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Generous Giving | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Rep. Madison Cawthorn | 1/29/21

2021-01-29 | 🔗

There’s something terrifying happening in D.C., and it can’t be ignored. The first draft of California’s new ethnic studies program sounds anti-Semitic. A mommy blogger is being blacklisted for donating to the Trump campaign. Trading company Robinhood was hammered after it froze the ability of common folk to buy stock in GameStop. Bill O’Reilly joins to discuss all the news of the week, including Biden’s excessive executive orders, troops in D.C., and a new revelation about Gov. Andrew Cuomo and nursing home deaths. Previous guests who talked about their struggle to keep businesses open receive generous donations from Glenn’s audience. Rep. Madison Cawthorn discusses how he’s being called an “extremist” by his political opponents.

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well hello, America, it's Friday and the pace and the scope of what has been happening in Washington DC. Just in the last twenty four hours is sobering and staggering. You need to pay attention to what is going on, because the world is changing quickly. We'll give you the latest and it is a little disturbing to say the least in sixty seconds Ok, I gotta spoke in a world where who we are individually, is being rapidly absorbed into the folds of collectivism. It is
that that you hold to your identity in many ways and everything that that means holding on to your identity criminals trade in not only what you have but who you are and it's your to not let them take it. Well, it's your job to make sure you've got the best people around you to make sure that nobody takes your identity life. Lock is the best in the business. It's important to understand how cybercrime and identity theft is affecting your life putting our information out on risk. Every time we log on line, and now with our kids at school and many doing doing stuff at home. All the time is the easiest way to steal identities- and this is the best season ever- for those who want to steal your identity. Now, nobody can prevent all identities after monitor all transactions at all businesses, but you can keep what's yours, yours with life, identity, theft, protection,
join now and save up to twenty five percent off your first year at lifelike, dot com would promo code back, call one eight hundred Lifelock or head to Lifelock dot com and use the promo code back for twenty Percent off life, lock, dot com that all of US review our own attitude and say: yes, it is possible for men and women of goodwill to differ the United States. Capital needs a permanent security wall around it to protect the members of Congress. That's according to the acting? U S, capital, police. Chief. In a statement yesterday, Pitman said the security of the capital building must include Perma, and fencing and barriers a similar barrier to the one that was
halted by Joe Biden administration at the? U S mexican border because walls, don't work, as noted earlier this week. Even before September, eleven two thousand one security experts argued that more was needed to be done to protect the? U S, capital. In fact, two thousand six security assessment specifically recommended the installation of a permanent perimeter fence around the capital We gotta go in forest now, but will offence work here. Nancy Pelosi she said yesterday, That house members can pay for additional security measures with our congressional allowances. The house would likely need to pass additional funding for members safety because The enemy is within the House of Representatives.
I do believe- and I have said this all alone- that we want- we need a supplemental are for us for security for members, when the enemy is with in the House of representatives of threat that man, concerned about, in addition what is happening outside? So what exactly? Did you mean that the enemy is within? What exactly? It means that we have members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of count. Now? Can she provide any evidence of that? Well, She is now saying that some representatives have expressed a desire or have attempted to bring guns to the floor of the House chamber
prohibited their policy is ordered. The installation of magnetometer is outside the house chamber because of what happened on January six, She also said that representative Taylor green from Georgia posted a speech to Facebook. In February. Twenty nineteen, where she said policy is guilty of treason. Crime punishable by death that, of course, is incitement. Policy added what could they be thinking or is thinking too generous a word about what they might be doing? It's absolutely appalling, Well, they are starting to
they're, starting to close the cage, just a bad just because the enemy is within Biden has now created a by partisan court. Packing commission. Led by the democratic election lawyer, Bob Bower their path the courts. Not only are they thinking about packing the Supreme Court, but also all of the federal judges to change that system up a little bit so would be a little more fair.
Still don't have an answer for why the equivalent of to military divisions occupied Washington DC for the inauguration and five thousand troops still remain. We dont know why the F B, I won't give us any information. The acting this quote. The acting secretary of Homeland Security is issued a national terrorism advisory system, its bulletin that was sent out due to the heightened threat environment across the United States, which Ds De Age Ass, believes, will persist in the weeks following the successful presidential inauguration. Information suggests that some ideologically motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of government authority and presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fuelled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence. By the way Democrats yesterday introduced a Senate bill to make Washington D C. The fifty first state
Also Connecticut Democrat? There has proposed finding those who don't vote in state elections its duty and now you'll be fine. If you don't do it at least that's what one democratic is now proposing. President Biden also issued a made in Amerika executive order that everybody is loving, because the governments spend six hundred billion dollars a year on contracts, so he says we have to make sure that we are spending money here in Amerika. I am not making this up. Federal agency that is newly created. Now he is called the made in Amerika office. Acronym is m. A mouth
The purposes of the MO is to force other federal departments to spend more of their money on goods and services offered by US businesses. That sounds great, but you better be awake. Business The very end of the White House official statement about the new department. This order, quoting, is deeply intertwined with the president's commitment to invest in american manufacturing, including clean energy and critical supply chains to grow good, paying union jobs and advance racial equity. The federal government should buy from suppliers that are growing the sectors of the future and treating their workers with dignity and respect. So, if you don't, if you're, not all in on clean energy or racial equity,
not going to get anything from the federal government. Meanwhile, in non inciting news, a Chicago teacher says In person, schooling is allowing white people, kill black families. If we, return to school now, and we don't speak up now white parents will get us killed Do you recognize your country? We haven't even begun. Yet how do we solve this? well, as Ronald Reagan said at the very beginning. If we can't agree,
I disagree if we can't have logical conversations without being called domestic terrorists, How could we possibly solve it? It is time for us to stand together at the local level. It's time to get our teachers back to the classroom. It is time we stand together in peace, but with real conviction. I'm not going over the cliff with the rest of humanity more in a second. Patriot Mobile once in a while. Somebody comes and puts a new face on an old thing and you might see it in a new light and up until now, we've all just kind of gone along with whatever mobile company was offering the best deal and-
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call, nine seven to Patriot ten second station, I d You know I've. I say that we need to get our teachers back to school. And then I read this. In the fall of twenty sixteen California's, then Governor Jerry Brown signed into law, a mandate to develop and ethnic Studies programme for high schools in California because California, has adverse weather student body them. Most in the nation, three quarter, of the student belonging to mourner adieu of minorities and they big over ninety languages. Now that
Democrats Shepherd this through because of diversity, and they wanted to make sure that we didn't have any real problems with bigots. And they reminded us, ethnic studies are not just for students of color. But now we see what they have done three years later. The first draft of the ethnic studies model curriculum has been were least, let me give you, a few things in it in one sample lesson, there's a list of: U S: social movements, black lives matter, hashtag, to create an old justice reform And also the the boycott divestment and sanctions movement for Palestine, its described, in this new curriculum, a guy
bull social movement that currently aims to establish freedom for Palestinians living under a part, tied conditions, they say the baby s primary goal. The eleven of Israel Is not the goal yet Kaplan One of the people who actually voted for this and help shepherded in and now is freaking out point. How'd that the word knock bar. Is you to describe the nineteen? Forty eight Israel war of independence? This is the war where all of the arab world ganged up and attacked Israel they try, to get the israeli state to crush? as soon as it was declared well
it's known as the war of independence, unless you're in an arabic country, then? The arabic word now Acaba is used. This? Is the nineteen forty eight war of knock by that described in this California curriculum. What does Doba Mean catastrophe. They are framing the war of independence for Jews as a kid catastrophe Also in this new curriculum, a list of one hundred and fifty four influential people of color does mention. Martin Luther king doesn't even mention John Lewis or Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall
Although there are violent extremists in there and even a flattering description of pol pot The communist leader of Cambodia's Compare Rouge, you know, killing fields New curriculum is gonna, go through the California school system of six million children, and I quote, will Chris Sheikh Empire its relationship to white supremacy, racism, patriarchy, sister hole, patriarchy, capitalism and able ism, also their forms of power and oppression, it will be. The possibilities for post imperial life that promotes color. Dave narratives transformative resistance. Capitalism by the way is classified as a form of power and oppression in this new California curriculum and
classism, homophobia, Islamophobia and Transphobia all listed as forms of oppression, Anti Semitism is now, in fact, jewish Americans are not even mentioned as a minority group liberals, this story- is actually coming from tablet magazine, which is more of a leftist or or row left. Leaning, source, that's not exactly a conservative source the story, somebody about somebody who helped shepherd this in going thought this was good and now is ringing. The warning bell in saying this Is Anti Semitism? This is this, is
poison. Yes, it is. And I dont know why everyone, keeps talking about the Nazis and say that their only on the right there not knots these are socialists, they don't believe in the constitution. And you may not believe that some of us on the right believe in the actual spirit and the words of our, declaration of independence and constitution, but some of us do and some of us have been warning about this have been warning about Anti Semitism and the actual rise of the patterns of the nineteen thirties, for twenty years I have been mocked and ridiculed. Please They are on both sides, but aid.
The source of this is, how coming from the left, the hard left. Always include Anti Semitism. Yes, there are nazis. Yes, there are white supremacist. Yes, there are people who think they're protecting America by cleaning it up and Cleansing America. They're wrong, they're monsters. We stand together, but this the cleansing of the jewish people in curriculum. In California, What happens when you Jim, erase. It when you erase an entire people.
And you add the marxist who, by the way, was no fan of Jews when add the marxist code. Words. Such fight for a truer democracy. That's what mark said to refer to the abolition of private property, they were fighting for a truer democracy and Transformative resistance right: cool healing critical hope This is your new ethnic, studies in high schools in California. Wake up, Erica you ve got to get in front of your school boards and stop this get your?
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could be worse thing. Tat went through that much? Let me tell you the latest black list campaign vocs. And other far left media outlets. This occurs being to bright Bart today are true. To blacklist Kara Dumpling now she's a mommy blogger I didn't know what mommy bloggers are, but apparently she's a big one. She has one point: three million Instagram followers and He appears to specialise in helping new mothers. Get their babies to sleep according to her biography, she is a Mamma for neonatal nurse wife of a pediatrician and certified pediatric sleep consultant. She
has been featured in people magazine also she's been on good morning. America well If you do a search for her? There is nothing that she has ever done. That's controversial Why are they blacklisting her her Stu grandma count is stridently a political and geared toward her clients and businesses. But wherein the Mccarthy age she unapproved, unapproved opinions, has donated to an unacceptable candidate this is what they are saying now baby sleep expert on Instagram, donated to Donald Trump know where it is that leave new parents this, according to far to Fox.
finding out that an instagram influence or you love, holds a wildly different world view than you do. Can field weirdly personal now Imagine the disappointing influencer had not only impacted your style or home decor, but some of the most intimate decisions of your life someone you have turned to for advice on motherhood, pregnancy or post partum, depression. That's what happen with thousands of moms on the internet last week when baby sleep expert, Kara, dumpling, known by her, admittedly brilliant nom diploma, taking care of babies taking Kara, maybe he's and her Instagram account of more than one point. Three million followers was: revealed to have donated multiple times to the Trump campaign, January nineteenth and twentyth parenting forums and new mom groups? Jap chats lit up after
word began spreading on Twitter Instagram and read it Dublin and her pediatrician husband had donated total of almost two thousand dollars to the two campaign in twenty nineteen and again in twenty twenty. They put the four all elections, commission data and screen shot on Twitter and Facebook and the parents went crazy, now the baby's aren't only crying. But These progressive parents are crying to taken A baby star has risen directly alongside the importance of Facebook groups for new parents for any new parents who paid to have her online sleep courses which range from one hundred and seventy nine dollars. Three hundred and nineteen the news has come as devil dating some of the
despondent mothers, told vocs quote it's real hard for me to separate what I know about her, now from the sleep advice that she gives, I I can't square, that with a person who puts children in cages, vocs defend some horrible blue mark blue checkmark named Lurk Canavan, apparently hired double in at one time. But after learning about our trump contributions threatened to quote, start giving away the pdfs from her course. So no one I know has to give their money to her ever again. What's the message, America, as bright barred rights, it's a nice business. You got there the shame. If something happened to it. You know.
The far left salon is openly encouraging the blacklisting. Now they wrote like the cancel culture is struck again, to which I say good. As a result, she has deleted her facebook page and has been black listed by other baby influencers. Such the parenting site, be little feelings, who have one point: two million followers of their own dean, Margolin and Kristen Gallant who run the big little feelings, account unfollow, dumpling and said that our disheartened by the news, and they choose cannot defend. Though. Donations to Donald Trump. It was asked them to some wake up. Dublin is now defending herself. Taking care of babies is about helping babies, get sleep and parents reclaiming the joy of parenthood. That is, awesome, often lost due to sleep.
Deprivation between twice sixteen and nineteen I did make a series of donations totalling one thousand and seventy eight dollars to the Trump campaign with many citizens. There were two aspects of the Trump administration that I agreed with, and so that I disagreed with will continue to serve all parents by empowering them with the tools they need to help them Maybe sleep what. Are you going to do. This is going to come for all of us eventually now. The unstable among us. We'll say we gotta take a bar guarantee you. That will be the fastest way for Freedom in this country to become
Lately obliterated completely. You must, for instance, I want you to go to take Kara babies, and find her on Instagram and follow her. She had what one point: three million Wouldn't it be a shame if she had three million by the end of the weekend. Go to Instagram, taken care of babies. And follow her like her. Led her voice be heard. You know the other thing. Is we ve gotta? Stop doing business where we're doing business We can whine and cry about it. We can dig down deeper and say she don't tell anybody or we
stand up. Those with talent or money, doing something about it, we are currently, working with people all over the globe try to make sure that no man What they do our voice won't be lost that you and I will be able to connect with each other that we'll able to actually have banking services that we access the internet. God forbid, but if you don't see it coming and I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to the people on the left people dont even people on the left, the people who are liberal, then Not for Marxism, the people who actually believe in freedom, if you don't see it now you're Never going to see it.
We need to reach out in kindness, all of our neighbours who have said all this stuff is inhabit and show them the truth. Don't talk about it Printed out go to original sources sure that you can you can show not only the story, but also the evidence that the story is true. We go be helping you with this soon, but it is very important, I would burn these stories to disk. I think the. They are already changing history in real time burn these things to disk. To make sure or that there is a true record what is going on man, I mean
It'd things are so crazy. We interrupt this. Never ending dumpster fire for something us, flammable having, I know trying to find one less flammable oh here's one hears one hears one I cannot believe this is a story. Gay vis an actual story Man pays off fifty thousand dollars in student loan dead within a year by doing three hundred odd jobs. Now this this is a story about a guy I who went to college had a fit two thousand dollar debt- and decided. I gotta pay this off and so what did he do? He took
for a year, every odd job he could and he paid his dead off I know what, Crazy story right what country assistant I know, I I mean I don't wait a minute, I'm trying to get my arms around this. If you stop complaining and you are willing to do anything and I'm not talking about selling your body, which is not a problem that totally fine hey. What ever it is you wanna do press attention is great, if you, if you'll just do our jobs, if you will work hard, you can. Of your student loan.
Right? We now return to the american dumpster via already in progress. Why would you do that, though, when they're gonna probably forgive those loans, and I believe we have worked all these jobs for no reason, and can I tell ya Somethin Shelley's Europe's oppressed, you're being press every time that they say oh go to work oppression. Man come on, Man you have been offering to sell my body for wild, really know no market, no takers yeah highly, and there must be something wrong if it's, the currency is being devalued yet and allied have. What that, what I say is sell my body, I didn't mean for science doc. I did I So not even your kidneys are I I'm sorry, I give you a buck. Somebody else like now, but then we got to get rid of the rest of it. I mean it's just not good.
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A forged a foreigner now at last I saw was down to three something by the way: The Treasury has come out to say this view small utility- is dangerous goods. People could lose money. What yes, stock and stock market now could lose money. What would they would have told us that before there I got to be a mistake, right exact? Who was a guaranteed? What guarantees for you but guaranteed for those big banks financial institutions. Believe me, They need to know that, because they ve, never lost money; it seems, at least in the last twenty years. This is an ultimate commercial, though for Bitcoin and these crypto currencies as an item that way out up today, because people are I don't want this. Robin Hood was basically supposed to be. The
populist trading apt. That would no matter what we're always on your side and then in this big moment you can't buy the thing you want to buy and its its parts because of government rules right like they have to have a lot of money to back up all these margin calls and and and and all the stuff that's going on there. Kind of interesting and that you just can't get around that stuff. Well, must you gotta crypto currency? Then you don't any of that. How do you mean Crypto, I mean are you sure that Bitcoin Mark Andreasen is going to it's gone let everybody access their bitcoin. If the government says, excuse me, that's what I mean you can buy Bitcoin throughout when you're talking about coin base, bushes sort of the most you know commercialized like public, facing me no apt to do this, but you can do it in a million places that.
You dont want to be involved in that. If you want to be involved with coin base or whatever you can go to a million other places and get it in throughout without the government involvement whatsoever and no regulation a minutes, it really is it's that world at sea. Point eight. You know you never know the government will. Step it and do something with it, but it as free as you can possibly be without having that centralized authority to stop it but So it's an amazing thing to watch with game stuff, because there's all these guys that figured out like hey, we can beat the system here. We've got these guys and the system is like yeah. By the way you sign this user agreement. That says we can stop trading these whatever we want and I like it, such than the government- is thing out by the way. The part of part of the system that you thought you'd be is saying no, oh, by the way JANET yellin you're, you're, new Treasury, Secretarial she's great yes, she she was. She made eight hundred and ten thousand dollars with that hedge fund speaking fees. It must make good speaker
hello. America welcome the Friday because of Cove id. I am here today because the hospital let anybody in so we can't go in and be with my daughter who is undergoing brain surgery right now, and I would ask for your your prayers for her. Hopefully this will be the last time they have to do brain surgery on her to stop her seizures, and I would just really appreciate your prayers today. Are I it's Friday and Billow Riley is here, and I mean it's almost like there was nothing happening this week. His opinion, In sixty seconds, one programme. How can you, let me tell you about american financing?
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are bound to be interesting, to say the least. Now as the time to get a hold of your finances, make sure that you are ready for whatever might come your way now is the time to lower your interests payment card, American Financing, american financing at eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty eight, nine zero, six, twenty four forty or american financing dot net american financing. Nl Us one. Eight do through three: four W W w dot animal, less consumer access, dot, org! ladies and gentlemen, from his tour recently at Carnegie Hall, Mr Bill Reilly author of killing crazy horse and killing the mob, which I actually receive this week bill. I have it, have the copy
you're not gonna, get into a good. How difficult I gotta get anything you want, but I'm gonna Opera Mass on Sunday for your daughter, no thank you and then privately. Of course, if there's anything, I can do to help. There's not. I appreciate I, you never know we have a lot of cloud but Now there is an amazing hospital and it just is right. The odd with covered that People are allowed to be with their love, one one person is allowed in, and so she selected her sister to be whether the whole time- and we just have to wait in who can be of hospital care, be with her when she comes out of just so weird time anyway, bill. Where do we? Where do even begin with this week's news? So I was by you out it himself. Is this very
enthusiastic progressive this week. I thought he would he's in Tibet is a minor outside on the wily dot com was that it really does have. Core values, Joe Biden, saying that with any mouse button look at his career. He changed on every issue, including abortion. We really hard to change on that. Unless you have a penny given the other way. I saw you know, my assessment of buying was- and I said this throughout the campaign- and after you left Madam president, you're getting a malleable guy, getting a guy who's. Basically, gonna court favour with his party in the press and the two press that he is most murmured with other New York Times and washing impose
people do not understand the jaw body wants the approval of these newspapers and that they are guiding have more so than humor. Low Sea or any of the others, the Obama's that he wants to see those paper praise him on a daily basis. That is what he lives for true when you're gonna take that term. These are far left newspapers. They're, not moderate what the far left, the USA's Abed country, it always has been from George wash in a word, and we got a racket and build a new country regretfully, what excites lap explain to me, then, if he wants the approval, he is now up to forty executive orders. The fascist dictator that didn't leave office, Donald Trump did six six
in his first week, Joe Biden has done forty eight a world record president of the United States, and New York Times, came out their editorial board and said: stop stop with the egg. Active orders but you didn't read the full thing I did. I did. It said: stop because you're making he had harder for us to get off progressive agenda passed in Congress forever Because Americans are getting nervous, it was in school, being by for being a progressive alone. That's not what a wise it was hold it. Your strategy is not good or bad little so I thought you d in their work,
well, he was it was more than that. It was like. Look you're just undoing Donald Trump stuff. The first few were just undoing Donald Trump stuff, and if you want lasting change, we have have to go through Congress, but here's the interesting point on this item. I think that one truly understands Joe Biden means real agenda or the or the magnitude of force behind him. They learned from Barack Obama, you have two years, and you really have the first hundred days where everyone will give you a pass, so you got GM it in right now, before something happens and theirs it party organised or or anybody knows what to do. Everyone still too talking about the last president. Just do all of right now. I that's, what's really happening, died out. Just a great
because the very nervous, the progressive that they'll lose. Congress in two years time Want a jam everything up now yet again stone if possible, and drive the United States into a socialist state. That's the go around. They want the guy, meant to run the economy doll out to the favored groups. That's what the equity thing is all the more yes that comes from want, so I will tell you bill I've had it I've kind of have a different view on that and exactly what you just said and I've been saying the same thing: we're headed towards a socialist state, we're not were actually becoming an oligarchy. What what is happening right now is the The use of these divisions, the use of these favoured status, is very convenient right now, but the money, the real money-
it's not gonna. We go into those groups. The real money is going to these oligarchs. These giant companies and seals and those with connections and those who will play ball with the new. You know reset agenda of of climate change, union jobs, etc, etc. I think that remains to be seen. I think that these are marginalized groups, as president Bidness, cried them will receive a lot of favourable. Yeah. I agree without the only on the aside. I am not convinced that bear is a blueprint to enrich the social media titans by the federal government. I think that they are. They have an alliance, the left wing, Democratic Party, certainly allies with Silicon Valley, but you gotta remember that the
the amazons and the Facebook and the twitter they develop something that people all over the world walked in one's gonna, the bird tat they were mass trillions an amazing amount of power because of what they developed in the capitalist marketplace. Have anything to do with any politician. Now these people are incredibly powerful, as we saw with taking Donald Trump's megaphone await? You can do that to a president. You can do it to anybody. So I've started a free speech movement. Nay said very, very early I'll tell you more about it. Next Friday battering steam, it's gonna, be like to tea party at least then Americans will know what's happening because Americans, you know addicted to the phones, are looking at the screen. They don't really know what the big picture is, but I'm not
I'll be in yet, and you may be right, but I'm not there. Yet. I have two more facts that there is a collaboration between the federal government and Silicon Valley, there's a sympathy and alliance, but I don't think it's an organized. Collaboration. I think. Let me give you this you. You know about the made in America executive order. That says the government agencies are going to have to work closer with US businesses rather than paying foreign businesses, and it seems great on the surface. However, the made in America Office, which the acronym actually is M, a o mao Here they are, They say they are going to work Let me give you this. Let me give you this exact quote: This order is deeply. Or twined, with the president's commitment to invest in american manufacturing, including clean energy, critical, so
genes, growing good, paying union jobs and in vat advance racial equity. So what there What they're saying now is, if you're, not part of the clean energy, racial equality thing. If you don't have the right kind of people on your board. If you are not doing critical race theory, but that you're not gonna get any federal money, so they are Well, I do love changing businesses and bringing them into the fold, but there are very few. Private vehicles is connected to the federal government it's not an overwhelming about, but if you want a federal contract, you're gonna yeah, you know bring in rainbow of people to sit there and say yeah yeah we're having a great time work into Lenny. So let's get the contract. I mean should I'm going in, send you to send you a raft copy? The same were honest. Impasse yeah, but I'm not a conspiracy
a guy, because I know how incompetent the subtle government and any state government to what I I just clear, accurate you stop by I'm not a conspiracy guy either, except when there is a conspiracy it's not a theory. It's a fact and I'm gonna send you an early draft of the book. The great reset that I'm writing right now, Billy you, you have to see what they're doing in Davos this week it is. That now that some of these people act, I truly believe this is going to be great, but it's called stake: hold capitalism and It is now being they are saying this week. Capitalism is dead and It's going to be replaced with stakeholder capitalism, and these are the titans of the world. I mean the build back. Better thing: that's happening all over the world. That is about stakeholder capitalism. Let me
may change the subject. I want to take a one minute breakin. When we come back, I want talk to you about Nancy Policy, enemy is within the deed, age s advisory. That said that there is there's trouble coming and we need to have these federal troops and now they are saying we need permanent fencing around the the capital building, get to that in one minute, with Mr Bill O Reilly. First, let me tell you about car shield. Car shield has pulled my bake it out of the fire several times and that's important. If you got good bacon falling into the fire, you got somebody pulled out. That's good bacon man anyway, When you drive down the road, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your car is covered. If something goes wrong, you have to worry about. It. Car shield, when something goes wrong and you're driving down the road you ve got a cover
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promo code back and you're gonna save ten percent car shield dot com, deductible may apply ten second stationary Mr Miller Riley's joining us. It is Friday, the cat apparently needs a permanent wall now to protect Congress net. Pelosi said yesterday that the end He is with in the House of Representatives Lille, I think we should build a wall. Around her office, just just her off the wall. Ah, we'll find about that. Look, I'm sorry, I know your courtyard thinks that says there. No assassinate and Nancy.
Said the enemy is the end, then now think you don't think that's incitement bill. Fighting me. The laughter yeah, I don't know is that unimpeachable, I dont know good. They bought up things unimpeachable. He says all of this. Is nonsense I'm busy would real serious stop and, I have to say we added market to say, with all due respect. I dont have any respect for her. A new thing. Nancy Pelosi says I mean he could go out there. I I'm gonna get below Riley ten million dollars in equity funding. I wouldn't even listen. You know you could send a jack, but I probably wouldn't catch. It But I don't listen to you know these loans anymore. I just don't listen to them because they don't mean anything. I thought you'd be a wall around a capital, the nest,
oh god, I don't know what they're still doing there or they're all getting cold bid. You might give a break and send them home. I predicted your leader would not be one incident during the inauguration anywhere in the hall. And you are wrong area you're wrong. Add too far in Portland in Seattle were active in riots and they burned thing or not. Yeah? Well, I Oh, that's just a peaceful protest. Yes, what I saw what I saw dawn when the man with the bazooka and infidel to do so on. I was that I'm a little ok. So so, but you say, you're not worried about the National Guard being there. I am those National guard belong to the states and we don't want to normalize troops on the ground in our cities. The acting
secretary of Homeland Security issued a national terrorism advisory system bulletin? Now that the first time that's done since we- you Know- killed solo money and in Iraq, the DHS says they believe that They have information that some ideologically motivated violent extremists with eggs, with objections to the exercise of governmental authority in the presidential transition as well. Other perceived grievances fuel by false narratives good can t new to mobilise or in sight or commit violence yeah, the right, starred fire right, what this is in all its care. All Americans to think that anybody who opposes the progressive agenda I'm gonna, throw hand, grenades and your house. I mean that what to do so, but I big Americans a buy it now. I don't know
WWW Amazon behaviour by and ass their vile and analyses the pipeline on here. I I don't know about your town. We don't have a lot of white supremacist here on long Island, where they are, I they're around. They don't come outside though I am not reward about. Why don't, I just don't see em How long have we been dealing with these claims, and yet they keep making moves. And we all know that. That's not true, but at some point don't you have to take these people seriously when they're talking about when they describe people like you like me, like people voted for Trump there, cancelling those people and their saying that we need some way to reprogram people. At some point, don't you have to take them seriously, especially when they have complete the power and the de age ass is discussed,
being violent extremists, basically, as people who hold your opinion, while take them seriously in the sense that you organize against it, which is why we're doing this free speech, movement, our organizing against it. Pointing out the entire an anti civil liberties that these progressive are trying to avoid pollination. That's how you do it you know! Proclamation Department of Homeland Security, that I'm we moved down. Some client members on not really Well, it depends on who's in charge of defining what the plan is more with Bill O'Reilly in just a second. This is the Glen Back program.
Here's a fun fact. We're all getting older. And the one thing that happens when you get older, especially if you didn't exercise your whole life, I'm not talking about anybody. In particular, your body just to collect collapse on you and east, or to have more and more pain in his harder and harder to do to move around your joint start to wear down, the normal exercise of everyday life begins to catch up with you. Well when you have that pain. Most Our pain is caused by inflammation specially in the joints and if you're good. And threw it you can take over your whole life, let me tell you something that I have found that helps you? It helps take away the pain It's called relief factor now it's not a drug developed by.
Doctors and seventy percent of the people who try relieffactor dot com to buy more month after month, because it works for them, so just try it for one thousand nine hundred and ninety five and get your life back, Relieffactor, dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four or eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty for its relief factor. Dot com I got a place tv com, Slash, Glenn, provocateurs, Glenn, save thirty bucks offer subscription ablaze tv against blaze, tv dot, com, slash the lead, this is the global programme. It's Friday, Mr Bill O, is where this bill. I want to give you the headline the breaking news from CNN that I don't know if you seeing here it is missing.
Surprise you bill, and I wish it to be to shocks or hold onto your seat, require most covert. Nineteen performance may have been less stellar than it seemed oh shot less pillar, maybe less gentler? I love that way to say, because it is one way to say it. You are New York, they're, killing them they're, just killing them just for people around the country. Very briefly Andrew COM, or find an executive order executive order. Don't we love those? That said, if you have covered- and this was my told it first began last year you live in a nursing home. You have to go back to the nursing Army copy denied and you better not best around, even if they have covered, they have to be able to live in the nursing home
all did in thousands of death well you also where the others, the bigger step of the hospital was worried about being overcrowded and they had cove. Patients. They could transfer them nursing homes, which is why now we find out, finally, that the Nursing home deaths may maybe fifty percent higher than then speculation, right and this work generated by the far left attorney general of the state who is suing the New York City Police Department for protecting businesses during the riots last summer, So now you have progressives fighting progressive in New York makes me yeah and what I'm telling you this is gonna this movement
progressive movement is so radical and so authoritarian, because quote all essential is an authoritarian, doesnt governed by what the people of the state. And the state is gone absolutely down the drain, I'll remind everybody. You can order and who almost book on how great he conducted the the defense. He wrote a book on it. As pointed out in its old copies What we really well! Yes, a big family when, when you Do you know when you look at the governor? And you say he wrote it its clear- he didn't write it or Maybe that's why everybody died because he's in the midst of this crisis? I mean it didn't come out yesterday this book put came out over the summer. Yes
October as October, so he had to be writing it in the middle of the height. Of the recovered pandemic want another. You want another defence of the defences your brilliant saw. The charge is there The Cuomo administration under reported the deaths from Covina Nursing homes. Okay, so the defense is well. If they didn't die in the nursing home, I mean fall down on the floor dead. If they'd, I'd in the hospital for was so bad that ETA be moved to a hospital and died there. We didn't count it literally they didn't die. Thirdly, in all they made it out to the street in front of the home. They didn't count nursing home death. This is the kind of government that we have in New York is that what we are lacking a year. This is who
in charge. It is it's almost like Twilight Zone right yet is I will ride sorrowing, whereas it is it's not just New York Adele, though that's exactly the same. This, kind of government that we have now in Washington DC now all but not yet It looks bad, but not yet we're not at that without a California or you New York, level or illinois level, yet body, like what time is: what time is it? so we don't want to oversee on and by. We wanna rack him the basically passed away to get these guys, I mean I put on a cable news and one station by the double and binds were alone, is always allow and then so you'll abiding Saint Francis of Assisi, the greatest guy in the world
we're going to go back to normal temperatures. No one will have to wear a coat. You know, I'm just sitting there going just all bs. So what I like to you want billowy dotcom. My radio Charles I like to be Miss article back. I like to say here is what he's doing on Tuesday. Here's how it's going to hurt you right I dont consider the president. The only part of government I mean what you have going on in Congress, the Senate just were proposed. Legislation for Washington DC to be the fifty first state, you ve got people calling for investigations, and an impeachment of two senators you have people that are being just removed. Indeed, persons and government is is all for it. You a government that is out of control on turning a blind eye to left wing terror
then calling anybody who voted or donated to Donald Trump, a terrorist man. Ok, but this these are people who are lunatic and thereby the end by I don't know what's going on, but did not. They can't move the ball them still that's important, stand by. You can move the ball himself. He shut down a pipeline, but each other down. Just him now. Bravo told told to do it through Susan Rice, but he did it Now these other loans we want to have open borders. That's the latest in the house that any come here and has no punitive measures I guess I'll take high. Alright, it's not gonna get through agree with you that Congress is derelict, because there is so many idiots in it incredibly,
what did not on a democratic party back nine other than model on a democratic part. I know that I know that the bill help me with a future of unions, specifically the teachers union teachers Union in Chicago. Did a dramatic dance interpretation of the oppression of teachers going back in to teach Chicago teacher says: in person schooling allows white people to kill black families and I'm quoting, if we don't big up nice white parents will get us all killed. End quote you have teachers union being completely unreasonable. The safety measures in the schools which we have already spent billions on. We ve already. Done. Kinds of safety measures for the schools. They still say: they're, not safe. This is of control, and now
our kids are dying at a rapid pace. It we use still got the idea. What way way I'm yours, I get the educated not from cobra another kids, it known and allow the kids are dying from suicide. Depression and suicide rate is through the roof unintended cod. Who of not having a schools open or Illinois? Doesn't care The Chicago Teachers Union all the mayor, lorry Lloyd Light, but I will not give up you can open a school, we're not showing up Laurie, Lightfoot was responsible politician. Just like Ronald Reagan, with the air traffic controllers worry Lightwood. I said you don't show up you fire, alright, that's it you're gone and we'll get substitute teacher is not going to do it because that's what you do right now. I did analyze this again on bill dot com. Please check that out. So in New York City they spend.
Twenty nine thousand dollars a year on each pupil, every the Sami, Dolores twenty nine Keck, each pupil, the catholic schools in New York City spend aid. Thousand Sammy and the Loris GO to catholic school. Alright, so twenty nine for the public school to the cap School because there aren't any unions in his cap its course, the Catholic School Tesco workers or twenty percent higher than the public school stores bright. Eight twenty! Not now you can see what's happening, Anybody can see it that if you want to turn over your labor force to the unions and you're gonna have in efficiency. That's what will happen, and when you read killing the mob back has the first copy. I you'll see
How the union's in America allied with the mafia, you control labour and unbelievable. What happened for decades? I don't know who doesn't know this back. I don't either. But now you have you. You know teachers unions have gotten away with. We love the children, we love the children. No, you don't clear, this is not about the children right but what is their future because they are not going to do what is what How are the labour unions going to survive this when at the end of it, every parent left and right is gonna, say you guys are out of control. You're, not a public servant, you're, not making sacrifices, you're, not heroic. I hope happens. People rise up against these teachers unions
That's the only way the kids are ever going to learn and that's you draw the line at the kid doesn't know. Anything is gonna, be core and made me a criminal A man, this isn't about equity and it's not about white supremacy or slavery, is about kids not being taught in school. How did negotiate themselves through life? That's what it the bow, I mean it's big lie that we're a horrible country because we had slavery and now everybody's got to get a paycheck from the federal government to make up for that equity thing is reparations. You do know that they can never get direct payment reparations through Congress, so they do want it. This way, the back door, we're going to favor these marginalized groups and give them every, We can give them, that's reparation! Alright, I mean it's just such a big.
I put the media, fosters the lie and pushes it pushes it pushes it Which is why we need this free speech more better to fight all this stuff publicly, You carried away. No I'm just sitting here. Thinking that you know the DHS which you're not worried about is. Add that the reason why the troops are still there is because they are expecting, though, motivated incited by those who have pod, casts and false media narratives are going to have a free speech movement and that's. Why they're expecting the trouble come from, but yeah, but don't worry, I'm exempt because I'm exempt, because I don't have any
falsehoods in in my all, true right right and so can the media they can yeah. They have no falsehoods in the media. Unfortunately, we all disagree on a roof anymore. Yeah we're not going to in this free speech. Movement is no conspiracies. There's no hate! There's no violence there's no well because you're, a liberal, we don't like you We want liberals to be in the free speech movement. In fact, that was once a tenant of the liberal movement, everybody in the tent to say. Civil liberties, freedom of expression and freedom of speech is the core of our country and those who are trying to take that away from us we're going to expose by a fact based presentation,
That's what this movement is all about, not going to be anybody crazy or posting any threat, alright, and because that's not a violation of freedom of speech. If you threaten somebody, you have now abused privilege Bill O'Reilly from Bill O'Reilly COM. We look forward to talking to you tomorrow. You can get his book killing crazy horse. Pre order, the next one killing the mob wherever you by your books and bill orally dotcom thanks built up to next week. Ok, they love it. You daughter Thank you very much. Round of stimulus rolling out. You need to be paying attention to people trying to scam you and I'm not talking about the government. Although their fine example, I'm talking about
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one? Eight hundred Lifelock one, eight hundred Lifelock or Lifelock dot com promo code back save twenty five percent. Now This is the global programme, it's Friday. So last share year, the year before the government, where the government did this great thing where they decided to not, let vapours have flavors any more member that and they took that away and and they they restricted the sale all over the place and what we see now is a very long term trend of people, smoking that had been dropping for a very long time. Luckily, flattened out last year
so no drop in smoking. Thanks government for doing this. This is a wonderful trend. This is great, and so people in tobacco is thrilled. I know we had him on the road. I had him on the rope. I love this quote, though this is a guy he's, a twenty eight year old software developer in San Antonio he he gave up Marlboros for east cigarettes, run two thousand eighteen, but switch back cigarettes in late, two thousand nineteen. After all, these changes the government made- and I just love this crook- ass, the devil. You know he said I keep smoking its give me cancer, whereas Shaping, is much more uncharted territory.
Wait, wait, we're gonna, give you double cancer. What I'm gonna die, but chances could be that I'm gonna die even more excruciating with something we have no idea about behind one doors: cancer. The other one question marks I'm picking the cancer door. This is the Glen Back program
hello, America, it's Friday, maybe you've been beaten down by the week. Maybe you've just been beaten down by the news of today, but we want to do something great that will send us all into the weekend feeling good and it is something that you as an audience have done. You get to see the fruits of your giving in just a minute. Remember when we had those four businesses on that we're struggling and they told us their stories you gave so today we give to them, don't miss it. We begin in sixty seconds the Glenn Beck program, people who don't live with mild severe frequent pain, don't understand the extent to which it could rule. All your whole life pain that
and put you into a place where you're susceptible to feelings of depression and hopelessness. It damage does your quality of life. It's no way to live life, if you know, if you tried, you think, everything to get out of pain, and been tried, really factor, then take it from me. You owe it to yourself to try it ninety five for a three week, quick trial and the reason why it's three weeks because they have found that for most people, three weeks is about the time it takes for this to start to really kick in and work, and if you don't see any differences in three weeks, you're probably not going to see any difference, but If you do, you can get your life back. I have. And so many people in this audience have go to release. Factor dot. Com right now are called eight hundred five hundred and eighty three eighty four, it's relief factor. Eight five hundred eighty three, eighty four relief factor, dot com,
Let me go to Catherine Hill. She is the owner of Miss kiddies lounge. She was on with us about four weeks ago. I think grew up and animal lover and an advocate, and she rescues animals and she kept them are found them a new home. She was doing this. You know at the age of thirteen and she's been doing it ever since. Well, she opened up a neighborhood bar called Miss Kitty's lounge in a formula named Miss Kitty, because she saves cats. The rent was always paid on time. Every month. Everything was fine until the pandemic struck, at the same time she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. She underwent six months of chemotherapy, fifteen rounds of radiation and IRAN article mess act me.
Cancer has been a tough journey. She continues to fight and she kept her lounge going all the way through it. She was managing all the way through when the pandemic struck. Was closed down by executive order. She had no income, she was unable to pay the rent. And all of this, the started to really destroy her life by her. Her efforts were destroyed and her her landlord was not exactly a friend of people who are struggling, so she's on with us now high Catherine. How are you How are you doing good? The last time you were on, I think I you were one of those that I had to cut short on your story, and I love your story so much, and I love the fact that when he told you that we wanted to raise some money who you were one of the businesses we selected
You said I I don't want any of the money. If you raise any money, give it to cancer so you selected a a charity. Can you tell me about the charity? Well, it's all there half it's got a research cancer search first stage for which I'm stage for now- and so like very little cancer research money usually goes to stage for so my driver Why is that? I don't know okay so met a viper. What did they do? never send of the money goes to stage for cancer research. And so that, where chasing the science right now, I'm on a new drug leave a lot
for it when I'm on now is, was just approved in April. So we're just in the science. So that's know way. Retire. Well, I I'm thrilled to say that this. Audiences. Just truly amazing. They raised a total of two hundred fifty two thousand five hundred and ninety three dollars, We have for small business owners and something else him until the audience about, but that Mean Meta Vivor is going to receive a check in your name for Fifty thousand dollars Thank you for sharing. How are you feeling I'm better like this. The new treatment minors is a lot easier than the last. I was on self what are the doctors say? we're just hope? You now just were gone. To whatever hope you and live
best life now. You know I'm with your family hug them close are our thoughts. And our prayers, and I know people ridicule that, but I know this audience and they are praying for you and will pray for you and your family. God bless you. Thank you. Thank you. We several people that we want to talk to quickly here I don't know if you remember Joe Crawley, he is break away. This is a he opened his first restaurant in ninety ninety three: and he bought this property. Just many minutes out of downtown Boston and it was a it's a historic site. It has
great heritage and he really was working to bring it all back well and covid happened. They remain closed. They are looking now at a march reopening, hopefully The founder and the owner of break away is Joe Crowley and he's with us now are Joe how area Jerry there yes, I am hey. How are you I'm doing great good to hear again yeah. So tell me what is happened since we last spoke you're in pretty dire straits. The last time we spoke yes, while gland first and foremost my health is getting better. I know we spoke about and I had a heart attack in the bureau I'm getting stronger and better and in my family supportive and we're very grateful for that, as as an establishment was still closed,
We still have a full lay off of employees in the state, we're we're just now looking to possibly have a or an April opening which we're not allowed to have live team in the building. Yet People really do not want to commit to haven't functions and in fine raises and gatherings. So it's really a sit and wait. The vaccine roll out in in the state is banned on very disorderly, very slow. You hear stories about freezes being unplugged and thousands of vaccine scene or being thrown away. The elderly in the school teachers are having trouble, make an appointment, so we're waiting for food, sir
is to come up to protect our employees, and I think, when eight, when the vaccine role Roma gets a little smoother, we can start, I in reopening, maybe haven't smoked or cause it's when the weather trees. Ninety degrees outside, so you know not now looking gonna get outside nine that, for so many reasons, Joe come, the Texas, for so many reasons is a big fan. She wants be down here now, it's great so Joe. I I want you to know, that we have. This audience has raised just a ton of money and doesn't make a dent in what you guys are facing we have divvied the money up and we have a check for you. And break away for
Eighty four thousand five hundred eighty four dollars and seventy four cents wow? That's that was completely unexpected. I have no words, I I you know I will my crew, no and my management. Now as soon as we come off, the five, no words Glenn. You're such an advocate for small businesses within the last year and in your show, and I'm speechless. Know everyone. That knows me knows. I'm never speechless. Thank you. You're you're welcome. It is the audience. It's not me. It's the audience, we're all in this together. I mean I, this audiences small business audience and I grew up in the bakery of my at the back of the bakery of my dad's bakery and he lost his business in the end, and I know what it's I know what it's like to struggle.
As an entrepreneur and and a small businessman and lucky enough to be able to be a spokesperson for millions of Americans that share your pain and understand it and wanted to help you out la outside. Were wrong with this news that you're giving me now we're going to meet as a management group next week and we're going to start making plans to to definitely get that spring. But maybe sooner than we would have before maybe March. Even if it means bringing a dozen employs back we're gonna get right out with that fund and I cannot thank you enough. That's it's unbelievable! It's great! Joe. Thank you so much paid forward brother. Thank you man, it feels good. Doesn't it. It just feels so good. I dont know why, it's not that hard. It's real.
Not that hard, I do no, why our governments and are you know they ve- put these people of business and how they are not helping is beyond me but when we all work together, we can something incredible and something that maybe governments shouldn't be doing anyway. Unless you're putting us out of business right I to take California to the other coasts. Now cronies is a sports, grill and the the owner or co honoured Folds is a guy who started is first location. Thirty years ago, inventory California they say they have the coldest beer and the best Buffalo wings around. He has five locations and they last time we spoke in fact he's on with us. Now Dave last time you black good last time we spoke it was.
Really trouble for you you're still Are you open with outdoor dining? Or can you have you been able to open back up yet where we have five stores, but the Agora store is the store that my partners, I chose to defy the orders and and they are allowing outdoor dining again, which is kind of crazy, believing it was just an arbitrary decision, but my other stores inventor county they have returned to outdoor dining. Thank goodness because we were losing thousands of dollars every day, I'm not kidding. I realize that and you have twenty one thousand dollars in fine in fines right actually I just looked at it right now and it it's probably about more, like twenty four thousand dollars right now, because because after they allowed us to in L, a county to have outdoor dining again, they're still finding Now I today's debate, data you can reopened
doors. I dont know why they waited a week, but I still state open and the crazy thing is. If you look at this, I just have these numbers here when they closed. This down. Around November twenty night, there were two thousand and forty nine people in the hospitalization. Two days ago, there were six thousand two hundred and thirty people it triple, but now just say: ok now you can open, it makes absolutely no sense. I dont understand the logic. Are still logic. You live in California, man. I know alright. So do If we, as you know, our audience, has done a fundraiser for you, and we are doing this to me, this money out and we have a check for you for eighty four thousand feet. Five hundred eighty four dollars and seventy four cents well. Thank you.
Is it privilege and an honour to stand with you, I'm sure I can. There was some other people to live in a world where in a bind man, but but That's very cool man, good people! Thank you. So much Glenn you're welcome Let us know how things are going to make sure you may You stay in touch, so we we can here about the amazing return You're, the man, the man Glenn. You have good people best for you. You know I have the following you for a long time now. Thank you, solid man, and I am I think I might even get a guilty going like you thanks so much. I appreciate it. Buddy you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I and thank you enough as an audience for what you do.
Who, for so many people, around the world. You have Literally saved lives. And your changing people's lives every thing good day, and I can't thank you enough there's, one more story and one more check and one we didn't tell you about, and I have to be cryptic on it. Just out of respect or the people involved. And it's a story, you don't want to mess and if you think You have done good. Wait until you hear what you have also done I'll tell you about. It sixty seconds aright just talking all these restaurant owners, I'm hungry ruby. About you. That's what you got out of this last one I got out of it yeah! That's what I got out of these business owners who are fighting for their lives and you won't win. I want it. I do
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I. I told you a little bit about the fourth recipient. Before the holidays, and to me it's the most tragic of them all. It was a small business owner who was in so much pain the inner turmoil, the depression that came with this of losing her dream. As she just couldn't take it anymore,. These lock downs are going to are going to affect us and our families. I think, for decades to come. The way this has been handled and the isolation that it caused
It's taking lives in more ways than the virus itself, her is now hoping to sell the business to a new honor, but she needs to pay off their debts. First, Can you imagine having to bury your child and then, a strap with debts and Trying to sell all of the stuff just to pay for the debts. Because of you. Her mom is getting a cheque for everything that she needs to cover those debts The twenty five thousand dollars is going to a grieving mom, so she doesn't have to worry about all of that. On top, you are a remarkable group of people and.
I want you to. Really understand the positive impact that you have made. It seems as though every day there's less and less that we can do to effect anything. And there's so much anger and there's so much hatred and so easy to fall into that, because you feel helpless. I want you to know that together, we're not helpless together. We can go in another direction. This is the battle against darkness and we need to be a very bright light and you have done that litter. From coastal coast today, and I Thank you for that. We're
try to do it again, maybe next week or the week after we'll find some more businesses and some more people that we can change their lives, just by banning together. This is the program, I don't know, I don't know why. I have to do in Alma stakes: commercial, followed by a wreck: tech, commercial, when I'm doing is craving food right now. This is really not helpful. Wreck. Tec is checked. This amazing grill us ogre. You couldn't I mean you'll make you can make Kay. In bread in it controls the temperature so well. It is just rock solid you grill past Tomahawk state in it whatever it is that you are looking to do yes on my grill, my daughter has put tofu on it. I,
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Madison Concord and AIDS Generation Resident North Carolina, eleventh congressional district. Twenty fourteen yearly died in a tragic automobile accident left impartially, paralyzed and in a wheelchair, his ordeal really built his faith made him a fighter, helped him appreciate every day and in spired him there everyone he encounters overcome. Whatever adversity they face in their daily lives. He's a cop, The additional conservative Madison is committed to defend the values of faith, family and freedom he's the youngest member. Now of the hundred and seventy seventh Congress, Madison Catherine, not represents the residents of fine. Now, Carolina, but also young Africans crossing nation want their voices heard in the highest halls of democracy. He is under attack
as an enemy of the state or the enemy of Congress. We are joined now by congressmen, Madison Catherine, Madison how area when I'm doing well, thank you randomly on my show and it knows admiration I am under attack by call the mainstream media and by really Socialists in Congress The number one way is, I think, a laughing in it. No surprise we knew this was gonna happen is to get the people in my district here that they had. It throughout every election, you can send someone who wears castle loafers, pleaded pantheon and is gonna. Go and you'll get along with everybody, a b c and united and the people who signed onto a bill but you're really just a month ago, these include the status quo or they could not chosen to send someone like me.
But he who wants to go there and destroy the administrative state, get rid of what we call the swamp creatures. He bureaucrat who have are not a what did, but they are appointed in the mayor of their promoted. Within these three. There are eight seas and then they pass ridiculous regulation, the bombing they don't. I was at a want me in there because I'm supposed to speak out against radical agenda being a rule through executive order and be able to tell the american people what to do. I want to do it. You know I say again that in fine hated it within Washington DC of work in my bones, Watchful Carolina, they gonna go You have begun to us at the rights or so Alexandria, Curzio, Cortez yeah sturdy risk, I wanted to TED crews. When he said a we can work together. She said I'm
I'm happy to work with almost anyone other than the G o P, whose try get me killed, if you want to help, maybe you can resign. That's Are you dealing with her at all is a menace. Learning relationship. There is well, there is not. I think that speaks to the broader issue that we're seeing in our culture and now it's seeping into our government. It's called cancel culture there you don't exactly brood, every ideological point that I do so I to get. Would you not be This has been calling it near peoples in Dubai. You heard it over and over people calling for music A courtier unity, the glass this many times my trolley courage that it is well known talking about american unity. We imagine it was under our awaken. Nor or you know, one December December. Twelve after the twin towers smell that kind of american unity,
they're talking about Soviet the kind of unity where you silenced everything of boys of dissent. You have absolutely no firstly of thought, and therefore everybody agrees with ape like an imperial Rome and they were they would go somewhere where they were enemies. There was an uprising, they would kill, everybody create a desert and then they would go back home and say: look I brought pieces to the legion. That is what these people by unity, and I'm telling you it's war is not conducive to a healthy and prosperous society. You're. Having doing ideas is what leads us to making better decisions for the american people, so Madison we can and we have unified before but we have to have principles in common. We do have to have policies in common. We don't have to. I have faith in that we don't have anything really in common except a few principles and those
principles, everybody raises their hand to say I will protect and defend those principles. Are they Are there principles we can unite on Madison? If we don't, I know you, we don't agree on the ground. Attention and bill of rights. There are no rentals. We can agree under the earth. People like oftentimes like to like referred people at myself, Josh Holly, Matt Gate had coups. They say we're far right, but I can. A winds were here that, because, as you know, there's no such thing as far right for me. Do those who think it is right for me there is over. The constitution. That is the only thing that guides me. If you do not agree with that talk with you- and I do not see I- we cannot governor of the bank. Or maybe you see, dubbed oil seeds tat bring her up again. She
all in all? He said it is perhaps time to start a commission to look into it this this journalism, so dangerous that mean getting rid of freedom of press the press. These people wanted what we can say so that they can control what we can think about, and you see throughout the cuban eighteen pandemic, trying to control when we can call when we could worship where we could get together? You know Seventeen. Seventy six, the way the seeds over out. Of our freedom were planted. It was done in taverns, it was done in churches and it was done in town squares, but they've gotten rid of the new town square. So you can't really speak your mind there on social media You can't go out to a bar anywhere in the country, and I'm telling you I was going to church. So what do you see as the the main fight for you? Where are you, what are you gonna concentrate on cause? It's everywhere so what is the thing that you say? This is where I can be most effective.
You know what there's multiple points. So on one side, I am elected to help with people in my district and now that we're moving into the era of big government under the Democrats now my goal, to get as much money as they are. We can give back to my district, although I completely disagree with it. I think it's bad for the entire countries, economy and prosperity in the law, turn. So you're gonna be working on infrastructure of work trying to get more worldwide. But you know what, when I'm really trying to cross boundaries, boundaries and break into new people group that don't think conservative thoughts is I'm wanting to present the concern of ideas of limited garbutt self determinants of personal responsibility, I'm wanting to bring those and package them well on social media that people of my generation have been deceived by socialism can realize that you are Our policies work. Our ideas work, he's right now. You are many people. My country in this country
They are only be exposed to what the left is telling, and you know the left is tell him that everyone on the right is xenophobic, bigoted races, and they were all educated my friend, you know what if they want to attack people for not having a college education, I got to push back on that and say that I think that if we had less people when student eyes more people way work good, making legislation, decisions in our country. We be doing a whole lot better What does your life been like said? The election. And men. Entering into Congress Anything you been surprised by so I'll see you ve been, but a tale to city. On one side, I have created a lot of enemies inside the doorway of Washington D C. On the left to test me because I'm willing to stand up and speak out against them.
They know that I've got that my own platform, so I added I don't need to bow down to these journalists who think that they can determine everything that happens in this country, So sometimes I go to Washington. I feel pretty as soon as I back Watch North Carolina ICE Cream love thankfulness rebuke to their excited absconded actually represent their viewpoint and people the real I just like you saw how the ass you see in not allowing young just normal everyday America to build a bead hedge fund manager. I just blew software. The election they didn't want normal everyday Americans and was ass in all areas and determine the election outcome when I go up there and speak out against this. These people have to test it, but the people in West North Carolina, the people I was elected to represent. They love it in the autumn, a lifetime to get to serve them in the left, we ve talked about her on this programme several times greatly since nine eleven
eve you, you know, Nancy Policy is talking about building a fence around the capital and that she is feels the enemy is within. I gotta gotta believe that makes the Republicans feel good the enemies are within their surrounded by people in Congress that want them dead. According to Nancy Policy and the best to keep Congress safe and for the continuation of our of argh of our system of our government in case of a horrible terrorist attack or Something else you know God is next, the building with lightning or something the best way to protect, is to send all of the congressmen in the Senate home. We can Do all that you do electronically and You then, are more responsible and more plugged in to your local area and
you don't lose touch with those people, and those people can actually not lose touch with you. They don't have to go to the hallowed halls and see everybody all puffed up in their big. Offices in in Washington DC their protests. For continuation of government their protected, corruption, at least easy corruption. It makes the Lobbyists have to spend a lot more money flying all around the country I don't know why we haven't propose this in Congress. Yet well. You know what I do think that there is something to be said for all this coming together and sitting down a creating relationship. I do understand what you're saying you: gonna have actually made the decision. Other, create a lot more stress on meal or travel time I do not live in Washington DC. I don't have a resident there. I sleep in my office,
and the reason is that what you just said, the boy I dont want to be an innovative inside of Washington DC. It ought to be my whole. I dont want to feel like a normal, so undesirable, back home in my district, so I've got to fly a whole lot more. My wife is my wife. Is here my my church to repeat my friends, and you know what gotta go out to cracker, whereby I've gotta go to the guns you I've gotta go to church, in my Did you can look me in the eye? They hate Why are you always bill? Why are you doing is? Why are you backing down? Why don't you have a battle, and you know there's a lot to be said for that, so I don't think we should allow our congressmen and women to be able to live in Washington DC. I think that's the reason they put it on top of a swamp. It is yeah. The only thing is. I do have a little bit of concern about doing call this through electronic means if I look at the history like really when the death throes of the role of the gravity is right,
The aim is to the far there's really loves centralisation of power in almost nearly what they call proxy boating gluttony Give that some more thought there is something to be said for living in your district, which I committed to do for my turn Congress Madison. Catherine. Thank you so much best of luck and keep up the proverbial and metaphorical fight in Congress thank you so much in your page it do as I blow was talking ginger. Moving is just like this gnarly ride me I mean a few months ago. I got orders in the end. The ino keep me, keep my happy bud off these skateboard quad. You know and no more hang you in my bros goods of covert or whatever else you know does it. You know, but no way, man another. Do it time to get out of California. Maybe
axis booted glide in my stride, you dig, you know: who's gonna sell my house for me play cousin, because like took class or whatever class going whatever be Rad will sadly That story ends with Chet, never making it out of California. He was killed, unfortunately, in a free, catchy sack accident agenda. Cousin, really didn't know squat about real estate. So he was there too long and and the dreaded hacky sack thing happen. What do you know about real estate? how do you find a great real estate agent, I didn't know this until I started working with what the Wall Street Journal says, is the five hundred best real estate agents all in the country, to know these people know their practices and we put together a way for you to connect with some of these people are really really the best in your area.
Have to do is go to real estate agents. I trust dot com, this a free service to you will send you the name right away and the phone number of a real estate agent. You can contact him, do your own interview, but these are the b that we have seen that actually sell the most in your area. They, have the the right credentials- the write history, the right temperament many of the more hair fans of the show, so you're dealing with people who understand you real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust die me, fix or will bring wasn't. Do the welcome to the programme glad that you're here today it is Friday, when you have planned for them, can eating. Erodes while you just spring that question on me and I never have an answer at all. I have absolutely no idea, but I dont know it's coming up! I never think about it more than one minute advance, closing
about going to Argentina see life, is like down. There may really here, Vienna, Argentina, maybe just find we know a little place too. Live down there in Argentina, next the penguins and just be like well, it things get, Here I can always just shove off and maybe go live in the south pole. You know what because, because of global warming, you can't do that because of conservatives like, like you know, that's the truth. Well, good thing: we John Kerry in their cause, he's gonna fix it yeah, I mean it's, it's an interesting sign who did a little thing, I'm astute as America, the climate on Climate Day yesterday, and you realize that, like even though Biden has sort of claimed like a moderate on some of these issues. You bring in Joe John Kerry as you
representative here's a guy who has been one of the most extreme members of the Senate when he was there. He spent a lot of his time as Secretary of state pitching climate nonsense all around the globe ever since he left he's been doing this now. Of course, if you look at his footprint in an tuck it hey hey, just because the a minor just because the man, the ketchup king, happens to have a private jet sure you know what I mean he needs. He needs it because he's the better the reins: don't apply to him. They apply mass. It's like
you know, I'm so sick and tired of saying that these people are, they don't believe what they say, because I mean like JANET Yellen yesterday and the Treasury coming out and saying hey. This has got to stop. You know with the stock market. What's going on with game, stop the fact that she gave a speech or two and got eight hundred and ten thousand dollars coincidence from that particular hedge fund. That doesn't make her a hypocrite or, oh god, you know suspicious at all no same with the jet with John Kerry, what they believe, leave a dip deeply and they're just different than us, better, better, better, better yeah bill back better! It's Glenn Back programme,
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