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Functioning, but Completely Nuts? | Guests: Rafer Weigel, Sen. Ben Sasse, Daniel Di Martino, & Eric P. Early | 2/21/19

2019-02-21 | 🔗
Hour 1 Glenn's DNA results are in?...Being 13 x more native American than Elizabeth Warren and blacker? ...Being part of the Grand 'Jeep' Cherokee tribe isn't always easy? ...Stu tells us who's leading in the Democratic Presidential hopefuls Polls?...President Obama looks like a moderate, in today's standards? ...Pat's Gray's DNA reveals he's 100% terrorist? ...Race is being used as a 'tool', ment to divide us?...When driving around with a half a million dollars is a crime?   Hour 2 Arrested and in Custody?...Fox 32 Chicago Reporter, Rafer Weigel, one of the first journalists to think, there was something fishy from the beginning of the Jussie Smollett case?...'All credit to the Chicago Police'...Is this a 'hate crime'? ...Vote on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act with Senator Ben Sasse...Fighting for the Right for Life?...Lighting up the sky to celebrate Death?...Congress is backing away from a bill to prohibit murder, period    Hour 3  "Venezuela was my home, and socialism destroyed it"...Young Voices Contributor, Daniel Di Martino joins to say, "it will destroy America, too."...Losing the free market from the inside? ...Governor Cuomo is not happy with AOC for the NYC Amazon pullout?...Tweeting the tax code for Dummies? ...California parents sue to block 'Inclusivity' instruction in schools...the parents Attorney, Eric Early joins to expand?...Forms of Oppression, the same statues to protect minorities is now being used on whites? ...Alt-Left social warrior types are 'spreading like a cancer'? ...It's hard to hate when your dead?

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believes that Glengarry, how Grenadier I'm so excited, I'm so excited for another presidential season yeah. We, it is rippling each other apart. The good thing is: is that we're not going to be doing the ripping apart? time is a lot more fun the last time he has this time. The left is going to be doing it and the fund has already begun. We go. They're in sixty seconds. This is that land back programme- and I have to tell you still- I don't think I can. I don't think I can read the White Man's propaganda here. You people are just so.
I I I mean, I believe the land belongs to the great spirit in the sky and I he can't really own land. And now you want me to read this for what, for some of your for some of your you're here, what you call money now: you're beer white? No, no, sir! No sir! I found out because of a company that run by white people. I'm sure come up with your white magic here. I have found that I am one point, three percent. Let me put it this way. I am through ten times more native American. Then Elizabeth Warren, real just say in its amaze. I am just saying thirteen times more and my son Is three times more black? Then she is native American.
And I'm tired of irish, and yet you are a diverse family. We we are, we are. We are and I'm tired of the oppression and, if you're, tired of the oppression to mind you can play this game because I dont know how what percentage I am native American. I could be even higher than you. I had my twenty three metres article. I meant it just like the way you know how the white male do you really want to take away my heritage? You just want to claim my hair I would like to know the truth of my heritage and then maybe maybe I'll have even better characteristic than you. I don't think so. But that's the way white men or do you want to do is show me some beads too, and I just I just I just put my whole culture on the on the altar of the white man. If you would like to do me and my tribe of find out. You can find out now if you're one point three or higher. I don't accept anything lower than one point three in my tracks,
to really the dividing line. It really is between the fake him. The real one point three yeah find out. If you can join my tribe- and you can do that now by going to twenty three in me- dotcom, that's twenty three and me: dotcom use twenty three me dotcom, slash back and who else who knows maybe we're sitting around the sweat lodge together. Could happen enemy changed my life. I've been able to reconnect just in the last well spent about thirty six hours since I found out and all of us- and I understand so much more. I understand my my my draw really to native american art. I you know, let's do less thoroughly. True, I very much into native met. My wife is crazy. I think is that I think is that is that one point three have been it's been inside of me that your wife is crazy, have anything to do with Russia story the scene at the road in the middle there right now, my wife,
my my address my wife, crazy with all that is not what they merit. You just said your wife was crazy, not I've had to say my wife, I'm sorry. I'm absurdity to drop propositions now for some unknown, and I dont know why. So, but You know that this is a late acting a native american and heritage. It is very late. Acting against a few decades and try to understand my culture and don't talk to me Twenty three in me, dot com, slash back we're gonna change that two chief big bone, because that's what I am chief big bone. I didn't either big boner big bones, a one might be a slam, I'm not sure, but we're gonna change about right. Now, it's twenty three in me: dot com, Slash Beth. I would venture to James chiefly books. You did take a dna test,
and actually want to tighten seriously about this. This is the grew. This is one of the cruellest things I've ever done and not because I believe I will. I am sure no one point three percent native American, but I do have perspective on that that that doesn't mean that I'm nay american or part of a tribe or anything else. You included and done federal my goddamn ruin for grants, I'm gonna forget how to get some grand. I gotta get some grand. You should get thirteen times more grants than Elizabeth, more exactly rise receive exactly or I'm gonna buy. You know I've already Gandhi, Ale, soil now apply to Harvard and I'm gonna mark native American. This. This is the plot of soul. Men, the movie from nineteen eighty six well, in other words, did he had a dna test. He did not heeded tejus, wouldn't black face and everyone in the New York Times cheered it as a hilarious, romp yeah in NATO. Now here's the good thing is that good thing I found out that I am not a carrier for any kind of like genetic diseases, which is great
also shocking. I made a yes even had ever disease. I've ever heard of you know I mean I'd I, but either. Why did look at and I think this is not because of the native American think as that's absolutely real, but the disease, the he no, no, no real problems, genetically anomaly that humbly levers egg, and do you believe the things that you want to believe that of the dna reform can be maintained? you know J did the same thing. Is I gather that my blood sure that but DNA says, that's not my blood and work for him. For while, maybe that's why my people or have a problem with alcoholism, maybe it is because of the oppression of the white Man and you giving us firewater that we can't handle, maybe that.
My gosh I've got I've got to say. Is there a civil rights attorney? Is there some? I don't even know who to go because the white man is a press me so much. I don't even know who to reach out to that. I could get special status because of the white man's firewater. It wrecked my life. That's probably why I'm an alcoholic! This is achieving american dream, the new american dream of being a victim being a victim, yet you achieved it yet now it might be a little offensive to some people. Why people Somebody you there's, probably I don't wanna elder there will be allowed to be offended by this item. Really are not in my tribe right. What By the way I am not Cherokee. I want you to know, I'm not! I don't know
What try, by am, I suspect, I suspect only because I come from such a noble line that I am Grand Cherokee, which either we were nay after the cheaper the jeep was named after us. I'm not, I believe, leave I'm not Jericho and make a very clear. I am not part of any native american tribe BS, because here a little blood India does not make you. Elizabeth warrant does not make you a member of a tribe, but I do believe I'm part of the Grand Cherokee tribe is that above the normal Cherokee tribe, I don't know, I don't want to say that I wouldn't say that some people has more features, something like say it has more feature. It has more features on their condition right it as their conditioning and that's. You know, there's an important thing in art and are in our sweat law We don't sweat, we have air conditioning and automatically. I don't think it's a sweat lodge. If you have air conditioning I well, it's a sweat lodge because it
used to be. You know everybody has to go in there within the Grand Cherokee in our when chief, when chief big bones got in there. He said you know we should do the great Spirit told air conditioning and automatically windows and so the installed electric windows just go down. You push a button, you're sitting in their seat, really comfortable. Some come with massage a features any sit there and you put a little button in the windows: go down we don't want to run the air conditioning goes. We know better than you white man about the environment. We care, so we first just rolled on the windows with electric windows and that our Grand Cherokee, Sweat Lodge, will turn on the air conditioning and really is bad, but we will roll windows. Backup seems to be a little wasteful of energy. For someone who loves the earth so much worried open up the windows and run the air conditioning at the same time lower using green energy. Ok reason the power, the power of thumb.
Fire raising Fire fire power firepower. Can I don't wanna be insulting to you in your euro newly discovered native amount? thirty six hours that I wouldn't say that's new? I say that is a tradition. I say us, I say that is a that is a that's a that's. What you're calling my ancestors young there they were at the youngest has this been in. This has been down for thousands of years. Perhaps eighty years we don't know, but it's been a lot longer, but thirty six hours is not just yet but when twenty of them were spent sleeping I mean it's really not about thirty six hours. Isn't yesterday you want to claim that thirty six hours yesterday Oh, you were not born yesterday. You were born the day before yesterday in this particular example whatever. But did you there ever any sign of the oppression of this heritage. Before you got the results from this dna, was there ever any anything that in the end, your pal
slow because I White Van took away my wife, you wouldn't look, they tat. They took the whole Grand Cherokee nation. And they lay put us on this reservation and they took aware of our way of life. They took away our tomahawk, they took away our oh a knife, they took away my native tongue and then, and then they taught the you know, English to our young and and all the beads we made in my hand. There are now maiden Japan never made a bead beer liar key people turn Jerky drive. I mean it's regret. Cherokee people grand Charlie you to say that I like to shorten it. Sometimes it's a little more lyrical, you know, but whatever we should grant Cherokee Cherokee You know, you know so piled alive and so proud to die. I mean taking advantage of the results of leader. Later
the entire whole indian nation, and they locked us on this reservation and, as always urged heard and tie I'm still part Redman deep inside I'm one point three Redman deep inside. I just want you to know that Grand Cherokee people, Grand Cherokee pride, so XO I'll do live so proud did. I see reservation is Irving Texas. That was the idea that starvation. You ve, been you no doubt someday, maybe someday. When you learn the Grand Cherokee nation or return we return. Will return. Will return will return? Maybe that's it a powerful tale. That you tell thank you. However, it does seem reminiscent of a song that you or people stole Paul
Revere and the raiders yeah yeah it might it might sound a little familiar. Does they sliding you just go on and take a sick to second break, you just wallow in your guilt. What look at among us and blown? What are you doing to your eye? I pray. I was just thinking about trash you think about what you ve done to my nation, your blowing into your own I've, it's not working it! It will see that I'm only one point one point: three percent natives, if you are good, two and a half percent fifteen were just come around. I'm going down a rash. I return without a trash. You just come right down. Fear an attorney that knows how to sue for oppression. Would you please, let me know, no white man need apply,
all right, let one and you can get you a lot of money, but if the white men can get you a lot of money on the case There's about ninety eight point, seven of me that says: that's! Ok, ok, ok you'll! Go with it. I will have that we'll take it into the travelodge I'll. Take it into council. The air conditioned internally to be a cyber criminal, all coffee, all the old you need is a coffee shop, You just gotta, you don't you just go to Starbucks and check out the wifi and it's a hunting ground Are you hunted all of our buffalo, except it could be. An airport could be a hotel any place with public wifi is hunting ground for side. Criminal. So, if you're on, if you're wifi, they can have access to everything, absolutely everything
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they don't know whose online they can't grab your stuff. It's a vp in the people who have been protecting. You for a long time when it comes to cyber crime, is Norton Norton Security, to go to Norton dot com, Slash Vp N and get a Vps? It's easy to use you just. Though there now is three dollars and thirty three sentiment a month, and you can big, your own virtual private network, nor dot com, Slash Vps, Norton, Dotcom, Slash, Vps, ten, second break for station. I d go through the poles here. You have some bad news for your tribe
Please don't insult my tribe, I'm nodded and solving it. I'm trying to get you out assume you're Elizabeth Foreign, Voter Pineau Riot in irish hints of fraud she's a fraud. I am thirteen times more native American than she is, and I'm tired of these people, wearing their little piece of of my heritage on their sleeve and then claiming. Oh, I'm native American, I'm thirteen times more native American than she is. But anyway tell me about the pole. White men well Joe Biden is leading a loophole of democratic primary candidates in New Hampshire, with twenty eight percent of the vote. Now, of course, he has not announced yet he is expected to announce at some point, although it's not confirmed twenty percent said they vote for Bernie Sanders Centres, one New Hampshire against content- if I remember correctly so he's done well there in third place is PAMELA Harris with fourteen percent and
Elizabeth was written in fourth place at nine percent. Now there are approximately zero pass to the nomination that do not have Elizabeth worn winning New Hampshire. She has to New Hampshire. It's the state right next door. She can't lose your loses and if she loses the North EAST test, she's done she I was then she's already losing I mean if you look at this as ok. Well, there's three candidates in her suppose: lane right where you have Bernie Sanders. Camilla Harrison Elizabeth WAR, all sort of competing for the same voters. Those These are overwhelmingly going away from her. Joe Biden is kind of a different candidate or at least TAT S. How is expected to run as it is tat? more moderate, and we now moderation is like Barack Obama, Rock Obama's a right wing candidate in the democratic party. Now-
What's a credible? What strange is he's really? Actually not he just open this door. The fundamental transformation was to open the door for Marxism and and get people to look at it and embrace it, be comfortable enough, saying it in the o in their own party, so he moved that ball down the road and by being able to cry race and racism, be able to shut people up, as they were doing these marks. Things have again and what he believes in what he said, and in this case even what he did. He just open the door. I mean to give sense of how far it's gone, John Delaney, who is a former Marilyn congressperson ease them. Most conservative out of all the candidates running right, like that's his. What he's positioning itself ass, I thought he says. Things like I think be. Capitalism is the greatest job creator. That's ever happened right, lucky he'll speak pie,
The Tivoli he's a business man he's trying to say: hey like we can be normal blue collar Democrats. That's what we need. You know, that's the winning coalition. He proposed. Opposition, he had opposition towards the green new deal and said the girl new deal is you know it's it's crazy. It's never gonna happen. It socialism and you know, that's not will who we are ass, it were. I support, is a massive carbon tax that will get rid of. I think he said, ninety five percent of all carbon emissions. So to give you a sense, this is the most supposedly the most conservative, most moderate Democrat in the field and Barack Obama never fully embraced a carbon. Acts. He occasionally said positive things, but never proposed it. As as the plan to go on the most conservative guy in the field is considered.
The to the left of Barack Obama saving on health care. He is, he is demanding, not Medicare for all. That's crazy so was what I want is a public option for everyone to go to now. That's that's about equal with Obama as a candidate, but to the left of the Obama as a precedent. Because of our president with bomber cared did not get. His public option mean. Think of that this is a guy. Who's has is pulling at one percent because he's completely We had of the mainstream of the party at this point, He is too low. The left, a Barrack Obama, as present in the United States on multiple me. I don't know how Joe Biden is going to do it. I don't know either sincerely. I think he could just try to run more left, which is possible, but he's no matter what he does he's gonna be more to the right of veto, Bernie Sanders and Comma Harris at all these people. So I think his argument is look. We did this already
All these people are, you have all these crazy ideas. We already did this. We did out. I was there for eight years. We want, we want twice. We can again there's a good formula that has shown that the country goes in the right direction. When I'm, when I'm involved and that's it argues that does not work for me, but would work on a lot of Democrats. I think I think the beam the the people that aren't socialists right that people who are looking for every crazy idea that for free relate to a Joe Biden and say we want you to say that where do you see that coalition I mean the tea party rose up because they, the Republicans, lost their values and- and you know in the end, I think they just crushed the tea party, but we made an impact as well and and as a result of it, you do have
Donald Trump, where is the coalition to rise up against the socialism in the democratic party? Where are the debt crash were like. You know what I dont want to end the free market system. Where are they the does? Not Don't be a lot, however, I think that's largely because we're getting a representation from the media and these candidates. I think, when you have actual voters casting votes. The average Democrat in Iowa that shows up for a carcass. Might not be all that socialist, so I agree not in Iowa. I agree with. You said, as I really want to believe that's true, but if My party had gone off the rails this far under special in things like life and act. Calling for an end of capitalism. I wouldn't just be taught: about it with my friends over dinner, I would be active
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had come in now pad in his white met. Hello pale face, I'm upset about this cultural appropriation gonna. Thank you me too. Are you me? For years, I've talked about my entire Cherokee nation being put away on a reservation. Away. I know, I know that I am a hawk the bow with knife. I dont like this I don't like this. I don't like it Lange. Are you one point: nine million tongue. Are you one point three and NATO Eric and Dang English store young? Are you native American probably much much more than one point three? Well, I want you to go to twenty three and mean dot com. Slash that I am going to do that. Didn't I do have the kid at home. Actually I desire you haven't done it yeah yeah! Do it and it is really not. Actually, it is one of the greatest things I've ever that you have to do it still now. I've I've, never really. Thought about it. You know what yours is: gonna come back. What terrorist?
that one of the categories now, but it probably will just on you it'll, probably come back and ninety nine percent french terrorist threat author, almost all terrorists, almost all terrorists right here right now, watch Twa now wait a minute wait a minute. I've got a lot of French in me. So that's not true! You bastard, don't talk about my culture and while there sometimes South Africa to sometimes those to place in the form of grants in their south as well. You can be serbian. You could be a Serbian to our own, ok, so hurry, there's three white places where you may possibly be right. Alas, it error, you could come from Alaska Nano. Those are I've, never seen it might never seen it from yeah. Those are generally my peace or glens people. Yet blended people up there so so so fat weird we talking about You know off the air about me. You know wildly offensive. It is for me too, this co op, while I not I'm, not, I'm not Cherokee, I'm Grand Cherokee Cheap was named after
or are you or the energy we were named after that, and I say I don't mean say me: we, my people named after the jeep or the jeep was named after us. I'm not sure I like to think of it. The other way round as a proud long heritage now II, that could be offensive the sum, but why would anyone on the left to be offended? By that? I mean you can just claim whatever you are. I have the scientific proof, you can just say, identify as a black woman, you're, zero percent black woman, and that would still be a right heat groundwater Three percent, your way ahead of the game right, one, that is the beauty of it. You got identify as anything you want you can and where were we on the third gender. That's non binary were yet they credit, here's didn't Gillette brand platform yeah she was to introduce this
Talk about science deniers! Oh my gosh! Isn't it amazing incredible between the gender, the identity thing? You could be black if your white white of your black. You can be not a man or a woman, but some third or fourth or ninety seventh gender in I just tweeted something I just twitted something this morning as really Really I mean it is like a it's like a fiery furnace for snowflakes Santa can't even play it on the air, because it would just be one solid beep, but it is a video here early, so I can get the name of it. I saw it on Youtube. Joyner Lucas, I'm not racist. Have you guys seen that Joyner Lucas? I don't even know who he is, but it has
hundred and twelve million views hoof can allow yet joiner. Look I'm not a racist, and it starts with a white guy who looks the typical racist and he's wearing a mega hat man he's like look and he's talking to a black eye. Who is stereotypical, you know dread, lock and everything else and an he's like and he's just lecturing him on, I'm not a racist. These things are happening in he's, making all the points that people, Europe or making you know from from the from the white side and then halfway through the black eye gets and he is throwing it down and say and I'm not a racist and he's saying all these things to the White Guy and both sides are true You listen to it and both sides are true
and they're saying if I could just over the last line from the white guys. If I just knew your story, maybe I'd know. But I'm not a racist and anti guys. I go. That's really! That's your story. Well, let me tell you about my story and it's ugly, it's ugly, but it's true and it's because we are throwing your a racist around we'll never hear it will ever hear the other side, because we're trying to use race as a tool to divide us the battering ram right, just because I am just me- As you know, I get my dna test back and I'm german, I'm friend doesn't mean I'm going to build a war machine or surrender. Probably do both
It doesn't mean that you surrender just as soon as you get across, imagine align yeah. That's why the Maginot line worked. Well it a good idea by the french, manageable YAP, because for about a minute and a half, well, there's all those trees that I can a country that those trees except the tank did you have you're not going to be able to hang out just a second you're gonna, be able to to death add all of those those tanks that are buried there in the dirt what he had dropped, something from the sky. We were meant to fly we'd. Have we actually arrive? Arms would have wings were meant to go through Belgium, weapons to everyone. So there's another big piece of news that has come out and that is on civil asset forfeiture now. This is in direct to civil asset forfeiture, but
appears as though it is start. It's a good dart and it was a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court written by Ginsburg, and all of them were on the same page and it is giving the car tatoosh power to the local. Already saying you guys are too just taking people's assets, and you can't do it Lines to the states as well as bilateral governed and local government is great because the state been out of control on this, and I know that they think that this is an effective tool in the war against drugs, but they ve been taken people's property vehicles in and a cash without any charge without any crime without any criminal activity, and they take it
of innocent people's property from them who never get it back, other guy and, of course, the guy in you. I just checked on this story because any we want to talk about this. The guy in Utah got five hundred thousand dollars confiscated. They took five hundred. They pulled him over four for us signal like that. Without a tale I was out, and so they pull over and they do a search on his car and they find five hundred thousand dollars in cash. Now why was he carrying it? I don't know it's. None of my business is not illegal to carry five hundred thousand dollars in cash, but be dumb, stupid area, and is it spacious, don't know maybe, but if somebody takes it, you could always call the police away with in the belief that took it, and so three years later he still had gotten his money back you finally to get all the way to the: U S bring court and they sent you gotta give it back last I saw they had they had not given it back yet. Five hundred that the guy was never charged with anything is a suspicious that you got five hundred thousand it yes, but so far
a while ago. Why people don't normally it's out of the? I know better known. I met him. Yes, but so is what the FED is doing. You know their own and their changing the rules on the banks, where you can't take your money out, it's not your money. It is flip to where you are the last investor you're, the last person to get your money. If you the money in a bank, and the bank goes belly up you the last in line and you're like women. I didn't invest in a bank. Yes, you did because the banks all change the rules on after two thousand eight, so I dont think its reasonable in today's world it is different, it is risky, but you can't go eat. Here have five hundred thousand dollars in cash someplace and say you ask your hand
you can guess you can have no law, there's no law against it by the way. The the case that the Supreme Court ruled on was a guy who actually did sale drugs to undercover cops, but it was only to earn twenty five dollars were the heroin and so for that they took away his forty two thousand dollar Landrover. Well, that's excessive! That's it! Sesar. Fine, that's an expressive penalty compared to what he did cause you don't have. The actual fine was twelve hundred dollars right for the crime and in the great took his forty two thousand our car, on top of it Supreme Court ruled he's gotta get that back because that's an excessive fine. So what about the people who ve been charged with nothing crime? They can't get property, but look at the latest at eight. I think the way Thomas, that the way to Thomas in I think was Gorse Ich were really strong and talked about civil asset forfeiture and Thomas wrote in their said. This is out of control and it needs to stop. It does wasn't awaited, but against the New York
are the Wall Street Journal rights, this up Supreme Court ruling unanimously Wednesday that states may not imposing excessive, finds extending a bedrock constitutional protection, but also potentially jeopardizing asset forfeiture programmes that help fund police operations with property seas from criminal suspects like police. She held out with funding. That's not supposed to be the goal of justice to figure out ways to fund your police department Someone has not committed a crime or its excessive, find to a crime that does Gimme the right what we really need. The money, though that's what I would say this. I will tell you this: I have one of the most police street lighting in Texas donor. Yes, fry me for speeding tickets and is because a lot of rich people live around there, so they just so calm and you still drive that way. You seen the new firehouse yeah had not the greatest firehouse all we I'm ended on it every time that is a palace. It's it's the TAJ. Mahal aside, I send you a picture of his do already raised. It is
that's ridiculous! Nicer than any home. I have seen It is that it is all rock work. It is its call on you to four years. It is be you It's amazing whenever you timely by Pat Gray S, if I drive by every day- and I think it's beautiful and animal add we have it, but I keep thinking to myself well now. You know why my property taxes are so high, exactly If we do, we need to have it like that. Do we really honestly need to have the firehouse look like that and when the economy, goes down and all of these rich people who are really invested in the market. They no longer campaign. How are they gonna pay for things like that? Oh I know Pat will be driving through and they just got they'll have to fund all of this stuff is so unreasonable. And so wrong to do this, and if we don't Bob civil ass said forfeiture now in the good times. It
every American is at risk in the bad times. Thank you pat. I don't know a traditional Grand Cherokee Goodbye, but why don't you with here if you're, really native Mary Sacred, very sacred, so it's so sacred they dont. Even Other people in the driver not eleven. Well, I am the tribe. I think I am the tribe I'm going to invite other people and try what you said MIKE yeah- I just don't know my people are yet but I'll find them I'll, find them part of the Grand Cherokee tribe to Saint. To do to get into your tribe. You need to do a dna. From twenty three in me and come out. One point three percent are, in my view their ways. Is it getting out? Can I be other wasting it in? I don't I don't know yet you know that's something that chief big bones needs to council on mine have to have some sort of her vision, quest on that one.
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this is the Glen Back Programme. Joiner Lucas. Done this, video hundred and twelve million views on Youtube and so he brought to my attention just yesterday and I'm watching it today and you're not going to agree with every in either side says, but you are going to hear the the anger and the argument from The- eaten the black. And the things that they throw around and the things that they may not say that that that p I want to say that do not be right, but it's how they feel that way. Thence to you yeah, you know you're using the it's the stuff that you're like ok, I know what you're trying to say here. I think I mean it two are racist. I think I understand what you are. I can understand where that is coming from, but that's not exactly
true doesn't make sense. I just sort of the defensive side when you're being attacked you out, we correctly, but you have problems to write like that's the kind of correct. They seem to be correct It's this white guy in this black guy. And they're, just it's a rap of just yelling at each other. On makes the the his and then halfway through the other guy, gets up and makes his point and it is I think really a really offensive uses the inward and I've heard and everything else. It's it it'll melt snowflakes quickly, and It would be one of those things that one half would woods listen to it and yeah that first guy he's right. And dismiss the other or that first guy
dismissal at, but this guy at the end, the black guy he's right. The point is basically were even here, each other, not even hearing each other. Will we be seeing a Arap video of you making in the argument against white people from your native american perspective. Because it seems that would be powerful and would be cultural appropriation of the black culture and me People in the garage origination could do in point three percent black waste three percent african. So Ok, I guess he's black sherpas african American. We could say that, yes, we know no immediate landlord out west african American. We know about you, think you're alive. You want to tell you about our a sponsor this half hour. It's patriot, mobile Patriot Mobile is more than just a phone company. We really is
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the future of energy men and in line with this, is that land back programme, so there's updates on they Jesse spell out the case and and and and an important part of this, I think, is who really broke this case. Who was brave enough to stand up? There was one journalist in Chicago and he hasn't been invited on any mainstream media, except for Fox NEWS, and I think he's getting here for that. What are you why why? Why aren't you going on seeing that will cause they're? Not inviting me I dont know his political background. I don't care about his political background. He could hate my gods. That's fine
I want to compliment him for actually doing the work of a journalist and following a story, and I want to hear what he says maybe coming next and what has happened in the last twenty four hours. You will meet this very brave journalist in one minute. This is the Glen Back Programme. Let us database, affects emails, passwords from two point: two billion accounts with at least a couple billion that were not perpetually crazy billion people that didn't have it act. That's a good thing to point two million people back half the earth has. At their information leaked, but no one in our article no one, no one, so that you're not totally clear from there aren't so let nobody can prevent all identity theft. It's going to happen and The question is: are you going to find out about it before it really breaks up your life in your credit and everything else
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Ray for Waigel is a a journalist, a reporter from Fox thirty two in Chicago he is brave enough to do the work and actually report on the things that it's, my understanding mo journalist felt in Chicago most police felt. Chicago, but no one was willing to really step up and pursue because it was such a political, hot, potato Refer welcome to the programme how're you, Sir Mister back. Thank you. So much for having me on- and I heard what you said earlier. I just wanted to tell you that this is a personal signal, personal coup, They haven't beyond your show, because my girlfriends family, they are huge fans who deal and given the fact, I work for the mainstream media as it were. They ve always been, cannot look at me with a side street penetrate the glance of bank. You that's great, so Rayford, please tell me what
what it was like reporting on this story and what? Things were that started really early on and you couldn't have been the only one who said something's not right here. No, I mean all of my colleagues who should cargo. The second we heard it said this. Doesn't sound right, you look at it the enemy Our job as a journalist is to be skeptical and it's the police is job to be sceptical, and you know we work with the Chicago police on a daily basis. We know these guys personally and from the get go it did not sound right, I mean for one. You know the area of the street Urville with you, guys and red had said, rob and blatant fact that nobody would have stepped in there would have been. No witnesses nobody would have pulled out a cell phone and taken to me He also very early on police when, on the record with thank this doesn't sound right and we add spot for. He too was very careful to report. The headline was Jesse smaller says he was attacked. We didn't know if he was attacked or not
we weren't there. I for anybody who went with the headline Justice Mallette was attacked. I mean I I you know. I know our decision as it has a journalist with both the people, write down the middle, but I've been. I did read at Joe Biden, who said you know I just said hey: it might be best to tone down the outrage until the notice actually happen. Very early on police said. You know we ve got no evidence that is actually have given that location. Aren't. You do have to give credit to the Jakarta Police Department of attack toward the bigger you know to do now, have this guy in in custody butter, but no reproach right from a get go. We were sceptical. Okay, so why were you the universe? of the very few, if not the only one. That was really on this story, telling the truth. Well, I can't from my colleagues, I can tell you that you know by managing editor, also has a lot of contacts with police and so do I. We cross reference start our sources. You know she would talk to her guys. I would talk to my eyes and then we would couldn't
If we compare notes- and I would say you- don't- you feel comfortable with it, she looked out on the other. There are given the solid information they're not by us so but can I go with it? It was I dont know somebody fitted with but I do consider it a rest because the genome sources are followed me. They ve never Burnley before so you know, I think there was other, Capitalism and Amelia media here in chicago- I I didn't read, is as much for my colleagues but early on you know they were emphatic with me dead people, my sources, that, but this is what went on biomass as an end the you know they said. I you know you can go on the record with me, because you know quote me anonymously. And we always heard the debate about an out of the sources, but at the end of the day, in armour sources of the back on a journalist and there's a lot of criticism from both the right and the left when there's an article coming out, quoting anonymous sources, but works both ways and in this case mice, MRS you know- are reliable, so I felt comfortable
I never said this is not made up. I'd ever said he was a liar. I do said: hey, police are are sceptical and you know right now, there's no out The suggested actually happened another, and that was an accurate statement. It wasn't a part of his statement because at this point there is no evidence to suggest this. Should we have isn't that what we're supposed to do, not just as journalists but also as human beings were supposed to say. Innocent until proven guilty? And its then say, He has alleged this he's says he was if it is true, it's all terrible thing, but let the police do their work and when charges are filed dual when we hear all the details, then maybe we'll be able to come to a conclusion, but we are. Not those we're not those people anymore, you're, just automatically there are innocent or guilty in the phrase? Is you have a right,
we believed know you have a right to be taken seriously. You drive to be believed right, and especially, everything about you know something very detailed Is there something I you know yeah? I, u, I agree, I agree, you know a lot of people. This has been a very politicized store. And, I think initially on, because you know I look at Saint in the trenches and foxhole here. You know I'm just looking at the specifics. You know I have no parties and motivation and turn tackling a story. I would add on this. If it is, you know anybody else and police were giving it the same information, and I think maybe I personally underestimated the degree at how much this is gonna be put aside on both sides. But a lot of you you know now they just that they want the narrative. You know I was attacked by a black lives matter. Activists saying I was getting out misinformation. I get bored We shall pay. Will what are your sources? What do you know? I do? if you're. If you know what I'm saying is true I'd like to hear it,
It also gives a lot of people wanted. This story could fill in a specific narrative on both the right and the left. In my opinion, and all I did was to stick to the facts and on and I'm going to show you a little bit odd to be, and I am so grateful to be on your show clan but I've been doing Hannity in and Lord Ingram, but for just doing my is all I did and I don't know that's a sad state of my profession that all I get with my job and you know good people sulphuric biology or that you know to me this is nothing more than going in and pushing a clock and go into work, but you know I'm an old school journalists. I grew up in journalism household in the old adage. Now, if your mother TAT she loved you check it out, I mean that's just tower supposed to do our job. You believe We don't are you surprised at how the media has where'd you and this story I say that I mean I know that I work for a fox station. Perhaps that had something to do with, like other outlets didn't reach out to me,
You know I'm I'm been reached out to buy by conserving outlets, and you know mostly on pops, my parent company, so I think that makes sense, but no certainly call them maybe she called out. In on with them as well. You know, so I think the biggest thing I'm more concerned about is, I hope this is a bit of a wake up call just because you know how many people were but the headline that this was true early on but getting more information on the national media, and that surprised me I'll, be honest. I I usually a huge the feller. My profession were constantly under siege and you know, I used to say the Mediaset, Liberal, its dissuasion and I dont know if this is a good example of that war, our political bias, but it was interact Oh I mean I just thought that Europe my colleague Anna about trying to get on a soap box here and act like
you now. I feel tired and populist way, but you know at the end of the day you got it. You gotta check patch before you right in the head. Pretty River Waigel Fox thirty to Chicago River, I think is there a possibility that maybe This combined with several other cases in recent memory, where that the in the initial narrative I changed change so quickly and we see something that could possibly be a hoax turn into a hoax. Potentially here I think there was a there's been a pattern over the past few years, where we ve we use that journalists always will use the word allegedly or at least, are supposed to an ethnic in a case like this, but it's almost like a disclaimer. It's like you throw it in their because you know you have to shouldn't. Be approaching every story. This is whether a conservative says it with our liberal, says it white or black. Anything with a real sense of scepticism, or at least quizzes sense, because if we don't, we can get burned like so many in the media did this.
And what I want. What you described dad journalism that I was pot is you have to be sceptical, oh, I mean the coming two boys and that was another example You know I mean it's like we don't need any more lax on my profession for being perceived as being in a biased, went, but things like this You know you are, you have to show restraint. You just have to stick with the whole. What why why I don't know if it's because now there so many different media outlets and with some and so forth, people are, I don't know, maybe their fishing for clicks on sure, but the other day. I guess your hundred percent right. I hope this is not my tourism, professor. You know Probably very level was the one who had still these values in me. You know my parents, I,
You know. I just hope that people are a little more responsible going for you now and as far as the stuff goes so Rayford. Let me let me ask you one quick question. I take a break in and out like to get an update on the other side, and one with the latest is, but is any truth to the idea that the police knew who these two guys were. They either they were. They were waiting for Jesse, two to walk into the trap or the, we're going to just gonna let this go until he went on good morning, America, and so yes, that's them, and I dont know why Reese me lie liar, but we have heard urge that Rama Manual was outraged by that, and everybody in Chicago was outraged by that that really we're just a kind of cool about it. Change things. We have also heard that They knew who these guys were, and they were waiting for him to make a positive I and the minute
he did that's when the case broke, there are either of those true. Well, it's actually distant. I didn't know he was gonna going good morning, America in apparently TAT interview. He not be. According to my the taxes that cannot be used as evidence of how we won t tells them in, In our view, the police or all this, but it wasn't by because they wanted to lead smaller, hang himself. They did it because they knew they LULU. These two guys were that the nigerian other browsers nigerian descent they are from Chicago thought, declare that they are less pound hours after this incident. And they went to Nigeria for two weeks till the real motivation behind with you. Slowly on it? Is they waited for these guys to get back in town? They were at o hare airport waiting for them when they got off the plane. Why, and it happened to be the same day was on good morning. America. Yes, now coincidence,
amazing, wow, ok, be back with a river waigel. I wanna get the uptake as he has now been arrested. Has he been Did you Jesse fears arrested and he is in custody. He will be in bond court today at one hundred and thirty okay. So we get an update on that when we come back and I'll, give you one minute and then back to the program want to talk to you little bit about relief factor if you're in constant pain that you're not alone, majority of Americans are in pain. About sixty percent of us are sorry felt. Fifty million of us are in pain. Sixty percent of Americans have an injury from high school days. They still drag around them all by a third of people, say they no longer participate in their favorite sport or exercise. Because of the pay, that's crazy! That's I know I don't your cousin lazy ass, the eye. I never liked exercise and you will have a favorite sport, no public theater councils I always go there, just just making sure it's your pale face hatred
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Fox thirty reporter from Chicago refer Waigel the guy who really broke a story and refuse to give up on it and the reason why why we, but we pretty much, know it and was questioning from the beginning, tell us what is happening with the Jesse Smollett case now. What's what's happened in the last twenty four hours? was an interesting day yesterday. So in the morning ass, he smaller lawyers went in to talk with police. They try to negotiate a kind of an agreement no agreement was made and so the grand jury put in place by the States assistance data attorney and want to know what kind of a deal would they were they looking for? I have idea, I have no idea what what they could have been possibly been trying to
you don't make me because you down, perhaps you know I would just be speculation by once. Grand jury was put in place. They brought in the two brothers. They testified for two and a half hours according to attorney and and then they got the old the warrant issued for his arrest. He turned himself in this morning with his attorneys. Negotiate. They spoke with his attorneys last night. They negotiated surrender. It came in at five o clock this morning. Was process fingerprinted, an hour's eleven being held by the could carry county. Any court house by the sheriff argues in itself. The detention area that is, they said that common for high profile detainees, the police, are coming down really hard on this superintended at exactly two said, you know what I did actually was shameful: they did Police are describing how these two do, who allegedly, wherever these two nigerian brothers who were who on this are somehow you not met with followed at the time they were able, but tractor every move on security cameras to the king
and they got into and they were able to follow the cab to there. Home. They they come through. Every single hour of video interact a cabin. This was a good two mile right. His cap and they got it? I mean that's how they find out where these guys live, that's how they were. They were so They have amount of evidence against those who spoke lot now, but they don't have the attack, that's the thing and we left the IRA guy worthy of it is tat. You know, if you do this when he wanted to get it on camera, he'd be better than the one place where there was nobody or surveillance of it. So this point small, let us not disputing an attack he yet because of the lakes and if a kind of pity he knows his defense, he knows what he needs to be going against and it's his word against. There's now they're saying you know that he put him up to this, that he orchestrated this horse. He saying no, these guys just right we attacked me and I didn't put him up to anything. So that's kind of world worth
are gonna, go in and legal came yet, although they release the statement there mounting an aggressive defence, they're, gonna fight this thing twelve rounds. I think I have to I mean that the police, you have to put a stop to this or the police or go to spend all of their time chasing down fake claim there has to be a heavy penalty paid for this kind of stuff and too many times. People are just let go where they pay a fine. This is I personally, I think this is a crime he. Obviously he obviously hated people so much that he wanted to smear them, whether that was Donald Trump or whatever, but is there the truth to the facts. That this was motivated by his career that he here the letter that original letter that view oh, it was a hateful towards him and I read last night that he was upset that there wasn't more of an outcry just on that letter that he alive Thirdly had sent, are they looking into that
similarly now I mean I I could began to speculate into just a smaller motivation. If you did orchestrate this whole thing why he would have done it, you know Obviously it was an attention grabbing Europe if in fact he did orchestrate besides. It was over and attention grabbing thanks as well the letter, though, that key and a lot of people are losing sight of that city. The ILO. U S postal service, they are investigating that separately. At is federal time control, terrorism, charges may or fraud. An early weeks coming out of that at for Chicago the police right now they're doing this is a classic charged with four following a police report. Him- and that's That'S- also disorderly conduct that want to three years at birth. Potentially, this letter is worth the real trouble could come in you don't holler shockingly, the one thing you don't mess with is the post office hang on.
Where is breaking news on this still gabarus, just coming down from the Associated Press, emotion posts among others, that the police are saying that Jesse small. Let did send himself the racist and homophobic letter because he was dissatisfied with his salary on em liar I am now. This is just an accusation is, as far as I know, its not admitted this, but just just coming unless couple minutes, so do you have any idea, raper what that would add to a sentence. If the post office got involved, man. I mean that's, that's again that federal only in that you'd have to ask a legal expert on that at that's real time and it s not something you're gonna negotiate out, and I think that you know. That's good. Now, this one place of Chicago police in the fall, Elise, your what your colleague said with the Associated Press reporting Is my guys. A pdf told me that real problem which can collect, Until I refer thank you so much for a job, the greater
please keep us informed and up to date on any new developments, appreciated raper Waigel from Fox thirty two in Chicago back in a minute here. Listening to the bank I want to talk to you a little bit about filter by now. Also change, filter every month or two. I didn't know that that's I say if you live in a high pollen area or you have pets which you know a lot of people too, while that seems sir well, that's I'm. Maggie like dying every every other decade? Is it is ok with basic? Where had been my whole life, then when you buy new house or even Where were you when you you're? Actually,
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The he has seen socialism up close and he has a warning for America. That's in about half an hour in about ten minutes from now nine minutes from now we talk Ben SAS, Spence Ass is putting the the. Not even partial birth, the after birth abortion on the tape for the Senate and they're gonna go for a vote on that. I believe it's on Monday. We want to talk to him about that and how we can possibly help him? That's all coming up. Yet, on the that programme because of some new details on the Jesse's Jesse Small, let story so he police believe. Basically, he did fake this attack probably know by now. I also believe he faked the letter he received a letter of homophobic and racist about a week, but, or these events started They believe that just sent this letter to himself an apparent
They believe the reasoning for this is that at least partially. He believed his salary was too low and empire. Maybe believed he was not getting me attention. He deserved Emily. Should raise its profile. I mean I am reading into a little bit there. Also. There are saying that he spent about thirty five hundred dollars on the attack, so he's bet gave them thirty five hundred dollars for them to actually execute this false attack against him. No word yet of a subway sponsorship, because that's where he was going for tuna sandwich and he held out the tuna sandwich throughout. I also don't know if I mean there's a story from CNN about Burberry Deva, poligized for a new sat in line and they have a noose around the neck. Is it possible there's a misunderstanding: he was wearing this fashion. Peace he just wearing the hoodie with a noose around, and I don't I don't and then so now we're gonna find out about this. Well ice, incredible who, when what is worse a guy who has done it for his political views and he's a social justice guy or the fact he did, for his career. I dont know
what worse the both pretty bad like psychopathic, yeah I mean the whether you're being selfish or do you want to paint an entire? A race of people is horrible, which is essentially what he's trying to do in a social justice world to say, half the country that voted for trot or a bunch of racists to me feel worse than sitting. But more money they're both pretty bad, though, they're, both prettiness, amazingly this hell, that's how Chicago got Al Capone is income tax and looks like the real penalty may come through the? U S, mail service I mean they. That's the only reason why we still have no post and in the mail service. So we can get. You know, get the bad guys and actually put the mind bars for along extend varied time, yeah, but mail, fraud is not a joke and we should be clear even if he is doing this law.
Thirdly, because he wants his salary be higher. He also is a social justice warrior and was promoting all of that stuff, as well as surely those if they really it was at least part of it. We know that. Could we talk tomorrow about how crazy that cast is oh, I would love to get the visit you're. Taking my favorite topic, the Guy. What's his name, he doesn't seem necessary. The guy who's their head. You know, though, the Father on empire and never watched the show, but you ve seen him before. He we Harrison Numb He was in Robocop Isn't that new Robocop? Now the Robocop wasn't? Isn't he the glaring unknown or no one of you? That's what I mean by that Solomon Iron man. He was sorry what year is it? I dont know so you he was in iron. Man he's the black Airforce guy right, yeah, yeah yeah any seems like he's normal Lizzie
I'm getting is a yak, as I know, a guy and a dozen Don shields on resources, and it too He'S- and I think it is an iron man. I just don't want fees that run on forget it I don T know replaced him all that is what it was. Your phone fatal replaced as well, that the reason why you bring this up is because Terence Howard is insane saying- and I don't mean insane like he's a party animal he's like he is dead his own, his own math, the big bang. I would I lie to interview with him because he is he's functioning but completely knots. A completely literally will tell you about it tomorrow. It's really hot US lead Lee knots. Another interesting update your gun, because this is it. This is too little to do with math to Saudi, as always comes through on the stuff, which is awesome. We about Josh Pinker, who is one of the people shot in the mass shootings in Aurora the other day and his
families reaction to it. His wife, in particular, posting on Facebook, really celebrating his life and saying we are aware, he's going to raise going and ain't you Lord for giving me this man, this mountain of a man, cash, it was beautiful yet was. It was a really intriguing, tough reaction, because, if you're going through it's it's impossible and she stayed true to her faith in as really held up as a great example, not only for her family but for other people of faith they how'd. It go find me going, which was about twenty five thousand dollars when we talked about yesterday, had a goal of three: a thousand dollars? Will after we talked on it and the audience heard it as usual They go into action and help this family, and now they are up to sixty two thousand dollars, which is more than doubled. Their goal.
By now ass tat, which is really great antennas. You know it's a great family in the way they handled this was so great is thank you are doing that. Yet, if you, if you want to help out, you can still go to the Gulf me page and help this family out. I just think it's I it's great. You can just Jane somebody's life that fast the euro, five dollar increments. I love it. Let's go come funding page again, go find me. Doc comes Slash, Josh Dash, Pinkerton Dash Memorial. We also tweeted out from Antwerp Stew and ackland back, ok, Let me talk to you hear about our sponsor this half hour areas. Car shield car shield is missing. Is my father? my father never had a new car. I bought him his first new car, my first big paycheck, that's what I did and went out bought him a new car. He had never owned one in his own life and now I'm realising what stew good thing to buy new cars because you
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senator Ben SAS with us represent a great state of Nebraska. He has a rats blocked him when he said I want just an upper down vote on whether we kill children after they have been born. One of the senators block that from happening, so he got together and put together the born alive. Abortion survivors Protection ACT. It comes up for a vote on Monday. Welcome to the programme dense ass, you are going to be with you, You bet so so. Tell me tell me what this prevents an what you think is gonna happen. So, first of all, as pro life is, anybody comes in the Us Senate, I'm an original cosponsor of all the pro life legislation, but this really isn't about that. This is about babies, that survive and abortion, and this is, on Monday night about infanticide. So I've been the lead sponsor for three years of the born alive.
Russian Survivors Protection ACT? There is this the nod or went, but it baby survive and abortion, nurse dont proactively kill them, but they passive lay back away from the table and allow the babies to die of exposure- and it is clear, infanticide Irene, counterpoint man, I'm sorry, I remember a story a few years ago in Chicago where they were putting babies in the closet, yeah yeah, they Some of these places have a room for this, where they just moved. The baby at dies on a cold table struggling for life in. If, if you call for equality, and a belief and american belief and universal human dignity mean anything they. Surely a baby that fighting for life has rights and dignity in an image bearer, and we have a moral obligation to provide some care
Really all this is about as once a baby is already survived, a botched abortion. How do you have to provide care for it the same level of care you provide for any other baby at that stage? Or can you kill it? exposure and bizarre lay. There are states that are actively having less as a debate right now You save sponsor this for three years. Has it been rejected, or is it never gotten a vote I haven't gotten a vote before and then after what has happened in New York and Virginia over the last month, I pushed to get it more floor time. I've been pushing in the past to get a recorded vote, but, as you know, the vast majority of water gets accomplished in the Us Senate give accomplished two hundred zero by unanimous and senators walk out their disagreements for weeks or months or beers and private, and then you bring something to the floor, and you say, Mr President, that a president that I believe we have you done consent. Everybody agrees. We should pass this condemning. Infanticide should be done. That way. I shouldn't
a recorded vote, but we need one now, because a Democrat from Washington State as decided to block us from unanimous consent passage, but this is sort of triggered. The public mind by what happened in New York, Jenny. Over the last month were in New York, Governor Cuomo lit up the World Trade center site in tank to celebrate pro abortion legislation that repealed corrections for an infant that had been born alive during an abortion so that at the moment of birth they were stripping away. Protection and New York decides to celebrate it by lighting up the World Trade Center area impact which historically been the color to celebrate the persistent. Grit and women who beat breast cancer, and literally the color, was a symbolic color celebrating life. Another decided to reverse it and use it to celebrate dad it's really perverse and then in Virginia the disgrace governor there, nor some of its as massive problems of human DEC
the across a whole bunch of dimensions, policemen on the radio, defending infanticide, and so it became opportunity to try to focus the public mind a little bit and happily, we ve been able to get through all the procedural hurdles that we get a floor. Vote next Monday night. So what do you think he's gonna happen? I think that the we don't abortion. Zealotry industry has decided to try to intimidate bunch of democratic senators, and I honestly don't know what the boats gonna be. I know we're gonna have a bunch of people opposing it now number of was the public health organisations and many of them really justified Should advocacy groups have put out a letter condemning this alive abortions? Survivors Protection ACT as that, getting in the way of a private health care decisions,
It will take a baby's that have actually been born alive and are on the table fighting for for life, trying to cry and breathe and want food and warmth and those same it up. A private vision which is truly bizarre, lie. I can tell you what the court, because it's gonna, be put to the test, you made was to kill it, ok, oh it's no longer in your body. If you don't want that baby because you said, kill it, that is an individual. Now that should be mandated to go to an adoption agency. I mean it. That your? U have to preserve that life is no longer connected to mom. So mom has no right to that baby. If she said she wanted it killed. I mean, does she we're talking about some pretty basic here I mean everybody is shouldn't, be politics that shouldn't be right: verses, loved, we're talkin about the of a heart and in the evening I think it's important handsome historical memory on this infanticide has been practised, drew lots of human history, its gross and report
meant- and we should be well better than that, but the ancient aspects, the ancient Greeks, they would kill kid. That were regarded as undesirable by exposure. Did you take a twelve month old baby and decide? We don't want this one anymore, she's got ex problem or why problem? Let's go leave em on the mountain side in the cold. Today I was really practice we're talking about here and it's of it I am sorry to interrupt it's one of the main things that happened with with the Romans in the Christians. The Christians looked so bizarre because Romans would have babies and they throw on a garbage barge and they would just die. From exposure in the Christians felt that was wrong and they would go get those children out of the garbage barges and take them. And care for them We have a culture that I'm still believe in the universal human dignity. We believe kids are image of. We believe they have worth and value and in the Senate is a weird play. Some
people out of a hundred. There has never been a politician before there isn't a piece, a legit site, and it'll be introduced, or somebody won't claim. You have two before it is you're fighting for the poorest and that most vulnerable among us and if you like, half a dozen at democratic carcasses running for president right now in their constantly out their talent, will they fight for the little guy? Well, here's a chance to actually prove it. Fight, the little guy in the little girl We are literally talking about the poorest, weakest and most vulnerable among us when these babies are fighting for life on a cold table. You dont back away. You provide care- and Comfort senator of about one minute is: is there any way that Democrats could say? Well, this does more than just save. Babies have been born, there's a slippery slope here we see what they're trying to do. Is there any legitimate complaint or that they can have over this bill? Or is it clear? No, no. It's Clare.
No no legitimate complaint, but the distinction they're trying to draw is that you don't need a bell to prohibit infanticide, because we already have laws to prohibit murder and for the distinction there and a weasel around it sank, nobody is taking a baby that survives and abortion and taking a pillow and putting it over her face and actively suffocating, noted ass. The were words backing away from the table and allowing the baby the diet around you come to this logic. You kill twelve month old. And you can also kill people like Terry Shy vote. The same way we're not killing her we're just not giving her any food were just letting her die. I mean it always happens on both ends of the spectrum and we're seeing the result of this. This evil evil practice and doctors that are not living of senator bends ass. Thank you. So much will be watching on Monday. We we wish you the best of luck and thanks for being honest,
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lane men. This is the Glen Back Programme, so the socialism, but we being we hear being preached now from the Democrats. Is it really Sweden, the Swedes say now or is it the beginning of Venezuela? We have a guy. He is a junior in college. Here in Amerika he came to American Twenty sixteen from Venezuela. Now his country is in dire dire trouble. He is going to talk to us about socialism, Venezuela and where America is headed. We do that in sixty seconds. This is a landmark programme and I I love to paint, it allows me to relax and slow down and escape from another place, at least for a while way from the chaos of of life and without rate of relief factor. I mean I have a real problem with my hands
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a contributor to young voices and a Venezuela expatriate is name is Daniel De Martino. He born and raised in Venezuela where he went to high school and de the the wonderful experiences and consequences of socialism in twenty sixteen. He left Venezuela to go to college at Indiana University Purdue in any Annapolis. He the junior majoring in quantitative economics. He writes Talks about economics and politics, specifically the importance of freedom, taxes, regulations and internal affairs. Welcome to the programme, Daniel De Martino. How are you going to you for having you bet? First of all, how is your family? You still have family back in Venezuela. I do have a lot of extended family and friends, my my parents and my grandparents that you think we left at the end of twenty seventeen, and now they live in Spain. What is life like now in Venezuela,
it is, it is very, very terrible. You can you can hear it. You can look at it and videos, and I can tell it to you from first hand experience that I suffered constant blackouts. I have Make wise for hours or food, I had two well don't even think about getting sick. Think we, I was young and healthy, but many of my friends who got sick and then they terrible treatment in the hospitals we got. There was just no medicine to treat them with. Now some people will say that this is just Maduro cause he's not doing socialism right. That thing, we're different under shove, as he did it right, truthful out to companies, before I suffer from black out thy water shortages and mature, yes from way before Madura, definitely would challenge and Edith Cavell implemented. The policies that took us here of course, and that have accumulated in their mistakes this was the one who took away the election, the city water,
oil industries from the private hands and nationalize them he's. The one who hired mass is a must, is of government employees just to get their votes and he's also. The person who, with all these government control started using it to bribe people to steal money. You watch is terrible, So, as you hear, our politicians here talk about socialism, they always try to. Was there. We want Sweden, Sweden is not a socialist country. Its capital is country with a giant welfare net. Tell me the difference and tell me what you feel when you watch the democratic Party and half of America, start to embrace socialism what they're saying different than what you heard. Politicians in Venezuela say it is not. There Glenn and let me tell you what is a very, very key difference between what would be Sweden's and their proposals.
Then socialist. Here they want to accept the welfare state in America, yes, but they want expanding beyond what Sweden has they want increase, taxes even beyond what Sweden has an even worse, they They are not even going to be able to raising of tax revenue. World of propulsion should any some very fiscally. We Also one country gland like their their debt, is under control. Did you have a large budget deficits like the United States through the Democrats? Really don't want to turn the United States into Venezuela by having to print money increase. I bring inflation, then they will have to Oh Americans, the truth. They wanna tax for people at fifty sixty and seventy percent rights, not just the rich. You were, you are going to college now, you're, a junior in college. I imagine that you made a lot of young socialists. That is the that's. The rage right now,
You tell us what the attraction is too. People, your age to socialism, and when you talk to them, what is the aha moment? What is a thing that you say or start? Scots, where they listen and go. Oh, wait a minute! Yet! They do understand, what's going on in Venezuela once they hear from somebody who actually far from Venice wide by experience, I think that they believe that you know the travellers you're saying was a good person. Madura was not you actually explained them what's going on? They do changed your mind most of them. Some of them are just I would say you lost. Most of them. Do change their minds and are not radicals on something most Americans erotic, but that's why, when he too, to spread the word this way, and you know that's why I think that, when a swans and Victims of communism around the world are going
a very key role in the United States to fight against these lies with the Democrats. Would if we didn't have people who experience socialism, how would be able to find a here? You know, but our making a difference in your age group. I me one of the things that you say that aunt may, if there are any teeth, us how to speak to a millennial about socialism. I tell them about the facts, in Venezuela they'd that so, listen, doesn't led us to equality, which is what they want and you have to speak to be relating to their got your it's going to leave basically possible to change somebody's value, sorting current goals their society support their perfect ideal society so the reality is that socially societies are not equal at all there even more unequal. They capital is beside rifle butt, Daniel you. You have to understand that, at least in my opinion that capitalism has
ever been about equality. It's not it's about. The free market. It's about each individual. So it's it does. Create an unequal society, however, right socialism as you as pointed out, also creates, but they always say well, that's because it wasn't done right, but it also always creates an unequal standard of living. Even if it was run honestly, it would equality would be misery. It is true. It is true that capitalism's goal is not equality and I'm not China. That's Michael either. What I'm saying that it is very hard to to persuade somebody long conversation and tell them that you know they need to change completely the world. You right, I think, basically possible, show. What I do think is that you can persuade me Laney, often that's what I've done by telling them the truth.
Nobody will ever implement your ideas perfectly. Just like there are still subsidies just like no government intervention in free market societies like the USSR or com in any other country We want to live in a mere livable world we need to. Italy were country, a country of freedom and that's the allows or inequality. What is what does this mean to you? and to your family, when you see America teeter teetering this close We have never ever been this close to lie using the free market from the inside. Yes, what do these? It is Gary it is carried one. I came to the United States specifically because of my university. Sponsored me, of course, but I
I could have gone to you know to Spain. Would my pants, but I didn't, because I think that the United States is a country or what I thought. I still think, though, that it is less likely for socialism. We have in the U S, son in any other country in the world. Plague. Ronald Reagan sat at the the shining sitting on a hill and is the only one. To keep it that way for us to fight against this nurse ideology, not just here in the United They were everywhere around the world, because Spanish was exporting this ideology by funding socialist, let's abroad in Europe, a specifically you I have several Dallas cowboys. Stadiums, full of people. Listening to you right now. What should I do Perkins, know that you think. Maybe you dont, know or understand that the only a country safe from from false promises and lower far false promises on that.
Not every measure that the left will propose will take us to one as well but little by little, taking away or other freedoms, they are going to Aren't a lead us into a terrible society, a society that is stagnating like Europe or even worse, a society that declining liking, but its work so well. To do everything we can to vote to protect, to speak out in favour of freedom. That means lower taxes that mean responsible government. That means freedom to email. A freedom to trade, all these freedoms that are necessary for a country to slavery,. When you hear people talk about in America, oppression and oh, my life has been so tough- is at Heart you didn't say through and listen to its ITALY laughable to be honest. I understand that some people, like everyone goes, Very difficult thing, but, but I am unhappy,
I had even college professor tell me what's going on in Venezuela: it's not Irishman. What's there Low income. Individuals in the United States goes on. It's real oh because the United States- yes it has already, but for people in the United they see now: internet electricity, water, that's not what happens whom his royal arise, are starving and whenever how power how can we help the people of Venezuela? What's the best thing we can do, the best thing that day at the United States can do is imported currently doing precedent trump is taking the right action by leading the world in pressuring much. But to get out and what's, but what's the bed thing that we can do as individuals.
I think the visuals Winnie to advocate first for that much we implemented in the United States, but also we need to advocate for so that and support prison transactions. There are Congress people in the United States, such as you wanna manner to seek a barred or spreading I have outlined a swell agreement there saying that we, the opposition, are some kind of far right arm. The group like like, if we were to first when in reality we have a regime that is kilos and starving us purposefully, a genocide. So what it should do is support that change them. Redeem in Venezuela with our democratic president, who is one wider and push the kind it's in the region to take even more forceful action, so that much work and get out Daniels either. Demartino. Thank you! So much, I'm glad you're here in America, I'm glad your family is safe. We pray for your for your country of Venezuela. Thank you and I hope to talk to you again.
Daniel De Martino. He is a contributor from young voices and of Ex patriot. You can follow him and twitter at Daniel D, Martino. You can all find him at young, Tat remained young US dash voices dot com. That's a young dash voices, dot com- you know, I'm not having for lunch today is gonna, come as a surprise to you, too, what would it not gonna sell it really yet economic zone, You know not. Gonna have lunch tomorrow, probably also salad here. For the rest, my life HOPI, hopefully not a salad, do but let us on cheeseburgers d If it's really really fresh. Yes, if it starts to get little droopy now yeah and I dont really consider Mcdonald's. I dont really consider that. Let us I'm not sure what that stuff. Is that so any any
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but it new mix it into whatever you're eating or drinking, and you get every the need. Without ever going to the salad, Balmy s, brick house, not Tom Brick House. Glenn dotcom get fifteen percent of your first order. When used my name jelly and in a better, you awaits brick house Glenn Dotcom Offer Code Glenn second station. I e I think, people know how close we are to that, I mean, if you really think about it, you have people that I think most would recognise, are either socialist democratic socialist and we talked about the clip of the art. Written by a democratic socialism said. Our long term goal is to end capitalism period and that's the cause you Cortez Wing of the party, which is now every mean demo.
Braddock nominee and you may think well, they're, not people are not vote for socialism but when it comes down to a one on one anything can happen. Gazing anything can happen. If there's a if there's a scandal or the economy turns negative at the wrong time, any it can happen and you could not wind up with a Bernie Sanders as your president and that is changing the entire fabric of our society. I think it's amazing in the response to a o c on what happened with Amazon me first. Well, there's a billboard that was put up in times square is twenty. Five thousand jobs lost four a billion dollars in lost wages, twelve bill- in in lost economic activity for New York thanks for nothing else, she's coming back, say so. Some billionaire spent money on a billboard, there's no big deal with the people. I don't know the people or with you on this I mean I really don't know. Maybe there is a few people that are, you know, wanted to keep the lifestyle exactly the way it was
this the mayor of New York, the governor of New York, is pissed at her yeah, and this is your difference. You ve been highlighting between the hip Democrats and the They were replacement Democrats right as they get out the guy. She replaced would not, attempted to stop and Amazon Deal and by the way you? U Sage, energies with she says she's with people. The polling overwhelmingly shows that New Yorkers are in favour of Amazon being there. So this is what a Cuomo row Amazon chose to come to New York because we are the capital of the world in the best place that would do business. I don't think you've been there before governor. We can pee in an one, the most hotly contested national economic development, competition in the United States, resulting in at least twenty five to forty thousand good paying jobs for hours eight and nearly thirty billion dollars in new revenue to fund transit improvements, new housing schools and countless other life improve,
and bringing Amazon to New York, diversified our economy, away from real estate in Wall Street. Further cementing our status as an emerging centre for tech. It was an x. Ordinary economic win, not just for quick New York City, but for the entire region from long from Long Island, Albany's Nanotech centre. However, a few politicians put their own narrow political interest above their community which pull after polish is overwhelmingly supported. Bringing Amazon, Delong Island City, the states economic field. You're in the best interests of the people of the state, the New York Eight Senate has done a term as done tremendous damage. They should be held a coward. All for this lost economic opportunity. The fundamentals of New York, business, climate and and community that attracted Amazon to be here are talent, pool world class education system, commitment to diverse the Progressive ISM remain, and we
be deterred as we continue to attract world class business communities across New York stay. I will tell you. The Eu but he put the one word in their progressive ism that that's that's a job killer? That's a job killer, and progressive ISM is just the slope aggressive they slow progression from a free market to a socialist market, that's that's what that is, that's what getting now you're, just at the end of it so now you're getting the actual revolutionaries that want to get rid of the free market. Now she can and she was tweeting about this item. Think she understands the tax code at all. She understands almost anything she Not it all. She has a degree and economics, but does not my analysis. No, I know that. But how did she get mean? Be you should be be? You should be questioning their entire. If I had a kid that went to be
for economics? Oh my gosh, and they turned her out. I would I would ask for my money back how is When you hear her talk about, we can. If used all of that money and give it back to the taxpayers we could have. We could have used all that money in and built things. Excuse me vague, They give them a tax break. We give them a tax break so Zella you have that money sitting in a bank they come in there make money, you lower their tax rate to attract them. The taxes that they do and all of the workers pay go to rebuild infrastructure, etc, etc. She has no idea how the system even works. No clue the chief listen when she went to university, lessening TAT, Glenn Bank nurse did not
I want to tell you a little bit about gold line this. If you even listened, why is gold important in a situation like what, we're headed into while its import, because when you take the wrapper from the outside authors, chocolate and sides of hungry people are able to come and get it could easily. Why is it? Why is it important ya? Minutes fits the hedge against disaster for all of human history. So when things go bad you, of gold. There to be no, that is that system that set up. That's always there to be used. If you need it and man always gets arrogant and says we don't need gold. We have this doesn't matter what it is literally there's put their cultures in the world that have used giant rocks and the yes, rock was you know you were the richest man in town. That's true that doesnt work, gold
is always the thing that the world comes back to please find out if you should be invested in gold or silver. The real stuff call eight six six gold line subscribed to blaze tv laced, TBD com, slash back, I don't think they take chocolate coins at this point, but we're working on that big rocks. You have been running Eric early. He is an attorney He is actually a managing partner at his firm that is mutually involved in really complex lily matters of focusing on business, entertain and real estate, title escrow, related litigation, yadda yadda yadda, but how he also is involved in a case in California that every one should be paying attention to very clear cut
on the outset, but he is fighting hydra. His Clients are suing to block ins, inclusive eighty teach: in the schools in California and Eric joins us to tell him right now, hello era, Correa, I'm good, thanks for having you bet art, so the parents. They don't want to be inclusive, how hate mongering yeah why they are so hate monitoring this outfit that I was contacted about the couple months ago by a group of certain citizens in Santa Barbara, California They knew that I had run for California Attorney General's Republican. I had gotten almost a million votes. I'd never run for public office before and they cause, after me and they said: listen, we have a problem up here and we need some help.
And they told me the story that they had learned right about that time apparent and a teacher had gone to one of these programme. Where there are supposed to learn about the implicit, biased training and they were, they were told. They were they soon were separated out because they were white, they were, separated out into a group separate from all the other parents there and they He started being told how they were racist. Meanwhile People teaching this class had never seen before. Didn't know them. The parents, but he died about we're not raises the more they try and fight back the more they were attacked by these people. Called doing the teaching. So what this is amounted to is that the Santa Barbara, unified school district has hired a group called just community central coast, and they ve been working with this just communities group for several There is now a more than a million dollars and taxpayers funds and this group-
goes in and indoctrinated teachers and students and air programming is just outrageous, so so saw a a nonprofit called fair education. Santa Barbara was formed by these concern. Parents, and we recently found law suit on their behalf. RO courtier, in LOS Angeles, against both these school district, and this thus communities outfit, it is amazing Eric. Is it not how things have flipped? It's like we're back in the nineteen fifties, except why Is black and black is white. I mean that's a very good point and and things totally flipped, and one of the IRA of our cases is that We are bringing the case based on constitutional or statute, based on the? U S: constitution that were put in place to protect.
Minorities such as Hispanics, Asians, etc? Now we're relying on those statues to protect white people, the Sars when you talk about Inclusive III, job training what exactly are they teaching because they would make the argument. Well, of course, it's good to be inclusive. Of course, these things are ok. What? What exactly are the teaching her? Well just just stepping back a second this this this so called implicit by his training is being taught all over the place. Now it's it's required the sort of education. For federal workers that ever since sort of aid and executive order came down during the Obama administration as being more and more in schools, so implicit, biased, training in and of itself is. Is basically becoming the norm. Whether you like it or not, the problem with this group is, it goes way beyond the pale of
standard, implicit, biased, training and is Let me read you something right from one of the documents that these parents gave us, which we attach our complainants call forms of oppression and it's it's a short and left comets form of oppression and it uses says underneath that racism and then just there I did that. There's accomplices, privilege group, says white people in the target group it sells. It says people of color go back to the form of oppression comments as religious oppression, privilege group, christian people target Group, all others so Vincent behind of yet this is the kind of family that's being taught to the kids of this, in a unified school district and most of the parents out there we spoke do had no clue. This was going on in the schools I your kid would have to come. I your talking to your kid. They would have to go
back and say some of this stuff to you. Well, that's how some of these people have finding out about it. In an I've spoken a one pair and he had. I thought it was a great suggestion. He said you know we have to sign a permission slip for our kids, the gone a field trip, and we should have to sign a permissions lip if we want our kids, our young kids, to sit through this kind of training but of Where's the school district basically keeps it under wraps bill, say they don't keep it under wraps, but but they basically do and I M so now, thanks to our lawsuit, thanks to the attention this getting in Santa Barbara Peep, becoming aware of it. The thing that we learned in this case. The people also becoming aware of is the the school board up there, which hires, which hires this and is so enamoured with this. Just communities group is is made up,
Mostly of of these same what I call you all left social warrior types, it's really clearly troubling- and this is just another- exam- All about is creeping, you know a linsky ask. Kind of programming has been going on the schools and, and- and- and this is this is what the kids are learning grown up. Arguably battle if this will just be top being taught to kids in school, but this is actually costing the taxpayer there's a lot of cash to that it that's correct over the course of the last several years this school district has has authorize a payment of more than a million dollars to just community center caused the taxpayer funds and the latest contract that was just entered in October is for other three hundred thousand dollars for the next school year and at the end of its remarkable, and all of this is being brought to the attention of the federal court. So, yes, we ve got.
Some really important. Claims is a strong case and we I hope we will get the right rolling. Who is that group who makes up that group who sponsored that group who created that group this just community central coast? Yes, you know it. It started, I believe in Saint Louis I and its bright these, these sort of social justice tie very left wing and and basically like a cat like a cancer it it has spread out to California and they created a base in Santa Barbara Area and now we're trying to spread this orthodoxy throughout the state of California. It it's very troubling. You know one thing about One thing you learn about people on the left. Is there our graded, organizing there much better at organizing, then the conservative folks. I know you are conserved people I know, are much more independent even liberty below,
even in increase. Each and, and I want the government out of our lives, but these groups on the other side are just the opposite. They want government take over everything and make their they're just passion, Lee organised to do what they are seeking to do so you know they're putting up a fight they're using their there. You know typical tactics of stars. To try and silence us, but we won't be silenced and You know in along those lines we have a few people started, this fair education, sand, Barbara that are really brave people, because in this day and age, if, make these kind of arguments I am sure most your listeners know the kind of attacks that we become subjective. How can we help them well, W W W, fair education, dot org is is the website has been set up by fair education, and I would dare ask listeners to go to fair, education's out of work and
and read about what's going on, and I don't to the cause, it say: yeah, tax, deductible donation and supply this in any other way, but that you can think of. Are you? Are you confident you're going to win or well. Our law suit is very strong. And you know in this day and age in California, in the court system, you don't know what's gonna happen, but if the court follows the law and the facts, we should, when this case, big enough. But good luck, good luck, Erika and stay in touch with this. Let us know what happens. Ok, great! Thank you very much news for of this school district? You don't need three hundred thousand dollars to teach kids that white people are racist, just flip MSNBC for the afternoon I mean you can get this all over the place and very low cost for very long I let's just be bargain hunters if we want to call white people racist waiting at that
for the place for free. Why bother getting three hundred thousand dollars for it. At the very least, that's going to cost cutting what we're talking about yesterday about John Wayne. I think that's what John Wayne was taken apart yesterday I mean what and take away whether they can take part Linden Mains Johnson for all things. He said when I take a Woodrow Wilson Sdr when they take Margaret say to task for what she said. They're, not the excuse that John Wayne John we No he's gonna hire him. You know this, but he's dead We started to make any more movies. Why would you do that there doing that? So they can attack every single american icon and have it destroyed? that's why they attack John Wayne what he said in nineteen. Seventy one wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination. But who would have even known it and what difference does it make now John Wayne sought influencing anybody. John Wayne is, you know, is dead Tartu, doing you're dead at soda.
And how, in the is an application? And yesterday I had to say now: Liberty safe, is the best built safe on the planet bar none, but in making the ice cream locks yet liberty safe, who better Mary said: there's new locks for they ice Crusoe people can't steel stuff out your points in the freezer seriously, yeah they will actually voted a combination, pint locks, forbidden, Jerry's, only Annie. On the top of your ice cream and unknown can steal the rest of your eyes. Crazy. I've been trying to get liberty safe, just to put refrigeration and freezing, in the say, all the needed. That's where you would see. All your green valuables, which we asked anything with a certain fat, the contents essentials in Ireland goes a neck rose in their, so people can certainly right keep my chocolate in at a nice temperature. Freeze, snickers bars. Now now you tell me when I'm eating for the rest of the day, a liberty safe, sale now at your local Kabila's, and you can always
have the latest promotions at liberty, safe, dotcom liberty, safe Dotcom Bank tree check out the video at the top of their page it'll, be the best you watch all day. I mean besides this programme, liberty, they ve Liberty safe, best, build safes on the planet bar none. You can get a month, sale now at Kabila's or liberty, safe dotcom This is the land back programme. This is the Glen by programme there's a couple of stories here about a I that I think are disturbing? First, while new, I can guess what your gayer straight from a photograph, and then I thought that I thought that was sought. That was just us right. I thought we were supposed to stop doing that now. So smarter than us says it can do it, I'm very confused as to the
the level of aid is an interesting topic. Artificial intelligence because elicited Glenn, and it is all about how we can we could be basically dead. All of us could be dead now, of course, every topic Glenn brings the idea that we can all be dead, but this one in particular, is a real threat in a lot of people. A lot smarter than Glenn believe the same thing, but then, if this time it's a. I can guess whether you're gay or straight from a photograph and at this each time the artificial and elegance network of a gigantic company with the big company, almost in the world, backing a Google on Youtube. They can't stop a network of pedophiles from watching right, video oh right, with kids playing, unlike their highlighting when they're doing splits in their underpin their underwear and are always going and their recommending these videos. So you like, if you are,
these people, according to wired magazine, want to make sure. I tell you I did not do the research on this. My son is what those times I do not want to take credit for the research, but they went on in. And we're linking were watching a video and they were able to get recommendations from Youtube to go, watch videos that pedophiles or matching Underwood world, but underneath with time codes of when we know kid, Bend over in certain ways and all this other creepy nonsense and for some reason Youtube taking control of that with their whither. I now maybe because we're too early in the artificial intelligence game- and I mean you can argue maybe you think Youtube. Doesn't care, but I mean, I think, just for public relations they do care. I think they would love to stop this, but they can't see to figure out a way to do it. I mean it's weird: here's something really interesting: the open open, a I researchers work to come up with an ally that will do that will predict what your writing
and help you write with prompts. Okay, so at least it. Now, if you're on Gmail, do an uneasy, Amelia you? U it just suggest the words and you can pretty much just type just life going up who and clicking on the words. Well, opening I researched. Researchers have come up with something that is so good creators will not allow it to leave the laboratory. Here's the thing let me read this from the habit: the oars. The response was deafening, onslaught of clause clause and claws even IRAN was forced to retreat good hands dwarf said grimly, who had been a the first to charge the arcs. It only took two words: for their opponents, were reduced to a blood so quagmire and the dwarf took his first kill of the night that was written by a program that they
FED the trilogy into a sigh and said rights, this scenes for the habit for the habit is, is not I mean that sounds like a good We began one box. I feel it is its crew they're, saying that this is so good that they believe It could nonstop generate news that is fake, that everybody would believe it could on stop generate homework that would would pass. For four forgiving homework- and let us go to the eight oh yeah- allow- and all you have to do- is tell it what you wanted to do, and it will do it. I will say the eye is better than daddy doing it. They talk about their yes, I don't wanna. Do the kids homework, let the ay I do it. That's why I'm doing I did look. I tell me,
did my homework. When I was a kid I didn't, my parents did by homework when I was a kid now, I'm having to build volcanoes in class projects. This is wrong. It's gotta stop and we're not as good as they I were. Barely I here- listening TAT, Glenn Bank.
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