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2018-08-09 | 🔗
Hour 1  Muslim children terror camp busted up in New Mexico...police said the kidnappers found were 'extremist of the Muslim belief'...Linda Sarsour's has a very interesting connection?...of course the media is in denial; NRA has nothing to do with it?..."I wish I could take their vagina's away"? ...Is Alex Jones is worse than Linda Sarsour? ...Glenn explains why 'fake news' happens? ...Just another good o'l Father/Daughter date? Hour 2 Get ready, because Socialism is coming?...Meet Rashida Tlaid?...the first Muslim woman poised to join congress? ...Caller, Dan from Georgia challenges Glenn and Stu on techniques 'fake news'? ...Sen. Dianne Feinstein's ties to China go way deeper than an alleged office spy?...Senior Contributor at The Federalist, Ben Weingarten joins to tell us how just deep?...the media has minimized this story, due to the lack of public pressure...will this take Feinstein down? Hour 3  The paranoia from the Left about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is still soaring ...the odds are not great that Roe v. Wade would be overturned? ...Andrew McCarthy, Contributing Editor at the National Review, tells us more about the suspects detained in the New Mexico terror compound bust?...apparently the FBI has been investigating this compound for months and took no action?; Thanks to Obama administration policies? ...Why do we need a 'Space Force' (6th Branch of the Military)? ...Vegan's introduce their diet insanity to cats and dogs?

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The Blaze radio network on demand back. She hottest training, Champ found in New Mexico vat. is the headline that should be everywhere in America today. Let me say it again: g oddest terror camp. found in New Mexico. So the one you're reading, though, is it I would ask you to check out MSNBC, see other reporting, this story then orally find it newsworthy. As just a few minutes before we went on the air. Imagine that what about CNN there headline reads: children found in New Mexico Compound training for school shootings prosecutor say that's it a headline which leads to all kinds of fake news on Twitter or Of the people saying thanks Dana Lash, the inner ray
of the people who are now bedding that this is an ant member. Why? Because not including all the details in the story, so let's do that for them, You decide what the stories about here's, what we know so far, police rated, a remote New Mexico property last Friday they were looking for a missing boy. Now here are the details, see if there's an overriding theme here, that ginger, headliner too. A Georgia woman had reported that are six son was kidnapped by her now separated husband. The He had driven all the way from you just to New Mexico, perform. It needs Lompoc ritual on his son. It's called Rook YA.
now the arrest warrant claims the father wanted to perform an exorcism on his child. But the mother said it was a translation error error how can you screw up a word like exorcism? Well I'll, come back to it, see if you use the word exorcism, oh well, thou now now, therefore, now It's a compound training kids to shoot kids out in the middle of nowhere performing exorcisms? What does that sound, like stew, ah say it's a tough one is how like Malaga Muslim or a christian camp I was gonna. Go Jehovah's witnesses, ok, market sugar, the alleged
tapirs name is Sir Raj were hygiene right in the pocket of her Jehovah's witnesses? Yes, his family, let's just say, has a little bit of a chequered background. His father is in New York City area, a mom that heads a mosque, their thoughts sense about a dozen except. He was also named as an unindicted co conspirator of the nineteen ninety three World Trade center bombing, me was also a character witness for the defense. Of the blind friggin sheet and in nineteen ninety five, a character witness when police were arrested, the New Mexico property they found eleven children ages, one to fifteen. They were dirty. barely dressed, and had no food or water people People who do this for a living said. This is the worst swore Are they have ever seen children found in the House was made into a makeshift protected compound with,
tyres in wooden palates, creating a fortified wall. Why? was or were high, was armed with an eight hour fifteen and for hand guns in tone oh five. Adults were arrested thanks a lot and are a three women all wearing islamic headscarves and two men got any themes. Yet I mean it sounds like I mean like its directly from the National Rifle Association. Chris right. Now it is Lama, extremism may be involved here, what we EL, the Taos County Sheriff said they consider, the kidnappers were considered heavily armed. End quote: extremists of the muslim belief end quote: that's the police, and
I quote, let me give you the CNN analyzing. What's your motivational, I dont know because they may never know now see an end headline. Is children found a New Mexico compound training for school shootings? and extremists of the muslim belief end quote: they also said the school the children were being trained to perform school shootings. Oh and let me just go back to the exorcism met, messed up, translation on the word exorcism tax. Pretty easy to explain and this does make you and extremist. I just want to point out. There is an exorcism. It's a right in Islam called, I think, its rocky its. Are you q? Why a but hottest use the same word as exorcism or are you q? You went out when they Ray over sick person and I'll just any sick person, when a Muslim believes that
child or someone else is due to is sick. Due to western medicine, they have to perform this ritual to get all of the western out of them. You know the Crusaders in there evil. Modern day medicines have to be taken out, through religious ritual, they don't unlike muslim extremists at all to me. Do you know why haven't they even snifter tie so far other police saying it directly So let me ask you this. How does anyone know these facts and, right. The headline children found in New Mexico Compound training for school shootings, secures say what Oh prosecutors also said they were extremely of the muslim belief. That interesting, well,
You don't want you to focus on this story, because there is something else that came out overnight. This guy, who is running this camp yeah he was a on I want. I want to see. I want to get this exactly right if I have Here too, I am yeah you're I have it. I want to use the exact words he was a quote mentor motivator and courage or of mine. You know who said that
Linda sorcerer, it's Thursday August nine? This is the Glen that a programme hurry. So let me just whose let us or whose that I have is that the rights of right wing accessed gone activist I bet, is Edina Lashes, brother. So let me let me explain to. Anybody who doesn't listen to the show all the time or if you happen to be listening, you know it media matters or wherever This is why Americans don't trust the press. Yesterday there still going on about collusion. They have nothing. They have opinions. they have speculation. And most of the news, is opinions about
population, they don't have any facts. when they do, have facts and it doesn't fit their narrative. They dont cover it This is a really big story. When you look at just forget about Linda source or for a minute. When you just look that we have found a muslim extremists, terror, retraining camp. We're training children to go in and killed. Children is there a more important story than that today. Is there a more important story than that to day. I have said for a very long time and if we have time today we're gonna cover this deadline. Is the thing that would do Troy. This country would tear us apart, and that is what happened. Embezzling Russia, Chechnya, in extremists, muslim extremists went in on the first day of school.
And slaughtered. These children I mean it was horrible? You I remember it had happened. at the same time the Chechnya and extremist took over the Was a theatre, a ballet or something like that in Moscow, and they Having the gas all of those people. This was this was terrifying. Absolutely horrifying what happened? and it has been a shock to me and thank you FBI. It has been shock to me that they haven't done this yet well Your training fifteen kids to go in, schools and shoot people who What do you think that would do to us. and who do you think would be blamed on Islam or the array. How many people would defend The actions of these terrorists
blame it on Vietnam re even if they knew it was. Well I'm extremists camp you would think many in the press. so it's it's not just Our agenda on the end array that is making them so leave out all of the islamic extremists. It is also there there No coddling of Lama, extremists the out and out didn't die all that these things are happening in our country. They do. Want to say those things, but The story goes deeper, The story goes to Lindisfarne sore. now who is Linda. Sorcerer founders and heads of the women's March, are really let me look the with women's March that is going against Trump. Yes, in the same women's March, that way
and she brought all of these big leaders of all of these radical groups and the Democratic Party. In to see Louis Farrakhan. But it was no big deal no big deal that lady. Ok Linda sorcerer, you mean Linda's our sore the one who advises councils with the heads of the Democratic Party VAT Linda source, Linda, sorcerer came out at the last Isna com conference. and this is how she started her speech- they person in this room mutual, as amounts right were hard, who has been a mentor and motivator and encourage or a mine, someone who has taught me to speak truth to power and not worry about the consequences. Someone West, only that we are on this earth to please alone only a law that we are not here to please any man or woman on this earth sign grateful to you, imams Rawdon, you may,
this is weird, but every once in a while, when I get into that deep dark. It's a mouse Roger comes in talks to me, and then he helps me to emerge out of those spaces, so grateful to announce ride may locked bless. You protect you working for along the kind frighteningly, because we need you are now more than ever. We need him now more than ever unfortunately, a law did not protect him because his ass is rotten in jail today, because he her mentor. Was training fifteen kids to kill other kids You ask yourself: why isn't the media covering this? Well because this will hurt? The democratic party that's why that is the only reason why this hurts the narrative of the left
the narrative of the left that all of Islam is peaceful. It is not about tat, percent is not an a lot of people the the islamist states they are cruel, brutal is bad, is any Nazi ever was, but it's against women, not just Jews, women. Homosexuals. What the hell you doing it. fellow Americans who vote differently than me, but you still have compassion and I'll heart. What are you doing this, People want to kill them to kill homosexuals. They will abuse women at work, sturdy. I posted something on Twitter, it's it's! It's in Arabic, I guess. Maybe we could play it, and I could read the translation to you what it's it's an
Rebecca guy on the streets in the Middle EAST asking what would you do if you're, if your sister. Went out and got a job. I killer. that was the answer. I'd killer. Why because she's dishonourable me, she's disordering my family, over and over and over again pleased talk to me about how oppressive the hierarchy here in Amerika is: can we focus on something a little bigger How can you possibly possibly lay any ties down with people who believe that well- I don't know who those people are. Okay, we do know this Linda's SAR Sore a purse. The d, a and c is in bed with deeply
Linda SAR somebody that the media, all just airs, like she is some princess from Heaven. She's a radical it's not a one off that those. People were sitting with Louis Farrakhan, it's not this was her mentor. in Amerika this so the kind of fake news. That is being squashed This is why the media is not trusted, because we have her in her own words praising saying he comes to her in our darkest times to council, he's a mentor he's a killer but the press can't even bring themselves tell you that he's muslim
let alone the ties to Lindisfarne Sore and the Democrats attic leadership is there a bigger story still has there been a bigger story since, since the russian hacking of our of earth. store each story again. Singly the rushes story is big. Nothing, you do on it. There is nothing new on its big. You we're point on CNN his greatest, because it's like it's like D. eating whether episode nine of STAR wars is good or bad, and it's like well, we can all I have a pain, but what we think it will be, but it hasn't been released yet so we don't know so when its release, we can all look at it and say: ok here it is. This is good. This bad some people look at least still look. It's do
next hour we're gonna be doing an hour on the star wars deniers. If it only see me leave, you can't judge star words yet because all the evidence isn't in we all know the science on star wars, episode. Nine is settled now Take you to palm Beach letter and ticket to worry is crypto course. Last night he had two hours of questions and answers online, and I think you can watch that again negatively broadcast it. I think today or tomorrow you find out online but there's something else that he does. That's really really good and we asked them to do it. It's the Smart Crypto course: Smart Crypto Court, dot com. Ninety seven percent of the people who go to the Smart Crypto course the give his its currency courses cripple currency course of four or five star rating people even people who have whose They knew a lot about crypto currency love at peace,
who didn't know anything. Don't know what Bitcoin really is that they have no idea how the blockchain works they of a handle on it as well to really simple course very informative. And and wait for you to take it. It's smart, crypto court! dot com? You can call for more information, eight, seven, seven PBS back. Seven, seven, p b, L back and get more information, but this is the future block. ain't is something you need to understand. Take the Smart Crypto course. Now it's exclusively check it out and go to Smart Crypto course, dot com really ass question. let me show you the AP breaking news. This is us on twitter breaking corps documents. A man arrested at New Mexico Compound was training children to commit school shootings. Is it true or that fake news.
strew. Rules drew that's, not it's not. It's misleading sitting on police, incomplete data but incomplete because of its incompleteness you get. You get a red it's like this, so he was in an honorary member and Donald Trump supporter, probably funded by the yen array. a guy within an hour, a gun. I'm we subject- he's an end array members ridicule thanks: Dana Lash and the inner ray. I need to start a new business and when these stories break, I do see, define all the people who say I'd William willing to bet that it's an array, member and it s bed by them, they're always wrong. Yes, there always wrong on these things. Isn't that crazy? So- you want to know what fake news is for you happens because of incomplete news, for instance on the Russia thing. We're arguing
fake news? Well, I can tell you what some of the facts are that's our debating we're not debating the facts, weird bathing opinions about the facts. Speculation in the old days journalist, ahead of a news room would have come in would have come in and said, hey. We think we have this well when you have it. Let me know when- have it back we'll run was a thing at a time and it was ass to how it is not just like us Or strong carriages worthing, yes, air, a big thing for a while. They are Oh it's! It's about that old. I think nobody here, but I think it would be more like going for. I'm like a boot gaudy and then saying we should go back to the quarters carried no vote gaudy was right in the first place check your sources when you have a fact reported nothing else mercury
This is the Glenda Programme, but a way we are going to be taking your phone calls today on television at five o clock make sure that you join us live at five and we'll be taking your phone calls at the usual number, eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven bck we're going to try to take phone calls a little bit today on the radio as well. If we can, if we can make the time, but we have full power. Just to talk to you on the phone today, five o clock, so you can vote, your opinion and be heard, were taught a little bit about what happened with the arrest of the group of people, men and women, muslim extremists. Who had who were training children to shoot other, children in school. He had just that. We should clarify this is I think some people are confused because it's the same name, the dad in the sun, have basically, I think the exact same named yes, so there to us, junior and senior right so
you and this. This is an understandable point of confusion here, because we know anything about junior that. Bad until yesterday. They know about senior we ve known for a long time on diet, coke and also a character. Witness for blind shouldn't. I can't even believe this guy is in Amerika, let alone the guy. That Linda, would say by the way, he's a great guy he's my mental right. So a lot of people are thinking. Oh well, no, it's not that he youth, under his stand, think the confusion when you say: hey, whose praising the son who we didn't know anything bad about till yesterday, none at all she's praising the blind, Sheikh character, witness and the unindicted opens the door to the ninety three World Trade center, but father of a guy who who raised a son who thinks that its right to follow Allah to train,
is to kill other kids. That's a bow wow! I dont know what worse don't like the way it came out is worse. The fact that your praising someone who is known to be bad for two decades. If If you have no other roads, look like there could have been. There are a lot of people we're friends with the Bt K killer at church. Praise them in speeches like crazy, but not knowing he was, the media can arise, she's praising someone she knows, was it out and take urgent. Ninety three world assuring us that are bombing- and you know why has much work- is also something else looked. The crimes of the sun did do not go to the father of the crimes. Now either do not go to the sun. However, in this case I think You could have a pretty strong case. The guy who saying all the blind she key is a prince of a guy. I love him and Co. Conspirator in terrorist operations he's raising a sun whose just a terrorist
I mean that's not like following the same exact same ideology again and then what's interesting about here is not. There is a huge massive point here. to be made about islamic extremism and the dangers we face. The point would lend us our sore, however, is let us are sir has been embraced by the main stream left has is, the women's March, was That was universally praised by the right and the media and that's her baby. That's her! And she is the one thing the meant my mentor is a person who is an unindicted co conspirator in an attack, on the World Trade Center, but this I know how that eventually we this does. It matter this doesn't matter we now have her connected to the Father of the Son, who was training kids here in
Erica to shoot children in school day. We would clear connection and I'm sorry, but I don't. I don't buy- that all this, the the bomb is just a fallen happily fell way. Far from the tree, don't buy it here We, let me teach you a little something about Linda Sorcerer, gay, here's, here's a quote from when I was in wearing a job, I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City, but wearing a job made. You know that I was a Muslim. Nor that being that mean I'm white. But if I put the job I'm suddenly a person of color and and oppressed, I don't you know what that means. She is. The Obama Whitehouse designated designated chair being of Change New York, The mayor build Blasi O sought out her endorsement Bernie Sanders used or as a surrogate in
this presidential campaign. Most recently, she is the lead organiser of the women's March, also the lead plaintive in a lawsuit against president drums Immigration order, but who is she. what she came out of nowhere about two thousand and three she's, a palestinian american community activist who served as the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York since two thousand and five she's a boy. Member of the democratic and the Muslim Democratic Club of New York and member of the Justice League huh. Lee cow. I didn't know she knows wonder woman, I've wonderful ever been in the plane, She completely she she claims to be a champion of Muslims, but in two thousand and three. This is what she said about Saddam Hussein after he was captured.
I think, he's done a lot of things that he shouldn't have done, but I was hurt. My air pride was hurt, Palestinians are under so much oppression in no other arab country has ever help them. Ok, Linda Many Muslims did Saddam Hussein kill how many Arabs, How many Palestinians it if you don't you don't excuse his murderous regime because, might be with you on a couple of other things. She claims to be a champion of human rights. However, she has boasted that she has family members and friends in the terror group Hamas in a tooth, In four article it appeared on the Columbia Graduate School of journalism website sorcerer acknowledged that a friend of hers, as well as her cousin, we're both sides. Tourists cousin, whereby
observing long sentences, ninety nine years and twenty five years in israeli jails because of their efforts to recruit jihadist to murder, Israelis. Moreover, she revealed that her brother in law was serving twelve years in israeli prisons because of his affiliation with Hamas she's a champion of human rights. She added women's rights, of course, to her convenient activism she's one of the main co founders of the women's marred. So you know she loves women. We have heard of the name. I am Hersey Ali. Who is she Stew, really heavily I'm certainly well known, I think, to conserve
I've seen, and people she's, I would say, part of the ideological dirt world intellectual dark web. I would think, though she is very outspoken and honest about what she's gone through she's the only person I've interviewed president's she's, the only person I've ever interviewed that had a secret service agent stand at the camera lens right now to the main camera never had that before. Never seen that with anyone? Her security is so tight, because Muslims want to kill her because she was sold by her parents. To somebody I think in Canada. I can remember exactly so. She was she was coming from the Middle EAST should they had to make, stop somewhere in the Netherlands, she got. off the plane. She immediately took off her job and she Change, your name and disappeared. Hey
she lived in the Netherlands for a while and taught herself yet mean she it won't herself up, she's, really smart she's, an amazing woman. she was. She was subsidy subjected to female genital mutilation. She, tells a whore a fine story of what it's like to be a woman in radicalized Islam. The here's. What Linda's our source said about her. I wish I could Take her vagina away. She does, deserve to be a woman. This, is the champion of women also defend Saudi Arabia's treatment of women in November. Twenty Fourteen in the tweet she added critics of Sharia LAW in Saudi Arabia for Worrying about women driving.
The fact that religious custom in a country bars women from driving automobiles, it's much more significant. saudi women receive ten weeks of paid maternity leave, which puts us does shame you. Can't leave your house without an escort of a man, but maternity leave. Policy is valid Most recently, she has been accused of enabling sexual assault and body shaming. While she was the executive director of the American Arabic, Eric and Association quota one of the victims she oversaw environment, unsafe and abusive, two women. Now this happened in the meat to time happened in the last eighteen months. How come She hasn't been ousted wit,
does have corroborated the story that a female staff working for us, our sore, was sexually assaulted by a man multiple times and source or dismiss the allegations because Accused was quote a good Muslim and was always at the mosque. End quote: magic saying that please always at church, so these abilities that Galileo is a good Christian, he's, always church, no one, would accept that in the mean you were, she also said that there was no way any man would want to do such a thing to this victim because she was quote too fat. End quote accuser, claim that source or threatened legal and unprofessional damage or professional damage. If any of us, information ever came out just until more people start to talk. She said. Sorry sore is no champion of woman women, the accusers she's, an abuser of them sorry
there is also added black lives matter to her list of causes cause she's a friend of the African American, except in when he sixteen in Chicago. She said, and I quote the site, verifies. The black muslim slaves went through in this country is nothing compared to the Islamophobia today but she's. A friend of the african American is well now. I guess like to point something out. Do you know who went? into the jungles who, into the mainland of Africa. and rounded people up with a white people. They were actually for the most part Muslims They were Muslims who fell. They had a right through Islam to round up those infidels that we're not muslim or not muslim enough
and sold them to the war slave traders. a little fact of history that has been left. Doubt and so the sacrifice of black muslim slaves kind of hard to believe. Seeing there Muslims wooden, sell a fall of fellow Muslim in if they were muslim enough. Nothing has changed. nothing has changed and if every. If you think that this woman, Is any less dangerous than Alex Jones this woman is, being ridiculed in public all the time. This woman is not like Alex Jones that has no hands on any levers of power. She does he's starting movements these consulting with the deep sea.
and she thinks she has a right to but you know this is not hate speech in any way, shape or form. This is no big deal. You know she just thinks it some women that she deems show have their vaginas taken away from them because you don't deserve to be women. Away we just joined us. Why are we talking about her well she's good towels, with with dad who was it go in co, conspirator, unindicted, co, conspirator and also a character witness for the blind, sheikh and ninety five and he also We also raised the guy that was any children to kill children here in Amerika, compound that has just been raided by the FBI. Thank you ass. The eye aright.
Hiring people is a real challenge. I mean, if you are the Dnc. Where do you go still? I mean you know you're looking for somebody that is, you know connected to the blind. Sheikh euro, not friendly with the family yeah, doesn't want to take people's vaginas away. Where do you go? That's gotta, be that's a pretty high cliff declining while the phone books almost empty after eating grass things out. I mean there's eyes. No one letter is almost one laughed, so you'd think that you be able to find somebody pretty easily, but now may I recommend to the DMZ and also to you that, if you're looking for the right candidate, a pretty low bar, but Debbie you can find them. We were talking talking later on in the programme about the chinese spy that worked for Die Feinstein for twenty. for twenty years each day.
You probably pulls recruiter up, yet you know maybe sort through the chinese spies me. Are you make your higher? I are you a chinese spying, Aria chinese legit bees, but I don't want any chinese spies and to put that in was the procurator. Ok, Zipper Carter, we'll bodily send it out, but then they They sent to a hundred job boards to post, but then they know that there are people that aren't gonna, see that, and so they, scour the internet. They scour all of the regime is to see who's out. Therein, they that really fit and they invite them to apply for your job. That's why, in the first day, most people get a qualified candidates within twenty four hours. It separately Try it out for free now, zip, recruiter, dotcom, slash back, that's zip recruited. Dot com, slash back! You know we have got to reunite all of these children, their parents. How dare you How dare you say we should have a dna test or I want some sort of identification.
They're, just families coming across the border. Am I right thank you for, finally, it it yet fortunately Ramon Pedro. entered the: U S this April through a port of entry in Texas, where he claimed, the girl he was accompanying over that he was with was his daughter. That's nice! Nice other dotard a day after day, just gone, I just went, might add yet be like stigma across a border. Unfortunately, when they went in to the hospital for TB screening, the staff of found out better Pedro was being was, was sexually assaulting this little girl- oh in fact, no. That was not his daughter at all Well, it's only one case. Can we see
please and look at reason. We would never accept these kinds of rules for our children. Why would we expect less rather's back? mercury. Get ready because socialism is coming or at least a version of socialism? Let's call it campus Socialism What kind of socialism can enjoy, while sipping your of Anti soy latte at Starbucks and posts, Anti trump means on read it. the latest example is Rashid, a team. She want The democratic primary in Michigan, thirteenth, district and she's gonna run on imposed in the November General election. Here she speaking with CNN, about her motivation for running for Congress. You are actually at an event, a Trump speech. This is tears. Detroit and New, along with several others, were forcibly removed from that speech. Perhaps illegally you,
tell me where Sheeta, how much of your decision to run was shaped by this president. I say this a lot to people, but it's true, I think President from being there in office. Giving elected was kind of a bad a signal for women across the country? It was like it time we have to march on, and we can't stand outside of the ring anymore. We have to actually run for office than we have the man to have a seat at the table, because it obvious that everything house as falling apart and to have someone like him and offers that talks like him, mean our children have to watch that way. You know that language and watch that kind of behaviour, and so absolutely, I think, a lot of them. DR does come from you know, president tramping in office and the children atmospheric here's, a woman who is running as a Democrat, because things are falling apart and its Donald Trump Fold and she's speaking to us from the great city of Detroit. So first,
and you should do- is check out the video. It is not the kind of unhinged behavior you want from an elected official least, not one. For me. She was Fourteen protesters ejected from a luncheon for heckling. You have to see it she didn't go without a fight security literally had to drag her out backwards as she was screaming and wagging her finger. Now in an interview with Detroit Free Press. After the end, Then she said we he D be heard. You cannot stay silent, you know, He doesn't love Detroit. He d, love, no one who isn't Donald Trump help me out with it, since we used to. he doesn't, it does love people who are Donald Trump, try. Love no laszlo. He does love someone, he doesn't love, no one who isn't Donald Trump. Ok, so ridiculous, statement you know it's easy to shrug off if the entire argument you know her and target. Our entire argument is that
that visa monster that doesn't love Detroit and that allowed her to beat five Democrats The media has celebrated this, so called rise of women against Trump. They ve rejoiced She will be the first muslim member of Congress. They love the fact that she is the, author of palestinian image shortly the first strand, moved Keith Ellison, reversal muslim woman, personal muslim got it all of these things are just I mean this is a feast for them. The very thought that they in check. So many of the virtue points, floods them elation. So, let's go back. The idea, one of her prime objectives, is to impeach president drop here. She said Here's what she said quote She didn't site her. She dozens of site any of the grounds for impeachment. Big she believes, and I quote Donald Trump. His committed a number of crimes that we'll come too,
right when we start the impeachment hearings. End quote, I think, that's the inquisition, we could spend a week on pointing out the hypocrisy. in this statement, but perhaps it's better just to keep it short. It's time for all of us to get our houses in order, or else and forums like these are gonna keep happening in the happening, and we are going to send more and more really angry people too Washington and that's not a good thing, because angry people They make less and less sense the more angry they become. It's Thursday August tonight this the Glen Back Programme undertake phone calls tonight at five o clock on the tv shows half hour of just you and me what your opinion and tell me where I ve got to write to me. We have got it wrong. Whatever you want to talk about, the number is eighty eight
Seventy seven be easy K. You can call now for the radio show or fear if Pm Eastern, I would suggest you call a few minutes earlier. and get lined up for the show, starts at five p m Eastern. Only on the blaze tv, aright, Lenny, but a Dan in Georgia, hello, Dan What are you doing? Good man? Are you I'm gonna go from its dreamily frustrated by. I think I think about what you guys. While I want to give you an option, it had buried up. Why are you so you're? Not outraged that you could be outraged, I am outraged by your outraged with you but you're outrageously olympic, with: U r L, I dont not outraged with you I'd be appraised. Let's do this
A lot of people feel now I am, he is such outrages and he's a ticking time. Our rights go ahead even jail. You guess player upward from the eighty or not. If you read the title on that and eighty pressure, where they completely omitted tat, whether they did out intentionally or not, will eventually Ah, you know who knows anything I just now they I will. I am willing to speculate that they did that intentionally I don't have it sitting in front of me, but it was an AP story about the The arrest of this guy that was that had a compound and he was training children to kill children in school shootings. They never mentioned that. He was islamic. They They never mentioned that this was islamic extremist compound the evil after all of that out right exactly now,
side note- and I want to get back track- you're poverty, our brief, but you just had yes that gave the headline yes, also permitted. All those backed up one statement I too is warming, Terror Camp in the path. I think there is one small little thing in there, but never mention his background and just for you, oh that's, ok! Well, I will check with the newsroom. I don't know why they would do that again, so they admitted it omitted, except when they said it well, but there's a lot about the about having tied in the past, but they didn't talk about areas of it the day like you? Ah, yes, you brought a whole new right through it today that nobody knew about until they listen to your job. That's my job! I thank you for that. Obviously, you know your property. Our pressure miss that- and I appreciate that will check into an Donald Trump sets out there on an I wouldn't miss located about. Please tell us how the fake news media
is the number one enemy of the american people and if we cannot, on board and agree with that statement right now, more than ever to know that a fake news of meeting fact, insistently omitting, fat and making upstream Greece is the reason why these compounds like this can exist. That is the number one threat to amend when you have a fifteen year old child within our fifteen line and not go to school, to move down his hearers? That's an issue, that is a threat and they are weapon in the first amendment to use a war against the american people and we are not doing anything about it, to laugh about it, about and not I die started a media company start. You know somebody. We are doing things about we're we're educate right now. Here's here's the the here's, I think, where you're, what you're looking for for me, I think
you're trying to say why won't I say that the media is an enemy of the people now Y know, you'll never say that I don't believe the media is the enemy of the people, but I believe the fake news media is the end of the American define that for natural defined, that, for me, the news that is fake just that exactly how to define fake news define fake news. For me, I mean, mean if here, if you're saying that headline like that, But who is that? Because it by saying that that means different thing, these two different people, if I say you know fake news enemy of the people, there is a lot of people that are on the on the left. They will say yeah. I know that's why we gotta shut Fox down and say that on the right and they'll say: that's why we need a shot CNN down. You have to be more specific than that. We're your ass
the white and knew how to do that. Not what I'm at that, where I have a bone, is I don't know where you stand in support when Donald Topside, those statements I do not support the statement that the that the press is the enemy of the people. I understand what he saying when he says: fake news is the end, is the enemy of american people, but I stated as apathy Eric and self imposed. Ignorance is the enemy of the american people. There is. ever been a time in history ever where you have the ability to find the truth where it is so easy, it is in your pocket, their use be a time when I I've done radio now for forty years and there used to be a time when I didn't know a fact: I'd have to call the research department at the Library- and I would Can you look this up for me later?
ok sure, depending on the question, it could take days to get the answer, Unless you worked at a giant newspaper or giant network or television station that tons of researchers. You couldn't find this information then, You can find the truth right now. It's it's not just that people will take the aid P story, which I showed you had nothing to do with Islam. Had nothing to do with the extremists. These guys are extremist Muslims. They lead It entirely out what happen p, oh retweeted and commented, and our re fags, Dana Lash, oh look another and are a lover Kate. the whose whose doing the false media the a p left out critical information, that's bad! But that's not bake news, but people spreading it with the world.
the comment above it saying here's another and are a that Fake NEWS, soul. go to tools. We have to look at this in his car Hence it through that constant, if the Celine, as you know, was Ito construct of seriously not literally like. If I take Trump, point literally, that the press is the biggest the fish news media is the biggest foe of of an enemy of the american people. That's it to me a patently ridiculous statement to the point of when you talk about the thing that were mad at them. Not covering Islamic extremism is a much bigger threat to impact on society. Then even the than anything the media could ever do yet. But I ought, however, I understand when you take it seriously. What he sang is the media's really bad at Times S, and they do really. Some of them do really bad things any report on things falsely not all of his examples are accurate. Some of them are, you know like we intervene if you
Take it seriously. I did not live early but serious rally The university system is the biggest enemy to the republic. It is it just is the university system see I mean I m by wouldn't agreed without either see lit a literally I wouldn't have written out. I didn't say literary asleep. Syria is a big problem in the kenyan aim of bigger one. It's churning out people who know nothing right, but I mean you know China, and the soldier in Russia are the bigger threats to the american people, then diversity system. We will, I believe, it doesn't matter how to worry. Why couldn't you that right? That's the point. Is it a problem? Yes, we can agree that it's a problem, the same thing with tromp right like I can totally agree that there are massive problems with the media. Here we have a sorry coming up from vocs which were we know as recline. Who is making a point that eight. I can't believe you trying to make right, however, VOX also the source of
going down the cost of this. credit socialist programmes and pegging it two hundred and eighteen trillion dollars is vocs fake news. Some as they say things I think are completely false. Sometimes they do really good work. So it's hard Did you do camera the enemy? Did you really under my book? It? Yes. Did you see the part? where I'm talking about that thing on how do you decide what vacant? What's not yet, and sources sets an endless for the average person and almost almost too to climb but its stability. To be done, but when you're looking at sources does at source a case generally piss you off if it doesn't occasionally piss you off. They are only placating you they are only there only serving what they know you want to consume. Right should get your stuff additional, whose Alan skin in our lifetime, whose
who is one of known as one of the best journalists ever. I think they even have an award named after him in our lifetime. Batman timorous, Maria Russet, always gets the. Why didn't you realize team Russia pissed off both sides? Yes, he would go after one side and then he would go after the other side, just as hard, every single episode If somebody is not pissing, you off there now doing their job and we're doing what twenty hours a week of of the stuff tv and radio and not to mention all the other things. If you don't, to show like this and listen for a long period of time and and not get challenged in what you believe. What's the point come I mean you could so we can sit here and we can do a half hour saying that everything that we think you agree with and just repeat it. If that's what you want What people want Nazi but want to. I know this audience. At least, I think there are people out there that just want that
This audience audience over over a decade we ve seen this constantly. They want to be true, They want to be pushed, they wanted me they want. They want to be so solid in their principles. That way Someone comes up to them and makes a point they had never heard before. They want to be able to I have a foundation in that. Epic. They want to know why they believe what they believe. They don't just spout some tweet. They heard some guys say- and this is One hundred and forty characters show and and and here's the thing there are there our cry? There are signs of commission and sins of omission, and I take them seriously on both sides the sins of Commission Russia, intentionally lying so of omission, AP Leaving out all of the muslim extremists stuff that dramatically changes the story,
that is a sin of omission, and it's just as bad just as bad, so both both of those but Words matter were do matter, and if you want to try to make friends and influence people you to be careful today with your words and I'm not talking about being pc, I'm saying Let's say what we mean and mean what we say: we are not at war with the press. We are now at war her What can we say? War we are now struggling to find how to find the truth? Because the truth? does exist, maybe not the complete truth, but we you do know what the truth is, what looking for work its incomplete, for instance, The Donald Trump thing.
Any real journalists would say: okay! Well, when you have something, let me know but they don't have anything so they're, giving a p in on speculation on what they could have. Well, that's, not news. That's news speculation and that's different and we ve confuse the two of those. The media has done that. Well, that's a problem and that relies on you. Nobody else you to do your own homework I tell say about go line. Got a new: they got a new animal. What would you call this card? The maple flax, and it is it that looks like a credit card leave aside. Your credit card ia and its solid silver. It's me of fire for pure silver maple flex
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You get the best at the beginning. If you need to sell your house fast and for the most money or through looking to buy, go to real estate agents, I trust outcome is real estate agents. I trust dotcom near listening to the Glenda Programme, says the book. Last night, it's called addicted to outraged by Glenn back That's good yeah comes out in September. I got an early copy, though he has I'm lucky, but one of the parts you're talking about, and I think this ties and what you are discussing last half hour the science behind the way you talk to people, someday, you might disagree with, did to disagree upon an including the way that you know. If you are, let's say to it. We know talk about something that you made a mistake on. It opens them up to admit that they made a mistake. So here's what that actual sciences- and this is why it words matter and we have to change our approach. We have to change our approach and you, cannot be an absolutist because Abso
Let us make no impact, no impact. but if you start a conversation with somebody and enumerated disagreeing Europe, Europe, regional, arguing about something find something that you were wrong about and say. Look I suppose you know hang on, I'm not I'm I'm not that guy. I can tell you that I used to believe this. I used to say this, and I was wrong about that. So I'm not that I now here's what I'm saying searchers found that I can remember the exact number, but it is a high. a percentage. You go from zero impact to being. Able to influence somebody's mind between stay in ninety percent too, where there sudden. They dropped the shield in the go. Oh ok, all right, so its impact, for that. We change our language and we change our approach. Always we're just be screaming. Over top of each other.
That's why, when, when Trump says it's the enemy of the people, I want to give you a story, hopefully next hour from as recline, The same argument: It's the same argument. He is making an argument that you know kill white people, doesn't actually mean, kill, white people to the people on the laugh. They understand what that means, kill the hierarchy and doesn't actually mean kill. It means the hierarchies oppressive and should be changed. Ok well at not what you said when you said: kill white people when you say enemy of the press. That means something to you it may mean something entirely different to the left and by by not being careful with your words, view immediately, put shields up and nobody's gonna. Listen that why it's really important to be careful, because there are real, the important issues we are under attack from.
All sides. In fact, you bring Ben Weingarten in he's a ipod called upon podcast hosts big ideas within or Weingarten. started his own media company. He, sir, I think, from the first graduating class of the blaze and also with the federalists Ben Under the programme planning, so much for a man so wanted it. two about this article that you wrote about Diane Feinstein, because this is something that is really being buried, and I think this is a really big deal She is in trouble now because Currently, there was a spy in her office for about twenty years. Chinese spy can you first me any details that we have for sure on that. Yeah and, of course the media accounts differ from why'd she tweeted out and a couple are basically trying to.
you and deflect from the story, but this employee the person who imagine all the description that were seen in the media worked for her. for twenty years with less data, most recent way as an office director, in California. I bet he was a driver enter gopher for a bunch of assignment Are we on to the asian community, where of course, naturally he would have coordinated and communicate with China an authority it among what we ve been He told you by her aunt media that about five years ago she found out that this employ through the FBI was being. Forget it as a potential recruits eventually, China KGB or at best bear their ministry instead security and she said, did she was more binding and the media
with white gown or fired at not exactly entirely clear ass. She said she said. I learned the facts made sure the employee left my office immediately bright red and, of course based upon our knowledge and given that this person and appeared operating freely right now, working for acquiring quote Social the foundation one area which appears to be actually doing a campaign, China, propaganda is love to propagate an aunt. I gotta needed one regarding comfort, women, he was never prosecuted Look any sort of price. He was just let go continues to operate freely case, or can I e? Does I mean Hell this is not to the crux of the story here, but can you give me you ve come women story. What who cares about? I mean that What is the social justice cause on that? One well
cover for the story and there's a great case in a publication, God, Asia Time wage costs, about how the Chinese course are engaged in all sorts of propaganda campaign? information warfare which we care about so much when it comes to the Russians but ignored when it comes to the Chinese, who are probably far greater threat to US essentially the even gazed in a campaign to focus on Japan, human rights violations during World WAR Ii, or so called comfort. Women. S actually feel, Prisoners and keeping them out of the Japanese were the Japanese in some cases were worse than the Germans. I mean they were awful, just awful, but what's the point the Chinese like to propagate this story and basic. We could try to call the backlash against the japanese force them to recognise this and repent etc, as a means of them
from China. Modern Moran, ok, again appetite The Japanese and make themselves look better, ok, but the word foundation the apparent by his. Let go the other way of putting forward that message. So does anybody care that he was just let go? Why did the F b? I say they had a spy and then she dismissed him and then they just let him go they claim that what he was passing along here, the Chinese Administrative State security was political intelligence quote unquote, not anything that would have ever threatened national security and data. Access sensitive information etc, but that really does a pass muster when you consider she's inner office for twenty years- and let's put Diane Feinstein Seniority into perspective here this with someone who
the chairwoman of the Senate, Select intelligence commits committee in the Senate is dealing with the most sensitive highly classified. Secret kind of information, so imagine someone with the access, even if he was just a driver, which I really dont believe based upon. What we discovered he was just a driver. Well she's, having cause about very sensitive issues or perch eventually there listening devices within the automobiles and what she was driven around in our office. I mean you're talking about come on at a very high rank, who had a relationship with the Chinese for forty years. In addition to this one person in her office, you're telling me that potentially there could have been re exposure, descent, bit of information and in the corruption the story is that shit and this person and arrive at the meeting minimizing the story, but entire missed department. Is that she's had connection to the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party for forty years ever since?
We opened our diplomatic relations with China, Dandified sign it had direct ties to them. And while she has taken very proud chinese line in terms of expanding trade diversion, when it comes to the military and then college arising for China's human rights violations and it all right there in this article, went out while I would happening her husband's investment. Portfolio which swelling with China related investment that clearly directly at the very least indirectly benefited from the policy she was supporting, so that a massive story that being completely mist and death by this idea that there was one guy low ranking in her office. Who was go and media away, and there was now a national security ramifications, duet, so Ben here's, the problem. You know we were just talking about the fake news and you know that the press is the enemy of the people which no
Ignorance and apathy is the the real enemy to the republic. We all have a responsibility, the press leaves things out. They they they do. up stories they under play stories and overplay others for their own agenda. We all know that what we suggest because the media, we can change the media, but do you suggest is done with, and we have to stories today, your The one you are talking about here. We also The story where there were two of you know: hey look. This guy was just, as you know, the booties, and he just made a compound brought some kids and user religious zealot. No, he was in Islamic stream is this. Was an islamic terror camp here in the EU it states and theirs, A link to Linda Sorcerer Airy, that's not being covered supping covered. So what do we do? Then?.
yeah. Well, in this case, I think we have to look to the silent majority and if there is a big enough backlash in the public, even court in court, entering sorted and by the way I'm and I consider measuring sources that communication arm of the Democratic Party, so you have to assume that they are going to minimize and ignore any story. It doesn't serve a narrative area they care about, and in this case I think in their minds the eight this now because it became I think I advise dine and China voted down. Robin Russia and IRAN have an actual by an actual policies that were Bro, China and actual conflict of interests on the business side, and they want to make that contracts with Trump, but I actually think that the political part of it secondary to the national Security implications and also the idea that or like China would try to after our government and coordinator relationship for forty years with Diane Feinstein, and I
Do you imagine all sorts of other politicians, because the brain strategic with this stuff and what but in an even bigger contact. China conducted opposite personnel management, hack, waiting storing information on well over twenty million government employees and applicants to be in government in power. That is the most compromising information part about a profile, to make sure no foreign power if they find out about this stuff compromised compromise and go after you and your family, China. Destroyed our informant network on their man, Land Yoder, CIA operations there to put Feinstein in broader context, and I think there having an outrage and a call for holding the other side up to a cap which is, if we here we care about foreign meddling with China far more dangerous threat than Russia, but let's explore foreign meddling from all powers, whether its China, Russia package,
and I ran North Korea and much more Although a politicians to account- and I do think it- there is a big enough outrage- politicians, like outrage. So the only way this becomes a story is if there is public pressure, and that requires communicating around, unfortunately, a media that is totally in the tank and doesn't want to deal with these stories, and I think what you're save this story continues to build. That has people to continue to dig on this. Is that fine? Fine? they'll be called to account, but I think you're gonna see other people in government. Clothes rang around her, and that makes it an even bigger scandal. Essentially, I think been you're you're exactly right. It doesn't stop with her and it doesn't stop with the democratic party I mean, but parties are very dirty from foreign money, and you know it you didn't, do you didn't do just one person for forty years and leave it at that or one side you gotta make bad on several fronts. Ben. Thank you so much
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cause. Your absurd. A meter broken off the needle on minus is sub is bent. It gets paid every day. This what's happening, with the left and the Supreme Court nominee. Brett Cavenaugh is well, I stood my absurdum meter. I dont even know I mean how many can primary voters realise that Cavanaugh guy who supposedly licking his chops to get there and take your abortion rights away. He's moving into your uterus, how many p well in Connecticut. Nobody hasn't been confirmed yet Confirmation hearings haven't even started, and even if he was on the court to day the odds that role verses, Wade is gonna, be overturned, are still pretty low, and the even if it was overturned the of a woman still being able to have an abortion in this country would still be very good. So what is
everybody freaking out about well, spite all of the fairly obvious logic surrounding Cavenaugh nomination. In the question of abortion, the damage Big party has seized on this idea that abortion is in jeopardy and we gotta save abortion of that. We ve gotta save death for children, Joe Ganem. How do we know Joe Ganum Stew, he's a demo Brad in Connecticut we used to live in Connecticut. I know the name Joe Ganem he's now running for governor in Connecticut, and he says that the threat to abortion, would you say people in Connecticut? How do you do it seriously? How do you do it? Do you know I ve ever heard of taxes it is like not vote there, not taxing you to death or not driving jobs from the state they're, not Been crazy, stuff arc or assembly. Our government
only meets every two years square somehow run him much larger state. However, I will say I growing up in Connecticut I do remember when they said they would send knowing no state income tax, yes said we're gonna implemented for an emergency purpose, ethnic go away really soon, aiming as no big deal the governor ran, and he said you know what we're not gonna implemented, but when he got any realised how bad it was had implemented for just a short time just that emerge, and I assume that it fired a long time ago now that hasn't no there's little collecting surprise raised in our old uprising race at higher than as an issue that they have. Yes, you ever. That was only for an emergency I'll kick anyway, so to get the thread of abortion is so urgent that he is vowing in his campaign to protected by amending kinetic its constitution.
Now amending even just a state constitution, is in no small feet in Connecticut. It requires a ripple approval from both chambers of the state legislature if it passed it requires voter approval through a referendum and then the governor Torres even finding the logic here you to amend your constitution. Guarantee your right to kill and unborn child just in case just in case a judge whom you Already determined is the enemy gets confirmed to the Supreme Court seems that's what it. If I were looking to vote for a governor, that's the one I would vote for. You know very well with the taxes and the state falling apart, and you know actually having to sell assets on the open market to be able to meet. You know your bills, forget about all that. I go for this Get em says whether takes two years a three years. Certainly it is worth the effort, could two sessions of the General Assembly.
He says. If he wins the governors race in November, he could he could not that he will He could introduce this amendment as early as January, why Why the rush to cement the right to exterminate more babies. what. Why is it? Everyone is so this is the most important thing ever. narcissism greed comes to mind, but me because Cavanaugh and the poor- didn't who nominated him? That what's really driving this it's Thursday August nine. This is the clan back program. If you, if you look at the headlines in the mainstream media You are going to see a story about some guy. We don't even know who he is some guy.
Who hid it had had fifteen kids. He was out in the middle of nowhere. In a compound doing exorcisms. And he's training kids to kill why my gosh use Be in an hour a member's gotta be crazy, christian or those exorcisms. Now No, when you actually here the names and then look the names up. You realize this is an islamic extremists camp where they have fifteen kids and training them to shoot! other children in schools. There's also neat little tie to lend us our sore, but the meat can't be bothered with all that this is really about guns? This is really about Andrew earthy is with us he's a contributing editor of the National Review hello, Andrew. How are you,
I'm doing great glad, I think you know, I think, probably we could say guns, don't kill people serious approach, to them guilty here has. I would think that that would be a good headline, a good headline so Andrew tell me about this. Guy tell me what this is well, the guy who is at the centre of this incident down a New Mexico Glenn is named, survive how's that blast when the path, because he is a guy who came up in, are in that station of the blind, shake that led to the trial of those characters, the World Trade Center was bars of anyone who doesn't know what, if anybody doesn't know who you are explain your connection to that matter? I was too late prosecutor in the blind, showcase back among the nineties, and we convicted about twelve jihadist for
actually the main charge wounds seditious conspiracy to me. war against the United States and included the World Trade Center bombing in a plot. The Lincoln and all in tunnels, the FBI's Manhattan headquarters and the law, So here s another an ad in the curve, the father Other than the guy who you know because he was a character, witness for the defense, a blind shakes, so he got on the stand. Any was all this guy's great. Tell me about him. You no good! You know it's very interesting one. He that's precisely didn't do. and now at his testimony, was one of the most interesting part of the whole trial. We I was a good the much Are we really lawyer back then? then I am now we had put out a letter at them
getting at the trial. In most of these big conspiracy cases, the government's required to tell the defence who the unindicted co, conspirators or other people who come up in the other to warrant listed in the indictment and he was one of the names we gave a. But we Didn'T- I I am specifically as a co conspirator. We said that we reserve the right to call him that, so he was Somebody who hovered around the investigation, but it was not located in the main points that we had, so he wasn't he wasn't charged, but the interesting thing about it he is a committed Shariah supremacy was actually the first muslim imams bomb to give the open invocation and a session of Congress, she was a fairly I'm gonna die and he was very open about is beliefs which, were you don't use it
he's a dyed in the wool islamic extremists and he was asked by. I think some of these defence lawyers thought that he was gonna, be really helpful to them One of them who is obliged shakes lawyer, said never heard anything about. You know the blind shake coming to the to the mosque in they met, we should rob banks, the jihad and thrive. Well, you know it's a matter of fact: so we're doing so. Is he disease he's not a guy who, it's wrong, he's just unapologetic about it, because it read write and an if you had such a person. and he had a son who, by the way, was about the I want to say fifteen or sixteen at the time, and then you learned a flash road to two thousand eighteen that is how the sun turned out. How shocking is that not at all right? So you are, I think, there's too
glad of it. If I made about this it or that are kind of disturbing one. Is I looked at the reporting from CBS in the April this morning and it seems to me we're still doing. The Obama administration countering violent extremism where we're not supposed to factor in unity. logical component of that, we wait until something Orythia cap and they say here that the FBI to invest. Jason here that went on for a couple of months and they decided that they didn't have enough probable cause to get a search warrant for the compound I mean that sounds crazy to me enemies to laugh about it, but I feel, like I've, been hit, my head against the same brick wall for twenty five years. If, if you ve got a bunch of people who are operating under an idiot. tickle system, where they consider themselves to be at war with the west.
Society and they are living in a parallel society as it were in New Mexico, and you don't think that that contributes to the probable cause. Given all the evidence we have of what the way is between the ideology and the Bible. Action. I just think that's plays its Andrew tell me tell me what they did find when they went in. There will. They found lots and lots of firearms. Evidently they have found human remains, which and been identified, but are suspected of being the younger warehouses? Son? We don't we don't. We should stress that the illegal far as I know that hasn't been infirm confirmed, and they have and evidence. As you pointed out, the beginning that essentially we're schooling, these kids, who were there who, by the way, were were being held in these really awful dilapidated conditions, but they were being
schooled injurious premises on including the notion that they are at war with the west. being trained to commit violent, genes in schools which isn't it I mean if you're gonna, take this geology seriously, that's what it teaches So so, where did these kids come from their fifteen yeah? Not I don't know exactly? whether they're, all local war. You know whether people move from bright distances to to come there, but I think the disturbing thing is that you do have some of these. before a parallel societies with a society that that pop up in the areas of the south in the southwest. some say haven't gotten a lot of attention, but it happens now.
This weekend there, the white supremacist, which is supposed to be a big zilch and very low turn out, having a big its premises Marge and the media's gonna make that into the you know. There are the most dangerous people in the country well, there's somebody that you should watch this is actual. These are people who are actually training, kids to kill, and there is a connection to Linda sorcerer. Have you seen this Andrew Yeah, I know that there is a surprise were hard. The elder connected to source or an I experienced one a lot of these people and running in the same circle. Sure I used to have I used to have to look at this a little bit more carefully. So you'd see these these conventions that they would every few weeks or so and always the same names that come up again and again, and most of them have some kind of tie.
An organisation that is either you know quietly on the way the Muslim Brotherhood are influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood. What have you got it? It's a network that that's been opera didn't really. Since the nineteen eighty social she gave a speech at the last Isna Conference and she a senior as her mentor a guy who meets with her on regular occasion. Somebody that, when she gets down, encourages her teaches her about Islam, etc, etc. What is it about her well yeah it. It says that when we talk about islamic extremism, Nobody wants to talk about what it is there being extreme about. We just cavalierly use that that expression- I am. I am here tell you that if you subscribe to this belief is the matters but the people who
whether they are trying to move the surest supremacist agenda, along the lines of the legal action, media action and that sort of stuff, or you are about the pointy end of the spear who are doing you know the kind of teaching in and direct action to survive, the younger appears to have been involved in this issue. under the umbrella of the same threat to the west, and I People want to throw stuff out you when you say that, but it is a fact that when the sore sore and Al Qaeda have a lot more in common than say lenders, sore and you and me- and you know that Well, we're living in where the people want to face up to it or not, Every every voice when a clear
anchor Andy and an outspoken advocate of four really looking the problem in the eye, and I appreciate your service in your time today. Thank you so much thanks. So much going you bet, Andrew Mccarthy? He, sir contributing editor of the National Review and Lee Process, on the blind, shake shake case back in the ninety nine How long will it be before you thinking they will do a serious story in the mainstream media, Linda so certain and and the blind shaken the father and the We will titles together, I mean I did see. Cbs did talk a little bit about the ties between this incident and the father. Won't! Take it any further! You not at all I mean again take do take the little bits and pieces we can get them right now. to alter my patriot supply,
you ve seen the headlines recently, but while thinks could change quickly, imagine if they would have taken these fifteen kids put of fifteen different schools, they would have had a coordinated attack, on one day. Can you imagine what they would have done to our country? I mean I mean tat. She completely if you, if you do what we know best lent, look it up, be careful because its horrified, But if you look at the attack that happened in in Russia, that would happen here in Amerika. I think it would show our economy nobody's simply let the kids go to school. If you have, if you had serious terrorist attacks on schools here in Amerika, you not any you hit even talk about a premium with. Did you take a more recent example of the shooting at these softball field? No one year ago, in which I mean in a thankfully, was not as successful as the guy you, the guy wanted it to be, but
if it was your talking about ten percent of all elected Republicans is harmless. It's really really ideal. We have kind of things that could happen overnight and you know you don't want to worry about him. I don't anymore, it's it's It's a little shocking. How relieved you feel once you have a food supply ready for you, but you know that you know it doesn't matter what comes with my job? Doesn't matter what comes in the world I'm gonna be able to take care of. My families my family's needs its? Shockingly it's a real relief, so whether you in California and you ve been looking at these wildfires have something that you can grab and go with A patriot supply has it dozens of emergency food kits as well as being a water filtration systems are gravity powered all it might Patriot supply Dotcom. My patron, supply dotcom. Take the pressure off. Of yourself get yourself prepared bite by bite, step by step.
my patriots apply dot com, right now, I dont understand my country anymore. Right now widespread pants, is- is giving a speech to drum up support for a new space force, now. I don't know why I want to say some words does feel that I have done. They want a new space horse and you know I and what do they know that we don't know what it meant? Why? Why do? We need a space force? All of a sudden. This is the open of every mediocre. So fi movie and history likely just ass, though I were not, we don't have a reason, but who This phrase horse Oregon, put out together who who's gonna who's gonna, run that difficult boom
That said, I was being that was actually gets going around like that. Ok, it's a hedge have goal bloom running our space in force and you're right. It's like there's! No, you no way. We got some satellite issues swearing to go up there. You know. There's a big huge asteroid coming towards us, that's what it has set against that this is not. Ok, we went explore space. This is. We need a six branch of the military that is how their selling it need a military space for summing up short trying to give the benefit of the doubt that it's not just that sounds cool Let's do that, They feel like that does feel like that would be cool. I like theirs in Jason, who works here? Has a space force t shirt you haven't seen a more it now and we wanted to works. You got a couple times is actually it looks like it's a star wars, but if you read it, it says space force, because it is kind of like a fun thing. Are you it's? It's a toy that sounds like a funding to have thickly, but I always in a situation where, in which I don't know, if anyone's noticed, incredible that the amount
debt we are currently putting on and by the way, is getting worse, not better, worse, ray of building a space forces. Really what I'm looking for a moment, I I mean, I know they're making the case but I dont know why this sounds with justice. This doesn't sound good to me, just a sound like what we should be concentrating on a space force, but I'll. Just go bloom he's never wrong in those movies. Never. If the glad that I'm just I'm sorry- but I am just I realized- I am just I am sitting in a room full of just neanderthals right now. I What are you where you feed your dog when you featured on no idea No idea! What do you figure of you, my dog Eads does? Is it alive So I think I think probably it's the seeds of noxious yapping from time to time here and what would you figured out
whatever Amazon ships loud opening on our subscribe delivery. I earlier started this story. We have been able to finish it yet, but I wanted to give you a little bit more when my boyfriend and I got our first cat PETE we. Adam Frisky Sidney had a boyfriend. Political justice is a story that is all I know or because vacation there. I know that we were. being judged for buying PET M, this is a quote quota marks food, so how but its pet, then what dash dash dash dash eighty, a age e M, Pat quotation: arcs food, because we the time living in Berkeley, California. He came to us from a relative in Kentucky and the east of the two easily cross country move. We just fed him the same frisky that he'd been heavily devouring but we're monsters. Oh you,
could have told me so they go into how the person at the pet store, looked at them and gave them this horrible you're a monster. Look because their cat pharmacies, yeah pet food has become a fraud for me. Now. What once was- simple choice between wet and dry food now entail selecting from a dizzying array of corn free, potato free rice Free owed, free Gore, organic grass FED cage, free frozen raw meat, alternative proteins. I kangaroo an alligator big diet for pure breads from Maine. Coon's to miniature schnauzers and, of course, vegetarian envy formulas passionate Feed it anything that's like has gluten in it,
hi. I hope I know, and so, when I heard about a Berkeley based start up called wild earth, that was experimenting with sustainable clean protein for pets finally made from a fungus called Kogi for dogs and lab grown mouse meat for calves. An advocate of this for a long time hoardings. I think I was intrigue. Ok, hang out just a second lab, lab grown mouse. Meat. now? This is not what this is. Like hey, we got a scientist together, we're Poland's a protein from this. This is meat only in a lab. Ok, she met the in June, I met him at a vague in dog friendly cafe in the Bay area. And he ordered it cheese roles made with tapioca and cocoanut anyway, he goes- to talk about how it superintend, what you feed your animals and in you know it.
Oh he's, working with biotech start ups and they they measure are they make new meat for these animals, he said you know. Why am I feeding animals to animals cage is not This is not consistent with my personal ethics. Well, I mean animals eat animals that but animals eat not all ok, he's so they launched it and they first made dog treats made from Kogi it's a fungus. I was good already traditionally grown on grain. To make soy sauce me so Saki in vinegar, ill it has become popular among food is, I know I eat it all the time he then says, lest we forget about the cats mouse eat now is being made in a bio reactor. Bio reactor
by the way he says by the way we do need a space force us to avoid a type of starting Irving off this planet. Soon I have two. He does say that he is a he's: a dog food and cat food manufacturer that believe, that all see, Ios that make this should eat their own products and so on, It's the dog food in his room and he doesn't have a problem with it, but but this new thing that they're making Its mouse cells- grow, the mouse meat from the seen from the well thrown a sermon derived from fetuses inside of slaughtered cows. So when they slaughter a cow, if there's a feed,
it's a baby cow. They take that cow and there they get all the yummy stuff out of them and they may put it in a list of in that area and there, on the arab the hand. So this era, the serum says it grows mouth meat. and he said right now it has kind of a runny texture, it is the same as mouse meat when she ass would do you would you the mouth, would you eat that any said? You know what the quote, you know what yes, yes, I were, I would tasted no tasting. and eating not the same thing dude. Those at fear factor these d like spiders. There was, Everyone like ie, they decide to start eating spiders. Now they they tasted it.
holds this. A whole story is the story goes on for ever its deal and it's an Atlantic story about all this person in Berkeley, you so tortured peak by friskiness, and you know one of the ethics, because I'm amount about because I'm a cat parent know you're, not a cat parent you're, not a cat parent. Now you own a cat and you control the life of that cat, set it free. Set it free it is. I think this is a sign, though of our society really improving because- you see. I do I do, because if you can be bothered by that I mean People in the middle of world WAR two in London were not bound by what they were feeding their catch. Your eye, like reading cat right, big in Venezuela right now, through their legitimately literally eating dogs there till the day alive it. It is a good sign if it didn't come with all the banks You don't know, I mean I mean mouse meat, so let me little even think about it. Wait you're, that's that's a slaughtered cow! I wanna, be it
it'll slaughtered cow. That a feed so you're taking a foetus out of a man, Macao and just harvesting. who kinds of me out of it. It's a very strange story, but if you believe The documentary, the the matrix it in Africa's foreseen that, but they talk about how people I was gonna have bank axed there. We're gonna have acts there. I was gonna have their problems and the people who control the matrix had to make the matrix a little bit more negative, because people couldn't deal with it when it was so positive. This, The situation here right- people are always gotta have asked you might as well. Have it be about things that are in prison
comparison trivial YE I buy. I can you see the ray I look like. I got real life risky sayin. That would be that lead. Yeah would be evaluated. Rum. Think of the list of problems going to clear out before you deficiencies its way down. There also think of the list of problems we haven't cleared out and that still with their focused on yes, a pragmatic and have them answer to. Unless we all do by, I mean that's ridiculous, still, ass an eye so help me out at the outset do arena at with the latest from Michael, more that fat lump is early and that's not the way to approach it actually led approach. It any other way. Just GAD, it's beyond me his! thing is in Europe, the last you as president, really his thing is F hope because it's, the lazy, weld whole f. seriously have hope, f, despair to but F hope hope is passed.
if hope gives you permission to, let someone else do the work hope leads I believe the tax returns are repeated, bore the FBI or an adult film star will save the country hope the passivity that comes with it is what Up does get here to begin with its the lazy way out. Do you think there's any one on the left and anyone there now looks at me and says he was pretty. Actual compared to deal is downright positive about Barack Obama. Compared to these guys, we were compared to the absolute the absurdity? That's going on now we were Barack Obama fans its most. That created is almost areas. A wee wee almost celebrated him in comparison. He any claims he's got this new document written on some twenty first Fahrenheit, eleven nine
learning is clever or what what is eleven or nine my biggest day ass, the election day after day after my heard you going through and then they ran Unpack grand leashed on the blaze by the wage listenin on watch every day going over the all time, documentary numbers and there's a reason. Why he's coming back to Fahrenheit Eleven nine, because Fahrenheit night alive nine eleven was the most successful documentary by like a thousand percent yeah, it is light on yeah immediately got an Oscar, for he did. That's right. No, he didn't ask for pose an appalling for Columbine again and ask for a gear memory. made the speech in that air. Above famous speech, we got were even Hollywood Buddhism butchers by my favorite moments. I don't remember that all pleased refresh OZ, I want to say two thousand for irish and end he had made. I think he got an Oscar for bowling for Columbine. If I don't get, my memory isn't fail me and
he can't? We went on stage and he just our going where our policy or Mr Borg surely started making this ridiculous. Like political thing emigrated to improving this is at a point where they ate George W Bush I mean, entire nation on the when it comes to Hollywood, because they obviously see themselves as their own, like they ve seceded and they see themselves as their own nation. Everyone there hates him. Even they started booing him for make it's so overtly, put it political and ridiculous. I remember loving that moment. It was a long time threw back and read. I don't mind, should be on a best rainy day. Get you down! Watch this yeah yeah. What is it I mean if you was he's well over is only documentary. That's ever made it into a hundred with islands, nine figures area. It was a hundred and twenty million. I think hundred twenty five millions of liquor and having Here, too, is twenty five. Maybe tat which Think one of donations is it necessary to our european area he's out area
But this one's gonna do pretty well he's be made, but two point three: I think the first week, and its it was only in the family he thinks it'll make about. Thirteen fourteen yeah. which is good as really good. Peered is number one Fahrenheit nine eleven hundred and nineteen million dollars number two is more: the penguins took em we're not in this is enclosed at that type, which is it seventy seven Justin Bieber? Seventy three Michael Jackson: seventy two, the next Wednesday night Two thousand sixteen Obama's America, eight thirty, three million dollars so that its political one would be a dynamic and then after that, you Michael Moors, ago, twenty four million an inconvenient truth, I'm here them. Here's a movie that affected a generation of political debate, may make twenty four million dollars and one an Oscar. And while I was asked one ass, yet Boeing for combine is also, it was the one he won. An Oscar for twenty one million I don't know the next one. Is them? Won't you be my neighbour.
As pointed out in a new everyone's right and everybody's ramming thing. He's like me, the greatest sky of all time I I'm really interested in seeing it as its very rare. These see a movie gets so universally praise. Lian I'd like to see the dirt on him. I'd like to see the light to see that arc underbelly of Mr Rogers neighbour? these issues were dirty here. Mr feely come on whose names that guy, even as a kid I was like mom. I shouldn't trust when you talk about candy from strangers, it's that guy right Mr Mcfeely ethnic, come and I that Why should a bum questionable good about, like Mr Smith, yeah it a bit better here Jones the length of my way. Tomatoes. Ninety nine percent per Would you be my neighbour whose the one browser like you know what I just riders? He seemed like a
Ask them to me that truly I know it's not for us to try and the king. He was stupid. I dont know what was happening towards at that point. So I'm I'm gonna be interested to see. He says: Mica more claims are a real insurgents insurgency taking place in its not coming from the Democrats. He doesn't want to divulge too much, but he says is true. True resistance, other it and the socialist. That's right! That's what I think he's talking about an apparently he's gonna feature some of them in the movie. So it is an interesting time to tacitly earn your party certainly to democratic socialism we radicals. It really is an interesting time to do that, because you mean you can do that at any time right, but right now, let me give you the highest. This is this: is the worst performing currencies against the US dollar can intellect in India minus seven percent over the past year. Haiti minus eight percent. That's not good! the opium might is eighteen percent? That's really not go and well rang origin.
Tina minus fifty seven percent, that's terrible the suit. and I mean look- we know it's going over the Sudan Wrongdoers thing. It's probably ever happened is a national, a global Pinocchio, starfleet minus a hundred and seventy percent for the dollar vet. whale up minus two million per cent- two million per cent in the moment where that is occurring there like Alexandria, cause your Cortez is the way to go about things very much, but I wish I listen to him two or three reality, maybe like India is on show on play, peccary unleashed or something I've been watching the police, radio, tv networks and getting get enough there. Maybe you can watch him on the news and why it matters happened five thirty pm unglazed as well. I run after my show up loose podcast as well on Itunes, and you get to hear me and you get to hear Glenn get to hear Pat and die
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