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Even Lincoln’s Racist Now? | Guests: Nicole Arbour & Mike Netter | 12/16/20

2020-12-16 | 🔗

A San Francisco school district doesn’t believe Abraham Lincoln cared enough about black lives to keep his name on a high school. Texas State Rep. Kyle Biedermann is proposing a bill that’ll allow Texans to vote on secession. A Paralympic swimmer born without hands was kicked out of a bookstore for not putting on a mask. Why is flu down, but COVID-19 up? Glenn reviews the stats: How many Americans know about the Great Reset, and how many want it? Political activist Mike Netter explains his massive petition to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Comedian Nicole Arbour discusses her journey from Hollywood liberal to Trump-supporting conservative. Glenn and Stu disagree on Tom Cruise’s social distancing rant.

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this man programme. This is this is really a special day. Pogo harm is back a kidnapping people, twenty twenty two, it wasn't good, that's good enough. We got them back in the news also want Sykes is back, is back all these people that you know we're so irritating there suddenly back in our faces again and San Francisco changing the name of some of the schools, Abraham Lincoln, didn't think black lives matter. We are now on. Ok, We begin the news there in sixty seconds is a glaring back programme. Good to have you back to. Thank you very much God, veal in here right,
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Thirty one seventeen, my pillow dotcom promo code back tonight on glimpse easy on the way to visit Saint Nicholas. They stayed overnight at an inn. The stories of Christmas and Santa Claus. You ve, never heard the innkeeper took the boys, cut them off and was going to make the voice of the little meet, buys watch. Murder. Capitalism, cenis transformation story is a lot more than you think. Tonight. Nine pm Eastern Place DVD com slashed Glenn ready for Christmas, yet nation is nothing better, nothing better than a nation of sheep in San Francisco. They are just gathering together now to be able to make sure there is nothing offensive happening with their high schools or there you know, or there there are typical of elementary schools. You know I mean I mean I don't know why you have them anymore, nobody's going anyway. A link in high school is many one of the many San Francisco school names, the advisory committee.
has found to be problematic the others include George Washington, I school Herbert Hoover Middle School. What up bastard back and Nepal Revere K through wait? What that guy do what I do Zeb with no, you know what he was doing. He was calling a horse his then he got on the back that horse and Nor did the horse care the british we're coming. Maybe he thought the British would save them from here quarter master in the stable, but the ship just a continue to go variety of criteria would remove historic figures from the list, including being slaveowners known racist and white supremacist Celts do you're out,
I am all for us- the stew, the producer school him. Where is that, whereas that one health area yeah well, you can cause you're a lawyer, a colonialist and you are. You have been connected to human rights or environmental abuses, bath environmental visas from their standards. I don't think I could even deny a man, a man so Lincoln the discussion around Lincoln Centre around his treatment of first nation peoples, because that level that was offered first once he met them criteria. In that way, we didn't belabour the point now, so you Lincoln freed all the slaves of Ten years before the first peoples release their slaves.
So Lincoln didn't care about the native American, because I guess of their color so you didn't care about them. and of course we have to take him because you know he wrote what did he ever do really for the black men? but he freed the slaves. Ten years before the native Americans did However, I wonder believable, I any know today I looked up and have as a b c and Abraham Candy is on talking about. How do you know how to be anti racist he's one of the people who commendable that concept? fragility that whole. Thank you and it's like I, I've been talking So we said this on the air. They were be tearing down statues of Martin Luther king. No, you have them down. Oh yeah, though we are not are away from that here. We are now we're. The point now we're Abraham Lincoln is going down and I think it think, ok. Well, we I think Abraham Lincoln, maybe did more for black people than
Luther King Jr think even Martin Luther King Jr would probably admit to that, but the body it there's a recently. I think I think you go timeline with this thing like throw away the feet of fresh fruit, throw away the founding fathers. George Washington's people were obviously haters. Now we're up to Lincoln. Wouldn't you would be real the most impossible to turn around, but now they're going to try to do that and then Martin Luther King, and then actually the impossible dream it's impossible. It really is as important as I had a dream. We could we get rid of that Bastard Lincoln and apparently we can do it fairly. We can do now. Here's the thing how weird that the world is now conservatives who allegedly all black people and hate Martin Luther King, we're
to be the one standing up for Martin Luther King Boulevard, where Martin Luther gangs that Martin Luther King School we already are or were already there when it comes to his constant when it comes to judging people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, the only people even attempting it now our conservatives unit. You know why that connects with conservatives, because The entire speech is based in the deck, creation of independence. He read nice that people are flawed, but this idea was not people just have to live up to that idea. The I've wants to throw that idea out. Can you tell me a better idea than all men are created? Equal, hey, let's make aid more perfect nation, not a perfect one, a more fact nation that is always striving to live to its ideals and always looking back in the river and arrogant, mopped screw that went up. Let's not do that again.
Creating more perfect nation, where we have had and coughed the the government, the oppressor. we have handcuff that and all you have to do is just be free, the responsible cool with other people being free. That's it better go your own way and It would be nice if you treated people really nicely as well. You don't have to, but it be nice, so my allowed to burn down city escapes in Vienna Otto zones because I feel like it can. I do. Well, ok, right are you burning down for Ulysses S Grant or against Louis Ulysses S Grant Ulysses such an old time he named gotta burnt down. As of him, you know this one makes me happy do know what other other school is that elementary school that's being closed, we Woodrow Wilson, no,
no they're gonna skip over him. You watch he has, I will say there have been some examples across the country where their taken his name off of earnest and am torn over that because he is your worst president. Ever are one of them, but you have to remember the mistakes here it's why we have scars it. Remind you to not do that one again it's It is part of life. You make stakes you, but our up I mean a statue of Woodrow Wilson is a scar. but you know what Well I'm glad it's there because otherwise, if we would have erased him from history, I would have never been able to point out all the problems that were doing now everything They were doing now, work his ideas, we're doing it right now. So How could I, how would I know that this a bad idea. If I couldn't back and look at
the time it was tried. Last time huge mistake massive racist clan went through the roof. I mean balloon. This is a huge problem with the these. Censorship might to net, like, though people are like they ve got a. We now get what's his face, the guy who's, those calling for the the million men March he's always calling for the killing of all Jews and women where five Aragon, Ella Conservatives response to online censorship was like arguably, fair kind, still left there to say whatever he wants. It's like. I do not one a historical record of the crazy things look Louis Farrakhan says I dont want to discourage him from saying any other I want to. I would love to talk him out of it right: I'd, love to trade, at him to change its mind and I think it's a good there's a good chance. That's gonna happen, but like what they talk about this with elected officials when they come on their like our work on a sensor, Donald Trump tweets. It's like if you think that,
what is the worst person in the world and you think, he's a big races and you think he's Adolf Hitler like having mine come after the fact, bring. The situation was really good. We were able to see who this guy was. It was really important that we we didn't Bert. We didn't delete his book bird. Is book not publish his writings like we need to know that we did, you think, know how he came to those conclusions. We need to know so: weak stop it in the future. It's why you can't it's, why you cannot take. Let's say that his death, in the Koran and just two little snippets of it. You have to get into it and understand it. You have to be able to read it. Then you can! The new wants- and you can say, okay, so people read this book. Like we read the Bible, where you don't, you know, you must not eye for an eye, ok new covenant and
Some people look at this and say Sharia LAW, as it says in the Book Sharia LAW its eye for an eye. It's got to be that way. It's gotta be that way, So the only way you can understand, But right now we either take things out of context or just don't care about them at all. So we don't read its this, same thing with the declaration of independence and the constitution, who reads that anymore, ever he's got an opinion on it. Every I can tell you about it, but not really, not really making quote if your law, key. They can quote the life liberty and pursuit of happiness now, if you're lucky, but everybody today will tell you it's either golden or
it's an old washed up paper. That means nothing anymore. The pursuit of happiness. Isn't that will Psmith Movie that's fanatically work that is more or less how futuristic they were. They saw. Will Smith make that movie with hath long ago? They have so much to get to today, and we are also talking to the What is he a visa, wrap from from Texas, That is saying that we need the Tec needs to succeed, have that coming up in about ten minutes, stand by our four Let me tell you about our sponsor: it is life lock. Sometimes I liked to go up in public. I'd like to go on public aid take out my wallet way. I'm fact checking this add we mean
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ten seconds station, I d on today's on today's programme we ve got, we ve got a lot of great. But somebody I'm really excited to meet is nickel arbour. You know she s a yeah yeah, so she was like this really big success before she was twenty. She had her on Calendar from sports illustrated where she was every month. She was in movies. She has her own way. CAFE Star, I mean she's amazing, then some happened in our life. That is trust raising the rushed her.
She found God and was like ok god. I can't like this anymore. You gotta help me her whole life turned around she. a die. our liberal I'm not anymore not anymore, and she is forbes said one of the good, the twins, in their twenties to watch, which is one of the real. movers and shakers on social media, etc, etc. She's great she's in Vienna on today's programme. All Oh just a quick reminder on tomorrow's programme. We are going to be putting our money where our mouth is. We are going to be the standing up for the small business owners. The small business is all around the country. We're gonna, give you some really great stories is be people that you might want to reach out and help and we're gonna do some things to help as well. That's on tomorrow's programme. There is a little light, come in your way on tomorrow's programme
ok. So there's a couple of other things in ice If I were just drinking everything would be. I guess I I I I the news reviled, For instance, how to make sense of this one out of you mills behind you twenty eighteen just five point: four percent of the EU as working population works, room at all by twenty twenty, it turned into a reality for fifty six percent of the workforce. Well I'll workers force this day, homework, which I welcome. The change many learn carrying a giant.
stay governments regained another round all locked down and is not shocking. Many companies are choosing to carry on with Roma work. That's where I raise a droid. Did you the german Corruption Bank they announced their working from home, was a privilege. as your revenge. Widely hurry banks, this assessment grew more workers, Adele contribute and must be dealt with accordingly. So they were out some research. and they found that more than have other workers. What are they can't hear you to work for a moment after the band hammock, so they suggest that we charge those bastards home of, percent Hacks
apparently working from home is a privilege and covert has just made this obvious way. Bigoted charge of five percent type, sent. The reason why the reason why because people are not paying for gas there not putting miles on their car foam on spending money to go out to eat, so they they have all this extra money and I got a gun I use a fax is how they bore struggling and daisy banks in the? U S could raise up to an average of forty eight billion dollars a year by taxing people were working from home, and that would be enough to pay for fifteen hundred dollar grants for twenty nine million workers migrate.
of that no seriously. Oh, We should tax. We should tax people for staying home, so in other words for your staying at home, because you are forced to stay at home, you are now privileged. Have to pay for the damaged caused by the lock down You didn't want to have in the first place I love this country. As many have vague viewer? Oh well ways, people over to be tabled. This is the Glen programme. A Texas secession started makes sense days and it simply safe this holiday season. Anyone tries to break into your house. It could be like that kid from home alone, where a year I gonna threeam pay, can and
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and You could blaze tv dot, slash Glenn there. You can find police tv and get ten bucks off your subscription right now placed tv dot com, slash Glenn this? Is the Glen by programme weathers? effort now to have Texans vote on whether they want to secede from the United States and its starting to gain support, I just want to go back and then I know people say you know you aunt, secede from the union? You can't break away. I'm sorry! That's this cream court and I know that civil war settled it did it did it really that the the constitution and the the union the vote to get into it
is not a suicide pack. It's not. it's killing freedom. If I may quote Governments long established should not be changed for light and transients causes accordingly, all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer. Why Evils are suffering than direct themselves by abolishing the forms which they are accustomed. That's why that's happening now with us with Cove in it's it's. We know that it's tyranny. We know that it's bad. We know that they don't really have a right to do this. But what are we? knew about. It is light and transit cause. If we wanted to say you're gonna get out because of that or I'm gonna get because of the because of the vote. That's a lie in transit and cause, but
when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object it Vince designed to reduce them under absolute despotism is there right? It is their duty to throw off such government and I knew guards for their future security but see here's the here's, the the the point that I think we all need to look at, and that is what the long train of abuses and you usurpations in the declaration of independence there's tons of them, and they are really really really bad, because as if I may go to the beginning of the declaration of indicates independence when, in the of human events, it becomes necessary for one p to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with one another, and to assume among the powers of the earth. The separate and equal station to
the laws of nature and natures, God entitle them decent respect to the opinions of mankind require that we should declare the causes that impel us to that separation. we have to. We have to be very clear on the causes. So what are those causes, because I don't think, there's much disagreement, while there will be from the left now, if Donald Trump we have been in office, they would have been making this case, but you have a. At a time when you say I want a different country because declaration of independence says it's over long train of a abuses and usurpations and you're losing the freedom that this government. So if the government is tyrannical, then you have the right to be. will they get out, you do have the right unless you're living under tyranny, you have the right and the duty,
If we are living under tear tyranny and not some made up tyranny, not like her, saw Avery, honour and fifty years ago. No one what do they, what he would say Putting today, happening to you right now. It is a good example, but it's one. but is that is Cove id is cove id a long train of abuses in usurpations pursuing invariably the same object. These abuses. going down the road, the same road Pursuing the same object, total confer, all over people with the gray Reset and everything else is going on. I think you're got to gear you. You could make a case.
Do we have him on yet, but we do ok. We have Kyle Biederman on Kyle is say: is a state rep, Texas and he's proposing a bill to allow Texas to vote on secession oh Kyle, how are you Thank you very much for let me beyond it. I don't know much work and saving what you already started this morning, and I really appreciate: are you going right back to the actual words of our founding fathers because what's happening leave negative, I'm getting, which are very few come back. The fact that I don't want a miracle now you listen to every word. You Chad, Glenn We love America and that's why we need to do something about these abuses. there they are dismissing the thing that made Amerika America, that's the declaration of independence and the constitution but let me give you the words from the Texas constitution: all pull
coal power is inherent in the people. All free governments are founded on their authority and insight. Suited for their benefit. The faith of the people of Texas stands pledge to the preservation of Europe look in form of government and subject to this limitation. Only they have it all times the inalienable right to alter reform or abolish their government in such a manner as they may think expedient. Does that mean the government of the state or the gun, and they have align themselves with yeah sure true and the taxation of every state, The constitution does not deny your ability to lead. A lot of people say that check that but again the constitution as the powers that are not Gallagher to United States by the constitution or prohibited by it to the stage are preserved. Two states respectively, ordered PETE people are the real key word plan, the pit.
all the ones that can rise up and and pull out their government and all other government saw the gold and jewels They are entitled to known and we have some the grievances and the people's voices must not, and so on, believed to be all right now, so the real question is The grievances do they mean if we let me go back to the the declaration of independence. Governments long established should not be changed for light and transit and causes If you read the declaration of independence, the things the king was doing to people is much more than what. Happening to us now,
what are those reasons and do they rise to the level of get out. We're not gonna, be a part of this well I'm here today with the biggest problem is the stage have not been given up their authority in I'll the council to do them what you really the stage, that allowed us to be in position that would in but some of this will be our first amendment right, John obliged at has been trampled on by this federal government, and so we ve got a person in the right amendment, one course please village, religious freedom in the tenth amendment course, which is all about they tried. All these things are Helen White said given to us that no one can kick, show nourishing afterwork. Anyone did to the parliament
I back the revolutionary time, so I would say that the huge on major, especially come to the regulation on the forming of of agency, and taking over health care and everything else that has been done by the federal government. That is that there are thirty, so states on the problem of giving it to them. So if this were just a vote, I would vote for it. but if this were a vice, I think I think I'd have to really listen to the the whole argument. If this were like breadth breaks it I would vote because it doesn't mean war this? Is this will not be taken? I mean you're, just going to succeed. And being a living in Texas in knowing Texans I'd like to go ahead. Stop him! but
Nobody wants that. Nobody wants that so diligently. Why you're exactly right in and would you where you can hear the breakfast? That's exactly what is it It is ok. What do we do to get their attention? Not only do they get the dish, russian, going not just in against the federal government Since the agreement was alone state? Shall we give the people a voice? We let them out and vanished. You pay about gas than the government needs to listen to the people and the discussion begins it could take years. I do not know where all that's gonna go. So this isn t this is not a pick up your guns. This is a bad. answer when people say okay, so we ve tried everything what next this is Let's get their attention by all standing together in saying we're.
A part of this very much longer than is exactly that. All the bill shut, and even if you do have the legislature Allow me to briefly tell people legislature have the discussion. The discussion is not post. What's gonna happen after the people vote? Yes, if they decide to vote yes This ability to serve their status with indignation now, after that, there will also be delineate now its women when timidity this one, the catches, legislature, federal government. Now they start discussion of all about other things, but if we don't get a discussion going We're never gonna be erect off about these issues that are happening Stay do not come to other states, watch him ass? They were, Follow wash catches me to leave
so Kyle does this bill say that we are succeeding or that we have the right to secede. This bill There we have to ask that we on the door passes. We don't leave all that does now. We saw the process discussion forcing the legislature, the government of Pakistan, the federal government to actually start talking about it and, of course, with the other stake serve. Some people get worried that and if we succeed in ITALY vote. Yes, no one that can be proceeded with a proper our eye and have you see many pole numbers on this. Do you think this would pass moment look at the pole numbers that had been happen. for the last five years, training upwards. Nor must we do a pause will be at the majority of technical data of this
but when I'm looking right now, if I put out my announcement about we could go to respond, didn't tremendous from all over the world. I'm down the Glen that I've been tremendous again I'll bet, a worried, in a way of saying what you just said: how will we wanted to care for them? just call me one Dutch. What this is about. they worry that over the next day we vote and then, while she now about not a case, there's too much to build Europe and we have a great, Paypal but watch what you the people voted. Then it took four years legislature, languages, you're gonna, be a european right. Some here is this is really just putting some chips down on our side of the table. you know you're not listening to us, so we're just lay a few. Chips down at the table. Maybe that will get your attention. Let's example
what a good idea mission taxes? You know that you right back to the Alamo, you go back to the Spirit of Texas and that Spirit is inside taxes They just have allowed it to get to know to be about really active as they shut with red white people up with the rate people moving into this state. I am very concerned about that Spirit, because the Texans are I've always felt are born kind of feeling that but it seems to be changing its not gone. I think it's still the majority, but it's it's moving in another direction fast and we could become California fast and calculate or a member. Our education system restore, surely honour text I know I have my mommy with my mother. Tell me you can't you tell me tat To my mind ever you in school. Well, that's been
certainly minimize, but we also have a committee some states, article five and back a constitution that that Man is moving, but it leaves a lot kick start there's only two states that have already signed. I believe we need, if get thirty two stage, five on The founding fathers was so worried that they gave the other. Two for the states to join together to amend the constitution you know a title? I did not think I didn't. Think I was going to say this, but just from this conversation base, On justice conversation, so I'd have to learn more, but I didn't I'd say I'm with you, but I'm with you. I think is the right direction to go its logical It puts chips down the table, it doesn't point a gun it just it just right its things up a little bit words like eight? No, where we're serious, and I think that's great Kyle. Thank you very much
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Where a mask because dig me look, who I am until you hear this horror, the horror story. This horror story will share it when we, back all also another horror story. crews completely out of control. This would actually stew- and I disagree on- I think, he's are, you might have been a little out of control, but I think these probably right on this one stew says he's just a short bastard. I dont understand summary coming up the Glen Back Programme, Hey everybody knows pay pal Did you know that they were teaming up with honey? To save you money?
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start to see everybody stand up and say you know what I am opening my business. I don't care what you say: nobody's feeding my family, except for me and you're not going to put all of my dreams and all of my hopes out to pasture opening, my business. When I see that American Spirit will be on the road to recovery. Well, I'll show you some of that. Coming up. sixty seconds is the Glen program well, here. Looking down right down the barrel of a holidays. You think it about Christmas, gotta get the presence gotta get to since gotta get the presence here. Looking down that beryl, you see that bullet coming toward you like, yeah. You do my friend do and you can't even get a present for yourself. Why you're out in hunting oh Mamma stakes alma
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You are right about one thing: what are you going I did not have a law what's happening here. there's a business or a small business owner in california- that's had it. They had enough
This is what happens when you you in The two should Ally's everything and who is, he got our complaint to the health department, the cops he's broke in a rule, but that's not really a law, because the legislature didn't do it. You, don't you can't Paul anybody, because whose really making these decisions and enforcing them in color. For gave a Newsome and it I gave a Newsome they already over eight hundred thousand signatures. What are they need? One point: five million for a recall: if over eight hundred thousand thorough and let em try very hard people have had it. I can't believe it has taken this lock. You know we're coming up on the year anniversary. The time. All of us heard about covert most likely. If you paid any attention at all, was
the Christmas holidays, asked year yard something's, going on in China they're closing all these things down and you're, like, of course, they eat bats. There was a year ago gates came out yesterday and I he said that we're just doc gonna be able to read. I could be able to open up, even if we get everybody a vaccination words stop gonna be able opened up and you're gonna be wearing Bastille, the ed, maybe middle, to the end of twenty twenty two twenty two spoiler alert, that's not happening if not happen. No I mean unless you some there's a massive boom, virus. You craziness that, like the where none of the other, the back scenes, don't work in all of that others to suffer you that they, they keep saying this stuff? It's like come on, people are not going to do it for their alright at the end of the rope there
listen to these videos there already at the end of their vote, a rope with stuff they ve done enough, in others. They there's only so much. You can ask, I think, of the american people bitten more. People are now beyond that point their beyond that point, and especially if the vaccine comes out in- let's say you know it's in the process. Now the Madonna one is supposed to come out of this this week, when the emerging use authorization. Ninety four, ninety five percent effective it numbers are even remotely close to accurate people. Organ going to be doing that. Third, then, but I live in your nose dynamics The key say, like a well in fear, could pass through the nose. It's like a way way way way way way way. That would be a symptomatic I remember what they said about asymptomatic carriers, almost no evidence that that was happening now, another death. It's definitely have anyone, but that's what they said at the beginning. There was that there was yet the World Health Organization, several raggedy Ann, and here I think that ok see we referred to the world
health organisations at the beginning, Oh now we're at a point where guess that that can be happening, but like look at if these things before vaccines work. The way that they did. They are claiming to work you're going to see Death numbers go from one of the three thousand a day right now and one that number is at a hut a day like theirs I'm sorry that is not going to the american people are not going to sit back and be like a well I'm to continue to wear my master, not see my grandparents. Who are already vaccinated like that is going to happen? unless you have drew closure governor. Who will do it for completely different reasons? Oh yeah, but we know why the two big best economy? I sorry Texas is number two: aren't we or is it still New York? the two biggest economies and in the United States, California, and New York there, too, being it they're tubing it. What does that mean?
but what is going to mean for those states and where the gotta be the entrepreneurs that are, though, backbone of America when however, we have a crisis aid. Percent of all new jobs are created by small businesses. Putting them all out of business and your teaching their children never go into that or go into that. I remember the gun and told everybody to lock down it destroyed my mom and dad my dad was fighting. He would you know the commissioners were always in given him finds it just destroyed it. you're, destroying the the will and the want and the belief to do would yourself and to make a deal. prince in your own life, all of it and I'm telling you you're going, hard to see more and more, and I think this is a good thing. What do you have to lose at this point? Open, frickin business as
said you to pay my rent unit? Pay it because nobody pay my rent. Nobody knows pay my rent. I told you asked our the dewy gb? thanks, said all you know who should pay for this, though, people who are working from home weight, people are working from home because He told them they had to work from home L its approach. village to work from home. We should charge them a five percent tax. You ve to be kidding me. No I've got to be kidding. I'm with this starts. It continues to happen once we get past you pandemic land. We're going to wait to see what they do with a rezoning regulations that they're going to? our zoning, well you're in a residential neighborhood. You owe me yeah, I guess. If you paid a fee, you could work at home, maybe out his attacks maybe began because it just all right, you know people you. If we look, this is not what it zone for an end they
Go down that release. You haven't live in Houston or a few other places year. Our a very famous talk show host that will remain nameless, had the money to move out of a very expensive city and built a very large expensive home with a studio in it and then could not broad. asked from it because city said: mats not zone for that had to go, build another studio and drive into it, a very famous broadcaster yeah. I don't know who might have probably been Paul Harvey or somebody like the real telling you people are starting to stand up, and you know what it really bothers me. These people, these celebrities, it think they can get away with anything. Let me tell you about this: canadian celebrity, ok, she's she's! Parallel Ec swimmers got all kinds of metals, oh she's special, so she doesn't have to abide by any of the rules. So she went into a book store and the book store
Rightly said you after where a mask where's your mask. She said I I'm here just to buy, but you can't be in this store without a mask you refusing to put on a mask is out what it is. Why won't you put on your mask and she said you know who I am I'm I'm I'm Elizabeth Walker, young, I'm the the canadian Paralympic swimmer. They said we don't care, we don't make special exceptions. Why won't you put on your mask and she it well because I don't have any arms or hands? I can't put on a mask. Would you like to Basque on me. I can't do it. I d! have arms or hands kicked out of the store Maybe if you come up with a mask tat attacks for people without arms and legs, maybe then loaded he shall just be eliminated from society. The desirable seat. She in that person is differently able and but that but
have the ability to put on a mask. I'm sorry, I D, the lack of arms and legs is a pretty good. Mascot Zeus, I feel like it's one of the better. What's layovers gonna rank mask excuses, I believe no arms and no legs as Torreon. It I'd get twelve point two where some of us are willing to lose our limbs to be able to say I'm not what I can't beyond that man. I think so the aid is, I would say, it's and it's an upper quintal excuse headlines, people that wear glasses should be exempt from the mass thing. because my glasses are always fog dumb and I can easily anything and you know it shows how ridiculous these masks are, because the only reason why they're following up is because all of my hot air is going up into my glasses, so Obviously, that is not going through the mask. So stupid so stupid. I got something from the swiss
its instant chocolate. It's really going dismiss. She was over at my house. She is so hot. No, I got a something. The evidence on masks from the swiss policy research. Have you seen this topic Ok, this is fantastic, will will publish it. It Glenn back dot, com and all in view of the current evidence regarding the F, the effectiveness of face mass, so far, more studies found little to no evidence for the effectiveness of Of cloth cloth face mask for the general population. Neither is personal, Bert DR equipment, nor as a source of control they start to source. All of that they have ten studies that have been done made. When twenty met a study of pandemic influenza published by the? U S, CDC found mask, had no effect, danish randomize controlled trial was six thousand participants published in the annals of internal medicine. It is annals,
a good. I just want to have any annals of internal medicine, and that's why you're in the hall of fame makers, it ain't, you got that word right here on the down the wrong road of evil would say yet. That's exactly where that a study should be up somebody's anyway, I found no statistically significant effect of high quality medical face Masks Gang July. Twenty twenty review Oxford Centre for evidence Base medicine merit crazy idea, that there is no evidence for the effectiveness of cloth masks against the virus, infection or transmission. It goes on and on and on there's ten of them. And I want you to look- I want you to look at them. You know it's New England Journal of Medicine, the University of Illinois, the University of EAST We know and love that one of the Oxford Centre, the Danes, the? U S CBC, I mean these aren't slouch place
yeah. No, I mean there has been that I would say the research generally. I mean there he's high, obviously there highlighting the ones that are favourable for four. That side of the argument. There have been some that have shown moderate examples of of benefit. What they I have been none of a show. This panacea but you can go where a mask end and not and prevent the spread completely. There's no there's no study. That shows that shows that, to my knowledge, that shows that at all can you can you help me out on this one? How come the flu is way down way down there saying we're not having contact with each other and the masks are effective. Well then, how come covered if we're all wearing masks how come covert is going up and you're telling us it's because nobody's wearing masks. But yet flu is down this Go to give your actual answer the right guy! Well, wait just wait.
Let me save her being wrychester assist for a minute. In fact, exactly one minute, let me tell you about John in Chicago, John and Chicago, exactly the score sort of sceptic that I like. He knows I'm right about this masks thing. He heard me talking about rough greens and how it changed my dog. You know he wrote in his head, so I said to myself: right, I thought my parents had purchased some and I asked them if they could try it on my dog. I have arrived you dog, very picky, ah here to see if there are any table scraps going into his bull before touching his food. Sometimes he won't eat at all and wait until the next day e up. What happen any more. I ate I took the bag of the greens out of the pantry, he literally nudges it towards his behold. It's crazy! He Wolf's down his food immediately upon pudding, rough greens on it. Thank you, Glenn
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for rough greens. That's our eye, John! Please! It's not lend its doktor, Glen or Doktor back, which ever I worked. Hard for that doctorate in humanity's, which does Help me at all. When I'm talking about dog food, because dogs aren't human body you win some. You lose some. a little piece of advice from doktor back through Greens gets jumpstart bag right now. Fourteen ninety five started see the difference in your own dog rough greens. Dot com, slash back, that's the greens, dot com, slash back tens. station. I d I now that I've driven away elbow audience ended up agenda. Two thousand. I read those that were. Thank you. I'm a doctor. Man and now so the
really lazy or the shut in similar still listening right. You can go and tell your facts about. I am wrong, so I heard so now. Entirely wrong: it's a game just not as right as I usually right. The reason, Why, your question was: why is the flu basically disappeared? Why and they say it's because a masks and distancing and all these things and cove it has not the answer. That is covered is more. contagious than the flu that the answer to it. It's a lot. You're too Pascoe. But then it is the flu. That being said, the bigger criticism here, and I would say that the it I don't think you're actually in here really. I know you know this, but this is point when it comes to masks The media has spent all of this capital coming after you Just where you're freaking max man we're Freak Mass, and so people are cut
certainly thinking that this will cure or prevent the spread of covert, so they, This is one of them. The thoughts behind the swedish model initially was to say what I do last swedish models. You have my it and I'll get him back, I'm back. That's not a sexy, as you think you are, but it is that people would board wind up where Mass within getting closer and having other contacts and doing other things just wearing the mast and thinking they could solve These issues, the cap at the it doesn't do that of men. is shown moderate benefit in some circumstances, one of the ones for example, on the: U S S Roosevelt: where will you have a lot of people and very key contact you promised swedish models. and I'm a vision in them just wearing a mask, and then you bring up Roosevelt. You are harsh in my mouth right. The bottom line is that The methods they ve they ve talked about like masks. are good enough to basic Stop the spread of the flu J,
not good enough to stop the spread of covert nineteen a just now. I can only see a naked Roosevelt in his wheelchair, not wearing a mere welcome. Thank you for that. it just rolling around naked in a wheelchair. If you can't, they think it. Sexier image, the matter? I can't I can't our. Will you just look at this study for me yeah. We definitely for sure I thought you'd look, it is there is but no especially cloth masks and others. Not a ton of evidence that it stops may certainly stop spread a minute. It may help in some areas, but but that is not how the media, talks about it and I think it is, that's done a lot of damage to this, because they keep saying or just where you're freaking mass people look at. The video that we showed it will arise where mass he's wearing these everyone's wearing of ask, but it much much worse for nineteen. Then if people just came in and got pick up because they're sitting there indoors screaming at each other through masks that does not
red covered. Ninety does wearing them ass, the reader, where it work like that's what you're saying workers we should all workers. Yes, I want plastic, burgers plastic, ass because I don't want plastic bag If you dont have a burka where a plastic bags here, that's all I'm set. I it tightly though entire tightly, so you can see all that cove id Glenn Back programme. He sang to put a plastic bag over your head. That's day, risk as I've been in the dry cleaning industry. My whole life, If so, I know well, spend Christmas shopping when you shopping online? You have to factory in the shipping time, especially right now, while you're at it you, be using honey, the app that saves you money when you shop for one more week there is a great honey give away now: they're, not giving away honey. They're giving away money to you
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There is a brand new Paul lead has been commissioned by the Hard Landing Institute and untrue Rasmussen. It is a pole on the great reset it has just been released, as I am beginning to speak now on stopping socialism dot com. Is this I had an interesting pull. It really shows you where America is. the cove head and the vaccine being distributed all over the world. We know with a second one on its way soon. You'd think the media headlines would be light at the end of the tunnel charm Just over we, you know American, the world can get back to work but you don't see those headlines. Do you? its non, stop fear porn, Morlock sounds more statements claiming we may not go back to normal for another two years. now, in from bill gates Real story is now go.
back to normal. Nobody. This virus was the gateway drug to global socialism. The great reset. the plan that has been cooked up by the World Economic Forum, who has influential political and economic allies in every country. Colluding the United Nations, It will use the thread of covert and climate change to force private businesses and corporations into bending the knee to their government overlords. It's already under way. It is why companies are seemingly going insane and doing things like the NFL or the NBA. Why are they doing that? Do not or China. It's because great reset is coming and capitalism itself is on attack and will change unless you stand up arse.
All our entire western society will be forever altered at a fundamental level, oh! You live your life. Is about to age and most people don't know I've been warning about the great reset for almost a year now, and people need to get familiar with it really soon, because Joe Biden and John Kerry, are very familiar with it. Recent John Kerry said while sitting in an interview with the World economic forum that Biden will accelerate I'm quoting the great reset with greater intensity. Then people are expecting. now before him called a conspiracy theories. These are his words. Not mine a poll was just done. People's knowledge of the great reset, and it tells you everything you need to know both for what Americans actually want, and
the bad guys are who the people are that are accepting in pushing this republic overwhelmingly know more about the great reset than the Democrats, they all have the most criticism of it, but America as a whole does not want to have anything to do with this plan cooked up in Davos, you know with the World Economic Forum and the? U N, the pole is, fascinating it shows how divided we actually are ideologically in this. nation, conservatives, dont trust any these global institutions or even our own government, but the left absolutely trust them. The government workers vapor hold insanely favourably for this. Not to the institutions, but for the great reset as a whole. And why? Wouldn't they it's the governor workers that will have all of the power if its ever successful and make no
stake. That's all that's all this is about. The great reset is about power for the government power for institutions and you submission servitude or pain so let me give you the the members who here the raw numbers one Are you familiar with a great reset move in a global economic strategy in response to the pandemic that seeks to change the priorities of capitalism? Thirty, percent of the general public, say yes, forty one say no twenty four aren't sure Eighty two percent: if you look at the cross tabs, fifty two percent of the government workers say their familiar with the recent remember. The average is thirty. Five. Fifty percent of governor government workers are familiar with a great reset. The high of any employment. Demographic said percent of governor were government workers who have heard of the great reset said they support it,
This is the biggest support, so government workers are the most likely to know about it and the most likely to support it, the people who work for a private company it forty three percent support, if you will for the government. The great reset has seventy percent The ideological group, most likely to be familiar with a great reset, was conservative. Forty fourth moderates. Thirty one liberals, twenty three of course there watching fake news, they're not they didn't know about Hunter Biden for the love of peat. two Do you strongly favours somewhat favours somewhat opposers strongly oppose a great reset twenty two percent strongly favour twenty per, somewhat favour ten per and somewhat oppose forty three percent strongly oppose and for peace. Cuomo, I'm busy killing people on seven
six percent of the republic and say they do not favour the great reset. Seventy two percent of Democrats say they favour it. Sir, stay seven percent of other party officials party affiliation say they do. I favour. So it's only the Democrats, seventy, six or Republicans against sixty seven of independence against seventy two percent of Democrats. For so you have the statist class and democratic, voter, every else is not or this do You have a favourable, somewhat favourable, somewhat unfavourable or very unfavourable impression of the United Nations twenty one person. you're very favourable. I love them four percent somewhat favourable. Nineteen somewhat unfavourable seventeen, only seventeen percent very unfavourable nine per by busy gonna nursing home with covered in New York. Sixty
six per cent of government workers have a very favourable or somewhat favourable impression that the highest again of any group. Seventy seven percent of respondents who said socialism is better than a free market economic system also had very favourable impression of the: U N How influential should international institutions, like the United Nations, World Economic Forum and International Monetary Fund, be in reducing economic inequality tea in the United States. So how much should the the World Economic forum worthy I D nations. How influential should they be in solving inequality? Letty in Amerika thirteen percent. very, influential thirty one percent somewhat influential eight in percent, not very influential twenty five percent, not at all and fourteen percent again,
the ones who say they should be implemented, influential in solving all of our and in an equity problems, sixty five percent governor government workers. This is the split in America, There is much much more through this, and you can find it right now in stopping socialism dotcom. Let me give you this one. What should be the as priority for business in the United States burning a profit and if it shareholders or owners, providing individual customers with high quality part of products and services at the lowest prices, providing good if its and pay to employees, climate change. Or using business resources to pursue social justice causes. I like this one worked out. Thirteen percent said earning
profit to benefit shareholders or owners? Thirteen percent were again What is the highest priority of business? Forty four, providing individual customers with high quality products and services at the lowest prices, so your ear view that fifty seven percent twenty seven percent say providing good benefits in pay. Employees six since a climate change three percent, three percent say using business resources. Pursue social social justice causes through percent of the population So why are they all doing? It. by the way and the cross tabs. Only eight percent of Democrats said climate change for percent of Democrats said social justice causes. They don't even believe their own bull, crap
that's interesting I mean I can you could definitely either one of the first to being the right answer. Right I mean that the technical right answer is earning a profit to benefit shareholders, though that's not. people understand business. Giving quality will experience to their customers is how an charging fair prices, but he wins everybody way, but still fifty seven percent in those two buckets with a sort of the literal understanding of it and the functional understanding of it is I mean it's a majority can in the United States alone. I'm excited, I add, as are grey, we got seven point majority. Ok, sit. Its half time. I think they could change, the score the This just really important, is to show you that the more people get into government, the more disconnected from real life. They become the moon. Or government workers. We have the asked responsibility. Anybody takes you're not going
the Dm V and complaining and you're gonna, listen to me in a change your service you're, not you're, not doing that to thee the health, department when they come into close you down, they don't care, they don't care. I want to your boss, they don't care either their job. getting paid, they do their job period, That's government workers are not a good sign, it's not a step in the right direction and they are the ones that, coveting. This power they are the most likely, by far to say. Yes, all of this power from the great reset. Yes it should be in the hands of the government this holiday season. What do you get for the person who loves the idea of cooking
bud who burns the proverbial water every single time they try. Well this. here, instead of I'll go into the holiday and with a hazmat suit. Maybe you should that person Erect DEC. Work. For me, rectangle doesn't just grill and it doesn't just grill to perfection it, also smokes to perfection it bakes to perfection, it's got smart, technology that you can control and monitor through an app on your phone or your device, so the whole time your food is cooking. I mean on the whole, I'm that that person's food is cooking. You know they could be the boss of a shooting match. You know that act the messing up the meal. They don't have to pay attention at all. It's great rectangle makes the person give this holiday season sturdy, built from stainless steel and, along with a smart girl technology, it means you can grill in any whether any time of the year wreck, Tech, Abbe.
Bear them now go to already see tee q dot com are easy He eat Q, dotcom wreck tech, dotcom tonight on Glenn TV on the way to visit Saint Nicholas. They stayed overnight at an inn. The stories of Christmas and Santa Claus you ve, never heard begin keeper took the boys, cut them up and was going to make the voice of the little maid buys wash murder. Capitalism. Cenis transformation story is a lot more evident than you think tonight. Nine pm Eastern Ablaze, DVD Coms last glance, was ready for Christmas. Yet, this is the Olympic programme. This is really bad. I just did a pop quiz. I do him from time to time and are doing on the air do of rum the time was. Do you said your thoughts on VIC? Frankel GO
I'd. Many times up, time's up he's looking up right now. You don't know the Viktor Frankl man search for meaning. so many books, meaning yeah and probably the one named victor. This is probably the most the only book you ever early. That I could possibly in think of written by a victor is like how I did it by victory. Phone Frankenstein right or to the right, which was really oh, my god, ass. Another amazingly Victoria, about the variants of meaning Life is nothing to quizzes are coming on the air get out, get out, you know do yes, I think so. Obviously, no he you know he was an excellent author. Your thoughts on medicines, price fixing and the eighteen hundreds go. There was a problem
its Tesla times. Knowing you mouth and not really. I found it because I was searching for desolate, but of course, of course, but yes I like these, I I think this is. Can I do to you. You know that guy get something only we all know the details to didn't. I can come up with any no, they approach. I can't think of any can't think of any other, I'm willing to play this game a doctor, largely because I'm I'm very willing to admit that I dont know what I'm talking about stand in Lahti. Stand in my knowing the hand of outline don't try to cut in. We have nickel arbour on with us next hour. I mixed The janitor I'm really excited to meet her She is somebody that was wild successful when she was young and then had just her life fall apart. And of she would she was. She was in her
what you was in movies and everything else didn't know ass from her elbow on real things. I think, and I'm sure so issued phrases. Like. You might ask him why he actually she unity, I learned a lot about herself through tragedy and end is really kind of taken on the wool culture. you know. She g and I thought I'd take it personally. She did around about fat people I do remember this year and it wasn't about fat people. It was about fat, pig people who are so out of shape they get did when they roll over in bed. At night, man died, dont, saying that that she used that specific case, and I don't anybody who gets winded when they were all over at night but she will use every specifically said Desmond people in order me I I take it as a personal attack on me. But she's very, very funny, very smart and an arrow in the quiver. Now
Of course, The two journalists? You know people stand up for the rights of others. I think it's fantastic she's gonna, be on with us, also next hour, we have We have the founding member of Recall, Gavin, Newsome Rico Gavin twenty twenty dot com I'm gonna love this one. Mike netters, on with this next Odell seriously, oil yourself up here, like this land back programme. No, I have to oil up his beard I won't tell you about rectangle rectangle, you know when you're out the word we're at that. in Texas, where we call it cold. Nor hits like the very cold lab where code, it's fifty seven degrees him very recall no outside Europeans.
The entire time with your group, fifty seven. What happens to your toes fall off stuff like that? Exactly right, that's why you have a smartphone where you can control erect has actually rather than indoor side. I have erect tech, but it save lives. Donner Party, in my back yard, I have all erecting fired up there dead, warm know, their toes fell off straight scrape many at stake and it wasn't made out of them Santa always better saves lives, wreck tech, we're wonderful! That is there now, that's not after their message. There messaging is clear, best technology, DAS. the best of the best. I mean you ve done this even cooking. Yes with it. For a long as I have yes ever Madest average person off the street and yes, I have that and you still have all my toes and great is fantastic and I dont ever have to go outside on the hermit.
My back and then I buy pay for Puerto Ricans to put the meat on the grill, and then I fired up from inside that pay another puerto rican to bring it into me, and I ate it just say: r e c t e q, R, a c t e q. I love it what you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This meant that programme Where is everybody having a good time I can hear you
but we are having a good time who loves, gather news you guys are actually making any Noisettes. What's going on, there gave a Newsome the effort to recall him gaining some speed largest we call effort. I think in history will fight from the guy who was the founding member in sixty seconds is going back You ve heard of aim at the association immature american citizens hi. I'm tour I'm an american citizen and I'm with a MAC because they have the kind of benefits that I deserve and that I need things like car insurance and and rode aside assistance and then special deals. What I am travelling and things like that, but am so part of conservative activism. So I know
great deals, but I am also fighting for my country who gives it to you nobody, but a MAC I'm just a regular guy off the street tellin ya. I was nobody. till I joined a MAC, a MAC, they r p. will that are actually working for you and fighting for your values. You don't get this kind of support, and somebody watching your back like aim act? Does right now they are thereof, pushing petition through to make sure that we act the count how many people were killed in the nursing home by Cuomo End and others. Can we can count that that seems like a really good idea here. Well, lazy, online
all the other states they should report that data? Let's not get grazing, I mean it's only forty, nine and fifty, I guess Andrew Cuomo should be able to do whatever. We want a worry at bargain up and get bogged down in May oh god. I may I stand with a MAC as they fight the good fight, become a member today and do the same aim: Ak Em, a sea dot? U S, slash back, that's a MAC dot, you slash back a MAC better better for you. Or for America, probably not better for Cuomo but again, better for you who does this guide think he is coming go and after that governance recall Gavin, twenty twenty, not calm, of coalitions founding members MIKE Netter.
And he's on with us now hello MIKE. Good morning, how you guys doing word we're doing great. Just who do you think you are going after such a man like avenue some? What has he ever done to you? Well, but it should not what are used. Well, we d that much time- and I know I all of us- I ve got a list here segment yadda. While the list is pretty big everything from letting prisoners out of jail to begin with what fine the death penalty I'm keeping judge out of school. I guess the real with a shorter answer is what have cabin deuce some lot done to suppress the people of California. it's it's. Let me just give some of these to the average American settled think they know highest homeless rate in the nation. The infringement of second amendment rights, countless new gun, enamel laws, sanctuary state for illegals and criminals made it a legal for illegal aliens, made it legal for Illegal aliens to sit on state bore herds, high
state income tax in the nation highest sales tax. proposition. Thirteen attempting to restructure increase property tax highs, vehicle registration, highest poverty rate in the nation vaccine, requirements for children or be find water tax. Children's medical records automatically now entered into a data base can directing the ability for law enforcement to do their jobs no longer illegal, to not help an officer in need highest, ass tax before corona virus teachers can no longer discipline. Disruptive students gum and over reach the example overruling the vote of the people to reinstate the death penalty. He not only over not only over reached and didn't, listen, he dismantled the death chamber and then too the death row inmates and sent him out through the system he's glance clemency for felons those who raped and murdered even committed heinous crimes against children ease.
proposition forty seven reducing felonies to misdemeanours for violent crimes. I mean animal halfway through its it's crazy. We left out the knot leave out the biggest one, but the latest breaking news, of course, is that, but a part b e the department, oh boy would send out an employment. Dont worry for still in jail, parents, we will send you a check. Gavin, was told about this in April that this going on the bad seventy investigators. a forty million, Apparently, he was too busy going out to dinner places like the french laundry debate, too much attention and the people of California the trouble with California politicians. Quite honestly, is they care more about politics and don't seem to care about the people and governance at the head of the pack? That's why, This is a wise petition, as this is not a drill can't be signed on line has to decide in what we call Gavin twenty twenty dot com
It's amazing momentum you mentioned earlier. It is a large near she did in american history and went volunteers alone. up and down the state and that good work people wait poor people in the metal. We gather eight hundred and twenty thousand students we're halfway there to the one point I believe we have to March seventeen. This is going to get done That's remarkable that you have that many signatures and you have until March seventeen food. When you ask people to sign it whose signing it laughing, because when we started back in June, we got an extension right could do to this little thing called cope with the Jamaican been in. The news. Lately may not be aware of that right, scream extension and people would come. To the same. Do Sidney would take one or some other way. the weight say. Well, what's the Persians out of jail, it's locked down, take ok, to be honest with you now. At the same
This we have. We have a revival of permanent locations up down, California caused to Bobby to be thence every week and I got a lot of them. People just can't pull over and yet the pan out of your hands I don't really know what they're all I don't worry about it. I gotta go to up we're gonna drive through right of I can't go out to eat so unkind up in a rush, so it is it. But one of the harder cells are done in my career if you wealth. So if recall him. What happens you you get all of the signatures, they all have to then be verified the only time signatures have to be verified for dynamic. That's when you try to recall them, then they verify them. Then what happens? All this
interesting. Actually, sir, we're having a signatures. We thereby bad times were actually gonna turn and about one point: eight million signatures on their turn to each of the fifteen towns were actually with m. While volunteers, industry group patriots, we appoint an operation going and the signatures are distributed, fifteen Can these? They then have thirty days to re. There by the matter: random verification process return and over ten percent. within ninety days, by law by the nineteen thirteen clause in the California constitution. They have to call a special election, here's which really in pursuing, especially in California, a little different taxes. We have what called a top to both get top to tear signal. Well, what's the jungle primary, so the recall gets around it, it basically says: do you, won't gabions continuous governor, yes or no I'll. Let you guess
body and, if you both now, you just take a shot right. so now you then vote another slate of candidates who are running with them, within so that proper that elections. here. It is mainly days than that boat certify to weaken avenue governor by June. I want to something really important on your show, which I appreciate you know we don't have to take until March. Seventeen We have until March study to use the sooner everybody out. There goes to recall Gavin twenty twenty dot com and you can print the petition and eight tat by eleven paper, which means you can do it at all times right, the sooner we get the signatures in the sooner it figures that thirty day period for the special election, Make a make it very clear, special for. Any Democrat is listening. You cannot v in this or sign this petition. If you like,
out of state. I know it. work that way recently, but derive right, yeah right, absolutely correct. However, you can by the way you can vote. If you dare, I would like the Berlin Why do you hate their relatives? Allow away I appreciated, but still you get at the end of this. Do we get the that, like the shorts and Nager style election? Would like forty people on the ballot N, n n? You need a majority right, you miss whatever. Whoever wins that that second yeah dear got exactly. That's exactly, The way that it works were a couple important here I like to make my time is one. This also opens up the conversations in California, it's done. We just the we call an
You said earlier. There is way too much discussed, what's wrong with California, but obviously or screech. Look like a camp ground. Our power goes out catch fire every year, I'm stopping now really opens up the conversation as to what we can do to change Your direction. California, and put all your listeners around the country, especially for you in TAT, says. Let me tell you something: if you have a note people work exhibit oberstar are going to Washington right. Can you a Harris engage, looks like she's going to Washington. California. Politicians have become the beating ground for liberalism across United States, so Galva Newsome and you could take this. One of the bank has already reserved the: U R L forgave him for President twenty twenty four out there a wound, the country, if you listen, I'll, bring it on with volunteers. There is no big money behind this when we be
we clear right so out there if you could donate five bucks, ten bucks, fifty bucks we're allergy right now and put it in perspective. It normally takes four dollars a signature. New dollars to do a drive like this. I recall the governor in California or averaging eighty nine so Major ninety nine. Twenty. You will recall, driver tat, israeli, cheap thing, you're gettin in California, everybody hates cabinets abundant, how we kind of uniting the state. People come up and they don't care, but the reality is weak. Donations from around the country and a Christmas tree and you the only thing? Stopping us is time which will really get over and money to get the worn out so my plan is that their gonna destroy California, so much that ITALY, be. Bromine it'll be Cannibal, he'll, be like the Donner Party.
And and then everybody will move out and then me and my servitude, friends. We can move and have the beaches and the really nice. You know, parks and everything else and end will run it right. So I say, all you Californians, just move out of the state move out of date. You know it's beautiful right now, New York, beautiful you'll, love, it beautiful I mean I mean I can't believe I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I can't believe it's happened to Seattle or Oregon, but what's happened California is just rape. I mean. It's just. It was the greatest one of the most hopeful places I could think of one was growing up, Ronald Hagen was the euro was the governor and It just seemed to have it all in all together and then it just took
Turn you, you actually think they're ready to To shed all this nonsense. Let me tell you a little bit as up as a political pack. We had the voter file rights, we know the borders are a problem in California. Quite candidly is that one, We voted in the top two tier boat system there spy million Republicans in California, which actually a large block, Republicans anyone country out. We had not got forty people you're right with interesting users. Six in an peace, peace, no party preference in the voter file. They drifted out from either party. They conservatives that will are getting information, not boning, not paying attention. Eleven million out of eighteen million voters, believe it or not, and I want to stress that, although we need to Williams
insurers and the large initiative in american history. We really do need money to counting Democrats at her saying this. Twenty percent of fifty percent of the registered voters decide what that's thinking One second tower point has had it with manipulated elections work we ve had it with needles in the streets, looking like theirs, Happy campers up and down what should be two of the greatest it is in the world, we ve had it. Every year, use them at shocked. Right in that all the states on fire didn't happen, german, european dairy. The power lies instead of spending money on up, what train and nowhere we might solve these problems. Life has gotten bad in California literally I'm gonna be careful that usually word revolution because revolutionists with a pan, but just don't think about this. Eight hundred and sixty three
Twenty thousand submission to weave gathered so bar additionally is makes ready about the largest volunteer drive in history. With one more question for real, quick as we were up against a network break or how much of a difference was it that he went to the french laundry like it. Would you leave if, before, if you're at ninety percent chance of this happening? Now? What were you before? Seven, five. I mean you. I wasn't much of a different world this way in the last two days these alone, thanks to network Coverage a lot: the french laundry we have thirty five thousand people a day, coming to recall, Daban, twenty twenty dot com, we can increase accident. I was about, let's get it done. Thank you so much appreciated we will be following. You will probably talked you again MIKE. Thank you so much.
It's. The website is recall: Gavin, twenty twenty dot com Rico. given twenty twenty dot com. This really needs to be done. If you are in some other state view can give money to help them with this, but- Wouldn't that be remarkable. To have to me young people stand up, I've had enough of this governor, especially with it's happening in California. It's it's past time. Ok, time is running out for one of the best specials of the year. As you know, I frequently urge you to switch to Patriot mobile you know a rise is just funding. People like plan parenthood and hate each his own, but I'm not gonna pay for that. Why? Why am I pay for that swift, hey, Verizon! You hear us now not. They they contributing portions of your bill, your hard earned money to leftist causes, but there
also contributed to the to the the big corporate you know a great reset kind of attitude were company that believes in capitalism. Sure, but maybe stakeholder capitalism is really good. Patriot mobile is actually work for conservative causes the things that our country was founded on and until December nineteen get a samsung a eleven for yourself in someone close, it's too phones absolutely free or bring your own phone and free month service, its patriot, mobile, the only nation, the nations only christian Mobile Company in right. Now, it's really important that we rally around businesses that share our principles. This is how they have taken over almost everything they rally around the people, but they have the same principles. We must do the same. You ve gotta check
its patriot Mobile Dotcom, slash back or collar? U S base customer service team at nine, seven to Patriot, nine, seven to Patriot or patriot mobile. Dot com, slash back ten seconds station. I D with the lock downs and the covert revel regulations that are just killing our economy and breaking them, back of small business owners all across country tomorrow. We're gonna. Try to help out tomorrow show we're gonna feature the stories of entrepreneurs that are fighting for their right just to pay their bills, to have a roof over their head to live the american dream, their due What many are not brave enough to do their standing up to the health effects, inspection officials, the mayor's the governors or demanding their cost.
Traditional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the victims the media, does it want to cover or talk about. We will tomorrow somebody more business owners. We spoke to said it's too late. They had already lost their business. tomorrow, you're gonna hear the story of Catherine Hill she's, the owner of me kiddies lounge in Clovis California, she's fighting for business, which is hanging by a thread but she's also fighting for her life, and she wants no financial,
support from anyone loosened the goose. I was diagnosed last October when state strange woman, I've been through six months and thereby also my hair. Every ran the business through it. We're going down, went through an effective containment notes removed because part of it was a camera, was a warning that taken now when, through pitting rounds of radiation right during surgery, is when I shut down, and right now I was going to radiation, is when landlord menace with election and then went in hoping that they got everything they found, that it spread my lungs and then the next week. I hate the losses from the landlord, so long sought battle this nonsense. This loose will
we are highlighting because She knows she's living with a death sentence and she doesn't want a handout he just wants to bring attention to people who I have the same plight that she does not the cancer part, but the business part you're gonna love her. That's tomorrow, along with a bunch of other small business, people were fighting for their life and the reason why bring him two years because they provide an awful lot of hope, they also big. They also need to meet you, because this is the most generous audience. I think ever in the history of radio tomorrow. Is we all fight for small businesses on the Glen Back Programme, Nicole Arbour, next Glenn Back programme? can finance and one eight do three four w, You w that animal, less consumer access, dot, org we as Americans.
we're Eustace, standing on the precipice of change and some that changes good, sometimes it. not so good. I don't know future holds, but I know that the all kinds of change coming our way. The question I want to ask you is: are you prepared to go that change whatever it might be, putting money into savings, as often as you can argue, cutting You're spending in areas where its prudent caught Are you managing your dad? Do you have things it could be? Can holiday like credit card debt, the ATA high, mortgage rate. If so, have you thought about financing. Morgue traits have been steadily going lower and lower this past year. Don't know how long that's gonna last do yourself a favor column It can financing today at eight hundred nine zero, six twenty four forty. Why?
eight hundred nine zero six. Twenty four forty. These people can help you right now. American financing, dot net call them you heard over the blaze tv dot com, Slash Glenda Promo Code is Glenn, say some cash on your subscription. To please tv I want to introduce you guys. Do you probably don't need an introduction here, but Yahoo. Finance has named our next guessed, the top influence to follow in twenty twenty. She has an honorary star, em up Hollywood, walk of fame and in those countries my doctorate for special Achaemenids social media. She is sold out events around the world, she's comedian, social media, superstar renegade.
aid entertainer her name is Nicole Arbour. Our I'm so good! I you know, I all Defend you, people always may Colonel Sanders, jokes and a moment later guys. I don't know, I don't see it leave it alone and I walked in here and you look like colonels like you not afford a whole jacket. I heard you. This is really. This is actually got a pistol because everybody, is played Colonel Sanders, yeah and mommy was tat I was born Blake Colonel Zander yeah. You should like that to the others. So, Nicole, you are you and controversial for along, I'm sorry outspoken your your, obviously not afraid of of anything and we're gonna do a podcast, so I can spend ninety minutes with your more cuz your background story. The story of how got to where you are today after such
an amazing team in early twenties. There is is remarkable. When did you? I saw some with you, you said the other data, something about me. No, you don't have to spend too much too long to realize that You know all the Hollywood people's now, though, although Hollywood people are douche bag, yeah yeah, it's true yeah. So but you part of that for a what when Did this change happen to you and you you, balls to come out and say you guys are all frauds or I I saw the man behind the curtain in I went to OZ, I was invited to all the parties I was at the Oscars. I apparently I'm a project, a documentary that I was included in one three enemies the other day and the like are at school. I just, saw who these people really are, and I saw that every charity they pretend to support that
were that charity. They shoved the event to walk the rag carpet together. Photo taken too were addressed us twenty thousand dollars donate zero to the actual charity and then is doing interview that says I support this link. all of them or fraudulent human beings, like they don't have any values, are only value as the dollar, and I don't care how they get it. Everything that I about my life, they do care about, and, just a hollow existence in LOS Angeles and now I'm glad on what's happening because it feels like with the election yet A good portion of the country feels like they just Heather teeth kicked in yet because yeah. I know you're a trump supporter you I believe, those guys one will they leave that I don't believe it. We know that you do nothin so now the country, to rally and decide who we are what what's going on. I am a Canadian that has taken on this country as my own, but we have to do
who act? We are what we stand for and even if, for some reason, Harris's now that anonymous it binds the president, but it does no areas would have inherited. Suddenly, the president, how we gonna acts, what are we going to do? I think the matter than the veils or off everybody we can see who everybody is so now let's move on from here, but you can't bit people don't see it's amazing to me. We can watch read this diary of this guy who lived in Germany, and he was writing this warning. Look you guys. Don't what's going on here in Germany, and so the heat it took back to history, he's writing it in the thirties. He started at the first World war and took you to about nine. six yeah and it's exactly what's happening now, and he said the problem is, he said we have two newspapers. One says it's this way. The other says it's that way. The events don't even resemble yet each other. Here,
people who were my friends now scream that I'm you know of a racist or whatever yet, and he No one is talking to each other and we believe the polar opposite to be true yeah. Actually as I have so much faith. Maybe I'm just like a happy cheerleader by nature, which I am, but I have so much faith that the mass coming off. Yes, vendors end game is coming, but were on the right side or no I'm. I see people who were the opposite of what we think going waited everything day their waking up every day from the entrepreneurs that are fighting back at opening their businesses from people saying these lockdown are ridiculous from you know, just people like a. I knew your saying. Electoral fraud didn't happen, but I'm watching the video with my own eyes. I can biting touching and sniffing children. I know that there are things we can see, so people are waking up and I have faith that morning we were going to wake up and it's I don't see a take. Overs ovarian, your friends, because when you first had a friend
if I were, I have one when you first have that France, yes, you were in twenty. Sixteen you are like I was. I was against Donald Trump again, twenty sixteen and you were as well- and you went over to friends house and they said she's, it the border are. You know I mean I fairly we're trumps supporters and you immediately thought you're a garbage human Oh, my gosh, your homophobic, sexist racist, which I have said before, was weirdos her boyfriend is a black man a little gay sally mother I really like arouse like Wanna call. That's it! That's a! U thing for you to automate pleasing that this person is x Y, see because you ve been told to think like that and then I've told a story before that. I was speaking to you. I see like the NATO tonight's before the election and I posted there be there are speaking about social media and its effect on the elections, and they want
me to say that I am voting for Hilary and then I would, as I know, I'm not going to say that the Students- and they like we strongly suggest you say this to the students- and there was people Larry Clinton's campaign. Oh my god, and I, like you, MO foes like, as you can't tell I don't know. If you gotta watch my videos, you tell me what to do. Not only do the opposite. Right it feels like you're shady people and then, when I was on stage they took the MIKE. I can only cause us back, save saying she was gonna vote for Hilary if she could drag game on flip team now. You guys have an enemy, let's go as that is so wrong, and that was like my personal, including that this Hollywood crowd aren't who they say they are and then, as more and more
I'm not the last few years, I'm just standing there. Like my arms, I don't like I told you that inspired it gives it yeah, I'm ready to go to war. Like oh, I saw your video where you expose yourself. I've been the admin added and you're the only person that I have ever met that understands that superpower thanks. I am an end. My sought yeah, it's it's it's the great I'm of raging recovering alcoholic I've heard I e mail right may that yeah, maybe every mistake you could possibly make and I've always been open, yeah and when when I had people you know come after me in there, like guru, destroy you had My audience already knows everything damning. I've nothing to hide, and it is a superpower, youth thing we it is uniting those things will destroy you. You spend your whole life going if people only knew this or that,
everybody's alike. Cairo is the same. I love it. I have Lino GO team Academy in which we can talk about in your pike has. But this is something I t People to do is like put all of your job out there in front. Whoever doesn't back you ever, they know you as a real person doesn't deserve to be in your life right. They automatically just cut themselves. Make I've got a better to here. Is that if you have to act all day, which is what I see in Hollywood, people are acting from the moment they wake up month, go to bed, that's not a real life, it's not fun, and that's why you to present on drugs. I think that's why I think most people live their whole life that way that there is one of the best thing that ever happened to me. I hate to tell us: children. I want them deliver on me, but one of the best things I wrap in his. I moved across the country away from my family, where I when my family was always the stinky little brother haven't today to there but you you get to
your own person, gas, and when you really dig in to find out who you are not who everybody said you are yet, but who you really are life change? it's really good yeah and I have family members right now who wouldn't this? They wouldn't it Ray with me being on your show, for example, because they have differently subtler should cut them out. I agree now mechanisms guys I'm a merry Christmas, because that's what I believe, But I know people I believe what are you doing over at the laser blaze media would aren't you a lousy media butter on how the Catalans AIDS firms like yeah? This is that I am take it or leave it and I think by us living as good human beings, and we do not always have to be angry at fighting on twitter and in the present, whatever the good guys and then its kind, Martin Luther King Jr, used to dears I'd, be the good. People so that when people are coming against you, they autumn Ethically, look like the jerks. You know March P,
fully, where a Sou look good, be intelligent. How an angle get this many people enough, not enough, and it was the same iron preach in this first. I don't know how long in areas like Mars time get up and start? No, you don't play that you never win. You don't yeah, you can't role in the mud and not get dirty too. Don't get me wrong, it's fine! you do Roland. Nonetheless, I do role in mind, but I see it as may like this, my blood sport, it's like ok, because as I now really p davidson you're gonna go after small businesses, daughter of a small business entrepreneur, like my dad's blue collar guy, ran his own thing, that would be my dad if we lived there that he's gone after. I take it personally. Pete, let's go, you know like If I put my gloves on personnel you're, not funny we're going to go out and I'm gonna beat you, it is so amazing because
a surprise to you, you're, very beautiful, that you were a cheerleader yeah and you you still are really happy and bubbling everything you think of as a cheerleader, but you are a slugfest fighter. We oil growing so great a lot of fine cannot resolve, and I do I have this like superhero thing in me. I'm just like I was the obvious Bali. It is such a week but yeah was totally bullied growing up. I went through really hard times. I will talk about on your pike, has throughout my twenties and was disabled and all sorts of stuff, and I just my eye twitches, see, bullies, and I see them as open game as they are it. I'm going,
after you I see you go after them. I'm comin in you can sleep me as I'd as you want I'll feel it raid into the fire to challenge P Davidson, because that's eighty five pounds a man, so I saw an allergic to size and maybe he's nickel are. She is going to be she soon to be with me on the pod cast, I think, is gonna, hear this. weak or when we get back like I don't know, but it I'm really excited, have a conversation with the idea. Thank you. So much for being here either follow her. Nickel arbour dot see a come on now. Follow me on Twitter. Nicole Arbour, Instagram Letter, I let her be nickel Arbour hooker Thank you for being here appreciate it Let me tell you about our spotter this half hour. It's almost stakes
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this is the Glen Back programme I wanna play I want. Ass. A piece of audio here that bestowed- I disagree on Stu says he's a jerk and I say well, yeah he's a jerk by he is he's. He's a jerk with a point that I think is important. It so the Tom Cruise video or audio that somebody. recorded while he was freaking out on the set of mission impossible. Remember, he's the executive producer and two or three people were actually standing there without mass. And he said this why every sure,
you the movie, I don't ever want to see you again. I see you're, you so it just goes on for a while. Now Stu seizes him being just a jerk, its Karen crews and action, is hit harassing them by the way they were wearing masks. They were just standing with it and within sick within two meters of each other, while looking at a monitor, they were wearing mass the whole to alcohol, and I agree with you about hitting housing to say no, because I thought that the eight or, if they are violating the rules, he's looking at this. As I am trying to kid
this movie open? No one is working in our industry the calling me every day. Are you sure insurance companies? He makes that very clear. Are you sure this is going to be fought. You're gonna finish this right. You can finish it I bet he is under tremendous pressure because he has convinced people I'll do it. We won't be closed down for cove id? We will finish the movie and there's millions of dollars at eight. I have some sympathy sympathies to that site of it I mean I get a lot of businesses are like look. I hate these stupid rules, but we gotta doing so and stay open. I understand that many just dont need to treat people like tracks. This is the person in the grocery store. Karen, This gives the harassing everybody in screaming at them at the top of their lungs. There's, no reason you need to do it like that. There's no reason you're. Just like guys. Do you stand what I'm talking about here. You know. What's at stake, we have schools, we ve just effect. If well, that's what I am he just hatred. People back programme
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