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Ep 66 | The Miracle of Loving Yourself | Kamal Ravikant | The Glenn Beck Podcast

On the surface, Kamal Ravikant has lived an impressive life. He’s traveled the world, served in the U.S. Army, and started several companies and a venture capital firm. But when his business ventures took a steep nosedive, he spiraled into a wild depression, fueled by drug addiction and an abusive childhood. But instead of giving in to destruction and suicide, he wrote a vow: “I’m going to love myself.” Those simple words transformed his life. And he wrote a best-selling book to teach others how to do the same: “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It.” Kamal and Glenn sit down for an honest conversation about self-help, mental health, the reason why addiction exists, and the importance of having a purpose bigger than yourself.  This Week’s Sponsor: Losing your hair sucks! Let’s do something about it! KEEPS offers the generic versions of the only two FDA-approved hair loss products. Go to https://KEEPS.com/SAVE to get your first order of KEEPS hair loss treatment for 50% off!

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Today's podcast is very very personal and it is really meant for people who are struggling with doubt right now, all the way to struggling with deep depression. It is really the secret of life, I think, and it is brought in a very clear and concise and understandable way by guy who lived, Anti was suicidal and not healthy at all. His name is come all ROV account and he wrote a book. They can almost had to force himself to do a news, the right thing and then almost chickened out. He wrote it and it became a number one best seller. The new expanded edition is out. Love yourself, like your life, depends on it. This is a very powerful conversation with come all. Rather count-
I almost didn't publish love yourself, like your life depends on it. I was terrified Here I was a ceo had fallen apart after his company failed writing a book about how loving himself saved him. I thought it would be the laughing stock and my career would be finished, but I step through the fear. And I shared my truth with the world and what happen. Next changed my life. What happened next what happened next. Was the book took off the book took off and she's. So many lies. This little self publish, Vulcan, Amazon, seven thousand words, which is like forty pages. And it was just me sharing my truth at how I'd overcome this went adversity by working in my insight and not of the outside working and the being would then and how
a change. Everything as you were. You were why p d to say you say in the Baltic Sea area is depressed would be a good day. My right that would have been an achievement in a hurry. So tell me what you're telling me you came from well, you know when you build a company when you building companies and you have to create Zircon valley becomes your ego. Yes, very, attaching a success in its work, It's a human thing, but is also a very cultural thing in building building hard and fast businesses, and then built a company that can gonna be my my ok, we'll put every single time I made the last decade into it. I built it was doing grade and if they took money from my in up some pretty spectacular names and the whole thing blew up it completely book and I lost everything in peril of credit cards and those living of credit cards, and I got really sick and depressed and
You know my my whole sense of identity was attached to my company. It was my expression to the world, and so in that fell apart. I fell apart, and and was such an interesting lesson, I was like look all I should have focused on what I gave to it. Not what the result as causes result is bigger than us result is dependent, so mean different things. But it said I just focused on the result being beam. If they feel that means I failed. I let everybody down a loss, people, money hours. You know I was a failure and I didn't deserve to be here and of all these other Tourism issues and I really didn't want to be here. To put it mildly, and- one night I remember I was in such misery and I was really really sick. I've been working for almost four years, never took a day off you not twelve. Sixteen our days and adjust charge A you know the whole macho been business culture thing and
I can't do this anymore, I'm miserable I'm going to get either get out of this or die trying, and I stack it over to my desk of a jar on my desk and I sat down and I wrote a vow to Myself- there's something I learn in life is: if you make a commitment to yourself, it is, it is it sacred act. It is something to you between you and something bigger than you. That is pure, and if you mean The commemorating make a commitment, a vow a marriage vow. Let's it's a real thing, so vow self yourself as a real thing. You gotta live it, but what I do expect was this vile came out and was of our purely in a moment to say myself as it I'm going to love myself. I have, not that guy who thought about things in those terms you know like need to love myself? I need to like myself another, but I know where it came from and came from something deep within something you are Just so the audience knows you and our friends say, sir, and I thank you, I think of you as one of the most peaceful, humble
sweetest men I know you are just so kind and you think of others, and it would never occur to me. You didn't love yourself, were you this guy? I love I was a look. We all have our personalities right. I mean our but I like to think a good man no. I didn't love myself, you know, and I heard I came from a childhood that didn't really incur The ardent had represent. I came from abuse and been alot asian and going up that bad. You still deal with a dash like you always beating ISAF up. You don't realize where they came from, and you realize it's a deeper thick and so no I I wasn't the love yourself guy. Let me put it that way, I'll. Do you one of those you and I have similar
reading this. It's like I'm their got. It. I had problems in my childhood, my mother committed suicide, blah blah blah and that's ways to deal to deal with it. Fine, I'm totally fine and weak people have problems with it. And I move on its good, so everything's fine. But it wasn t life. I was thirty until I just a brick wall that I was like won't know. I am not fine from that. I never have been in you create a tape the young playing over and over in your head, and you don't- really realize it so where you were one of where you one of those guys they were like. I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm a door. I do things. I join the military at I've climb mountains in the Himalayas. I do things I'm adore I'll go to accomplish anything that was my
I think I made my way of not confining things People move forward. It did you know you weren't confronting things or did you just think, that's who you are you're fine and I'm just moving by just do these things as a grey cushion. I thought I had you know when I was in college of as a therapy. You know of force in childhood stuff. Actually, in this book I talk about openly like and I was molested as a child and then these other things have happened as well, and I went and I thought I had covered it dad I fixed it rang, move on right that's right, it's not because it is not about its about exploring it it's about, letting it go in the right way and and then your left, if you ve done that with the hardest part and that is for giving you guess
the giving yourself which is, which is the ultimate. Freedom and it's funny rate is like when you realize the weight of what you carry. It's It's heavy, it's part of you don't realize we carry suggesting. This is our life. This is us, you know, unusually, takes hitting a wall in being humbled, it takes being humbled, to really look at ourselves with with a different. I and but I think that's where I am I swear rebirth happens in a multiple times in our lives are at stake. We had appointed sake. Ok at this time I fixed it or not no I've gotten. You know. I've got to the point where and I will never pray for humility again, because that's tat happened with layer you're. So right here pens and in ways you didn't think it would do. You least with me prayed for humility forces in the nineties and real
prayed free humility and to be able to be humbled him, and and in more quiet and thoughtful, and Oh my gosh, so fast I was humbled, but I was humbled in a way to where I was really pissed about it. I was like What are you and it took us? and a guru friend of mine who it isn't it What you been asking foreigners like, oh my gosh, it is, it is so we fight, we might even say we want to be more humble, but we fight against it it is true that is true. It sir. You know it said the tough one I'd like to learn more with joy and love than through getting smacked around yeah yeah. You know, and so you so you are, your finding yourself being humbled and it was the loss of the business as a loss of business. My identity, my health,
Oliver just coming apart at one point, you know, and it's funny, looking back, I'm like low do, they could have been much worse, but it's funny when you have been we are and are in the thick of our thinks. It couldn't be it's it's the worst they ever in life is dislike, as is darkness. They fall into that that all, but it that, and you know what it changed my life So the vow one amendment two myself so. That can go the other way. You, sir, because I'm an alcoholic, and for Probably three years I made a vow to myself: every day: don't drink today, don't drink today, strong I can make it. I don't need that By the end of the night. I was drinking the next more. Get up can the mayor- and I would say you are Worse Louis, you could
do it for one day and I made a vow again and I couldn't see others. When you say, there's something sacred. I believe that to be true, but I think I think to do what you did and take make that vow and then do it. Accomplish. It is really hard. Think it comes onto my belief in the sacredness of that that act you truly believe something is sacred. You gonna give it more. And you're gonna put above you. So what makes that sacred to its a belief It's a belief that I am, I am committing to all everything that exist, something bigger me. You can call a guy you can collar. Whenever brown commit everything this is it there's no going back somewhat. Cortez. The ships are Bernie, you know, and I understand the alcohol thing I went through a phase where I try to destroy myself with the drugs Nemo. Mall I've tried him.
I've seen the night. I've said I've seen the devil you know the devil is very seductive hard drugs. Oh my god shall. There's a reason why addiction exists and now explore that for a second. What would you like to know there's a reason, addiction exists while addict, and you know I'll give you an example, We were told my this earlier before the podcast. I went through some really traumatic surgery. Three months ago I like an end. I was basically dead and where bled to death of spraying, but everywhere after a surgery after I was visiting the hospital artery burst now explain breast spring, but everyone and basic led to definite to grab me a show me into Obregon. Slash me open and go fix. It to save life and early those that is that that close- and so when I go to the hospital I was an insane amount of because when you blood builder
enough it burst idea body. You know it's not pretty Canada is like an oil all coming out here. I can't imagine- and you know why to notify their pretty free and I was in a low, No pain like this could exist in on, like the level of pain I was in cuz. It was also in the lower abdomen that area there's a lot of nerves there, and so I was on you name it Ricotta narcotic then gave me in the hospital it was also of ease and pills, and then, when I go, the surgeon said to me I'd multiple surges? One of them said like look at this qualifies for these drugs. It's you enough said: don't worry, we'll keep giving enough. We just have to call in prescriptions every time because a new laws- and week into it and Let me tell their nice: didn't delta pay in that kind of making not care here just lying and also you line there incapacitated home. And I realize week into it. I wanna call Turkey just call Turkey why
because I turn in this manuscript for this book before I had gone to the surgeries expecting a basic elective surgery I'll be out, and now the publisher was sending me that the final proofs with a copy its and if, as you know, When you're right are you care, but every word and you want Europe to be there, not the copywriters word, and I was looking the material I realize you my mind. Wasn't there If I was thousand these drugs, I can give my alter this book, and so I realized look. This was purpose and that it is bigger than pain. I would deal with pain. Forget the drugs I need to be clear because I have purpose. I think, and I realize, looking at times in my life when, when I When I struggle with when I was just exe, I'm gonna go. I thought I was play the drugs you think your play, you don't you think you're stronger than that. That's also very interesting thing. Allison I was stronger.
They want to destroy me, I'm different right. I will I'll do it for a little while I'll get out of it. No one will ever know in the end. No one ever really did honestly. You know, but for the grace of God here am I anchors, I try them all on their day. This dangerous stuff out There- and I was- I think I was tryin- destroy myself and Those are the times were, I think I didn't have purpose was drifting, but if you purpose. If you have a vision, if you have something move towards, as you think is bigger than you for me, this put in this book at the World S book is so important is bigger than me it belongs to the world, whereas I'm gonna be here for ceremony. Time almost left. I may leave again but the work with a book. More important, so I had purpose. Think it with addiction. I've talked to some friends about it to bid through our between overtook him, the of dealt with it and said. Usually they were to be.
Additionally, I found something bigger than them. People can find faith people find something family, FILA find something we know whatever, but his country bigger than you if I can add a caveat there, Part of it. But unless. You deal with. What's actually here. I am You just your life about religion. Or your job or whatever is bigger. Ass, you right and then nerve we're set occurs. I did that over and over and over again not thinking that I needed to look inside and Every time I would accomplish that it was like totally empty. Yes,
That is so true? It becomes edition of its own and it's never enough when you get that point like this is the soil, as that is clearly avis anticlimactic. Then you next one the next set guess you I know, and soon you realise there is none. To any of that, and then it really comes raining down on your head, so I was struck by How you talk about, I mean, will enable the book is love yourself, like your life depends on it and it does. I was struck by. The way you changed the tapes in your head go through that yeah. That was, Ok that was actually very interesting because Sahara Was that night in the journal, I wrote this while I sit back and I think
and I wrote it so hard so desperation. I think I just carved it and have my desk right through the paper, and I looked at I remember being stunned, like what this, but new, because I had done it. I had to do it that comes out of person, this was sacred. I connected to something bigger committed, something bigger motorway. I didn't know I didn't you know like We all everyone tells you, sell your love yourself, great, how you know it does not. It does not mean, go, take bubble, bats, entry, champagne, that's not loving yourself, wring its one thing above known as every its home as an energy. It's not the outer. You can, if you how things in the outer it doesn't lassie change things in the inner you started. Shift and not, and yet dude, consistently and so How do I do it? I didn't how I certainly books. I dont want to read other people's theories and how to love myself in almost most of them. I didn't know. So I just sat around and I just start
try things I started. Like I was eating, like I'm in New York these days in uipath. Sometimes it and it's really sad because you'll see people talking themselves how most people he knows a lot of mental problems in it, and if you see me you would have thought I was one of those people. I was just walking on talkativeness trying to figure out. How do I make myself law myself and indeed- and I started Tat- was what is this? stupid. As simple as thing, I can do no matter how bad feeling I'm just gonna telling myself a start myself and I realized as a start to do it, aye. Sir, do you like loudly in my apartment, not lovelier until other human beings? It rightly had, but one thing he did was started shift my thoughts away from Negative thoughts, which were the opposite of loving myself, which are the darkness, this all of a sudden gimme a ray of light. And then what was interesting waters a thing about three four days in by accident. I start nice, making myself feeling it by just feeling breath by filling light by feeling love coming and when I said it and something just shifted us all,
wait a minute. This is something here ago into it. So I will just go down these rabbit holes and try things, and if it worked, I good However, if it didn't, I throw it away. The clinical trial sample size of one. The only one that matters is the is the self, if you can, Work on yourself and before I knew it was true these things and I was like keeping records, are fed and and Little obsessively I mustn't when you're in that place. It's all there it. Yes, yes, You understand new year, you, like your life, depends on it. That's what I like like your life, depends on it because you know in that space it does, you know what it was. I remember having this image of my head, that I was hanging off a cliff. But my fingers. And that's all I was my fingers and I had like love myself with a desperate, tells me that that was gonna. Save me pull me up, like that. Intensities when I walked running, and you know what it worked. So my father,
May he was a a practitioner of philosophy from California that was big in the forties and fifties and sixty seven and it's it's called the science of mind. I am earnest homes in those. Yes, yes, great writer and that's why I think we you- and I have so much in common that why I recognised so much of this. And my father said to me one point: he said thinking all the wrong thoughts. And he should get up tomorrow and just Baker. Check mark of how many negative thoughts is split, paper, positive, negative and then just don't think about em, not dwell anxious Jack Jack Jack. Before we get to the Stop like forty five minutes up in the morning, I was thy head, like thirty,
negative, no positives and those like got it and who had access yeah. That's it is powerful exercise, it is, and when you, when you first think of think I love myself it's really hard cause your most likely not in the place of learning the opposite, yeah and youth. You. So you don't believe it Bela guessed right right, but the the science of mind is the idea that. The word is, the most powerful thing everything starts as a thought and all Sir Creative and of your thinking. All these, your creating this negative and you have to train yourself to think the other way, because the World
is gonna, say horrible things about. You know mean that you got enough negative going on. You have to be the source of your own positive and I dont for me, at least it took a while to say those things and have that change because had looked at myself in the mirror for three years and said: oh, that's, right, you're, nothing! So Oh you, this! Have this this happen to you quickly. Because I was doing so intensely. And so they want also realize was look. I can keep this intensity of all my life I'm gonna go often live in I'm going so what was after, while I almost credit illegal practice like a mental practice, I would every do that that would do every day that we keep going forward. You know what I Miller was look, we spend our. We spent a lot of time time by health and fit
And I'll be both if you want to get in shape, you go to the gym everyday, you don't go to the gym once a year, and now we talk about eating healthy. If you wanted, don't have diabetes or heart disease, you eat a certain way every day, You don't use it at once a year but the mind, the most importantly, the inner, the most important is the one we paid less attention to as the one that we have to work on daily its them. Powerful, the most important and runs the whole show, the mind is different in the brain yes, yes, now so's arisen was intensity, but then this Doctor said I came over and then honestly, You know how you said about how looking in the mirror and then you know like like in making a commitment not to drink, and then you, then you drank that night We're time I would get lazy and I would start you know when things get going going good. Oh, I guess I got it figured out, let's good it's on.
A pilot. Now I don't need it, and so, like I get lazy and there's something I want to share in the book is like look look. What happened to the mind it goes, back to old cruise and he's all the patterns come up. You know the patterns are patterns. They will be there. Our job is to put a new, a more powerful, more empowering and beautiful patterns of serve our life. I was reading the sum. You don't. I bought a new thought. I was reading this new Todd book recently and he said you know, God acts. The devil reacts this time of the nature of the mine so can either be active in our thoughts and who want to be we can be reactive, where's, the power In other words, the control wears a choice it and it's an act, he's in choosing consciously I don't know How- and I am grateful for it- I still can't point what brought it wasn't about like myself. It wasn't a vow to be better was about a love myself. I think
stumbled into something really powerful primal cuz, we all wired for it. You know, just literally aren't from the deepest need. It is our deepest need and it's in deep as a the irony. You know we are where we see you gonna, where we seeking here I stumbled on it and you know for the greater got here. Am I so As a christian- and I know you taken eastern and western philosophy and kind of in the best of all of them, but somebody said to me the day
I can't believe you believe in what you do. Is your faith like by Germany down your throat body works for me. I just works for me, we are talking about it. I said quite ass it, even care, if it's true in the end, its root me and it makes me a better human hanging. Yes, and and I what I needed was? The christian ritual of baptism I needed, take me I, since all the crap that I've done? could all away wash me clean, so I can start all over again may that's true. I think it is maybe that's true. Maybe that's just a psychological game. It matter. It works it's really important so
How did you wash all that stuff away? well I'll some background you know in Indonesia was baptized. Actually southern Baptists incorporating Georgia, Fouquet Fulla whenever the full on donkey the whole works rights are actually start, the Bible quite thoroughly for awhile so no clear! Well and then I'm gonna explore export the world and an just try to take everything in and see who what works. For me, in the end units is so interesting? You say that like, ultimately, what makes me better what makes, Better me, that's all I can work on, and so she is better, but a better. You know like it's. A capitalism you can use. Capitalism will become rich. Or you can use capitalism, to help people and feed people and lift people make their lives easier and the bypass.
ACT will be you get rich mean, and so it started. A better person that you I'm guessing that you were striving for but it's a more loving serving giving well, that's a better version of me yeah our inner here's. A funny thing when you do that the world becomes a freer. Like look that little book, I put out right more to take me But it must do right, because I've got a lot and edited down to what I just wanna put out and it took off an event a self publish, no marketing whatever Someone and select half a million copies right. I have so many emails from people, and I did something with all those going to do cuz. I didn't expect to sell any copies of the things that I expected as hell ten copies, and I was going to buy eight of them to give to friends
my email address in the back of the because a k feared usages email me guess, clap people email to me. I have thousands of not tens of thousands of emails from people about what this simple act of sharing. My truth did for them How change our lives? I have met. People to some people wrote me as if I gotta meet you to confirm this. Who sent out a gun in my hand and summary I release and someone give me a book and read it, put the gun away, I met a guy who's, whose Tommy back in a bag. The pills, and he read my book any put those away when I would put at went away and put his daughter, but instead like these kind of stores, and what did I do if a share my truth, just my process right so when you are- and I did it from loving place. I was loving myself, then. If I wasn't I wouldn't have, I won't have taken the risk. I would have been a come. I thought I was gonna be complete. You know
a guitar, feather written out of Silicon Valley like what are you doing you lost scary, is inspired and messrs money and they re little bouquet. Look at me. I'm loving myself. I mean that's crazy about that's crazy tar great. I am especially when it starts with kind of mental breakdown makes everybody feels like who's, gonna investor me again and dead? Look all these people that just were so generous, so kind. This came out of nowhere, but the book and told me in their stories about their lives change. It changed my life. So it's not it's not about that. I say this with respect for what you're eating in here, but it There is something to be said. When you're in this place of despair suicide, you know the darknesses. You feel
absolutely alone and you feel, like everybody will judge you. You feel that nobody else could understand this. Most people don't in your life. You can't really explain it. And when somebody speaks, from a very vulnerable place about that you, and look around gone, but I was just me and we all have pieces of this innocence. We do know, and so it's it's. Its healing just to know. I am not alone. This actually won a reason. Why did the expanded version, because I get some l. These emails also got a lot of questions and I realize I had held a lot, because, was still scared of putting myself out there.
And so, if I was going to do it. If I was going to this book on the wall, I need to be full out, so I need to share like have uses to overcome childhood this that whatever, because People need another, not alone, so take us through. How do you get past getting passes. Maybe not. The right word is coming to terms and still loving. That party yourself, like one of the biggest shift, has been for me as I look out need to put my dirty laundry in a book. I did it for a reason right. Every word is my hair is meant to help and why do I share? you know my mom doesn't know yet that was molested after that conversation with her, You know, that's what it bore. Could I haven't told my mom, yet I'm terrified clan a break her heart and Europe, a book.
Yeah, that's because I was getting was getting innocent watching you wrote a book about my mom suicide and I haven't talked my dad about it, and I was terrified. What is he going to say diseases because as a family win, ever talked about it, and so we never really I've gotten. Together with my sisters and said, I am in a journey to try to get better and we have to talk about mom suicide, and my sister jumped up my younger sister jumped up. And she's two years older than me, and she said I did not killer and I said well Hut and I said, of course await you that come from and she said You said to make, as they had an argument right before thirteen fourteen years old and I said
something happened to her: she, your fault, she had carried that in worth Borys into our fortys and. I know what you're feeling talking to your mom fine, but why do these things is because they have gonna put our work to the world. We have to tell the truth and I get a muslim people in their struggle with it and either say. Like look, I struggle with this, and this is what I've done and it and These things are human things. What does having been through x or why are z, to identify because inside with the same fear is fear, pain is pain, love is love in the end is the internal thing one of biggest shifts. I had as us looking myself from a love, as I was loving myself, a looking myself it looking, I myself am a loving place. Becomes a state of b, and just thought- shift- is almost Like you look at your memories from a different place,
the child, and I was almost I was ashamed of rhetoric I like it. When I had memories, I would just blocked them off a realist my God, the strength. Imagine this child what it took go through all this and somehow get through it and become the man I become it's because I am. I owe him that his strength. I thought woods what I was looking for, shame and weakness. All of a sudden I looked back and I'm in awe of this child. It's looking air from really is love completely myself. Everything and a love, same event. A hasn't changed looking at it from a place of love for myself, which is a love for this child? To quote Marianne Williams. A miracle is a change of perspective and to go on. So what are you afraid of talking to your mom? What's your greatest fear on that? I'm afraid of
the guilt of the pain she ll feel about, maybe not being able to protect me at this place. We were at their where it happened. I don't know. I don't want to cause any pain to my mother part. He's like. Maybe she were read the book but Emily's, like my fellow, not impress a best seller yeah. I think my brother, we vote, is acknowledged and busy with family run like a guide book out at you ever read. The itself is so funny, so you talk about six years later, at six seven, oh yeah yeah yeah. You're on the role here. We're going. And six years later fall apart. What happened. I stopped in practice. I stop eating my dog food
I had it, sides is cut, lazy and other life instead of acting are reacting to life housing issues in life's. I started reacting to it. And eventually I had a painful but have happened, someone I love more than anything I ever loved and- and I LE part with it, and and what was interesting was it wasn't just a falling apart whether that was hard. It was this now is dealing with issues like look, I'm the guy who wrote the book to do I'm the guy who gets these emails from people and how not to do this and the guy gets email. People say you help me not to do this and look at me falling apart, and I realize I had to go back in to what I What had literally save me once and just do it again and What's funny at this has happened a couple of times and each time I go, do it again part of me? Is it gonna work it's like. This is hope or trust, but it still like is gonna work. This time I don't know because
It's funny the mind in adjusted the tricks it plays, and so on still do from scratch. I do was at the time, started. Keeping our captain Journal what I was doing, my internal self, and I was doing and I start getting better and better and better. I realized, oh, my god. This is one of the missing pieces of the book, because it's so many nuances and working in the inner self. When I die I kept a record of what I was doing in the inner Self France's. What do you do tell me to take me through Europe? this will, for example, there is the foundation which is, I literally make myself feel love for myself all throughout the day. My walker the breath with light This feeling it in look like current thinking anything, I'm gonna think one choose a thought. I wanted thinking and I just do consciously until it becomes the dominant thought that takes practice. People people, I says all the time, even in my own family area,
You'll be upset, including me about something stupid. And of his finally sobbing stop shop. Why are we dwelling on this for another? Second, this? Let's let's all! Let it go! It happened none of us was, in our fault, blah blah blah it's over. Life. Is such a choice and I don't people under him. That's when I was getting better. I was reading, Einstein and and and hawking and and Carl Sagan fascinated by time. Space and the idea of space time It's one. There is not only to mark your position in a map. It's only there to say space time now- we are that happened to me- when I was here
planet was thick and I was standing here. Well, I'm not. There anymore it's not that has nothing to do with today. Unless I dont file it away properly to know I very much welcome so in fact, This does I recently read this court, and this made me laugh and laugh. Eleven Einstein Cloak and Niels born of Millsboro was fond of quantum mechanics and, and answer is a famous quote saying you know simply dice with the universe and must have learned Niels, pours retorted eyes, like Einstein, stop telling guy what to do. I laughed at them for an hour. You know just yeah. It's you know. It's a thought, We think we thinking more suitably running loops. We're just patterns write it. Conscious effort to steer the thought it steer the horse. But is this thought the runs? The show
so. My fundamental thing is this one thought about love and bring a lover myself by just pure, and you know I talk about Faith in here I talk about believing it doesn't, it could be, God loves me could be whenever you know. Whatever is yours thing? What is whenever your fundamental primary thing living? inside don't The lip service don't give it like one day a week service, livid inside and ass for transformation happens. That's one thing: I've learned, you in the inside of that kind of focus transformation, happens, you get better, life gets better every single time your action gets better your thoughts get better people around you get better. It just is the nature of reality that rampart- and so I say where the very basic thought and I make myself some What I'll do it I'll just stop throughout the and I'll take ten deep rats distant, from pay it off their breathing anyway, no eight and deepen purposes. Press and just let in law.
And let him love myself and breathe out whatever needs to go, and you know you you by the eighth crack. You know what comes out. Thank you. So becomes a sorry cycle of love and gratitude, love and vanity is bringing love the and gratitude oh come on in there, and you know this This just adding in adding in campaigning in my head, were like that becomes my state of being now it's on the perfect added. I don't think I ever will be punished. Beats the the alternative, which is just letting my right mind being monkeys for bananas everywhere in it it will eventually. Become fear and loathing. Fear lulling darkness, You know what the best thing someone ever told me was looking. Darkness is the absence of light when you're in dark, if your pain, if you're in fear, loathing anger whatever you don't fight it you don't win my fighting darkness. What you do is you go to the light? How do you go to life? Is a fun dinner, switch broad turn the light for the window extra clean, the window right and
I will come and naturally take a darkness, were so an inside and the mind. This is I'm quitting light a militia quitting light for myself and it works. You know really simple. Like the truth, truth profound, the best things always are. The simplest in to the point of being idiotic, almost no almost done, love your like you, life depends on it. You, like a the great bumper sticker Neuro. It's true should do it actually in words and model this completely transformed once out after that practice, my literally my life is the only the only drawbacks had been my own like I'm, though slow down, I'm the one who didn't work on my inner self. And I'm just learn again. We get them whenever a working man herself life gets better. When I was in the hospital
so I go in for the surgery elective Sergio, let the guy athletic injury so as to be out next morning. The really see me you doing great, I walk out. And all of a sudden something happens, almost fall, full fallen pain and I look as of soccer ball, size, bulgin, lab demand and then a bursts and bloody Springer you're, alright gosh- and It gets everyone's attention like a bird in a hospital best. What to get attention. Scribbler people behind your bags and- and let me tell you a horrific memory brought your mind. Your brain is not designed to see blood spreading out, it's not it's normal everyday thing, it's not something redesign for and then being in the o, r N, actually got to the point. Where am I I had to do this? I was thinking this is Because I could feel the life force training, I could feel like a feel my body just going, and the pain and the horror and the shock
and the surrender thinking a moment this one moment looking around at the mayhem around me almost in slow motion, all the score: people's Scrubbs running around grabbing instruments and, like you know, signal the and thinking this is my last experience and then thinking What a shitty message very literally thought like real debts and and I remember this immense, there were only thought of love, it wasn't. I thought it was flashes. Images love and fear of people, I love of fear and terror, and I'm Dennis physiologist came, and she was she had is really cool, glasses and dangly earrings and she was like leaning over sing em, but to put an and I just push away, and I grabbed her happiness and look And I just don't know why I'm scared, and she did something she put her hand in my hand and a key.
Something down. Something we thought. Okay, this is this. Is it and I like her member like fall. This was before the unseen, so this was in this is a Falling back was into darkness thinking, okay, here I come you know and and then waking up. You know after the that saved me. So now I'd, gone and foam split we hadn't day, walking around by next thing. I know I'm in really like I see level in the house from an hour every narcotic nano mankind all this in a really bad place, I met a choice. Then, like look, I'm not gonna. Let this become bad. I'm gonna, while I'm here I'm going work my mind when you do things. One is everyone around me. I want to make sure they feel good about themselves. I'm just gonna make- that a little exercise and the the thing is I started making myself every chance. I could make myself filled blast that I was still I make my philosophical gratitude.
Cautiously did that I'd be their arriving in pain. Make I also feel gratitude because I could make myself you miserable. It was my choice in and look. I think that really help get me through it in thought. Is a thought are conscious choices? Reader, just don't realize that both we do that because I done this loving myself thing before I knew the power of my thought on me. Then and so I do our credit house filling blessed because of their in our feeling grateful. Well, it's amazing, because you will look back on that experience, just like every other quote: barracks science of our life and Some point elect bagging. Oh, I was really beneficial there was there was something powerful and about that- and you will be grateful for that moment because the fear goes away- and in that's what
I mean to really master the mind. That's what you have to be able to do is be grateful, when the thing that you despise is happening to you it's the heart as far as really hard look, it's I almost ass Mister Thomas of what choice do I have because otherwise I know what the result will be. If I just Give myself to pity feeling terrible. We there were moments where I did you know And you feel like you like, why did this happen? The witches? Never there's, never an answer to that right. We do that There's no way out. The only way out is too cautiously choose who I'm gonna be on the inside and make that something. That's got, acts that were reacts, just choose that choose that choose that and is something that we to all of us and it's not a religious thing. It's not an
and philosophy or western philosophy thing. It's it's a human. True, it's a purely human thing. All have it and then we all have this choice. Yeah. Tell me how you would have to find success. Before your companies collapse off. Is is embarrassed to say this is like you know. We Silicon Valley a few money, It's an actual term, an embarrassed to say my memory using matter. Yeah. That was my
They will have enough money. Just tell everybody else. I feel I funny thing is, if you really know who you are or what, and for you to do it anyway, you do it anyway,. And you know I'd better opportunities come when you stand up and it takes all the airway takes us. You have no free when you master this You ve done with all the worse parts about you and It doesn't bother you anymore and new fact, probably very open about it. Because you realize it helps other people, so they know they're, not alone, and they can get did as well. So There's nobody that used. Nothing you're afraid of this sum is Well, I know who you really are: that's raid death? This part is great. You just like you, just like that is the best part is read on Menudo me yeah. That's me, I'm flawed yeah! Welcome to this idea of really powerful person sit in their office end
I knew that they had done me no investigative work on me and they were trying to get a leverage an open book, and and I'm calling the office in Settle this these documents down. Since you know, people are trying to take you down and people are trying to find out everything they can about you, and I said I'm are. And I knew it was here and he took the stock has put up. I think I'll just file folders with empty pages, and he said you know you have a really good one That was my look and the hare good. I said yes, I do and he said it's always problem when
Amanda Somethin heard his wife, I looked at him, and I said I know that's why that's never happen and he stared at me for what seemed like four hours, but it probably thirty seconds just locking eyes right, but that away I don't know if I would have had strength. To sit in a meeting. If I knew all of the bad things that I have done in all of the things that could have been said about me not necessarily about that, but something else if I hadn't already dealt with it and just open about it, the power that fear, would have had over me and how That is what you do this We use it with anybody like well, I've heard,
Worse actually had. The best thing is when you do from a place of giving value to others, because there's no valuing here's. My dirty laundry world out there there's a lot of that these days and I'm gonna end in the name of Honor Billy, and I can't stand it just sharing your garbage with a worldwide, more garbage, no shared. How did get better than I did you use it to be better? How did it you here you sure that you share the process you he'll others just by throwing your garbage out there. Actually, hurts everyone else, because everybody else's like how well they're, like that's like I suppose, should I be any better instead of saying here's what happen: here's, what it meant. Here's, how low it was an here's, how I fixed it and you can beat it then that's, really powerful yeah. We have a responsibility to do that. You know
If we go through something it's. What we make of it in the end is what we make of it. So look back this child, and you know so there was a lot of different kinds of abuse, happen rain and I looked back and who did Some of the things that I used to look these become his become this very loyal man in he was a loyal person who was loyal to people who was he. He was a fighter, you know he when he was like I'm gonna get through this. This is by the I went on to like study. Martial arts join the military. Do this do that? You know it's because of him. I kind of became that man is because a him I can write these books with this sensitivity. I can you know these things are come from what we was- was trauma and horrible and but yeah if we look at you know the gifts, it's it's I'm in awe of who, the people of Gaza lobby go through then, who
come because of it. And that's, what makes us special. That's what makes us in my admire. You know to values word and in our own self, great great or terrible for enough for an upper air. Yeah, if you choose? Yes, it is a choice, is a choice. You know my very low tones for very, very low tones on people who use their past as an excuse to hurt others. It is that is the way so you can do for yourself or can do for the world. Japan is not an excuse used. Pass as a launching ground Eugene pass as a as gear, All is ultimately in the end the name of the book is love yourself, like your life depends on it. Tomorrow advocate Lovey brother, Elisa. Thank you just a reminder
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