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'Evils of Social Justice'? - 10/1/18

2018-10-01 | 🔗
Hour 1 'Californians, don't move to Texas'?...Net Neutrality returns… well, to California that is. Governor Jerry Brown just signed into law, more or less, the same Obama era law that regulated the Internet on a federal level...companies are fleeing California by the minute...California hates entrepreneurship ...Rachel Mitchell memo released...the prosecutor that questioned Kavanaugh accuser Ford, shreds her case in a 5 page memo; Bottom line? Classic, weak case of 'he said, she said' ...#MeToo coupe?...the narrative has been changed?...this is more about victims of sexual abuse then it is about Kavanaugh...Mob mentality rules?    Hour 2 Third Accuser and her major credibility issues?...might be far more dubious than we had imagined, files emerged from a lawsuit against her 18 years ago? ...Democrat, Giancarlo Sopo joins to discuss the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings...one of the few Democrats speaking out against the rise of Democratic Socialism...church of social justice...'just no evidence there'...the goal posts have been moved again ...A New York rarity, a serious Libertarian candidate, Larry Shape joins to discuss his serious run for Governor of NY...a former US Marine and trucking company executive, takes a shot at running for one of the toughest political positions in the country   Hour 3  Being Libertarian in Democratic states like California and New York?...How do you get the common sense Democrat and Republican on the same wave length?...we need to stop voting for the 'less of the two evils' ...NAFTA has been renegotiated...Canada has just signed on...credit President Trump? ...'Hey Fatso', aka Jeffy Fisher, joins the show to discuss his up coming podcast 'Chewing the Fat'...It's so 2017?...calling someone a 'racist' is so over played? ...Kanye and the 13th Amendment ruse the Left has fallen into...it's not about principal?

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