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Ep 63 | Tales from 20 Years of Being Glenn’s 'Work Wife' | Stu Burguiere | The Glenn Beck Podcast

2020-01-18 | 🔗
A man of many titles: writer, producer, “Stu.” And that’s not even his real name. Little did he know that a simple internship with a Top 40 DJ named Glenn Beck would go on to define his whole career. He has since become Glenn’s co-host, executive producer, and the face of BlazeTV’s latest show, “Stu Does America.” Hear the never-before-told stories of the biggest moments and controversies in his time with Glenn, from their first encounter to breaking the molds at CNN, Fox News, and Blaze Media – and, of course, where the name “Stu” comes from. This Week’s Sponsors: Ashford University gives you the convenience and flexibility to earn your master’s degree at your own pace! Enroll now at http://Ashford.edu/BECK Losing your hair sucks! With KEEPS you can save your hair without ever leaving your couch. Visit https://Keeps.com/SAVE to get your first order of KEEPS hair loss treatment for 50% off! DUKE CANNON prides itself in making its grooming goods work as hard as you do. The Moderate Self-Improvement Box is the one-step program to achieving a slightly better you. Use the promo code BECK at https://DukeCannon.com for 15% off your entire order.

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