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Fight to the Death for the DNC | Guest: Rep. Chris Stewart | 9/26/19

2019-09-26 | 🔗
Glenn reads through the declassified whistleblower complaint – and it’s NOT about Joe Biden. The Media is OMITTING over 500 words of the transcript to claim that Trump just wanted dirt. But when viewed all together – the DNC servers, Trump’s secrecy, Nancy Pelosi’s flip on impeachment – it looks like Trump was not only finishing the Mueller Report, but going after the deep state! With all that’s at stake, impeachment is a last stand for the Democrats because it’s either the DNC or Trump. Rep. Chris Stewart calls in – fresh out of Thursday’s hearings – to give his take on all the chaos. But one thing’s for sure: the American people are tired of jumping to conclusions.

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Good morning. This is the great thing about live radio is we had a great show lined up for? You still do, but I don't know if we're going to get to it today, because we just got the unclassified in unclassified, Select committee on intelligence report and we're going to read it to you. We just were handed it just a few minutes ago. We've been reading it is interesting. It is so far I'm about three slash four of the way through and I don't see a problem with it uh, but will let you decide will go over it with a fine tooth comb. I want to talk about real estate age, I trust we have over one thousand active agents and another five thousand were on a waiting list, ready, join, but we want to. We want to make sure that we get only the best agents and- and these are people that share my vision on how real estate should be done all over the country. We we name the. Any real estate agents. I trust dot com,
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this was just handed to us just a few minutes ago we have the whistleblower complaint that was written August twelfth. It is just been declassified we haven't even finished reading all the way through it, but we're going to take it. Peace eyepiece line by line, and you will hear the entire report and again that in one minute this is the Glenn Beck program. You know remember the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland and it's most famous line we're all a little mad here well well, coming two thousand and nineteen in America Congress trying to impeach the president this week. Four, no, I don't know uh. They had to drop their attempt last week to impeach Kavanaugh based baselessly, so they could baselessly
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alright! Truly honorable, Richard Burr Chairman Select Committee on Intelligence, United States Senate and the Honourable Animal Adam Schiff Chairman permanent Select committee on Intelligence House of Representatives dear remember in german ship I am sorting. This is the whistleblower. Now this is August 12th, two thousand and nineteen I am reporting an urgent concern in accordance with the procedures outlined in fifty USC blah blah blah blah blah. This letter is unclassified when separated from the attachment. In the course of my official duties. I have received information from multiple US government officials at the President of the United States is using his power of his office to solicit interfere prince from a foreign country in the twenty twenty US elections, wow, that's quite a charge. The
interference includes, among other things, pressuring a foreign country to investigate one of the president's main domestic political rivals. The presidents personal lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, is central figure in this effort. Attorney General Barr appears to be involved as well: okay, so, to set this out from outset in the course of my official duties, I have received information from multiple US government officials. So, in other words, what about two percent, he has no first hand, knowledge of, but even if he did buddies saying I don't know if there's a problem he's, Over the past four months, more than half a dozen US officials have informed me of various facts related to this effort. The information provided herein. That was
aid to me in the course of official Inter agency business, it is routine for US officials with responsibility for a particular regional or functional portfolio to share such information with one another in order to inform policy making and analysis. So in other words, I want you to know we're not doing anything weird here I was, not a direct witness to most of the events described. Let me read that again. I was not a direct witness to most of the events described. However, I found my colleagues accounts of these events to be credible, because in almost all cases, multiple officials, counted a fact pattern that was assistant with one another. In addition, a variety Amazing consistent with these private accounts has been reported publicly. Now. Let me tell you something. First of all we'll? Let you decide whether there's anything in this, but I just I want you to
I really truly believe we would have read this document differently. Had the press, and the intelligence community, not and the last three one slash two to four years trying to take this. Isn't it down on everything this. Used to mean something when you have a so called whistleblower, but anybody, trust the press, the legends community. The D. Hey any of it. They if so discredited themselves that you don't Oh, what's real and what's not he as I am deeply concerned that the actions described below constitute a serious or freight, a flagrant problem, abuse or violation of law or executive order that does not include differences of opinions concerning public policy matters, it is
distant with the definition of an urgent concern. In: U S, Usc50 blah blah blah. I am there fulfilling my duty to report this information through proper legal channels to the relevant authorities, I'm also concerned that these action pose risk to the Us National Security and under in the US government's efforts to deter and encounter foreign interference in USA elections to the best of my download my knowledge, the entirety t This statement is unclassified when separated from the classified enclosure stood. We have the classified enclosure was that there is a classified appendix, which is catch to it. Okay, only a little bit of black boxes. Right, yeah, there's, yes
of in Denver endeavored to apply the classification standards outlined in executive order. Thirteen thousand five hundred and twenty six and separate out information that I know or have reason to believe is classified for national security purposes. If a classification market marking is applied, retro tively. I believe it is a common upon the classifying authority to explain why such a marking was applied and to which specific asian pertains, so here's his case, one, the twenty if July presidential phone call now remember, we Dover, this yesterday and because, you may have missed yesterday show and maybe really only heard the reporting with ellipses the media. Newspaper online, on television on all fronts. You
Who's dinner, lips, three dot, dot, dot, use the ellipse to to skip over. I've had about five hundred and forty words now I've never seen that done before, but they remove moved almost an entire page between I have a favor to ask, and could you get into Joe Biden. What what does ellipses lips took out was the press then looking to say to the the President of the Ukraine. I need understand? We think you're surrounded by some of the bad guys that hacked in The Dnc servers that Server is still lost. We need to know where that server is. We think one of the oligarchs, maybe in your circle, has
it or knows where it is. We need to know that, because we've been doing this investigation with Robert Mueller and he's got nothing. Been looking into me. He should be into Russia and that those russian oligarchs have in traded your oligarchs and we think working together, that is national security. That's doing what Congress and everybody else should have been doing, but they didn't. So here's how they describe the phone call in this whistleblowers report early in the morning of July. Twenty five, the president spoke by telephone with ukrainian president of I do not know which side initiated the call, but this is the first pop. Klay acknowledge call between the two leaders. Since a brief congratulatory call after Mr Zelinsky won the presidency on April 21st
multiple White House officials with direct knowledge of the call informed me that, after the exchange of pleasantries. The president use the remainder of the call to advance his personal interests. Still fact check. That's that with personal information after they had uh exchange of pleasantries. The president used the remainder of the call to advance his personal interest. I mean certainly wasn't the remainder of the call. There is other things discussed as well, and you could certainly, if you want to take the worst reading of Trump's words, that they were only about his own, show interest. Then you could say that to some degree, however, it's his personal interest, seemingly aligned with the national interest, the in that if we had a vice president of United States, participating in corruption related to favoring his child and also
a bunch of money over a billion dollars disappearing. That would be of the national interest the United States sure would be, but beyond that. You know it wasn't in his personal interest because he said I need you to look into. Apparently they call it crowd strike. He didn't even understand what he was talking about. It did seem like he was reading notes about what he was correct. He was briefed on here's. What you need to tell them too either the russian investigation. That's a pretty big thing just to overlook, because that way, is the main thrust of the call and he watched again the mainstream news last night. The way you understood everything we're talking about right now is dot dot dot and yes, they didn't cover this. They just said
I want you to do me a favor. Can you look into Joe Biden and his son incredible? We not only have been doing this that we should play at some point today: yeah, okay, multiple White House officials with direct knowledge in for me, namely he sought to pay sure ukrainian leader to take actions to help the President two thousand and twenty reelection bid. That is untrue, he mainly listen to this he mainly sought to pressure, the ukrainian leader to take actions that help the president two thousand and twenty reelection bid? He did not pressure him. First of all, he he did not ask him to take steps to help him in his reelection bid right, I mean obviously again the worst reading of it. You could say that You can guess you could use the word reciprocal. He he did ask for things, and you could say if you're the President of Ukraine,
United States is mentioning stuff. It goes to the top of your. He puffs of forcing us to do of course right, so you can. You can do these things but again a lot of assumption here, but that was not only nice yeah and that was not the first thing on the list right for This thing on the list was help us investigate and stop Russia from King, your military apart and interfering in our elections, we need this information. Can you find this totally legitimate, totally legitimate, all right back, in just a second with more. Let me just take a quick break one minute and we're right back into this tell you about Alex, it's better whole life with stomach pain. She said when I was little. My father would make me drink cows, milk, even though I would complain of pain immediately afterwards. She said it was. Stand of all because this is you know she. She grew up in Taiwan in the nineteen seventies and he was a proud papa that he could afford cows milk hand so drink it. It's
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A series of articles which they find suspicious. Appearing in an on line publication called the hill, the off of those stories is our guest, and the third hour of the program Johnson. John Solomon is a is not conspiracy. Theorist, John Solomon is a well known award winning investigative journalist. He worked for the times worked for the Washington post. He now runs into press associated press. He now runs the editorial section for the hill but he's done the investigative reporting on this and he has been on this for years years, This is not a trump thing now what accusing what they're
basically saying in this complaint is to say Trump asks for this. Favor, hey, look into Biden, there's a bunch of backroom dealings between them. The threat of withholding funds may are made out of curd blah blah blah and one of the ways. Ukraine is helping Donald Trump and trying to win his favor is by people in the rainy government leaking information to, essentially, John Solomon at the hill. This is ridiculous and is a ridiculous ridiculous. John Solomon has been working on this story literally for years. He has. We have worked with him on this story. We We know him know how it works. We know who is also helping him with it. We don't know all of his sources, but we
so know how hard it is been to get anybody in Ukraine to action help him and speak. Especially when, when Obama was in office, ok, so let's go through the present. Asked pressured misters Lynskey to Creator continue an investigation into the activities of the former. Vice President Joseph Biden and his son Hunter Biden now you'll notice that these are flipped, because that's not the first thing he did in the phone call he did what his bullet. Number two ask them to assist purportedly uncovering the allegations of russian Interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election that originated in Ukraine, with specific, S, that the ukrainian leader locate and turn over servers used by democratic national committee- and examined by us. Cyber security from crowd strike
which initially reported that russian hackers had penetrated the d cease network in twenty? Sixteen, so let me ask, but we have our. We have our foreign affairs and and military ex here for military intelligence, Jason Patrol and Jason. Look, let me see if I have this right Is he asking to find out fine, find where these things are and who is involved in helping Russia hack Dnc servers or Is he saying here hey? I want those
e n c servers. I want to see what's on those Dnc servers, can you help me find those it? It sounds like this, so I think it it this ties directly into what's to was just talking about with that. That's a section! Actually, I'm like scrutinizing the most right now in this report is where he referencing that Solomon article in the hill. All of these, like cases all of these instances that that are bullet out there, all kind of connect so they're all kind of centering- around corruption, but they're also so they they. They involve Multiple different officials, not just Joe Biden, his son, so the crowd strike stuff is involved, and I think he was looking at it sounded what is a proud. So if anybody doesn't know this is a U firm called Crowdstrike explain they did they assisted in identifying who was involved with hacking. The Dnc sober even knew. You know how the heck this
got put on. You know, DC leaks, dot com or whatever they went into looking, actually do the forensics, the computer forensics to find out who was involved they were the ones that were very pivotal in and helping to identify those russian intelligence. So crowdstrike strike look into that They were like. Ok, the Russians are involved. We US intelligence, visuals came to the same conclusion and then they also continued their work and crowds Darkstrike found out. This was not in his report, but they I found out that the Russians were involved in hacking, the actual rainy and military correct, so there is a lot of us do. Would you go back and find in yesterday's actual transcript? What the president was asking for, because I think this is due- friend then what he saying here in this memo, and let's start with the Trans trip from yesterday, where he talks about Crowdstrike an and what he was asking for
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I have a theory on this because I just stumbled across this now in the report I being the president's call that we heard yesterday this whistleblower says they trump head to initiate or continuing investigation in the activities of former vice President Joe Biden and his son, assisting lien uncovering the allegations of rush. Interference in twenty thousand and sixteen US presidential election that originated in Ukraine, with a specific request that ukrainian leader locate and turn over servers used by the democratic National Committee and exam and by U S Cyber security firm Crowdstrike, which initially reported russian hackers had penetrated the Dnc. Is networks in twenty. Sixteen, I'm telling you this is what it is. Jason pay attention to this for a second see if you can track this see find where I'm thought thinking is flawed. They
want to find the servers used by the Democratic National committee. Why you want those servers. Now you want those rivers, because you want to see what's on them, because your theory is that the Democratic National Committee as using foreign countries to find dirt on Donald Trump, the It did it through what was the name of that organization that did the dossier fusion, GPS and GPS, They did it through fusion GPS, so they were one removed but if you want to find out what really happened is anything those servers, those servers that the Dnc used are were lost, taken used now by an oligarch Lee in the Ukraine who,
who has those servers now listen. He much the servers He also said the president wanted to meet her speak with two uh two people, the president named explicitly it's personal envoys on these matter, Giuliani and Attorney General Barr, with whom the President refer multiple times in tandem. Now, isn't it interesting? Why would you use the attorney general you want to do dirty business in turn. You don't get the attorney general in in less bar himself. His dirty, which don't believe. There's no indication that bar is a dirty guy now to media. Of course there is, Means a vase would say that, and that is resting point, though they're trying to use that as evidence, that Trump is utilizing. Government resources for my personal paint, I'm saying that he's, including attorney general bar, so he's got a
credible. Witness on what he's doing and he's talking to him saying. Look, I think the Democrat. When after me- and they were the ones with fusion GPS and I they used the the Ukrainians and went through the Ukrainians to Russia to discredit me now. Listen to this, they just evidence that ukrainian officials, namely head of National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine and uh element. Member Lou Chanko had interfered in the twenty, sixteen? U S, presidential election, allegedly in collaboration with the Dnc. Us Embassy in Kiev now so far, are this doesn't tie together in my head until I read this, the US embassy in Kiev, specific the Us Ambassador, Marie Ambassador Yojana of who
I'd criticize Mr Liu say organization for its poor record on fighting corruption had a Jubilee obstructed ukrainian law enforcement agencies. Pursuit of corrupt in cases including I providing a do not prosecute list and had blocked Ukrainian Secutores from traveling to the United States expressly to prevent I from delivering their evidence about a twenty sixteen? U election now! Isn't that interesting we know that this Ambassador has been relieved at the USN Bassett Embassy and we know The two presidents spent a great deal of time talking about her and how bad she really was. Now she's gone. But if she was obstructing people from coming to testify and to give evidence, On the Russian,
hacking or the russian interference forget the Dnc hack think about the fact that the Dnc. Could have I'm not gonna? do to them what what they do to Donald Trump they could have. We know they did it through fusion GPS gone through. Ukraine to say Kenya dig up any dirt on Donald Trump. That's on their servers, those Servers are being held by Oleg Ark's that are not friendly to us. And the reason why Nancy Palosi flipped that fast she's been against this the whole time the whole time? There's no smoking gun here there, some things that you need to look into. But there's no smoking gun and what
they went in two days from no we're. Not to impeach we're in the middle of two impeach. I think they're kicking dirt over their own tracks. They're saying: look! This It was trying to find dirt on Joe Biden when in read what he's trying to find out is the Dnc define dirt on me through Ukraine and Russia in the twenty sixteen election people, OC and Chuck Schumer, and all of them would know if that came out and that was proven. They're done there and everything they've accused this guy of doing they did, I think, that's in the national interest to find out Jason when you think what's uh I completely agree with you, I I am so very I it. It makes total sense now why the White House released this, because, if you're looking at this critically, you don't see the by
in portion of what that's, what everyone's making the story out to be an all out fight, and it's not it's a very minor bullet on this hi. This is not about Biden, uh: this is not the favor that they were asking about. You know how the media is reporting that yesterday had nothing to do with Biden, but you, see how they're trying to center everything on Biden. This is all about attorney General bars investigation into the origins of the of the of the Russia Investigation, That's what this entire story is about. That's this whistleblower lane everything in here. That's what this is detailing. Let me tell you the heads are gonna roll. If some of these things are, you know, some of these things are true: heads are gonna roll and they're gonna roll in the opposite direction. Right. I'm telling you right now the reason why the the Dnc just reading, just to page five on this, my God is telling me the reason why the Dnc is doing. This is because they know this is a fight to the death
Whichever one wins this fight, he either has to be impeached. War. Weary supposed and we're doomed it's just which side do you believe? Do you believe the Dnc. Would have gone. Into Ukraine and said: hey, can you we talked to some sources in Russia. Is there any dirt there on Donald Trump? If you think they? could have done that and there see something on their servers. What the is an end and attorney general. That's the weird thing: if this is so corrupt, you have to then say: attorney General BAR is all nothing but a political hack, an who maybe he is, I don't get that impression. I've never heard that said. Bye, bye people, you know until we get into politics. But he was been respected,
he seems to be doing the right things. They keep trying to run him through the mud, and it proves that nope. That's not what I did well. It sounds It's very general bars. This is literally just doing his job from what I'm reading on here. If, if this, if Solomon's report is accurate, that's that's in that's bulleted in this in this complaint. Is that the basically there version. The attorney general in Ukraine, there prosecutor general, he came to us with this uh huh he's it wasn't the other way around it wasn't bar or snooping around and saying: hey. Do you have anything? No, it says that he tried that he found this evidence all these. All these cases of corruption, in their own country that ukrainians were involved with that with the with the Dnc and that this year, ambassador was helping them block certain people from being prosecuted because they were basically playing on their side right, and I think that the way I think it presented by the whistleblower, is
That was a result of this column. Pressure right, like these pressures, came from not only from the call itself but also Giuliani beforehand, saying hey, you should go look at these things. That they now have come back and is the result, the fruit of that labor. They're saying that well now, they're going to you're going to get big public officials from Ukraine leaking this nation in trying to move public opinion in this manner. Well so because it says that that these things happen in March. The call wouldn't even happened, and he called 29th now this is this- is all stuff they're going to try to make it seem like it is a result of the phone call, but it's not all this stuff, the ambassador stuff, that all happened before the phone call right so what were they hiding?
Why was this ambassador? We need to find out about the ambassador and find out about that. I boy do we have the right guy on today, because the guy who is is said in this call a classified, formerly classified documents. The guy who's in this the reporter. That is the one that they're now saying is just oh he's he's crazy he's dangerous he's and beyond with us in about an hour and fifteen minutes. You don't want to miss that yeah. Well, it's a good day for that yeah I mean it seems. I mean at least the way I'm reading this. It seems like there saying it's not just the call right like that's the evidence is not just the call the call. The call is the thing that we know about first, but it's not necessarily the first. The first thing: that's happened, do you are you following what I'm saying, yeah yeah you're saying the call happened after this? They know. I know that, but are you following what I'm saying about what Trump and bar
are actually looking for would be a knockout punch for him in twenty twenty, but it would be a not I'll launch for the for the and see it would destroy the Dnc because it would expose them of doing everything that they just sad Donald Trump has been doing. Yes, no, I mean them clearly. I I think that's a definitely a possibility right, I mean we're the. I think it's interesting to hear the media talk about this because the way they cover it and think about it, if you're looking at it from their perspective, second, because it seems like they're just so so so crazy on this, and they are. And the reason why they are, though, is important that they are Lee eliminating any possibility of good intentions right, so, if you take out any possibility that Donald Trump actually cared about weather. Election was was manipulated well for good isn't not just how it affected him, but just like, maybe he cares.
The United States of America's president, if you remove, all of the possibilities of good intentions. This all looks bad right, would also have to that. You have to do that, and that is a gigantic assumption and you can look I'm I'm going to assume I am going to assume the president is innocent until proven so far? Nothing shows that he was guilty. There's no smoking gun here, but there is Some there are some disturbing things in this, but it works other way now I'm going give him the benefit of the doubt that yes, He is a self serving guy and he wants to win the election. But he also is driven by what really happened where that dossier come from and that is in the national interest, even though it is in his interest as well. That's- I think this really is all about. How
How did this russian investigation start? Did the Dnc go and use Ukraine? This Bassinger was blocking things you guys are rumored to have the servers. We know that Russia was interfering with you guys we know now that this ambassador, was blocking all of this investigation and blocking any testimony and prosecutions. What's really going on here. I I think I think This is going to be the fight to the death Ann it has nothing to do with what you are seeing in the media, I will give Nc, the benefit of the doubt. I will give the I've already said what Joe Biden did is grotesque, but it's not criminal, but it is grow. Task, and you should know about it, but again, not criminal uh. This is
criminal one of these guys is right. Will the left and the media give the benefit of the doubt to Donald Trump? As we look into this. Because this is not a one sided game. It takes two to tango and I I think we are seeing the battle of the deep state. And the battle of a guy who people think maybe out of control, but these two titans are coming and it will not go away if I'm right one of these. Only one of these is left standing, and this has nothing to do really with the election for the Democrats,
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Your situation see if they can help American financing dot net american financing, DOT Net America's home for home loans at Americanfinancing, dot, net; okay, so we're going. Jason Botterill is going to be with us here for a few more minutes, it's confusing because it's it's actually presented out of order in the we've been going back and forth on this time line where you're saying these things happened,. The call when it does seem to indicate that they ate what their point is, that Giuliani was meeting with these people. Before the articles came out in January and February and March, the articles came out. The idea is that the Trump out reach call
cause. These things to happen will get into this here more in a second there's, still a bunch to read. But again, I'm not saying I believe that case, but I think that's the case. This is a. This will be a fight to the death. This is a serious, serious charge. Both ways fifteen hello, America, welcome to the Glenn Beck program today, is trying to make sense of this new classified document. Yesterday we got
phone call. Today we have the still blowers document that has been hidden from the american people and I think it says a lot However, I'm not sure that it says a lot about Donald Trump. I think this is battle of the titans. I think this says a lot about what the Dnc is. Out trying to cover up, and it has very little to do with Joe Biden, I think Joe Biden a red herring and will give you then continue reading this document and and parsing it out as we go In one minute, this is the glue, program all right welcome to the program. Let me just tell you about relief factor, you remember the STAR Trek Movie where Captain Kirk says to Koi? I don't want my pain taken away. I need my pain yeah,
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and we found some interesting things to can you can you just kind of cover what we've already covered in a condensed form Yes, I think I can ok, I'm going through the timeline is a little difficult. We talked a little bit about this last time last hour,. The accusation from the whistleblower essentially revolves around a few things. This call that we all talked about yesterday, where Trump, You know talks to him about fight talks to the President of Ukraine, about Crowdstrike, and these big issues related to the election. That is part of the accusation. Again, this person says that they were not a direct witness to basically any of these okay. So it's important to know it's all secondhand information from this person so to us it's third and fourth hand, so she or he.
Goes through this thing. It's a she right as she. Well sure it says. Eighteen, oh you've been saying she forgave them know you been. And she all morning I don't wanna was signed and gender. I know, but this particular know if you knew something that I didn't know, because you keep saying she and then you don't pay it yourself. Don't beat me all right so. So basically that this person is accusing there being a a a a a problem there. Okay, they go on to say one of the big issues that that is an indicator here is that they slid these transcripts over to a much highly much more highly secured computer system one that would not normally hold such transcripts. So if the transcript that we got yesterday, the phone call they say, there's nothing there was nothing see,
about this. Why is it that not top top secret? Again we again. This is their case yeah. Why did they move? Why did the White House move? This transcript actually, the actual digital recording over to a super secure top secret, which is not? really done for something that would just contain this kind of language right and so, accusation is they knew there was a problem in this call and therefore they did this to hide it from people. And we can get into the alternate explanation to that here in a in a second, which I think, when you lay out the whole case, fits pretty well as to why they would do this, but this is the Accu Asian work just going through the accusations here now we are going on the assumption of a couple of things: one Not going to assign motive, however, we will look at past actions and take that into account, and no one is guilty. You have to prove
guilty. We will assume that both Dnc and Donald Trump are innocent, but we're to figure out a couple of things, one This is not a smoking gun. If you make this about Joe Biden and you make this about phone call. This is not a smoking gun so why after all, this time of never going for impeachment. Why did peep suddenly flip without any information and they immediately went impeachment he's got to be removed. They've made this the battle right, any wouldn't work out to their advantage. So what is it? Are? They just really crusaders, or is there something it's going on! Well, we've kind of tumbled into something in this
Reading of this memo. This is not about Joe Biden. This Oh has very little to do with Joe Biden and his son. I believe that's the cake and the circus for the masses. That's what's that's what has been into the media, because the media can understand them from bad Joe Biden, good ok so they're giving that to the masses, but that's not the that's really happening That is misdirection because if you look in this very little to do with Joe Biden the case that Trump seems to be making in yes and the reason why I think he has attorney bar on all of this yeah, we got to talk to our attorney general you can only say that if Donald Trump needs to be impeached, though
Our attorney general is in on it from the start, and that, maybe I don't think so, but that maybe or is it that Donald Trump has. Theory that is pretty sound and he is investigating it because he didn't trust anyone, but he trusts attorney bar so have attorney general bar go being an shadowing with Rudy Giuliani and what is it that they are looking for. We're going to lay this all out for you here in just a few minutes and I'll answer all those questions, but I want to get back into this memo, so you have all of it. We left it at that transcript was loaded into a separate electronic system that is otherwise you just to store in handle classified information of an especially sensitive nature, one White House,
described this act as an abuse of this electronic system, because the call did not contain anything remotely sensitive from a national security perspective, or did it I do not know whether similar messages or measures were taken to restrict access to other records of the call, such as cat contemporaneously hand, written notes by those to whom the who have were listening in three ongoing concerns. This is the whistleblower on twenty six July day after the call. Do special representative for Ukraine negotiations, Kurt Volker visited Kiev. By the way we should explain, explain Kiev is what we've always grown up saying, but that is because that was the soviet name and The people in Ukraine actually find that offensive. The name it's not pronounced Kiev. That was the soviet translation soviet, renaming and kind of a just a dig in
salt in the wound for Ukraine, the same way that they say the Ukraine, yeah. I know that it's supposed to just train? It is a sovereign nation, so you'll notice you diplomats, notice biting in the video say key, because this is seen as a measure of respect for Ukraine as a sovereign nation, and I keep saying I got any if I keep saying the Ukraine and it's not their fault- yeah, all right, twenty six July day after the call you special representative for Ukraine at no negotiations, Kurt Volker visit, keen and met with President Lenski and a variety of ukrainian political figures, Ambassador Volker was companies in his meetings by Us Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon's Sunderland, based multiple readouts of these meetings recounted to me by various US officials, ambassadors Volker and uh Sandlin, reportedly provided advice to the Ukraine,
leadership on how to navigate the demands that the president had made of Mr Diesel and We also learn from multiple US officials that, on or about second of August Mister Giuliani reported he traveled to Madrid to meet with one of president presidents, Olenski's advisors, the US official characterize this meeting, which was not recorded publicly at the time as a direct, follow up to the president's call with Mister Zalenski about the cases they had discussed separately, multiple US officials told me that Mr Giuliani had reported privately reaching out. To a variety of other zelinski advisors, including chief of staff and acting chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine. I don't know whether those officials matter spoke with Mister Giuliani, but I was told separately by multiple US officials that MR your MAC and MR and of intended to Well to Washington in MID August. On August, ninth, the president told reporters. I think President A is going to make a deal President Putin will be invited to the White House and we looked
forward to seeing him he's already been invited, White House he wants to come and I think he will he's a very reasonable guy. He wants to see peace in Ukraine and I think, you'll see it coming very soon. Actually an quote. So what is all of this about? if you remember in the phone call Mister Zalenski asked Rudy Giuliani to come? Can You brief me on these things. Can you help us it? n. Zelinsky was already aware of all of the corruption that Mister Trump was talking about. Now, the Kim stances leading up to the July twenty fifth presidential phone call. According to the whistle blower, were reading the transcript as it was given to the the House and the Senate earlier this morning, begin. In late, two thousand and nineteen, a series of articles appear, an online publication called the hill these articles.
Real ukrainian officials, most notably prosecutor Yuri Leusenko made a series of allegations against other ukrainian officials and current and former US officials, Mister Lu Sankoh and his colleagues alleged According to John Solomon at the hill who, by the way, is coming up in about forty minutes to the very Most of my knowledge wait. Wait, wait I'm on the wrong page! That was four. So I'm going to go to five now hang on. Let me pay for it. I gotta find page five. It was taken out of order. So let me find page five give me give me one minute and we'll come back to this all right right back to this. First, you have every reason to go about your daily business with reasonable expectations of privacy. It's in the fourth amendment of our constitution, as a matter of fact, but when
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Dot com, slash VPN terms, do apply. Please get that alright, ten second station id and then back. All right now Mister LU, Sankoh for, ukrainian ukrainian government alleged that the Ukraine's cranes possessed evidence that you can indian officials, namely head of National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, an parliamentary. There he Leschenko, had interfered in two thousand and sixteen US presidential election, allegedly in collaboration with the Dnc and the U Embassy in Kiev, that's quite a charge
The US embassy in Kiev, specifically Us Ambassador Marine, Marie Jovanovic, who had criticized losing Kos organization for its poor record in fighting corruption had a Jubilee obstructed ukrainian law enforcement agencies, pursuit of corruption cases, including by Writing a do not prosecute list and had you cranium prosecutors, banned from traveling to the United States is Presley to prevent them from delivering there ever and about the twenty. Sixteen USS elections also that former vice President Biden had pressured former ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, in twenty sixteen to fire. The ukrainian prosecutor General Viktor Shorkin, in order to quash a purport
criminal probe into burry small holdings, a ukrainian energy company, on whose board the former vice president's son Hunter sat now what's interesting about this is this is what Trump is operating on. This is the part that the media will never tell you about. They'll say he was just after Joe Biden. He was asking for a ever he pressured no, no, the counter charge. The other side of this is the Dnc working with the former government that thought they would be in power forever. The Democrats had apps nobody had any idea that that government was going to be overturned by a comedy tour. Show host? Okay remember this is the guy who's like the Jon Stewart of Ukraine, he he's the guy the president was talking to
and the reason why he won. He never did any debates. He never did anything. He never stated policy he just said. This is all insane and were corrupt and it's gotta stop. Nobody would have thought he won, so they, the Democrats. If this is true, the Democrats thought they have. All of the hatch is closed. There's no water going to be but leaking out of this we're all fine. The allegation is from Lou Chanco. Was that the government at the highest levels, in collusion with our? U ambassador, appointed by appointed by Obama right what as they were all working together, the in C had come over and said: hey. We need some dirt on Donald Trump and the
The ukrainian government working through oligarchs, went to Russia and helped gather information. Then, when the twenty sixteen russian investigation was happening. They were firing and uh driving everybody to shut up and the ambassador was stopping people to come to the United States to say hey. This is, what's really going on that Trump is asking for, and Trump is asking for, the russian hacked servers? Because It's on their servers, what's on their servers, did many of them were they saying can you find out some information on Donald Trump now he's not doing this, just with Rudy Giuliani he's doing this with the attorney general. Did you turn the general denies? We should point out the attorney general
says that there was far bars says he was not involved in this at least. Is it to the to the extent of it in anything like what? What what happened call right. So oh yeah yeah. He saying that 'cause in the call Trump says I want you to talk to bar. I want you to talk to Giuliani. Barr says he did not have those conversations Giuliani is publicly admitted he has ripe but just to be clear to give bar he may not. He may not have had those conversations. But it may not have risen to his level. Who knows we don't know where, where I'd be in stood to see if bar knew about any of this. But what what you just laid out explains perfectly in my mind about the thing that stir you brought up with the with this: the computer system, with the conversation in the White House being transferred over into that classified you know: server record right. This is one of the things that they say is a piece of evidence that shows they're trying to hide it, and I think it can be just as easily interpreted the other way.
Yeah. Well, I mean, if you think about I mean, as is, if you look at, conversation? Just the mere fact that he mentioned Biden and that scandal does not constitute who cares like, even if that got out it might look bad, but it's not going to sure it's not going to warn them, could put in a classification on this and throwing it over there, but if everything you're looking into, if all of the, if what? If what you and just laid out as it is accurate? Then you don't want the Obama holdovers in the White House getting when you don't want intelligence. Knowing about that letter from Trump's perspective, he's very suspicious of intelligence he's fat experiences with them. But what he's alleging here is an. We have evidence to back up that things like this have happened that What is alleging is that Obama, and Dnc worked with the intelligence agency
and the government of Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on Donald Trump to stop his campaign wow If I'm having conversations about making sure I do not the intelligence community. I do not want the Dnc, the Obama holdovers. I don't want anyone knowing about it, but I you want a trail of it? Someplace don't delete it. This reminded me of us hang on back in just say american fine. Corporation and M Ls, one hundred and eighty two thousand three hundred and thirty, four www dot, nmlsconsumeraccess dot, Org. Ok, I want to talk to you about America. Financing american financing. You know I'm a big proponent of fiscal responsibility. So let's say your interest. In buying a house, they are the people to go to. It could be a good investment for you if you're prepared for the responsibility- let's say
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Ankara all right there's a couple of things that we have learned from this whistleblower testimony and you're not going to get this from. I don't think you're going to get this from anybody else. There are going to be talking about Joe Biden and this it's blower and his credibility and everything else. This is not about Joe Biden. This is the next step you will hear is you're going to start hearing people when it starts to be understood for what it is you're going to start hearing things like the trump that Trump is a conspiracy theorist? Well, uh If I'm reading this document correctly Ann Looking at these two sides, an I assume that the Donald Trump
is doing the things that this whistleblower is saying, which we've already found. He has been discredited because what he said in the memo was not in the memo. However, he is he's making some strong allegations. Let's take them at face value and say: yes, I accept that Trump is doing this quite honestly, as I understand what they're saying here, I think I would have done it. Exactly the same thing as president of the United States and I would have for national security reasons. Now Trump may have other reasons to do it. Then I can't answer to that and or can anyone else, but if you look at what he saying I would have, I would have made sure this didn't go to Congress? I would have made sure that this was in the in the top level drawer that the super secret stuff is put because
in one. Anyone from my party, the democrats- I wouldn't want anyone to know. I think what the president was onto is deep state, because if you look at the it's the intelligence that is is we'll wheeling this out. It's the Democrats, it's that are wheedling this out and and saying: oh, no he's doing something really bad, but what is he? What is it that he's? Looking for he's looking for collusion of corruption in Ukraine with E. I can't hear you can we turn to MIKE on please yep talked about earlier about how you know. You said that the Obama administration did not plan to lose what they had built in Ukraine. They did not expect this cop comedy show host to completely up and
the ukrainian politics- and so you know we were all over Ukraine and I think, we're on the wrong side. Quite honestly, we were all over Ukraine out during the Obama administration, this value and you're exactly right I cannot believe this reminded me of another show we did on foreign lobbying and I just look really quickly looked up to see how embed the demo, That's were in Ukraine when all this turmoil was going on this about a year ago. The research you did this is yeah here. This is absolutely insane. So there are lawyers. I'm a lawyer's, their strategists there's lobbyists they are all over. The place, is just a quick little list, but Former Obama, White House Counsel, Greg Craig was involved in Ukraine the chiefs are wait a minute. His personal counsel, kind of like Rudy, Giuliani, right, interesting. T Stratus Bernie Sanders had the he was involved in Ukraine
and protest. His brother Tony Podesta, which is the guy who shut down his consulting firm the minute. It was found there was dirty goings on in Ukraine. And it was a bizarre move, your like wait, a minute. What why did you shut down? You just disappeared. What happened and he got, with Manafort, which was a part of the larger Russia Investigation, exactly right chief strategist for Hillary Clinton Mark Penn. He was involved in Ukraine. Two I'm pollsters, a minor pollster, John Alazon and Obama, can't the Obama campaign's lead pollster, Joel Benenson. He was also working in Ukraine they're all over the place. So their pollsters most likely were over there to help the President get reelected so they're helping there. Helping this former admin creation, which was totally corrupt. Helping stay in power, get in power. The president spur
attorneys are over their. Their strategists are over there. Hillary Clinton's chief strategist is over there Tony Podesta, is over there all wrapped up into this, It's all right around the twenty sixteen campaign. So they're helping them they all happen to be there while Trump is running, and we're expect to believe that Hillary Clinton's people, didn't say: hey can that's fine, any I mean. Is there any dirt on Donald Trump, we are expected to believe that they were perfect angels. Her chief strategy was there for crying out loud, chief strategist, so This is what Trump is really looking for. Trump is looking to finish. The russian investigation they pin it's all on him,
and he's saying you know what I don't trust the press there's nobody in the press. That can do this- that I don't trust intelligence agencies, I don't trust the FBI and they don't have jurisdiction on this anyway. I don't trust anyone. Rudy go over there keep cheap Ernie General BAR in the loop, so he knows, what's going on, don't tell the State Department, don't tell any, because what they're saying is the Trump response is. It was a corrupt country. It was and it was being run really by the Obama White House. They were helping. They were embedded on everything when I say to run they started this Russia thing. We know that fusion GPS was. Hired by the Democrats to go get that dirt in Russia.
We know that Russia had people involved with the oligarchs in Ukraine, so Are we to believe that they know nothing, that the Democrats had nothing and by the way, those Dnc servers. Are somewhere held by a corrupt Oleg Ark in Ukraine. So the President, United States is saying I got a final servers. He is doing a Russia investigation on his own and now telling anyone about it. He's he's not erasing. It he's just putting it in secure vaults. So no one can see it. I would do exactly the same thing, because I do believe this government is corrupt. I do believe that there are people, especially in the state department that think they. No better than everybody else and actually what is if, if there's no deep state in our country
will you at least admit a deep state with Brexit in England. That is the definition of deep state. The people just are too stupid to understand yeah they voted, but will return that that here's what's happening in Europe. That's what's happening in England. That's what's happening here and Donna, trump and it may all be for personal reasons, but this is what the little hired him to do honestly, just go in and shut this deep state shut, shut. This swap down where everybody's enriching themselves, everybody's playing a game, and you don't know about it. I think that's what's happening, and that's why this will be the battle to death and- and quite honestly, I I hoped
The security on this new president in Ukraine is good, because this guy is fighting. All of these fighting Russia he's fighting the old guard fighting now the and see he's fighting the most corrupt. I mean keep an eye on the Clintons. He's fighting all of the most dangerous people, in the world and you're going here. This now just called a conspiracy theory. But so was the caliphate. If we find out so and he was recruiting fourteen year olds to a Miami mansion, we know what's going down, that's when we know it, I it's kind of fascinating to watch it kind of all play out. I I don't you know you you see everyone kind of rushing to their side and I think we learned in the Muller investigation. The the best approach is to sit here and look at the information. As it comes out,
and try to analyze whether it was correct or not. I mean you think, of how excited people on both sides got over the molar investigation over a two year period. How many days were wasted chasing rumors and things that were? didn't understand at the end of the investigation for all the complaining about the investigation and for all the praising of the investigation, but we got at the end was something basically said: Trump did nothing that would warrant impeachment and so you know at the end of the day, I think, like the more we're able to look at this information in a sober fashion, an look at it and wait for the actual results to come out, the better we're going to do with it. So one both sides have everything to lose and the reason why I say this is a battle to the death. I thought it was very, very weird that it can come out of Nancy Polo, see first of all that Nancy Pelosi without any evidence, all of a sudden got it can down enough is enough. It's fascinating, no good answer for that.
Unless you look at this whistleblowers report from a different point of view, and if you look at it from a different point of view Nancy Pelosi and the Dnc would know you got to stop him. You got to discredit him, you have to trash him, he's got to be over or we're exposed for all the games that we play. In the twenty sixteen election and beyond. We got us and I believe there will be people on the on the GOP that will have the In kind of connections have made the same kind of money it's entrance. They won't want to be exposed either I found it interesting. Not only did Nancy Poulos E flip flop on something where they had no evidence. Well now I understand it, but there's something else that sticks out. That Nancy Palosi released right before right. Was it yeah right after she spoke and said impeachment, they release
that President Trump had made a personal phone call to Nancy Palosi an he said. Isn't there some sort of deal we can make here and Nancy See sees office reported, she said no deal. Mister president, tell your people to obey the law and hung up and bothered me, because I thought what kind of deal could be made. What do I mean what if, if, if that was even true, why would you make that phone call? What kind of deal could he make. Oh, I know we're in mutually assured destruction whether the president would use this for ultimate hour or expose it. I don't know, but this mutually assured destruction. One of these has to win. One of these has to win they're, either going to Please leave discredit credit and impeach Donald Trump or Donald Trump,
And his allies willox owes them for what they were doing, if indeed they were doing this in Ukraine. I don't think it's a far stretch to believe they do not believe either of those or both of those could be true, Will give you more on this coming up in just a second to check on John Sullivan. Give me an update on John Solomon here in a second John Solomon he's, the guy who's mentioned in this report supposed to be on with us here in a few minutes, but we had a hitch a few minutes ago, and I just want to see you if he still going to be Welcome to the twenty first century, the match in an office filled with state of the art chairs, with provide comfort for everybody who sits in that looking credibly, futuristic and stylish. At the same time,
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Four hundred and forty four x chair go to X, chair Beck, DOT, I'm right now use the promo code back and you'll receive a free set of the new x wheels with your ex chair. That's x, chairback, dot, com, promo code, back you're listening to Glenn trying to figure out because this impeachment hearing this doesn't make any sense on any level. There's no smoking gun. You know Nancy Poulos, he said strike while the iron is hot. Lee iron is an odd people do not want the president to be impeached and that Son Democrats too they just don't want they see it as a waste of time and a waste of money. You've got an election coming up. So why is this happening right now? There's a few series one of them? Is it's going to come out if what Giuliani and Trump are saying is going to come out, you got to discredit, you've got
muddy the waters you gotta make it at like a a what and try to make it about Joe. Right now I mean I I'm starting to think that they're actually throwing Joe Biden to the wolves here, because they've got a bigger pot of gold that they are trying to protect so they're going to make this a out Joe Biden because that's all you're hearing about this is nothing to do with Joe Biden. If the still blowers. Testimony is is true and this is what Donald Trump is doing- I'm actually I like well. You know I was with Ben Sasse, let's wait and I still am: let's wait, but I I'm starting to see if this, true what Donald Trump is doing, I'm actually with him. I think he was right to do it and he may have been doing it for selfish reasons.
This is the deep state and that's what's being protected right now. This isn't about Joe Biden. This is about the Dnc and the deep state of the state department, the deep state in intelligence, all of the crooked people that were behind of the fusion GPS report, an leaking it to the press. This one is this one's a big nasty hairball that if he rolls this down- and he gets this right he's on- take em all out press everybody- everybody is going to be taken out on this. One.
Is a big deal. This is the kind of stuff that starts for hers. Quite honestly, is the kind of stuff that you know. People say you know start to snuff people out, and you know you have a Archduke Ferdinand happened in Ukraine. This is dangerous, dangerous stuff. You have to keep calm and carry on and don't listen, those who are screaming and shouting listen and use reason fix it firmly in her seat and question with boldness everything you're. Listening to Glenn Beck.
You know I had a different show plan for you today, because we didn't expect. We didn't expect to this report to come out Until later on, and I urge you to listen, tomorrow's show. Because the empire is striking back and it is striking back all around the globe. It's not just the impeachment, and is not about Donald Trump and it's not about Joe Biden, this is about something much much deeper. You have trouble in the banking community, And knows what it even is that should tell you something the british Supreme Court just eviscerated the prime Minister over in England and he is defiant and he said I will.
Tie myself to the mast of the ship and we are not turning away from Brexit from Brexit. There is the a lot going on and it all revolves around the word- CHAOS is a solution to it, but I I just I want to go over it with you tomorrow and and ready yourself. That's to on the broadcast- you don't want to miss it. Effusion and in hello, America, welcome to the program. I haven't gotten to a single thing that I wanted to talk about today, that is
really really important, because we this nonsense going on about the impeachment hearings? But as we look at the whistleblower, a timeline emerges and it's not about Joe Biden, not about anything Nancy Pelosi or the meteor, telling you what it's about what is this really about? It is This is disturbing, but I think, in the way the meteor, the Democrats think I This is an epic battle of of the Titans and if I were Donald Trump and if I were the GOP, I would stop playing defense right now, don't defend it. Go on offense make sure they're having to answer the questions about. What's in this whistleblowers report can to explain these things. It's time
for the president to go on defense, an for in about everything that they're trying to do to him, because I this is a battle between the two titans and only one is going to be standing in the end. This is the Glenn Beck program, You know I wish I had somebody like Greta, Thurn, Berg working for me several years back when we were trying to sell our house, she could have just stood there. Looking at the real estate agents, we've been dealing with and said, this isn't right. This man should be across the country by now wasted his time you may have thank you. He was going to give this AL's sold when you really weren't doing anything. How that's an effective tactic. Yeah. I use that. I got to get my kids to rehearse that just got a spook, the crap out of a missile that they only have ten years to live. Sadly,
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state agents- I trust, dot, com, So I'm I'm writing to Chris Stewart for end of the program in a friend of mine, as I'm writing to ask him hey. You have insight on this document. I look up tv and there he is talking to the the direct national intelligence. He just walked out of the hearing room to make the call, I'll end he's on with this now congressman from Utah Chris Stewart? How are you, Sir Glam, it's good to be if you you're the only guy I'd walk out of the hearing for the I you yeah, I think you're foolish for doing it are you have a front row seat literally a front row seat. Tell me what you think this is really what what's really going on here. Well, It's nothing that we haven't seen for three years and that's just not shocking. It shouldn't surprise
This is a concerted effort by Democrats to repeal and rescind the twenty sixteen election, it's they've been doing since the very day. Donald Trump was elected and Glenn. It's it's not going to be successful. There's just nothing here that is impeachable, and if I could make this point, I think it's at guard point I'm not here to protect. The president, I'm not here, to protect anyone. We just want to know the facts, but the facts just don't bear this out, unlike in previous impeachment, so I mean with Richard Nixon. The american people understood that that was wrong. There was a break in. There was a cover up. There was there was obstruction of justice with Bill Clinton. American people knew that it was wrong for him to be with an intern, and it was wrong for him to lie to a grand jury and why in the world, are you going to commit how in the world do you convince american people but there's an impeachable offense here, because he asked a foreign leader to investigate what he thought was corruption and I think most
I can look at look at that Miss Randall. Why in the world, should we remove him from office for that yeah in the Oh Chris, as I read this 'cause, I read this this morning and you had access to it. Yesterday, as I was reading this this morning. I don't think this is about Joe Biden. This is really all about the Russia investigation. What It's going on. You know when Obama was in an office who were the demo, that's using the Craney ends look for dirt on Donald Trump, and you know that that that crowdstrike server thing is disturb. If you look at it from a different point of view, then you all of a sudden go wait. A minute, though, explain why he would take this transcript and put it into an encrypted form that no one can get to unless subpoenaed by Congress. No one can get into this, because
he's, showing, I think he's trying to make the case of a deep state. Am I wrong, I think, there's no, I think there's more it we gotta to learn there, and you know what was the crowdstrike is it? Does you so much to this at many people are overwhelmed by, but the essence of that is just exactly. He described it and by the way this this thing too, about whether this document is stored in a and highly classified server. I mean we have no idea whether that's standard for conversations between the head of state and it certainly isn't criminal and it may not be outside of the norm at all. So I made some people are trying to make a big deal with that is it that's part of the cover up, but it again we have no idea. If that's not standard in Viet doesn't mean anything anyway. O Ben Sasse. I mean Nancy Poulos, Ian Chuck, Schumer said exactly what I would expect them to say, and that is all this is very disturbing. I read this in his very and so I
I read this today with an open mind, thinking. Ok, I'm going to find something disturbing. I I've been found it except. I think I found a reason where all of it don't make sense on what Trump is doing an are accusing him and why they flip so hard and made this their their key to destroy him. Finally, but a what it Ben Sasse. Do you have any idea? Did you see anything in here because Ben Sasse said look some things in here that I think we need answers to questions on and you know shouldn't circle the wagons- and I agree with all of that. I'm not here to the president. I but the truth, but it is anything in here that stuck out to you well, I mean I I went in this with a little a little bit of anxiety. You never know what to expect, and then this will Heaven sakes. You never know like to expect right right
I was a careful that there might be something to this. Some surprise to this, but- and I read it carefully- I read it two or three times I took notes and at the end of this, which was late yesterday afternoon be honest with you, and I was much more confident that this president was not going to be impeached yeah when I was before I read that back to once again, like I said, is this yet I mean. Is that really all there is to this? And I think again you look, it doesn't matter. If you get to two hundred seventeen votes in the house, you have to convince the american people. The american people have to have had a consensus among them that this president has committed high crimes and misdemeanors and he should be removed from office, and I don't think, there's chance in the world that this document convinces american people that, and you talked about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer being disturbed. The gland they've been disturbed for three years yeah, but here's the thing. This is the part that doesn't fit Chris, that now
see below sea has been against this. This makes no sense. She's been again. This the whole time why all of a sudden with nothing Does she say this? Is it got us? like what the iron is hot, the iron is in hot, the american people even Democrats are not for impeachment yeah. You know what Glenn, I think is actually fairly simple explanation for that and it's. And that's two elements to it. Number one is, and this is just obvious- and you know this, and that is that she just finally reached a point with with her own her own party. Her own cock is that she couldn't do nothing and I think the genesis
that little seven moderates who represent you know moderate districts and in the past, have been kind of a buffer for her when they wrote that that editorial over the weekend, I think she felt like she had responded, but at the same time the second element to this is this: she's not serious about this effort. If she was serious about an impeachment inquiry that requires a vote on the house floor, she has to put remembers on record of saying. Yes, we are seeking impeachment, and she has done that she's trying to split the baby. She saying yeah, yeah yeah we're going to start in attachment in query and we're going to do it by doing the same thing we've been doing for the last nine months and that's the committees doing the same same thing: she's not serious about the same query or she would have the boat and compel her members to say. Yes, I want to proceed hasn't done that. Alright, the guy who you just questioned, he is the director of national intelligence,
he's the guy who stopped the memo from coming out and be given to Congress. They're saying that this, is unprecedented. No whistleblower is ever been kept in the history of our country from Congress. Is that true, what do you make of of and his testimony yeah, it's true, but there's a reason for that it is? We've never had a whistleblower complaint. That was an accusation against the President of United States, and so then you have elements of executive privilege and the second thing that he had to consider the law compelled him to consider is: was this outside of the jurisdiction of the director of intelligence, which it was and look Mister mcguires items adamant in my defense with him
Man, I'm clear integrity. He found a deficiency, an ambiguity in the law and did not know what to do. He wasn't trying to obstruct. He wasn't trying to protect the lighthouse. He simply didn't know what legally he could do in a sit in the situation, and I think he did the only thing that he could do. You go to the Office of legal counsel and you seek their advice. That's what they're there for its create this narrative of like democratic colleagues and they attacked his integrity. So often, the solar and so heatedly as if he's the problem, and then I said to them, if you think you're going to win on this like trying to convince the american people that this is a political stooge sitting before us. Good luck on that 'cause. If anyone watch is this hearing for even a few minutes, it's very clear. This is a military officer who has served his nation for thirty six years. He's not here for political ambitions, he's here to serve his country and that's what he was trying to do. So it's it's a. It was a threat to national security. According to this whistleblower
the threat to the presidency itself and the country who does what should if done you say: well, it wasn't in his jurisdiction. So can he pass that to somebody Third Stiction or you know I said he was asked: will did people investigate this and they did did they find or why did it not go to someone else well, and it gets big, complicated Glenn, and I don't want to. I don't want to bore you with some of the
legalities, but I mean what it comes down to. Is this a one point and it's not whether he had to I mean the projection of of my democratic colleges that he didn't do it immediately, but he had a fourteen day window work. You could seek legal counsel and make a decision, and- and it's apparent that again, he and the inspector general work ended disagreement and a bit of a logger heads, and I think that we have to realize that, as I said, the law is deficient on and we need to address the law, but but again this information. As a member of Congress, it's and I made this clear. It is the over the years of my job, and I think that I protect is allowing Congress to provide its oversight, allowing Congress to have access to this information, and I've always said this should come.
Congress, but I recognize in this case there was a complicated legal process before it could come to Congress and that's all that's what he was trying to comply with, and it seems to me that it only added fuel to the fire. You know because they you know, He knows they try to play off the Nixon thing. It's the cover up that got you in trouble and you know if it's a legal process in this guy is honorable. I mean what are you going to do about it? It just goes into just make more ok, Chris. I appreciate it good to talk to you. Thank you. Representative Chris Stewart, a Republican from Utah, I mean legitimately right out of the hearing like hit Josie, how model he's going to walk back into the hearing room in a second we'll see him on C span walking back in he just finished questioning your to
better quicker insight from a real player in the story than that, and we should mention to John Solomon, who is supposed to be on here. If you we're looking for that interview, he had to reschedule tomorrow had apparently he said eating with a source just come up come up to so he's reschedule till tomorrow. He was the guy who is not by name but his work is mentioned in the west of horror report that extensively and he's going, come out and tell us what that is like to go through on tomorrow's program, this time and in one minute I want to come back and I'm to give you. The timeline still will take you through the timeline of this whistleblower report. 'cause, it's all out of order, so it's kind of hard to figure out, but he's taking the time and put it all in order, so you can understand it and will
to that. Also on today's television program, we're going to take your phone calls and I'm going to be taking phone calls right after this broadcast in about forty minutes, if you'd like to you come on I'd love to hear your opinion. I want to know what you've pieced together, what your thing king. What your friends and neighbors are saying about this impeachment stuff call us now at eighty, eight thousand, seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. Eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck we're going to take your phone calls and will do that right after this broadcast, in about forty minutes so call now and talked our producers, eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back. Alright, let me tell you bout gold line ' there is something happening as I'm going to outline to you tomorrow, whatever chain, finished last week, weekly
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to know. What's going on with the impeachment an it is, not the story you're getting from the press. I urge you to go back and listen to the podcast today. If you missed any of this show stew is going to take us through this. The! If you can't see the we can't, do it total right now, let's kind of give a recap of where we were and then go through the time line in about five minutes yeah, where you heard cursed, her go through a lot of this, a couple of things that are important to know that you're hearing from the media that you need to know the truth on number one is at no point did Donald Trump say I would like you. I would like you to do us a favor, please investigate Joe Biden and that's what all of the press was talking about. Yeah right. That is the emission of a like five hundred and forty words yet, depending on who, how they cut it was between five and five hundred and fifty words they cut out of that to make it seem like do me a favor he investigate bite in theirs. He
is actually asking about the favor related to then completely different, which is about the the election and the meddling from Russia and crowd strike the the longer story. You've heard of tell it before, but the bottom line they are in, attentionally, editing out five hundred words. With a with an ellipsis or just nothing. We actually so audio on this meeting will play this after the break of multiple news. Purses CNN Fox NEWS. Even I'm not even saying the ellipsis they're, not even saying dot, dot, dot, not we'll just see on the screen. Just say one quote says: do me a favor, then they go to the next screen. The next quote says investigate Joe Biden or whatever the exact quote is that's that's incomprehensible. As a mistake, it's only could possibly be done intentionally, you would get if you went to any college- and you were writing something. You know factual in college was fair. You know not not
Yes, if you will so you're using this and you you were doing it and this bias came in on the opposite end. You No, you would get a failing grade. You might even get kicked out of class for doing something like this you've. And it's so far out of context. You skipped about five hundred to five fifty words to draw that conclusion. It is it's reprehensible The press is doing even Fox NEWS is doing this to give you the whole time line and what this really is all about, and it's not about Joe Biden, if you listen to the whistle blower stuff, it's not about Joe Biden you're listening to, back, because it's not about Joe Biden, it's much worse. For the Democrats, all right what do you have a lot of money in the bank or not? You do have a lot to lose when it comes to
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red, Lifelock, Lifelock, dot com, use the promo code back and save thirty percent off buyers October. Sixth, don't wait join now. Go to blazetv dot com using promo code; Glen save ten dollars off your subscription. We dive deeper into this document and all the accusations on tonight's tv program, This is the Glenn Beck Program and we welcome you- and I want to thank you for your subscription to the blaze and compliment you in also tell you you gotta kind of a you are in a position that really very few people well in the country are in you because you subscribe to the blaze or if you just listen to the show every day you this story, you know,
this story better than any of your friends. We done shows on this. For months we did a special on Joe Biden and two day special, and I invite you to go to my Youtube page or, if you're a subscriber you'll you'll be able to find it right away. It is on Joe Biden and Ukraine and then the second special was Joe Biden and China came out earlier cheer or even late last year, when we did this. This special and we find it all out. So you you are in a very good place to be because you know this, but you have a responsibility now to help share that with other people to tell them to go to the Youtube page, an watch two specials. You have an understanding that most conservative don't have and It is a it's a good position to be in, but it's also frustrating one, because
media is presenting this think about the average person in America. What are they are they getting out of the story? I am first thing that happened was Donald Trump inexplicably, talking to the ukrainian President about trying to get dirt on Joe Biden which to them, if you did, have any of this information. You think yourself. Well, that is a bizarre action. This guys desperately trying to ruin his political rival campaign. He just searching around for dirt and so to the app person this seems like Trump is made. This dramatic, national move. To anyone in this audience. Who's been sitting here for the past six months to a year hearing this story, weekly is points daily and no one can go on Youtube and watch it for free, it's all out I know it was on Glenn Beck com. You can go see. All of this
the story laid out in extreme detail with visuals from five months ago from five six months ago. Yeah and the point here, is that those people are going to get a completely different picture. So it is important for you know if you have a chance to share the you tube thing, if you think you know, if you've, if you've known all this before talked to your for about it, and if you haven't watched it in a long time, go back and watch it because you have to have credibility and you have to have the facts so when you're talking to people about, don't get emotional, don't make it about Joe Biden 'cause. I don't think this is about Joe Biden and I want to talk to stew about. I think we need to do a special next week and I already have it in my head based on this, I think we can. I think we can tie this thing together. And explain it in a way that
no one else is explaining and I'll take it from both sides. I'll say look, this is what the Democrats believe is happening, and here are the facts. And you look at it that way now. Let me tell you what I think Donald Trump just did and what is is happening from his point of view. And you decide, but I think I could make a strong case, and I urge the president don't play defense, don't play defense off it's offense offense. You have them that's. Why. They're panicking and doing this impeachment thing with no smoking gun, because you have them and bring attention to the story is, is beneficial not only to the president and and bad for Democrats, but also for the cut I mean it's important that we find out the facts on this I'll say I saw it yesterday that made a great point and that one of the big, with conservative media generally speaking is, Very reactive we let
Nbc come out with this big story, and then we say: well, here's the truth about it or here's our spin on it or here's. What we think is going on instead of In this stuff- and they did you specifically on this particular Laurie how we were way out in front of this and have been for you know a very long time telling you the details of the story, because we believed it would be a really important election issue, is really here. We are and what's frustrating about the about this as a The process is, the media is now prison this major scandal about Joe Biden as a trump problem. Exclusively now. That is to anyone. Who's been listening to the story for six months. It's incredibly frustrating you didn't cover any of this for six months now all of the sudden you're, it up as an important thing, because you have a Trump transcript look. The important thing is: is that most hosts
shows, will tell you what happened yesterday, my jaw, is to make sense of what happened yesterday, while showing you what's coming tomorrow and that's hard, because people don't want to hear the speculation what's coming tomorrow, but look at the track record. It's pretty damn good, and you don't understand what's coming tomorrow, all you're going to be doing is playing defense. All right, let's go back in, to the whistleblower and let's look at the timeline. This is basically what the whistleblower is accusing the president of doing. In his timeline. Confusion earlier kind of on the show as to some of these events in what order they came in and the reason for that is the actual whistleblower report itself is out of order. It's all it's presented the fact of a later date. The that happened.
Dates are first and then they go back and kind of backtrack. So there's a little bit of confusion. So let me lay this out in a timeline structure. This is what they say this is not necessarily, you know the the correct. This is true. This is just the accusation from the whistleblower right, so what they say is in late, two thousand and eighteen late last year, Giuliani first met with the former prosecutor from Ukraine. Scheuch in this the guy who was fired, fired, but by by the way on camera, said very close to the exact same thing trump is accused of. He took he withheld money that Ukraine was expect. Billion dollars a billion dollars- and this is what Hayden admitted that he would withhold this money, two unless they fired this particular prosecutor. That is showing now Giuliani in two thousand and eighteen met with him in January Giuliani
set with blue. Do we know, Anything at all about the Giuliani found out from the accusations that sure we was going in and and going to question Gazprom and the big bank. Biggest bank over there, which had one point: eight billion dollars of our money. Our taxpayer dollars that just when offshore and just disappeared with the guy from from Boris MA the gas company right and that we don't know exactly what was said in their impact that it's not even in the accusation. What what when they talk down? Okay but she's, it or he is leading is is is building a case. Here is building a case here to try to say, hey. This is what I think happened. So these events happen in late, two thousand and eight Giuliani meeting late January of two thousand and nineteen another Giuliani meeting MID Feb. Giuliani. Another meeting with Lushenko that now Shako is.
An ally of the President, who lost to the show host guy who's in there now is the Lynskey. They are allies. What's the vision for less shenko talking to Giuliani could make the argument- and I think this is the implied argument- that Lucian realizes his. Is about to lose this election. Is trying to align himself with american interests so that he can save his job when Zalenski loses right. So after these meetings happen with Giuliani, The hill starts publishing articles and videos featuring Luke comments from Leshchenko CO, says all sorts of things about the Democrats. And all that stuff. That's bad for Democrats. This is again do not what we this. We believe that this is the accusation. The input Nation of this allegation is basically
Giuliani met with these people Lucia in particular, and that Those meetings resulted in lieu Chanko outwardly and publicly saying really bad things for Democrats that the media barely picked up, but they were that publicly readable, really bad like they went through us to get to Russia to find out stuff on Trump to affect the twenty sixteen election. Kind of bombshell type allegations bad. So this is in two thousand and nineteen in March on March 31st. That was the first round of the ukrainian elections in this the ally of Leschenko survives to a runoff, but is losing in April on April, twenty is ukrainian run off blows out the other guy. So now you have blue Chanko, who has been talked
is losing his job. If it's a lynskey wins, he had this background work done with the Americans. I think At least the implication of the allegation is alright. Well sky is a, now I can get the Americans to help me. Keep my gig essentially on a we fit so he was a truth. Teller until he started talking to Trump right then he's all lies on April 25th Trump men's on these stories from the hill? Now the hill, a lot of the stuff came from John Solomon, he's our guest on tomorrow's program in this hour must be on today, but it last second cancellation, potentially well. Is it related to the fact that he was mentioned essentially in the whistleblower report? Haha, I don't know but he said he had a source meeting so we'll find out about that tomorrow. On May ninth of this year, the New York was reported. That Giuliani was going to Ukraine to meet with Ukrainians in on May 11th who Chanko met with the current president Zalenski the talk show host guy, ok
in MID May is when the whistleblower says they first started hearing rumors about all of this, so they have no. This person, who is the source of this allegation, had no knowledge about any of this stuff other than it was publicly ported until MID May, so this is after the election and everything between May and early July Trump, we'll The allegation is that Trump said he will only me or call with the new ukrainian President, the it with them only given the call. If he quote, plays ball now, there's no. The quote is not actual quote again. This person doesn't even claim to have witnessed or seen any of these things themselves, their reporting second and third information, but that's the thing so
the allegation is Trump is: is holding back this meeting holding back these. This call because he wants him to play ball, get me dirt on on bite and in June the land ski ask for a replacement publishing Co. So they didn't work for Lysenko. If you try to do this in July the whistleblower began learning of the policy of withholding funds to Ukraine. This is a big part of this allegation if he had withheld funds for the if the dirt on bite and essentially then in July. Twenty fifth was the call that we all got the transcript of yesterday and then August. Let's check a was actually removed from that job, so he's no longer in the prosecutor's job part prosecutor general job. So if you see this so the the at what point did the US ambassador that was fired at what point did they get the n and stop he a Ukraine.
Investigators from coming over to the United States, to explain in and arrest people. I don't have that date in this time line. I know it was referenced in here. That is an important again at the end of the. U S. Ambassador was is an Obama appointee was obstructing justice in Ukraine. And has been removed, allegedly, obstructing justice? According to the Ukrainians? and she was covering allegedly for something that the Democrats were doing, or these oligarchs were doing and is one of the complaints that came from Zalenski, two Donald Trump and Donald Trump removed. Her and so we'll we'll there's a, more going on here and I want to, take the time and really lay it out
and show you what I think is really going on. I I a decent got on some of these things, and and I think I know what is going on and I want to Later, you will do a special next week joined. The blue is now blaze. Tv, dot, com, blaze, tv dot, com, slash gland, use the promo code, Glen you'll, safe, ten bucks by the way, your membership. Helps us do research on things like this, so we can be ahead of the game: all right: I want to talk to you about pain, relief and that STAR Trek Movie Kirk says to Mccoy. I don't want my pain taken away. I need my pain now really don't don't have to live in pain. I I'm a firm believer in the 21st century now the pain hungry levers that we have we're actually old german pain relievers.
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hello and welcome to the program all right in just a few minutes. I am going to take your phone calls and I want you to line up now. Eighty eight thousand, seven hundred and twenty seven c. I want to know what your thoughts are on. Impeachment process. What I think we may have it wrong where the yeah. We know where the media has it wrong. What the President should do you know our? who disturbed by any of the stuff that is going on. I will tell you that I started the day. Before I read the whistleblower stuff, I started a going on okay! Well, I don't know where this is going to go, but I think he's in the clear here. I think I can understand it. Understand at the beginning of the day, why Nancy Pelosi would turn on a dime there's nothing here so is going on uh
I think I really do understand it and I'm, I think the president needs to go on on offense and forget events going to be hard for him to do, but stop playing defense on this. Because they're making it all about him and Joe Biden and that's not what this story is about. It is not a boy Joe Biden. That's the media is doing and it's a lot deeper than that. I would love to hear your point of view. Please call right now. Eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck, eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven back all, So tonight doing the phone calls ask Lynn anything tonight. Five hundred o'clock only on blaze, TV, don't miss it and join us, Blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use the Code, Glenn and save ten percent now you're listening.
Glenn Beck.
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