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Ep 108 | Haley to GOP: Quit Playing Nice & Double Down on Trump's Policies | Nikki Haley | The Glenn Beck Podcast


As the Biden administration forces everything from education to the military to go woke, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has a warning: We’re distracted. And when we’re distracted, bad things happen — violence in Israel, a cyberattack on a major pipeline, and perhaps worst of all, China smells blood in the water. But what is the Republican Party doing to offer actual leadership and solutions? Haley joins Glenn to argue that Republicans are just too “nice” — and they could learn a thing or two from President Trump’s policies. Haley explains to Glenn her solutions to our nation’s biggest problems — racial tensions, critical race theory, election integrity, foreign policy, and fixing the broken spirit of America. And in many cases, she’s already proven that these solutions WORK. “We need leadership,” says Haley. “It’s time for America to decide: What kind of leader do we want to be?” 



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Doesn't it feel like everything is out of control and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Israel is on fire. Russia is hacking our gas pipelines economy is completely out of control I mean it is- it is Jimmy Carter years except as Trump pointed out, that's an insult to Jimmy Carter, and I do apologise. President Carter, comparing him to Joe Biden we need some common sense. One My favorite moments in american history is when Nicky Healy stomped, North Korea in front of the world. She was the! U S ambassador to the United Nations at the time and North Korea had just launched and intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach America, and Hayley well here, watch yourself that it Tater of North Korea made a choice. Yesterday, brings the world closer to wars, not farther from it.
we have never sought war with North Korea and Today we do not take it if we, or does come? It will because of continued acts of aggression like we witness yesterday and if for comes no mistake, the nor korean regime will be utterly destroyed. as an ambassador to the EU and the only one I remember in my lifetime that was is good was Jean Kirkpatrick. She did take anything lying down either and was not bullied by the rest of the world. Now the ass time she was on here. Apparently, we riled up twitter mobs and over serious pundits. So, who knows what will happen this time? All I can promise is the world, might make sense for just a few minutes, and it will be a tremendous discussion about. What's happened, in and outside of our country, with a woman who is V
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Welcome the. How are you it's always great disadvantage grave last time about a year ago. I think we sit down and you left him. I don't know what it was about, but there is some big twitter storm about how whatever. So, though, we have to find something that is meaningless, that we can argue over. And get into a big twitter fight over here I mean it's it's what the media dies. I know it's. What does this social media spectrum does? Is don't pick and choose? these little bits of pieces and I'll blow it up. It's because it is I've. Never I mean Shakespeare. I think of all the world is but a stage almost every day. Now, because it's like,
Are you writing? The I mean is this: is this a joke I am keen that make it up all of the things that are on fire, And their offended and trying to you no change language, so we don't are you crazy. You know what I think this is. I think the board I think hasn't. Tromp Trump is gone. He made their ratings big. You gave them something to talk about now that he's not there their job, grasping this? Is all gonna backfire, the cancelled? culture, the woke fact of everything, they are moving so far to the left pendulums, gonna swing, follow you know, Jerry Balkan General, Jerry boy. Can I don't Lieutenant General Jerry Boy can he was he was on the original delta force. He became the commander. He connect was in our special forces. As the commanding officer vault special forces meeting. I have
he was part of that group that wrote that letter this week from all flag officers, retired, flag officers- and I talk- this morning for about an hour and. It was concerning gravely concerning because he was talking about how You know you the last piece you need- and I know this because I studied revolution for so long back in the early two- thousands, the last piece is that you need are the military and the police and their destroying both of them, both of them and, as he said today, look recruiting adds who who is going to apply for that job. Now and listen. The one thing I can tell you is: I never missed a single way patrol graduation and when I was governor big,
eyes when that law enforcement goes out? they leave the family, they love, they say her face their lives for some one that they don't know, and they put it all on the line in the name of safety and The idea that they are being vilified is right. a travesty, because when something happens to you Those are who are grateful for your him and the other side of it. Is look at our foreign policy, and I look at everything, It's going on right now, Here you have the choice. He's delegation humiliates the american delegation in Alaska. Putin's challenging I'd into a debate. You got Kim starting to test ballistic missiles, you ve got Biden fallen over himself to do business with IRAN, all Wally's, we caught in Georgia,
Oh by the way Biden is going to reduce the funding tar military when China is modernizing theirs. They have the largest naval fleet in the world. They have more air defence systems and we do and what are we doing like those core basics that we need to be safe and stable and allow for rule of law. Those so things are pushing to the way I know, and I thought this country was much more fragile than it was in two thousand eight. I was talking about the coming collapse in two thousand five. Nobody believed it and it's because they all bought into their own bull crap on Wall Street in the banking communities in other systems that will protect now does not now there's not and and so I really thought this could be lights out. Look at the body blows this country has taken over and over internally, not just externally internally, we
been hammering ourselves almost to death much more! much more, is left in this gas tankers. It is truly miraculous on we're, I think work flying on fumes. But you know the bigger picture, concern that I have is low get? How distracted America looks right now look at how distracted and when we're distracted people Things have you when we're distracted Hamas, test Biden to see what he's going to do and you break out. You have wore out and Israel when we're strategy, you have hacking of pipelines what they can when we were distracted at the beginning with covered. That's when Nobody even knew it. Nobody reported on China just walked in and eliminates anybody who was a hassle to them. I mean this is its. We need leadership and the leadership we need, I'm not talking about the next. Action or the next presidential election or the one? After that? I'm talking? Twenty three
Thirty, fifty years out of date, Has to decide what? kind of country. We're gonna be one kind of leader, we're gonna be an get in front of it, stop being responsive, stopping reactionary, get together because the rest of the world is moving on without us. So I said when I first books with Simon Schuster and they put it and they said nobody wants this. Nobody would want this, and I said you have it. It's what we need- and I wanted to get together with people like you all the best minds I could think of in every category and say a hundred year plan, where should we be in a hundred years, cause our opponent Our thinking a hundred thousand years ahead it works for them. Where should we be? An We wants an answer right now, and it feels like everything is on fire and
We don't act right now dead not going to have a future where the delay Did it with Woodrow Wilson with empty are with the society all of that stuff with Barack Obama. This is just an extension of what they were doing. This is us face to face do you think that way with the tides foundation, where's, the Right where's the right. where's anyone with any money within, Brains, where are the professors that we know are in the universities that are hiding. Where are they helping us put together a strategy to reverse this cycle? While I think I think it's up to us to do something about it right and so the one thing I'll tell you that I firmly believe is report Wilkins are too nice there just to nice. Let me ask you are they to nice, do they even get it? This whole thing would lose Cheney, look
understand shit like tromp blah blah. I think it's really horrible what she has been saying that Republicans have a right to kick her out. She I mean you're part of the planning of the party. I think you're going in the wrong direction. So all that is nonsense to at least but look what she's saying cheese she's saying I'm gonna bring up everybody who was part of Donald Trump. Well, ok. But you voted with Donald Trump. Ninety three percent eighty three percent of the time, so his policies work. You may not like the man, but its policies were right. We have the biggest up unity and you have about eighteen months and I dont think republicans- are going to be able to get out of their own. Damn way. What we need is, first of all, I think the media tries to say these. These massive divisions in the republican party- I actually dont, think there are these divisions. If you go and you ask find me,
Republican that doesn't think we need to hold China accountable, find any Republican that says we should have schools closed. Find me any Republican that says there. Okay, with rights happening at the border, find me any Republican. It is ok with all of the spending in the stimulus, our debt, that so we are unified on the policies. What we have to do, is not just be unified on the problems be unified on the solutions, for how much longer are we gonna say were against Obamacare at some point. You have to be for something and that's why our policy group stand for America. We coming out with healthcare policy, we're going to come out with Kate, three hundred and twelve policy we're going to have something on the environment that conservatives can hold onto, because you can't just say no. You know I mean there's when I was governor in South Carolina. We had to say why we had a lot of people on welfare, We had a lot of people in prisons. We had
education that wasn't doing well and we needed jobs. We when we brought in massive industry, we were known as the beasts of the southeast put lot. the people to work the welfare side. What I saw was there a lot of people sitting at home, getting welfare and I wanted to do something different. So what we did was, I went and partnered with businesses an ice If you will pay this person x number of weeks and train them. I will hey for that, and then you decide afterwards what you wanna do we moved thousands of people from welfare to work and we had celebrations and those people would bring their families. They were so proud. Did they earning their own way and they had learned the skill and that they were moving forward. We by lifting people out. We did it with a solution that was creative. Then let me give you one more our prison systems we allow. people in prison. I and studied the prisons
taught him how to write resonate. We gave him financial literacy, but then I partnered, with businesses put equipment behind the fence. We taught them. a trade and We made sure that they knew that and we made sure they had a job when they left the South Carolina today has the lowest recidivism rate in the country, because of that it's it's solutions that work Republicans have to make sure that we are not the party of soundbites. We have to be the party of solutions and policies, and that doesn't mean the policies for next week. That means policies to take us into the next decade, and next, twenty and fifty years we ve gotta start leading. We got distort leading I've tried purchasing a firearm or ammunition in the last year. You know there is an overwhelming demand from responsible citizens ensuring that their protecting their second amendment rights.
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our five hundred armor dot com in its affordable by it online line. Haven't ship straight to your house. I hate to say this, because I just I can't believe it when I say, but I have. I have our five hundred for every member of my family sneer our go bags. Five hundred armor dot com, slash back use a coded check out for twenty percent off anything site wide again It's a our five hundred armor dotcom, slash back do you turn this corner and get twenty years down the road where he? How do what has to be done? First? Second. Third, and what do you see twenty years down the road I've I think first you look at what President trumpeted free policy he put in place was good wishes
double down on that. We should be proud of that and know that. That is a great starting point to say this is what we believe in and not only that we have. The results to prove it then, move forward and say what does leading look like or first of all its look at foreign policy. Isn't copying China and shutting down our country like they did leading, is looking at what Taiwan did they didn't shut down at all, did contact tracing and had the best results of it. Leading saying what binds doing, which is we're? Gonna start our own belt road initiative and start investing in a bunch of countries, know. what China's doing is not gonna work leading, is saying we're gonna partner with our friends. Want to work with us. We're gonna be strategic, those
don't don't hold your hand out we're not giving you foreign foreign aid. We have to keep by friends. You gotta start to leave and leading is calling out China on accountability, its letting Russia know we're onto then and any more hacking that they will pay a price. It's making sure that we stop IRAN and stop trying to appease them its having the backs of our friends like Israel and moving forward that's foreign policy. Then you have to pay attention to education. What is happened during covered We are going to see this for years. The ramifications that they the idea that they kept kid. out of school. I have education foundation and we serve seven thousand kids in rural challenged areas of South Carolina with after school programmes, I was visiting one of my schools, and I said What have we lost and they sit a year, and I said what about my third fourth and fifth graters. She said two years because clan think about base
a greeting basic math basic history. If you get that an Are the schools gonna be honest, enough with parents to say we can't your child up We need to make a decision. Do you hold your child back? We do or do you it's absolutely it's a smart thing to do or do you push them forward because they can't suddenly make up no infractions correct. They can't just mega and understand algebra one cannot go to algebra two or you will be a mess, and it will destroy our hurting your child s in due time, and so these are truth, conversations that we need to have, but they need go to the heart of the Department of Education in South Carolina. What we did was, we said, were not passing a child through the third grade. If they can't read, because if you do there four times more light we do not graduate from high school. So we that. But then I also looked at the funding streams, because I was trying to understand how we
lift up the poor districts without hurting those that were wealthy. what I found is every state the Department of Education says if you teach this will send you this money, you teach. This will send you the money you teach. This will send you this money, so guess what they're doing now you teach critical race theory will send you this money, every governor in the country. Needs to say we are not going to take that money for critical categories theory, because the idea this is what really will change a generation, the idea that you take a five year old doesn't see, race doesn't see, gender doesn't see any of that goes in and is just trying to learn their colours. You go new. Tell them. Did though, my kids, that the racist and they You tell the brown and black kids that will never be anything. That's what hurts our country does the things we need to double down. I don't think that hurts our country.
I think that destroys are absolutely destroys thing about Amerika is I can do it? I can do it I I just have to figure out a way to navigate. You know I did television limits set out to do television and I d my way, because I figured out a way to maneuver around You can do anything in America once you destroy that the IMF can dream is over and it will take generations it will take. the people who are in third grade today to die of old age before that can be corrected and government breaks more than it fixes. So don't ever think governments gonna be the solution to any problem, because it's not so. You take. the foreign policy, you take the education and then you just take the aspect of the goal. Is
people up give them opportunities and get out of the way, and we, after startlingly I'm you look at the dead now this. is why we're doing our country, people don't realize yet stimulus, yet six trillion dollars. They know it's bad, but they don't know what this really means. What this really means is we for the first time have our debt. That's bigger than our economy. We have to add that since world war to- and this is peacetime- so what does that mean? That means when you ve got a debt higher than the economy. You are weakening the dollar. You know who celebrating China and Russia it's the reason. China and IRAN just established a bang together because they want to make sure that the dollar is no longer the World Reserve and Russia's right behind him. Wait armed attack on and do this this is what I mean by getting in front of things. Don't
eight and keep putting out the symptoms. You gotta disease, you ve gotta, go hearing, you gotta, get in front of you and I are and probably older than you are, but at the same age. You remember Reagan yeah, and I remember him giving a speech where he said: there's gonna a time when there are no good options left? If we do, get this under control. There will come a time will be no good options. I've been waiting for that time. You no hope that we would avoid it somehow or another we're there. If you look right now snow, who love Bank of America saying you don't just and a tory hyper inflation. Inflation is bad of transitory. Hyperinflation, ok, so they can You look in the way. The only way to bring that money back, is through four they can't
if we would do what Volker did in nineteen. Seventy nine one thousand nine hundred and eighty and put seven point nine percent interest on for the for the banks I think translated into seventeen percent for the average person, our just our service of the debt, just the interest would be point two trillion dollars every year. Entire budget is three point two. I think this goes to the big the issue of how it that we are seeing inflation go up the way it is everybody's trying to justify this Gonna be ok and the thing is It's only gonna be ok. If you look in the mirror and say what is the situation that were end an alcoholic
I told myself for a long time. It's ok, it's! Ok! It's ok! It's nobody! It's not going to be a problem! Then it's a problem because you have to hit rock bottom, you have to give rumble on and when we hit rock bottom, I think there's still because rock bottom I survived, rock bottom for my mother was death. Okay. So Some people only get it when it's over and I I think people understand. For instance, the loss of the reserve currency of the world status will be catastrophic, Ruby Mexico. Will we not it's a real issue and that's why this paying for everything and this move towards socialism is so dangerous. I have been to those countries that have done. I know they would give anything to be us and thing to be us, and so you know at some point we, got understand. You don't pay people which I personally
think that Biden has just paying everyone for a vote is what he's trying to do, but you don't pay people off. You live, two people out by giving them opportunities. That's America! That's the country we love is, is the one my parents said neither they reminded my brother's. My sister me every day how blessed who were to be in this country, because you in this country could be anything you wanted to be, and no one was gonna get in your way. It was about hard work, it was about sweat and it was about proving you deserve to be there So how do you get people in Washington to stop spending? money, they have lost the value of a dollar. I mean the idea that our own republic are yours like it if they have the value of a hundred billion dollars, if they just add value on now and let alone one dollar the to the idea that our Republicans we're thinking going back to Aramark dad is on
Couple to me just because the dams are doing, it doesn't mean we do it, because that's our kids and our grandkids model they're, not gonna, forgive us for solar wind does. When does the Republican Party I've been waiting. I've been calling a few friends of mine in the Senate. I've got to calling my friends in the house, which I think I have about five and I've guys you ve got to stand up you. have to if you could find one Democrat who said, I believe in the bill of rights. I believe in the bill of rights, and I believe and common sense economies and we don't agree on everything, but this has got us and none of you people are serious and use that in the well of the Senate or on the house floor and you had a republican and a democratic saying, I want nothing to do with either of you guys until you get serious
I think you would change the world just as Sumner did indeed eighteen fifties making that same speech. Republicans and Democrats have failed us when it comes to Republican when it comes to fiscal responsibility and the debt. this is not forget. The whole will print more money and make this right this. About World leadership: this is about national security. This is about the future of our country, and this is about the fact that, with our fist responsibility and with this over spending of broadening these government, oh and making them bigger and making them pay for more and making people more dependent Europe. breaking the Spirit of America. That's My concern is the Spirit of America has gotten us through every everything. Now I am our neighborliness, the facts,
we trusted our neighbour. Our neighbours are being pitted against each other. Once we do, then, then your Europe, then your Europe, Americans, have always been trusting. They ve always been in it together. We'll it through it! That's what makes America America we're losing that intentionally being destroyed, but I have faith I have faith. I know what I mean. Erica does when they need to hunkered down and when they need to be resilient and when they need to fight for it Spirit of America, but we have to get there. We have to stop. We have two too out the noise cuz, there's a lot of noise out there and a lot of the noise is coming from the media. They want you to listen to all of these things that don't matter Republic, need to focus too the noise and do these things we know won't work. We have the solutions, we know what they are. It's not easy, it's good
a lot of effort, but I believe in Us- and I believe we can get this done so, but just pretend I'm not ask him up like a trick with your and ask if you want to be president inducing imagine your president this week. Guy pipeline goes down this president. So that's a private industry. There. have to decide whether they're paying the ransom or not. The pipeline I'm paying for, million dollar ransom guy? What would you have done? if you were president this week, so I did it. I had it when I was governor of South Carolina. I had foreign hacker, a group hack, our Department of revenue. Ask for ransom ask for money. What we did is we did not pay the ransom and at that point partner with the private sector to come in and not just the Department of revenue every
agency go through and say what do I need to do too? make sure that every citizen in every way in every agency of information. We have it protected. We part with them. It was a drawn process and there would be times finally by the end of it. There would be. I do have my director of DM be call and say we're good. Paint by foreign hackers, constantly and, I would say, shut it down, you to what's amazing to me, as Biden is gonna talk about as data two trillion dollar infrastructure. package there? packing of this pipeline is just the beginning. Cyber warfare is the cheapest form of warfare and what we know is the countries that do the most are IRAN, North Korea, China, Russia? This is all a beginning. So today it is the pipeline. Tomorrow, it's gonna be your air traffic control. After that, it's gonna be here utility grid. We
I've got to be smart enough, not to say oh distance happened more, is coming. We ve got to could not government private sector to bring their men like I did, and so little five. All of those things because where I am This is about the next one. It's gonna see. When I mean I don't know you heard Joe Biden say well, what we have to do is really well, we got lost for a while, then said we to invest in education. That's why they're infrastructures so important you're, talking about educating people for something that is happening right now and he wants kids to be studying cyber security, so they're ready right, have farms and play you know that know exactly what we need to do isn't correct me. If I'm wrong As I read the constitution, and our government pretty useless
if they are not protecting us from foreign hacks and foreign threats, isn't that their primary job is to protect your citizens right from harm. And so look I mean, and I think the part that- here's mean you know. If you someone asked me what keeps you up at night, the thing that keep me up at night is China. And the reason that choice keeps me up at night, is look at this scenario that they have given us. When I at the United Nations, my fur last year. They were, what we knew of China, which was quiet, they didn't want any public interaction. Name, you don't talk to things you know simply no fat. fear. They want, I think, once per she made himself. King got rid of term limits, all that changed overnight They started infiltrating the! U and trying to become heads of different agencies based
putting their fingers in countries face is threatening to, on the same. You better vote with us, or else they just got it stream way aggressive more vocal. All that They are now building up their military. They have the largest naval fleet in the world. They have more air defence systems, their modernizing their military, we're not. They contain new to steal intellectual property. Present tromp was right to call them out on. That is only as good as if we follow up on the human rights abuses. This is just another human rights abuse. This is very telling here you have a million Muslim quakers in concentration camps, making them change their name change their religion, forcing them to drink, which is against their religion. Sexual abuse physical abuse, We said That we would never again turn our eyes away from genocide. What is happening there now? It's the reason why I think we should boycott the Olympics. when China did the last Olympics
It was very much known that China saw it as their coming out party when this Beijing Olympics happens. They are planning this is gonna, be them showing the world. They are the new super power of the world and you ma My word after that Olympics, if everything goes smooth, they're gonna, take take Taiwan and when they take Taiwan, it's over. It's over what do you mean? What does that mean? It's because if they city already tried it with Hong Kong to see if anybody was gonna do anything and we did really doing if they take Taiwan, then it's It then it's not about their region anymore. Then they're gonna just go start taking other places, then you're gonna start seeing them eat up other countries even though they can't lay claim to them. They will end that's the danger of a unit. Then you go a step further. They have in I stayed in all in diesel. Property sees a frivolous infrastructure projects at their doing they
it all countries waiting for such a time as this when covert it run up. The debt Then they say you can't pay it back. Give us your military installations, give Usher port, give us your you too. Now you look at that map. It'll send a chill up your spine, but one that, I think is the worst president. She started a commission years ago that he personally chairs that says Any company that does business in China has to quarrel, but the chinese military now think about our tech companies, think The health data think about personal data think about our families and think that the chinese military has that this played out in real time during covered when to american companies, three m in Honeywell produce, p p. China would not let them send it to us or any other country. Instead, they bought at wholesale and said we will only give it to countries to agree to do business with waterway our five g network. That is
the country were dealing with and now, when you look at the fact we're seeing shortages everywhere, guess One of the major shortages is corn why China bought more corn than they ever bought before? What are we used to feed our cattle corn. This is we. Have to get smart to this. We have to get in front of this. We have to start leading because we ve Countries that want to ally with us there are so many countries are mad at what China did for covert. Got Canada who wants to boycott the Olympics. You ve got Australia who called them out and said that they need to explain what they did to covered in their being sanctions. You ve got Japan who gave themselves a billion dollars stimulus to become less dependent on China. You ve
India that sings the aggressiveness coming all of these countries. We should be pulling them together in the name of one being less dependent on China to calling them out and making them pay. Why are we not having them in front of the Security Council or in front of the world saying what you know when you know it what to do about it. So I've been saying recently in I felt this way for a few years, but its very apt. Now there. An axis power, TAT power right now, there's an axis: power. They are Russia, China, IRAN, South Korea. That's it that the future of me or enemy, whether its war or whatever, but they are all aligned to crash, the West and specifically America and we are sitting here. I mean
I don't even know what we're doing. I don't even know what we're doing, but we're pissing off our allies were where betraying some of our allies. We're not helping and we're stabbing ourselves? In the back I mean Look you ve got these got to start I'd. I didn't think you have to strong overseas so that you're safe at home and that means you have to leave when I was at the U N I told them what we were form. What we were against, I didn't care if they d like me, I wanted them to respect America and they want as to lead, because I'd rather follow America than Russia, China. So let's do it. Let's do and I think that you know what you're saying now with China. all of them smell blood in the water. All of them do the idea that Hamas is doing this to Israel, which is infuriating on so many levels This is simply because Biden lay
the groundwork testing here. This is us I've been Lawton. If you know his story, as burst. under Reagan with the bird. with the the bombing of Where was it? Where was it remember when the bombing happened and we lost the Marines Lily, they bombed the Marine Camp and He didn't respond. The rightly the advice was don't respond so when they bombed those barracks Bin Laden younger sees this Ngos they just me, America move, they just made Erica blink we can do this. That was the reason our towers came down. What is going to be the result of all of this hacking, that is happening all of the stuff that is happening with China,
making moves and gobbling up country Are our enemies all around the world beyond Russia and China Howard do you think we're being viewed right now? If I may, I think you look at the fact that you know I said Hamas was testing us, but look at the what's Biden gave here and show restraint in both sides should show restraint. If we a thousand rockets going into Washington DC and our allies said. Both sides should show constraint, restraint. We'd be ok with them and is is helps us on intelligent, say, hopeless. Would technology they ve been a good friend us. We need to be there for them. We need to pull our allies close, but there's something wrong when we're ok with NATO, allowing Germany to deal with Nord Stream, to which is creating a dependency on Russia for oil, nothing. happening there were not calling out China. I was deferred
want to call out China on the wiggers in the Security Council, and they just want to do here. John carry this week. John Kerry said well or look again that I understand estate above is looking to that we're not really sure, but if that indeed is happening, will be sure they will be saying he's not calling on China because he wants China to be in the Paris Climate agreement during our mental work. Well, I kind of think we have bigger issues and and looting loss having that law. Of life and concentration camps and genocide. I mean we're better than that. We should be calling on these. Are things were we don't have to go to war? saying, go to war in all these countries. This is I think I ve just saying things makes the world shudder. I think that the Trump Doctrine- and he also had something I've wanted from president we ve ever had Reagan just had he was steeled You knew
he was not joking and after Reagan, if you're not really be steeled, I want the president to have just a little bit of a twitch in his eye when he's talking, so they like you, know He might be crazy enough to do that. There was no doubt trump. It not want military all around the world. old did not want war, didn't want it. Make no mistake. You screw with us, he wouldn't would take the giant boot of Amerika and shove it where the sun, don't China. A funny story is here now closely together when I was working on the sanctions against North Korea and I was having to negotiate with China to get it done. And you know I would voice kind of work on thanks and when they were like really wanting to jump I'd, say: ok,
I can't promise you what present trumps gotta do. No, he always knew when I was doing that and a reporter. Asked him you one can was testing ballistic missiles. He does- present trump. How do you deal with a crazy man and the present response was, I don't know ass. Can you hear me tat work too glad I mean it worked, no use that in the present I would balance that off and he knew I would do it and he would say, Nicky use it. I knew, that I had that my pocket and work. Do you I them to fear you just enough you. Don't want to be predictable right. but when you lead and when you say something, you stick to it new dawn, wave, predictable. Unpredictability, yes, is what is needed. Have suddenly world leader oh you know ye. No, if you ever heard the story about and I'm not gonna get into now, but the story of him with difficulties and how he got to build.
Called the Trump tower now I know story again. it's the most brilliant story, however, and- and he did it, by going to Tiffany who owned all the rights- and he said, here's what to build, and they said sorry we're not going to do that. You know not for you we want this. We want Fifth avenue to sit, stay nice and he said ok, thought you'd say that here's what I going a build then instead and he was a monstrosity- they gave him the air rights by the time he came home by the time he got back to the office because They looked at each other and said Patsy, but he might do that. He might do that, we don't have that effect. We have we Mr President, now that is kind of like
You know what he might just surrender to us him up. He might be on our side. Look there. Will I took a lotta here at the time when I went to the? U N, I said we're taking names, you know, but one. It wasn't diplomatic and they were lying away. What does she mean she stagnates the it was really to put every body on notice that look? If you stab us in the back, take your name down. We're gonna! Remember that. But if you our allies friend we're gonna, take names of our friends to and we're gonna take care of our friends it. You know you have to lay that ground marker because The things out of ever told you. This is a great story when the press right after we moved the embassy from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem the whole world condemned us. I issued the american Veto proud moment. even though I was standing alone, I was standing for truth, and I I beg you didn't know anything I was happy to do, but afterwards, I took the names of everybody that voted no
and to sustain we actually one more votes than ever. We had sixty eight countries their degree, not to condemn this, which was big and a hundred. Ninety three we'd never had a vote quite like that. After I went to my staff and I said you know what do this book we listed all hundred ninety three countries, we list the percentage of coincidence that they voted with us and I I call on that, showed foreign aid, and I took that but can I gave it to the president. He lost his mind, glad my key yelling flipping pages. All that- and I said my point- is that we give aid based on a percentage of vote at the U N, but that we dark to be more strategic about who we partner with you here, five friend, you know that is theirs, study that was done on reach, kids in poor kids and
the kids. They were the most affluent. The ones I think they did it in Beverly Hills or Vienna, one of those the towns out west that, mommy and Daddy Bottom car Mummy Datum gave him the best. You know everything and then they they, study the kids dead? had to work for everything and even had to support the family. You know these this family did not turn against their parents. These days interesting right? The same thing you, you just outta here, just a sugar, daddy and Why, after your said, workfare not welfare, even after your new that now it's true you you, you have no respect any more. We were giving Pakistan a billion dollars and military aid, and they turning round harbouring are bring terrorists. It we're trying to kill our american soldiers. We stopped give that aid and
we told them as when you want a partner with us, we'll talk to you again about the aid, but we're not going to continue to do it. That's the kind of approach you have to take the ito, vines back to the old Obama style, which is by friends. It never works because you know what none of that is loyal. None of that and I spent two years of my life- countries trying to stab in the back and turn around have their hand down, and we wouldn't do it and you to just let them know you're onto them and then, when you do, they totally get back into shape. So is everything lost that was done in those for years now I dont think it has lost item. I think, first of all, I dont even think Biden was smart in the way that he first of all decided. He just was gonna. Do tromp reversals weather just in the name of ideas and terrible mistake, but if he was gonna do it so let's say I
Paris. Climate agreement is a farce. It hurt american help, China, but Eve he believed he needed to get back in it wouldn't you, before you get back in it, go to China and India and say I'll get. I can only when they do their Martin If you're gonna get back in the Human Rights Council, wouldn't you say I'll only get back in the Human Rights Council when Used- having abusers on the flex. He didn't leverage anything cave, you're gonna get back in the IRAN deal, Can you make them prove it? Didn't you we're going to stop? just reversed everything, including the border which Trump had a terrible war, tromp fixed it. He broke it, but the part that he can't a race, and it's really a point of pride. I think, the Abraham Courts, because This was an amazing thing may, The president's before trot had said.
that. The only way to get peace in the Middle EAST was through the past any the president to his first foreign policy speech was to the arab summit. and he said I want us to unite us. and terrorism, meaning translation. I want us to unite against IRAN. He got the attention of the arab countries. Then he started to acknowledge truce, Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. We're gonna have Israel back. This is what Israel can do for you and I had it's interesting. I had a meeting I and the british ambassador had a meeting with the Saudi in the MIT and ass her they were. Complaining in a. Why doesn't anybody call out the Hutus for the terrorist organisation that they are? Why are they always hitting us an ice? of them- and I said you know I could make the same case for Hamas and Israel. but get you say this about you we want. With the meeting. They pull me aside afterwards and they said we know you're right.
and I said why do you hit Israel? The way you do. and the M Roddy said we do it because we too far constituencies and I said at some point, you're gonna. have to have the courage to tell you statute sees the truth. You fast forward to Abraham courts, was the emerald is having the courage to tell their constituencies a truth, and what has happened since then is even though Biden is has associate with the Palestinians. Embodies in Israelis still flying and each other's countries still doing trade, because Europe countries now realized they need? Israel is not Israel need fear of countries arrogant, we need Israel to. That is the part. Why do they need Israel intelligence
protection from IRAN technology. There is a lot that Israel has to offer, and now I I think now they can admit it. So if you notice, through all of this israeli palestinian crisis, you're, not seeing them pull back because They get the benefit of what it's gonna maintenance. That's good! I would just like at the noses you're talking about this Hamas. If you look at the number, the? U N Human Rights Council, condemns countries north Fourteen Zimbabwe to Venezuela to Pakistan's zero Somalia, zero Belarus why don't even know you know what is happening in Belarus? Levin: Turkey, zero, Russia, zero, Sudan, zero, Syria, thirty six, China, zero Saudi Arabia, zero, Qatar's, zero around eleven, a rack zero. Israel. Ninety four ass well Why does the world hate them? It's why I screamed about it?
two years. You know it's one of those things they refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist and The amazing thing is you it was their deal. It was the u N that put it together, but you know gland I'll, say You can't destroy what God has blessed. God has blessed Israel there fighters, even through this crisis, they're going to continue to be okay and everyone's gonna continue to fear Israel, but you know Israel shouldn't be going at this alone, we just need to have their back you? You can't have a country that we share the values more than we do or all that it's so important. We need Israel, Israel needs us if we can keep. Strong Israel makes the region safer. That's what peace in the least is, but do it because they can and they do it because the Human Rights Council
is full of a member of the people who sit on the council. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Democratic Republic of Congo, around like when you have bad actors, it's the reason I pulled us out of the Human Rights Council is because one of our european allies said you I have to stay there because you are the last bit of credibility. That council has. I went store to the present nice it's time to get out, because I didn't want to: U S to be the reason it had an ounce of credibility. To watch James Bond movies, my dad loved James Bond, so I watched them all here. You'd have you actually, but you have watched the Daniel Craig movies. I haven't ok there. Is this there? Really there much better than the old James Bond movies in in the last five movies have been just trying to get your arms around. This global.
group of countries that- are working together to do business and to get things done, and and control without anybody really knowing what's happening and I see that and I'm like While that sounds, that sounds like something they could actually be happening, especially with the great reset, as I look the talk of What happened to Donald Trump? There were p pull all over the globe and some of allies that didn't seem to be helpful. the kindness way where all intelligence agencies connecting with each other on things like Ukraine and working against our president
Wasn't that no! So I think our intelligence agencies were working together. The one thing I can tell you is, you know: a lot of people said o America's isolating itself. Tromp is isolating America and in a word abandoning our allies, that's when it was, what tromp was done was tough love, which is ok, NATO, you know if we're all getting together in the night, of being able to defend ourselves from Russia, American can't be the only country paying up we need? you to pay more we're all better when we're all stronger, let's be strong together, they didn't like that. They cannot voiced that, but they paid it and Tromp then went and said Why are we allowed allowing Germany to hand this Nord stream to pipeline that's gonna, make dependent on Russia and all that they didn't like that, but he did it when it came to the border.
Honduras and Guatemala, our friends, they love America. I was on the ground in Honduras and Guatemala when we were going to the border crisis And what we did was we said: ok, you have gangs, you have cartels, you issues. The president said we'll partner with you gave. military training, so they knew how to fight the cartels gave intelligence support so that we can stop the drugs that were coming in through the waterways and said, but you have to keep your people there and they have to find the right way to cross the border it. tough love. They didn't like it same with Mexico, so it is again Leading is not about having every body like you, leading it's about lifting every one up getting everyone to see where it is you're trying to go, and I think
that's what he did and people didn't like the way he did it, but it the right tone at the right time for the rich reasons. I mean Jesus. And if he wouldn't have called out China always think one of the things it upset Russia, the most men. They all said that tromp was in it with Russia. The two that Russia didn't want us to do. They did to build up our military and they don't want us to be energy independent, present trump, both of well, she was very upset with us over that correct, and so you don't we everything that made us strong, but we are now doing were quickly not going to be energy independence, which is something- never thought we could achieve in my lifetime. I really we thought that you, member the days of when. If something happened and Saudi Arabia area, we were all sitting there with prices go up in and we didn't have that problem infuriated Russia, that we don't have that problem, which is why the colonial pipeline, my belief, Russia's behind that so
I know, you're expertise is not in but you have enough experience. Do you believe it all the biggest threat to the republic and the biggest threat to America is. Coming from white extremists. I think the media wants that. be the narrative I the media. It's it's really! It's more than the media white extremists and issue. Yes, I dealt with the church, shooting that dealt with a white X, Ray it's very damaging. We have to cut hate off every time we young with everybody, agrees with that, but the He swore that has happened. Has and started by the Democrats and inflamed by the media. the idea that, when
Democrats don't have the answered anything, they call you racist and they claim you you're a white extreme, as it is a problem that go back to the Georgia bill. Okay. So if you Look at that and everybody has had all this to say when was governor in two thousand and eleven, I push for voter. I d and I was vilified by the media- was vilified by the democratic or trying to disenfranchised voters. They're not gonna, be able to get a picture idea, and I said at the time, if you have to have a picture, I data by suit of it. You have to picture. I do to get on a plane. I would you not have to have picture I to protect the integrity of the election process and I said, but I hear you So that is why I will make sure any one that needs a picture. I d, we will go pick you up. We will take you to the DMZ I'll, give you a free picture idea and I will return you home safely. Out of five million people? Twenty five people ass for a ride,
he passed voter I we now have more people voting in South Carolina than ever before, but this is the heart of what I'm trying to say. Democrats are quick to say. that? We are the racist? What is demeaning degrading and racist from the Democrats is further, to imply that minorities are incapable of getting a picture idea that minorities are incapable of deciding which school their kids should go to, that minorities are incapable of being successful. They have the same opportunities minorities. We are perfectly capable of doing every one of those things and its insulting to imply otherwise, so the Democrats are implying that Publicans were racist. The media loves to blow that up know the ones that are racist or the ones that aren't allowing school choice or in allowing us to have voter id aren't allowing everything else. They did a poll. Seventy three percent of a arrogance, republican, undemocratic, want voter?
Oh yeah, it makes hence Although the human, as we all want transparency and accountability- and we should I want- I want a perfect- I would do you know- said to the present and after the election I said personally. You will never convince me that this election was on the up and up. However, No that's enough to have changed the results. I don't have any evidence, but he's the constitutional president. Now personally. I don't believe that that is disturbing because most people You can't go through another election that you don't believe, You know it's one thing: if it's a one off and your alike? That seemed really dirty to me. if the next one is dirty and or a great number of people feel that way you
Not gonna have a republic. It is the one thing we must have. We have to have faith in our election process, I'm sayin too many countries where they don't have it and that's when you have civil wars broke out. That's when you have all these other things. What I will tell you what I believe have within the election is we saw corruption, we saw corruption and the fact that secretaries of state did things without the sign off by their legislators, we saw but they were counting ballots past election day we saw in the mail out balloting whenever you do that, you're gonna have issues. I dont think it was enough to have changed the result of the election, but I think it was enough that every state should go back and look at their election laws and make sure that doesn't have it doesn't happen, and I think we're saying that I think I saw in Arizona Doug do see just stopped mail
balloting. You saw Georgia just did that. I think Texas is doing there. Every state should look back and say what else can we do to? make sure that the most people can vote with accountability and credibility in the process, so that we can feel good about it. Started talking about twenty years out two years. What is America look like? two years out in the liberals who have swung so far to the left that I think we win the house back in twenty twenty two and I'm not too. We take the Senate because I think that, Warnock does not represent Georgia. We shouldn't have losses to Georgia. Racist Georgia is not a blue state. We the good Credit Canada to run against war. Not it's tough to running. Why did he whim here we're a couple of things at play. I mean from what I saw. I campaigned for Kelly Leffler before the general. I campaigned for both David producing Kelly less after the general. I think you
a few issues at hand. I think that people were all out of sorts from the election if you know that didn't help us out with those Georgia, races and- and I felt it on the ground, and I do not. People were up. He called the Secretary of state. I have two brothers that live in the suburbs of Atlanta and they just said that, after the rally when the focus was on the two candidates, just a bunch of first didn't show up to vote and I think what worse and then you had four out of five highest voting districts in Georgia that voted for Trump and the general? Didn't she? up in the run off and look actions have consequences and we are feeling the vine. So what happens if Donald Trump does kids? You know? I'm just I'm! I'm not I'm not gonna run, but I don't really wanna and he just or is the Republican Party Gonna be able to pull itself back together I mean I
as you said earlier, look you may not like Trump. I in the end did like him. I thought he was actually entertaining and funny in its policies were right but You may not like him fine but do you agree on the constitution? Do you agree on just a few policies that are games that have to be done. We have to get a few things under control I think, if that's the message and you actually have a Democrat. You mean a republican party with a plan I think you can pull a lot of people in but if you are still fighting about tromp and trumpet not engaged or whatever happens, we will lose our shirt and then we have to note that I think that there's a few things one we wanted
those voters that Trop brought end. Where I was raised, they felt unheard misunderstood. We want to keep them, we need- to add the women back, we need to win the suburbs back. We need Republicans need to expand our tent. We ve lost the last seven out of eight popular votes for President we need to engage Hispanics, we need to engage the jewish community. We need to engage Asians, we need engage african Americans, I did it and South Carolina, it can be done and you do it in a conservative way, but you Have to show up, you have to do it, because I guess what when you talk to them, they care about the education of their children. Are they care about your browser to reach its veto, and so we just have to show up and start talking about that. Nowhere at the end of our time here, but I want to ask you: how do you engage when you have social media, do what they're doing I mean what they do. with a hundred Biden Laptop is what
of the biggest stories in american history. Politically it was its criminal. What they did their power is only growing. How do we engage? Did tat is a problem, and this the way. I see big tech and I am the eye. DIA did they? view, you wanna, someone down for twenty four hours or forty eight hours or a few. Whatever that's one thing to literally eliminate the former president of the United States, I, while you have the Ayatollah and unbiased Mary, could go and find the ayatollahs point of view saying debt to America correct. You couldn't find Donald Trump. No, so what does that tell us? It tells us that look. These platforms, once you open a door, he can't close it and these plants arms came to us in the name of free speech,
that's what we wanted, and He asked for section to thirty four per action so that no matter what was there, they wouldn't get sued. If they are now going to decide that they pick, who is right and who was wrong. and they don't tell us the rules of the game. Congress needs to go back, but what are they gonna? Do it? Why we need to step up like a how much longer do we hear Congress Wine and complain about immigration? Wine complain about big tech, whining complain about IRAN. What do something do something I dont want congressional members would soundbites. I want congressional members with action. Let's get it done, They did with the judges. Let's get it, you know if they could do with the judges, then why can't we do this with these things? That matter because Look, I don't think we have time to wine and complain about big tech or media or any of that. But
can't do something about it and when I say Republicans or to nice, that's what I'm talking. I don't know have to be rude. I believe you kick with a smile. Let's Had it done it, but it's gotta be done last thing: how do people can involve. I know you have the stop communism petition. You have a lot of things going on fewer did correct one person who was listening to you and they go O. I want to do something. What should people do We started a policy organization to put out more conservative news and the goal was. We now send out emails every day to get people to care and it ok, for all kinds of issues. It may be talking about the the censorship of big tech and what needs to be done about it or the problems with IRAN or what this infrastructure stimulus, really means- and what's in it send those out every day in the last couple of years we already have two million members and small donors to
and for America. So what I'd love is for your viewers to go to stand for America? Dotcom sign up, we'll, send you the information and our goal was let spread the word. Let's spread the word about what conservatism is with spread. The word about how harmful Biden is, let's, when the house and when the Senate and stop the bleeding and I have faith in America we to be willing to do the hard work, but if we, the hard work. We could come out this better than when we started a key Hayley. Thank you, always fun to be with you.
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