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Ep 46 | Justice Democrats: AOC is Only the Beginning | Christopher Kohls (“Mr. Reagan”) | The Glenn Beck Podcast

2019-07-27 | 🔗
Glenn sits down with the creative mind behind the viral video that exposed AOC as a political “actress.” Christopher Kohls, better known as “Mr. Reagan,” once took a crack at Hollywood, only to settle for YouTube fame. In this interview, Mr. Reagan brings his unique blend of creative storytelling, Ronald Reagan-era conservatism, and journalism to the year’s biggest stories. Hear of his struggles with online censorship, the opportunistic nature of capitalism, and – of course – the Justice Democrats: why they formed, what they’re doing, and how the Democratic civil war fits right in.

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So a few months ago I saw this video on Youtube about Alexandria, Cassio Cortex, and I remember watching it stop anything in this cannot be right, took everybody by surprise, It was very well researched. We and ten followed indeed our own research, to make sure that it was right before I started talking about it? It was very professional, a little bit nutty at first cause since a conspiracy theory, but I was Conspiracy theory about twenty nine year old bar tender randomly becoming us a socialist hero in the. U S, Congress, that's crazy, courting to the video ale sees rise to stardom was no accident, because Eo Sea had been primed for the role she had been coached on em. We single policy point that she makes the real surprise was that this huge
or he came out of nowhere in went viral instantly. It was not the work of reporters from the Wall Street Journal, but Washington, Post Fox NEWS New York Times. There was no news organization behind it. The clay. In the video hadn't appeared anywhere in the mainstream media they even been discussed by conservative media. When I watched it, I thought this is either we really ballsy as a lie, or it's true It was from a you not anonymous you tube person who broke massive news story: Nobody in the media seem to even be aware of the story now that. This is a story that has impact on our culture. This would not have been. Possible. Ten years ago, some guy who you ve met I heard of breaking a story. This big I dont know if it could in five years ago.
Well, I was immediately enthralled. The video seemed like just one more sign that the mainstream media is fully collapsing. Naturally, we wanted to know more about the disruptive person behind the video, but what we found we're a bunch of videos similar to the ale, see video on Youtube account that has only been active for a year and a guy. Old, Mister Reagan on Youtube and Twitter. Nay, Mr Reagan, an homage to Ronald Reagan, the great communicator his mission. The statement is a quote from our Reagan, its quote. The trouble with our liberal friends is not that there ignorant it's just that they know. Much that is in so end quote in the culture or Mr Reagan is railing against: mainstream media socialism, an identity, politics and he is using facts to back it up
doing it a new way. He issues all frill, placing his unabashedly conservative stance at the centre of his videos, which is a dangerous, to do lately, especially for him. He lives LOS Angeles and he's on Youtube reach a million people with a rat that he filmed on his phone. It's not easy he's. Shadow band, blocked, reported caught in algorithms, you name it, but he still going without a doubt. He knows is politics which only adds to the intrigue of this disruptive and mysterious kind of guy. More of his videos. I watch the more I wondered: who is he Does he really live in a? Is he in open Conservative how daisy survive if so those are the surface questions
I do more digging than I expected, but his real name is Christopher Coals, he's a journalist and affection rider. He has two volumes of short stories which are quite brilliant a straight white christian male volume, one in straight white, christian male volume- to it's not a lot of information beyond that, so I decided to fly him into our studios in Dallas. I figured the best way to really get some answers was to have him come here, so we could talk face to face on this path cast, so my guest today is the unknown Christopher calls. Them who is the very well known Mr Reagan was made his mission to fight the radical left using humor and facts and who a very well help take down the mainstream media in the process: hey renting, quick break. I just really want to thank our sponsor of this odd cast they remind you that it takes about forty five minutes for police to respond
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he security camera. When you order that's a hundred dollar value, get it now. It is simply safe door. Calm, Slash, Glenn back. Do it today simply safe dotcom, Slash Glinda, socially call you, Chris or Mr Reagan. Press is fine. I assume MR rating comes from Europe. Ronald Reagan, absolutely right, yeah what it? What was he loved about him? Whether rub a lot of things I mean primarily in the eighties, when I was growing up in Reagan. Was president There was a sense that Christianity was important. Morality was important. Ethics were important and I have met my family and run,
I remind me a lot of my grant grandfather at the time. I saw Reagan, and I saw somebody very much like you know my own family Stuck with me, my whole life, and he is obviously an icon of conservatism, so when I decided to do a channel. I didn't want to use my real name. I mean who am I I was nobody but Miss Mr Reagan, that name written on the earth. People would instantly. No. So to me it was more rebranding thing. It was very easy to do. Us is strange because I was singing I don't really know much about your little cagey on. But I dont know anything really about you and that you know that used to be the norm for people who were journalists they Peter Jennings. I knew he was a Canadian. I think that's about it.
Walter Cronkite, we didn't know anything about. The guy was a communist in Vienna. We're like well wait a minute, but now it's you kind of want to know who people are so I know you live in LOS Angeles. How did had happened, and how is that work it out for you? Well, you I'll tell you growing up? I was a creative type. You know how, on Georgia Petersen says that he is kind of like a liberal type person leftist kind of all but really These conservative he's a rational person who know he sees the world me accepts the reality that he lives in an hour. Exactly the same way? I think I have a very creative what would cut of trees? finally be considered like out more of a leftist brain any gets partially. What gives me my perspective on politics? I know the failures of that mindset, because I'm a creative person myself
I invent worlds. I love writing stories. I love writing. Fictions. And so for me growing up. I thought I want to get into the film industry. I want to be a writer I so what's the deal like zone- and I thought when I was thirteen. I saw my first episode of the two I like zone. There was particular called time enough at last. You know this episode. It was the one with the largest morality of mergers at him and My mind was blown and I said well. If, if I could run, it as well as this I would be better. Than any writer living today. And so I was hooked at that point. You know that point on. I was a writer and my mind, so I'm outta here the most recent didn't have the connections pretty much a perpetual failure for many many years, and then one day I thought you know. Let me let me do what they're doing on you to. Let me talk a little bit about the stuff that I believe in from my perspective, because You have a creative mind and you're, not really that counts
revive logical brain you can see why a romantic brain would would fail in creating policy because you're there's these temptations to strive for a utopia that can't exist, I strike. You know I have that. I have that temptation, but I find it and recognize. You know the frailty of that like it it, only lead to destruction. I mean you can see what happened the venezuelan USSR. You know in China the inner just devastating crashed? Is its funding is used to usually the artists that drive a society and interact an end there there and then there are the first to be killed off it certainly is They always what they're the ones who are writing the poetry of Woe is man that actually pulls you back out of it. And they don't ever seem to learn the lesson. No, I I mean artists are necessary.
But they are very powerful. There much more powerful than people think, but I dont think people understand that, because we don't spend the time cause. I I think I have. An artist brain as well. I was getting to that. I think you're kind of in there with me end, and so I do see things differently and I can. I can relate on how people can see things that way, but people don't understand in a theater. I want all of the lefties on stage, because they're, probably pretty good at doing us, show that threat but I want everyone whose conservative running The box office, and if I don't that, if I have the lefties in the box office and the conservatives onstage, it's a disaster, the disaster and we need each other than we do
yeah, that is it is it's a perfect announced- is really beautiful analogy for you know we tabled a theatre bright and the producer needs to be somebody with that sort of almost like Ankara's mentality, right, sort of divorced from emotion what I would call a dispassionate feeling politic it'll be dispassionate, because this is a from a storytellers point of view, but politics is all about ethical dilemmas. Right. Do I let these people people die or do I fix this situation, so only thirteen people over here die instead, as a bridge this situation, you know, what's the sometimes politicians to full decisions like that, and it may not be that drastic, but there's always I'm kind of compromise. It needs to be made. Some people are gonna, be Some people gonna be benefited and those are cold calculated Moves that need to be made, like you know, a calculating brain echoes.
Otherwise you get into where we are in the border. Where's accurate, the United States is a lifeboat giant life and right now, central and South America are going down. They didn't I Spurgeon they're going down and nobody wants to be there so they're coming here. Well at some point, if you're in a lifeboat, you have to get away from this see if people or everyone will die, you know and we don't care about the ship go down we care about the precious cargo of the people, because his lungs We have the people, we can rebuild ships, but you can't eve, everyone and work work work. Swamping our boats now, our lifeboats and we're not to be able to help anyone and what's crazy, is you. Those who actually are behind all this, they know that they know all that That's not their gold help everyone right, but
those who are I'll, say yeah, we should give healthcare to anybody who comes across our borders. There is something in it through and we need to let everybody come across the briar at the same time, right you know, that's something have struggled with. Some time. Dick ideal in. Motivations and intentions. That's what I'm always trying to figure out. What somebody's motivational? What's their intention right, Stanislav Ski? an actor I didn't. I didn't engines and obstacle, no man ever know, but it's really. This is how you break down like what. What are you really trying to do here? They know what is what is the point of communism? What is the point of capitalism? Why do we have that institution? Capitalism is so unfair. You get these ridiculously rich people, and you get these ridiculous Poor people, capitalism? How is that fair? But you realize you know if you really think about this
The motivation, is in it back in a feudal times. You have the richer and the poor, and there was no movement. That was it. If you are poor important, you were gonna stay port. That was it. There is no choice. Now that we have camp was another we'll market system, a poor person can become a rich person and not only that, but when, as the rich get richer, the poor get richer too, and that was never true before capitalism actually makes that possible. So you're taking these poor wretches out of poverty and putting them into the middle class or at least the lower middle class and that's a benefit even if the rich get ridiculously richer. I don't care as long as we're keeping these people from starvation, where our problem today is that the poor people too fat, that's good problem to have read fixing. That's all
better than fixing starving children. You know, but you know you say as long as we keep these people from starving, I would say, as long as you keep the possibility alive, that even the starving can become whatever it is. They choose to become as much opportunity is possible right, Hunter percent agree Ray and you you just don't get that with another system, but haven't we when you say capitalism at tests horribly, but we have to say that when you say free market tests like seventy percent favourable. It is me, though, rhetoric is taken, just be with me. It's all. You know that when people think of capitalism now, I think they think they think that America is a free market. We are less free as a mark. Then they are in Sweden, absolutely right home yet and the sea its think, we're not for what we are doing now
very state by state sexes breaks with a pretty good taxes is pretty good, but as Overall, the free market is not free. You bill gates couldn't started Microsoft, I mean that's according to gates now the problem that he said that they had they have now is apple with smart but all of their people in Washington DC to lobby, and he didn't think that was necessary. If that's not a free market, no, no one, one, I heard one was that if you're starting out of business, the only we have Really do it because it so expensive, because the regulation is to cheat you cheap until you get caught sub cheating and work with them is not till you have enough money or they they notice. You do. You know that shouldn't. We like problem. Why shouldn't barely what people are trying to run away from the option in rapture they get on Russia when a hundred the girl Mexico, right. Blame us and who you are
becoming those same kinds of people with a more regulation. You get more that way. Fischer, has everybody finds a way around the regulate? or their their motivated to anyway. They look ass. If you can't start a business without going through all these hoping, you can't go through the hoops. What do you do? You have to cheat and I don't blame people for doing that. I mean I'm I'm of know, I'm hypothetically, I'm a rule follower, but in reality you know you have to do what's is right and that sometimes means breaking a couple, a rules in a, well now, let's talk about rules unless use Google in Facebook and Youtube? As an example now the rules or so everywhere, and also so nebulous amino Stephen, greater he's with his attorneys and Youtube all the time sale? Explain the rule
and the rules keep changing and there never really fully explain. Also How does somebody like you survive online I did. You know I gotta manager, and so I can put mad now originally it was pretty good? I would get ticked. Or you know, democratization on this video every or whatever that doesn't matter so much now that I have on my show so that kind of safe because, as soon as I did my air video that blew up that you by the way I gotta give you so much credit is you we're really the only one that took that seriously over other people, but for the most part everybody just dismiss. This is politics as usual, and I said it, this is politics, the usual than its away bigger story than just to see, and I don't think so. I saw that I saw that story and first of I recognise the effort I mean it was very
reminiscent of what I have done in the past and so I recognise when somebody has put in a lot of work, and I know the one thing that I always thought would happen was that honest people look at it and they could look past the showmanship of it and say cash. That looks like a pretty good case. Is that true, and just do a simple checking, exert with some simple checking what you came up with and what you would you demonstrated was absolutely true what happened? What happened after that? Well, so, Much after that, pretty much every video after that was demonetized. It was simply anytime outposts, video demonetized. Not only that, but you tube had announced prior to that, they announced that if anything comes anywhere close to anything like a cordon court considered
see theory, they were going to restrict the distribution right. That was there on our right or their policies like that. You didn't. They don't really explain what borderline they called borderline. That's what they call. Borderland me talking about the caliphate in two thousand and ten was called a conspiracy theory happen still pretty much anytime. You mention George S on and on the Youtube's. Its consent, so I looked because you know there were some ties there to actually, and there were some time was actually which Europe is, actually and like a million years ago you're on to that guy, even like at the very beginning way before any of us knew who, with with actual for, I think, even you who you are and but anyway, so I figure there was can between air and George S analysed wow, that's kind of fascinating. Let me let me die I've into the stuff about him, because a lot of
like all this conspiracy theories. A lot of people are like no serious he's got his fingers in everything, so that ok, really dive in it was establishing to me astonishing how really how right you were when you do when you did that we did that huge owes acute think is accusing, but also just since then how much stuff that he's done. I'm the guy he really wants of Emily. Like megalomania in its, so much of it is true. I am I Even remember seeing an article that I thought you know that wasn't backed up by evidence that it wasn't clearly true this was happening. Another saying, ok, yeah with the district attorney's and stuff like that or yet chinese around the country is trying to do that now, attorney general's attorney, General's ray and and its it's weird? It's like why'd, you want and that's what I was struggling with. The motivation in attention: why would a billion our care some
Why do they want to control the United States, especially when you get up there? Maybe he's mean he is. Quoted in his own book and on video saying it's fun. The yen he is on the right and yeah. Some people get hurt with these little experiments. We do, but that's what I thought. Any citizen gonna Messiah, complex care say this stuff. I know it's a really It's an amazing thing that you wonder Then. Other than not wanting to be on the wrong side of him. The which is a scary place to be absolutely right, you wonder. Why is there no one really, no one that thinks this. I mean the left used to be against star chambers. Gotta know now and he's is close to you get too, as you can get to alike.
The Classic Movie STAR Chamber, guest speakers who, as I believe that you are doing here, is really as close as you can get to that. Without going into fiction and- and nobody seems to care, the aid is. It is a weird thing, and it's not just him. The other me there's other leftist billionaires. It's bizarre. It's like my my theory has been that if a person has an opportunity, to change the world. He will convince himself that doing so is good because it will put you in the history books and for whatever reason, especially if you're rich swish of your very, very rich, like billionaire level, which You want to be in the history books that, because what else you can you ve accomplished all these other goals in your life you don't really have any while ago, o acronym put my name in history? If I do this little thing and week the world in such a way that it makes a historic change. However, that historic change might be the Holocaust
store, change might be something utterly devastating to people, but in your mind your like, but I really want to get the history books, so I'm gonna figure out a way. Why? So? tons and tons of migrants into Europe is actually a good thing devastating to people devastating people, but he can make a difference and one unquote, so he's gonna go into back in two thousand and ten I talked about how the caliphate would be form. Middle EAST would be set on, fire caliphate would be formed and that would spread up into Europe through me. You know Miss immigrants that would destabilize, and then it would come over here. It's same people saying that this was good. Then we got a Europe. You have to take that this is good. You have to take them they're saying now we have to take every buddy, who comes across our borders and there now
oh in Europe's apologizing to Europe, saying: oh, I'm sorry that was really bad, that destabilize things, but they do Recognize it over here, they're they're, not honest brokers, I'm currently reading the strange death of Europe Great book, and it is. Then there is something to be said for the preservation of culture and nobody likes to talk about that as it when it when it, when it pretty in two european cultures because its white people, you know it's, it's the people, who were the colonists at one point so there's the argument that we ve gotta pay for our sins or there's the org that you know where the bad guys everybody else is the good guy or there is the argument that we have all the wealth, and so we need to be generous to help other people and that argument, I actually to some degree agree with, but I have you seen the bubble gum, bubblegum. The gap is bubblegum gumbo, the gun a video on Youtube and Alcinous? Yes, amazing video. Is this guy? He just
launch a balls, and he says this is how poor people around the world are truly poor and it's an unbelievable, linked tonnes. Gunboats is like this is how much how many immigrants be taken area takes one dumbo put similar result: clean glass, is this is how many illegals come. Every take another gun boy put some. This is not helping anything helping. Every year. This is how many more poor people are born and pours like a whole thing, a out you think helping the world out by to eat. We want to feel good about yourself by taking one gun ball of immigrant immigrants into your country. Like now, we ve got to help people out where they are. We gotta figure systematic approaches to helping people throughout the world. The immigration thing is just gonna hurt us and its aka help anybody. I think, but I think that's what the free market does. That's what that's that's the best way to help people out is to teach them how to fish. I mean even you, ve, seen
bono speech that he gave at the London School of Economics. Here's a guy who's been given charity forever. Who fight He comes and goes you know what now This is where we been doing. However, none of this works. The best thing we can do is strengthened capitalism. The free market give them access to the free market and and help them help themselves. You know I saw that same video and he just seem so sad. He seems so defeated. Wenzhou Europe, it's working legally waste, absolutely safe. You know it's in one way: it is a little pressing to see somebody who feel that way that, like another struggles along and it hasn't work, has you Wanna play and that's that ass, the sort of less leftist idealism I'm talking about. You know that there is this idea that I can make a difference and Youtube it can potentially start a business or theres many many ways to actually help within a system that is effective, but the
I kind of little yoga, realistic way is to try to fix the world if they're, not effective, do you have to abandon them, and it is sad especially for artists, especially for somebody who's. Dreamer, who really wants to do those things, but really You truly want to help people. You really have to focus on the things that work and the market works. I mean, like you, said, teaching people a fish works because of the the visual, where we're losing sight of the individual, so you know we have all worked at places where somebody hasn't idea. You might have had an idea there's somebody always of the table whose, like that back anywhere now, can you just like shut up. It would if we can all get on the same page where the leftist goes wrong is eventually they remove that person from the two and anyone else that might be thinking that way and if they have to force
finally remove them. They will forcibly removed them because we are going to do this. Because it will work and the more it doesn't work. The more they be proven wrong. It's got to be somebody else that doesn't believe in it. Growing it all up, your hundreds at reminiscent why they're trying to silence all the voices on you two on twitter or any other than are you I'm not as concerned as some people, because it in The main reason is because I think, there's enough of us now I'm, who are aware of what's happening that I don't think that they can get away with it. I think that kind of know that I know you love me. I remember I was an optimistic. What do you really think? Let me just go to Justice Democrats well, those guys are definitely like. You know they have opt the
M Noirtier every step of the way they do it under the cover of darkness, and they get worse and worse and worse and its consent the theory and nobody everybody's told oh don't worry about. It is not that big of a deal only in when somebody is there to replace the Justice Democrats that are worse than the Justice Democrats, will we hear and really accept what the Justice Democrats we're doing? Will you represent right in the end in their their plan is actually a relatively effective plan if they can pull it off. So why don't you expect who they are and what what their plan is contagious pulled off, something they just got a district attorney elected. That's that's the craziest thing I've ever see, let's higher the chief law enforcer to not enforce the law. Yeah yeah, I mean the same things going on with it with what happen Portland I was looking into the chief of police up there and there we wanted to community policing, which is
actually like, but not arresting resting for, like not doing your job, let me get into brand new Congress and Justice Democrat so originally was called new Congress. This is up the brainchild of a guy named Zack Exley Zack actually is a song a million and a half This comes from a long line of of people who had similar ideas, but the idea was to completely replace Congress with the socialists. Really they call themselves progressives there far left Democrats who won t redistribution and others can now. I think we have, as I'm I'm pretty well read on the progressive movement I believe that we are now out of the Progressive movement area we are now in the socialists. Straight up. Such Elizabeth Progressives are progressives or people like Joe Biden and he's. He looks like he's a dinosaur that that areas over the progressive brought us.
To the door step of socialism, and now the socialists like good sit down, we'll take it from here. We should actually dive into the word socialism, because to use one of your words of the great word nebulous socialism is now a nebulous term, which it never was. Historically, I mean that socialism was essentially synonymous with just as a marxist idea right of the reader vision of wealth in the car. And its mould with, and while socialism is, I mean I'm a no, the technical definition. While he used to be the step between capitalism and communism, It people. Thank all that's when the stake. It's really ugly inputs, everybody in a good. No, not according to Morrow. Now, no thirty one is the ideal, is a utopian utopia, and then they say: oh well, that wasn't really communism there actually right. And some Lamar? It's not. They will never happen vertical communism idjit result of what happened like this is my car some doesn't work, you put you tell everybody that big, just gonna work as hard as they can.
And would do gonna pay all the same and a lot of we'll say if I dont, if to work harder than this guy like why. My working so hard and then You go. Ok, we'll do people being less productive than we need them took as everything's run by the state, and so then you have to have a class of enforcers and instantly. You have two classes, you have the oppressed class, any of the oppressor class right and- and this creates an instantaneous authoritarian dictatorship, because you have to control the masses. You have to control them with violent. It's the only way or force and the only way to do it, and so always communism will turn into that. It will always into that, but they dont against human nature, convict completely against human nature, and we ve tried it. We credit for religious reasons, the Mormons pride, something like that. They call it. Reunited order. I think the pilgrims try We have another pilgrims. I didn't know the Mormons yet was the united in history, a united order. They had, they were
struggling, they said, put everything together. One hundred percent ties. You just work and it fell apart that, finally, such a beautiful dream, Do you love the dream? I love the idea that people will motivate themselves to help out their prey. Man right, but people are so lazy and selfish. That's exactly what happened they were. They were like. Well, you know brother, solar cells, not doing it. So I mean I'm not gonna work all day and have him sit around and do it. It's not right more words, The conclusion is that greater and when Jesus comes, maybe he can convince everybody to be on board that you, you know. Maybe that's right. It is, I think it is the way Christ would rule, but no, he's Christ? Everyone else, needs a gun exactly right, and if you have a strong motivator,
and maybe that motivated could be God himself. You know if you have a strong motivator than yeah you'll, be you get productive productivity, other people, but the motivator is in America. Is you can better yourself, absolutely him better! Your station, you can better and one of them Is we ve been convinced that you can't better the nation? Read you I'm sorry your station, who can't better yourself. My kids will not be better off than I only we can better the nation, no yeah here too, I dont know because such a benevolent system, in terms of the district, you should, because what we are really doing is redistribute redistributing opportunity. That's what capitalism is common.
Then his redistributing, the the fruits of everyone's labour. The capitalism is redistributing opportunity because you want you really want the best of the best. So it's in everybody's best interests to educate everybody. Will never be at the top of the game, so the best of the best is better than the best of the best last year You know, and you can do you can choose from you know. Everybody who is amazing in America helps everybody else. So it's in our best interests to make everybody amazing I'll. Try to get back to If you have a tendency to go off on the avenue to sober, have also the brand new The idea that they originally had was completely mental. It was, let's replace all them what they would call establishment Democrats the job I Let's replace all of them with these far left progressives or actually Socialists EO sees no. We're saying: let's: let's do Bunch Elizabeth warrants. We want everybody in Congress to be Elizabeth more, and that was the idea, but it wasn't just the establishment Democrats. They were.
Also going to this is- and this is completely met there- we're gonna go after Red States, Red Districts Congress, because people and overcome Psmith S, people on over their voting for for Congress, lotta people just hit the r, you know if their republican, these had the are. So so they were so they were there. The idea was less when to these areas in which there is very little voter turnout, because their music republicans gonna, be elected and was a progressive in there to campaign as Republican in their primary. And let's go to all the progressives in the area kind of quietly and tell them all of whom. For this guy, because you Oh he's, a Republican he's really with us he's really a progressive, and get them on the ballot as Republican righted when their primary, because nobody votes in that region anyway, and then every who you know who needed. In the protagonists in the general would just pick the box for Republican.
They wouldn't even think about it, because that would be the Republican nominated raises. Progressive, the socialist and that's her. A sneak socialist in in the Congress as report, Look that's so that is totally mental and Do we know that there are not doing well? I think that things still plan to do this. I think the only guard we have against this kind of tomfoolery is telling people about it if people know what's going on, I will know what to look for and especially reporters and who look into this stuff, hopefully as if it will get the word out. This kind of goes to almost. What was the saying from Hitler that the more outrageous the line more likely people are to believe it. Where this is the the more outrageous the act yeah, you know the you could you can pull off the outrageous.
As people go, oh, come on, that's ridiculous. This is this is why people think Soros as a conspiracy theories right. A lot of these big, the big lie, This of these big lies. Are they work because people just dismiss them is crazy action, yeah, he's gonna, be making this up. You're, not gonna, get rid of the free market system in America. Well, if everybody thinks that and they don't doing to protect it, we will now. We will ok, so still Democrats, they change their name. Why did they change yak, as they start work with Genk. Younger of the the young. Turks is a real piece of work that he's, actually not quite as crazy as a lot of people, but he's very bombastic? You know he's got a loud voice and he's got a big channel. We need to be until I got a very large pocket book on these,
but he got in he got in with is actually in psychiatric Amarian that whole team that we're doing the brand New Congress thing and he Genk, pitched it to the young Turks audience as Justice Democrat. So he he had either. He had a similar ideal retook. That idea and or something happened with a parallel idea and the brand of Congress said. Okay, what he's got this huge audience so we're just gonna collar whatever else you want to call it that you want to call just Democrats by Uncle just say change the name. I think for thanks and that's why originally my original videos in Genk was the master MIKE. Is he he sort of pitch? Did that way liking? It was his idea. It is only until I further I realized now he's just ass. He was sort of being used at mouthpiece, yeah front man, the the propaganda wing of the of the brand new Congress. Just as Democrats, already, which, if they really should be their own political party, is there really their own crazy thing with a green new deal in an people who die
when a work and crazy, it's legit mental, but the third party doesnt work, especially right in a democratic. Because of the super delegates and everything else they uranium, he'll die on the vine. I don't know why they do that of their below the silvery. Tells it things because, Mr Langen, do you not know that that I know I don't know whether it is a super delicate. I just know it's a problem for them. Every single Alexia, well, they saw Reagan. Take over the Republican Party, and become so radical and hears this guy, who so radical, took over the democratic- public and party and change the course the republican Learning and they did not want that to happen so how can the abies they said is how do we safeguard a radical from coming in and changing us? They did the super delegates right so that kept people Bernie Sanders out such were the central don't get,
much of a voice is the re and see erect gas these guys and it's just a suitable pr nightmare for them to fix that people want to believe that they have a voice, even if I think on the left, it's it's tough for four to be left, as I think today his they dont distinguish. This is something that I can tell you one of my channel on the right. You know white supremacist. Take a cave, it they're all accused of being right wing. I dont consider them rightwing. That consider them their own delusional, think they're, all national socialists, second exact our identity deleterious, zip an end so, but on the left little they dont distinguish themselves on the right. We say: that's, not us. Ok, we weeds, since our self we're like those guys are toxic, we really do them on the left. They don't do they don't say. Oh no. No, no, keep it doesn't speak for me. They sit they'd, they justify what they're doing the same.
I don't believe in violence, but you know it actually kind of make sense because you're not so bad. They think that they think the same. I do like what are you doing you to design which result from your crazy. It's the same thing that those in Germany when they made excuses for the brown shirts. Note yes, but here's the deal one order any ass: they get out of hand from time to time and they think taking roll it and they will never control you camp at the Genie back in the bottle. Okay, so go back to the so so the Justice Democrats, get their new name, and what do they do so they do. Do this casting called? They decide that ok, we're gonna, try to put at Genk, Vince them not to do the republican thing right, to go into these smaller districts, and he is he's like let us
because on establishment dams and want to get those guys, because he really hasty establishment Dems, which is something I kind of understand, because he thinks that they're kind of Bonn paid for by Wall Street. Corporations in this kind of stuff- they all are exactly like, So they are mulatto people, both people, both sides on both sides and in our Genk on that. Looking so, That sense, is you know? That's why he's like? Not the worst of them. You know he's got a legit beef dino, so if we want to get this address when thou, you must get these progressives in which I dont think. As any better, but he thinks there better so committing them just to go after the Democrats in that's exactly what they do and they get adjusted. They don't get as much. Is they wanted, but they get a ton of nominees for for Congress, for I was two thousand and sixteen and Elsie was one of their people and they got a few. And I remember, all their names out of my head because it's been a while, since I did that stuff, but they got a few people in the end they spontaneity they like said: okay, we
kind of aligned with some people were already in Congress. Stuff like that, but aims it was really their comrades. I mean that was the new evidence of surface to suggest that a yo see wasn't actually nominated in the same way. Else was because the one guy. That's been investigating a suffer a long time suspects that she news actually from before the nominating process happened, so she did go through process the same as everybody else, but it was like a show to make it look like everything was fair when in reality they kind of hand picked her beforehand and said here: you're here your goal: but the idea was that they would bring in people in nominating process and then they would go over the Razumihin higher them in the same way that you would hire an actress right in that the idea was that they write the script. And these congressmen read the script right in and they talk about this
their video, they say when you didn't have any interest in running for office before Us Range is like now, and they say: This is a group first movement right, so this has this happened. Directed all of your everything that you said and done since you ve been elected. It's been group first rate you ve been following the and she's like absolutely, and there's just admitted to it in the video meets its it's on time it when you see the video its dunning, it's amazing how, New Congress. Some of these people are they'll say Think I remember anything wrong. I remember we expose the tides foundation and one of them who is buying the tides foundation for the Obama care. He said some people say this the Trojan horse. I know this from memory say play that video so many times until some people say this as a Trojan Trojan horse right there, I'm showing it to you. We will have single payer healthcare and that's a big defence of the Justice Democrats and parental Congress and end the young Turks. They'll say
I don't know why you think this is some kind of evil conspiracy. This is on the table were shown here. Broadcasting. We want everybody to know we're doing, but once you say it, what happened to you anything close to a conspiracy. How could it be a conspiracy? here it is their saying. I know it's smokes got on me and buzz. You got on me a fact. Checkers unquote factors and they're. Like all you know, there's this there's several reasons why this is false: one reason that its forces there, you know every but he's doing it psych. No, everybody is doing this. Another reason: it's not true, because it's not a secret. They. You know they talked about this, it's like, ok, you can murder somebody in secret newcomers. Somebody in public is still merged. Somebody still bad and I without the last one I can make his, but yet they're trying to fact check they also, like the facts, are clear that I said she was an actress right as if she
as like a sack membership here right and I wrote these guys, wrote me a nice. I wrote them back and said: look you know that Ass. A metaphor in that I was saying that as a way to explain what she was doing in issues of casting call it casting call, but that to illustrate a you're in Hollywood. You were clear in there, video he who, using I gotta, get as it allows an ethic. Why would you fact I heard let us know actually fact checked a couple of what The Babylon be articles hunting that equitable and I do love thorough overview fact- checking parities and satire, and it's like what are you doing? These guys have no credibility. They just there just Then there, like a propaganda thing for four left, was so why are they so effective because he did it with Elsie and they just talk a little bit about? I'm sorry, you know the new district attorney
from the same district. For me, oh see, actually have read about abolishing. This is crazy, but I do know how we set out in the news, but they don't actually Dumas old, same exact story. She's, we, the district attorney, one of the tweet what the tweets that I saw her make right after the election the reason why we one is because- of our very dedicated door, not There is an and workers they were sex workers. Ex Kanzi freely and illegal immigrants in her a tweet legal immigrants, ex guns and sex workers, these it is the district attorney here. That's all we want rise acute. The criminals of rags and see. This was all done and organised by this economic growth, and that they have
I believe that we have five term sitting district attorney, Democrat Democrat that are not coming, there's there's no one in the press. That is talking about the civil war in the Democratic Party area it may the tea party look like nonsense as well Did the tea party, we thought we are making progress. We are making any progress in those guys are going to do whatever the hell they want. We made no no real progress lasting in my appeal, and that's why Donald Trump Mazurkas everybody was pissed. Ok, really you wanna play that game. Ok meet our junk yard dog That's exactly what these guys are actually making an impact. I was talking to Joe Liebermann, and he said I so where they were the Democrats who don't believe that we should be and in the free market, Glenn they're, all afraid to say anything there, terrified of, there is a war and the the rational left
if you can even call them that they're losing the war they're losing the war, because the radical left, the Socialists, the their voices so loud, and what they're saying is interesting, people, because the stuff that people, having heard really is at least they haven't, heard it in a way that sound good I mean it was always in portrayed. I think accurately, as a devastating no system did to implement government wife by these guys, are presenting it as it? No, it's gonna be good because he's gonna help, day of my army from going under water, and it hot is ridiculous. So so what is it? Do you think they actually believe. You know it is an excellent question. I am, I think, that it has, ok I'll tell you what I think, I think that there is a fundamental delusion within the law
I don't even think it's just the progressive radical left. I think it's even if, like a hare left, even the moderate left oftentimes accepts this, which is that there are good guys in their bad guys and they want to be for the good guys they want to be at night they want to stand. You know tat. All in say, I'm a good guy and the good guy as are well again. But with the bad guys. First, the bad guys are men, the bag as are the white Cologne lists of of europe- you know in a lick colonized. Among other places, Christians, traditional Christianity is the enemy right, because Christians are persecuted gaze or something, and the good guys are algae, BT, ethnic minorities, immigrants, Muslims. These are the good guess so Their money is not like that. It's almost like a kid fathom, but some Muslims might be bad. Some black people might be bad. Some white people might, good. Some men might be good. They just have this line, they draw and they say these are the good guys
These are the bad guys. Let us design a society that punishes the book, the bad guys and that elevates the good guys and their whole system functions on that delays That's it. That's why I always say the left will always be wrong. They will always fail in attempting to design a society that works because they ve got these mental delusions about whose good and whose bad you gotta look at people. Individuals, some people got some people are bad in every group. You say they always feel, but they don't always will. Sometimes it takes seventy here. Sometimes in overhead nodded hunt always pale immediately, don't always failed and I am not convinced these guys are going to fail
well, they they are a danger, and you make a really good point pointless. Something I didn't think of is working off the template of justice the transom branded Congress, another group could form that could be even more effective and that is actually kind of terrified if you had another outside, grew comment, because it's a powerful idea, part of a group and in the the two meaning and a winning group, and in the end the really annoying thing is that the people who voted frame, She didn't know that that she was just parroting You know some writers script and when you say that I saw your video, and what was shocking and it explained her. It totally explained her. How she was saying exactly what Justice Democrats were saying for years. Or she obviously got the script which to meet only explains when how do you feel about Israel?
well. Israel is a bad place there. The oppressor wool You tell me more about that. Well it wasn't all find she wasn't qualify right and it shows that she's learning things she's repeating and regurgitating something. But she doesn't believe that she's been told or taught or whatever and there's no depth there now there's she doesn't fully. She is though emblematic of so many left us that I've met throughout my life, either back home in Oregon, where I grew up or LOS Angeles, where I live now, who? I only know anything about politics, but they heard a couple, a talking points on MSNBC or CNN, and they heard Don lemon talking or Rachel mad cow. They heard some kind of talking point and there are like yeah yeah the railways are so mean to those Palestinians right right you know so I am for the past and preserve the underdog. You know that that the on a more emotional level,
These are the underdog. These are the oppressed, and these, Are their oppressors user, the bad guys if you we'll be good, join us in defending these oppressed. These poor, oppressed people and the conservative go but didn't teach us. Of missiles against their so called oppressors. Lobby but I mean come on. Those are just like a little missiles. Her ass, I M worried you do that you're good defence system right, even really matter right as like, and what are you talking, whether literally trying to murder of these people and their stating it up and are stating it openly and though, if somebody on their own sort of, like you know, a lost lamb rape and murder and awful stuff happens, and it's just it's. It's a pretty. Ass situation over there, and is a new one situation granted, There is the third like us of this good, bad people on both sides in every group, but
What do you like? What do you make of the of you looked into? You looked into the relationship of lot of Omar and and care, and the muslim infiltration of this round call revolutionary wing of the Democratic Party it no, I haven't got into the muslim thing alive. People really wanted me to get his reign. Norton to allow people, but I you know that's a tricky one minute that one takes a lot of research again, you really how to takes yonder's yet to really get get into it. I have Some muslim friends, really good people. You know really really solid people that that are figure family p all that are trying to make their way and do the right thing and the left. I think does have a valid concern people will become hateful
of anyone who is doing muzzle true if we don't educate people on the differences in somebody who follows Islam and somebody who is an islamist right, if you la missed. You believe that the key the caliphate must be Exe You did that there is no law outside of the Koran and, though- was a dangerous people and they are a pressing leaving. The first ones there going to kill are these? Are the people who fall oh Islam, but don't are not islamist so there on the front line, and I think people value our goods Muslims. They understand that and we're betraying them up and you know, here is is a front for Hezbollah and You know how does a woman, if you are if you are with care
and Hezbollah. How do you get away with being for women's rights? and all of these things gay Rights, Howard, for those things and unless you're you're MOSS front group is suddenly just a really good Reno. Non right. Karen following group that doesn't want death to cereal, etc, etc. Well, have you heard collars earlier there's this dear, and is only forget, was caught because to cure that new to as idea that you in this Herbert in different ways by different Muslims, but the one one interpretation is yet you just pretend you believe, the things that your host country believes wherever you are, if you are standing with the Koran and
standing with what the Koran actually says according to them who can lie too? further these goals and you're perfectly cool. That is such an awful thing to have in your culture, because how can You don't trust anyone from your culture while that's part of it. That's the same with ass, though I suppose through visible anybody can lie, but he could alarming. That's not in our scriptures butler. Wasn't it s? Probably in our culture. Is your right? Let s try there amid battle. Like I said, there are good and bad people in every group, but the written in their actual laws? Is this an end again matter but interprets it that way, but the others it did read my book. It is about Islam Writ. There is clearly in Islam. That is a reformist movement that a lot of people, but all the people in that group are,
Fraid of the Islamic represent and the islamic costs are? Are the danger at the end of the day? I think that the Muslims need to stand up against the Islamists. Why would they I'll tell you? Why did because it's it's gonna, always hard for them everywhere they go. If everybody is afraid that they might be a terrorist so they know that. But I have good for and who are who are muslim, Judy as duty Jasper who it is an amazing guy, he stands firmly against it is life, is I know I know it is the bad guy owes will shut you down here, but I think that in a in a large enough group if it was a movement that happened in mass right. It would not be possible to who's going to again, just I'm just trying to put myself in the
the mindset I'm totally centric, I think, is what how happy I am American Muslim who they ve got. The Congress and they begged they ve cried. Please leave seemed to us we're your these, be we're coming over there in our communities and you're, turning a blind eye and read it me they come out there What are you getting to really the crux of the issue? I think, which is that any I'm the left pretend Something doesn't exist like to me. If something real, if there is a real problem that legitimately exist in the world, to pretend that that problem doesn't exist, does not make you a good person, but the left thinks that it does. The left thinks that every racial problem that exists does not exist because I'm not a racist. It's like that, They do not all races to pretend that there is no problem in the back. Immunity does not make you not Islamophobia, because
pretending that there is no such thing as Sharia LAW or you know, radical Islam ready this. They just pretended doesn't exist so that they can pretend that there are good people, may lover everybody and, above all the vice like look eyes not tackling up doesn't make you a good person. It just makes you a coward really, but that's the left wants to do. Want to pretend that there are good person. They think that pretending these problem exists, mixing the fact that you think that there is proper, the buck, merely that makes you an evil person so stupid, never going to solve a problem that wherever never, we would and that's really what I fight against on my channel- it's like just the instant help. Without hesitation your racist, you're, you're homophobia. Turn Lama, because you are willing to accept that one of these groups may have an issue so its aid, I thought they show. Time- is running this series on Roger Ales and Fox
that actually to theirs. The show time on and others of a feature from coming out, which I am in Are you really have a line in the very short line I have align? Lay I play a Riley's booth, I'm around Please booth and I wonder what was my line it's o Drudge Drudge took down. The reporters like drug store down the report. Nobody runs the computer, it's graph on men. Margo Robbie. We had a great time, she's awesome, so they're doing this series and I haven't watched it- I will end. As I was watching the trailer. I thought It is true in all the things that I've seen in a trailer and the sexual things were going on. I actually believe didn't see it myself, but I absolutely sure culture, there was very, very toxic with being said.
Hollywood is a much bigger expert on Harvey wine steam. And so why isn't there a movie or series or a documentary on why Steel, they do. Want to open that door. I think because they're still afraid Nobody in their community wants to hear it, because so many people were involved in it in so you're not they never will take on their own community. First take the b, out of your own. I first Lafitte scripture yell of s caress. You know Otto. What I do think that there is there are enough conservatives in Hollywood there that are secret conservatives that were getting to a tipping point. Where do you think that they're gonna come out of the closet in ITALY as it and then they gonna went back and I want you eat.
Specifically about the harvesting situation, I mean oh, no! No, I mean no. No, I mean Friends of aid within in others. There still groups trust me among the area. Good, my mom mom there on the front lines they they I'll have to meet in secret. We actually add somebody I won't say who come to speak at one of our events the other day, and there was like government helicopters making sure that everything was was cope ascetic. They were me I so yeah. It's it's an interesting thing to be out there in Hollywood, but I do think that there is going to be Gmos are mere maximum. Ninety started to do independent was obviously distributed by by MAX and a lot of them had big budgets. That was, or like oh look, we're doing our own kind of interesting thing over here. This is a market for this in the nineties. They like this ultra violence and stuff. There may be a pocket for that in Hollywood. Now for conservatism. I think that somebody,
smart producer will figure out. Ok, there is a market To me, in others, money to be made here like a lot of money, a lot of money if they are to make feature films that were marketed to conserve that had conservative I use hired writers, like you know, conserved writers, writer. I think that there is money to be made there the only when the night somebody will do it do. This is Jason glum, but Jason knee It's too I mean with over his theory. What, with with horror, films, was upon us yeah, yeah and his theory, with with a horror films which is where he started. Was he was watching the studio system and people who are not fans of horror movies were making them. And so they weren't made, fans of horror movies, and so he said you know what I'm gonna take the horror movie business out here and I'm gonna make. That the only people were making and are the fans of horror movies and look
it how well he always one of the biggest studios erect and he's doing that with uninfected. The fox movie is made by Bloom houses but what he's doing is and if he does this He does this right without necessarily going the people were making church films assure search I know it will work the Hollywood Does these these? I'd films or conservative films and they're just ridiculous by leftists correct They don't. They don't know how you know could never blend in at a barbarous dry sand cocktail party, and go just pull that off? I couldn't do it, that's what they're trying to do if they find that good direct during that know how to make a a guy. Movie. Not a message will be a good movie that are just it. Doesn't salt me all the time
a lot of you say: did you see captain Marvel yeah? I was specifically to see what the man unbelievable, just just unbelievable in your face- messaging from beginning to end eyes. I walked out of that thinking. I don't I've done my marvel. Magic you know. My honeymoon period with marvelous is over and we such a. It was just it was hard to watch really because it anyhow crazy thing is: on Marvel movies. What was the one where they had the ship's up? They were monitoring everybody in the arena. You know start just two, guys are practically gods, because there's only one God, man, reed remember it was. It was one we have all of the does anybody know on the crew. What was it winters the Winter soldier gal k them as a conservative movie with conservative principles, but I dont any liberal knows I watch,
these all the time and I'm like did they draw the gear in their brain when they were reading this yes ever seem to get it at all. Occasionally, though, throw us a couple of crumbs, you know there is a moment in which it was the first vendors movie, where Captain America is gonna jump off of this flying airplane helicopter thing as gonna go fight? Thor, and somebody said somebody goes a hey. Why did you know you want to get involved with this like these guys are practically gods. There is only one God man and he doesn't dress like that in terms of the outbreak and is real and whoever wrote that line either had a little conservativism or they just god. Either they got that ok, this is gonna, be a little bit missile, a crumb for the conservatives will or religious Americans out there. I want to see this, unlike in good for them. You know they're not they'll care
that stuff anyway, but they they know that we like it, ok, but you know it to me. Getting excited about that stupid line. You know, which is as a cool, I'm just a little line and a movie I this such a good. Education to me, such a strong indication that if you just made a movie that was a good movie that was tailored too conservative. Firstly, I think most successful sudanese those most of the Marvel movies because they were so Stanley. Who have that american underpinnings, and I think that's one of the region why they are so successful, not all of them, but a lot of them have those right. You know under the shoot. I lost my train of thought. During the star wars, movies were our like to me. A disaster is like the complete opposite of marble. You're a hundred percent right in that you know, and I think one of the
so the Marvel movies they're, not afraid to have a straight white guy, be they the leader or that, the hero or something like that that every other movie as ever made today, if you're straightway guy your other adieu, fuss or you're the villain, those are your two options. Really forestry. Likewise, the marble movies are the only sort of bastion left In Hollywood, for like an old, fast inaction movie or an old fashioned adventure movie, where it's amazing to me that we have destroyed all of our heroes and yet where we're making these heroes up and they generally reflect the principles of the old America and they don't and they don't see that they don't get that they re there just doing it. Money they there so misreading kept. Can I change subjects please? Let's talk about the news of the day and K. Let's talk about first for what you're take Biden,
and all of the candidates. Let's go through them, I've, just specials on all the others, go through them easier said than done. I know I know it is take the top few of my favorites tossing gabardine my favorite from before? I dont think that she brought the things that I liked in the debates, but I think that was smart because she's not trying to get my vote she's trying to get the Democrats vote so. It was good that she sort of pandered a little bit and said some lefty stuff bite in a really didn't expect him to go down quite as hard as he did with a camera Harris. I remember watching that kind of confused, because I guess I'll be honest. I didn't know about this bussing thing that happened before I was born and it wasn't something that's like really in the history books, because it was sort of like an onto the sole right of riders, like this extra added extra that nobody really cared about so I literally from the West Coast, perhaps Eliseo, maybe, and
was watching than I thought. Okay, so you are part of the second class of students in California, specifically to have some kind of force bussing whatever that means, and you that girl. Ok, what you just say and who the heck cares, and I remember thinking like the way she said that left a signal of it there just gonna, eat that up, because I'm watching it, I'm thinking she light like some practical, nothing, but the style was there. I have to tell you, I I I think, you're at the beginning of the road, and I am surprised that you frame it differently, because you're, a writer. No sorry I should I have here a storyteller known in my opinion, The reason why that was effective is because she knows how tell a story. Well, that's exactly right! That's what I was getting out! She she started in the story about this little girl and re. I the alarm
go out. You know how it's going to add using the elevate she knows how and that little girl. That's me so she connected with me. There can be, but she literally Coda said anything any story, but captain butterflies, that little girl who hasn any new they're gonna be like voted for right. I thought so too he she is the most dangerous we're Donald Trump, because if she can get she's not trusted on the economy should not trusted on healthcare, natural meaning race relations, because that line maybe but everything else, but she is dangerous, because how does Donald Trump, who does Donald Trump yeah? How does he take her apart on the debate state? It is a good question being somebody's girlfriend and that not come back and then go run for president. I mean everybody's. I imagine it had not seen him
play nor seen him play a bad hand over and over again, and yet he walks away with all the Chiefs year like how did then just hand does have a he like a magician hundreds editor that well I'll. Tell you what I always discounted camel a heritage. Maybe I should have done because, she was articulate. I knew she was savvy. I knew she could tell a prosecutor the attorney. The way she speaks is excellent. She presents herself beautiful it yeah, but the way she started her career is so problematic for her, and I dont know how she can recover from it's an average Cisco assumes its growth. Willy nilly Brown, I mean, I don't think most people know about that We have talked about my show, but I have a huge reach and it's like how do you your career by being somebody's girlfriend and that not come back and then go run for president I mean everybody's gonna, be like I don't want you to be. My president, I met you would think that
Maybe we're not merit we're so far about everywhere. So far, but I mean I remember, watch the show the flash yeah the scene of your shall ye, I assure you, so you Our theory about you know the multiple earth this is from seven, that's that's DC comics thing. I think we just keep slipping on two different, but does all wake up, and I liked and one under the island is ended the language change when it everything change. Look I'm all, for I am all for forgiveness. You know I'm. Four alike, evil people can change and your people to go through staff and whatever and so I dont like holding people to something that they did thirty, cigarette so so That's a good thing that we don't care about that anymore. You know- maybe that's ok well, but our way in a way, with you as long as its consistent? They clearly care about the past
Mister Sherwin issue here is that you are not land is right about leg generally be. Generally speaking, I think it's a good thing to forgive people, and I wouldn't I personally would hold it again, sir. I just I'm trying to read the tea leaves and try to figure out how America's going to react. So how is America? Are we were seeing a slide with Joe Biden. Do count him out now I've, it's it's a tough thing, because You know I always said like wait for the debates, because urban like all Yo Joe Biden, he's his keys, got the top numbers and, unlike actually get the best name, recognition that he's the old, He was the only establishment guy within recognition like all the other moderates Cush TIM Ryan, who knows who temporarily Ryan Asia, de I spent most of the night on that. First I've gone, who I dont, who is Why did the whole thing on his own, our Hagen Lucifer? That hell is John Hake, interloper Johns. It Pickin Lupus meant that makes you think I am
or a guy. We allow these guys are all right. People in Colorado demand, we ve seen it, but you know in terms of personnel either fine Higgins offers a kind of funny guy is he. He went to a deep throat, his mom in the movie this year about that oil as create opportunities guys have such funny stories. My gravel didn't make lays out a funny story. That's his two years. I've been funny in this sense is like this odd, odd folks, and who is it? Delaney Delaney is a moderate about Marian Williamson. If you allow weird, ok do so yeah, that's a moderate, that's crazy land, we're she's, a cult leader, she's like a legit Collyer. That's why she sounds kind of good when she's on stage right, like the way she's It is a little bit she's the course and miracles lady. Yeah she's you now and Oh Brad kind of Guru, tat, a lot of practice. Speaking of her body answers, and so she presents herself well and she's kind of authoritative. You know, but the sun sets is so crucial.
Scurry, our television and harness love- and I know you, love- will win new area. Say and if you think you are going to say something like that Donald Trump and he's was it an alarm it if she was right? Oh, my god, I would love to be the candidate just to see those to stay, and we're just be already reserved trump would know how to do a very just, be leg out of how to do this now. It's all you would raise all you'd have to say that all he'd have to say that the others- and I think that says everything we need to say here- that I o k Elizabeth warn, you know what I felt like. People whirling always you did well in the first. How does it about? My second? Have I felt like you did well in her opening gambit and then each subsequent thing that she said I cut it started a tuna
I think she's easy to out tuna enchanters diseases to tuna, even though he shouted everybody like an old man on the front porch, The measures to get off his long just looks crazy. You know how I looked grave. Because everybody else's crazy rise at somebody. Somehow I don't owe widen recognises before I learned this from somebody on fox or something but everybody's adopted his path. So many people have adopted his ridiculous, absurd policies that he's boring now you just considered like that some old guy shot in the same things, everybody else they just sounds a little weird renewing, so people are kind of. I think I think that he is I am a kind of rigorous beforehand. Elizabeth Warren had her day into than sixteen shouldn't. Take it Bernie Sanders how disdain two thousand sixteen he got, screwed up any scrutiny by the Indians. I think the excitement over those two is is over Elizabeth. Warm probably has a lot more steam than Bernie, but yeah. She,
she was- I really thought you is overly indian thing was just like. I am fifteen times more indian swear to safety in time, more native American and she s yeah she's as white, is as you can only get. I mean look at me. Do I look like you know her I have any entity and in heat I can't clay, I'm just a German. I got a little. I got a core of scottish terminals. The widest of the white, but I'm come a little dark yeah. I look at times amount. So how do you think this is gonna play out? How do you think? What do you want? You think we should be looking for what does it say to you that Biden coming down? Bernie is coming down? Kemal is so it is fascinating. Yeah you do seeks in. I think com was the leader now, I'm in a premature robberies, saying, but you know it's the first debate, so we're gonna see some campaigning. Some people trying to capitalize
you know, who's. Surprise me actually was whose New York New York gum, the guy, the guy from New York, though a billboard. Thank you build the ones I was shot how good he was I'll. You ruined New York, nobody's gonna, let you but is actually gonna like for impressed us, and they are all crazy, plainer appraisal. As you look it, this whole field Yahoo is whose the most radical, whose, though, that you look at and say there is a real danger to this person, because There- there were a real, true believer, in radical revolution, a good question. What You think enough. I know you got somebody might probably it you're asking the question. I think I think we'll Bernie Sanders. I mean I'm talking about not for the election. I'm talking
their President Bernie Sanders. Ally's Elizabeth Warren, centres, Lisbon, worn, r, r r? For sure you know it's kind of a different question who do you think is doing well and who do you think is the most dangerous that so I am asking is not I'm talking about which one, do so once they got in if they win. That's the most dangerous heavy effect Marion Williamson, but nobody I do yeah you're. A hundred percent remains definitely Bernie in and Elizabeth warm because not only burning a true believers for sure when he went to USSR. Russia USSR on his honeymoon I mean that's, that's a true believer. That's a little mental so that, as a phone Communist and who are like always a socialist like Denmark, Denmark's us. Furthermore, secondly he's us, Is it like a soviet style communism in these hard CORE Elizabeth Warren?
think, maybe even more dangerous, because she is an incredibly arrogant academic. A catholic Obama was Accept Elizabeth more. I could she taught at Harvard right, so she thinks it herself as intellectually superior. You know it is a centralized state is a whole concept. Decentralized, eight were smarter than the people, so we can all nice everything and were essentially like omnipotent, and we can. We can make everything working. It's that arrogance that I think is very corrupting, because then you start to implement things that you are confident about. With you know, and you just take yourself to seriously and then and then You end up knows: diving the country not not not realizing that you're you're imperfect. You know think she's she's a little bit too arrogant. I would want unheard of its. We saw that with Obama and the only other academic that we ever had was Woodrow Wilson Rat you, academics are really yeah because they they d,
Just and I've heard Woodrow Wilson was the same like very arrogant. Arrogant was a nightmare. That was a nightmare. What is the thing that keeps you up at night? What is a technology culture? Politics was thing, keeps you up at night. I you know I'm pretty good. I think that we are used to be much more concerned about the direction of the world. When I was younger, because I could see sort of degradation of value, the values, the values a values of of our traditional values, but especially since I started my channel started to do. To some extent, what you're doing not quite to that level have as a threat, but an must have seen it to some degree to when you started working in this field, and I know even in this role of quite a while, but You start to see how many people care and that is so heartening, like it so
to see how many people respond in some other people will crazy, but I we get to interact with people on Youtube because all read the comments section will read my twitter or realistic as much as I can't I can't get out at all, but you can feel passionately learn how much people care and how many people are out there that care- and some people are very different visions, you know of the future and they have very different concerns, and I have but the fact that they care so much and at least to some extent working within the real world I'm so I'm so optimistic about how you know where we can go with with so many people carrying so much so are we are we as divided, as we all think we're young lawyer thanks, oh yeah, and I think it comes back to the delusion that I mentioned before. If you genuinely believe that there are good guys- and there are bad guys and you can divide those groups by gender and re, and religion you are bound to theirs.
To be a lot of collateral damage, does have that sure. There's some straight white christian guys who are total jerks, who are horrible, horrible people, but that's not all of us. You can't condemn entire demographics because of the sin a few people and a allow the excuses, the sins of a few people hundreds of years ago, I call you got the same. Skin color and gender as a man Five two hundred years ago and had a slave, so therefore you're an evil person see this is the problem, and in Christianity has done said, I should say our bar houses of worship are. Religions have done such a horrible job at keeping the message of the gospel to the individual, everything is about individual salvation. Absolute everything is, and you know this comes from that collective salvation nonsense
that socialists have been pitching into our churches forever that we all we all can only really be redeemed. When we're all in it together. That's not the message and not them. Since the country, not the message of christ- and I think, are I- Gar houses of worship have really drop the ball. All of our religions have their struggling because how many of them really stand for things and can apply it to today's world? No yeah, it's! It's it's a good point, I mean traditionally and historically, like the catholic church, had so much power because you had this huge group of people in Europe who
Go to church every Sunday and it was a natural gathering place- was a natural group and a few tied those groups together and you had a centralized in a government of those groups. Then you had a very powerful entity and, as you know, power corrupts and you get a lot of crop people in the church and then He would say like this collectivist idea. You know that kind of integrates reasonably well with that, whereas the Agro Protestant Right non denominational process, not a nominal protestant, is exactly what you're saying that it gets to the left. This is always on the individual. Even though yeah it's gorge, you go to church and eleven alone can us up, but the end. It's your individual effort to become a better person and you write that the church doesn't always do that the best job, but I was absolutely raise that it's an individual thing. You're your faith is an individual thing.
To me: that's a much better, healthier way of looking at it, because you dont tie your identity to any any group in particular, once you tire I did, I did the group, then you become an identity area. I mean that that you become one of these people, that, like well, I may not have done anything good in my life, but white people invented stuff, and I am proud of that. Part of that group right. So I must be great, I'm really great and it's like to meet to me. That's a very two, very defeatist attitude, because then you stop trying yourself to do something good and to do something great new life doesn't have to be. You know, too, to be president or to do A major change of the world will be in our Youtube star to be a host of a major show or to do something about something that is traditionally considered great and in in our culture. You can be great just by being a good man by being a good father by being a good husband. Elam. Take my men now, but you know, because
I'm a guy that relate to the bottom, just being a good person and changing a person, I found an individual level is not only source so It's an amazing thing to do on a wonder. Would like hearing people too Me something that I change that if on a one to one level, is so much more satisfying then just just doing show because even though my show is a fantastic wade, a shift people views a little bit in a way that I think is good. It's that one to one connection that route that was really very powerful and everybody can do that you can. Everybody can do that with their friends with relatives with their family. Just my being a good person just my living a good example of a good man or good woman, good wife, a good husband, a good son or a good doctor. You know Joe, wasn't always sorry mom, Mr Reagan, Glenn Back Extra Rina. Thank you, Sir
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