter Biden. I can absolutely see. Mitt Romney gone, oh! No! That's just out of line! He can't do that. Romilly can't do if Romney's gonna go and say I want to hear from acts who may know something about as Ukraine situation and then some
We also all right. While we want to have a modern position there in Ukraine, one they can't say no yea came nigh, won't that that would destroy him, in Utah, I think he's already on that road. I don't think he's a stupid man. I've maybe I'm wrong. Maybe We will be. What I anticipate is a circus of circus so lay it doesn't even come close. What's gonna happen next week, grand standing all day long yelling screaming this allegation that allegation on and it is all theatre, guerrilla theatre- that's what's gonna happen next week, so in all Mitch, all much better. You I'll take one of those little red bulls in that area. Anxious to see how the president handles that if they dont make their case he's not gonna handle that he'll just say we rest our case. I mean look at that. I I did
and they're not allowed to speak so there It be shouting back and forth, but I do expect Wednesday at oh yeah, yeah, yeah The only way is how many bathroom breaks there. Are you? Ok, the old, so what they emit. This is gonna, be interesting. I think engage in return below Riley, dotcom honestly about it, but I don't see it is no fundamental way, gets removed. So it's all about these people in the Senate and they're gonna play their crew. I find it I will be disappointed, but I understand you know, take a win if you have a win but I'll be disappointed if they don't call witnesses on Donald Trump or if it is the least they don't actually go for what this story is really about, and that's the guy.
Adoption of the Democrats in Ukraine and that's that it is all a cover up for that, and I am anxious to see how, president, handles that, if they dont make their case, he's not a handle that he'll just say. We rest our case What about I did I'd say next week the president's personal device may break may shattered tweeting so much his is going to fall off. You know he's not gonna sit with recommend him doing that? Yes, for the first time, for that This time I have told them all you're at times do space you're getting hurt by these. Wait. You must discipline yourself. If you read the United States of drop, you see it. I prove it, but not now. He's the guy there trying to smear, he used a guy. They trying to overthrow
He ought to show out wage it mobilized. Is bays and an also presents independent borders with. This is a sham you even allow your country to be hijacked by the New York. I mean, is that what you're gonna do? Allow CNN and NBC News to hijack our republic because that's what's happening, none of this. The play of the media hadn't gotten behind it. It's a media play, policy and ship and all people know they're being made it. Step hours by the progressive media that in what they're doing it, there's no constitutional basis. What legality for doing it so trouble. Just go, go and expose all all that, but you have two or three people there to correct the spellings. Yes,
I would agree with that bill. O Reilly, the author of the United States, a trump how the president really sees America it's on sale. Now you can also subscribe to his is commentary. Every day at bill, O Reilly Dotcom bill. Thank you so much now. I guess all my pleasure. You back now, while Tom I get to the end of this commercial, not one, but two houses are going. Broken into, and things are. We stolen and people's lives may be endangered. Those who live there will remember, for the rest, their lives. What it feels like to have somebody come in and Rob rob you of the things you love, destroy! Your home violate your your castle. If you will simply safe is the answer I believe on. How do you change this? One statistic one out of five homes has security, and and every I think it's twenty or thirty seconds the sum
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dot com. Go there now simply safe back dot com programme it's going to be interesting next hour, you don't want to miss it. John Solomon, formerly of the hill, is the guy who who who did a lot of the work on it, was really happening in Ukraine. He
is a multiple award winning journalist. He worked for the New York Times. He worked for the post. He worked for the AP now all of a sudden because he saying now this is what happened in Ukraine in our they ve got to investigate him, etc, etc. I think he is a true and honest: order could be wrong, but everything we ve seen from him checks out. We have we have looked in wouldn't verified these things ourselves. Ok, he's on next he's gonna be breaking some news and I, like modestly, don't even know what it is, but his His latest stories from John Solomon are pretty intense women, Well, it's a little bit about the left partners. Did you see what Dave Jake Tapir said yesterday? I did not about that. Do we have that? nobody chant Sir Jake Tapir yesterday yesterday saying. Let us remember
sky has zero credibility here, yet I heard he be. You say the same thing. They are Surprisingly, I give immediate credit effort from several places that they're saying like look. This is stuff that might be worth looking into their big allegations, but we should not just take love harnesses word that these things occurred. This way an end and mainly really honestly, because what we want. Looking at you're looking at a guy. I, who is facing federal prison time, and you don't think he'll say whatever he has to say you don't think he'll cosy up. To anybody. He asked a cosy up to two Will they get a lighter sentence or even Every sentence dismissed. You know, or somehow or another. You know a friend too the year to the Congress, that's possible, not saying it's true, say it's! it's more than reasonable. For a guy, was slippery dirty
we said the same thing when Wren Rudy Giuliani was Wino, saying hey. I got this. You know contact just having a contact from from this guy and being introduced, is enough for me to say, while valets, let's really look at everything this guy's, really dirty really dirt air does in that way, and it seems like he's he has all sorts of lawsuits pending against him in a he's famously started. A company called fraud guarantee which is now seems to be the opposite of the thing that you want. A guarantee I think it was now I'm sure you ve noticed over the years air over. There has been so many facts, that of its role to Robert. He fraud guarantee He was the name of a company that he is involved in and it was support,
simply basically like a protection against fraud, but it kind of came out as, like you just guaranteed, to be defrauded, which is a sort of a funny anecdote arrived at this, but he INA he was peace, bits of minimum The time sees at all sorts of credibility issues here and you see that he's a type a guy who attaches himself to that. I'm administration or Giuliani whoever it is when he feels like that benefits, and now he feels like Rachel. Mad cow is gonna benefit him, so is attaching himself there a lot of people. Taking him at face value but set? There has been encouraging that some people in the media have been showing the appropriate doubt right and that They have to do just if you dont trust, you ve, FI when it comes to him, you verify your lessening Glenn,
Do me a lot of fun very excited to get started on that we ve been doing a lot. I was on a bench period. I gotta go. I really get away. I saw you Chad, Prater yeah was great rent beset Danzig. What could intervene? You got anything hopefully I did wrong something. Maybe MR big I saw about ten minutes in particular that someone alert you to back. There was a red flag, but no presenting you, I'm a fan was a fan such was Evanna yours that go with bench a beer. You should listen to get his guitar. A ban on his radio show gonna with answer will count Assyria show today, which would mean Van Ness Avenue man. That's what it shows that, like my wife likes more than then she ever would like. Listen to me. She likes now I've a thousand. She was saying my wife would always say it here and
no honey noise or go my show. Did you hear my show now as a standard? Can we find it ain't that sir? That's that's great. We have John Solomon coming up next year. Some breaking news on just keep using it as an example is at issue is generic example Ukraine and we'll talk to him about a peach when it so much more. Next, the future payment and Enlightenment America and welcome to it is ready. We have made it through. Week. Let's just make it to the end of the year, shall we impeachment has been going on. The trial starts next week, we're talking about
possibility of new witness is made Romney in total jerk and saying I love. I love these witnesses I don't want a Europe for many of the hunter There's no reason to have him talk around. The actually you just keep using give as an example is at issue, is a generic example. Are you trying to? Is he actually said he so now and now he said he would also always have a set of relaunch. I'm thinking how Ya Collins he is Romney is is open to to bring some of these these witnesses. Opening hearing witnesses to I am too but he's the kind of guy that aircraft do. We do very witnesses and not trump witnesses. I I I would here, the same fear. Yes, but I'm wondering if it's based on evidence are you just say. Generally speaking, you know, generally speaking, I dont trust one another at all.
At all and Collins and Macao ski inadequate plenty of names, Mitt Romney, add all right. Just him, I'm your, but its primarily Mitt Romney up. This is something else going on here that I'm not picking me wrong. So anyway, wills talk to John Solomon about the impeachment new Things coming to the surface and update on Ukraine in one minute made Do I need to see more all right. You want to make a big into your house, you been thinking. I should do something about these curtains or drape serve the shades. Shutters blinds whatever now Now is the time to act right now. It blinds dotcom. Now, through January, twenty Eightth, you can save up to Forty per cent on everything it blinds dot com. We were gonna order, some additional stuff just a couple of weeks ago, and I said now, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, I know
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frictions do apply. John Solomon is Award winning investigative journalist. He has worked for the washing impulse to Washington Times. I think the New York Times AP and the hill he now has a new website called just the news: dot com- just the new, whose dotcom investigative journalist, John Solomon, who is the centre of much of this. Scandal in Ukraine. Welcome to the programme where the guns. Thank you, you want to start with any breaking news. Any news I do is a matter of fact. Just a few minutes ago, my friend of the South Eastern Legal Foundation, in my father, lawsuit seeking Records of contacts between Ukraine prosecutors in our embassy in Kiev, the Us Embassy in Kiev,
These are some of the contacts are at the heart of this impeachment trial, unwrap really the focal point of my early reporting on this there that there were, this functional relationship between the frontline anti corruption fighters in Ukraine and our embassy, and that's why I wrote the story that I did. I put a boy in seeking open records request for this information, common so today, with the help of South Eastern Legal Foundation great law, firm here in D. I filed lawsuit to try to compel the release of these documents. I think we'll give us tremendous in I didn't know what was going on between Ukraine, prosecutors and the. Machine, all sorts of issues from the Joe Biden Breeze. My questions two other anti corruption cases that were going on at the time, ok, so so what? What what is your got say that they they will show or prove well My reporting shows from I remember that Ukraine prosecutor, who says that they were the United States government
pressure Ukraine prosecutors not to pursue certain cases, including a case against the George Soros funded non governmental organisations are not profit and State Department officials confirmed to me before that story. That gather did go on and on at some of the testimony their impeachment, where they acknowledge that the State State Department knowledge with pressuring Ukraine prosecutors not to pursue certain people. I think we can learn a lot more about what motivated those contacts who those people worm sort of communications were going on between the prosecutor's office. In the at the time we had a man, a foretaste going on. We had questions about policemen, Joe Biden. There is an active investigation and sixteen like to know what was going on, what sort of function would sort of communications who was politically involved and bout when we're done. We're gonna learn a lot more than what we know now so John. What do you expect or
hope will come out of this trial when KEN Star and Alan Dershowitz, in the Trump team step to the plate in private. Wait ten days from now, yeah, it's better ones. The stories of our just like the beginning of the Russia Collusion Story right and everybody was certain. On January, ninth of twenty seventeen that the Christopher Steel Dossier was Osborne. Oh my god, oh president, was an aging Russia and three later we learned out that all of that turned out to be, but the most important thing about politics in and about investigations is others. Two sides to the story. There's two pieces of evidence: right now we ve only seen one side of it and I believe in the trial will be it begin to see a lot of different new pieces of evidence, for instance, if the then it was interested or so concerned about corruption, where their specific people arrive.
I'm president's events give the new ukrainian president that he might have been concerned about. Was there a specific cause or pause that that as the administration to hold off giving them money until they can be sure it was sold to spend right and those sort of things we haven't heard from, and I we're gonna learn a lot about what the intelligence community with the ECB I can Treasury Department community was telling the president- and I bet the stories way Mark. Located than the narrative it out in shape, is well wasn't so far, so We do know now that there is somebody around the President of Ukraine that trust is worried about: her was worried about a we have that evidence now because of the a massive land sale that went to George Soros in that case, from somebody who pressure the president to make this move who is in his if he will cabinet who is v
very close to George Soros, so Isn't that kind of proof that these people are still around him? Well, neither is a lot less than they were all. There was an oligarchy name calling my ski who used to run Peabody Bank, the large bank in Ukraine, and you can go back can any timelines, and, looking back in the summer of twenty nineteen in the fall of twenty nineteen, the I am ass, the Europeans were raising their hands and we were really concerned about column whiskeys returned to Ukraine around Zalewski. There are sorry the figures of people who played in Ukraine in a big political and economic interests, the source of the collar moist visas are chaskey. The guy raspberries month these are legion, the main issues and what we do we don't know and what we ve been blue, to all this time was one the CIA? What was it and see? What were the devil? That's what we're the european allies telling to that? The president. I suspect there is a much more complex
paradigm that was influencing the president's decision. Then, oh, I want an investigation of go by and by the way here is the most important part to remember about the Joe Biden investigation. The brief investigate I know where Giuliani Julia with advocating, for we see that, Baroness, with advocating board, we know it came up as a the discussion in the cab, but everybody, MRS, is very important point before all that happened the Ukrainians on their own, in February of twenty nineteen and margins. Twenty nine p m Ukraine announced that they were right, opening the investigation. A brief, my It has already happened, so people know maybe they know, maybe the embassy to tell the president, but the investigations, the president couldn't pressure investigation that had already been opened on its own organically, because brain and came up with new evidence against Mr Doe Chaskey embarrassment and that investigation
remained ongoing today, so it started in February and still going on today, riders reporting in December that it had been expanded. Team more serious issue and had been previously reported that keeps getting lost in this. Impeachment drama and I think one of the question- the senator those girls have the answers. If the accuracy of the State Department knew the president with seeking an investigation, didn't they just tell the present sir, you don't need to worry about it. It already has begun. There was a real gap of him. Nation merit. It appears from what we know we saw these impeachment with us to? We knew the president wanted this and not a single one of them appears to have told the present sir back in February to ready happened, and I think that's one of the issues of the tripe gonna have to try to resolve what do you think of this left parnasse stuff? but I have a lot of knowledge of web site in in, He was one of about fifty fifty five people that I worked with as I spent over eighteen months working on the Ukraine story,
I met him through my journeys, wonder why don't you join Victoria dancing at the time had drafted up. Most of the story that ultimately had been Weena later were published in MID March. The mid may most of them had been drafted. But I had this one problem. I had all the documents in Ireland people on background, but I didn't have any Ukrainians on the record, and so when I talk to Joe and Victor about my concern as you do, when you are general stocking about my boy review and things you are they. I wouldn't know you're working on Ukraine staff. We have some business there. We have a guy, a fixture facilitator, interpreter, namely part how about we introduce I'd better. He could get to the sort of interviews that you're still lacking so late. They set up a meeting. I I reached out. He said the guy about you. Do you know any video I know, and I have been trying to reach the prosecutor general office. All I gave a list of about seven or eight people and very quickly
to prove that he did know we knew in and he was able to arrange Mr Lukashenko, the prosecutor. The attorney general of Ukraine in several the figures are looking forward to talk on the record on camera, so that everyone can can look in their eyes and see what they were saying and hear them on the record, no anonymity, no anonymous stuff, and so you in that respect, he was helpful he added motors his own interest. He had business interests, I knew you worked for reality and we were for lots of other people. He told me he worked lots of other reporters, but in surprise me, but this That report is due on a daily basis, but you get when you working in a foreign country. You have what we call fixtures till it was on the ground. Could you not in Ukraine full time, and so you have people that have contacts in the end. I could you get this person to talk to me in, When that happens, I one of the things that will hopefully will become public every, I'm a polish arranging av. I always went through the press office of the official government agency. After that self he opened the door,
I still want to be official channels to make sure there were no side deal so unusual behaviour in and in all those cases I put those interviews out. The videos are public. Everybody can see what happened beyond that that that's what love did for me, and your promise. He had some issues in his back out when you're dealing Ukraine, you meet logic, Oliver characters, even one of em yeah. I want. I want to talk to you, hotel. What really Giuliani told me about him and then I'd like to get Europe. Europe best guess on what one what's what's happening with him and the president in in him with the with the left income John Solomon investigate reporter you can you can find his work. He's he's gone and done his his own thing. It's a new media outlet, John, the news, dot com, just the news, dotcom back in just a second limited about term nets, wheat
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of course, he's a shady guy and he said. Look when when you're in a foreign country, and especially country like Ukraine and Europe, looking to find out the details of the underworld. You're not gonna, meet all of the finest people, and he said this guy just like you said I used him too. You know these other things that were going on, but he had Rudy we're doing you. I generally idea that Rudy the. What is the the text, messages that work that have been shared this week. Any idea what that was about I don't I mean really listen to a lot of text messages, something about my efforts to report into and to get see if he could open up doors for me to talk to people. That's the reporting that goes on every day and another gives anything untoward about them there a think he was involved in that I was unaware of the time I never heard about this monitoring effort of the ambassador.
Although this guy was the congressional candidate, it it'll clear to me and early on love partners, and I talking to you. What motivates you do to me work on this with me and he said the that's a very profound statement in- and I will say this too, when I download them, I found to be professional. He didn't do it untoward even suggest anything untoward. He was a character money garrulous, but never had any idea that he was involved in any criminality or anything like that. He would get a team. That's pretty straightforward got to ask them. Why would you want to help me on this, and he said I watched Ukraine for twenty years. Either fighting corruption and we go to the same cycle every two years: the prosecutors name. Two years later he deemed grab me name, another prosecutor and corruption never gets fought in and right now in my, country my Dungeon Ukraine. I see-
real dysfunction between the embassy, the prosecutors and what we would call the FBI, Nabob, I want to help you bring that delight, because at some point we got a fix it or every time we spend money in Ukraine were putting it down a toy. So he had a very impassioned view in his view, was very identical to what I been hearing for six or eight months from Ukrainians on the ground, and when I did the interviews with you the attorney general, some of his top deputies in Ukraine. They said the same thing, which is relationship, is so bad with the embassy right now. I'm not sure we know how to fight corruption, and that up. To be what motivated him in helping me, these other things what's going on, but he had Rudy we're doing a general idea that Rudy was doing his own investigation in Ukraine eventually, after my story, Randy shared his findings with me, and I was grateful that he did, but I think a lot you everybody in Ukraine as an angle, everybody and Ukraine has a motive- is a cup country where people
our endemically, corrupt and- and I was aware that I said so in all my stories- tried. My heart is to make sure no one motive. No one angle with influence the story. I stuck to the facts when, when I got these prosecutors on record, I went to the state department I took ten days and waited for the State Department to give me So I think the reporting was influenced by it. But what were you know? What's he do? some things, I think we have to figure out what what exactly was doing. It didn't effect my reporting, but it certainly entry. In the middle of this impeachment that it suddenly services either Democrats begin to make their case. As a journalist, Howdy you deal if this is mere now, just coming across him. How d you deal with IE, you know the oh, that he wrote in the hotel. And and his new you know testimony now on television, at least that Donald Rob was up to you know my guess, no good
and he knew it. How do you deal with that? Ah, you very person have to answer for the kind of what I have to answer for my stories were the stories that I wrote in March and April. Accurate somewhat, but I'm what I'm asking you as as a respected, in my opinion, a respected journalist, huh, or do you handle this now. Would you be reporting this the way the press is reporting this now? Are they being responsible where the funding lot appear that partners who said a lot of things about me in the last twenty four forty eight hours, that a single news outlets that's reported other things, even com, to get my side of the story to see. If it is true that tell you something to buy her nature reporting tame. It's why we got it. When I say we, the news You got Russia wrong and why they probably have a lot of the Ukraine story Wrong now. The way you deal with these things as you, you listen to eleven, you right inside story, but you also go talk to the other people, the Victoria Dancing's in the Joe,
the generals in that on Giuliani tonight. For months I kept watching that people say I just agree. Stop eroded is the other way around. I wrote my staff and unruly gave me the stuff afterward right. You can confirm that with ready, but no one in the press even cares about timetables. Facts is there had restless crazy part of it India today and we don't get things right and we let our american public down every time we do so. I've got about a minute, so I need a phrases quickly. The hill said: they're gonna do an investigation on all of you sayin. It was widely reported that you were, under an estimation of the hill then we hear nothing about it. Did they investigate? Did they do anything? Did I don't know why I haven't heard from him? I will say this: it was my idea incursion to do so, because I think when people look at the facts of my story, everything's gonna be fine, but so far I don't know anything more than within the public pirate. May I come from. Is that what I report it was accurate than this balance that we have the right context. It had the warnings about Ukraine being corrupt
I think anyone instead went and my response to current lieutenant colonel lieutenant when he attacked my reporting, I just for all of us John Solomon, it from just the news: Dotcom, that's just the news. Dotcom John Solomon we'll talk to again american finance incorporation and they tell us They do three W W W that animal, less consumer access dot. Org aren't. Let me take on american financing. It is a family on mortgage company that has been helping people for over twenty years. I've known them through the last ten years. They are the real deal. They frequently save their customers up to you know a thousand dollars a month or or more than that they have an ape Thus, with a better business bureau over four thousand Google reviews, when you're doing a reef eye of your loan when you're buying a new house you
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a the protocol, Glenn saved him? Bucks Welcome to the one under the programme, the Glen Back Programme, we're so glad that euro you're joining us today? Thank you for listening. It's been a it's been a crazy week for us here for me personally, my father, I'll, just an update. My father lodged TED another test today on his heart and labour. Liver biopsy, but hopefully you'll be going home in the next few days. The best we can expect, I think, is happening right now
airy on an update from the doctors yesterday, my my daughter, Mary, is some add you t medical where she is has undergone brain surgery, the first of probably too and the technology is just remarkable and what doctors can do today, is is truly remarkable. We got some good news from her yesterday that they have to do another kind of another. Invasive test where they were involves, putting one side of the brain to asleep. And then having her awake and talk to her and have her move and then they wake that side of the brain up and put the other side of the brain to sleep it. It's it's crazy, crazy. What they can do today, and was, You can consider going to Venezuela
get the surgery committed- seems like variables such urea was booked Cuba. That makes a lot of sense, but were actually now praying for the surgery that would require a full cranium enemy. And I know that sounds crazy, but they they think that term They might be able to give her at least seventy five percent chance of a cure on epilepsy, which would be life changing for her, Update on Jeffrey. I was at the hospital left my daughter's hospital I went crossed the Jeffreys Hospital, where he just tat area. Gallbladder removed, he had gallbladder. Something else that you know
Think of in your body. Was it was involved and of so many of his organs have tried to escape its interests and see them remove this one has yet this one was practically jumping out of this body, and I got the list of the things he can eat. And he's almost suicidal. That's there's nothing on that- that now thou your gallbladder, you what you might like lagoons, knots Don't let me bring much Everson now Maria, I mean it's, it's a horrible diet, but it'll be good for him. It would be good for him but he's in in good spirits, and I think that's the end of the hospital updates, but please keep Hang for everybody, and and and thank you so much for the prayers you ve already offered now stew. Bounced earlier this week that he is putting on a new show
and the new show is stew. Does America it is a it's like. It's like the daily show, a tremor Oliver except funny, John Oliver, Emily not and he's a general issue, and also I would ya Trevor. I mean I've been Trevor. Noah turn. Got a driver here, combining the two names die again, I I've blocked Trevor, whose name everything wow is at an unfinished buddy. Will air on on blaze, TV and Youtube. You just have to oh subscribe to, seduce you tube page, which is still this may be construed as America com. You get all the links there. Okay, so just subscribe and you can watch it also podcasting get it if you listen to pack ass. It are you listening to this as a passport. Subscribe as well. Ok, and so tomorrow, on my ipod cast, I'm doing something that we ve never even considered, and we ve never even done personally with each other, and I
took the podcasting ninety minutes, and I Just interviewed stew about what his journey over the last twenty years. With me, because the twentyth anniversary of the radio show this week. They say I yeah. We over a lot of the big news stories of your remembered, big stories that the show has bitten. Oft in how the show kind of game, gather initially basically, the all they'd behind the scenes that you can think of yeah and we got to about half of it, and it was an interesting conversation because I found myself right. Lee curious about what's stew had to say, as I had no idea, I ve done so many things like we're. Just talk about it off the air. I have no idea. What he was think in or where he was, or or anything outside of a decision making meeting when we decided to go to fox- and we were talking about and we went to see an end. None of us wanted to go. We didn't want to do we
That was a bad deal at first I went kind of against my will Stu, was really like. I dont want. The cable news is not where we want to be. Let's just be funny, and yet yadda yadda yadda and I dont know if it was thing or a bad thing that we went to cable news, but we did we did here, a clip from the podcast that you'll be able to hear tomorrow anywhere you get your d podcast, but if you're blaze, tv subscriber you can get it right now, it's a fascinating. Ninety minute look the behind the scenes, Here's what I tat the to what did we learn? What did you learn from CNN and that experience listened to his answer. What The biggest thing you learned first from CNN. Well, you know it was interesting that we even got tired. I mean I remember thinking there is no chance that was actually happen and
put us on and I was you know they were. I bought a house if I'm not mistaken before they made the offer. Yes really that's true, we are happy about that by the way that was really exciting. For us, that was that's the way every move happens, Glenn makes goes them via house before. I could in Amerika were now. I guess we have to go home there. Oh yeah, I mean it was because it we would. There was some conflict internally. I think at that point as to whether a cable news, was the right thing now, I'm in wheat, the show is doing really well on radio. We were growing quick, you're pretty well known- and I remember thinking my cache Rielly a cable news like Rennick on there and do this thing that everybody else what you're supposed to do? We all hang there, but none of us really like the idea- and I think I think it s looking back in retrospect incorrectly because it was it was a way to it really did change the level of your profile. But we change it yeah now at, because you did something different when we knew we were gonna, do something different and we were gonna do it unless, unless we could
They want to go in there and do the same old, blah blah blah talking heads tat. The thing so when we wanted to see an animal remember doing things that were, I help, help shape my undressed of the media in a way. I don't know that, like the audience necessarily owes connects with not like, we would do things on the air at were really basic knowledge for the average talk radio listener, things that were like ok, remembered this quote from the sky and bring them up in passing and was fishing when we first started. We would get her from standards and practices which, like the branches CNN, this is interesting to me. Most people me I'll, even know this or believe this, but I was on the floor and sometimes it would take us two or three hours to cut an hour along show ya. You should be able to cut an hour long show in about fifty men. It sometimes took us.
Ray hours ago and I was never privy to the stalls yeah. I would just be told break. Computer, are you know, breakdown in the control room? This is happening the zebra. Don't worry we'll catch it, but you were actually The control room was set standards and practices along with all the others yeah nice down that worked for mercury. That was the smartest thing we did that. We're having to have these battles and they like I'm really basic things like we can focus on talk radio like there there's these certain things will become Part of the conversation in every one sort of under Sansom you'll need to explain them every single time and we'd make points, and they would push back on them in like do not, No, this do not know those persons at this and that really that in life me into the way the media actually works because elections, they don't know it.
Would you know? I really think we should do a like a dock series on just some of the things we ve learned in the media, because none of us have ever talked about it, and I didn't realize it until this pocket yeah and what we all learn in. What we all saw, I think, is. No, it led me to the I swear, I said at the end of fox this whole place, meaning New York, media, all gonna burn down. All gonna burn down: it's not real! It's going to burn itself to the ground and That was one of my real feelings of we ve got to get out of New York media, but We all learn so much that the american people knew really what we have seen each of us. I think I think they're, understanding of why you can't trust the the
people to repair themselves that the media will never ever repair itself. It will never he'll it won't. We won't. Turn, the other direction and suddenly go. Oh, my gosh, get it we're out of step with the american people. It will never happen and an I'm thinking about one extensive, long trial at sea, an end that involved one individual who was very party in a very vote. Oh in the building about how much they hated me are. You know you know, I'm dying about the I'm sorry about that. I decided a couple times at a couple beating well the end. They ve hens still here and is never going to know, but in my view that in the end and once you know that piece of information, darts to unlock how there always going to behave- yeah. I don't do anything. I saw them.
At the time would have preferred would have led me to believe they would go as far as, though not on the last couple years, no especially the way they fought against me yeah, you know it, but you know that that they They were fighting against me because I was a rational- and I wasn't based in fact- and I didn't have when we were- we talk about in this special- how much better CNN made us, because they made us prove everything. Yes, we got to Fox, we didn't need some areas is in practice. It was so easy for us and- and we were self policing ourselves- which was a great great advantage, weird things about going through the process- unlike working at a CNN like fair their people- that I absolute love that meter with their mental dealt yep Angelo it's amazing that you ve got to see how this goes on and it's easy to come to. Think of these. You know us innovation like that. Is this, like monolithic, there's, a lot of
people there. I guarantee it and some of them that I actually know for sure feel this way that sea It has gone off their rocker recently and they don't look at it the same way, and that is like It is a it's a weird thing, because you think about this a lot of times. You see this with conservatives and there's some like a liberal who sent you leaves the organization and gets promoted by the media. Those things surly happen the other way, but those people exist there there and there look at this, even if they're not conservatives are just like. This is crazy, like what happened to you. Trying to actually bring the news and not bring an agenda. We went over this the CNN App one day. I went on there in the first, like twenty eight worries on their list were all things negative about Trump. Like I look, you might not like the guy. You might think he's a bad precedent, but there's not another news story to cover in the entire world other than Donald Trump and things. You think he did the wrong way and I can't be the way that this has to be,
That's not just us feeling that does little people in those buildings feeling that we are. If you are a subscriber to blaze, tv just go there now you can find tomorrow's released podcast today, if you're a subscriber wise tomorrow, just YO, where every get podcast subscribed to the Glen back, proud, podcast to be able to download it for free. And it is well well worth your time behind the scenes. Twenty years of talk, radio and my career with stew all exposed six months We should point out that we are fully closer in the episode. I'd say you said, exposed not fully exposed just that we, so somebody turns it on speak for yourself, sister party. Let me, let me tell you a little bit about next year. Is the chair that I got my wife or Christmas, because that's what she wanted. She asked for an x
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Who Plymouth lost in New York, Philadelphia all of the history all the way to Gettysburg July fourth weekend if you'd like to participate, Glenn back dot com, slash restore our. I decided we yeah more than life itself. You ve gone through lack of a heck of a week. I can't I can't tell you how much how much I respect my wife and what she I two she puts up with it either haven't have em leave in a crisis situation have em leave for a week. Then your daddy appreciate, I think
then for yourself a little. That's not normal, for you wait a minute here. Listening.
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