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These days, everything is political, and comedy has been one of the biggest victims. Comedians are told to walk on eggshells. But Jim Breuer doesn’t care. He’s going to walk wherever he damn well pleases. On this episode, the hit stand-up comedian and "Saturday Night Live" alum joins Glenn for a laugh-out-loud chat about why he’d rather be funny than fearful. Breuer also reveals his favorite comedian of all time, what inspired his comedy special, “Somebody Had to Say It,” and his secret for dealing with tough times. And he’s seen his share. But he’s also seen miracles, including the incredible (and hilariously told) story of how God saved his marriage.


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Rock and jerry seinfeld to get em petty with his wife. This guy is rich. Just riches out is output. prolific he's release five comedy albums in the last three years alone, including literally one just last week, but he is more than all of those things here. Is a much deeper person, then you could possibly imagine watching him onstage behind all of his characters and he he's he's of the jonathan winters, aura array robin williams in many ways behind all of that he is devoted to spiritual truths. He probably- calls himself a modern day. Profit warrior. He
doesn't really have a party or play politics. It's that the things he talks about now our political you'll understand that in the year in the podcast he sees politics as an obstacle and effort to rob us of our faith, multi, dimensional full of wild stories, laughter and wisdom, but also heartbreak, even as is for twenty nine years battles terminal cancer. He know. Was that he will never be mad at god. This man knows how to turn a stumbling block into a cornerstone and somehow he still finds the strength to bring the house. With roaring laughs. This is a very very entertaining podcast please listen all the way to the end, an amazing ending. Please welcome Jim brewer. Let me tell you about a great state, something that everybody in my family, except for the region's absolutely love? You
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Is it good ranchers, dotcom, slash, Glenn, save thirty dollars on your first order of american meet, delivered good, answers d calm, slash, Glenn. It's the What a pleasure you far hysterical but yeah Why should it be placed? Probably people talking? You would not start, and I won't talk about how you deal so well with death and your dad's death, your wife being so sick, you have such a great outlook on life, I. Think when you, when you ever deeper depth Of life, a faith
You have got in your life, then you understand that were not living forever think we are a serious problem with nobody knows or understands once we move into the next dimension, death or whatever you want and target we're all gonna die, and humanity took care of each other for a long time. Not until I don't know see I may be. The kid is, I owe grandma's in a basement: loosing, irma she's. She says crazy surmise. Not there are some grandma bringing some doubt as she's barking and dry dock in a bow and average elephant. We got a feat of mutton, three o clock and we had People in the house somewhere along the line, I do guy make a billion dollars in over there, and you are very important, but your debt yap put him in a home
and we lost tat. We ve lost, connection with humanity, and my parents, were I don't know think I reflect the lot. I take a lot of time to reflect and think about life in general. What's what's really important? Am I gonna? I remember one I begged god. My whole life, please. I don't care how much money you make on care. What goes on? Please, let me be there for man, I don't want him alone. This man grew up ten brothers and sisters in Dayton Kentucky, They just got shoes. Their sorry date but it was in war war too I mean basely lived in hell for a law, in time here and he never complained.
gave me his life. I was an accident. No one's was added. So the least that when you think the way you take care of as a child. As you grew up. My feeling is, the least you can do is drop your very important world and your suburban or whatever you think, makes you important and keep going to sacrifice to look after them as they as they start heading towards their end. They take care of you, that's the circle but we don't. We don't send circle anymore. Don't you who's a conversation? I wanna have a god, don't you think it would be better? if the circle were reversed, you came out an old person, yeah ass, an you. Then you just got younger and younger, so your kids had this cute little bit atv they just disappeared one day a yes, I mean
Tat you ate it technically, it is kind of saying: could you still job induces in your hands it, except for their lot? Eighty ninety- you ve talked about with your dad. Yes, and that was a big dat was break through. You know, till I tell the story about taking a dad on tour and yeah. It tell history story, so I mean it material the time that suit, I think you refer, to the documentary more than me That's when I filmed everything with my dad, but I took him out all the time I just I knew this might be the last time, so I told you I'm a guy's, listen film, but concentrate on him and will make blogs or something like that, but end. I also realise that gave him so much life gave him
so much life so much to live forth at times. Hanging out with guys could really get around, but then I or so you got a humble yourself when they do have an accident which was in where then they teach you all they want about ponce de Leon in third grade and if you're not paying attention, the drug of your child has a d h d, which means you not stick to the program. A troglodyte, the kid wasted, sorry for your child's movement. These drugs will help you chase. can you get more demonic, no further children, this bill make them understand things better. Did when he was a diversion. Radiology are we in prison and we have to learn about geometry. She we learn, I didn't care one another. When are we learning here sit down
the child as an issue, this is not going to be one of us. You won't be going to college, unsuccessfully successful, to learn from professors, and I love that word. Tat all things you gotta when the first time he he dry ice. He dropped. The deuce in his pansy soiled himself that was I could see the the look in his eye. I saw look in his eyes and it was pure humiliation and. I just felt at tat moment in time. It was my duty, no pun intended but it was my is. It would be an honour to let him know as much as possible have got lists. Let's have fun with it.
It is what it is well, who really do? What are we gonna do much? just let me go with it and I actually learned a lot more about him and I had a start shower in him because he gave We gave up after awhile and when he gave parliament gave he gave up my dough My mom gave car away and then hands with a lot of elderly people. The end of my grandfather to yes, so Would he he we go, and I remember a brand new car car back, I'm not going to use it. I know you. Can you use it? Could he can't walk, but that was down there Yeah and is the less independence day have once the elderly lose their independence. they lose so might then be a burden they want.
I'll go store in their own. They want to be able to do things on the wrong. I mean think Think of you and I I can't go anywhere and we have to always rely on people, and then you see the looks on the people that really had to take care of you. like I added on second down my dad is getting old interfering with my life, that god hate making seven figures. So do I I'll just you figure it out, but you really have to do. Program yourself. This is dead. They do a good job, programming you for a long time. Whose more, with the incredible jimbo but first let me just paused to talk to you about relief factor. Are you in pain? Have
You had pain where you're, like I kissed, can't do it anymore. Heavy tried everything Have you have you got into the point to it? You can't just said this way. I'm gonna live that's where I was about five years ago. Please get your life back. I can't tell you the relief of pain, as happened in my life, and it could happen in your life. Seventy percent of the people who try relief factor. one to order more month after month. Ninety ninety five, so quick start trial pack for for three weeks does work, stop taking it, but if it does, you get your life back relief factor, dotcom relief factor dotcom. So what was your childhood like cause? You were you, don't talk about you're up. I have the greatest childhood in life right at Charles in life, your dad fought in work. or to yes and you do not have a good children and he did not have a good child had in any and while he might have been
Therefore, you tell me about him because he was Oh, he was always there, but buddy Didn't he say word you didn't say a word now do so there never said a word. Brazil is the only time you say something if he honest thought I was going the rails a little bit heed to eat, may like way way. Scott are you We ve got to as I do. and I was enough for me write me. he asked here s another thing in my twenties, which also help about him more cause. I would I would try to learn his history, and try to learn. Why he was the way was cause use here, Everyone loves, uncas use, belly, laugh and funny valley, laugh and funny
that where you get it no, I didn't I don't really understand his humour into afterward heating. He didn't show his humor until we had a drink together and I turned twenty one. So. This is what happened, twenty one and he goes man now, let's have a beer. as it's sure a beer, and I want my dad. We went to this place called swamp water, owls palm harbor florida, really, the only ones not wearing a hang that were the only ones that don't have like stringy. The hair of the chin- and I, Ambrose. Getting pretty. I want to talk to him about. We haven't been and I was such a jerk articles. Twenty one saw a guy right back.
who's gonna go outside for a second, I gotta talk to someone I went out at he caught a buzz fully and in a cat, buzz begin him outside talking couple people, and Look I gotta get him by my dad and I'll. Never forget this. I walked in and ass. I walked in to where we standing- and I saw all these young guys looking down- and I thought, oh, my god, please open. Yeah he's haven't hard tax. I go running over there and there all with laughter howling, I lily are you'd, never seen you rather funny heard it agreed. We do I'd, be in my I'd, be a kid. We'd have barbecue and I have to go to bed.
here in the back patio like at midnight, everyone else go gm yet jam. Like in here High school, I would have people go, I was on your europe, others, Jim to Bulgaria. I was on your father's garbage. Shrugged this year drew up I'd I'd. I got your father's, the funniest human being being ever met malevolent my daddy's, my dad. While we like what is it, I'm not sure I made my all summer really really and so when I came back to that moment, I look it was him I've nine he's holding port. All my kids lies my hand of god I'll, never forget it this guy
turns around. He goes sky's That's my dad. I swear to god. It goes higher party I and I watched him, hold court for hours with these college kids so things like war was a tiger
I repeat a lot of game, one activity after the other- I don't know where you can go in the podcast, there's no rated g, anything it is easy thirteen, but he that he would look at that. Waitress go by looking at the kids at at our our banquet address and and yeah. He was so that's when I discovered your dad my dad and we are we'd have great greatest He also also knew use useful at all. Had me when he was going. I'm forty five so
It thousand thing like I knew we can do sports or whatever, but we do fun stuff in pool or we'd always compete with little things Bochy or whatever and yeah, and it was eight. My childhood was incredible. We we grew up. ST long island, where Everyone looked after each other, I mean the range of kids between so much six years apart, but I looked after them like little brothers and they look. They looked at me like a big brown. and the older kids looked at me like a low brother and any the girls industry. We all. all the neighbors. It's not the date. Feeding, each other is okay, but still should know each other, and when I mean everyone knew each other that's another lost art that has happened in this country is its mind. Boggling this is mind. Boggling thea back? Then you didn't it. If you got out of hand someone else's mother, Bulgaria,
germany that year exactly going to let her know as you'll. Tell her don't tell my mom, I gotta tell ya man temp and you gotta hear that all the time aren't you the beck kid yeah no. I know your parents like right rare, so His great childhood yeah not like. I came from this terrible were also who did you learn to things from first, while the compassion Is it just something that is developed in you or who did you learn that from Lara baker, services association that as someone living with an intellectual or developmental disability, you may feel overwhelmed navigating complex systems to find support. If you or someone you love would benefit from assistance accessing
they count your federal resources advising during the life transition or community support or life skills. Coaching, the family navigation services programme is here for you to learn more visit, laura baker, dot, org, slash, family, I think that I think that's in everyone, unless it's beat mad at you,. so and what I mean by that is its its I don't I it's not one particular person it's. watching it it's learning it it's it's. Studying it, it's watching! I remember my wife's guy. And parents just two and a half to give her. Credit husband was passing away. My wife's grandfather, and that was the
First time I saw someone com bed to hold them to pass away. I just went wow, that's wow I know you can do that have to go away and and growing up. I mean you learn in school to kids that are picked on. I I you know, get a couple scrap side you learn real, quick growing up. How mean society can be we'd had slow kids school near the ones. Pig dost, thou cause a lot of fights and. And then the most vicious kids in school stand. Then you find out. Oh well, their father beats them or their their grandfathered. Something happened to them and even though I dwell doesn't help the the fingers, the punch, mark so my chest. They left. No reason what you want.
I stand like like Zanu, have that so I think compassion, you learn, along the way, if you open to It- and I don't know for open to it as much I'm here- Go ahead now, I think we are, I think, the demons and I call them demons have. Taken over. everywhere that europe, that you got your mind and eyes locked into the time you grew up its is its movies television, news networks, all of it and it's not it's not. How much you know people or concentrate on the stars are on their wish to concentrate on whose programme who's. The one saying yes
put more this out. There are many extra red wine You know you're watching hit tv shows And you're watching liberties, god s yeah, you watching late night television and they there. They ve lost their sole their minds, everything heavier than that enable gay. He added they trade. You have you lost your mind. Yes, you have then you should not have an airway to put out such hatred. We been programmed. It drives me, nuts, usa, one nation under god, love you on god what we push. In our daily lives.
judgment hate violence saddened me. It's everything opposite god em, we celebrated vat, They ego That's what's so suffice sit here and I make a million dollars, but I Did it through creating a sex ring, and wish in drugs You came in here made a million dollars cause you're alone, Doesn't matter. We're in the same financial field and that. Is an extremely dangerous god to look up to. and that is what I feel is really taken over our society? If not, most of the world at times So let me see if I understand this because some
I just went all over a policy where we start over. There I've been saying for a while that it was not that we Our inter religious people are dont, worship, god we just worship our own gots could be your car could beer. Job right now, it's a lot of people's job or their station in society. They're not willing to do the right thing or say. The right thing is that what you're saying absolutely yeah and the it's like morals I'd say: I sit there. the eight and everything is one. One saying that to put a few turn on television. I noticed this when I was a kid What's the news in us the first time and I realized what is the news because it'll bring anything good every day. Yeah
murderer kidnapping terror, disease, weather and your, he lost with the facts. the channel trust apps, what do you by previous answers. Proportion, the cold? my guide. How do you- not see that and then People go where people want to hear good news. Size says now: It's never been tried. you came out with five ten fifteen channels. Everyday life, you're, not gonna, believe what happened today. Carol brill girl, hip, and she,
was die and then her neighbors game and I baked the cake- and they did this, and this one's got cancer. And if you know anyone that got cancer, I guarantee to you. we changed like that. If that's all, you saw twenty four seven, so the mindset of any that says. Where does he really cell, is a fool, it's kind of like em a simple answer: what is it that chile is beyond a move that and now the whole community got together to take family and they trance You know this year is formed their youse at him. Yes, it was always such a good story. I good feeling. Yes, I was number one yes number one right: they do not make out a geiger out Ass, there's a lot of goodness but
In my opinion, the devil's getting our entertainment agents does killer. What is time to stop pointing them out hey. Let me just take a second here away from the comedy of Jim brewer end and talk to you about pre born We know that abortion has been a horror show in this country. Sixty three million baby since the beginning of rovers, weighed the blue sky aids and California just talked about it. This week, proposition one is going to make infanticide, I think infanticide, legal will at least positively take it up to a birthday abortion on their birthday. They can be killed, it's gonna get worse in some states and we're battling evil and to battle evil. We have to battle it with
good and battling with truth, eternal truths. I want talk to you a little bit about pre born. This is a company that we ve been working for it's more of a ministry than a company, but there the direct petty of of plan. Parenthood. They are in California. They are in are there in where ever the largest providers are of a boar. And we have made a year ago, of fifty thousand babies saving fifty thousand babies this year. The way they do it is when, mom comes in, they do an ultrasound when a mom hears the heartbeat for the first time when We can see the baby she's The per cent more likely to choose life. That's they have to stop them. Please join us, William. I want you to just dial pound to fifty, say the key word baby and support Lord anyway, you possibly can make a donation of pre born safe.
D thousand babies this year. We can do it. lot of the problem. It has come from. comedians being afraid or actually being part of. I don't know what happened. The comedy I bidding yeah you. You know, I think people would say if they would watch what say somebody had to say it. They would say, or this very political, but it's nice, It was now Glenn. What to my mind, is how people say? Oh, your political now. I asked them what parts political first I'm talking about you? Try and stick a needle and me is a political or did you get conned brainwashed. thank you and political medicine when his medicine, political,
That alone I love and people got word here. What are you some type of conspiracy terrorist? I'm a conspiracy theories chasm questioning you confront, including in the needle and when I said what what's the results we don't know yet: oh okay, okay! So so love! Yes, if I don't take it out, gala. Ninety nine point, nine, but woburn I got so do I What is going on and how is that political? but that is what another thing. That's genius that I see as happened here is everything is categorized, your liberal europe,
You're conservative, you democratic republic in des that- and I beg people too. Don't don't label yourself You do a my opinion, you're doing yourself dishonour. If this is good, this is good dispersants good, this person's good because many EU label yourself you're, whose well my that its ear it sports analogy. You join a team. there people my family, it's like up, I'm a democrat and Ivan, democratic eyes. What, if tat Democrat, not by uniting shook stage join the union are not time prior, not candidate yeah, I get it back. was used to be my grandparents. They were Democrats because of empty are enough good change their mind right, so an the problem,
You got the professional wrestling or decide once a year there. It's really funny and ass. I want, I put up a wall when I say that a lotta love for every line. How many shares the reason? I don't mean only to think we do pretty good light bulbs, go over stake. You play the guy next year you got it you join a team Here's analogy. I say I used it watch baseball time. Diehard. Metz Van ok now die hard mets fan when you join a team, you get about you. Morals because you're dedicated to team That's fine in good until team, It does something really normally and I remember the first time a couple Metz play
ears were accused of hidden their wives and it's the first time I went now. wait a minute We don't know their culture and they might have been cut. We didn't get the whole story yet so keep list we don't know. Where, if that was my brother. or that was my neighbour. Maybe came a you're right because s Did you get issues and will you have to deal with them? You know you don't do it. You just did a dust. Yes, that's the law of the land that that's the moral code You don't hit a woman's raw machu, but on your team? Well, you know now, That's when you I'm endeavour and no matter what its I've never seen
The society controlled so well with just a name you throughout the name trump, cells, no matter what- cells, no matter what image for my mind, the haters are still The boy I tell people, listen you- know the phrase- love is blind hey, is black and more blind hate. May you blind It'll make you make blind decisions blind. Your emotions, it'll blind, your common sense and but they're doing a good job. What can a price of you paid for being called political. even though I think you're a matter. A modular senate.
To be dead, I'll shoot you once cove iD really kicked in and I already know that I think I came to tell a long time ago and again when you realise were not can it be here. We are in time I do god in my life, you just you come to terms with reality on a deeper level and when, when covert kicked in. As you know, we all seraph already knew. I wasn't in control. but now not only am I not in control, the natural order of life, but now the puppet masters. that are in control. Just let us all know, with a decide when you can do things and what you have to do to go back to
natural pleasures now, I know why I always go to an english acts into it. To me, I just more devilish, perhaps as the ears out a fire view. Things seem all of us to stick ways for centuries that, frankly, They never do the themselves, how they love to pretend that voting. Yes, sire you think you're the snap out of it not as long as we have turned a vision. Seven have done that back in a basement, who who who'd, but what does he say was.
There is not enough time anymore; they never was time, but made me realize our have time to worry about what people think of me, I know where a man life, I know mass spiritually. I know where I met with, my family, I know where I met life and tremendous power spooks the hell out of people. Everybody's shouldn t know, but when I'm excited that other people get this. I'm not worried about what people think why, because they're still this delay their stock. We time for stock. To me, this is the time of you got rise, for years and years and years, you allow fear to control your life fear
I fear I might get sick fear of my kid might not making this everything it based on fear is a time for the thier less it's time for the fearless. I'm really think the biggest fear we deal with is the common fear of I'll be found out. You know I'll be found out, I'm afraid, I'm not really what it or whatever we We were, there is a lot of that. Can we feel, like I mean we're Craziest self hating ego maniacs, but we ve been tat. We ve been, we ve, been conditions for that. Yes, we do want to rent a system where no matrix, whatever you want to cause, if you really I always I love natural humanity of watching tribes And when you watch them, I started realizing the words that we be,
I used to condemn them like they're, not very modernized. They're, not civilized, do not educated all the words that we enslaved you for years. Where these pants go to school, sit down, they for the day all of life students. for the day we're the only ones that I cry. I got. I got a score and twenty years and I take my money and I am fat that mice a day I get my car and drive that way. I remember being stunned in australia- I don't know I was on Sunday live and we want to do. Australia and was We're fascinated with the aborigines and I talked to one and he just he goes you to us. You all look like ants
You just march aimlessly and you don't even know where you're going he goes. We could ass, the cause they were all gathering under a tree. She will again Sid mean to be a dream really doing like oh other gathering, the women are over there. The men are over there and there there. Discussing the day and they laugh about the day and they live for the day tomorrow, hopefully brings them a new day. there's something to be said about that me. You too Africa people always poor africa do not eat. Did the work is that a living off the land demand unhappy. they love life I went. Last year there living in what I would call a fort. When I was nine years old america pictures it ll early is. Did it
and what is valid, where they are the bushes around them. Hopefully the predators did keep going and then there there their huts awesome Yours, it's lose its limit. When we were kids are your word for it. He can go, get some stuff. You come back here. They wouldn't you like raw. I've, got a cardboard box and bought a thousand most sweatshirts organise great I've seen some do by force in a baby character. We can do this and literally inst its shores. bags sticks at the fort and tears just like addressed at the door. You go in and they got it set up insect ale. There like this is amazing and we create this
they're not make money, then that they're just live in life to the fullest at the moment, and there in tune with spirituality and god, and they in tune Everything is connected. All this has been so viciously planned, didn't, b d programmed of its in everyone. And I get excited when people discover it. It excited when the light beams and inside someone I get excited when someone gets that moment and they see life completely differently and emma start shedding all the stuff. they thought was so valuable. a collective incessantly and I've been coherently with guinea that big time some some people I do with my family. We look at it as a blessing. I mean it.
you resent horrible horrible stuff have been our little lessing say no. I I got in trouble with conservatives after Barack obama's tracings I said actually look at him and a grateful in some ways because I learned, who I was. I learned more about my cut tree. I learned more about the things that I thought. I knew that I didn't know right. It's good. There is no bad purse, but it person It's. What are you going to do with? What are you going to do about it? Everyone's complaining, everyone saying that's another thing: it's another game. They just get you to moan and complain and yell at the tv. Oh, are you going to do be doing you just planning. But yes, I grew you covered that was done. it for me, I care of people thought as long as my intention continues to
We will always be a may, fall off the mark here and there, but I have intentions that are. I can as you say, are pure for humanity, I really want to see him, and he thrive I've. Pisses me off. When I feel it's being taken advantage of and back to that It was a long damn answer. I don't care if p I want to say, always choose this now I'll betcha. He voted for that. That's on them! Bang it I'll have time for that. We have time for them, anymore, they'll, catch up there He knows. Tat knew a guy who makes sir sweatshirts d. The old like high school sweatshirts. Some of your my age will remember that they were made in america.
those machines and the people that had that skill. They don't exist in america anymore. We have to rebuild our apparel industry making fabrics you'd think would be really easy making socks so easy, not so easy, and especially not in america, well, things are changing with grip. Six, if you want socks, we'll keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter socks made with. Latest in wool technology in their made right here in amerika, you don't have to look any other than grip. Six. I, where am I love, em. I think you will to put your trust in hard earned money in a company that does it right here in america, let's we build america, got a grip, six dot com, slash back, you know interesting, I dont know if you can come to
this without some great struggle in your life. You know at the height of You know my popularity omit fox and I'm I'm a go from though the world's this is bull crap. I tell my kids the time. Neither of these things are true. Just understand this. I was the third, most admired man in the world one year I work is seen in the mary next year and working at fox and I'm one of the most despised, and just I laugh about I'm like I'm- neither that nor that button. After you have been pushed and pushed and pushed good person purse. I think a human forget good birth, a human yeah says, am I some of those things and you start to take everything out of you and look at and go. Oh, I see that you
and I want that. Are I don't want that and that takes struggle. A widow zone I shall be the first emit I'd struggle over time. Nonstop still do trying to figure things out, trying to figure out had a move on how to wear awaken more people how to knots. down to categorized not to come off angry that's, usually my biggest struggle. Because I realized as a kid I felt they had a gift from god to make people laugh but with that gift, It comes with a special border, so. usually my first inst life How many comes to me were past me
and I'm over the top. I saw all current law oh yeah, of course, you're educate, you're, better that it right either so lax assert bit of christ like humility s, so I had I that is my head. That's why I go! Ok Jim, you know it's your anger tat had present this before. and the humor so that the peat dignan preaching to the choir- will obviously laugh but the one on the other side will go. Oh wow, ok ha and I had that from the special I had that I had people come.
too eager I was so pissed hate you. Because I was caught up and darted dotted da ngos. What are you may meet, and now I just, I can't believe what I was falling for. I can't believe it ten I care for you, gotta make it look crazy that brought way show is one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen. I mean thank you, you are it's funny. It is well thought out. It is its. Its brilliantly performed, I mean at that, is where did that? Come from that was from anger. know. I was performing at distress, factory, new jersey. I was living in new jersey and airy it was close, so no work, and then even when I was sort of coming back still. Can
Means couldn't work, entertainers weren't working my friend vinnie because as I do. I get Kyoto is also trying to figure out how to beat the system now. put a tenth street. He will do anything to make business. He had a tent outside, which is there's consumers behind a parking lot. Everyone's. Why be doing shown here was calm and ensure the closure and beating entirely finnish twenty minutes before or how would be out there, and I hear we'd here couple yell yet one another, and then I have to the banner, let you they re arise so, but in that time it full blown you gotta wear mask
when you check in and when you were, ok. You got aware mask, but when you sit down. You can take it off. Oh god, that's really strong palisade blocked them foul jake near you scan and put it back up Why why so I would work out there and you know compare everything is nazi ism cause? That's pay! You too! me in school. What they did, taught you to snatch on one other. Well guess what? If you see people children in your neighborhood.
Just change. The acts are now it's his thoughts, indifference. He put out a little. You. Lou happy dress and I give you see. Anyone outside the routine. you're to society, and you care about you family and children. Don't you you call the law, go authorities mayors, despicable disgusting. They're, not human, their disgusting, and they should be held accountable, all them every single last week, of them every mayor, every governor, that shamed. You terrorized you tory family apart made, you lose your job divided every body. Those are most disgusting display of humanity, and these are the people that are controlling my life and your life. That
they're, taking my money from and do whatever they want, with our have choice where my taxes go, so that tie That's how I saw it. I saw it as a complete take over. and in my own house these kids role indoctrinated, so the kids dad's, crazy man. You fathers! not tonight I saw what they were gone through. I had missus. I am my door come up to me and a niece that I love. Sit down cool, because everyone thinks girl you making wacky videos and. I understand why it happened button that's why I had to get that out there and no was talking about it. Everyone still like I am
Felt were a war and your percent. This is war. However, Why describe it's a war in europe, its worn your common sense it's a war on the drove your life? It's War on yours, neutrality. Is the war of your conscious and your mind and again it's real and fortunately humanity does believe that will exist, why does it exist? Does, and you be here fi. Would you realize. where there are located. much sure some people, can handle that, but I think the way They can or very ready, very ready there done. I am
So that's where the common came from his hand to the law that was gone. I my head and as I gotta go away, go away to pay bob thirty days I haven't, I headed trampoline and I'd be listening to old metal music. I would listen to damaging cooperated by metallica, and I listened to the first two minutes with me and I do be a general on it. Going. Are you gonna? Let em just take part two children away from us.
I can hug my grandmother. I can't visit her in a hall because I won't, but I need all my life just as this song would peak on the other end. So I would give speeches in my head like how to lake of humanity and the best thing in the world was. Earrings- saw many people when I had finished said. every single time. Some of them were, the brink tears some of them you're, so grateful They were so grateful and that's when I really I don't care if you gonna become political. I don't care how you gonna categorize me so many people were saying thank,
thank you for saying that thing, god somebody saying it and that's why named debt We shall. Somebody has saved us. Thank god, you're saying this somebody I said well, can, namely the knight of the shop literally the car Everyone's been saying this for months, somebody how to set healthy recipes, don't have to be complicated. billion skis makes it that much more simple there fully coach chickens, suggest army from sustainably sourced ingredients. You can always pronounce boleyn skeezers gluten free casing, free and has eleven whole thirty approved flavors with both organic and natural chicken sausages deduce from you can't go wrong. Bolinsky is chicken sausages,
available at all foods and retailers across the. U s define billions gives near you, click aware to buy at berlin skewed outcome. I took her an opinion that I've felt for a long time today and just kind of came out on the ear about something called a convention of states which is built its having a constitutional convention and have been for it for a long time because they're just things a congress just never gonna do and today I I've been thinking about. While an idea, I believe, our bill of rights in her declaration of independence and our constitutional device. truly inspired. You listen any benjamin franklin said the hand of god. Was there with us And they at one point when they couldn't agree on things, suggested. We all need to go to church and they,
all went to church and they all prayed together, and then they came back and it was solved and said today. I said I'm I'm no longer for the convention states because the sacred document, and I dont think we're are anyway near where, we should be tampering with something divine weren't we're not those people right now now living close to it. So when you say that, because I am not educated in that category area, I know many on it and I don't mean to make political. I'm just saying I don't know, but I'm curious what use so you're saying you were here- prostitution, I'm a constant. I am two hundred zero hunch. I had ankle I think I think so. ass majority, even of Democrats, if you push them to the edge- and this is changing unfortunately, but if you push them, forget about everything else forget about it.
are you for me being able to speak. Won't you still give your life iii If you really disagree with me what this is when I feel When I watch it looks so ridiculous and so insane into me. and I have no investment. On a on either side shouldn't you'd, be a fool to there. The people running things now to ignore. This is also good to because I've never heard, anyone haven't heard so many people talk about the constitution. In my whole, life- again. This is all waking up, so many people, so many people.
I've never realized tat yeah. You know. First amendment so there's cave, biggie, run schuyler, biggie and the second one mats quite a big too and we are being taken over? There is no, if ends what's about it being taken over. they are taken the constitution and they could play all the games they want to do is shooting and Gotta take up. can't say that they go like this sub america? this laugh
Where did you learn to tell a story Nice as if I was a I, I think that was the first defense I dunno, but the everyone ever was animated the killers. Animals on a street owes imitate everything. I do nor in the caddy. I think you're in the category of JANET winters and robin will be, but he's my all timeframe. brilliant they could. They were both lillian brilliant young days. Both. Could I go back to your broadway? Shall they could boats? continuously asleep broadway show yes, and you strike me as cut from that same cloth. Why think? maybe I'm their deadly huge influence. in my life job The winners made me laugh so high and I got meet him. Oh, while yeah meet him for lily fifteen. twenty minutes I'll, never forget it. As a montreal I was on the slave board and what that is,
bring comics to the montreal comedy festival and we do the shows and they auction us off. I we got timber, but when I have forty thousand enemies, eight hundred fifty thousand from disney CBS will have two hundred thousand dollars and a two year guarantee of disney. Just so you great. It's time you want to be part of it. Now is all oh yeah, you used leather brands and monkeys kangaroo saw Is it a kangaroo so bad. I want to walk in the mall with a lighted keyser, six guys
oh jim brewery, jousts guys. Gazillion airy comes areas helicopter. He knows me in the mall. Everyone no you'll see you'll, see the kangaroo So I go. I am Walk in by the spring place in the hotel, is all commie stay in hotel and Ices is early my career to only says ninety three, ninety four. Ripe, ready for a really get into the hollywood scene where there are just cruisers re saving a pulse limbs apart, He. Certainly there s coming out and I want to say only sales David brenner, whoever it
with, I feel bad because I don't remember the other person, but I'm pretty sure, as David Brennan we were, we were waiting on like like chocolate wax on the way to he comes out and he came out, and I went MR winter I just wanna, say I'm a big fan. I'm coming. It's way from kid, and I went new york new york riding on the subways back. Then I mean that better for you to step back and ask me: I've got to make sure your change at jamaica and he went on for what seemed fifteen twenty minutes, a low crowd started gathering and he's a guy. What's your name Jim good, to meet you Jim, keep it up and he just laughed and like I had a jihadi, then where's moment There is also a matter richard prior moment. Jonathan winners. Moment pose richer prior moment.
roger prior was I always I just want to see him live, but he was towards the end of his life and I went to the l a the comedy store and I went. Their every night. Like an maybe he'll, show up and is still bleak show why we shall still be sick. and then the last night there in. The back is maybe twelve people an asthma. Bout to leave. m c goes. We have a special guest hang out, good. Take him lou beer, please welcome richer. Prior I'm like and I turn and I seem and is being held by about three four guys and they help on the stage. And he was himself he was hilarious. It took him alive long time to get to What he was saying
but it was just such an incredible- is to me that was my first huge in four I loved richer. Prior. He still makes me belly. Laugh valley, laugh basque, meaning of all time. For me Richard per year, because he my opinion he was the first one that was so truthful. Sir honest, so humble. So raw. I mean he comes out. What comedians were being so honest about the fight he had with his wife, to the point where she, though she said, I'm leaving us if not in his car, you ate and I started shooting the tires out bomb and the tires in the end. Well and then the and then there's the vodka say. Good shoes are now rich yeah. Then I was going to shoot the engine. Is that he's huge, so funny.
Attack when I walk out in the yard and my heart don't breathe is a wise and you are most untold pray in. He acts out the whole thing of a heart attack, he was open about his addictions. I remember him. The second kind it came out as a kid I don't think I didn't hear ya all jokes I don't know about you when I lit myself on. He takes it. He goes like this one and he takes a match. He goes what's this richard pryor running down yeah, sir, you as he was so it started with. Steve Martin, Let's get small gave me I remember asking my parents to turkey.
Can we lead jimbo? Listen, this is this. Is so big It's not occur soon and anyway I till six graders relating to steve. More ngo used completely silly goofy and then led to a watch, I saw richard prior knows, lights up must be done. when I read your prior george calling dna, Murphy was the I'm gonna be eddie murphy, I'm wherein the leather. the kangaroo it game time when Jim verse shows up happen. Eddie murphy here you never see many more. He was big any solve. Fine so funny so funny I don't know. Maybe I don't know I really don't know. I know I watched his stardom. He made me laugh so hard
and was so good and entertaining as hard, though, isn't it I mean stand up, that's you think it's harder to do stand up than it. is planted, and I live grind now really now. I think the I think. I think script. For me, scripted is a lot harder. can't memorize anything and I dont let if I dont like one If what you're writing for me, it's really hard for me to sell it yeah, so I I would agree with that. I yeah I do I don't like unlike the story, girl do really good. And maybe it will, but I'm a visual. If I don't see it, I can't fake it can't lie it. I can't do it so for me, being going up, one stage is being honest and trying to be funny is what
more natural gazettes, who I am but the other day The same kid grown up on the street is the same kid, those in high school- just always been the natural Natural me, I'm sorry to request an request? Glutton, the music in the restaurant, that your daughter was very upset about after college. Oh yeah, yeah, one thing? Bang, bang, bang, bang down bunk things being done! That's crazy is daddy is what its I wonder if I walk into tying restaurant and that on here you are he had a striking value. Invite your sinatra being, isn't I'm out if I don't fight
go into a chinese restaurant, and I do not here long. we've been on, I'm out you era. Jim Bruce is not authentic and you're, not putting me in the loop. I don't want to hear jazz playing. I don't want to hear, the latest from Jay z. I want to hear bang, bang, bang and unwanted. What's my poor righted wise, endocrine start I know it's that last thing: just how's, your wife he's doing great, so thousand twelve. She first was diagnosed with cancer and it was you. Dont have long live no that's the last will last one so choose
Twelve was first round Yet, who said to me in history, no honest and did a guy who's? I got to eat this flower and do that everything will be fine came back. In two thousand and fourteen to two years later. And then she did chemo she hey that, because she hates teacher the eu is clean as possible, especially after first diagnosed with cancer nan. Two thousand. This is the miracle part to sixteen.
Sixteen! That's! When there I, ah it's everywhere. We means everywhere his error. As now, we can do and I remember being in the room and or her face, I felt bad for her. Could she do not that you do not that she was facing mortality, it felt it was your fault shackles, sorry what you said This house is your fault, saying, fall and then I remember and what we why do we always find humor? I maybe the room and the doktor goes and she like what are we talking this is like, maybe February she's in maybe by the holidays. Unless we
maybe try a trial or such like that, but snow guarantees, but. I will give you drugs to to ease the pain like you'll, be ok, I just went do you have drugs for me to ease the pain, because this ain't gonna be fun? Add that doctor looked at me like that? How dare he you and my wife belly laugh because I knew that was the room breaker we laughed and she's. I know he's he's comedian and she's. Kept looking at me and shag, nano seriously, that's it does for living like that is running that we like the we. We laugh you it's ok seriously. Their stand! The dark you mamma! Had we had dark, humor yeah, it's good for it is good for you. I used to they used to say my mother committed suicide, knowledge analogy. Yes, it's acknowledge yes, and it's just and it's for some people at work. Some people done doesn't but do
So your mom, my mom, committed suicide. When I was young and I used to my partner radio for years and still my best friend, he would bring anything up about. You know somebody dies, I would immediately say thanks, for really dark. Why? What it was the way I dealt with and we still joke about it today. He'll still come up to me and he'll be like. wanna, bring up your mother's death, but you clearly came You clearly went through a lie. Uk unto guilt, and now all in all the cycle. Right and then you came to terms with there's nothing, but he can do I could have now. This is as not to do with me correct. It is what it is a year and then its cause.
All bets are off because its. It is because I learned from my dad it's it there's. If there's that, life is going to crush you. Absolutely it's going to crush your shear unless not hurt she rose raw share with dark, rehab, three years learning to talk again, we're gonna. Do it will it'll make some one is we get sick. Can you watch that process for years, but she's start a trial. and she's? I remember. I get these cluster headaches, get these cluster headaches and it it's all. I believe stress and dump the last
go where she was doing great. Still, your own great does met. She looks she's she's. How did that was stardom for you, I mean I had her way before that the way before it entered europe and that's a great thing to add I know z, I mean my wife, He thought I was sheath, her parents were like he is lose out and she married me and she is just not thrilled about any of it Is it like not impress my wife same thing but love that she drives me nuts? She would have me off all the time, and this is the producer of the movie say I have said to her before chatting and we've been invited. due to the white house? take one of the kids,
that's, oh love. That is exactly my wife. You grounded we can meet lead singer, casey dinner, who is he like? What does he? curse alive. What I tell you, to be king yeah baby can give a kings baby king o bbq. Seeing be ok! Ok He falls asleep in the cancer. I go back stage. Baby mean is like He looks at her cause she's hop. He looked at her, you like come instead of babies, lap. I wanted to say she didn't even know who you are rarely she fell. Asleep was sucking in
guy. They missed the whole show you were there, I'm sorry it was a good glenn. yeah So what she's good she's got we're goin on gas jet? six seven year so old and then I remember the closer started because every without the trucks for her, and I. She also has a very strong faith. very strong faith she. On that. years ago and saved our marriage your per cent saved her marriage. I I've got a lot of stories like that, but that one that begin. I say our faith and heard china bees clean. Possible is what keeps her goin
she I our marine sure you and your wife, You ve had a million times you like, we had an extra, Where was you like me? I like it, you don't like I can now tell you come to rub his shoulder it Mary. If yeah. If aquaman did that you'd submit clear, don't touch me, I get it and we were presented Second, kid: and die. She was having a rough girl. I was always a god guy, not a church. Goer, always a go, go yeah, not a church guy. Not I didn't want to get.
There's another whole, my our special but. She was like others. Now, god or is not this baba ba. She was It really wasn't and- and I come like how do you not know- and I dunno if was postpartum whatever it was. I remember. As in the south, in this low town we lived in an I challenged god yeah I pulled over us I had one of those cries because I thought the world scene, where your mouse open for an hour or people going by Alec, do drugs on their cheated. Why he didn't
this to me, I don't want this to end you, and I said I remember I I laugh about it now. I challenge I'm like. If you do, I need you. I know to save this marriage. If you exit, then I always, I always find you know every time. I go to your story and you make the decision by the way I was an abortion survivor, a miracle not saying god, then my mom clearly at american teenager, like I learned to take you out tonight coincidence and I was I give you don't show up now I swear I swear to god. I swear to you, I'd going you want me, go the other side unbroken I'm broken. I'm gonna!
darth full blown, darth, vader like me over their uncas, crush it across it. I'm gonna crush it and. a couple days later. I come back from weaker and as she's in the living room and die a uk shut up we're not sure you sit Myers us and we had happy to have happened. I asked somewhere where the kids
Yeah, that's a good cause and postpartum stuff that killed the kids, because I thought wow wow is real. I mean I'm being funny know. I know Israel so like where's, the kids they're upset okay, what's going on, she got and she proceeds and she's like well coffee shop in town and behind the counter utterly nor, but she she came from behind the counter it. She said you really need to. He needed do some few condoms house right now and I did she into way my wife tells issues I term aren't you. Quiet. I wanted. I know I don't know this person plank just now as it. So you just
in the car and I'm sorry we don't know each other, let's take a car ride and you're driving in them. What and she goes, I pointed, keep going straight. She made a left and I stop and then made a left. I remember going. Why are you doing this and I want to her house and houses cute and is decorated, nice and when his side and she said hold on my husband- has to be part of this and husband came down, and I went oh no and Whereas is gone and She goes and an aid they hands started prayed for me premium. I saw in my marriage and then I'd find love in my heart and And I wanted to laugh. Because you knew you just challenged warm not only that
That's not the answer euros expecting when this conversation started and when they were praying. Yeah and then that's when she's, like I dunno what's going on, I just want to start learning about god and going to church and Jesus, and I wet. didn't see that comment. I didn't they. You realize that You say you said save the marriage. But in saves on your terms gave you that Let me know out is, and I tell you ass, my kids lives before that happened. She went to this thing called the forum. It was vitamins vitamins.
Malady vitamins totally better now, and but I, my circulation before that it was a coffee. I start coffee and now because the coffee, that's what made me angry, that's what made me and then before that it was always something and then it would end with you now, like the vitamins last in three weeks, why Mary, and she's getting into, and it was. It was definitely open because she was. She had a different speed about her, but I still- I just gonna go and she would shoot hit me up with the alive kinds of people find their faith in me like that is excellent learning to swim. But have you
swimming funeral backstroke drenched gone the poor, I'm will go when I wanna go now. You need to is security and she would hit me all the time with dense, He started looking to meet different lights. Do you realize the power of voice and yeah? You know it's, it's like! No. You have a gift when I know that She should thank Jesus, ok, and there was a lot of that and I go hun. Please let me you do. We say you working work and work on that progress. And let me do I do and just like what you really should. Thank you.
Jesus created a Jesus yeah, I know lay a venue that a marriage is better I'll. Give you that the two things do this at one of these. This one is my friend was full blown she's in a cult. He would. here we had a radio show together, you can even make this upright and- and he go to What would your wife what's gonna do because they know each other brother and sister Anne, I said she I enter she's really learned. She has as bible studies, bible study, bible study was ice body in the bible and when it's not what it is, the women get together and they take a subject like being a parent, and it's for you know the quote in the beginning: they have coffee so many times we could do that.
Yeah. I don't know what she'd do in church on Sunday. Don't you do a new to subplot called me like? Oh my god, maybe I didn't like Zara, and this gives me why I can't describe it and so the guy in the past we have to look at music. You must cook digitally. I am here to watch DR. I need a new elevator god, and so this is around that my friends, I Jim two sheets prego at yes, she starts. She does some for she eats where, do any has to have in her to see it by
and while you feel sure sit in june It's not like Jesus. Thank you ready for dinner. Comes here. proline she'll. Just do this for a second and it's kind of like not nonchalant, isn't running a business, so nice I had to. I had to come out there He comes comes out to the house. I swear on my life, my hand, the god. This is true, Citizen she's in a cage ages ago dish is clean freak. My first sitting, there is looking at music brew. Man is coover d Can I be answered careers, some question blue. Do I need your permission by this point? My wife is such a rock wench He found her faith. I was on this way and I needed dad, real bad That's another amazing thing. So then she gets a light.
stories? I have that now she pulled me out of our just their great. in their beautiful he's in it is amazing, is good. It's amazing. So It is curious. Some opening a business checking account shouldn't be harder than running your business. So why do most bank still make you go into a branch with live oak bank? You can open an account online in minutes. That's because they put you at the centre of every decision they make with convenient digital access and superior customer support that small business checking simplified Open a business checking account today at live oak bank dot com, slash business checking did she know that he was no yeah, ok I'll get it like this. If you have no through you and one, no eight new money, no eight
She doesn't know why you know I found Jesus Jesus he's, not love, and you know, everyone who is not perfect. You have to learn to understand where they come from a sec If for some people that are really good, it was for I hear you're saying you hate, I don't know who he is, though, and I gotta I'm go outside for a cigarette. Really my lord.
you still love now now david smart, too, when the beginning, probably the first Jesus crushing involved a good two months now is for because now we have talks, sick animals, Says in the bible, blah blah blah and I'd say: I know that just how about that. One put We started talking and we fears and wasn't fights my car, that's it. I don't know, I feel more, this. This initial quotes as december so definitely it We saved our marriage and but she still like you and we thank you. Well Lou after the second month, our happened. Some triggered her And she came home
and it was right back to before Jesus showed him yeah. No one can know what happened, but it was again lie you saw or whatever it was. It was bad and she came right at me in in sitting at the island in the kitchen issues that and inside. I started. realizing tat. This was my last. This was the last hope and she he turned around scream and the one key It is a stare. She shut, the doors cayenne ash goes in the bathroom.
door and, as she did tat our contacts on the Danny stocks, and I was I was already going. Ok I'll get up. Again apartment in town and I'll, be with you. kids or am I in divorce, is this: you have everything as one therefore, the kids in may you'll find yourself, whenever she angry about and about fit This has gone on my head. She opened the door on out here ago and I lily was gonna go. I I'm not just sit here and take it if this is the end the full blown nuclear war lay on take on taking I'm taking you family down goes psychological, more jude I beheld this bag. My whole life, you're gonna, get it now, as she came up to me and she goes. I am so sorry. I'm gonna have more
hence my god. Today, I'm gonna slip. Ups, I'm a work in progress I'm learning about love, I'm learning about the lord it meant so much to me my whole life, you ve always been there. It's not you I have a lot of anger them trying to figure out. It's not you. You ve been so patient, so beautiful and I'm begging you to just patient with me. I love you so much from wait for them, but there is no, but and she turned away and started going upstairs and turned around. Like I mean at him, I'm sorry I just be patient.
and not until she went in the room and that's when I said under my bread. Thank you. Jesus cute cheese I thought. I'd, never say that, but thank you. Jesus that saved our marriage. Is it easy, is it have flaws, of course, are the perfect ass. The other thing people think. When you find your faith? You are Jesus you walking on water, you don't swear, you don't get mad, you don't do crazy things. drink. You don't get high, you do The above. There is no humans at a pure, but I have to be honest. for a long time? I didn't like saying that, because then people. Then we'll say oh euro you religious, because they
a great job. crushing that is well aids. Any faith you're you're that you want and so its absolute we and here's what's more mind boggling And again I don't know what it is. So when I first move to my chair, new jersey way from ya, had a kid- and I didn't realize very humble I don't like being like: hey I'm a star. I do. Get me reservations. Italy, restaurants, where you're the guy gets me day about around we're talking. Now you want a table for to thank you. Beefeater, it be feeder gin, martine trains run it have you she's out too hesitant. Oh so,
Do I moved the chest in new jersey and while I m there and talk a lot until I'm going, You are, but I am says all nine at the point of upon enough, like people like clan he's fine wines from poverty and we set they're. So I gone his camera shop. Young girl, behind the counter big blue eyes completely gifted there on the counter she looked at me, blinked lindbergh link into action it's days since she went god. I I just wanted to be in hatteras, and I heard you moved here and I always do anything and all my life and
I'm always aware these moments or think I am, and I went. Ok. this. Is your daughter You want this man to react and. I went so you wanna be an actress. I moved to allay is bleak blake, wiggle, wiggle away. This kid goes out there either alive. Gay shoe they're gonna all day. I we all go through it, airy wanted it did to vanity being higher on the latter's? Not just hollywood. It's every state, you you there.
Impure, who they see the eyes as you hey they and they all they do is drop names. I remember when I first started the industry matters like eddie murphy and richard pryor. I was just talking to george Carlin guy. You know the only people in our neck ice. That's all it takes for a human being like this to go out there. Some piece of dirt come along during her along calmly. It's over show me that its gummy horrible would have said his person. So I too, I saw your lunch tiggle lunch break. We had a lunch break and I got Extremely roar and truthful where, extremely and she went on to an end. We have great conversational, went from now on previous questions with anything you still want to pursue it. Fine, but call me
be blatantly honest with you You may want to you one thing Bobby ass, which you should thank you so much bowler but how is the sex do that. Sorry guys! So, do you know what happened to her well check this out. Again in my kids' lives, true story caught months later, did I lay I had fun. I like community in a coffee. I love coffee shops. I always find a local coffee shows a little place at the time. It was called cases, coffee shop, notes, Maria's, coffee shop, and I went in there is older- behind the counter stockings. gonna get an eyelid talk and and she's beautiful, ass, a man. Why would you do that? As you do beautiful, I go get it.
hope my wife and I age as well as you and I'm assuming your husband, and she goes. Oh my god know who you are. I cannot give you a hug something of the gold or what I really did. She comes from around the counter, and she gives me a really. Warm hugger was a fan hugged. It was like a warm hug and they took my shows looked at me and she went you're you're. guy. Then I I did some staff, as is not really she's, no action starts tearing up and she said you're the one that talk to my daughter. why I went wyatt. As she is, you and she said breaking dashwood? I pray to god that my daughter would
she was. She was in such a dark place. You did you really want to talk to a right you're. The one that I went, whose you I want all my guide, Yes, yes, that's. The woman that brought my wife to Christ and saved our marriage, the blink blink or the older. The old woman gotta be kidding me, which I found out. Which happen later and tell you didn't know not he didn't know now. oh my god. What is that and sometimes I wish here Kennedy whether, however, you want a label that, however, you want to compartment, make it let's god, that's jeez, that's dead, that's karma! How everyone put. It is a beautiful thing and I is to hope that humanity, just like a radio station, would at least go to that frequency and just take a couple of steps.
Back then, maybe see stuff like that, because that's how I see it, that's a wow moment you can have, tonnes while moments, if just stop with the twenty four seven, while a bottle. I don't think you can beat that story now. That's why we demand it. Thank you, dover, we're gonna macfarlane smash it this was fine, your great, so you thanks for having me you allowed this, you invited me, so thank you. You're welcome. Any time it's Just a reminder.
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