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Ep 88 | Megyn Kelly UNCENSORED: It's Not Time to Unify, It's Time to FIGHT | Megyn Kelly | The Glenn Beck Podcast


As America grows divided and afraid to disagree with the Democrats’ woke plan for America, Megyn Kelly is ready to fight back for the truth. For nearly two decades, she navigated the volatile and broken world of the media. But as America leans on independent voices more than ever, she’s breaking new ground with "The Megyn Kelly Show." Now, Megyn and Glenn break down what’s coming next after the election: Black Lives Matter is mainstream, Leftists are making lists of Trump supporters, the Hunter Biden scandal is on the back burner … and is Fox News finished? Megyn and Glenn reminisce on their cable news days (including her infamous run-in with Donald Trump) and also give a look into the chaotic and shady world of journalism and the growing entitlement it's bred. And the best takeaway from her time at NBC? “Jane Fonda was an ass.”  

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