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Facebook's 'Fact-Check' Abuse | Guest: Harmeet Dhillon | 12/15/21

2021-12-15 | 🔗

Glenn plays the latest hit Christmas song, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Venezuela.” Glenn and Stu discuss the forcing of the vaccine as Americans are rightfully concerned about their individual freedoms. Pat Gray joins to discuss the pandemic, vaccine propaganda, and the TV show "Yellowstone." Glenn and Stu discuss Facebook’s fact-checking system being nothing more than opinions, as Twitter doubles down on censoring its users. Glenn’s COVID special was “fact-checked,” so Glenn goes through the government’s co-ownership of the vaccine. Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon, representing John Stossel, joins to discuss John’s lawsuit against Facebook for using its fact-checking opinion service to harm his credibility.

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hello America and welcome to the lender programme, the most did mired. Man list is out again. I can't wait. Where did Donald Trump and where did Joe Biden and whisked be an exciting list, as we reveal this two year going up in just a second also we had health. Inhuman services come out now they ve got a new song, not a new song, about the pandemic, you're going to love antics of all out in so much more begins in sixty seconds programme stew. food scientist. I am always benefit scientists and you love snacks as much as I do correct, you are the one. Actually, your wife is the one that turned me on to build bar turned you under built by then my wife turned me under built bar and
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percent off back fifteen fifteen percent off now built dot com Where do we start? You know I. I go on vacation next week at Christmas is right around the corner, I mean but can we start do we have a new holiday song, doorway beer-
I got it lets you start with some holiday cheer here to see. Seen need to bring Europe every season. Will a mountain of debt in the criminal tragedies such as socialist Street
Marauders, having have shared our daughters in mutated. My leads to it is with his speed, because we, the temperatures from all of the fires in rampant, is the disease through some execution and much destitution, and I am covered by please this is beginning to look a lot like Venezuela views you, like a cup,
That's all you can find it right now on line yeah go to these two does America, podcast page can could subscribe and share it with who everyone for free. You know it's that Cairo year, it's kind of funny, but not, because it's completely drew it is completely drew. You know I you know, I said what was it ten years ago, you knock you're gonna come due time. Will you all or recognise your country when a play, a song we did maybe for five years ago for Christmas. it was a pc Christmas. Album we did here is here is one cut from, and I want you to listen to this.
K. We did that
We thought we were at the maximum craziness of political correctness right that song. Is now, as in their politically incorrect, yeah, come, see him or her right, where the other ninety regenerative other gender gap and born of Lee parents. I dont know if you can say parents, that's right, they eliminated. Yeah, that's birthing people right right, burthen, job or think people? So we can't even recognize our country from where It was absurd. Just a few years ago, but now play something real. This is like this: This is the end. I age director, Doktor Frank. Since Collins. Now, if you don't you watching the blaze you're missing out because this is a guy who looks to be about sixty years old with a good.
are like a hippie. Here. He is singing his super super classic summit past the pandemic. is serious and re pass. Dammit We worry, we live fire. Remember Back to tee ass! The pandemic mass will come off, no more need for a knows. Why, but every time we Car we are gathered here today called. Toll has hit concerned.
three partners, like the ones right here will help to make her pathway. for the past, the pandemic. Will I resumed We complain about the giraffe egg, getting how we did Laura this is. This is in a government sponsored town Hall, so aid age s, employees were forced to watch this. If you ever, think your meetings at work, worthless wastes of time display that
I guess you out here. This is on your tax dollar dime and they all lay all took some time to watch that, and I love the lyrics somewhere. Japan Dynamic where we all will be free, really cause All things you're doing now make sure that we won't be free after the pandemic and the way, speaking of that here, is Joe Biden Yesterday, talking about freedom, cut eight. And saw everybody talks about freedom and not to have a I have a shot or have a test will guess what as other Hama patriotism How about making sure that Europe vaccinated? So you do not spread the disease to anybody else. Yes, what about that, but about but what's the big deal, what's the big deal stew? Who? What is the big deal? What about paid criticism.
Doesn't seem like you should care about your personal individual freedoms? You should only about what bite in wants you to do. Apparently thank you. which is amazing at this. Demeaning. We heard Arnold shortening or to an earlier in this demeaning of the idea of personal freedom- is an interesting path to take here. Why, oh, I don't know yet what do you mean? You can appeal to seven and say: look pay. We know if this was your opinion, you're coming from the government you and encourage people to get vaccinated? You could say: hey look, you know Please consider this because it's not only about Mew being sick, but you might affect someone else who is much more vulnerable than you and we we would appreciate your consideration right like theirs it if there's a way to appeal that way. This idea they're going down the road of look? What are you start with your freedom. Carla, really individual rights com on that seems to be their pitch. Now
no one who wanted to actually get someone to take the vaccine. come up without pitch. The worst possible idea to go, on that road. But that's the road they keep going down as if that's going to see if it might succeed with their friends on Twitter and why their friends in the boat. You know the parties that they have without masks behind closed doors. Maybe that sort of thing gets a great reaction in those rooms, but obviously it doesn't in real life Were the people you supposedly want to attract you're. Not. Let me ask if I ask a question. Would you the non vaccines now all barred from movie theatres concerts exhibitions
anything in the public you have vaccine cards issued. You have students that are not vaccine not allowed to go to college. You have the non vaccine not allowed to travel abroad. you have people banned from restaurants, swimming pools parks. when you You know when you have, the basic human rights are violated. Does that bother you at all: or is this part of the vaccine? No definitely bothered juggernaut bothers you. Why is that? So? Why is that? While I mean, as you know, I can look over my here looking at you know exactly where I know where you're going, we ass it, that's why but
I do think it's a very bad idea. Yes, as I proposed in the mandates, as I know, you have the entire time right. Nineteen, thirty five Nuremberg laws deny Jews basic civil rights. How did we, nineteen thirty five to thirty six you're, no longer to vote you lose benefit payments to jewish families, your baby Where do you were banned from parks, restaurants and swimming pools, you're no longer to use optical equipment, bicycles, typewriters records, You were restricted from travel abroad. Jew students were removed from german schools. Identity cards were issued to Jews, your ex did from Cinema Theatre Concerts, exhibition, beaches, holiday resorts, I mean I do will soon Simon, your problem You don't want to go down this, freedom. What's the big deal about patriotism, you know it's weird because
that's exactly what whatever his name was there was in charge of Germany, said too This is for the good of all Germany, where your patriotism and look it is interesting that, firstly, the left will say, of course. Obviously this is a terrible thing. You should bring up and you should be banned from all social media effort for bringing it up what's in it about. It is why they say that right. There are two reasons, one obviously, This does not need to be said to this audience because their smart, but obviously we are not at Nazi Germany levels of of of oppression. We just don't the road that this sends us down. We're not saying what the end of the road which equals Nazi Germany I Whether you know you are not vaccinated, you can, you will have flown all over the country. You have visited all sorts of events,
you're, saying here is is a an end of a road that we do not want to take one step. What I'm saying is theirs, there's two roads. One is rightly let one is really nice and clean and leads to a very nice clean city that we ve all been too before and we like and then there's another one. That's very. A dark, it's nice Well, let weave travel down this road for a very, very long time, once you start walking down that road. Is harder and harder to get back to the brightly lit road ran at the end of that road. There's something really spooky What do you say we get off of the dark, spooky broken down road? we know lead This is the same thing. They said in Venezuela, this gonna lead. We said it. This is gonna led to starvation. This
he's gotta led to executions of people who don't agree. This is going to lead to Cuba that for a technical specialists, gonna be the greatest utopia of all time. Well They were on the dark road you would. Get off the dark road. Now Venezuela is not nazi. Germany, it's kind of in a special class all by itself. Well, no sorry see. Germany, Russia and China wait a minute but to all three of those things have in common That's right! Socialism, I completely forgot they all have in common socialism. Get off. The road is ok. Now, let's Tell you a little bit about omaha stakes. Boy. Did you see these I corporations, according to the Saki these China
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If you use my name back you're gonna get an additional eight Omaha stake burgers for free they'll, shoot but right away. This is perfect meet lovers, gift package, Omaha stakes, dot, com, get it for the holidays, alma stakes. Dotcom key word back in search bar at OMA stakes dotcom, ten SEC. station idea? So can I ask you a question: are our inflation is at six point? Nine percent now rise. Not sixty. Nine percent is not sixty. Nine percent you're right this. this. These are the things that are in the Bin, the Basque. Of goods: yes gang fruits and Stables are up. Four percent milk for point: six clothing of five percent
food is six point: one electricity, six point: five jewelry six point: seven d: stick services, and those are ten point two new cars eleven point. One, for nature and bedding eleven point eight meat, poultry and fish thirteen hotels- twenty, I point five percent as are, and that once remarkable considering the last couple of years, used vehicles. Thirty one point four percent and gas, fifty eight point one. how are we only had six point? Nine mean. Is that all everything? That's it? ask it. I don't know the largest consumer price jumps between November twenty twenty and twenty. First, this is the yellow, It is these that all of them, essentially or is there that just a sampling, essentially at the idea,
but think of it, because I think you're. Your point here is that you look at all those. Most of them are well over six percent wise and only six percent Iraq, and we are asking yeah when they own. I mean I'm just looking up at the top of the off a tub. My head the ones at the bottom are a real, major portions, the families budget right, We're like a suitable, are you might not even by right, correct so, but still it is its but should over run all of their Amy. Is everybody and that's fifty eight percent increase critics. De percent increase since This clown got an office sixty percent. I think I've heard you made the point that they don't they don't actor in fuel in an appropriate way. Yes, in some of these calculation, yes, so I don't know. I mean it wherever it is still high. Even even if it's not six point nine
percent and if we know, is even lower it still way above were used to end. It looks to be for many people a lot higher than that, and I love meet poultry and fish. I eat meat. chicken, and I hate fish, thirty why one when meat is up twenty five percent. We stress here that the chicken is meet one now snack drilling. John Animal as one arm three. Four W W w dot animal, less consumer access, dot, Org stake! That's it! That's in beef! anyway Darin Rodion about his experience with american financing. He says I was able to refinance my home Glenn saving hundreds of dollars every month, I was even able to shorten my term with this, it was clean, clear and simple process. Constant the unification of Europe, exactly right. Now is the time to take advantage of the interest rates I've saved so much. It's made a real difference in my life, thanks daring,
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this is the Glen Back programme. We welcome Pat gray from pack re, at least to our broadcasts. Till I had a local and how I saw foreign do are more the path now honour ever free knows that I thought I was the lad was awful words from a government agency, I'm tired of the dancing. You know the little dancing syringes the awful yes Jimmy Fallon found thing. My gosh stop with the profit bans embarrassing. It is, This is just propaganda and I mean you're, the? U S, government. Can you not do better?
really knock nobody clean. I mean every day we going to do better than that. You can do better than I can offer their budget no spend a trillion dollars on this inner team in a thin. No need of going to do it. It's interesting to that that attitude. There. They lose the story in the Atlantic, yesterday's they're, getting all sorts of cancellations over it. Where the guy basely makes the argument where I live. No one cares about covert yep He goes to the whole argument and it's very similar to the life that we live here in Texas, which is yes, people within the Atlantic and the Atlantic, which is why they're getting on the installations- oh, my God Ledge natures and worry about it. They should do What they do. Yes, six should now. They have shown a very long record of not just doing what they got some in areas if folded multiple times anytime, someone will again, I'm sure, probably the only ones that are going to survive or the ones it just don't fold yeah.
you don't want any just don't care. They'll, say somebody didn't vet. This article in the UK, from a conservative journalists as Catherine Williamson how this works Azure, that's what they did to have. I hired and fired him for nothing to him. He had made multiple years earlier, but but this is typical of of of these these places they do this option and it would the article which, basically, if you haven't read it, it was a column saying like we. Just I've flown a bunch of times have gone to parties that went to weddings in the summer of twenty twenty we We don't connect with this world portrayed, in the media wherever woods, terrified of covered all the time we can look, concerns, of course, that people have a particular view vulnerable bun. This report is moving past it in a lot of these areas. You? U hotel, This is one of the Texas. Is certainly one of implored as another many memory, almost every red stated this points pretty similar and he saw the even the guy of Colorado. Who is a Democrat?
yesterday in Ireland over here he's, I guess it's over. If you wanna get a vaccine, go get it. If you don't want to don't get it will. I think that's happening, though, should be the attitude. Did you see what was happening in San Francisco with the mayor of San Francisco? Yet this is incredible. She said the reign of criminals. Now wait it in Frances go you're not enjoying this. I find you love side. I thought it was great. We now we want to open up the gates and let all the prisoners come out, and it has worked out well for Sanford says no it out of here. If you ve noticed that I planted that tree, but the fruit is not tasty here. She said time the ring criminals who are destroying our city. It is time for it to come to an end, and it comes to an end when we take the steps to more aggressive, too more aggressive with the law enforcement and you think
more aggressive with the changes in our policies, unless tolerant of all the bs. She says the word that has destroyed our city. Is it first, that she's actually admitting it. Because it's clear to everybody else in that they specially in the red States that San Francisco is gone to Hell, but now she's sickly admitting it and saying? Yes, we let it go to Hell. We got that democratic policies. Those are the policies than you been proclaiming that work. There were great up until What do you think the cause of this is? Is it you know political pressure? Is it she's really recognize this in his horrified? Is she just trying to scam more? We know more years at of out of her her, as mayor. What's going on, she's gonna mean if, if if she I mean if she is doing this cause she's, taking a stand against woken S, then,
at screams, follow Sometimes you have information to the rest of America, anything in New York with Eric atoms coming in radio and the same type of thank right. If, if they have woken up, is that dead that you can this mayor, say these things and and actually go up. In approval rating woke, this is dead, he is dead cause. It is a woke thing to say the robberies, the smashing grab stuff isn't so bad? I mean how it is: it's really not that that has come in for a more yes. Yes, it s property, and now she is not enough Think of that and she's not accepting of leave go into the bathroom in the streets or any of it. Now all the sun way doesn't want the puppies also totally natural currents, groundwater, probably all too poor. We everybody poops every that there's a book about right, yeah, oh, isn't it This. We have Michael Shell Hamburger out about his book San Francisco, a few
months ago when I get out and he is about Francisco obviously- and he basically new makes this case. they need to be more aggressive with law enforcement and stop letting, Dealers in beer in drug addicts do drugs in the street and go to the bathroom in the street and camp out industry. Now those things that are completely obvious, you'd think to most people and he said yesterday, look look, there's a lot to do to wait. We're here to see if she actually does these things, but this is a real step in the right direction, because a lot of it was what he mentioned in his book. I will not of what she saying now seems like they are. They basely read the book and are taking some. I fear that sets in pretty amazing should be greater. Diagonally happened again, tiptoe around it. As Pat said she used the language I mean she was she didn't. She spent yes, she's passport zounds, it yeah, oh, by the way we
Rick dissenters on tonight. Tracy reverence brothers coming out on that is in progress and what an honour this family and ever Governor Flores, having on your throw in a lot of people, would think you'd go right. Why? Why doesn't go for the army is guy, you got, everybody gives the wrong. I have Rick around with you. Why do I guess? I always think it's Rick Descent, and then I know its not, but who is that sounds like a who do. We know my thought, as you might become, completing Rick Scott. Who is that
senator from Malta and former governor with Rhonda scented because it on, and they are very different, vary from each other. Yet Rex got bailout xenophobia, things as well. Re run descent design of a guy who rings not the one saying. Let's take all the illegal immigrants that binding dissent in the band policy of all ten send them up to Martha's vineyard. I will pay for that. Meeting. Help pay for that will actually contributed, can't get the budget through with that. We are raising that money yeah, because I just I'd love to be I'd love to see that you love to see that what are they going to say? It is so easy for them to dismiss the border as if it's nothing until they have water problem in their own state and when that happens, in Delaware and Martha's vineyard, he's like he said the border be secure the next day. That's absolutely right
once they understand what it's all about and what it feels like love They would be for shutting die or absolutely love it how? How would they say they dont want these people living there but how do we re write like they? Are there? The one saying there's a reason for not welcome its Rhonda Santos. It's it's hateful for moving them. Why You are saying that Rhonda Sages treats these people poorly, so I wouldn't it be better if you treated Brigham to your area, restructuring and really well. This is this: is a british livid Joe Biden solves nothing he's got room, is greater omits, greatly levy play that, let me play the scene. This is from think, there's really a spoiler here, but this is from Yellowstone it. The last piece of a speech given by the Kevin Costner character.
I want you to listen to this and tell me you and love to hear this from a politician. Listen you don't see it on your way to work fields or on the mountain, but there's a war being waged against our way of life I'll. Tell you all the reasons why our way of life is bad for this country, that for our future, how it's immoral that you live here. Work here grow their food here they will tell it so much. You might even start to believe it yourself question what to do, and you are not tell you that lands only home. For them to be a steward, the ugly truth as they want the land and if they get it, it will never look like our land again, that is progress in today's terms. So if its progress you see, do not vote for me,
the opposite progress! I'm the wall that it bashers against, and I will not be the one who breaks love that such a high loved, I think it's our pursuit of progress, and I guarantee you Montanans would respond, respond well to oh yeah. I think a lot of Americans would this is if, if any politician ring or wrong decided to give a speech, and he said if your idea of progress is open borders. If your idea of progress is people crap and in the streets, if your idea of progress is separating white children in black children, so they no longer can play together and you want separate playgrounds, well, I'm the opposite of progress, I'm great wall, that progress comes up against site. I
would vote for that guy in our heart beaten, to tell why people like that show to Europe, and that is that that's how shall I have not watched her put that makes it is large, it's fantastic! It's really it's rough, I dont know what what network? I know it's on Paramount, It's on some, don't peacock! Isn't it it's on its on a little bit of every time. A little bit of everything. Now you are invited to those paramount, but is it hurt, is paramount plus, but it is also, I think older episodes are on Peacock S pretty much everywhere now, but it ain't a rigid, eights USA, or one of these networks, I think, was the one that originally put it on, It is huge you have the stats of of premier prom. are- we cried Missus Innitt Business because they had, I think, the initial air
of season three isn't very or mere was fifteen million people NASA heap huge number? Forty eighteen million fifteen August today can take Julia, and that was I think, without streaming, which are not, though I was asking all gets those kinds of numbers now, yeah man, I don't know where I don't. I don't watch it's. I don't know orders but everyone. I know where watches it on a streaming. I watch it streaming by anyway, but then the show succession which is very highly talked about in the media media services, which is the show that I do watch islets, and if it is, I that cause I lived it get. I mean it's: it's thinly, disguised Murdoch's gear and
ox news yet, and it's very exactly two top yeah yeah. It's way over the top. It's very well done, but it's also yeah, you know it's. An energy are actually very harsh. Very harsh, however, that when at three million people watch it where they that include streaming, while so that show that gets a lot of talk in the media and it shows how out of his death the media is they the show they all flocked to is is, is it is about them? those show that everybody is flocking to in the in the real America is really about them. It's pout, the people who are struggling every day just trying to make it- and this battle going on between an old way of life and a new way of life and by the way. I may be alone, but I was if somebody had to die last season, why
it not have been Casey's wife. I hate: I assume that the air we will destroy hold me. It's a character, running the show, and is it always me she's a why any University, professor Somebody should have gone. It's not right that they didn't kill. Somebody often that family and she should have been the one who, by the way, I don't know why I didn't understand this- is so easy to understand. The current season of Yellowstone errs on the Paramount network app and website and is not on Paramount plus seasons won through three obviously are on peacock. You can Ouch Yellowstone on food, tv, FI, low or sling lots, obviously I know what it is doing very little: fifteen million. I sat down on the premier nigh to watch it
tony and I didn't we couldn't find it? We subscribe to paramount and then it wasn't on paramount because we did paramount plot right. We, Couldn't find the damn thing while Tsar here is our it's really weird and eighty worth finding back in a minute, patriot bubble, hello, we had your current cellphone provider. When's, the last time you switched over if you're like most be but it was probably the last time you found out about a really good deal. Some provider had right when you are most convinced that you were paying too much for your in service the sound right. Here's a good news, That time is come around again. Patriot mobile has plans to fit any budget there on the same towers. Is the big guys there one hundred percent! U S, base customer service team provides exceptional service, even more Orton than that page, mobile, shares your values and supports organisations fighting for our religious freedom cons.
additional rights, sanctity of life and our turning first responders heroes, its patriot mall. dot com, slash back, call, nine, seven to Patriot nine, seven do patriot or Patriot Mobile Dotcom, slash back call them now. Patriot mobile dot com, slash back. program. This is the Glenn Beck program, we're just talkin about the spin offs of Yellowstone that are coming, one thousand eight hundred and eighty six s was being filmed right here in fort worth. You know they dug up the streets and they made for earth look like it did in eighteen, eighty, six very early, yeah yeah, it's amazing It's amazing! What's going on yeah, that's right! Am I what they do with these movies to some of these areas? I know as really in the same way, is so when does the ship, I knew everyone out. There's like I watch the show shut up in a Sebastian these dumb questions, but like is it in those
old time. We shall, in current time current turn times its current times, and it is the most politically incorrect family you will ever see. you're, not they're, not always good guys, you now they Kara Business and when that means taking care of business. If, if that, and you know, shoot the guy in the head, go over state lines and dump his body off a cliff. That's he writes that is politically correct here, yet political, that's one way, but it is just this family that will not give up their way of life. They ve own. This ranch through, generations, one thousand eight hundred and eighty six, that's why the spin off is coming, one thousand eight hundred and eighty six, takes place in eighteen, eighty six and its about his great great grandfather but started the ranch. Ok, but the Ass character is in real time today and, it is. You know the people in New York and the and the press should watch Yellowstone. You want to understand America Watch Yellowstone,
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is anyone else really falling deeply in love with a Elon musk I mean I know. I know that we don't agree on an awful lot, but this guy is just non, stop afraid, which I love. Yesterday, Ilan Mosque, no nuns, nonstop unafraid. Thank you. Ve got something I usually would say you praise like nonstop unafraid when it comes to really any subject. Yesterday he got into a twitter war with Elizabeth Warren and to say there were no survivors. Elizabeth WAR inside, I think, is safe. I think that safety will tell you about that, and, more importantly, Does that indicate that
The conservative point of view is winning. I want to explain a thought on that. It's the answer is yes, and no, and both of them I think, are good, but we'll share that in sixty seconds programme. What English is a truly great real estate agent for merely an adequate one or worse, a bad one, quest on my mind several years ago, lets the question that eventually spark the idea for the company. I started called realist agents, I trust dot com. right now. The housing market is running with its hair on fire, and nobody knows when things are going to calm down you somebody to help you safely navigate these tricky real estate waters and get safely where you're going it's real estate agents? I trust it's a free service to you. our way of ensuring that you're gonna get the best agent possible to help you
the process, somebody who knows the best practices whose dedicated to making sure that you have the best selling or buying process possible available to you, our agents. Are in it to win it for you real estate, agents, I trust dot com. The name says it all real, state agents, I trust dot com, so Ilan Mosque, sturdy II was named Times time magazines. Twenty one person of the year so Elizabeth Warrant, tweets. Let's change the ring tax code the person of the year will actually pay taxes and freeloading off every one else musk followed up, saying, stop projecting you remind me of when I was a kid and my friends, angry mom would just randomly yell at every one for no reason
in another outlays her profile it is. It is she's, cheese, angry she's, always anger in that voice. Ya know I mean this is why, of course, she didn't even come close to winning the primary. I think she did better than cobbler. Well in Sri Lanka, that's not standard hookers at all, it was really standard, is shooting for in another to eat. He said Oh, please don't call the manager on me Senator Karen. I love this at. I love this guy because he just he says out loud what a lot of people think and here is a guy who I have real problems with the times, because now he saying you know no subsidies should be available while after he got his subsidy. So as he kicking the door behind him to stop. everybody else or is he really had a change of heart? Hopefully, he's really had a change of heart
but I don't know but here's what I wanna, here's what I wanna talk to you about. I'm Sure, if the people- All that we have a quota we're coming over to our side. have actually really changed. Other then They realize their side is. Really dangerous now so, in other words Are they like Republicans that knowing the tea party I realized, I I'll be out of this republican Party cause it doesn't it they. Don't stand for anything and we realise that, and while we torch the Republican Party, many of us will still vote for the Republican Party You understand what I'm saying so not sure. If these guys have, add a real awakening to our argument
or there now seeing the people they been standing in the room with and there like. I don't want to be with these people there, He's crazy and so they reveal themselves as the true more libertarian liberal that they always have been. yeah? I see you soon I mean yeah, I think that's the amended overturn window is. Is this our own dear? We talked about this with Bob cost the other day who right you know he did have this Jim Geraghty, who I criticised for some of his monologues about guns in the Washington Redskins team name and said he was in M as we did as well, but whose broadcasting the crazy liberal and causes work, called up and said: hey, I'm not that guy, I'm not far left and just the fact that he would want to disagree with being outed as someone who is far left index You probably isn't far left because,
yea, I see never comes up and says: no, I'm really not socialist. That's that with these people dirty more right, that's an old era of of liberal and what's weird is they are now separating themselves? They were the ones who would have said climax, crazy, saying that everybody's a marxist, you know marxist. When me, no news magazine ran the headline. Were all sorts of our socialist now and they were the ones that would jump on the bandwagon defending the people. Who were on the democratic side that were truly marxist now did they not believe that or have they had a an awakening to. Marxism worthy always part of this kind of marxist soup, and they just backed up and said This is not going to work here or worse.
Just truly a blind liberal that word just that The party is the party and we're not Marxists yeah. Maybe they thought it was his overblown. Moroccans were blue or saying these things in their not true and to be there were a lot more on the left side that weren't marxist I mean Joe Biden used to very much sound like a normal democrat. If you go back in the nineties, to the nineties. We're talking, but this was San Francisco little earlier when it comes to crime, there's a version of Joe Biden that could do very well in this case. today, the ninety nine Virgil, that's the version. The people voted thought they were. They were voting for you and that's why he got elected in right. Go back to nineteen! Eighty four he's got the crime bill, he's trying to hold people accountable for for criminal actions now, He saying that was racist and I apologize for it when that action is needed, most we're seeing in San Francisco now so we ve come a long way. You know you must get too. I dont know exactly where he comes from on the sub. it s sort of thing he's now
He doesn't want them for any, but anybody which I love, but I know that is what I believe as well: however, obviously is company was built on them. Tesla was built on asked. Why wonder? Is he kicking the door? Come used for everybody. I don't think so. I don't know that's him, you know. Maybe he just when we he didn't Didn't emphasise it a lot back then, or maybe he just like the idea that he gave his company started. I don't know, but you left out. I think, most important part of this exchange with Elizabeth Warren. He points out. He will pay more taxes than any other can in U S history this year, notices Elizabeth is so dumb that she's action criticising a person for not paying taxes, who's paying the most taxes of anyone in history has ever been a bigger miss of a tweet than Elizabeth horns.
Spoke about it seriously- that he's paying more taxes he's paying in history he's paying more than anyone in history, and she said he paid nothing. There is literally no way to miss more than she missed. and George Washington never died because he is Satan back. I die again, that's questionable. You know you could still closer, maybe we can't quantify and that we want to. Finally iranian musk situation, of course, followed it up without don't spend it all at once a way you did already It's all right, it is a great bout. The question is People are waking up, but are what are they waking up to or they waking in saying, conservatives are right or they just waking up the things that we always had in common, where we conservatives. The people like us have said guys. We, in change. You changed you Jane,
the Democratic Party, is no longer fighting for what you say. You believe in their not bill they're not heading four, the bill of rights- they are fine for socialism in communism and a funding the transformation of Amerika well. I hope that they are waking up, especially to the damn product party thing because do you remember was races to say any one was a marxist, it crazy to say somebody in the Democratic Party is a communist. Well tell me What you think of this story, Senator Richer Blumenthal from Connecticut one of the worst people in the world spoke a wards ceremony over the weekend hosted by. a Communist Party affiliate whose leaders use the event to recruit potential members in. The Communist Party
now he's one of the wealthiest members of the Senate, which, let's put that side, because actually it's it's it's his wife. I just Love a man who never really even created wealth, but his living off of his wife. It's so beautiful Blumenthal appear even as democratic leaders, have downplayed allegations that many in the party support, socialist or communist policies so that are still saying now. We Support that then, how do you expect in Blumenthal going and speaking at the com This party event Blumenthal introduced at the event by LISA Bergmann, a Communist party member who blamed corporations for the imperialism that exists in our world. That is undermining the labour and environment movement. She also had was another communist M, see Ben Mcmanus issued
invitations at the ceremony to join the Communist Party, and I quote: if you're not already part of the Communist Party, we invite you to participate and contribute and join there's more people talking about socialism in this country, as it becomes more and more clear that capitalism is not going to work for our future. so tell me what's happening there Democrats, splain. This you imagine if, if somebody said I am definitely not part of the clan but then you are invited to speak at a clan, Sarah Award Ceremony and use speak and when yours Beekeeping everybody's, like and by the way, make sure you join the plan on a way out. How would you explain that? Because I think that would be Explainable, Anybody who did that it would be
our desire, oh yeah, he's not he's not clan friendly, no way, no way Why is it that the Democrats don't care that they are now having Dick Blue fall a guy who's, not known in, No in the media circles as the radical he's kind of the law enforcement kind of guy As you know, I just want to make sure that everything is running you know and brutally buttoned up. I am certainly not a communist, really why are you speaking at the Communist Party award ceremony? We two week, are our friends and family up and and this is why I been saying for a while. Our own has always been the bill of rights When Biden says freedom emerges
about you having to get a vaccine. What's the big deal, big deal, is the government does They have the right to tell me what to put into my body. That's the deal. You don't have a right, so stop trying to do it. You don't have a right to force companies to make. you do it. You have the right to do it. today is the day that the Lee founders enshrined the bill of rights. There very important They still are in those the things that brought us together, not policies, not who will we voted for not things that we have? tax or not tax. It was the bill of rights. And when you have leaders of the Democratic Party speaking the Communist Party annual awards.
Don't have people who believe in the bill of rights, have people who were working with or standing with, people who are- undermining the bill of rights. and that's the one thing we should still all have in common Financing Annabel Ass, one eight do three three for that, w w- that animal, less consumer access, not or new year's right around the corner, see need to be asking yourself. What are your financial goals? What is it that you're going Dude shore, your financial house where the areas you can save money, more importantly, where the areas where you're, not saving money so difficult thing to do. but it's made a lot less difficult if you pick up the phone and call american financing and do it today, the is meeting today in their expected to lay down the hammer and let everybody know what's coming next year when it comes to interest rate hikes their expecting to hike
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Bank, thank God or to bill gates. Number three zizi Ping number four stay on all Rinaldo the soccer pillar. number five Jackie Chan, numbers lakes- Jackie, Jan Numbers Sherry's, shall Jackie the actor. The act jack seems like a nice guy. Stop dwelling on Jackie Chan number six Elon Musk number seven. Prime Minister Modi from Medeah India right number nine, Vladimir Putin, museum number eight will, whose eight was a motive. Modi number ten Jacamar guy,
Ok, now, what are you notice about? That list is an international flavour to it. There is an international flavour to seems like a lot of leaders of the largest come countries are analysed, Do you wanna being on a list that features bill gates seizing paying and Vladimir Putin, cause. I really I mean unless it's a wealth list, yeah Another goal area those at length awry endless right so now who's not on this list. You, we're not. I know you ve been on this list in the past. Ok can I just say who's not on this. Listen. The President of the United States, yet usually you'd, think he's usually number one. Usually always the top threaten our former president. United States is number one yes, but Obama number thirteen is Donald Trump
so, where is our dear beloved leader, he's at number? twenty one October, That's really low I've, never seen that before he's number Won now I would say I mean this is a weird lists, because in item up some of these people, I'm like this Hocker players, I'm like who the hell is that guy and it's hard to part believe this is the list from two thousand and nine number Barack Obama number two, George W Bush number three Nelson Mandela number: four Glenn back number: five, Pope Benedict six Billy Gram, seven bill gates, eight John Mccain, George H, W Bush, ten, tied Bill Clinton and Tiger woods. Now.
that's insane, but what do you notice about all of those in all of those names with an exception of Nelson Mandela and Pope Benedict they're, all american centric. There is not an international flavour claret correct in that resting. How now suddenly, we are also international now is that they changing the methodology in any way. Is there this one this one is being put out by you: Gov DOT, ceo dot, UK so This is being labelled as the the man of the year, the man of the year and they're, giving these top ten, which Vladimir Putin's and seizing pang at number three should set you off should say in oh, I dont really trust this list.
I think this list is being pushed out because you just don't want Donald Trump in the town ten, especially if you just take the american centric people and the people that Americans would know, including Jackie Jan, that would put Donald Trump at number seven. I believe, by neither at ten or eleven. So Biden wouldn't make it incredible I it is its crew it shows a massive problem. Biden has going forward to which is not only does you have the right, you have the right up. That's is obviously does not agree with them. You have the middle, who is noticing, how terribly is- and you have the law Who has no passion for him there's nothing, there he's a giant zilch of a president He continues to make things much much worse, so I don't know I don't know it's gonna be. Difficult for him if you
decide to run by the way? Kamali Harris is number eleven on the most admired women. Nine points ahead of her boss. That's how things are in its programme Are you sure you bought that lottery ticket last week? Your ship is just about to come in and when that happens, you're gonna be a gazillion air and you won't have to worry of your car breaks down. You can just thrown away and buy a new one. well maybe that'll happen, but I wouldn't come on it. I would count on my car being out of warranty and then it starts to break down. That's why you of car shield. When you have one of car shields, many affordable plans, you're gonna, be in great shape for any covered repair nation I'd roadside assistance, a rental car, the mechanic of your choice. What's not to love
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is in a court battle with John startle. I have his attorney on with us at the top of next hour, so just about twenty five minutes away, but. they have? Sir John Startle has sued because of a factual from Facebook that he said defamed him, because as they said that his facts were false and Johnson is no I've been in the fact checking business. You know most of my life, and I the difference between fact and false, and this is in false. Well, he fought this and in court now Facebook has you'd something in their defence. They say opinions are not subject. The defamation claims, while false Ascertains of fact can be subject to defamation. So there
in fact check articles. This quote fact check articles are The labels are fixed through Facebook platform, the Labels themselves are nearly near neither false nor defamatory to the key contrary they stated protected opinion. now the way I read that is fat check. And have to be based in facts they can, if they have an opinion it says now: that's not right, then They can claim that our facts are wrong trumped by their opinion. Which is the case? We have been making the whole time Where is the line for your opinion? and facts, because we know what the facts are. You can then go in and say we disagree, but who are you to say we do
agree on our opinion. We're, arguing facts as John points out they have taken much do what they want on their way. Why, however, it's terrible way of doing business is your especially for somebody who claims they want. be the source of the public square conversation I don't they don't seem to act that way and innovate in a twitter is doing something today where they are penalised. Users who claim vaccinated people can spread covert. Nineteen now every effort We study every building from the literal beginning has said that if you have if you are vaccinated, you have a chance, a lower chance, but a chance of spreading over nineteen hours, ever been a study that has said it's going to prevent every single case of spread. It never occurred to me So how are they so they and their saying that if you say hey, you know what I think you know you can spread it if you have, if you are vaccinated, which is true by
Literally, every scientific report clearing the scientists who work at Pfizer. Ok, that doesn't mean that they are. There are terrible and though the worst thing in the world doesn't mean anything like that, but it does mean that, of course, a fact some people are the faculty of this is from the CDC website. If you are fully vaccinated and become infected with a delta variant, you can put spread the buyer to others. Infections happen only a small proportion of people who are fully vaccinated even with a delta, very s. people who are not vaccinated, but it does say both things say you can get it. can spread it? It can happen so, It seems to be even worse when it comes to all mccrone. If that thing, judges on here, which it looks like it may so to punish note like, You are punishing people for saying things that are on the CDC website, hurry while they last on the website, no dot. Org has just fact checked my recent covert special, a more specifically, the question does
the government, co own, the vaccine covert nineteen vaccine. They also questioned my question. On whether the government may have ulterior motives in mandating the vaccine. and here's their fact check it. True, the government and it should be co- owns the vaccine, but is it true that government owns the vaccine? As back said In short, no. Ok. In short, no, how bout we look at the long form, then me. Why add? In short, it's a yes or no question. Well, this is a time. Pick that requires a short explanation. I guess I would personally say no as the covered origin story and the vaccine. Origin story are the biggest topics in the world right now. It's not even close spot kind of seems like this fact check agrees because they follow up in their little in short, No remark with this,
it'll take a bit, and I quote, but as the New York Times reported November night, is a long brewing disagreement between Madonna and that National Institute of Health over who developed a crucial part of the cove in nineteen vaccine, known as the M are sequence, and that could have implications for ownership of important Patten's related to the vaccine. So in other words, no now don't go on it, no vat! to prove it? There's a court battle right now going on between, the government and Madeira and battle and out in court to see who owns it or not. War who wait a minute. I showed you the document with the signature and say what's this all about? Did you know? Did you know that they co owned? Did you
all this was happening. Don't you think, because if getting money or Anyone in the end I age, is getting money. we should know about it because that might mean be an ulterior motive, and by the way we had conversations before the specially than air it off the areas talking about all of the points they bring up here and making sure that we included the new on it and then they ve instead of fat checking, the special did in fact the special live. I factual, like talk. They fact check what we part of the special what viral on Tik Tok India, which is pretty frustrating what I don't know how we're supposed to control the pointer also points this out quote: lot of money is at stake, as well as a big stick in the distribution of vaccines worldwide. If the end age. Scientists were named as inventors on the sequence Patten. That would,
Naval, the government to collect royalties on the patent and to license it as it sees fit, including some have noted two other. accede. Manufacturers, besides of internal the risk, could have long term consequences for global vaccine access now maybe it's just me. But a lot of money is it sake. Stay clean. This sounds like. Maybe we should look for our Tillier motives. it's interesting, how they point out royalties to be paid to the government, because if we go down a page one, twenty five on the agreement that we show Jus between Madonna and the government you'll find an interesting appendix called royalties appendix now. If there's Oh co ownership. Why is there a royalties appendix it says if, Any vaccine is produced based off their collaborative research. Then Madeira,
would owe the government an initial some sixty days after the signing of this agreement October, twenty nineteen and then every year annually, if his all down to page one, twenty, seven, the gutter and instructs how those royalties would be paid Why would Madonna be paying? The federal government in fact There is even an account number on page one, twenty seven that shows the money should be directed to the Federal Reserve Bank I don't know that kind of sounds like money is changing, hands or, change hands if echo on this. If they, developed it and they said no. We developed this all by ourselves that no money changes hands no way. Have a co ownership and we gave you the MRI, nay, mechanics,
and do you added this so we're partners on it? That's what it says. How is point you're doing this. They also no suspicion at all the Doktor Barrett. Included in the collaboration between Madonna and again, I ate not even a little suspect that the government and maternal we're working on a corona virus m or in a vaccine. They were sending research back and forth with the man Barrack who was working with doktor she and Wool Han on corona virus. There's no interest in that. this is the same rule on where the pandemic It began its not worthy of a question. I guess and by the way I have questions we all should have questions the facts are there? es the governor. in Madeira have been collaborating on a corona virus vaccine. Since twenty Fifteen the contrary
specifically States co ownership of vaccine candidates and on h, twenty four all data and material produced along the way royalties. have been negotiated. Roy these are in the contract doctor, but the man who had been working on Corona virus research with doktor she was included and now there is a dispute between the government and Madonna on who owns what that the fact pointer, but don't nothing to see here, pointers got at their smarter than you. You know this it's just a government trying to mandate a vaccine that their currently fighting on, how much of it they were involved with inventing and then the contracted state in black and white, the royalties that should be paid to the federal bank if any his produce based off their collaboration. Nothing to see here, there's no terrier motive, there's no co ownership at all. So
what the hell? This is even mean. That's why I'm asking there is no precedent for this, and if the government, or government employees are going to benefit even a little off of affair a policy that contribute to that benefit we should be asking these questions that what the media used to do, that point her. Says there whose mission is, I fact checkpoint, her their liars. They are liars, specifically here, their lawyers fact check that opinion polls. Ok only today about Bill bar. If you didn't already know here's how most protein bars help you lose weight, they take like form rubber, and then you
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Fifteen percent off had built dot com to decline programme. This is the Glinda programme. Thank you so much for listening ever onto Santos on tonight. He is the probably a second most hated leader in America according to the left, and why do people, full of paid him. Because the media told you too. I think now think here Very few politicians receive constant scrutiny, but the Florida government Rhonda Santa's, has endured over the last couple of years elected earn twenty eighteen relative unknown and three years later, thanks to the way he handled the pandemic in Florida he's now a household name. Who is meant, as a potential republican presidential candidate and twenty twenty four meteoric rise, for a politician doesn't happen like this. For a republic
and it can mean really only one thing, and that is he drives the left out of his mind. So we're. Gonna talk to him tonight. The flower Rhonda Santas live one on one tonight on my Wednesday night Special you don't want to miss it. I don't think I've ever done and we done upon before it was very short interview he well. I can't remember honestly in it's interesting because you look at that. Mention the meteoric rise. If you go back, two thousand eighteen he's running for governor he's a congressmen but like I am. We need meant that made them. When we talk to him, he was a curtain but hee hee running for governor of Florida he's the underdog in the race going in he wins by zero point: four percent People think that, like this is where he barely we get out against the guy- who then got
with all sorts of weird drug and sex things going on Andrew Jerusalem, who was the rising start? This tiny, whose entire career blew up so the day before that election Rhonda Centres and looks like he's going to lose, and not even be governor of Florida. Here we are three years later and outside of Donald Trump. If he chooses to run again, is the most mentioned favour it for the reply. Look in combination is what Europe or in another, about saying that he is gonna run, but I think he's gonna run yeah if Biff Tromp is not in it. I think this and this will be the guy- I mean It is long as he just keeps do. What he's doing he's just so strong on every issue, one after another after another? Is that a good job? He has done a great job and he got a lot of criticism when he was running for reasons I don't think connected with whom he actually is. He doesn't seem to be there
to paint him as this like crazy. Like I don't know, Steve banned in running for governor me like a again like a lot people Minimum Stephen as he has, but like he's, not a guy, you eat the unnecessarily nominated from D run for governor he's trial without Twitter yeah in some ways. I think he is it. You know some people. he doesn't have a lot of those more whence where he doesn't know he's nothing. He's not bashing beekeepers, Linsky for her face, search or correct, like he'd ever goes moment, but he likes fighting with the media all out of the things that people like about Trump, he does pretty well and also he's done a good job running sate. I think you know, course. Anyone looks good to what we have annoyed house arrows money and a does like to try mean he, He D Do a vaccine press conference in Brandon branded in front of brandy, I motors, so you know He does have that side to him. He does he's, probably the only one that I've seen that
get away with it. Besides. Donald Trump We are fascinating interview the full hour tonight, the Wednesday night special. This is the last Wednesday night special of the year. It's gonna be great. You don't want to miss it tonight, governor ROD, this Santas nine pm eastern on Blaze, tv dot com and plays tv. You too,
programme. It is fascinating to me how fax is bench, appearances facts, don't care about your opinions or your feelings. Well, now we are, we are taking feelings and opinions and elevating them over fangs. This is exactly what fact check organizations does. According to Facebook, in a court of law, Johns Docile is suing Facebook. Facebook just responds in you can't sewers for this, because these are protected opinions. When I thought we were talking about facts, we have one of his attorneys on to explain this and explore this in sixty seconds programme,
Allow me to introduce you to your friendly neighbourhood. Cyber criminal right about now is preparing to go on a Christmas shopping spree giant. screen tv Jack New Play station complete with every game that you could imagine and a few you can't you got it authors of abies hit bands like flock of seagulls weirdly. Also, yes, here's the kicker. He's gonna, use your money to buy all of that stuff because he was able to hack into your computer, steal your identity and open self, a nice little account with everything you had saved up if he didn't hack into your computer, somebody else's hacked in, and he just assembled all of the parts. By buying on the dark web, nobody, follow everything. Nobody can watch every purchase or every transaction is just not possible, but There is somebody who not only is the best in the business in my opinion, but they also have been doing yet the longest, and they have a
really expert team of people to fix it. there is a problem. Its life flock join now and save up to twenty five percent off your first year with Promo code back one, eight hundred Lifelock one, eight hundred Lifelock or head to Lifelock dot com use a promo code back for twenty five percent off its Lifelock dot com now We recognise civil rights lawyer named as one of the best lawyers under forty in two thousand and seven she is the founder and chief executive officer for the Centre for american Liberty. We we welcome Army Dylan to the programme, hire me yet thanks for having me so I can't
rub my arms around this crazy facebook defence that there fact checks are protected opinions, and so we can push back on them While they say we are liars, has I work? Why don't think Org you know what list we ve seen this phenomenon now for several years, I've seen it with various clients of my farm, where there is a journalist or writers, and they put up material on Twitter on Facebook thought Instagram on other platforms two with another and companies have been sued many times, I've seen various of these companies many times larger per theories. Because of a lack of communication to decency act section to thirty years companies. simply been allowed? A government protection from the top? of defamation that you or I would be liable for if we said false things about me
in other forums and so in this case many of your viewers may now and you're reading an article on maybe an article you like did you go to share it? or even without going to sharing a label. Pops up That warrant view that this article that you're reading in your bout, the sharers falls partly false veto fate news basically and then sometimes even getting into the details as to what swath about it? That's what happened here with Johnston phones are respected? Journalist DEC the experience and pew tree independent content now and on his facebook page. He posted a couple of videos about two different climate change topics. one was about: the forest fires that have consumed California, Marine years, twenty twenty and what caused them, and he was interviewing experts on forest fires, and then the other one is talking about a variety of
claims by climate, it s about! breathing being caused by climate change, hurricanes fire, you name it, and so how these? companies try to get around them. And called the famers, Facebook and twitter. companies that they hire, and I imagine my airports here, a higher dependent fact Gore really activists themselves, of course, today let loose the hounds of independent fact checkers on The helpless users of these platforms, who are not allowed to fight back and they ripped The shredder, as if it's some kind of a blood sport and there's no appeal process, and so you know, climate change group that was asked what the reviewing this one is: a french outfit. Very biased,
a review of their reviews of people's palace shows that in the case of authors who are proceeded, Germany and Bake routinely read them as false or mostly falls lacking, conned extra than other nice one that they like to use, or in this case either they really got it wrong here, they're factually wrong. In a day They attributed to John a statement that he didn't make, namely that he said that the climate played no role in forest fires and in fact he actually said that very well may play a role in fires, but it certainly know that explain. California, fires in their other explanation that have to do with government. Never let behaviour and choices and then the other one. Similarly, may they basically near him with will lie. It misleading, lacking context, partially false contains factual and accurate.
So so that's the label on the margin general video now if you're a journalist who devoted career, getting it right and an elucidate the truth to the public labour. somebody's posters partly fall obtains factual inaccuracies is devastating. It will be like telling the world fixing a label to losses that I filed there. You know that that their sanction that that they ve been sanctioned when they have. Well, honestly, it is like, instead of taking the all the news fit to print changing the subtitle two of the New York Times to contain The factual inaccuracies right. Lacking Sancho law lacking. Yet you wouldn't you your times would never become the New York Times if that had to be printed on the front page of every new. So poor and its true right out the New York Times. It's true,
There are times when we know. So what? What so now These guys are playing a shell games. We see them but waited to sue them we want them letters. First, the French. You know climate charge outfit. and we end Facebook now matter, and they changed their name, the Laval case and been, Obey wrote back, there are others in our entertainment. Basically, this is your opinion. It is a fact checking it all, although it says fact checkers in fact checking on it. We didn't my amendments was devastating to John. It drove As for your ship down, usually and for social media writers, that's that's its revenue. Credibility that your professional reputation that You know what what you're labelled maliciously within Wikipedia when you die. You know purveyor of false video format. It also
that's astonished that doesn't wash off and there's no place to wash it off. So he soon As a last resort, where this issue and Facebook responded. Ah, this is us one must adjust our opinion. This is a lamentable fact. Europe meant to take it literally with a fact, checkers it's kind of an orwellian, almost ridiculous, Croatia, but soon artisan Gulf, black and white. Where does this go from here? well, maybe an argument in front of the judge. Interestingly, our cases bounced around so far amongst to judge the second I just got appointed to let's just go You know, nominated and confirmed the night circuit last week so probably going to be awaiting hearing in front of a third judge to see You know what happened to this case and look. Facebook has a sorry matter
as overwhelming resources, and you know they just brush these claims aside and I've dealt with their quarrel quote fact: checkers before it I'm glad you're here, you're lit listeners may not know what this industry a fact. Checkers is there again air quotes. On profits. They usually employ washed up, or you know- sort of journalists who don't wanna work that our anymore or activists were both at some from the near times the Wall Street Journal. I've dealt with some very esteemed former journalist who now work for these outfits and all but all day long. Their job is, you know, Fourth, labels on as many of your enemies and opponents of people disagree with you as possible, laugh quietly and go out for a cocktail. That's that's the deal and at its it's not right, and You are, I did this and called a journalists work false, partly falls
you don't like a context that will be for an you or I could get sued. So the sanctions true of facebook and communication, it isn't the exception to and thirty is not as these big tech companies repeatedly claim a licence to lie to mere defame and devastate users. But that's exactly what it what it does over and over and over again we have had found checks from these same people. We ve had fact checks They claimed that something we said was false because It comes from a study that on page four hundred and thirty, five aid. Another claim that we weren't making that was proven false right, but because the part that wasn't falls was also in that same study was something that was we.
We were. We were fact checked as wrong as like wait, pray. When you look at the label on just reading from it from from our complaint The label big big box, missing contact, then it says from independent, act, checkers and then there's another little label fact check science cycle. change, etc. And then it says about this notice, independent fact, shackles. Famous information is missing context and could this week people and then it says, learn more about how Facebook works with independent fact checkers to stop the spread of false. Information. So it goes on to say this is false. I may not an we're clear. You can be so quite claiming it now in its news to me, and in and by the way, their asking every user of Facebook to somehow gas that their fact check is
glee and opinion her opinion monetary bright and on top of it they not only label you with that, but they also then the algorithm shoves you down and on top of that now I've noticed some of them are not even letting you share the story, it won't. You can't you you it's their it'll say its false. But if you try to share the story, because you disagree with their opinion, you can't even share the story. I mean it it's a gulag system. Facebook. What can you Average person do well. We know the average person can can follow this lawsuit talk about it mock face, took I don't know and you know we have to eventually hopefully find some platforms. Don't lie defamed steel, our information and play a
but ultimately go. I'm the only remedy for this. For the for the citizen, for the users of social media around the world, is our members of Congress and our president when they are right thinking people need to change communication. That is, with the extraction to authority, to make a call here that it is no longer appropriate for these companies to use its protections as a complete carte blanche. For doing whatever they want. There have to be some norms and some rules. There should be a user's bill of rights. There needs to be an appeals process for this, and these companies have face some form of liability, because so far, court after court after court had let them out Scot free. And and frankly, even conservative thank tee eggs and I'm using those airports. Again. Sir, but have nonprofits and concern, British law makers have all bought the big tech lobbies,
propaganda that these types of quote him quote protections for these trillion. Corporations are necessary to ensure free speech in the hurry, are there no more necessary to ensure free speech men taking away definite I is necessary for you or I or the New York Times, to stop defending people. It is in fact that liability that rain people in from going too far- and we all know the difference between a fact, check and an opinion and suing overt opinion here. They're suing over a false accusation of lying and in an article exactly I thank you so much harm Dylan, we'll be watching this and our best to John Docile and everybody on your team. Thank you our sponsor. This half hour is gold line. It has become very apparent in recent months that the current administration, what it lacks in knowledge, on what
the causes are of inflation. Also, it lacks in knowledge of what to do to fix it. If they're, even looking for that This is getting worse and worse and worse, there is do we have the audio of Joe Biden on a television news programme last night in Ohio talking and trying to sell his bill Act better programme to the people of Ohio. Listen this! What is it people in the Dayton area. Mr President, you have expressed concerns about whether trillions more in federal spending will will help. When you have inflation at a near for your high. the way I say to them, is not going to cost a single, solitary penny. We're not can increase the deficit by one sand in the building I'd better plan had all boy like Patrick that, when that antisocial eliminated from social meeting right, is there anyone who actually believes that as a programme that it's all paid for no.
should believe that, even if it is all paid for saying that it paid for means it does cost assent right, like my definition, literally means that, where of course, they're lying about it being paid for you, it's not it's going to cost somebody. Something Somebody is already paying a lot for it and that somebody is every one inflation, you can continue to print so much money and dump it into the system? This is inflation. gold line is would like to remind you that the thy hedge against inflation- they hedge against insanity, we're a year into this, and why the worst inflation we ve seen in forty years, give it their year, give it build lack better you're, going to see the worst inflation we ve, seen since the depression soon and go
old is the hedge against inflation. This gold line is offering six percent in promotional metals for qualifying self directed diary acquisitions. Please call eggs account executive today, eight six, six gold line six, six, gold line or gold line? come dance. in station, I D. you know still we were talking earlier today on the podcast about how San Francisco, the mayor of San Francisco, is coming out in saying this is gonna end. We I've got to have more financing for the police were going in the other direction, because this is the wrong direction. It was pretty amazing. She was angry about it.
And whether that is whether that's real or just posturing, I don't know, but time will tell but more more people are starting to get a little angry at things, when a play a cot eleven, this guy going off on make a wish. Listen to this can't believe you can people. I can't believe that these things are actually happening to what can country. I got a text message from friend of mine Here- runs Staten Island. four year old kid, his ill four year old kid was refused by the make a wish foundation for his can wish because he's vaccinated at four, guinea is all you can. People said terrorism can both with this now be nine point: seven percent survival rate. Both can virus
should be ashamed of yourself. Don't make a wish. Let me tell you then make a wish foundation, you're gonna, in which he had never pick. It may just be sitting and become this. We had risen, we're gonna get to do next week, we're gonna do varies in kid: okay and we're gonna. Let them make We're foundation wish. But they never made this guy wants this guy on the aid. I want to find out why we can help not my effects while he sounds like standardized clay, doesn't he he added when he said it on from Staten Island? What you really want? I want to see if we can help, but this I played this because I don't love you saw salvation. Army is really hurting. They are really really hurting on their toy drives and everything else. This is a true story that I'm not hurting eligible to food to be vaccinated four years old. You can't get it if you want it I don't know. I moved on to move
onto our Salvation Army, Salvation Army they're having a hard time because they were becoming politically correct and woke and they said that all Their donors need to Vienna need to be reminded to be woke in Mali, scrap and people are turning their backs on Salvation Army. I'm telling you this is gonna start killing these companies just start and some of them had started to determine the ones who were for the vaccine or star, nay got well. Maybe we won't vaccinate all our very employs, maybe other seeing their gonna lose people and make it difficult for their companies to operate, including their healthcare facilities Jobbery. So I dont know how that helps the covert situation. If we have lost bills without employees, you have your one of these woke companies. I think the tide is turning and especially if make a wish wholly gas leak.
next week. It he's got stuff to do this work, the others we next we next we ass. I got some things. I can take care of their main programme so Melanie. She lives in Georgia. She listens. The programme she writes in tells tells me about her dogs experience with rough green. She said I was really skeptical glad about drawing rough greens. I'm sure dog was not gonna eat it boy was I wrong. My dog loves rough greens. Now he only eat the food that I put rough greens on and he has so much more energy than it used to. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you I take a melody. I was exactly the same. I I did not think that you know beat this, because he is so particular about his food. He loves it. Now Your dog may not know that he needs more written nutrition, then just what comes out of his kibble food, but body knows and
We had the same experience with my dog. They eat it. They love it and their happier and and more active, just try it loaded. food. Somebody sprinkle on the food supplements filled will all things that make you dog healthier and happier, and you can get a free bag right now of rough greens, for you dog to try out all you do. Is paper shipping, rough greens, dot, com, slash back rough, green dot, com, slash back or three three g, alien and thirty, three rough brain. A council, I've been looking for a great Christmas gift check out: Glenn Back art, dot com. I love it's a great website, Glenn Back ART, dotcom dollars hello and welcome to the Glenn bag program. You know this programme is one so many awards for its art and architectural discussions. Very true.
and many of our papers that we have had published in some of the most important art stick and architectural digest, end journals and you, you were named the one hundredth most important person in the world of art, and that's true, true, that that a rude dad that is actually act. You shouldn't looked at one up anyway. I just wanted to remind those who might be- I in here and you missed our Our latest eight part series on the architecture, and so the greatest homes ever built, but We wanted to continue now our conversation about Notre DOM. Stu as a complete and total snob. Don't you think that Notre Dame It was a little old and dusty
Yes, this old timey thing I mean: how do we re mix it to make it better? Well how about taking it and building it into something else entirely. It doesn't seem like. That would be the way I would go. Well. Let me ask you this again as an art lover, art historian, architectural design, maven that you are. Thank you very much. If, let's say there was an earthquake in Egypt and the pyramids went away right, I would say Let's rebuild them, but this time as a square, feel strange jointly. Wait, I'm not done, and then inside we put stores so your building, a mall you can all tat I like to call it a square with
where's inside you re, imagine the pyramids analytic Notre Dame needs to be re mad. You don't think so. No yeah go with full knowledge. No They are they are adding mood lighting in contemporary art works. there are going to be two thousand movable objects. It will be rearranged so that the visitors you Have more space because the redesign wants to foster a dialogue between the old and the new set, some like to stew we'll crap. Yet there are I hate to be with you aren't yet I get. Sometimes we jump a little too far ahead of the audience yeah down these deep architectural, but I think more crap. I think this is something that that everyone
He can go bull crap on the, so they they ve. They ve got two hundred public figures now, including our historians heritage and contextual experts, intellectuals, artist and writers, and these people, because They are not progressive thinkers, they're. All saying don't do this. Why don't you just rebuild it, because it was one of the most important buildings, you know of all time and was pretty spectacular. The way it was, but Most people don't know what you're talking about yeah. Doesn't it doesn't seem, doesn't seem like a sensible view sensible you have you followed. This is a bit off topic but is, is it is tied to our deep arc actual understanding, yes of the world. Yes, have you followed this? The Hudson yards situation in New York city? Oh you mean the vase, though up the valley.
Ass, the vase, that's what it's called the vase. was the vessel Fear side. Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry you're right the vessel, so the Hudson yards is a new development by the way the cost of Hudson yards, twenty five billion dollars, twenty five jail, and even if I billion though now that many sex- that's not just the vessel, now That's the entire time attire, complex or the vessel. The vessel is, is a bizarre, are sort of displaying. I guess you could call. It is a hundred and sixty some odd hunter before it is hundred fifty four interconnecting flights of stairs. Now you might think I dont like why flight of stairs I like stares at all, and it This is to get me to look at art. I guess I'll never see art right? How do you do you take art and say you know what can make this better, making into a whole bunch, a staircase.
I mean I just sitting. That is the site that is like. No one should go, see that that's just we want anyone here we, on anyone here, this land use to be occupied by humans. We put the vessel there. No humans around anymore? You that's kind of what well It's kind of one of the things going on right now, so they built this thing by the way vessel, the bunch, stairs that we're talking about costs, two hundred million dollars, two hundred Miller, a bunch of stairs thou violate. We should point out, don't led to anything. That's the that's the thing about vest! Is it doesn't matter? You taking matters to get to a sore, does it you're just walking on stare? I and there's no real art to see the snares. Are the stairs are the heirs of the are now the way I think of stairs often are that's art, I'm not gonna use it. I'm not gonna walk on man. Now a beautiful piece of art right there. Now they do say there
a pretty great views when you get up which or sixteen stories of Stairs IX team stories in New York? That's crazy! You cause you can see over nothing. None of the nettle, none of the villa building the legs lie or looking right into a office right, unifil cell build this thing, and actually it's been really tragic because people none of this has to do with, we have lots of stairs, but people get to the top in and jump off and so They had three suicides thing open in twenty nineteen and they three suicide. So eventually they closed the display and refurbished it, so they people couldn't jump off. Re it and then someone else jumped off. Somehow it was like a kid Was it really tragic, terrible friggin story so this is becoming like a suicide spot. Yes, it is suicides, not people falling off, no, its, not people falling of people jumping out and it's not just for humor sake. It's not people.
Up and go- and there is nothing to this and now He's gonna walk all the way down right. It's not that an aversion to stare that we know that we now know get half way up and go faster loses fast rife. that I wouldn't be stunned if it right to someone and in our type of energy, been to the Guggenheim. Now you have to walk now, it's ramps, so that makes it a little better, but you have to walk up and by the time you get up to the top. You're like this is all crap. This is just one cried. Why am I doing as I am I doing? That's why they put it at the top, because you don't know it's crap till you get there s, but then you have to go down right We are so they now closed this thing and they dont think they. They think they may never open it again two hundred million dollar. Staircase case yes vessel,
that goes no. What goes nowhere except apparently giving people options to kill themselves so now they're going to have to close it complete. So may I say- and this is not for humor- this is more philosophical. If we could which gears from our deep, our deep deep discussion of art and architects. certain him right to philosophy that is a monument. to America. Today, stairs that go nowhere, except a suicide that is pretty much what we're dealing with in our society, things That don't make any sense at all and our kids are killing themselves. Congratulations this is the path we are on. That is a That is a vessel of weakness. That's what that should be called vessel of weakness.
When did they decide if they can open up again, they don't know yet closed in July. So it's been closed for a while, but near this things just sitting there costing costing money over twenty five billion dollar complex and is just known as a suicide hub in suicide. Researchers say that that's a real thing that, like you know like the Golden Gate, Ridge is it necessarily the greatest peace in the world to commit suicide? If that's what you're gonna do it just that, once people start doing it, it becomes a thing among people who might commit suicide? You want these like these, like the landmarks to do these things, would you want any? Would you want Europe. Your business or your house or whatever? It is surrounding this thing that they ve built would you want anything to do it's like having a murder house. You know we're. Somebody was violently murdered and I don't want to my that house,
this one. Had several people and its sitting right there by your front door or your window. Oh No thanks, welcome to New York, I do. I tell ya to live your life, but I'm going to ok if you're, not cooking on erect tech, you're missing out, you are What do you imagine the thickest juciest most marbled stake? You have ever seen. Ok, yes, to take a loan to get it, but think of this, it's got salt and pepper because he needed to seek stake right. That's really all you need and is just sitting there beautiful slab of meat you had taken. you put it on erect tech, yet walk away. And very shortly that view full delicious stake sitting on your plate is just waiting for you saying eat me, eat me, eat me and you do that.
Check for you. You bring home the bacon and it serves it up for you. It is a fantastic guerrilla, smoker, even an oven or today, your grill for the holidays, wrecked tech, Recte see Tee Q. Dotcom makes a great Christmas gift. Also a great way to cook your meal for Christmas and the holidays rectify our see tee q dot com This is the Glen Back programme studio. Remember the woman that we had on. I think was two weeks ago. The interchange, wine and coffee Bistro and jam open it up during the pandemic and may find or all kinds thing she face up to two years in jail: Yahoo. Court appearance happened and she was sentenced to jail.
Ninety days in jail. Ninety days and the judge lectured you gotta understand. This law applies to you. You were a public risk because you kept your business open note, no, this was the second closing she closed the first time. The second closing- and I think this is happened more and more. There's gotta be more more push back because they're starting to come back with these closing en masse mandates and everything else, and I think America's done with it there at that worth. point. Two were its true. You know we all march together. They can't stop all of us. Fake you're, seeing this all over the country. A lot of these is the lottery states are just giving up. We saw this from sort. from Colorado. Yesterday, my democratic governor covenants and look you now you were at this point- is done vaccinated, give vaccinated. If you dont you don't it's on you like. Ok, that's it that's a reasonable position for government to take look. We came up
these were these treatments. We think they work. If you dont think they do, then you take the risk by not taking them and by the way the same thing goes for people who do take them. You take the risk if you will think there are good idea. Whatever risk is associated. You go analyzer, resulting you deal with your own life. Were not your daughter, we're not your doktor, we're, not your dad. Just you go in and assess the risk and your own life he said quote, everybody has had more than enough for opportunity get vaccinated. Hopefully it's been at your pharmacy. Your grocery store bus, nigger, you or a big event. At this point if you have been vaccinated, it's really your own darn fault. The urgency is over. You know: public health officials don't get to tell people what to wear it's, not their job. Man. SK is not something that you were choir. You dont tell people what to wear. You dont tell people aware a jacket when they go out in winter,
and force them to wear it. If they get frostbite, it's their own, damn fault! If you have been vaccinated, that's your choice. I respected, but it's your fault when you're in the hospital with Cove it. I would also say that, if you're in the hospital with covered- and you got the vaccine like the Seventy per cent of people that are in the hospital That's also your own! Damn fault I mean exist. If not, I mean look, we ve lost. We lost the plot here, a little bit. It's not your fault! If you get freakin covert now I area is China's fault really three times for the chinese government is deal. Is the main person to blame if you get, if you kid covered, and even that's you know that's at this point, but old news right. We all know that spread all over the place. It you can't you can't people who have taken all sorts of prayer. She's, including adding vaccine, including staying inst coatings, You know where mass they get. You they're getting it to you now. This is not something you punish you're, getting respiratory diseases not suggests honey.
of lets. People alone. Let us leave people along unless you like something egregious right of someone who has active covered in symptoms and just as I don't care, I'm going out of revolt. Those people are gay people, AIDS intention. It's happened right eye and they went to jail should avoid that activity. We got to understand, that's so that we can be blaming other people for a respiratory illnesses. Tonight, I'm sitting down with Rhonda Santas The governor of Florida, Rhonda Santa's tonight, nine pm eastern a full hour with Rhonda Santa's? I'm excited, I have not spent very much time with him, the past, and I'm a fan watching him from Texas, I'm a fan which he was the governor of Texas. Quite honestly, he's acting like a texan but he's doing a great job. Will he run for president? Does in Trump get along. What does it look like
and I want to really talk to about all of his new policies. You just passed another one or just of introduced another one. Yesterday on Woke ISM Nancy Rte, the idea of a kind of based on the Texas LAW, the Texas Abortion LAW were like citizens could theoretically sue schools. I guess if they, if they are teaching seniority. Obviously I won't see Archie out of the schools very badly. I am concerned a bit of of the structure of law, even as it applies to abortion, it doesn't seem like the time the thing that is, that sensible way of running a legal system where you just set of having the the law enforcement enforce a law you. Citizen citizens suing each other constantly over things that they don't like. Now, we know, gave a nuisance already saying he's gotta do something on the second amendment based on this will see, I think less likely than are more more We, then something like the second amendment, which is obviously in the constitution in a thing buying in Suv right, like a house, that's nice
constitutional right than you. left wing governments are going to use this in all sorts of ways we're not comfortable with. I just I've been getting behind a band of it for since it came out here in Texas, and I think it could spiral out of control and that's not a good thing. Rhonda Santa's tonight nigh p m eastern on Blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use Glenn as above a goat and save it's also a blaze tv, you tube tonight, at nine p m. I gotta get interview on my showed an eye to stew. Does America under be talking to Glenn back off, but never sat well nigh known only thank you. Look like an idiot. I now that I have not. Nor does it seem too
Want to appear, I dont know: why are you have him on every week as he seems to have a big we give us? It is not the time when I can't really Glenn is treating you that weights in on it. Like we had last week, I walked off issue. I walked off right them. As its term plain. I had another thing to do: bigger name came, which I thought was until now, anyway, until it made the show much better by the way. If you want to help those affected by the tornado last week, please go to mercury, one dot, org programme
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