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Ep 95 | Harvard Astronomer Makes Humble Case for Alien Life | Avi Loeb | The Glenn Beck Podcast


Are U.F.O.s real? Are we not alone in the universe? You're not a kook to ask those questions says renowned Harvard astronomer and author of "Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth", Avi Loeb. Especially in the face of new evidence discovered in 2017. Scientists at a Hawaiian observatory found an unexplained object in our solar system, moving so quickly that it could only have come from another star. Was it space junk, an asteroid or a relic from a distant civilization? Avi makes the scientific case for why we should consider the possibility that it came from alien life. Glenn and Avi discuss how scientists have traded wonder for cynicism and robbed us of a true sense of curiosity. They challenge the academic snobs within the scientific community and challenge all of us to approach our existence in the universe with a little more humility.

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