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Ep 133 | THIS Is Where Cancel Culture Comes From | Andrew Klavan | The Glenn Beck Podcast


Cancel culture has gotten out of hand, and fast. Why? How? It has gone beyond canceling Joe Rogan, now it’s even targeting women and degrading science. Andrew Klavan has answers. Daily Wire staple, host of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” novelist in multiple genres, best-selling author, screenwriter, radio playwright, and winner of the Edgar Award. The commentary he offers is just as varied and impressive. In his latest book, The Truth and Beauty, Klavan uses the English Romantic poets to examine the Gospels — and he pulls it off. Because Andrew Klavan is interested in the truth. “My life is about telling the truth beautifully,” he tells Glenn. On this episode of The Glenn Beck Podcast, Glenn also talks to Klavan about the merits of Christianity, Ray Kurzweil, childhood, happiness, the important differences between an epiphany and an apology, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and even an elaborate metaphor involving the Titanic.


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