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Ep 64 | The Greatest Mission Statement on Earth | Charlie Kirk | The Glenn Beck Podcast

2020-01-22 | 🔗
Today’s youth are not the lazy socialists they’re seen as – and Charlie Kirk is proof. At just 26 years old, he’s the founder and president of Turning Point USA, the fastest-growing youth organization in America. A fresh conservative voice acclaimed by President Trump, he and TPUSA promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government on over 1,500 campuses nationwide. Glenn and Charlie sit down for a crossover interview covering the biggest questions in conservatism: Should the Right support bans? Are we still “one nation under God?” And can freedom still accomplish miracles? The Declaration said it best: “All Men are created equal.” But we must be free to fail, free to progress, and free to succeed. Today’s episode is a special cross post brought to you with our friends at The Charlie Kirk Show. This Week’s Sponsor: Achieve a slightly better version of yourself with the DUKE CANNON Moderate Self-Improvement Box – American-made grooming goods that work as hard as you do. Get 15% off your entire order at https://DukeCannon.com with the promo code BECK.

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right at home in Duke Cannon Country New year, slightly better, you visit, do, cannon dot com right now, use the promo code back. He get fifteen percent off your entire order. That's Duke Cannon dot, com You know, I think, one biggest lies today, is the rap that is given to me no fifteen to thirty year olds, they're all called lazy self, centered participation, trophy generation, gosh, we're all gonna be destroyed when they finally take over. But I don't think that's true. I mean I think there are those dirt backs, but that's
the majority at least the ones I've met in today's guest gives me real hope that I'm right on this, he saw a problem and he didn't wait around for someone else to fix it. Instead, he inspired high school in college students across the nation to be the voice of freedom, he's a guy who, when he was a kid I watched my show on television and by the time he's in high school and then in college. He wants to change the world. He somebody you, President Trump, is called a great warrior and is no stranger to left. His criticism he's been called every name in the book for daring to support free speech on college campuses, while questioning affirmative action and white privilege. He is the founder of an organisation that was nowhere didn't even exist just a few years ago. Its term
point you. I say it is the largest most impressive and fastest growth youth movement in the country. Chapters at over fifteen hundred schools in America pits also worldwide. Now recently, I was invited to speak at their fifth annual student action summit and what I saw amazed me over five thousand students attending on their own dime from all across the country fired up about the truth of America, but before I took the stage my I had an opportunity to sit down and we share what we ve gotten wrong. What our country must get right and the amazing things that happen when people work together and do it on this. Episode of the Glen Back podcast backstage with Charlie Kirk
so glands so great to be sitting down here and it's an honor to be able to speak with you here. Likewise, thank you so much. I grew up listening to you and watching your show with the lighting or your very much Joe. It was more instructive. Then you could have ever imagine that while thus meaningful been right about everything that you predicted, not everything right, about Donald Trump well, I was back in twenty october- twenty third tier, but It's really refreshingly her people always say no. I was wrong about something. I've been wrong about self financed crews and I was behind him trumps surprised all of us here, You know what I have a relief and talked about this on the area. Think think maybe have a bleak referenced. Reference did recently butter
I spent six months ago, the present called me and we have spoken since, before the away while and and we had a friendly relationship, you know, and he, if I were traveling, I would stay of Mars I'll go and he'd be someplace else, but We have spoken to each other since the election, and he called me up. And forget my scottish assistant, who is part of them royal Marines he comes in while we're shooting a show and he's off stage and he's, like president, wants to talk to you and I said, cut staffers again he said the president is on the phone, and I said what president of what some university livery visa president of costs girl. Why are you here of disputed interrupted and he said of your country?
and I said, o K, and I didn't even know what to do what I say strangely said, can I can you if I can call him back, I'm in the middle of shooting a show, what is stupid thing to say, and so you Lucifer, he said. Okay, we finished up the show. I call them back about thirty minutes later, and we talked for about it for our while and it was a It was really. I wish more people knew him and could hear him like that, because he he started in any said, Adam. You know I want to thank you, for you know. Sand some nice things about me and he thought was taking this a different direction and I so I don't know if you know this, but during you know the last election any
we already said. Oh no, I'm very aware of the said. No, not that I clear you are aware of that. I said I what I said was I want to be wrong. I don't guy. I am, but I to be wrong and I'm gonna Jim. I'm I'm here the judge him on what I think he's going to do. Now one sees the president. I get to judge him for what he is doing and I said so there, it's never any doubt in my mind, at least that if you the things that you said you were going to do I'd, be a support. I just think you do them and you know it. About Israel we talk a trade, and I said I strongly disagree. I bet we sped. Fifteen minutes just on trade while and he did not shy away. He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear. We had,
Real frank, honest conversation, which you don't have usually with a politician. Yes, Think that's what people like about him. Yes is that he really will tell you what he's thinking problem is sometimes and yet the blessing is. He is just BT. Barnum love I'll tell you you're a great example That shows the success of a presidency from a conservative world view which is theirs. People supporting him that are, you know what I was home. He had succeeded in, he has, and he has but the deliver results what's interesting is at the at the time were recording this. It's just what day after the impeachment. Last night, the president had a
rally I'm in Michigan, seventeen percent of those who attended were dead a crass, that's right and I think there's a lot of people who, I heard been Shapiro say the other day its, whether you think the president is a killer, the coroner these things, the press and everything else they ve been dead for a long time now he standing over the body saying they're dead and the and the press now in everybody else's sank, Loki killed the press, no, we didn't while they killed themselves a long time ago. So- the coroner is he the killer, while half the kind, We have. Forty percent are convinced that he's the killer, the other half wrecking eyes. This stuff has been rotted for a long long time. Yes
Glenn you and I both share the belief that America's exceptional felt felt before Donald Trump and I may I would make the Argo most Republicans are running, for the presidency would not have done what President Trump as specially. The international t, people. IRAN deal negotiating NAFTA? Those are almost untouchable for both parties. You can't you can't go there, but it felt if there was a management of the decline of Amerika and you led the tea party movement in two thousand allowed. Those are my words. Not yours, so too does intend two thousand eleven. You are a big part of it and you were you of opium, pure, very vocal piece of it the President tromp an alarm- A different ways has the revitalization is have given a lot of Americans hope that they, that this, this country could not be turned around. You know it's really strange. He has the same thing that Two tools he gathered has, and they don't agree on anything quickly and you know I mean but tolls. He is a
she's so far out of the mainstream- and she is so far left, but it oh time do I believe she hates America I believe she loves American. We just disagree. Yes, and what used to bring us together is that we, can disagree, but we have a fundamental understanding that this country is a positive wars and you can make it why I've either working theory about this. This is why Bernie Sanders has a right as a group that really appreciates and follows him, and why even People on the right will sail. I, like I dont like Bernie Sanders, but I think he really believes that he believes I think the new air of politics in the by partisan cartel that has ruined this ruling class. Essentially, us too, Syria destructive policies at a borrowed too much money and erode our freedoms and liberties, and grew the fourth branch or government. I think
Eric, and people would much prefer someone who's authentic who says why they believe what they believe. Like that conversation, you have with the present non trade, even if he might fundamentally disagree with terror respective say all deal with that way more than Mr Bushmeat Republic and in a heartbeat I made argument after argument and he tried to dismantle one about, but when met Mr President, this Burma, and in the end he said Andrea, Scottish you stay with you, I love, I love trade barriers. I love the fact that we can get things from me but if we just use our muscle a little bit Iphone mentally disagree. But I hung up the phone goin you told me that earth yes and was not pandering to make, will end that's clarity over agreement. Yes, end or at a false agreement that the the the bipartisan coalition that has really like, I said, ruined our country in so many ways, not completely, but I find the american people have
this yearning and essential, especially young people. For authenticity and our candidate and that's been deteriorating. So the question for you and then in ten years, do you think America will be more or less socialist. I asked this question of everybody by them. Can I answer with a caveat of course, if We continue the spending and if we continue the the erosion of of who we are and the truth we will be much more socialist. If we, if we this a real collapse and actual depression. People who right now say I am absolutely against socialism. They will want it to be able to whether that storm
and I'm afraid that were on that track. However, I've been really hard and I mean Charlie I don't think you know the impact you say learn you may impact of my life. Do you realize the impact your having on the country your organization didn't exist five years ago. They didn't exist. Tonight I'm talking to five thousand people, and I in in this place. It pays to come across the country. I was a plane with kinds of eighteen to twenty four year olds. Yesterday, and I realized the people you have whom everyone I did the thing in Washington DC in restoring honour. I do and ice right on the watched him on him right, and I said that that day somewhere in this crowd. There is,
maybe he's seven, maybe he's fifteen. I saw that speech somewhere This crowd is the next George Washington that will feel it right now and I am so overwhelmed with the people that I have met from your organization and the people who are coming. You're raising the next generation. You are, you and your organization really responsible for what I think will be the next great generation but also some real Sukhi ones are going to do you know? How does your group do you now being ever? There's always there's always there's always a big government. Aggressive Latvia were right in and every I want to talk to you about tax, that's a great point and I think the you're starting to see the coming divide on the right.
And I have some sympathy with some of the arguments and is definitely a hundred percent sympathy, the observations of where the the the right comes from this. But there is a new right movement where there ok with using government to trust bust or use government to solve societal cultural problems banning things drawing government. So idea banning porn. That's been kicked arrested at that. That's part of it right. So, let's talk about it at a whole podcast on their what's up commented on their publicly or not. But this is the coming divide, though Glenn I know I dont like something: this is horrible. This is evil its immoral in. You are no different than but you're fighting against talk about that. This is the divide, Glenn Bright, that where the union is by the way some of the students tonight. Are we looking for that clarity because being told Which way do I want to go on the gap? That's the drive. This is this:
the divide that started with the Progressive ERA Woodrow Wilson arose at Woodrow Wilson, though, to believe that the government and a group of x its could decide for everyone else? Philosopher kings guide That's insanity, and that is the exact opposite of what our founders believed. What are founders believed were was look you're going to some people. I know this because I come from a suicidal family. I've had to people where mother and my my brother, suicide, so I know it some people's bottom is death. And there is nothing you can do about it when people They all that guy was an alcoholic that star was an alcoholic depressive. We should have seen this coming most likely
People in their life did see it coming and they tried to do things, but until the individual decides to change, nothing will change they'll, just hide it deeper and deeper and deeper and will cause more strife. Trying to force them to sober up, get better be happy. You know to and you can control. Other p, morality, you can, you can teach why its destructive, but you become the fascist. When you decide this is immoral and thus I'm good make sure nobody does. It it is an argument. We made it the ethical, you, have banning it also is questionable like markets Papa to let its drug war sure yeah look
drug war and look at its, not Spain, it's the island's wrong or Portugal. Again, are you familiar with our daily legalised all drugs? Basically, they at the highest addiction rate. I believe in the world on Heroin, They were losing their entire country. They pouring money when they decided to do was legalise all of it and then take half of the money. They were spending and work on drug programs like a programmes just fund things that work to get people off, that they ve completely healed their country? I mean they're always be drug problems, but they ve healed their country weak going down the same path: bad slapped, the hand, bad slapped the hand it doesn't work in that growing on the right Glenn. I know it is, and it's almost I want. I don't remember. Sandwiches receives started in the republican side, yes and you're seeing your seeing it
special issue of tack, tech, tyranny, Facebook, Google, and there's calls on the right now too trespass them where we heard that before you and a lot of it is taught by bad history by the way that the trust busting was almost glamorized from the night. Oh yeah early, nineteen, hundreds and educated me on this quite well about really the reality of trust busting in the Thee It is the one part of capitalism that I can't come up with a comfortable answer on how do you control it, when people becomes so wealthy and so powerful that they can control so doing, take their money away? Do we take their control away Dewey, thus them up, so they don't have that much this country was really built by the railroads,
you know people they all look at the vendor in what they had just because they built the railroad, the average American has about twice the benefits and light, style that the Vanderbilt had? then we have a much better life on average. And just below average they were the top. Then they were that no one has even close asked Anderson Cooper, and these are no one- was even close. I've actually I've gone into the I've residents of the breakers? There's two floors The Anderson admitted just me, the family- I don't know if you know this is Vanderbilt's still live in the breaker, and I didn't know that top two floors, phenomenal they attic is now thing, but leave a ton, steamer trunks that just say Vanderbilt, silver on Vanderbilt, China. Ok, the things that they did was crazy, but they,
helped us grow. The problem was, is they He decided themselves that they, could control things. The Henry Ford was an off. He was socialist, he was an awful guy, he believed I mean he supported the socialists. The national Socialists in Germany, He believed himself. I'm going to tell my coworker my workers what to do. If you wanted to buy a ford, you had to come see him and he would go over your financial records to see if you were even qualified to own. So these people to control things How do you square that to a free market sceptic? I can't I can't square it other than it works itself out. We are going through what we went through in the law.
It eighteen hundred residence a gilded era, almost that we may yet going through. I think it's a guilty. The big huge houses that are built, The ongoing gracious lifestyles, that's going to be the breakers of this century UK, and it will ask itself up eventual with a counter argument: people but no it took a Teddy Roosevelt to break it up. No that's what Someone on the far left the new right would say here is what Teddy Roosevelt did he oh Cobb V V corruption in politics in New York. You how to fix this, you? I have to make the government? so small that, no there's, no one really to bribe. Ok, you clean the corruption out, it's impossible to lobby a government, so small that russian exist right. Why what it was Woodrow Wilson that really started this?
this lobbying campaign and they did it in world war will on and so some people that mind you Glenn. This is a growing intellectual community and I respect the law. I agree with them: a hundred percent on other observations, not always with the conclusions they'll say, but that an achievable we're, not going to get back to constitutional government. Why they say the fourth branch or government is untouchable and not enough represented. What is what is achievable, though, is broad, census of trying to use the instruments of power towards a moral good. And it's not an insignificant people like that that believe this, I know we cannot become a group of people that door to understand the tyranny of the majority or the tyranny of the minority and both of which are arch. As bad? Yes, ok ended it. We are a nation of individuals. You ma-
allow me to fail, and you must allow me to succeed. You can't, It's it's! It's something that if I may speak in religious terms, a shrine mama Christian inherit, so you know the war in Heaven when, when the angels are lost, K and, Satan's up there and he is like a bomb gonna bring all of them back to bring all these people back to you, God, but you give me the credit and how is what was his plan to take wait choice to take away their choice. They Do what I say they should do and then we'll be clean of all sin until they can come back well, that was the plan that God chose God said no he'll sacrifice himself. They must be free to fail while k that
is that this is the same argument that has been going on if you're a spiritual person since the beginning of time, while an and I've always wondered up until the last ten years or so how do you stand in front of a group of angels who know who got? Is and a third of them are convinced yeah gods, the bad guy? How do you do that? Do that by saying You know what he wants everyone's. He wants people go down there and suffer and hurt. Be in pain and stumble and fall, and some of my own even make it back. There are going to be places and people whose what kind of God would do that That's how you get a third of the angels to fall away. That's what capitalism stops they say, capitalist, true capitalist sake. You know what they are.
Are going to be places and people whose heart is so big they were. To help and we as a society, are going to promote the general welfare, meaning we're gonna show. Where can appoint those people out, it's say: good job, good job, you want help, go to them and in their something that is so big that only the government can tin take care of me consider that, but everyone has to be able to fall. Everyone has to be able to bleed. Everyone has to be able to succeed, because it's about the individual, not the group and so well said sceptics will say: but that's doomed to fail because it allows hierarchies so you'll have so many people and the competence hierarchy that it's so good, I'm only Malta by their wealth and multiply it, and over time the mob be created, no matter what? What is it? What is it
it's it's more! It's more pessimistic way to look at it. I was saying I believe it. What is our mission statement as a country here? how I would articulate it boy. Go back to the american Trinity: witches Liberty. In God, we try, e pluribus, which means that many one, and also to be other, live free and make choices you see fit as long as they don't hurt somebody else. So may I take them and that was that was on those on the right on the form of honestly. I think what you just, let us go ahead and regrets that operate. It general it's right, let me stated a little more eloquently We hold these truths to be self evident, that all and are created equal and endowed by their creator was certain inalienable rights and among these rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and governments are instituted among men to protect those rights.
Is the greatest mission statement of all time. Thank you, John Locke, and everyone says we are war. We never achieved it here. Yet we haven't we haven't? Do you realize that aspirational statement? Those founders that wrote? That said, I believe man can do this. That's like John F Kennedy. My my father was born in nineteen twenty six and in we talked about Moon launch and I said what was that likely said, and you have no idea. It was growing up recently. You go to the moon. Nobody we talked about it. We do you think about it. We didn't you, have electricity. The moon was just there and we were here and there's no way. We're ever gonna go to the moon on its Kennedy says: we're gonna go to the moon. We're gonna put and on it and we're going to return them home by the
this decade. Everybody thought that's insane. We did it. We did it ok, this. Is the biggest idea. Any man has ever had any group of people. While what we do is we just say we sock instead of saying wait a minute. We we killed, but have you seen the progress over here? Have you seen this person this group? Have you seen what these people have done and promote the general welfare and domestic tranquillity? By saying and how we are advancing as man. Yes, instead We keep saying man sucks, he'll, always suck and he's got to have a big guns it being big brother to hold, in place, I'm telling you that is in. Evil plan, and so
you come from the the place and in the opinion that man is bro by nature original sin, every man. Every man has to start over and I hate over, simplify it, but I think a lot of the american left cause. They don't come from a biblical worldview. Yes and they look at things. I believe and more platonic terms. To restore terms they believe that its structures in the systems, not the man that is broken. So veils they'll make the argument, no man, actually good, but it's the capitalistic, patriarchy and war and they remain live. The that's your problem. Man is nothing more than cattle and us A group of Superman Can the philosopher kings rise and be the ranchers of those cattle to protect the cattle? I reject both of those yes Kay every man is put here with everything he needs
every man has it in every I love Winston Churchill product this man and a twenty percent right. Unless you're an Indian from India, then that man is a monster mama stir, kill, em all showed them put, down. They are not capable of self rule crust, The rebellion- if you only know him there he's a monster. If you only know I'm in Europe, she's a miracle. So Charlie, which went to see some. Between he's both he's, both Is he the guy? He was in Nineteen thirty five and got kicked out of a than they have in the british Navy right over here is the guy in nineteen thirty five or the guy nineteen forty five or is the guy at death
What matters is, was he better earlier or better towards death? He admitted his mistakes by the time he was old. He said I was lost, I didn't think it through. I had a d for in view of things, she was progressing as a human and It is the individual responsibility for all of us and unless you go through the crucible, unless you are put into the refiners fire of life, if you are not allowed to succeed, will then How can it be able to fail? And if you're only allowed to fail? Because the entire system is failing, you won't. All the sweet, you all, you won't grow. Yes, so you have to be able to grow Winston, Churchill is no different than our country than you than me. We all have a
dark side and we all have a light side and it's a battle in between midst. It's a battle, our whole lives the eye. DE it is for you to understand that there is forgiveness for you, so thus You should provide forgiveness for others, and you should have right, understanding and grace to others, because You know when you do somethin wrong and nobody will ever forgive you, it's just supply rules into darkness. Yes- and I find one of the one of a group All of this we also progressive ISM is able to catch hold. Is the fastest growing religion in America, which is atheists, em and the rise of a fearsome, not just agnosticism, I'm not sure, being deferential, but the committed I'm, an eighth I want to tell the world about it. I called have Angelica atheist right, because they evangelize more than of Angelica. Christians do and you about this at length. There's a direct connect
not too statism when you able to get people not to believe in a higher power, not believe that natural rights actually come from a creator, but why not government government? becomes God we know for most, life. I thought Nietzsche was sticking his fist up and go and yeah God is dead. He didn't say that God is dead. Paraphrasing now, what because man needs yes, God. What are you going to replace him with us and he was warning your replacing him with science, man, God, the help you with that reckon that you're going right now and look what happened young into the Holocaust are so Man has to have a god, the left, their God. The planet, global warming, socialism, yes, and if you don't Jenny,
lacked when you are told to genuflect, if you don't say the rosary the right way, you are part of the problem and you must be run out of town because you're a heretic yes k, it the same thing: it's just their God is different there. You know the invisible guy in the sky there is. Difference, if I may say, of between If I know I know a that, are not part of the problem. Because they're also strong libertarians? and so they don't want to force. It non. Somebody else, and you know my friend pendule at then he said to me one time we're just chatting, and he said here Christian I'm like yeah. You know that I know you know if you knew that my somebody talking about
did you know you never asked me what? You know about Jesus and to be baptized and I said, Well, I figure you're smart enough to know. And I shouldn't you, Sir, but who doesn't that, isn't that part of your creed- to be able to do as he said. I actually kind of feel bad. But you didn't think enough of me, and I said I know I was actually trying to respect you in a non. You know do that and he said yeah, but it's in your creed to do that. So. I know people that like PAN, whose changed when first met pen. I Asked him I said there, I just finished a show within this like two thousand six, and I sit next time here in town. Get together have lunch. He looked at me
a fair and he said, are you? Are you kidding I said no wine. He said you like me, having lunch with a disease you're a christian- and I said well, yeah and he said I would never have a religious person in my house. It be like inviting the plague into my house, and I said pen Well, I've got a lot of things about you in my life, but not that you were a big it he told me later. He got into the elevator and he just kicked himself, but he was angry about nine eleven and he had grouped all religious people. In the one ball well and through our friendship. You know of me just being there and always being his friend, he changed and he is.
He is not preaching the hate and division in fact he's preaching to his atheists friends, I saw one stage: the Atheists convention saying don't be what We have always said the word Christians are to us, don't try to run them out of the square, just live with one another in respect, one another, I'm afraid That is the that's. The minority of atheists still majority of atheists and Denis Prager has the best question about it. He spoke at the atheists convention, yes, Dave invited him and he asked the queen. I do hope, you're, wrong and spray should ask pen, because, if you dont hope you're wrong than you I'll be right more than what is good thing about you. We want to be right more than ever having an after life mercy forgiveness, believing there's ubiquitous, create behind everything that we know to be true, I don't think pen would say hope cease wrong. So hopes, there's nothing here, Yes, you do nothing more than a couple of cells and bacteria, yet he thing
that we live a good decent life now enjoy every second be good things. This is perfect. No, he Just thinks makes the best out of it, but he should this hope, there's an after. He was meaning. Would you believe the Bible? If it's true that, without said, I would guess. I have asked in that, and I have asked the few of my eight, the assurance, if I could prove it to you, which I think you can either way evidence to get people yeah, but within Strike IDA distance. I agree, but faith to require the gay. So if I could prove it to you Would you change your mind? That's the question asked if they say no, if I said no, if they can to you and said, if we could prove that, There is no god I reject that. Immediately because you can't prove that. But if you could
and here is the evidence Charlie. There is no God would you change your mind so, We have to answer that the same way we too have to be as open minded right, we'd have to knowing that no proof, on either side would actually ever? Yes do it that's correct right, but I am I am. I mean. I look at my face. People like you actually believe and that stuff you know what I'm a recovering alcoholic and even more important, a recovering dirt bag. I spent Lot of my life being an absolute dirt bag and I know what my will got me got me nowhere, except into this enter of misery, when I went looking for a faith I went looking for God. I was looking just for some.
That would make me a happier person make me nicer. Make people think me love people, you know, and to control the worst urges in me. I don't air? If I have to drink chicken blood, if it works? For me, celebration celebration in o forget to if I captive, give it give it to those that can't be there give give me. I can't load right. I can't give it to you and I are students, God no, never thought that. I guess it s after a brain, very sad sure. Absolutely so I visit Campus is a lot and we're so thrilled you'll be able to speak to our students and the rise of socialism is real in the destruction of our public education system. Wait, and so can you give a little bit of a pre viewer as this one
record indefinitely in perpetuity digital, give it give it to those that can be there Forgive me, I can't log right. I can't give it to you and I students look up to in my you. So much bent strongly senses, it's really nice and if you can, remember my name. I would believe Isinglass back at getting up getting relax I'll get ready to start up of its first. This is this is an eighteen. Thirty engraving of the the original declaration of independence, the first draft, while gay and if you look at it here, you can take that one. If you look at it, you will see on the sides in the waters of human events here and in the on the borders. You'll see things like Frank, LINEAR Adams, that's
Google Doc, where Franklin when innocent didn't like that line, and so you'd right, Franklin or Adams to see that many amazing, so I want you to notice that through a scratch stuff out here. I know: there's a lot different in this draft, and this is the first draft of this sort of first pass right and so forth, got the kings eyes right. So fret, before Congress got hold of it, this is Franklin Jefferson, Ben Franklin and Adams going ok, I kind of like that lets presented to come they presented to Congress? They talked about it now. What does the declaration of independence say at the very top when in the even in the very top I'm in a red. This is that yeah go ahead, a declaration by the representatives of the United States of America in a Congress are something that did not officially exists right. But what does of fish or the one that I dont proved. I don't know
unanimous declaration, while okay, so they started and Thomas Jefferson said you have to do. We all agree that if we are not completely and lock sink that the king will find a way to worm him himself between us and hills. Split apart one by one and will be done while so is everything has to be unanimous, yes or no, they all yes Jeffrey you go right. It ok, so. I want you noticed that the only words that are capitalized in that our United States of america- ok. This is incredible, though. Look. Thank you. Look it to suffer the look at that page. Do you see anything capitalized or printed Christian and men now, I, why would you noticed that that this nobody underline to theirs and its nowhere else in the document he doesn't
print anything everything is in cursive. He does. His hand, writing changes at that point. Ok, you know that is That's Thomas Jefferson alone at night. Writing the first draft. While in it. He says, and the world first usurpation. The worst thing he has done is this christian king. And written out but sir, that's all printouts. All caps lock, basically right and another is tiny right. He's mocking this: christian. King. Has taken a group of people who never offended him from another part of the world, basically criticising slavery, maybe earlier item sold right, put them on a boat
if they survived, she's sold capital letters, men on the open market really important, because blacks, weren't men, I must Jefferson right. All men are created. Oh he knew he knew that why he in his own seal, she capitalized men he sells men on the open market and now Taking the people. Who are trying to free those people we have to it over and over and over again any blocks us every step of the way and now he's tee of telling these people that he'll buy their freedom if he will, if they kill the people who are trying to set him free. Person didn't understand slavery. The found didn't include this remember.
Unanimous declaration of two states out of thirteen- to state said that has to go to out of thirteen. So don't tell me we were built by racist, didn't understand. They understood that new and inspired by this document in seventeen. Seventy seven Vermont abolish slavery them in this document inspired the abolition movement at took thirty, forty fifty years, but the net lie of the left. Is that where a racist country from our found a correct what have you got here with this is really kind of cool. This is really not a couple minutes because then we gotta get yesterday's hand written. This is to Caesar Rodney one of our founders, written by Thomas Jefferson. Just read the last couple of lines. This is, might recognize that letter.
I'm not great. At reading curse phenomena confide in you Don T, says. Basically I see the store the world entire from the calamity threatened the I cease norms are the world. We are the world's last hope and Its loss will be on our heads, God few and preserve view. I think that might be a latin phrase. It did I mean that Jefferson, one of his more famous lines where the world's last great hope islamically. This is the original prospectus for Disneyland while hand coloured by Walt, which was actually Disneyworld know. This Disneyland, California yeah. This is Disney line this autumn, that fifty five ok, he did it was at first and an area you never saw the flora one be bill. Is that right now he died the outward I'd insulated. Sixty six, I think, and that was opened in seventy two amazing EPCOT was not supposed to be what EPCOT is now, This is a this nobody
eastern, so I'm looks like if I had to guess a pic sure of, Palmer, either you're, obviously from nineteen forty four world war, two right: japanese, Japanese, this American, ok on the back its. As we have a new bomb, so we were letting people now before we dropped the bomb. Only seventy million of these were dry. Flits leaflets were dropped from the sky over. Levin cities these are the city's here and Hiroshima and Nagasaki or two of the cities. On this. It says get out of the city: we have more fun Her power in one bomb than all the bombs we have already dropped in Europe get out food food and water will be scarce. We are not after you, we are, after your emperor emperor and in his imperial ambitions. Not after you tell me what
with that is in history. We don't even more money. Israel would do that with the Palestinian Authority and they do correct I have Lincoln's Bloody, holler any Arrive torch from the thirty six Olympics. It's gonna be a Glenn we're just like every other country. Now we're not where we are sectional country. No, we we may be on that road Walt Disney in nineteen. Fifty four in the I think it was November of nineteen. Fifty four said: I want to build a park and I'm want to build it in Orange, county gay, and it was a orange growth. In this, in the now Anaheim Caliphs right, they ain t and in the fall of fifty four, in July of fifty five. Was Disneyland tomato sauce
We are not the nation we used to be that you have again invite you. That's the environmental impact statements. You'd have now get that diet in March, when his years now that's one glance at such an hour, we have to speak with you. Thank you are likewise can't wait to have you speak to our students, I'm I'm proud to be thanks for nearly five out of you. Thank you My life.
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