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Fauci Has Explaining to Do | Guests: Sen. Rand Paul & Rep. Chris Stewart | 11/18/21

2021-11-18 | 🔗

Glenn goes through the social media attacks his COVID special received. Senator Rand Paul joins to discuss Dr. Fauci and his gain-of-function cover-up. Glenn takes calls from viewers asking questions following his COVID special. Rep. Chris Stewart joins to discuss his “Fauci Act,” which would ban gain-of-function research. Kurt Gladfelter joins with his lawyer Jeffrey Schott to discuss why Kurt was permanently suspended for removing his mask, despite following the health department's rules. Glenn goes through the timeline of COVID and how it began way earlier than has been believed. Attorney Nick Rekieta joins to give an update on what’s happening with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and what’s happening with the jury. 

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