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Ep 106 | Segregation Survivor: How to Counter BLM's FALSE Racial Narrative | Bob Woodson | The Glenn Beck Podcast


Civil rights activist and Woodson Center founder Bob Woodson has lived through segregation and been a victim of racism. But he doesn’t fit the Left’s mold. In fact, he’s providing an alternative narrative to their “equity.” With the Woodson Center and 1776 Unites, he is offering solutions that BLM rejects, but that are actually helping improve the lives of countless people trapped in poverty and inner-city violence. He goes through all of this and more in his latest book, “Red, White, and Black: Rescuing American History from Revisionists and Race Hustlers. And he joins Glenn to make the case that the radical Left does not represent the majority of the black community. As leftist race-baiters make millions off branding the police as white supremacists while breaking the spirits of Americans of ALL races, Woodson calls out their moral treason, speaks truth to power, and denounces real racism for what it truly is: evil.

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Today's guest is a genius certified genius in eighteen ninety, he won. T Macarthur Genius Grant and it has been non stop his entire life. All the odds have always been against him. but his mother told him to strive for excellence, and he did and he has made quite an impact. You may not know his name, but once you meet him you'll, never forget him. It? Is it's a long journey? He was a civil rights activists in the nineteen sixties. He went to jail, he devoted his life to improving the lives of low Income people, he was also the director of the American Enterprise Institute. He founded the National Centre for neighbourhood enterprise. He founded, then the since Centre He is a guy who, you probably don't know because he's not out there trying to drum up spotlight. the guy who lives in the communities and
everything you can to fix them. He is perfect, example of a person with solutions in an era that is inundated with difficult questions. He goes All of this and much more in his upcoming book read, write and black rescuing american history from revisionist and race hustlers today on the Glen Back Podcast, the one, and only my good friend, Bob Woodson. Hello, my friend Bob how're, you, always good to see you you're, crazy, Oh, please. I wanted to start this podcast we How you inspire other people? It was the day after the Chauvelin verdict came in
President Obama sorry. President Biden had gotten up and said that you know where systematically racist country, etc, etc, and a lot of people Even agreed with the verdict that something was wrong there and he should be punished for it. A lot of people felt pretty down in the mouth, and that morning I came in, and the first call I took was call. I want you to hear it went I did yesterday was show irresponsible, and so I will of angry, and then I called my good friend Bob weights and who you ve had your shell several times and talk. He talked me off where'd? She said we need to do. Is mother Teresa. We need to increase our faith, any reminded me of the story of David and Goliath, and he says we are the David. the stated that the low income Black American, who has been used as a pawn in all of this is our is our sleeping giant and we need to call debate.
down in and help them rise up to counter this false merit. That, by the way being promoted by people who will probably making strangers are more who have made. It will successful and now crying racism, Bob Woodson I've wanted to talk to you ever since that phone call came in because I think there's a lot of people that are losing hope. America is just being beaten down into the ground. Everything Is racist and the people who are the Spain if you will seem to be profiting offered in buying houses and nobody's being held accountable for it. Its shameful what is happening. There are real problems in America that we can solve so helpless. Bob help us well the metaphor for which you are talking about the fact that our shocked and flew in honor Learjet he Kiki Maxine World.
love for three million dollar mansion and requested, Capitol Hill Police, escorts. and she was rallying to the leader a black lives matter there just brought about through point? Four million biggest states, one in three points: one point three mansion unaware: neighbourhood patrol by white police officers. So so what do we do? That information makers axis you ever me. I know the moment Marxist, as you know, always become rich themselves once things, if turn, but the It's almost as if we're standing in a country and we're like Am I the only one seeing this? How come no piece of nobody else is seeing this but you know what the cost was saying that I believe that the sleeping giant, low income blacks. First of all, you look at the numbers. Eighty percent of low income-
we're losing their children in a savage carnage that is going on in the inner cities as the police, is demonize as an extension of the white supremacy and there For they are pulling back in these communities and as a consequence, the a rate is soaring glad on Easter Sunday morning in Birmingham Alabama a thousand bucks, a picnicking in the park, six black thugs discharge one hundred bullets killing a third to your all daughter of the local past. Can I just wanna singing in charge and they shot sixteen other peoples in killing a four year old boy never. I never even heard this. How come I am. I wrote this three day. After that and Syracuse thirty two year old mother was killed and eleven months all bus was killed and two the time this was shot and just two days ago
three year old and day county was killed at his stir birthday. So, where is the outrage where as it were, this goes on notice, but low income, blacks are the ones who are suffering This carnage and look up I think this is the same. I mean history just replace and replace and replace until you learn the lesson the taking away of guns. Was a clan thing the making sure that you were boxed off from every one. Was a clan thing said irrigation was clans thing all of this stuff, the eye. Look at, and I ve I remember talking to black lives matter. The members who did not read the website. They were not marks they were not made just wanted some one to finally listen to them, because
their community was under attack. By their own community? I had one grandmother say I dont trust my grandson and she said that it that's that's new to our community, and we need help and nobody is actually paying attention. This is all politics and all power and money, and what do we do to actually help the people who need help? Because honestly- we're demonized, your white. If I bobby you know this. I go into a black community, I'm We called all kinds of names, and I'm only doing it because of this or that you can't beat irritable and white. You can't actually and help people put like you say they do that the voices of dissent, our protest thing they do not represent the majority of black opinions, the since then we have, we have organised two thousand.
five hundred black mothers voices of black mothers united who all children to urban environments. They took out a full page saying we support the police, they just how to conference in Birmingham where half of the petition where police officers but they were demonstrating their common community with the police there are other neighbourhood organizations around the country, sixty percent of blacks. Pole. Do I believe the racial discrimination is their principal barrier. but you would never know that by listening to the people that the left wing media puts on as spokesperson the black community, if you like I don't know you saw sixty minutes, but in with sixty minutes they interviewed what's his name, the the attorney general in key fellows in Minnesota. Any
he said, and this is one question I ve been asking the whole time. Look, I think, Chauvelin what he did was wrong: think he should be punished. I think he should go to jail. I wasn't in the jury box. I also don't know Minnesota LAW, so I don't know what he should have gotten, but I'm fine. I trust the jury in the system to get it right, However, I have been asking the nobody even brought up that he was a racist in the trial. Nobody brought up any evidence that this had anything to do with race. So why have we even been talking about race when it comes to shove? In that? Was even even Keith Ellison said no, not a shred of evidence. This had anything to do with color What we are that the south is pushing this narrative, even The shooting in color this Ohio, the think he says: well, we notice systemic. What is stomach racism. I don't know what it is and I live
through segregation and, in fact I'll tell you I would almost rather deal with an honest bigot from the sixties, then deal with the caught a patronising pandering that they're doing. really it is destroying our community from within. There are elements pushing back against that. We got voices a black mud We got a thousands people who are longing for a decent education for their children, choice and education. We re least offers us here, is of of curriculum for of curriculum to counter sixteen ninety we have ten thousand downloads When will we testified before two's boards of education of out but being misled and hoodwinked by them, most of all of us want freedom and justice
for everybody and justice, but the left is is really a weapon. using race- and so That's why it's important where it the resources necessary to give voice to the voiceless people in these communities who are losing their children, they happen. seventy people killed since George Floyd, you would know about twenty, With children what we need to do is we need account counter. This fact, racial narrative. With examples Our resilience, perseverance in the blue, a community that really defies the cut turn up our lives. So then how can we help empower you because there's a lot of Americans white blood? Asian, doesn't matter, there's a lot of Americans tired of this and want to do something positive and
and help people who are actually helping. So how can we help in power you? What's? U can help Do is work with us. We need funding We need your ability to what you're doing right now is giving us a platform. I would to bring some of those voices of black mothers united on you taught it to some of them there are a lot of powerful voices out there believe, as I believe in the end, in the content of this marriage, America's character, and we are. We are patriots, but we to come together. and provide the means for us to speak the truth to power. So we need a kind of partnerships feral. I call it the Faro Joseph relationships: hee hee, so here's the here's, the deal I make with you
You tell me when analyse. bring the moms in you. If you bring voices in, I will ere it. I will put it on my radio show: it'll go across the country and online millions will hear them. You tell me when you can gather them together and also, Take a go online. But these seventy sexual night you'll see our book this coming out. That's come out on the fifteenth of May go red, white and black is appellation of all about essays it it It gives the lie to the to the to the fact that we are told that the problems of out of wedlock, birth, violence and a black community is a consequence legacy of slavery and discrimination. Jim crow- and it's not true, but a lot of people believe but because I don't have the facts so essays, say if you european listeners go read our essays. It will give them the kind of information.
that they need to push back and get it but where the where people on the right, Mr Bowe Glenn, is frankly, they think the problem MS just information than a lot about think Tanks- are just pushing out papers condemning What no left is doing, the what's inside, we believe you must show examples of a man. in virtues and values and actions they? May I say how, when, when whites were at their worst, we were at best we have pictures of hospitals. hundred schools and colleges were built by the night. the authorities in America. We have hotels, we have our own railroad, so they stories of blacks, achieving against all odds. we'll show and give evidence that America is one of the greatest countries on earth, because either people who were suffered the sting of every one another the fine by that open
the system that they were the first by resilience, and in an end the desire to self sufficiency. I think, You know Bob I was. I was talking to an atheist a few months ago and I said to him: I hate to use this word I said because I know you don't believe in God, but it is the only word that I can use to describe what's happening right now, especially with critical race theory. It is evil because it is trying to break the spirit of people. And once you break the spirit of them there's nothing left in the end that but I feel like is happening all across Amerika. There is this attempt to be The spirit of white of blacks, of anyone saying you and do it, which is the opposite of what God teach since the opposite of of everything. America is supposed to be an
has set out to be, it doesn't break the Spirit, heed he does that when it's at its absolute worst and that's what, were pushing right now is, this You can't even have salvation by yourself really can't, but you say: Glenn the divides us Moral Authority being the legitimate representative of the so called marginalized groups but when those mothers and others began to stand up and say they don't speak for us, then you go and to see the resistance chain, you say we ve got to stand a federal Joseph relationship by a pact, but but there is nothing worse than self flagellate a guilty white people. rich angry black people who profit the misery of their people.
I call on them and some of those are doing is worse than bigotry, its treason, its moral treason against their own people. So the only time you hear about them is when a white police officer kills a black person and that happens maybe twenty or twenty one times a year, but sixty thousand backs are killed each year. by other blacks in other words, the messages black lives. Only matter when is taken by someone white, which means your betraying the black community. When you turned back on twenty children that are slaughtered and you dont margin that community and demand that those killer We turned over to the police sober, we hear the President of the United States just go, with me for a second, and you have
you: have the ability to enact any kind of programme or anything. What is it that, You say the would help the black community with the increase Annabelle crime and death rate in a community. First of all I would say the problem is not racial. The problem is that dollars of upward mobility, anytime, you general laws about a group of people, blacks, whites, native American and then you to apply remedies and always benefit those at the top at the expense of those at the Bottom Coca COLA. offering jobs for black lawyers absurd percent is what does that have to do with the black mother in public housing. It's a switch game. When you using the demographics of the worst of these
the resources that helps invested these or the other, sue prospering at the top. And so, if I was present, I will say an end to the race grievance business that amount That should concentrate on the moral and spiritual freefall that is consuming people at the bottom? Look at the date the White I had a seminar which eighty bands and Klaus page and the purpose Do these segregate poverty that that challenges facing low income, whites and Appalachia the same challenges facing city, blacks, but It meets on both sides, keep it, divided and sober We are trying to do at the woods and centre. bring about a multi racial coalition based upon the stone, Jews to overcome broken.
In our lives, So when we bring together grassroots leaders, as we have over the years from thirty nine states, two thousand up and we bring them together in forty years, has never been any racial conflict because when you are drug attic, you not a black junkie or white junkie or brown. You just a junkie the challenge is how to overcome this. Charles in your life and so what I would do is bringing Americans together, where we concept on upward mobility for those who are struggling at the bottom. bob. I would bet that there are a lot of Americans who think I care with color. That is They are really oppressed right now, but just or so oppressed, and they just can't make it you
actually lived through some dark days in America. and you were there when the civil rights movement was happening. You were part of. It people who think they are suffering now what You went through in what others went through. What was that out in the nineteen sixties well in the 1950s fifties, I was in a military station in Mississippi Florida holy Cow, when You had a big water, fountains blacks, only white which breaking out when you were more afraid of the police, then you were the clan you when a sate up anarchy. I was arrested twice in small town of Florida, because I was raising civil rights issues on the base and they We conspire spy with the local police. I would come through on Friday. Night
in ten miles, under the speed limit and I'd be pulled over, thrown in a nasty jail because, Couldn't come up with thirty five dollars bond and they ways did at the weekend. We or pay day, because they knew be difficult for your friends to raise that kind of money on a military base, and I remember, being in a cell, a hot cell next to the jump. Tank roaches on the floor with a mattress there, hundreds of roses and new, lock your arms around the bars and try to sleep. the blood runs out of arms and your whole standards of hygiene did wasted a point where you take them. I've just up school all in the roses underneath and put the matches and jump on it and then Your code off and lay down and try to get some sleep she's been through that. but I still
never gave in to bitterness at all. goes doktor. King said, and I firmly believe in race, and asked, Donation wasn't bad because it was visited upon blacks by whites is there because it was evil And we must come together to fight against evil. I will tell you mean last twenty years. I've read a lot of about the civil rights and what people did end and and Luther King and He was right all the way along. He was right and now we are being told the exact opposite we're being told that we should see color. We should be antiracist and that color does make a difference and and Everything that Martin Luther king worked for end of end and
art and died, for All being thrown out the window and it's almost like Malcolm X, is back. Before he even before he realized. He was wrong. It's almost a key one, but you know I saw a tape Bishop chain two years ago whose predictions about what's happening today. He made steady statement at the end. He said that what the eagle does is makes his Nassau pie and when is chicks. to the point where they need? He pushes the next and they fall. to the ground and just before They crash comes out pick some backup and try to get it to legalise. Is God is doing this to America? Is we see that the crash in down, but he's gonna gravest just before we fall and we're gonna arise again, I believe that in my heart, but we can We do that
we come together and to America's new Patriots and trust me? They had a low income, blacks who do not believe that the nuclear family is eurocentric and therefore races. Do you do? citizens burning bibles? They don't believe in burning the flag. So they are that the left is misrepresenting those folks! That's why what we're doing it what's in centre is given, boys, a platform, for these dissenting voices to stand up to found themselves and the fair his nation, but Just needed a partnership and the resources to do it. Well, I will tell you this, but I see I just saw again today: people in Minneapolis act, businesses that are right there where the killing happened, and the police. It's a no goes on for the police now and
you know all the be eleven people are saying, don't come, don't come in the business is a black on businesses are like, we ve been deserted. It is chaos down here. The police won't come, but you know what when a police officer shows up and has to make a decision in fifteen seconds, getting out of the squad car. Seeing one girl being kicked in the head by a full grown adult and another girl standing over another teenager and and brings a knife up and says: I'm gonna kill you in fifteen seconds from getting out of his car, he had to discuss, decide what the real problem wasn't was the person with the knife, The family is now suing the police officer. The police officer, I think, was here. Coming to be able to discern in fifteen seconds where the threat was, I I've done that, but you, I read a great article from from a cop who said look
we'll come now in emergencies, but We don't feel like we're back at all by anybody, so all of the favours. You know: hey my cats in the tree or haven is going on unless it's emergencies, we're not going to do anything, we're not going to risk our lives to break. up something that's happening in your backyard, we're just not going to do it and I think they're right? But Glenn people who are suffering of the people in those string. I know who I am people on on CNN talk about the the police. They do not live in those communities at risk. So therefore, what we trying to do is raised Resources are weak and began to honour good police office. We should be look. Boy examples, police are doing it. The way we need to publicly help to to support people,
dislike with Smith College, where those Cafeteria workers working. Also accused of racism, while we Forty black stood up in defence of White Catherine area, workers who falsely accused of racism, that's the kind of Should that must be taken to allies. The status quo you? Don't worry? We're going all around me for those workers and we are the first to contribute to them, but that's the kind of cross racial causes. standard. We must take in support of justice and fairness to paraphrase what you said earlier, because it's right not not because of color, but because its right to do to stand up against injustice? Injustice is
and again I mean I've. Just you know verb. Leave vomiting what has been said so eloquently before, but injustice, anywheres and justice everywhere. We even justice is being done to you. as for me too, We have to look at it that way. I fear, we're we're? Not. Let's talk a little bit about the real action to people on critical race theory when people are happening. kids come home and they're talking about what they ve been taught in school, and critical race theory. What should the reaction from parents be? What should they do? What should they say? They show this outrage. Should do what we we're getting cause every day from Paris. Some them Austin, Texas, a town and also their running for the school board.
And their running against a race grievance industry, they asked us by four and and colleague e on row, who has won by seventeen seventy six scholars- we to two hours. Seminar, over a hundred and twenty parents and other who are looking for an alternative understanding. We and we are shared with them that what there What is doing is is damaging to not only blood Weiss but also blacks as well. parents are following accepted, because they don't know any better, and so I think that the fact that there we had such a a positive response that we had three or four these seminars that breach hundreds of people so so one answer is really combat. These lies with the truth. Somebody has to come from people who look like me,
at the public, understand quite honestly, bought I've told I told you this over a year ago. The answer. Is the african american community if there is going to be an answer, it is going to come from the black community saying thats, not whom we are? That's not what we want sit down and shut up. Well we're organizing such a force, us widely doing outreach, day. With our essays scholars and it's just not we're not Glenn presenting alternative arguments. We are alternative narratives, but tell, stories to young blacks to confront the lie that that you are exempt from any personal responsibility because of what happened. Slavery, ass, a lethal message for people, because people are motivated to achieve when they see victories out possible? Locked up? heartily reminding them.
somehow that America must change before you can change The foundation of white supremacy you can not attack racism by being racist you know I just I stir finished a painting of Joe Louis I don't have you noticed, but I'm a painter and I I finished a painting of Joe Louis, and I call it the birth of a champion, and he is actually on the mat and the rest is calling him out and MAC snowing is his behind him, with his arms up, and if you look at the painting, you would think world shhh knowing is the champion. This is not a good message. No because Joe Louis the way was so easy for him to knock people out knock em out cold. When Snellings came, who was the you know the Goober child from Nazi Germany, where,
he came in Louis thought. he's an old man. I can knock em out. Well, he went for twelve rounds until snowing knocked him out the first time because smelling did the work and found the found the whole in Joe Louis's fighting strategy Second time Joel. did not take anything for granted, and you know his story any knocked him out and I think to men, in the next fight it? It takes you know you can lay down on the mat and wine about it or you can get up and apply yourself and really think it through and do the hard work and take them stop opportunity to change things. But I guess that's my white privilege. Talking knows when you mentioned Joe Louis, I consider him a philosopher- cajole, lose as something was very instructive. He fought
at a time when many of whose opponents were races. The judges were racist, sir, where the fans so Jello said when all the odds against you never trust your faith to a decision not to bastard out security and that it is great there are no one asked a question: so the best the best antidote to disrespect is performance. Well, that isn't that really kind of the Martin Luther King philosophy to upload dubbing. That's why he was so discipline in the marches. That's why everybody war ties and jackets. You at present the absolute best. So no one could say anything they may have to knock the narrative out there at all you know, rabble rousing dangerous or anything else. You.
to be a little garden. Rosa part was not the first person right, we refuse to move to the back in about six months for a woman dues, but she was I say to the bus driver she pregnant out of wedlock. You have then she was drunk. She was junk. and they said that is not the proper character I wish him we can launch a movement but now It seems as though George Floyd and look I'm a recovering alcoholic. I've changed my life. I mean I've made all kinds of miss it. We all have. We all have. Nobody deserves to be killed, furnishing, but We are making people in two heroes that aren't necessarily heroes, they might be good at making this point that no one should be killed like this. Yes, but we can dismiss who the
people are and make them into these gods. It's just incredibly dishonest. It really is and that's why it is important for us to keep. On deprives that's why it's important to cultivate the opportunity for the right messengers to speak for themselves. That's why that's what we're doing at the woods and centre? The very fact that we ten thousand downloads, the first two weeks about Cuba killer from seventeen seventy six, we have testified, before schoolboys. There, a lot of people who are acting out of ignorance so for them. We want to supply them with the right information, but again Glenn,
the voices of black mothers, united We want to bring them together with the mothers who lost children and Appalachia too, to prescription drugs the moms Silicon Valley where the suicide for children is six times the national average. I believe that we are trying to at the words us and to bring the mom Swat Appalachia together with the moms black and brown from the inner city who lose NATO's suicide homicide and bring them together with the mothers phone Silicon Valley, because its differences of the same coin. Depute all value in your own life you'll either take it, you take your own, but that
a conversation can only take place if we can take race off to table. That's why The purpose of the woods and centre is to racial lies race. I poverty. That's all Is that why Martin Luther King, March with a sign? I am a man, yes So it's I'm a human, I'm not not black, I'm not white, I'm just a human. Thus They did, but he also demonstrated radical grace. The very fact that his escaped his home most burned up, and he surrounded by two, did on blacks who read the tear the city apart and Eve
In the face of this horrendous challenge, King Council, peace. He lead by example. It is the same message. That we got from Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela, most people in Erica. If your why'd- you probably don't you know, Nelson Mandela, but you don't know why they thought he could do and what I think he he really easily could do. He could have set that country on fire and started just slaughter like we ve never seen, and he He did the exact opposite radical grace, and now we're seeing again. The reverse of all of this is this bank hot anywhere Bob. I mean it
as being taught in charges, is being taught in not not for profit organization by my good friends, We appeal to the sending young sound Ohio passed, a Gary Wyatt, when Ohio Paul now in a liberal, I can give you huh. The names of people dead, teaching american virtues and action and all. But Then there are the silent voices other Josephs that all right, That's why one of my favorite characters about my book, the giants of Joseph think about Joseph and Doktor King Joseph was betrayed did to slay me by his brothers, but in the end provided the means to save the brothers who betrayed him. Any gifts and sue enslaved him. but hardly has come to bitterness. Zat, be over?
Everyone would have been, but that's a challenge. That leadership has today we have to put. side, the sins of the pass old resentments and old antagonisms and understand that Erica can only have a prosperous future. If we put aside these differences. These tag and assumes the birth defect of slavery and discrimination look ahead. The way Joseph did He came together with the good Pharaoh and, together that the country prospered, That's what we ve got to do today and asked what the Watson said it is working on that operating model Tell me, tell me a little bit about the book red white and black it as a compliment some of this gimme. Some, stories from part of
essays upon one of our essays: for instance, looked at the black family, they looked at the though the records Six plantations at the end of slavery, active composition. The slave family, seventy five percent of slave families, have a man and a woman raising children. Men the formerly married right afterwards. and so we document the fact four hundred years, a century blacks had the parent households up until the sixties,. So what about the way way way before you go on. What about the I mean. I learned this from roots when I was a kid, what the selling of one parent or another, and intentionally splitting those families apart out happen, and it doesn't, I didn't say that that slavery was horrendous inside the lost over any of that
essays essays, try to portray is that we were not totally define by oppressive circumstances dragon Frederick Douglass said that when he finally start the he fought against this slave basket and bade him. He said on that day,. I was a man who big, who was a slave silver slave. There was a man right right, so what we tell is that when why, who, at their worst, we will do our best what twenty blacks who were born slaves who died millionaires. We tell the story of how they achieve that. We can also see array Have you seen the latest sorry interrupt? Have you seen the latest edition of Book or T Washington's up from slavery? No, I haven't.
Kay. So I have a regional copies and then I have one that was printed back in the nineties. I think that sad is at it, but I was in the forward looking. the forward in the nineties. It started to say some scholars are sure that this is entirely a true story, that he was an actual slave. The new one say This is a work of fiction. A work of fiction Bob there again. Sixteen nineteen revise our history. We are not surprised at that, but ask Those are not as a document the fact that in nineteen twenty, the nineteen forty the education gap in the south, we white and black clothes within six months from three it's a six month because of the fact
Four thousand eight hundred rose in law book to schools, but we have, essays. Have all of these successes documented guinea, eight and a woman who was born a slave. Eighteen, eighteen and walk behind a wagon out the SALT Lake City and then ended up in an why Elaine just property and died a millionaire she was found in the area. So again we tell where five black high schools glance at the turn of the century. it all about five major cities that had whose textbooks thrifty students to a class and hair budgets of white schools every one of those black high schools out tested all of the white schools in those cities. So it is important. for not only black children to us Stan. How We achieved against the odds.
Under these circumstances, but is but all of America needs to know the blacks who never defined by oppression. That it was bar resilience Perseverance in the presence of these are important messages that is a blood, red white and black? Tell We are we are told now that aid Americans are embracing the white lie and they are there working hard and that's why they're they're grades are so I I have news for you. They not steal in anything. For me or my white neighbours, I mean I look at asian families and say: what is that family doing that I should be doing. You know that they are there is. It is a cultural thing when it's a good cultural thing,
We should try to emulated. I don't care what it is there doing, but the I believe in education, and you know the sum of the Asians that I know might be a little intense with their if their kids on their education, it is a friend of mine and I were just driving down the stream. We're just talking about a friend- has child that he just drives and drives and drives and drives and drives, and we were talking about how he was almost asian in his in his stance or is the way he was doing things and we discussed so is that a good thing or a bad thing to drive your kids that, like that well. What about re story says that maritime? policy. Is racist, correct, but they're. Doing, though, is in a name equity, the dumbing down standards correct,
pray says it gland of of the bridges culprit in America Then, how do you explain the fact that three point five million black Africans and blood? of caribbean descent. How a higher marriage rate and wise higher occasion higher income, almost non existent in our prisons. You be hard as to find a Nigerian organised in our jails. Why Is it that racism passed over them? Try dont? Why isn't it? Why isn't it a problem elsewhere I mean I was astonished. good friend of yours trying remember his name he's in Africa. Ray guy he was. He was a pastor here in Amerika. and the heat, about how America, our american blacks, look at America, come over here to Africa, where you know Black Sea said until recently,
everyone knew Amerika was the best chance of success for any any black person anywhere in the world. It doesn't get better than than this, generally speaking, He said now he's afraid that Americans have so body into this and urgent, just sharing this everywhere that they are actually there spreading that lie all around the world. Well, when you have your son, Who, Terry you and Representative Saying America is a race? that's it. But again I say I am full of optimism. I guess because but most of my time, working among some of the greatest heroes in America. That is my low income, Grassroots Josephs, who have Overcome challenges much more quality than anything racial, and it has been
cause of their resilience, and their their example of of perseverance. Also there steadfastness that I am, I am Thews yardstick about their future Bobby but wanted to get involved with you. How do they do it? I can really website is, is up what's in central dot, org or gourd, seventeen. Seventy six unites with it s, dot com, and there's a donate button you could also my book lessons from the least of these is out It gives you a step by step. Understanding of how to properly Stan the race. An end poverty situation and you can. Also volunteer with us so arduous, but but you're bliss new should help us
Come and join us Bob I'll. Have somebody in my office reach out you reach out to us when you want to put that together, I will to keep the airtime to you and I'd love to hear these I'd love to hear from these women loved you're from them. We will make that happen. Got it, as always. I were God she has. Always God bless just a reminder I'd love you to rate and subscribe to the podcast and has his own to a friend. So it can be discovered by other people.
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