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Even More Biden Emails | Guests: Sen. Ted Cruz & Peter Schweizer | 10/20/20

2020-10-20 | 🔗

The media is labeling the Hunter Biden story a “conspiracy." Former Obama official Robert Reich openly called for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission against Trump supporters. Sen. Ted Cruz discusses subpoenaing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over Twitter’s suppression of the Hunter Biden story. Twitter checkmarks attack Kirstie Alley for the sin of supporting Trump. Glenn shares a communist plan written in 1928 to overthrow the American government that hits too close to home. Stu’s chalkboard reveals a very close Senate contest. Author Peter Schweizer reveals even more corruption around Hunter Biden, coming straight from the Gmail of a former business partner. Jason Buttrill dives into the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

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what you're about to here is the future of entertainment and enlightened men when their programme, so social media is burning people. They are silencing free speech, they are silencing the press and in their doing it, for Joe Biden there are now multiple sources. It's not just this one computer that the Rudy Giuliani got his hands on along with the FBI. They got it as well. In fact they got at first, it's the only
The only source now on these Joe Biden is totally corrupt emails on his sons, server. Oh wire, where why? Why is social media? Why is the media declaring this instead of actually talking about it and talking about the facts, the media is only calling it a conspiracy theory. I have not heard the use of conspiracy theory more than I am hearing it from the press right now and we are ready now to enter a very disturbing and world. You have two weeks to sickly mentally, financially, prepare for what is coming next and I will show it to you. I don't think anybody is talking about this. Yet and it will blow your mind what coming after the action in
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it plays into several things that Some day, fully. We will If it is right, we will we will. We will talk about it but I I can't warn you enough with strongest the straw. This terms to not do Smith. This Robert Reich over the weekend on Twitter said when this nightmare is over meaning tromp is out of office. We need a truth and Reconciliation Commission It will erase trumps lies comfort, those who, been harmed by his hateful ness and needs every official politician, executive and media mobile, who, greed and cowardice, enabled this catastrophe.
Robert Reich, was the labour secretary under Obama and Instrumental in Obama? He is also a very respected voice on the upper left and this is not his idea. You, gonna start seeing a couple of things noticed just today count how Many times you hear the media, you the words conspiracy theory. it's not just about Joe Biden, Bits, just about this. This computer. There are now saying there's it makes the extraordinary stories coming out on you and on which I don't. Anyone in June on do you know any one in Cuba on known. So
it's gonna get out of it. As a group have membership. To me I know, but I loved and the theory right. I don't know anybody who is all over that day. I'm sure there are people butter. I it's a very small percentage they're starting now talk about everything being connected to queue and on It's a curse spirits, see theory on the Trump side. They'd about the Joe Biden stuff as conspiracy theories. They are talk, today about conspiracy theories of voter fraud. everything you're starting to say, everything that were concerned about now is a conspiracy theory. There are conspiracy theories and then there conspiracy, facts. There is conspiracy with the media with I believe the State Department, the D o J, not that there killing each other,
they're all in on a conspiracy to overthrow this president. The media is absolutely in a conspiracy to damn. Edge Donald Trump and do as much damage as they possibly can, and they ve been in that now for it East for years there Is a conspiracy going on now again with the media. who dismiss everything xx. Wonderful, lilies and lie locks of Joe Biden. There is a conspiracy to make sure that everything is suppressed. That might be. Add for him again, they're, not calling each other and laying it out they're, just all walking in lockstep. Those are, can spirits, see facts.
But to get you or the the rest of America that might be watching them? I believe that we or the bad guys and don't look at their stuff. They are claiming we are nothing, but Conspiracy theorists, why would they do that. It's no longer good enough for the left to get Donald Trump out of office. They are good to make sure that this never happens again. And how do you do that? Well, you add new states and you get rid of the Electoral College and you get rid of the filibuster. You do that, and you will never have a GEO p president or, I think, a majority in the House or Senate. Ever again, ever again, you pack the courts.
you you don't have a chance, the republic is over. When this nightmare is over, we need a truth and reconciliation committee that would erase trumps lies comfort, those who have been harmed by his hateful ness- and name every official politician executive in media mobile, whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe they believe they know what the truth is and its own? their truth, I beg Beg for those who are on the fence. Those who say I just can't vote for tromp I can vote for buying, but I just can't vote for Trump. You won't have any freedoms, laughed you may not like voting for Trump, but you will have no freedoms left
you must do what you have to do to protect the Republic law if Trump goes bad and you I voted for Trump. I got news for you, if he all of a sudden, became the dictator that the left it expects. Millions of Americans who voted for him will turn against him. It's it's it's! the people who are voting for Donald Trump believe in the bill of rights. It's locked institution there's enough of us believe in that. Then we will fight Donald Trump ORB or left. We will fight for the constitution because that what we are required to do stand for man's freedom. I, beg you to see the darkness,
on the other side, that is controlling the Democratic party. Now now truth and reconciliation. Now Commission they'd like model, it they'll tell you they want to model it after after Nelson Mandela, but that's first of all that was Bout Massey of bloodshed. happened in Rwanda. Massive bloodshed This is what happens in in Serbia. it doesn't happen in a situation like ours, where we disagree with each other, so they either know that violence is coming and heavy bloodshed is coming or they are Ass being the editors of truth, now let me Let me do a search for truth and reconciliation.
and you will find it everywhere. You will find that the people on the left everywhere are talking about this. This is not one guy having an idea. The is a chorus of people on the left. I want you to look at the truth and reconciliation project in and see. This is proposed for the United States, great burden and Canada, and it's all I'd to wear them, keep thinking common courts, not that the marxist theory that critical theory- it's all based critical race theory. That's that what they're trying they say there trying to solve. Want you to listen addressing the legacy of in tattoos analyzed racism, some considerations. This white paper from the left
considerations. listen to this, our best, jobs may be linked into taking a population health care approach to it, detours analyzed persons, institutional iced, racism that would be institutionalized persons? Anyone who has any kind of power. Installation, institutionalized persons, rather than sorting out from among them those who have been abused like monitoring a population of people who have been exposed to a toxin, a Health surveillance programme would include all members of the population, not just those who are currently showing symptoms, agree Emphasis should be put on studying the social determinants of her. health and relative health of this population to their peers. Larger society, so
you're, going to find out why you think these crazy conspiracy theories, why you think these things, because you ve exposed by Donald Trump and others. and your sick. Then We just need to study you. We we need to sir you at all. Old times social Justice initiative to address the particular social inequalities that are the legacy of our tragic history wooden to be linked to this initiative. On perfect, perfect. Never before in my life Have I seen any thing, like I've seen this week, with the New York Post, you'll notice. Thee
the use of conspiracy theory on this. Instead of talking about the actual facts, I'll tell you Last week, when it came out, I told you its questionable how they got this thing. I think this might have been stolen. I dont think it came from Joe Biden, but maybe it was stolen from Joe Biden in this is the way to get it out. I don't know, but you are Hunter Biden. So that may be, and I said at the time I don't know the facts on how this thing arrived now, that's different, then, what's on it. The only thing that they will address is that their sure how this? How did this arrive? They went to Rudy Giuliani. Well, he went to the FBI the guy, to the FBI, but he made copies of it. He kept to copy. And gave them to friends in case he dies
that's worried. He was about it. He gave it to two to differ, friends for safe keeping, then he gave to the FBI, then he gave a copy to Rudy Giuliani and the New York Post. So That was in December. we're just hearing about it today, the director of national intelligence, the guy who coordinates all of the intelligence community and all of said, no, the real conspiracy. Theory is that this is a russian operative. This is not a russian operative or russian up There is no evidence of that. No one in the intelligence community is even talking about that. So at your hearing from the press. That is a russian plant. The dna has already said: no, its, not zero evidence that is the conspiracy theory.
I've never seen The first amendment squashed, like it is right now but it's not really because a private company can do whatever they want. We're gonna have TED crews on because they were supposed to subpoena Jack. Today this in the Senate, but the Senate G O P got square Gee, I don't know if we want to support. Excuse me, TED crews is on. fire about this and he joins us in about seven minutes. Stem My answer is car shield. Nobody should have to live in the fear of the czech engine. Light I've been using car shield for a while now, and I can tell you the peace of mind that comes with knowing when something goes wrong: idle have to worry about it when something goes wrong. I'm gonna be fine, because I have car shield this,
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What the president does you'd have to win for five of the top ups, but there's their winnable amino states like South Carolina Idle, and on that I really think as a true toss up will be moving these things around as we go, I still kind of thinking The crimes gonna win their but who knows Iowa North Carolina, Main Montana, Michigan and one of the Georgia races we have in the toss up is tat. What county is the county that I live in and never before have they had early voting? Go with more democrats, then Republicans right and that's happening now bear its happening. Now. Writing twenty percent. The? What I would caution. People on early voting right now is remember we're looking at what the dynamic has been for the last several months, republican have been saying male in voting is rightly know, has all sorts of fraud possibility, make sure you, the pulse, so republican voters or listening to that saying so there
go to the polls. Democrats are have been encouraged to vote early, so I would expect early Voting to favour democratic, hey, I would urge you, as a Republican, to go out and vote if you have a polling place, not aid absentee valid or anything else, but a poor in place go out Vote. It's two weeks away. You can do that in the next. You know next two weeks, but I I fear that the left has a lot of dirty tricks to scare people from the poles election day, yeah and you know, look it's it's we're gonna be in November. There's, no bad weather event. On election day, you may have turn out depresses whiter risky strategy, and we ve been talking about that four months at a community strategy to discourage people from voting early early vote, those different than than this sort of mass mail and vote, which is a more that doesn't mean do it it's more of a societal
argument. It's more vague yeah. It's like a foundational argument, were you say it's probably not a good idea to send out on requested What's to everybody and a state, that's different, then your pulling places open in a little bit early get in there get your vote in while you may. Well, you sure you can do it got permits up. It happens on election day. You don't have that opportunity Senator Ted crews is in Open, and I mean that in a rodeo sort of way he is lacking and snorting and can't wait to get out of the gate. We'll talk, him next This? Is the Glen Back Programme arrived you then? Let me tell you about a relief factor. Some- he will make it their business to try to spread a force for good in the world, and I am Grateful to those people exist, that's patents have Talbot, that's what they
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And had to blaze, tv dot, com, slash glad he's a promo code, Glenn, USA, ten bucks off your please tv subscription. He would now the author of the book, one vote away, which has been on the New York Times best seller list now for two weeks in a row, it is Senator TED Crews, TED. What the programme Glenn always great to be? Ok, you know we to you yesterday to talk about You know that was going out and then you're going to question Dorsey and others on Friday, however, the g O p has started to waver on the issue. Why is the subpoena not going out for election interference and and and meeting people who are still arm Livery NEWS,
developments on Joe Biden I believe one way or another it's going to go out and twitter and Facebook are both going to testify. Jack, Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg are both going to testify they're going to testify in person they're going to testify before election day. That's what I think should have that's. What I am fighting vociferously to make happened right now the companies are negotiating with the chairman's office to discuss terms to come voluntarily, really give a damn whether they come voluntarily or understood subpoena. They need to testify in person and answer quite since for the american people about why they are trying to Steel, the selection to suppress the free speech and the sensor tat too, to censor the press I TED, is it important for somebody to say I came voluntarily not under subpoena. I have no idea
because their lawyers are arguing for at random idiot may. It makes no difference difference so I'd care if, if it's go into a subpoena where they just they agree to come right. Air apparently try to negotiate the terms. What I am pressing foreign lesson I hope Republican stand. I mean it. It's a matter of the Republicans on the committee going wobbly. As Margaret Thatcher famously said some decades ago, in, and I hope that we do stand firm and that's what I'm doing ever everything humanly possible to to urge my colleagues to do exactly that I don't know what your problem is, but I think the american people on the right are really really tired of the saying one thing and doing another on this. I appreciate you standing firmly For the first amendment said yesterday that Jack Jack Dorsey is behaving as like Joe Biden press secretary
here show yourself. The whole thing came to pass, so it was last week. As you know, the New York Post had two consecutive blockbuster story: the first story based on on emails that allegedly came from Hunter Buttons computer show that the Joe Biden is not telling the truth That has been made edge meetings between Joe Biden and ukrainian oligarchs that that Biden has repeatedly denied the second blockbuster story was based on additional emails that showed Communist China, offering Joe Biden directly Milly of dollars and end its important underscore look look. This is not about Hunter Biden by all appearances, Hunter Biden has let a troubled lie? Hidden has made some unfortunate decisions. This is about Joe Biden, the man who would be president, who would be the commander in chief and whether he directly, is involved and corruption with foreign countries in any ordinary?
universe? This is a man major major story, but then big tech stepped in and they did something they ve never done before. We know that big Heck has been censoring individual conservatives trying to suppress conservative speed step they took here. Is they blocked if any individual user tried to share either of the New York Post stories. You were blocked. You got a warning sign as had no, you can't block this, because this story is quote potentially harmful or perhaps critically to Biden, but but sharing a new story from a major media outlet is is as part of democracy. to free speech, and not only that they blocked the New York Post itself right now today, the new Post is not being allowed to to post its own.
stories on corruption. In the end, this is written pitiless it it's a threshold. It's never been crossed before of Silicon Valley. Oleg, works, declaring the authority to determine what the press is allowed. Port and whose allowed to see it will be The mainstream media is right in there with them. They're calling anything really anything now a conspiracy theory. Recalling all of these die events and we don't have em only just now from the computer, but one of one, Four hundred widens partner has really twenty eight thousand emails to Peters wiser, and already now know that many of those documents on the computer are documents that he, as a partner, had with with Hunter Biden, showing their relationships here, but they're calling
conspiracy theory, if you bring up if you bring up election interference, it's a a conspiracy theory! You talk about that. There there is being open, double voter fraud, its spirits, see theories TED are they harm marking, half of the population as crazy Well then in, and they are gas lighting us than that. are deliberately suppressing. The New York Post has the fourth, A circulation of any newspaper in America sober too hundred years old. The new post was founded by Alexander Hamilton, and Jack Dorsey, a saying he can decide by the way they can says with a new your posts. They could sense of the New York Times a political reporter tweeted about the New York propose story. They blocked the politico report, until the reporter God, his knees and grab old and apologised to the big tech masters for daring to address a topic that
overlords. Well, don't want wish him to address and and by the way that the democratic talking points out. So the M senators by a larger, just ignoring this like media is the extent they said anything. argument is what this is all russian disinformation? Well, ok! Ok, if that's your argument, fine prove it show some evidence it. If these emails or false. You know what I'd like to know that if they are false, let's see some. Evidence in advance actually called journalism and bite. But you know who hasn't argued that Joe Biden, Joe Biden, has not denied the hundred buttons computer. He has not denied the emails are real. He has not denied that here, that personally, with the ukrainian oligarch after lying to the american people, saying that he didn't. He has not denied that Communist China offered him personally millions of dollars and the entire press is refused
thing to do their jobs. I'm Joe Biden didn't ABC Town Hall that that that was practice. The coup by yeah love in where they were in robes and had Davies in their ears, I made it was ridiculous and step at opposite. Ok, one of these supposedly undecided. Voters thinking. He was a former White House speechwriter for Morocco by you gonna Brahma, that he was seriously considering Donald Trump come on. He's. It's it's not in Glenn youve. What you bore these media organisations. How do they do this? How does the media almost beyond man? This is beyond any thing that I have ever witnessed. I mean, did TED I don't know if you saw the Robert Reich. suggestion about truth and reconciliation, Google, that This is not an idea off the top of his head. This is being attempted in Canada, in great Britain and here and
it has big backing from the left their serious. They feel that America lost its mine and they will ensure this never happens again and if that means peace king, the cord, adding states and getting rid of the filibuster they'll do it they'll do it. They plan do all of that and they pay and go after our fundamental rights. You know one of the chapters in in my new book. One vote away addresses free speech, and it goes through both the Supreme Court cases in point Regular citizens, United, where our right to to express political speech hangs by one vote, but it also discusses the attempt by Senate Democrats to men, institution and to pass a constitutional amendment. Eliminating are free speech rights and an. I led the battle against that in the Senate,
the chairman of the constitution subcommittee and debated repeatedly Democrat and every single Democrat. One hundred percent of semi send a Democrat voted to amend the constitution, to remove our free speech rights and to give government the power to regulate political speech, on this planet is. When did this happen? It bit this- this happened in twenty fourteen I can remember that the media are refused to cover it an end and the way it happens it so they frame it. As this is quote. Repealing citizens United, which the Democrats of all decided, is terrible about citizens. United the Supreme Court held that we have a right to free speech and to criticise politicians. As you know, when the facts of what happened and Citizens United, is is a small nonprofit in in D C, called citizens United made a movie critical of Hillary Clinton. and the Obama administration took the position that they could punish. They
fine, the movie maker, for daring to make a movie critic. Critical of Hillary Clinton case went to the: U S Supreme Court the most shilling moment at the argument was just a salmon Lido Ass, the Obama Justice Department under your theory of the cases that your view that the federal government could ban books, the obama- Justice Department answers. Yes, yes, the government can ban books if they criticise politicians weaken ban them. Thankfully, the court rejected that radical view a vote of five to four one vote away from from the government from from five justice is saying the government the power to ban movies and ban books. Are we gonna get a vote before the election, for we Coney Behrendt. Yes, she will be confirmed, Judiciary Committee will vote on Thursday she'll be voted out on
Thursday and then she will likely be confirmed on the Senate floor. I would say Monday Tuesday, Wednesday of next week, but early next week, as one shall be confirmed- and you don't see anybody getting weak knees I actually think she did a fabulous John. When he was caught all collected. You could see the first day the debt crash! Try to throw a couple of shots at her in and she was good so good at dealing with them and it was going so badly for the Democrats that by day to day, he ran away. I made by the time my question it came. I pointed out there are only two Democrats left in the hearing room, all the rest of them. run for the hills. They realized us us going after this judge and the american people hearing her defend the constitution and bill of rights Is really really bad for us? Let's get this over with quickly TED. Thank you. Thank you. So much. I am going to be doing something here in about two hours on the fact
hackers of Facebook and Twitter and this cesspool. We found some miss some interesting things that really kind of came out of these. These Biden documents was a connection to a couple things that was missing peace that we put together, and you mean you might want to look at those mean also when you're talking to Facebook, you, you have a little additional information on how crooked this thing is Look look forward to say at it and I thank you for shine a light on it. Thank you and thank you for being fearless because you, you speak the truth. Even when the whole world assails against you TED I say, the same thing back to UK's. You are fighting this and you are fighting this. I mean we're in your district and we are, as I think the only media outlet in in Europe, in your district and and
you're fighting it not just for us, but for every other person, even if we disagree with them to make sure have freedom of the press and freedom of speech you are up against the big dogs. Thank you very much westward. Where together. Let me urge your listeners, the book is one boat away. You can get it on Amazon, Barnes, a noble where books are sold it. It was the number one best seller the country on Amazon and if you want to behind the scenes really understand. What's going on at the Supreme Court and how you are right to free speech, religious liberty, the second amendment, what's going, from the inside. The book I think, is really helpful in it and it's a fund. easy read: it's not desire to be a lawyer to enjoy it it. It really explains what what's happening and wide matters for you in your freedoms. It's called one vote away. I urge you to get it because that is the position we are in right now: TED crews. Thank you! So much taker, even our sponsor this half hour. He is Norton, there isn't it.
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This. Is the media again not getting it this isn't it Kirsty Alley. This is about relating to Kirsty Alley, somebody who has been bashed forth our belief in Donald Trump and somebody who is not being nasty about it and everyone getting nasty on her? That's the way, Americans feel then the net Story was Michigan governor, says Trump incites domestic terrorism, design the left or the right, or both that are interested in that one there, Kristen. Welcome next debate. Moderator got bus tipping off Hilary team in twenty sixteen Then another one on Kirsty Alley and another one on the moderator, tipping off Hilary and then the Peter Schweitzer Exclusive bed. Turbines. Flip business partner provides twenty six thousand emails. I don't know
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. When their programme America welcome to the programme, we are facing a very, very clear choice. we have a media that has gone insane literally insane. I told you last hour that there is push on the left for truth and Reconciliation Commission where the people who have been infected With this talk, Syn
the need to be monitored and need to be question. It is its Nuremberg trials were people who disagree with each other. Are we really this America's this really where we're headed the left says that needed to be able to go through and continue on and you know it. Fine event: the tweets, go out and talk about the right until we just read the comments from the left. Underneath there more terrifying than the actual suggestion This is a well thought out plan. We are looking at the end of the republic, if we lose the Senate and White House and that's not hyperbole you. Two weeks to prepare. You have to x to find a friend that you can bring to the polls and I'll show you what we're
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buying or selling real estate agents. I trust Dotcom read something I wrote to you back, I think in June or July. Nothing else. Twenty twenty certainly qualifies and is as an interesting year as of today were officially fifty percent. The way through and boil boy have we clock some miles. The present the United States was just impeached by the house, a global pen Emma has shut down the world's economy or, more accurately, our governments shut down the world economy. Its killed this point one hundred and eighteen thousand Americans many apple. cop, murdered a black man sparking worldwide protest riots and looting with hundreds of american business is being destroyed and millions of Americans taking to the streets in protest of
Everything from put police brutality. Legitimate protest, too, systematic cultural racism to income in it quality to bronze statues, let's be clear we are facing a purposely driven marxist revolution. In May, right now and tea. Is far better organised, funded and dedicated than the APOLLO just in the mainstream media, would have you believe, tea for members have received combat training in camps in Syria in Iraq, but there so being supported by anti american misinformation campaigns by anti Capitalist support in China and Russia and there intent is the overthrow of the. U S: constitution: they are using black lives matter, protests as key or for their activities
Rob that's before we were even talking about the election, we're not weeks away. and I believe, the left- is going to start on election day and try to make the polling places as chaotic is possible. If you have another chance to early vote in your state. You know going to appalling place an early voting. I urge you to do it. We have a choice in front us, and I believe it is the original choice that we were given. A long long time ago before any humans were on earth. The. the book of Genesis talks about some war in Heaven.
I have often wondered how could a war in Heaven happen? How could the who were sitting there? Looking at God, B B, eve forwarded by other angel is agrees or bad guy. I don't I'll look at him, he's been pretty good. I mean how did this happen. even if you don't believe the story, just listen to the way. I think it can happen, and that is you to convince those who were singing praises for all it. unity. You have convince them that somehow or another he not who you think he is, he is a bad guy. He doesn't actually care, look at him all this suffering down there? He doesn't even care. He's gonna, send gonna send his son down
to suffer and two b b and sacrificed and on a cross watch. So these People can be redeemed. He if you do that to his son. What do you think he do to us? You think a good guy. I mean I'm only proposing that I go down. I help these poor earthlings. I help them just tell them exactly what to do and what choices to make and keep em all safe and return of all home. I just want a little thanks, for that just can you recognize me for that the only way you have to turn love, of upside down? You have to convince people that God I don't know, what's best for their welfare people, know. God would say, look to yourself you're in trouble. First, can you fix this then
Can your family help you fix this then can your church help you fix. This, then, are there any other voluntary agencies to help solve the problems of poverty and unemployment, hunger, sickness distress? Whatever you got? No on your life? Is there any voluntary agencies last resort is the government. And the reason why is man made a course of action like the government, does very little good often results in great harm. and they control you. When they are the only ones you can run to God help ya because who do you run to when they go wrong. you have to fix reason back firmly in her seat.
If you really want to help people, then you have to the first commandment first, and that is no their gods. You love me no other gods. Oh government God, have to put the love of. odd. First, and if we fail then really sneaky crafty men who profess a great love for humanity. we'll control. You isn't it interesting that right now, you're being- so if you have a different opinion you're being told you need to shut up you to sit down you're gonna lose your place in society that instantaneously and its head coming from a group of people. Word billing themselves as the most tolerant open minded most welcoming the.
most diverse. Logic. Tells me some things amiss here. This is a game. That is being played on you. This is a game well documented. As far action as nineteen twenty eight, the commune in Amerika, declared that the cultural, economic and social differences between races in America could be. Splendid and help, they create the animosity, fear and hatred between large segments of our people. That would be the necessary beginning ingredients for a communist revolution. This is nineteen. Twenty eight they outlined the plan. Three blood brought directive. They had to do pray hatred. Bigger violence and overthrow, the established government and they ve made in country after country, but
It really specific. This is nineteen. Twenty eight America create hatred you any means to agitate blacks into hating, white and white innovating blacks work. both sides of the split play up? exaggerate real grievances, not us work, both sides, The split so not he's, who are socialists, not constitutional list, socialists the national socialist. They're in the streets working on both sides. play up an exaggerate real grievances. I dont know what happened in Minneapolis. We all thought that was horrible. That was real, but they play Up our grievance Gar grievances, we all agreed that was bad, but then they laid up. A split between us.
if necessary, don't hesitate to manufacture false stories and rumours about injustices and brutality. Creek martyrs for both sides. Player upon mass emotions until they smoulder with resentment and hatred second step. trigger violence the emotional masses into the streets in the form of large mobs valise, larger the better. It makes no deal and if the mob is told to demonstrate peacefully, as long as it is brought into direct confrontation with the antagonist mere. bringing the two emotionally charged groups together is like mixing what oxygen and hydrogen all is needed, is a tiny spark. If the spark is forthcoming from ports a purely spontaneous causes, create it.
If you ve been watching and listening to me, you know the left has organised these mobs and is going to be calling on them. Beginning. Election day go out in the streets, the the pink pearl He had thing that was It was just the beginning maybe even said everything we ve done up until now, meaning this last summer has only in a dry, run for what's coming after the election. The third step is overthrow the established government once mob violence becomes widespread and commonplace condition. Those who are emotionally involved to accept violence as the only way to settle the score once and for all. Here the media trying to say when this peaceful have to be part of a protest. Did you see how the Democrats did not stop the violence wouldn't even recognize the violence they are.
They are conditioning you to accept, that violence is the only way to settle the score that goes back again to what I talked about last hour? Please listen to the podcast. If you missed it today on the Ruth and Reconciliation project provide leadership and training for guerrilla warfare done instead, Discipline and terrorism to ensure at least passive support from the larger inactive segment of the population train. Idle hardened leadership through sporadic riots and battles with police. Finally, The appointed time launch an all out, simultaneous offensive in every city, coming in two weeks. If it doesn't start on election night. It's going to say soon after. How do I know that, because it's in there
own words and in their own documents. Reading to you, a plan for America. Ninety Twenty eight. Police and National guard units will never be able to adequately handle such a widespread anarchy, especially we have a large part of our men and equipment are drained away in fighting in a foreign war, self defence? since larger numbers are brought into fighting on both sides. The appearing of nationwide civil war takes form in the infusion potential anti communist leaders of both races. be assassinated. Apparently, the accident, casualties of a race war, but I'm to attack coincide with large scale, sabotage of water supplies. Power grids, way, arteries, etc, etc. The public will panic. And lock its doors and trembling fears and
could easier for the small but well lead and fully disciplined guerrilla bands to capture the power centres of these communities. that's nineteen, twenty eight, it didn't work, so they change their plan tomorrow, at this time I'll show what they came up with in the sixties,. And what they're going to do in twenty twenty one. Next first Let's talk about rhetoric if there's. If there's one thing, that is a guy eyes job, I guess, is grilling outdoors. I don't know why my dad ever grow we'd Amber grilled. We didn't have a girl growing up So I never learned how to grill anything. You know and I suck at it. I burn AB the loudly everything until I got erect tech now I can cook, like honestly
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You at the end, its already see tee q, Dotcom, that's wreck tech, dot com. ten seconds, so It's me it's alive. It's just a little terrifying by the way, we're gonna go into Stew Senate Board, twenty twenty here in just a few minutes, It's. It's a little frightening because all of the work that I did for the last twenty years and honestly. I was beginning to convince myself This is an all gonna happen somehow or another I got to that place. I'm telling you now. This is coming
and you ve got about two weeks to really prepare for what is coming and make sure that you are you're ready, mentally physically spiritually do you have a copy of the constitution How will you know what police and others can or cannot do if you dont have a copy of it cause you're gonna need that did you know? at your sheriff answers. the constitution and you not to the government not the governor, not to the chief of police, the Answers to you here. Answers to you and he answers to the constitution. His joy but he is the last line of defence, for the people, what they're doing enough in Seattle they have a referendum.
This November in Seattle, and so far it's fifty fifty. It's too close to call them king, the King County sheriff. they're gonna come under the mayor and City Council or he's gonna come under the chief of police or the commissioner. That's not what I'm? U S american sheriff does that Was created the way it was created for a reason, it's an other check on power If your sheriff. Is lost to the left off his power is muted by some city or some progressive you're in trouble. I urge you to find out who your sheriff is meet with them. This the last line of defence just
spoke out for our share of terror county because he is up against a serious challenger and it looks like it's the same marxist kind of money in same kind of philosophy and I've got to know who your sheriff is, and you ve got to vote anybody who says not gonna vote. as for the love of beet, go out and vote for the right sheriff, one that will pay checked and defend you and the Constitution program and what's so great about? Is it really is every time she says that its meeting talking about the association of immature american citizens. This is a MAC I money too what they ve been doing. They just establish themselves as the lead senior representative organisations work with the working with Steve's police and the house. A select committee on the corona virus ha
you know, they're doing their working to hold the governors of New York. New Jersey, Pennsylvania Michigan in California, accountable, or their decisions to discharge. A covert nineteen contagious patients from home battles and putting them in nursing homes during the endemic, who says doing this, who else is actually watching over you We have also launched a pressure campaign for the members designed to persuade senators in a number of states. Devote too can Amy Coney Bear to the Supreme Court. You're gonna get all the same benefits that you get from a therapy, but you're going to get of an institution that is pushing for the things you believe in stand. With a MAC Ama see DOT. U S, slash back. A MAC U S flashback
and you could the blaze dvd com say. Ten bucks, otters description with a promo code, Glenn Blaze, tv dot, com, slash Glenn whites are on he's coming up in just a few minutes sees a guy who has done investigative reporting for sixty minutes, see as a very very well respected journalist you know until lately, when he started going after Hillary Clinton, corruption, Joe Biden, corruption, along with the rights corruption as well. He calls out turtle face. What's it they Mcconnell he he is. He doesn't have a side when it comes to journalism. His side is truth and he has just been given twenty six thousand documents from Hunter bindings partner.
In his in his investment firms who He's gone to jail and he called Peter and said you know the skies get away with murder and I'm paying the price for it, and it's wrong so He just released twenty six thousand emails were attacked, Peter about that, coming up in just a second. This would be a second source of all things. You found on that laptop that the media is trying to suppress anyway we're gonna get into that at the top of the hour right now I wanna go to stew. Who's, got the Senate twenty Twenty board out and we're looking now at solid votes. A total of Democrats. Forty seven Republicans, forty six Annie toss up of seven right. Those are with leaders and likely voters. Okay, so explain solid! You have forty four, the Democrats, thirty four Republicans. That means seats at our, for election plus obvious blow out races right. Ok, you know, Tom cotton doesn't even
running against a Democrat, and that brings you to forty. So forty four, the Democrats, thirty eight for Republicans, then you have like so these are put like, for example, Corey Book or a new Jersey is not gonna lose burning. The poles aren't complete blow out, so you gotta keep an unlikely category that gives you new Hampshire, Virginia Minnesota, further democratic them to forty four on the republic inside for likely cocaine Mitch. As you just mentioned, He's he's a likely a win again: Tennessee, Mississippi, Kansas and Alabama Alabama. interesting in that that's a democratic seat right now. So it's a pick up for Republicans. That's a dog Jones who is likely going to lose and relatively big way come election day, so that gets you five more for Republicans It's a forty four to forty three. Each side has three leaner seats. These are closer seeds, bud I have to say there is a favorite New Mexico for the Democrats.
Laredo. That's against a quarry gardener who, of course, event reeling, went to ban control, not car through that promise. Court cholera such very observed. I didn't do that, but Arizona as well as on as MRS Mcnally going up against Kelly Kelly's a pretty good candidate recently some money in Arizona that looks to be both of those are pick ups for the Democrats, for that gets them by the way to forty seven seats. If we can't the leaner Salinas for the republic inside, you have Alaska you have one of the two Georgia, races and Texas do expect corn into win in Texas George, Has that run off system so as to Georgia? Races both for the Senate, both for the Senate. We have the Georgia too, in the lean republican category. The reason for that is theirs for candidates in their basically that are gonna, be in double digits,
It's one of those things where you have fifty percent to fifty percent to not have a run off, so there's no chance that someone sitting at fifty percent in Georgia in that particular race. That means that move, to a run off election on January fifth. Could it be around between two Democrats, could in theory, but it's not gonna happen there. It could Could I will say there is a possibility that it's too Republicans that run off against each other is definitely possible. That wouldn't say the most likely outcome that now the interesting thing about Georgia's is January. Fifth would be the run off. So no one gets a fifty percent that actually Mu Shu generally fit what will be the top two and that will really decide what's happening in the country. That's a huge one. The retiree is on fire either way I mean this theirs areas here there are really scary. But the reason why have Georgia too, in the lean Republican, is that It is going to happen in it in an environment where tromp is now on the ballot
it's not a national election. You hope well, who What's going on about writing, but again it won't be a big presidential election turn out will be down. I expect Georgia to get to get back to the republican side, so that leaves us with a forty seven for Democrats, for six, four Republicans, that's croesuses, seven races in the task of category we give to you ok, I just as they. Let me just. Let me just let you If your listening. Your mood is not going to improve here, as it is a better does, I think, than the presidential yeah yeah it's just too everything is razors edge. It is just depends clean race. You know, it's not a set up. Finding ballots. You know four weeks after lie just found, those in the trunk of my car and if people show up in and we are not voting quite honestly, I think the choice
between the constitution and evil, so what you can look at this two ways right, you can say I well. This is too close, I'm depressed or to close gosh. I better get out their own. I know you gotta get us a better one year and as our get depressed right get moving, so the other George Erase, we haven't toss up race. The reason for that being that this is one it's close in the polls sunny produce there and someone could get fifty percent. Here again, it's not necessarily hugely likely. I wouldn't be surprised at all see both of those races go to that January. Fifa run off then you have Michigan Judge James, the great candid and we ve had a mom before he's behind, but its relatively close means is the Susan Collins and where she is, I think she loses because the momentum for thee
the momentum from the left she's. One of those national candidates that they all hated yet at war she's one of those candidates that there's not a ton of passion behind her I'm a right based, doesn't like absolutely adore her, but she's always been able to bring for a lot of moderates, those moderates and a lot of the social Democrats. Both she, you would normally get our pissed off at her because of her cavenaugh vote. Yes, you voted for cabin also, there's been tons, money that is flow, mean interesting to see if that cat. Our thing doesn't hold any sway still. You know at the time I'm when she was before we were actually heard all the hearings. They were just livid with her after you heard things in it settled down. I think people, but most people are like, was a sham. That was a ship. I think you know the Supreme Court coming up again is bringing attention back to that young people who were upset us and everything is when that happened. Money flowed so her pony
has tons of MASH Montana is an interesting race in that its Steve Danes, who is the Republic of Cyprus and the possibility that we are losing cowboys in Montana. What the hell is wrong with you, what they were able to get the governor Bullock to run as the as his opposition, so you're, taking the democratic governor and he's running as it for democratic Senate candidate against the incumbent Republican sent a candidate. I think the Republicans gonna win their inherits, closer yeah, really close involved has on the lot of name. Recognition is obviously the Governor Iowa an interesting one. Joanie Ernst, who I think was cast republican rising star for awhile yeah Iowa was one pretty easily by Donald Trump, seem to be trending, read its bounced back and purple category for the presidential race, as well as for the Senate race, which is very close. She seems to be a tad behind right now. Kind of feel like in the end she's gotta pull this off, but a lot of this depends if Donald Trump has coattails and I think he will
this time around. I think he will have coattails that if you're gonna vote, four Donald Trump. You know how important it is to get the Senate and the house as well, but american women. there's a lot less of the vote splitting going? I people are really tribal there in their work and their kind of in their pocket their parties there. He liked tromp your voting through the Republican. It's a lot more aligned, then yeah, but it's also, if I hate Lindsey, grandma, probably still gonna vote for Lindsey. Graham. I can't believe that if I lived in South Carolina I'd be ring for Linsey Grant. My by that guy is meant where waste of space for a long time he's right at around. Alas cup, with the cabinet, yeah sort of was the start of the year. I was sorry, be, did bring it around, but but I'm with you, I've never get a big Lindsey, Graham Guy, but I I would be campaigning for them in South Korea,
and, if I lived in so I would be set up yard signs for him again. If everything goes right, there aren't things to worry about, but if, let's say the presidential race goes wrong and Joe Biden somehow becomes president, this Senate is vital in this vital issue. To fifty one votes. A South Carolina is on the board as well as a toss. Up, though I do expect Linsey Room to win their new. Carolina is a bizarre race with Tom. Tell us who is a guy. I dont like one of those guys that even when you're doing republican politics for a living, you can't have never really talked about him and these like one knows he's like a republican senator, but has it made that much of an impact on think nationally, where he's opponent is cow? Cunningham this this sort of recruit of like the Democrats are doing. This are going after for military guys, guys, look kind of moderate he's raised lot money. Also just had a little bit of a sexting scandal and his popularity went up went up slightly. So if you look at,
erase the way we have it structured right now. Forty seven two hundred and forty six Democrats over Republicans, Democrats being of depending on the presidential race Republicans, would need to win four or five votes of the seven in the middle to in the control of the Senate. Ok, let's a cut of South Carolina, that's one! I think I will could be too. I think to Montana could be three networks Georgia could before. So they could get you to forward initiative fifty pretty easily. After that, you start getting a little nervous. Susan Collins behind and if, even if she wines she's your if she's your fifty first vote, it's a little scary Michigan. I I really would like games to win, but I'll know that going to North Carolina. It does not look great at the moment for tell us, even after the sexting scandal, so you're at a point where you're looking at fifty votes, I think, is a real possibility. However, let me give you the scenario going: you're gonna like this, because you love chaos and justice, a heel. I do in fifty votes there
means the vice president. Whoever it is, is the Thai breaking vote right. So if we ill, we only win fifty seats in the Senate and we will lose the White House. It's it's over. They have three thousand and they can get rid of the filibustering ass, anything that they and their very, very much signalling they will. let me give this scenario so Democrats have forty seven, they pick up. Look. You know a couple of coupled these seven. They get to forty. Nine Republicans have forty six. They pick up three of the seven. They get you to forty of forty nine, So, let's late were now at forty nine, forty nine, with both Georgia seats on January fifth runoff. It's not. possible at all. In fact, you could look at it and say it's likely that will become is actually, if we're talking about control of this you're. Talking about control this, their because you're talking about the life or death of the republic, yet
especially if, if Trump were to lose dont up, then you have four Forty nine forty nice, an area with a January fifth election in Georgia for two cents First of all, I have to tell you I'm I am against it. I just want to say this outlet, I'm against down Trump and all of the Republicans, because I don't I never learn ever each time I am for a presidential candidate, LU, Lu Sister, every time for a candidate in the Senate, they lose I'm a guy Install of these very bad at I'll drop is dead. To me. I think I've chinks did you think, Jeanne, I blame you for most of our problems was given a track. Thank you very much. I will get more updates as the poles continue to tighten and we get closer
to the election were two weeks away two weeks away and when I talk to you a little bit about how to prepare coming up in just a second, we say about lifelong October as National Cyber security awareness month. It's a collaborative effort to make sure that every American has what they need to stay safe and secure online. testing your identity is one of the most employ. Things you can do in the fight against cybercrime, and you have to be vigilant. It's important to understand how cybercrime and identity theft or affecting us every day. Put your information at risk on the internet and cyber criminals or finding new ways to steal identities. You might mean. Certain identity threats. If all you're doing is monitoring your credit, Fortunately, there is life lock and their there to protect you, nobody prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions that all businesses but life. I normally sees the threats that you might miss on your own. If there is a problem, they have a dedicated? U S, based team to fix it with you,
join now save up to twenty five percent off your first year with Promo code back call, eight hundred lifelike, eight hundred lifelike or lifelong outcome used the promo code back save twenty five percent. Now, joy, lessening Glenn back What Leah, Glenda Programme. It's Tuesday. We are exactly two weeks away from the next election, I can't urge you enough to prepare yourself mentally and physically the world is going to change during this election. There are, disruptions that have already been plotted and planned You will notice that all these things have calm down all these. This is a rest. This the eye before the storm. The com for the storm and
the other side of this hurricane is much more violent. Then what we went through over the summer. Make. No mistake, your liberty and the liberty of all those on earth is at stake. If America falls into spit ISM the world falls into despotism? There is. No one that can stand. There is no other force like the United States, The agents of chaos are antiphon Those who wish to cause any kind of chaos is socialist. That means the Nazis, their socialist as well as the socialists here in Amerika, the Islamists. That does not mean Muslim. That means Islamist know the difference between the two.
And and then those who just wish to destroy the west and the western way of life, and that includes most, if not all, of our universities. There some stirring things going on in universities that have to be stopped, they have to be stopped. I specifically, I know that even be why you, which is, always been very clear, is a mess asked him ass. I wouldn't send my kids to be well you for all the money in the world now no way? I would send my kids to be well, you add they have they. Professors that are teaching and tie Jim Anti biblical anti Mormon Anti free speech, anti free market. It is eighth,
frightening situation in our universities, and it's gonna be a long slog too clean it all up if we have the opportunity, if we lose who's, the Senate and the White House. We're not to be cleaning it up. We are going to be changing and I'm going to show you tomorrow how to prepare. Don't miss it When I talk about the zebra, it has been hoarded that Americans are overpaying on car insurance by over twenty one billion dollars, but searching for a better deal takes hours typically result. In a barrage of unwanted spam emails, and that is until the zebra dot com.
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I don't know how you always spelled elzevir. Yes, I know they wanted me to spell out What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and in my men, when their programme, Mr Schweitzer, is the president of Government Accountability Institute, he's a best selling offer. He is a partner in the Washington DC, firm oval office writers, which provide speech riding a communication services for corporate executives and political figures.
he is a guy who has been heralded by the press on both sides. On till he started real looking into corruption and the two main places he found lots of corruption with joy. o p, but the main places he really found. Corruption was in the Clinton's and the Clinton Foundation and Joe Biden. He called Joe Biden the most corrupt vice president in all of the: U S, history on, August, he released day a video called writing. The dragon, which is all about Biden, and their sinister foreign deals. The stuff with Hunter Biden has only one of the many many many corrupt things Joe Biden has been doing during his ears as a politician whether smoke there's fire. If you miss their documentary go to blaze, DOT plays tv, dot, com, slash, dragon and you'll, be able to learn more and see it he's.
received twenty six. thousand emails from Hunter Bindings, business partner who happen to be in jail and is tired of Hunter Biden getting away with all of this. They just released to him over the last couple of weeks he's here to talk. It again sixty seconds is the Glen Deck programme. Some people make their business trying to spread a force for good in the world and high, thank God that those people exist. I thinks Peat and South Talbot are too people. They are the founders of relief factor most of the pain which keeps people down day after day after day comes from inflammation and the joints and the tablets wanted to fight that inflammation. Now again, big for everybody, but I will tell you that really factor has changed. My life really truly changed added it. I was always
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I am proud to have on the programme a friend of mine and a friend of the truth, Mr Peter Schweitzer, hello Peter. How are you hey Glenn great to be with you is always so Peter I'm make this clear. This is nothing to do with. What's on the laptop that documents. A? U have. That's that's, not the laptop They didn't come from Giuliani Tin, come from anybody right that absolutely correct. Glad last year and twenty nineteen I got a call from a guy named Bevin, crony now, Bevin Pony was a nightclub promoter He owned and operated a club and allay called a viper room, which was the famous infamous depending on the way you look at it right and he got to know Hunter Biden and his business partner.
a guy named german archer and they went into business together and they were involved in this indian bond ski that ended up being fraudulent, and Bab, including, and I knew about it because I have gone through the court, a documents this court trial had taken place in twenty. Sixteen any said: look I made mistakes. I did want things you support. I am frustrated about is I was kind of like that junior guy. I mean this was being won by Devon Archer and by Hunter bided. They would take these meetings honour by his name sort of land throughout the trial and he said look. I just think for me to know, and I am prepared to turn over to you all- my emails. So he told me, listen to me. nineteen wealth. We talk about it. He ends up then going to jail just equally, it never happen. So I just kind of assume, okay. Well, that's it! That's all he reaches out again.
Through an intermediary about three weeks ago- and he says, gives me written permission and he says I'm gonna give you access to my gmail account. so. We have literally spent the last two and a half weeks going through emails, His gmail account- and this is really important- glad we're not looking at printouts were not looking at pdf. We are actually in his gmail account itself. certain through these emails, and there is a shocking amount of information about deals involving China. Involving Russia involving all sorts of things, they were trying to pull off, and it demonstrates also clearly that all that his partner. You knew what Hunter binds role was. He was to quote one email de quote: pipe: lying to the administration. They don't to describe a hunter buying is having you know, an important form of currency. They talk about
some of the foreign deals in China benefiting from what they call the Biden lift the fact that the occupied his vice president, the United States, so we are gonna, be releasing these in a series of articles with the articles, of course, what can be releasing the relevant emails we are taking out redirecting some of them personal information, as it relates to phone numbers etc, but people will be able to read these emails are themselves and see what sort of activities irrational so this is the eye are: do you expect to be able to keep your twitter and Facebook page alive seriously out? You know what now I, Graham you lot that date. They stated that that the new post was banned because emails or act nobody's ever demonstrated that they were hacked and This issue has been puzzling what I've had no access to those emails on the laptop emails. I bet had I have no knowledge of that, but it's really odd to me. In this conversation, Glenda first
question that should be asked, because everything that follows hinges on this. The first question should be asked about those emails: are they real correct and in and less I've missed? thing. I have not seen anybody on the binding side say that these are fake email They haven't even said that that's not a hunter buttons laptop, which I'm surprised out. So there there our only saying that this is a russian hack with the d- and I said yesterday, there's no intelligence on that. We ve never informed anybody of that. We don't know where Peter arming the atom shift is getting all of that he's using that and using the intelligence community for politics end of the day, and I said so- using the intelligence community for politics, you You have some emails that show the relationship between Joe Biden and the Ex wife of the the mayor of Moscow, I believe, or the former mayor of Moscow, and
we know this and again the the left it in the media is gonna have a hard time denying this, because if I'm not mistaken, the document, that show three point? Four million dollars transferred from that oligarch too, Joe Biden, son, was found by the: U S Treasury, and so you have a treasury tracking receipt. Correct yes, all right. So now what actually right, but we didn't know why that money happen. Is there? Is there an email that you have now it shows where that money was what what was happening with that the great question the land. So here's what is absolutely fascinate so keep in mind. You learn about arena she's, the Ex wife of the mayor of Moscow, the richest woman in Russia, the state Department. If you go on Wikileaks, you can find numerous examples of this. The Us State Department links her to russian organised crime. So this is not just a corrupt oligarch. The state department says
she is tied to russian organized crime. We have a series of emails in which twenty fourteen the partners are discussing that you mean about arena, wants to get her assets out of Russia now, what's going on a twenty Fourteen Russia has invaded you cry in a bad arena, is facing these allegations of linked to organised crime she's on a watch list for the Treasury department, and what these email show is, that day, work and establish financial accounts for this corrupt oligarch in the United States, the e mail chain shows that they they go to a J, P Morgan. They convinced J, P Morgan to open the account Jp Morgan standard by the wake land. Is that yes she's on a watch list, but she hasn't been charged with any felony, so we're good to go. The emails also demonstrate a series
a financial deals that they are working on with your mind about arena. So when the binding Pain says that the other three half million dollars from you ain't about arena is Washington, information. Not only is that inaccurate, because the Treasury Department actually has records of that transaction because its deemed to be a suspicious transactions. We also out you know the demonstrate the relationship goes back to twenty four tee. I make it in about arena, is entrusting Hunter Biden. Small My natural farm with setting up her accounts in the United States is a stunning example of obviously the level of trust that she had with hunger, binding sperm. Much okay, so that particular story. The way it has just been told does not involve Joe Biden not that we know of no. What it demonstrates is that that clearly,
Pat arena wanted to have somebody who was politically connected per set up accounts and bring her assets to the United States, so tell me about the documents that coal that connect Joe Biden to the China Graph or the Ukraine, graph yeah there's. There are numerous examples, so we reported that in twenty eleven, a group of elite chinese official some of the more Chinese Communist Party officials, some of them are your business man. I want to go to the White House Ray meeting and they haven't been able to get it for some reason who end up getting it for them is Hunter binding and which curiously that is going on is the meeting takes place. They go to the White House, there is an official White House calendar. We ve been able to confirm this independently and at least so they meet with well. When you go and look at the chinese members of that delegation, the latest
I'm on their own personal blocks, that they had a private meeting with vice president of the United States, Joe Biden not only official White House calendar it it, it was hidden in that demonstrates the level of access that they given hunter buying arranged for the visit to the White House. These officials go into the White House, they meet with Joe Biden and then, as we demonstrate, what and later Glenn is several members of those of that delegation end up doing business with Rosemont, which is Hunter Biden, Spur is that the Communist Party group that offered him the deal that even Goldman Sachs has never been offered. While that's a separate deal, the first one tat is to say that once this saga- one, I just discussed involving- who called the China entrepreneurs Club, which is a wonderfully benign name for an hour
position: witches is really operates as the second Foreign Ministry of the chinese government's according to western source. It so badly Should they one point: five billion dollar private equity deal. What the emails demonstrate we are going to be showing in articles the next couple of days. Here's what standing about that one and five billion dollar private equity deal they get in China. We are going to be The show Glenn that that deal with consummated with chinese officials with Hunter Biden at the: U S, embassy in Beijing, Not let let me tell you how shocking that it is first of all you're not supposed to be doing private commercial deals in a. U S. Government facility, which is U S embassy, but you get even more smelly as it were, because the ambassador The time is who its MAX markets, the senator from Moscow spun, midmorning,
who is a long time friend with Joe Biden, so we are going to German? straight and show that this billion dollar applause private equity deal, the hunter buying got with the chinese government was actually consummated on: U S: federal government property with a close friend of Joe Biden, the Ambassador MAX Bar their convening the meeting holy Cow Peter. I know this is an opinion. But is this thing so deep in? the State Department and in the other agencies that it's just put tat were never really gonna see any one go to jail. Are you know it's hard to know? I always say Glenn. We talk about this before I'm, not a lawyer, but if you look at these behalf beers and you're. Not here
ended and shocked, and troubled by them. Then you're, not gonna, be troubled by pretty much anything that occurs politics in and you know what I tell people Glenn, which is important to keep in mind, is that corruption is a big price. woman. Washington- and you know you ve- got the the congressmen who you're trying to get a federal government road paid in contract for his nephew. That stuff goes on. What we're talking about here is something at a far different level a more troubling because it involves foreign governments and it involves for entities and oligarchs that, frankly, don't have the best interests of our country at heart and what it means is you ve got. You ve got this this financial D. endurance relationship potential may be for blackmail or other forms of manipulation that exist because the buying and famine his chosen to do business on the in the dark corners of the earth. It always is upset before going
you're not doing deals in London or Tokyo. They are doing yielding Ukraine in China with washing oligarchs. These are dark, Marcie Corners, where there's a lot of corruption, illegality going Peters whiter? Thank you for everything that you everything you do. Thank you for pursuing this, like you have over the last few years, thank you for taking the beating. You have taken as a journalist and thanks for being on the programme Pritchett We welcome Glenn thanks. You bet you can find writing the dragon at Blaze, tv and that really outlines the corruption of Joe by in China share it with a friend. Please share this with a friend every He just said we will be posting, so you can share with friend as well. Remit these are not the documents as a separate from
the the documents that came out from the from the laptop This is a separate Your trove and given to him by the Part nor of Hunter Biden who is currently in prison for his role in all of this back in just a minute. First Let me tell you, there's a break in every twenty six seconds in the: U S, You do that. You know back of a napkin that sir about three thousand Break ins a day: don't keep rolling the die. Make sure that you have simply safe and award winning arsenal of sensors and security cameras that blue yet every inch of your home? How much Or would you sleep at night, knowing that you in family were at home, kept safe at all times simply If literally takes a few minutes to set up, you, dont need tools or wiring, no technician or salespeople have to set foot in your home round the clock
Monitoring. Is there to alert police if and when you do have a break in so they can help you. You know, immediately into the of the squad car, the bad guys. There are no common racks, no hidden fees, no installation costs, it's a what you're, that? U S news report calls simply safe the best overall homes, security of twenty twenty simply say Simply safe back dotcom, simply safe back dotcom, get free security cameras sixty days risk free trial with any new system mortar, nothing to lose simply safe, back dot com. Ten second station, I D. Yesterday I told you about Anna Mccann Jus. She currently in charge of facebooks election Integrity programme will, during the
Obama administration. She was also these special policy adviser for Europe in Eurasia to Vice President Joe Biden. When all of this was happening in Ukraine, she was at his side. She is also a non resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, which is supposedly a non partisan. Think tank in Washington D C yesterday, after I told you this, I remembered Atlantic Council Lana cancel why? Why do you remember that as I mentioned it last year, in a show that I did about various connections to Alexandra, shall loop, ah, shall loop, do you remember her name, just review unsure loop us. She was the key player in the democratic national committees, effort to collaborate with the korean government officials to dig up dirt on Donald Trump during the twenty sixteen election. She to the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington to research, metaphor Trump and Russia. She also with Yahoo news. Journalists, Michael, is a call to publish your findings. Will
Two thousand sixty two thousand eleven. She worked for the day and see sense Two thousand thirteen: she worked for the democratic parties, national ethnic Council cloning or side gigs for the Dnc trafficking ukrainian dirt on Trump well, according every see records the Dnc paid her four hundred and twelve thousand dollars between two thousand four and twenty. Sixteen, the DMZ paid her over seventy one thousand dollars just in twenty sixteen for the election alone, the devil The official line is that shall loop, I left the Dnc and twenty. Sixteen Shall Lupus said continued researching metaphor on our own after that, and sometimes shared or findings with a day and see what the Clinton campaign Welsh loop along with our two sisters, Andrea and I Rina or daughters of ukrainian immigrants and together they were eight a one stop shop for ukrainian political activism in a day,
to being an occasional journalists for outlets like the Huffington Post. Andrea Kaluza. Founded digital maiden too? The removal of ukrainian president, you shank of which made refers to the name of the independent square in Kiev or keys during the twin sixteen election. She also did tweet storms aimed at Donald Trump, Toulouse, other sister, I Rina, no less active in ukrainian affairs she's a journalist in Kiev and was a long time editor at the Atlantic Council wait a minute, she was also lead contributor to buy weekly reports. Called Ukraine alert interesting side. Note senior fellow the same think tank is me tree I'll purple which why Is that important I'll tell you through the break,
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you have our chief investigator coming up in just a second. I finish this from Facebook to the Atlantic Council and back yesterday I told you about a woman Anna Mccann Mccann's. You should currently in charge of facebooks election Integrity programme. She's the one who is raising the alarming our shut. All this conspiracy theories down, while she we oh, that she used to work for the Obama administration. In fact, she was the special. policy adviser for Europe in Eurasia to Vice President Joe Biden. So she was side I sighed with Joe Biden, It's Ukraine deals. She was there got it she also- and I said this yesterday and I couldn't remember what she was a non resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, its aid by partisan, think tank Washington DC? Well, the land
Council rung a bell with me and after I got to show, I remembered it was because it was with Alexander, nature LUCA Joe, but was the woman who was the was the go to get the dirt on Donald Trump and tie. it into the Russians. It was really her idea, etc, etc. Also, her sister founded Digital Maiden now this is this. Is a digital maiden organizes tweet storms to flood twitter with Entire presidential messages- that's what they did in Ukraine and wondering of digital maiden or the chill or the Loop, a family or involved at all, something like Digital maiden or dawn he here in the United States. She you do tweet, storms and twenty sixteen election hand. They were pretty vile. Also her other sister is indeed
of cheese. The editor of the Atlantic Council that by partisan think tank where she was led contributor fur by weekly reports called Ukraine alert now she's a senior fellow at the atlantic council- and this is where I put it up on the board and we almost took it down some like not really of a connection that it goes anywhere. But I felt like we really needed to keep it up on the chalkboard. Something wasn't right: well, the name of the guy that she's in the same think tank with is Dmitri. Our poor rich he's the co founder of and see tee o of crowd strike. security firm that the Dnc hired to investigate the twenty. Sixteen hacks Ok, so so he's on the Atlantic Council two lupus on the Atlantic Council, they ve got tweet storm thing going on. They ve got somebody trying to tie it all together,
with and coordinate the embassies, and the person who is by Joe, Biden. Side is now at Facebook king sure, that there's integrity our elections. One thing you should know, It landed council. Think tank receives considerable funding through ukrainian oligarch named Victor, PIN Chuck he incidentally, also happens to be the most prolific donor to the Clinton Foundation until she no longer had power and twenty Thirteen the Atlantic Council awarded Hillary Clinton, its distinguished international leadership award Polemic. ACT Irene, it's a loop up. She now works for an organization called stop fake dot, Org, which started out as a sight to verify and refute this information and propaganda about events in Ukraine. Now they fact check, Debo edit, translate research and disseminate information in eleven languages. We can't make
stuff up! Guess which organization funds stop fake dot, Org the inn. National wrists, Rick Renaissance Foundation. An international reticence on a well that's the same Anzio that was being investigated by ukrainian Prosecutor General that Joe Biden had fired. To refresh your memory, take a while guess who heads the International Renaissance foundation come on come on TAT day. It still stand, say his name. George Soros Half billion shotgun in February this year, stop fake dot, Org joined the international fact checking network. now, if the eye of CN rings a bell, because I mentioned it on tv episode, earlier or let it was late last month, Facebook
for example, is very fond of saying they use fact checkers that are certified by the eye. F Cn, while the I have CN, along with political fact, are both projects of the pointer institute. One of Pointers major funders is George Soros and his open society politically X. Two largest financial supporter are w scripts company and Facebook. the eye of CN receives major funding. Also from the bill and Melinda Gates, Foundation, Google, Facebook and again, you can make this up. The: U S State Department, Why is the? U S State department in with Facebook Bill and Melinda gates. Google, and fact check. This is such an incestuous puzzle and when you
all the pieces together, you realise there is no way no way they. Lead any of these hundred widens emails, see the light of day the that's why you can't trust the fact king network, you can't trust, Google, you can't trust Facebook or twitter they're. All in this stew,. Why won't anybody talk about that We go to Jason Butter Ill. Who is our chief researcher and had writer on the Glen Back Programme. Welcome Jason. How are you good Glenn thanks it give me any updates that you have on the Hunter Biden and Joe Biden connections to corruption. I think I think, the biggest updates right now, is the most incredible lack of reporting either you're not reporting on it with the media I'm just radio silence, not speaking at all or third, just
in their cues directly, not from the source, which would be the laptop but their dignity from Adam chef. Another running with this whole Russia. You know it's already: love seal fur, politico. I think it was either today or yesterday they got about fifty former intelligence officials to say, hey. Think this is russian. Propaganda has got all the earmarks now they are so they go down later in the article in the letter and say: oh, this is not based off of anything. We ve seen it, but just just sounds like it, but there is one with that Rachel Rachel Matthau had another and tell them special on to say that he allege that Rudy Giuliani was with fishing with the russian for this information come on regular, follow through for just a second so hunter by goes into this repair shop. He saw a receipt. His lawyers try to get. information back. But it's the Russians The Russians that are involved here it makes
Absolutely no sense is it's just utterly agonized? What what's it what's? Amazing is no one's reporting on hundred Agnes lawyers, can you liberate on that little bit will so so this is coming from ready giant and apparently he has. He has proof that this did happen and email form faraway, Giuliani, my guest for an hour. tomorrow night on television at nine o clock. He he has the hard drive He has all the documents and I'm gonna be asking him all of the questions, and I'm behold in his feet, to the fire as well you decide for yourself, Rudy Giuliani, further fur allow tomorrow, night at nine p m on my Wednesday night Special only on blaze, tv are, but he so claims that are they they did. They did contact to reach out and try to get this. This laptop back, that's a key word back
meaning that the third hunter is not denying the campaign. All eighteen Biden is not denying that his legitimate, but they don't even answer they were caught out on Fox NEWS edged just couple days ago king to one other Biden, surrogates, and she could check. You said it was a good point. Actually said it was a good point, but no one, deny that this is legitimate well, that I think this is this. This goes to why Facebook and Twitter are of an all of the media, saying that their banning all of this, because they're saying that this was hacked information saying. This is fake information. There saying this is hacked in from it and why they are banning all talk about. It is because it was hacked formation. Well, that's different than what the? U know Adam shifts of the world are now saying which is not at all. This is just bogus information. This is coming from our russian up. Absolute. Chris. It wasn't hacked. I mean. How is this any different from you know,
information that was received from the trumps tax returns houses any different than the mainstream media landmark stories. Regarding the Pentagon papers. This is exactly the same way that the information. What will was gathered? Actually penning papers was stolen by a contract. This was left and just abandoned information, so they would be salivating over this if it benefited them in Oakland the biggest question I get about this is: why should I care- but why should I care if Hunter Biden was doing this weeping screaming from the mountain tops people like us, people at the guess. You too said Peter Schweizer, saying: look it's not ok, four hundred by To be tagging, along with his dad, while he's making foreign policy decisions and then benefit at the same time, mother really Question is how did the family whose key- and this is what everyone should really for as more things come out, but how did the family? How did the fan benefit, or they enriched were already sings. Evidence come out there is. There is a document that came out in the end. The laptop from a group called
company that Hunter help set up call the something where still camera the Hudson West? That was the name of it. The foe chart in there that showed how there was Tube suppose that on this company and fifty percent of a proper between the two of them would go into this pot. Well, we also have another release from. I think this came from the Senate, where this can and he was set up and credit cards were taking outlines. Credit were taken out by his. Uncle James and his his aunt. That would be Joe Biden, brother and Joe Biden sister in law, they made over a hundred thousand dollars worth of purchases off of this company. Now, not surprisingly, not too long after Hudson West was dissolved We call that a shell company, that's what we call I want to know how much information that was going to come out involving wire transfer money laundering that goes into some of these shell companies. That's how corrupt politicians hide the fact that they enriched them.
while there in office that I tell you what's going on I guarantee you every single politician- and this is probably a good case- rowing term limits by guarantees we politicians is involved in this game is pissed. They are so pissed at the buttons for being so blatant because I guarantee you tons of them. Do this all the time let us stop, and maybe this is the catalyst to get at the hat, and it's it's not in this case. It is not just that money was being made, they were there, operating with the Chinese Communist Party. and they are on the take from the Chinese Communist Party. Now you can say whatever you want about the laptop, but now Peters wiser has twenties thousand the emails from the actual g mail server. I'm a guy who was the partner of Hunter Biden
It shows the money funnels. It shows the things that we all suspected but didn't have proof of, and it should those that job. I was enriching himself by having A shell company just hold that money for him it is, it's us downloading what has been found and The media is ignoring all of it. Jason. Thank you for staying on top of this story, so we can all stay. On top of it. Appreciated her eyes and ears open, we'll talk you probably get tomorrow. Thank you will do thanks event, our eye, it is in the cowboys lasted. I mustn't. Let alone were down the last couple of weeks before the presidential election and yeah yeah right yeah yeah next civil war will all be.
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still spent all rather silent today and wait for you to get the best or I didn't I. I was a little ok. I mean he was just doing the Cuban to say We rejected it over here socket in- and I guess that's the thing to do now. He could guess it area. You Jeffrey Tube in the CNN League, led a league analyse Yo Yo, YO, yo you're, the guy who's, lectured America about morals, and he and how immoral we are in our people. We are so he is a guy who is also a New York for the new New Yorkers, well doing an exercise where they were an exercise while they were doing in exercising about simulating in the election, is doing an exercise by stimulating and erect bf. Ok, that's all took their rights are a day, so he decided, I guess it to elect their due to zoom, call like ok to break into smaller groups, and, as they were due the transitional thing was going on. He decided to go.
I guess big. They described it as the equivalent of a phone sex call. I don't exactly what that means. Mars. Computer goes sure he decided he did what he will do. I guess when you do that which he did not realize his camera was still on and he was still engaged in the zoom call right as so many female reporters happened to beyond their an view his shenanigans, shenanigans zero. Really, I mean really when it comes down to it. He was just active resting his hand in his laugh. That's all he was doing actively resting his hand in his LE. That's it that's all. He was doing what our mind doesn't seem really the, but I'm sure the me to crowd is gonna. Go after, I think of the scars, those women
Well hardened, suspended aid or not fired and from an end they said. Please take some time off to deal with a family matter, totally exactly how a Republican would be created in this situation. While he is it's a new understanding of the phrase talk to the hand glanced back programme
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