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Exclusive: Former President Trump on Biden and Ukraine | Guests: Donald J. Trump & Dr. Ladapo | 1/28/22

2022-01-28 | 🔗

Glenn reveals the recently released FOIA numbers that show the U.S. government bailed out multiple foreign countries to the tune of trillions. B.J. Dichter, the spokesman for the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy, joins to discuss the massive trucker convoy headed toward Canada's capital to protest the mandates. Former President Trump joins Glenn for an exclusive interview discussing the Russia-Ukraine conflict and President Biden’s phone call to Ukraine. Rep. Chris Stewart joins to discuss the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Glenn’s interview with Donald Trump, and the World Economic Forum. Glenn has on Florida’s surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, to discuss the government banning monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID.

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hello, America, it's its variety and what a Friday we have warrior. Half an hour from now we're gonna be talking to the truckers that the leadership of that huge convoy on their way to Ontario, Canada, Canada, Trudeau, is beside itself. Last night there was almost there was a police road block, any it could have gone really bad Canada does not do this kind of stuff and people are standing up. They ve had enough. Just had enough of what truth, Oh is shovelling, that's happening all over the world in
exactly an hour from now will be on the phone with president tromp number, forty five and possibly number forty seven talking to him about Ukraine, what is happening with Putin and bite and we'll get the scoop on that were also. We have the surgeon general from Florida on with us today, and I want to start with the economy with numbers. You have not heard before unless you watched this week's Wednesday night special. No one is reporting this and you need to know these numbers. We, two year, sixty seconds might be create supply. Is our sponsor this half hour making sure that you and your family, yours of our Europe, to survive and supplied with food in the event of an emergency. You know it's crazy. Is We are looking at shortages all around the country now and our food
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It is Friday. So let me show you exactly what has happened in the last year gas has risen tooth. Three dollars in third two cents a gallon more gives rates? Morgue rates were about. Three the thirty year mortgage interest rate now has risen to four point six and that's without the FED raising the rate which they say. They're gonna do twice or three times this year. That is just the bank. getting greedy. Second quarter: GDP growth predicted to be two points. three percent. So you know, like years of a year ago? It was projected at thirty four and our growth was Thirty three point: one percent in the third quarter under Trump. It is now too. Point three:
Inflation is seven percent and rising Now we say that we have three point: five percent unemployment, Does that seem right to you. Do we really only have three point: five percent employment cause: that's almost full employment that means everybody who is looking for a job as a job and for the very first time, can say: that's true and yet completely misleading. There are so many jobs available right now, but the government is is incentivize in people to stay home, So now you might he had full employment, but you don't have people working. Paying them to stay home. how many fast food restaurants have you been to? How many places have you been to and they either don't have it they're closed? There
waiting their only open certain hours because they just don't have the people. oil has now hit an eight year high, we're talking about heating oil prices of a hundred and fifty dollars a barrel I just want you to know two thousand eight. The collapse happened at one hundred and thirty dollars a barrel. That was the final straw. We are now showing that you were paying forty nine percent more for gas. Thirty, seven percent more for used cars, six percent more in electricity, six percent more for food and build supplies. You want to know why houses are so expensive lumber during Bird, the beginning- and everybody was talking about lumber how expense I just want one sheet of plywood. I can't get a sheet of plywood. Would She'd have plywood been waiting on a list for two months, can't get a sheet of plywood the price. Of lumber
since the beginning of the pandemic, but since September has risen. Forty five percent. That is the highest gain since nineteen forty seven and they're telling you that everything is fine. If you look at the way we use to calculate, for instance, employment, three point five, but why Why does it feel wrong? Because in nineteen. Ninety five. I think they change the way we calculate unemployment and what they do they said are there. So many people discouraged, but they ve got given up looking for work Cosette. not fair to the government, to have two clean those numbers to so I just given up because her so discouraged, if you can he laid the way we did in ninety. Ninety three and before that, before we took discouragement out are unaware.
I rate, would be twenty four point: five tonnes he four point. Five, the depression was about thirty percent unemployment,. Where it twenty four point: five: the differences not discourage their encouraged, not to work. So now everybody saying what's causing inflation what's causing inflation? Would she I dont know. I dont know we're doing everything wrong. It's like we ve it's like we ve woken up in a parallel universe. The multi verse where everything that you're supposed to do you do the opposite. We have to wake are free and neighbours up, and will only do it with kindness and facts but even Democrats Wilma. except for the real die hard, never gonna, wake up to anything. Democrats, they
they know. Something is not right. We told you that the great reset is the plan. The news on the great reset is breathtaking breathtaking today And the White House yesterday that they are going to get rid of Bitcoin in all all cripple currency, it's gotta go it's gotta go! I am it's going the same way. Well, why let me give you some numbers that have just been forehead and release this week why this is not the number one story in the world. I dont know but I haven't seen this reported anywhere the FED has a two year weight, period on information, so they
tell you, but you can't ask and can't tell you two years: they do so thing, and then you have to wait two years to say what did you just do. Then it has to be forward while two years to thousand and twelve two years went by after two thousand. Eight two thousand ten and they were foisted- tell us what you did. well. They fought it and they were always the Supreme Court and it was the. Ed said we need ten years. We need ten years. It's very sensitive. Ten years ten years are up So it's been fired let me give you what they did now: here's what they said they did. You remember that He party started with tarp, because we were so outraged that it was seven hundred eighty seven billion dollars. We were so outraged almost a trillion dollars to bail out these banks. Are you kidding me? I I want you to remember that seven hundred and eighty seven billion dollars to bail out tarp
less than a trillion dollars the bail out for all of the banks- and we said what are you doing? How could we pass? We do that then the stimuli this package that reinvestment act with seven hundred and fifty billion dollars. So a trillion. What six trillion five? That's what that's, what they said they spent then the FED said we have to you know, purchase things like mortgage bonds, so we're just adding money, but it's on our box, we're just words can a printing digitize some money, we're just gonna, buy some stuff. Ok from the banks, so they already had almost a trillion dollars from us, the taxpayer and then the Fed said we're gonna do three point: five trillion to the bank's: that's what they told us.
small problem with those official numbers, their complete and total bull crap levy, OMG Institute is the one that at the FOIA. they have the findings, and let me give you the truth of what the FED did, but mean two thousand eight and two thousand and ten. The FED, bailed out. The banks. Now they said they behave. Three points, I've trillion dollars, whilst the group its. Most nationalizing city group city group got point five trillion, morgue Stanley got two trillion marrow. Lynch got one point: nine trillion back of America got one point three trillion, but that's not all. We gave billions to the Bank of Scotland, Germany, switzerland the
Kay France, Belgium. We gave three point: seven trillion dollars to Japan, one point four trillion to the UK? One per three trillion to Germany. We bailed the world out to the truth to the two You want to know why they needed ten years to the tune. of twenty nine trillion dollars? a digitized twice T nine trillion dollars and didn't tell you a damn thing about it: I gave it to people. all over the world. Three point: seven trillion to Japan: U K to Germany separately. One
for the UK one point three to Germany. Now she We're trying to figure out why inflation is through the roof. Why point four to the UK there now, reporting the highest inflation in thirty years, one point three million to Germany? The producer price inflation jumped in Germany. Twenty four point: two percent the highest since world war to your member might diction in two thousand ten, when I was questioning this and I asked- is any as its money going overseas of key. where's. That was insane to even ask the reason why I asked is because if we inflate our money, the rest the world will be hit first, with inflation much worse than ours. Much worse than ours and the cowards all across the world. Who are politicians? Won't? The the strength or more
character to say well, I was involved, I yes, I politics for that money and I wanted that money over here in Amerika was giving it to us, and so we took it they're, not gonna say that they're gonna, Amerika inflated their money, and we have that money as our gold. We have that as our reserve currency, they, because of their lavish lifestyle in living it up, they just pay. did all of this money and now we're all screwed. That's what's gonna happen more my words and it's gonna happen faster than you think, because There's more news. It's not just the thirty trillion We know about it's now verified through for ya. we can show you the numbers that of fact. That's ancient history, do you remember when they started giving money Ah
in what twenty nineteen right before, like three months before the pandemic, and I said at the time there's a crash coming some thing is happening. This is not normal and we couldn't get anyone to comment on it now I would say a word. No, No economist could explain what the banks were doing and I this is the biggest robbery of all time. Biggest redistribution of wealth. We are going to find out. Well let me, tell you in sixty seconds what they did We're gonna have to probably wait ten years for verification of this, but let me just take them. at their word and do the math. If you think thirty trillion dollars is outrageous, You haven't seen anything yet
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and I said they are bailing out the banks. They are transferring wealth. doing out on an epic scale and it started at fifty billion dollars a day they were making available any bank. it needed it could get fit DE billion dollars to loan. overnight and then you'd pay back the next day, then it became the vote. The first night there were such demand. It quickly went up to her. And fifty billion dollars every single night, and you didn't to pay it back right away. First, it was right away than it was three days than it was a fuck a couple of weeks and then was, I think, three months and then it became kind of like do you ever have to pay this back. Then we went into the pandemic April. Of and he twenty there began issue loans, one trillion dollars per week.
Officials tell me most likely they don't have to pay that back these all these loans, they're, not they're, not actually getting there. kinda, my back one? really in dollars a week We know that to be a fact now, because of the secrecy of the fad. We can't verify what I'm going to do. But let's do the math and this would be insane- I would have never done this if we hadn't gotten the official numbers from the FED of what I did in two thousand to two thousand ten: where are they Did your ties? Third, a trillion dollars and then lied to us and said it was only five, thirty trillion dollars that's a fact, the, ACT is in April. They said they were going to continue this loan to all of the banks,
a trillion dollars a week. Well, it's been ninety five weeks. That would quite to ninety five trillion dollars, plus the thirty transitory, even it Thirty, transitory inflation you not believe any of these people in Washington. what this means is your children. And our grandchildren and our great grandchildren are on the hook four trillions of dollars. You never got because the He went to banks, and banks all over the world You have no idea where this money is going because they won't answer the question This is why your seeing today, but what?
ago? I M F, came to two what El Alva and said: stop using Bitcoin can't use bitcoin they're trying Stop all Bitcoin Yesterday the Biden administration came out and said: Crypto currency has got to stop we're gonna. Regulate, but basically, we're going to regulate these things to death. Ok, what's your plan your plan is a FED toy because This money is going to be shown to be completely worthless soon, Please look at assets, please look at asset there's a reason but great reset, and this information is being suppressed everywhere, the Glen Back programme. we gotTA, Canada and just a second what's happening in Canada is even insane, and we talk about my
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its cover, the sixty day, money back guarantee and of the protocol back called eight hundred nine six, six thirty one, seventeen eight hundred nine six, six, thirty one, seventeen go there. Now my pillow dot com use the promo code back we have heard about a half an hour. this conversation with President Donald Trump coming up, we have so much to talk about. I want to make sure that you understand we have verified from the FED through foyer thirty trillion dollars that they gave to the bank's thirty trillion dollars the ninety five trillion that we talked about is speculation taking them at their word. They said they were giving the bank of the world and lending them. Why trillion dollars a week. We
don't know anything about it because they can keep it secret. Just taking Did that it's been ninety five weeks. Have they done it again? I don't know this is ugly. Let me show you what is going on now in Canada in Canada and Canadians. Just don't do this late they just don't rise up their car. Like I don't know it's cold outside. Do we have to march in protest? I grew up on the board. Of Canada and their very calm and peaceful people and everything else don't get riled up. really easily Well, they're, riled up and there's a trucker convoy now to Ottawa. It's a free M convoy. Twenty twenty two me too it's supposed to be in Ottawa. Think they're there now and today and tomorrow there saying there may be as many as five hundred thousand people showing up in Ottawa to protest the mask mandates. This is
massive massive J Dicta is on the phone he's a spokesperson from the canadian Trucker Freedom convoy, be. How are you, sir? Can I talk to my friend who I am well good. I wish you guys didn't have to do this, but I'm glad you are standing up. Tell me about the convoy and what your programme things specifically and how many people do you think, are really going to show up we are basically there's. Two is too general areas that are most concerned. What one is the authoritarian mandates the lack of freedom of choice and the other is this, which I discussed last night and took her Carlsson and explain the other night when I was coming across the border for the first time using coded act on my soul. Ok, I driver to the border gate and I hold,
play phone to show the QR code to the border agents, and you know what he says. He says it's, okay, I don't need to see it, said: why isn't there, the railways and none at all- you already popped up on my computer so soon you drive in a certain facility of my booth. I can see your passport, and all of your documentation before you can come here. No, my gosh, I thought yeah what When do we start? You know expanding that technology across the entire country, nurture basis for social credit and try, he absolutely everybody which is we ve been saying about this. The entire time- and nobody is listening to Us- ok hid- hissed everything is happening. You know, John Kerry was meeting about the great reset and they ask you know is going to happen, and he said this gonna happen at a greater speed and intensity than any one can imagine, and it is all These things are coming together at sea,
speeded intensity. It is crazy. Meanwhile, you guys are being called racist and all kinds of James, you or another, aid of open and free speech and dialogue. Either you gonna track and listen. Phoebe. If there's some colorful lay. Would not nearly as colorful as the language of some of these liberals, kids, who are playing Xbox and call of duty but were not afraid of colorful language, because you know what that the pressure valve Why we need a man. You eat get along. We don't do agree on certain things. Great will yellow each other, and you know what will combine five minutes later and wall be one unified nation and that the core fundamental points, bloom of that's. You know. We all see that the basics
loss of the underlying this entire problem. That, with all the truckers are angry and fighting about, is we don't want the government to protect us. We want the government to protect our rights. They ve been negligent in that ending, are violating the chart, a freedom of rights in the Spirit of the charter, freedom rights to do all this. But a great, Rita Fer. You know this authoritarian, in a modern communist, not that philosophy which is completely crazy so tell me how many trucks are going to show up. Are you explain what kind of crowd are you expecting and when does this really hit? When does this all culminate today or tomorrow? It's going to start trickling in tonight's over the next couple of days because There are so many tracks. I and to have a quick delivery into the United States, like I mentioned earlier in the week,
on Tuesday and came back late, Tuesday night. I I've never seen so few. rocks on the road. In my life it was a ghost town everywhere, but there are a lot of tribes going under underpasses, with crowds of people in every province of the country think about that. A imagine in the United States that summit is driving down, combo is driving down. I ninety five from New York to Florida and it s we overpass, there's a crowd of a couple of hundred people holding up finds. You know we love you. We support you, freedom and that's that's really. The essence of this is more than just truckers. Every he is set up. I was a kid: for the conservative party several years ago, we no longer have a conservative party, we have a uniform. We will now the truckers have become the official opposition, and this is the out
that people are using to speak. That's why there's almost seven million dollars and donations there in a week, it's not about the money. If they don't have a place to park their vote because they don't have a voice in our system anymore, terrifying what's happening. Isn't it be J? I mentioned last night, I spent a lot of a lot of time living in Latin America and travelling through Latin America. Not only in some of the most dangerous countries are not only have I seen areas gal bird, which is our taxes settled by Texans. turned into the most prosperous economic centre of the country, were now. It looks like a third world country. It's terrifying going on, and it's not stopping and the underlying your pulse smart, its philosophy that these people
all these worlds and they don't understand it that you tried to talk to them about their philosophy and point out the floor as an irregularity, Desmond ah said: you're stuck with it You can show them that white is white, black is black and they just don't understand. It's really scary Let me I wanna play something here: do we have the audio from the World economic forum. This This is to happen. I think last week or early this week, This is the World economic Forum in Davos. Talking to all of the elites- the elites but you don't listen to what they said, at Davos a few years ago, Evelyn survey showed us that the Good NEWS, is the eight the world trust each other more and more we can come together in design and do beautiful things together
bad news- is that in every single country they were Paulie The majority of people trusted that elite less yeah but listen to them. But we he can gather together and we can make decisions cutting us out of all of these decisions. There not me aid by the people of the world anymore. There made all by the elites- and the arrogance I think, is just going to cause. I mean could cause mass starvation around the world alone, let alone, upheaval like we ve, never seen before, I think also one of the problems we do is we always seed ground to them. We allow them to be defined by terms that have paused The connotations lead is a term with positive connotations. I'm sorry they're, not
global elite. This may sound harsh, but their global scavengers going across the country taking up all of our resources and putting the rest of us into serfdom and to show the jets of penetration. They have we there's an mp that I used to be friendly with that we had a good relationship, name Michel Rainfall, and Michel was on our side, a good good representative fighters fighter from western from Alberta Grey Then she went to Davos one year and she, what listed on that's the junior world leaders of the World Economic Forum and she can back and shortly after a couple months later, he started putting out posts on her too, your profile whole rejoicing that she was a. gender, white, female. Nowhere in that it comes Lee out of character for who? She is
that's what we're dealing with we're dealing with politicians that, unfortunately there just going for the easy money and they think there's not going to be any com. Flicks outweigh, will lift living in and let me ask you: this is not just the politicians they. Using who I mean we know they. Ve always used media mean she's, the regulations of media, the cdc and everything else in and Canada is crazy, but you guys. Are you getting your message out and how is that happening, because everything is being censored all of you everything else. How this word getting out. Well, my little strategy that I've been using this entire time was to avoid any central points of messaging on any of the platform. So we had made a freedom convoy twitter account whenever what's right, it would be banned. It would be for whatever reason
I do know, there's a hashtag system and we can call less around the hashtag system making variable and change it up. Frequently the leaders and primary accounts? share this information abroad and that's how we ve been subverting all the censorship. So this is what it would look like if we were able to speak openly and not be censored. This is what you would get and you would have gotten this last year. This is why they keep trying to the centre. Everybody- and you know what Glenn I dont want the left to be censored. Either I don't eat. I wanna hear what data so when I I agree with them. We can at least engage in vile erect, so be jails. last question here with every that's going on. Do you think the crowd is gonna, be as big as you hope,
or are people afraid there are hoping somebody else will stand up for them, and so do you guys out there? You know that normally the nature of much of canadian but human beings. They always wants a leader, stand up and the fighting for them to another? Blame unity. We don't want to do these whatever, but it seems to be the goal political class has crossed the line and they made one very big mistake. They want, just intrude out to be a global brand. Well, they got wish, and now the convoy too can bear in Australia starting up. There's a convoy in Europe starting up, so this is a distant seem to be anything anytime soon, the whole. The thing that I hope you and others can help communicates your list. and people around the on the thing to this is this is peaceful, do not take the bait from.
the agitators on the radical left. They will show up, they will throw things your truck. They call you re says they will try to get people going into buildings. Doing none of that we're daily intelligence. Last fifty briefing from an itself, since animals who works with us, you can follow the Quicken Report Podcast Twitter, for those updates when you get to work, Police inform them everything. That's going on, keep every because we saw happen in January sets an that's what they're praying for here. They want? Somebody lose their temper, so that could be the scapegoat form and we're not gonna give it up, I pray for you and all that are involved. What you're doing be J is incredibly Orton hopefully it will inspire millions more all around the world to stand up, because we are truly on the verge of losing our are right:
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EL dot com, it's g and you see how that come to climb back programme this is since the Glen Back Programme, up in in just a second Donald Trump he's gonna be joining us. I want to talk to him about time. I wanna talk to you about Ukraine and what's coming and the economy and what's coming so we'll see he doesn't get inside on Ukraine considering his russian agents since nineteen. Eighty seven, that's what I read that
and I do believe it yeah. How did you see an orderly, but he did you see the Buddha Judge came out and the government now has a new zero death goal for way and street accidents and so now there in encouraging states nobody else to reduce their speed limits, how good we need right now, when the cars are safer and Then they ve ever been before now. The time while they said we now. We now recognise this crisis, an epidemic, there's twentyth and people to die on our highways every year and when we had covered that number went way down and we cannot return to normal so there is an old, an old bit where they were like mine, the government for their safety standards. I think it was something that reason did and it was the speed limit was nine was the proposal I we may get there. We my honour, nine is still a pretty that mean that that is. Is I mean it
three thousand pound vehicle. I mean that's gosh according to a handgun, a bullet at nine miles, an hour, it'll kill, you kill, you think it will decline back programme,
when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the Glenn Beck program,
hello, America, and welcome to the deliberate programme. It is Friday today the next half hour, a one on one with President Donald Trump in sixty seconds, cannot talk to about Ukraine and are we going to war? What what's happening here alright, let me tell you about Lifelock cybercriminals: they love their job. They get up everyday, don't put on a pair of pants that go down the basement and they just try to hack in Hackensack and their gain. Is your loss? That's why you need identity theft, protection, identity theft is getting worse and worse and worse, and you Gonna be able to stop it. I mean nobody can stop everything, but you need somebody who is the best of the best on your side looking at everything, and that is lifelike life,
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mobility what's going on now. This is a total lack of respect for him and for our country and its a disaster doubt whether they go in or not maybe Putin doesn't even know, because I really think he wasn't going to go in. But after watching the couple of those press conferences and the statement that he's going into like routinely and Iggy figures well nobody's going to stop as I've been saying, NATO is a paper tiger. Is it's gonna break up every to any time it has challenged? You're doing never had a challenge until the nurse and you see Germany breaking up and others break it up that I want to fight, and that money is spent on NATO. From the United said before I got there when they whisper In my opinion, United States is being other preset because of NATO RO delinquent other than eight countries that were delinquent. They weren't thing
they weren't thing. Anyone knew what they were supposed to be backed by agreement. Nato is looking like it, sir, seen better days- and it's just I think, maybe Putin Try to negotiate, then he's a good man goes it is dealing with people that they don't have a clue, and I think what happened is their views said you know, go in we're, not gonna do and if it will get it, but we're gonna, put sanctions on we'll get a sanction. You and I think, to take over a country for sanctions. Babysit such a bad deal for him. he's so yesterday, CNN Route was reporting that the president of our Biden COM, the leader of Ukraine, and it didn't go well according to ukrainian officials and by parents, Biden said that keys. Would be sacked is the quota. They used now
I d by demonstration saying that's not true. We went great, we add a wonderful conversation and we never said any of those things who do we leave here. Will they also added that, but we might have said it, but they should neglect it. It's a bunch of clowns, it's a very sad for a country. You know it all started: is as bad as the border is at its worst. In history, including drugs coming it, but is the better or is it really started with IE a bullet competent way they got out of Afghanistan. We could have got now with dignity strike. We used to do that. I, by getting down to two thousand soldiers. From, as you know, many times that number and we were set to do it and you take the military at last that first attack the military out. First, and then they left the eighty five billion dollars and we lost thirteen,
What would you know? Not only do we lose thirteen where many people really badly earth and nobody ever talks about there, but the way we get out of Afghanistan. I think that's what all this will happen. If you look, president G of China was watching. Book was watching him. Jungle was watching and weed. Came overnight a whole different country in terms of levels of respect, I think it was the most embarrassing day or weak that this country has ever had. I just grossly income So let me ask you this because I agree in competence plays a role, but also I mean it's really hard, not to say you know, your beer, batting average is so bad or I don't know if you're really on the team. When it comes to, Ukraine. How does Joe and Hunter Barton's. Do you know workings over in Ukraine complicate the the matter were a lot of people.
Others this morning, a lot of people saying that, because of Joe Biden getting all of that money from charisma. Again, You could say one hundred and sixty four thousand a month or eighty three thousand a month differently, numbers in any event the lad three million dollars up front because of his group. knowledge of energy. One is tat it s, not ass if he had no knowledge of average. While he has always bribery pay off, I think it makes it. I think it makes it very difficult for them to do what they think they should do, but you have that problem with Russia too. Because the mayor of Maskers wife gave him three. A billion dollars. What was that all about? That's a lot of money. What was that all about, and as you have it in China, where they gave a billion five to manage, we'll take it hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for himself, so he's conflict.
At every level, whether no matter? What god you you go to the whole thing is a disgrace. the news today again back to ukraine- is that Putin has put us Significant trauma teams. With the troops? That's not just positioning you, don't you don't you dont, nor They do that shit Could we be involved in this? Should we at least be arming them? What should we do? Well, Europe be totally evolved Germany made the pipeline deal. I said the white flag to us will I get along with actually very well different sided plate, but that Ok, you, sir. She was a shared view that, wherever there
for that minor medications, but I said the white flag of surrender because Germany made a deal with Russia with the pipeline and Nord Stream is a disaster. It I'm the one who brought that were not even know about it, used to talk about it all the time that they say always wicked Russia boots you kill me with this pipeline, but I got it stopped and always stop to stop. Go but I told I'm glad you're telling your own country a direct is what you get Gee, I don't listen to them when they say twenty percent, seventy two percent or more of their energies. amount of Russia that music, Russia controls that Russia owns Germany in one of the dumbest moves. I've ever seen with egg during their energy, a large portion and, in its remember, it's over seventy percent that tried to say its thirty and forty percent, and even if that is so much, but it's over seventy,
said they closed their plants, they closed their nuclear plants and other plants together. to call which will allow the seeming to a great deal, because, frankly, the call was made there great ability right now that having brown out and every other thing but they're getting their energy from Russia, Russia has total control over Germany. Germany set out what we all want to fight them. They can't find him because if what's that with the energy so is very interesting to see but I would really say it is a european problem. Don't forget, we ve been for NATO. We ve been paying for really presented till I got involved it. The numbers went down down down like a roller coaster downward I got involved that I, after my first radioset users something paying bills and Very strong, honoured Obama would make a speech and leave and other people would make speeches Bush.
leave. They wouldn't say anything about it. I said you're not paying your! Then I asked about it. Sultan bird who actually was biggest sad. He couldn't believe what I did and we had a meeting twenty eight countries. We had a meeting- and I said, they're gonna put you bills and one of the president's stood up. So does that mean He wouldn't defend us if we haven't. A belt, I said: that's what it means, because it which I almost didn't get reported, but the boy I'm light is the next day the money started flowing. It turn right, buddy, they paid the money, but data have the heart to work together if you're not going to work together, but this is a big problem is really not, problems for the United States, the only as we look so bad. We look so weak. We look so stupid after after while in the the messages that China and all of our enemies are receiving for this are are really quite remarkable. When you
We obviously talking to number forty five and probably number forty seven When you were in office, you said sanctions on Russia. Sixteen times you had the Nord stream to pipeline sanction in minutes on Russia, five times military action with a counter attack in Syria. Lethal weapons were report provided to Ukraine, which hadn't been done. Ten million in funding to the Navy you'd kicked Sixty russian intelligence operations. Out of the United States, you withdrew from the Iron F treaty. You were really tough on Russia, but the most the thing I think that made the biggest impact and I'm wondering what role is played with the reversal from Biden the biggest impact. The way to keep Putin under wraps is to collapse the price of oil with job we're doing my being energy independent. What
old that play in that's, who and and the nice thing I appreciate that list. You know some those things. I don't even think. I've waited Oliver men and I appreciate it. Listen, I'm gonna get a copy of that at that sent to graphic. I mentioned it. This bet you did this week. Taxes were wherever I heard a credible. nobody didn't like to talk about crowds other than that, but we could have eighty five. Ninety thousand people this weekend in Texas. It's gonna be great and there are winning I would imagine those things that you really do. You bring up items that I've done so any of them and I actually one other I get a lot of great with Putin, but he said you kill me in some, Most of you, I had a good relationship with him. He would have never done what he did, what he is doing and by the way that when I really believe that he was gonna, he was doing it to negotiate, and then he saw these people a falling all over themselves that to be involved as well.
Can go in here is you saw, I think it's but separate either juicier. He had no intention of doing it. It was just Negotiating in doing his stick, would you like to do Now you see it's not like it's like a clear path because of the super people is dealing with and is there, but what would you say to Putin now, if, if view we're talking to him, as a whole different story because now uneasily ready to go. You know people are amazed at the new listened sophisticate of his weapon. Here I don't know if you could say that they are really they are really eyes by weaponry, I'm not surprised, because that's what he does a virus, what certain of these people Who came to learn that some pretty powerful thing gone and there too, but he starting to do tests like he hasn't actually like he's never done before leisurely seeing the
They do or watching they all watched. Look. They all watch what took place in Afghanistan not withdraw, but the way there and just it's very said I didn't write down everything. I must tell you. I was asked the question that I said I wouldn't tell you what I tell em, because you know you got you He'll tell everything you do you pay playing a very highly sophisticated gave, a poker, and you know you can't go out, public would tell him this, or I would tell you that you gonna do what you have to do and tell him things that are very often, but you can't reveal that to the public until maybe after told them But I think there are ways of talk in him out of it. One the things that you mentioned without so as I drove the price of oil that, really urge Russia and was killing OPEC and now we're going back to, pack, because we don't have oil. The maize it gets even believable? We
energy independence, just a year ago, we were going to be double the size. The above and now were like a bunch of we're like a bunch of beggars, we're going back to OPEC and asking them to give us we're going to Russia. You know that they are giving oil to these girls? Can you believe it? We had said how we didn't know what to do with it. Len guide the price that fact Overdone so low and how to get it back up a little bit of the industry itself right, but that was killing Russia. What I did so many now now I'll get about a hundred and fifty dollars a barrel, which was the point of economic collapse in two thousand, eight hundred and thirty dollars a barrel and two thousand eight nine, because it was the final straw and thought when I was doing the oil, where we had a dad did twenty five dollars about who would have thought we were never had this where this conversation having right now everything that your group do: thou everything that you look at
There is no way that you, you can say these people see America. The same way. America has always seen America that this is just not a series of mistakes, and you want talk about systemic v these policies and this kind of thinking systemic threw out the system. Inflation is just beginning, MR and is there I mean, are you meeting with the ledge, let's just pretend that you might be running for president Is there a thought of people getting together and making a naughty and nice list on Oh you can Clean this hornets nest out quickly. well, we can but don't forget where having, in my opinion, ten million more people hear many of the people should not be in our country. The many of these people a day.
a very, very dangerous people, not only You know those that plainly from Afghanistan, was a disaster. Has only three percent of those people showed a bit to be reading about this for years to come? Some of those people that gave us should not their terrorist and they should not be in this country. Did you see what's happening at the southern border, less with hundred and twenty one people, a hundred and twenty one countries were represented by people that came in, but the number a much worse than you here and you know the numbers you hearing, I had the boy a really at the lowest level ever and that included and all they have to do- is go to the beach I didn't have to do anything or so good. Getting. The war was almost complete. You know they could a completed the wall in three weeks. It was supposed to it. Did we two years to get it started, because at this the Democrats the eleven different times. You know that I want all the cases all others it, and then I proceeded in the world Was almost finished and then they didn't they refused to do. It
that's not even believe about it. What what we're dealing with? I thought that was incompetence do when they You know they showed the open borders and then I will this is really their philosophy. Open borders, voter idea they cheat on elections, that's play good ass by the way is violated? see on elections, but there go policy they give I've been. Who would have that? and a policy that could arise your taxes to a level that nobody. ever seen before. That's gonna be next ok get elected with as they get elected because they cheat like Alan elections. That's about it! spent all they can do well if they use same genius by the way for Russia, Ukraine, Gina? North Korea, they use the same genius that they do it cheating at got. Elections we'd have their problems.
Mr President, thank you very much. God bless. You woke Glenn. Thank you great job. You do! Thank you, Lapland, Douglas. Or a commentary on that, and so much more in congressmen restored, is in studio with us, or you get his look at what the president just said real estate agents. I trust dot. Com is my company that I started out of frustration about nine years ago and it was. How do you find a good real estate agent cause? I don't know I just somebody will say, you know, I use this personnel are really good. You don't know anything about him. You don't know how to interview them. And then you just be get sometimes are good, sometimes or bad- that that's not a good. a good way of hiring people. You need the person as the best track record. The one who sells the homes fast is for the most amount of money can help
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Chickens in any way other than whose watching and what the world is learning It wouldn't have happened him. He said several times. He thought this was negotiations tactic also also. I thought it was very interesting. His comments about gas and oil prices ended anybody notice he put Kim Jong in the same category with Lattimer booted. Nobody noticed that and he wouldn't say that was it restrain answer from the president. Full analysis coming on back programme. Let me ask you a question: you know all the things that were fighting on a daily basis to preserve the country and it is getting harder and harder to see how we win. Well, I will tell you- and I have said this for years- I don't think we win. I think our children win and our grandchildren when I think it is going to be up to that generation. We just
to do everything we can to support them and to tee, watch them the truth and then in short, how to love and can be good and stand up for what is right? Well, an easy way to do. That is with a tunnel twins books. They teach about freedom, the history of America. They teach much more than that they also each you know the road to serfdom, they teach back yeah a bastard- I mean they teach everything and stuff that most of us haven't read total twins. They make it easy for somebody who is. You know six and you're reading bedtime story too. Twenty five years old or even me, Tuttle twins rate books get them every home should have them. Tuttle twins back Dotcom, Tuttle, twins back Dotcom, go there now,
head over to blazetv dot com, Slash Glenn. The protocol is Glenn, pretend Box after subscription to subscription tv this is the Glen Back Programme joining me today? Is congressmen Chris steward? He is the author of a new book and you know I have these guys on and they talk about a new book and usually it's like our guy this actually is great writer he's gone you mind and he is co author is your son. Is India his brother is a federal judge. Other brother was a colonel In the air force, gosh. I missing other brothers and or a congressmen your face
which is why only patriotic, but I mean honestly, and not embarrassed about and not embarrassed about it We have been talking about how we get out of this mess for very long time. And first I just want to get your reaction to President Trump and I know you're on the Intel Committee, but you can't tell us anything, but You know what are what are we are facing here with Ukraine. He just said nothing. is gonna come of it. For me, Africans were knock and other than the message it sends to the rest of the world. You agree with that yeah, although that's an important message, you he'll be happier turns out look as I listen to you and the president, I thought it was a great interview, but further thousandth time. I wished this man was president's and livestock can someone yesterday who, as you know, I do want to say there are never tramper, but they
in support his present. I said: look at the world around us and and tell me that you're not partly responsible for that and how could you look at the world around us to say this is anyway better than what it was a year ago, I take bad tweets. every minute at the minute you up and do you know we have the chaos, but without any the benefits because it's just a remarkably different world. I mean I could not have imagined we'd be in this world in just Fourteen months in as I listen to the present again, I'm reminded that I think, one of the most important things he says in people mentioned this, but don't think they appreciate how true it is and that Vladimir Putin, took his measure of this president in the last year and particularly in Afghanistan, and he said to his staff. This is the time this our opportunity, if he does not go into the Ukraine. It will be because he's changed his mind, but this as the present bindings doing nothing to change his time. Who believe Chris, there
Why to President said was true that he was just negotiating, had no intent and watching what's happening, he's like are you kidding me you're, practically giving me the country I'm taking it. I think there's there is absolute truths tat, but I think it's no more complicated. That is well back in April. Vladimir Putin did this and he position south most people don't even realize it. We paid very little tension of it too, because thought. You know he was just posturing, We do have analysis an insight into the president of a Russian out. We didn't have available then, and you know it's it's pretty clear that he actually made a decision We're going to do this and then every military action he's taken since then reinforces that the military guy, because India's vet sent the speed record, at one point the fastest nonstop flight around the world- that when I had a job that I love again, how K so you're in the military who why,
Would you put these critical medical units right there on the border, if you weren't serious and you weren't expecting real trouble yeah. Well, that's exactly right. I mean he's brought troops and, and us and artillery and other pieces as far away from the north korean border. We ve never seen before his positioning of the heavy armor and other things in Belarus, which is, clearly designed to go directly into the heart kip? I mean this is where this would be a three pronged, a military attack and and, as I said, unlike anything, we ve ever seen before he's position himself for that. But I do think that. can dissuade him from doing this, but sanctions. We can talk about swift. He can talk about repositioning our troops in NATO allies. You know Poland, a Latvia and Baltic. The one thing that Vladimir fears more than anything else losing some russian soldiers in the invasion? losing russian shoulders week after week after week, from a regret it.
And is that happening or people starting well, we'll see what this president does cause if he were to clearly say we will arm and support a resistance and under it. But if you did that, that's one thing I learned: one partners is really terrified: that's what happened in Poland and we didn't even have to arm them. The president right and just said rise a port, we support, you will see, we support you. I think the biggest news for us to I was gonna affect us. Is I don't think we're ever going to be able to gonna Chernobyl We will never see it now. That's not! I know now is united they're putting troops I've heard in those areas because their worried about pageant having to defend Chernobyl and the region around it Now I we do need to still go there's well. Maybe we can, and are are tour in a dialogue and a russian goulash I get out. I mean got ahead of them ass, yet you could being Chris. I use
gonna, be part of my my Friday exclusive bond, the blaze, but I have about forty five minutes with you and I want to talk to you about the that you just wrote the final fight for freedom. I think this is a critic Lee important book at exactly the right time. How does of our country from chaos in war. You know the Tec part of it. and I just want to spend five minutes on what people don't know that were facing cuz, here's, the here's, the thing big tech huge business. and governments all over the world know exactly what's coming, and none of them have the balls to say it to any any of their citizens, and it is. It is the biggest crime again two manatee, I believe, because they know- and it is clear what
coming, and I am not talking about the usual stuff hang on just a second, and I want to show you this is from the w e f. This is the great reset people. I want you to listen. to how they just spoke, them verses. You listen at Davos, a few years ago, the as survey showed us that The good news is the elite across the world trust each other. More and more. So we can come together and design and do beautiful things together. Bad news is that in every single country they were Paulie. The majority of people trusted that a red less, so the important thing to grab on that is. They know and their designing beautiful things, and we know, trust them and they're, not telling us so, what is coming, oh, my God, How can you listen to that coal and not laugh now openly?
elites trust each other, but the other guys don't trust I'm glad you said there not only not warning peoples, as you point out in the great reset their part of it there. An integral part of it, and so I mean what would this book does the final fight for freedom? It talks about. What's going happen in the future. I mean we're not talking future future well, our talking round the corner, that's right, we're an you mentioned in our kids, and I think this This is not the generation away that the view that we have here is how to society fail, why society fails and and the weapons are adversaries are going to use against us at that point in the premises really simple, are committing national suicide. we are so divided. Our hang on to the second cause you and I had a conversation off the year a couple of days ago and use that in a very sobering way you told me you had just come out of a meeting. You couldn't tell me what the meeting was or was about everything he said, but you and others looked at each other and said this is
it side where committing suicide. There are times when we have briefings and your Georgia's drops and you just how in the world could we do this to ourselves. because it's not inevitable. some of the things were doing, don't have to be done or could counter these things. but sometimes you walk out and you realize were not or we won't, we could, and we won't and- and I use that phrase- national suicide very, very carefully, but but if we divide ourselves and we can ourselves, China is not going to send troops into the Bay of San Francisco. They're not gonna have to If you want to know about quantum computing and really understand the physics bind it read this book, it's fascinating start. It is it's really you, and I will say one thing I love about. You is your into futurists staff and you, and I have had called
still, on the middle of the afternoon middle and I go and quantum quantum computing are. You are you seeing there and all of the a I stuff and you address it and you must address it yet because that's what that's the weapons that our adversary, in this case, China, give just given little preview of what's in the book. Well, is Georgia, with this scene of a person you find out, he was one of the elites we just talked about he's a very wealthy, very well known, a media personality. and he's with his daughter, trying to maneuver through Washington DC through the gangs and the fires and the violence to find food, It's kind of the the introduction to this is the world that we're looking at and again glad. It's not me, grandchildren the society alive, what you'll for sure for sure any just kind of backups you're. Ok, we weaken ourselves at that point. China acts They use quantum used biological weapons crisper, which is terrifying. Drone swarms with a sigh
and they don't do it in a military attack. They do it to attack our society. But then after sable. What is the answer? why is this inevitable? Or can we fix us and we can fix? It But it's not going to be easy, but the answer is really quite simple. You have to, rate this pressure relief valve to keep our nations strong enough that China doesn't attack in my view, the only way to do that is through severe federalism, hey if California wants to go nuts and in some ways they have its say on why she's, ok and regional generous? I was just in Colorado. These people are in saying well, they're doing with water is insanity. Also, let's talk about conflict were quickly so they're, going to double taxes in order to provide medical. Benefits to everyone, including people who were there illegally, hey if caliphs don't do that knock yourself out, but I'm not paying for, but we, but we shouldn't have to correct people in Texas. Shouldn't have to people in Utah should have to let the stew
its decide. It was the way our founding fathers intended it if you want to be in Vermont, if you want to be Portland, where you're gonna, legalise marijuana and legalised heroin. Hey, I think. in saying, but if you locally and, as a state level, decide to do that, then go ahead and do it, but we're not going to the key to this is you don't feel like you're gonna stop jammed down your throat by federal government. That is compelling ass. You do it people will then migrate to the states of support their values support. the things they believe in and if we were to do that, we could keep our country together. We it. We would be different, but peoples living in places and an pre living under governments that they support and they dont resent so there a couple of things that point to its favour, and one of them is all leave all the Republicans say the conservatives and especially those living in Texas. When Obama was the president, they were jam and all this stuff on areas where there are like you know, I just secede, doesn't tenth amendment
and you know, will live our way and you're not gonna tell our state what to do or will succeed. I know I'm. forces eating But the tenth amendment the liberals went crazy, until tromp was president, and then California said that tent It's really important. So is some sort of an appetite for that. There is no no question, I mean look. We live in a day. Were people actually in a serious way talk about civil war, which would be a catastrophe, therefore, is no way that you can ever support that idea again what we can do. Glutton shewed our neighbours, gazettes, what it would be: it's not north versus south and then or maybe we need an amicable divorce succession. As you said It's completely impractical for one thing: it stories. Our nation second things. Look we can agree on the simple things: do you think we could useful agree on how we can invite social security or our? Terry or the national debt, or
large and rivers. I mean how could we possibly imagine we could have an uncle divorce over with those I'm gonna enormous issue? I have to take a break, but when we come back, I want to hear your response to this. The forty percent of the American but forty and as Democrats believe that, if you don't get your kids vaccinated, you shouldn't have access to your kids. They should be taken away from you Fifty seven percent are basically talking about camps for other people. I can't live next to somebody like that. I have nothing in common because we don't agree on human rights anymore, unlucky, your comment on that coming up in just a second first, let me tell you about Bill bar. There comes a time in a person's life where he has to say the simple yet tragic fact: most snacks make you fat, I know I lived it, I'm listening it really right now, I'm trying you, go the other direction, have lost about twelve bounds
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yeah We are a backward congressmen. Chris Stuart Republican from my Utah. He has written a book. That is a must read the final for freedom, you will begin to understand not only what you are facing, but also how fast it's gonna happen. The book starts a year later, you're looking for food out in the streets in the aim. In a very credible way. We we don't have to stretch imagination. We don't have to step outside of reality to create that kind of scenario. And and Glinda. The important thing again is that it doesn't have to be that way. We can stop this from happening. I mean I will come back to the point before we took the brake about Europe
forty per cent of them would deal take children away from some has been nice, they also about the same number. Forty percent would take children away from summoned. They consider racist or eight or or a nationalist will that's all of us in their minds? I mean the Department of Justice is made a pretty clear Europe, Europe, domestic terrorist. If you go to school board, So how do we? How do we come back together? I mean I've said this. For a long time are moon MM used to be the bill of rights. We don't have that any more and not not at all. In one of the points we make in this book in its erotic, but true, the bill of rights would never be approved by this never in this world? Not just wouldn't be. I did, I think, maybe two of them light. You know you can how's, better soldiers in someone's backyard during their replacement, yeah that when maybe but many the other simply wouldn't be, and this Kind of the kind of the moment were facing. Look if you want argue about tax policy, or you know a few, these things on the margin, but we're talking
fundamental rights, fundamental freedoms, the bill of rights, and how do you compromise on those you can his can't but there is a way out. Ok, just so go there when we come back,
when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. ikebana back program
restored is a congressmen from Utah Second congressional district. He is also a friend of mine, but he is also a storyteller at heart. He is a prolific author is written. Seventeen books, many of the national best sellers, six different countries and languages, have printed them number one New York Times best selling award winning author, also a world record setting airforce pilot and importantly, a ceo of small business or a former ceo before he went to Congress of a small business. This guy gets what's coming over the horizon nannies, written and new book, and the best way to get people to pay attention is to tell it in story form that's what his book. The final fight for freedom is how to save our country from chaos and war. It is, it is the future that could be at our doorstep literally at any time. We talk to him about it. In sixty seconds,
So one thing that I can not do is they can't replicate empathy, and if you want a job in the future, work on your empathy because that's that's the one thing it just absolutely cannot do and anything you can do to help. Others is gonna, become more and more important. That's why taken on as a partner tunnel to towers the tunnel to towers foundation. These guys were some of the first that were there after the three thousand people and died in the World Trade Center yeah we're gonna, take care of their families, we're gonna make sure they don't lose their homes, gonna make sure the kids get education and they have and they kept their word, but then they went further than they went to the military who was going over to fight the bad guys who had done that to the towers and when somebody comes home and if there are really really badly injured and have
our time functioning. They will build them a house. And it they'll building so they can function in that house. In the family can function, there really good people they, care of our heroes, whether they are heroes at home or the heroes that go abroad and then come back home. I'd like to asking to join tunnel to towers on its mission to do good in those peoples honour don't eleven dollars a month at tea to tee dot? Org, that's tee, then, to tee dot. Org, eleven bucks a month will make a huge difference tee to tee dot org. Restored is with me. The name of his book is the final fight for freedom. So, let's tell take us through the book. Well, again gland. Thank you for for the Arctic, be with you Dame by way of tunnels powers there aren't they are? They really are and the work that they do.
Look I want you to know that I'm an optimist and unite known each other for years, and you know that I am, I mean right. Some of our previous writing is about how you know we're. God cares about this country or something worried about this n n n. So people know you and our friends. Your brother actually runs my ranch and MIKE Mike cattle, and so we're friends, the deep friends- and we have had several conversations on what do we do and beyond politics. How Do we get out of this situation? Has both of us believe, but it's a pretty it's looking like a pretty dark journey there, it, sir there some rough days ahead, yeah, but I just income support to note that I think you and I and Oliver listeners are probably a heart. Most of us are optimist. We believe in, and we ll country, but at this in time. We ve got a huge challenge ahead of us and people don't understand they, think in the old way we're now fighting the things that we have ever fought in the past alone.
Then you know there's a saying: I've heard it in rush hour, I'm sorry in Israel. I don't know that. I have heard it anywhere else, for they say just because something happens doesn't mean it never will, and I think many of us have that kind of mine frame. While you know we know we got these things, but by and large things are going to be the same for my kids, my grand kids similar losing that both what they aren't gaining is the old saying how do you go bankrupt, yeah, really really slow and then all at once, yeah yeah and these scenes building these pressures building and suddenly it just changes and- and I think, were near that inflection plant and that's what this book is trying to prove trying to prevent but, as I say it starts out. If you many times we look at our society, we let we other books that to your comments on our society, politics are talking about things that have happened. This book talks about things that are going to happen. You talk how our society fails, how our nation could could be brought to its knees. It talks about.
Weapons at our adversaries. You can use in again. These are conventional weapons and they're, not armed, aimed at the military, their aimed at society. Their aim, The citizens of the United States, aimed at our lifestyle, And and any describes what it's going to be like two lives through this collapse in what is going to be like after the collapse and in again how to avoid it the prince of it is just this gland. We are. We are, as I said, and I- and I say this reluctantly, but I dont know better description. We are committing national suicide. And Abraham Lincoln was right when he said this nation will not fail unless it fails from within. I would have no doubt in my mind. No doubt that we could overcome and conquer Anything was thrown our way if we all, but even in the bill of rights still further and as we as we went into the brake. That's exactly right. I mean look I'll compromise with you on so many things, but you can't compromise on the bill of rights. You can't compromise on constitution,
It's one of the bill of rights joint to get rid of. Will compromise on that? No, you can't know you can't it's coming again, the inflection point. The were at right now and and and were so divided, as you said, where some of our some of our neighbours and friends actually would put people like you and I and camps they take our children away from us, I mean it didn't silk. Clear who's on the right side of history. If you're for that, you are clear We are on the wrong side of history, will end the blind How many times was present Trump called a fascist and ITALY lieutenant and who in the world is proposing now some of these draconian, just unjust, unitary, terrifying, fascistic. Yet exactly because we are in the process of that our our adversaries are watching the such as why what's happening. Ukraine really matters, because our adversaries are watching what happens our present she and president she is, generational channel for far future. They are the existential threat. It's not Vladimir Putin is present. She, its China and
watching in and when we weaken ourselves to such a point. There can use these weapons, like I said, quantum computing, quantum physics is so explain, how they would use. Quantum can be a most people, don't know in probably five years. You would know better, maybe than I do five years eight years, there's to be any encryption, that's execrate fires it's always away. Ok, but it's not, but it's not a billion, no, no before twenty thirty and it is zero encryption. Yeah yeah. That's right! it's that stuff for the total purpose? quantum computing. I mean you can apply to some other things. Some modeling, but The whole purpose of his encryption go I'll. That's no big deal in other words department, parliament, fences, gotta, be more secure, know you on a cause of financial collapse in the United States instantly break encryption. The banking system goes down and you never recover from it
and and rate reset people just did a war game on this and we end it did. It happens overnight, yogurt, yeah and and the capability to absolutely destroy our day to day, life is dependent on quantum, and so we describe quantum. We go into the physics. As I said there just is just fascinating and we say okay, this is this is looking. Happen so people wake up one day, and everything they had in the bank and every credit card. Everything to use for their normal day to day life simply doesn't work anymore, not just one step in the threat that were facing you talk about violence, who weapons in crisper the abyss need to develop a biological weapons that not only is targeted at certain race? You could actually target an individual. You could try The president, I states and give him dementia you can put em all type. Did you did you watch? Did you watch the bond series Yes, yes, he talk, you are. I think I think that
kind of stuff. I mean I'm, not union, the bad guy doesn't advocated captains, but that's what we're doing in the last episode was last episode. Yeah, they were targeting people based on who you were and then obviously got out of control, but all- These things are. This is this. Is the bond series yeah end to what's amazing about that? Is its is remarkably easy to do I mean if you read about crisper, you can literally do it with a couple college, kids in a garage, it's not difficult to do and we regulated nearly enough It is really is an unknown threat to most people by China knows what can do and they have an entire city built this kind of a fusion centre for biological weapons and creating kind of superhuman warriors. For example, I have heard that that's true then they are they.
Genetically redesigning people to beat this. That mean they're doing what Germany tried to do just cocaine and drugs you out there doing it Jeanette equally genetically end and are very serious about doing it, and you know in the end they started to actually release some of this information may remember five or six years ago I think they'd talked about some modest babies that had been genetically manipulated and, and got such push back while they didn't quit doing the research they just quit, analogy my research and and and being public about it a lot. put familiar with hypersonic weapons which, as you know, enormous challenges. Well it fascinating technology once again, but they go what does it matter to a swell? It eliminates time it time and at two generations of our national strategy national defence strategy. I mean everything we have been so people know it comes
Did it travel so fast and it comes, I think, at a low orbit, so you don't know it at first and then somehow, I don't know all of it but it, but you can't stop it and it's coming out. We can even aim towards it. No there's, no defence against it in an annex everything we have obsolete. So, for example, of China decides they wanna take Taiwan because Middle may be bled him or Putin. We had success in taking Ukraine so say they may want to do that, while their view, as we don't have to fight Europe. Thirty five Senor have twenty two's out have to do is take out your carrier. You know one missile and we win and we don't have to take out Europe. Thirty five in TWAIN, two's we take your tankers because we can use those
those weapons systems in all the distance is so great. Yapped have air refueling tankers to refuel fighters as they go to fight so you'll go ahead. Let your fighters come on in Bergen, take out your tankers and every one of them organs, and we have no and we have no anything, fight against it, our tankers or up there and it's over yeah. It is a very difficult military defence of weapon systems like that. But again, that's kind of the different world or living analyses have capabilities that they just in half a little a little while ago, while ago, changes are, as I said, our entire national defence strategy but strategy, one thing here: Glenn as it doesn't have to be this way and it's not a matter. Well, we increase defence spending. We find a way to get quantum computing before China right. The key to this is you ve got to keep our nation strong and you ve got to keep our nation as it as a in it. In a position where the autumn, exactly
we can still lead the world on these issues as not its it you're you're, not suggesting. Any kind of solution that you know need more funding x y, see you're, saying we, need to bring Americans the average Americans back together, somehow, exactly we can't have half of Americans field where they do about their neighbours and the way they do about their country. Any longer and end is only one way to do that. You ve got create this social pressure. Relief felt were people. Feel like, as I said, things have been jam down their throats from Washington DC from the elites from people that don't understand, M or care about them. Inflation is a great example. Look if you have someone fill up your car and pay. limousine, you don't know what price gasters you don't really care someone who shops for increase your meals, you don't know the price of peace? had a lettuces. You don't really care but but the rest of us do and they feel
people who don't understand them or are compelling them. So here's answer go back, what our founding fathers it. We are United States, but our individual states with individual morals and values that are important to groups, people in those states, let them decide and by the way, Glenn interesting thing. On as they say, well, you know it's always. A right wing is Republicans who ana in a lot of blood on their own, no, no, no states have been federalist for exam bull, Vermont, we're gonna! Do single paracetamol, dude ourselves, hey knock yourself! I'm glad you're doing that you not failed us. Eighteen months ripe, but about a day too, I tried it. They tried it and if you want to legalise marijuana and hard drugs, it's blue states it or leaning into these six sanctuary cities is. states who said we're not gonna comply with federal law. There wasn't red state, Who did that Lucy said? No, that's a federal law, but we're not going to comply with this. Would this would help us relief steam, but
Eventually we got a kind of come together cause you can't live. I mean these aids will fail. Caliph when it is a failing state. It just hasn't got up to them. Yet gay and it's going to affect, I mean look at what it's doing to eat a hoe. Utah Arizona it changing things because it such an oppressive act yeah- and you know what you may have leaders at just fail God listen in fact, we do see. Leaders like that and just continue moving forward on policies that they know will lead to additional fear. But at some point I think it become self correcting and just I can in Europe and when we had the Eastern Europe Nations and they looked at the western European Nations says at some point: hey. We want to be like them. We want to have success like they do and I
and you'd have other states. It would look it states that are succeeding like tech, lifelike, floored and others and say well. You know what I think we want to be more like then. I will tell you that I think a lot of Democrats are already saying things like women, I'm not for all of this stuff. That's too draconian. More with stored here in just a second. Let me too, a gold mine are sponsored Reset is coming yesterday, the president announced their common for crypto currency are gonna, make really very difficult to be able to do any kind of business on Wednesday night show you can get it ablaze tv. It is so important, it is about the economy and inflation, etc, etc. And I had Carol Roth on who is former war? three banker then turned to the light side, and is trying to help the average person she's like you, ve got to have assets, you ve got, have assets, get your money out of our money,
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calm, ten second station, I d I know there's a lot on your plate and a lot to read, but may I suggest the final fight for freedom, how to save our country from chaos in war? This is, something that Chris and I have talked about offline for over a year about there's got to be away there, you know you used the phrase- a relief valve Somebody else use that phrase on the programme. Today I was talking to the guy who is organizing the trip to Ottawa, with all other truckers and he said it's a relief ass. You have to let people vent cause they're, not they feel like their not being heard the governor, is going in the opposite direction entirely, and so they are clear
and I think they're doing an intentionally they're, closing all of the relief valves that will eventually cause the thing explode, yeah, which just is so puzzling to me. Cuz. You look at some of the decisions they make, and I mean I'm talking about some of our democratic governors, I'm talking about Washington, D, DOT, C primary, it is not only in Washington in you just think what in the world are you thinking, do not really understand what this means and a good example that you bring up in India in the great reset glances modern monetary theory, how in the world? Can anyone actually believe that a government- print all of the money that they ever wanted and there's no repercussions to that mean a seventh greater knows. That's true, and yet they Actually don't but it both the, but it goes to. A great reset where, if you control the population, if you to fascism, they think it'll work. I still don't even think under fascism. It will work, it will cause poverty and starvation, but but Chris
you saw what the president said about Bitcoin, that there that's where their headed yeah well I think we may see some policies initiated there that just make our heads been and they just come out of place it. We don't even think about didn't even conceive of just a few years ago, but coming back to the basic premise of the law of economics. Is like law gravity you, you can't deny it eventually, eventually reality just hit, so we're gonna continue our conversation on tv, the Friday exclusive on blaze, tv subscribers. Only the sign up for blaze, tv, I guess What where do people start on reconnecting, just the tenth, a member, just everybody read the tenth amendment and start demanding. Well, I think that's it. That's a great place to start. I think that the amendments. The ten bill of rights is probably a good place to start and end. I think actually connecting the lots to realise that there's some people in government and in leadership who don't believe those things any longer and actually you're trying to take them away from us in very meaningful ways. You know
One thing when I knew they weren't paying attention. and they were like. You know what we got do, what we I do it's now very Their men knee in Washington. Almost despise it they see it as a impediment to getting the things done that have to be done and some people don't deserve those rights. Yeah. You go back to your call. who played earlier about the elite, saying well, we'd, love and trust each other more, but those other people dont trust us. And again you think how could they be sauce on self aware fish. What as selfish and and arrogant, That's really really bad combination, the name of the book, is the final fight for freedom by Chris Stuart. He is a fantastic writer and you will understand what we are up against
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this is the Glenn programme. Doktor Joseph Addabbo is a guy who's had an amazing weak. He's just been confirmed as the Florida surge in general. The Democrats didn't like it, I believe they walked out. but he has been confirmed and he is now he's dealing with the FDA and on a colonial antibody tests will be closed after the FDA removes the emergency youth. use authorization, they and tell Florida they they have an even communicated with them. You know beforehand and I don't understand exactly why they would pull this, especially since you know if their seven hundred thousand people that are getting it anywhere between us on an old thousand and five thousand, maybe
be getting delta variant, but we don't know my beef fifty, but why Would you pull a treatment I bent doktor before and they like you know, I don't know which is tat. She was a man as well. I don't think that's it, but it was a man of bioethics. Why would the guy Government pulse something off of the mark. It and not? Let doctors decide. we have. We have the good doctor on with us now the surgeon general of Florida and also, how are you doing Thank you learn thanks for having me and you bad now it do. I have done The story right first of all, you haven't you I mean you basically have a right to sew. It terms. The first part in terms of a confirmation, tease it's kind of the first step, but we're getting their and our and in terms of the FDA, Europe
I can't believe they made a decision that was right ash. It was really obnoxious to patients there they sort of made them in the evening and people found the following morning that their appointment, cancelled? I mean she was really necessary. You know, so thousands of people were wailing on coming in four appointment- and they literally found out that morning that you know that, but that wasn't me ass, daddy suppose it was early this very day and a very of noxious thing to do. Two thirty ends and other people around the country. There were you know that were scheduled for appointments. Okay. So let me ask two questions. I think, both fair but in opposite directions. First, question the EFTA, a only pulled? two I think, out of the three month, monocle o treatments, and they
didn't banned, the one that they say works against Amr. So, if its it, I mean, if if it, why would they ban the second that they're that last one if they were do something evil. Yeah. You know I dont know their motivations It was a very bad decision, so, basically, in December, a few laboratory studies show, that the were generally monoclonal ran a body and an Eli Willie Monoclonal in a body had reduced affinity for the army, Chrome variant, whereas a bird monoclonal body is called to trouble. Mab still seem to have. I have said it be showed that was both at you know how to give their fears and credit, at least at least there was some basis,
I mean we ve seen many decisions made during the pandemic for weeks. There was absolutely no basis whatsoever for the decision to so fine. So that's what the laboratory studies show the Glen. The thing is, and it's not rocket science is it? Would you seen a lab? Doesn't always court relate per we what you see a patient. So that's the that's. The other question in the other direction. if this was look, if, if was something that could be dangerous to people. And it was experimental. You first of all would not be shoving it down everybody throat, as they have and if you wanted to pull it out because it was dangerous and you'd say: look weave weave approve this emergency, but it it's not really that effective on this we're gonna pull it because it is dangerous to use it but that's not what they're saying so I go back to the ito, antibiotics me,
many times in my life, and I know this is bad, for you know super viruses, but me many times in my life. Doctors have said, you know what I don't think it's this, but I'm just gonna hit you with this just in case it. not dangerous. Why pull off the market? Why not let doctors say you know what given a whirl Glenn here you're exactly right. You know you know, I don't even know what to say. I mean over the course of this pandemic. We ve actually had evidence for treatments. You know four box, you mean production either been do some evidence for I respected even those up there's a lot of debate about that would also that's right! Roxy cork went even though there is not a debate about that and if you care about patients, would you Who is you allowed doctors to make decisions and you collect the data so that you know you can help doctors make even better decisions, but
stared with either we ve seen it just time and time again, this tendency they just want to say No, you can't use this or no. You can't use that, and no one who cares about patients thinks about the citizens I mean some bottom line. What you're saying exactly correct in terms of what happens when there is uncertainty, but your doktor things that there may be of benefit to treatment and in it's really hard Lastly, I just I don't know what the motivation is. I mean, there either schizophrenia. They dont know what they're doing or they have other motivation. Because Merrick, our merk, has just received the emergency use authorization from the FDA for their treatment the pills. What is it newer? Pirelli whatever it is in there's two rounds of trials. Now that show it has almost no difference in outcome for hospitalization, for though, on the placebo group, but they just
you can use that but there's no real evidence that that works. So is this just hotel confusion. I don't understand Glenn. I mean it's, it's honestly. It's time I mean I I just have to quit, trying to even try seven on a flight because bids- it's just so it's just so perplexing, and vexing as a doctor, just even build on what you just said regarding the Murk product, so Merk publishes a single an trial? very shaky results in terms of building time viral You look another medication, cultural oxen right, it's a generic right. You have no one's gonna make it. Billion dollars off of it. They publish some researchers in the and leave publish a clinical trial bigger than the murder trial. leaving the more
overall, actually overall, more effective than with the murder shows, and you know nothing might there's no leadership, but then I age saying that doctors should consider using that medication. I'm honest way. I think I would probably You don't have to get the diagnosis. attention or something. If I try to understand the rationale behind this, but it's not the kind do nothin decisions of people make when they actually care about patients. So that is the scary thing, and I think this is. Why in spirits, he theory start we are so far beyond that I mean there's a deer in between a conspiracy theory that is dangerous and just asking simple questions and asking quest let's get you band, I mean never before have I seen ever in America. People
you can't ask a question. You can't say what you believe or they shut. You down Are you seeing as a doctor real problems with misinformation to the extent of where you we should be closing people down shutting them up. absolutely not goin. I mean it's your exactly right. It is the kind of thing that fuels theories, people label than this conspiracy theories to sort of bee pejorative. Toward the people, which is trying to wrap them is about around what's going on, but each Similarly just I mean it's just an extraordinarily terrible time for clinical science and for the scientific community
and is in some very important ways- and this I mean just a very simple idea than asking Questions- is anti science. It it's like come on guys. You know, there's a there's a paradox in there waiting for you to discover. in its in it to the detriment of every human being on this planet. Ok, so Help me with this on the government two doses of the M are vaccines or one of the changes are ineffective against Amr, but that the boosters only decrease the likelihood of hospitalization, and they do a good job of that. However, there still, recommending that everybody whose elevate eligible gets vaccinated, but you can't ever talk about side effects at this time the FDA ruled that these two monoclonal antibodies are no longer worth the risk. Potential side effects. Can you please tell me,
the difference between the side effects are. They is one so much greater than the other right right? So you know planet, it's it's and this is just one of the one of the sad parts of the pandemic in turn POW, one of the things we try to do in florida- is be very clear about one we're talking about data and and when we are talking about our perspective, our interpreters, nation of those data. What sort of science in terms of policy making so its total nonsense I believe the monocle buys they actually because there's no, oh stigma. There's this do no politics around their use. We ve actually been able,
have an honest assessment of their side effects, and fortunately there very well tolerated a you know: they're there, every medication can our side effects, but these investigations have been used. Hundreds of thousands of times they have a great safely profiling and people who have worked in and again people's, maybe we'll talk more freely about them now, the other end, the vaccines right I mean you know. I think even people who favour me and it can hold We that there has been an atmosphere that has suppressed. any discussion of direct aid of sex, and it may not be Any big side effects come about, but we should he's be able to talk about it Talking to the surgeon general of Florida not been confirmed, buddy it's getting ugly Joseph Rodolfo? Let me ask you: what is the plan for Florida Now. What are you going to do about this
right, so you order in our big things, have banned access so really continuing to to provide access to vaccinations, provide access to treatment, to the extent that we can M M really prioritizing Barnabas populations, so we work even though the FDA made through decisions that have reduced our capacities retreat. We do so happy is problematic. And we reserve that Monocle Marianna body were high risk population. So populations in nursing homes and Adam and that's worth doing so We are continuing to let Koreans know about other treatment options that they can take it all. I've mention he'll be definite, remain locks on me and you don't it. and were also working on ramping up the american Pfizer antiviral products. Although again you know the more product in particular has some you know,
serious challenges, neutral, regular, these questions about it and that's it. That's really been our approach and, of course, we want authority and to continue living exercising getting outside sunlight. None of this fear nonsense that you know it's been about federal and, unfortunately many of my colleagues have been peddling for the past twenty two years. Will adopt? Oh thank you, poor, everything I know people have called you every name under the sun, including pseudo scientist, ease medical degree from Harvard P, DE in health policy from Harvard Graduate School of arts and sciences, published in leading journals, the Journal of American Medical American Card College of Cardiology, yadda yadda yadda. He is he's kind of a big deal. So thank you for coming on. God bless you hey thanks. Thank you. To amazing what is happening with this guy with those credentials. These all just a quick,
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We will see you on tv tonight join us Blaze, tv, commercial, free, the Friday exclusive, more on what our country is going through an how do we get out of it tonight,
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