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Ep 81 | White House’s Female Fighter Reveals the TRUTH of Working for Trump | Sarah Huckabee Sanders | The Glenn Beck Podcast


For the first two-and-a-half years of Donald Trump’s presidency, Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced an unprecedented media assault on the administration, herself, and her family. She was infamously kicked out of a restaurant just for daring to show up and was the first press secretary to require Secret Service protection. Now, as attacks against Trump only grow more intense, she joins Glenn to give a firsthand account of the hatred and hypocrisy the media shows toward the president and those who side with him. And she provides what the media refuses to do: an honest, truthful look at Trump. From his successes in the Middle East to REAL stories of how highly he speaks of our troops, she knows, “This is someone who loves America.”

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Right towards the beginning of President trumps administration. Our guest today was one of the most recognisable women in America. That was not her intention when she was invited to join the White House staff, but the unique and unprecedented media assault on this administration thrust her into a spotlight and it was a harsh hot spotlight. She was the Mother to ever serve as a White House press secretary. She also became the left's favorite punching bag. If she had worked for a democratic president, she would be celebrated as a national hero. She would be hanging out with Oprah now, but instead she was revealed in the press. She was kicked out of a restaurant for daring to show her face. She ended up having to have secret service the first one ever to have secret service protection because of the violent threats against her and children. Story
pay demises today what's happening and the vitriol and the hatred and the desperation to stop Donald Trump So how did she handle? How does she was standing out and she did she leave with her soul? to the vicious attacks and she left with the full trust of the President of the United States and her dignity intact, today, you're gonna get to hear the real story. Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She has a new book speaking out for myself and that's what she's doing on today's podcast. Ok, don't know. If it's I think this is every guy man, I really feel bad for women who feel like my is starting to thin horrible, losing your hair it freaks got. Women have no idea I mean these women who I am and fitting hair it freaks people out guys is like us
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gets less- that they won't. Let me say it, but they don't want to hear it. They don't care to hear pause. If things about somebody who worked in the Trump White House in it's one of the reasons that you called a glutton for punishment, but it's one of the reasons that I want to be out. There's because there been so many looks- and so many negative thing said about the President and I spent two and a half years, almost every single day of those two and a half years with the president, and I want people to see him in the way that I did during time and get to know down tromp in the way that I did not really try, ordered to me that come out of the book. So I think you did a great job on that. You do get a feeling of what it felt like to be there. What it feels like the trouble at the beginning and the other side of tromp that nobody, to see, if,
if I were ass, you to take two snapshots. One that shows the complete of honesty or integrity, or even interest. Where you witness something. You're like. I can't believe I was just in that room and now I'm hate hearing it from these people and it's not the same If you give me that and why easily the what kept you there the one thing that would you going out. Who alliance dead again to have them just feast on you every day. So I'll start with than that. For the first question, and sadly I have too many examples of that, but one in particular that really stands out was actually, as I was leaving the White House,
President had announced that I would be departing at the end of the month and a group of reporters that I worked with on the regular. That were always at the White House came by my office. Several of them, I had a very good relationship with another, it's hard to believe, but in moment. They were Thank you may tell me how much they have enjoyed working with make their we're. Gonna. Miss me one in particular shed tears in her eyes, like I'm gonna miss you, like you, ve been so re like this has been such a good working relationship and then the next morning, I'm sitting in my office, and I see. You know my name scroll across the bottom of the screen, so I turn the sound on the tv up and that reporter is on and they're asking it and she's like she had to go. It was time no credibility laughed. She had to be able to build as wait a minute. You literally were almost Brian in my office yesterday telling me how much you were gonna. Miss me how great of a relationship that we had developed over the course of two years
and now it's you cause you're on added, based in cable network that doesn't like the president. I couldn't say anything nice about this, since that would be one of those big dishonest, complete hypocrisy and a tool double standard ah said the media? In terms of why I went out there brigades, because I love our country, I believe, in standing up and being very vote about what the example me then I wanted to be helpful to the president and if I felt I can play The smallest role in hoping he on continue to make country better, and I felt an obligation to do that? I don't think people- and I haven't been at your level- and far from it, but I have gone through
the machine where they are just knew where they just destroy you and I don't people understand what that feels like? Can you, scribe or were explained. Maybe what you are surprised by many had to know you were running into trouble, but sometimes the The reality is far beyond anything. You ever would expect I think a thing that probably surprised me, the most was the level of the tree all and also that nothing was off limits. You know everything from my appear. It's my make up my hair, my clothes, it needs to be a mother, my ability to make a pie, Breathing was on the table and you know multiple members of the media are regularly attacked me not for politics. But for me
as a person, and so that was much different. I think than I expected. I've always been prepared to fight back for what I believe in and principles that I think are important and much right, but to have two different myself on whether or not a capable parent or whether or not I should have worn red when I wore blue those were things I did necessarily plan four and hadn't really expected mean. I even had a member of the mainstream media say I should choked Hollywood actor suggested kids, should be kidnapped, mean that level of anger and hatred was something that I wasn't there surly prepare for going on. The red hen incident, which you talk about in the book You are the first spokesperson for the president that, as ever
needed and issued secret service protection. Tell me what that felt like when people surrounded you and then you realized my gosh regular Americans are now doing this. For me and in and specifically as apparent, and that was the most difficult challenge is knowing died. The role that I was playing kept me from from being able to really protect my kids, and that was a very Gary realization and a very difficult thing to process and wanting to do everything you can to make sure you know we're protecting were raising them the right, the way that we're supposed to teaching them to love America, to love freedom, to love their faith and have that challenged in a way that
didn't just verbally make you after respond diet that you had. He prepared, you know from physical threat, and that was something that was extremely difficult for me and going through that the red hen incident That one can kind about a less feel that I am. I had gone to meet my family in Lex, ten Virginia. They had already been there for a day or so before I arrived, I just off along weak, I drove down from DC through rush hour. I was exhausted. I sit down at the table and with it a minute or two of sitting down before Ivan. You now have a chance to get settled and say hello to my family. The owner of the restaurant comes over, asked to speak with me and let me know that she thinks I'm a horrible person. Don't belong there. I dont represent their community and kicked me out of the restaurant, and I was a little taken aback, but I do said: okay, I whispered to my husband that I've been kicked out of the restaurant
rub my things. I walked out. What a lot of people will know is this. Second, of that story, and I talk not that in the book is after my husband, I went back to the place we were staying. The rest of our family went to restaurant across the street and the owner of the red you and actually followed them to that Second, restaurant gathered a group of shoulder makeshift signs and protested them at another restaurant. Until one of my family members do actually is not a true. The poorer and voted for Hillary Clinton went outside and said, look Serezana, even here in your eye, helping our calls Ike Delong and they finally dissipated in an laughed, but at that level of anger, to line up me out of a rushed, I don't think we're gonna be type of country that has Democrat restaurants and republican restaurants. And to have that moment to continue it to follow their even
after I'd love was you know pretty I opened Ain t unjust, showed the level the anger in Haiti from the liberal model for people that don't agree with them. So you just used a key word liberal, the liberal mom, and I don't have problem with liberal per se. I don't have a problem with people who vote differently. I don't know stand you but ok, you know, and I can live next door to somebody who vehemently disagrees with me as long as we agree on certain principles and we used to have You know an american set of principles that we all agreed on. So are you. Do you believe that view vitry all and this anger and rage is, is happening. To the
Average Democratic now as much as before, or do you think the average person who is always considered themselves a democratic is looking at their own party and saying you guys are in bed now with crazy, anti american Marxists. You see any opening of that at all flying think. Over the last couple months we ve seen some people go law. This is now we signed up for and we are supporting people, though our cities to the ground that want to eat a create violent atmospheres and a lot of major cities across the country. I dont think that most Democrats is particularly those kind of in the middle want to see that our coal laughed has. So Oh taken over the Democrats. Taken over the Democrat Party that they become
hold on to this sector of their party and have not had the ability to fight back. We saw that in the primaries they move so far to the left. Look, the primary is always you can have your keen to move a little more to the right publicans and a little more to the left on the democratic. That's not new, but did the distance. They moved from the centre and how far or to the left, they went. I think a surprising for a lot of Democrats, at least I hope so, and I hope that they realise that that right, a call last is very dangerous for our country and is not the direction that we want to go the ideas that their pushing on that end of their party have never worked in any country. I dont know why we think. Oh, let's try here. It's never working force has always been a disaster, but you know what I think could do it lets. Let's give it a try like why that makes to anyone. I dont understand. Most people flee
those countries and come to Amerika because it so much better because they this freedom. They want to live in a country where they can dream any thing. They could be anything and they can do anything and they wanted. Take that away. I dont know why we would allow a group again that radical left to destroy what makes America so special, and so my theory has always been- and I said this in two thousand eight by so sorry, so this in two thousand and four, I think when they put Michael more in the presidential box, of the democratic convention. With Jimmy Carter and I said. Liberals you are making your bed with the devil. You you are inviting Marxists in who believe in something radically different and you think you're gonna use them as fuel and then
but that Genie back in the bottle, but they will eat you I want here now. If it when you were seeing the president and seeing the behind the scenes machinery with humor and policy in and the others Are they are afraid of the of the left now do they know that they are about to be eaten or do they? real? Do they really believe this stuff I honestly, I don't know, but I dont think they realise that they're getting played and That's, I think almost is scary, is letting the left control everything is. Letting a group of people who have no idea what's going on and have no backbone. They don't have the conviction, tat stand up and say whoa whoa we're not going down this road. We were still Americans, we still hold onto a few.
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as you are looking at the landscape of today, Now that the left, not the Democrats, the left is the ring now and have been gathering since twenty sixteen on this. Integrity in transition project and they are now saying that the right and the right wing extremists than the Nazis and though all these people are to start a civil war, because of the election in November and so they are now planning on what they have to do to counter to be able to fight for the republic I see what's happening
now and how the media is covering for black lives matter and letting people get away with things which you arrest. People for how how plausible do you think it is that the election and the voting system me another. The mail in vote is done intentionally to cause more chaos and more strife.
I am hopeful that that's not the case. Obviously I am a supporter of the president, so I'm very hopeful for hopeful that he wins outright and its clear in its decisive and we don't have a long drawn out process. I think that could be very detrimental, very dangerous bar country and very divisive. So I am hopeful that whatever the outcome is that its very clear that its very decisive and obviously I hope it favours the president's view. No I'm sure you know said this to the president. I said you know that during your election, maybe you'll stop me says: oh, no, I'm very well with everywhere aware, where you stood Glenn I did. I mean several things in him. Honestly- I saw a New York liberal. And I thought he'd never gonna he's never do any of these things he's cap. Its promise,
The one thing I worried about and I I warned about it- in Vienna in the election of twenty. Sixteen in the last year there is going to be some event that is going to crush our economy and cause all kinds of strife. I fear this guy, will be a guy who will out after year after year, and he will grab control because that's in his route and I had nothing to nothing to prove that other than he was a New York kind of Guy he's been the exact opposite of that end. They call him a dictator. They say that he's got an e wilt. He won't leave the office if, if he loses, is there anything that you have seen. That shows anything like that.
What I saw a day in and day out from the president is somebody who loves this country and who didn't need to be president had already been a celebrity had already been very successful and business. It made a lot of money Britain best sellers. He can already hit the peak in a lot of areas and He didn't need to be president, but I think our country need it him at this moment they needed somebody to show. Things up to be the disruptor that he's been. I think a lot of people were like you and they were sceptical early on about Donald Trump, but he's governed more conservative than anybody in my lifetime. I mean has been very good for the pro life community. He has been great for religious freedom but more than that, and not just for conservatives he has done things that impact every demographic of American make their like that. You know he's regularly attacked for not,
You know. I guess I have a lot of people want to paint him as somebody different hasn't been good for the black community when, in reality, he's done more for the community in America, in four years than Joe Biden, stun in forty errors in government the President far for an secured, pass legislation for criminal justice reform. He got pc. U historic, funding and made it permanent created. Opportunities zones which have been significant and made a significant impact in a lot of minority communities across the country. And, let's not forget the economy, and it wasn't this black Americans that did better under Donald Trump Economy, hispanic Americans asian Americans all have the lowest unemployment in history prior to the corona virus. So I think if you look at the policies and you look at the substance of what president. Has dine he's made Erica better for everybody.
I don't you know I was I was really concerning a lot of Americans were, and maybe some still are about his use of twitter. And but I have come to a place to realize, It is his fearlessness and his his wrecking ball. That he just puts out there every day and he does. Care. That is actually expose. You know it is like impeachment. He They go after him for impeachment and he he's here such a wrecking ball, but all of a sudden, the wall comes down. You're, like holy cow. Look, what's bind the wall, If no, I wonder If he's not that time. Genius lucky, I don't know I mean: do you ever get the feeling that he it
when he swings something towards a wall and it comes down that he knew what was on the other? I know he tell you he did, but do you think I am hopes that its there and you know one of the things I love throughout the president and watching him in a negotiation? Is we, go in, and I think you would have a certain set of things. He was hoping to get everyone, it kind of agreed, but the present always had a whole another set of stuffy wanted and he wasn't just happy with asking for a good deal. He wanted the best deal so he would go in. The team would sit there and This kind of agreed upon list and then go ahead and lean until the other ten things I rise like wait, a minute and he's, like all, that's out waste time he's like. I don't leave until I get at all, and no, he would push harder and more aggressive than anybody else had ever seen. Any wasn't gonna take no for an answer, the only reason he was able to
things like the, U S, embassy ideal deal dine. Pass a historic tax cuts, the levels that he did was because he said I will accept anything less and I think because he has that kind of King bore mentality, people, didn't wanna go against them and eventually gave in and said you know what maybe he's right. Let's do this, let's give it a try and it's worked well form. So I had a conversation with him. Relatively recently and it was before Cove it and we were talking about China. And I said I hoping, Mr President, that You know we disagree on trade, but I am hoping you are using your Tiffany peace strategy
and he said Tiffany strategy. I said. Ah the way you build Trump Tower and he laughter. He said good for you for knowing that and think. It's one of the things that people don't understand. He it part of his his way his method, to be the guy with the twitchy. I he's not here not crazy, but you're? sure he won't do something crazy. You know who I mean and The way he's always just open things and changed the paradigm. So can you can you talk to a little bit about that as people. I think there are some people that think he's. Just you know shooting from the hip. He doesn't know what he's doing he's not well read he's just go in and vomiting outwards. Where I
Key is actually much more strategic I think you're definitely right and he does have that since if I, if everybody knows what you're gonna do- and you say, if you don't it s. This is wound I do well, then you you ve, given your entire playbook to the other side, rowing and president. Never anybody to know what his playbook looks like. It was one of the things he talked about that frustrated him. So much with Obama is, he would tell our adversary, you know exactly when we were going to withdraw or here's what we're gonna do next things like. Why would you ever tell the enemy your plan is, and he said we have to have a look. Of all of unpredictability. So they don't know at our next move is so we have the element of surprise and we get more
What we are working towards in? I think that's how I think you're exactly right. There was a strategy behind a lot of those moments that most people thought- oh, my god she's crazy like employee these doing that, but really there was very clear method to the madness and he had a song. Clear goal in mind and he was gonna, take steps to make sure you got there. You went with him when you talk about it in the book to meet Kim Jong, IL right, is doing his real. I can't remember ones: son ones, a father, but you that was that had to be a so real moment and- Here's the president's saying all cut you saying I'm going to you know: you'll burn in the figures, the fury of the Euro nuclear missiles, and the next moment he's like these. A guy. We talk basketball, I mean it. It was insane
Tell me what it was like to be there and what you saw that we didn't see. You know it was like you said. I think surreal is probably one of the best words you can use to describe it because there's nothing else like walking into that room and, first watching that moment unfold between the two leaders walking across tat carpet shaking hands with the very first time very historic moment and two witnessed at first hand and then later sit at the table across from Kim Jong IL was startling in some ways, but also bury surreal one of the things that I thought the president was masterful at both in that meeting as well. As you know, watching him over the course of that two and a half year time frame was his ability to connect with somebody to
about things that they were interested in within still manage to cover mba basketball. Sharp right turn is talking about. Declaration? Not a lot of people can fit those two topics into the same one, our conversation liked tromp can do any. Did it seamlessly and flawlessly to be able to engage them at a level that they wanted to talk about things but still accomplish his goals and lay out what he expected. So what did we? What did we get from that in the end? What what will be the legacy there I think the first couple things were, build up from before that made media. Certainly getting our hostages back from North Korea was certainly, I think, a very positive thing. Getting the remains of: U S: soldiers back and giving those families closure stopping
halting testing during that time. For everybody, even just the open dialogue to start a conversation is not lost on anybody. The challenge that is presented of taking nuclear weapons away from Kim Jong Moon or anybody else, then that is going to be difficult, no matter what nation you're trying to accomplish that were in particular a place like North Korea and president went into that clear eye and very well aware that that was an uphill battle. But it was one worth going down that road and I feel like he's made progress. Does that mean it'll happen in his presidency? I don't know, but he's definitely making steps in the right direction. We were at an all time, high level of tension between the United States in North Korea. That has done down and now there is at least some dialogue also the sanctions, the toughest ever sanctions that have ever been on North Korea are still in
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in Jerusalem and let that Ships fall where they may, and State Department, and all the experts always said. No no it'll be the biggest war ever? I know a lot of people that thought that that would happen that way, Donald Trump was the first one to just go screwed go in your way is is Is this? The reason they hate him so much because is disrupting this. This deep state or this this state, the just thinks they know better than anybody else it's definitely has to be one of the big reasons and it wasn't just the embassy. It was the the I ran deal. It was at the Paris climate agree, These are all things that people said. If, if you do this, essentially the world will come to an end and The president said I dont believe you and he did it and look
raw still here the world did in the end, and he was right to push forward on things that so many other people had spoken out against but been afraid to do mean every present before him said they would move the embassy and then, when the moment came they never did it and this was a president who said you know what we said. We were gonna, do it we're gonna, do it and they. Couldn't handle that he actually follow through on something he said he was going to do and disrupted the order of how they felt thing should happen, and certainly, I think, that's one of the reasons that the American people love Donald Trump, and it's one of the reasons the DC swamp hate them So I don't know if you saw the news thinking, this week about women VIN men turns to be the whistleblowers and The whistle blower was not really a whistle blower, the whistle blower God. All of the information from women
because it couldn't come from women and the Craddock democratic side knew about, it That's why Peter Schiff was saying all of a sudden. You know you can't know who you at first you can absolutely interview and we're gonna bring him to the table. Then no, no one can know his name because it would agree, Active Inman, and women his problem? Was he didn't like the way, the press, it wanted to proceed in Ukraine is. Can you oh me how. How deep does this infection go how many vin demons are their home or all departments in our gut. Like this, that there are a lot of them are just on auto pilot and just do what we want any way and without last you
I don't know how deep it goes, but I know died. It's definitely all over government and one of the things, that I saw, and certainly with some of the senior officials is there, come into the administration with their own agenda and forgot somewhere, along the way that nobody voted for them. Their name never eared anywhere on the ballot, and they came with the plan and thought that they could. Get Donald Trump to do what they wanted. I don't know where they had been to think that they could get. Donald Trump to do what they wanted by it. Didn't we and when it didn't, they would get very angry and lash out. And again one of the reasons the President such a loyal, enthusiastic base of support is because he has pushed back on all of Canada DC norms, You know, I think,
thought back against those people who was willing to tell them no and- they didn't like not to control the agenda, one of the things that happens to a lot of people in Washington. They get so drunk on power and so consumed with the idea that they should be the president. They all. Convince themselves that they are and it's their decision to make their agenda to drive and when Donald Trump didn't fallen line that in like it at all the image that you get. If you just watch the press. Is that dog trump is isolated. He's got nobody in the White House. You can trust Is he the everybody in the White House is trying secret leader keep him to look stable in and try to have him. You know not destroy the country. Then that is somewhat helped by the number of leaks early on,
the reality of the White House. There are certainly some bad actors that are in the White House, but there are also a lot of people that I met that I got the privilege of serving alongside that love Country support our president and want to see both him and America be successful, and I am thankful that are there and that the president has a good group of people. Every White House has had leaks certain like this. One is probably had more than others and I think some of that too, in the president, has talked about this before her. Tell the story about how he only been to Washington a handful at times before his actual inauguration. You really, spend a lot of time in D C and he didn't know a lot of the players and you know he had been
with alarm, but he didn't really know some of the movers and shakers in previous administrations in the way that he does now- and he said you know I show up and one of the first night I ever spanned in Washington DC is the White House, and so some of that was learning who those people were building a really good team around him. I think he's got some great people and his cabinet that have done just a tremendous job bill bar like Palm PEO, to name a few that have really been spectre a killer in their walls, Stephen Malnutrition, Larry, cod, low Edna any see office and then he's gotta circle there in the White House that are really a great team and people that are very loyal both to the didn't you enter the country so when the imperial is going on we started doing our homework, and I wanted to. I told my staff, fine,
the truth of the president is doing something. Then we expose it. If he's not, we expose that. What is the truth? did months of research and its very clear what happened there and I know you had your investigated for the report for the Miller report You just mentioned bar put a lot of hope into Bob Babar. But I mean, are we going to see real change and a restoration of some credibility will people go to jail for the things that were happening.
I certainly hope so. I think that the level of corruption that when I am particularly- and I can speak more more personally- about the Russia which cause I was there a during that process and during that time and the level of corruption and the links to which people went to try to take the president's down, are precedent it, and you know, ardent billboards has done a great job of coming in and really moving that forward. It sure is he hadn't come if we wouldn't still be in the middle of the smaller investigation, he helped bring them to a conclusion. Get that information out an a summary very quickly, fully exonerating in vindicating the president, from there absurd, two year waste of taxpayers, time and resources to bring us to where we are? Now and again, I remain hopeful that we see the
people that were responsible and people who truly have played a role in the corruption held held accountable at some point. I'm concerned again with the with where we are as a country and the media in and everything else, and I have been watching for the tools of revolution for a long time since two thousand and six I started really researching revolution and end coups in everything else and They have captured everything down that is needed except the military. But if you notice they are now trying to separate the military from the President there try two they, I mean you were there in free,
since the latest story is that you know he called fallen soldiers, losers, etc, etc. You're all anonymous sources. You were there, tell me what happened- well. Not only was I there and I've spoken out on the record, but I think eleven other people who were also on that trip have come out on the record and talked about in changes that but their overall experience with the press. I think the p or who are making this outrageous charge are such cowards, doing so in an anonymous way, If you really believe this and believed it was wrong one, why did it take you so long and too put your name on it. The way the rest of us have. I was there Nato is part of the discussion about the president's movements in the logistics and he didn't say those things, but not only was there that day Glenn I spent two nap
traveling all over the world with the president Jeanne him interact with men and women of our armed forces almost every single day. During that two and a half year period, I would term sit in the oval office and make condolence calls to families. I watched the emotional toll that took on the president. In those moments I saw his heart. I saw a person you does it normally show vulnerability. Show some I watched when we traveled and we were going to do a fuel stop at too work in the morning, and we were coming back from Asia and we're gonna be on the ground. I think about two hours. Presence at all well, let's get off the plane and say how do the truce and they said what Mr President, we too, in the morning, because it's a military base you mean to tell me nobody's working at two o clock in the morning- is that if we can we seek in people, we satan people
but will see you who's on duty will say hello, oh thank them, but we're not landing at a military base and not say hi to the troops. When we landed at that military base, there hundreds, if not thousands, of troops that had come out and the freezing cold in a hanger at two o clock in the morning to see. President We ended up staying for a long time. He went all the way up and down the rope like shit clean hands, taking pictures making remarks before We got back on the planning and headed how this A person, loves America and loves the people who allow the rest of us to live in America, free and prosperity and I to see that a lie, and I think it is shameful that people are trying to distort who he is and what is done quickly comes
men and women, but one thing that I think I had nailed in twenty. Sixteen was, and it was something that I could not put in depth. Is really until recently and I said, his children love him. I mean love him and Do you have to believe that his children, all of his children, are also monsters? if he's a monster, that just didn't ever fit right with me cause they're, doin, diverse and every family. Has you know, Awayward kid or whatever, but tat? all of them. Be monsters and covering for a monster, would be insane to think and then this convention, which I thought was remarkable I saw the price side of Donald Trump and
Is it safe to say that their there in some ways, not us, you know, broken personality, but that there are two Donald trumps, the one that is the mover, the shaker, the tighten the president then, It is and the performer the other one that really only his family seas the quiet, Donald Trump that you ever see is that You think that's accurate or not I dont know if there's a quiet, Donald Trump surrender valid use that term, but I do think that there is a sign of the president, the generous and the compassionate and the kind Donald Trump that a lot of people don't say I am one of those stories I write about in the book and one it frankly. I was even surprised by a there was one day I came in to add,
dying room of the oval office. The presidency there- and he asked me- have you ever heard of this music group called point of grace Ass, Actually, yes, I have like they performed at my wedding, but where did you hear about saw them on tv? I thought Had the most beautiful voices just incredibly set such great spirit such a great message, there christian group of women, went to the same small College in Arkansas that I went to very small world here that he saw this and out of nowhere, he random lease decent. A check right, five thousand dollars just because he wanted to get there two more people because he liked it because he saw it and it was little moments like that that I think people would be surprised by the end not expect from Donald Trump and there I think whirl armaments like them. I think you were ignored
actually write that his kids, they in just start working for him or start being around him when he became president, they all worked in the trumpet organisation they all have. Really celebrated champion the work that he has done and now I've been willing to take all the heads a huge sacrifice. Personally, there probably as brutally attacked as anybody ever has bad and they keep doing it keep fighting and I keep standing up and standing with him, and I think that says a lot about him and a lot about each of them as well after the after the Irish Sea, I actually wrote a letter to the children, and. I apologise that, even though I never said anything about them, I was so moved by.
How wrong I had been that I realized I didn't even realize I didn't even think I know what my children go through. You know what your children grow through when your attacked and who is just it was a little of well meaning Gone just like the cruelty that can that that everybody seems to be going through and they are at the top of that heap in autumn in so, what's next you when, when are you gonna sit in your father's old chair? all say right now. I want to help the President get reelected and twenty twenty model to see us keep the Senate but love this Republicans, take the house and never have to say Speaker Pelosi again so right now, I'm focused on twenty twenty
our concern governors races in twenty twenty? Two and our governor Acer Hudson send his term now and I'll make a decision at some point after we get through this cycle, whether or not all make a run for you. You tell an interesting story about the bill. Clinton machine and your dad, in the book. Can you can you tell that story, so my dad. The very first time we ran for office was in nineteen ninety two hours, ten years old at the time, and he lost the. U S Senate race, that year, but because that same year, Bill Clinton was on the ballot, not the best year to run as a Republican in the home state of the guy who wins the presidency, but because Clayton one billion. The governor became governor and they held a special election for the lieutenant governor. They came to. Dad the party apparatus and said: look. We don't have the other
of a shot, but we think if we do you're the best when we got so will you run. He said with an endorsement like that. Why not act like this? judges into the race any surprise. It is every body and he wins. Thank God, there's raise it only through a upsetting the Democrat machine campaign. Clinton campaign Clinton White House had raised money, whereas a poem, directly from Washington back. Thing to try to defeat how many still managed to win and they were so excited. He wine that to welcome him to the capital they zeroed out the entire budget and nailed his door shut so that he couldn't physically occupy office. It took about fifty nine days before even The Democrat said guys. This is getting absurd, like let the man in the door Finally, they open the office, but he had a race private funds to buy
furniture to get stationary for a government office that he had been elected to, because the Democrat Clinton Machine in Arkansas was not happy to see him alive, and it's only gotten worse, hasn't it unfortunately, doo doo do miss it at all I definitely mess the people and I miss Bein in this the center of the action and getting to work with the team that are really loved and getting to work with president who I came to get very close to, and so I miss that part of it. There are certainly days where I look like I am glad that I'm not there today and also get to spend a lot of time with my kids, and I am very thankful for that time.
Get to drop them off and pick them up from school, a lot more often than I ever did at the White House, and that's a really nice transition and really nice time to get to share my family. Well, I have to tell you: Sarah, you know that People would have gone to battle and law. A leg and lost arms and lost their lives. In service. You went in and battle and while you, didn't lose anything physically and I dont think you lost dating spiritually either. I thought you for your service. Sincerely it it was grow. Task. What was done to you absolutely grotesque and- You don't seem any worse for the, where
well. Thank you. I really appreciate it and I appreciate you letting me beyond and asking to have a conversation today. It it's nice actually talk to a friendly face, everyone. I know I know Sarah. How could be sanders? The name of the book is speaking for myself and it is available everywhere. Ever you by your books. Thank you so much. Sarah gutless, you bet somewhere. Ben. Just a reminder I'd love you to rate and subscribe to the podcast and has his own to a friend. So it can be discovered by other people.
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