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Ep 74 | MyPillow CEO: ‘My Drug Dealers Did an Intervention’ | Mike Lindell | The Glenn Beck Podcast


Most people don’t know this, but the “MyPillow guy” from TV commercials used to be a hard-core crack addict! Once considered so bad that even his drug dealers cut him off, MyPillow inventor and CEO Mike Lindell has done the impossible and turned his life around: born-again Christian, successful businessman, friend of President Trump, and most recently, patriotic face mask manufacturer. But as he proudly states, all these are just steps toward a much greater calling: building a nationwide network to help others like him overcome addiction and have a second chance at life. Mike discusses his new book, “What Are the Odds: From Crack Addict to CEO,” and recounts his miraculous story of addiction, entrepreneurship, and hope for the nation.

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