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Fill RBG’s Seat ASAP | Guests: John Ziegler & Carrie Severino | 9/21/20

2020-09-21 | 🔗

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away late last week. As Trump prepares to nominate her successor, Glenn reviews just how liberal she was and why we must fill the seat. Attorney Thomas W. King III joins with the latest on his fight against Pennsylvania’s lockdown orders. Mediaite senior columnist John Ziegler discusses RBG’s death and why the conservative argument against mask mandates is stronger than the media pretends. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t rule out impeaching Trump again. Glenn hears from callers about social justice hypocrisy and the Left’s attempts to de-emphasize the Alamo’s war story. Judicial Crisis Network president Carrie Severino gives her take on whether the GOP can confirm a new justice by the election.

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Glenn Beck program, Well hell. What what are you sure? Hello, America, I'm sorry just was- I was just told- the roof better Ginsburg died and what yes, the Supreme Why hasn't? What do you think's up haven't Friday, you'd think somebody would have been talking about who should have mentioned. This should have been covered all the long so much so that you who are like vomiting, would years only read up on a Monday. Yes, she did die and there is a lot going on. We are going to cover it all because I think I mean, I think a lot of people said a good another logged for the fire, but people reacted even worse than that here is my favorite reaction from hearing the news of
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Welcome to the programme I threw my back out quite badly today means Saturday and so I just want to warn you everything. It says: don't operate heavy machinery, I M taking right now, and I know Sarah and Stew our both near a dump buttoning case I just deciding rarely on this. Through the other day, you should Jeff a place to the control of your career and livelihood in our hand. Yes or no I'll, take care of you. I know if sip goes down the wrong road, don't worry we'll make sure to get that dump buttons. I've I'm on muscle, relaxes that news make me through, but take that forward worth. Ok, I think we just need to start with the first of all, the president. Finding out
while being asked a question by the press, he comes right off of the stage from a rally. They're playing, yellow, don't know this already it wasn't. It wasn't something they added, but it comes right the stage and everything I am seeing I'm like Norway. What is yours Everything that he said is exactly what you ve ever wanted from. Donald Trump. Listen
What's up the breast, she just I. I didn't know that I just read the letter. What else can you say she was an amazing woman? She was an amazing woman. Amazing live said. Thank you very much. So slowly drew and fantastic. Now. Don't believe he didn't know because he had to you know how to tell me: the morphine just push you it, but that is the way the presidential reaction, I think, that's away, everybody reacted well. I was out to do
or the bunch friends on Friday and none of us were merit wearing masks. I mean we wore a mask while we were standing up to come in and out Then, when we sat down they said we could took take our mass cloth, which total sense of it free zone when you're sitting at the restaurant table yeah right so knew we were at dinner. If my first reaction was no oh, no not another log on the fire. The some big big lot of this is the you a log later. This is the third log that die Brown put into the steam in right before went off the bridge, this last log a number three hand, so my reaction was that first and then I told everybody at the table that she had just died and everybody did the same thing that it that's sad. Sorry, the loser and especially at this time- and it's not like
we didn't like her rulings. She was late. You you more for her family and the people who newer and you know I want people to live- I actually respect all human life, so you would have what everyone to be alive doesn't seem to be. The opinion of a lot of people are these days Let me now, but I will say you know, as a Supreme Court justice. She was obviously terrible. Well, like I now what makes you say that in May, she was on the wrong side of now, literally every single issue. Let me let me just say this in an interview in two thousand twelve, she said that she wouldn't look to the: U S constitution. If she were drafting a constant constitute out in the year two thousand twelve, she said quote, I might. The Constitution of South Africa. I mean that was a deliberate attempt to have fundamental instrument of government that embraced human rights and have an Indian and judiciary really. I think it's a great piece of work that was done so she would look to our constitutions. She'd, look to South Africa
Also, she she called for the sex integration of prisons and reformer tories, so conditions of imprisonment, security and housing could be equal. She said, the grand design of such institutions is to prepare inmates to return to a community as persons equipped to benefit from and contribute to civil society. Then situation of a single sex institution should be rejected. Ok, it's a little out there I mean my cause some problems, what called for the sex integration of the boy scouts and the girl scouts. Because of these stereotypes of gender roles, she insisted on integrating college fraternity and sore in sorority chapters having college social societies. She may have missed the point of the sex drive, You are putting all these people has. She may have any. She also cast constitutional doubt on the legality of mothers and fathers day as separate holidays. Because mothers can
fathers and fathers can be mothers. I guess He asserted the laws against big chemists person, cohabiting with more than one woman and a woman, arbitrating with a big amidst- are unconstitutional, I agree with the way their reading, and now I have to agree with us on that one. She objected to laws against prosecution, prose prostitution, because prostitution as a consensual act between adults is within the zone of privacy protected by recent constitutional decisions. But Russia's right about that. Way it's being interpreted now, thanks to her right, he's a big reason and its being interpreted that we're right. She also said that the concept of a husband, breadwinner and wife homemaker must be eliminated the code. If its tourists slut is to reflect in equality principle, she called for comfort programme of government supported child care. She also wrote that the man act. Listen to this,
that publishes those punishes those who engage in interstate sex traffic of women and girls. The man ACT, punishes those who engage in interstate estate, sex traffic, of women and girls is offensive such ACT should be considered within the zone of privacy. So she's. Not exactly now, my every she's, not my favorite da, my favorite. She also found words offensive and said these words needed to go from all official documents, man woman man made mankind, husband, wife, mother, Father sister, brother son, daughter, servicemen Long Sherman postmaster Watchmen, seamanship and
to man a vessel. I agree with all that accept Longshore Mcbride Miranda have a strong DNS agreement, malarial our own amendment, and I understand with your history and grief. She see even wanted he. She him his and her is to be dropped down the memory all I had to replaced by him. He she heard him or his hers or she's out of data. Not only was she very pro abortion. She was also on the record as opposing what was settled law, that the constitution does not compelled taxpayers d, four abortions she said for Funded abortions should be cut institutional right again, I'm- disagree with are here and there right, the call for affirmative action, hiring quotas for women use. The police as an example, she said, affirmative action is called for in this situation.
So anyway, she's she's done a lot of things. Are you disagree with, however, today today after her death. I think it's Portland to remember, one of her her really strong arguments, she's couldn't imagined Donald Trump back in two thousand. Sixteen getting elected you know for the country it could be four years for the court could be. I don't even want to contemplate that but so she didn't really like Donald Trump at all, but she did come out in twenty sixteen and make it very it clear that sitting, president. Even a lame duck, president in the last months of his term, had to fulfil his constitutional duty, and she made a very, very big point about this.
Now I have heard from a yo see that her dying wish, which we can't violet her dying wish is that Donald Trump does not nominate somebody else, Release, the Supreme Court was a make a wish foundation. I did now really that's others of their taking your body to Disneyland right now? She wanted to see that one last time and This was her final wish. That was her, make a wish this wonderful. I wish
Really the brilliant we're three twenty twenty. I hereby like laying in state in the magic, ass, ok, I've heard of his ears, I totally and I'm the one drink like that are not settled golly. Okay, we gotta get into some of the things that people have said in the past and what they're saying now illicit put it this way: everybody's a hypocrite, getting everyone on all sides, everyone's a hypocrite. Today, and it's out officially name that hypocrites day. Well, should I was wasn't essays it male hypocrites day and tomorrow should be female, or would that be constitutional? Can we separate them like that, I'm really not sure are in our sponsor this half hour.
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Obviously the Democrats would do the exact same regardless of whether they were out. You are in office. The people elected begins to be in office and yeah It is not only a thing that people like all this might help the base come out and vote for hop Republicans now, if they name a Supreme Court justice, if they can't get it a Supreme Court justice through before Donald Trump leaves office. If you let's say immortal loose ETA, reason to ever consider what you mean question whether he should ever consider voting for Republican again in your life, this is absolute imperative you if someone who's been on the Supreme Court, almost at me ITALY, fighting against the constitution or entire time there
We have ensured that south african want to come in and follows a really good. What there was a really getting. I was well thought out: I'm out, we always think of Iceland might have been better outcomes, they did it on twitter. So, let's do I like right, you absolutely have to do with this improvement is, is is crucial. As you know, it's on the level is as important as the presidency itself for or the set itself you have to do it. Have to do it and people like well, they they made the opposite argument, in two thousand, sixteen or first of all, as you point out, the Democrats were also on the opposite side. Saying this standard they'd now believe is codified. American tradition- was the worst thing that ever happened to humanity right. We have. The tape will play its part, both sides, but it's ridiculous. I'm sure will spend time today getting into the fact that there are some differences here that are notable unimportant, but it wouldn't matter There were not made still say whatever they had to say. I give you this one little note I may be we're the only people who will remember this, but both of
we're on the ear. Two thousand sixteen saying look just vote on merit garland in voting down, then you will have to make four dickie less well, it's only the last scientists, but we're eternally ten months wages and I'm just let him well just vote in voted down. You control the Senate put revolt, watch marimba at that point there, how to get sixty votes for garland, wouldn't when you have fish they. Fifty four senators of wind and one that were republican unity, do get sixty total votes. So the that happening are basically zero. Put him up v, now, what about the new person put about voting down way for the election and then move on from there? Instead? doing that? They came up with this concoction, largely because they were but to shield purple state senators intellection races from having to take our vote so you decide about what, if we just kind of say, while we shouldn't do it during an election year and now here they are trying to kind of navigate their way between two. In sixteen republican position in the two thousand twenty republican position
there are differences. They are notable. We can go through the stats, the imminent, like, they have a decent argument here, but instead I'm just saying at the beginning, look let's go let's move ahead with this process, as has been done and because we're publicans. If you put up someone who is- leaning, republican or maybe a moderate. Maybe we will say yes, but instead, did come up with a left of centre nominee that everyone knew was a left asunder nominee and they could have just constantly voted them down. It would have been easy to do Well I'd like to see I'd like to see Michael II, because likely is so light in the Senate by everybody. They like him. He he's really soft spoke in. How are you going to say anything to say about likely? We know there's no skeletons in the closet, he's not somebody who's like you know what drinking in high school and and
made it with a frog, even though the frog testified. You know to the other frogs at the time, but we can't find any that testimony in the frog is dead. I mean we're not going to hear an outdoor easily say that it does not we'll find anything and they will concoct anything, and we know that, but you, you know, You have to go with somebody strong com, traditionally. Otherwise, the president I mean, if you put other person up there. We know that we have already lost. What's his name, the Supreme Court, just Roberts Roberts, as we already have lost Roberts Roberts, is gone Robert. This is, this is not a five three court. This is it. This is four forecourt, because Roberts is gone, he's not a conservative, he's gone a chance to the chance to take gins. And have a real conservative in there, because I don't think replaced. Scalia weed
get a Scully for Estonia in order Mean so we have replaced them and if Donald Trump loses its imperative, its narrative, because Clara Thomas is already hinting about retiring in the next four years. So you lose Clarence, Thomas and you have somebody who's, wishy, washy, we're in trouble Clarence Thomas, but who has been overruled by me on that. Cannot he cannot oh no, I mean he's gotta, do everything the gains. Where did I mean she went out, kicking and screaming? Oh, I mean you. There is no no and in a lab surprised until then tell decay set in that they weren't. Just like no she's right here. Look and walking around like weaken a burning yeah. I mean she did not want to go down, no, I will sit as two people keep talking about like what they need to do this before the election. That to me is
somewhat immaterial whether they get it done before the election and needs to be done before January Twentieth, two thousand twenty one. That's I don't know. I honestly delegation had started because look how bad they look. They have started, look how bad they looked at Cavanaugh. I mean when that when that thing was going on and they Poland dirty tricks. I mean they were apparent. They were apparent you get somebody clean. Like Michael D, what we say What are the USA Nikolai? What they're going to devote their is probably will be very clear, is no reason to bleed cabinet, wasn't clean. They just lighted on an identity theft is no joke. Cyber criminal gangs have, in time units dedicated to it, something It can make you a lot more vulnerable things like not checking your credit card or bank statements, not checking your credit report over sharing personal information on Social. Media using the same username and password on every count, which reminds me
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Yeah. This is the Glenda programme. We welcome to the programme, Mr Pat Gray. I think we I think we have to start with the woman I was driving in her car and just heard that Wraith were Ruth Bitter Ginsburg passed away on Friday and bigger rocard to pat, almost slower paper Alzheimer. He may not have heard the news. You know that you set, Oh no, so here your eyes, here was that this woman's reaction in hearing the news
yeah it is consider to say we had thought he just you can't die now. I love the fact too that she pointed out she was driving a car. I wouldn't have noticed what I know. Why was it a car right then? Probably a good idea to not look at your notifications, while you're driving a car did you worry about the people who were driving around her if she's driver without much Ray a hundred and sixty miles an hour, might hit your car and then come out and club? You imagine what the reactions are gonna be like if Donald Trump Woods this election. Can you imagine how many of those videos our goal? you might go exist gosh I came.
Can you imagine they're going to go in saying what we don't have to wait for the election? Can you imagine what happens when he there's a nominee which he must which is, he has to do, is going to do and they ve already vowed. They're gonna burn down the entire thing if he does where it. Let me ask you this: let me go back to a question I asked in about two thousand and seven. I think maybe eight. What are we just split in Asia seriously, because none of us- and none of us are any of us really into war. Now I want to kill my neighbours. I don't want to fight my neighbours. I just want to go. I just wanna go on my life. So what are we just knock this crap out and just say: ok, look! There's fifty states you take. Twenty five will take twenty five, and will even be magnanimous this. What I said back in the day will be That is what we take Texas, but you can t than you pick and will do every other. So you know why,
yet taxes to your magnanimous thing. Is you get the first round traffic yo Maybe they get the maybe the next, the next ten I see her protects, isn't it make it next day they will get Walter named terrain will take the last tab. Yeah we'll take the last it. And, and that's fine with care what it is, except we get Texas I don't care how you split does the rest of the states I don't states that I live, but here's the thing. Your states are going to be run so Cropole you're going to be and so much trouble within ten years we are building a wall around every single state The fly in you can visit is, but you can't move. It came of
Man fly and just like any one from a foreign nation compliant and there are young- and these are you- gotta go get a path, I should get a passport, but you get and I guarantee within ten years, you'll be trying to climb over our walls, and you will be blaming us for everything, that's wrong in your state. Even if we have the Euro communication with each other, you will be blaming us for everything. That's happening in your state. Just look California for Proof right now, that situation already kind of exists there and everybody's leaving in coming here thank you, but here's! but here's the seriously. For we go to war, because I think look at the reaction of that girl. Are you going to take. For instance, they are now I'm talking to their courts in Pennsylvania, and trying to get it get them to rule that
male in ballots. Don't have to have a postmark by election night then- You can have the postmark on Friday, so you have Wednesday Thursday Friday to get your ballot down and have it postmarked. No, I don't think so. I know so. There is a reason why we don't we don't release anything and is in say what's going on because it might influence way. People vote You know, I know you don't get to announce on television. What's going on and then say war wait. A minute some more voters out there and they get a postmark after no ridiculous dickie and obviously inviting so are you? Why are you both trying to oppress the vote? Why? Why does voter repression? But if that happens, are you going to accept the vote? If they say they can do that? Are you gonna, except a vote? I mean it.
It depends on, of course, the margin and there's a lot of things. I mean if Donald Trump Don't I can win the elections without winning Pennsylvania, so I mean I'd like if he wins most likely. I think people would accept it, because those mail in votes that came in late would probably favour Joe Biden. Yes, so this two different ways: if did Joe Biden went by fourteen points? I don't think people are going at bargain to fight it. But what is it so closely contested election, which we kind of all expect that it will be it's gonna, be hard to convince people its legitimate and, let's forget it mean either or at least there's not shit about it, unless, let's let us not forget that every elect of my adult life at least that Democrats have lost. They have said it was stolen from all of them. Every single election that his hand in what's that they have lost
Ok, ok, so they have they lost when they lost with George W Bush. Obviously they said it when they lawsuits against John carry in two thousand, for they said it was stolen from the voting machines in Ohio and people were leaving flyers all over the place. Ain't a vote in the wrong day. There's that that NED, Obviously, Clinton is well every they lose. They say it was stolen from them. Every time, so they are going to say that if Trump wins again because they do it in all, circumstances. This is why we can't have a four forecourt First of all, let sake don't count the John Roberts as a conservative anymore. So yeah, Four forecourt candles president. Be the typewriter. No go, back to the lower courts. In that, sir, serves all I got great, I got very deal a confidence and that it would revert to who whatever was ruled You can't do that lower court. You have to have him appoints,
but you have to that. This is the least stated intention of the left is to tear down the United States the cause detention and everything we believe in you, you're gonna do let this right and if Republic You can't get this done. They ve already lost too. How Romney, as a third Romney's gonna, be a weasel and he will heal vote against or whatever or not vote. He'll declare before anything nominate somebody right now, not somebody right now. Yes, this it immediately amnesty the second you're ready to go when not only the next couple that such as somebody TED crews, nominated crews, proves think yeah. I think so likely I would love likely eat. I would go no. I would go for either one but TED cruises gonna be a much bigger and enlightening there's no chance. It's a man watch look at the yellow easier, I generally very amicably bear it is the should be fine, so could we grow? There's a rumour quietly are reported quote from a couple years ago where
talk about Amy Coney Bear for the Cavanaugh seat and good trump. Reportedly said I'm saving her for Ginsburg. So that the rumor is that it's gonna be her she's, the overwhelming favorite she's got. You know, I mean she's very highly regarded not just by conservative, crazy people, but by everybody whose honest about her credentials. She doesn't have a super long record which some, people are a little worried about in the conservative side, but what she does have a record of stellar so she seems like he's Rob is basically already said: it's gonna, be a woman basically said that isn't guaranteed it, but he's peace hinted strongly publicly. So I be very surprised. If he went down. I mean project the genitals of all your supreme Court, just as very important likely we just gotta lotta high voice.
We can identify. I guess acreage Dental Day as a woman, yeah very go. What a way to honour. What does this mean? That there is actually rather Michael, do identifies eliminate, getting an exemplary and is a site that that's absolutely going right, so How is this going to shape up? who are they going to be able to get fifty one votes? The report, kids- can they get fifty votes so, Look at some of the other names you have Romney, which is is it is a big one guy. I think Romney theoretically would vote four, let's say a moderate. You mean if, if you came They came to the tables, had look, we have our uniting nominee and it's not just some, not some ollinger right, like This is why this is so where this is gonna, go, isn't it they're gonna, not the Republicans. Are denominate nominate merit garland at the end of misty? Wait, that's gonna happen, but Dignan, I await way if they lose the election and they can. It through. It might be a good its second second thoughts
because if you ve lost already and- and you can't get any of you can't get over fifty with a conservative, do you go to a and again darlin was not a Ginsberg. Get Garland was a little more of a case. Right. Little left leaner certainly would be against us on most things, but not nearly as bad as Ginsburg is right. Do you go and so by the way, not young so. Would you go with me, which is beginning to find a moderate nominee? That's like eighty, nine and and his nominate the butter you had the that- could be that's if they were to lose the election. Yea docks action on our action, but you, you already Collins and Rakowski. They both said no one principle, no one they will for any one. Now that would that change of you didn't if you said Barrack Garland, maybe it would Romney it's gotta, be super squishy on this now people like there's also people like Lindsey Gram in South Carolina who has said he would
Four, do this hold my words against me? I will never about him. He's come out. He folds like a cheap, so he will say anything to any audience at any time for any advantage. Any order that Lindsey, Graham new areas in that happened, twenty thousand times he'll do whatever he thinks is best for in that way and is only where he might even led the jar. Yes, he might be yes in the most passionate defender, so I dont think you'll lose him. Grasslands another one. Who said he wouldn't do it. I feel, like you, probably won't lose him either. I think will probably come around it got it so you ve already lost. Choose you down to fifty one. You can lose. One more I mean robberies, a really good name. You you'd be surprised to see Romney come out on the right side of this. One I have to say on this point I would be surprised, but maybe surprise us Are you gonna find you know, there's also people like Corey gardener who, in the middle of a race where they're losing in Colorado a blue state? At this point? there's a lot of the senators who were in that sort of situation that if they come out and back an unfair,
popular Domini in this moment that might their reelection chances if I'm Corey gardener, who gonna say to myself: how am I gonna get birth control band first of all, because they still have done that and we were told he was going to do when you buy me he's gonna, say himself. I have a legacy here. If I actually, about conservative values? This is a huge moment. You haven't Ruth Bayer against very those liberal justice. Perhaps we ve ever seen in the history of the United States, and you have a chance to replace with an actual conservative or even a moderate, will massive improvement over this court right now. You have to do it so Does he do it sweet? Does do it does derived from the ominous yeah one hundred percent chance. Donald Trump will nominate someone the The thing is in their worried about some vetting issue, specific name but can't Amy going?
There are four examples are just starting out. The name is already as it is already been, that it rang out some of the yes pick gap which might lead guarantee raw meat, Isabel Form, all guarantee of guarantee. Aren t. Let me take this to mean Maser yeah, some innate done you couldn't you could not many Jesus or Margaret Sanger, and they will make both of them in the republic. The Democrats they will make both of they would argue either of those because, Donald Trump selection hit me saying your hundred zanger she's dead. You know why are you always set ere it? I tell you that peccary only, I think you are a real estate agents. Were these Eggs are affecting me today. Sorry, I'm on muscle, relaxes today, because I that in the middle of a couple of syllables I've, never Moscow arises
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you're laughing Tent Glenn back Welcome to the Glen by programme so Cisco overseas. You think we're screwed up less risk overseas, Boris Johnson sister rate Johnson was on the BBC or something over the weekend on the Sunday shows the chat chose, and she said I believe. I'm gonna say this on national Radio be so unpopular. What she was what she said about to talk about is they're, closing all the bars and restaurants in London and in England, like we have here and they are not opening a mob, and some people are starting to open them up with more than fifty people and their You know getting fines in everything else and she's head. What, if the gun to ban the sale of alcohol, completely until we had a vaccine.
At least in America. I think there's probably fifty percent of the nation saying how calls the only thing get me through this definitely benefactor doubt I don't think she would be at our borders. Thanks. Does me a sir looks like he's drunk almaden hate us as yet as with every new shocking about with, of course, like you know that this is what they do right ever it has to have their centralized government zones should every prob ly Winston Churchill would not go for that using he was a huge drinker when he would come to the United States, Wearin prohibition he would come to the United States and he actually had a doctor right description that he kept in his wallet and said this is Winston Churchill, member of parliament, I e I'm doctor so, and so he must have at least this much for lunch. This much for breakfast damage for dinner. Respect for this. He drank
all the time. Oh yeah, all the time. Oh yeah, and I add that that I don't know That's an actual doktor. He got it. Doesn't adjutant doctors, note prohibition, I gotta, have it doctor pepper me? I don't think that's a doctor in only one. I am uneasy, doktor more on the death of, Justice, Ginsburg Boom, he truly do more as a person. She was a great person, a great friend, Scully YAP and a great example of a human being I can just then
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you can get ten dollars off of use the promo code Beck you just go to built far dot com, that's built bar dot com. Do it now built bar dot com, promo code back What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. They claim that programme how America Justice Ginsburg passed on this weekend
had to be high up in the mountains, trapped by a fire. If you hadn't heard that, but she has passed on, we of course, in our condolences to her family and our prayers for their pain we also are moving on forward this election, I have a feeling may be decided by the Supreme Court That's why this the left is fighting this so much. They want this nominee or they want a tide. Court costs is not a fight. Three court, John Roberts, is on the side of the liberals. We ve seen at every single time. He is a liberal judge, he's not a conservative judge, for for he would be tied in the Supreme Court. That would mean it would go back to a lower court like Lower court may be in Pennsylvania,
We have somebody who, just one in Pennsylvania, the attorney for the Pennsylvania counties that were fighting the covert nineteen lockdown I'd like to hear how close that was, we of this happening now around the country where these locked down are being deemed unconstitutional and what it means for the state and the lower courts in Pennsylvania might mean for four Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. All that begins in sixty seconds a gleam, programmes do not you're a darn word that made sense I am sorry through my back out over the weekend and are more and more foolish to do through I feel a little less. So please excuse the sheriff its little blurry today. But still is here to make sure that make it worse.
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it's really hot out there? Nobody can prevent all cybercrime of Norton. Three sixty is a powerful ally for your cyber safety. Get up to fifty percent off your first year with the annual subscription at Norton Dotcom, slash back, that's Norton, Dotcom, slash back for fifty percent off Thomas King is the attorney in Pennsylvania that went into court fighting the cove id nineteen locked down. We welcome the programme. Now. How are you, sir, on this, Thank you glad I am to be here. Thank you. Congratulations on the win. Tell me about but tell me what you are fighting and how it went, We were fighting the governor of Pennsylvania and Secretary of help like a lot of places across the country, decided It would be a great idea, a locked down. Thirteen million pennsylvanians in their arms and
down half of our businesses. People out of work in order to underline the guys that they were going to protect public health They also prohibited people from tending rallies for two hundred and fifty people are more more sort of advance, although governor, marched in protest at hundreds of people and our health secretary did a sacred. Yielded came out in our case that allowed twenty thousand people a day to go to car showing Carlisle and they told president trompe couldn't come. Gettysburg and accepted public a nomination if he had more than two hundred and fifty people, while so what happened in the court case. We were in front of a judge, William statement in a federal court and the United States District Court for the western District of Pennsylvania,
and judge stigma last week issue the wonderful opinion, an order on upholding the constitutional right it's Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania's stew, I came down their arms stay at home orders through their business closure orders and congregate. Number orders allowing people to have to go watch. Your kids play high school football. Wearing have political events and so pencil. The yoke of love the yoke of the of the governor and secretary of were lifted by a federal court from our backs in short, who's in Pennsylvania last week. Are they going argue and taken up to a higher court. Well, they are they. They ve already said that they intend to appeal. Actually we have until noon today to tell judge, stick man. Why He should not stay the order, and so were up after I get up. This interview. I we're going to be filing with the Judge Dyckman telling him to stick to its guns.
To end, but do not the issue a stay, so we hope that were successful in pencil as a breathing out some some breadth of freedom here today glance. Theirs! sums are frightening. Things happening in Pennsylvania now, with the with the vote, is coming up you're looking now it's going through your highest court there trying to get This cleared through the court to be able to say you don't need postmark for your mail in ballot, EL, the Friday after the election, theirs there's no way people. Will you tat they were all against it. They already have. Then, it's worse than that day Ok, the pudding in these collection bins but much of which is being funded by Mark Zuckerberg, two hundred fifty million dollars was put into a very
Mall charity that he's now using to try to find the blue city and counties to put in boxes, since I'm really to obviate the what it would have been years and years of election Long Pennsylvania, our Supreme Court's already ruled that recently this past week, if they ruled that there they're gonna, be able to count ballots three days after the presidential election in they're going to collect these and been said, there's not going to be any postmarks on, on most of these are balanced, so it Sir the abominable. I look for almost instantaneous challenges. I suspected TAT the House Brazil. Others will follow challenge here, that then that will be in federal court, not in those states Supreme Court, where the Democrats or to find it a majority in our States Supreme Court, cause this won't this home Americans want, except things like that. I mean
the rest of the country where the lions might, but the rest, the country won't. If you'd, if you didn't play by the rules- and you can just throw things in with even without a postmark Edith up to three days after the election, the who's gonna who's gonna? believe that's real one, I dont, believe it's real and I don't think I don't think most. That's a danish thickets real, but it it certainly where we are today arm and is this so new normal. You know one giant pigment said there is no new normal. Under the pencil under the United States Constitution, there no new normal. We have a constitution and that so we have to abide by its bad news, glad really bad are good. I don't, I think, I'll make people you understand for our good but a good. Attorneys who are on the right. Are they volunteering their time too, to fight and to monitor and to be there to be able to file the outside? Because we need
the left has a turn. He's already assigned all over the country. Yeah we have lots of. We have lots of legal power. We are just for case we breathe. Heaved, literally dozens and dozens of authors and calls man. So while we also know that in Pennsylvania, we're terrific Laurie representing the Republican Party and the men. Then the people, in this particular fight. So I look forward to but real battle here over these recent pronouncements from the Supreme Court. Let me just boot, take you back one last question on on Pennsylvania: the ruling that happened last week with you, where you got a judge to say these things are are unconstitutional. You can't lock the people up like this for cove it. If the judge grants the stay there, that means it goes to
the higher court right now, whether it grants whether it grants to stay or not It's gonna go to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals which covers pencil any New Jersey, Delaware and the Virgin Islands, and so it that court, which is the core right below the? U S Supreme Court but you will how what does he have to rule so you can start to open things up. He just ass, to deny their they stay out tonight to stay yeah that's that's today now they can also fall again for a stay in the Third Circuit Court of appeals. So but what happens there as well? Ok, thank you very much, Thomas appreciated Thomas King attorney for the Pennsylvania counties that were fighting Ovid. Nineteen, reason why we need to have doubts, to nominate somebody really strong and they Republicans to actually do their job. Why you would vote for a Republican if they can't
This done, I mean, let's go over there, you don't let me take a quick brow and I went over the stats historically, what the Democrats, lead in twenty? Sixteen, where you have to do. It was wrong and hear me, out where they're saying you know, this is historic precedent, and yet do it. They're wrong. They were wrong both times how that be who have you no history, yellow Her stand. How that can be, and will go over, that in sixty seconds and don't generally enjoy in a jam in a pair of bowling balls in my ears and then rolling over. Oh I'm trying to sleep on them, but that's what it feels like every time it put wireless ear buds in especially apple your buds. They are. I think are the most uncomfortable earphones. I think they are also. They fall out of your ear ear, all
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Duration, all my concentration, I can muster up, and this is the result and we ve whom we ve heard so far. The results of that gets me as a guy. I want to make sure you were saying you're starting to get out now. I know this is as good as its gonna get today happens ghanaian interest. I threw my back out on Saturday. It's! The thoracic My back, so it's the middle of my back, which I've never thrown out before I ve ever done that now that's never happened to me before. Oh my gosh, I mean I leave mobile with this part it feels like. You have broken ribs. It feels like you know when you were a kid mute, always you'd get their breath knocked out of here. Then you'd be like that. So it feels and that's not, something I missed from childhood
no. No, no, I mean that didn't used to happen a lot to you as a kid you get the breath knocked out, you'd fall or so maybe like right, you're, constantly death divine, and it doesn't happen as an adult. Now add but I'm wondering why well, we all designer lives to be pampered to a level that it does not occur. Rightly when you're young you're taking risks you running around your exercising now we put ourselves in our little are little automobiles. We drive around that's how we move we come home, we get insides air conditioned. Yet we were Up with a nice little life here, yeah most of its designed to not give you the pre kind of failed, Zack yeah, because that is exertion of some sort origin for me, didn't vermin, neither does it you're like chasing elastic Clare, and now I didn't even fall over. I just where I reached for paintbrush, and that was it I was it. You thought I was the last time I really put my back out bad I reach, for
insular, remember, adieu, vans and yet the pencil incident the great pencil incident of one two thousand eleven happen. Earlier. Iraq is basically what you're saying yes by Amsterdam. We may need to appoint a new law. The am I but we're like Ginsburg S, shape tacitly at this point. Well, thank you for that no Ginsburg passed away. My favorite response. I gotta play this again. My favour response had come on Friday, as a woman, obviously on the EAST Coast was DR, are the West Coast was driving home still sunlight and she she said I just I just heard that Burke died. Listen to this!
here, give me yours. Answer to that is yes it? Yes, it really candidates answered every day right. Yes, the answers. Always? Yes, ok! So let's go through history a bit on why this That was why the rude Democrats were wrong in twenty sixteen when they said you have to nominate and let us system work. They were wrong now when they say you'd can't let the system work they're wrong again this is not the partisan politics per se. This is not should say this: isn't history breaking partisan politics and me, if I'm wrong on any these numbers has probably will be- in the history of Amerika
teacher to explain this you can explain numbers on good day on a shroud. You may constitute a sound that is, there were nine there were. There were ninety little else. There were more birds of the justices so that they were in the night in times. This has happened in the nineteen times that this has happened in the past where it has been a administration and a Senate, and they were when they were both by the same parties. Dear me so far, both parties, the same party, had the of the sad and Raymond Cynthia and they were on their way out at night, In times that has happened out of those nineteen times, sixteen of those times, counselor withstand sixteen of the night to get the right? we're in a check your work here in zigzag. Sick
theme of you, who I am I doing this with its rob. Sixteen out of the nineteen times it went through and they they gotta nominee right. So when the parties were aligned, party presidency and Senate were aligned in an action year. They all they made the nomination by the way. Every time right, I'm happy what the circumstance was, but the sixteen of the nineteen through when it was the same party. Ok, ok! Now, when we party had the White House and the other party had the Senate. There ten times that that has happened. Ten and only two of the more successful two of em successful. Let's check your with TED crews must listen. If you look at history, if you actually look at what the precedent is, this is it
and twenty nine times towing. Eighty nine behind you re or has been a vacancy in a presidential election year now President's have made nominations all twenty nine times. That's what president's do if there's a vacancy, they make an emanation. What is the Senate done and there's a? difference in the Senate whether the Senate is of the same party of the president or a different path the president When the Senate has been of the same party of the President, the vacancy occurs in an election year the twenty nine times. Those are nineteen of them of those nineteen. A Senate has confirm those nominees seventeen times so that all parties are the same. The Senate confirms the nominee. The parties are different. That's happened. Ten times merit. Garland was one of them ten, the Senate has confirmed the nominees only twice. Why there's a reason for that? It has not just simply your party, my party The reason is, it's a question of checks and balances in order for a Supreme Court nomination to go forward. You have to the president,
the Senate. In this instance, the american people voted, they elected Donald Trump, a big part of the reason they elected Donald Trump because of the Scully a vacancy and they wanted principle constitutional list on the cork. And part of the reason why we have a republican majority elected and twenty fourteen re elected twenty sixteen grown. Even larger in twenty eighteen, a major issue in each of those elections as the american people voted and said, we will Constitutional judges- and so the president was elected to do this in the Senate, was elected to confirm this nomination gets here. The case and by the way you it's, the only difference you had was. It was sixteen of the nineteen. You said it was seventeen of the nineteen. According to cruise, pretty good, though by you, I have a try that maybe the drugs are improving. You now so so so they were wrong on both both times the wrong time saying that he can't do it that sets a horrible president's. Now have indulged happens all the time
And anybody who says you know but down trump shouldn't or could get, somebody threw seventeen out of the nineteen times where they ve had the Senate and the Senate and the presidency, it is worked. I don't. I team seventeen times pretty convincing case that there's a difference here. However, I mean that that's not necessarily the way they always argued orgasm. Sixteen twenty of clips that would show them is being allowed its letter. Let's lets us to do this, as I think the most important thing is TED crews, mightily you gotta put on a skirt, start wearing a skirt today, because you needed, you need to say that your transitioning to be a woman cause. That's what's coming glanced back programme, can financing Annabel ass one eight do through three four W W W that animal S, consumer access dot org have friends? Do you want to save hundreds of dollars a month, but I can help you do there right now but a thousand dollars a month. It be great when it
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I gotta plays tv dot, com, slash glad he's a protocol Glenn get access to the show, an suitors America back with new episode. Tonight we we have one of the most unpredictable gas, which is why I find him fascinating. John Ziegler. On with us, I read an article from him last week about the conservative argument against mask. Mandates is stronger than the media pretends and had read it. Any hit is its the best thought out sir on. Why we're all saying, why is it Republicans or not wearing it and Democrats are, and we even this we are divided. Welcome to the programme. John Glenn- always good God, To talk to you any first many thoughts on the passing of better Ginsburg in what should happen sure,
as you know, I am being unpredictable him than in the never trump category for a very long time, but I have to say I'm I'm rather appalled by people like the Lincoln Project, who claim to be conservatives who left be clear. Now, in the last few months we learned there in favour of mass mandates. Endless government lockdown be Elam Riots, big tens, a big tech censorship, two percent democratic control of everything, Kemal AIR as being a future president, but there are now against service being making to the Supreme Court were living in bizarre world time. We really are
and so I owe emotionally as a libertarian conservative. I would love to see the Ginsburg see somehow go to a non lunatic and drew a conservative. I have to say the Glen if, if Mitch, Ricardo and Donald Trump River pull this off, I will be exceedingly impressed. I I think that there is going to be a very uphill battle, because politically What's is interesting, is doing time to do this before the election and an after election. Obviously Trump loses all of the dynamics, change and I don't know that they'll be able to to make it happen. However, having lost Jasper those in real life to Mitch Mcconnell. During my days in Louisville Kentucky, I would ever wanna play chess against metric I'll ever again, there's somebody that can do this, it's him, but this will really test
all of his faculties to be able to pull this off the so philosophically I would love to see it just as you know, I'm a pessimist by nature and I think you'll be very difficult to do. I mean, with an exception of Romney, we ve already law two, but we knew those two were Rep, blackens we're gonna hold? I think Romney's fold, so they can afford to lose one more and then they said they would have fifty votes, but- They hold that together can candy all that, together for a good conservative judge all, but also well there's a time factor and that's why I find it fashion and for the election out either. You, you think, there's enough time before the election observers to others, sure, they're, really just let me he already has the already has the list of people he shouldn't, said today or tomorrow, and let's get going. And why me? What are you? What do you need when you need? Well, I think that
I think the problem areas and you know the Senate being Business Club. Basically, there's gonna be, do you might lose a couple of people under the were rushing this through right before an election as the duration republics at stake bright? Exactly I'm, I'm glad I'm with you on this one I, but I am just I'm looking at this basically what a month your whims republicans pretend to be especially wireless close to an election. I will I'll be impressed, develop them. Look at it. That way. I will go through your argument on why the conservative argument against mass mandates is stronger than the media pretends. Will said from the beginning of this whole saga, this
crisis, this fiasco, whatever limit and all may I thank all those words are accurate described this that I wrote very early on that the media was only gonna, tell one side of the story because as unique aspects to this story that facilitate only one side being told, if no other reason than the fact that, if you're on the other side, you your proceeded pro death right in what he wants to be perceived as broad death and that the agenda and the media on this case- and this situation is obvious. Its extraordinary trump plays a big role in that and I think that mass mandates are a perfect example of where only one side of the story is being told libertarian by nature. I find it important that the government, with a view tell me with penalties attached to it, Did I adore a mask, even in situations where I'm not even endangering any body, and that there is no end, there's no end date to this. Once you start doing this? When do you possibly ever end it? I don't think so.
European and data in my gosh with we're doing this now. Why wouldn't we do this during every flew season if it works, but to me the biggest, you glad, is the burden of proof here. For four, whether or not this is justified, oughta be very high and it is now been reached at all. I look every single day at the stats, like a lot of people do, and I can't find any real world evidence that these mass mandate actually work in the autumn theories or a study that indicate that they do are totally the radical based upon the projections, the people who were making them, which are which is absurd, if like, if you're going Annabel Football team and use
You know what we were terrible, we're Owen sixteen this year and then your do through the season. You're no end up going, eight May, which is mediocre, and you claim well, I saved as a loss as this year at that's, not the way it works in the real world. When you look at the actual stats, there's no place that I can find in America or even around the world, where you good boy do and say well, we put, mass mandate, all of a sudden cases, obligations and death. Gradually went down and stay down in fact, has very much been. The opposite is almost like. If we invent birth control, and in eleven months we had a massive inverse. I mean that that basically, what's happened all over the world and yet no one and to accept it and and ears. We are glad that the part that no one's getting- and this is the really dangerous part for America, because what I believe the mask has become is effective.
A cover up for how the experts screwed this whole thing up from the beginning They were almost entirely wrong and they're gonna use masks to effectively cover that up and there going to proclaim that it's the mask. That is the only thing that is holding us together. Why we haven't completely burn down why their projections were wrong when in fact one the viruses it merely as bad as were told to immunity or as drunk called it mentality bar easy urgently attained. Then they told us which is true of the parent turns out to be true, will be the most catastrophic most impact or the scientific mistake in the modern era which they will not be able to admit to so. Instead, it will be claimed that masks are the reason, This is the Bible theory of up now Federal Mass mandate. Would you gonna called all towards other problems? If he in fact does this, which I think he would, if elected and and
and what we're gonna end up having here is what a game of pretend we're: gonna be per tonne. I'm being that the virus is at a very low level and fading away because of masked when in reality it because it was never as bad as expected and because we have developed at least some semblance. Heard immunity? And this is why to me. The mass situation is so incredibly dangerous. Future of America, because if we accept that Glenn stick a fork in us they can do anything they want to us. So tell me what you, because I know you went down here. I think it was your city council and you are quite vocal about the massive mandate. Are you talking about? I dig everyday people around the world. I think saw what allows greater, but you are you, you know you were your animated and you made your case and Why are these people doing this then? Do they do they Are they just ignorant, but they have another plan? What why is this happening? What will
planet. You know I'm not a doctor, but I could teach a Phd course in media narratives ride and and and this is a classic situation. So how did this happen? this happened, I think, is, as is a very good questioned understanding the whole thing a one of my great missed, where the great mysteries about this is. Why is The mask Nazis are not three areas at doktor vouchers and the CDC and the surgeon general who all at the beginning of this downplayed mass We don't need the where I'm back when it in March and April, and when we really did they work my gosh. Now we really did made them. I mean thousands of thousands of people spoke in New York. The area died. I say. I again mass or so of active because about you and others were were against them. They were against them, because the science never this indicated that they were needed, that they are effective, that this was
a situation that was going to actually do any good. What changed? What change were? Two things Americans got incredibly fearful and like children, afraid of a monster under their bed. They needed a security blanket, they knew the illusion of control, and so it made them feel good, and when you combine that with the fact that the mass became a virtue signal of people's opposition, the Trump let's be cleared up what happened on the left. The mass became a virtue signal of opposition to Trump, and you combine that with the fear factor with something happened, that no one ever expected that freedom, loving country like Amerika, would have a massive majority of people in favour of being to wear masks. No one thought that was possible, but once it becomes Probably popular and expert, like dogs,
grouchy and others as no choice but to go along because if they dont go along, they lose their fan base, which is very important, doktor vouchers and they lose their their status as the expert. So they switch their position a hundred needed Greece would somehow they don't get any blow back for having been wrong at the beginning, and I was the sorts of my my outrage at our arc. Our county supervisor because are healthier. Who had been wrong. Morgenthau Chee has been from the beginning of all. This was actually against mass mandated jellies. Bottleneck suddenly switched undecidedly were most important thing in the world three months into this. Why? Because it was lyrically. Now the popular thing to do, and that's why not valid in our pretending, pretending as if you into this
We become a religion, it's really a religious situation where you must pay homage to the virus. At every moment. By allowing the government the force should wear a bath for which there is no hard evidence is actually effective and in an in reality, what you're doing is your creating a cover story for how the experts blew it in the biggest most catastrophic way, possibly imaginable. I'm so fascinated by the process. Here, that's that's been used because, as you point out that the standard for a mandate should be incredibly high right scientifically, and what it seems to be is that if there is any hope or any sign of any benefit whatsoever. Them put in a new mandate- and I would add ons that that it's not Just a mandate itself their passing laws here, There's no laws being passed. It just governors and officials mandating kind of out of thin air that you have to do these things so we're getting all of these new standards put on it? I hate the government Mandy part of this.
Doing this without any process. No legislative process is occurring in autumn. Any of these areas is a really dangerous precedent. Thank you, pointing out the August we completely abandoned our entire process of governance were now living essential in a monarchy, especially here in California. We are absolutely living in a monarchy again. Gavin Newsome is our monarch here and and there's no process. But let's take us a step further to the to the Biden, federal
mandate idea, which unfortunately I am. I am very five guys. I found myself in the bizarre situation of actually rooting for trumpet times in the last few months we have been. I know where very strange. I know because I, but I care more about my country than I do about you know being perceived as anti tromp. I would throw that away at a minute to save my country and and- and so I am very concerned about this Biden thing- I don't think the Trump campaign is attacking the bite and MASH Mandy properly there claiming either to attacking this is he's flip flopping on this? That's not the way to go after this. The way to go out. This is far too late and have the authority. Second of all, it does is not needed. Thought of all think about the massive confusion. Chaos individually will so give if especially the viruses as under control, as I believe it will be by late January of of twenty one, twenty twenty one having nothing to do with masks that he then declares that fact
early Saturday we are all mandated. You know we can't afford that. We met that we're fall federally mandated to wear a mask if you're in a state like a red states that doesn't have a mask mandate, large, what's the off What do you mean? There's gonna be much confusion in schools at sporting events in restaurants, businesses that Europe, it's gonna, be a civil war he's going to for no end to no actual effect of end, so that he can virtue signal to base their ease mad ass soon ass. You would have this. That's the only reason why we ask that question because we knew. Finally, we could get John to start just going off now. His blood is pumping and he'll be up all day, even though we got up early forests in LOS Angeles thanks so much John Ziegler, you can find him at free speech. Is it free speech with a broadcasting dot com, free speech, broadcasting dot com
Our response to this half hour is rough greens, Fiona Dog and you ve had led the joy of rough greens hit your dog the best in it, dogs, The taste the dog I mean it's who know almost jumps up at me and each day not a jumping dog. He all those jumps up like I gotta have thy eyes he loves his food. Now this is not food. This is something you put on to the food and, as probiotics Annie accidents, vitamins, minerals and mega oils. Just things. Your dog needs to live a healthy, healthier lifestyle and they love to eat, it. I was afraid because he loves to eat so much that he would start gaining wait too much weight. He hasn't he's in shape. It's rough greens. Rough greens, dot com, call, eight hundred and thirty, three Glen, thirty, three thousand eight hundred and thirty, three Glen thirty three or
the greens, dot com. Slash back is that labelling programme welcome to the Glen Back Programme were glad you here Joe Biden, supporting a nominee in an election year for the Supreme Court. I may absolutely clear that I would go or the confirmation progress processes chairman, even a few months before presidential election. If nominee were chosen with the advice ice and not merely the consent of the Senate. Ok, so yet this is the constitution require. Ah, yes, it does, it does require that now here's how they are responding to this year's Nancy policy. On ABC News, some information, possibility if they try to push through a nominee in a lame duck session that the Jew in this how can move to impeach President
President Tramper attorney General Barr as a way of stalling and preventing descended from acting nomination. Well, we our options? We have arrows and clever that about to discuss right now. Those those arrows include packing the court. That if Joe Biden would win, they would pack the court Larry admitting there there's they're calling for their saying they're gonna. Do it in Raymond, calling it packing the Korea to arena derisive term fright something that that, after had to run from after he tried to pack the court, the the mask is fully off, they are just not going to take no for an answer. Your going to take them ruling over you, whether you like it or not, hopefully, election says differently, everybody knows pay pal but Did you know that they were teaming up with honey? To save you money, Honey
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When England how you would take em I'll call you back first, I'm collar. I just wanted to look at some more conservative talking points. My question is, as an african American, a veteran entrepreneur is when we look at it was being discussed in my circles, is, how is not fear is the hypocrisy for social justice. What I mean by that illegal sanctuary city policy, break the law there released blacks incarcerated. We have to stay ahead. We don't have funding for attorneys things of that nature. My circles are very upset about that
because we're not hearing the attention of the conservative or libertarian libertarian talking point imbue points we hear about the lowest unemployment rate care. I got it. Something that matters more, that we can see and put our hands on a tangible way, how it's not fear but deter and say that they were all for social justice. We're looking out for your say black, like by when all eyes about it. If not readily, setting in its policy- and I dont know why that's happening so tell me what you want to hear again from
applicants what I'd like to hear from Republicans and why not go everyday Democrats and call him out on it. This is where my family, how can decide not after we finish arches how come Republican, don't come out and say hey you voted for democratic and democratically leaden illegals who broke the law and then by entering the country, one to the breaking another law and disinterested EU policies are lying in the gallery. The same jurisdictions are supporting or working with, federal municipalities are what not, but we gotta do you. I would ever that it may be wished ducking jail. We don't have any body to call to get funding, so we will not be here republic to say why voting for you both for us to change the law and that have been if it you just the thing in a level playing field, they don't say a UK, so I I think that you're gonna see more of us that they're, not
they're, not ones to generally in neither am I to generally bring Reese into things, but I think that You know that just the lack of the lack of action and voice from the Republican Party, it real voice against. What's her Putting in our country and the bird down of the city's? These are these parts of these cities that are being burnt are black owned, it's gonna, take them at least a decade to be able to rebuilding the insurance rates, to go back down and be able to be a real, successful entrepreneur there. And it's done by a bunch of white people, they leave. The Democrats are supporting this. The Democrats did you Nancy Pelosi came out this weekend and finally said you know where the these rights have gotta, stop women and either there were peaceful protestors and
that we should do something to punish these people, that are doing this really, why that, because the poles have changed. I mean I don't know how this isn't causing more problems with race and race relations, because every time I look at these riots, it's a majority of white people, burning down black people's homes and businesses. My anywhere do we lose em. We must have lost him she was soon to one point: eight, let me go to Rick in Texas, Alaric, hello, let everybody know. There's a public vote going on. You can vote only nationwide, it's gonna, be it's gonna, be term whether the Alamo Cenotaph WAR, monument stays only on those grounds. Orange permanently removed, anybody. Emanation can only us really simple. The deadline is eight o clock tonight. Central pan, so
got all day today. Ok, so what is it what's the web address on this? I just about this over the weekend. Yesterday. The Alamo Doc, you asked not dot com, say the outcome of that you. If you read the article there you go down and give your legally shoot. You scream over the way you can't three Rick get near them. Correct me. If I'm wrong the I just about this, and I didn't realize the deadline was today, but the the movement is to take the the Alamo WAR story out of the story of the Alamo and too, imagine the Alamo space over a ten thousand year period ends It's a space that will tell the whole story of what space was like over the last ten thousand years, so there de emphasising what the Alamo actually means is is this, the same thing you're Talkin about yes, your exactly correct,
Cried the man there that but just two weeks ago that one of their main planters came out publicly on the radio and said that the Alamo story of the fight for freedom is called a mythology. It's wrong its bulk. We don't want that because it perpetuates a lie. So that's the Aegean motivation behind. Ok, thank you. I didn't knows happening to night. Thank you. Thank you. Save the Alamo dot. U S thing for calling in you have till eight p m tonight. It tell every one, you know tell everyone you know to go there, read it and you agree with it make sure you vote to keep the Alamo. This is This is yet another attempt. This is the sixteen nineteen project, but it's in Texas, and one of the reasons I moved to Texas was because I heard that they were starting to not teach the truth about the Alamo. The Alamo is very well documented. We now exactly what happened, and here
A group of Americans that were fighting for the Freedom of Mexico. They were fine, they weren't fighting for taxes. They were fighting for the freedom of the Mexicans. They were heroes. And the reason why we got into a fight with the Mexicans afterwards is because they killed these guys, the the mexican pressure at the time. Was a really bad guy and we heard their plight the several Americans, the lad. A few that were remaining these guys were there and they knew they were facing certain death. You can't each this anymore. Now it's now it's a symbol of oppression. In lotta places. It least means it, including Texas, but now,
they ve decided they're gonna go the last step and that is take out all of the animal war story and make it. That sacred land that been sacred for ten thousand years long before America, an obese it'll be safe and Anna Sanctuary long after America,. And believe me if they could remove the chapel on it. They would this. Is american history. This is like saying here Dependence Hall, but we're going to talk about the declaration of independence, we're not gonna talk about what happened. There. That's insanity, please go to save the Alamo dot org address. Dont, be: U S, save the Alamo dot? U S and v. To save the Alamo. You have till it. Clock tonight, courting at least according to the scholar but I did hear it I did
about it this weekend. Somebody so glad you gonna talk about this. I didn't realize it was today. I heard it from our cue Annan, oh dear they just having Hyperheretus was not a conspiracy theory. This is where this is it. You never know I mean you ever know now. Let me go to ban in Missouri, hello, Ben. Hello, tie you I'm in Michigan, Missouri oils. Are there no worries? my question to you guys and to the talk before these mass mandate, I rang variety with mass mandates. I feel like but he's a puppet. It's not a good being an island in Michigan Birds, pretty thing mandatory here, if we have justice Ruth Bade, her Ginsburg nominee not happen and everything else. I am worried lake.
We're talking about that. These mass mandates are gonna be forever, and then I just consulate have to have the things I eighty for the rest of my life, so it's all here. Here's the thing! First, while Ben, don't my mother used to say, don't borrow trouble dull barrel trouble from the future. So just worry about the things that you can worry that you need that you need to worry about today, so no get anxiety I am mandate, that's gonna happen. Let's see what let's see what happens, and I will tell you that right now, the the ass mandate and all these mandates. They all fell by the wayside in Pennsylvania. We're gonna see some more action on that today, but I don't know I believe that these things are going to stand and, honestly, if You start getting mass mandates and being locked down. You know until twenty twenty two is what there actually saying now, if that happens, You can have anxiety over something else it why a mobile the mask will be the least of your worries of other things. My businesses
the are destroyed in everyday out riding, but I live in Michigan. What's happening, got them? What do you think a far if from does nominee. Somebody in these, the Pennsylvania stuff goes to the Supreme Court. You know, is a supreme Court gonna hold up There, really- I don't know, I mean That'S- why it's important for Donald Trump to be bull, to get the right person in, and this is probably the most important selection cause. We cannot have another justice Roberts, you count on Roberts Roberts is not a conservative every time he could vote on the things that really matter every time he could vote. The constitution. He fails in that he is
I think he is worried about legacy. I dont know I dont know what he's gotten to him, but something ought to him and he has. He has become very, very undependable and in fact I think as you know, on the other side, if you will allow these very dependable, which is not on our beyond entrepreneurial, first conservative, so this one has to be a dependable, conservative, our thanks for your call more calls in just a second eight. Eight. Seventy seven be easy. K is our phone number. I've talked about simply say for a long time with home securities when it when it comes to police response a lot of times when the police, get alerted it's a false alarm. You know, maybe the cat trip did or because cats are evil there with you know what it might actually be a cat burglar. It might add maybe
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go to simply safe back dotcom, simply safe back dotcom get free, hd security for hd security camera? If you order yours today, it simply safe back dot com. Second station, I d, Let me also patent heads of hello, Pat, how you doing you very much for taking my. I really enjoy your showed. Thank you. I e comment that question. Yes, the communism the washing county about twelve miles south of Pittsburgh, and I am furious with the Us Republicans here in the state doing nothing. I want to say that a turning you
everyone. Yeah. Can you pick up your phone if hurons bigger VON? Can you pick it up? I ll just ok go ahead. I just want to thank you for having the attorney military forbid on your show for for someone to fight back against Governor Wolf, because the public is here, doing nothing. So I just want to thank you for that. This is crazy. I don't know what's wrong with Republicans. This is they're afraid of their own shadow. You really have the constitution on their side and a group of people so willing to stand up for them. I'd they'd, they're just lost their just lost going. They have the facts in history behind them. Yes, I can support and they never use it. Then it drives. We absolutely not. So it really shame and- and thank God for present trunk ass, he did, he does push back and fight back that's where we level every day that goes by, I think: how how wrong I was about the things that I thought were his biggest.
Flaws. I think he's the only one that actually has gotten in office and really has just ploughed right through him. And it's because of the way he behaves he's he's out of the system, literally just completely foreign to the system, and System doesn't know how to fight it. It's important right now also he's a bit of many solve problems. Politicians park, he falls problems. I think that gets Miss tune It is a very important point. Yeah thanks for your phone call, you know one of the things that down from said, I think a week ago was its more for a more important to me to be a problem solver than the President and that's when they were saying this isn't very presidential- is like I'm just trying to solve the problem MIKE Minnesota you're on while this is such an honour to speak with. You got me while the speaker,
I just wanted to talk you don't I. Up and permit even a thought at anybody ever heard of that. Nobody probably had Donald Trump fluid here on Friday, and it was so excited hiding in that Little Palmer town of eleven thousand people up here and I'm not seeing a great big plain now I didn't physically get to go. They said it there, Fifteen thousand people at the rally I have three of my kids were there. I have ten children and three of my children were there, so I got really good data from them up. How was it they sat there for six, hours waiting to hear him and he spoke for. I think it was pretty nearly two hours and everybody it was there was just so kind, and so it was just a wonderful experience. I went to a Bush rally years ago and I kind of relate to it, but it was so fine have
come here and the whole town a little thinking on up a northern. That's all that's that's, I think, chanced to be I'll bet on the liberal, finally ecology and stop when the Trump signed their everywhere and just last week, and they knew that arm. Tromp was coming a few Biden. I am one of those that have around town and there was a couple, a little genie protests. Far far away from the rally, but am I what are you really? What do you think MIKE is gonna happen with Minnesota? I mean you guys are at ground zero and I Minnesota is really in play for Donald Trump. Because I can, I can only speak for my own. I really did not want to vote. One last time I was a child clues die, but I did but out I like, I said I had ten children. He got one oh and out of my family, this time, everybody on board with strong. So I can only speak from the people that I know, but he is. I just have never seen this kind of excitement about somebody before
he actually came through in ways. I would never imagined tat, would make thanks thanks so much, then thanks for standing I think that's the one thing I keep coming back to is the enthusiasm for Joe Biden, it's just not there. I mean job I'm lucky that the pandemic is happening because crowds for Joe Biden would speak volumes at an other time you know when, when you have Donald Trump, even Barack Obama didn't do this Barack Obama went out, had huge crowds and the first time the second time they had Put him into small. You know venues because he was not drawing the big crowds, because people did feel the voters didn't feel that he was actually still one of them where this time, Donald Trump, the voters. Are feeling, I think, even more
that he is one of them and we people should notice what a difficult thing this is. That Trump is trying to do was re elected in this environment. I mean this is this environment is impossible? Is grown in a lab as the perfect way for Joe Biden to achieve whatever his highest levels of votes I may leaky. This is exactly what he needed was to be able to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible, and, as you point take down one of that? One trumps big strong suits but really is its. It he's able to keep trump out. You know he has not had missus. Recent worries had these sorts of cross would even these are smaller than the once he was last. Had last time, because of obvious covered restrictions. Some minutes The big it's a big difference in its an uphill battle here, he's trying to, People should remember that, and I think, if you have Trump wins, I we truly believe about fifty per cent of that will have to go
to the press. They got him elected they'll, get him. Reelected is the Glen Back programme. As we age things start to break down the burst of energy that we feel lower young start to give way to aches and pains inflammation and the body it combines with bumps and bruises that we all go through over the years and it creates, so, which is proof that we end up having to deal with day in and day out. There are solutions to this course. There are lots of different solutions, but I prefer a solution to be drug free, I'm on muscle relaxes today and saddle vehicle those rules alone they but I just I throw My back over the weekend, I'm on my way to the doktor run after the show, but usually has been really factor that has helped me recently. It has really changed the way I live and, is changed. So many people that I have met with that come up to me and they'll, say clan.
Play the same story over and over. I didn't know what to think about relief factor. I didn't know if it would work and they try it and it works. Seventy percent of the people who try it go on to order more because it does work. I don't know what it's going to take for you, but when you get to that point where you like, okay, I'm just going to try it you'll see relieffactor dot com, that's relieffactor, dot, com or call eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four and go to blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, promo code is Glenn for ten bucks off your please tv subscription What do the programme for Ginsburg, of course, is the Big NEWS of the day. We were Do we wanted to see what we can expect? The president has announced that he's got a list, a shortlist now about five? in fact play what he said just this morning
Their use and you'll make the announcement this week. Can you tell us more about that will be the beginning of the week? What day I think it will be on Friday or Saturday, and we want to pay respect, we it looks like it looks like we will have probably services on Thursday day or Friday, as I understand it that in general the respect we should wait. The services for Justice Ginsburg and we're. Looking probably a Friday or maybe Saturday so think that's nice. May I would imagine that there are some radicals out of out there going well just don't barrier for a month. Because we can make it in time, and I think it's really important that the Republicans in the president do this. We have, carry savareen o on with us. She is the president judicial crisis, and we wanted to talk to her, and I guess I guess carry the first question is: do we have enough time to confirm scottish replacement
for the election. The answer? Yes, absolutely you look like justice. Oconnor She was confirmed thirty three days after her nomination was submitted and that she would began with like invert. You have just asking for herself forty two days ago, almost unanimously and justice, even nineteen days now that we ve you know that was you know couple decades ago, but we can, we can totally do it and what s interesting is all that these women, that the president is looking at, They had been recently confirmed by the Senate. I think, all with by partisan majority vote the Senate has said the recently their information, like their background file from the FBI, all is for almost up to date. Already I there's not a lot ending away at learning forward it. We already know you not. Even the senators are familiar with the all of these, not potential, not beneath our case, so he said he had a list of the five, but three of them we know. Are you familiar with those three female judges? Yes, yes, we we hear a lot about a are any Coney bear it
please I don't remember her dog will lift loudly within EU moment with Senator Feinstein. Last year, the Anti catholic attack that went on she held her all each with greatest under pressure to the mother of seven, including to trial. Who were adopted from Haiti, just a really inspiring story in her life, Barbara GOA, who has been over a decade, leaf order state courts. Now, with on the alleged circuit, thanks to Donald Trump she's, the daughter of cuban immigrant. Really big eloquently about her own parents design. To come here because they wanted their children grow up in a nation applaud, not terrain our government has issued very committed to making the role of the judges to check interpret the. Why not make it up and then Allison rushing at someone else. The president mentioned she's afford circuit naivety that she is someone who has a distinguished legal career. She clerk or Justice Thomas like I did. She also came under firelight- bear it during her confirmation process.
Had she been involved in the group line if any freedom which stands for religious freedom and things like tat. So she understand also what it's like to be attacked, for your face, so the one that I'm allegest play politics here for a second then of quickly switch to constitution The one who makes sense, I think, on both sides, politically and also with the constitution, is will a gala, I mean the background her being cuban she's from Florida, Cuban and then More importantly, b, the first american generation. I think, though, people get it. Much more than anybody else- and I think that that's a strong vote for her on sticking to the constitution. Would you agree or all three of them that way who's the best holding to the constitution. You think you know had do great thing about these.
This final shortly after that weren't we're hang about. I honestly, I think, all of them with the outstanding I could put my feelings. Above all in terms of what I've seen up their record on the court. So that's really encouraging. Yet they all have slightly different story, but I think all have inspiring storage, and it's it's interesting. I there could all, thankfully, very much diverged from where Justice Ginsburg would be in terms of her jurisprudence right, but I do think carry on that thing, tradition of being strong women, you know being breaking in many ways. You know in particular, when you think of bear it doing all this with set kid how many many mothers of seven you know where that accomplish near meal and have had written that far Lego. Obviously, with her your inspiring store of coming here, and each and being a fortune duration, and so these are either people who can really fit into that that legacy nicely in terms of all the best things, I think. Shouted Ginsburg up of her her strength and courage,
to you. Do you any of these fitting Scalia or a Thomas Kind standard that's the reason there on the list right mean you ve got people like bear it, who was Scalia clerk and I for one of his favorite clerk. Rushing with atomic clerk an end date. It let go. I didn't clerk write about it, but I love that there was a mean that went around right after she would not. It will go a Spanish for clearance tie I believe that and that's really how I think, a lot of the conservative movement in in the form of views her. I want you to have much, you don't know is much nationally, but though I think all of them that the written there pic is this approach to the law. Were you look first and foremost at what the text? That is not what I wish that it not what I think it twenty twenty. We should update to say it wanted our elected representatives path. What did the concept itself actually say and then get out, but the chip forward they may and if it's not the result, you want go back to Congress and fix it.
You were just concern. I think all Americans urges concern that we would have another Roberts pick that oh yeah yeah it's been devastate devastating what that's why I think, what you're seeing it- and this is something that all with crumbs, which was really chosen Robert in mind when, when, when Molly having, when I was working on a book on the cabin nomination justice on trial, we learn that part of his betting process was trying to fight like the Anti Robert somebody who they thought would be strong in the face of crusher. That's why it so excited to people. For example, you don't like, like the that bear or the rushing who got pressure during their cooperation process and none the less stood up to it. You don't let go ahead. Had she already on the Eleventh Circuit has had people trying to kill him watch politically motivated refusal campaigns and she stood firm. She thought now. I don't have to refuse. This gave us an important case. I think I'm gonna sit on it, so you have to have someone who is illustrated in their career, but they got that spine
And what exciting is all these women have shown they appointed as we want, but but look go as the only one that hasn't been already in front of of a hearing right? Oh no, he was just recently confirmed today. Eleven circuit, ok, the Senate, so so that all three of them had been confirmed by this. Then it while or the death of the previous Aberdeen with it within the trunk administration. So again, all of their There there vetting has been recently updated. They have been big, they ve gone through that kind of harrowing process once recently, so I feel, like you know, we were talking about people, all of whom are ready well if you can ever be ready for what we expect of coming so that we know that due to the cabin denomination with Grady. No, how you big crazier, but I know that their democratic right now having grades from accession, trying to figure out.
Happy but you're a little boy. The cried wolf I mean: do you do that? A second time? I think that galvanised country, a lot of people chain their view of what was going on in the Democratic Party, because of that and to have, that kind of an outrageous scene. Again, I think, would be devastating to the Democrats I I think, you're exactly right, they totally overstepped and I think it really hurt them yet somehow when you look at all the tough going on, they don't think I've got that message. There is, I think there d be radical edge of the party is You know it is going crazy and then themselves on fire sometime literally heat wave, but I dont think it's what most Americans we not independence. As you know, the moderate ring wing of Democratic Party wants to see. So you know now it it's overstep again. Let's see how that works. Is there anything in their records that the that has been drug out? That could
expanded as we have you seen anything that is bad or not bad, but just now God jeez, that's there and they had to explain it, but it could be made up into something bigger. Have you seen any trouble or weak spots in any of these people while their thirdly definite record? gonna get controversy, but I think generally controversy, all the right reason. It's gonna get stuff people going. Oh my gosh. How could you have you noticed their cases, about? Will then come. I'm gonna go well, that's really sympathetic, plaintive in your answer it, which is the re activity. You know what that's what the law that and I dont right the law. If that's not my job as a judge, though, so I would I what I have seen it. Of course, you're gonna get controversy, but I think it's gonna be What kind of controversy on these nominees that we're looking at and that's that's, really excited, though they have none of them had keys in every single area. Why don't we have, but I think we have a lot of really you'll be. There are people with with record that we can look at NASA Deborah had come down to your work at the objective record that they have
so you can see how they really perform on the benches or anything that the Democrats can do. Seeing that the Senate is controlled by the Republicans, and a lot of weeny Republicans, but is there anything that the Senate, Do the Democrats can do to stop this dead in its tracks? Is there any any trick no in the parliamentary rules to be able to stop this or can candy, Mcconnell and we can keep his crowd together proceed. I think if you ve got fifty, You can do it. Could we got? We got the vice president and I hope you get more than fifty votes, but you know obviously- and I am not a fan- are all export that stuff? crazy. It really how you I'm sure, they're out there brainstorming again trying to find some whole, but if they could do it for cabin off, I don't think there. Able to find it now and We will seek crazy stuff going on like where they remember would be even more the first cabin arguing, were they tried to just talk over
chairman, gradually over an hour to get through him obese stuff, like that. You know me tv little moment right, but I dont think they. Actually the end of the day or can happen. The last question as they as they go through in your looking and saying you know they need to have fifty we're gonna lose Romney which would bring us to fifty. We the two with the two that have already said there are not on board and then, if you lose Romney or at fifty is or anybody else that your concern that might go, You watch any of that stuff you know it's hard to keep track. I know the people whom they don't. Why have boat now or or whatever. I do think it could be hard with you, looking at what are they gonna face and you see the out being role model, but they are the path breaking careers that they blood. I think it would be hard to come Point they yonder. I don't think this person deserves about thirteen a wealthy. I think leader MECCA knows better than anyone where his boat
you gotta be in charge of out at how to navigate the Sudan it he did it for Carthage. He get for cabin all those the controversial I'm confident you can do that again, that's great You, I feel so much better talking to you who lets please stay intangible. I've gotta, I'm gonna need to stay in a happy mood and I think America needs to carry Thank you very much for your nose, I appreciate in UK Follow her at judicial network dot com or on twitter at J C, and several Reno carry several Reno president of judicial crisis our I won't talk a little bit about gold line and the value of money for three. What is it three hundred and forty eight years The Bank of England has has always had interest rates, in the positive they ve now. Forgone negative. They just talking about going to negative interest rates,
that so you know that mean If you take out alone, they pay you to borrow the money, they always again? They pay you to take out the money. That's crazy that's cause! Well, we got a span, but what are we? What can we spend it on honestly? What can we spend it on? You want you want, build something make something you can't get the parts right now I went into a gun store. I gotta tell you about this gun place. I went over the weekend. It is it's the best shooting range. I've ever been at but anyway, I tried to order a gun and they said it might be late. Twenty twenty two by the time we get it. That's insane you want to spend money. If you gave you have it, you can't So anyway, gold line is your hedge against insanity, because this is this is really bad. The market,
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You do you're talking to gold lying there, lotta competitors out there make sure you're. Doing business with the right company. It's gold line at gold, dot com, eight, six gold line or gold line dot com your lessening Glenn Back welcome to the land back programme were just talking about off the air. We're talking about all the things that are going on right now. I don't know anyone had the feeling that high had it was like doc, and when he had that last log book, had a throw into the furnace of the morning before the train went over the cliff. Remember that that's the way I felt those Ginsburg thing. Ginsburg thing was on Friday when I heard it, I like throw another log on the fire, as I look at all of the things that are going on and how unfair the press is and how nobody knows who to believe in all of this stuff,
how does this not end with? with real violence, because if, if they don't accept the election and dragged on and they or they they do get election and they win, and then they start to pack, the court or any These things the right not gonna sit around and accept that the the rights not gonna, sit around and and accept something if they make these boxes. In Pennsylvania, legal, where you don't even have to have a time stamp on the on the I going in there hiding for for extra days for ballots so The election is on Tuesday, but as long as it's postmarked by the following Friday, it's ok. How do you accept that is crazy, crazy, it's craziness, we have to find our way back to some sanity and some
additional rules that all of America's played by forever we have to find our way back to that before this election, and that's gonna, be hard. Wonder, do gotta be argument to do you don't seem so optimistic now, but I was up that we should get carry back on the phone, because I was after mystic about that. You need more drugs for values that what it is of no value,
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