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2019-07-20 | 🔗
Advisory: Mature Content | Glenn sits down with a man he finds incredibly hilarious and well-read. Gavin McInnes and Glenn Beck have been in the news together over the last year, and almost every story has gotten it wrong. So in this interview, they discuss the elephant in the room. The co-founder of VICE and VICE magazine, Gavin McInnes made millions until the company decided that he was "too offensive" for VICE. Now he is a comedian and founder of FreeSpeech.TV. Get ready to hear a human tornado as Gavin unpacks his biography and history.

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Saw a big space, geek and techno geek. I just love, futuristic things that are coming our way, but every time I see Elon, musk and he's talking about going to Mars and then the talks to just his own presentation, little loan, all the people that are around him. I realise in all areas like hey, would you go to Mars back and ask me: they're, not smart enough to go to morrow? the other really super smart as it will be left behind, but one guy who won't be left behind is bill little bill. Is this really smart? Smart guy that every time I see my watch him? I think- and I wish I was smart tat- he's a pilot. I think, a task piety was a space enthusiasm. He wanted to be an astronaut when it was like five. He grew up in the generation, as I did, of space adventures of people. I know now that are millennials theirs, ass was the challenger that was their first room memory APOLLO eleven for when that happened but
I remember, men, walking on the moon and it was unbelievable. She has but together this great podcast than I want you to watch, it's called APOLLO eleven. What we saw her welcome Tomb APOLLO, eleven mission control, the space, Trieste twelve years of open warfare between two superpowers. Fifty years ago, many fine first set foot on the move. You owe it to yourself and a history to experience the space age and see how it to countries of small steps to get to that. One giant leap I'm bill Widdle, and this is what we saw. We don't even know half of the story.
Two years ago, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first man to walk on the moon, the mission that got them there was APOLLO eleven and it was the culmination of this insane idea that started with President Kennedy. You said yeah, you know what in ten years, what do you say we go to the moon. Nobody had thought about that, put a man on the moon and bring him back, and in APOLLO eleven most people don't know it was the bringing them back part that almost didn't happen bill. Take you back to the time to experience what it felt like to the millions of Americans and the billions around the world who actually got to live through one of the greatest endeavours. Mankind has ever attempted pudding: men on the moon, Mercury ascribed to APOLLO eleven what we saw on Apple podcast or where we listen upon cast, and if you like it please rate and review.
he's podcast features. Human tornado tee is an unstoppable force. He's a provocateur these a comedian. I think he's really really funny. A lot has been written about the two of us. Almost all of it is wrong. He is extremely well read and very, very smart. He is the co founder of vice. He made millions until I guess he was too offensive for vice. Then he became a comedian started. An ad agency we worked together for about three days at the blaze will address the biggest elephant in the room. What happened when he left his biography and his history is truly remarkable. I'm not sure how much of it we're going to be able to get in just this podcast, because he is a fly by the seed of his pants kind of guy, a truly remarkable man and at the centre of history right now and very funny, Gavin Mcguinness
this First time we ve ever sat down with each other that it is Europe put on your short What time there I've never seen you before your tall you're not don't make me sound dominion effect normal american person. Eleven yeah, I guess. Maybe you talk. People always say that you're in the fives we're inside of the girl you're. Like gaze days, I would say everyone's basically gay another night, oh yeah, you can tell he's a little game like knowing. How are you a little gay and I don't know that that is they have distorted view of the tall people are the same.
I've eleven now. I think the average is like six one. Six one is a giant scenario. Freak now, really one hates flying yak to these needs are up by its very well. That's true. When it comes to want a plain you're, not normal, plain throughout all playing everyone's further north of here. Now, you think of aerial dwarf. Blame here has now taken away. It well, you're all dandy godlike. What's like a normal person in this zone, when five eleven, all right I'll make it like a five eleven chair than this excellent reasons. I, like it This is how are you I'm good. Why did you say that way? I don't know my wife, another fight last night, so they are I'm try, I'm a very honest person, so that's bothering me and the fight was about you,
you eat what you do, isn't it or how you sword a sort of I mean we move to a very she neighbourhood and everywhere the cone heads in it. I don't care, I thought the comments as a funny moving and I like being hated the little bit it's funny to me and is not part of being, I don't like when your team, you go to a party, I don't want to do with my arms yeah so I remember being jealous when we go to these punk shows as kids and never corner for parks, but she, when you're fifteen and me my buddy Steve used Joe Grandma help us. Must be to have no arms, because you just into the place, not uncomfortable. You can't do anything you do when you have arms. You are right These things for me your hanker after I am not awkwardness you get to be like twenty five and you go. I hope ever this party hates me. I hope we
clear out parties, may my He derek you to have a clipboard that didn't exist and he'd be my and coach and I'd be like doing this. But modern, dancing's them even more feeling. Let's get it out. Communities around the house and people could just go. Let's get out of here. These guys are a nightmare and we'd, be empty room. So what are you? Are you comedian? I may come I don't know what I am it. It's it's a! U a unique position of being, I think I'm a pundit by by proxy. I was in comedy and entertainment, and I was you know, did vice for, De Nero founder of yes created. It really. I mean they did the shame, did the sails and solution of the music and I did the culture. But as soon as you start questioning the laugh,
then you're, not a hundred percent with them, and if you don't understand with them your and against them, so shortly after leaving vice in our doing comedy videos and pitching tv shows where I was welcome and did a ton of pilots and stuff, and movies and books. And then they start. Realizing that I don't like your government and they How do you off? So I guess Ankara petru Manila anymore. And so we wait wait, but from four for either. How is it that people who who used to say, don't trust the man? Don't trust anyone over thirty. Don't trust the government, there are now so programme they're saying don't trump fascist. We gotta get ball of guns. I mean it's so it hurts there so
gentle mean a mental gymnast in in the liberal heads. Now I don't. I don't understand how opposite it's meant, obesity, We are living in an incurious zenith right now, where people, just the like North Koreans, Just fed this crap, the government realised that they can accrue a lot of power by starting all nazi myth and saying white supremacy is everywhere everyone's, fancy and the more fear they instil with that the more power they get The governments are that is coming to Dnc is behind it. I think I think alike you mean the little lit the parties and delay and anti furry earth. You know what's the word easy fools usually Ladys and I think there when you're incurious urine
he target for manipulation, and I think half of the country has been many played. I mean within the liberals. We were talking about this earlier, but I think there's like this sliver of radicals like like the what were they call them? confusion with bizarre besides one hobby is, it was obvious spicy and there's a policy on your religion. Take it easy with little lobby and one will blow you. We other right, Bernier Tub my boyfriend survey they took over Islam and ruined it, but you know that the moderate Muslims are still people. You wanna grabber, coffee, what I can don't be a beer and with the left Dave let these radicals take over and anti for your hand, Omar Decent, polluted the whole left right. You said the antiphon is a useful idiots. But our military wing of the Dnc. But I wonder if it's not gonna end,
after the day and see where useful idiots, because it for for the extreme left for the people who want to stop a free market, onto a blow up, the system have direct democracy, which we know that what that lead to a mean mining, Nancy Policy, I mean she's, afraid of those people now she's afraid of AOC. When it's like remember in IRAN and in the resolution, I think the communist said to the muslim clerics just stay here and sit on. A run. The government, as just a little toy like us, placeholder. While I fight these people on the streets the colonies were done and they said, okay, Muslims move taking over the government and they said no right we're staying here right and I regard it as happened. Terrorizing, their own people look at their rights in the streets in IRAN, what they were the women in one where the HE job in nineteen. Eighty one right right, that's happen.
But the day and see now is the icy gently let these people in it Joe Biden, is their enemy. Obama Rocco is there enemy? Now he didn't go far enough. Railleries never gonna win with them more pillory. Shouldn't. We wouldn't worry about I'm saying like that. Yes, she's a radical and geographical, and she says we're not civil. She says anti for rhetoric and they hate her for being to mainstream and to ensure that they they hate him. Ok. He's too much more white may. After that, He has the one line that everybody thinks If I'm ok, saying that is judging by the content of my character, that's not part of the left. You have to destroy that. The hypocrisy is right wing then I think it's interesting that it was the biogas three of the biographer,
of Martin Luther King, the one that correction. Everybody says all this is him it was. It was that that about six months ago came out and nobody What to do with it, came out with a story that he has evidence that the FBI has tape and transcripts of Martin Luther, in witnessing and doing nothing better rape. And being part of an orgy. Now here's the guy The king family has said. He's the authority on Martin Luther king. He coming out now in saying that some people just think. Only he's. Just being honest, I wonder if that's not well timed around sinister. What wasn't Dorothy? with the Freedom of Information ACT where it's been now, it's been not that that is not coming out until twenty twenty eight. Ok, so he says you all have access to it until twenty twenty eight. So we don't of it exists, but it
interesting, that it's a strong lefty that has come. With that at the time when Americans I should say Americans, when the left doesn't want to hear content of character. I don't to Alex Jonesy, but I know that what is going on right now is largely inorganic. Yes, and if my talk and October twelve They did a talk. The Manhattan Republican Club based they comedy set. I can't even go to Carmody clubs anymore so I do my tosh o you go to the republican last year. It was Larry AIM ground, I hadn't minded happening for and there he he represents the head of the job, Japan, Socialist Party, nineteen sixty and It came as a student who killed that guy toy demagogy with asian glasses on and applied. Extraordinary assassinate in the same way that socialists was assassinated. Clearly sitting although the left tries to make everything let them
there are incapable of humor anymore. I did the talk. I've done talk, there are tons of times and there's never any happening, but this is right when the left was burnt were being known as unhinged and violent, and we talked about this and I they need to switch the narrative and they needed right wing violence, so they kept antagonizing everyone there looking for a fight, they eventually got one when they ambush guys on the way home, but that the crazy thing but that in tat evening was lit. I was so frantically We're calling the old lady who runs the place, the sweet old lady calling her the c word saying: they're going to rape, her calls from all over the country they ve smash the windows glued the locks really silly manifesto stuck to the door, but we will not tolerate can barbarism and then they had all my signs and here's a weird part on the signs of a gallon Mckinnis is a fascist spoke, my name or now. That's not just a typo, like, if I say Glenn back, is
dangerous thing to do in the country- and I spell it with one in I'm clearly: not familiar with the guy like ice. If I see Glenn back with one in that, should look, we're too because I have seen the name a million times, if you ve never seen the name, you use one it here's another curious thing and by the way, those Sancho Beautiful, like really well designed, which is not something the far left does not for really Flash medusa use bulgarian blighter decided. I am sorry, but there was this big lion, canvas thing that had white supremacy, renown and crossed out, but letters had been embroidered on with a different kind fabric in the air. Was another different colored fabric beautifully sewn on the way I would say the Mets on my right, your jacket and I'm looking at a seven thousand dollar peace, a canvas that even sure I could have made No, you don't China, something so just some kids get in
gathered a fight, fascism, its its remarkable, and you know that they are getting money from the left. There are those supporters that are giving money and the media, will call you conspiracy, theorist them. You never mention the name like George Soros At the same time, they mention like the cope brothers and and that's it Conspiracy, yeah for anybody on the left getting money. It is a conspiracy. We're not playing by the rules. More is the problem and an ethical their big problem is. The conservative movement is sort of like England in the revolution. When they see savages. Jumping from the trees with a bunch of french guys and Scots an irish They still do you want me more, they get a knife in their back and I think that the right, is pushing up. I mean this
company, not the fence, got little bit scared because anti for was attacking me in all this October. Twelve flurry same people the canvas sign, start antagonizing, the staff and the top brass, and they buckle and, like I know, of Forty five ever list have put together a thirty five, proud boys who were fired, and this the company getting a bunch of calls and is going you're fired like get a bunch of calls However, there is another side to the coin: sometime The antagonism can become so intensive. There was a tattoo shop in Hamilton Weather When I said to the guy, look the boycotting the tattoo shop there. There's terrorizing all the patrons, so we're going under you tell me what to do. Should we both go down with the ship, and I closed the tattoo shop and move ores a fire you and try to maintain the business and that that guy just said leaf.
I wanted to cry dragged down the whole tattoo shopped right The reason why I had you on several times, because I thought that you had made an important discovery. We think that there was a time I think in your career, where you are just whatever you know: you're a comedian and yours. What it whatever and then there was this point where you realize crap This is getting really serious and- and I was there, I remember. I got my first
the old death threats where people were actually trying to carry it out, and I remember always having a wearable approve in ran my far off the road. He was crazy and around Thinking to myself, I'm going really care flow. What I say not because I'm not I'm not gonna buckle under, but I'm not willing to die for the things that are a joke, and I think you you kind of hit a place where Europe buckling under, but you You are not willing to die for the things that you don't believe that are just jokes and no true really, thought you were saying two different things at the beginning. There I deafness with vice out of pure hedonism mentality right the world's gonna burn September. Eleven happened I changed for red death or the west by Pappy, can that year and I
started saying way: what's been goin on here right now, so as anti government Libertarian Wang Dan, I started boring about Islam and this self Hatred F, no masochism that the West has an eye. I started realizing we have to. Being shamed stopping proud of who we are and showing that and then also with feminism. Is I got older? I started seeing all these spinsters, while these forty some thirty something's girls say what have I done and I Wait a minute. This traditional family life that we ve been issuing. All these years has incredible merit, especially when you see plan b is misery and depression. Becoming a booty call. That's the funding. Think about the left! There's these days is no plan b. I want to remove patriarchy for water, matriarchal paganism, no, nothing No borders, no all know USA at all, and you go well. That's not an improvement right like at least
Palestine wants to take over Israel who do you think they prevent us right, because it only just obliterate everything- and these leftists are far more radical than a lot of radical Muslims. So I can my course on that. But far as Schumacher goes. I can't stop it. I remember I was a class clouds, a kid I even took the short bus and I was in the class for special kids because that's where they just put everyone. There was a kid in that caused by the way who had cancer and her grades were fine, the teachers it and want to look at her, bald head societies the island of Miss Smith, toys, and only the vast majority of them had mental problems, the restroom, ugly or hadn't problem do doll. I members sitting on my hand, saying don't be the class clown, Dad Asturias he's scottish there very you'd want to make them agree. Couldn't stop, and I still can't stop like at this talk on Saturday, the Dc Free speech rally my daughter, one, these rubber handcuffs that are super Reggie, and I just
resist doing this Joker. I came out hand after it was really serious. Beginning thing: they think they in China's down. They think they can hold us back, they think they can handcuff. Stop our voices or, worse tell them tat we fi their chains. We break, and then it was the one I'm trying to break away and even the guys on the right behind me didn't get it. And assume that I didn't realize it. Rubber, doesn't glass, one guy even came up and help me and I'm like do that's my problem, Joe. I was going to a call back that what's that on- and I said you know, my daughter help me right that bit. I thought as well to care at top and, of course you know the conservative gadflies the the past did swarm round all these things said button huffing opposed,
and by speeding up, came out with these handcuffs to break a symphony, couldn't even break them Milo comes out dressed as law, rumour with fake tat, so they go vicious attack on rumour that aren't they friends really and attack the person right there whose, on after you right, although that would be pretty funny, knowing that they are the universe. Where I became polarized. I would get credit for, doing things that were funny or smart but I never intended that our sight Stan area like yes so you're, not only own cohesion anymore, you're not bring an altogether kumbaya anymore. No. I am trying to bring people together. He had somewhat, I mean your identity right, but What I'm saying before I was before I was put before I was on Fox. I get credit for things that I didn't
that. I didn't mean that way or was it. I didn't mean it. We funding and it turned out to be funny then once You become a force to be reckoned with then you will be blamed and they will that nothing is funny that you do you'll, never get credit for funny. That, u course didn't mean, that is a humorous thing and nothing is smart, so You are in this, you're in this opposite world, where I dont think. People didn't understand it a few years ago and now I think, regular people are starting to understand this deep Personalizing icing, if you will where you're, not even a person anymore, while its clearly a tactic and has nothing to do with hate or promoting violence, to do with us being effective and that's bad,
MIKE Trump Reelected, which is ever going to cause. You seem to hate him so much impact, but anyone on the right, whose charming or as an audience and isn't an obvious villain They are very scared of, and that's why, you get banned but go what makes me effective and what did I? do. That was so dangerous and I think a lot It was pride, not white pride but western pride guess, by the way, is the opposite of identity, part instances. Any race come here and thrive. Pride in the truth of what makes a successful The west is best what you said it yourself. What was it in them in that book? because and massacres are you said It was either the little guys doing their own way or the guys doing wrong. They listened to the biggest paraphrasing. Terribly area, but wounded. Knee was going fine, until they were told to
the guns away from my vote on the government right so and by the way, through all those horrible things slavery in the civil war in everything it was rough. You know we figured it all together, and here we are that's why Haiti statues being taken down. Yes, that was that guy maybe like I was pro slavery. Not all confederates were but wait by removing that history, your ear, removing the part that we all struggled to checks him answers and horrible things and big mistakes like Jim Crow, We finally got a gear which is not perfect, but it's the best. Certainly you know the anywhere racing, all that's the only thing Nathan, Bedford Forest. He was it was a nightmare. He was Mary was skinning people in putting their skins upon Barnes, so you can say. Ok, you know that in founding of the K K, K probably should have a statute but General Lee.
Some of the other confederates that we're not Nessus Lee was an Honourable man. He was an honourable man, but we live this world where its black or white, and had so they have the unruly areas stuff in others. So we thought I saw a video. It just broke my heart, Johnny Rebel beings taken down in the way that they ripped em off a giant. That is still on the way he fell in this sort of I don't know what it wants. Copper whenever this goes gaze, all twisted in their kicking Johnny Rubber was conscripted like the architect Johnny rebels in this hour, more slavery, but it was a guy who was forced to go to war, got shot, no is near whatever that became gangrenous uninfected any died alone on about it, field somewhere. It's in homage to men who die for us and they're tearing down because he's a Nazi, it's just just think, so I think I was one of the first people to say, like I'm done with
poligized. I'm done with the shame thing the west is the best. I'm really play and what we did hear the proud boys were our pay creates who love, tromp and love America. They recognize, by the way, when these says make Amerika great again he's not talking about sleep, he's talking. Nineteen eighty five jet skis Mollet ram grounds and adviser did show you, I'm not sure, that's exactly what he's target values at all, our phones, all that stuff America but we're in a wee cycle. America is at best what was happening in nineteen. Eighty five is: we were in the meat cycle, and when you are in the ME cycle, the leadership everybody's bout me me me and we think that's bad, but it's good for society, because the leader can't get everybody together, go we we. We should do this to them them them remain here, describing my tattoos luxury,
employed a million of the poor and odious pride, a million more envy itself and vanity were ministers of industry. All of this that we vilify is great for the economy yes great for Amerika great for people it s Hitler was a wee Mussolini was a wee. Stalin was a wee Reagan was a me. When you empower the individual, that's when everything changes. What and also when you empower the individual. Your take you usurping the power from big government, big tack. Academia did the top brass of the police, not the not the rank and file, and I think that They left hates that more than anything aid has a home there, because shame is a great way to manipulate people, and you think of academia and left as culture I'd say, major american culture is dedicated on shame now and has been for life and if you go to any college, you'll see when white males get up or many male really, they have to say
middle class able bodied, white, male and democracy coming from a place, a privilege, so I understand that one about to say has less merit than someone who's minority status. They all say that caviar creese sex offender having a register where he lives. They say at caviar and then They say where's, the bathroom. Whenever you know goes to kindergarten. My kids are learning a plumbers days wrong. We need indigenous peoples day and restore this land from the Indians and it was built on slavery. Knows it just facts, not follow the union's for four hundred years eventually, one and with slavery. They bounce sheet was zero to the civil war. So whatever was built was gone and the native Americans didn't free their slaves. They had eight out of every people are native american reservations. There was one slave for every eight people. Airline is NATO and the emancipate proclamation nor thirteen. Amendment applies to the reservations they didn't free, their slaves till one. Eighty eight, you can't
five m for that verification of anyone know, but the winners right, an idle like shame. I tried it, it doesn't feel good. No, doesn't I don't like apologizing, I'm happy to debate and that's it it's what we went through in some degree in nineteen Seventys, with which Jimmy Carter yeah, where we are told we weren't great and it that causes somebody like a Reagan or a trump to stand up, because no he wants to feel that way, all the time, nobody that's not true. It's you know I'm a huge fan of the part. The gets me as I'm I'm up, for whatever is true right me too. I'm here Joanna Winston Churchill until you read about him in India, K, ways of Africa, Gandhi and in South Africa. You read: you read both both things over here in in India. He was not a good guy. In the west. He was a good guy. So
which one is he he's both both we all are both the country is both, but always focusing on is the bad that gets us nowhere throw all of the good out. All with a bad and leave you with what with what is it fixable? I was Roger Stone this morning and he said how the rally go. He couldn't go because they revoked his travel. Permit. The last second and I said I don't know why I do these things. Is it good for free speech, or does it just give the left more fodder? There's a riot proud boys and anti fraud that helping anyone- and he said the proud boys are irrevocable there with their reputation is ruined. They should just disband and then start with a new name, because it's the the Nazi left, no matter how black, if you shut the black eyes and they all its multi racial white supremacy, which is my favorite term of the past two years, and
the story I keep repeating, but it really struck me as drinking in a bar for a change. Sometimes go these things go bars and the Wine salesmen was selling all the whites and goes to the south african wine and our tender. I know a good guy, he goes, I'm not interested in south african ones and the guy gets ok. One heard sale puts them away. And I didn't bring it up, but he obviously that. Does he see South Africa's racist right now boiling children alive. Thirteen power jewels to old Ladys, their murdering a man's entire family, these white farmers and then leaving him alive. So he'll kill himself, it's the most sadistic district? It was in a horror, movie, you'd say this movies over the top and then sky this bartender and I, I would argue, probably the vast majority of Americans, maybe even westerners, still Caesar Africa as Soweto Apartheid, nineteen. Eighty two now
it was over and one eighty three that that was the all those decades ago, a quarter century ago and Africa will never shake and that's where there's so much apathy to the murders going on there. They go whatever racists good other races died, and so Americans can't update the archetype, from nineteen? Eighty three didn t it's just a mare. Ninety nine is the world the world, the West, the west is the west is just upside down on on almost everything I mean I've, never I've, Never I read manual can't can the nineties and he said there are many I believe that I shall never say, but I shall never say the things that I do not believe and I thought to myself what kind of World WAR Ii, eleven in where you have to say that, and I couldn't
agitate this ninety ninety five right, it's this one over here, it's this one even liberals. They will get drunk and whispered to me, horrible things that they feel like one guy who told me recently that he was in organism. Oh boy playing baseball and he said I play with you- didn't have any one to play with so the throwing up back and forth, and then the two lesbian mothers came up to him and said thanks. We don't think stuff like that. I don't know how to play baseball some We worry that with deprived him of something more you're here and he goes. Never tell that story in public in a million years, can seize up a popular left wing comedian. That's important true anecdotal. You know I I work with a woman who has a child with her her spouse woman. They say the same thing. I don't know what to do. There is
difference between men and women. They don't. I didn't what to do with my girls. I have three girls, I'm lost their cry in it. And I'm like. I have no idea, and my wife just sit me like what tell you can I talk to know no idea was nominated, thereby increasing, like is done with your twelve year old and say: what's glandular, ok, the real problem here is our act. This boy didn't you another night and I feel like I was more popular last year, but a lot of girls. Now, don't like me as much gratified with this girl Jennifer and that they just go on. You gotta my saw and give them heroin right. So they get sorted droopy and that's why you, Baroness Ashton, but my son, I know actually what he's thinking you know because I've been there I can see it, I can in him my wife, not see it in my son. She doesn't relate to my son on those troubled times. I do my daughter. I relate to on those troubled times. My wife looked,
like I'm an alien, there's, indifference. Theirs a friend and that's? What's so great about mom and dad together were there for the for both sides? You know there's nothing wrong. Is is. We can talk to what's the problem. For a lesbian essay. I mean I don't benefits the kids when we get this, as I had a couple I know say I said you were gonna adopted, shows no way. Is this crate? it is going on. There would never subject that to a kid and when she said she meant being this unusual, a lesbian, its feminist litter we in the dictionary definition of not normal right. I'm not saying it's bad, but is for as to test, no it's not The norm again. I would say that you cannot reasonably trip over my own where I know and She could never say that. Why can't you see that you know? What's his name Dan, Savage, dad gay activists in San Francisco? He had a book out My wife is a fag end
I was reading. I don't think you can say that, but it's a government would like to say thank you for the fact that I dont think I dont think the hag part of that sentence Ladder it was the chapter I dont want DJ to read Frazier and for everyone to know. I think, when a celebrity ordeal they say he passed. And in the chapter he goes when we got em, I was just saying I didn't really feel anything I found. What have we done here? What are we doing so he's talking about it to his insulated world of gay activists? Who can say, a fag end, their own little bubble, but when we restrict We were strict progress, those lesbian stories are important for everyone to know, I think, when a celebrity ideas may say he passed. What was he on? How many besides did he take? Why was he taking them for how long enough? let's see more Hoffman, had his own apartment, where he would do Heroin casino
the kids to see the needles and stuff? How long do we have that apartment? Why are we putting them on the cover of rolling stone, wiping Drake away, so we can have the junkie or that we have an opium epidemic in its country? It's funny that we're always looking for nazis who's. The white supremacist, like I said something that I could construe that way. He made an analogy that was but of nazi- is so they're looking for typos, really in your behavior. Meanwhile, who doesn't know a kid who has died of opium overdose, I mean I can think of three just off the top of my head now, like bartenders son. Engineers best friend. There Aber down the street bridge: kids, poor kids. So that's real es, I think, there's forget the exact numbers, but it something like forget it. I'm gonna get the number wrong with a hundred a month or something it's. I, the exact stat, but These are real des real issues. How many black
murder by blacks a day. I think it's something like eighteen, but your talk, about some sheriff who said Anne an unfortunate joke in the eighties, like the guy from a scar who lost sponsorship causes dad said the inward thirty years ago, priorities or align. You're looking for homophobia, racism, sexism, child pornography, check out, radical Islam check out whatever This story where there were, a muslim encampment, a compound and two children were starve to death as some The bizarre punishment that story just poof vanished oilers, two of those here, is one advantage the year before and the other one same group saying scenario poof there are and there's something like twenty them across the country and they all worship the same mom and Pakistan who started the whole thing
is the media totally silent on this. Why are they such policies that somebody has any real leaving us now? They think they're bet and ass. They went ahead of US socialists. They play God I'll decide who eats. I will get so much and every time we have to try to play, God put a check imbalance in there for that and it's called mouth, killing eighty million people and stolen killing, thirty million Hitler going six million. That's what happens when you decide to take over and they sit. That Media does now they sit and they go. I'm gonna control. Information because we don't another Rodney King saw you get too much truth, you might riot and it might lead to hate crimes. So I'm dull it out and they said art. Censoring stories I was listening to see me see the other day. And this guy was trying to explain that. Let's say: global warming is totally true and all your stature, accurate, this building, a new coal plants like I'm every week, so, no matter what we do, it'll be totally sooner mean by that
proposing and as he was saying this, the journalist was talking over him and sing. I don't think we need to get to that. I'm not sure where you getting your fact and was drowning out his pellets. Absolutely true- and he said he said, I'm good Keep saying this sentence. Would you can cut me off? Do whatever you want, he kept ploughing through her ass. She spoke over him or free. Is a courier. The other day I can stop talking a guy that Ngos it pains me to who say that tromp, suddenly, foreign policy is being is effective or something like that. Pains me. It should be good you're. You know you physical pain, reporting, the new right. You said you said earlier. You know how much you hate Trump actually doubt I really was against tromp. I would not have never tramper never was never tramper. I was Ganz Trump because of his record when he was running he had none every indication was
that's not what he actually believes and every indication from past experience with politicians. None of them say they believe, or I will do so- this guy was making these claims. I'm thinking this is not his record here. Always given money to the left, Please do any of those things, but I said at the time, but if he does I'll be there, first to admit that I am wrong, minute that I was wrong on truck. He started doing things that he said he was gonna do and, unlike pop, never Lloyd, you know It didn't think you do that. The Cavanaugh thing no president in history would have slept well enough. Modern history would have stood that law. Four Cavanaugh he's. All the way through that guy has also of steel balls of steel and at least when he says he's going to do so. He lies about crap all the time when he's has I'm to do this in this, and this I believe him he, I believe him.
And these policies, foreign policies are effective because I have always said I want a president with twitchy. I, I want one this leg, you know what s his to a bit like that son of a bitch. My just shoot is downright the. How you know I mean I didn't want the american people per like Antonov. Any might kill us all, but he has twitchy eye for the enemies. They look at him and there, like he's crazy enough to do it. That's why Foreign policy is working and a lot of cultures, deeply respect but eventually respects from Middle EAST absolution them. At least. I think I think, Palestine thanks. Israel's wall is cool deep down. I think they're impressed deep Because it's such a show of strength that was a bad ass. Well because array
they plan at the now there's, not a single hero in the Middle EAST. That was and so the Arabian that was a Mohammed himself changed she half way through the Koran. I mean, there's not there's. No, there's no heroes in the Middle EAST that weren't conquerors, nay, I understand conquerors, it's a different culture death, but you know it's crazy about what you say that Israel with tromp and moving the embassy to Jerusalem and at one point hundred percent of his adult children were in relationships with Jews, Vanka converged, Orthodox, Japanese, a Nazi, and you see, there's so much hatred with secular Jews, not orthodox Jews, but secular Jews in Amerika. I saw this website. I think it's called. We ve seen this before dot com and its jewish people, against Trump, and it makes me wonder: candles ever be a staged. I mean look we're Diamond IRAN's earlier party or bang is coming out of your he job caned yeah
and your socks or purple. I can see them what they're doing everything you asked for their wearing a burka, the praying everyday their reading the Koran, but we can see some bang, so there are literally insatiable and I feel it that way with the left like you will you ever not be a Nazi and Martha's vineyard window. Five no will suffer, ever, not be Soweto apartheid. No we'll trump ever not be an anti semite or a hopeful. Where did they get the whole floppy from April? what's his name on the stage he was with major investor fee, Spock original investor crap. What's his name, you tat Peter TEAL Right puts Peter TEAL on stage the first openly gay speaker, I think at I e g, o p convention. Any puts a prominent place and he's open about it.
Everybody is cool with it and somehow or another he's homophobic. What Is this president have to do he's the only he's the first president to care pain to be for same sex, marriage, He was fine, it exactly. Obama was against Hilary was right and I think trumps biggest crime is. He doesn't really care about gaze gays but they're not there, not there, there sort of like that where we should, we should all be about anvil sexuality. Aren't you talking only Acronyms Frankie? neither suddenly among big into dancing or fashion. So I don't smoke Macduff guide. You go to tend not to go near golfing, instead of letting them fits. So it makes me wonder why are we doing our jobs like a wee if for now bringing people together, and you know, dispelling myths gymnastic, partisan and give up no use. You have to and an dispelled myths. I don't I
you don't know- and I've looked through history, gavel, I don't know of somebody who has been in the position of media, not not a leader, ok, but in the past. Of media that has good, at a time where its it's me generation and it's a ME movement, arms area. We movement right that has successful in threading, the needle of standing against the we. In favour of the eye and has, as not just droid themselves and been used, as you know, is why are we doing it creates? it says is right. If you look at history, the only what you go from media, we end from wait. We d me is violent revolution in the streets.
And we saw that in in DC dude. I'm not I'm, not sure. I think that you see, I think, that's. Air solution for it and it may ultimately be the solution. It was with slavery. I mean I just you. Ve got to a point where after we gotta find it might be, and I hope you don't get to that, but I think that the left nice oceans is. I think the Democrats, are starting to wake up and go and wait a minute wait. What we're for what? Now I think some of them are starting to wake up, you're, seeing it with the you know: intellectual dark web a bit. These guys are liberals, but the classical liberals I ve been vilified, you I know shorn Petersen and Andy you and I and Richard Spencer. The David do That's all the same bucket, for I know The king is what I feel nothing I could do he's going to be, but I'm telling you that its
What about them? about or us it's common sense that people just no That makes no sense they're getting their push. It's so far. This is what they always pushing it so far to wear I have to be insane to believe it or zombie look at Kemal Harris she's twenty percent. Now Joe Joe Biden has twenty two percent. She said. Dance that way just a small thing happened. She when stinks when a noose, it's what's that below in Chicago, and I ll tell you mass with hats, on top of the stairs, to get exercised larger, to get on top of their having woolly scheme, and you had the new suddenly and it is this story reeks. You know the way Racist Tom was black people
I see one empire uses that show for the planned twemlow has room when we use watching empire yo. What and volunteers just need jerk, because this is terrible what's happening. This is not our America this year, It's not our America dummy! That's why you should know this vote and the idea of that woman being in charge of the strongest most powerful country in the world and having that terrible of a bullshit detector is downright scary, are you going Mabel differentiate between Alex when it's a terrorist attack and nine eleven coming up, and you like falling, for this is not just some all its lethargy and her hopeless thing is such a lie like calling capron, Aching, Corey, Booker and most areas perry all these people who grew up white and they Exaggerate their blackness to get black credibility is sorry to see that their life
others? Indian? She looks indian chief raised by away dad went to school in Montreal. Camel hair is what are chitlins they can all areas whose Geraldine Jones what percentage of the lieutenant clan is asian? what's the asian guy's name in the ghetto boys, she doesn't know anything when black. We'll go to the chinese corner, store Finally, what are they usually get on their chicken salt, pepper ketchup, doesn't know any of that cause, it's not her culture, her logical that own slaves and Sitting there talking a buzzing in segregation, we're in Montreal from the french School to the english school. We you liar we Booker's neighbourhood was so white that his parents, the file legal papers, because the neighbours are trying to prevent them from moving in his speech, probably grip whiter than we did. Buddy it's a friend you're what was saying and what my boy t bone and in black people go
yeah Tiburon is more like a southern thing. We don't really call each other Don T bottoms yeah. We do I'm always talking to Debo Easy Gangster and they scour Jersey City for Debo. He didn't appear. I guess he was in hiding YO, so it such only is life, and these people are climbing up his presidential hopefuls Sometimes I wonder before this is all for not like you say, have to dispel Miss Camilla Harris is the second most popular candidate, because She's, a black woman and she's, not even really a black woman, how to your fall for that Tell me about tat time. Joe Biden he's a creep.
I haven't funny theory about the molesting. Nonetheless, while the whole, like a whole new stages that I like. I, like you a lot of time before ice, eleven version. The frightening, I think, is the last thing. I want you to believe me small way its number nine million and thirty. Six. On my things, I don't do that when we do see reason and sheds Jesus Grey areas in this day and age, you just kids, like nobody, hydro and cluster, and wonders why fives now have you noticed that there's no more like I heard my own kid that's about it and even then they sort of like what are you doing you can eat like one theory is if these innocent and he's not a pair of file is that is obvious,
incredibly distraught about losing his son. You mean that must play with your mind, still got to socialize, not ball your eyes. Out everywhere you go see. You take Xanax or one of these downers that are very similar. Sometimes oxy is illogical. Ample is exactly harrowing, so you're on these opioids and junkies are very like touching, achieving a man what's Goin on slots either on your heroin. Sorry man will do like glass is way behind my glasses might be weighted rotating fairly, but the real problem with joy and use the word man a lot too like just like you could do it. There is really groovy three brothers hawking point Jones Farming has been around for too long, and you know you become. The left is not the left. It was
five years ago. So you know we were taking the Brok and Hilary Rant. I gay marriage role of borders, there and all the while all I can do that. Before Joe part of all that the hand social media aids knocking. Let him forget it. So he's too many old time me traditional liberal values, which are now consider conservative value, but it Thomas all say you can go from a liberal the conservative, in twenty years without changing your views, because it's the back. On that switches like an s analysis that and he's still in that as an asset, it with the different background and tease doomed no chance he's gonna be the guy, no chance do you think, he's gonna, be I think it's Be Kemal hairs I say is awaiting it up there. I think so too, and I think she's I think, she's dangerous, because nobody is paying attention and doubled
I don't know she seems nice. I shall look. The left is with your white and your mail step aside, like that's their mantra right the rest of Amerika. I think the rest of America as this really bad thing I mean we have, when Lincoln was killed. I mean we probably shouldn't have gone that theatre security? No, but we we probably shouldn't, have gone Kay. Martin Luther King, we're just we got to this place to wear the king, Malcolm X, Kay. Every everybody's killed in word is, like, it did. We do the Sole Rights ACT, thing back and sixty four, think we're done with this solicitous move on and in dealers, justice little poison? They just needs to be. We know you lands, sort of national apathy, going on various aid, there's something I think there is a national feeling of I just I just want to stand
always want to stand, and if they could They can convince themselves that that person verses is just like me and and that person their smart and and they're nice, and you know what I can be popular by liking this person and I think that person is just gonna, bring us all together and stop the arguing, I think, people will run. Americans are very busy in their anti political, thinking Iraq Obama. They said W Bush was embarrassing and all the Europeans that we were dumb and think for racist. So let's just get a eloquent black guy up there, and then we can to stop thinking about it. Then they did that Then the country got worse and more racial and more identity politics and ever before, five hundred million dollars to cylindrical these terrible gaps and land problem and then the dad's said I didn't work. I told them you get off the couch. I was I call this election- the real housewives election, because
the guy woman's asses on the couch and men's ices off the couch. Because Mendel like that show and day women we're like I'm, not voting for Hilary she's. She didn't you kill a bunch of rape victims. And then the lads when God damn it I'll, take up my slippers and they get their reading glasses right on voting, and hopefully going to happen in this next election, but I think you're, it. There's no heart like when you talk to We supporters are even Kemal Harris support. What's your face, policy that she has It's nothing but identity politics. They have nothing to say who do you like? that's running in the day and see if you had to pick one for what purpose for what he them. What you have to
you don't like ultimatums I've noticed now. I don't you said with the previous election. It's like putting a baby in a microwave or putting a baby boiling oil this is all of em are like putting a baby and a microwave after you, ve put him in boiling oil. Aid I raise it. I would think if I had to vote for somebody in the primary. Why go for Joe Biden, because I think Joe Biden is so easily biddable. Everybody says it all out. He's gonna be tough. I don't think so think he looks really old. I think you start in a kind of like newer now and I think, trample just steamroller, I think. Doesn't question. No, who would be your fee, Dnc candidate, who become. President Trump is killed. Corey Booker
because I live no way way way way. Maybe would be so absolutely ineffective. There is one of those I don't think there's any way, because I believe, pull a spy. Because thing and everybody would be like so you're saying he would be there's no, he would not make any friends be able to do anything because Everyone would hate him. I had a conservative in Canada explained to me that that's why just ensure those great? because he saw useless such a zoo, lander, Prime Minister, that because our anything to do with the around anymore just need give us fifteen thousand jobs. Ok, let's do it ran, so you just like our rightly over here and you sit down and all go run. The country I dont think Corey. Hocker believes in in much I think he'll, just he just
You just go with whenever, as you know, is VP will be team, where's my eyes mad busier he'll, be here later, probably shifty does an age. Who would you pick? I like tossing Albert? pronounced eating. I like that, is anti war I think she's hot, I would, though I want my looking at her arrival right. I love a little streak and she, I don't know she seems to have balls. I might for Mary and Williamson. Is that the love guru here in Europe
press conferences with her. You imagine the state of the union with her kitty family has it shall I was its rambles light love? No, although I hey Willie love us genuine, I feel like trumpets it all going to have a full blown out. My trip you certain around would they be money to see that I would pay big money to see. Debate between Mary and Donald Dry was felt, if so embarrassed for the entire left side of the coin idea. When I saw tat, I was grim but losing their. There was several of those moments here there are several of those moments of it was just ass. It was shocking. Who is free
driver illegal aliens. Others, seven million are to be a very bad idea. What's waiting lists for livers, Transatlantic Europe gives it a million rather than a thousand years ago, vampires liver transplant. All the trunk is allowed, their limits are perfect. Joe was the other crazy thing. They are put up their hands for oh yeah men, who need a that's cards taking a huge shit is not quite as consequential as a human. What are you talking about? Men can have babies, yes, men can have. Babies They can have gaol stones down some pretty painful. What we don't let your baby you're, not because it leaves only a baby when we declared to be a guess I'll, give you a baby or a goal
stone the entire time that's going to become the new threat with parents and toddlers. I swear to God you're a clear view on board. You your days are numbered body. Is it legal up until it year mellow legal? Have, I think I've heard academic say that in fact, Peter singer, Peter Simulator, singer, he's the chair of ethics at Princeton, and he said he said up the first year and then he came out and apologize, and he said I shouldn't, a date on it. It's really roughly roughly a year but its intel. They can. Recognize that there is a tomorrow once thinking recognize there is a tomorrow at any point. You can kill them briars and ass or after that. So if you're getting old and you a good and you don't understand the concept of tomorrow. You're, not a person and in which is sort of common integrity in northern Europe,
the Netherlands and Finland and think they'd they euthanize like it's like it, ain't no Fang space, indeed organs in China, but I had a professor in ninety ninety ninety ninety scene was Marvin glass. He was the head of the Canadian Communist Party and he was our teeth. When he said that back and ninety he said reason I chose a year is A monkey can do any A human baby can, at eleven months, so you can have a eleven months baby like feed itself. Monkey can do that, but what no human anymore, so we do and shrink there. There then leave lip potential here is to give them as long as you're acting like a monkey nobody's mentality is like it hasn't been actualize yet so it's ok sort of like if you-
destroyed a building and they had been started the foundation. Then it's not a big deal. That doesn't even makes it all the way. In both cases, it just seems like random, metrics and weak. We can discuss, a human down to one. Tomorrow and can you do tricks a lot more stuff? You know we philosophize reinventing I'd like to vote to make their days are our our questions in debates, yeah is too much I'm sorry that around there's never tomorrow when those love, we had a killer. You now, changing it? Isn't who lay it ever? Your name is I will see anyone chilling offers life code, of course, in miracles, she's here
sensible for the course and where the hell are you doing there, I'm more qualified. You don't have enough love in years, and that is true. We need to tell We want to happen in Europe in your name. Last. I guess I know you We started with your wife was upset it who in oh yeah my daughter's twelve and you know a twelve year old. They get morose and my wife, you know abroad. She gets upset with my daughter's acting in arose and she says why did we moved to this neighbourhood? But it's I can't all the crazy shit that happened to me after that talk, I mean I will in a book at some point, but it was for nine proud boys getting arrested? Three We are facing serious jail time for defending themselves in an ambush, and this is because the Dnc weapon, Ized asleep he fight that they didn't start
an ambush, and they back and then to bless Yo Cuomo, the attorney general all get on to have the same. Tweet basically says we don't tolerate aid in New York in the story became there were just like caveman roaming, the streets, beating gaze and Muslims for not agreeing with the Euro. Last, which in New York City of you did that your club will just be destroyed. Like ten men deontology bashing in New York City, your hands are just be like the elephant. Man sat right. Even John was chosen Gotta Harlem, addressed clambered zero long. You laddie, it's not exactly biggest central here, but a nanny just kept going It spread to my neighborhood: they put up posters all over my kids, the street on my kids school that set up. At sea and out of these quotas, economic contacts and all these lies and action
met the woman who caught the guy and had him arrested and she's and he just had on this catatonic stare. What is happening in talk like that, doctor in six hundred fifty pound life. She asked me: what are you doing you're lying to me, you say you this sixty pounds you put on forty pounds candidly abolishing it is that kind of guy. So we clearly just answered a craigslist that these bolsters up. There was the highway. That leads to my my village, a massive banner hanging off the highway. It's a guy mechanism is a Nazi held down with war and there they troopers are the only ones who can touch that so the local cup said I can't do anything about this Then my rich neighbours put signs on my law. That said, hey does no home here and then all the neighbors started doing it. It was like a thing they said they should do like there was email chain thing, let's show him that love we'll meet him on this battlefield, love unto death and, of course the signs mean my family
has no home here, and I hate you and is what it really means. Writing an my my daughters. Ass, Tudor Quid and weird shit like it was just. Do you? Lastly, a babysitter might know my baby tat, are stuck turn guns. Really, yes, but her boyfriend was forced to break up with her cause. The parent didn't want him There's some getting any mckinnis germs. Cooties Why do the boy listen to them by the way, so the baby sit as there are no boys. There are no boys anymore I'll, be out of her parents told me to dump anyone after US age of maybe six. I would it would just been white noise. I would have loved that relate only to data. I marry on earth is one thing I figured it out with my parents died away. My mother does enjoy this sorry, what the hell's the matter with them, and then it was the number
also anti for propaganda? Really that started it but and strange Global is money expensive money going into all of these, because there is a lot of stuff gonna. And endless articles and article a day, and then you have the thing mean? It goes back to China, but it is in curious populace. Is they just went out? There's a banner there that some vandals put up he's a nazi and this woman approach. My wife and she said hi. I think it's terrible. Tapping to you and your family. I want to come over and to you and show you that it's just a small percentage of the community and most of us are just care about our kids and don't believe any of this we don't mind, I hate Trump, but I don't care if other people like them, I free country, and my wife I'd love to talk to someone. I feel so alone here and the woman goes but I'm a Jew is that ok, like my wife, was going on.
Here too, I don't care who ever call it out again at last my grounds which your wife say. She went what, of course, what the hell do. You think the mood you from New York City think of anti semitic new exhausted I him over. But when is anyone like anywhere level up I have to go too far back, but look at, any normal, civilised western home saying yet it said you're not bringing sandy by the way don't of Jews in my house, but that's what people, now, starting to believe that there is these places there were relax, no Jews, no dire were those plays yes, but we have moved pet. The it's like the left is stuck in nineteen sixty, but what's crazy, is we
had the sixties than the seventies and eighties. It was pretty much over morale, joking about a hundred bunkers eyes, and then the nineties was truly the two thousands. Alright, let's start our lives now and put on in the past and then all of a sudden, someone grabbed nineteen. Dixie nineteen, fifty even here and then just more. I stood up into twenty sixteen because a trump, I guess, that's it ludicrous thing to do, but for everyone to go yet the Mai It never happened, animal but I think that our home, I think, that's why. I think that's that's the biggest lie. We have the media, the media on both coasts and the coasts. Are in the universities, are all pumping this out into a system, but the average person in The average town in America is not this way there not feeling this way and Charles Murray talked about this a young apart, he said This one group is getting so separating. Memories got that that charge
You can use little test says things like every have you had a non craft beer in the past? they can be seen. A transformers movie is only silly little metrics and to see how separated an elite is you ve become and I think tat the Levant causing the five peas. It's like the professors police. He means like police chiefs and outlying and via the the the politicians and the media for your papers here and it's the is tiny group. I would say that there are like five to temper. And the population, or to an controlling than the conversation for the whole country and with all this big censorship, the really ramping up this control and its making them a really uneventful bubble. That's give you check Twitter recently, it's just I wanted, tromp bands, horrible met, I can't leave women give birth to men. They made these sexist with something that super ready set ourselves. Silverman is bitching, but the fire
our extinction wants to punch them all in the head, cause you're, scaring a dog, and then you have bet meddler then tromp Trump isn't smiling enough at the fireworks saying these are my lyrics I paid for that. You don't appreciate, as in the picture is gonna Deniro New York faces like, that's. A smile in New York grandfather had simply ecstatic and that without these checks and balances and people going hey. That's The New York faces- or I could do that tweet, but we can't discuss with them anymore. I ve been operate in easier to control that way in this crazy bubble, of brainwashing in the rest of us. Sitting here going well, these guys are really got their finger on the pulse with white supremacy, the rest of us going. You ve lost your minds. I always say this is distinctly on American. This pattern were now because As you know, for the revolution along the east coast. Does all these new? papers that the Brits encouraged and encouraged tension
we're hurting they conflict and arguing eventually, we ve got talking so much left and right. The Brits settled have conservative papers and liberal papers and they were talking so much that they venture figured out. You know these stupid guns things they make us go to the tavern every way we can use. His guns, to start a revolution when we don't be the king any tax and then created America based free speech, and now we have don't know more papers, they all have to be the same and you can't talk to each other more it's not american. So what are you What are you doing now? I mean I it's if you weren't, wearing the killer, So I m sure I need you fired me and my own free speech dodgery. We right and it's it's it's. I think it
be. The only thing were the we can who at least right now, you started platforms have to behind a pay wall where Crawler describes it is his own pirate ship. More is an ark and the rain is coming down. Hard and I just got the last two giraffes on its operators hate each other, but oh my god. I think you have to work it out in your dress or daddy. I got them on and June first and is paying for itself profitable, and I can say whatever I want, and you know it money too, but I can say whatever I want. There is no the or prejudice that this lies at its just waiting to come out like the rebel media Fraser, and there is no a jar there. You can grab a girls ass and make all the tit jokes. You are and we all got along. Amazingly, I had to joke. I would do well under my pants doubt and I would walk over and I'd, let me
its fall down, and I did it to males and females, and I go I'm it drew up my pants again. It's it's like a very high levels of comedy. I do under the Jim the other day, skipping rope in my pants down John. Can you get this please? I can't stop. That's when you are wiser answer really helps let your book and everyone. Like there was zero harassment. This idea that were these monsters that have to be controlled, is this. We mentality that better than you. So all this I'll hold down your evil and let you do things like a crook like questions, a corrections, people who see that I mean I'm, I'm can and you see the flaws and others that you recognise from yourself yet So when you hate someone, it's because you recognize something and you hate about use are correct and- and I think for the law, have to just assume that all of us have this deal patriot inside of us, sizzling
of them yeah. Well, they talk about China, side in and how we want to. We don't want trans people to live and we don't want fat, people to exist by the way you're doing a much better job of killing you, then I am right six hundred pounds this picture of a woman in a cell. But she's in a wheelchair He said we are the future watching you dying right now and your job bragging about you, gotta be around for a long time. You ten years, any lady for God s talking about this. This, they talk about genocide and we will have to kill all these people. We want to kill the trans and kill the fats and kill the gaze, but when look at socialism. That's what they end up doing and I think that what part of the deepening is, because they want is dead like people. If what happened in Venezuela
Venezuela, five to nine thousand people now, as you and report has come out, five if two nine thousand people have been killed by the government in the last six months, because they were all the ones that either disagreed with the government disagreed with a policy, so they were standing in the way you you you, you knowledge. You push you shove than you shoot. That's what happens and right we're up to the shove part we really are, and socialism has lost its stigma like table. This is in Venezuela. There's plenty of money around and we're just going distributed in a fair. No way they use these juvenile analogies like if Johnny has ten building blocks generally, has one shouldn't Jimmy and Joey be able to share I gotta know how we got the building blocks, maybe embodied in it, and it's gonna get him into spending. Building blocks like they were numbered and redistributing, but
they don't seem to understand, and socialism leads to genocide, and sometimes I worry they don't care No USA at all, doesn't it play a lot of dead bodies and cold, if she died in, there was a picture of her with their brains hanging out now become a mean. We can there be a funny saying overloaded the head with with: what's her name, the comedian, oh yeah, we Cathy Griffith, Cathy, give em in by couldn't have done that You couldn't have done that to broccoli can you imagine where there is a rodeo clown who dressed? I know you're sensitive alone, one of your fellow road dressed up as Barack Obama and he was fire there's a mass of our Reggie. I was so races, Diego we just like We president, every air. This goes back to Lincoln Right, definitely a double standard, but it does something left some Cobb and its. I think from cool culture. You know it heroin when acts junkies too
still live too young to die and, I hope a die before get old, and it was it's cool thing that nineteen year old say, but now there, become mainstreamed. Now, death is fine and you can abortion, babies born celebrated euthanasia. We should do this mission is kill these people and its its strange phenomenon, because I don't want my enemies to die. I don't have that vitriol again I dont think most Americans do, I think, most a merry. Hence can live side by side with each other lived. I could live now to banning Jerry further still my life? I do who had beheld be happy that or make an ice cream in their successful. Just don't try, to force me to believe the things that you believe Ryan I have the problem with? Don't we just? Let me briefly my neighbors, where pussy hats in a jury, attic old Ladys in pussycats, and I just to have because that's from choke gonna bust sea of a joke on your head,
Morocco put signs on your line. We have to argue. I turned later that some there was a jewish guided bar that soil is there any left? Does he felt unsafe? The only purse? he's gonna get hurt. Is me Tommy Robinson and I were banned from Australia, cuz. We might have might induce violence the only viable it's gonna go down is against us were the ones who need bodyguards. Oh, I was ass. She Chris Haze and meet tomorrow. There always pictured with their kids going on about cried. Tell her. You know his kids, you can show your kids, never I'd, love to show my kids. If I'm rubber their eyes. If I were you, a picture them. I have to make sure that you know it doesn't go anywhere in showing their faces. It does not say a lot about the left versus the right and in another If you think about it, too is so now you can show your kids and now you're, easier, dehumanize and now you're easier to kill so deep platform de person?
you just killing a useless droid, nothing and the relevant human being is not a family. Have this go from comedy too We are not doing this climate, like Sarah Silverman contacted me recently, because here we were friends, before the world turned to shit and we just fighting right away and she said I just contact to do because there were this inside joke whatever, and I didn't fight. You never get changed my mind, never gonna change your mind and we certainly we talk for another ten years, but it's me the climate weren't. You know that I heard you were a nazi that kills people and so you're sitting there defending yourself and you can't joke around- could have to dispel about thirty minutes. Bothers me when people know you people know you you know you. People say those things about me and if you like,
how long have you known me? Oh, look, a dumb Alan Dershowitz, you note Billy DIS disowned by all his friends from what, for not eating trump. I sought chief, had the seminar sort of like a hit list where they showed everyone is gonna, beat the free speech rally and then listed all the whole but things about them, and I was I was watching. It now is ready to see mine courts taken out of context and meaning construed. And then I read the bullet points and they're all true and our medium going gas. This is yours. To kill and one of them horrific things. A bullet points was says, Women would be happier at home. And I'm really going. I think that's a pretty good SIRI kill me because I have a theory
Now this isn't a dictum. It's never going to affect you. I dont have death squads that are going to go to cubicles and remove women as they scream or have a fig. Must I don't know, I can't ruin your life. So why do you want to kill me? It's bizarre Times a lot of these left, as they do have crazy positions that become policies in all aglow. Chicago. This lie the cops to kill blacks, hunt them for sport? became so mainstream the silly idea and they are So powerful the establishment left death camps. I'm going to the south of Chicago Cathedral their pension. They lose their career, they get sued and what happened? Complete war zone bigger death toll the New York City, even though our three times the size. So you Have the power you're, crazy ideas, change lies, I'm just a guy talking.
And you're trying to shut down my life and ruin. My kids live for my wife's life, then for can tell me and kill you tried to teach everybody else, valueless yeah! That's why you're website is important. Thank you really. I would like you to come over circuit fire. You I'm sorry, I don't know if my limousine goes in parts of it is that a british proclaimed. Thank you very much thanks round me guy, you didn't fire me just joking, obviously, but I really appreciate you give me a chance to. I it's my job and I hope you know this. Mean I had you on. You know I was thinking you were coming down the next, two to be on my show as well. I am a big fan of yours, my son, in law, he's a borderline gave for me. Oh no
it's getting nowhere. You d get naked with you. He would just I'm willing to try to get it right. I think you should be open. Minded we're all here. It's a spectrum right, I'm too spirit here, but anything I can do to help. I think we have start standing together or we are going to be picked off one by one, the I'm not the last word, but I, I totally agree with you that something I've always been impressed with you about is, this whole idea of coming together and I never too shit about any, never tempers like shapiro- the two sides now there's like Shapiro crowd or side and then there's the son of a bitch, you no more here right side and they hate each other guys. Milo always talks bench appear on. I never did any of that because WAR now and we need all the Indians and all the french and all the Irish. We all to be unified against the king. Yes, only way to win thanks thanks
just a reminder: I'd love! You too, PETE and subscribe to the podcast and passes on to a friend, so it can be discovered by other people,
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