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'Equally Destroying Equal Justice'? - 7/13/18

2018-07-13 | 🔗
Hour 1 The lost book of 'Merit'?...George Washington and the history of the 'Purple Heart'? ...Peter Strzok gets taken to the woodshed...Gowdy growls...Gohmert rages? ...Steven Crowder joins to discuss how he confronted a hostile transgender who threatened to slash his tires during a recent trip to Austin...spreading public awareness of 'the left's' hatred for the good of all mankind...LouderWithCrowder.com   Hour 2  Open conversations with 'Democratic Socialist'?... Bill O'Reilly Friday...Peter 'The Weasel' Strzok?...The American people are tuning out the 'deceitful media' like 'Racial' Maddow?...Trump Bashing 24/7...President Trump's 'Presidential moment' in Germany?...Upcoming Trump vs. Putin meeting?   Hour 3 President Trump is 'perfectly' playing to his base?  ...Amazon shipping shake up has UPS an Fed Ex in a panic?...Amazon Pharmacy? ...One store away from extinction? ...Who's really destroying equal justice?...the media's 'Control, Power and Money' rules the day?...stop fighting and start listening?

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The blaze radio network on demand back or the purple heart was originally the badge of merit. That is the origins of the virtual purple Hearted came from George Washington. It was the first time that any Who was an enlisted man? Not an office officer could get some Sleep of a medal or award in eight. Lasted during. George Washington's period, any he would write your book in is a book of merit and the book unmarried has been lost. There are three badges that we know of but remain. We didn't even know any of this in history until I think about the nineteen twenties, but the badge of area toward the purple heart was originally for doing something that God would see and say, good job
because we knew we were never win- a war against the biggest army and navy in the world. Unless We know we had some sort of divine providence and protection, so we. He wanted his men to be men of merit if you were seen doing something of merit, you would get a badge and you would onto your uniform air. Now it was it was. It was poor stated a little bit by f. Your who saw that tradition and instead decided to give as a medal for getting wounded, which is something that you should get a medal for. However, it did to the it is in the original purple heart. If you will well, I think we finally decide. The purple heart in all of its meaning. It reserved for those wounded or killed during battle awarded by the president.
of men and women who have faced death and still persevered have they purple heart, soldiers who fought in battle and and it cost their limbs, you no real heroes. You know John F Kennedy. and the purple hard for his heroism is gunboat pilot. Nineteen. Forty four riveting story, John Mccain, received one for, for his horrific story, Colin Powell, finally one million purple. Heart metals had been awarded to veterans, all of whom determined to have fought valiantly with courage and heart oh, I was a bit of a head scratched her to hear comments from democratic representative, Steve Cohen, from I see an appointed leader in the effort to hashtag impeach Trump D. The House Oversight Committee hearing the questioning of Peter struck yesterday Cohen, said:
that he believes that struck deserves a purple heart. You know because he's interests trot where to start. If I could give you a purple heart, I would you deserve one
This has been an attack on you in a way to attack Mr Mahler and the investigation. That is to get it. Russia collusion involved in our election, which is what this committee should be looking at: a direct strike, it democracy and what this country's about and free and fair elections and keeping us independent of who is our foe? Not our are now our competitor, our foe had just returned from the OECD in Berlin, and there is little question among our allies and people and diplomats throughout Europe that Russia is an attack against a country that is trying to wreak havoc in the Baltics in the Balkans as well. They tried to assess, uses ass, a nation to try to influence the elect.
Montenegro what they ve done in Ukraine, with Chrome, IE and the Don boss, what they ve done, a Georgia, what they ve done on Moldova. They are the bad guy k I can't take it. Does anybody remember when Mitt Romney said the number one geopolitical enemy was Russia and they said The eighties called to get their foreign policy back You will remember that they, these people haven't cared about Russia We have been ringing the bell about Russia, and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats give. Flying crap but then- not what this is supposed to be about now, really even know what this is supposed to be about at this point, because is he going to jail, is anything gonna happen or is just yet another circus. Now, besides Owens Fan boy praise struck, hasn't gotten
of easily, thankfully, the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General wrote he did not have confidence, I'm quoting that structures, into prioritize the Russia Investigation over following? on the mid year. Related investigative led discovered on, Then he wieners laptop was free from bias. Oh, you think lack of confidence. I believe That's one of the criteria for a different metal, not a purple heart, though sorry struck. You're gonna have to get your trophy. Swear. Friday July thirteenth. This is the Glen Back programme How? I don't even know where to begin with the hearing. Yesterday, because it's it's
It was an embarrassment for all of us, an embarrassment they Republicans and the Democrats. They felt they fought like they were four years old. The press is solely in the bag. For for anyone who will say anything against Donald from there, so in the bag that they can't even they can't even see straight. I just I just want to over one pardon pet. I don't know you have the audio of the the part where trade gouty is is king to him and saying wait a minute, you're You're saying these things, while you were investigating, have you even talked to anyone?
You even investigated anybody yet and interviewed anyone. Yet just so the records clear voice has been on a little. While I didn't ask you the content of those interviews. I didn't ask you the names of who you interviewed. I ask you whether or not you interviewed anyone from July thither. before us until August, the eight- and I find it interesting that the F B, I will tell us no interviews work conducted before July. Thirty first out, apparently does an impact and ongoing pro, but between July thirty first in August aid it does pierced the Good NEWS, our you know the answer to it. I went looked at the file, the fur in our view, that I can find its own August, the eleven of twenty sixteen just eleven days after it began, which makes me wander off the Serbs. so you hadn't interviewed anyone. Your investigator
this alleged russian collusion with the trunk campaign you're, the late investigator. You originated the investigation near the point of contact. You drafted the document and here you are before you ve, interviewed a single, solitary, witnessing, f tromp. Then that's indeed your colleague LISA Page, wrote- maybe your meant to protect the country from that menace and new research on it. I can protect their country at many levels, we're not even a week into an investigator turn that you originated approved or the contact for none of you to single, solitary soul, into Auguste, eleven and you're already promising to protect the country from that menace, Donald Trump, On August, the eight you still had interviewed anyone here
days into your russian collusion with the Trump campaign investigation, and you got another tax from your colleague LISA page. Trumps not ever gonna become president right right. You were No, no he's not will stop it by the time you almost to stop him from becoming president on August, the eight, how many interviews you conducted misguided suit to answer that one with regard to how many interviews had or had not been conducted. I've been directed by counsel for the FBI, not answer that question. Second, sir. I think it's important to take those tax in the context of how they were written and what they meant there. And someone may ask you that question H strong, but I didn't I you how many people you interviewed before you wrote it. If you want to get into context, let one of my other colleagues that way you so here's here's why this is interest.
What are you saying is I wrote F Trump, I wrote: don't worry we'll stop him. He was Heading VII investigation. Now let me just ask any liberal in America. An honest question now honest questions are questions that are asked from an honest place asking someone else to have honest answer and really lead everything go and just answer honestly, honest question. when it comes to Martin Luther King, do you trust liberals? Do you trust that the FBI was fair, in their investigation of Martin Luther King
Do you believe that Hoover, who said from the outset he's a bad guy huh he's a philanderer he's a communist. Do you think that the FBI was? Can drafting themselves professionally and fairly. Do you believe that, when Martin Luther king, when to his county sheriff and said, I need a pistol. I need a concealed, carry permit and his share of said. You know what I tell you. What Mister King you know we just fear for your safety and I think it be met. better served. If you didn't have a gun. If if we know what we were here for so son, why don't you go home and we'll watch over you? Do you think that this
same people who were saying well, they didn't have text messages, so I can only imagine why, They might have been saying those southern police officers who, during the day were here. closing down marchers with Martin Luther King or releasing their dogs. I can't even imagine that one of them might have text message. F. King, don't worry hurry, he's he's an upward, a negro and in no way he's gonna get, and we will stop him. You can't tell me that, if tax, messages existed, we'd have evidence of that today, what is the difference. What is the difference between the FBI back then, who had already come to their conclusion
I just need some wiretaps cause. All we have to do is just prove it All we have to do is just stop him. What makes the f? the eye wrong to you then and write to you in this case. I personally believe that, if the in the meeting at the Trump tower. If they would have had something he would have taken it. They would have taken it, they would have used it, but they didn't have anything. So I do think that, while there was no collusion, If they would have had something they probably would have colluded, and I think same thing honestly of Hillary Clinton, now help me out Do you really think a guy
who says: f Trump, but we'll stop him that he's absolutely a danger to America, an end should be the guy who was leading both the hills. Clinton, investigation and strong usually stopped it. When remember. They lost all of the emails ladys her she while she deleted aloud when they found. the hard drive with every single email on it. He doesn't look into it. but for an investigation. Is it before the first person is even interviewed in Donald Trump he's already made up his mind. Let me scary african American in in this country? Isn't that what she who
always said, happens to african Americans. Because I happen to believe in some cases a lot of cases in the past and in some cases today your judged Gill, see before Europe before you even have a chance to be innocent. Because when they approach your car, they just know who you are. How do you rectify that? That's an honest question, and I would add, my phone line is opened today. Eighty eight. Seventy seven be easy k, I'd to hear it does I'm tired of the purple heart stuff? Here's a guy who is supposed to be a are our most respected investigator here, the chief investigator, the guy, who is the best started in the FBI any
having these kinds of conversations? I'm sorry, I don't see the difference between the people that everybody on the left always complains about with people like Martin Luther king and- and I agree with you. how how How is this not the same case? The only difference. Here is you know like Donald Trump and so you'll accept it, but by accepting it it guarantees that somebody else will fall victim to it and it may not be the Trump song next time it be your side. That is what we must avoid and that is why we have the bill of rights.
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Well, I I do have a good response from the left. On my my honest question. And it comes from. Oliver Willis take em okays name out of your mouth, you malignant racist, who have whipped, hatred and bile in our country. For decades just shut up shut up. You have, oh decency, not a single out of it in that wretched body of yours, be quiet we go. Will you made a good point? Yeah? You need a good point, Oliver and shot up here. So I you know, I feel, like you view schooled me, like you know a great fourth greater would and I Pritchett the employed. While a mediocre fourth grade, MIA may appreciate the input and end the honest, questioning and discussion that we win just tat. We just had their so pat. Let me ask you this. What is because I was disgusted with both sides at this I was. here. I thought tree Gouty was good news. Is that these hearings, but what
the point of this, I honestly don't know I am is: are a prosecution at the end of it. I don't think so. I is there nothing better that Congress could be doing with their time right now than this. Isn't there a basis steroids investigation, the do Improvements is better than levels in a very bonds back. This is better than a baseball steroids. Their gates maybe more intense it well it's not only he's better it's at least in their field. That is a treaty that is true I'd rather have them just beating each other up the beating up veto in visuals that have nothing to do with the government, but there are really not threatening with prosecution. So much as a As far as I know and he's already been removed So Why are we doing it justice? Europe more division. I think it's worth it for that. for that it is did I did. I read Oliver Willissimus.
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we don't even know what that has to do with anything. To compare Trump to Martin Luther King is so agreed just in wrong. One cannot begin to count the ways I don't think I did. I did. I know I'm ok was a great man, an innocent man who threaten the white male power structure. Listen to this tromp wants to bring it back and enforce it. Ok that has nothing to do with everything you first, had nothing to do with what I asked. What he asked was, if you don't think somebody who made up their minds about about Martin Luther King Hoover. If you don't think that he could have been fair way. an investigation. Why do you think somebody who feels the way he did about Donald Trump could conduct? fair investigation. That's what I'm asking you! That's what I'm asking you let's go to Stephen prouder, who is joining us now? How Stephen? How are you
Mr back, I'm doing want why first came back from break, and I heard you had it like, Prince Tuesday from Mr Rogers. We said. The lad, I sure am I doing here its lowest bidder puppet, not the one who hung a barrack around, but kid was kind of briefly in its own right, but with the little one, no blue, with a deeper out. Ok, Stephen, you know about upsetting the left quite a bit Eugene. did a video we planet yesterday and I wanted to see if we can get an update and end the story quickly from your mouth, to recap, for contact for people who don't know so that segment icon changed my mind, which, as is well taken off relatively well, really grateful by that. What let's do what what he'll can't go on cable? That is right
heard you talk about this in a complaint about how toxic it's gotten. I agreed. I always thought a great wickedest have that conversation with experts heard at a fairly professors at a time constraints format, but just have conversations with real seeing it. They can change my mind or I can change their so completely inadequate. These things got their and our luck, so those without about ten of those couldn't be more civil, be more ok, let's sit down now the problem, but that is not what we go out into the public and we ve had hundreds of thousands of people become paralysed, for example, on the left is upset that we sit down on him conversation, so the cost of violence have got really bad. So there were, there was one were a lady called people to fire body in Austria and that this was a person who plotted to actively flash my tyres. While I was eight and Congress in often posted our location said who will come with me to slash the tires and paid?
why why so so Stephen die? I saw this particular episode and louder with crowded and it was really good. You have at a summit who just the lock and on the street you set up your table and some is walking on. The street happens to be somebody who's running First City Council of I'm not mistaken. Yet yet the trend, male to fish meal Daniel Sand, because, even if I try to play along with any programme I am able to get it wrong, so I know he'll be melter in Genoa, Vega, yeah, ok! Well you're right, you're, dead, naming here. Will you because you're saying anyway, so you great conversation with them and is it this time that the person is this threatening to slash your tyres and firebomb so go out and you look at persons of social media and how is he?
connected in defacing statues. Ok, cool! just for legal revamp equipment with a different person who threatened to firebomb emerald, the all kinds of funding plan. You know, I can't ruby. Eight they can't real my sources, but I've got eyes and ears everywhere I mean with it. We are the people who took an anti for they literally handed. My producers shares that was designated for bench appear out, though we. How do we know that this person to face the Robert E Lee Statue, because they openly admitted it to someone they didn't know. I know- and we have it in writing. They said we D faced the Robert E Lee statue, Ok, so you go to confront this person, and I have to tell you Stephen, I I, I'm watching this video. You send it to me, and I am watching this thing and I thought okay. This is not a good idea accepted.
go in there and you have such restraint and you're saying to this guy. Just apologize just apologize and take it. out and say you're, not calling for violence and we'll just we'll call it even just tat. Get down and apologize here its proud? You go ahead. That important. I appreciate you noting that listen. Why do I don't think I am right? Is escalating period, the point when someone is calling to fire almost wash your tired and posting you're locations on their excavation. At that point, it's like they flat and I'm punching. They brought a guy, and I brought a duke. I go up treated of cold product. Confronted now bread segment to these people and the very first thing I said: I'm not advocating vile. I don't want to hurt you down the active plot to hurt me in my work
my family. Can you do that here? The crazy? What not one party, including the other transgender introduced by a transgender at your side, worked under another dread of gender manager at the portion of the population? Why are the eyes? None of them will condemn, not say. Ok, you know what I'm a liberal put its bad to try to bomb your band level say: ok, you know what I'm a liberal, but they should flash your tyres, not one that's, what's so crazy that without this good turning, I asked you for an apology. Really I want them to take it down, could still out there What did the policing at what we are waiting with it? We had a case and the third thing it's going to be
And we did put under that case number Robert E Lee and as well as that of the Firebug lady. So this is just a two pronged approach here, just like with you to the Google censorship we ve never been wanting to just go out. can't just complain about something and that you're gonna wanna be the pursuit assume people. You need to make sure that the public is what's going on in that we found the proper legal avenues. That's where I tell people out through simple. What do I do you did it you both so yet without police reports and yet continue with these my duty my my joy tat people can we disagree, but I tell you what regulated in the patriot was really really want peace time, you must get a shepherd must protect. His flock does not occur
violence or to get a musket, but what I M saying is when people say walk away, just ignored, look, look can't walk away back to my man. Could that location is posted? I've had police. You know this look at my old house, because that location was posted. My wife, what place was located in posted aunt has openly put out call. give them to find me at a thought they places in Michigan in Michigan certain point there. You know where walk away too and that the balance we need to find its way. Really struggle, because I really do feel as productive as possible, but at a certain point you ve got to keep yourself faith and end the boy, but the left has now arrived. A big part of it is the unanimous I've got. It may be that the hard work to say is always difficult to say. I thought that's, what put it so hard work, but it is
It is a trouble. I try to be reopened my audience like listen. I want to do for my part I would feel I would feel long if I didn't exposed the violent watch from the left, and I shall do so without allocating violence against these people but their needs. Confrontation at some point needed Lucan, founded on their immortality at up I've gotta people going all aware, Where is how violent there, because they have the idea that I know what I'm talking about? and here is a planting and roots very possible way. Doubt there right now can know what we know about them. We got people most people arrested his great I don't know about that as well. Let me know what happens in Austin. Will you, when you get that we needed a call back from the austrian police Department? Let me know what what is it
their pursuing it or not, because I've I find it we you know if that person happened to be a conservative at juice land. It would have gone the exact opposite way, I was I was amazed at how they rallied around this guy, who was clearly in the wrong way to adjust. It was. It was remarkable. Well, you know, I think it's time I want to say the ought to pity who showed up we're very very. I'll pay seemed greed and one of them was nodding. His head right were you for your family. You, like yeah, yeah man, I am one of them. Actually, kind of agreed, but I didn't want to include it because they're not supposed to have opinions on the job, but I could see he was touched by, but the one they go up if it appear to crystallise entire video. its people to go at the latter, it better to accommodate or just the Youtube
research it whatever you'll see it. It's transgender juice, Landis, lashes, tyres, Typepad at our allotted, Google searches, Uganda. What I fight so perfect is there's a moment right say: listen, listen! Just take it down! Take it down that what you're talking about Britain's alone are not gonna. Take not gonna. Take it out, for you admit that this is your post to get my name, but could remember first, this transgendered than I did. I did I listen you want to put you want to play the part. Part of being handed out in your actions- and this is wrong- and I've got an exact moment mission- your manager, water, put your hand on the person shoulder the tires Lasher. I know your boy, abuse right now we strong
but you're the deal if you're strong, I'm a big guy, we're relatively speaking, if you're wealthy, you're, the bad guy, it doesn't matter if the well, a guy who goes out and all your money to generate a big strong guy about protecting the little guy, they see success automatically back. They see strike at automatically evil, that's why they hate America and Israel a guy like me with a transgender person threatening and plotting my parents. They go out, sixty two twenty relative athlete and a poor little transgender version. Of course they have the right to be violent. That is the dogma of the left and it is perfectly encapsulated there. I wish we didn't have to do this. What happens to the often police,
that's what we're gonna do you know, I'm sure you all this. It is felt subjected as what happens with police. I built with the with the federal, but with the FBI and for people been very, very helpful. Some people have done that We ve had some people arrest for months. Your crimes and other police have completely ignored, depending on whether occurs again. Are you talk to really toss up? It really has, and I understand how some people feel helpless when there are travesty, is an image of a system that could damage police. But I am saying it is remarkably inconsistent and it's it's a pill to swallow. Sometimes You ve gotta, keep everyone gotta, keep your head up on a swivel, that's the first step at least Stephen crowd. Our firms, ladder with crowded dot com, and you can following on Twitter at S, crowded, Stephen So much keep the good work. You very much you Ben,
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joe dot com? You have to register, but it's absolutely free, don't miss it back Crypto show dot com glad back Jerry in Michigan. I hate, you know, cut short, but we only have about ninety seconds and I have to go in a bill o Reilly next, but I want to get you in real quick jerry go ahead yeah. I know I'm not like the other dad it's all, but it is just amazes me out. Everybody drop Martin Luther king languidly this with some sort of equivalent Martin Luther king. yeah we'll give Carte Blanche to do whatever they really wanted to do. This can't be and have all been. I think the guy is done I believe that Martin Luther King analogy allergy gotta go out of the window because number one most white folks agreed with geography Then I think I'll just wait. A minute wait a way way way way way way way. When I am not I am not comparing Martin Luther
king to tramp or situation I am ANG on I M saying if you thought that it was of control with Hoover, but a guy who thought- he's already made up his mind on who this is any shouldn't, be a go to conduct an investigation. How could you possibly think that this guy who is already made up his mind and says: I'm gonna stop amend everything else. How is that not comparable this guy, Somebody report two years ago, Where was his own boss? Nobody I do agree with anything he said nobody had to sign off on anything. He did. He was own boss? Ok, so it's ok! So so then it's ok! Ok on justice, not okay! So this than I do, as I also said, not only Hoover. I also said how about that: local sheriff
It was hosing people down in the daytime, say oh I'm not a protect you in the night time, there's no difference and that guy had lain local boss. Mercury Back, if all you knew about politics, can from the New York Times CNN and Washington, Post or MSNBC you'd think that a blue wave is about to swamp the country with hip militia. millennial, geniuses Alexandria you portes, these surfing the quest of aggressive that wave. I think you would think that cows, Ios Cortez, is the greatest hope for America. Sense Barack Obama, Europe has a very large country and reality is usually little more complex than the media. Let's on but
the media already has their narrative and their superstar Curzio Cortez set for this November. There is no room for another young minority, female child of immigrants. Political outsider from the old At blue wave state of California, her name is Elizabeth, hang wilder pro We would be room for a story like dad, except she's, a conservative she's. Thirty, two years old, her name is Elizabeth. Hang she's running for Congress against Democratic, Jim Costa in for sixteenth district. It has been for years since a republican one in that district In an early early nineteen eighties hangs parents fled from the violence in Cambodia and emigrated to the. U s two thousand eight after graduating from Stanford, where she was student body. President hang open several cell phone stores with her brothers in the central San Joaquin Valley running.
on business in managing seventy five employees, she opened her eyes were her eyes were open for her to a not so dirty secret about capitalism trying to survive the virus of progressive ism. She said this quote. I saw at first hand how government regulations impacted businesses negatively. I constantly fell that from Washington DC in Sacramento, they were saying that I was everything wrong with our country when all I was doing, was trying to create jobs. That's when she decided to venture to Washington DC where she worked. Six years learning the ins and outs of legislation and campaigning she's ended working as a director for president trumps inauguration ceremony again up? She managed, while she also was finishing her MBA at Yale, one of the big lesson. She learned working in Washington became the platter from the cheese, no right now running for office on foot school responsibility. She says:
the family or a business. We dont suddenly act surprise when the budget comes up for the year. We get it done concept Still fiscal responsibility is in quite a sexy sounding is free college for everyone, so don't exe. ACT, Elizabeth, hang to replace a Cortez the media darling anytime, soon, It's Friday July thirteenth. This is the Glen Back Programme by the way I'm trying to get both of them on this broadcast. I guess it hang will be a little easier to Berkeley Cortez, but I would love to have Cortez on an and just have an open. Conversation with her about Democratic socialism. What is it and how do you pay for it?. in a year in a non hostile a conversation, but we have
stout and have not heard yet. We do have bill o on. However, Bill O, whose new book called killing the S. Es comes out, o it does not come out on September. Eighteenth. Does it come out on September eighteenth give cordially What's the matter with you, you have my boy comes out on a jacket MIKE. My book comes out September. Eighteenth saw them To buy them both and I will be happy to do it. So you don't bill Am I right back in and watch while the chaos develop around the political hatred, Well, let's start, let's have some very, very astute observation so have Stew gasters Taper asked is not here, but tat is. And I got hurt- is here today so that an appeal right away overstep
yeah yeah yeah yeah is due as like a limp leg that is being again gang are in for a long time anyway, bill at level. Let me start with Peter struck in the hearing yesterday a two questions, a I dont even understand what the point of this is it seems a little embarrassing on both sides. However, The second thing I would like you to comment on is, I don't know Anyone thinks that Somebody who wrote the things that he wrote while he was heading up at investigation should be. A part of any investigation at any time when its revolving around the things it he's texting about well two main. Two main important points that all American should know about: press miss both of them.
Guy I'm, as I always do the thing, is it a criminal investigation back? Alright, the special prosecutor looking into. A violation of federal law by struck just over all day Kay. The russian collusion story is a criminal investigation, which is why are the FBI and caressed? Yes, ok, so that number one number two in order to see You're a conviction in any criminal investigation, there has to be evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. back to the lead. Investigator was obviously a hater toward Donald Trump wipes out anything, the more People may hope to achieve because ill Please be reasonable down there
the geisha was near, it filled This went to trial and it was it was. You were with me and we found the lead investigator, who called for the investigation it brought out. They throw that case out in a heartbeat okay, so that number one headline this weasel and he is a weasel. I told my audience on below dotcom yesterday. Was you look at the guy I standing there or sitting there. Okay, you look at his body languages, facial expressions, you each other the submission on television, betrayal, television to them why, Canada, the raw meat, is euros in on you. I saw this guy smog our again nearly up. Why you? Dare yes ass me, these questions, what I'm protecting the country? It was almost like agriculture and a few good man. If it really wants. It was exactly the same impression. I came up again away with he is so arrogant,
Equally, I get an you dare to question me: so the first line is beyond reasonable. Doubt is knocking happen with rapid mala net huge that huge this second, very important story store in american people is that the Democrats, how's oversight committee could not care less about what happened about the fact. About possible corruption at the FBI about anything they a trump so much it doesn't matter what happened to that? They are not truth, seegars, so so bill helping out on this, because The Lee left is very upset with me today because As I said about an hour ago that I don't understand the difference if you, if, if you if you know that the
the local sheriff that Martin Luther king went to and ask I need a concealed, carry permit and he, Well now, sir, not old thing you need one of them. That's what we're here for think. We know that Martin Luther king couldn't have trusted the people who buy day were take fire hoses in dogs to people that were marching with him if there were texts at the time. You know that the tec- would have been from some of these guys you know you? Oh, don't worry, he's not gonna get all that we're gonna take care of it. You know that was happening behind the scenes so why is it that we can to this end Hoover a guy who made up his mind about Martin Luther King said He was conspiring with the communist and the Soviets and all kinds of things and the left says
This is racism. This is horrible. You cannot have that happen in an receive any justice. What is different, this particular case well Why would anybody be mad at you for that analysis, because I'm a racist, because just mention marginal, because I Martin mentioned Martin Luther King into compare trumped Martin Luther king is racist. I didn't I didn't, compare that I'm asking about. You suggest that those amount, ok, so look merit people. Have the I've come to a point, I believe because I'm always ahead of them of the new cycle, as you know back which away at me on every waking right who, I believe that the american people have come to a point where they have to and out most of the news, analysis and editorial coverage of the president and of
Russia collusion in their God. Yes, and I wrote a message of the day until a rally die, come that cited this week's rating onto a cable television. They're down. If you can imagine with all of these huge stores, there is not going down and then for CNN and for MSNBC it's a catastrophe majority is your link when it. What do they have now is an audience what's her. Prime time, let me give an example. You Chris Cuomo, the great hope CNN, gets a nine o clock program right, yeah, ok, so He goes on in the first week. He averages about a million three million Five. The always wished for CNN, is very good. Any Henderson number one shot he's gonna eight. Fifty owl five o clock. If I would have had eight fifty, I would have been fucked. You hurt where I was in time and when you and I were raining supreme on cable news, but he's lost
almost forty Russia is audience in three ways in a up new cycle. Life is not happening as rooms of summer okay, so Rachel mad. Our number one show on Amazon, be shake ok Did you just call hurry? Did you just color Rachel racial Meadow, Rachel? Okay the eight hour I'd know Rachel was about forty percent of all. Ok, you know why You can turn in every night and see a mismatch. Wow hey trump, but what you does he hates him? from the time she comes at times, seems off she ate drop and then once, I was a pillow commercial, leaden, tiresome we can go out pressure I'll get it! Then we re back, aiding drop. Nothing else is this and so people at it even the people who do a trap data
You know how I enough. I did it's just slipped into the soul of the matter. in public that their being con to sit at trumps, the greatest thing And you can like I'm not like him based upon facts, but just then, an aid and aid and, on the other side, at losers, losing audience till, but not as quickly as the other two, because they support trot. You didn't show yesterday, just all collins and just took thoughts from the audience, and I was shocked. There was, I think, to people that got through who said that they work for Democrats, they started listening a couple of years ago and that they we're listening, because I was the only one that was willing to have a reasonable come conversation and look at both sides and that if they they ve changed there, when the view, because of that I think that,
The the idea of having civil conversations and civil dialogue is refreshing to most people on the left and the right they just they were until the truth. Just there only getting a choice of the Sea of this side or the spin of that side, because it's not instructive. It's not positive to any one's life. Yes, in the this is true: to live in a world of deceit and delusion. You know I'm waiting for the ferocious backlash against the media. I dont know whether it will happen term today in a press conference. Just excoriated to get it right there. I just base excoriated that's nothing new? but I'm waiting for the people to say tat, You know why he's gonna walk away from an entirely, and you know I'll pick ip
Reilly, oiled went back or whoever may be, and I'll check with them and try to find out what's happening in the world, but I waste my time anymore, accidents as it stopped right. I think that is already happening, but I want to go back to Donald Trump. He's had a really interesting weak Some really good things and some you know some questionable or bad things as well, but I wanted we will take a break when we come back. I want to ask you and right at the press conference? and get your view on why you think that that might have been a good thing too, scoria, eight, CNN and and and and NBC over in great Britain, with a joint press conference with Teresa? May we go there here, just a second with bill. O Reilly from below early dot com are right, let me tell you about mercury, real estate biggest investment, a believer make will be in your home
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state agents, I trust dot com is where you need to go. Go there now find out all the details. Someone will contact you within minutes. It's real estate agents. I trust dot com. Alright. Let me let me play the audio of a press conference. It just happened in England with Teresa May and Donald Trump. Here's? What was said? John Roberts, courage now now generosity say who's that She had others fake. There is ever take questions from John Robbers, a fox bill, your thoughts on this, I wouldn't have done it that way: I wouldn't you know that a million times that you can you can. Your point across without throwing, hand grenades, because that basically report,
back on you, but did CNN is in business, and people can understand this. It's not that they are meeting every morning. Saying we want to be, then, is aware. We want to be socialists Gazeta. These are people the big houses in the hamptons who spend more money in a month. people are in a year. They hate him personally, the pressure on United States and so they say you we can make money and hate him at the same time, because our audience will eightam and that's who we want to watch us anyway. So that's what we're gonna do that's how I would do it rather new, safe, Agnes Vagueness, vagueness, big news, I would say: look, I'm not gonna take question CNN because you don't we the news fairly and just run down, they roster people. You have on your air every one of them hates me. Every single one of them makes me right.
You're trying to make money off that hatred and I'm not gonna play into that, Wouldn't that be a lot more effective back then you're saying fake NEWS, CNN, yes, so little that's my point. Let me I think it was. I think it's just as wrong to blanket statement, fake news on either side, because that's what the left, who was doing when they were. They used to call us Fox NEWS, foe news that was everywhere under Obama Bow in only two different things. different, then Obama, because and at an interesting point you bring up Obama was criticised as on Fox NEWS and in other places and primarily bay, on policy, there was a strain of he was more in Kenya was born, and why? But I just I destroy dad- and week so did we like coming up with the two newspapers, have printed his birth announcement and it would have been virtually impossible for anybody.
Two. Why would you do that? To bury Obama a little boy who has no money and no influence where commitment ridiculous right. So I blew it the first week- and I was that anybody you blew picked up on it. You put them in the irrational category, Donald Trump in that category. By the way, I scolded him for that on the air anyway, so that a bottle was policy driven and in a new and me and others who had some difficulties with his Bob policy european in on those difficulties, not hating the man every every too many. Donna trying to destroy him in anybody around him that you feel is benefiting the president. to look at Doha in former bosses at Fox NEWS, his wife now being crucified by the far left now
it hasn't really gotten hold, because it's so hateful and so At about you, don't attack families right they're doing it on the left. They are doing, and CNN Drive, and that story are back into the second more with below running Now, let me play hid her Miss Woodley here, because I think I think they're Donald Trump has had a few hits this week. End and struck the right tone a couple of times these had a couple of blunders. Would you, consider his interview about Teresa may and the things that he said about Boris Johnson in the lead up to his meeting as a hitter amiss, it's hard to say, because tabloid newspapers that doesn't really printed truth reason he did that
in our view was because Rupert Murdoch gone paper in an onion Anti Fox NEWS channel. So that's what why we ve been done by Donald Trump, did marriage MS may and it didn't work like she why's that bite out or believed it or whatever I mean they had a fairly relax body language situation in their pressure. This morning but you know what to say bad things about a leader of any country and when you shown up to the country may not tonight, it's not really a good story. I can't imagine I mean you know I've always appreciated wave the way you know Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders around the World CUP.
Here and they say: look. Those are your internal politics in that we are not involved in that you don't want a poisoner Netanyahu. Despised, Barocco bomber was obvious. He did, but he never overly said that, or did anything indicated for act. how about a his comments to NATO? How did you who perceive the comments where he sat down at the breakfast table and said you know you guys gotta, you but what it? What are we doing with Germany, taking all of the the natural gas from Russia while we're trying to protect them from Russia, and you guys need to sit up and and pay more. Well, this is Trump with righteous indignation at his best. Now? You understand something about Donald Trump Whereas most people they don't care, will personally about stuff, like the russian pipelines, The German bring a natural gas trump is offended by that gets offended by certain
things so he was. He was indignant that he, I d go over there, a Brussels a place where, he doesn't have any interest in being. Anne and because these people will pay their fair share of defence clause, offer NATO, which is outrageous and ends. hoping to Americans and Nobody knows that and now and putting in always got the pipeline in bringing natural gas any can shut it off at any time which gives puttin a hundred times more power than he had before that so both of those. their legitimate now, what I have done it at breakfast No, no! I I probably done in a more formal place, but it it didn't throw a bread roll at anybody. Hurriedly was going to old meal. Didn fly. I thought I was actually I thought he's had a couple of moments that were the first real
presidential moments. I have seen from him that where he was off the cuff and genuinely the presidential I I found at the moment strangely satisfying and maybe on the edge of our love. You should do that that way or at that setting, but he backed it up, he was solid. He wasn't is typical, insulting self an. I apply. I thought it was potential this week. breakfast was presidential, but he did to intimidate them. Yes, the leaders of the countries of NATO, twenty nine countries he did it to imitate them any did tat, So, yes, he did in that is currently not in any sense. To what is two hundred and forty five pounds and its ties that always ne er resist hey. I don't want a grave.
You guys are pen hedge and ears. Why an error like their heads snap and back because nobody does that, I know are Let me so was. This was at a hit remiss I think it was a year in policy and amiss in style. Ok, let me oh to another moment that I thought was presidential and I my my long on the record that Putin is an enemy to not only United States body. He is an enemy to all mankind. He is a stone, cold killer, however, the president. I prefer that we don't call somebody our enemy. We know if there's a chance to now, to be an enemy will treat you on the facts, especially when he's got a conference coming up with this. He s, so he ease asked. Is he an enemy? The left goes crazy, the same laughed at me.
Two Mitt Romney when he said that was the biggest fold geopolitical foe went crazy when he said which I thought was very presidential, no he's competitor. He represents Russia represent America. If we your friends at the end great, if not no big deal, I hope we don't become enemies, we're competitors well, you also have to point out that when Barack Obama was caught on the open might saying hey, you know once I'm reelected I'll have more lad, it is a deal with you guys and give you what you why their adoption didn't say then say: p p, I get berries deal with Putin behind his age. You never know ok so drop important here the thinking- and this is the his thinking across the board- and I put not any different drug doesn't care about Crimea? There's no potential guy
Of course, there is the matter. Crimea could be Saturn. Doesn't care, couldn't care less? The oil The only thing he ever says about Crimea is Obama, let it happen so that on one, that's not gonna, be a topic of discussion top doesn't care about. It doesn't care that pollutants a psychopath. He doesn't care the Putin topless most of the time and the little strategy is. Is there? Should he care about those things now, because what Why does a deal? This is what he always wants. As with everyone who wants a deal and a deal is two pronged. He wants a new deal I to be intensified. Nuclear weapons, which is symbolic, it doesn't really mean anything and then he'd wants Putin to stir
it is behaving in Syria and IRAN and other places, that's costing us money right. He wants them to stop now. Will Yet the deal, maybe because Putin is in trouble, economically, and the only reason that Putin is God controllers countries, because he runs the secret police. That poisons people who speak out against them, and you know there's absolutely it's just like the others. The union is no difference so such as the one one communist government was replaced by a mafia govern right. Also as the underbrush so heavily wants to deals. That's what you want. help me out on this. Do we I mean if we have any left anymore, but do we ll whose any moral authority by saying don't care about these things. I only a deal, that's Mina because it's costing time and money that we'll never say that I'm saying it
right. I know, but only goes back to my question: should he care about Crimea, I think cow. You know you gotta do greater good, all great importance. Given Crimea back, no matter what you do all right. So it's over that coming back. So the greater good is what's gets on. Madame that's gonna prevent Chad and you, economic disaster for the world gets up. Madam and you know what along those lines for the future, so its greater they all do that bill there, story this week, that only my show in the blaze and wired magazine covered is Coty. Wilson he's a guy who were made the first treaty printed gun. He was he sued the federal government because they put him into a class of an arms dealer and he action We won
he can distribute thee. The cat drawings are the blueprints for guns and you can three d print guns. Now it's very controversial, but it is. It was a huge win for the second amendment and that in the settlement the government admitted that the aid, Our fifteen is not a weapon of war, is a modern day sporting rifle as long as it's not fully automatic. That to me was one of the biggest stories that was not reported or under reported. What do you think that, biggest story of the week? Was that we may not have talked about already the growing disenchantment on Nepal, the american people toward Washington, he's a very under reported story. We talk about the media, but that's the boy there. Everybody knows that's that's in play, but
people are really starting. When you look at that hearing, today, their yelling at each other in a point of order and parliamentary dish, and it takes ten hours. Do what you gotta die. You and I could have done an interview which struck in an hour and a half and then had a nice dinner ten hours, the fix, what on the democratic side they didn't want to know anything that didn't care. What struck did we're gonna hit President Trump with a hammer, and I would have been fine with them and then some of the guys on a republic inside our are purposely embarrassing, struck with questions about his own wife, which worry it on a line. So America's fail. You know what these clowns, these clowns, his hostess, M is built on nothing not getting representation on both sides when I getting quality? people were not getting smart people were not getting honest people and I think, a merry This is really seeping now in to what the hell
running this country who's running it. We got a bunch of dishonest people and a Democrat party couldn't care less about what happened Couldn't care less about Peter shrugged, elite FBI. Investigator did that's frightening. That's frightening and people is done get it now, because you see it right in front of your eyes clean waters. She would actually you see these people, you hear them, go out and end and follow Trump supporters around and give my time and hey if somebody hit with so many issues him. That's too bad I mean this is our leadership in Washington, so people by us most little by little. This call sure that we have used the collapse and end the debt Where are you going to see it worse when what is the name, bread, cabin or those uppers hearings? What do you see that
decent man. You may not agree with a more is rulings they're gonna, try to tear apart personally. Americans, you're gonna, watch the Indonesian about this. Is our system and its the crazy, because he's not a guy that the that the right, or at least people, me are cheering about. I'm ok with him. please? I wanna be an idealized establishment. Why rough eat rock? We is so you, but even so let his life in a way that has been constructive and all use when he gave his daughter the Middle five over there. You now and then a little. Thing in a year a white house I mean I was a really nice moment and there are still trying to tear his throat out,
and people just watching this. You expected from plan parenthood that makes money of abortion, expect that you don't expect it from elected officials and that's what you're good get it's gonna, be revolting back thou those hearings are gonna, be revolting well, and wait for them to start into here. Your analysis of em a bill here. Thank you so much. I appreciate that you have a nice, I'm gonna be in Ireland next week. Are you really you're not going to be on the show. Next will now. I can't talk to you next week, but I want you to read killing the s s I am I am reading it. I m really look I haven't. I am not very far, but I am reading it. I started a couple years ago. So I no reason you should read. It is because this is a topic that you're interested in evil. This is about evil and that's what the book is. bout, the S S partner, YO. What evil is
Oh really, thank you very much bills bills, but comes out on cept. Ray tenth and so it is mine, and is he off now? Yes, you gotta easy carrying yard? He cannot be. I've never hear the end of a love of imagines. Oh my gosh! Never here, even if we beat you buy one book, just a can of aid, but here is a good thing go out and buy his and by mine. At the same time, man Here is a good thing, we'll just be fighting over whose number two, and whose number three, because the your times, veil jump off the top of the roof before they'll give it. Let me know a thousand Sophie's choice. Man who do we give the number one slot to bees, is there's just no winning that weak. for the New York Times it's temporary teens, you can order on line now. It is addicted to out
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Glenn back. We have a lot to cover here in our remaining of the programme We have more on struck some more of audio on that on the president's visit with Teresa may some kind of some uncomfortable moments there We also have a story that I really I mean. Don't tell me, you can't do that I'm introduce you to a guy with no arms that stabbed somebody that was coming after him. That's a true can do at every day when money is neuron is get it done, and if this is where we have to get our inspiration, you know in America, so be it so be it. So we have coming up also start, a solution to replace plastic straws is backfiring.
Oh, no! No, I feel dont say thou yeah well, don't say now. I ve got to say to say it now so that it so much more coming up next hour deadline, back well but the present left for Europe this week. He issued a pardon to seventy six year old, Dwight Hammond? forty nine year old, son, Stephen. Now those names that you do you remember, but you don't remember where you might remember them, is the order cattle ranchers, who were sentenced to five years in prison for setting fire that spread into a portion of federal land in Oregon in me, twelve. The jury acquitted the heavens on some, but not all of the charges against them, and they were to prison. After have is serving a short term. The heavens were released only to be sent back to prison in twenty fifteen when the Burma Administration filed an appeal and the federal court
What did the heavens had been improperly sentenced, but was the heavens being sent back to prison that sparked and even more famous stand off in Oregon. the perceived injustice to the Heavens, inspired the Bundy Brothers Ryan and Amman to store, come on to the wildlife refuge in Oregon with other ranchers. An militiamen they were engaged the forty one day, armed stand off with federal agents now Clive in Burundi and the Amand Bundy in the Bundy ranchers. Don't confused them with the Hammonds. That not the same president didn't say anything about the Bundy's, as I think you Actually, right too go into the hamon case, but not the Bundy's, the present You'll pardon will take some time off of hangman's five year sentence,
Stephen is already served for years, his father has served three White House statement about the pardons called their imprisonment, unjust and the resulting? overzealous effort by the Obama administration to prosecute them? This pardon is the second major move the president has made since taking office to signal greater support of residence in war. stern states who desire to see more local control of federal lands, la December Trump signed the largest roll back of federal land protection in you as history when he significantly reduce the size of the bed. Her ears in grand Staircase escalade anti National monuments in Utah. If you remember, when President was running. He said he wouldn't do those things. He said, though, lands where best in the hands of the federal government one reason why I had a problem with his policies out in the west. However,
he is not executing his policies. The way he campaigned, critics the president's actions are only going to encourage other fringe militia groups in the west to try more arms standoffs with the government but is any of these critics actually considered that the president's actions might actually have the opposite effect, The king citizens in the West feel like someone in the government, is actually listening to their grievances. I know it. I was the left totally insane, but if you're honest about things you have to see some of the things Donald Trump is doing is good, also, No one can say the president doesn't know how play to his base.
It's Friday July thirteenth. This is the glad that programme of you watch the video American stand off No, it is that the I think I heard you play that, though the other day we get the one about the Bundy's, about the bunnies end and the hammer it shows that the Hammonds you know they got a call from on these and the bunny said we're gonna come up and there completely different approaches. The Hammonds were advised, by the Bundy's, don't surrender don't give yourself up there like Bell World, ah abiding citizens. If we go to jail, then we're he's gonna have to pray that the president will see the error of his ways and he'll pardon us. the Bundy's said no. We ve gotta have an arm stand. Often they changed the deal at the end, the Heavens, were really involved in that that forty one day stand off. It was just that
Bundy's and others that they had convinced really, and if you watch American stand off you just Google, it American stand It is really worth watching because you'll see some really good ranchers oh down and make the wrong decisions but then you will also see some ranchers that you're, like you know, I think he has a point. you'll see the sheriff. Who is, men made out to be a bad guy, who turns out, looks like good guy to me. And then you're going to see a family that Is just family of the illness, a singing family, and they were supposed to go up and saying to you know a bunch of both the stand offer some place, and they, gotta go meet the sheriff and a travel up and there in Oregon and their stopped by a cop.
the guy who's driving, not a family member guy who's driving. He says: look, you can't stop us. We have a right and we have an appointment with the sheriff, we're gonna go see the sheriff you're gonna have to shoot us, You know to stop us and in its damned off very tense. It's all from their video for their from video from their phones. The kids in the car and and end, is very provocative, but the police driver was the driver, but the police are do so. Says: look I'm driving away and I'm going to the sheriff's office. You can't stop us Ike, I'm going to the share of you can follow me, but I have a right on this road, so he's driving and they they follow him, but aren't aggressive and then there's a roadblock. He go was off to the side of the road.
their shooting at him, as he is approaching this roadblock as he's not gonna, stop their shooting at him. He gets out. the car he's unarmed. He has his hands up and he still being aggressive or stupid. But he saying you're gonna have to shoot me because we're going Europe and they shoot him and you see it. That's the one that was killed, yeah, that's and, and then you see them shooting at these kids in the car, the FBI agents shooting at the kids in the car- and it is it's hard to find a good person in this It's really hard to find a good person, because the guy who's driving the car. Nobody with any kind of common sense is doing that with a car load of kids. However, what the hell is the FBI doing no immediate It's really out of control, really out of control and there's there's been several of those instances. We know about Ruby Ridge in out that the wake up
incident that mean they re. needed act as aggressively as they did in any of those. No, no! No! No! It's it's! It's quite remarkable, so I am glad that the heavens have been pardoned by the President myself, as well with the driver. Wasn't with the Heavens, though now right now. Drive into the sheriff's office? Now he was not part of their family, no, alright, what else We have here Emmy nominations, give out yesterday or the Emmi nominee every nominative. All I can't was this kind of interesting has, for the first time in seventeen years, HBO didn't get most nominations. Netflix did. A hundred any two hundred and twelve while compared to a hundred Nate for HBO when you think about Netflix and its humble little beginnings. It always has been buster in Hollywood, video competition. Where you are sitting remember you had to send the you sent them.
we'll be back in the ale yeah. Without a late free rider, they're big deal, you don't have to pay a late fee and what was that, as recently as all seven Roy, maybe yet a win win. Netflix Netflix was us getting into this about Two years before we launch the blaze, that's how yeah. That's all recent new areas. All of this stuff was and now you HBO saying you know what we after all, we need to conduct our business a little more like Netflix Dave. long way in a really short time and I M for Netflix was dead when they when they were doing the streaming video and they said that I had to made it. I don't remember what it was ten dollars a month and the cost for another was too high for him. Yeah so they had to raise the prices in everybody said: Netflix is out of business. It's never gonna go anywhere and look at them now, duchess does work kicked in and that when they
committed to doing original content? I think that just put him into a whole new league and and say I Amazon, yes, yes and now Netflix spending five to six, seven or eight billion a year in a regional programming. That's crazy! That's it Mind boggling, raising really is So that's what I mean the world has changed, so much ages wonder what how much further as a gonna go, oh, my god, because you already outdated intended. Yet you won't do you will recognise in ten years and in scary thing is: is it and we what about the other day. Pat last week and I'm sorry, I'm gonna butcher the details on this cuz. It was last week- and I just I just kind of read the story quickly, but Amazon and came out and said that they were thinking about going into the prescription. Drugs business, the the drugstore business,
and also the the overnight delivery service. Walgreens and see. Vs took a bath the next day, forget what the percentage loss was, but it was amazing, Hugh just because of the Amazon announcement. Yes and then on of it with the with you p s you PS in federal, express you PS, took a gigantic bath. Can't remember how many tens of millions of dollars they lost just because Amazon said thinking about it. Maybe we'll do it. We should do the same thing with the oil in Europe think about sullen gas. Let's start prices down now, but it is what but what happens at what point does Amazon become the threat known? What point does Guph,
Oh there's so big lay just control everyday control as every that right now it is pretty close and so do you break them up at us? Not the american way You know they're, not a monopoly they're. Just there yes, they are putting other without a business either they I mean, you know, I said This direct, while at one point nor or no Who is the head of Google Eric Schmidt, Eric Schmidt and, I said, what point does Google have the analysis running on me if I am a competitor of Google, I'm working on something that your Algorithms, don't snag me banned you either. Gobble me up or use steer me in the wrong direction. Marlborough at Rio anchors. Google. Doesn't do evil right Ok value is
why I mean the isn't that why Facebook just bought that one company tickets in israeli company that I could go in. I don't remember what it was supposed to do, but one of the things that it did do is it saw which applications and which yet which apps were starting to take off really early and faced came in and they just gobbled that company up, because they, wanted that they wanted to see. That's that's exactly what he asked verve above Google right. What's gonna, you from seeing where I'm ahead it and, of course, nothing nothing's, going to stop right there unless the owner of the up and coming company doesn't juice to sell, but can the owner of the up and coming company afford to best Google? It will probably not probably not probably not
I mean I just don't have for the first time. In my life, If I've always marked the idea of you know, you see blade runner near like then they like well. Company won't like this. Oh stop it I mean we ve got companies that size, though now we do, we do what point do the IMF? working people say whose controlling, who you know what mean is the gun really providing oversight and can the government even tell Google know at this point, I mean think of the information that Google would have if they wish who's to use it on anybody in Congress. All they have to do is just tweak the algorithm to the other actually knows tweak the algorithm to change the news feeds and there
searches for the people in Washington. I mean right and I could could totally changed their outlook on things. I mean it's really: it's it's becoming very different world and I dont think p. Have caught up with that by any stretch on Other other end of the spectrum. We talk about Netflix blockbusters, as competitors used to give you idea who one that were hit. You lot buster Yesterday it was, it was announced. The last two blockbusters in Alaska are closing. And that leaves a total of one the United States of America. Now, how is it still in business? I don't know. What's in bend or in bend. Oregon is their last remaining. So
or in the United States is not something in it is really so. I feel bad. I hope to end that you're going to a city or have you heard of the internet, some python bad? What is happening there let me tell you about the crypto currency course that we put together for our audience its rave reviews, a ton of people have taken it already. It's a number one crypto expert ticket to worry. He was in the studios a few weeks ago and we were talking about tat. Can we just do a free, crypto? Show where he answer all the questions are me yesterday, did something on Facebook and the questions were just non stop and I am not an expert on it until you some things, but I can't tell you everything what's going on behind the scenes, so I told him I
you know people are so hungry for it. So we put back crypto core of sorry. The Beck crew don't show to get that's! The web address back Crypto show dotcom. We put it together. Its next Thursday. It we'll be live, we're gonna, be taking questions, etc, etc. But I've asked him to come to the table with a few things. First, Why do you still believe that crypto currencies In particular, Bitcoin is going to be what everybody thought it would because he's, I believe, he's claiming now that he thinks it it could be up to see three thousand dollars by the end of this year. Now, he's not saying that it is while he said that there, sir, thing and he'll, make this announced with their something happening behind the scenes. That is guaranteed Abbott it's already being put into place the changes the dynamics of Bitcoin and makes it really easy and fast and cheap for people to do exchanges on it.
So anyway, he is going to be doing the best. Crypto show with us next Thursday. That's back crypt ocean oh dotcom. That's where you're gonna be able to see it and register you huh. After register doesn't cost you anything. It's all free back. Osho show Dotcom watch it next Thursday. Join us. Ask your questions. Do your own homework back crypto show dot com, We take Ralph in Georgia, fellow Ralph Europe Lemme programme I want to very good. I want to go back to your bill about with below Riley and had some to what a good thing being on hold for you to pick up a gets personal chance to calm down and what I'm talking about. I agree with building your target mouse, America being upset with the garbage do you see, but there's something else is making worried me really angry and I believe a lot of other Americans are too
We believe in the rule of law. We believe an equal justice under the law and I'll get your president, a cabinet member congressmen or homeless person or a carpenter that justice the blind and were watching what's Goin on a b c where's the justice for regular cycles, in particular, it arrived on the self driving I get a ticket. That's ok, I broke the law, but I just want to shoot a party an emergency to another, again, really upset and that's not what I really want to use, but we're on radio. So I use of privately really ticked off debt that justice will apply. Equally, it's obvious stuffed the one on its knowledge well we're not really sure that what they did was illegal. I mean a sailor get in trouble for taking pictures in itself replacing the submarine. But until we can have stopped in a server classified documents, inner home and that Anna problem as like, I don't care for republic. You know who you are, if you
a guy or the other side's guy. I dont care, you break the law, you break the law, it's really simple! It's not hard! figure out- and I'm really angry about- I want to State- Just- did not want to see it plight. Equally, I don't care who you are and it's got me really mad. I know it's got a lot of other miracles, better to start with the constitution and all our law, since, if you don't like the locker fix the law The illegal immigrants with legal immigrant not hard to figure out the server. That's not secure classified documents, gonna problem there sailor takes a pitcher he's male. Could a war there was also a wider. I haven't said anything Ralph cause. I agree with you and I and I think that you're, absolutely right that that the underlying tension. That is happening in America. Is Americans want to see justice and Sir
Americans have given up on that and it goes back to own. It take a quick break, but I want to pick this up. This goes back to what I said. earlier in the show, if you ve, missed the show, go to Itunes and die, though the podcast today and listen to the first hour, because I talk about struck and and what was happening yesterday in washing, will pick it up there. Next Glenn back, we are getting closer to July, nineteenth and July. Nineteenth is a big day in your financial future. Crypto currencies are a huge, developing market, you need to understand them. There's scams out there. You need to make sure that you avoid. You need to understand how these things work, because you know what the big money knows. Jamie diamond called when a fraud and then all the sudden, big, J, P Morgan is by an all sorts of crypto currencies. World economic. Norman Davos? George Soros said it was a bubble, but then his family office is getting the green light to buy crypto currencies. They
something that we don't know, and we need to figure it out. One of the people. We look to trafficker the stuff out his ticket to worry, he's gonna be part: this a free, live online, broadcast Glenn backs gonna, hosted its Beck. Crypto showed dot com on July, nineteenth get register for this free event. Its back crypto, show dot com and had the chance to take part in Palm Beach letters exclusive, two million dollar Bitcoin giveaway its back crypto, showed a com. Register back Crypto show that come so Ralph loser listeners or a listener of ours just a phoney in a minute ago, and he said you know what I'm really upset about, and I think the american people are upset about his we're. Looking for equal justice, where fair my and I, I believe that of the american people. We have just become a little unhinged right now, because we, I feel there is such a thing as fair, mindedness and Real Justice I'd like to remind you,
how you felt if you were white, how you felt the day the Oj Simpson verdict came out and what you thought about African Americans. and the way they celebrated that it was the first time that I notice day a real split between us where I I didn't understand the mentality of a group of people living in America. and because I didn't think justice was being served well, what happened If you look at the numbers now, African Americans now believe that Oj Simpson Childer, so what's changed. The celebration- the Thee vindication of black man not being hammered beating
the system didn't matter if he murdered, because you there felt for so long? There was no such thing as justice. There seeing justice, and so even though this guy was was guilty. It felt good to see a black man defeat the system, because I didn't feel there was an equal justice. Will that's what the rest of Amerika is going through. I think right now, you're going through a place to where we are being unreasonable and we're back. King things that you know african Americans. No, now They should have backed Oj Simpson, but it wasn't a bow but O J Simpson at the time and a lot of stuff that we're seeing it we're being told by the media. You just Eight, Hillary Clinton. No, I hate the injustice of all of this
the fact that no they're, dirty and corrupt. We all know this, and- can get away literally with murder. They could get away with anything. Now the left is experiencing this. Would Donald Trump and they're saying: why doesn't the right stand up because Donald Trump is our o J Simpson. He is our guy that we say you know what I here, take it anymore. I kid kit anymore. There is no such thing as equal justice, yours gonna dole it out anyway, that you see it and we ve been taken it and taken it and losing while we in trying to play fair, how this guy can win at first. I think that what's happening in America and because the media and the people
missions. Are really listening to America, they don't believe they don't really care to understand. What's happening. They just keep dog piling any gets worse and worse and worse. When both sides in him. now. I am not talking about the extremes, I'm not talking about the pole. Modernists that our current teaching in universities, I'm not talking about add far or the Nazis, I'm talking about the bridge person all they want is justice. Did you break the law, then go to jail. I don't who you are? I don't? very few rich or if your poor, you broke the law, it we had have been we designed as a nation of laws. Now the the left
is using this now to separate us. Instead of going the way of Martin Luther King, where Martin Luther King said America live up to, your founding words, I believe, in those words live up to them, he's dead, They are her. They are driving a wedge between us and those words And they are saying its revenge time it does matter. If we disagree with you. I can shut you down it's why they now the ACL. You is no longer going ass. for all of the the first amendment, freedom of speech rights because wait a minute now we are starting to have the tables turn on us and I guess have to defend religious people? Lowered are going to do that? That's the
point of equal justice, that's what our founding documents mean by all men, are created equal that we All have the same right. quite honestly, to say things that are gonna piss each other off. We all will have that right and it must be protected, and so We have to grow a little thicker skin and go up as another, not job, and we have- stop suing each other so trying to shut each other up and if somebody breaks the law, they go to jail Stephen crowd around this warring Steve. was the steam was the targeted By a juice borri in in Austin he was dead. the old out on the street called change my mind: it's something that he doesn't show it's. It's actually entertaining and really good he's, not
when for outrage he sang here's? What I believe there are two giant: is this particular one. There are two genders Come change. My mind, though on that I saw in Austin. Was this one and it was a person. There was running for the City Council, who is Trans, transgendered, sat down, and they had a fascinating conversation for about forty minutes weathers. It was very still didn't like that, and so, lots to who will go down and and slice their tyres who was ash their tyres with me and then somebody else volunteered firebomb firebomb his car right. Now. We all know that that's a crime we all know that that needs to be taken. Seriously, especially in today's world? Let's, let's move
how many times did the right, where they called racist, where they called Anti American, where they called dangerous rebels that one start a revolution. Have you heard the media, call that but the same things about Antiphon. Never, never! Never, in fact win. Donald Trump pointed out that they were at that. Charlottesville protest that that they are not great people either. The left went crazy over it. It couldn't even conceive of the fact that the answer for people were a who he was talking about right. So that's that's theme, to me, this is the place to where we come together. With the play where we come together is on equal justice, the Place we come together honestly his and I you know
I dont know how people perceive me anymore. I don't care, I really dont care put the what the only way I can live. My life is to be able to say Donald Trump is a nightmare and he's not going to do any of the things he promising you on this campaign, because he has no record of believing any of that and then when he gets into office- and he starts to do those things to say hello. cow, I'm. I was wrong on that. This is good. These things still bother me. These things aren't so great and these things are bad, but the Things are good live my life without being that way, and that's. What's missing in our society, we he somehow or another have to adopt. Absolutely everything will. When you are
opt absolutely everything that means you're going to excuse your side, something: youve accuse the other side of doing which then destroys equal justice. So which do you want Amerika you equal justice. Do you want fair play, so that you have to call them, as you see them, if so, oh, you can have a team jersey. If you want equal justice, you have to have the balls to take it. to the face exit unshed relentlessly, when you say, wait a minute if you didn't think that it was right for J, EDGAR Hoover or the FBI be able to do an investigation that you knew was going to come back. One way, one sided because the F B, I thought
They knew who Martin Luther king was a guy who was conspiring with the soviets. Any was a communist any had to be stopped. If you do you think he was right, then This has nothing to do with Martin Luther King we're Donald Trump. It is we to do with the FBI. If you believed there It was wrong because they had already made up their minds, that he was a communist that was being used by the Soviets and they were going to get do anything they could to prove that and stop him. Then you have to see the warning signs of what's happening now in our FBI that doesn't matter what he says. It doesn't matter what the president does or says. I'm telling you how
could have said, let's give Alina Kagan an extra vote on the Supreme Court and they would have found a way to drag through the mud and say we ve got to stop this. it doesn't matter what he does but we ve missed. Is This is no longer about the precedent it stop being it's. Why we stop talking about Barack Obama about two years before he left office? It what about him? It started to be about us who are we what's happening? What are we doing? What are we doing in our life? What are we accepting in our life same thing is happening. Now is that about Donald Trump? This about Troll power and money. That's all this is about networks are losing money, they're losing power, they're losing control. The party
both of them losing power losing money losing control. That's all this is. We're watching a death match of an old aunt Waited system of media and politics, a two party system: it's a death, match vase, think one of them is going to win in the end. They have no idea that the system is when the eighteen, hundreds, even eighteen, he was eighteen, fifty six, they are like a you know why Mugabe, Republicans newbie Democrats, doesnt work, big bloated government this. This came from Karl Marx. I mean how is this made to look like this is a new idea. Is that a new ideas, one of the oldest ideas around put all of our money into a big collective and will have one person or a group of. Bull that are really smart, oversea, how we distribute all the wealth always ends in corruption all ways
we don't even have that system and look? How corrupted is. So, let's stop fighting about all that and let just start fighting for facts. Truth. being open minded listening to each other, Trying to figure out what's really going on, but behind all of this anger and Ralph set at best one of the things that is really driving the anger right now. is the same thing that was driving the anger that I didn't understand in the nineteen nineties with the Oj Simpson verdict, people old feel there is such a thing as equal justice when somebody beats the system, it doesn't matter if they are guilty or innocent, they beat that
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and she's just standing there waiting for him to arrive and, ninety two years old, yeah, it's Is it still hot over there? You know what it usually ojeda anybody you know, it's weird is a vehicle I can do our date. Lemming vehemence kids. When we were colonies we would leave. The king would make us wait months and then What Europe needs still make us way? Yes, events weeks after you got there yeah it's obviously a very different world turned around just at TAT just a bit plus she's the queen, who has no power so he's gonna kisser, I hope there'll, be they I'll, settle baby does go for the tongue Gulf, I mean if you, if you're gonna, do it just open mouth right for Glenn, back mercury.
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