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2019-10-26 | 🔗
David Barton has been described as “America’s historian.” He is a best-selling author and the founder of WallBuilders, and he sits on the board of Mercury One, Glenn’s humanitarian and educational charity. And if combined with Glenn's, his private collection of founding-era documents would be rivaled only by the Library of Congress. Barton and Glenn take a look at a few artifacts on both the good and bad sides of history. Most importantly, they emphasize knowing WHY you believe what you do. History has been dulled and politicized in our schools and government – and our Bill of Rights is suffering from it. But organizations like WallBuilders and Mercury One are dedicated to preserving and teaching the truth.

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It is my joy to sit down with a friend and one of the best men I have ever ever met David Barton, it is an interesting guy. He is the founder of wallbuilders. Which is this great pro family organization that teaches Prince preserves. History teaches principles. He speaks to over four hundred groups every year. David himself has authored many books, one of them. I remember when I was just starting to wake up in my thirties, one of them I read, and I love the book and then forgot about it and one day I met David Barton and I'm like hey, guy. There were over one of my favorite books. He has been involved in Supreme Court cases. He is very involved in national politics, local politics, easy,
A guy who has under a nom de plume helped write some of the history books in many states to make sure that our standards in schools are right, and that is so faltering now. But David is on a mission to preserve our history and teach it he is described as America's historian Time magazine called him a hero to millions, including some very powerful politicians I have no idea, what we're going to talk about, I know he's brought some treasures in with him, but David Barton is always a fascinating interview,
I think if I could have any job, it would be two of us in a van doing american pickers yeah. You are the guy who, who has taught me probably more about America than anybody else. I've learned so much from you David, and I also learned how to make a compelling argument from you. I have learned what a good friend is. I have learned what a good Christian is because of you and we, I don't even know how we first met. I did it. I think you're, probably like I- I can tell you part of that story, okay and by the way, thank you for the kind words, but it's very much reciprocal as well. What I've learned from you and dad
and maturity and vision lot of lot of stuff. Thank you. The been this man grace been iron, sharpens iron bible, verse. I think maybe we helped each other. Hopefully I think we have. You were going to do something called the american Revival and American arrival arena events in Tampa, Phoenix, etc and we're doing faith, hope and charity, and you call May, instead, I've got the guy for hope. You got the guy for charity, and this past weekend, three or four people gave me the same book original intent and had you on it and I've seen something from you earlier and I have I should have you autograph it. I have MIKE probably First edition copy, all of of that book that you wrote in the nineties right I'd at the he was ninety two yeah, I think, is nine and I loved that book, and I did it. I didn't even know it was you and tell people started handing
and then I was like. Oh, I know this book. I love this book so when you said so, once you do the thing and so those arena events, and so that was pretty early on yeah, and so that was the first time we really got connected and I think the the founders Fridays came after that Libre call. I think it was yeah. We've did founding Fridays founders, Fridays every Friday and the network. I hated it I hated hated hated it. They gave me so much grease. Really, oh my gosh, you know that, don't you did. I not ever tell you I didn't know they gave you all. My God gave me the camera mother guys really loved it all the floor crew, regular people left it, but you know they didn't Foxtel. I didn't I didn't I like it, and but it was fun and and what I learned from you David and
this is where we make such a good team. What I learned from you is it's one I mean to say, uh, EVA Braun was a monster, was a monster just as much as Hitler was monster and another thing to say Eva Braun was a monster she she even had her hats made. By a jewish woman who ended up in Treblinka. She didn't care killed at your blanket killed at drill that killed, because that is EVA, bronze hat right right there, there is such a difference between telling a story. And having something. That is that that it's not imagination anymore. Now, you've got something tangible in front of you right,
the whole argument is not. What are your credentials is? Oh, my gosh. That's right! That's the real one shifts everything. Here's. What kills me Is you used to be you've been a collector forever? You were buying George Washington stuff when it was like a dime, that's right. They couldn't give it away right. So what George washes stuff the highest price, George, Washington, lead I saw Was- was five hundred bucks. And if I bought everything now I would I would have. I would own Trump hours at all, my god, We know a guy who's. Who's been offered a million dollars for a single George Washington Letter, one million or for one letter I see him typically go forty to sixty I've seen him up to two hundred thousand. Don't have one, we have some yeah. I know I don't they were you, you got the numeric stuff and you get stony point. So you get you get some some good
I shouldn't say yeah. I guess we do. I guess they do get forces yeah yeah. So but again when we were doing it and it's interesting when we started out, we drove everywhere 'cause had three kids we can fly if I could afford to fly five people. So I drove all over the United States. So we retired three vans with three uh on each Van million miles drive in the country and as we were going, two places. We would see all junk stores, old, secondhand shops. Thrift shops would stop it as ever, get to love that yeah. They didn't know anything else. I mean that. That's what that's, how the kids, what they did? I hate it. I go to a I. I drive and just like my I drive and I see an old antique store something and when everyone the cars like police said no. No, no and I'm like it's not running, you just see what they have and I'm there I realized. I'm a hoarder, I'm just a very
the ranch for her yeah yeah. He had somebody come over to my house. In there the you know they they were trying to help us on interior design and something- and she said, you're, a hoarder Anna said. She really, I said. Well I mean nothing stacked up and I don't have to use for his isles- and she said no, she don't get me wrong. She said I don't think you could live in a smaller house. She said because you're a hoarder not of stuff you're, a hoarder of stories. Let's just said everything in your house has a story. And I realized it's true. I can't get stuff, because I this this is gorgeous, It would be like that. What are you going to do with that? Are you kidding
he this is EVA Braun. I can tell tell stories and stories just based on this at that's right and that's the fun part about history special way we we go at it is, I you know, I think the Bible is God's word, but at the very least it's history book. Yes, so if we say it's a history book and if we say God was the author, it always strive me is interesting. We ask people this. What year did David kill Goliath answer? Is nobody has a clue? That's because it's not important to see. Focus on the day is all the years in the dates back. Then it was stories. Now I can tell you the story of David killing Goliath, that's a cool story for teenage kid to take on it. Seven one slash two foot guy The story is what it's all about, and so, when God gives us history, it wouldn't with the way we do it today, which really is, is pretty boring.
It was about so I would say the Bible is also a hoarder of stories on it. What with this, you know the three hebrew children, Daniel David. That is what history is as a no it's so boring the way it's taught it's. So, incredibly boring, and I believe now that I've done my homework I believe intentionally. So I think they've wrecked the store of history, because if you can wreck history, you don't know who you were you don't know where you came from you. Don't you don't know anything well, the the the thing that I've always seen is that you can't remake your history and tell you for stop teaching history. What you can do is to attack it. Then you stop teaching it. Then you come back with a whole different story. Did you see the article in? I think it's Texas monthly? Did you see this now? I actually have it at my house. I haven't finished reading it, yet it I was going to bring it to you. I wish I had it now. The the new Texas history on the
number of Texas Monthly, it says, are you ready to read? or the Alamo the civil war and something else Texas differently and I'm like no no. I mean if it's true this this this group came out and they looked for a great writer. They didn't look for the story, in the guys, not a historian he's a journalist, and the quote that jumped out at me was that was at the top. Article. I just am. I can't remember exactly, but it was like I am just repelled, by the standard, big picture of Texas and we're going to write the history. I think that's the historical right. I mean what people don't understand and what why we makes
the team I cycle in you got right the history in verse to Texas that that's not going to go real. Well done! It's it's! It's ridiculous! It's like having it's like. Having show the write, the history of four door, Chevy probably could but dodge or uh or Tesla you're not going to have them write it, of course not. But the thing I think that makes a you so interesting and the two of us so deadly is when I first met you. You are all about the best things and your collection. How many? How many founding letters do you have in papers? We total is one hundred and twenty thousand
documents, originals copies before one thousand, eight hundred and twelve. How many letters I don't mean just the document document, one hundred and twenty thousand and our collections combined, if I'm not mistaken, are only past? This is something I heard a while back and you you'd know better only surpassed by the Library of Congress and the national archives. Well, what we're told is the collection we have collectively is the largest privately held collection of founding era, materials and so, if that's accurate, then that means the National Archives Smithsonian Library Congress there bigger, but as far as it's an institution since institution you collect all those great wonderful game, changing things, I've always collected.
The dark, even broad, yeah, an Hitlers napkin where they tried to blow him up yeah. Well, that's actually a positive one. I mean I have you know what's trials and and yeah I have yeah now the witch trials stuff and everything else, but it's it's a good combination. Could you tell the good the bad the ugly you tell all of it, and- and this is the problem with taking statues monuments down, is. I can tell you as much from bad as I can from good, and I can give you just as many life lessons from the bad as I can't give you a race William, not William and Nathan, Bedford, Forrest yeah. If you erase him We don't have anything to learn from. He is and uh domination of a man yes, and there were at shoes up. I mean the first time our elementary schools named after him after him, yeah, and if you don't, if you don't, if it is to raise him, we we fail to low
Learn from then- and I remember a friend has his sword, the and yeah and he said, and I wouldn't want to test the dna on that. I know fort pillow. Oh no yeah, I don't know he was so if anybody doesn't know who he is he's the guy who, in during the civil war and Fort Pillow, look it up massacre horrible. After they surrendered after after they gave up it would just a massacre of soldiers. It was a massacre of surrenders. So it's like a massacre pow's
and it was mainly black that he killed was blacks and and then he skinned. Many of the men and and took their skin and nailed on the sides of barns, like Peltz SE, mess with us, and this is what happens after the war he's the guy who was the founder of the Ku Klux Klan he's horrible horrible. You can't erase a guy like that. Let's talk about him! Yes, because you get lessons you can learn from him and his thinking. What? If I'm intrigued with going to Israel, I mean we're, we're got the crews were gonna be Israel, and when we get there, we got monuments to absolom. We've got streets named after King Ahab. I mean those are some of the worst guys ever, but they remember him because you can learn bad as well as the other. He knows. As I disagree with many things going on in Germany, you know there
our system that their view of rights in the European Court, everything else what they do well. Is they don't tolerate, not ism, because they have kept alive museums to show what the did what they, what they believe they got all this collection, they have so much again I mean I'll push back a bit. I don't like the fact that you can't read Mein Kampf right. I read Mein Kampf when I was trying to do my own homework and figure out. Did the german people know yeah? You know play thirty percent. Did the german people know what he was going to do well? Buying com sold more copies than the Bible? It was every where every German had to read it and it's very clear space Last part, what he's yeah I mean up to the up to the first part, most people say no problem with this, but this takes on turn to to a conclusion. I here's what we do- and you owe my gosh, yeah yeah and reading that yeah. But you can
in Germany. I think it may have just been listed lifted, but you can't really sit in German. No, you cannot have a copy of Mein Kampf yeah. So interesting. You forget about things like this, which Fascinates me David, that you just are: these: are these Perior. Are these yours? There things that I, bought in the last trip to Poland an brought back and put in the murky one collection. I really despise the fact that you have the sewing machine. That's right sewing machine that was made to use SS uniforms Jewish slaves were using it make yes uniforms and it's crazy and they didn't have health care problems, because once you hit sixty five digit, just
oh yeah, so I mean you don't need to worry bout. Do you know much about Kurt Gerron? No, I don't! Oh my gosh David. We gotta find some stuff on Kirker on Kirk. Iran was a comedic actor in Germany. He was huge. He was, I mean who's the biggest comedic actor. He was like a Tom Hanks kind of goth and everybody loved him, but he was jewish and for a while he got away with it under the not until they finally started. Bing people up and he was still kind of on the edge, but they started rounding people up at the studio and they said all Jews get out. He was allowed to stay for a little while
and then he realized there because they're going to get me to, and so he fled to the Netherlands and he was working in the Netherlands and he was the first guy to make fun of Hitler in the cabarets. He had made fun of him years and mocked him before he came to power. Hitler hated him insulated Germans. When they, you know they overtook me no HOLLAND and Amsterdam and everything else they went in to find him. They brought a man and brought him to the just the outskirts of Auschwitz and try to remember the name of the town. But they had built this town walled it off and built this town to be idyllic, and it was just as Germany was starting to say. You know what is happening with all the Jews, and Hitler was saying: that's all conspiracy
agree that were telling we we've shipped them to a place of their own. They've got their own place and people were. Starting to come undone a bit and so he told Kurt Gerron. They built this whole town filled it with jewish people. They said the jewish people, when the trucks came and opened up, they started to see instruments that they had never seen before. They thought good God. What are they going to do to us? It was film equipment and they said to Kurt. They said these people and you you're all going to be dead in three days, unless you make this film, and so they make he agreed to it, made this film David. It was the most cruel thing. Ever they dressed everybody up. They put all this food on the shelves. They made it this beautiful little town, they had the symphony, they add to the the greatest all of the intellectuals. If you were famous or no
you went to this town and and so Kurt Gerron filmed the whole thing they had the Nazis, just offside, the cam and when they were showing how they were eating you'll, never see any of them put food in their mouth see the spoon come up, you were, these people were starving. These, the you were beaten to death. If you ate anything, you had a film like you're, happy and and eating and then put it down and not eat. He finishes the film they edit, the film and it's a masterpiece. You go watch it on on on you too. It's
masterpiece, they rounded everybody up put among on trains, they were dead the next day and Kurt Garon was the last one and he they say that he was last seen in the town square pleading for his life, but I did everything you said I needed to do. You can't take me My family and they did they did, and he was known. I can't remember the name of the song, but it's a well known song. And he was known for singing that song in his comedies and he was lined up in the shower. They forced him to sing that wow that Happy song, while he was doing that. Well he's done arable arable. Never heard of yeah. No, you should look him up here. We have to find some stuff for him. He's he's martyr yeah an I and just an interesting kind of what would you do his situation kind of thing,
so these are stamps for passports. One is jewish. It's a official stamp out of the ghetto the Warsaw Ghetto, an that's where they rounded up Jews to eventually kill them, ship them off, kill them the other. I forget the name of the concentration camp, but we wanted the camps and it a really brutal death camp, and there is very little known the Germans tried to destroy a lot of the death camps in Poland. The barn trip Blanca, they blew it up and that came from one of those those death camps they tried to destroy. So all in lost, pull lost, twenty twenty percent of their population. Well, it's the most more people were lost population percentage in Poland that I think any place else
in the poll and a lot of times take congressional delegations there. Poland is such a cool country so good. They love America, the two biggest statues and Poland, Pope John Paul, the second and Ronald Reagan, and those are the two but and the train station they leave. The train suggests you seen. The train station is at Warsaw, It's it was a gift. People were starving right and Stalin. I think Well that was slave labor and it's this ugly Monstro. Yeah and they won't tear it down, but won't turn down because they wanted to reminder it's yeah. William Bedford Forrest and those. Schools and everything else remember what this is pointed at an all the brutality of the Soviets were, Stalin did to them, and that's why we remember What's amazing about Poland? Is you can if you go two kilometres any direction. The little over mile. One point two miles
come on a mass burial sites throughout the entire nation. In Poland you cannot go more than two kilometers without hitting a mass burial site, and so, if they put in a parking lot for Walmart, they have to stop because they will uncover three or four mass grave sites. It's just amazing to to imagine living in a country where they lost that many, so I muster population. I went there to take it with you that no no, no, I went there and I you know I saw all of the the sites in and when I was there, I was so angry and the people, the church's, basically, where the hell were you yeah. I mean, as you you're driving away from from Auschwitz, and we had George laying going with us because we were making a documentary, yep and Tanya, and I will look at those pictures once in awhile. You know just keep them on the computer and once in awhile be looking
pictures and stuff and will see those and without anything in the background we know which ones were taking and taken at Auschwitz, because you see it in us. It's just bone crush down there and I remember driving away thinking where were you yeah one point? two miles away in any direction and you've got a burial site. Where were you and the chief rabbi of Poland said there were more you. What did you say? Seven thousand righteous among the nations that save Jews, and I said that is depressing now he looked at me said dip sing. Do you know what those seven thousand people had to go through to save and if it really
spun things around, but I I I just until recently I couldn't believe the cowardice of the mass population, but you look at. Have you ever read the book when we average gentleman or something I can't remember, it is a it's a study on one of the police forces that be one of the most brutal killers in Poland, and it was how did they get there? They were the greatest police force that were so great an integrated in the community, everything else and within a month or just slaughtering the Jews and how did they do it ordinary gentlemen, ordinary something like that. It's fascinating to read David, because if read it. You start to see patterns on how you just break people down
little bit at a time and before you know it you're, not the same man, right and it is a little by little and that's what happened to the german people 'cause when Hitler comes in thirty three by the time you get forty five years, twelve years and you've had propaganda going plus you not only killed six million Jews, he killed some million gentiles, so he killed both sides that may have caused anybody that that opposed him. We are. We've been working on this documentary that I just have no time to finish what we are going to finish it and it is on the myth of Christianity, being that Hitler was Christian, that was a christian movie. I had. I had a holocaust survivor, told me that once said it's you, Christians, Hitler was a Christian; actually, he killed Christians. Actually more Christians need to choose.
But now I get the deal if you were a Lutheran, each state established church he's in Germany, every Germans, Lutheran or June eight got it. The german church is actually within. I think it was the first twelve months of Hitler taking off they were actually saying we should get rid of the old testament causes. It's jewish, who I mean there, the the core. That's why people like Bahnhof, who were really right, the ones who actually believed in Christ and the ones who actually did it. They didn't say sing, louder play we're louder, so we can't hear the train going by they would they way they did something. That's what we've been. There are two hundred righteous among the nations left today in Poland, and so we've been making trips over where we're getting? For example, one of the once a sixty year old, jewish lady?
maybe seventy year old in a ninety five year old, christian guy, he saved her and so get him back to And so it's really cool stuff, and just we talk to it. We talked to a guy he's nearly a hundred years old and he ran a factory and in Poland, and he saw what was happening to the Jews, and so he would find corrupt german guards and he would buy choose from german guards getting his factory get him a polish name, get them polish identification. He had fifty or sixty Jews work in his factory. He bought he scripted everything you had turned it in gold to give it to two notch: a soul I said one of my Alexa well, I married her in a safe his wife out of one of these city bought but the stories what these guys did. We went to two adding places only two known high in places left in Poland, and why, and was a farm it is so far out of the sticks and and what happened was there was a family
of. I don't know eight or ten in the family and the youngest son had gone to town and the germ which came and found a hiding place, nobody in it, but they saw the remnants of a jewish book or jewish science so they took every everyone of family members got shot him at the bar and killed them all burn them burn the barn down top of the kid gets home and defined what was there, but the high place is still there. Family still has a hiding place that was under the barn and they just you, you see with these guys went through and if you were caught, collaborating to help a Jew, the price you paid and they made sure the whole nation knew about it. You know you know Can I help with you 'cause? If you do burnt barn down in your head David, the
reason to really know history. His aides great stories feel like great stories. The great stories are there: every story is there yeah, but also if you're, smart. You look at patterns because we repeat yeah. I have been impressed recently that I think Nike, Google, Facebook, the NBA they're going to be remembered as Nazi collaborators what's happening in China is Hitler's dream! It's Hitler's dream! You know. Hitler worked with IBM, and that was something that's how they were able to suppress the people. So what was the 16th categories they found. You know, we know the preachers, we know the Jews, we know the homosexual for now the gypsies. We know that the centers were not all of them and they were
Just starting to be ended at IBM, did it and they denied it for a long time, but a friend of ours actually wrote the book, maybe the Holocaust, the smeared him for a decade he kept researching and he proved it absolute positively and IBM actually had to come out and apologize to him and apologize. And their position days. Yeah, that's old news server knows, but I don't know if the deal that I know blow it off right, but now We are seeing the same kind of stuff happening in our day and you're, not hearing about people being build out. I mean some pastors. Are smuggling people out, but you're not hearing of these heroes? Yet I don't know if they exist there
And the world is just turning a blind eye and I find myself saying be careful how you judge the past, because it's just it's right there and it's right in front of us. This time we know it. We all know it. It was rumors and whispers. We have I'd like pictures. We know it yeah and we're not doing anything about the same. And slavery. We are so captivated with slave trade and and blacks in America except alright three hundred and eighty years slave trade. There are twelve point, seven million and three hundred and eighty years nearly four centuries today, there's forty million you're captivated on some three hundred eighty years ago years ago, twelve involve twelve million resolve that shouldn't happen happened today. When the next generation looks back,
yes, had forty million slaves, did nothing about it and condemn this generation same where you're, condemning the past generation and it's it repeats itself, and so the problem with the a today or right in the middle of it right and the problem today is yes, two guys who have tried to wake people up on slavery, and these concentration Epson what's happening in the Middle EAST, and I completely understand the founders. I completely understand they didn't surrender. They couldn't get anyone to pay attention to it. No one one to look at horrible things, and it's how you get away with it if you're a horrible monster of a human being yeah this switch channel. Now,
and you know, even on the pattern of how we learn from history. This to me, is one of the most cherished piece. Is a history that nobody knows about, and I mean treat it's and by the way. Let me let me go back because we're talk about Holocaust and what we do with history. Now we have the current started in September of twenty fourteen. The AP history is the last history course. I Schuylkill get its equivalent college course at for history in college they get in high school Celeste last course they get for history, four hundred and sixty thousand kits of take it and the September two thousand and fourteen standard came out and in World WAR Ii there were four lines of what four bullets of what world war about.
Yes, one had to be that we drop the atomic bomb. That's it okay. I don't know what the others might be segregation and military had segregation, the military, the Japanese and I didn't have full rights. There is no mention of Hitler. Are the Holocaust or the Holocaust, even their Nazi Hitler Holocaust is not there. You don't have any of the japanese genocide killed him in Chinese made sex slaves with the Koreans. None of that everything is how bad America is. So it even our crowd was so bad that they went back and in September, two thousand and fifteen revised that they added two things. They did mention Hitler in the Holocaust, nothing else they don't go into. You don't get D day you. Don't get anything about battle of the bulge there's nothing in world war. Except america- did for bad things and, as they say,
and the standards that raise questions about american values. Oh my you come out. Thank you bad guys. So, you look at something like this. Today I mean you said you look at the pictures, Anya Dasha wish you can tell sixty Eight percent of millennials do not know what Oshua says. An twenty two percent of millennials have never heard of the Holocaust, have no clue what it is, how many? twenty two percent of millennials have never heard of the Holocaust sixty Eight percent of millennials do not know what Auschwitz is. So that's the and by the way. The other thing I find intriguing is we've not only beat up our history, We now have, I think, twenty four colleges in California, where you cannot even get a history major if you want one, if you want one, you can't get at University of Wisconsin, can't get history major if you want so they are not, offering history. If you're doing, if you have a history major of world history, it's my understanding that America is not included in that,
work. History is not even don't even go there just take a history major and the top seventy six universities in America, if you go there as a history, Major's sixty four, the mistakes. You will not have a single course on american history, not one. And you're going there as an american history. Do you tell the story of the world from the enlightenment. To today, without America you show how good the world would be. If America hadn't had slaves in America had done all the bad things did. If America had impressed civil rights of we got three percent of the slaves in the slave trade, three percent to two point: three percent Excel Party. So far, three per one three Out of the twelve point: seven million slaves ten point, five million made it to their destinations of ten point: five million four centuries of slave trade. Forty six percent went to Portugal and Brazil. Twenty six percent went to Great Britain
eleven percent went to France. Ten percent went to Jamaica two point: three percent went to America now everybody today, thanks America the only one involved in the slave trade for for centuries. Two point: no, we shouldn't had two point: three percent, I'm in no question no excuse for that, but we are two point: three percent and by the way America was the first Shin to pass a ban on the slave trade and a second nation to end slavery. So well. No! No! No Mexico was that's right. Third nation of how can I Mexico Mexico? Well they they. They signed a law and said in a hundred years battles a labor today, it'll end in a right handed. A hundred you know technically Mexico is to but yeah like if we were under two years, so I mean all the stuff that back back to this, we, cherish, or at least use a chair, certain rights in america- and this little piece right here is
Mason piece the case for you read the case in trial, spelled with a Y of John Peter Zenger, never heard of him of New York printer who is lately tried and acquitted for printing and publishing a libel against the government, you see I read about this. I just all my gosh. This changed everything is a separate because the loss at the law school, the law said you cannot criticize the government he did and they took in court and said the laws really clear. You can't criticize the government he said, but what, if it's true and he went through and pointed out that every think. He said in criticism was true and the said you know what he's right and this is where they came up with the doctor and the truth is an absolute defense against libel. You can label, you can slander, but if it's true it's not liable slander and so This is what secured freedom of the press. This is
or in the bill of rights we have freedom of the press. It goes to this trial right here, and this, and and here's the old system hoarder in me wants it so bad We got it. We got it so this this is where back in the day, this is the power of the jury, The jury had the right to set aside the law as well, as the sentence, so and the case of William Penn. The long great Britain called the Conventicle ACT. Said you cannot assemble with more than five people unless they're from the anglican church, they didn't anybody else, and so he would get with quakers and they were quakers and because he got with quakers he spent eight month. And the Tower of London, dungeon kinda stuff, eight million ten, William Penn, in Sylvania PA eight months, and hour of London and we got to trial. He argued for freedom of conscience and on the jury, said you're exactly right. This guy should not be punished in
judge was so mad at the jury that he threw them in jail. He took away food water and he from the jury until they change their verdict. Now then, change their verifier Cordova ruling, This is where we have the love of trial by jury, but what happened was in about one thousand, eight hundred and ninety, the or the United States said. You know what juries have too much power. We judges should have the power and so that's when they ruled that the jurors could no longer at the beginning of the death of common sense. This it was a it's a progressive era. They yeah they wanted. I mean, I know Jefferson talked about. How do we build juries and there were people who said well, we gotta get the best doctors in the best so you know educated people and he said no of your peers. I want people who have their hands in the dirt where farmers who are regular hard working skills and that's what had an and so back then under the constitution is
I'll try and the law and the fact. So you could try the lawn. The fact and the people in Great Britain said the Conventicle ACT as a crazy law, as would disagree with it now. What happens today- and this is the evolution of american courts. We used to have what were called courts of justice. Our objective was to make sure we had justice and if that meant striking bad law. We would do that holy cow then we got into what were called courts of law and that's the one in court changes in eighteen, lady. Is your nineties and A look will tell you what the law is. You just decide the facts and will tell Well, the guys gotta be guilty or not. You can decide, but today with the laws. You know it's crazy Dave and by the way today we don't do law or fax. The courts are defined. Definition of cord is a place to settle disputes. No, that's! Not what courts are for there to uphold the law in there to give justice? I've talked to several Supreme Court, I'm not Supreme Court federal judges and they have said they are
Now, seeing the craziest verdicts from judges, there is no underpinning anymore, they're, like it did Chin Log, nothing they're going off of feelings. Now I will tell you that I am more excited right now about What is happening with judges than any time in my life, I've got more gray hair than you do 'cause I several years on you an I am seeing things happening with the first amendment that has never been available in my lifetime before and tell me about it. 'cause, I'm going to wreck I'm going to wreck it for you after you tell me about it. I'm going to tell me what I'm going to pull out something 'cause. I got a list. Cases I just want to hit. Let's go back to one thousand nine hundred and sixty two sixty three. That's when the Supreme Court said: hey religion, redefine all that, and so that's when they said no more voluntary prayer in schools, no more bible and then can graduate
tions and came ten commandments and came into the saints any religious for all going and all that hinges real in two cases once called the limit case because and sixty two sixty three when they struck everything down for the next ten years. People said: we've been this for centuries, what that's got to go, and so they keep ruling us all these religious, questions that we had for so long and they said, let's just come up with it cast on how you know where this constitutional, not when I use the constitution to know, but we're not going to do that. So, in the case, I'm going to be Kirchman, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three. After about ten years of all these cases that came up with and here's the new test. They said in nineteen, seventy three one thousand nine hundred and seventy three called the lemon test, and it says a religious activity in public will be constitutional, If the primary purpose of that religious activity is secular. Oh, can you name a religious activity whose primary purpose is secular
Well, I could say if they wanted to do pageant of hello, Dolly they're, all one churches doing sure, but you can't win in the which, which is why even the ten commandments came out, because even though it says don't steal and don't kill and don't purge yourself. Even though there's more than fifty depictions inside the Us Supreme Court of the ten commandments, even though so they said well, the primary purpose is not secular, so we gotten rid of this now. Oh yeah with this is what happened three months ago. Three months ago there was a decision came as a prime court Bladensburg, and here is that here is the deal the fourth circuit back in and and I nineteen after World war, one forty, nine Mama's in Prince George County Maryland lost their sons in world war, one they said how to do a memorial to arsenal member this and they erected what's called the Bladensburg cross, it's been there for one hundred years directed it
honor their sons and others who died in the war and the churches had to mow the lawn. Because no government money could be spent on up keeper. Everything like that was broken when that wasn't so that okay, this was done and it it's done by the city, it was a government cross, and so I think it's a circuit out there. They said. Look we hate this, but you got to tear the cross down because you can't say the primary purpose that cross the secular you could have did it done or if you could have pyramid. You could you did across and there's no way to say the primary purpose of secular, that's, a religious symbol o, of course it we don't like this, but this is what the Supreme Court is told us an we're stuck with doing it, and so this goes to the and the problem with this is the fourth circuit. So it's over Arlington Cemetery Ann
is not the private crosses on his Sim J, get torn down some a moral and Arlen submerge to crosses that are part of morals, and so, when I got to the Supreme Court, this was one that was really big because art is this rain see the way this had been dealt with before, like Mount Solidad Cross Korean WAR across and in California. The city just sold it to Private group said you guys have it now: it's not a city cross anymore, so you can keep the cross out so that went through. I think, fourteen lawsuits before they got this idea of selling it to private groups. So it is the Us Supreme Court and the Us Supreme Court said you can keep the cross. You keep the blades Bladensburg, believe it up, do not take it down in the city, gets to keep it. The sound in private, It's not private hands. This is a government cross on government property and the statement the court may this is really key. They said standing religiously
oppressive monuments, symbols and practices requires a strong presumption of constitutionality. In other words, you've, been doing this for a while, we're going to say it's constitute we're going constitutional, see the position, we have now. Is you have to presume it's unconstitutional less? You can prove this constitutional they've. Now said we're going to presume its constitutional unless you can prove otherwise, and so the whole landscape is shifted, so what they did was as a result that they came back and said you know: we've got this World WAR two cross in Pensacola FL in the courts have said it has to come down you're going to leave it up because it's been there for a long time. It's a world war, two Kroger going to there. Then they had another case. A case is now at the court. Sided in Florida said football player. We've been doing that for centuries. How many, how many years we have football teams, so we shouldn't stop pray. At football game, so the courts now deciding that one, but we would
a shot on that before. But now we got one: that's there. We've also got one. The VA department had missing is table like this missing man table an empty chair? It's table setting and no one there 'cause powmia and they had a Bible there, but It was actually world war, two Bible and they had Take it down because there's not a secular purpose for having a viable on a missing man table. While the court came down with decision, the VA department goes back and said: we've been having military Bible since sixteen. Eighty. This is a long part of melcher we're putting bibles back in every VA hospital and you can give out bibles and you can have bibles. They completely shifted the policy in the VA because of this decision, three much So then we've got a decision out. I'm going to show you a picture here. I want to see this picture. Look at picture and county of Lee High Pennsylvania, gotta cross,
I think there's a pretty visible cross there right in the middle, and this will yeah it's bigger than the Liberty Bell in my lifetime we have never won a cross in a city, sale, even LOS Angeles City of angels had a tiny little tiny crossweb. This is not across those nine. I can't that's a center in MLA in LA take the set even Zion Illinois. Was it what sign named after a religious, hey he's got to take it out. Last Cruces New Mexico take out so we've lost every case. Or came down and said no, no. This is been at seventy years. This is constitutional, we're leaving that's a big Cross Anna City seal. That's not all so we won that you can't put new stuff in well We have to get rid of old stuff. At this point, we're going to be able to put new stuff because the courts done something else, that's pretty cool.
By the way. This one works just came down Pennsylvania couple weeks ago, where that they challenge having prayer at the legislature, because Pennsylvania says we open our legislature with prayer, and you got to believe in God to pray and eight the desk discriminating against service. You can't do that. You can't discriminate again. We want to Have a devotional or Saint inspirational statement and the core came back said: no, no. We've been having prayer opening Congress in one thousand seven hundred and seventy four, it's fine to require a belief in God to pray, when is stuff, we've never won in my lifetime and it's coming down every couple. Which now we're seeing another one who going oh my gosh. This is now the other thing. The other cases given its real trouble is back. In one thousand nine hundred and eighty, the Supreme Court said you know what we regulate your free exercise of religion and so since one thousand nine hundred and eighty the constitution says I can since one thousand nine hundred and eighty in a case called Oregon B Smith. They said we can
wait. So since one thousand nine hundred and eighty we don't get to argue religious expression of the court, we argue free speech. So when coach Joe Kennedy up in Washington State, after football game went over by himself and took a knee without the kids and he just knelt down and said. Thank you god. Nobody got hurt in the game because took a knee, they fired him 'cause, they said that's prayer. You can't do that. So in arguing the case, we can't say he has a free exercise of religion. What we have to say is he has the right to free speech and that's his expression. So can argue religion. We have to argue speech, so this case made it up to the Supreme Court last year. This report center, it down said. We notice here that you didn't When is the Oregon Smith decision? We want you to read. With the case and challenge the Organ Smith decision, give us something to work with so they're asking this case to come back, so they can deal with Organ Smith, which is the other
playing this killed religion for the last six thousand and seventy years. So the court has not only given us Bladensburg, which is the establishment clause. They are now asking for a case to get the the free exercise back so we're looking at a first amendment, concern religious speech we haven't had in seventy years, sixty years so right. So it's a change it's, a good change, an engine and I don't think people understand how much the court systems are changing both for the good and the bad yeah of the tennis circuit decision. We just had up in an Oklahoman Tulsa, and you know the stuff that with pardon that that nudity in public is now fine and so all throughout the district you and so the vet. Had these big topless rallies- and you know that's
complete reversal and you're going to my gosh. What do you thinking, yeah and so you're? Getting crazy decisions but you're getting good decisions? So here's the problem David. I I think you know I've always hated the argument. The founders could have seen this yet really If they did, they didn't see it exactly the way it has in the scene, all orders and things like that. That's right, but they they. They were open enough to see the principles. What would have
and give you the right as future generations to augment the constitution to fit anything. That's right in fact, right now, that's right! Here is one thing that I for the first time, I've thought I don't think they saw this and you'd be the guy to correct me. Great. The supreme Court is doing that, but we are entering a time now where the Supreme Court and the government is covered by the constitution and Bill of rights, but corporations aren't and corporations. Now. Are there my free speech in the public square, well used to be the actual public square, the town Green, it's Facebook, it's Google, you know the the I have a right to to my own voice in the let it be heard now now now now
and they'll relegate. You know you can speak, go outside your house spiegel! You want, but that's they're not covered by the constitution, and it's a flaw in the thinking of conservatives that we haven't had a real conversation about it, where we always say: hey private company. They can do what they want and I believe that However, they are now the virtual world, which I don't think our founder saw the virtual World is becoming more important than the actual world zero all. These changes is Supreme Court. It may
not matter in ten years. If we don't get a handle on the virtual world. Part of what happens is they didn't protect that? Because the bill of rights was not meant to protect his men to limit the federal government, and so it wasn't about protecting rights. It was about keeping the government from getting right. So did they see? Because that's what that's? What the bill of The bill of rights is hand cuffs, that's right hand, cuffs, not because it's not right it's. You will not violate these right. Yes, okay, as the government did they ever think I mean they had the you know: what was it the West India eating company or whatever they had monopoly. They had monopolies, did they ever did they ever talk about.
How do you? How do you protect against a world run by corporations yeah and they did it? It was a virtuous and informed educated citizen they got together and said we're dumping all the tea in the harbor. You've got a monopoly on the t and we're not going to do that, and so other times it was the people got together and put their foot down. We are so accustomed to convenience. Today that we are willing to sell, are to use the old phrase, our birthright, for a mess of pottage so we are not standing up where we don't like they're doing any on so Prager you there, the sooner federal and state court tried and it's it a mess we've allowed monopolies to to get in a place where they were not under the constitution. You didn't have monopoly
I mean there just wasn't then option of the founders- I don't think saw a world controlled by corporations, nations that were bigger and more powerful. The government in that were tyrannical correct tyrannical than a golden ever was. Oh, was yeah, what's happening right now, there's! No! rhyme or reason and no We can hold them responsible. What what yeah? could have held him responsible 'cause under the bill of rights. You could take him into all fifty quarts are national corporation, but if you get the feds out of this and get this back in the hands of the states and text, starts going after Google and they are, but they are So what happens? Is it what what we're looking and what we have seen an what justice briar is complaining about is that the Federal Supreme Court is starting to respect the tenth amendment and give jurisdictions back to the
it's it's gonna, be a whole lot easier to have Google and state courts and is a federal law, and it's and it's hi. I mean this is the thing that people don't understand. They really think that if you're a conservative or if you believe in the constitution, your you want to use it for your own, I, if you I mean there are some that conservatives conservatives there like. I will get him, but I will give you conservatives constitutionalist will give protection. Those rights, unlike that's funny ones, right, because it's the full Sophie that you have that right and I have no place to interfere with you and we have. We have we've lost that idea, and so it's weird we're not we're not five.
Being the right file, we're we're not and we're not fight at the right levels. One of the things little commentary on what I think is is one of the things is the seriously wrong right now is we I don't care where you get news, twenty four slash, seven, three hundred and sixty five news will all be national. Now you have to work really hard to get local local news, so we see every hang from a more global perspective right and as a result, I don't know if anyone, I don't know- and I I've got friends everywhere- you do too. I don't know of anyone who can call the Supreme Court say. Are you guys just stupid? What will it change your vote? We can't get them to change about. I can get you know. I can't get the Senate to to get rid of the the stupid rule twenty two, filibuster rule, let's get back to majority life founders, one. I can't I can't call Pelo scene, say the quality actor you crazy, you're violating every constitutional press. I can
do that, and so what happens is if I can't do it. If you can do it and we are well connected, what's the average citizen going to do and so were gonna give up, and so you get Para as you get totally paralyzed anud store pants. What I love that the American Revolution is when you look at the first four battles in the revolution, if you take the battle of Lexington, the battle of Concord couple hours later couple hours so that the road to Boston, nineteen mile battle and then, if you go to the fourth Battle Bunker Hill, nobody called headquarters nationally, said George. What do you want us to do in Sington Reverend Jonas Clark said this: is my town I'll take care of it? They got seventy guys from his church to go out and fight them. Eight hundred british two hours later in Concorde Even William Emerson had three hundred guys out there. For the British in British said this is bad. We gotta get out of here. They turn in on the nineteen miles, to get back to Boston and all on the ways between four and five thousand Americans taken among local locally, it's Reverend Payson
this Reverend Benjamin boss? All these guys got the church out there, because the churches on that day, but nobody Georgia said it's a national battle. We actually won the revolution up having national battles. We want all the local battles George filled in We needed it, it is it's the same something people talk about first responders, and it drives me nuts that that started in the 70s. With Jimmy Carter talking about first responders. We are the first responder that we're the first responders when somebody breaks into your house. You are the fur responded. You know James Wilson, who one of only six guys who signed the declaration and Constitution George Washington, some on the Us Supreme Court is an original justice. He writes. He starts the first law school in America. He teaches law and the law school. While he's sitting on the Supreme Court, we've actually got his law books an when it comes to the remember stuff. He says: if someone breaks into your home and something happens.
You're, the only one responsible. It's not the response time of place, it's house, it's your castle, you're supposed to not mistaken. If you had somebody break into your house and you didn't stop, the next house. They robbed you were responsible right, 'cause, you didn't. And so this is where we don't have the mentality. If I'm gonna do everything, I can do right now, we're looking for somebody else to do it, and let me just use a christian example, us being Christian, let me take example, we have missionaries all over the world because we think the christian faith is terrific. You know we, we've got a fulfilled life and we have purpose and worth and Phil Destiny, so what we've been doing in the christian church for two thousand years of sending missionaries everywhere and so now, thirty two percent of the world is christian, because we we put billions and hundreds of billions into doing that for two thousand years. Here's a novel idea: what if every single
vigil Christian, just said you know, I'm going to share my faith with somebody else, thirty, two percent of the world. If we did that one person is helped one person this year, ok ready I'm going to do person at the end of this year were sixty four percent of the world Christian at the end of two years, the whole world is christian and she just individual say I can't do anybody else is I'll do one, and if I do one but see that's what wins the American Revolution is I'm going to fight the battle in my I don't care what's happening in New York. I don't care what they're doing in California. I have no interest in Alabama. I live right here in Jack County and I'm going to win this battle. You know, I think, what's happening with the EU right now and how it's that thing is just that's a mess mess
yep, then a lot of those young nations are really really give him fits and and the right way good, good, yeah what's happening in the E. U is if they would have done the american thing not now, but originally they would have gone to him and said ITALY. Your fantastic you've got all this culture and everything else you Gotta run your country. It's right. You run your country when it comes to trade, we're going to make sure that you and Germany can trade and it's easy to get along, but be yourself fly that flag. You know that you could fly. You could I, the e, U flag because were all together but flyin, underneath even a fly. It side by side, your state, flag of Flood United States, correct, correct and with that's where we were people don't understand and that where we went wrong, really seriously wrong was in around one thousand eight hundred and eighty
when you started having this philosophy coming out of the germ Universities, yeah the people who trained the Nazis were the one. Who gave us this kind of theory and we didn't have it. He's got an education, a get into church. It got into every everything politics, it was everything and it german and what that do were the Nazis, he, though, and in communism and everybody is just shoving them in you know I, when I was growing up, you can go to a town and it would be different would be different. Now, because of you know the mass marketing and- and- and you know, all good things you know you can go to and get a gap anywhere, but it's all the same. Traveling is not nearly as fun as it used to be
because you'd see the people were different, They were ok with that and you could go all as you've. Never been here, you've got to go because the p people are doing this and if it was good idea to take it back. When you do it in your state. You know right now. For is so freaking screwed up who is New York? is doing really well, I don't have any problems with California except California is requiring me to pay for their business right. You know, and they expect everyone else to live to their standard if they want to do that to their state. Go for it go or in the course of Nyssa. We have right. Now is the highest: it's been in my lifetime, it would be on top, which is high, but it's not just intolerances you're going to do what I want you're going to do what I say, and so California
Now, that is, we have six states, punishing nine states because six states actually in Texas. We think there ought to be a male and female bathroom in a California doesn't they're not not allowing you can do that fine but not allowing any in government employees to come here saying That's what the the founders called the right of expatriation and that's the right to travel, among the states and that's what we had in the constitution to clauses and now we have six states and we disagree with that state. You can't travel with that state. You got step know we got the right to travel, really among states now may not live in California. I may visit there and I like their beaches or I like whatever, but I'm going to live Texas or wherever I choose to live in a live by their rules, while I'm visiting line there that that the that's fine, they got a gun laws right and if I decide to move there I'll work to change the laws in you know that's right, but don't try. Don't force me to do right. That's right. I've always my whole life. I've wanted to live in California, I'm a West Coast guy,
I grew up in Seattle the land anywhere on the Pacific seaboard, your home, I'm home, no matter where I am Oregon. Washington doesn't matter Vancouver, get home, I'm home, and I feel that way. I've always wanted to live there. It's my favorite, whether it's my favorite everything it's my favorite time period, even all of all of the housing and everything else, hi wouldn't lives there at the throat. If you pay me a brazilian dollars a year. I would not have yeah, I wouldn't live there, I'm fine with that I'm fine with that? Why are you making me live like you and we were making me subsidise correct your mistakes right, look! It's Cray, that we were still talking about universal health care nationally Vermont. And it's no coincidence that the press didn't cover this view, as we're doing all of this Obamacare Vermont decide going to do whatever it is. It's like. I don't remember it's
maple syrup care or whatever the hell? It was it one of those. I think it's maybe new Hampshire rimando this yeah yeah, so they stay did their own universal health care and they said we're going to do it and we're going to do it right. It went bankrupt, they couldn't work late, do it, it didn't, laugh, David. Is there any doubt in your mind, you're a lifelong Texas, born and bred in Texas is any doubt in your mind, if Vermont had a way to come up and pay for everybody's health care, and it was great and it, working. Is there any doubt in your mind? The Texans wouldn't say you know what? Let's look at that? No, no it if they, if they came up with it and it worked and worked with right to a we would voluntarily adopt what works correct, we're selfish enough to I want. I want what's good for me right the
The reason why this isn't tried state by state is because every time it does it doesn't work it fails and states can't do one thing that the federal government can do bring money? When you know is it's an interesting argument? It it's it's not logical, but with the ltp program, we have in the summer for youth leadership, Splane that creativity, Murphy, one joy, with with you Glenn help bring like kids know about it, but will bring in kids in the summer for two weeks and they get all these documents. They learn the origins of all of our rights and how to protect them, etc, but they get apologetics on history on american exceptionalism on explain how Jake's, because most people don't even know what Paula generally Jetix means. No, why? You believe what you believe and be able to defend it's that simple most people know what they believe. They can't defend it and they don't know why they believe it Roger Ailes. I did a did an interview with Roger Ailes and Fox, and he invited me out to dinner twice and we just
talked and he was charming and fine and it was great and then he wanted to talk to me about working there and so he said going to dinner, I was like okay, that's great because they finally talk about George Washington in mall kinds of stuff and I sat down with him and he said no chit chat first thing. He said to me: no warm of it all. No, no warmth! Well, and he said what are you thoughts on the nineteen seventy two treaty with China and I went Your opening conversation- that was first question, did even say. I think he may have said hello, said he asked me that, and I said I I don't know anything about the nineteen seventy two treaty. I spend any time on that and he went and talk to me
for, like five six minutes, not a word, didn't look at dinner with them just cutting his stake and just nothing and I'm like okay and then he said so Eisenhower tell me tell me the five best things about the Eisenhower administration and I sat there and I thought to myself I'm dead, I'm doomed- and I said you know Roger. I have two ways to play this: I could either Bluff but I think you're smart enough to know that I'm bluffing or I could just clean and say don't know that one either and if I do that, I think I'm probably not going to get any job, but I'm going to go with that one. He didn't talk to me for another. Five.
Oh wow. He threw me up against the wall for two one slash two hours. He said. What's your problem with the catholic Church and I said what he said: you left the catholic church to join your religion. Why would you do that? What was wrong with the electric? He threw me up against the wall over and over and over and over again, and I had to think on my feet and I had to be honest. He ended this conversation. I thought I mean I think I lost ten lb for Justin wet and, and my head was spinning, as we got up from dinner he said to me. I thought there's you know this was just a nightmare, and no way we're ever going to see each other again and he put his coat on and he looks at me and for the first time he smiles. He puts his hand out, and he said it's really rare that you get to have
an evening of conversation with somebody who knows what they know knows what they don't know and can defend themselves. That's apology. That's a small Jackson. Are you he he wanted to know hey? Are you going to crack on your pressure, you going to lie under pressure. Are you going to be arrogant and think for the smartest man in the room? But, more importantly, Why do you believe the things you believe game changing in in a human's life, that's game game changing and that's where so many young will get attacked by professors are very good and one of the greatest forms is mach. I can't believe you actually and they don't know why they believe it and they've been made fun of for whatever they believe and so they'll abandon it very quickly and as a result, they can't defend what they believe they've been. Anna coerced into it. Doing a little article. The other day I don't mean to be a lot
oh here, but let me be logical for a minute. The thing they have a week or so ago when they had the three thousand six hundred strikes of young people because of climate change and all the signs of well you're enjoying your life will be dead, and so all this fear that that's out there, and so I started looking Do you know how many I don't I ask you: do you know how many hurricanes we have a year? Now? I don't know off fifteen twenty, I'm typhoon, someone to him yeah. I have no idea, I am I don't know. Maybe two and and then, if you throw in tornadoes, you know we have about two hundred year in the United States. I don't know where it is elsewhere and then, when you, when you throw volcanoes, I guess maybe ten or twelve golf yeah. I don't know According to NASA one hurricane is the equivalent of ten thousand nuclear weapons. One hurricane The volcano is ten thousand atomic weapons.
Start looking? Is it to every year we've got like two million Tomic nuclear weapons going off and the plan is still seems to be pretty good shaved. So what is it we think we're going to do to damage the planet? I mean, if nature itself has that much destructive planet. We can't even tell the difference. What do you kids worry about? I'm not quite sure I understand this at what's a carbon dioxide yeah, but the car It's sad that comes out of one erupting volcanoes. More than your produce in a generation- and it's like we're, not even logical, but they have been so
scared into certain things- and you know, shamed and mocks right into it, and I think some people are, you know, choose whatever, but nobody except a sadist goes. You know I want to be an outcast. I want to be mocked and ridiculed by everybody. You all everyone wants to be a part of the well kid table yeah they do right, and so, when the cool kids are mocking you you grow up and see that's where, if you can get it for you get young people to get their feet down. No, why they believe no what the benefits are of you've. Seen both sides have examined all the evidence. Sica jury and that's what we can do at the leadership training program. Is we kind of happen, be a jury. Give you both sides. Look at it.
What is the first of July first, the first thing that happens is the leadership training program which again mercury. One does wall. Builders is a partner in that and we bring these forty kids in for two weeks. And we do it three times during the summer and they come in and some of them are very clear on what they believe in what they don't yeah. But the first thing you do: is you just asking questions just a construct of what he believes? We don't care, what they believe, what what side they're on we just make one I believe in I believe in Jesus really fly yeah. You know even things that we believe in they'll come in and say would because she you have tear them down. You have to get to a place to where they go. Well, I I don't Oh, I never thought about it. Good, that's the beginning! Well, the thing that comes out with socialism 'cause The stats we've seen. We see stats at that right now
Seventy five percent of college students support socialism sixty nine percent millennial support socialism and forty one per the entire nation, supports socialism, so which means that you know in a typical kid come in and three out of four Oregon believe socialism, I was just asking what why do you think that's a good deal except and and we'll ask him: ok, okay, the world's been around five hundred years recorded history, several one thousand is the world can you name single nation can. Can you name any nation where socialism has produced prosperity and freedom yeah and the Netherlands Sweden they're great Sweden? Is it sin? Tennessee, even their social media. In Sweden
It's saying we're socialist we're! Not certain of the Prime minister flew over here to give a press conference to say as we're not, they are actually more free in business than we are right now and and so when we eventually get the kids down to it. We say why have they all failed in this say: well, they've, never done it right. We say what would you do different? That would make it work and they can never give an answer to that. They can never provide an answer, and so we've gotten into this thing of we just respond to what's out there, well, it is you were talking about Google everything. We don't even know why. We believe what we believe on that or how we we haven't thought through. How would I do have? How can I get Google? What could we do that we get them to respond if we don't even think about that. We look for somebody else to solve the problem and until we become so,
sufficient individuals who are confident with what we know, and you know you were talking about that. The founding fathers thanks that they didn't for c, and I firmly believe that I was asked to go to Ukraine to help them do a constitution. So in Ukraine the they became independent nation from Russia? I think in ninety two they didn't have experience with freedom through the constitution is not great, they got a lot of corruption. So spent time in the law, schools and in their government schools etcetera. What is an american tell craning but had to constitution copy the american constitution that didn't help them, and so what I
what I did. What I think is so significant to think the founding fathers did so well. I went over that. I bought some really old books. Fourteen thousand one hundred and fifteen hundred one thousand six hundred books. I bought Grotius books by Hugo Grotius, Ann Samuel, Pufendorf. I took books by cookbooks by Blackstone and Montis Que and lock, and so I took these five over and then I had a bunch of science books. So Robert Boyle, an Isaac Newton got his science books. You got Kepler, you got all these guys, and so I said you know these guys Boil live five hundred years ago, at least five hundred, so he gave his balls los of gases is because the balls laws are gases that are scuba dive, not guaranteed five hundred years ago. He did not think
anyone would ever be underwater breathing, never crossed his mind, doesn't matter. We took the principles he gave us and we use different technology with the principles of principles of South Newton gave us the laws of gravity and the laws of motion. I'm a pilot only reason I'm fly plane is because I understand the second law of motion. Bernoulli's principle, Newton, never thought anybody would be in a plane flying above the earth the matter we take his principles and that's what I think we miss so often as we don't understand the principles that undergird what we do is we can add techno see all day long and it does not change the principle that principle not change and what the founding fathers gave us with a set of principles that have lasted the average constitution. Last seventeen years in the history of the world were now two hundred and thirty two years, those principles, work, and so all this all this pressure that they're outdated and we now have justice Bryer, who wrote a books and we got to get away from the constitution. She we have Ginsburg who
to the south african constitution through which is already folded already folded. She, I guess she likes mentor. She spends her three months. Traveling young nations and helping their judiciary consistently says, do not use the american constitution. Terribly, is not your you, South Africa use whatever we got Judge Richard Posner, who just came out with the book, says: judges need to stop following the constitution shoulders out dated. That's like saying the laws of gravity around. It is like this then the what the cappers all men are created, equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights and never goes out of dams, Aratus Mission statement ever and see getting getting kids to understand that which is you know what what we see with the leadership training program is transformational stuff, because I can look at them like the founding fathers actually use their brain. They think they now know how to reason through they can defend their beliefs and their will
change your beliefs on home. If they get evidence for a home, we take some to go after truth, wherever truthfully JU, that's where you want to be, and sometimes it's very uncomfortable. A couple, and sometimes it's not what your tribe is saying. Sometimes you have to do the other tribe, Christopher Truth this now and so the ability to follow truth rather than belong to a tribe. That's a big deal in todays culture, because the tribalism is, but is marriage because we've lost the most important tribe, and that is the tribe that believes all men are created, equal and endowed by their creator with certain rights cuz? We no longer believe that we have to break up into little Trius and it it doesn't We were having dinner last night with the university President President
and yeah yeah, really nice guy, and he said I am starting to tell people now when parents ask me, I'm now starting to say, don't, send your kids to college as floor Yeah so university president- and he said there so other successful and by the way- and he said are so off track- are the he said, hills hello and university of all the ozarks, right now. College of the Ozarks deals other than that he said everything's off tracks, just it just. They are they are indoctrination caps- and I said I keep telling my wife this I. Why would I weave and eighteen years trying to mold these kids and to teach them how to think. Not what to think how to think I'm going to just I'm going to pay somebody to do
destroy that yeah and pay a high price is written by the way. There is the University of Connecticut Study that came out, even if I mean I'm with you destroyed, faith and world view and philosophy terrible, but the university Connecticut came out with a study that prove what they called negative learning. They actually followed kids through four years of college at work. What are considered elite universities, and they found it testing the kids going out of seniors. They actually knew less active Klay them when they came in as freshmen. They actually US knowledge, not pre time. So you pay extensive money. Six figure money to have them, lose their faith
character, their beliefs and they lose knowledge along the way. So we were. We were talking last night because we were talking to this guy about our leadership, training program and well. I don't want to break any news and make an announcement. We are who we are actively engaged in a collecting all of this history, but then in giving access to the s at home and also teaching at EC because he's get an apprenticeship and then take then take real specific courses on
what you want: Tauruses skill courses and and what you want to learn and then look for great teachers of how do you think? That's on certain subjects? Not what to think. I want to thank that's right and- and I'm I have to tell you david- I'm really excited about what
working on and- and I think this is that is that we've been talking this vision for ten years and years and were now were looking over the threshold getting close to to see in this come in the house. There really is. Can I can assure the conversation that we had recently about how I said we have to change? Do you think that is worth saying? David deny? We've been partners now for a long time and we both have the same heart and we both have the same vision on on so much, and our priorities have been to first teach people how to help selves locally. That was the first goal of mercury. One is, let's not reinvent the wheel: let's help people who are actually making a difference. You were there in their communities right and find the p
who are making those changes with the least amount of waste. We look at charity as an investment in people. I want to invest in somebody. That's going to be able to make the biggest impact in their community, so that was the first one. The second, the second goal was to to gather the history as something they came to. You know ten eleven years ago, and I I think I first told you before anybody else keep feeling and clay pots, and I think that means one of two things and I think it actually means both serve the history and then put it in a safe place. But also and by the way, that is the dead sea scrolls. The dead sea scrolls were in clay pots. Yes, I've been put away for
Thousands why they exist, that's why they exist because clay pots right user of that history preserve the faith right so ice. I saw that at that time and David you and I were talking, and I said we need to preserve this history and we need to have a place where it is safe for whatever might come our way, because I don't trust. I you know if the guy woman goes rogue and they have all of the documents and everything else you know you're not going to see it yeah so do that also look at our children as clay pots and planted deep inside of them- and and- and so we, We have been focused on the first part of clay pots and we have dabbled strongly. I think in
planting a we've been tested and proven years, and it's working really well and testing it, and- and I think, because of the time we live in david- and I just had a conversation just recently about how I don't want to build a building. I don't want it we're really losing too much time. We've got to teach children yeah, and it is it's one of the reasons why we were meeting with and we've got a teaching principles, not indoctrinated. How at I mean if you that's what's so exciting about the ltp when I this, when I because I come at the very first day, so I meet everybody the first day and I know the ones who are like you know chip on their shoulder. They came because somebody said you should go there and you should talk to these guys. 'cause you'll Adam out, you know
never- and I so I see where everybody is and then I see everybody at the very end and most of them are crying when they come up to me in there like. This is totally changed my life. And it's exciting is excited exciting and I I know how to say this well, but every session. We've had at least one kid. Who's gone back and changed their professor yeah. By asking the professor of the questions they were asked and their professor can't answer the questions. And I am good for the pressure well enough to look for truth that they actually changed, but one of our students which actually teaching professor that's right. What I am Tuesday. They, the professor said, was great yeah. He got. He got this student's essay back or paperback. And wrote on it. You are either the dumbest person ever and you deserve an because you're.
We can stuff up, or you know stuff. I don't know, come see me and she went in and said no professor here here and here, let's look it up together and he said I didn't know any of this yeah. I don't know any of this, and she actually was asked to come to his office. He said so, he said word. To learn this yeah. She said I just wanted this leadership training program for a cup weeks and we went to all the original documents we with this stuff. We and he said it devs it, I'm in once a week? I want you to show me the stuff. You learned she took a nose for the summer and you start taking him to all those things. So, let's, let's end this here, we need a couple of things and from didn't really talk about doing this, but I think this a good place to do it. In a couple of things. We need an army of people that can, we can take original documents, hand, written documents and then write them out. Transcriber France, scribe them yeah and and
and accurately transcribe them, and we know if we had one hundred and twenty thousand people we could get it done in one day. That's right, just just your collection, so we need We need people that are willing to carefully prayerfully and patriotically really go and look at them and make sure those things are right. Some of them aren't that earth shattering remarkable in it may be a landed. They may be a jury, is we don't know what they are all of them, which is another written in a lot of them by founding fathers who signed the documents and it shall be transcribed because what we're doing is we're building a website and hopefully it'll come out. Be ready, maybe next year at least to start the start of it where you'll be able to find- and you know Dave and I were talking yesterday- I want to be able to go
You know free speech and it will pull up all the original documents and you'll be able to do your own research there. An you will have the greatest footnote. I will love what you said about one of the ltp students that came just last year and said: goes to a really good university and said I've now urban asked for so many footnotes ever because we are rigorous on that we for a week and a half and they start knowing. We're given a lot of knowledge and a lot of things on both sides. We get towards say. Why do you believe what I just told you you should be asking me: how do you know that? Where did you get that information while just because we've had you for a week why you believe in us, and so we trust us right. Don't trust us is Chuck and that's where they get that footnote stuff and go back and find a footnote for everything and you document and you can't use Wikipedia as a source. Sorry
you got to use an original source somewhere right. I'd also ask if, if you have things even things from today, like people think it's crazy, but you know we just as an object. We just bought those Betsy Ross. Nine issues yeah, that's a part of american history to tell the story of how screwed up these companies were, I'm trying to get a pair of vans now because they had vans had Sneaker made for the Hong Kong protests. Lol and vans pulled them off because if they China, but we need, we need you to collect even things today. That will be historic and just let us know if you have things that you would like to be preserved, we can preserve those things. If you just don't know what to do with them, we can also, if you had something of real value, we may end up
to sing it, or we can put you in touch with people who you know do that for a live or if you want to contribute it will take that we'd love to have you contribute. The other thing is we want to make an offer, and that is send your kids to our leadership program at right now. It is only happening in the summer, but we'd like a very long waiting list, and so you just go to mercuryone dot org. I think it's under leadership training this and you can sign up. We are hopefully going to be opening this up for more ages, age groups and families in the future, but right now we're taking anyone. Eighteen to
two hundred and fifty five, and sometimes the lord- that, if you're going to college of seventeen instead of eighteen, but we we're designing courses right now, we've been working on the eighteen to twenty five year olds will be designing things for younger and for older and for family, and we would love for you. To have your children sign up for for this or if it happens to be you and you're? Eighteen to twenty five we'd love to see you, you will get an experience for two weeks that nobody gets. Nobody gets, for instance, you'll, get to now this is a gentleman's magazine. It's when I was growing up a Entenmann's magazine did not look like this and it had pictures in it. This doesn't no pictures, no pictures,
and your gentlemen's magazine did not have poetry in it. Yes, this is May one thousand seven hundred and seventy three. Why is this important day Becaus of little black girl named Phyllis? Wheatley has a point in that and the story of Phyllis is such a cool story. You got to America and as a slave and the weekly family that bought her and racers a daughter and and so she's the first black published poetess in America and there you go right there. First, what do you call those poet laureate Doesn't she know she wasn't that wasn't going at the time, but she became good friends with Benjamin Franklin. She wrote a poem about Benjamin Franklin. She brought appointment about George Whitfield. She she wrote a poem about the Stamp ACT, the repeal of the stamp act. She he wrote points about Washington, Washington actually had her come to Cambridge and read poetry to the
It's kind of like a Uso might bring Bob hope in an so I mean she's, just a Remarkable remarkable lady- and she was someone that Benjamin Franklin, who was really a strong abolitionist, I mean really paid for it dearly in the end brought her around to to like stage shows if you will and had her read poetry, just to convince those stupid people that know you know what blacks are. Just like you she's black and she's a lot smarter than a lot smarter than you. That's right, smarter than you David. Thank you thanks, bro, alright, just a reminder: I'd love you to rate and subscribe to the podcast and pass on
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