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Fill-In The Blank Narratives & Conclusions? | 4/18/19

2019-04-18 | 🔗
Hour 1  Stealing the cycles and narratives? Just Salacious texts and more? Bill Barr Releases Mueller report, takes reporters questions, goes on defense for President Trump? CD ROMS available?    Hour 2  So what was in it? Anything new to see here? All Parts of the report sound favorable to President Trump? Collusion is dead and Trump should feel  'exonerated'? Is there any red meat here for the Democrats? Conclusion, "this was all about Donald Trump"?    Hour 3  No Collusion, No Intrusion, over 100 pages of redaction's? ...The Democrats Top 18? It's not looking good for Cory Booker? Is Peter Buttigieg, "Just some boring gay white guy?" What about Beto O'Bore?

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