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Ending CPAC Stage Lie | Guests: Matt Schlapp & Rep. Lauren Boebert | 3/3/21

2021-03-03 | 🔗

Glenn and Stu discuss Texas Gov. Abbott’s decision to completely open the state and rescind the mask mandate. Rep. Lauren Boebert joins to review her new op-ed, “If I Were a Democrat”, and the new H.R.1 Bill trying to radically change voting laws. Glenn puts to rest the left’s lies and rumors about CPAC’s stage design as American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp joins with the full story. Newton County, Missouri official David Osborn joins to explain the county’s Second Amendment Preservation Act. The Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins talks the Great Reset, ESG scores, and the radicalization of America’s banks. Andrew Cuomo’s approval ratings are sinking fast.

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Thank you very much, and the programme begins in just a few minutes. Great show for you. Not entertainment, Goin back free at last free at last. Thank God, Almighty, Texas, is free at last Governor Abbot yesterday came out and said well now Now we can take our man,
six off all really the army, not right now, next Wednesday, God forbid, we do it right now. Some people are excited by this time. Beetle are very, very upset with this. I would put myself in that category, but not for the reasons. Everyone else is very, very upset. We go into freedom in sixty seconds programme. Every is from Texas. You can tell because he's a sort of guy at seventy one still owns his auto detailing business and rides motorcycle. You know like: but he does it. Seventy one course. He wasn't always this way Jeffrey went through a period where it was hard for him to do any of it because of the severe knee and lower back pain every he starts to get aches and pains as they age, but when you live life to the field, fullest, like Jeffrey does only gets, gets pretty bad. He does
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go to relieve factor and try for three weeks relief factor, dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor, dot com, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four may we could talk more about Cuomo, which we didn't really have time to do yesterday. I was up for that, but I think we have to start with Governor Abbot Texas should be ashamed of itself. Quite honestly, the way it is handled, Cove id no governor abbot had the chance to be. You know, Christy no more or dissent is an society. I do you know this is everybody's. Take around here, I don't, I don't, understand we're Texans, but you haven't fully embraced. The Texas, I forget, love taxes, and I never want to leave it yeah frankly ass. I I I I ear but, like I guess,
this understanding, the criticism. I think it's mainly just mask mandate as opposed to know masterminded right like that's. That's the sea The crux of this completely, which again I go. I agree, with the criticism. It seems make no sense or difference. Frankly, I was in Florida where there's no mass mandate and it was ignored, the same is life you're right is actually sent name exactly right, but, like pragmatically did not affect life that much eggs Actually right, so I agree with you. You shouldn't have abandoned you, make the choice correct what what year? What happened yesterday? That really hacked me off is and will play the audio later on in the programme. Let me know when you get this clip. We ve got the whole thing except this one part there was just like nuclear explosion in my head, and that was Actions now are therefore pay
to be able to deal with this on their own yeah yeah, I think day as well as on the show on us do has ass. Do does America last night that clip was portfolios America last night. We can pull that one, but yet now no, you ve gotta, go that way here. Earlier last March, most Texans head No clue about the precautions needed to avoid covered now actions have mastered the daily habits to avoid getting caught. Ah that's that is Rather, we would not say first of all that Texans would be any different than the rest of the country night in the mid beginning of this course. No one knew what they were doing and we all you gotta do is ask all you have to do is explain and then say you should do this if we would have- and we should frankly note that many of the scientists didn't get. No all the things we both to be doing here yet rawhide throw things right, but you like because at the part he also went on to say basically like we are now at the point where the state mandate is no longer needed and the
hit me as well as like come on the sick man. It was never needed, but I dont think it. Had much good effect, I'm gonna get you Texans did what they did. And you know Texan still, here's a difference. Here's a difference talking to a friend last night that just here I'd like a family reunion and they all got together. Some of them were from New York, so fur from California. And some of from Texas and they all got together and they say that the the people from California were almost they were socially backward, yet they re they did. They couldn't function around people and there. You know weird. It was like that it was like when they open up tat. Restaurants in may hear I Remember going out the first time and it was weird it felt weird walking into a restaurant with other people eating endorse in May of two. Doesn't what the network's March of twenty twenty one it no longer of use. Weird at all, I do it all the time
We ve been doing it for a long time here in Texas, but like you're right these places that have been shut down they ve lost, we re lousy ability, nor had right it, and there are two nations now. Those who are absolutely afraid, terrified, don't know how to interact with people and those who are like dude, it's ok, Ok, we're on your mask having it is its tale of two countries. It's weird- and this would be my argument. I think, in favour of Greg But again I don't think he's handled this perfectly. I think anybody has frankly, but like
the sand was, has done a pretty good job, a pretty good job. I think dissent is not a privilege, but really the difference between two scientists and abbot is the state mass mended and again I was in both states and there's no difference now I've what it's not that it's just that it's trust the people to do the right thing. I think the difference is basically mass became this dumb cultural divide or gas, and it will never be anything other than. I also that's why people are affected by book, but I just stepped back per second, you just described to nations right to nations, one where people are freaked out to God side, there they're they're, all parents in living. Their Karen lives and of freedom, three rightward cattle are much more for you definitely put Texas in that category. You can't put it in all the care I now go? I just M upset the Texas should lead the way Texas is Texas here we China should lead the way on freedom and you'd say
that they did not- and I think that the right- probably it's fair there- one of the earliest ones reopening I mean- but they are not as they did not go there- one as it always has yielded up. Restaurants is near one of the first states to open up businesses to fifty and seventy five percent, and now they're one of the first states to make a big announcement about a hundred now You can fairly say places like Dakota and even places like Georgia and and Florida have been. They had less restrictions or remove them earlier, and I think that's true writing, there's a lot of political calculation behind the big splashing announcement from Texas S sure to every does not result in there, but again like there. Put its target figure that anything to do with the message of the state with the electricity and say, there's a dash of holy crap, the whole power outage. We were four minutes away from losing power for months. I tell you, there's a dash of that began as a dash of isn't twenty
twenty two and twenty four hour they both around the corner re write a letter that it again you know leaning towards freedom is an impasse, one thing I would quibble with men of the details as the White not only the way Texas Hand but Florida as well there's parts of Florida reactionary like monitor, but, like I Thank you, no leaning towards freedom and and leaning towards lockdown it's a massive damn did difference to people's lives and in the biggest one you probably see it with schools. Where you know These kids are now going for a full year in New York in California. I am not going to school, where. It was in school full time in person August thirteenth and hay zero days off work over since, with the exception of when we actually got it social point that out, we did quarantine, for a week or so there, but I mean they're this. School hasn't been cancelled since it started. That is not the
the experience of most of the nation, and I do think It is important to understand that. Well, whatever Why did you come back near? Thank you. I mean I just that it's all black to me because it is you, ask people to do the right thing and say look. This is what you need to do, and then they do it. In any event, it don't do it, they don't do it. It is in a free country I can't say where free country Timor were now banning books where the band dot pursues its dora was to me, it's like this idea of like a speed limit right. The speed limit functionally exists right and people actually
get fine for that. I dont think anyone Lee, I think, literally zero people in the entire state of Texas we're fine at state level for the mass mandate. I could be wrong on that, but I believe, number is zero. I dont think they enforced at all. It was just words and so in a way like you'd think, like a speed limit where like no one pays attention to it, everyone goes by it, but they dont triple it right. I thought that's the idea of the mask mandate. And you walk or of these stores all the time in Texas, and you know it's a lot higher in man, mandate, mask usage, then I mean that really the split isn't that wide but like, if you go to New York, it's gonna be a hundred percent in every place you go into here, it may be eighty right button, but still you go to Florida, it's like seventy five. Can you I mean bases its luscious. If companies want to continue the mask mandate, they can do that and they know employers are not going to define ass. Fine, it's gonna keep going
Everybody has a right to do what they feel is the right thing. You own a company. I will tell you I own the mercury studios. Mercury, studios, open or business next Wednesday, when the stayed lives, the mandate there I am opening for business and I'm only doing that because I have tenants in the building and some tenants are very, very freaked out some tea. And are not freaked out. Some people in each company is freaked out. Subtly learn eyes, though you you never know, and I so I am going by the legal standards because I'm not gonna get sued for it right, so I want to be a good landlord and I'm not gonna get sued for it. So if people were freaked out, that's totally fine. I completely understand that, but the mandate is over and I'm open the frickin doors, You know we don't have a balloon pause here. The chapel
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so. Do you s capital police, announced yesterday that they are planning to beef up security and staffing? After becoming aware of concerning information and intelligence pertaining to March forth, What's happening March forth fourth too soon to sources. Say: officers, the capital officers got a bullet, on Tuesday and specifically names the militia group, the three per centres. Member the group are accused in the capital riot on January. Six. Ok, ok, all right! This is good. We now have who is he is claiming all of this in an how dangerous and how huge they are. So I I would to Wikipedia the source of all truth.
And I just looked. I do it, quick search for a three percent, or so you don't have to be put on a list. Right purchase, googled it here. Three percentages are an american and canadian, far right Anti government militia movement. The group advert aids gun ownership rights? Well, that's very antigovernment Andrews assistance to the federal government the by name derives from the erroneous claim that there were only three percent of american colonists who are actively fighting in the field against the british forces at any given time in the American Revolution, the group is american base, but also has a presence in Canada. One canadian expert A former NEO Nazi, who works with the centre for the prevention of radicalization leading to violence created and twenty fifteen by the city of Montreal, was supported. Allow fats, Afoot organization considers the group the most dangerous extremist group in Canada,
Does that mean that, like the second one is like you know, the girl scouts give me. The movement has been characterized as part of the broader Patriot movement founded Two thousand aid was given impetus by the election of Barack Obama. Member then believed brow Obama's presidency would lead to increase government interference in the lives of individuals, and I never saw it as a result. Our go many member. Therefore, in current members of the military police and other law enforcement agencies, blah blah blah as well groups as well as such as the oath keepers. Now listen to this, the but was cofounded by MIKE Brian Vander, bow from Alabama, member of the Oath keepers, a group whom Three per centres remain loosely allied and are often compared Vanderbilt of vat or borough claims to have formally been a member? the students for democratic society and the Socialist Workers party, but
abandoned left wing politics and politics in general, after being introduced to Libertarianism Limburg, says in the grow to serve them. Pushed him to the right, he became a second amendment activists by the nineteen nineties he later became known for popularizing antigovernment conspiracy, theorists theories for the Oklahoma City bombing I just want to give you The part here that I just thought was just really absolutely untasted The group's members have a record of involvement in criminal activity. He started this group and it will to replace another group that he said that he was starting so many groups. I know you started another group, but anyway my might Brian Vanderbilt he's doin. He started the group in the call. It says, although
what peers he was. It's only member. That's not! A group is not a group that definition of good does not qualify. For now. This group does but if it's it's led by a guy, whose last group had him as the only member, I'm not so afraid of it. In writing. I'm not saying we don't pay attention to it, but yeah. It's not something that we're like This is the biggest threat to democracy ever right in the history of the world. Now I don't think so. I don't think so one person a group as usual, just the fat joke That's all it is now I wouldn't they there's this thing going on, and I think this is Wrong to look at January six. This way, which is like basically like bees cap police. Didn't I didn't see anything coming, none of these groups auditing coming and we should be.
Angry at them for not sing it coming. The reason I didn't see coming is because Trump Org Trump groups have had thousands and thousands of rallies, and never anything like this occurred per that's why they did that even said that which would basically like look? We heads we saw. We saw these I think race at it. Yesterday we saw these aspirational comments. We want to take over the capital, like, of course, there's some idiot always saying that right, but I didn't think I was actually happened right and this is this. Is it hears the quote? Vendor bureau claimed to be the commander commander of the Alabama militia Group, the first Alabama Cavalry Regiment, though he appeared to be its sole member private debts. I love ass. They are so here's the ears of the Euro. About that, but and there are, I believe, white extremist groups. I believe there are nazi groups thereof. Ino add two four groups. We know the aunt. If a group is is, it is
well populated enough to cause real trouble, yet it is doing in different cities? That's all how many people are in this group. I don't know, but I dont think our federal government is gonna, have a hard time crack in the case, if it's this group, and they're gonna arrest, hundreds of them right immediately now you ve, never our hundreds, none of the one, none of the what the group of one Piedra, her Hooper, etc. These groups are large. I mean the oath keepers is a pretty large and again that doesn't mean that everything that organization, even Zenos problem I don't know, I don't know much about them frankly, Another idea was, you know, make sure that you stand for the healthy you take to protect, protect and defend the constitution right. There's nothing wrong with that. Conceptually there's! No problem rat is just a matter of you know. You never know something. Some these groups took it out of control some two eyes. Oh, I know it's totally true. I know, but like theirs, This narrative that, like the that now we have to take every on line comment as if it's going to occur. Yes, of course, that the FBI,
I should be looking at these things online when people are posting they're gonna take over federal building but like that, doesn't the answer to this seems to be well since there's online comments, we keep the twelve foot wall around the capital till the ridiculous. That is not the right answer either. Zella me. Let me just say quickly: we have! some breaking news with sea pack and it's weird doesn't seem to be the story. They were worshipping nazis. In fact they didn't even design stage. We have a statement from the group that designed the stage and are just a few questions at the top of the hour joined by match lab from seep actresses programme do you have You have a theory yesterday, one percent chance in Karachi, back in the old days, you'd, be a didn't need something like partial around your horse broke down on the way the work you have pulled out: the shot gun, columnar thing
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You can just let it go and let somebody else worry about it. Car shield, our shield covers me, I'm not on the hook to pay thousands of dollars and you don't have to when you're warranty runs out. Make sure you have car she'll, do it now use promo code back in your safe ten percent car shield, dotcom promo code back and head over to blaze, dvd com, Slash gladdened provocateurs, Glenn, Save Timbuctoo description to believe the tv, If I were a Democrat bide, centralized power in Washington by nationalizing our elections, it wouldn't be enough to hold all three branches temporarily. I need to make it permanent, so I changed the rules. If I were you,
Mc Red Eyed flood the voter pool, I require all states to allow same day, voter registration, I'd mandates. Its automatically register felons illegal aliens and sixteen year olds devote I'd require prisons, welfare offices and ice to provide their voter registration information I also use taxpayer dollars to establish aggressive voter recruitment programmes at leftist training camps, otherwise known as colleges and universities. If I were a demo Brad. I begin a chronicle of lies that all voter verification laws are racist and without distraction. I'd enable illegal voting banning all voter idealize would be an important step if any local official dared question the ability of one of my illegal voters throw them in jail. I'd threaten force until no one dared resist. I block efforts verify signatures and citizenship in the name of counting every vote. Not just free legal one I'd make it more different
for Paul, watchers and ensure accountability. Citizen oversight is passed. Make the fraud ridden malian voting of the twenty twenty pandemic election permanent too, or to that I would win on election day or election month under the new scheme. I would allow aggressive ballot harvesting to begin forty five days before the election. I'd count, votes receive ten days late in case we to drum up some more missing ballots. If I were Democrat, I'd, syphon the power of states to the federal government, I'd ignore the constitution and prevent states from determining their own voting practices, conservative states didn't readily relinquish their authority, I'd reduce their representation in Congress and give their electoral votes to my friends in California or New York for good measure, I'd strip all state legislatures of their ability to decide how congressional districts are drawn. I'd also prohibits the CIS states from enforcing their election law. Next, I
if DC statehood now Have the Senate. If I were you, democratic, marginalize the courts and limit access to challenges. I'd insist that all election lawsuits be processed only by my friends in the district court in Washington DC. If I were democratic talk about taking money out of politics, but would tax businesses to provide kickbacks and more supply my own campaign war chest by six hundred percent, if I were, Democrat I'd be apparent career politician. I'd enrich the swamp while further Bankrupting America does We play any ethics challenges. I changed the bipartisan federal Election commission in a partisan bored with news, are governed by the ruling party mine. Now I know that changes are ambitious near would be back last, so I'd silence, descend, cancel free speech after I can the government I'd want to control the people, so I'd cancel unauthorized, thought I'd, empower bureaucrats to prosecute individual Americans for posting anything fact: checkers
misinformation. I option sensor. Anyone who donated to my opponents by having the government published their personal information than I weapon eyes the IRS to strip conservative churches in nonprofits of their tax exempt status. If I were a Democrat, I'd use the weight of the federal government to crush anyone who opposed me in other words. If I were a Democrat I pass for the swamp act. Jar one this is written by congressmen, Lauren Bobo, who is with us now. Congressmen. How are you going back? I am sent half thanks. So much for having me on andor and point out your chalk. Or dispel that out, we'll show me much of this. That is in there. How much of this is that you, wrote about is actually in HR one one hundred per cent. Ah, then,
it is all in HR wine, the Democrats, arts, attempting to hijack the amount can language and call this leave for these people act does not for the people. This is absolutely for. The swamp is its for politicians. This is a defeat fake over of our election and as a conservative, I am always going to promote state right and prevent a federalized take over of our election. So this is everything proposed in this seems to me to be unconstitutional the Lee. Federal government has nothing to do with the election process that has to be decided by each. In the visual state correct- and you know it's interesting when some of my fellow colleagues and I were when about objecting to date in the twenty twenty elect?
and because they went against the constitution, they what against their state constitution, and that is that, as the state legislature, I determined the election laws and we have secretaries of state, an attorney general and rogue judges. Changing election laws in certain states and though my colleague than I objected to the certain states for not following the thick, competition and violating the federal constitution. Democrats. Callback, treason, they called it traders they call the centre, insurrectionists now they're, saying after We know there was nothing wrong with that. Twenty twenty election- it was perfect it with flawless. There were bureau irregularities, nothing without again now thing manner election system is so messed up. We have the path one and fixing and fortify the election.
And actually all they are doing it caught a buying everything that we thought long and the twenty twenty election. So this goes up for vote today in in Congress, and it's going to pass this well path. The house and port that way that we absolutely need the Senate to hold them? I hear and we to message to the american people just how bad this is for America, for our constitutional republic for democracy. This is a terrible to have tat pair funded politicians who, in their right mind, would ever want their tax dollars to go to a political career. Hey. You know. There are thirty, so much wrong in that when it comes to taking out Boatwright he laws and same day voter red registration and eliminating voters, the signature verification I so this will have the house,
we have a majority rule. Our majority carry embody I'd as self governing body and it's going to pass the house, but we need the Senate to hold the line and what are the chances are usually anything from the Senate. I mean if any of this passes, It's gonna be bad correct, I do believe that the Senate, what remains strong. We need to continue to message right now, I'm in the minority and the house, though, Our job is to get me. In that way and tell the american people what I'm doing to get in the democratic way and that message going out and needs. He heard loud and clear by our senator, who You know exactly what they tell us all about, and I do believe that they will prevent that from passing the Senate Georgia. Saw a notice from the federal government that I am not allowed. No one is allowed to travel with
the new. What is a gold star, some some sort of thing on everybody's driver's license? and I have to have it this year. Otherwise, you're never going to be able to fly you're, not gonna, be able to travel Why is it that the federal government makes it makes people get a licence if there are hair, dresser or a nail salon? Worker you don't have to have a licence to go vote? I don't understand how the same that. You need need some identification and we need to verify your signature is someone or another racist. You know, it's them hijacking the narrative, and this is the first time we ve got a gold star programme in the world, and get out you up at a certain you: can you explain the gold star I and what is the difference in our driver's license? What is the gold star even mean? What does it do? This is all about control
and so this is, the federal government is showing who they have control of. Obviously they don't listen to these focus rules that they're they're putting in place they, don't they don't follow their own laws, their own mandate. You have me if people are You can go into a salon and get her hair done. Map worthwhile, shaming the rest of American. You have. We have governed going to the french laundry. I wind families can stay at home and the Thanksgiving meal with with their loved ones in denmark- we again Vermeer Hancock get on a plane of lie awake. This is all about complete control. Each our wine on all of this is the continuation of cancel culture. They are trying to cancel the voice of seventy five plus mill. An american they're trying to cancel state right, they're, trying to careful our constitution, and when I refuse to bow down to this camphor mom, I will stand up and fight for the American.
People each and every day, I appreciate. I appreciate the the op. Add that your road before the blaze, you can find that if I were a democrat at the Blue he's dot com and share it with friends. This is happening today and going to the Senate and people need to understand what it means and with congressmen, learn bird has written a very clear peace I think everybody either Everybody on both sides would go yet. Well, that's crazy! That's not gonna happen when you understand, that's exactly what this bill is HR, one It hopefully will wake people up, so please get this will tweeted out in a second, you invited the blaze dot com and send it to his many friends as you possibly can you congressmen appreciated. Thank you so much
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this is the Glen Back programme. So yesterday, after This programme still said, may, during the show. Glenn it would you give it a one percent chance that maybe somebody who designed the sea pack stage Did it intentionally the troll, essentially to make the Republicans like that. Somebody that didn't like see pack and I said yeah- give it a one percent chance. So then, After the show, I instructed our producers to start to dig design the stage who the first to say the stage was a nazi symbol. We rode to the production design house that actually designed the stage yesterday, around three o clock
dear so, and so I'm the executive producer for Glenn back and run plus programme for blaze media. I understand see pack used your company as a vendor for ten years and did so again for staff. Designed this year. Can you expect in the design process for the stage that some claim was intentionally designed with Nazi symbolism in mine. Was it asked in unfortunate coincidence, or did perhaps a rogue employees from the design foundry throw the designs some speculated that it is possible. Someone design. Foundry was tensely, trying to sabotage the sea pack reputation. We, however, would like to give both your company and see pack the benefit of the doubt as I believe most Americans are not even familiar with this obscure nazi symbolism. If this is an unfortunate coincidence, we sure would
to hear from you directly were happy to report on a provided statement from you or design foundry at large for glass radio, the listeners tomorrow, so America can hear the truth rather than speculations are deadline is seven a M eastern tomorrow, well I went to bed last night. I didn't think we were going to have a statement for you. We received one and I am very excited to share it with you it leads me to all kinds of questions like Why would a company that is spent in business for ten years? We see pack remained silent, why wouldn't see pack go to them immediately and say: hey who designed this stage and You guys, please come out and say cause we're getting hammered here.
Why wouldn't see pack ask for them to do that. Seems weird dive, guy some questions for a match, lap on that I mean who wouldn't think of at least calling this company and saying hey? You guys designed it not us what the deal if it was just a coincidence, you- and I think that that partner of ten years would run, do a microphone. Its ay ay, ay ay ay lots of questions and I have a feeling. A few answers are due to take that up to maybe two percent here on this little north of what bride you know, I'm gonna, let you decide just being fair and going to give you
of the facts. We ve heard the facts from the media. Who is really really it's important fact check every thing, so we ve heard the facts from the media. Let's dig Shasta little deeper than a tweet next programme. Well between the news, appointment, tv and less scrolling on our phones, we're looking at our screens, unfortunately more than ever? But how do you arrest your eyes without feeling totally unplugged well put on up
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Let's see pack next Would you not entertainment the gone back? Progress
having worked with north elder foot, hark iconography for years, I'm quite alert to the cliff shapes and their associations in the modern world and history. So why is the sea pack twenty twenty one stage and Odin Room, and specifically one with Sarah so wings that was used by the S s? This is that this is the origin of that lie. Bertha put that lie to rest, because yesterday a few things bothered me she did see pack actually design stage. If so, who see pact? Did it or was it an outside organization? And if it was an outside organization, why didn't see Pat just call them and say hey Jus design the stage to look like an oral ruin.
How come they weren't out in the public on Saturday or even Friday afternoon, saying that? And if these things were true, where's political fact, where's, the media, where is where is anyone saying to Morgan, Freeman and End Lissom Olano in all of the other organizations that road stories about how that Nazi symbols found its way on the stage of sea pack point there is a lot to sort out, let it probably isn't as complex as you think match slap from seed pack is with us all, and I've got a I've got a statement from the designers of the stage that we
for yesterday and God late last night for today's programme. It's interesting I'll Sheridan Sixty seconds programme, I are too about really factor. Brian lives in Alabama over the past few years has been suffering from so so much pain so frequently so debilitating, that it limited, is Mobility NEWS barely able to get around the house let alone go out. Live is normal daily life like millions of Americans who suffer from pain. Brian was beginning to despair and he had tried a number of things, but they either. Didn't work or they left him feeling less lucid than he cared to be. Finally, this past year, Brian stumble across the solution. He heard me talking about relief factor and aside I mean- I don't know I mean this clown- might be right
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This has been one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen and and while its laughable extraordinarily dangerous of what happened to see pack this weekend. And thanks for having me on and thanks for using year, you're immense gifts to try to figure out story here, because You know we see packing is an amazing thing to put on. Don't you just told me If we had been and advertisers super bowl, would have been number two because it just gets so much attention, but it gets good attention. At its edge. It right conference. Anything on the globe where Conserved is come together. Liberals don't have anything like it, except for the game new, whose rights television rights so that what they do is they try to do everything possible to just you know. Why must to stop us to distract us and we every time we want
into the three say anything could come our way. We have to be. Open and ready, but not in my wildest dreams. I never thought doesn't come our way. So here's what happened yesterday, Stew, said to me: is there a one percent chance that somebody? intentionally, sabotaged, see pack and I thought to myself There is a one percent chance. Let's see, new design stage. Well, in our research, he found that design. Foundry designed your stage, I content did you is that design. Your stage they ve been partners for how long for several years and they do. You know what what is excellent work and I worked for a lot of you know, come these and other organisations in Europe. There is a group of talented artists, so we send them an email tried to contact them, and then we sent them an email yesterday afternoon, early in the afternoon and said: can you please explain the design process for
the claim that, but you know some people claim that it was intentionally designed with nazi symbolism in mind, was at four unfortunate coincidence or data Ugh employ you from design foundry throw the designs. Some speculate it's possible that someone it foundry was intentionally trying to sabotage the steep pack reputation. We, however, would like to give both your company and see pack the benefit of the doubt as we believe most Americans are not familiar with this obscure nazi symbolism, if this isn't unfortunate coincidence, we like to hear from you directly we're going to report on a provided statement from you or design factory at large. For a Glens radio programme tomorrow? whoever seven a M eastern deadline, I did last night issue. This statement to us, they said We were retained by the Americans Conservative Union Foundation to design the stage for this year's see pack conference as of our working agreement? The climb
the client provided our team with feedback revisions and final approval on all aspects of deliverables. Outline, in the contract, including stage design the approved stage. Design was intended to provide the best use of space, given the strains of the ball room and social distancing requirements. The iterative design process included, review any input from sea pack, the hosting event space. The vendors and county officials. We had no idea that the design resembled any symbol. Nor was any intention to create something that did we are and and horrified at the accusations that this was a deliberate act, design, foundry, denounces all hate speech and acts of racism, prejudice or bigotry and all forms the evolution of the stage design renderings can be found here with relevant time stamp, so they provide did I googled drive of all of the renderings? How did this calm down? How did you guys at an impasse,
say: well, that's not quite nazi enough for in this area, now in within the documents. It says that they actually retain ownership of the debate and say two hundred percent their design. Now, of course it collaborative, because we're paying the bills in the stage has to work well and me one of the things we dining Glenn you bid on that state So many times you ever tighter demystify stage bring it to the people that people sit around the stage and not make it so formalised, and just because of the way this room was this design was the best one that this company came up with the word. Artists were other things right. We have other talents to enter. So you know I understand what the reason why I was so quiet quiet, because one of the things that can for culture does is they flying you with a just charge or name and everybody runs for the tall grass every
body runs well wait a minute. Wait, a minute wait a minute before you go there. Let me ask you this. As a partner of many years of yours, I did something on stage- and I mean I was a partner with you and you asked me to you- Know- do work for you. I would immediately step to the, but you wouldn't even have to call me I would say, not allow that's on us. He did it in. That was not the intention, but would expect that you would call why Didn't you call design, foundry right away and say hey this? Is your design? May the state not only did not only did we not call them right away, they were I believe, right there, because they helped with every aspect of the stage lead there is somebody either on site or you know in constant communication, so
the EU? Is that those conversations have immediately like what is this? My last name a sharp I've? Never heard of this nazi side, images really hit me as a complete surprise. We have a young man working for us who studied Anti Semitism in college, and he was like- I don't understand what they're saying the symbol is, so it's not like you they well recognised fitting. Now. Is it possible that somebody you in this process was trying to be very clever and set us up from it he our standpoint. I guess will learn more days. Go by so but but wait, you did, you did say, hey what's the deal and did you ask to come out because it was until last night that they came out and of course you did- we do so. Why would a good report at all of our partners? Why would a good partner do that to you, because I will first of all
as I said, everybody runs for the tall grass right. Maybe people don't have courage, maybe people don't ever integrity. You know that clearly a part of their swear at both the high it and this firm looked to see pack and said: look hands off. We have nothing to do with the stage. That's our rageous! This whole process takes months gone. You do these huge productions. I do so process takes a monkey back and forth and back and forth yet the higher up account does we can't miss our deadlines, because thousands of all in all the press is gonna, be there assembled everybody saw this. Everybody had to figure out how to construct this. Everybody had eyes on it from every angle now body in that process ever raised her head and said. Oh you know I took it. I took a european history. Asked, and I noticed that got that nobody, because it wasn't something that somebody. We recognise that. No, I know what the right solution.
Ok. Tell me I was very disappointed with the high it the high at first defended. You did. The high You know that this stage was: who was not of your doing, but of this design firms doing yes, because the design firm, the hotel and see pack work collaboratively to be able to construct. It to actually construct the thing and the hotel has to agree with. He was gonna. Do that work. Everyone has to there's gotta meet certain bid, so what our two partners did to us is basically you know toward the other way and say I'm not sure what this is but go talk to see pact that were high with taking the heads we always take the heads, it's part of being a prominent conservative group. You gonna take the hits, but I could let people lie monocular. What people to underline the most important thing here Gwen is: would we somehow think
be amusing or funny to have anything thirty, eight with fascism He is an associate with the conference it. Of course the carpets does exactly the opposite. So if we want to make You wanna, expel bigotry from our society, including anti Semitism. We would use the opposite at that conference too, to be Anti semitic, but they don't care about. They wanted to catch us. You know this. You know that I have a good relationship with state of Israel and jewish organizations, you you provide service for Jewish organism there's a big conservative, jewish organization that every time I might see back, I attend on this Airbus. I go and I speak out about dinner. Yes, yes, and it's it's a big deal. What kind of anti Semites would have a show bought dinner for the law. Pete too ridiculous aright
What I want to take a one minute break and then come back with you mad and and ask you why this is really dangerous. Why are people doing this Gee. I think it's pretty obvious, but I dont think people. No, I don't think this, through thoroughly what This kind of stuff does to a movement other than those who are doing it. They know exactly what they're doing in one minute we continue. First, let me tell you about a MAC when the time to choose and advocacy group that is for you, where do you turn the lots of art, options out there. Some of em goods are not so good one that I really believe in is a MAC. It stands for the association of mature american citizens now that sounds like it might apply to you the need to take some time to day and check a MAC out for yourself. They represent courage.
Matches said lack of courage. Men's words are failing them aim. Represents courage and faith and reason in trying times they and four solvency in a time of runaway debt, national security over and sovereignty over unchecked borders. Believing the sanctity of life in She didn't a MAC, has been pushing back for years against the radical left socialist agenda and aim at membership comes with a wealth of benefits in discounts and with the advocacy for you and what you believe in please stand with a MAC as they fight the good fight become a member. Today, the benefits are great, the cause is even greater joint. Now at a may, see dot? U S, slash back! That's a MAC dot! U S, slash back. A MAC is better, better for you better for America. Tension
station idea. Talking to match lap chairman of the American Conservative Union, the leave the found the company hi and if you will see pack and we ve been talking about the stage that more, freeman all these people, just tweeted was nazi it is so offensive, especially at a time when the media is telling us that they are the ones that are gonna guard misinformation, they're gonna guard to make sure that nothing no lies are spread. Where's that a fact where's twitter where's. Anyone on this. This is so dangerous Matt. Why
because what the council culture does. Is they make a false charge against an American of good conscience and when they can with it that charge stick you will lose. All commercial opportunities, your kids will be attack on social media and potentially in schools, could be kicked out of schools. Colleges we'll go after your kids in your grand kids. This is very serious thing. It's no longer about having a political disagreement were once Seemingly, whether one side seemingly loses its now about making you unfit to be in civilised, society what they want to do with the pack of let these charges can afloat out. There get verified, as you said, by places like twitter to that no hotel will ever ever host conservative, Chris genes, Jews, Americans who love our founding. They won't hold them well,
or will we go we'll have to have our own hotels will have to have our own restaurants. This is simply not american. So why would even if this is untrue, which it is and it's it's proven now that this, charge was untrue, wooden hotels also, just because of the say I don't want to deal with all of that. So? It doesn't matter at the end of its true or not. That's right! That's the into our just go back in time here, the high it Regency in Orlando recruited us they wanted us. They asked us for a business. They gave us a great bid which allowed the thousands of Americans who came here reasonable hotel rates The employees came up to me and to my colleagues during the carbon, but thank God, you're cheer, the hotel fields for the first time like it's back to no normal will fall. Every room was taken.
One guy said to me: you know if it wasn't for this conference, I would have a job altogether. Thank you. There was a real spirit of radiation ass. I that wasn't a story from the high of on Monday afternoon or Tuesday. They were saying that you were rude to their people yeah, and I want to say to us I might have exhibited procession. Could it be that I personally was rude when they showed me their first statement, which may he was gonna call into question whether or not we were your picketed towards Jews or Nazi sympathisers? You know what I did. What I do and I get called these names. I reacted autonomous acceptable. I feel like yourself, Ass, if from the conservative community, when we get called these names, because we know it's not true, but it really upsets me. This is not right. You can't you can't
someone like that and if you do, and if you care about these issues and which are so deeply what you said about the state of Israel on earth, the jewish community, would you so much work with them? The ambassador to Israel spoke from that stage. Third is all this and they want they will we're gonna. Do investigation about your potential pies do not use them? No, I'm! I can accept that in it that hurt someone feeling, because I'm defend our honour Toby, it did for you. So Defence is one thing going after in pursuing people at wrongdoers. Another I would be very tempted if I were you to lodge some major lawsuits. Well? We have a lot of very talented lawyers on our board now that kind of part and parcel of- the conservative group, and I look very seriously at these out Let me take it all broader Glenn, not just this episode. I can't tell you how many We'll have call me during the course of this most tumultuous of years and said at what point
does the conservative Kimberly? Does the seventy four million Americans who voted for doubt from the people love America big, it's ok to read, Doktor Sue. Send loved camera Jefferson and Mount Rushmore at what point today start pushing back on the cancer culture. At what point you they say this is a warning cannot cross. I think we're at that law. I think what I realised during its we called our conference. America on cancelled and the whole thing became about them carefully. Us and at what point do we not have the right to say you can't treat us this way? disparaging us you're destroy. Our reputation, during our ability to be respected. Members this community. So I take your your your challenge. On pursuing our legal options very seriously. I think we have to go broader. We can't let these properties just follow the woke Bob. We can't do it mad I'd like to spend, we might even do. I
an hour sit down with you on my podcast. When you have time, I like pursue this line of thinking with you. I appreciate it and we have your back. Where, with you thank you Thank you go on back. We love you fight you Conservative dot org is where you can find mad and see pack. It is quite the story, My question is: where is Facebook, where split. A fact we're all of these watchdog. Organizations has Morgan, Freeman and Melissa, Alyssum, Olano and others that spread this about the Washington Post. Had they been cancelled pursues programme. So I'm a guy who is cultivated and even, dare I say, refined of Hobbes. My fate among these is eating, in fact stew,
doing commercial. Just a few minutes ago, and right after you finished, I said man, I could go for a genome cheese stake from Philadelphia and he said what you think of that may said. I often just reflect on food. Maybe it's just maybe it's not eating, is you know, that's kind of its an art form to me really and so be it active, all trades and a master of Non. It's just the way. I role I mean you be: U Boo, I seek. Colored airy artistry and I worked hard to perfect it. So that's. Why have erect tech now?
I don't know if you ve ever grilled on something that can also smoke and even bake, but it is wonderful. Rectangle is a marvel of cooking science. You're gonna love it. There is nothing like it on the market. I urge you to a bee. Compare them just go to wreck tech. Are you see tee q, dot, com, wreck tech, dot com for anybody who likes really good food wreck tech dotcom tonight registered as America at eight p m Eastern, followed by a brand new Glenn back? Please tv dot com, slash Glenda from a code is Glenn There is one other sea pack thing makes me so angry is because we are. We are being blamed for absolutely everything all kinds of misinformation: disinformation,
It is absolutely true. Twitter can out yesterday and so they're gonna permanently band users whose speech covert misinformation. Ok? What is that misinformation like Hydroxyl Chloric, when that masts are a fee at best when it unless you're wearing an end, ninety five mask what it. What is missing, information on this. They're gonna ban that, but they don't banned outright, lies about the right tonight, a very, very important show. My way is denied special only on blaze, TV, its Two of I I don't know how many parts we're gonna have were putting a chalkboard together it Pass that you watch it from the beginning. Joint tonight, as we add a very large piece finance what the banks actually doing. This
will change your life and it's all Eddie in place an happening right now we'll have more on that tonight, at nine p m. If you're not already a member make sure you become a member at blaze, tv dot, com, slow, Glenn, I I want to get tat. Somebody from Newton County on this is in Missouri, David Osborne is the district to commissioner there and They have just passed a ace Can amendment preservation ACT now this something that I have said the communities have to do. States need to do. You need to be a sanctuary city for the Bill of Rights Day but joins us now David, how are you,
sir I'm good. Thank you for having shown today. Ok, so tell me what this bill is, why you did it in what is supposed to do? this is actually safety orbits, because your Newton County been class to County Whaley have two areas. We can pass organ to London, that health or safety, and obviously this is refers to safety for the safety of our residents of Newton County and the reason why we enact this, this this ordinance was simply because our people were crying out to us every day. Will you do to protect our second member rights are constitutional right. What are you gonna do about that? I mean I'm talking a lot of people. Walking into the courthouse asking us One gentleman brought in a letter and said, make my thirty seven acres, sanctuary for me and so we all? Are our responsibilities, protect our residents amid the county? So, oddly we had
something about the hell of a lot of my constituents in France. Just simply put this in front of me and said here is what we need to do. We need to pass an ordinance. We need to pass on to protect her sing. Murmur writes that, if that, if the federal but once infringe our sycamore rights. We will absolutely give authority our share of to defend US to come to the aid and protection of our law. Abiding citizens, Israel, we realise that would have a law abiding citizens as that's when we passed you simply because there was a I mean form and I would venture to give glamour that there are sixty four theorist under sixty thousand people in the gallery. Every one of them is in favour of this I can say our percent, but I would say almost everyone on because we get a call a letter. Numerous emails everyday thanking us for standing up for the second member right. So
this says all federal acts, laws, orders, rules and regulations passed by the federal government, specifically any presidential administration, whether past present or future, which infringe on the people's right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed as guaranteed by the second amendment to the United States constitution. Article one section: twenty three of the measure reconstitution shall be in valid in this county. It shall not be. Recognised by this county and specifically rejected by this county, shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this county. Such Feder, acts laws, orders, rules and regulations include, but are not limited to any tax levy. Fee stew, imposed in firearms, firearms accessories ammunition and not common to all other goods and services which could have a choice? the effect on the purchase or ownership of those items by law, abiding citizens,
also any registration or cracking of firearms, accessory accessories, etc, etc. I mean it goes on now. Does this have and those who have teeth. Can you do this? Do you know well with one minute? I have three- Is it enforceable it now that let's go, because this is unprecedented. We haven't had to do something like this, but I would say, if they're going to violator. Secondly, arise in my mind, yes, it's totally enforceable and we ve given full authority to our sharer- to do that. So it up to him to enforce. And we just wonder my poor boy. The do it I think authority in our state constitution that your local sheriffs have the have the ability to arrest anyone who was called harm or damage to your residents and we emerge. From sheriff down here, will very glad to have it. Ok, so weak, we called the sheriff and he said- and I am quoting- I really think
he'll be talking with the Newton County Commission. They wrote this county, an ordinance its and show their support for the second amendment, but it is eighty, but it right. Really is not something that can be enforced. End quote well, if that's all damn because we wrote it gave him both already so far, gotta. Commissioner, again, I'm not a constitutional attorney early thoughts, but I would say, we want to enforce it in. Here is what we want. Do I mean the real thing? Is this? We want that labour protection so that you know what I'm looking we're, not hoping that the that the federal german scramble than here is just our complicated people's weapons. What we want new slowing down, disabled, let's go to court, now, if we can circumvent your safety orbits like that are they in court where we stand for and will you say why are they wanting to violate our second Monterrey
right only one reason, bland and you know the reason we all know the reason. The only reason you would want to confiscate take away weapons from law. Abiding citizens is simply to control the masses. Well, I just wanted to get you on David, because I think what you're counties done is is common sense. I have been urging people to get their counties, their states, their cities too, make themselves sanctuary, cities or states for the bill of rights. It's not just about the second amendment but they're all coming under attack and if, if they, try to you, no limits speech, limit the press, we have to have places that will stand and Newton County Missouri is one of the first that I have seen to to do it so David. Thank you. So much
we are, we all want first to do that. I think we're up the sick. He can't do now. In Missouri, and am I do there's two virus it I've, even since it can do this city councils want to do this, they can make impasse secured the same, the same effect, but every care The other important carry them, learn every county passages that shows our state legislature could they have support from us and that the peace elected and offers are saying we want this, so they go all that's left with a movement started at it. It can't. You know my law bars. Where can people find the the language that they can propose and City Council or whatever the language you are using and actually get a copy of ours by God. Our website. It moves downloadable on our Newton County, county, dot, low website.
The moon, came you'd, gotten mode, dot, com, Newton, county diet, not all right and duty County M, o dotcom. Ok, Sir David. Thank you very much. I appreciated this is something that everyone should be doing right now. You should get that you should find your city council men. You should find your county, commissioner, you should find your sheriff. You We need to start putting these kinds of things, and he will he said something really important if all of the counties. Do this then this eight knows the people have their back you. You can't start at the top You need a groundswell. Quite honestly, you know the what when politicians know While this is where the people are, they suddenly have some courage, not all of them, but there have some courage right now exactly what happened with sea pack, the high
it folded because we don't ever stand up. I had folded on this. This stupid nazi rune thing because They knew the left would destroy them. And nobody would have their back, we have to have people's backs. We if we are expecting these, senators end and congressmen to stand up. They have to know what we believe and that, if you stand with them, they're not going to be left alone in is many times when the when these guys do something good, they don't hear from anybody, so they like these I'm doing all this stuff and nobody's even seeing it. Nobody is even noticing it. You need let them know good job bad job. And it has to be done. First, at the local level, get involved at the local.
Go and do it now by the way they are introducing more legislation. Hr one is coming out today. It will be passed by the house that is totally change our election process. This guarantees Nora. Public, and will ever win ever again it is unconstitutional. It takes federal control over our elections. It it makes that whatever happened last time can happen again. We're just gonna. Do voter mail what time it's gonna, be voting months. It is a nightmare, That's in our each are one. That's going to the Senate. It'll be voted on today, Nan their introducing common sense gun legislation as well that will probably also pass the house more that coming up also something really important that I don't want you to miss tonight on blood.
Tv, we are talking about finances, we're talking about what the banks are doing right now and it is going to affect your life in a profound way and it's all Eddie being done. You Jim don't know it because there's no teeth attached to it yet, but the teeth are coming will tell you about, tonight do not miss tonight special blaze, tv dotcom, Slash, Glenn, use a promo code, Glenn and sign up now nine pm eastern aright. Eric and financing is not a bank. In fact, this is a locally owned and family operated and owned company american financing. They started. I think I don't know two thousand and three two thousand five something someplace around there and, They just wanted to help their law
we'll community and then provide better financial futures for people and get them out of the big banks that we're just tranche shove loans down everybody throats. Now they nation wide there are huge and they are the Place to go. If you are a homeowner and you to reduce your mortgage rate or, if you want to fold in all your credit cards and consolidation loan. If you were to be a homeowner and you're. Looking for a great rate, please call american financing do it now: eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty, its american financing, dot net american financing, animal us one, two: three: four: W W W Dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org to the programme
This is the global programme. We ve got a lot to talk to you about coming up Texas yesterday dropped. The restrictions for covered opens up business is one hundred percent ends. The state wide mask mandate, it's about time. The governor abbot is now coming under fire from Gavin Newsome come on yet what Absolutely reckless. That's what he said. Absolutely regular. Really! Is it after what you ve done in your state you're, going to recommend to any one else on earth what reckless and what is not, what what? What what is advised and what is not- and we made ok, ass? You could tell Andrew Cuomo view you are qualified to give advice to Andrew Cuomo, but that is in so
Cuomo is getting closer and closer to the, Democrats coming out in just saying, get out get out here and the, the the probe. I to use that word with Cuomo. A out just problem. You know what I'm saying, but I ll e g is looking is looking into the harassment? Now you know it's really sad about this is, is. Really he kills grandma. But this is the thing, This is the left off. I mean it's bad and should have been exposed for this a long time ago. But he's or his policies? and he knew it would happen.
A bunch of old people family gets going. I lost that one man, I mean a chicken come on. We sit sit on Euro governors lap, there's no governor on me. You know what I'm saying but it would slow me down, and it sounds like a smart. That's why? Don't? I get Antonia Yea minutes? It's. I really do believe you needed a multi faceted design, Esther to have give Cuomo chance of getting Tom now again, I am very sceptical. He will actually get toss them end, but I am hopeful- and I think needed the terrible covert performance combined with,
with this sexual harassment thing combined with the fact that he's been abusive to so many people around the statement, so many enemies, including in the Democratic Party, you need all three those things to combine to do some. Like this. You need the terrible proof, where's that they realize later on was terrible, but they can't admit that So then, you need also the secondary scandal that gives them the out to say how bad he is, and you have to people, Democrats need an excuse to to say the truth here which is personally, they ve been offended by this guy, so many times behind closed doors. There excited to get him out. They want this God because he's just a terrible Ngos that are shut your mouth. Thank you, but shut your mouth common voice covered for yet I gotta probe of unbelievable proportionately programme
Hello America welcome today is Wednesday. The Wednesday night Special is happening tonight. It is a part of a series on the great reset tonight. We cover something so important what your banks are setting you up for, and everybody's going to get rich in this game, except for you. We expose it coming up tonight, nine p dot m on Blazetv. We also are going to go in depth on the great reset and give you a sneak peek of it here in about sixty seconds standby. Monetary about her on J about Patriot, Mobile Patriot, Mobile is just ass, a great cell phone company- and they, I think, offer the same great service? They offer because everyone is on the same cell towers. Now they have at or customer service. In my opinion,
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to get our arms around, because a large it's so massive and were finding new things every single day yeah, but that point. I mean everyone every day every day, something new is happening. This is in, and I think we were learning Do more research and the great which is groundbreaking stuff me what we're doing on this. Nobody else is doing this. Nobody is This has been going on for a long long time yet, and we are now starting to see and uncover things from years ago that even PETE like you were rising. I know the pair. Records we're gonna show something tonight on tv will show you put it I saw back, then I know, put any of it together and its John carry the Paris accords and, and why,
really happened. Why the Paris accords were so important. It has very little if anything, to do with climate change. It has everything to do with control and finance. That's exactly right in the thing about the Paris climate agreement. Remember even at the time it was certainly a widow and does this thing have any teeth at all like what is this thing is cited ratified by the Senate. I mean does it even really matter it? It matter so much more than I ever thought because of all of the other things related to banking, inviting just give a couple of highlights of what we're gonna it tonight. Well, what we're going to see beyond- now in and I've seen, the notes for tonight show absolutely incredible. You cannot miss this episode. Tonight is absolutely incredible stuff, but what we're going to see is that for years now, the ground. Work has been laid in banking and finance to impose, a transition to green. Energy is part of this massive multi billion, Sir
mother trillion dollar area con this gigantic con we're all of these people. All these global players are going to get filthy, rich and the red the person is going to end up getting screwed all in the name of saving the earth from this supposedly existential climate change our eyes. I want you to understand that the great reset is broken up into three parts: e environment ass. Social Justice G government, regulations and you'll get an e s g score and that's all happen will explain all of this tonight, but it is. It is a way to shut you down. If your politically incorrect as yours, tonight there Obama program that that went through that was part of the Euro, the beginnings really of the Paris Climate deal that was
is truly frightening, where it was its intent? Was too put companies out of business that disagreed with it, nobody's nobody that I know of as it has ever talked about it. We have all of the documents. We have everything to show you what was going on Andy it's this system now in the great reset when you talk about the gray Reese Head and then, if you ve ever noticed this just that this, just maybe my conspiracy theory occasionally occasionally Glenn back
tends to get like ten steps ahead of where the audiences on their understanding of the way things Glenn Bank, but it has its right. It's really like a crazy accusation. Just let the prudent ten moment it's one hundred and eighty two people don't know. Maybe they heard the term the great reset. Maybe her glad talk about here, and there too, can you take the good people of what I want on what it actually is right. So so, at its most basic form, I believe the great reset has two primary components: ok, you have this massive push for big, granting social programmes. All the things that you hear far left me. Talk about all the time. There's federal jobs guarantee type stuff in their theirs No, the green new deal is obviously a part of this there's. All sorts of things called for universal social Protection, which is another way of saying big government programmes, wealth,
distribution. All of that stuff. Isn't it that's one part of it, but that's not really the most important part of it, the most in part of it is that they're going to radically transformed the entire global economy and society by extension, through these things called e S, Jeez standards. Let me give you let me let me break that down. Let me just explain operation choke point. I'm gonna explained this tonight, but let me give you a little bit of it operates, choke point was put in by the Obama administration in twenty thirteen. We now know this to be an absolute fact. It will As for the F B, I see- and I am quoting to freeze politically disfavour businesses out of the financial system. End quote
I shall come off. Operation choke point choke em off. So if you are quoting again politically disfavour business, the banks would stop doing business with you. So that's what this is about, that's how they control you and they get away with it, because or private banks, doing it: This is not a government program right in theory. I know you think, that's part of it, but like partnership vision, part of it is prior private businesses who are coming. Would this yesterday formula and then companies that do business that do not score well on this minimum social credit scale. They will have no opportunity to work with big
banks or any of these businesses that are in this programme. Is that the way to think about their there's? Definitely that's a big part of it, but there is also a push to try to make regulatory changes that tie e g standards and all sorts of other things. For example, there was a very large investment group leave it was this this past year and twenty twenty that calling for the S e c two pose regulations related to e g and what they were Wanna do is keep there's a lot of theirs of huge movement of these leftwing investors that want to keep company that are not woke that don't have high, yes, G scores off of stock exchanges and in the long run that's absolutely a corpse of this that's an easy regulatory change to make them it s, easy to say: oh homer, only gonna have you know these. Ah, yes, GI, good companies and on it it is a public movement. All of these companies are in it. I mean you know, You gotTA, Exxon and Exxon announced this week. There part of this when you got
companies like x on you We say to yourself: why would they do something that would hurt them? Why, They do something to get involved. Where they're, changing capitalism, and even if you able to stop at the Essen Sea level, the New York stock exchange. Could just do it you're externalities could just say we only our trading with these good scores, because we believe in this so much it's good for humanity, lack we're in a show. You some documentation tonight from Marrow Lynch. Where somebody who works was working as a researcher. That's why to their marrow Lynch Uniform one K page just to check things out, and what did he find? He found that he had his very own special, yes G score. He has been self has been given him. He asked you score based on his investments in all three categories: the EU, the US and the g, and then he has an overall score and it's not very good.
You didn't do very well degenerate, four point six, so that is like having out of ten that's like that's like having a three for your credit score, whose give you any kind of loans if you have a three for your credit score. This is good. To be more important than anything else so do and but it's doing right now is just saying it there now just suggesting hey you should pay attention to things that companies that are are doing? things there's no teeth to it. Yet came out in twenty eighteen Maryland put this in and It's all the framework, it just needs the teeth to be turned on all that is right now, they're saying: look you a score of four point. Seven. That's because you're not looking at companies to see the whole stakeholder idea where the
companies have a responsibility to do good, not just for their shareholders, because that kind of capitalism is over, so every come, buddy that's being traded, weave scored with their yes g. Which means, though, Companies are required now too. Bob what all of this paper work in all this bull crap. So now the asked of overhead is enormous. Imagine what it will be for you and your restaurant, so they have to come up with these things so that they can get a score for the stock Exchange and Maryland can say? Ok that company as an eight. Well, I want to invest in this company. It's a gun company who I've gotta, yes, G score of too little. Care, because I believe that's gonna go up doesn't matter you're, not doing it for that anymore. You're not doing to make money you're doing it for the overall good of society, this the end of capitalism, let's hear it
and some of these ideas she funds that they have. They already have e g funds likes index fund similar. You know these massive index funds at you, you have for other that we ve been around forever and they have excluded. Business is related to guns and all sorts of other things are already from that. Automatically it doesn't matter how good you you could be running, you know you're. Guns store on solar panel right doesn't matter, and the idea is that you are when you put tee. To this you, then you have a completely bogus market because we're looking at a score for help, Legally correct is this person or this company, if their police, equally correct the teeth, all the lower investors going to invest in these companies. Not least companies, because it doesn't matter that these companies might be worth more. We think the
Investment should go to these companies because their socially woke Wendy It happens the stock it means nothing, nothing because It is basically at the barrel of a gun but govern and in the big businesses have decided who going to get the money right and have you noticed that, when comes to the environment were no longer hearing about a climate climate trading board. There were no longer looking at carbon offsets in and climate offsets that you can sell like a stock exchange that you can buy and sell these carbon credits. Bad went away because companies we're losing companies giant corporations- would lose lots of money on that and who would get rich? The government so. This is a way for the government and businesses to get rich so now, we don't need the carbon offsets, we're pot
your forcing people to funnel their money into these companies, because- you're gonna be great for the environment, whether they are not doesn't matter funnel their money right into here, because these are woke companies so companies win. Anyone who stood against the climate? We know exchange board, varying there too. They can make money now without Buying and selling credits be up. That's exactly right and we know this is going to happen. We need What's going to happen, be there, The thing is rigged, it's all set up. We know. What's going to happen because there are there's, this group principles for responsible investment came out of the United Nations tied the all the things you're going to be talking about tonight. Special and they together
if you add up all the assets, that these people who voluntarily signed onto this group to agree to invest money as she standards by more than a hundred trillion dollars in assets that twice all of the money printing money on earth more than four trillion dollars. I had to check it five times, because I thought this cannot possibly be right. The u N itself says that these are. These are the numbers of more than a hundred trillion dollars controlled by these three thousand investors who have agreed, To be part of this, and this group started in two thousand and six with a hundred people do you had so they ve been building this movement. So it's it's a done deal there's no way. If you are part of this group with a hundred trillion dollars that you're going to put this on up here and a gamble it, maybe this will work. Maybe it won't know chance. You know how this all ends. That's the only way you bet that kind of money is things come. Lately: Reg, that's a giant com and the The way to beat it is locally.
Only way to beat it is locally. You have got to at your town, at the: U n sustainable bowl crap you need to out of any agenda twenty thirty agenda, twenty one any of this stuff related to the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and now our own country, you ma be able to stand on your own and this is one of the reasons why I keep saying you ve got to protect all of your assets. I I will tell you that I've I have not done this until last week I called financial advisers who are jewish, and I said to them. I know two times you think I'm crazy, but I need you to start thinking like those who came before us in the nineteen thirties? They know exactly what that means. A? U have to start thinking differently, because there is a global system that
is coming, and it's going to choke this, not out of any one who stands against it more just a second. I support by the way this nice imagery. Thank you for that. Thank you appreciate, smoking. This not operate. And choke point did that: does it jokes. Not I does. I don't think you're, probably since chokes the crap out of you bad naval operation. Not would not all right. Let me tell you a little bit about life. Lock, life lock, If you had a device that would prevent your wallet from ever being stolen, it would be great right. Well, I have that invention is called my back. Pocket If something ever happens to my wallet like it falls out or a pickpocket or I leave it. Some place that's what I'm hoping. I can call the credit card companies in time and cancel everything, but we don't do that when it
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Flock dotcom promo code, back save twenty five percent. It's too second station idea back to the programme where we ve, just in Haskins editorial director, the Heartland Institute and also the co author of a book on the great reset, then I'll, be putting out here shortly. Weary, what we had a really difficult time, because when we started the book was convinced. This was all about socialism and the one thing I couldn't connected doubts on was why, with these companies want to destroy capitalism because it made them rich yeah, and I
I'd theories, you had theories, but we couldn't really close that gap, we know now it's really not socialism rat it's a red herring that the eye leave the global powers that are involved in this using the Socialists too, to say: oh yeah, that's where we're going! That's where we're going it's not where they're going at all, you might call them useful idiots. Have now I dont know I her yes, sire lays sorry really come back and talk about that here in just a second. Don't miss tonight, special at nine p m only on blaze, tv, if you're, not a member tonight, I urge you to become a member you'll save ten percent off Europe off your rub. A subscription now at blaze, tv dot, com, slashed, Glenn, use the promo code. Glenn persons programme
boy I had. I don't think I'm gonna be able to get to it today, but there is a lot going on in the money world. The the images that you have only seen from Germany, our like Venezuela, where money is worthless that is coming. That is coming our way there. There are two disturbing reports that seem like great news. More stimulus money is coming more than the one point nine it's coming is gonna be pushed into the market and and on top of that it looks like our Gdp is growing this quarter by ten percent that velocity to the money. It means it's going and being spent. That means major inflation. Please,
I dont know when it's happening, but it's going to happen and you're going to want gold or silver, something that is real and tangible, and right now, with every tube of certified gold liberty going, you get five brilliant uncertain, waited Kennedy, silver Half dollars at no additional George. This is what I buy. A gold lines: eight six six goldmine- call them right now: gold, lying dot com, eight, six, six, gold, mine angle to blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenda, promo code is gland. You'll get a brand new stewed as America tonight, followed by the special. Even talking about this half hour, Glenn TV, the promo code is Glenn, This is the global programme. Tonight, the Wednesday night special plea I ask you urgently: please watch tonight special. This is something you need to know
this is the news that is going to go around everyone's neck, and it is, it is part, the government, but it is the financial sector today, is what we are going to really focus on, and this stuff was put in place over the last ten years this has been really really well played and where planned- and it is why tromp was- not going to be president there is no way they could allow him to be. President of the United States because in the end he started putting things in. That would stop all of this and the first the by did he He reverses all of that. He stops all of the Trump things that would have stopped this. So he had to be removed from office
Yeah it's it's such a difficult thing to do because it keep coming back to the same thing. We need to start about. A hundred trillion dollars have been invested in this and you only do that when you have a sure thing where we have a sure thing. Why are we so screwing under the same. I would this is. To me I mean the nineties, if I'm not at a hundred, I'm in the nineties high nineties of sure this is gonna happen are here with me. Yes, and when you say it's gonna haven't means the o, the majority, the overwhelming majority of what they're trying to do, will actually be implemented. Yet the of capitalism. As you know, it has, as you know, as the chin. The change of the eight reset and how governments financial systems. Businesses,
people's lives, cars everything with ten years It is It is there fascistic, it's it's China, so the whole world since China. What do we do about it? Is there anything that we can do about it? Why things something that we ve been. We ve been struggling wherever we ve got all these chapters and that are really well researched and we looked at each other and Monday went this. Doesn't have a happy ending in and the look things, come to mind and this, he's going to be written very different, than any of my other books, my other. X. I always try to you know: Beals Turkey in in NEO, comedic, etc, etc. This book, is so important that if, if anything is not button, it isn't proven with great detail. If it looks
like its leaning, one way or another. This is an agenda book it will. He dismissed and I need everyone to read this book- you need everyone to read this book. And pass it on to others. I hope comes from two things. One exposure if you Expose this and it makes Hence right now people go. Why are these companies involved with socialism? Is? It would hurt them? you ve, seen them do things that are again the market. This splain that- and it's not, socialism socialism. It all explains why our our record, additives go to Washington, and then change remains do any of it came so
explains really simply logical reasons for all of those things that you have noticed and tells you What the future is gonna be like an if, if, people read it idle think people, at least in Amerika. I don't think around the world will be for it and that's, they're trying to stop that's what they're trying to beat there is a then I'm doing a podcast on this. Tomorrow's podcast, where we're talking about the public. The government and the public has no teeth. People gathering together do so you're not trying to silence the public. There. To silence through social media and will be through court, social credit scores, they will they will punish and silence anyone who's trying to get this information out, be
They know their time is over that either going to such a totalitarian rule, because of social media? They know their time is up yeah. I think one of the blueprints that we can use is going to be more difficult in this cause of all the money involved, but one of them Prince really is common. Core in core was yeah common core was this system that was going to happen. There was no doubt about it. They had a plan, their putting it in the place, it seemed inevitable and all it was this massive grass roots movement of people everywhere saying want this. If you never told people about common core, would it what happened it when I was well you only a grass roots movement to rejected that that made it so difficult for them to continue to impose in this is the same thing. Essentially, if you think of this whole thing like it's a boxing match and it's it's rigged, we
that bit someone's going to take a fall. All the people who are making your gambling on it may know it they're all in on it together. How do you stop that? You stop it by exposing that's how you stop it and it is for Next, I mean we saw this when the average person started to make money just a few weeks ago on game, stop wait a minute women yeah! How? What how you're changing the rules now what why this is all rigged. My greatest fear the way this does happen, one hundred percent because I'm such a pessimist on on world events- and I know history the way this war. The way this happens, one hundred percent guarantee is an event like January Sixth, or an event that
supposedly the capital, police or pair emperor preparing for tomorrow, a bombing of the capital that happens without. Knowledge of where were headed. People's emotions go up. This is why they're taking guns away they ve got to take guns away as well. It is, if p I don't know where we're headed and something. If that happens, it doesn't matter all of it will be imposed overnight, remember joy carry said it will be brief, taking. I think people will be shocked at the speed at this will be implemented and intensity yeah, I I already em. I am I'm looking at this stuff every day, something is something big is, is being announced or being exposed, and they don't have a problem with it and nobody is putting the pieces together. That's right, and we're not going to be able to eat. You can't just you know shout at
bankers and make them do what you want. These people have massive amounts of money. There's. No. What about it, but it's every body with a bank account if everybody who has a mortgage if everybody whose doing business with these credit card companies are all at the same time calling these p up and saying. I don't want anything to do with this. Don't you dare give me and ass she score. I don't want anything to do with this, then is a financial incentive for them to think twice about it. There is fear on that level. We ve seen the left, use essentially mobs to get companies that do all sorts of things. You're gonna find really amazing, strange bedfellows begin our gonna find you're gonna find the left wheel. Just as against this is the right is, this? This will be the people against the elites this. What you're. Afraid of is now that Given the people a voice, they are at the gate it's saying we are starving
and you're inside Louis Palace, common for us and They learn the lesson of let him eat cake, get those p. Under control view of Robespierre find him, kill him They will not let that take root. That's what you're! That's what they're trying to do right now is. They know the o old system is over. They have scratched and Claude and tried to hold on, but that system doesn't work anymore. They will form a new system in. I, you Could the dollar. If you're, if, if you're in the hospital and and you're. Looking at, you know, you're it somebody who's dying and there a deeply christian and they know that Jesus is right around the corner and I'm going to have any you're gonna have such a better life
their dying and you're? You believe that they believe in you know Heaven and everything else: you'll Let them hold on as long as it can, but in the end you know, you're just going to push the morphine and let them you know, be happy for a while. Then you might push it a little extra, because there is utopia at the other side right and passionate what's happening with our dollar right now, these I know that the dollar is over, there is a reset coming, but you dollar is over and so right now the FED is just pushing a little morphine they're just the money out into the system. Let people be a wash in money, let go out and spend spend spend do make them feel good and by doing that, they're gonna, at a point where they ve puts pushed too much morphine and the
system will collapse right into the lap of the great reset right? That's what's happening in the biggest supporters of the great reset are openly talking constantly about moving toward a some kind of an Sdr basket of currencies, international replacement for the dollar right they're talking about it all the time they want a digital internet. No currency to be ready to go as soon as the dollar collapses told. That means impoverishing every one who is holding the dollar and is not part of this new system and it is it's it's real It's moving into chinese capitalism and if you think, that's crazy, I just sure to go back and think about it all the times you heard people say politicians, and and business people they have. For twenty years, China is the future
The chinese system is the future. That's the future, will that's what great reset is. Control of the people, control of the companies that companies in bed, companies are free to do whatever they want. As long as the Chinese Communist Party says, it's ok and you can you can get his riches. You want as long as your politically correct the minute you become politically incorrect. You all of a sudden are disappeared. That's an actual word. A verb. The year disappeared and somebody else take your place right and when you look at what a lot of these people are saying when they talk about the chinese system. Is they talk about the benefits? of how very able to move more swiftly onto their able to gaps variable make change
to their economy and the financial system that we can't do here in the United States, because the constitution and all these things that are getting in the way there was just a story about that in the Wall Street Journal two days ago about how Cove id because they controlled everything they could get covert. Control him. So that's that's an asset! That's a good thing about their economy. Don't miss! Tonight's episode please share it with a friend blazed tonight: nine p M the Glen Back Wednesday night Special, my pillow by sponsor got my pillow. We have the best pillow you ve ever slept on and I have done. The my pillow? I have the geese dream sheets from my pillow, which are soft and durable. The best sheets, you'll experience. What could pass we improve your sleep situation any more well, they have Now the mattress topper MA pillows mattress topper,
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look Adrian Cuomo here I I gotta tell you, don't understand everybody's asking for a probe. That's all I ask for a little proud of you know what I'm saying Barbaik by more Democrats are now coming out and and asking for Governor Cuomo to resign. Yet big democratic state senator just came out and did that I'm gonna kill me now skies definite getting his children that retinas it. I only ministration here it's interesting to watch. This happened because we ve been talking about Cuomo
the entire year about how frustrated we were that look them here is not covered I am fairly their praising him for things that he's not doing he's been wrong every step of the way throughout this entire? Not, according to my book still available on Amazon gotta, go right to the point that he thought it was appropriate to release a freaking book about his leadership. That's right now through all excess suck it hammering this nursing home crisis and all the things that Cuomo did run all this time. He we I want to say, is taking full responsibility, but people who critical of M have brought down his approval rating from a thing. It was seventy one, seventy three percent in some bulls down to like the high fifty's, fifty seven fifty eight fifty nine that would he could survive that problem not obeying. Now, though, a new pole is out. This is from this is from Emerson
and he is now dropped to thirty. Eight percent, listen, my covert, experts, the ones we ve been doing all that counts they say it's actually. Eighty three aids, I would be surprised and lazy leaders approaching operative actually out of it by the thirty eight percent in think about this, a liver Democrat in New York has thirty eight percent approval reading. That is catastrophic. I wonder who they'll run? Will it work? It will be worth Sylvia like a really will be worse. This is not good for the state of New York now, but it is good for holding people accountable for their still move out of New York now yes programme.
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