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Excited, Afraid and Nervous? | Guest: Auren Hoffman | 3/11/19

2019-03-11 | 🔗
Hour 1 The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming!? Spooky as hell Socialism? The enemy of the people are not doing their job? Socialist to communist in just 3 years? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows best? Tonight is a Blaze TV Must See? BlazeTV.com/beck Promo Code Beck    Hour 2 Dads united, we're in this together? Embarrassment, a parents #1 job? Shock Poll, indicates half of young Americans want to live in a socialist nation? The hairy back guy after 9/11? A Red Flag Gun Confiscation Bill is soon to be released with the help of Lindsey Graham and the GOP? Door to door gun confiscation of 300 million Americans?   Hour 3 Howard Schultz,Your father's Oldsmobile (Democrat Party)? "Millions will die, if they get their way"? Elizabeth Warren wants to break up  Apple, Facebook and Google? Optimistic Pessimist, Auren Hoffman joins to discuss what a world of 5G will probably look like? Liz Cheney sets Chuck Todd straight?

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