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Due Process, Even for the Worse? | Guests: Katherine Harris, Rabbi Daniel Lapin & Andrew Heaton | 11/15/18

2018-11-15 | 🔗
Hour 1  Michael 'The Zilch' Avenatti ...arrested on domesticated abuse charges...he's 'disgusting and offensive to all survivors'?...the media is done with him...'use and discard'...even the worst like (Fill-In-Blank) should get due process? ...Italian food with French desserts?? ...They're Here?...migrant caravan have finally made it to the US border...now what? ...Will CNN/Acosta's lawsuit against Trump hold up? ...Glenn's has just realized he's turning out like his father?     Hour 2 Wanting to like Monica?...A&E 'Clinton Affairs...Monica Lewinsky considered suicide after affair 'jump out the window'...does she has the right to be forgotten?...Europe is kicking around law ideas to 'erase history'? ...Deja vu Florida recount 2018 with former FL Secretary of State, Katherine Harris joins...sloppy signatures may disqualify thousands of votes?   Hour 3 Anti-Semitism & George Soros with Rabbi Daniel Lapin...College Students: Ben Shapiro "Shouldn't Have Free Speech"?...the idea that there are lots of civilizations...Facebook reportedly used anti-Semitic attacks to discredit its critics?...Secular fundamentalism rules the day? ...The highway to hell with Andrew Heaton?...stairs found inside the Egyptian pyramids ...MercuryOne.org/M1Ball...picks a winner?

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home equity loans and they get to keep the money and you have to pay, for it is a disaster you dont want to deal with. It also do it. We both of us have now done now home tied a lot for petty today they have, they put a barrier around your homes. Tail in mortgage still take care of this. It make sure your protected it. Your hundred dollar search free with sign up at home, title locked out cause its home title. Lock, dot com he's got there now get it out of your way. Out of the way home title laughed out, come back. Ok, are you out of all the president, old candidates that could run for president and twenty twenty four. The Democrats, I'm. I'm just thinking that of an obvious it. I think, he's a. He's. Probably you might want to take him off the list Democrats, I'm sure you might want to now I am all for. I am all for fact, I'm pretty yup teachers for him he's the crew
report lower lawyer. He is he's the guy that has been representing but not only Stormy Daniels, but also The worst of the worst in the Cavanaugh hearings day- that's that's this guy, he was arrested yesterday afternoon, in LOS Angeles and the reason why he was arrested, gonna make it maybe there's some kind of invisible force out there making sure you know either irony or maybe even karma- is receiving its daily, offering I'm just just say: Michael everybody was arrested for the mess violence now, the alleged victim filed a complaint on Wednesday, but the incident began on Tuesday. The woman involve it is said to have bruising and swelling on her face and was picked out of everybody's LOS Angeles area Apartment Of a naughty was heard screaming this
be ass. This is effing, be ass. She hit me. First. Ah well. She hid you first II I don't think the whole she hit me first line is gonna, be a good strategy used in court. You might want to rethink that one. Oh, he already has. Now. I don't know if the media, specifically CNN and MSNBC you're gonna, do any May accomplice over the next twelve to twenty four hours, but I highly doubt it had become the oven ADI Network and the pr wing over the last eight months. In fact, from mine, to make the two networks have at a naughty on or one hundred times he gave one hundred and forty seven interviews on both cable and network tv. NBC Host Lawrence, O Donnell, actually said quote, Michael Abernethy is becoming my co host, I have to say,
now. This is you know this is before he dragged Julie, Sweat Nick into the limelight, to attack Cavenaugh, and I wonder if this I teach the networks now that's been any time even thinking about that could be a learning moment, but it won't be speaking of Cavanaugh you after we have to hear this twitter exchange between one user and ever naughty on October. Fifth, it said Rob cabin I will be confirmed and its Michael Avenue Bodies, fault seriously that's. Whenever naughty replied quote, you are right. I should have turn my back on. My client told shut up and stay quiet, because people like you apparently believe assault victims are to blame for this our thinking is disgusting and offensive to survivors, yeah, and that's all remember she hit him first
others. This today here is your statement that he made last night. I have never struck a woman, I never will strike a when I have been an advocate for women's rights by itself their career and I want to continue to be an advocate I'm not going to be intimidated from stopping what I am doing. I am a father to two beautiful smart daughters, I would never disrespect them by touching of woman inappropriately or striking a woman. While I am looking forward to a flow full investigation, at which point I am confident that I will be fully exonerated. Is the white men? Ok, So white man saying this: this is the oppressor saying this and in the court of the naughty you know the hashtag me too and public opinion nowadays that court, you know,
holding him to the standard that he helped create is this statement that he just made not quote disgusting and offences? to all survivors. Are we? not supposed to believe the woman. Are we I'm supposed to immediately deem him guilty, as Accused run him out of the public square, make sure that he never has a job again, but he could never ever have Good name or even a chance to defend himself. I wonder if all the men and women screaming at Cavanaugh and the joy though, senators and elevators can now see the Pandora's box that they actually They wanted open do he hit this woman. Well. Witnesses say he said this is be ass. This is bs. She hit me first.
Now he's on the record saying I didn't hit her. Is it possible this woman just made this up. Yes, yes, it is. Is it possible made that he hid her. Yes, Sit is should he judged Jim and condemn him and burn him at the stake. Oh my gosh I mean my hands are shaking as I try to keep the match in the box. But we wait. And he is innocent until he is found guilty. We have I presume that he is innocent until all of the evidence comes out, proving that he's not by the way, I'm not telling you anything new. You know this, I'm just making sure the record is very, very clear on where constitutional IST stand, where Americans stand The media to hear it very very clearly,
everybody is not guilty we're. Saying that he is a spouse, abuse abuser, a girlfriend abuser o of that he the violence against women. We are Saying any of that now I am saying that he's a scumbag saying that he's really really shady, but that doesn't mean beats women see. This is how it works. And when no one else will lead. I guess we will lead you and I will lead we had to do the example. Do something extraordinary here: something wrong. I call let's wait: for all of the evidence, wait for all of the evidence to come out before we convict someone of a crime that doesn't mean We don't role our eyes. We don't laugh. We don't say wow there, is a god very.
Such a thing as karma, but We don't say that kind of revel in it a little bit but far, destroying a man's life on this. Now I don't think so avenue even the worst get. Who process that he deserves, but I doubt, neither he nor any one screaming for Cavanaugh head. Will realize exactly what just happened, it's Thursday November fifteen. This is the Glen programme. Still you seem a little. I don't know what the word is. There's a german word for it seemed to be celebrating. I'm I'm glad you through there. The idea that maybe he's innocent until proven guilty, because that's the principle I did, and I know that that that's what you believe
I don't know that everybody on the right is feeling that way today and it's sort of way hold its business. I know that's the principle that keeps me anger anchored. That is not the way. I feel the way I feel. Let me just say this: when I saw a news report I did say I did say that, and I still feel that way but I am not willing to let a mob surround this guy and destroy him. Based on these allegations by star the fact that he is a scumbag attorney based on the fact that he is b is built. This house of Cards- and I think this goes- we were talking about this couple of weeks ago this, I was who he really is. I think I'm in this guy kind of just appeared out of nowhere. We don't know who this guy is. He just appeared he's an attorney he's a very successful upper, easy
I mean to go every report since be going bankrupt. He can't easier kicked out of his office because you can't pay the rent right. I mean it all. Just l point to the fact that here's a really desperate guy, who saw an opportunity to make a name for himself and it doesn't mean that that's what happened when you see the clients that he is being pulled in and what he did with Cavanaugh and how he spoke with such a surety- and I think we know- obviously we I hope, This is some terrible person who is trying to take him out with false allegations, because if that's not true than someone got hit- and I don't want that- Well, our ears: here's not go further than that here's the ultimate scenario here, this is a dirt bag woman making us else, charge against the dirt bad guy. Yet, and the best scenario is that She goes to jail and he learned his lesson because now
oh he's on the other end of people saying look kid he's he's abuser. He he is somebody who likes violence against women we you can't have it anywhere near children or our society whatsoever, and maybe he's feeling that a little bit today going jeez. Maybe I shouldn't do then neither spoiler Lord, he won't pronto. That's what makes it so frustrating that's what makes the the give me that says it made me almost want too. The sheer it on and embrace that, because you know no one will learn their lesson, but I think Avenue bodies a small part of the story, because everybody is a giant zilch he's a nothing He means nothing to us too, with this country? He is giant zero, the problem here is: we all knew he was
a giant zero. The second he got on television the first time and these cable news networks put him on big, make one Lord sort. Also he's basically my co host. He was, and he was a cause of every show on CNN for about three months ago every single ridiculous thing. This guy came up with this. Trotted out him out on tv with the idea of the ends. Just by the means sure this guy saying crazy stuff, but its helping our cause, which is to take out Donald Trump and and Republicans. I'm not gonna go names here, but you remember: we had one guest on my factual one guess that one time and he was post to beyond with us for a while, and I had never met him. I had my opinion, but I never met him and I sat with him and he was supposed to be on for a couple of breaks. He was on for one break I've just was so crept out. Your member, I do a camera who it was, but anyway so crept out, and he was creepy off air and I did
I don't care what he would say and he had great stuff about. President Obama, I mean he was he. Just say in everything that would make you feel good- and I It said at the end of the break. Thank you so much for being on here if the room- and I looked at my staff- and I said, never again- never again, not that person in any source or anything. I don't care. I don't trust him nobody's when you do that now, because what the wind- and that was the out. I mean this- ridiculous thing right, like they obvious we had contact there. Some rational reason. You could theoretically believe someone stuffy set about Stormy Daniels right, maybe but the issue with sweat. Nick was so patently redeem you from day one every by the way there all saying it now
they're, all in all, we knew everybody was. It was a dirt bag it when we first met him all. We all knew that. That's that that dig, this wetness thing was was nonsense. When we first then their eyes, you run it right. They all just ran with it, then, because that then they needed it. They wanted somebody was gonna put this over the top and get Brett Cavenaugh Life ruined and they can get his Supreme Court see thrown out with the hope that they could win the Senate here and you thought eighteen which, by the way, if they had handled better, they may have and they instead did the ends to find the means calculus and through this guy on and let him lie in, lie and lie and lie and lie and lie every day every show over and over and over and over and over and over again barely any questions to what his story with the whip with a cup a notable exceptions they let him do it and this guy is now revealing. Who he is is either just this he's, never Democrats, abandoned him now because they have realised that the cabin offering hurt them
and they dont want him anywhere near their race because they all want to be candidates, so they use whose them during the cabin offering they use them during Stormy Daniels when he was valuable. Now he's not he's gone, but what you know what he did LIVE in California, so high. He as somebody else who is really really lonely. Who's been kicked out of the bed and thought they were surrounded by friends. He and Doktor Ford now I'm cool your because would you like any of them now. Nobody on their. Nobody on the left looked at those do at all any more. It was less than we heard anyone to talk about how she was assaulted and how serious it wasn't. How needs to be followed up on it was it. Was it about cabinets cedar. Was it about the assault? Because if it was about the assault, you could still keep going after it. Amber there's, no statute of limitations on felony salt in the sting were the supposedly kurd they could keep going after. They can cooperate with the police you'll do not care. Not. I don't care about her and all, but because they didn't believe her and
also didn't believe Michael Avenue body they. As to use people and discard the and its despicable on both sides, because they were both using each other earlier. Are here's? Are you know? There's I mean there: do you wanna talk about no loyalty and and yet no loyalty between thieves They are really the kind of like a help me rather the banks and as they get the money they shoot, the other one in the head I mean it is hit. It is the worst kind of game, violence in Washington, alright, sponsor five hours exchequer, I don't need your extra are still very comfortable Glenn every day. Thank my exchequer with improved the situation in the studio quite a bit. It still forty four degrees below zero. Unfortunately, extra can't solve that one, but they can solve you. In comfortable in your seat. While you're shivering,
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Making sure that prove the world right with it with a partner? I think I think, for instance, it's great when ITALY and Germany get together again for a dinner. You know to mean Germans can make good. You know good food. And while no, no, they get the italian, make the good food may crappy desserts, but the Germans make cuts be food but make Delicious deserve a neighbour in the alcohol and bring the alcohol and you have wine to start with the Italians beer I mean, but you don't want to combine those two on anything else, just dinner just dinner. It's why my wife and I get along so well. Can they do the deed we're just gonna send each other the food? Could they over eats it to each other, because I really want them in the same raphia maize. Don't turn up now Here's another a prime example of people getting together China and Venezuela. That's great writer, looking to get anything that could go wrong. The general sow and rape us were another to grow.
That's what he is in a raper It is something that army wine steal, it isn't neighbouring. Yes, thank you did they. It is a I with ears. I would describe it to join I ain't corn muffins. Bun shape, like you, like a hot, a hamburger by my group. There, too, like circular cornmeal, yet been like a corn muffin ten of the and then they slathered with butter. I love this and they grill it on side, so it's nice and hot and crispy and in the middle they dump whatever you want. So like the one that was my favorite version of this just a cheese one and they dump it sort of basic was it a giant grilled cheese made with corn muffins now is not an authentic does should have sure, but that is the one that I ate and it was delicious and I've got my way. One more would have been dead, ok, yeah, sorry
so we don't need mean to rub. You know the noses of you know no food in Vienna in the Venezuelans faces here as do is describing the you know. It sounds very delicious, then I'm sure the people used to have a button. Call China coming in and they're gonna they're gonna help and they're gonna help Maduro. He said he is he's reach out to China. Any said: hey, I of your new monitoring system that you're doing with your citizens. Can you help me because my citizens are starting to get a little out of control? And so now China is bring technology over to Maduro to help keep the peace on the streets of Venezuela, This is the Glen bad Programme,
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and I will will bring it down. You do that mercury, one dot, org slang, M one so path. I know conservatives didn't really think that this veto caravan thing was anything we're just tramping it up for Martin upon for the election and once the election happens, we're never gonna die alone again, because we never talked about it before now. Never have every day for about ten years. Right after that, we never spoken to care about the border and all right. So yesterday, something very interesting happen in fact something that sea and an inevitable c and already else effect. Shepherd Smith said: what's it going to happen, Oh it's months away, hundreds and hundreds of miles away the letter that happen all of a sudden climate offence at the border in San Diego. Yes, well, hey, that's great!
course they weren't gonna climbed offence, because they were all here seeking asylum and they were just gonna. He admitted because our asylum seeker Right- and I noticed all the mothers with their babies- are at one time a man, the business climate scientists, the large rise. So anyway, this this game in the caravan had happened. He buses well, Yesterday's was, I dont know how many, but there were four hundred people in the buses. Now the caravan it's about to arrive is twenty two more buses filled with nine hundred more. People and then there's three more caravans bowed. Let me ask three more caravans behind that now. Let me ask you this. This finally not an invasion force, not this poor, oppressed people that just have no money or influence at all.
They afford the the buses and its miserly areas they were standing o is staying one other maidens, whore hotel, yeah! You want I dont. Where were we? They get the money for that. Maybe that's a relative thing. A nice hotel in tee o on could be eight dollars, maybe by maybe s over eight dollars each dollars, eight dollars yeah. So the other thing is they don't have any connections and of course we learn from CNN that Mexico's gonna stop this before it happens, except for ex ago The federalists, loose state and federal troops them to the border, though, is convenient for them, so they had a a a law. Enforcement production. Ten escorts, but my understanding was that these these caravans were hundreds of miles, hundreds and hundreds of miles and
accurate and then no there at the border. Now within Diego tolerance, illegal border, San Diego, is hundreds of miles from where we are they met. It may be that it is that, in fact, I was hundreds of miles away from where I so that we really have to worry about Ballade agrarian. They feel brought this up. Of course you were fearmongering. We were mongering in in fear, and I I don't know the person who is afraid of these may be parents. I dont know anybody whose actually scare Gimme some kinds of concern than they're, not they're, not illegal aliens, their illegal aliens, their illegals, women, ground. Here you inactive notes. Something lawful You come in here because you want to be a part of our country you're not trying to political point. You want to come. And add to whatever it is that we are doing here in Amerika that you can't find any place else and you ask
for permission to come in, and hopefully we say yes and in it ass immigration. It has to be that way, no matter what your circumstances arcas its care, otherwise there that's what we have at the border right now: chaos in the the left. The mainstream media is just yelling at everybody Who is concerned about this? and saying will look. We already have thousands of people to come across a border every day, right in That is the problem of of that. This is an invitation to write. You understand right, then take the place of the other illegal immigrants and those guys come in at night. These guys are announcing it entail care. Why don't pirated has said what your laws are clear coming in this? Is that the brazen sort of escalation here right there's that being that this happened this we see this before right, like there are people living in the shadows and their hiding, and there are trying to work in the shadows. But then there is another group that book of under rallies and twenty five
people who are illegal immigrants walking down the street daring immigration, and officials to do anything about it. Another step its of its it's? An escalation of this is the same thing that we're talking about I'm so sick of this CNN law suit with the president. I know just happened yesterday, but Mikey. I can't I can't take it What is the president's supposed to do if you're in a press conference- if there isn't any rule like on the border. Now no rules do it. I don't care what the laws in. Oh, you ve got Oh, you have troops, will care we're coming anyway, gate? We don't want you, we don't ere? We have a right to be in your country. There's no law. What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do they're doing the same thing: Jamaica, stay is doing the same thing that the migrants are these people, we're coming up. The caravan they are daring
government to do the worst. Now. Yesterday in the court, they were saying well see and ends attorneys WAR president's slow tone, and he, Why? The rapporteur is often ask before you know a follow up question you have it he did for yellow and he didn't anyone ass, sit down correct the president's says: sit down sit down, we're done he's down, rob The cut the press. Croatia have that goin on day after to any, if there was, if, if there are no rules, How do you have a press conference if this is an hour key. This is chaos there only two options. Here, though, I mean basically, if your CNN, you either have hold onto the president's attention and but buster how's. Anybody going to else ask a question: how do you? How do you control anything you don't dont you don't. This is
Our key. This is chaos. There. Only options here, though I mean basically, if you're CNN, you either have to admit that your rapporteur is a douche which he is completely I'm just say like look, he was obviously awful in that situation were punishing, him are firing him or whatever or you're. Gonna have to with all your might, because you you can't let can't let the precedent be said that the EP Can the president doesn't like something that your rapporteur says that the deadlines pulled outward form of contention there. If its head, like something he said, then it's a violation of the first amendment, if its he's disrupting press conference for everybody else. Would you was and is it if the president, the president's attorney yesterday, I thought the Justice Department, a poor job of Justice Department, came in and said the president kicking. Anybody out at any time. That legal reason that
a good real, that's, not the size of the first amendment violation. Now I don't know that I see in our case, because democratic hasn't been denied, saying anything he can still go on CNN. Everyone's. That's first, amendment speech: this is freedom of the press, freedom of the press, but so uncertain as worried, but with a blaze they had a report in somebody else s right like we don't have any access to that rule and could send somebody else. Yes, as Lydia that's the case, they should have made right the president, is not trying to silence CNN. The president is not trying to say that he can't come with it. Saying is there is decorum, there is decorum, when the president says we're done we're moving on. You cannot grandstand and hijack than real didn't argue it that way. No, they didn't
no one get screwed in this situation. To me more than the other reporters in the room, because Jim Acosta takes up all the time and he s all the questions and try to get all the attention for himself ran. It doesn't healthier the reporters photos because they hate trumpeting, crush him again that I am Acosta yet I may I will say, like I don't like this approach, particularly by that by the administration. I would much rather have them. He had to make in his hand, I think it is called on any doesn't get them so we know is. He is similar blab only once he's gonna, if this judge says ok he's going to be older now, Z, an end is gonna, bring it to iron judge and no more Why, of course, yesterday in their reporting there were like our way, just watch it on our desks Lazard. This is a trample appointed judge who see get caught c and ends argument off quite a bit in value world ought to have an argument here. Do they? I may I welcome that I'm no arguments, someone else. If the argument is that the poor
as an end can do anything. He wants to the press that why thank you lose year. If the argument was it wasn't yesterday, at least that I read and its would have been. If the argument is the president in and this was argued by which I think the judge brought this up and said you know it. Look there to be decorum and CNN said, will the press It sets the tone and he's the biggest bully in the room, and you know if, if it's going to be here said she said and if he's gonna be a bully than I can be won two because he started it. I slapped her first near she slap me first kind of thing. You know that's the he's ITALY. My biggest problem with this, though, is that Jim Costa has literally no interest in what is going on in that room? What Jimmy?
who cares about, is raising the profile of GMO cost and what has happened here. Is we raise the profile of Jim accosted? The owners now on the equal plain in a battle with the President of the United States? Trump loves it to the vote at the other players news. They both love it because what because, while we are not talking out things we should be talking about. We are talking about this crap and you know it and it polarizes us and it makes us into teams. We We know we are sitting here falling into the trap, her hopefully, we are keeping this base on principles, This is not a first amendment. Violation unless the President says I'm gonna get rid of you, because I don't, like your point of view, the present can't do that. That's that's freedom of the press They should be able to ask uncomfortable questions right, but they should do it with respect and
the presidency's. I'm done I'm done, and now you can read into that The president cut us off the president, wouldn't say any more. The president is stonewalling, that's what's that's what they are. Ways. Do that the way our system works takes Bab, peccary unleashed is happening on the pod cast. You can hear him every day Wherever you look for podcast and on line, and also on the network, the blaze, radio, dot com a liberty, safe liberty, safe than just the best, if we fight who were in California House- and I needed to make sure that I had documents anything that I needed that we're safe. I would have them in a liberty safe. They have sold more than two million safes and they ve done it. For a reason: liberty, safe. Leads, the industry and technology and innovation? They have exclusive here's like military style, locking bars and he'd expense, fire seals that, second to none,
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The chair in our living room by the tv is like a black hole, and I I get too close to it, and I cannot resist the gravity it poles me to it, and you know I have become my father who used to come home and he would watch a little bit of tv and then he would fall dead asleep. It is in the chair with a recline over the feed on Kenya and America. That is, and I like that, I feel a little bad for my family because As you know, they want to do stuff like hey. Let's play a game now well, we all feel bad for your family too, but I think its separate as this. Percent retirees area. Yet I take it. That is there's a big part of me that just wants to sit down and just put your feet up and why
tv yeah just never turn your brain on again q right! Yes, you made me feel a little bit better above Jeff, so at least I'm not alone, two terrible instinct, but it is an integrated back in a minute. Back well, it's been a busy week for the former First Ladys For- current First lady Maloney a Trump, but it has also been a busy one for the women who twenty odd years ago, while working at the White House for then the then President the age of twenty one shot to fame in the most embarrassing way possible, then Of course. We all know, in fact, her last name is become a verb I cut Lewinsky she has released. The quote Clinton. A fair doc. You series that premiers this weekend on any its six part series examining the cream inducing days and months surrounding her affair with Bill Clinton in an article in Vanity fair earlier this year, she wrote this sum club
this to me asked why I would want to revisit the most painful and dramatic parts of my life again publicly on camera with oh control, and how it would be used a bit of a headset as my brother is fond of saying. Do I wish I could erase my years in Dc C from my memory, eternal sunshine of spotless mine style. Well, is this I blew. I can't in order to move for forward in life, I have to, I must take risks both per national and emotional important part of my moving forward is escalating and often painfully what has gone before when petitions or ask uncomfortable questions. They often Dokken Dodge by saying that old news from the past- yes, but that's it exactly where we need to start to heal with the past, but it is an easy she added film the documentary forced me to acknowledge to myself pass behaviour that I still regret and feel ashamed of think this is a really good thing.
There are many many many moments when I questioned not just the decision to participate, but my sanity itself, right all the ways I tried to protect my mental health. It was still challenging during one therapy session. I told my therapist I was feeling especially depressed, see, suggests she suggested that sometimes what we experiences depression is actually grief. Yes, It was grief. The process of the doc. You series led me to new rooms of shame that I still need to explore. Meanwhile, bill Clinton. The man who been accused of all sorts of terrible, terrible things. Close friend of Harvey wines, that wine sitting reason he admitted that he didn't feel the need to apologize to Lewinsky Louis. Disagrees. I'm disappointed by him and more disappointed for him, he would have A better man for it and we in turn a better society, the hat
me too. Movement has been a wrecking ball for so many men, yet Bill Clinton perhaps the most prolific of them all has escaped unscathed, but perhaps that begins to change with this Are you serious it's Thursday, November fifteen? This is the Glinda programme still. I don't know how we are supposed to feel. I don't know what the politically correct thing is to feel but the more I see Monica Lewinsky, the more I like her and the more empathy I have for her her. Who didn't make stupid moves when they were twenty one, can you imagine Whatever is the worst thing you ve ever done in your life. If that all you were known for now and it would never go away, and
you couldn't have I mean? How does she have a regular relationship. I mean there's a guy, your mail into Monica Lewinsky. How many jokes, if you're dating her so just be the agonizing, it would be horrible yeah, and you know, I think, one of the reasons why she comes off as likeable is. She seems to be the only one in the entire situation whose actually wrestled with what occurred right like bill clear has never shown any true. Her standing of what happened there. Hillary Clinton has never wrestled with what happened. I think from her perspective, She was basically trying to beat these women into oblivion politically too, make them go away to preserve her husband's career. She really people to have done soul, searching and what I like about it. Is it she's not she's not just coming out in saying I'm a victim and look at me, I'm down the new face of me to write
But she saying I some things in a really terrible things, and I shouldn't have done them and I feel terrible about them and I called and written people that I wronged at the time to to apologise, and and I think she's she seems to really have a good. I think it is a remarkable woman, or to let's play couple of clips from this just play clipped number one. Here too, there is a point. For me, somewhere in this sort of first several hours where I would be history, clay crying and then I would just shut down, and in the shut down period I remember looking out the window and thinking that the only way to fix this was to kill. Me was to jump out the window, and I I just I felt tat horrible. I was scared I just
There is more defined afraid of where this was gonna. Do to my you know, I was in love with bill. At the time So I just I felt really responsible rats while she filters possible for giving him problems. She was so in love with him and she then she said this in another point to that she she didn't come out. You got about initially, because she did work has probably my cause problems. She was ok with him denying the affair initially because she didn't want to cause problems for him. That's a tough! I mean look again: she admits that she'd. She did wrong here he was worse, obviously he's the one that's required to not do things like that. I mean you know she did something wrong. Oh too, and she admits that, but as a brutal moment, and I'm
and you can imagine it it's nonstop for her, the iter the country is talking about her no proclaims. The present United States is used to this sort of stuff he's. Had he escaped a capacity to deal with it at some level, you're just some in turn- hoo hoo roles in there and gets out of control and does something stupid, and then your entire life is defined by it. Really I mean much. Could I play that clip one more time, but I want you to listen to a different here. Cause is what struck me. This is happening when we were doing morning, radio or you with me at the time yet I was that this area not only did the evidence, the trial. We did a whole show around and I can't recall, but I'm sure I made Lewinsky jokes of immigration are we sure everybody in America was me everybody? I want you to just put yourself. Right now, real quick back in that time of what you we're doing in saying at the time. And now
listen to what she was going through at the sight. In time we were doing whatever it is. We were all engaged in, listen one more time. There is a point for me: somewhere in this sort of first several hours. Where I would be history, crying and then it would just shut down. And in the shot down period. I remember looking out the window and thinking that the only way to fix this was to kill me was to jump out the window, and I I just I felt tat horrible. I was scared. I just there is more defined afraid of where this was gonna do to my family. You know I was in love with bill at the time so I just I felt really responsible.
As we were as we, we're just arguing about. He lied, he's a dirt bag. He shouldn't be president. She was worried about her family. She this contemplating suicide cause. He just wanted it to stop How many of us took the time Or were cry like enough to be Able to say she's a huge being wait. A minute hang on Zheng it. This is a when being this isn't about politics, when it comes to her. Think of how she was run through the mud and Nobody really cared about her. I don't think anybody really cared about her. It was all about him, no really cared about her yet interesting. She now, really was an ally of the right.
Where are you know? Sometimes we have like it. You know if, if so, accused Brok Obama in a fair and was outward and speaking about it, like the Stormy Daniels's, with trot priority. A sermon dinners feels I'm sure to the left, like an ally because she's trying to take the president down Michael, he never was like that. You remember it was Linda Triple recorded hers. The whole reason, while out of the stuff came out, she didn't go, go to that. She didn't try to destroy his career with this information on it. I just knew she talked at Linda Trip, if I'm not mistaken, because she knew she was in trouble. Some of these, accusers were little worm or out spoke, I mean you know, apology owns and in those who became p figures that works at least accepted by half the country, Monica Louis because she never really our line herself with the right in the effort to do so Clinton down. She had no allies because, of course the Democrats abandoned or immediately and you know she was brief, came just the butt of jokes. I don't I have a realistic. That's it it's a really interesting when you put that to listen to it without ear, because I dont know that ever realized. It was with that case. In that case,
a long time ago, but we were I'm sure, making jokes and stuff I get on railways were eating had to have been. Everybody was John Robinson was what was a guy and we ve heard about a few times who wrote a book about moral social media era, these people, these random stories. You hear that bubble up for one day, but the woman, the famous most famous one woman who made the joke about AIDS in Africa, trying to mock the fact that we do care about Africa enough, but she was going over to Africa on a plane to go. Help she's going over to help and she was in on the plane when the tweet blew up, went viral and her life was, equally ruined and we read stories like that in you realise, when this thing that seems fund to give snarking comments to on the weather, somebody there just offering through that moments the worst moment of their lives. I know you ve done this with with emitted several of these situations, the one that pops into my head was
James gone the guy who did guardians the Galaxy and they re on earth some tweets of his that were not so were not once he wanted to represent, his current character and he was he lost that gig we're talking a m. This is an eight figure, Urbino GIG for him and you were on Twitter saying like look, I you know I stand, and now you know you you were you, could it? I think a lot of people on the right did go after him for that because he was left wing celebrity and he was critical of people like Ben Shapiro. In those moments. If you can kind of get over that desire to to feel that emotion, I think you wind up being a better person for it. I think you do, This brings me to something else, money kalinowski. Now that's how she is like Vocational, that's all he'll be.
You'll be that moment doesn't matter how long he lives for the rest of his knife. Clarence Thomas Pubic, here all that's all he is, he will Please have that attached Something is happening in Europe and I find it I feel it viscerally the right thing but Intellectually, absolutely the wrong thing. Now he had been Europe. They are They are claiming there is another human right that all humans deserve. That is the right to be forgotten. Now. Think of this. Monica Lewinsky. The case would be she has a right to be forgotten Sheikh sheep. Shouldn't have to live her entire life apologize
or being shaped by one event in her life when she was twenty one years old, she has a right to be forgotten and big as of the internet, it Never goes away. Always there, and so you don't have a chance to start over again. I really do believe. This is something we have to address because. Our memories. They they work to our advantage. I mean our memory soften we think of our childhood years is better years most of us even though they weren't they weren't We just see them differently. Time eases things when you have the internet and it is right there in your face, and it's always that thing you, Whenever move, if your big enough, if that mistake was big enough, like Monica Lewinsky, she can never move on from that.
Neither passing laws in Europe, but the poor What was it is? Well, then, are you a racing history? You can you aunt erase history, but How do we balance this? but we balance the right to be forgotten, with the with the right to record history. It really truly was we have separation from the history now and then the real problem The easy way to look at this is just become a progressive and then all of your sins are always forgotten never bring it up again with was never recorded in the first place. It's like it never happened. My Greed supply is the sponsor this half hour I don't know if you are following this, but
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I saw two thousand and I met her for the first time because of the recount at the, first speech I ever had to give as a talk show host. I I'd never really been on stage before to talk and give a speech. I never done that, and Job Bush was the governor. She was the secretary state and I had to I think, open for those two, and I think I had to give maybe twenty minutes and there five hundred people there. Maybe it was the Lincoln dinner speech. This is like six or eight months before September eleven. And and I met the limo driver a few years ago. He says you don't remember me, do you and I said, I'm sorry I don't. He said I drove you, two. The first speech you ever gave
he said I to drive from Tampa till I dont remember where it was, and he said I thought I was enough to stop the car, because I thought you were going to vomit several times and I remember I was like I can't do this tenuous with me. I'm like I don't want to do this at I'll. Never do this again. I don't know why I accepted this I'll. Never do this again and again. The speech and I drove all the way home. Ok, we dodged the bullet, I'm never going to talk in public again. I hate this I know you ve made a few speeches have known speech now. I think I must have prepared for that for days and days and days. And I just gave a speech and in Bermuda and I you know I had spent the night working on it and do you know cause you help right. So many of my speeches and I was sitting there and I wrote this one all by myself and I I look at it and I getting ready to walk out and I just look at it. I'm like that's, not a chance in Hell, I'm going to use a single word of this and just gave a speech without any. You know just kind of
Go where it was going and I can't believe how much time can change a person. Jack, I mean that's, that's you What who spent a lot of time writing speeches for you and then watched them, get just beastly tossed on the ground or ignored its windows a whole. Another episode of the Fox show just not based on the stuff. That was it, prompter than ever used. Oh my god, easily Charles Stiff Fox. I had to say You know what I was gonna say in advance: you now please Can we really need to look at the script beforehand, so we would produce a script every day, but many times. I would walk in ago you How can we use any of that turn it off and it The three minutes before the show I will whether we can do just follow me and and the writers who had spent you know, Stew, Pat Dan Andrews of the time they were happy. They weren't hat. Because they had spent all day working on that yeah member. Remember doing that a lot of fun enough on! Thank you,
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out. I got sure exactly how my family is going to remember. All of that but I mean it with love, but I sincerely also mean it gotta get up get out its time now to move on and and for me to go to bed basically today? My chair and I consider my chair and watch you know some Netflix show and fall asleep, I'm. Finally, that two sounds delightful. For you talking to me. I've had my bill. We ve got about two and a half hours. That's good, I'm good, I'm full up! So now we sold you on an evening with us that without don't you want to enter right. So today you can buy raffle ticket and carrying out with us. Much fun as we are in other words in February this year, is this one is for, Or a scoring on my daughter send it to make as she knows what it is its voice
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so where's stalling here, because Catherine Harris is supposed to be and will thus do. We have any update on on her whereabouts. She's not coming on to snow from not not. She probably thought it was next issues in Florida. You know she we thought it was next we have found the counting his heart in Florida. Yes, that's what I was thinking of you dont know ass. I mean it Nine is a tan. Is eleven? Is it you know three idle? no. I do have another example of how hard counting is and we can get to that- we're we're gonna do today, but maybe we can move into the slot as it does counterfeit here, math is hard. Math is a difficult Where do you think I know where you're going and I love the you're going? Sometimes we worked really hard and we try to get the math riot and sometimes less doesn't work out loud. That's why we have a margin of error and yeah. That's right right. This, however, did not do this, because you need a margin of error. Could sometimes you know you could be wrong by three percent two percent. You can then arrive in him and so that margin of error we all understand. Well, there was a
How do they came out in a few weeks ago? And it was put it was in the journal nature. This is one of the most prestigious scientific journal. Is a big heavy Peer Review Diego's end of this process. The elders get something published a nature with gold, star dirt here and what happened is it was it was about. Global warming and how the earth's ocean oceans are warming faster than previously thought, and they were very sure of this aid. They went through, they laid out all their work and one of these- and you know how this happens or these claims deniers, gonna use those guys. Are these still we're, not picking them other, throwing him in jail yeah. I don't know why. I think they should I be imprisoned, if not worse, so what this guy do so this guy has decided to like check the math. Oh, my god, I mean science deny ripple science denier because, as we know, science should be published and never quest
and again exactly right when you find out something like the earth is flat, you go with it forever you. What you need to do is, when you hand in it big kids of your listening and you have a math paper that has to go in turn, that teacher. If she comes back and says hey this, these answers are not right. You just say science denier dry and I mean she, who is she to check your mouth? That works really well exactly right, so this study was published bum on behalf of Princeton University, but institutions in China, Paris, Germany and the? U S National centre for Atmospheric research and geophysical, fluid dynamics laboratory to this. They have a mathematician. Now, I'm sure na. Why they found was the certainty of the study, not is certain as they thought, what they discovered was, and the climate and evil climate deniers one who found this out that their
Estimates of how sure they were completely wrong about it was ten two says Emily resent wrongs of the margin of error usually is about three percent, but this could be as high as seventy percent of any present to their cruel. They have now come out and recognise that the evil climate sceptic was actually right and they are submitting corrections to the study this one guy, all of those places looked at all the peer review and on the other, wrong. This one guy looked at and said, wait a bit that doesn't look right. Point of the euro and to their credit, they are actually correcting. It now has great. Ok Catherine Harris's, on with this I gotta, take a quick. Breakin, then will come true, so don't have to interrupt her at all costs. I want to hear what the heck is happening in Florida and she'll have the scoop Forest Catherine Heritage Harris from from Florida. Usually the sector if state down in Florida and was in charge in overseeing the elections, two thousand and we all know how that, when
I just want this half hour- is guideline led by Nancy Pelosi. Maxine waters, the Democrats, expected to launch a full throttle attack on the president. Newly embolden Democrats are already preparing what they call it a subpoena a cannon, so he can they we are already preparing, although these subpoenas, how many of them are there- and it was eighty five case- there's eighty five different, I mean it is going from tax returns, their targeting cabinet secretaries, other administration of officials. Are claiming this is a new day in America. In this, the bees speaker, Nancy Pelosi if, while if she is speaker, has her eye on thwarting the president's immigration policies, tax reforms, deregulation, which it has may this into one of the strongest economies that we ve had in quite some time. Also Eliza Cummings is ready to take over the powerful House Oversight Committee he's already.
Out sixty four subpoenas: this is gonna be fun. What's he gonna do the economy. Colonel giving good. I want you, go to a gold line- dotcom read about all of the things that are happening now that the Democrats are our planning and what this could mean to the economy and why You should consider buying gold as a hedge against insanity, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com our deja vu as we look at a Florida reach out- and I welcome to the programme Catherine Heiress, former Florida secretary of State, who oversaw nonsense that was happening in Florida in two thousand through an. How are you Tonight is again a really doctor you so Catherine. I thought that we I thought we had learned our lesson in Florida,
we had when I was in the Senate path. Election reform and there wasn't the political will to do it. But then, after being Secretary of State- and we came back and said, we're gonna path, lecture form of a media market, This has never happened. What we did have a bell plus thing up, we learned testified for Congress. They said it was the model for election reform and it's been modified numerous times. So we have we have an extraordinary model for electoral reform and we have laws are sufficient to take us through this a lot of alone. This issue has been patients in the process. We do have a mandatory recount. We do have a manual recount of its point, you percent, but gland. And what I mean by that is not Florida. Oh, my gosh, goodness we're gonna. Have these problems were not ready. We're not abuse. They were a purple state were always gonna have close elections and it's not a constitutional crisis. The laws are gonna, get us through. We can legislate this clearly,
We cannot legislate integrity so yeah, so here's the problem is the Brenda Snipes thing it from a disk. Seems, like you, she said, been there with it. You know long time ago, she should have been fired, were united, supervisors have elections which met many airless, their main our allies are constitutionally elected authors that each accounting like some and they are solely responsible for their equipment and solely responsible or the organisation of the ballot now, the secular state can give input, but they have no authority over them. Hence we had to read or in the butterfly ballot now this vowing Ernest Knighthood she can be removed, but only about are not by the Secretary of State or yesterday that they're supposed to have everything in by three o clock this afternoon and yet your day. Palm Beach or was it Brower that set our machines? Are overheating, and now we have to do it all over again there,
equated machines and they are well aware that they needed to have proper equipment going in there is many supervisors alleges others I tell the Sarasota, they said hey this mid term is gonna, be The only plan for a presidential election, so antiquated equipment, but with interesting- and this is, I think, are important, and whenever I was secretary of State, my only safe harbour with people got tired. Me talking about I'm just following the law of the land. Didn't, but There were the laws we had at the time, and there are is our bedrock of our nation, it restricts the arbitrary exercise or abuse of power by making it subordinate the existing laws that are well that boy and well defined, but that's the bedrock now. What frightens me was my personal occurs. We win and people never knew. There are recalled it, but we
petition there you the floor, the Supreme Court immediately after the reminder recount was going to head for state. Why, recount they were here. The Democrats were more interested in Al Gore's political viability and and prolonging what is this first phase called the protests phase and by doing They short circuited that unity. They wide in the context space. So when, when courts, fear with a law when policy and then her fear when lawyers interfere their nintendo consequences. So here they thought there being so clever and his political viability, but they short circuited themselves, This is what worries me with these the then the supreme the Floor The print court finally intervene and said: now you don't do you don't do estate ride recount your disconnect count them in these three heavily democratic county and that's going to determine the result for palm beach for hours in Miami Day been doing.
They ended up losing at the end of the day at the: U S Supreme Court, because it wasn't equal protection under the law. But you ve, probably remember palm Beach, came back and said: well, that's a flawed as a framework you, can verify Friday or Sunday sort of an arbitrary edict. But they said you shall that's not, maybe or sort of so we while the wet nation is waiting. We need to get on with this. We're gonna wait a funny thing: everybody the time in the abundance of caution so Hum Saturday, I'll make started, saying we're, not gonna be ready. You have, and and honestly how can get her back and expand, but had I then did I would have broken the law so so, today, at three is an is that where the judge said you have to have done by three and for some reason You think they're being generous to extend its just wrong and I'll. Tell you why you have to the laws at written and I'll make one.
Point about that, but Theresa Lepore sit in Palm Beach said: oh just three hours, oh just a day They haven't finished counting and three weeks three month. They never finished accounting and I would have broken the law everything asunder, I had sought to do following the letter of the law that we say harbour now, as to not following the law. We have re election laws, if you don't like them, change a minute later cycle, as we did in an two to or rather in two thousand and one? However, the come alone now and say: oh some key ballot signatures, don't I have to match the reference in. The Browser office, that is, is breaking the law. Oh, no, we want account every vote, even all the
Legal should even count. Anyone averted account that is breaking the law in the last election cycle Airlines were not allowed to that in the future. They will in the last elections. I thought they were not allowed to that. If they allow the felons. Through which there were forty two thousand felons on our roads and the sector is in, get out than if they allow that boat, to go through that its break. Just because you don't like it does not mean you don't follow it. The last thing you very much for a reassuring America that it's not two thousand all over again and it's not out of control. It's it's to talk to you and we will see this afternoon what Florida decides afternoon, at three p M Eastern Catherine Harris former Flirty Florida secretary of State for joining us back in a minute
back the world is completely upside down, and why It gets to that point. It's always good to have Rabbi Daniel Latin around around, lap is just one of the best eyes. I mean if you ve. Never heard is podcast. You need to listen to his podcast he'll. Explain why clothing needs to it. You know not be unisex any takes you back through history and is fantastic he's a fantastic teacher, He is with us now rabbi lap and how are you, sir, couldn't be better n, you very much. Indeed, only you just saw concerned, I appreciated jointly.
She's very much indeed was far more than I deserve, but you did indicate that by prime usefulness is when the world is upside down. Well, you are in great demand, then, right now the the world has truly unhinged from reality all around all around the world, nobody is attention to things that we should be paying attention to. China is becoming nineteen. Eighty four. Or a police state beyond any one boat. Beyond George Orwell's imagining there now into this hemisphere? If they are now bringing that technology to Venezuela, we of a woman in Pakistan who is a Christian who their screaming to be headed, where the supreme It said that this is a trumped up charge. There is nothing happening, the Pakistani Supreme Court and UK is afraid to bring them in Sri Lanka is now starting to be a part of the UK. Then you all
just have the fun of the last election. Well in pass it and let me just drop in one little thing, which which may not be relevant to our discussion today when you said the whole world, this seems to be an exception, large parts of Africa truly quite sane and- and this is a fact- gone- Nigeria, Zambia and in many many other places as well. What I mean by this is that an I've recently, doing some speaking in both the United Kingdom and in Switzerland. I just got back from Switzerland last week. An dam in the cases I have found that there are crucial leave cultures pack to the rafters and the leadership is almost always passed as from Africa. Now this really fascinating, of course, because in the nineteenth century we watched England and Europe, bringing the gospel to the so called dark Continent, Africa, while Africa
returning the compliment right now and it's it's really. A pleasure to talk to me, these people, who are completely free the key of the infection of secularism? mental is in which drives so much of what you just said being in Europe elsewhere and even in the United States, because you viewed believe in- and we were talking about this- the other day in fact play an example of it. Here's the here's, a group of people that are out, protesting a speech by Ben Shapiro, bunch college students. I want you to listen to the x. Is this exchange and helping makes sense of this We should speak tonight are now free speech of the constitution has a work. That's. Why
listen. We learn every speech. Can I preach the kinds of things that are worth some things that are talking about an odious civic culture meekly? I just thought I agree with his foreign again Spencer, Piero, because I mean I would take I would take a while to describe everything wrong with them. Regressing are forbidden stuff so quickly. Although perfectly natural, this is exactly what would have happened. Had a catholic priest stood up. In seven twenty, when the Moslems was sweeping through the spanish Peninsula day he would have said hey. I want to give us. Beach about why Catholicism works? Well, the Muslims have done. They wouldn't have said. Oh that's that
sing, thought why don't? We have a symposium on the topic? They have taken off his head right and then they convert his church into a mosque and then move on to the next town. That's what you do look. This is about competing faith systems. Literally competing religions. Eight is not different from when the Muslim stood at the gates of Vienna in sixteen eighty three and who was. It was the king of Poland, who Chile saved the western world on on that day, it's not different from any time they ve been Clashes between competing and incompatible fates, Ben Shapiro stands for as, as as do you for Heaven's sake, for so many years, Glenn afford a will view by on a judeo christian biblical model and The mobs on the campus stand for,
a vision that is based on the the Tower of Babel. Essentially, I made nine verse at the beginning of chapter eleven in Genesis provide a complete. Mate, ex of understanding of the tension that has taken place there of course, they don't want to hear what he says. Why would they tell me tat, give go quickly, over the nine versus if he can yet absolutely look. There's not a hundred different ways of organizing society that five thousand foreign cultures in the world, but they not five thousand different civilizations in the world. You know of the many lessons by dad taught me one of them. Is he used to bring home mechanical clocks that were broken to this time? I, like I, still don't like to talk to people hey you got any proxy, I didn't wearing called, please think me from, but he used to to me and and suggests that, try to repair them and- and I mean us left fiddling with gear wheels and then
but there was a lesson at the end of the day, lesson that the the day was, they are not twenty different, ways of reassembling that clock there's only one leave it or they crucify you. Yes, they burn you at this different civilisations all equally as good as one another is not one that merely I disagree with but all those folks who drowned in the Mediterranean struggling to get from Africa to Europe will they also agree with that view and all the people who reckon as that, there's no illegal immigration problem in NAM in uniting Kinshasa and no. Legal immigration problem in Saudi Arabia and guess what no one struggling to break through the borders of Pakistan. I haven't noticed any caravans right moving towards those. Everybody agrees that these civilization that was created by the west, provides the ultimate in.
Freedom from misery, it prize the ultimate in terms of medical achieve scientific achievement, economic achievement and they're, not a lot of ways of making that happen. So how you when you are dealing with a religion which I think you're right. This is this is now religious fervor. You either believe it or they crucify you. Yes, burn you at the stake? They will destroy you. I don't know how scientists, even in that girl just lacked the words, have been what she was really trying to say was I don't care what Ben says he's a heretic right, that's all there is to it, and I dont don't see how they don't realize theyve they have not they're, not Galileo, anymore. There, the catholic Church, that's absolutely I'd! Look what stinguished as a religion from a tennis club, and and really only one thing, and that is that it answers three transcend and questions of life that essentially the mode
important one. How did life arrive on this planet? here. We are on the sort of remote speck of dust in a remote galaxy in a limitless universe and although we ve been searching, avidly spending vast amounts of your tax money and mine, trying to find other life in outer space, which is assuming that that it's fantastic was then, who could prove that really was a random occurrence, but at the moment so far with any that life on this planet. You gotta answered the queen. You know how we got there and there are only two doctrines to explain that and both are religious doctrines either is provable. If they were, they wouldn't be any debate any longer. One is a good and loving God created ass in his image and placed us here. That's one view the other view is by a lengthy process of an aided materialistic evolution, primitive protocols.
Some turned into plumbers and prompt all adjusted or whatever I mean ebbed. Any and one shouldn't laugh at other people's belief systems. That's rude, but thats What this is all about, and everything flows from how you answer those too basic question secular, the mental ISM is, has become the official state religion in America. Certainly, the religion of the Temple of American should the university campus and that why the battles are being fought over there on the campus, so what did you say you are over England? Yes, I was recently this this thing with Asia Bibi is very d We knew following that. Yes, I am okay, so this is the this is a woman who has been in prison over impact stand for nine years on trumped up charges. Is she was supposed to be executed, the Supreme Court did case over in Pakistan. They said this is that this was a mistake, a travesty of justice. They released her.
She's now under government protection, which you can't really trust that for very long. She is these ass? The? U K for shelter and refugee status, They will not give it to her because they said she'd cause problems, too many disruptions and civil unrest in the United Kingdom as Looking at the United Kingdom Rabbi lap and you ve got the Labour party being investigated for Anti Semitism. You of all of them? these. It seems and all of the government structures hiding from the the bad element of the islamist and hiding v back. An element from others is what I am How close are we to losing England? Well, I thought very close indeed, until I had a chance. I spoke
for twenty two churches in twenty one days, and I had expected, I didn't fully understand. I thought I was being put in front of english anglican churches. I wasn't you into most anglican churches in the United Kingdom to end this three half with sitting in the pews cause. They got nowhere else to be correct that dogs are going to church in New York there. It's it's their art galleries, now, nets and innovators. That's right! Yet that damn I spoke for hill, some church and in London, ten thousand people sitting there, and so it was in in every church spoke. So look I put we believe being as this is a struggle between two competing belief systems. I do think that the only hope is is not political but religious, because we know back for the two thousand, even the New York Times agreed that the most reliable correlation of republican-
Otis was regular church attendance, and so I Do you think that term, in the same way that we saw a huge religious reawakening in America, fuel the war independence- and we saw a second religious reawakening at propel the abolition of slavery. I think we're king forward. I'm looking forward to impact on a sound I can with rocks rabbi singing on with christian soldiers that death, but I'm looking forward to a third religious reawakening, because when people's hearts change so to their politics, so you and I have been friends for I don't even know how long now and you are you're so friendly to the Christians and I hope to be as friendly to Jews as you are to Christians, and we both know that Martin Luther King was right and you have to change people's hearts, but how How do you do that in a world where
so much is justified the push back. You know people have had enough. They ve had enough become insane and if you don't push back they're gonna steamroller. You, I think, that's why Donald Trump one he he won, because he was not afraid too somebody say something bad about him and he was in a fight fire with fire. That's why supported him yeah? Absolutely. Question about it. So how do we not. How do we not? lose our decency in that look Glenn. I don't want to. I don't want sound insincere aura of flattering at all, but I'm talking the truth when I say that This is something you ve been doing all along. Am you remember? I'll get together in in Utah and and I
they ve been so many of the Getty S brain together. Like minded people, I think, is the clue I think can have in Evangel Churches in America? It happens in orthodox synagogues, add, but it doesn't have to take place in it specifically religious environment as Donald Trump showed, and as you, been doing for much longer win, win people come together, at the mall. Remember then, that great adventure you you put together now so on to be that people happened to be people in in general, if we would have said to those people, look you may not authority. At this, but we putting on the spot. You absolutely have to tell us which of these two arguments, do prefer people a poacher by Chris God's image and put here by God, or people grew up out of the primitive slime into Pansies and then people you gotta pick which one close it
overwhelming majority of majority of people who were in Utah, yet them all anywhere else anywhere else that you got a large crowds of people would have said well. Yeah, we're on on the side of God created can prove agenda. But if you forced me to make a decision, I'm I'm on that site. That's what the majority people would set on you Firstly, campus the majority of people will say the other side and them of one of my books as called America's rail which, which you did a great deal to popularize years ago. Aware when we spoke about it on one of the shows up dad. I'm reassuring that book with new chapters, because he is the big missing piece you gotta explain this strange and bizarre alliance between rather
It is long and american liberalism or what are these two groups got to do with what went on sir, is everything and that's crucial to understand rabbi lap and always good to talk to you? Thank you. So much Hank tender will find you again rabbi lamp and is actually doing ninety minute podcast with him into becoming up in the next few weeks, but and we're gonna probably start there. Podcast right where you left off those two things have in common sounds good. Are I think Europe by coming up Just a second we're gonna be calling possibly you Also Andrew Heaton is gonna be joining us first, let me tell you about lifelong dot com by the way. If you to hear more from rabbi lap and just go to wherever you find podcast and look for rabbi annual lap and you will of his podcast and you'll learn so much you, I'm warning you you become addicted to it are Life
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gift for somebody else. Yes, yes, you can. We give it promo code. Life lock, dotcom one eight hundred lifelike one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dotcom, promo code back terms do apply we have the answer Deaton here and I dont know if we don't have time to get into the highway to Hell that scientists may have discussed. We have two minutes to say: is that it time. Yes, I think so your majority, I go ahead, so archaeologists have found a a tunnel beneath a pyramid in the ancient city of tail to walk on in Mexico, and they believe this is a tunnel to a tunnel associated with the underworld, should say this with the archaeologists are saying it's associate with the underworld, but the headlines, are scientists to found a tunnel to the underworld, and my thought is put a railway in it. I think we ve
a guy, we ve digits, there's no real. They ve already done the work for us the go ahead and put a rail system through it. I wouldn't I who am I lived in New York. I would gladly commuted through held to say fifteen minutes under weight, so there. The scientists are sing. It has something to do with the underworld. What else it in the sense that, like egyptian pyramids oftentimes, have to do with the underworld. You know of my preparing you for the afterlife in that country. What they believe was Gozo is like a highway some place that they hope peopled in walk along very far because you get to the end a girl that so actually doesn't lead anywhere, it could be a right could be, That was there were some false advertising or or maybe they plugged it up on, and I will see what happens here. So you think if they built a wall they built. Why not to undermine the ghost immigrants. But what does the underworld look like to you? I can tell you exactly what he looks like to me right. Hell is a post office at ninety five percent humidity. That's it
That's all of us! I hate, put our reasons- are used standing in line on standing, I'm ok! I just I don't actually mind postman poisoning their decent people. It's just that! It's there. These really long lines and it's the end it I've still figured out the post and I are like I get so irritating. I don't He meant it either so that the human human waiting alive, the post office and isolating I'm waiting to male my application to leave help. So so so what you should say that scientists have found in Mexico has a post office underneath one of the pyramids, so we Andrew hidden something's off something off with Andrew here. It is a new podcast subscribe and listen now back mercury Lebanon Programme, so glad that you are here, andred Eaten is joining us and I wish Pat were here, and probably
Jeffrey, because this is the table make up of Saturday the began there were having to raise money for more, everyone in all things, that they do and- and yesterday we asked if you would buy a raffle ticket afford to buy in Munich, when a new car Saturday we're gonna, put these names back in with all the other names and we're draw for a new cards, a brand new Mercedes and it's a hundred dollars a ticket for that new car? By said yesterday, if you buy raffle ticket today yesterday, we're gonna draw for a trip here too? The gala- and you know you can be hanging out with us and Chuck Norris is gonna, be there and, and I don't know a whole bunch of other people. I heard I heard there's armadillo wretch racing is this true that was last year. I don't think we're doing armadillo raising this you're. Sorry, you, MR those. Last year you never know what is in store but anyway, so we have now all of the Bee
who bought a raffle ticketing that big barrel thing. So if you would just gonna Andrew You just gonna makes I might do in the kind of Vienna White tell me. Are you just now? get it there and then we're gonna call this person and see if they want to come As a major say I mean I don't know, I really don't want to cut. Ok, that's that's good now just reach in there and I'm doing the honour your home. It would require me to get up and that's not They were interested in doing that. Time- and I don't really move on time and our lives here. Ok, but who's the winner the winner is Christie, Solano Bizarre she's from to one or two. Ok, so good in an Brad stayed up all night putting all of the stuff into the computer. So if you give me that number and then let's get that to the control room and then and then
call them up and see if they are there and if they come nigger you have to do more than just to one or two on here is gonna. Think now they are lower than now Norther Sodium palm desert. California wow. Whereas some so now you're importing more Californians and a Texas, nevertheless, one has a round trip. Falco there are around just gonna, take one back whether by asking you got, we win two tickets here, three tickets back and the method, and you have to find somebody from California to take back. Gonna get her on the phone. Academia. Couldn't you have this? and then into the control room and have an have somebody else dial up his phone as buttons on it. I dont not use that you get a refund right. Yeah you ve people to dial phoned area always have you don't do that yourself? The here If somebody the calls and they say stand by for Glenn back, I at any phones are now any phone calls I can exercise and public speaking I
if you're under thirty have you noticed them, because it's like like I can make a phone call, but it's it's scary for a lot of people. If you bought on the phone there like there, there were. What did you call me? Is it possible there just scared of you calling them is that as that, let us consider that would explain why so many of my friends and put their phones in their fridge, and I gave him a block sanity signal gather what zone. I didn't know that the funds that the fridge did that, but I guess you're right. Cage right. I'd love a man who knows a good I've used Mysel toward engage, gun, touch, pepper and are a good but when we, when we get this person on the phone I'd like you to help, you know just to see, if you know they really come on. Let's find out about the good you're, really good it you're, really good at What was the name joy was happening. Name rain for O Christie, Solano Aristide's, Olano dont know where I got joy, but Chris Diesel
ok. So when she is on the phone, we work. What separate conversational having in your head, I dont know what I mean to someone named joy. I am lost time. You do an issue, so you because you're good at you know just breaking the ice with people like a good conversation start you I have. I have a whole list of questions are like deposed people when I'm getting the norm are under no, no, no, no I guess I'll get him he'd get her on. Like you, you came He was well aware when all this is the case, your eye somebody pose the question of me last week. Is I've taken upswing, dancing and us They got questions great question. If you can have a different liquid shoot out, everything you're on your right hand, what liquids which pick that's a great question right there? Ok, so we we have Christie, other phone, hello, Christie, hello, ready to have fun right now: Christie, its Glenn back. How are you getting.
Christy did you did you know that you entered a lottery yesterday? Yes and Europe, passionate about it,. Yeah, yes, what what? What are you work at? First of all, your in California, is anything on fire around you. No, I'm not like our way you about an hour away any and you live where in California, near Palm springs. Oh all sorts! It's nice here, all the time, just a rubber face in it that Russia, the guitar Ok yeah will it gets hot is hell here too. Does it begins to be better off? You actually won the trip you in a guest to come and join us and be with us on on Saturday.
Oh really, because I'm leaving tomorrow for a while leaving tomorrow for Hawaii It is not possible Christie. Should we draw again you now, unfortunately, will draw get alarmed by buying bum. Can I come to Hawaii or their possible? That's an idea. That's the way we can solve these really talking you thy. Listen you everything! On Monday, look good sifted, didn't sound like that when we first right without someone, scam, do and made a donation under behalf right summit that you were like you do that to me now you are, you, are you are actually Doktor Ford, somebody put you in and you hate us, but anyway, that's it out the different, a different story: okay, well grizzled! I think you're telling I want the car already known and eyes you I mean you come here for the car over Hawaii right yeah. I know, but you are back in the drawing for the for the car. Ok, ok, aright,
Oh thank you. Thank you. God bless she winced and hard to them that the immense using ass in our action is thriving dealership and Julia. I dont want allows provide fifty Hawaii are no funny. I don't think I've ever. I mean I've done this for forty some years and I don't think I've ever had a winner that excited that was definitely a pre cup of coffee when they try to draw again here, but it was like it's like what eight o clock in the morning over there so fucking money, Sorry, I let me ask you this don't let anybody else pick lava ice. I think you're the. Lovers think you're, the only one so out of the five fingers I ween I'd like coke water. I'd like to have one and probably right out of the middle finger, lava lava. So when Flip somewhat off, I can cover them and not love silent, you,
its violent, is really not even worse lunatic death, ITALY who else like daiquiri certain liquid? Well, I would ask I am an alcoholic going to show you gotta, be careful. You can't drink Maya MILES away. I have to cover it in hot lava shall I tell you that excellent Yo Yo uses Angela Angelo. Angela Angelina cell Angelina Jolie, look up and you're giving in its number two. Five. Five are a good so that if that you're not lucky nutmeg. Recalling a now to thrash out, we asked them for their pin numbers on each. And each one where we ve been giving up had no lifeless our Angelina and and it sees Angela unless we address seem like a fake, merely does Smith in where she wears Europe from Illinois, our low adoption, as it sees Europe a bed, California, and
going to Hawaii and Unexcited Illinois. Let me out of that rat invested Let me I'd love to come down to tax exempt prize its public called there right now to right here, because a global you're good. At this hour you need your ology stir. Well, frightened I played a whether man went to get around that a video. So let us also, what would you have as your five fingers? Thank you for asking him out my premises. The reason that this is a great question by the way is, I think so much of the time when you talk to people were on autopilot were it sometimes like hey. What do I owe you know, I'm in a transparent, and you know I am a comedy, this forces people to think, and you can see the gear spinning around ahead as their thinking about it. That's rising, requesting whom I also could be one of the reasons why he still single at thirty five yeah does is probably not the best opener
with young Ladys hang out just a second. We have Angela Angela Angeleno on the phone and Jamila and an Angelo critical silicone exerts, so save for big number to answer Angela, our use you you needed. It was at a married name or is the name your married, nay Mile, perfect husband? Can you believe? That's amazing, so Angela, what do you do for a living? by the way, hello, I'm glad. How are you didn't? Kill your previous, our who cannot make it right we're kind of. When you heard her wish is she going to fly is balanced if we're going to Hawaii with the other person gets so as soon as you get. When you heard her realise all I would have been excited yes, does it really did? But I can't not only where you are you going to do
I'm and you know what I was there at your first mine, what my son, oh you're, kidding me our now, even at this early hour years bonus. It is Andrew HEAT and gets involved in the process. Now no shares, I'm worried that we're gonna be doing this for an hour and a half really bad after a border area. Have you call if you bought a raffle to get, and you want to regional and are well Adelaide good talking to you. Thank you so much, I'm sorry that you can't come and I will put your name back in an hour or so but say how to your son. Thank you very much, commissioner. I Cutlass cobblers, ok, yet another one Jody coldly Jody coldly to find Two, nine and here's a sacred to this one? If she doesn't want to come, I don't wanna hear from her hand and focus here. Don't answer the phone you making so we'll call her. Let me just take a quick they can. They will come back and we'll get to the five one
Wade's, then yeah. That's what people want to hear things! I've thought about this. So what would you have shoot out of the five finger? Yes, if you could have liquid Jude out and and will find out of Jody actually once it was a name Jody yes Jody Elderly, yet Jody Kali will find out if she actually wants to come and spend any time with any of us do that he recited versus slots at this hour is simply safe, simply say: foam security. You know, you're like Andrew Heaton. You have nothing to protect nothing and nobody wants to know he's trying to get into your house. I welcome burglar suffer. Please take this away, never lock the door, but if you like, you know everybody else, you ve got something that you want to protect family. Andrew doesn't have I've cousin, loved ones, nice, wife to come home to know Chance, but he also you might have something to you. A minute you're just gonna, either
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go tonight on tv. No catastrophe is true. Catastrophic no apocalypse is too apocalyptic. No sports questions are to be answered. I don't know what's going on here Glenn takes your cause, live on the air. The show starts at five p m Eastern, so get in line a little early at eighteen. Seventy seven back only on the blaze. All right, so we called Jody, call coolly and Jody is while she She can't make it she's she's, A star is born this weekend. Feeders soon and once you she said, you know risk there. You know if it was
We hope- and I know that it would still be there next week when I say we have theatres here playing and we can actually send you we're all yours either vociferously said no nice, it's probably three day one of those around us three, eight theatres in Chicago right, where this week guitar, Strasse kind of coming out, as you will, that are drugs. Yadda yadda do the three diversion so Jody. Actually we can get a hollow of so we're. We continue to try to call her at home. You know assuming that she she wants this prize, which I thought was pretty good quite honestly. But a lot of people entered a lot of really to be a response to apparently against their will in some mid some form or another like a lot of people who had enemies bought tickets. So they would for they were, they were buying or they were buying going. I'm going to do a good cause. I don't want that per. I think, you're missing in enemies. Gala sounds amazed. Has everyone you bring this dear Brutus language, that can you really fiveam yeah yeah so case? anyway, so you are really
I talking to anybody. We socially. If you don't care, if they like you afterwards, here So so one of the five liquids advice goods so thumb gasoline come out. That's no brain! You just get up in the morning, Plugin in your car, you're gonna go right, that's good! So gasoline many with me so soup has now a pretty good, Mississippi, Delicious and also yes great, and also to a did Adam all of the soup me so soup and when the blot doesn't. The squares of tofu flow neuron, and yet what you could have on the shilly opposite of EV and her. You can have well, is generally good b. We haven't chile, a solitary liquid, because I feel it out of an intermediate state here that kind of plug your finger. I think yeah, I think those I didn't want to get finger clock. I'm sorry, I didn't think you're having broth me so soon without all these issues right us brought have coffee. That would be great, really good coffee,
and then I you know I like scotch, but I dont want to come out my finger because there could be some bad stuff. It would happen if I had unmitigated access to scotch row instead of gasoline is fine. Get one iota. The gas lady, while now how much handler always get a smuggler calmly tail we're gonna get some like oranges and the associated with similar next iron plays. I do many good plasma. Is there Julie, they're they're, looking for plasma all the time you know so I could like I could go goose swing by the Plasma Bank, given some plasma. This seems like a nice thing to do so. You got a charity. Your pinky fingers full chaired this. My ring finger out during the quantity finger of lost this one, maybe maybe get bourbon. I dont like that way. I could be a good host without without being made about consuming too much how commerce offers and tat you have you not taken advantage of the situation at all the only good idea there was gasoline gasoline Measles soup is a terrible lightweight, wrote about about what about your partly sauce instead of Urban
This better. I think I think, I'd better, because there's gonna be a little bit more versatile yeah. Ok, I like that, by the way you live in a capitalist society, you already have an unlimited access to all sorts of Scotland, a log, a backpack around like a logical Glenn back mercury.
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