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2019-04-06 | 🔗
Glenn sits down with Matt Kibbe who is the President and Chief Community Organizer at Free the People, an education organization turning the next generation on to the values of liberty which is fitting because he is also the host of Kibbe on Liberty on Blaze TV. They discuss various dimensions of socialism as well as answer the question, "is there really such a thing as good socialism?" They also discuss capitalism and how it ultimately is the only thing that will work in terms of continuing to build this country as well as solve other problems like poverty in the world. 

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I want to tell you about a movie called unplanned. I dont have you heard, but MP, a has decided to slap and our rating on it, and it's crazy to do this. This is so far away from an hour rating. The reason why it has an hour rating is because there is a sea gee. I seen that last, maybe thirty seconds tops and it is of a baby, see gee I, on an ultra sound fighting its abortion. It's crazy! It's true story about Abbe Johnson Plan parenthood. This, I think, is a game changing moving so much. So I volunteered to my time to be able to tell this story and to get people to come. So please go to unplanned film dotcom, that's unplanned film dot com, it will change you. You know
known each other for a long time, and he uses word, but it's gotten progressively worse in the nation things that we thought I would never see. You never see things at work. Crazy to say ten years ago, are now being said every day by socialists, The media is trying to make socialists still into a bad word. There saying all the GEO P. It's just gonna, throw around the word socialist. I want to spend some time with you on what Socialist is and all of them need dimensions of socialism socialism, we know there's bad socialism. What's the difference, what Sweden, what's Venice, late, swale, and what people really talking about here. Let's do it okay, so they say that they're talking about swedish socialism, canadian socialism, but
already there proposals are going further than Canada on just of care alone, Canada said with that was unconstitutional. What their proposing Gallagher there fascinating to me that the modern democratic power he has not only sort of. Allowed the s word into their their vote. We learned, but it's almost a litmus test now yeah. It strikes me that that everybody has to pledge sums but a fealty to this. This idea of democratic socialism, in some ways, are chasing rainbows, I've, seen Eo C and and and how she succeeded on social media and they they think that, oh, let's, Oh there. Let's do that. So it's a part of it is sort of sick, so goal, virtues signalling and all of that kind of stuff, and- and you know when you too the young people data that I mean the kind of socialism. But you and I know so suitcase hotel. So too So tell me, let's start
the socialism that you and I know and the different between what's what young people are gravitating to. So socialism, as as we understand it, means the government owns everything becomes now it is the means of production right, and so what's a single top down, centralized sentry the planned, not just economy but world, where were the smart people in power are going to redesign things. Presumably in fairer way, right and and from the top down the the way that that has manifest itself in history has horribly brutal right that best killing machine ever designed by man and if you go back to marks- and he as this, he has this this sort of determinist arc of history, where it talks about feudalism late stage,
capitalism. Socialism, communism and it's important Shall we go back and read what marks talked about because Socialism is not the end. So when someone describes himself as socialist today, I think I think marks would be so mystified by the goal was not socialism, the girl was communism, but but the marxist philosophy, and comments by Ngos and marks, and, only lenin- and these be first sort of Practitioner- of socialism, socialism was a brutal violence thing it was where you took out all of the the favoured classes. You took out all the unbelievers, you you you, you murdered them in and they talked him it is fundamentally violent thing we're going after Reset society away from late stay capitalism were you have the division of labour and you have one
for wages and all of these things that are that are really bad in the socialist ideology but promise. People are used to that sort of stuff. So if they're not gonna get on the team, we take him out and said there there's a there's, a violence built in to this. This theory of of social chains, starting with marks- and you know eventually you get to this thing- called communism is, you know, there's no longer prices, there's no longer money, there's no longer workers, working for salaries and- and there certainly aren't any capitalists aren't rich people. That are lording over you know I accept there. Are I mean Maduro amuse a bus driver right now, he's the wealthiest man in Venezuela end. Word is absconding with much of the gold. If he's driven out he'll, take much of the gold they believe. So there are they. They may not start rich
doesn't it always end with the rich people with new rich people, Lord over everybody else. That's all the dilemma they have this sort of romantic idea that we can somehow a limit. It power structures. If, if we can t get through this brutal phase of I went socialism, but that's all works, and you know one of the fundamental critiques, Socialism- and I think democratic socialist- are gonna, have a fundamental problem with this is in order to redesign society. That way you have to centralize everything you have to give somebody a lot of power and and Madeira is a great example of this, he he is sort of the caricature. A Hugo Chavez in that, in the same way that that you had Lenin and then you had Stalin and it's not at all clear that that Stalin or Maduro are sort of ideological
motivated people there, just power hungry willing to do anything to keep power and that that standard, authoritarian stuff. You could call it socialism UK, fascism? You could call it whatever you like, but whenever you constantly how much power there's there? a rich guy he's, not a capital as a politician and that politics and is willing to do anything. People will say that What Maduro stewing? That's, not democratic socialism. Well, yes, it is there voted him in in this way. It or you could have Jesus as the leader of your country, and everything would say, fine and if Jesus did happen to live throughout all eternity he died or needed to be replaced? It's the next, and the next sky in the next sky that you worry about, you know what is I warned Democrats on Obama, don't give him much power because you're
It's not always gonna be in now, their screaming about perverted Donald Trump, using much of the same powers that they gave Obama and the real, publicans, I'm warning now, your guys not always gonna, be in, don't give them this much power, and so it was a democratic the socialist nation it always it. It seems always end in the same way to wear they just suspend elections or they make them so dirty that it's, not a real election and So you have the like. Look. Look at the rise of you- go travellers and compare it to what's going on in the Democratic Party today in its chillingly, similar because he was me before you is a socialist ideologues. He was, he was so here's a populist. Is appealing to the the seen of the farming working poor class
in Venezuela and you're getting screwed and frankly, they probably were being as the the preceding regime was, was hardly framework capitalism. It was. It was insider cronyism, autism, quite but also there were raging against the right thing, but the but the alternative to the populist democratic socialism. It it quickly devolved. Where were Jabez accumulated more more power and eventually says did the constitution the limits on himself and eventually nationalize the oil fields and in the farm lands and all the things that that you look today Venezuela was one of the richest countries. Maybe even twenty years ago we richest country America and Dick feed themselves. Now, and they're sitting on all these oil reserves, but the lights just went out. It's a scene right out. It's out of ATLAS shrug. Yet this movie right at the lights, go out
Venezuela, richest country in Latin America. Twenty years ago, politeness went out. When you're looking at things like Venezuela Hugo Chavez, New say it looks like awful lot like what's happening to the democratic party. How do you mean appealing to populous urges of of of sort of tax. The rich at seventy percent break up break up the media. Companies break up the energy companies, some hold companies personally liable all of that rhetoric, sort of sort of at its core sort of anti capitalist and tie. I hate the fact that the means of production our in private hands, because those guys will exploit us with worn is talking about. Having the It states government make medicine there. I think that's the worst if you have ever heard for multiple reasons but one
I don't. I don't understand how the people who are for this thing, the government, is so bad, so inefficient and it is and then want to give more power The government is so dangerous style, Trump Barack Obama, so dangerous. Let's give up our guns, it they just doesn't even make any kind of logical sense in its own logic- and I think I sort of learned- hard way as an economist by training and- and I was always wanted people to sort of think through costs and benefits and perverse incentives and all they going do that. That's not how I don't think, that's even how people process information. I think we pressed information through our emotions and ocean, all peal of of Medicare. For all is that there's to be healthcare for everybody and that's important right. Everyone should have healthcare and we are we are. It is a in the
You take it to God. It is being godly to share your wealth in your bread. I mean we're supposed to that's what we if you were raised in a Bible believing the household That's what you were taught taught share share, but the dish prince between sharing and- Socialism is the point of a gun, the eye, want to choose to share, I want to choose to be charitable. I want to help on. I want to find the things that I am passion about, that I can help and some people won't do it, but a lot of people will end we we ve crushed the soul of people, going to help and in making it more and more impossible. You go back and such Alexandria, Cassio Cortez as first one, major, a viable candidate and a lot of her
she talks about dignity. She talks about The people in Washington, the insiders dull, respect you. She talks about the collusion between government and big business, and she talks about getting active community and how we need each other, how we need a voice in the process, how we can come together and and make things better from the bottom up, and all of that I agree with, that's, not socialism, that's that's precisely the opposite of that. So it's too the eccentric. Socialism, its social and and you you said earlier and and this fundamental like compassion doesn't work at the end of a gun. Kent. For someone to care about their neighbours and to the extent that you ve source out to a third party government, particularly remit that far away you know, people get there but to get cynical I start to get bitter, nor, like I pay so much in taxes, why? Why do I have to help again?
why? Why should I do that? So I think, I think, for four people sort of attracted to that narrative. We should It been a lot more time explaining how it is that that freedom actually works and how it is that free people do feel inability, operate and and share their their personal dreams and skills and knowledge and come together and create really beautiful thing. We don't. We don't do that so much so I happen to believe that I come from a different place. Cuz. I come from a good place and I know there's a ton of people that don't and they did don't think it's even necessary, and I know like Pendule, let its not he just minutely as this way, but know I think I'm Rand. I love I rand. I love what he says I love tee. The vision strong, individual standing up. However,
she, MRS, that that point of heart, so it seems so cold and distant. Really, I think in some ways it is when you talk to real people who are really die hard, I renders their like charities, bad wrote and I d defender and- and she was very influential when I was when I was a kid I discovered and reading a letter notes on a rush album, so she p. She was my first breadcrumb that led me to Adam Smith the austrian economists and all of that and in context is important to remember that that she is a young. Jewish girl fled the bullshit revolution and think about the guts that that took Clia and but also like that the permanent scars like idly by family and come to a Parker. Take it on my own. So a lot of her when she talks about selfishness, which is
What she sang is. I want to be myself. On one brutal government, to tell me who I am so. If you tried screw. You then, and in a lot of her, her sort of It talks about selfishness and individualism and and and the rugged nature of people just taking care of themselves. It's it's. A reaction to really brutal socialist communist philosophy, and I agree with the allotted alot. Arend fans. Stop there. They focus on that, and maybe they're not anyway this conversation once maybe they're, not reading the books. The way I did because I look at a lot of the heroes in both Fountainhead and LE shrugged, as people that extraordinarily about society, there there bleeding alive to try to save the thing that keeps the lights on.
Because I shrugged they're all they're all just getting up every day and demonized by everyone. The threats there are concerned and and confiscate their property and threatens emanate they they persevere. That's not. Selfishness in any narrow sense that I would understand it, that's that's doing something bigger than yourself. I think it's is capitalist We haven't done, would you agree? We haven't done capitalism for at least a hundred years. Okay, this is this is a mess a lot of the things that people that that think that they our progressives they think they agree with its actually that's kind of the route of what we have right now and it's its pulling away from the constitution and the rule of law and the independence and the gas your power in Washington, that's causing so much. So many problems but if you really look at
some of these characters for mine random, but but also go back to Adam Smith and Moral sediments capital. Is the most compassionate when it's at its best, it is the most compassionate and it is the it's the best way to do charity because it is a good capitalist knows. I can be a millionaire if, if I design something that everybody needs once baby, a billionaire if I design something and everybody needs every day. How can I make people's lives I better or easier. If I can boy that well I get their riches but you, it's it's like hunger, we I have done so much to pull people out of starvation de pull people of of poverty and and can't say that it well. It was the big Minos.
Big charities? That did that. I wasn't. It was the idea that you're an individual and that you should be able to keep what you make and theirs there's, a free market out there to exchange goods and services, you put the I found it can to the internet in the middle the jungle they're, making money I'm making money and they have things that they ve never had before, like clean water, Charity, that's capitalism, but it's the best form of capitalism. Is it not hesitate to use the sea urban and enough. Reportedly, it was Karl MA that sort of set up this false choice. Between socialism and who could be against being social versus capitalism which which emphasizes one small part of what a free market economic processes, the accumulation of capital,
but that's not what freedom is about. That's, and that is that, as a consequence and in a useful tool by which people can create wealth, prosperity and and and lift people out of poverty so I worry about the except assorted like I don't like the left versus right. They are we really choosing between Hitler and POL pot. I don't think so. I think we have to rethink these things, but you know I just this week on my show, seamless, shameless plug for for Cuba, get wade. Who is young entrepreneurs from Senegal. If she was here, she would tell you that all of this charity, but that has tried to help help Africa, The years has been a disaster bonnet. Says. The same thing bottle says the same thing: Vano says that that of all the isms capitalism is the only thing that is lifting people out of, poverty in Africa,
and there is sort of this perverse incentive with the the Ngos, the that the poverty and Austria, complex color, whenever you like less than what to do is fixed poverty than than the business stops and it and it's over I spent some time in Haiti you're. Actually doing real harm to Haiti where all price in all that all all s of his coming in its in from charities put put farmers out there not growing anything. How could you possibly compete? I mean it's, it hurts. Did I had another progressive friend on the show, and we are talking about the fact that capitalism is Lifting all these people out of poverty in the World Bank says, something like. In the last thirty years we ve weave halved. The number of abstained poor people in the world and and by any measure. That has to be a good thing, but what
dresses are obsessed about, but is it equal? Is it fair? Is it just that, in the process of doing all of this sum, unlike Jeff Bees, Us is how many billion he's worth these days, but he's he's worth a lot of money. They don't like that and- and I even look at the data to take it a bit further light. There is- and actually a trade off between equality in terms of become a quality and prosperity these things actually work rise together in practice, but again so they were making an economic argument. How do we feed people? We do it through through free enterprise and in taking that Bert? nah forms of production of food and everything else and the other side is making an emotional argument that it just doesn't feel right, How do you argue against that? Doesn't feel good. I think one way that that I
do it is we're to go to Senegal and we're gonna talk to people and I want to I wanna- I want a sort of human eyes, the the positive effects of what free capitalism actually brings to that country, but also human eyes, the the unintended consequences of of charity and government regulation and all of these top down the theme is top downright all of these uptown good intentions, never ever work out, but it is if we're having an emotional conversation is seven economic one must talk to people, let's start to a person that used to sell shoes and wisdom. Stated- by a well meaning shoe company that started giving shoes away for free that person and he doesn't have a job anymore,
and the person who gave the shoes away. Probably has no idea how much damage he did, that There's no other standing of of what passed yacht talked about the scene and the unseen. Mean is, is making sure that that some kids in and in that village are received. A pair of shoes, The unseen is that you just disrupted the informal economy that that creates all jobs, and and all of the means by which the people themselves could lift themselves out of poverty without hand out the hand out is is corrupting added it. Did it destroyed as the these sort of insight revolution that would allow people to help themselves
that has been lost a mean. Even after said, you have to provide a man work if you just give him welfare without providing work, eventually, hills, he'll, just roll up in a ball and be useless, I mean you, know the idea. Even of social security was that's for the people who retire, there is no retirement at that. That was two or three years after sixty five was two or three years after average man died. So it was to take care of the widows that might live to sixty six or sixty seven. Now we're lucky it is a retirement plan, that's not what it was intended for. It was. It was social, Secure S, s, eye social security insurance. Insurance insurance is not guaranteed to pay out, but now it is and we ve law side of this was the safety net that we
supposed to provide. You know that we as a as a capitalist republic, voted on and said you know what week we do have to take care of of some people. We have to do that as a people last out what it is I want it there's no one had ever lasts, as is this a sort of the Achilles heel. The fundamental fatal flaw in in the progressive dream which emit just to be like sort of intellectually honest, I don't see it for fundamental difference between Progressive ISM as it was find an socialism, because that, but it's all posts to be top down supposed autocratic, replacing the chaos of the market, with the best people from the best unit cities in the best families very latest you know this better than I do them very racist at its at its core, but the thing
They have never been willing to accept and an all planners, oh good meaning do her planners? They don't understand power and they don't their stand. How power corrupts absolutely They don't understand how a program that be strictly limited when just a few people, being over sixty five years of age as it as a small safety net, how that took on a life of its own and how it became a political ball and how it became a wet. And for the bureaucratic class to use to build itself at the expense of people and all of those things, and even how it is that big businesses will game the system to make it difficult. Mom and pop businesses to get a foothold in the market. All that stuff happens with every single government programme, and you know when it gets really bad. You end up with Venezuela
this sort of under control, you end up with twenty two trillion dollars and dad, but you know at some point you run as Margaret Thatcher set at some point somebody else's money. May take you to take you out of these times- can Caesar sometimes to see things. When you go back and talk about the past week, living in a time, much like the begin the industrial revolution. Ships can be much more, transformative faster than that was, but you- seeing the Vanderbilt and the Carnegie S and they're just I happen to be the basis in the and the jobs of the world or whatever and you're seeing this great wealth produced and and near seeing it even with with Google, because they have such great wealth in such great leverage on
companies now, the size of the Munich governments must governments around the world are not the size of a Google in Microsoft or Facebook combined? and so they have great power. You know the Vanderbilt safe they pretty much out where the train tracks we're gonna, go because they on the railroads and they wanted a house over here. That train was go in that way When I first move to Texas, I went in the year with Ross RO. As a neighbour of mine and I went with the sun and he took me over this ranch that he had was tens of thousands of acres and he had slowly sold it off, but they had built an airport bill to try switching station which all the used to be switched in Houston and now being switched here. We built this beautiful areas. Right next to it. So
it's in services, could be either offload it on the train or on loaded under the plane ammo. On just picked that, as the head of Amazon Flight operations, and, as I was with him in his helicopter, he was pointing out all the different things at a dead end You know you like ten years from now. This will be this, and that will be that- and I hope this is how the rich get richer real they have enough money to be? or to say you know what put the freeway here and that's where real wealth comes from? How do you. I don't agree with the Robber barons, some of the more bad, some of whom were really good But how do you stop people from gaining Rockefeller style, power and wealth, Could you just had coffee? Were they
The interest lawyer in DC, he's an old, Ralph, Nator Raider Guy- and we were talking about this- this concentration of not sure its concentration of wealth, its concentration of power and how there is theirs. There is, there is an elite of insiders did not play the game, they not a game, the system and it it may not simply be government, Fighters verses, free market stuff, but I do think when you dig into that stuff and any other stuff that Amazon is doing the stuff they google's. They have a lot of government contracts and a lot of power in Washington, D C n I very much welcome the business of gaming, this system, so that so that competitors can't do that to us I mean that's what I'm ran wrote about her whole book is really about public choice. Theory, it's really about them.
Surely you gotta get a man in Washington and you see that evolution you sought in Microsoft and Microsoft was? Was a functionally sort, Oliver their incorporation into even of a disease until they taken as a woodshed than antitrust suit and overcome Letters piled on that and they built up. What is our huge DC office in how they use their insider connections to try to screw their computer, whose so that's the problem. Yet that's the problem, and you you need to sort of severs accord between. Simulation of wealth, because I I don't I don't want to stop that, because that's filling the goose it that laid the golden egg, But how do you make it so that these very Politicians that are that are preaching to us about fairness, and justice, this Elizabeth Worn, wants to break up is it Amazon? I've really likes? You want to break em, all of whom
which is really doing is sending a signal like bigger play ball. I want a peace, so if few come to the table and work with me help me get elected, donate my campaign homage that you have a seat at the table when we craft the plan to break you up. And over history? What happens is every time that process Is itself out these these? So I'll? Do you know big business. They were setting out to rein in their rights rules and they the roles. Google wrote the internet bill uniform what it is called them shoot, snout free internet, but you know what I'm tired they're the ones who who wrote that bear internet neutrality, net neutrality, net neutrality mean that is that that that should make us stop and think
wait a minute. Google wrote that you know you saw this in the, in world war. Two in the great depression mean if anybody looks up visual of a chord c, o r d or or anything really It was built in Think Indiana back in the thirties far as cars the Deuce Hamburg Those things were those were regions, great cars. The big thing we were called into the office because they had the cloud you guys make the rules you have a fair playing ground and they did and it put all those great car manufacturers out of business. Because they write em for themselves and that's that's. The the cognitive dissidents was with someone like Bernie Sanders, because Oreo Sea or any of these sort of populist social justice warrior tie
I'm with them when there raging against the machine, I'm with them when they talk about the collusion of a government bill, some with them when they complain about permanent war and mass incarceration and cry. The capitals and all that stuff, but they do seem to understand how power accumulates because of the policies that they advocate and how they would no matter what the programme as it could be so security it could be Medicare for all. It could be, neutrality, there's always a middle man. There's always a guy at the table before you and and the voter, the citizen, the consumer You never have a seat at the table when that, when the dwindling being divided up. So I do think, there's like part of the answer. To the rise of socialism has to be what I would They call liberty. In populism We need to acknowledge that there is,
class of insiders and and that class of insiders isn't just in Washington DC. But it's a it's a mutual beneficial insider club, what let's embrace that I mean that's what you got as was railing against such, were Bernie Sanders railing against, but but the the irony with Bernie is as like that We need to give more power because if we do that, then do not stop at on whom it doesn't make any sense, but we could appealed the sort of the emotions of people know the game is rigged. They know system is corrupt. They dont trust pilot since that's a very healthy thing. Let's what's focus on that and but also get to that other thing. We're talking about, what's the what's the beautiful thing, that's the alternative to this top down. Insiders collusion, what's what's the beauty of the market and we really suck alley
slain in horrible at it the debate, if it comes out of free people, so so let's go, there were after one more question p, You tell me the difference between socialism, communism and national socialism, so communist nazis, and just straight up swedish socialists law use communism is of this. This very terror tell world where there is theirs. Unicorns and there's, there's no more scarcity, so food is not an issue. Housing sought an issue. Healthcare is not an issue of such much a fantasy world does no government in communism according to remarks. There is apps. We know. Government there's no need to work. There is no it to grow stuff out of it. So it's like this, this fantasy world that we're never gonna get too because the that the gateway between capitalism, and Communism Communism, a socialist, and It is in practice it some
sort of it's not all I'm control of the means of production. On occasion they try. It now tried it with a great leap forward and sixty five million people starved brutal brutal. Like pol pot in Cambodia. He peace studied Marxism, the best university in Paris and he and his friends up with this idea this. This idea that we could move move society back to this agrarian state and he implemented it great seriousness, but the first and he did was kill all the forerunners. So what What is that? Is that socialism, or is that national socialism is at that sort of that that cultural, identity that that we often associated with with Mussolini and Hitler in practice, they ve been urge together. But you know technically, socialism is, is government on ownership ship, the means of production fascism is just go.
Control of the means of production in practice. A lot of the socialists experiments, have had a clear aspects of fascism and a lot of ashes experiments I mean both mostly Hitler. You know they were socialist before they were, they were fascists, but you know it so I M and Mussolini in particular, was he's here: problem with communism was he said I I I caught in World WAR one and nobody was fighting for the worse, curse of the world. They were fighting for France where they were fighting for ITALY, error fighting for their homeland and that's what price him international socialism instead of communism, and the same thing with with Hitler with of with the red on the flag. For said, the reason why the flag, the Nazi flag is red, is to show but we are the same as the at the any communist they need to know. That's our base is, is
that same basic philosophy, we're still watching that play out too it's it's a sort of a cynic, strategy of of appealing to national identity instead of class struggle. But you know that the three out there. Let's, let's see what sticks are we are. We met a rich people today. Are we just mad it at people from from? their religion or another as a necessity and with pol pot. It was all The above I'm gonna use all of those demagogic tools to manipulate people and there are people and and ultimately to kill people its it. It is place itself out today with Antigua, and you know the history of anti fur it, was this. This pissing match for power back going on after World WAR, two between economy, anti for same thing and the fascists
who were the other side and by by the leaders of those two teams would switch teams on a strategic bay, this depending on who is winning and right and what playing with the public all of that stuff. But it was never about ideology. No, the advocates fight about power who's in control over whose whose who's in charge I see that today with wood, the violent tactics, it's it's an expert, man to see if the american people will tolerate vial. As a tool for political change and certainly that the media's seems to be given a more pass on that so tell me about
beautiful alternative, because no one is communicating this there there these tiny about you just readiest need em fix health care. We just need to do that. Now. We that's a big job ahead of us and it's a bold vision but I hear anybody articulating the minutes, it's hard to articulate a vision that essentially imagines beautiful things that that people could do if they were, of so I restart the conversation by pulling out this guy and we all know who came up with this idea and I phone and financed by account Steve Jobs was a total jerk is a rude and obsessed and just mean his book, you know, are you yeah? He tried to get me for. Fox he met with Rupert flew into. Met with Rupert try to giving fire soon. I can argue- and I say this to you- was kind of a jerk-
Stevens had genius, I actually like the stuff that he made. I dont know how he become that he became this beloved figure cause. He was one of the worst human beings anybody know it's, because people left right centre love. The notion of Entrepreneurship What about Elon Musk? These done now again love well, staff jargon, maybe or at least have the power stay after smoke after the show we'll work it out. But if you know this, this device and I and I go like this- I'm a dork. I always go back to Ludwig Van MRS, my wife, hates me for this. You ain't nobody cares but Missis talks about entrepreneurship. It's not just satisfying consumer demand, its imagining and alternative future. That's better more awesome and in part of is stubbornness. Jerky ness was forcing his colleagues
to say this is what they want. They don't know it don't go market test. It don't talk me that it has to be this way. I have. Is vision of a future, and if you imagine like confiscating all the iphones today that the millennium generation would would shut down, there function, you could do could see all the guns, you get First Amendment Second amendment, no one saying so like and entrepreneurship, not a dirty word. Capitalism is dirty word with young people, but entrepreneurship isn't and so, I've, tried to do in its difficult with things like health care, but I've tried to you things like craft beer as a metaphor for the awesomeness that happens when people are free Khazars in the craft, beer worlders, there's a sense of radical innovation. You can Well, I a quadrupling hopped with who, with hops from all over the world and its twelve an alcohol and it'll it'll make you can plainly incoherent if
up to them, but it's sort of a quest for people to two to create that see if there is a market place for it. There is theirs of these sub some communities who get together in and try find that the happiest beer out there there's and serve of community at these craft beer places an it's really a metaphor for everything. We love about markets, you ever not pure he's just trying to make a buck he's trying to create some. Mary loves, he's trying to create something that he wants. This community to love he's trying to serve in audio, by doing something that it is premature, sure, they're, gonna want and so finding stories like that. We find in charity. We could find them in markets. You could find their products and services. I think one way, explain the awesomeness of markets and how it produces community and a sense of dare I say, social responsibility. I hate it.
Left steals all these words, so if I say shall social responsibility now it scuttle this bag I I think there is such a thing is social responsibility to, but it's not no one's gonna forced me to do it, so I think I think we struggle with that because it sort of an imaginary future you're looking around the corner of history and imagining a world where you could get healthcare like you, get european be like. Get your Gruber, you could. I so we choose from a whole menu of doctors. You could look at their ratings. You would know Your pricing is before you go in this. This is not There were M horizon cat scans that are sitting empty. I wanna Booker cat scan, while using Dr Here- and you can take that and they compete against each other and the free market works.
The free market work to get rid of all the the third parties and administrative hangers on some of the money we would save by getting rid of all that, and then I think, We need some, some actual exe from us another out there. I wanna go, find them actually makes some some documentaries about about how free market medicine actually works today and in tragically it at today works. In what's called boutique medicine, so you have you have centralize government controlled heavily. Ash and I can't get surgery time for me not to die, systems and in the market, responded by creating boutique medicine and who can afford boutique medicine. Only the rich but you can at least see how it is that a market price would work for an mri. You can't beard. When you try to decipher your hospital bill or your insurance payment, it's just not there, there's no pricing
oh, when you, when you look at when you look at what say, the market healthcare people only see the suffering of others and they, and they see only the option well. We got a repeal and do what and do what Is it we're going to do, and I haven't Anybody talk about the gray design and the beauty of a radically different healthcare system on the right. It's going and I think better or worse, all of the things we ve tried to fix. You know I've been, for a long time and you know it. We tried to fix the federal government, yet economic benefit sort of silly, and I now that I thought we could can elect a bunch people that would want to balance the budget. Now then, but there is a noble fight club. We did it, I think
a different world. We we didn't understand what we were fighting and and we really thought that there were decent people and there are a few, but there's a there's a ton of cowards ton of cowards at Washington Tone Coward, and in all of the incentives are designed to grow the government Washington class. I should call Washington Class gives us not just people at work for the government, but I think you know this. This is where my libertarianism comes. I think that technology and entrepreneurship is going to hack the system outside of politics. The same way that boutique medicine is a market response to the fact that people that desperately need health care, get it waiting in line and in the UK or in Canada they get on. Did she and they go get it somewhere else? There is actually great health.
Mexico believe it or not, but but yet pay for market did market and most people don't have access to that stuff, We're gonna need to hack the system. The same way that uber and lift hacked the taxi monopoly I have industrial organisation books on myself that I, that I studied that you it's. The taxi monopoly is a classic example of a government entrench cartel that you will never ever ever break and technology did and, of course, now coming back and they're trying to destroy Oberon lift, but I think the end voters and hackers and and people that are desperate for an alternative there. There there and we got it, we got to empower them and we I gotta go, let all these young people, sort of entranced by democratic socialism see that that beautiful, positive others,
markets, helping people means that the problem with I mean Buber and lift, were able, in the rest of the country to run tests enough to run experiments to see if this would work before it was released nationally and and you don't need the government to change anything. You needed the government say hey. This is a new thing and they have a right to exist or enforce that right. But you don't, really need the government on on things We ve lost the ability, for instance, on healthcare. You can't do things you can you can't just say you know what we're gonna do. We're gonna do something our self weren't you something as a state of Texas we're gonna. Do you can't do that, the government, just shackles you, and so there the only ideas you have our theories but no one was allowed to try. Yet
You have some small things and then you have a committee that looking at him sing. Well, is it worth getting rid of Miss Caswell? Will this work? Will this be better They have an agenda of one kind of health care or another, You have no chance for fifty separate laboratories there. We just went through this absurd debate, which I think turned out right on the question of. To try our you as a terminal patient allowed to try and experimental drug that he has gone through the basic safety tests and in the face of it it's an absurd question like who would dare tell me that I wouldn't and yet we went through that process were were there. And by the way it's it's, it's it. It's an ugly col. Jane between the FDA farmers. Local companies they don't necessarily want people to have choices, they got a system that works for them and one at one of the monitor
consequences or intended. Is that that the lot of drugs are quite expensive. Alot of drought, since you might want to try drugs are used in Europe, are unavailable here and as a patient. I'm thinking to myself my doktor just told me that I'm going to die I'm out of cancer survivors. So this is personally me and my you just told me that, but he says that the federal government wont. Let me try this this treatment, that seems to be working. I can get you into that trial, but you can't do it so that to me like, that's it that's a cool story to explain why patients and die turn making choices is a good thing, and that, of course, is that the free market vision is that patients and doctors need to work this stuff out in, and you don't want a politician or a bureaucrat between you and your doctor. We produce a lot of stuff on medical cannabis. For that reason, because it's it's
cannabis, is something that that very much supported left of centre. Or more supported right of centre like in Utah that it just passed in and sixty seventy percent, a Republican supported as well, but it's cannabis at all. It's about whether or not a patient and a doctor can, the choice and and can we see, can we see what since there are we documentary wits about my bodies, Joel Davis, Homer teapot activist born with herbal Scully ISIS Annie's he's had just just an incredibly sort of pain, full experience getting through life, his doctors. Bonds over the years was to give him more and more opiates, and I forget the nuts but it was an insane amargosa. It was. He was taking the amount of open it's everyday day would kill anybody else, because he had developed a complete tolerance for it.
And it was running his body was route running. As is his mind. It was running his life and he decided He lives in West Virginia, so we had to do to illegally. We couldn't really talked to his doctor I've been he decided between myself off by using medical cannabis and he did it and to me. Like. I don't know why anyone would tell him you couldn't that's that's the story of freedom and in its very uplift, aspirational cuz had he has his life back now, I don't know why anybody has a right to tell me what I can and cannot putting my body, especially if I'm sick That includes, I want to die if the the sticky part on that comes with the dead valuation of life and getting doctors involved in you ve, seen the numbers. I think it's in Sweden that thirty per
and thirty or thirty, seven percent of all of the deaths last year and Sweden were Doktor assisted. That is a little frightening. That's low frightening, as you have incentive as we are seeing in with Charlie Garden. We ve seen a couple times here in Amerika. You know if the, if, if the doktor deems there's not relieving there, that is shut off and ye another starting to see that now in Sweden, that the skies really depressed and you know he wants to, but he wants to Lena and his life. Let's help him cause he's a drain anyway. It's a I mean it's a form of fascism, authoritarianism were you. You have this global budget or spend this money, healthcare and somebody's decided from the top down it is, and you're trying to rearrange the chest pieces for humans are lives,
and you're saying all like eyes too old off that guy's meant land stable gone, that child's not were saving. We can't the cost benefits, if not there, that the brutal calculus of that is is quite typical and a turn countries, but it's also quite typical in in top down one size fits all global budget govern, run healthcare. So again, I think we're the bad guys it. We could sell that the young, people know because nobody wants to nobody We believe in that no decent person believes that people should I hour ago, all the way back to the Obamacare fight. I remember Robert Reich if, Leslie sang or old people die and he was to speak that's it you speaking at Berkeley and they end they applauded like how sick is that really sick? I think we have
I think we are experiencing now occult Munich is, I d The call to culture is someone with a group with extreme. My ideas out of out of step with the main stream that they will, they will take you take it. Children, whoever and indoctrinate you then turn you against anyone who has a differing opinion. Anyone who says this churches and true while you, stop them because they are liars and their dangerous and you just our building enemies. Well, that's What's happened to the Democratic Party, they're afraid you can't step out of the Democratic Party and Dave. You know they they hold. These called like meetings. The scary thing is: is there also death called they? They are hail? let's light up the you know, empire state building and shower abortion
it used to be safe, rare legal, it's rare now start rare. And they stay are. When you light up the statue of liberty to celebrate, infanticide, that's a little death Caltech! Isn't it? I wonder how there coalition holds because I, studied with with great interest. The women's March ends indivisible and then how it compared and didn't compare to the tea party movement and you have all of these seemingly disparate values and agendas in the democratic coalition that showing up the march and of course it fell apart quite quickly because it turned out that that some of those values were fundamental odds with others of those values and then
what it whatever else you want to say about the tea party. There was a time between two thousand and nine and two thousand and thirteen where that the values were almost on. A per cent insistent you could randomly walk into a crowd- and I did this All those years like quite hear what he you thinking about and they would all give you some adoration of fur I'm here, because My government has gone bonkers. We need some fiscal responsibility. Ass to government in individual Liberty by the way they would have all sorts of opinions about all sorts of other things, but that was the the glue it held them together and that the modern d at a party doesn't have that glue and then they have to sort. I think they have to hide,
the authoritarian nature of what they're getting out, because I dont think that sell so you could give you're gonna go with populism, you're gonna, put democratic in of socialism- maybe Maybe you lookin at me send your way too optimistic that this doesn't hold together, but but order for it to fall apart, like what's the alternative. Where do you go or if you believe, and Liberty and where? Where does a tea party or that still doesn't like ST bailouts and and doesn't like the national debts and doesn't like budgets that never balance and doesn't like limits on free speech All of that stuff just describe myself like I'm, I'm drift out I'm trying to find a home. I think you gotta go upstream of politics either. I think politics corrupted the tea party and politics: corrupt,
thing. I think eventually, you know a guy shows up at your doorstep with a deal that you can't refuse in politics, so we gotta go upstream into culture, and tell stories and and and and and connect with that that sort of emotional side of people better. There are worried about a lot of same things. We are, but they discuss things like humans and an eye process. Like a dork, I see something yesterday on the Erin does matter what it was, but I had a friend write to me and- and I wasn't in lockstep with him and he was very upset and like due to wear
we're, never gonna be lockstep, I'm that shouldn't be a goal. I know why why all of a sudden there? Well, because it was about downtown Bobby Hezbollah And the EU you don't want to live in that world seems like that is the world. That is getting smaller and smaller and smaller that we have to be in an lockstep. We we were, much better off. If we can look at each other's individuals and say I don't agree with me on that at all, but only one go: get your hickory hog like drinker, whatever the work on this project together and I wondered like you look at that women's marcher, the the modern Democrat coalition and their big into silos right there they want. I identify people based on the color of their skin, another religion or other their sexual identity enters there's not done
if silos it's getting complicated, but maybe the alternative is like it really believe in diversity. You should acknowledge that you know what there's not dozens of silos. There's millions there's billions of silos in this world because Rollo a bit different well of different hope. Dreams and our parents are different and, and our face that we choose is different, but wouldn't livestock. If we different. Yes, like imagine a world that was just me, but that that would be the deepest full of hell our. It would be I would hate it, our data would not wanting to know round like lot. Neither would I mean it's it did. Is we ve? We accentuated our differences at the expense of what that we need each other.
And in this is an old idea mean with the pilgrims tried it and Plymouth, Broccoli trotted: they they tried it in Virginia in was it I say Jonestown, but isn't at the dreams. Tat aims to John. How but also social is also shows socialist, but they'd they they all ended the same way in the pilgrims had do you know a very religious reason for doing it again was tat, had just a kind of of big govern kind of reasons for doing it, but it did, but they end in the same way, and it does it just doesn't work. This doesn't work or what you're your motive is. It doesn't work. We talk about, Who has a big vision, the group of people it should have. The big region are the libertarians
but I find they are exactly like the GEO P or the the Dnc or the Socialists, not aware. Excuse me You don't quote the right french philosopher, you're, no libertarian, where libertarians the? in the recent. What why it Appeals to me is because it was and if the original idea of the country Stone has your book was don't what don't don't hurt people and dance their story, don't take their stuff. That's really what it is supposed to be. This not really is it. It's no, its, not enders. There's an interesting civil war we're going on within Libertarian Party and win, we loved
each other out right of the tent, but right now there's a there's, a proxy war for this whole cultural identity thing going on between socially conservative, libertarians and the tunnel them and socially liberal libertarians and- and I think, how? Can you be a libertarian on either side, if you to tell the other side out alive. That's what I'm trying to tell them he doesn't make sense. These are missing like that, to the point that the sails for being a libertarian. Is I'm gonna? Let you live your life and yours actually conservative, do you think that merit between a man and a woman and you to raise your kids going to this church and and by the way you probably don't want to make a case for that couple, and I'm like that's ok, should do that, and here I am, I wanna go to grateful dead concerts and, and I want to die my hair blue and then do all sorts of things it probable
sort of review the wrong way, but in a Erika in is smaller, libertarian world were both free to do that and the process? We're gonna, probably figure out how to cooperate. How to collaborate. Tolerate each other. We might even get to the point where we could respect each other's point of view, but were never going to be the same. You're, never gonna convince me to live just like you so we're in this. Then this argument, I I spent the last couple years- attending big AL libertarian events for the first time in my life and entered their working, through some of these things, a lotta good people, a great people. Candidates, but It's a little bit like a in our The New York Times I read a couple years ago were burning old, socialist bodies from Burlington. I think he's a total sell out because he no longer talks about seizing the means of production and in their there
deeply disappointed that Bernie Sanders is successful. That's what small all it illogical base movements do their pushing people out to the girl, bring pains for the libertarian Party or any other third party. Maybe it's just the Indians, party is its how to be. It's gotta be like what describing with the tea party, is a couple values our non negotiable. This goal possibility and unconstitutional limited government beyond that we are all sorts of people with all sorts of views and and all sorts of regions and everything else in and we cooperate where this beautiful, crazy quilt of all sorts of different types of people. That's what the that's! What the he has to become. If they want to succeed, that's would I mean! That's why I'm here? I think that's that sort of the vision that that you, the powers that be have four blaze. Tv, like it's, it's a place, we can agree on a couple things that are really
written to us, you believe in the constitution. The bill of rights. Do belief. America has always been, but is the his force for good because of the free market system may feebly. Things men! I don't care about anything else, just having caused so things tell me you're not try to change the fundamental system, and you believe in these rights that are sacrosanct else, is argue about that matters. Really there's not much. And so we're having a little social experiment right here and so far nobody's I didn't so where the founders libertarians, let me know sat how they would would describe selves today. Yes, and then they wouldn't know that word right right. They would, they would call themselves less liberals The liberals are just comes goddess, enlightenment,.
Tight. Yes, I don't know what that I guess they would use the reward Republican. That's what Jefferson would call it, but it was very much a libertarian vision, were they the dose of of radical democracy in there and then that they argued about how much they would empower people, to govern themselves, but in the context everything else it had happened before them that there was a radical idea that that individuals actually mattered and that they could be trusted to govern themselves, so it it probably is never thought about this. Four, but it's probably some flavour of of turning populism, the region, Since the machine ride the region against the king. They have this. This very high minded vision of of all people self governing that, slavery right. We eventually got that right.
But the vision in the context of where they were at the time, which is so radical pie in the sky, unicorns So when I, when I think about what they did, I think I think we might be, our problem is- was bigger, yeah and as far as I know, the kings not going to bed us at least not yet not yet, Let me go one more place from the founders being libertarians you're a dead head. The grateful dead have all of the earmarks of libertarians. There I mean they. Hey, look, Sir Music, your havin fun! You now bring year record, but plugin down here, just take get a good clean copy of it. You know their create they charge you, they saw people were doing, they enabled them to do it, didn't try to chase them out and They became the great
dead. Because of that do your own thing right, it was, it was a brain I've told you this before I buy model to the extent that had any influence over the organization of the Tea party. I wanted it to be leaderless, and I would always refused to tell people what to do. I would always say you guys he has figured out because the power in this movement comes from the bottom up and then go back. Watch recently theirs. Flicks or Amazon figures, Amazon, three or four part series long, strange trip spotty the evolution of the grateful dead and I There is a matter of using their from Jerry, Garcia that had never seen before and he basically in and go capitalist. He would. He was an anarchist in the sense that he refused to tell his community, what to do
and then the result of that meant that there was always sort of chaos and was beautiful chaos. It was soup, messy, didn't always work out right, but the upside was a tremendously large, sustainable, beautiful community that that her sort of self ownership in pending the brand of the community that to me is what what America should be. I don't wanna be told what to do, and I suspect that for all our problems as individuals and an oval Oliver failings. We could create some more beautiful by being free than we would ever do by half a leader, let's have what Jerry TA What to do? I know I'm going to tell you what to do now. Most is the solution. People bodies is sort of like Washingtonian sort of figure- I'm not going. I'm not gonna, be a king here and if you make me, I'm going to stop
so yeah, there's, there's there's that thing, and it was a very american thing and That's what the difference between the tea party in the nine twelve project was in the end, there is a few set of principles, no leaders, all local leaders the tea party had no leaders at the beginning, it went on and on and on it started coalesce around some voices in, and I fought back and forth on mood myself. This is not going to last- because it's not- there is no leadership however, there are nine twelve projects still around they're doing different, say all of em are doing different things, but is it is a sense of community and and and and guarding your own community. Now this is who we are, MRS? How we interpret the,
restaurants at and I still speak to tea party groups, occasionally than the ones that are still robust, I've gotten away from politics and focused on on local stuff- and maybe it's local politics may be in school board, but things it matters specifically today, and their neighbours it might be in a public works projects, charity type stuff that they're doing and and if you had it all to do over again and and nobody engineered. This had emerged spontaneously and it it gravitated. Em, ITALY, towards we need to elect these people in those though some of those people jumped up on stage and in then said, teen up I'll name names like people like Sarah Palin. She she sought opportunity she jumped up on stage and she's. Follow me, and I think that was beginning of the end, and
pretty soon we had a slight a candidates and pretty soon we were defending the republic, Congress, and and that's when, when all of the that the clash between defending the values which which are clear and pure forces, the political ix. The urgency of just getting down the road at that, ultimately toward apart, You had the beginning when it was pure values. Look we're stand up. We believe these things and it was in the hands of the people it was. It was magical magical in. It was like a grateful that cancer it was there is all the drugs, India and without the drugs and the girl. She sounds re hypnotize, everyone there one had probably american, like t shirts on instead that I still remember those
early massive gatherings where the the part, police and all of the planners that manage crowds to make sure that nobody gets hurt. They had no idea what was coming and they were caught flatfish, and as a result, that the metro does down and there is. There is no crowd control. There was no safety barricades or no port of parties, and everyone just kept saying please and thank you and burn anything They didn't leave them ass because the rules were there that they did. No one need needed to two to come in Jerry Car, the style and say I'm in charge, here's how you guys have to behave. I knew how to do it. It came from the bottom up die, believed in restoration, not destruction or, if you don't see that no with them
remarkable thing is having five thousand people on them all that we did on a twenty eight in to what two thousand ten- and I saw that more before- I sought afterwards and it was cleaner. After everybody laughed there wasn't a scrap people brought their own trash backs. That boggled my mind. They brought their own trash bags and Clean Nepal. The trash unjust neatly put him over by the garbage cans. It was insane so you you want a real time. Experiment of what free people do without being too to clean them all being told not to punch their neighbours or set cars on fire there Poles were better than any set of rules, you could come up with a clear and they would have done it. Had, I said, and we ve gotta clean up them all away, you gotta have a committee to brave people, have done it progression. Some people would have done it, but this was just Montana
the next adoration Tea party to point out is. Probably not a gathering on them all it's it's probably, going to be some sort of digital gathering where people who are called Liberty, curious third, are sort of uncomfortable with the choices They have right now and the earth there are seeking a particular young, p well, they're, going to you tube in their curing curriculum for themselves. Say no in, and maybe it's Jordan Petersen, maybe it's, maybe it but this limit of that little bit of the other. There Looking for an alternative and I think they they're going to create that for themselves their they're going to create a community is a great Harvard community school study about how it is that young people are our loud. A sense of community by joining a church or joint cross,
whatever it is that they want that sense, community and actually used algae in in a constructive way, unlike the way that the Facebook twitter. Terrace, our human nature. We want to belong one of blood and blood. Each other, so that, as always, thank you thank you. Just a reminder. I love you too rate and subscribed. Podcast passes. We discovered by other people
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