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Ep 94 | How the Left Handed Black People 'Smallpox in a Blanket' | Jason Whitlock | The Glenn Beck Podcast


Over the last three decades, veteran sports journalist Jason Whitlock has worked his way up from local newsrooms to major networks at Fox Sports and ESPN. He’s become one of the most respected — and one of the most hated — sports journalists in the country, especially for his opinions on race. In this episode, Jason and Glenn discuss how the Left uses sports to divide America, Big Tech, China, Nike’s hypocrisy, how LBJ's policies ruined black America, and why President Obama disappointed him. He tells Glenn how a new generation of woke activists have tried to undo his accomplishments and reacts to Deadspin calling him “the racist right’s unwitting attack dog.” While his habit of "wrongspeak" has landed him in trouble throughout his career, Jason says he just loves Jesus, America, and football — in that order.

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Even though in Canada, widely known for my controversial view, that curling is not a sport sports fan at all, which might lead you to be surprised. My guest today is one of the most prominent sports writers and commentators in America, like, I guess, I'm not a sports fan, but I am a fan of somebody understands the culture and sport is part of the american culture and those stand for truth, especially route for those who stand for truth when it be much easier for them, not to fact, I really admire him, because he has stood up for truth and his job because of it often the best cultural critics are those who hold a mirror up to society and note the flaws that the subjects fail to see or are unwilling to see. But to do
requires courage and a certain fearlessness, because people don't really like when you're like, and you know something else back- you're fat, the true can hit too close to home, and it hurts me too, to deal with might even shatter powerful but false narratives that I am the greatest in shade best. Looking man on podcast, not so much That's what my guest has been doing for almost thirty years now: blasting floodlights truth on culture through the outside lens of America. Sports, he is an award winning journalist, radio and tv commentator of bees worked for ESPN Fox Sports he's been called the most prominent black sportswriter in the country has also been called the most hated sportswriter in the black community, but he will be the first to tell you that
neither being a sportswriter nor being black, truly defines who he is it's almost as if his entire career has been a rehearsal for the insane cultural chaos of twenty twenty. Because If there was ever a moment, America needed to hear this man's voice, it's right now, today, Jason Witless, Jason. Thank you for dressing up and shaving for us. I thought this was a way well at least you're wearing pants. And if you're, not tell me about it thanks for being on with us. I met you odd about a month ago or so five or six weeks, six willingly
you are. You are remarkable human being You, you just have a passion in you and a mission being real good God, fearing man, just nothing's, going to stop you is it at all. Slow on this. The same mission, or am I time and time moved me off of what I'm passionate about, and you know I gotta journalism Because I wanted to speak truthful, DE on important issues related to his words were up, but also important issues related to american culture and know. I had a vision when I graduated college in nineteen. Ninety of what I want to do and what kind of conversation I wanted to leave and you know I'm right on track so you saw this coming or you you just felt what have
had to say was empty. It's the same message from ninety ninety, as it is now pretty love when I grew up? the paper. The newspaper religiously cause I was a huge Indiana, pacer basketball fan and back then doing you're over to remember again. The newspaper was every year, and so if we followed seeing he had to follow the newspaper- and I am I didn't, like my newspaper growing up, I thought- the riders, actually wrote material thinking about the culture in the players would cover not the readers and so I came into this with a mission of ice always right for the readers and then the other thing. The other part of my mission was there was a guy in Chicago named MIKE Royko, who, who is the best
ever column is in the country at that Taiwan appeal, surprise and his column was picked up it will syndicated Indianapolis newspapers and I wanted to be like MIKE Waco. I wanted to be the Might Waco of Sport and might I called didn't write about sports- he about national politics in international politics, Ray set a case. Sometimes you write about sports I want to do it. My boy called did in the in the sports world and that will always be eroded sports and I thought There was a way to talk about the rest of american culture. Through the lens of sports. And that's what I've been doing so So I just want to understand this because I think that's the problem with sports- and I don't know why sports, I'm sports fan at all, but I have a friend everybody. I know my wife is of sports fan
and everyone is sick of it the politics and the preachy ness, and there, like I just want to enjoy the game. So were were you trying to inject things in to teach or you or I don't understand. What's the difference between what you saw and we're doing now. Why going to give you a very narcissist? The air ass. He really understand my career as a sports journalists. Ah I came into the lane of mixing sports and culture. In writing, about Americans the lens of sports, and I did it from a traditional sports. Mindset Sportswear Celebration of America and so on
been involved in politics got it. I was conservative wow, it's worth it I want to a small point building, because my values, what conservative and if you go, I can look at things. I've been waiting since ninety. There was always this point of point of view when a bunch of awards and became very popular as they sports right right appeared on the upper Winfrey show you know on some national and Not some national awards, you're the only sports writer to win the Scripts Howard award. I mean I mean that's a big deal. It happened. Two thousand and seven, this a very arrogant statement Glenn, but it's factual A lotta young journalists in my peers watch what I did What you're now now seen in the sports media world
very bad. Imitation of the work that I did building up my career, multi speed, I don't have the courage balls to do So they come with a woke left wing. In what I did so. What you did as as I as I listen to you have been like what I always loved about baseball and particularly the way the NFL, always image did self, as these are heroes that are coming up. This is the american sport and we love the country, and it's part of the fabric of America that's where they were looking at the cultural connection in ITALY the value that best five America at its best. That's what sport.
Have always I grew up as a While player went to college football scholarship, if you look at, PETE was ill and the inner smell did they attach them in order to over. Baseball football became more power it and even baseball right. The military, flyovers, the national anthem, before the game, all of the put the NFL try to make. You feel like the most patriotic thing you can do on a Sunday. I go to church and watch football and It was a brilliant business strategy that catapulted football, where its America's national pastime. It's something that I authentically believe in sports do teach the values of America, but I think that
and again this is a really big picture, but we're starting now really understand it, like China our competitors figure it out if you really want to influence american culture you have to get in the sports world had implore that if you can turn that left marxist programme whatever. Then you have a chance to really influence american culture and spend this. When did this happen, because it seems like to outside observer. The Eric and pastime american football? It was always America and then it seemingly on the outside honoured dime all of a sudden, its paid America this is what's wrong with America and preach in all the time, and
When did this happen, and why did this happen Thank you on a diamond there's been a process, but go look at and again I'm not some super harsh Barack Obama critic, but I just let the facts speak themselves, Barack Obama intentionally partnered with ESPN, because he wanted to give to speak to that sports ADI right and Every year the empty Beverly tournaments Rocco I feel and out his bracket right block Obama, the greatest basketball faith in the history of the presidency. Go do short stories on brought clan basketball, back yard of the White House and, let's break NBA Games and saw them like a ass, the subway, let let's move
wings stuff into the sports world and never will I made my way way way way that couldn't happened. Though I mean I. I I've never played Basque. I don't play sports. I've never played sports, and I I almost have no feeling in my hands and so it's like it's playing with, and we did this on, the air is like playing with meat myths. It's like my hands are in gloves made of meat. We we did what Barack Obama did on ESPN with you know, shooting the hoops was better at it, then he was so It had to be something from the inside also of the sports world, saying we're gonna image him, because he wasn't that I think
the other thing as it relates to basketball, and that was Barack Obama's big thing, Nike the Suka making is a much bigger business. Five six times more lucrative than the NBA making actually runs the NBA. The enemy is a any arm of ninety nine, kings relationship with China is the key to all of this, a key is a cultural force with its commercial, going all the way back to Michael likely, it will Mikey is China's partner in the manipulation of the sports world the NBA being first and foremost, but Nike has reach all the way into the right and the thing you know calling cap in two thousand. Sixteen is be altered,
the Trojan horse here. Starts mealing that becomes The thing he's at some point reaches an agreement with Mikey. Now protest in the national income is the grid this thing you can do in the sports world. The most heroic thing you can do in the sports world world answer at every notice. All Lebanon Danes the demon innovation? The anti american sentiment? Kaepernick the anti american sentiment they're making spokespeople they get paid by Nike. They do all these commercials with Nike He has been here ultimate american critic, some sort. World in doing that, to make sure that China the one point: four billion people they have access to sell shoes to those people and they have access to the
slave labour- you didn't get it s head is really a pessimistic view or jaded view I think you're right, mean it's just like as it is such a jaded view that yap they're just sell it out their country for shoes. But I think you're right all it's it's. I don't think has any question about. We love Look at all the human rights abuses nor what they say about America then. For me, Glinda becomes personal because, the kid I play football to ball State University, I'm very connected to all the a ball state, graduated mighty mighty, probably meant every football player at its ever played. There said one, our key twenty years younger than me gotta in China, on some
August chart and spent three years inside a chinese prison black haired from Detroit, cost me money to give him that prison in China after three years and so at these Lebron James and these other athletes that go over to China every summer to get money from Chitan. Do all these appear? the mere only just a child and I just want to ask: how do you think China treats black people, income in comparison to America. How do you think China treats black people who are multi millionaire international celebrities. My blindly, if it there one's name. His name was drawn James. How would he be treated in time, I actually know how Wendell Brown, the play football ball state three years inside of a prison. This is all on
hypocrisy of the athlete idle. And I know you were being a little bit clever there, but I don't think I am a cynical view on making others these court. Ratios and the global agenda we have now? We in America are so asleep to the fact all this money we've allowed in from foreign country. Gives them the right and the access to influence our culture. I know and their steel in America from other meters and inward. In love me in about an hour, corporations are actually aiding and abetting As I said in the opening of this podcast, I mean all this I mean it's a dozen come without working hard for it, you don't know the hours I've spent behind a bowl of ice cream together. This body
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know that a great reset is coming and companies are going to more much more like a China he's capitalist. It's called stakeholder, I'm sorry, yes, stakeholder capitalism, where the government pretty much dictates who owns companies, what you make, how you do it and I think so These companies didn't could decision between America or China they made a. If somebody, you know it doesn't take a lot of brains to realise wait. A minute If I choose America, I not only lose China, but I also lose the rest of the world in the end, because the the option is go with China, the rest of the world, an immense and eventually America? we'll be yours as well, because it's all fundamentally changing It is a very cynical view, but
The evidence is all there. That's what's happening to us, it's a glow bull change the EU. Below my mind, giving me a lot to think about your, and my first thought is what Should we do what's the advice? How do we well the first. The very first thing we have to do is inform ourselves and be able to get this out to the people, because the immediately the press as a comparative conspiracy theory. It's not they're on their own website, John Kerry, Joe did something with the economic World Economic Forum, and they said so The great reset to aggressive? Do you think for Joe Biden any said? Oh no, people are gonna, be shocked at how all in composting and how breathtakingly fast. This is going to happen under happen under Joe Biden. That
conspiracy theory when they're saying those things and it's on, their own website So we have to tell me bull and then the other thing that is critically Orton is that you may your choice now, because otherwise you're going to be swept up into it and you either believe in standing for american values, american justice, You know where a flawed nation but we're trying to build a more perfect nations will get better every day. Hopefully You have to decide whether you gonna stand in and the first stand has to be go back to work. Open your restaurant if you're an entrepreneur open your store, because For this to happen, they must have American the
american economy and the entrepreneur overwhelmed with debt and no place to go. Well they've, almost one I mean it's almost a small business man every day. I know it's. It's lobbying wherein the We're almost at the two minute warning mark. We may be at the two minute more warning mark, but there are things we can do, and it may mean that we have to reach. Group at a later date. And and start again cause it's going to be? If yet their way it's gonna be bad. It's chinese capitalist! having your already seeing it. In the social media. Social media is now telling us what you will and will not read whose opinion you can get who are the authoritative voices, that's China
you will listen to these authorities and not these and they'll. We banished it's already. Happening it's worth the very beginning of it. I services and social media. Oh yeah, every and, the next day to tell you what Jack Dorsey, is one of the most powerful. People on the planet earlier and we know virtually nothing about here. He hasn't been better now nothing challenge Zuckerberg firstly the same thing. What we know a bit more about him, but I just wouldn't given PETE immense authority and we have no idea what their qualifications for that are other than their invented. Something, and quite honestly, that's, not America, the car
Institution in the bill of rights is becoming completely meaningless because it's not the government doing this. It's corporations doing this and the bill of rights doesn't tell corporations what they can and cannot. Do I mean it's? It's it's a frightening time. Let me let me go back to your story and and Sorry to get off from a tangent with your work, but you need a real debt. Spin said that you are the racist rights, unwitting attack dog people. We'll have accuse you of. Talking to white people. Defending american everything else doing damage and great harm and you're a danger, because I know I'm guilty of racism, and you just make me forget about
in dismiss it. How do you respond to that? Ah, that's been certainly spent several years. Tried to cancel me and try to limit my ability to speak to you lack audience in the head, any credibility with black Readers are black view or whatever, and it's you know, I take it somewhat as a complement. To be quite honest, I they know my message has about real value for black people and for all. In general, but I have, I do- have a mission of trying to reawaken black people to what we're losing spiritually by
by believing that anything that label conservative is against us and I don't say that again I don't say that in a political sense, but I don't say it also in a political sense, in terms of they ve created like coal were what if it's conservative you can ignore, and so basically means anything. The Bible trust me, the left is labelled virtually everything in the Bible s concern, and so is that ignore that that's no good for you or its unimportant, your political left a progressive liberal ideology, the most important thing the EU and Canada studies lower. My argument is MA am not so sure that liberal is the great
this thing in the world, and I'm not so sure that everything conservative is the worst thing in the world. In fact, the conservative principles TAT in the Bible, I think are the greatest thing in the world, and I fuels. Dismiss or ignore them and- and I think, what's wrong problematic is, is that I have, credibility. I think, with athletes with young people. They done an amazing job of marry my main reputation but people. I might come to even I disagree with. If they've been trained with based still read it. At least I can still channel. The prevailing sentiment in wisdom of black twitter or black progressive, liberal ideology,
My voice is still out there and brain consumed by black people, and so I think they are not progressing. Find me a threat and you know They smeared me in every way possible. Thomas souls been through the same thing every other, still enrietta black considerable Carson. Every other black person. It sticks anytime. Conservative values that has any kind of public Platform goes through this so black community waking up to. That I mean that is really truly the moves of oppressors. Do you believe, as I say, I will destroy you, I mean that's. The oppressor is, I don't have a right amount white liberals to think the things that I think Ah black were liberals.
Are insular wise to attack. Write em to pay me is outside the black, nor the end of it. I am not remotely new to this we ve got a book or t. What are ya know they smeared hell. He didn't do anything with great things. Were black people or America smeared him in it up B, the bar the boys if he is the greatest thing in the world and he came up with one of theories, racist theories in the history of the planet, at the talent. I have to tell you. I think that that was the point in black history, where it flipped I mean Booker tee when he was alive and when you're here next time because I know you're a book or t fan,
we're coming into day, I brought a box of his hand, written notes in thoughts on education and We know the responsibilities of being black. It's amazing! It's just that just by just go a few months ago. It's just, loose notes from all of his beaches when he was thinking things through for they actually got to their final draft, but you'll love it, but as As I read the book, And then I see what w e be dead. Right after he died. There was this effort to demonize him straw, everything that he believed in and take African Americans into this really, oh, I think, is happening again. Dark dark place.
Would you agree that that was a major turning point? I don't know if I know as much about it as you do based off of what you're telling me the information you have, but I certainly no, there was a concerted effort to destroy the image legacy and reputation of Booker T Washington and lift up the be the boy as if he was the greatest man of that era, and I've always rejected it. Just based off of we, is the challenge to the Suddenly, Mary in the world but there was this ten percent of african Americans who were met to excel they would take care of the other night in private, the eventually to his credit disavowed that theory.
But it still lived, all people still talk about the town on the Tipp. It's a joke. I do think do what talk. What you pinpointed is the birthplace of the split and the colonel that the seed that was planted that LBJ and the great society for Roche, it's time to harvest this or harvest the rotor back to this and replant replant and grow there. I do think Booker team the baby they represent, that do you believe their term and this is one of the things I want to research. You know in my old age either got a list of a few things. I just want to know the answer, but I'll take me years to find it. This theory that you'd you don't you
not the racist that L b J was in nineteen sixty and then suddenly be that champion of civil rights and still say many of the same things behind closed doors. I because the the a society. That package was poison to this. Spirit and to the efforts of the free man. And a free thinker, it's just destroyed marriages in the black community in families you think they knew that when they put this together was this racist attempt. There's no question about it and I'm going to make an analogy that will be a bit or even for me
because one I've heard some The same is a myth that the settlers put small pox in blank. And sent them to native Americans. Some people say that method. It didn't happen. Some people say that it did LBJ and a great society is smallpox and a blanket, and I hey, this is gonna. Keep you warm is gonna protects you at night. Going to be better than a father even need the Father in the home, and literally the great Society is a blanket that has been waves and image. Really there were Europe. Wrap yourself here and that, if I'm not mistaken in Nineteen sixty african, Americans at a better record at entrepreneurship,
they had a vase, the most stable marriages and stable families, more stable than whites were, and there in ten years later. That's all destroyed come on. I think The stable marriages deal is true for the nineteen twenty, but I do believe in the nineteen. Sixty is we're at about eighty four percent kids born in the two warehouse and certainly the great society, wealth, exact and all the other programmes yet taken. Look integration, you can t forced integration, and I myself taking from their neighborhood school. And sending them out of their neighborhoods away from the teachers and principals that their parents know It was all a mistake when Anne it was not. I don't think
was a mistake. It was a calculated distance okay and again the thing. The reason I compared to native Americans is because you think it was intended to destroy us, and if you right now to Patrick one hand and the money hand report that was done under LBJ and then rejected by LBJ and And morning had pointed out like no, we have to invest in the that Tom Negro family. We have to invest in black families. There's a this year in a we invest in the black family, there's got it's just gonna get well for black be and we did just the opposite year. And I just don't know- I just don't believe that the guy who's, one of the most racist,
big change of heart and then accidentally gave a small pox blanket just don't buy it. It was not an accident and the fact that we haven't awakened to this reality. This obvious truth. It staring us in the face that that's what gets me so upset. We defined the police in West through this. Wednesday when it starts with family there, no great societies built without family. You can't sustained yourself well with. Family, you know it's an interesting thing, because I think that there are good intention, people that noakes. I've met them that have marched with black lives matter. But they had no idea what
The organization was an errand, Like yeah, I want somebody to listen, because we are a community on fire, but once they know what black lives matter really stands for, which one of their tenants is destroy. The nuclear family has such us. A black thing: that's a black white chinese Indian, every family, you ve got to destroy the nuclear family, that's poison intentional poison. What what what has to happen, I think for white liberals. In order for us, to move beyond this. Is I think a lot of people, the liberal label, just because it's like,
I'm liberal! You could never call me race right, so I'm not going to ever give up that label and if I put on the conservative label- oh my god, call me me racist, you can call me sexist. You can call me homophobic. That's just much of a burden to bear it, and so I want to do, people to people a mirror to five It may be an american and protecting what we built in this country with quiet is hard work. It requires you taking a risk. You can't just you're insane now falls people are hundreds of years ago they were willing to die for America, I'm not even willing to give up this liberal label that I know is bs that I know has come. A lot of things that have harmed my country,
we're not even willing to make that small sacrifice give up that label engage in the market place of ideas because what has been destroyed with this liberal label? In my mind, right now anything they disagree with it or less races. That's an exit. This hope, we can't even have a conversation. We can't have, I was a great year. I was called a racist for saying that Barack Obama, this is The exact quote, I think Barack Obama is a racist. No wait! That's not right he just seems to have some sort of deep seated hatred for the worse, culture I didn't know at the time what critical race theory is. I didn't know what it was. What I was feeling was, critical race theory. That's what that was now. We know it and
nobody's nobody. I was called a racist to silence to be strewed, it was honest something's, not right here. Something is not right. We'll go in a lot of times what is not About you know, I know it's message. Still everyone- I know, don't you That is why what we decided when back we'll do the EU with Jason with luck, will do to you, and so No one is even willing to come to your defence like a I'm no good, you know he's you think, he's not a racist, maybe said something imprecise but he's not race right and I'm you engaged in high level to the issues that are honest, yeah, you're, probably gonna,
something that could be construed as insensitive the pride of doing business and that's what that was was a because I followed up with no that's not quite right. Trying to new rule it out thinking we lived in America where you could neutral things out well, when You can't noodle, something out when you can't talk to each other with out fear of I mean no problem. People problem people looking at me and did at the time, but look, being at me going oh wait a minute. That's really offensive and then having a conversation. Instead, everybody shutting up and then knowing what's coming, and just you take it by yourself. I want nothing to do with it. Especially on something like Marxism. We are now. I was also called a racist because I said, I think, he's Marxist I think he has marxist tendons tendencies, racist
now, you're saying these marxist things. You're admitting your marxist. Not racist. Now, why is this a badge of honor when a few years ago is a racist Only reason is to set an example shut up, we'll talk about it when we decide to talk about it. One of the things it's one of the reasons why I've never given up on writing because one, I know how dangerous it is out here when you're trying to Express new ideas- and so that's, why I love being a writer, and I ever again give up a written platform because I like to write about things first and then, How about a really Marie wants to question what I'd say, go read my car
mines that bought a writer, my column, that's that's the foundation and get it doesn't provide you the ultimate protection, but it does provide you some. Some protection again, these I gotta say this other side is very clever, very invested in they got a lot of financial vacuum and end. Like yourself every word that I've written, probably since nineteen ninety four has been scrutinised and it down. Looking for something yeah yeah, it's the price of doing business. Today let me take you some years here and go back to twenty thirteen, you were hired by yes began to write the undefeated, which explore. Re sports and culture
your hired to build that and before it on the on the air they removed you. As a guy who doesn't know the history of you know shows on ESPN. So that's strange. What happened? John Skipper, who was the president their time hired me because he thought I was the best support writer in the country and there for he thought I was the best black sportswriter, the country. It was its opposed it. Written platform. So he wanted the bed. He didn't That is the situation with politicians within esp and There was no disagreement about how good I was as a sports writer.
There was a lot of disagreement about my point of view and you can't a conservative, lead a website for black people, cannot happen. He is he can't back that answer. For two years the politicians, witness, the left as a doctor in debt, he's the war against me and eventually, I think he is a subtle wrong. Word keep them around and we'll? get him to write a Ah, here on how we should. Do the underfeed get his ideas and then we'll. Dismissing and so they had a guy that they send out to la to take notes and allegedly help me orchestrated undefeated
They did not allow me to hire anybody for about a year and then the two years they. Finally after I've, written a handbook on ears. What the finnish day they let me go and made handed the project we're gonNa Kevin merited the work of the Washington Post to add the right kind of politics to do the same, but I got to be careful because There's like forty fifty black journalists that have jobs because of the undefeated I've. Never then gotta be undefeated. Site doesn't have teeth and it is under the other guys leaders in Europe and what is it? It's it's a pretty harmless. I am glad people have jobs. What have not published a lot of important work, Did you know Don Imus yeah? That's one other things,
once maybe autumn national platform when he said that Abbe at all, you took up the sector to Davos, yellow world peace that's a defending they look. Wasn't much of a defense with him. It was more like to see matter. We don't. Let's I don't even know who he is and there's all this old stuff and rap music- that we know every word to there's all these tv shows and celebrities and black we all kind of disrespect we have towards each other, We need to deal with their down. I understood. I'm never lose. I've never lived by Missis Show before that moment most black people hat and saw. How could he read important to us and that's when, perhaps we wanted at that time. You could actually have opinion. I should think so I know who got so Dan was a good friend of mine and
not a racist bone in his body that I ever saw she treated Everybody like crap, I mean, and I like mean. I have a dark sense of humour. He He would write to me. He send me an email just of a screenshot of me and he'd go and all I would say is your fat no he just busted on every on everybody Is there going to be a time when we are going to be able to just bust on everybody again and just be honest and let it fly yeah think eventually I'm hopeful we're gonna get back there, because I dont think. What we're doing right now, sustainable because it's fraudulent, it's so discounted
and everybody knows it, and so I just don't think that can be, staying forever. Now it as lasted longer than I thought, because the same question in a different form. I remember and executive it fuck sports asked me. Six years ago, seven years ago, I hate me how long you could still, alas, when we get back to normal at that time would be two or three years here See you later still ongoing, but I just certain people online shop, in the play, the other side are starting to just let it rip an evil. Selves and building following an audience and I'm ok, there's enough capitalism left in America. Capitalism, little more with ended
go where the money is because, right now I dont think people there's money being com, then to the left wing snow. But it's not real from consumers its murmur, as it is, and I am I think, that The only way this survives is I mean that's why the great reset is so terrified, That's why? What Silicon Valley does is so terrifying because the only way to sustain something vis unnatural is through force Through total control that's and I would love you. I wonder because I've been saying this for five years. This tat deal and so much of it concentrated in northern California, big tech and these tech.
Also overnight billionaires and that's giving people, a lot of power that much money, and so that's what I said like sustaining all this- that there's such a concentration? Yes well in northern California and the culture of northern California is being spread all over the country- and that's What is their money endless? Oh, my gosh yeah, it five g hits and the internet of things. It's it's its mind, boggling how it's going to change. How much power and control those that can. All those portals will will have Let me bring it back full circle I'm just going through. You are in our museum in the vault. And yesterday was in there, and I was going through some stuff we're trying to organise and
I found a document, that is the founding document. Of Silicon Valley was we need a high tech zone. Northern California. It was a nationwide thing. We're put it in northern California and its goal to be an entrepreneurial, high tech. Place Old Silicon Valley. You know who deal with that. Linden we Johnson, I have the letter from him astonishing. It's astonishing same group of people yeah. My it's amazing. It's amazing. It's amazing, and I told some people here in Nashville that if people They believe in America, and
tradition on air if we're not willing to organize and write up I am not saying what we're going to do, and what bill we're gonna lose the country. I say because the other side is organised in their doing, but it may be but I think we don't have to. We don't have to come up with anything new. I cannot think of a greater mission statement. Then we believe it self evident that all men are created equal and they have certain inalienable rights from God, and governments are instituted among men to protect those rights and I just don't think there's a bigger idea than that, and we have. We ve never been that country we ve places where we were a little closer to a little further away from it. But
tell me what goal should be for four a nation or for a group of people that would, better than that I dont have something better. Then maybe the solution is. Somebody. Less cost, it has to take the baton from trauma. Somebody. Smooth with us much horizontal, so you know had the baton I agree with you and then again I don't because I don't I never liked the tweets. I never liked the way he would make fun of people etc, etc. Bothered me, however,. He's a human bulldozer or
human wrecking ball and it was his unwillingness to flinch when all the guns were pointed to unease like I don't care year weasels. It that that allowed him to expose everything. Did because they expose themselves because they didn't know what to do. I agree with you. I think, there's a time for everything and I think. For the for the add on all he could have played it any other way and survive now: blood think now it's crystal clear, here's take away from the election. I believe there was a lot of corrupt and The election was stolen, that's my thing right, but how did they get
many how hammered out yet so made conspirators an I agree with you: the media is phased in its its irresponsible, They got so many people to be involved in that conspiracy of fraud because they convince them that they were in America's Adolf Hitler Donald Trump, so poorly Lee agree with you that differ in between Trump, and Reagan dear You remember Reagan very clearly right They tried to do this to Reagan in a softer way. They tried to paint him as a monster and a warmonger, but he He always deflected with just great humor. You know so he had charm
and humor. Instead of bombast, boxing gloves and so My fear right now is there. The same way. They beat it everyone into, but we gotta cheat in this gene code. Will stop in here. Right is, is the same. Plain going on right now in terms of price trot, but I say it was respectfully we're trying to denigrate. But- he's the distraction in terms of why people can't see like hey man, China, China's overtaking this country and the thing that you value. You have to get all upset about up, the guy in the White House, mature, ignoring what China is doing in his country, and so I got it what someone who can give us the focus
see that person. No, I really don't I'm gonna say this. I could say this on your ship glad it may take, someone black it- care. What color? They are not but it may to get to take the waste thing off the table, because that's what Their biggest tools is right. Everybody's racist, if you say you're that's worries it may take someone black it's. Why am I Didn t agree with Barack Obama before he became president. I didn't agree with with policies. The whole Jeremiah right thing made me very nervous about who you actually was but action. We on the day he was elected. I got on the air the next day and I said well, let's hope
the because he's all of our president Now- and I don't want any president of the United States to fail- so let's hope for the best because this sky, if He believes the words of I'm not, I don't things black or white. I see as a human thing we're all supposed to come together. He had the greatest chance to just push that right over. You know the goal line. All he had to do is just just push gently Instead, he ran the ball, the other direction. We, he. Certainly there if I try not to be good, I'm up I've, never really been critical of any president aware bro. Let me down is. I did think
going to be more of a racial unifier, and I thought he would because he. On the surface had a great family. I thought he would be a champion of families and predicted the black clearly in that's the fundamental issue for black people, it's our family structure and I thought he would hamburger could have when he could give careful to say this could have so easily Ben Bill Cosby without all the rape stuff here, that would have been it would have been the it would put to bed all of this stuff, because every by mean back in the eighties, before the rapes, to hover that we knew about it. S, car b was everyone's dad or everyone's. Dream of a dad. You know to mean that was
I don't care what color you were there was the family you wanted to live in no question, I don't I don't know if there is anybody out there, black or white, who ah You could announce you could announce for twenty twenty four Look at our involvement myself. I know that feeling, to be somebody out there who has had enough black white. Hispanic, just somebody out there and You know, I know the media makes it so hard because they the requirement now is. You have to have lived this perfect life and if we find out, you did anything, you will try to destroy you, but you know-
I guess and I don't even know where Colin Powell is politically but unlike if there was some consular at twenty years, younger yeah, you know it would be an ideal tie the hour for women. Is he a Democrat? I can't remember, I think, I'm not sure which he is but he's a globalist, so The problem is trying to find somebody or anyone who can truly articulate they a true ass, inspirational vision, for all Americans to strive to strive for you know what I mean there's have to have somebody who believes it in their got. You know I think but one thing about Donald Trump is he believed in capitalism, and he believed America was the greatest, we need somebody who can
then articulate that an aspirational way. So people look at it and go. I want to be that I want a part of that. You know who Donald Trump was. This this love hate thing where e You spend a lot of time going. I know I know I know I know I agree with you. I know, but how we We we all kind of felt like there was this part of em, I really love, and then why does he knew this. You know, I'm gonna give you. This is throwing hail Marys and it's crazy. You know who they go is Tony worry the football coach That guy, I love him yes, he's! great american, great Christian, great family man, very measured.
Ah, you know we just had a reality star on a coach. You know what That's really the role of the president. The role The president is the coach he's A dictator he's not the chief lawmaker he a guy who says? Look Here's where we want to go Kennedy didn't, put the space program together. He just said here's what we're going to do and we're going to do it by the end of the decade. That's a coach that is a coat we should call downy. I will yeah. You tell me what he says to me when he says I'm through.
Our new president levy, Livy, would go back to sports here and political correctness I have this theory and I probably wrong, but the Washington Redskins have then the Washington Redskins, it's not racist Owner knows it's not racist, it was eight, it was badge of honor for the first coach. Who was a red skin. I mean it It's not was not racist and that I fought and fought and fought and fought, and I thought he'd fight till his dying breath. Is the name the Washington Football team placeholder cause he's not coming up with anything else, find out at the Washington Football team and when all this nonsense is over, I'll give it a name, probably the Washington Redskins,
interesting. I'm not sure what the delay is I think didn't they announced that that is now the name they're sticking with it yeah they this with it for us that can figure out what to call them. I, I am not surprised eyes. Did he raised the white flag wise him here either story after story about sexual harassed, they've been trying to connect it to Daniel Snyder. He's in the crosshairs, nay they men after this guy, for a decade, here lies here last year to them he's got really hot. Fourthly, isn't done made some good hires the football coach there is a nice job. They pay one, four five games in a row a chance to make The boy asked they hired
president. I can't think of his name right now for some black guy thirteen President and so he's forum all elderly Bay. Pretty good and maybe They'Ll- have enough success and they'll be enough. He'd offer women two years mouth. Maybe they do returned to call themselves a rescue them myself. I have to tell you the story just sort of it. You will appreciate this. Eighteen years old. I know nothing about sports. I know nothing about the east coast. I grow up in Seattle. Get a job as producer for the morning show in Washington D c I go out, first day for a job interview and I'm supposed to just kind of talk to all the people and see you know what I think, the probe. The end, the end of the day he comes says. So what do you think of everybody? And I said well, I have to tell you I don't know who the hell that sports guy thinks he is
he is. He is just allowed mouth all the time and he said you don't know who he thinks he is. Well, he thinks he's Joe firemen from the watch even Redskins, about like ok feasting estate. on Monday, no yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah they caught him, do high. In town I know, hide out. I know I want to ask you one question: I read this in a column of yours I think, was last summer you're talking about grown up in Indianapolis and said Jimmy Whitlock, my dad quit working the assembly line at Chrysler Motor Company and started his own business in the early nineteenth seventies because it
supervisor question him about. Reading the autobiography of Malcolm X on their lunch break. Was a mean. Tell me that story it all my bad worker, slur in awe. He eventually opened a barber shop and then open a neighborhood tavern in any now What's in the inner city, so because, His boss supervise supervisor, about about reading autobiography microphone, Malcolm X and my dad said, our work anywhere without questioning me about, book, read. Okay, I didn't know if he was reading it, the boss was reading it no, my dad. Okay, your dad was reading it. So I understand that now Was he
was he investigating, like all of us? Would I've read Martin Luther king of Red, Malcolm x I'm trying to out I'm try. Now too, your your dad out he's, either really open minded and reading everybody as we all should be. There is a conflict has isn't the root of your love for book or t your dad and so TAT. This happening in the early nineteen seventies. My dad's read this book. My dad as a kid and as a young person you know with. Crap hearing in their real scar and neither in the seventies you know is. About a decade or so after Malcolm X, is better fascinated? The book the book is written by at my dad? Look like a lot
people were reading wildly popular books, in the world dad? if you understand Malcolm Access, the nation of Islam, it's all about self responsibility and taking responsibility for your life and, for the progress of black people, my dad believed there You know he certainly for payment. Book, a Washington, the mentality of cast down your bucket. Basically, if you know- a book or to Washington was the property Original America First gap, boy here Instead of dreaming about doing something, one hundred miles away a thousand miles away right here- start right here, so that was my dad's mental built a barber shop in The neighbourhood grew up in eventually
built bars. In the inner city, where do you live my bad law being around black people while working with black people. Socializing with black people, and so he, a business and a life basically in the neighborhood. He grew up in the city. He grew up in and I found his happiness in America right planted his bucket, he built Brand new hall, like a mile from his bar He existed him a small little world, but he was happy there and you know I think my dad was influenced by Booker T Washington. I he was influenced by Malcolm X Ah, then it all Only at a big influence on me. Question.
Understand your dad's era somewhat, as much as anybody are you can not living through. It one of the I think one of the most tragic stories that didn't end in violence is Nina Simone. She's very familiar with Nissan there. He asked singer she's far superior to L A? its Gerald, I mean, I think she is. She is the the greatest jazz voice and talent. I think of the twentieth century, and She had been so horribly abused by her husbands. And she could to get an education. I think in the state of South Carolina where she, where she grew up, because She was black, so she
and to New York. The Juilliard took her, the woman was a genius and struggle that she had gone through the struggle, that the sixties were and then she snapped with the killing of martin- the king. She just snapped it was it's over. She she went into the black Panther parties and she was like one of her songs is. I think it's excuse the language FUCK Mississippi. I think the name of it is, eighteen sixty eight, God, Damn Mississippi, that's what it is and She became more and more anti american, etc, etc. Actually moved to Africa that didn't work out, Lynch, Unmoved, France and now nobody knows her name really. When she was.
She should be known by everyone in America for her talent. Threes. Why bring this up is? I Your stand, the anger and the victory all in everything from generation can you compare any of your dad's experience or something like Nina Simone, can you compare that Anybody who is growing today or you know, this is in their thirties, that is out, you know, being the big marchers of how much America sucks America has come a long way, and I think Ah. Anybody was an objective view on America,
has to recognise that I remember Fifteen years ago, my mother, firmly believe all the fifteen years ago. There are fifty my mother, firmly money. There would never be a black resident there. Just it's an impossibility. And I can remember calling her in two thousand and eight after Obama. One ass, I say Mama told you and she in Sheep Peters She couldn't believe in and in May her at that time ready. Like, oh, my god, look at how far I've come right. I work from what, He was a kid he couldn't go into a shopping center and trial and clubs they decide to buy the air. To now and to have both herself be college educated, both of them be successful.
Them with the ability to live basically anywhere they want, and so I don't get it and for me I really don't get it because There has been too, We are three but the two biggest influence on my dad, my grandmother and not to slight my mother anyway, because my mother was awesome but my grandmother was embodiment of christian love and but my grandmother's father was nearly Lynch by the she was a when she was a child out came to house on a string one a tree. He did some kind of state to show them. He was a Mason, they didn't kill him. Maybe more while they moved the Indianapolis they move. Kentucky to Indianapolis
and my grandmother had great bitterness and hatred towards why people she became a Christian, and it all went away and devils her testimony, and she was glad tat Christianity and all her bitterness and anger went away? She was system by our main name was lovely everybody call her Mamma lovey, she will the embodiment of christian love, and I just think of my grandma and all that shit she died before awful battle between President Bush. All the sheets saw and all the she overcame, and We are now acting as if, precise words. Her feet means, or whatever are the same as what previous generations experience than the MOSS
the law takes place. There were obstacles to their. Everybody's feelings gets hurt everywhere sure when you were to anyone a day. Your wife may say something to hurt your feelings and my aunt em and does not almost all you'll never get your feelings. Earth people won't be rude or disrespectful, and so its justice impassable stand there. We have set up and in in work I have seen people to a man best friends in high school, I felt like we were denied the opportunity to make the basketball team, because the coach had a bias against black kids, ah one of whom has a very successful insurance agency grey family has raised.
It has been married for twenty some odd years. Forbids me and the other guy been married. Good. Twenty years has a daughter that sort of swimming scholarship, but a major university, tough things happen to all those it doesn't Destroy your life. You can't stop we may have? And you certainly can't, just Demonize America or ignore all the progress we have made here in Amerika at his feet eating this over and over again in the last few months as I've watched twenty twenty transpire, and but people don't have a fundamental understanding of America and what it promised America promises. Freedom My love, God almost his love and so, if you really understand-
American going to give greed and make the most of that region does not every country gives the the freedom we enjoy here, but America does not say your feelings are never gonna get her. Everybody went into. Is gonna love you? so there's going to be some unfair and american freedom we're going to have laws that try to protect your freedom. That's it and that's a hell of a prompt and that's all much more in virtually every the other country offers its citizens. We have to value the glare and right now we just off are not enough. I can't thank you enough Jason for being with me I'd like to invite you into my little name pack, I'm making with people that believe in the bill of rights you believe in the bill of rights Take me join the NATO, a pact which is on one. Isn't it on all
and we just we all, have to watch each other's back and be there when one is in trouble or will to pick us off one by one, yours, finally brave. I got your bride I'll never run out of alcohol as, although downswing, likewise brothers, likewise Jason. Thank you. God bless do just a reminder- I'd love you to rate and subscribe to the podcast and pass on to a friend, so it can be discovered by other people.
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