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Emotional Support Vortex? | Guest: Salena Zito | 1/30/19

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Hour 1 Meet Wally...the Emotional Support Alligator?...65-year old Joie Henney cuddles with Wally, his 60-pound pet alligator, to alleviate his depression...beats taking pills, or does it?..."this guy is nuts"...Recalling the Movie: Grizzly Man ...Actions of Evil: VA House Dems propose Abortion Until Birth?...in the Future a Society of Killing Children? ...VA, RI, VT, and NY are All In for Killing Babies..."are we being Overton Window'ed again?" ...the Left will do anything to save something living, unless it's human? ...All of a sudden, Van Jones is Too Conservative for the Left? ...Howard Schultz is the Democrat, Democrats use to be?    Hour 2  Same Old Tricks to Win in Politics with Journalist, Salena Zito...Trump and Ocasio-Cortez use the same tricks to win...tapping to the angry and disenchanted? ...the Average Democrat(s) are not being heard anymore?...ignoring large squish middle?...Democrats are shocked by Howard Schultz...and his 3rd Party bid?...Democrats have 2 different Forces in their party? ..."Sorry but Texas is Closed"...Glenn takes calls from folks caught in the Polar Vortex?...where are the coldest Temperatures?... Negative -51 degrees in Minnesota? ...Report: Las Vegas Shooter conclusion, 'No Motive' just 'Infamy' Hour 3 "Wake up America"...Mexico is Turning into Venezuela?...the Socialist President of Mexico has aligned themselves with Venezuela...along with Turkey, Cuba, Russia?...Shut down their own pipeline...New Oil crisis, over 1,000 gas stations Closed in Mexico...Massive surge is coming to the border IF Mexico turns into Venezuela? ...#'s Don't Lie = Math is Not Racist? ...'Project Raven'...Ex-NSA spies ran UAE's hacking operations? ...BlazeTV Media Meltdown Recap...Bill O'Reilly rips media bias...Millennials, Allie & Lauren added their take too? ...2020 Dem hopeful, Kamala Harris calls for the elimination of Private Health?

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Stewart start would choose your news. Ok, look. I'd start, would choose your news and there is a real serious one and a couple of other stories that I think you'll be very, very interested in. So we'll do that. Let me tell you about it. European financing african american financing dot net is a place that you can go where they are working for you and they are true. To find the right loan for you and there now company that will do no money down. No, I d, you don't have to be a citizen, you could be a ghost there Don't do that! That's alone! I won the day. You know that's why they won't give one. Do you like that they do what's right for you in the long run, when really what's right for all of us,
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Number three story: number three Virginia is now trying to pass an abortion law that is just as extreme as New York and Rhode, Island and Vermont. What is happening with our abortion laws. When you hear this audio it'll blow your mind, also. We do also have the story about the man who says his emotional support. Alligator is: important and it helps his depression unless your news in one minute this is that land back poking around a little about real estate agents. I trust dot com estate agents. I trust it is not a real estate company what it is since a say: it's a match making service and it makes a match
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most importantly, we should go with this murder guessing to be a change in the law. Dad the pro the biggest do no sort of health story that you talked about their, which would be the emotional support. Alligator you want to start there I think was the original are you know it's an interesting story, your even Pennsylvania Pennsylvania man says his emotional support. Alligator helps him deal with his depression Joey Henny, sixty five said his registered emotional support. Alligator named Wally Light to smuggle and give hogs Now I don't know how an alligator gives hugs with such little are rife famously small arms right. The reach comes from the mouth right he's a five foot long alligator, he has now received approval from the doktor that, while
He is an emotional support, animal mean. What do you mean? They ve received support from the doctor. What you mean it's registered. What is that? What are these terms mean they mean? Did you sign up on a website, and now you went to the doktor you ok, He said I I don't want to go on medication. For my for my depression, but alligator makes me really happy and if I could travel around with my alligator it would never be lonely and I would be fine look. Do you're, gonna, be very lonely if you're walking around with an alligator appeared on the only person that's going to talk to. You is the alligator and when the alligator starts to talk- and you start understanding the alligator her beyond depression dude, as this is one of the three or four, That would guarantee you'd, be lonely, guarantees that no one around an alligator or walking around an alligator everywhere. You go rescued
Tease that no one will ever come here you so he said, while he was rescued from outside or Lando fourteen months old, he still growing, that's good. He could be sixty, in feet long one day He said while he eats chicken wings. And shares and indoor plastic pond with it? smaller rescued alligator name scrappy. Are you who tune turns for this year? Is a big teddy bear yeah I got news for you he's an I gave and he will eventually eat a child or or you if he thinks you tastes like chicken this is like the guy who the Grizzly Man Documentary do not story. No, it was a guy who really, he had a real connection with bears.
And he would go in the woods- and he would have this in these amazing interactions with bears any kept. Trying to tell people you're scared of bears but bears are good creatures, the good quiet, loving crew, cheers until he was filming himself and was eaten by bear happened. It turns the humanity. A little alone are a little yeah, and so I this is- happens here some day. This little cute story of the emotional support alligator turns into the inside of his dining room. Looking like a slaughterhouse, and you know what this is. This is a stupid guy who just hasn't add the money or whatever to move. To Florida because every remember when we move to Tampa. Ok, everyone said, and you know it you don't understand it. Hey welcomed, afforded by the way, don't ever read into a bush here. What you mean, don't reach into it. In others,
there's ponds and water around and stop just still reach into any of the bushes. So if you go I'll figure. Something goes you know, Bush leave it there. Why Ah well, because there's alligators, ok, alligators yeah and some people move down and they think alligators or fun, and so I'll go out and they all feed them. Chicken and then you know Somebody's kid in the neighborhood is missing a few weeks later. Oh you mean it. Yeah. Now, listen! Here's how you run for an alligator, don't run in a straight line. Wait a minute. Are we really having been a conversation dear ever? Did you have a conversation? Oh yeah yeah. They tell you too. I don't know if it's true, but they tell you to run an exact zigzags here, don't run in a straight line from an alligator. An alligator cannot turn coroners fast, but
They can run straight line much faster than you don't even know. If this is true doing I don't know, I don't know, I don't care. I dives though I would. If I was running from an alligator, I would have attempted a true or not right, so so one day we were driving home and who were driving on our street just to get home. It was like a cul de sac and were driving in the street, and I stopped. As there is, is eight foot alligator seven foot? later That is just sunning himself across the street. So you can't drive he's like a speed bump and you know you don't want to run over the alligator, but I'm not getting out in saying shoe shoe sir Oh, we had our cell phone and we called the police, and we said what do we do? this situation, I gotta call animal control. Ok, animal control. Yeah, we don't how big is he? I don't know six seven feet: oh yeah. Don't pick him up until her ten feet
what do you mean? So what do I do well, wait until the alligator boughs- and we did, and we did how long it will take time. An think I made none of us were willing to I'm not getting out my card alligator man so now This guy is because you lives up in Pennsylvania, like all these poor rescued alligators, it's dead. The animal in its wild animal, you don't treat enough, it is still does an alligator make a good path, I would argue now, let's not make a good pet. Well as long as you always remember, it's an alligator, it's a fine, pat this guy doesn't remember it's an alligator. He thinks it's a snugly toy and if this guy comes on an airplane dude, I'm sorry, if that's your emotionally support, you know what
it is stay off. This plain cause you're nuts and you have no judgment. You're not gonna, be able to open the door of this thing goes down, so use earlier, not sitting in an exit I'll you're not did he get an exit seat. Does your neck gonna be able open the door second of all the only way that alligators getting onto a plane with me is, if you make it into luggage and then that a brief case of whatever other than that? If it's not carrying your clothes, that ain't gettin on the plane? Isn't it, though the it's a bigger issue than just the emotional support alligator, in that the emotional support animal is just a giant scam for people to bring their pets wherever they want to go. I think so I mean, their seeing this on aeroplanes time people just bring more and more of their pets. They get more and more exotic. Because of this, Bizarre cut out they have that medium there there are people like there are people in that have been a mental stress and have severe elements that we know report of
spawned well to animals and and there's a reason to your standard that's possible in and as has happened before, but now it's people we look, you get it registered and matters the registering process of this, is anybody can read this official process? You just go and get it register, Anybody who says they register to many could say: I have a registered emotional support, animal and then because the by airlines and other places have been like well for people who really need them. Maybe we can make exceptions while its register we have to let him on and is becoming more and more of a problem, because you know ninety percent savages nonsense. People like their pets, they wanna Brigham on planes, so we have. We have canines and their registered protection animals, and so, but they have to wear the vast and we have an actual tag, a licence and everything else, and I think there is
place for like. I know a lot of people who were soldiers, PTSD yeah, that's gonna works for them and I don't care if you have a registered dog as your your Reno emotional support, but I think you're right. I think people carry them around in purses allotment eyes and they carried him around and purses because they couldn't get a bigger dog because then they couldn't take them everywhere are now just getting a body God, oh yeah! This is my emotional support. Really is it and beyond that, even if Is it your dog? Ok, it's your cat, and I hate cats, ok, alligator because it make That's it emotionally distressing everyone else around. U S like the overall negative rest, but worried for flight emphatic care, and the male is happening to us, each in what is happening to us are I, let me tell you,
dines day is. Is it? Is it the first yet know when it went Sweden, for sure today's general thirty, so my wife, she Making me drink cell, reduce arches, she's, making me drink salary, juice, It's awful! I e the aid it issues, I gotta get healthy gotta get healthy, where you know what you're gonna make me hang myself, and I am ready for an emotional support alligator over the stupid cell. Jews? Certainly the hanging yourselves in her actual goal. No horse now wait a minute, maybe it so you last night she comes after me healthy. She comes in with his big bag of all kinds of chocolate and unlike Is this for the kids for school, the morally doing so? What is the big bag of chocolate? She said now Valentine's day. Mozart- is still the end of January surveillance. This day. What do you have bags of chocolate that you have but because she likes chocolate, she likes chocolate, so she's any
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and bucks more. You get that two dozen roses or eighteen arouses ray for me? What is it? What did I say I need honoured. Twenty nine. Ninety nine! You knock Get this offered ends to day. That's one eight hundred flowers, dotcom, one, eight hundred flowers, dotcom promo code. Back, we break pretences, station. I D poured out stimulus I want to go back to choose your news here for insider sure. Ok want to add to to have one more in We can do the the the abortion thing, which is amazing, amazing, audio that everybody needs to see. We have.
The story of Mexico, how it is becoming like Venezuela, that's really important story. We so have a story here. I'm going to add in the great paradox of the Trump presidency is a sum Anderson, Cooper and CNN was talking about. He was talking to a guest and he said he's the most authentic president ever Anderson, Cooper, sad white, yeah, the most authentic president. Ever they didn't understand it. I think they're, absolutely right, Juicer news items: portion thing is I don't hear this day, so I so the abortion thing this is in Virginia. I wanna play this audio. This is involved yet the legislature is now talking about a new bill to me? abortion, legal. All. The way up to birth now we have a partial birth abortion restriction, Riah ban to ban can't do it
Ah, how can you do this all the way to birth? Well, you dont, partially birth. You have to kill the child, not not with the feet and the shoulders out. Just a hat: had himself he used to do it right now they! go in and kill the child, and then you birth, the baby two days later Kay oh you're still going through all of the birth you doing that, but your birthing, a dead, baby and think about a year delivering the child. Just delivering the child after it died so you can easily deliver the child alive and then give it up for adoption. There was always the argument was well. If we want to carry to term, I mean that's your door, causing emotional distress and all these terrible things will your act birthing, the child in this scenario and still there they want it to happen, They think that their lay there Their excuse is well. I'd be emotionally distressful for the for the woman will wait. Will it be more emotionally distress? Do
the child then give it to a loving family or to birth, a dead child and go through that experience? What which is it which is, as we know it has nothing to do with either one of those things correct nothing to do with direct. This is just leading us to murder, children, children, okay, so listen to the questions. This is in Virginia and legislature as they are discussing the bill as written. Listen to this, how late? Third trimester could a physician perform an abortion if he indicated it would impair the mental health of the of the woman or physical?
some argue about the mental health, so I mean through the third trimester that their time Esther does all the way up to forty winks, ok, but to the end of the third Reich Esther, I dont think they have the limit and about where it's obvious that a woman is about to give birth. She has physical signs and that she is about to give birth with that, still be a point at which she could request an abortion if she was so certified. She's dilating at MR chairman. That would be a you know: a decision that the doctor Position and the woman understand that, and I'm asking you if your bill allows that my bill would allow that. Yes, so it's if, in the off chance that a woman experiences pain during pregnancy or birth, that would be. That would be a threat
where health and therefore should have an abortion. So if the big, the birth and somehow had none of this has ever occurred to woman, but if it is somehow becomes painful during the birthing process, if there is an indication of discomfort physically or mentally, at that point they can have Mental health exemption for these lost. Yet, except the problem is: if it's you going to be painful or hard, She still has to give birth to a child two days later, I'll get her dead. I shall, of course, but that, luckily, though, it will debate no mental stress as the baby won't be alive. That's where it all comes from Glenn. The birthing process is a very. It's always been a wonder, the easy process for women and now, if we when you see some discomfort that certainly the abortions the only answer there s absolutely unbelievable. I mean there's. No one on earth who believes that that is is anything
then murdered- and I mean look at you you're talking about a nine month baby that can come out at any time- you have to birth it anyway, it's gonna be dead. Where that, instead of a life that there's no way to just her it's impossible? And yet, if you go back to the partial birth abortion ban, which find is a lot of Democrats saying that is ridiculous. We're never gonna do that. The summit were talking about. This is a slippery slope, a yearning for more for more, and that was an argument against the bill is never against partial birth abortion. It was against look when I try to go after this? Is your slippery slope? It's your little window into take away all women's rights when it comes to their reproductive health. Now going to be a litmus test for every democratic candidate to come into that Bert Mary and tell you that yes, three said its before birth is appropriate. You know what if we get rid of that partial birth abortion bent, maybe a compliment, after if it's only a couple of minutes, maybe if it still connected to the umbilical cord accounts- and we can still do it, then they will go
every innovation of this to try to justify it, cause they're all going to be in this giant contest to move further and further left to bring the of innocent children to the foreground of this debate. It's it's a miracle. If you're, if you're wanting crazy socialists to run against, because that's what you're gonna see here flooded scary. Is it wants it gets down to a one on one contests, anything can happen in a cup cobbler hairdresser. Fredo What are these criminal getting any annually tat? I was gonna, not marched to this tune, hobbyhorses. All of them will all of them will hear lessening ten grand bank you know liberty, save searches for white right wing, white men, extremists women haters Liberty safe, not just restoring guns at ammo. No, no! No! You could be a Gillette, enlightened man
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a tree. It's not you. Ass is a new conservative alternative to liberal based in EL services. It secure private, an safe, no ads or spam, and they won't collect or sell your data ever go. Do I patriots dot? U S right now, pick your membership! A check out, select your own. I patriots, email, address inner promo code. Patriot get the first month free, go month to month, cancel anytime welcome to the programme. Mr Pat Gray joins us now on the Glen Back Programme, Pat, yes, how you doing? I'm great yeah what is on your plate? Today? We were just talking about the abortion bills. I was talking about that this morning as well, you're, the one in Virginia now that some yet mimicking the one in New York. Yes, you have Virginia S, Virginia Rhode, Island, Vermont, New York. You know it defeats what pro abortion people have said all along during this debate, the argument was in the beginning, adds its tissue this. Yet
stage you know that is more like a fish than a human being is not a human being. So just you can't make that argument when it's a fully developed child- and yet it's ok to abort the baby. At nine months I mean I thought the argument was safe save, rare, rare and legal, and you know it's for women who didn't want to put their body through that. At this time, I can't handle the pregnancy whatever, while at nine months you already handled everything you ve done through more signal had through this discomfort of gaming waiting and at all the stress that puts on your body and you are used still have to birth the child right. They just kill it and you will you give birth to a dead child which I think has got to be worse. I don't know, I'm not a woman, but I would think of having something dead inside of you
you are now having a birth. Wouldn t, you dramatic, from magically as well as the more yes? U S so AEGIS, it doesn't make any sense, aren't over just being overturned windowed again. Ah, I do think there's enough I know that I guess I mean look at what this debate is currently current, who should be nine months are not mean american people are not there. I mean the debate between on abortion has been the first. Mr Ryan, largely by the way that Rovers is weighed said at first trimester, and I mean the they ve made the argument that it's it's, it's not life yet all along, but I mean when you think about it back Korea on Mars, would these fight like hell to see bacteria on Mars, cause that's life. You know they would. You know they would eagle Eggs DA. They would fight. Does you couldn't kill eagle eggs? You need when we go to jail. For that. I am pretty sure you would. I I mean look how hard they fought for the
cave dwelling pie you trout, but for babies got no concern whatsoever, it just doesn't matter. It doesn't make any sense to me in its, No, I know we're trying to moderate are our language, but its evil, its there is no other word for it. It's it's! It's evil! Usa. I dont think you moderate. I don't try to moderate my language and tried to be exact with my language yeah, so I want to say that Democrats or evil exonerating demonstrated or evil vit, but there's this action action is evils. Evil is Israel is evil when you, when you are talking about a child- and I think the vast man already of Democrats would tell you. Who, in a safe zone where they don't that their words would be taken and then used to empower Donald Trump or whatever it is people think if they were in a safe zone, they would say now. This is ridiculous. This is raised. Via the killing child right before birth. That's there's just
There's, no morality in that! That's evil, Miss approach. Irish voters tell posters yes at the most recent poll has only twenty five percent of pro choice: voters who believe the third trimester that's you know what seventy nine to its, not just not just right before birth, but even months, seven, only twenty five percent say that better. Illegal, now where's, right or wrong, just legal at all, for when I presented swell of pro choisya cells, fifteen percent of overall adults, but twenty five per cent of pro choice: adults That is, you know, a very minor portion, and it's only when it comes to the second trimester. It's still less than half a protest voters, thirty nine! sent total say you should be what happened in the second or third trimester. Now remember the debate far as legislation goes right now from red States is, should we limit aboard? into twenty to twenty four weeks. Ok,
that's what they're trying to get done and in states across the country, Guenaud, conservative legislators and let us stop at the second trimester will only I mean it's. Thirty. Nine percent approach, choice, voters who wanted in the second trimester and only twenty four percent of overall adults. Yet somehow regrets are out there and I'm gonna have a field of twenty candid, it's all of which saying five seconds before birth is absolutely fine for more That is an amazing overturned. As a great observation tat, because it's it's what they're doing there, we are having this debate about nine month abortions, when almost no one in the country thinks it's appropriate, almost no They're doing is are getting people to say. Ok, I mean you know first trimester, that's ok, yeah yeah, which should never. Now it's not ok. We shall never see to em right bud. In comparison, you right. One. The Overton window is all about actually run and it works effectively when and how many times every time except
this one, isn't just proposing something their actual arguing, lanting these NEA and also it's not like. Oh, I want to say some extremist things and I went back off no there Actually putting this in. I think this as everything to do with Ruth, Better Ginsburg which, by the way Eric Bowling made, eight point last night: why is it that it was ok for the poor, ass to say so Maloney a Trump had some sort of surgery. We haven't seen her in in fifteen day what is the surgery? Is her health? Really? Ok, that was totally fine but why is it right? O one, including fox, is asking where the hell is worth better Ginsberg? How, is her health she's showing up, and my only responses because people at far and the people in the right no and so to people on the left. She's not well, going to die,
it's it's only a matter of time, she's, very unwell, and why we can't, even ask here somebody who is not the first lay so she has nothing to do with our government, nothing to do with our lives. This is someone who is a sitting Supreme Court Justice. What's her health and a critical one at this juncture, rug critical one. If anything happens to her, whether whether she retires or you know, Heaven forbid dies. Imagine the battle there will be over the replacement? I mean this is a critical juncture in history and the left will go up a plaque If anything happens, work trump can take, gotta go ethanol acquainted and another one, your member who is the bear it? What was her name that was thinking about? She was the one that you ve. Your extremists surely mean groaning area Europe, Europe Extra, you believe, religious stuff. Oh my gosh, we can't have you so what do they do? They get Cavanaugh?
ok, how they reacted Cavanaugh reactor whoever it doesn't matter, there's no way. You're gonna get that fight. It can be Cavanaugh the guy up, cues him of being the original inspiration for Michael Myers right by the end of an you know what I mean you know what whose ever worn the mouse gonna cut out with less, because I find it looks rather think about how extreme they are. They are now fighting for killing a child when Men goes into labor K there that extreme, who could they possibly accept beside Karl Marx or Jeffrey Dahmer, mean who? Could they would they be ok with there's no there's gonna, be anything but a fight on that and it's, not a conservative, whose president I'm afraid who they'll pick You know when you, when you're looking it Howard Schulz and they are screaming at our jolts, not all agree with a Starbucks guy. I don't like the star
bucks guy. Well, nobody did with you know, I'm closing down because well, we are we. We don't know, is white people how to treat me. No people of color excuse me news so insulting, but here a guy that if he were president, you could negotiate with why? Because he doesn't hate capitalism and he doesn't If the constitution of the United States of America now he's Bro choice, Very liberal he's got all kinds of other ideas, but he doesn't. Want to fundamentally transform the United States of America, He sees the debt as a big pro there's a couple things you could say our right? Well, that's great he's right on that right. You can't find that with can't find a lousy, Hortense. There's almost no common ground with stream is their running or talk about running others. There's no come grannie more any think about how much common ground there is what TED crews, but they won't accept it. No they're so
such common ground with somebody like TED crews, you could or Donald Trump I mean Donald Trump- ran on a dub giant infrastructure bill and they won't even address it because, honestly, they don't care about infrastructure. They care about. Taking him down. Look at the justice reform. The criminal justice reform bill that many of them voted against just because they want to have trouble wind. I vow you're right up there, our van find themselves with their way to vote for Van friend George Jones Yeah Van Jones is a pariah Jones. Did the criminal raw reform bill with Donald rob and he's like guys? This is a giant win were, you ordered, am trumped support. Her second varied guy is now
who can serve it. Is it's not enough. Not now sand. Joneses pictures up at the Coke Brothers meeting is legitimately he was they not because the coke probably has helped Brunton. He was behind it mean fronded have supported the criminal justice reform there, a very long time, and now back the ads adds would be because the Do you know that tunnel trumpets in bed with some of the evil people in the world? The coke brow hers and Van Joe, the Y Y y. You mean the communist from the old. How is this This is a wild men's, even crazy, even when they go so far. That Van Jones moderate, looks moderate you're like well
Howard House can't eat doesn't even belong in the parting anymore. I'm in disguise a lifelong democrat. He would he would agree with that. Thus on maybe five per cent of things I think he's a meter, maybe he's, but he says he thinks that the debt is a big problem. I, like that's something it understand. He doesn't like the Elizabeth Warrens Billionaire tax write like there's a couple things you could find where you degree with Howard shows, but generally he's just a nor he's a Democrat that Democrats used to You don't want one that I would vote for, but allows using that immigrants in the party. I think he's the Democrat that the average Democrats still is their joy ones, not Washington, they're, just not allowed to say they're not allowed to embrace it and it's going to I'm telling you right now is this going to be the exact opposite election, where we had looked at Hillary Clinton said she's. The Devil
Kay River Alex Jones was like you smell sulphur around her wish to use it in a devil open their people that below if, on the other side, that Donald Trump at all, Ah, yes, we must never be president not for another day, and they will do anything. Many of us and we the evidence we have decades of evidence. She corrupt to the core she's corrupt, and it will be that means that the republic is doomed with her right. So anybody and we when we started looking at just win just stop her. That is going to be the mindset of the Democratic Party just stop him and that's why they they would be fine with shell to running as a Democrat economic, there half saying he's evil
and they don't want him here, he's just a billionaire who's out for himself what what a jerk as equal! But if he referred a Democrat, then you could try to flesh out on the democratic primary will. Why would you want to be your candidate if you think he's a big baby? Evil billion are jerk. They have started on what the entire worried about it. You know I just to Osborne De Berulle. If Teddy, you heard him interrupted over and over again yours, an evil, billionaire and you're gonna make tromp win but join our party and run with us roughly five. It's just what a world man I need. An emotional support allocated, assess where I need. Aren't to tell you about really factor sponsor if you're, in constant pain, you're, not alone Pat, is there constant, constant, crippling pain and use them to get up and go to work over fifty million people have it so bad that missing. Work due to pain and the average amount spend two thousand dollars a year to compare their pain sixties.
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and lives in his house is insane the guy's gonna guinea. Yeah. The only way to do that he has added logical tape. The mouth shut every time he goes out. You know for protection of other people by down here. If you get caught feeding an alligator is the five hundred dollars finally the Algiers, but down immediately because the alligator there he's people with food yet further, not then they don't become afraid of that's how children little children go missing in Florida, because as some neighbour has fed the alligators Chicken and You see a little meat the child don't feed an alligator and the guy in in Pennsylvania, I'm counting the days till you reach homeowners, wanna talk to you here. There is a data breach just exposed twenty four million Americans too.
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home title long, go to home, title locked out, come home, title locked, dotcom! You gonna get a free titles. Ghana report: that's a hundred dollar value free with just signing up home title lock: dotcom do it now show begins and about fifteen seconds we haven't rate rate segment was Selena Zito. She is the author of the great risk, revolt and she's a journalist. You can trust. She's got a great story the fusion of entertainment This is the Glen Back Programme, its twenty five below in Minnesota. It's it's like forty below in Chicago I think I saw- was twelve her or fourteen below in in in love Kentucky. Ok, all right, I want to find the listener, who is?
the coldest spot in the audience who has the lowest temperature come on, bring it on bringing because we're sitting here today, just freezing death like forty five degrees and it's crazy in Texas, tell us the lowest temperature that you are sitting in right now. What life is like call us, aided eight. Seventy seven be easy k, but we're gonna start the show with Selina Zito Selina, just wrote a great article trump and cause YO. Cortez use the same tricks to win at politics wise. The left so upset at Donald Trump. Selina in one minute, this is a landmark programme. I am really so excited. I think I think we'll see. Maybe rephrase will come in and and will open twenty three in meeting thing on the air, his ease and adopted,
adopted son and we want to though his health stuff, but we also want to know his genealogy. We are in a wearies where's he from where is he really from? We know but his mother has roots in Scotland, but that's all we know. And I'm really really looking forward to opening up I'm a little nervous to, and you know, but if it says like Russia, spy right He could be russian spy. What if he was responsible for Donald Trump winning the election, my gosh without any of us, including him knowing it will be on CNN in five minutes gosh. Oh my gosh collusion. It just comes back and just says, collusion. Twenty three in me there more than just ancestry. They will also tell you about your health. I am really looking forward to getting that part. A hundred and twenty nine or twenty five different things that personalized insights on your health
that's really kind of some catastrophic stuff and also just you're sleeping habits and things that you can do. That will actually help you the twenty three in me get a dna kit. It is secure. I talked to them at length about the security of it and I trust them that it is secure and they ve already fought a court battles. Subpoenas dry and the government trying to get some genetic stuff. They ve and all the court paddles three in me, your secure with twenty three and me dotcom, slash back. Go there now get your dear A fine out your ancestry find out the personal insights that can help you live a better. Longer life twice three and me dot com, slash back twenty three in me, dotcom, slash back so the art starts. They're, both brash,
our bureau New Yorkers, each with their own notorious, nickname, she's, a o c and ease the Donald. Both shock Therapy but he's by coming out of nowhere to win their elections defeating members of the establishment. Despite being greatly outspent and both have, broken: the rules of DC politics in strikingly similar ways using social media to push policy an usher in Peru. We uninspired voters, Selina Zito, a a real journalist and one who really looks for the truth and then balances it with common sense as well to tell the story Selina. Why But what is the point? What is the point of your article other than the fact that they both are caught from the same cloth in their approach, not their policies but their their approach?
Thanks for having me courage- or so I think the worker point- oyster some people don't get- is that they speak. To England or speak more segments of the dead have felt as though they are not paid their heaven. Blot in part I'm gonna be on the prevailing or living the american dream based day. They they speak to people who often times the establishment and both parties either take for granted. Use, thereabout end or out it'll? Be them behind to take Republicans. For example, our proposal were more than happy to get independent and democratic voters or voters that the vote a lot to be swept up in the tea party movement in two thousand and ten,
I am sure, is security, not only in the house, but also down ballot you offices, they paid they kept they were more than happy to welcome to the early happy to welcome them into doubt. Afford you later, Bennett and one even or republican seats. But you know They didn't really want them when it came to the presidential election because they did not understand they would be to voters were going to reject the establishment, because the establishment had listened to them for at least two generations, and the same goes for Democrats, democratic, TAT, a democratic vote, the special in particular young, on the lineal voters and minority voter Joe feel as though the democratic establishment has their back impact if they got their corrupt. Look at the way that Bernie Sanders was treated by it.
The unseen paper will leave those things are unfair and awaited towards the establishment of a from their voices, You may not agree with trunk boaters. You may not agree with Elsie voters, but they have a point. So Selina, I think, what's happening with the democrats- is absolutely fascinating. First, when you look at the the average Democrat the average damn crap is saying the Democrats are moving too far left and they're going crazy, where I think the average dammit at would look at a guy like Howard Shoals, if it if he wasn't eight, if he wasn't a lie does, as a party spoiler and the average Democrat would problem. We go for him where they're not in to this socialist thing, however, the other part
you're not haven't, listen to and betrayed. Is this socialist? Who sent Woodrow Wilson, has been too old now we're just progressing to the socialists. Utopia, that's what happened in France that led to the book the coming insurrection, the com, as in the socialist said, I've had enough you keep telling. You don't believe in this system, but you're, never going to take us over the finish line and its time so who, in the end, the Democrats have, I you know gonna be here, is really what's really difficult. First of all, I thought the reaction by Democrats to Howard Shalt Run running was only too well we lost, thereby when he decided that he is going to run as a centrist. What is it It tells you that they know their party is too far left. They know they can appeal to the square
better, which, by the way, are the words segment of society is squashy metal. They look, a politics is about bay, and they like this this this in this person, but they don't like that. That back, that's why we have big away the election cycles and army terms, because we keep sending a message with whom we were poor and Washington keep reading Albania, we like them again, but so so so, but wait a minute You are still looking at Howard, Howard shells, and you say that it did. It was, talking to you, but there looking at shawls as a spoiler, and they are taking the position that so many people took look if somebody would have run third party of case ache or or for crews or anybody would have run third party there Person would have been done in politics for ever because
was any one, but Hilary. And we have to defeat Hilary. That's Mine said, I think, going into twenty twenty with the Democrats. Anyone but Trump yeah, absolutely their terrified of of other third party candidate because it it could, you know, definitely have a huge impact on true, but there, they're gonna, tell you plan be goodbye. There they are afraid of their the direction that their own party in going. They understand it's too far left yet they had got that. Why be called the on either side of the party tat to push through the further to the left or right in a primary situation and that's what they are facing, both at the most boisterous.
The people in the party and the ones that are most invested in politics are the ones tat they. Had there not been that sort of force field of the super delegates for the democratic, Are you standards in all likelihood would have been the Domini, so so so how are they going to get through? I mean the I'd up to hear your opinion, though, we gotta get back to a cause. You Cortez in her traits that are similar to Trump, but the right now you have Virginia Rhode, Island, Vermont and New York. Pushing through the everything but arms she'll birth, abortion and the only reason why they don't include. That is because we have a ban on it, so the men so the woman is dilated and they say push and any time she can say kill the baby. I don't want this baby and they will
it's so unbelievably extreme Why are they pushing that through? Why they going this far. If you say you know they They know their two extreme. Why are they doing that them because they were within what lies outlined in the book? They live within these Super zip codes, they all think alike and they're so sort of outside the stream main street democratic position on abortion. If you look at this six as it were, in particular among young people. Young people have become more pro life time and it hasn't it is all about. Religion. Is also about science,
find his creed and an artificial intelligence has obtained a point about the things in their life, including how we view abortion. You can see, what your baby looked like and see. Your heart beat a much faster speeding. It could five years ago, ten years, you know, there's life in you an end. These young people see that they see that through when they're in school, when they talk about things in your size classes, but they also see that their personal lives personal decision, I hope for thirty years ago I said if there was a window to a womb that was natural were born would stop, because you see it as a baby. It's our eyes that are allowing us to who live in this life that live this lie and as technology gets better, will recognise a child earlier and earlier, and that is what
turning to the millennials right now, with the millennium and then leave are much more pro wise, then chaired acts and the bourgeois ok. So let me go back to let me go back to a cause, you Cortez, and that the things that she is doing right now that You say she has in common with Donald Trump and the f doesn't seem to have a problem with it with her, but they do with Donald Trump, explain that and you come back and in one minute I literally one minute you never more than sixty seconds away from the rest of the show. We're gonna stop here for one minute, so you tell you about my patriot supply guessing millions of Americans right now went out shopping to fill their refrigerators and their pantries. They rap their exceed for your pipe solely won't freeze, they filled their cars with gas, they make sure they had candles, and batteries and airy
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or with Glenn Dotcom, that's prepare with Glenn Dotcom. Ten SEC station. I d, so the old crypt keepers in Washington DC they don't like Donald Trump because he short circuits the system, the cryptic p, whereas in the media don't like it because he goes around them, but a cause. Cortez is doing exactly the same thing and that your article is pointing out. Tell me about it. Absolutely So she girl, I mean just think about the two days after she was ass. You want her election member and attended a protest in their support
am. I walked around and high five everyone in the office. I mean that she knew that the policy was gonna, be the next speaker of the house on the yet. She was very good by it in and projecting too to her voters plus people who need them. Even in her cause that she was going to back the system until done it in the same way has, he should go, begins her party multitudes of time. She says outrageous things and wouldn't twitter work with it much the same way, that is that their trunks does in his unapologetic were all of them have opposed. Importantly. She gives voice to people who feel that day
I don't have a voice. I would argue that is that that is the problem that the Democrats have. They have these two. Certain completely different forces within their parties were centred stem who once things to be a little more normal. They have a party this a little more stable, and then you have the people to the work to embrace the many aspects of socialism and who are. Europe are very strongly identify with social justice causes who are pushing back against your time has gone. We really explore that division because they aren't the party in power, but it is as bad as or worse than the Republicans division leading up to two thousand and sixteen. So this is why I thought the election last year,
if we hadn't created this nightmare scenario, where we're at a other's throats, and we could have a logical conversation, the converse the election last year, I thought should have been between Bernie Sanders, and cruiser somebody like TED crews, because that's where I think the people are, we are at this choice. We're going do drop capitalism and and and and go for social justice or we're going to stick to the constitution and we're going to clean capitalism up and everyone has to live under the same laws. That's that really where we are, but that's not. Where either party is so who wins in the end who are, the Nancy policies and Chuck humor gonna win or the cause you Cortez come all irish people know that. So did the great question
it'll, be the car I'll come over Harris. I hope we are saying that right and see that the way for used up out of the two sides, but you know so that means they get the most attention. Does that project them into a win, hard to tell. I think, even if there are a lot of voters. If, if you go back and look at the election in two thousand and eight, and you will get a lot of those suburban districts. You are what you saw. What are these races were lacking. One percent right there were a water with superb republican voters who went to the democratic because they ran moderates and they didn't feel comfortable in the Republican Party
but they don't belong over there in the Democratic Party and therefore they show that there are four grab at, and I think that the conflict that you talk about the crews Sanders conflict is what is going to either split them to one side or the other, and I dont know what happens to the near to policies in Khartoum is going forward because I think the tendency of the already have become too far left I ve. I was just talking to John Miller, who is our White House correspondent and he was saying they would ease in the press room. The press does not like Jim Acosta They might agree with them. They don't like Donald Trump, but they are sick of him because they know he's a show border and everything else heard rumblings that the same is being said now about a Cortez that there's a lot of people were like aright, calm down, slow down,
oh, she is our chance. She wears out her welcome. Well, that's that's the big question right here Honestly, I have never seen a young person or a member of Converse Congress come in and create the attention and disruption. That she has my career coming covering politics when you Washington, you're, one of four hundred and thirty five right, you're not supposed to be Center of attempted, unless you're in leadership no matter what hardy again, but this is a world wide and it's hard to two occurred to predict what happens to her. I think that if the democratic, too heavy handed and end back banter, then there are going to face a sort of insurrection within their own party in the same way as it does that sort of how the Republicans
why did you to treat headquarters yeah only under the date, crews prevail, silliness, bitter statesmen, factory, Selina. Thank you so much Selina Zito. You then follow her at Selina Zito, on Twitter she's, just a fantastic journalists and writer. Thank you so much for being on the programme. You know it's funny that you're one of four thirty five you're not supposed to stand out well, that was the problem with Davy Crockett Crockett when he was one you know of many in Congress and he stood up and that's why? eventually said you can all go to Hell, I'm gonna Texas, you're, lessening tat, Glenn back simply safe, so sick and tired of people saying I feel unsafe. I feel unsafe really
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first, this next segment with Texas is closed. Kay You missed your opportunity to move here. If you It gave a movie here from India from Illinois or from California. It's closed. You wouldn't believe how horrible it is there. They are executing whales. On the side of the street, and no one can stop it Norman. How many people there are no one, stop it so don't come here. It's awful anyway. Genesis in Indiana Janis welcome to the programme. Try, glamorize do it's gonna talk here, go to talk to you how cold is it at your house today? I'd do creatures about negative seventeen, negative eighteen and the wind shell is between negative forty, nine, a negative, fifty one. Oh my gosh is so that's frostbite in ten minutes of your outside. Without our geographic
so is it not also are like school operating you guys were any. What are you doing? My kids it's called e learning days, so they have their laptops there. Then your wifi and sitting on a couch right now with my twelve year old coal, and he is working on one of his his engineering class ami laptop. Well, these timing, his friends and their working together on a project in their doing it from the couch? Well, that sounds like almost like home schooling and school Joyce is happening there, but it definitely not another example. We have an amazing go assess them. Every student have a laptop if we cancel school. The kids just log onto their laptops, email, their teachers at any time the thing and they load, they upload the classes and the kids sit at home and do their work. Well, let's go! I beg you. No more more of that is coming on s, like my no I mean we just get rid of the building, but anyway JANET
Thank you so much negative. Seventeen! Let's go to Milwaukee Roy I've been Wisconsin, I heard in Green Bay. It is forty below zero, Where are you you're in Milwaukee yeah? I'm I'm in downtown, walk right now that, right now our air temperature is negative. Twenty one they they can. We write about watches my fingers turned. I seen fall off. That's the whether man we're lookin for a committed journalists have their. I God willing to lose a couple appendages story, detail it Minnesota: how cold is it in Minnesota, twenty seven below go in and same as Green Bay? There were about it. Within about four minutes with those when shells you know, but I don't think I believe them unless one of them went out into the wind and stood her and said this is how cold it really is. Watch my skin turn black leather. Not doing that
for God hurricane they they can come on watches my fingers turned. I sent fall off, that's the whether man we're looking for I want a committed and journalists have been willing to lose a couple appendages story girl in Minnesota. How come is it in Minnesota? Twenty seven, go same as Green Bay. There were about fifty years fifty five below zero. My buddy two hundred miles north of me, you want all. Oh my gosh Oh my gosh, ok! So you! How long have you lived in Minnesota God, it all my life, my God only there every year I might tell, but like all Never leave will deal deal their subsisting is car, he ate in it and drives out anyway. You lived in Minnesota where it's always cold. Have you ever experienced anything like this?
Why do you remember it yet? I remember stuff like this one out with the kid I think. Actually, as I grew up there a little bit, I think the weather's gotten better up their mobile and while you get a cold, Bert also when I got there. Eater gone on under neat thou trying to thought Biped out do raise, remember tailed legs, man, thankfulness and last year the Philadelphia Eagles won the Superbowl and they are still champions foresees ever more day as several celebrating the remit of the studies that, in Minnesota can you The Superbowl right now is going on with a temperatures miles. You know already know. I can't imagine it because their bunch of millionaires who are going to make millions of dollars, but I can't imagine paying to go sit in this ban, lower member, the Zinnendorf stadium, so the stadium itself would have been, if I think about like you, have to get their their minimum hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent.
And on you know these events this crazy stuff that goes on, and none of the people going are prepared, for it is one thing if you did Minnesota your whole life. At least you have a sense of what something like this could be like some guy. In from Miami Beach for the super. All. Can you imagine the be dead? There be dead millionaires over the street, LIVE Cauzee Old, Cortez Journey on Hand, Elizabeth and war and celebrates let's go to Rob also in Wisconsin, where in Wisconsin, what's your temperature and rob Kate, let's go to Angie in Virginia. This can't be the right temperature Virginia negative, how much Angie Virginia Minister! but our capital gay. Junior Minnesota, how cold its negative thirty four without the wind shell with the wind, shall I pickets negative, fifty four
when's, the last time you went outside a few minutes ago. To start my car had started it did it was plugged in there. That's amazing! That's amazing! Why are you going out anywhere you, nuts? Yes, we have attacked her appointment, why is somebody dying? No, but there will soon? If you gave me the desired yeah, I mean you know unless it's a route canal that I have to have cause it's worse or I'm having a heart attack, I think honey, no one's leaving to go to the doctor. In less than those like high interest for asking us to all get into the north and go to the Doktor Angie thing for your call, Kevin. In Michigan. You're, goin, demonic. Still, how are you you, the oh no. I wouldn't want to honour miles out of Chicago. Ok,
negative? Twenty four with the actual temperature and fifty one with the windchill supposed to be on a with the wind tonight That is something I want you to. The windows were actually windows anymore, the sheet of ice. Are you I mean can't. Imagine what that feels. Like I mean, are you tempted not just to go outside ago like while that's a mean, does it feel negative fifty one, and what does that feel real? Absolutely it hurts debris. I don't think I would go on doors, maybe load up. My truck unmoved attacks us right now, these closed sorry, this note Leona visitors, YAP. Nobody dont taken anybody else. No sorry I remain too vague, vague Let me go to the last Glenn in Minnesota that I have a question of whether question serious one go ahead: Glenn
we have a serious indicator of cold up you're a thief. River falls Minnesota AIR Temp, thirty eight below when Chill expected tonight, minus seventy two calmly and that they have closed the art, a cat snowmobile, wow! Do! Are you having snow with this? Now No, although I did hear some some kick, it gets over and Grand Fork said North Dakota we're throwing hot water out the window and it was turning to snow before it hit the ground blue. Now I mean they did I love you so much cold. I was checking around a little bit earlier today in illicit looked at North Dakota had the coldest temperatures It moved a South Dakota Beautiful South Dakota were like always like minded surety, yeah only minus thirty phrase: e eyes. Ok, honest question! Yes, I don't know why this is like this, and I think it's humidity donno number you know when you're in in New York City and its twenty two.
These you are not going outside without bundling up right, ok, Now let's say there is not. There is not a wind in its twenty degrees in the EAST freezing cold in you're, just not going anywhere. In Idaho were, Have a ranch! The EU can be fifteen degrees, no wind, ten degrees and sunny, and I could walk out teacher and I could go out in work or something and I'll take off I'll, take off my jacket I'll take off my shirt cause. It is hot until you move into the shade the and it there's a wind or you move into the shade you're like AIDS. Fifteen degrees. It's crazy! Why? Because Not like that and other places. Is it the humidity.
I would assume so where it I can sail in the same thing with dry. He right it's not as bad as the when you have the humidity in gotta guess, but when we went to Phoenix one time and did a show there, and it was a hundred and said Degrees outside or whatever was during the summer and you walk out and it was hot, but it was not. There was not a bearable at all. I don't think I was hundred seven when you're there you were there with me you, I don't think it was hundred seven cause I've. I lived in Phoenix, none. I lived in Phoenix, I'm sorry, but a hundred and seven are a hundred and ten it still Hot, that's like hot, nothing, burns your skin and you go outside its higher would like standing, Phoenix, in the summer is like opening up your your oven Yeah I got it on four hundred and fifty degrees open the oven- and and about a foot or to away from that door. That's what it feels like! in summer in Phoenix its
I don't know I will take. That, though, is that experience over when we visited a figure which was it. Yes, what our airlines, Young Charleston and it was in the summer and was like night missing ninety yeah but it says you meant it. It was the it was brutally was five seconds outside don't sweat I'll, take the dry heat. I will take the draghi, but there is a point to where you know: a dry heat in oven inside, although I know that you are right, he gets to appoint and it's about a hundred two hundred and ten. I think you know a hundred degrees, in Phoenix ninety five degrees in Phoenix, not a problem, not a problem. Is that the reason because the the no when it snows up there, it's the it's almost impossible to make a snowman, sometimes it's like sand. Almost you can pick it up. It just won't form a snowball or it's just so rider it's real powder.
That's it can. I have one other thing to unless something we should probably notice as listening to news reports this morning and in this huge women's from the brutal amid her these temporary mice? Forty minutes fifty degrees ETA has so far taken for lives. They said I had two of the peace, or who had died, had crashed into snow plows were driving to return it. To do that, one person was found frozen in his garage omega terrible, I mean it. The numbers running away from Yale right. This is business really really would still butts. Think about capitalism. Think about what has happened. If this would have happened. A hundred years ago you to fly thirty thousand people to something like this easy easy. This would have been simple to navigate. I mean you just
the idea that you have homes that our warm there are places that they ve opened up for shelters for those who need it. Who can go in and just get heat the entire time people are have adapted to be able to, as we heard from the college and plug in your car, you keep it. Our warmest able better able to go to doctors appointments in the middle this. This was basically guaranteed death, not that long ago, and because of capitalism? What you'll find here is there will be devastation from something like this, but it will be oh minimized, and at the time that we are hearing that first of all, this cold snap is a result of global war. And they want to take away all these innovations. They won't go away from capitalism. They wanna go away from us these are the sort of protecting people that this, Is it do terrible, terrible manure? So I will tell you: I have an old cabin that were restoring, and it is its next to the house that we built on an hour on our branch that cabin was built in eighteen. Eighty hats, the coldest damn place you could possibly ever imagine what
its thirty degrees. You go into that cabin and I dont know how people did it except they had to have fires burn all the time it is freezing I built. House to be green have solar panels and everything else have to be. Really energy efficient so that one Point my house was the only house or the first house that actually head this car her sheathing. It's like plastic. Else was really thin. Copper sheathing all the way across on the outside of the frame and then installation it can is zero or ten below we ve had it. I think, at ten below for two weeks without electricity consumption happen, solar power, with one fireplace it never got out of sixty five degrees inside it's crazy. How technology the end capitalism now inexpensively can actually make it so you don't have to worry about the outdoor elements at all, even if you don't
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They have no motive, do believe a year and plus after this, we have no idea why this guy did this. Fifty eight people dead, five hundred injured and we have absolutely no idea they found. He had no motivating factor behind the attack that his actions inspired by obtaining a certain degree of infamy via a casualty of attack, but that's about it please I say he will put through spent his life going to great lengths to key these thoughts, private and extended to its final thinking about mass murder active Here's rarely have a singular motive or reason for engaging in messed up a homicide, but here we go biggest attack in our history and of this kind. And we know basically, nothing for early factor is our sponsor here are really factor is as made it
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The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen Back Programme, there's a lot of things that we need to talk about and there's a lot of ways to talk about them. For instance, the border But what are we really talking about with the order for talking the president winner, the president, lose Did they chuck tumor? Do the right thing, Nancy Pelosi? Did they beat him or not? That's not why we need to talk about the border I want to tell you something that you have not heard anywhere else that is, probably one of the bigger national security things that we should be concerned with.
And it s a revolving around our border and it's a reason. Eight prime reason why we should be very concerned that we don't have a fence or a wall on our border. I do that in one minute this grand Bach programme are it later our sponsor this, sir. This half hour is exchequer. We're sitting. Next year's right now They are so comfortable and you can you can adjust them When you kind of move in your seat, you can adjust it. Has you don't I mean about you, but I you're sitting the chair for a long time. You gotta move it's gotta, just and this is easy to adjust its easy to move around in its easy to get comfortable, and it is the only honestly, only chair, the very saddened that is in office chair that, I think, is a come. Double as recline or have you said,
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Ye see Kay to co is going to be a full on crisis because, there are already in crisis them else and you're not hearing anybody report on this. Now? What do we learn about? The president of the new President, Mexico nobody's really talking about this either? What do we know about the President to Mexico, newly elected? Basically, a socialist right he's a little like Maduro, where he was. You know, he's just a common people. He he didn't want to take. You know he takes the bus remit. Madeira was a bus driver. He takes the boss, he he's he's one with the people he's just like you and he D. Didn't want all the trappings of the office and everything else. Because-
he's a socialist guy, and this is part of the now the reaction right they, the Idiot the mexican side of this whole no border wall thing. You know they were there. The press president was dealing with Donald Trump and having conversations with him about these things are never friendly, but they release talking and so the the Mexican we were like. Well, we don't. We know we don't like that. Guy. We don't like what he says about our country, so they elected the crazy socialists in their feeling, the site that pendulum which now swinging towards Venezuela. Yes, but is talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. That's what and you really want to talk about Venezuela as well in this, because there's only The countries that are supporting now Maduro there is and a legal challenge to the presidency and The the the new president, that everyone in the West, South America, I think, for exception of Cuba and belief a
the southern hemisphere is is with the new President, England, Spain, ITALY, Germany, everybody in the asked, is also for the new challenges to Maduro and they recognize him as the president. Its countries like Turkey, China, I think a ran Russia, Cuba, and Mexico That say we back Maduro is I mean we talk of we there's been so much talk about. Mexico in a negative sense, but really when we ve used their bit, age. A trading partner of ours there's a lot of problems we have between the countries but like it was one of the things which brought a lot during the oil crisis. When people be like well, we have to get
oil out of X Y see will actually a lot of oil come in. A lot of our resources come right from Canada and Mexico. The vast majority of that stuff comes from near by is that it's? Turning now I mean, Mexico is turning into instead about country that we have some problems with, but generally speaking, have had good relations with this if we go socialist, I can you Agnes socialist country across that border that's gonna mean for the border. We needed gimme the wall. Now. Imagine if that turns into Venezuela what you gonna need. I don't really need to help me help you imagine too much. Let me give the story. First. One question, then I'll give you the story. Stew. Was the first thing that Venezuela, rubber Venezuela had a higher rate of of wealth, and Living standards then most european countries. There were Switzerland forth in the
in the world's Us Switzerland. There is one other one. I think ahead of them brown and I was in the nineties. That's incredible! Writing about that then Chavez comes in and what was the first thing? He did nationalized oil, hey that's where they were getting their money. They nationalized oil because was to corrupt to corrupt to corrupt here's. The story wake up America Mexico is battling an enormous problem with its oil pipelines Oil thieves in Mexico have been drilling holes in Mexico's extensive network of oil and gas pipelines across the country to steal fuel and sell it on the black market state oil company PAM acts found more than twelve hundred a sorry twelve thousand five hundred illegal holes in the pipeline last year, twelve
thousand holes in the pipeline Renault pipeline at that point. Now it's a sprinkler, twelve thousand holes. You would think that they might put offence or wall, but, most importantly, there ain't there immoral, you're right the EL thieves. Some of them went as far as building a two mile, long pipe or straw. Globally drill you're, really not paying attention. If somebody can build a two mile, long pipe from you pipeline. I, like the straw analogy that. I mean they turn to ban all over. The straws in a restaurant us very got us. They then straws innovative to two mile straws selling oil on the secondary market market has been highly lucrative as a business in Mexico. In some farmers take jobs is look out for thieves, then naked earn five times more than they can. You know tending their fields and Mexico. It's also
credibly dangerous. More than eighty people recently died in a pipeline explosion, north of Mexico City, while they were to siphon off oil and gas, so Mexico's new socialist president has decided he's going to change the way things are into Corrado to corruption, and he is ordered now known, he's gonna steal oil from this pipeline because he's ordered it to be shut down. Ah, that's true that no one would it there's no way through it then, who actually regiment were a problem will be resolved and he said we can just go back to the way it was before we had the pipeline with trucks wheel. Chip, everything on trucks and trains. Air, is a global approach. Problems with that one
Why did you do the pipeline in the first time? Well, because it's cheaper, in fact by shipping it via trucks. It is- Fort Teen times more expensive, plus it takes weeks. Long or to arrive at the stations. The result will this gas gash shortages, but it's gonna be ok, everybody because he's got it under control. Now the gas where are so bad across the entire country, including the biggest city of Mexico City, in Guadalajara, more than thousand gas stations have been closed. Many still open have limited purchases of gas at five if gallons per customer the lines to get the gas in Mexico where there is gas can reach. Up to a mile long, people now are hoarding gasoline,
and re selling the gasoline on the black market. So it's taken one black market and shut it down and that black market was not creating gas lines and shortages here, where one down to create another black market, but his array, little step to fix. It has now caused gas, bridges While there are millions of people around Mexico that have no access to gas, they can not go to work. They can't drive to see their families and they can't about their lives as they did just a few days ago? It's beginning to look a lot like Venezuela everywhere you look beautiful saw. Thank you. I wrote that just I just wrote that now this is vengeance. Wayless story. Venezuela,
now with hyperinflation, the average monthly wage for the cap Three that in the late ninety citing ninety nine Chavez took over it had one of the highest rates of of of living standards in world top I've living standards in the world there now monthly average monthly wage is thirty, two dollars a month they are running out of food, their running out of water. They don't of medicine they dont have toilet paper, and here the key what else is happening besides the riots in the streets? Now, why else is happening en masse in Venezuela. Parties. No, I'm ok! I guess I didn't know people
poring over the border to get out? to go somewhere where there is a standard of living. That in older people who are living. So what do you think is going to happen in Mexico as Mexico goes down this road of socialism and said it's off exactly the way that Hugo Chavez did now you have gas shortages. Gas shortages mean you can't go to work. He can afford anything else. You ve got to go somewhere? Where not happening. There is good to be in the net. Three years there is going to be a massive surge on our border mark. My words, if Mexico goes socialist, truly socialist and they can. Didn't you down? This road now is now being set by their president, and they
go down the road of Venezuela. We are. Going to have a massive immigration problem on our borders- and I mark my words If this happens, you will hear it in your lifetime. You will of people coming over our southern border, saying you who stole our land and they He'll kill our farmers. They will kill r r answers they will kill. People who are on quote their land. It will happen so What are we learn from this? Well, we probably talking about things that are really important and not whose winning and whose losing on the border, but how Amerika will lose if we don't take care of our border right now. The other thing. You know it's like when you read about people who are so stupid in your like? How do they miss this right? Now
I'm telling you a story about Venezuela and now Mexico going down the same road and you have to at least if or at least it veto it when I say it, yellow, yeah right, how could the people a man to call be this stupid their seeing. It happened in Venezuela yeah. Well, let's not be so high and mighty? How can we be this stupid, we're doing exactly the same thing Yesterday I told you a story. I told you a story about our monetary system that here it is that the EU should you should pay attention to Asia, Russia, publicly swapped reserve dollars for gold. These countries are getting out of: U S dollars. Why are they doing it?
also central European Europeans, Hungary and poland- are also accumulating the gold reserves they now. Which way the wind is is blowing. You have all kinds of things that are putting pressure now on our? U S, dollar, one! Our dollar gets to appoint two where the world splits and half of the countries are in axis powers, and they say you know what we're dumping our as our exchange rate, anything it is valued in a dollar. Is gonna. Go through the floor and working swimming in dollars when happens. What is the world do? China, Russia, a ran, even Turkey, or of these countries that are against us or dumping the dollar. There are already going into gold. Other countries
that are smart, like Switzerland are come, are also buying up more gold. It is our export, we don't have gold. Serves any more least there really sketchy. May I Just you protect yourself, a gold, please I'm telling you we are headed for a super storm of biblical proportions. Please go to gold line and find out if it's right for you they're waiting for your call right now. It's eight hundred and sixty six gold line, eight hundred and sixty six gold line or gold line. I told you a couple weeks ago. I got my money out of the stock market. I would hide. We recommend you do the same. Eight six sick guidelines do your own homework. I am now in you. Ve got to look at it yourself, eights
six gold line, one eight, six gold line or gold line, dotcom, ten. Second stationary, So I think about this, as you were talking about Mexico, going down this passive path of socialism and saving the habit in Venezuela, where you start with these freedom, high aspirations. This utopia can be there s which promised and then, when you get there in the process, goes on theirs, new problems that pop up and these problem, always blame someone else and they come up with some little replacement way like they're, putting an alley, oils and trucks, and when that happens, though, come up with, say the bats to corrupt and when he d nationalize it- and it goes this road until you get to complete collapse which are seen in Venezuela. Socialism, is essentially the fire festival
the documentary, our so right, is exactly the same thing. They started out. They set all these super models down to an island in the Bahamas amazed, and they gave you this thirty seconds, a bee, unbelievable promo that look like the greatest event of all time. It's all friggin super models and the Rhine, jet skis and and their eating Oh glorious Gore may food in, and this is gonna be fantastic. So all these people, it excited about it. They all job on board, saying that everyone is talking about an inch. A process behind the scenes there come with huge problems there trying to fix them. They're they're dree, directing everything they can't figure out a way to solve these problems and they keep pushing it down the line until the people show up and its desolate and complete destruction become they do what socialists do and that is they come up with an idea that utopian it's great, but they haven't thought of the infrastructure. They haven't thought how many planes can we even land on this island in a short period of time? You don't have infrastructure, to do that, how bout the bath
room facilities. Yes, you can oh and go to the bathroom right now and it's fine. If you have thousand people here? Do even have bad room facilities, how bout electricity, so they didn't think of any those things they were just promising this utopia thinking we you can pull it off. No worry we support all figured out all the way to the end to wear people were still coming in. They work there were on their way and every I said this is going to be a disaster and they were still telling themselves know we're going to be like woods find new economists who say that their plans will work and that's it. This line, it's different, yet not striving. Listen to what Val exemplary cause. Cortez says when they say hi, gonna pay for all. This will find a way But the same thing that happened with fire festival they kept saying loud will find a way to address these problems and this problem, but it get we'll get through. This will find a way
can do we're looking for people they fired people over and over and over again, because all the way along the people were saying: no, I'm an expert in this. It can't be done. You have the cancel this and they fly, and they said we're looking for people who do not just bring complaints figure out how to do it and there like weak figure you're fired we're gonna do it did these documents have been used in some ways as a critique on capitalism, because we all these millennials thrown all their money around and these guys Raul greedy and they can do, and that is really the story of every socialist nation on earth it starts with that. You told me promise, it degree over time and it ends in complete collapse. That is this. If every one of them it is the same story with a fire festival, they ran it like a socialist country, the right they took out peel all the economists who said you know I do then socialized this in that won't work. They do
ignore and find new economists who stated their plans will work and that's exactly what the fire festival did as well. They can bring people new people and they start trying to have no work. Twenty four hours a day to try to get these things done. Look at people who did the five year plan over in China. Now he came over the five year plan, the first economists stood up and said: it's not gonna work they were executed. Then they and through it and I don't know how many millions of people died the first year new account just came in and said: okay, we just one, let you know x number: a million people have died this year. They were executed but he said anything on year, three or year for but going in here. Five said the same thing now. It millions have died, it doesn't work, well, This is how we should stop it and we can change it. They were executed, it will work, it doesn't them. As has to be done.
I'm sorry, but math is not racist math, is universal universal and the math must work when you say, let's just truck it in and everything will be fine it'll stop corruption, somebody it should have said it's fourteen times more expensive, this'll com. Gas shortages and a new black market will pop up. But I guess can somebody did say it. They listen to because this time it's different, we don't want to hear problems. We want solutions here, listening TAT, Glenn, back security breed, occurs when somebody gains unauthorized, access to an organizations, protected systems and data and cybercriminals criminals or a malicious applications. Bypass security mechanisms to each the restricted areas that nobody should have and security breaches
be initiated with viruses and spyware and other malware. I'm gonna tell you a story after the break here about something, that is happening in the: U S: e, with: U S, spies people who worked for the USA quit and started, looking over for the USA, and Europe believe what they were doing, seven million people were just compromised recently, everybody, been breached pretty much everybody and if you haven't yet it's only a matter of time, the only people that can, save you from this and get you out if there is a problem, because nobody can stop all cyber threats, its lifelike It's a promo code back you're gonna save ten percent first year, lifelong dot com or one eight hundred lifelong promo code. Back did you catch the media meltdown special employees, tv last night, lots more the stuff covering now's the time and get on board blaze. Tv dot com, slash back proposed is back project raven
is the name of something that was going on that you have no idea. I want to tell you all about it tomorrow, but I want to give you just a quick tease of this several of the intelligence analysts from the S left in twenty Fourteen a lorry Stroud was one of them and she went to work along with some other co workers in the arab world, and they started working from the United States government leaving and going to work. For the U N E government and an arab country and she joined something called project Raven and it was a clandestine team that have about a dozen former: U S, operatives and and and spies. If you will working for the USA and they went to the USA to engage in surveillance of other governments. Militants
and human rights activists critical of the monarchy. Now, I don't know about you, but as an american citizen, I immediately think I might be on the wrong side here. If I am if I'm going against people who are against the monarchy and our human rights advocates. But they went along with it anyway, so they were working out of this mansion, known as the Villa out of Abu Dhabi and They had everything they needed everything they needed in. You know for the USA, the you God for them, and they were in this villa and They were for three years hacking In the end and following people and tagging, people that were a danger to the monarchy, and she would happen I don't know, there's something about it too. Much
They crossed the line at some point. When the USA came to them and said hey, we need you to start spying on some Americans. For us, that's when they realise lease lorry did. She said I believe, I'm officially a bad kind of spy, now. I don't know why it was spying on Americans that you know made the choice, but this this is going on. I ll give you the end of the story tomorrow, but I also want to tell you that this is what's happening with Google and China. They officially as a company going over and they are helping round up. Bull, who might be catholic, but there too calf they're, not a communist Catholic, they might be muslim, they might just be a free market person could be a mom or dad, but Google will help find them. What's that prince between these guys from the industry and the people in Google and we'll Google search when they say hey. We need to monitor some of these friend
people in America that teen our just go on and on about the constitution. Will google labour you and extremist, and will they be fine monitoring you or will they be like lorry and suddenly Satan? No last night, only touched on this just a little little bit on this com, collusion between the off the media, the new media on the left and tech with government, but it's coming and I'm afraid our voices are going to be snuffed out. If we don't all key, together and last night came together or that you know all of the talent that we could fly in and you know didn't have other shows and commitments. We flew the man last night, there was one hundred and twenty here last night, Eric Bowling hosted it I was. I was you know, the whole time and It was. It was interesting to work
ouch, especially when Bill O Reilly came on you clever that actually yeah. This is from last night special media meltdown ablaze, tv, listen, so important. People who watch this programme and go Bill rally, die com and loosened back on a radio go to the blaze that they need it's no longer about media bias. I it's about money, because the Big corporations Disney Comcast patrols, NBC Cbs Wanna, make money right and they know they can target a liberal crew that hates tromp for consistent audience and that's what they're doing so bill. Can I ask seeking the truth. Can I stumbled why a number to the New York Times in Washington Post, the only two newspapers of note left in America and together and said. We want progressive socialism. We want and we're gonna validated. So the combinations
way beyond any bias Ernie Goldberg wrote about way back when or that we experience all three of us in our text. Jeanne couriers its way beyond that now and people need to know if he he was very clarifying last night about the media and how, we ve got to stop talking about media biased, as we sound like idiots talking about media bias. This is now all about money, all about money, and they just don't care, and they will they will steam role. Anyone, because They know if they fall into bed with the right people, they'll be able to control the system, milk, the system and eventually be the system. The bias is still there. Yes, just to its now just an ingredient instead of its motivate, Yasser is different. Yes also had an alien Lauren unless date, which is it was you had given this one thing,
Think I really like about the place to be overall. Is that you have you have young and old? You have we'll cut of liberty into conservative, yet that whole spectrum all budget different viewpoints. Valley, Lauren or millennials. Who were talking about conservative things, which is, I know, shocking, to hear in the media. You, don't you don't hear much of it on any other May networks, including funds, but there talking about the media landscape and what it looks like today. What is the process for young person? sorted of or or liberal, doesn't matter to make an impact in old person. Why so I kept? day job until I came in, I worked at the blaze, but in my off time I just started to re blog posts at the conservative millennial, blogs outcome, and I would do it I was on my fallen that I would maybe added on my computer if I could figure that out in that, I would pose dumb. I did it for a long time, Getting any views are any followers whatsoever, but through a y, all people just started paying attention. It really is amazing and the kind of audience that you can build. I already don't know if that might be shifting a little bit. I feel like
can I came in and a little bit of a sweet spot on, but it is totally possible to use the equipment. That you have. As long as you are listening, you are saying something People want a needed here, toys that Lord, what I mean to monetize it to make out a career. You do need to not only have a message. You also, I think, having some good business sense help but helps, but I think, for a lot of people is not necessarily having to make this into careers about wanting to be heard. Because I've been on so many smaller channels or part time, pod, castors or whatever, which, as you know, how we both started off, who they don't necessarily want too. Make a lot of money doing. This are make a name for themselves. They just want to get their message out there, That is why it was an interesting conversations. We talked about what the truth is about the media, the corporations, the new media tech companies than we talked about how millennials are so important and how different they are and how they reach a completely different audience, and then On top of it, we talk
little bit about the audience and what we need to do to her the audience and it starts by listening. And how you can rain yourself and it's gonna into another special that I'm producing probably you. Maybe I don't even want to say when, but it's it's coming and it's gonna be really in depth on thee, on the media and our responsibility as citizens, a lot of feedback on it, El Euro Glenn Great, show tonight really refreshing. Somebody else the best tv I've ever watched or watch can we have but fair election without voter fraud, no de Joanie excellence, but today served as a recipe a remedy for the anxiety this insane culture is causing. Bill. Riley's input was massively reassuring. Please keep up the great programming, because good media has all disappeared. Thanks blaze, tv live
media melt down was awesome. I know that I have news is much more expensive, but I truly enjoyed this and I hope another life special come soon. We have us is. We are doing state of the union coverage that yes, next week, we are on the fifth. Ok and it's gonna be another team thing where air is going to be hosting this. When he's our lead. Political guy in in Washington DC he's a real eating it, but we're we're doing it down here as well, be leading the discussion down here and I think in view of all that, and then you can subscribe or just joined for free. I think there's a month free thing going on right now strive for a month for free? You can go to blaze, dot com, I'm sorry! You have to but to blaze, tv, dotcom, slash back used the promo code back you'll save ten percent on that this is the es devalue and conservative tv. Why is every one subscribed
Is there another one from John said? Is there any place where you can get this much american right, talent, conservative, talent, no, there's not never husband, and, I think not a thing so either. There's this ever happened, yeah and you know again it that's the great thing about its it. Both like people subscribed to both services. Our tv back in the day and then, when the blaze now get all that, for the same price is one of the young and we'll adding more talent as we we go and it'll be talent from all across the spectrum and were excited about things were working on. Please join us state of the union. Special is gonna happen next Tuesday night and it will be live again. Blaze to live so join us for that, and that happens next week again: blaze, tv dot, com, slash back promo code, back you're
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natural drug, free way to easier pain. Get your life back, get to relief factor. Outcome, that relief factor, dot com or call hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four? It's belief, factor, dot com. This is the Glen Back Programme out of police have asked criminals not commit crimes because is too cold. Also She proposes easing laws on corruption, saying sometimes corruption is just unavoidable. Will give you the stories tomorrow, but let's, let's take the show here for a couple of minutes into the crazy zone of socialism here in Amerika. Let's go come come Harris who, is is key all clear
on her health care stance. Well, she was on Monday and then she kind of reversed yourself, and I want it really kind of examined that here for a second here. She I believe it will totally eliminate private insurance. So for people therefore like their insurance. What they don't get to keep it Well, listen. The idea is that everyone gets access to medical care, and you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company having them give you approval going through the paperwork, all of the delay that may require full of us. It has not had that city mission where you gotta wait for approval and the doctor says: well, I don't know if your companies than a cover this let's eliminated all of that, let's move on Let's move, I remember, remember: Glenn Back is spirits, authorised because he said is right there, it's not Trojan horse, it's just, there is
a step to single payer health care, as was admitted by the Tides Foundation and Obama CARE was introduced? We destroy that. Wasn't me saying that that was them saying at the architects of Obama CARE, saying this just the step in between this. We know this won't work, and so will, to force everybody out of their private health care. Now remember This all started with the promise that it's gonna be cheaper Joe, doing Obamacare is gonna, be cheaper, gonna save everybody, two thousand dollars, it didn't its cost everybody, an arm and a leg. Is your service getting better. Is anything getting better? No, no! It's getting worse! That's why you're buddies panic. So what are they gonna do there now I'm to say, sing au pair system. That's the way we need to go, and this is kind of a new step as far as Democrats go because they ve been saying Medicare for all and the publication there is that if you dont have health insurance, if you're unhappy with your health insurance
you can opt into a a publicly available Medicare option without being at the age of of Medicare, soon get into it. If you want to get into it now Otis slight Multi trillion dollar shift here, which is now everybody is under medical? its legitimately Medicare forced on all for everyone in the country. This is then it will cost trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars and you would lose access to your health care. You'd have to go. For the government to get it now, that's what she said, but then some Democrats, it hey, hey, that's a little crazy. We don't know if we want to say that, and so she has revised this and what she is revised to is well now I mean maybe I'm willing to talk about it, and I mean maybe we can negotiate so some people can keep their health care o o hey so maybe some people say you're willing to go to almost all socialist two socialist
Well, why range over the there I'll move, I'm willing to negotiate with the Trojan horse or I'm just willing to just go. All socialist I mean Lenin and stolen, would have had an interesting negotiation, I'm sure of her maiden topics right. I'm sure that would even fascinating, although I guess. Is giving us a little bit more than Maxine Waters is giving us she's got a theory prompted Ministration, which is fascinating, and she has a lot to hide it. A lot of evidence, listen, I believe, and I dont have approved, but I believe that Matter court was set to the campaign to be there to ensure that they get Trumpery lected in every way that they possibly could land. This is an exchange for hamlet than the sanctions. I believe so she is so she's. Never was a russian spy by spy sent Putin to insure, which again. Her evidence is none
most that's only curling, going by her word that she has no proof of it other than lad. Who knows how awry has she didn't even have an anonymous source? We ve gone from anonymous resources too. I have zero evidence, I just want to say bomb for it he's a russian spy but you're making a lot of wild claims Glenn. I wanted people to remember. Well, I was a conspiracy theories because I did say Van Jones in the Obama administration did clean, to be a communist. I just wanted to know if he was still a communist ended. They know his communist past but I was, I was ridiculed for asking those kinds of questions with the right. From that leads you to that statement, Maxine none of it. She does I want you to know Paul, manifolds russian spy here listening
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