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Get The Duct Tape Out? | 4/2/19

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Hour 1 Democrats drop a bill to abolish the Electoral College? Only those who Lose what to change it? Abolishing the electoral college, means "You will no longer count"? ...Uh-oh Pat Gray is offended? His first Rated R movie since Silence of The Lambs? The art of talking someone into abortions?   Hour 2 The Brilliance of AOC? "We need to change the cow grains"? More cow farts then cars and chimneys? AOC falsely claims Congress amended the Constitution to prevent FDR from being Re-elected? ...Air Bud & the Lefts defense of Uncle Joe Biden? ...Glenn explains 'the gift of fear'?   Hour 3 Avocados are in crisis at the border? "the enemy"? What about our toast and tequila? ...John Adams, Ben Franklin, the French and the Truth? The Left are already unhinged and out of touch? ...Brittany, a Socialist for Beto and an ambassador for avocados, calls to Glenn to ask some very important questions?

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or my head will explode. May I recommend that you run to the store real quick. You just grab some duct tape and they do this for awhile grab some duct tape and yes, I do recommend that it is actual duct tape, not some knock off brand. You wrap your head
it's not going to stop your head from exploding on today's news, but you will at least be able to go to the hospital and when you get there, they'll say another head exploded. Listening to the news today they go yeah another one valley, so this one has all the fragments there. Just under the duct tape, we get his piece it back together, get the duck tape because your head is going to explode. Blood will shoot from your eyes as we dismantle the constitution yet again today, all that and more coming up in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. Yes, let me talk to about delta defense. May I, the I did states concealed Carry association would like to to join. I really really think that you should join. This is, if you want to safely and securely, protect your family
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really: no, no! No! No! Yes, I'm gonna give it away to the honey it's right. Well, it is one that comes in a box fig box. I think, but we can sorry weapon that got to be pretty big. I know I have no. I don't even know that sieg. Right out of the box. Are you training gun? Did the whole point of this for people Guess I mean that's clock, no, I'm guessing, so you can guess anyway, if you know simply text the Glenn two hundred and eighty seven, two hundred and twenty two right now to rip all the make and the model of this gun and instantly lock in your nineteen free chances to win. All you have to do is just type in G, L, E, N, N, two eight, so seven thousand two hundred and twenty two simple, quick one hundred percent free text Glenn, two hundred and eighty seven, two: two two yeah. So I got the duct tape.
You got to run your head cake, good, because I'm just going to give it took a gumball quick highlights. Alyssa Milano says she loves God, and then it's the Bible to push abortion. What yeah heart of the Bible hold well pushes abortion. If, if I had told you earthly things and you do not believe how can you be, if I tell you heavenly things, but what the hell is it? What that's that's the abort, the kid part of the Bible right, yeah, yeah, the the kill, your kid in the womb part aboard away. I know you, I knew you in the will. If you read the new international version is says aboard away. This was shot your abortion. I don't know how that how that works, but it's not going over well for a a list and we'll get into that here in just a second also. Today they are set to unveil
in the in the Senate, Hey Constitutional Amendment, to abolish the electoral college and uh. How for the election of presidents by popular vote. You know who's for this people who keep losing You know who's. For that we change the rules yeah. Then we can win, we can't win and we got to change the rules. Each here's here's the thing the Elect World College is so important and no one is defending. It. Here's why the electoral college is really really important, not to make sure that Republicans win so that you do not have one in party because that's what it will be in the end, it will be one party and the open party will only have to care about the big cities. They will
only care about the population centers. They will not care about the farmers. They will not care about Iowa, Nebraska, Idaho, well not care about any of these states where the population is low. They don't care really about Rhode Island and you can well. There is a deep concern by Democrats about that. Russian hacking thing because, if you had a national popular vote, they would only fight need to find one week place to be to run up the tally and able to many facture election results. In fact, one of the reasons why they say that the Russians were not successful as they didn't understand, all the arcane local. Pause for each they didn't know how to break in there? It wasn't all the same systems. Let's just say there was a a place like, let's pick a place that is so far away from corruption when it comes to voting, it would be ridiculous, Chicago, ok,
ok. What would happen stew if the elect Coral college were abandoned and Chicago colors of the stretch was I, where you could just manufacturer, vote, it would be, I don't know like Chicago elections and accept of across the nation. Is that what you because all it all it would happen was if you got more votes in Chicago, let's say they did it to Chicago Detroit and You know, I don't know LOS Angeles well, If you don't have the electoral college, it doesn't matter those three towns. If, if they just inflated the numbers from those three towns, you push over the yeah election it's popular vote you win. The electoral college is insurance against election fraud. I mean it's only one of the things it does really well, but it does that really. Well I mean a foreign power try to penetrate the electoral college. They have to know which which states they had to push
then they'd have to find week place points in each one of the states or areas they'd have I mean it's impossible to do because of? electoral college, so everything that is in the constitution now that everybody is hating everybody take so long that was designed that way and is designed that way to stop corruption. It is designed this way to stop people from having this emotional response and and become New Zealand? By the way? Have you heard New Zealand? You know that they took away all the guns right. Well, yeah they they banned, banned, semi automatic rifle, told everybody to turn them in. You know how many in how many returned it I mean I would assume all of them. I mean Herman said it well, I know, but that's I mean that's 10s, tens of thousands of guns, but more than that right I mean it's. They have over one million guns in the can I don't how many they needed turned in, but they got they got most of 'em. They got three thousand four hundred and thirty four thousand,
and then they got thirty four Tundra I mean that's not thirty, four, the third for three and a four imagine this having the United States. I look, I mean we talk about these laws. Can you imagine the actually passed the gun confiscation in this country? Nobody would nobody would be turning him in. You would have had if I had a for what is it four hundred million three hundred and ninety million guns I bet, would have whole may, let's be generous, two hundred and fifty thousand guns turned in. Let's be generous, I mean thirty four, and this is what this is, what all of these crazy laws, these arcane laws in the constitution. This is why they're there, because what happens will say: oh my gosh we've gotta react. We've got to do something the politicians do, and the people with an agenda we've got,
I do something, and so they do it. They do it quickly. They do it on a motion and what happen it's, not where the people are, the people supposed to turn in all their guns, thirty four came and in New Zealand I mean we such as first day I assume, but still- and I think that was the first week- is three thousand four hundred and thirty four, a massive failure. I mean this is what these these things happen, this this bump stock thing that just has gone through they're talking about the United States, we're going to have to supposedly destroy a hundred million dollars worth of items that have been purchased legally now are legal. So we have to destroy one hundred million dollars worth of stuff that people spend their money on, but let just forget even the gun. The second amendment concerns there, like so how old we are live in a country where that could just be done. I mean it's just it's absolutely madness. What's going on, so the electoral College, with the electoral college
also does, besides, you know, confuse our foreign enemies on how to hack into election confuse our enemies inside that want to steal elections, the electoral, College also does something else. It forces people to listen to the states with smaller populations, your sub post, to listen to them, because this is the entire thing the constitution was put together when we had thirteen different countries, these these its colonies, look at themselves as totally free and independent. It was France and England, and we said okay, how do we get together? Well, we to do some things that the EU would have done. It probably would have worked. We said at the beginning, it was very different than it is now look. We are all separate and independent and the big states, especially the slave states, that had these gigantic populations
They said yeah, we want it. We want to vote, for. We want popular vote, all the little state said wait a minute we want. The voice of the table. We can't have there won't be anybody who's. Speaking up for us. Don't worry, we're going to take care of a couple of things first going to do is we're going to give you the house which Rep, hence the people and so you'll have enough people you'll have the equal four population. There's your popular vote, it's in the house, but then we want to make sure that every state is represented and the states are not are all treated equal. So the how this may say: hey I'm, to do this in New York, my be the leading arbiter of this and they have the most people in Congress. So they can get that thing passed, but then it's got to the other chamber. It's got to go to the Senate and the
senators were directly elected, not by the people but by the state, governor and their legislator. So there legislators came in and said we want this guy to represent us. So now you have the people represented. Then you have the power of the local state represented. So you the balance there. Then you the president. But how do we pick the president? Because the president could, in the end just side with the house and no no home about it, no problem with it, because he didn't even have to go Delaware. He didn't have to go to Rhode Island because they nothing as long as he was in New York and Virginia the be fine. So they said, okay to back since this out we're going to have an electoral college that will be the actual that every single state is going to matter if you
rid of the electoral College, if you feel like a flyover state now, the only you do matter is when they have, when they're forced to put their plane down in the center of the country and they're forced to to the coffee shops in the waffle houses in everywhere else. To talk to you, the minute you go rid of the Electoral College, you matter only the cities matter only the states with the biggest populations matter. You will not see them in your rural town. They will not care about you because you won't. You don't have the power so every little state, every every town that isn't a metropolis, you know longer count I'm going to play some audio and what a surprise it's from Beto
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are their new toll free number of eight hundred car six thousand and eight car six thousand mentioned the promo code back. We pause ten second station id, and so let's, let's go to the audio of bed talking about electoral college. Here we go. Yes, let's abolish the electoral. We we, the night after presidential election in two thousand sixteen Amy and I were were talking each other. We like how are going to explain to Ulysses and Molly and Henry who are now one thousand two hundred and ten and eight that the person got three million. More votes just lost the election, and then we were
I can reach other like how do we explain that to ourselves? Stop where justice? How do we explain in a hole? It's really hard? I know this is how it is with parenting. Is you get you have to talk to your it's an tell them things that maybe a day your old can understand it's how you bring them up, so they understand things the eight year olds. Do you understand? It's either become adults you as a parent to ten things that are confusing to an eight year old, but maybe easy to understand for an adult? How do they explain it to themselves too? it's very easy as the one who just gone over all of the reasons he here in the last half an hour. It's a quite easy. I I felt like we were told for all this time that you know where we like the founders. You can't have the constitution without the founders tour, we look their vision, they were great people. We just have to adjust things by the way, a polish other stuff, it's crazy. We are taking I've thought that constitution was hanging by a thread for awhile. Now they've got the scissors out, they've got they've they've got
we've out the hedge clippers out right now they are about to cut the thread, that are holding us together at all. We are look at radical, just wait until I give you something coming up as well. That's in the house now that polish, your right to free speech- and I am not overstating that it is frightening- what is happening if you change the Electoral college, you change everything in this country. It was put there for a reason, and I don't beto it's for someone who understands the constitution. I mean you do understand it right. How do I explain it to myself? I I don't know I'm the guy who raised my hand and said I will protect in defend the constitution of the United States and uh this enemies. Foreign and domestic. I don't know,
you should before you took that oath? You should have understood what the electoral college was. What, is what it does, how to explain it, how to defend it. If You can't even explain it to yourself. You certainly should never have been in Congress and my gosh last place. You should be is in the president of the United States is office. I love this the argument so ridiculous to it's like well. How would I explain to my kids that when sixty five percent of Americans opposed Obamacare, you passed it anyway. How my? How do I pass explain add to my kids. Well, I do because there's a system in place there are rules and you follow them. And that is supposedly what's going to happen in this country, at least on occasion, the you, we, don't, we don't eliminate the things that, the constitution, because you can't explain them to your kids, even if it was hot, to explain to your kids. That is not a constitutional argument and if you
it to yourself, then you're, an uneducated boob read the Federalist papers beto much a five minute freaking video from Prager University is unbelievable. Ok, so let's continue with what he said. Why is okay is one of those bad compromises we made at day one in this country is that is that what it Ok. Is it a bad compromise, and this is one of those he's referring to the three slash five clause. For the love of PETE. The three fifths clause was rich that way to help abolitionists. Now the slave states it was written that way, so the slave states had less power the same thing for the for the electoral college. It's so the big
it's didn't have power for anybody who claims that they are for the little person. They are abolishing everything that helped little people had Glenn Beck. All Lifelock is our sponsor this hour into and eighteen, it's amazing. The number of confirmed data breaches in twenty eighteen increased four one hundred and twenty four percent in a year. Two thousand and eighteen also sauce. Seventy one percent jump in dark web activity. Why is this happening? Hey because it's really easy also because states, capital S, are now involved in this. You Russia you've got China they're all involved in this. This me, your local doctor, your local bank. Even your children's school are under attack. The number of attacks just on the Pentagon servers free in China alone is one hundred one hundred
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look into the program. This is a Glenn Beck program and Pat Gray joins us uh. He just fresh off his taping life. Podcast happens is taping happens every day between seven hundred and seven hundred and nine hundred eastern, seventy nine eastern. So you don't wanna miss that the pack gray radio round up you can find that Pakray unleashed wherever you find podcast or you can listen to him on the blaze radio network as a tape. It live everyday. Pat just said something incredible to me that he just saw a rated r movie last night I did wow. Was it offensive? Oh man, all of the people talking about like and whether baby should live or not. Uh just was wow. You don't want anybody seeing that to be fair, there were those points where they manipulated those clumps of cells.
And that was to make it look like they were babies. Even I mean I don't know if those were Volkswagen parts. So so you know, Pat He does not see rated R movies when we first met each other. It was the first rated r movie I've seen since silence of the lambs, you saw silence of the lambs, seems like an odd choice or dip. Your your feet into the rated r pool? Doesn't yeah yeah? Well, I didn't realize you know how huh sincere Pat was on rated r and I didn't realize how far away I was from you know. Shocking
can I saw silence of the lambs. I came back and like Pat you gotta CD's, like I I don't. I don't see stuff like that. I'd like not all this is there's nothing wrong with. This is a this is great. Yeah is really really great and he was like now how I got you don't and I'm like their stuff. It's like you see this stuff on tv. I look over like twenty minutes into this movie and pat is just white and he's like I. Don't think I've seen any of this on tv, so he's a sewing right, so he hasn't trusted me on a rated r movie and he doesn't go to see any of them. A butt. This is not a rated r movie. No, it's not the one that thing you see is you know, there's some rose material, 'cause abortions, vault and you see things go through tubes, but man to deny the experience. I think it's a mistake. It's it's a
the powerful movie. It's a well acted movie. This is from the well, it did God's not dead, which I didn't like no come on. This is not. Fantastic you didn't like it. I didn't like it. You did I did not like that. It's not dead, go ahead. I hate it. Yes, ok, yeah! I walked out of it. Quite honestly. Producers are friends and everything else, but I walked out of it. I thought it was horrible. Because it was so preachy and everybody who is a villain over the top. A super villain and everybody was good, was you know, mother Teresa, and I just hated it. I think they must have learned a lesson from that because yeah they did The plan is not that way at all. The only one might be a slight over the top exaggeration- and I don't know this but uh- the initial planned parenthood director seems a little and I've asked Abby about that and she is said Glenn. That is absolute word for word,
I think she said the things that the director says. I mean she's, like that. I swear to you. We did not hype that that is who they are and what she said to me man this. This will really. I mean it. Will rock your world about and parenthood an remind it. Ain't Christians. I think how important this fight is, because we gave up this fight for so long and now Now that we're joined the fight again, it seems like we've got momentum. This movie could add to that momentum. It's that a good. If you get people to go to it, you've gotta get hit your kids to go to it. You've got to get you This will raise up a whole new generation that will see things clearly because that scene, that twenty seconds of where she's turned yeah yeah. Oh my gosh, so impactful. And what the doctor says and that's a quote is out
Regis and it's a quote it. It is. It is phenomenal. Let me ask you one thing, because I thinking about this last week, if I was listening to the I show and is talking about unplanned it would be one of those movies that I would go I should go see that and then my wife would say you want to go, see a movie or something? What about that movie unplanned and I go. I want to go see that, because it seem is like a dirge. It seems like a movie or supposed to go, see. Okay, did you feel that way? Not at all did you that we kind of going in a little bit yeah and leaving? How did you feel uplifted crazy. Isn't it yeah? It's weird, your your, but I also felt kind of entertained. I mean it's, it's also
it's a good movie yeah, it's a good movie. It's a good movie, amazing story. To I mean I got to the you know: it's the some of the reviews have been negative, which they're always negative. On course they are any movie that has a message like this. Obviously, but the you know they they're they're, bashing it for ridiculous things. You know on the message, but it's like you. This movie and it's like at the very least, you have to acknowledge it's an incredible story, even if you don't care about fortune and all the fact that incredible, credible and who became play in parenthood's national employee of the year yeah He telling you how bad abortion is. The damage had two abortions. A woman who is pretty you know was the director of a think perform thousands, and thousands of them was the best part. Coming in the country She was she. I don't know if you heard the podcast, but she talked me about some being the best at talking people into abortions. She
Should they learn? They teach you at the planned parenthood in it. It's it's. If people could, get their arms around. This is not compassion. This is business. This is all business and when she said you know, I would talk people in two abortions because they taught us how to do that and it was. It sounded like almost like a used car salesman and she said I was the best at it whenever we would have a tough patient coming in that really didn't want to have an abortion, but it wasn't sure we may know money on prenatal care or anything like that. The only way we can make money is if we are aborting the child, and so she said I would be called in I'll get a tough patient here. They don't want to necessarily have an abortion. She said I would, I would go in and she said this I sold it. She said, look, you know it's it's tough situation and
I know you're fighting right now, but you believe if she said if it was a religious person, she would say you believe in a just god right, yes and you're you're worried that God doesn't God. I condemn you. Yes, what kind of God that you know in reading scriptures is a god that we could not understand his precious daughter and be well to forgive and understand where you're at he knows right where you're at right now and she I would break down the barrier and then she said I would say so. Look here's what I can do for you. This ultrasound has just cost like five hundred dollars. She said if you leave today without booking the abortion, I can't have to charge you for the ultrasound, but if you book the Obor in today-
and I will roll that into the price of the abortion, so you won't have that extra payment, just like a car sales, exactly right. Well in the CUP holders a book, the abortion right and she said- and she said she that she would always look at them and she'd say so. Is there any reason why we shouldn't book this today I mean wow well yeah, let's see you're murdering my baby, and I want to think about this a little bit more and a vulnerable situation. Imagine if a car dealer was doing that with vulnerable women at the time any bank- you want to talk about predatory loans, anybody that was doing a transaction when you are that vulnerable, and you're saying. Well, I don't know well, you know what I could make this happen in this happen, but you have to do it right now, Debbie said they liked you the light of these women, the light of the girls. You know some of
twelve thirteen one thousand four hundred and fifteen years old, so the youngest she did was one thousand one hundred and eleven eleven with or with parental permission I believe without and Jack's person is not a movie for the that supports the pro life Kelly said she was the only one in the movie they say: she's, the only defector they've ever had which is amazing in that role yeah and they thought he. You know what was weird is when you watch this movie and they first bring her into the po, see six of section is what that really stands for, but they used to joke. We call it. This is a which is what it is right and Security cord was baby. That's what their security code was. You can remember the number just remember it's just baby. I mean they know exactly what they're doing so: peace of children. They would joke and they on her in, and I asked her. I said why weren't you stop,
and by little feet and little heads and little are because you have to count everything after divorce, you have to make sure every piece is there 'cause? If it's not there, it's inside the woman's right and cause all kinds of problems, so so they have to put them together. They have to reassemble the baby, and she said I don't know why that didn't bother me. She said I I understood that it was a baby, and so I didn't. I don't know why she said it was always my choice and she said, but why So I saw once I of the ultrasound? and I saw that baby fighting. She said it became human to me. She said because that was the natural instinct. She said, that's what I would do. That's all of us would do and here's this this lump of nothing if it didn't right that it would have it's been a lump, but because it sensed trouble and pushed away from it she's
all of a sudden. They became very human. It became a life to me and I knew we exactly what it was when they do it all the time the name of the movie is unplanned and if you haven't taken your kids to to see it, please do take your kids age appropriate. What age do you his hands on, like curry, pretty discouraging is probably the right rating yeah yeah, it's not as usual, so I will no no not at all and the and, I would say, even p g thirteen. It depends like. I think I could have seen that when he was eleven ish, maybe twelve. Cheyenne's too Cheyenne is Cheyenne. Is thirteen about to become fourteen and or knows she's twelve about to become thirteen an I I still wonder. I think that would I think that would bother her. I mean a lot deeply.
Thirteen is the is the it's, certainly shouldn't br, and so there's nothing in between those general. I mean the thirteen. Is the yeah you. You know you saw him, make it's against parental guidance. You know above thirteen you have If you show I, I just got a letter from a guy last night, who said I my daughter. She was, eighteen and she said he said you know we're catholic. We raced them to believe. You know that is life and she said- he said my my daughter would did just doesn't believe that believe that that's a viable choice for People he said she didn't want to go and didn't want to go. Didn't want to go at the last minute said yeah, you know what I'm going to come with you and he said, while it hasn't changed her mind. Yet he said. It is completely changed. The conversation- and he said this is- open the door, and I think that's what'll happen for anybody who is dead, set an is made their mind they're going to have
start to cling to things that they know are not true. They're going to have to start justifying in there MIKE has they're forced to see it for twenty seconds or you just have to believe everything in the movies ally, right if you're already set that this is a woman's right to choose and it's a reproductive choice, blah blah blah you just have to everything they say about planned parenthood and how they operate is a lie which again you're talking about doctors, nerve in ha, all these people are in the movie right, they didn't didn't ask can get a report and then recreate it. The people who are if starring in some of these rules are the actual people from the Clia in that seen the doctor that performed. That is a doctor that performed tens of thousands of abortions. Has he turned the heat all wow and the doctor that did the move out. That did that and
the nurse that's in there with her wow also perform tens of thousands of abortions with planned parenthood and also turned and left. Do you know the way the whole details of that are accurate, yeah right, I mean like They were very excited. Yes, I was told I was told that when the doctor walked in before they shot, he looked, tray of instruments and he rearranged them exactly the way they would be. If you were in, if you were doing an abortion, he was like this. I just want this seem to be right. I want this to be accurate. I don't want anybody to be able to say all they wouldn't use that or they didn't do this. He said he arranged all of the instruments exactly the way they're laid out for planned parenthood doctors. And he knows because he was one for a very long time alright, you install a computer antivirus software,
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to change your cow brains, none of the three parts of that are right. None of them, not one part of the memory, are correct, none of them but will get into the brilliance that is AOC and we're only doing it not because were laughing at her butt, because she such a smart, beautiful latina that we need a new target let me tell you about real estate agents, I trust dot com real estate, they trust dot com, is a company that I started because I know I know you and you- and I are an awful lot of like we just don't want taken for a ride. We don't want to do business with bad people. We want a good deal for everybody involved. We want to sell our house, we want to sell it on time. We want to sell it for the least hassle in the most amount of money, and we want to buy a house in the right neighborhood that all
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the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program. Well, there's nothing better than someone from Brooklyn. You know giving some advice to the farmers of America because they're a Brooklyn, you know they got a lot of. They had a lot of cow handle in time a you know, and so, when a o c speaks to the farmers of America, they should listen and and farmers. If that happens, to be you you're going to learn a lot you're going to learn a lot from AOC in under sixty seconds that by this is the Glenn Beck program. Alright, I got this note in from my one of the staff members about a week ago, my son got really sick with a bug. That's going around constantly coughing runny nose just miserable after a few days
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you may have to excuse me for a few minutes during this hour and still just kind of sit in. I have to come and go for a a the neurologist conference call. My daughter has been have testing for about a year, and and so we get some of the results back. So I'm going to be kind of in and out a little bit to this this hour. I want to. To talk to you about AOC. Now, I'ma play this audio and farmers. Farmers. Don't laugh this off She knows what she's talking about listen. We need to innovate on our technology. You know, obviously, like I Stafford a Stafford. Lisa document talk about cow flatulence, but
which is an issue. I just want to say thank you sounds ridiculous, but it literally is an issue that actually is an issue when it comes to contributing to methane, but that doesn't mean you end cows. It means that we need what it means is that we need to innovate and change our green cow, green, green. They feed in these trucks in those troughs really take a look at regenerative. Agriculture like these are solutions I'm enjoying this so much. I know nothing. Okay, I do, have cattle. I do raise cattle, but when I say I raise cattle, no, I don't. I show up for like four weeks out of the year where we of this farm in this ranch. Other
people are raising the I'm not I just show up and I'm like kept as my hair, the cat we column hers right. There is my haircut. I know nothing. You mostly raised cattle from a big MAC Wrapper exactly right. Ok, alright! I am all hat no cattle. If that's the way, you would say it in uh in Texas. Now here's the thing even I know, that we're not feeding the cattle cow grains were not there, get it giving them cow brains. Yes, some cows will be used on corn, so you're, saying corn are the Calgary, how grain other than that you're pretty much alfalfa. If you were somebody, if you were somebody that is looking for an all natural cow, a what a grass
fed I've heard that terminology before it will for me there. Ok, everybody want you want to grass FED crowd, will cow. What do they do when they're eating grass they're going out and they're eating Grass ALF Alpha? They love it's like catnip. Let but there's no grains you're not sitting in a trough eating out of a grain? Why do they have them? Then? Why do they have the troughs, then? Why why have you ever no answer for that. You have no answer. The cow brains are the things that go into that rubs. It's obvious. Now, I'm sure that these big farms are maybe throwing the cow grains into the big troughs, but I don't think I'm going to take the taking anything she says is like taking anything I'm saying
as gospel. Well, my issue: is they shouldn't be making the grains from Cal is if they're feeding the cows right? Now, it's just like a it's like a you know: you it's cannibalism! Basically, you know. If you're going to feed cows, cow grains, don't make them out of couse. That is if she has a good point there, but other than that seems to be a tad. Miss writing. So we're feeding Cal's house- I will carry, right I have assuming they're made of camels. I just I don't know all the facts. I am out of farmers love this I mean the other part of this is first of all, they don't, generally speaking, eat that way they do there's no such thing as cow brains. Another issue is also flatulence from cows is not really an issue. Is it's. It's belching is really the issue. That's coming up the other side, that's the methane problems and she doesn't understand that and- and I love the part where the I since cracks up 'cause she's, like I mean the answer, there is not to end cows, that's not a pun.
Each line. That is from her document. She say until we like the document they released. They there acting now as if it was mistakenly released. As a draft document again, if you ever got Glenn and important, I came into you headed from your staff that was draft and not finished and looked like that would any of those p I have a job, the next and now, of course, and it's it's- it was an absolute disaster. Then they released the draft document which wasn't a draft document. No, because if they had a draft document, what would they be doing today? They would had the final one out when, where was the final FA q about this bill? We never got one because it wasn't a draft document at all is intentionally that was it so the punch line that everyone laughs at their laughing at her. It was her document that said? Oh well, we're not going to end the cows that was her there mocking her own document Ann.
I don't know that she even realizes it, and now I don't. I don't think so and by the way, the cow grain, the own, cow grain and farmers, please grab me only cow grain that is being fed to them would be corn corn FED beef, but that's the everybody wants grass FED beef. So she's she's actually saying she wants to jail right. So right so are we supposed to have like I don't know or acids or sacks in the K Grain or we supposed to look for something else, the center, which is proposing? I mean: if do you want to take her seriously? What is it that you're going to feed the cow that they're going to eat is, is good with their digestive system. What are you going to You know what are you going to feed them that they eat
I mean I don't know about you, but I could. I could drop carrots on the floor all day long like dogs not going to eat it, I have something yummy my dog's going to eat it types of chocolate on the floor. My dog will want to eat and I'll be like no you're going to do. What is it that we could feed these cattle? That think will stop the methane. What is it? What is it that you go? Do you do and by the way, how that's why, if you don't think it was methane, I thought it was Co. Two that was the problem. Will methane is a is a is an issue. Now it is more potent of a greenhouse gas than Co. Two is it says it's in smaller amounts, and it also leaves the atmosphere much quicker. So it is a it's part of the equation when it comes to right. I've read the report and I've heard it a million times, but why is this? Is it because it's just in there
or cow farts than there are cars sedans chimneys. Well I mean the? U N did say that the you know the meat industry is is responsible for more. You know of the co two problem, then all the transportation. You know in the really the entire every transportation sector and every country earth combined? Now there are disagree with that report, but I mean they can disagree with it. 'cause there are the UN, I mean you can go through it and pick that bet that are apart pretty well, but they can't, because the UN said it, and that is there. That is their standard of proof needed to adjust the entire world economy. That's why we're always so fascinated to why it took Al Gore. A couple one thousand days before he decided to quote unquote: go vegan, whether that's actually true or not. I have no idea, but at least claims it now, but it took him thousands of days for that report to actually do it. Why? Why AL? Because
again, as we pointed out yesterday, the actions do not match the words if they actually believe the world was gonna end in twelve years, they would not be. It would not be Cal grain time they they would be. They were much more concerned about these things and doing things that were different. I I will you that this all, was down to culture. Remember when Obama's wife said right before the election right before she was taken off of the road she said. Brock knows, we got a change, our traditions, to change our our language. We have to change everything. This is part of it by getting you to stop eating beef, that is very american. I'm a meat and potatoes guy. That is the west that is american to raise and an eat cattle now
You know you want us, you want to say it's for different reasons. That's fine! I honestly do not think that this is anything different than just changing all of our traditions. They have just acted us from history and now all they want to change our traditions. Once you change the traditions, you've got nothing left you. We have nothing left. I mean those people don't even know why we have. Why do we have summer vacation for kids? What is schools have vacation. You know. I mean that's the amused I need to make their money somehow right right, I mean I know it's, because it was the summer months where the kids needed to work. The farm so once got into spring and summer. That was, that was the time to plow and plant and everything else and the fam these needed the kids back at home. So
everything about us. Why do we have daylight savings time right is was also the same for the farms. Don't need it anymore, but it was for the farms. So everything we have they are slowly. Dismantling is also slowly dismantling our story and where we came from you know, dismantle the Chris three. Okay well takes out everything that we know about Christmas, about Europe about Germany, Saint Nicholas. All of these things. All of these traditions mean something to us and the more you take them apart, the the more empty you are as a culture, and some of these changes are good. I don't want to come back to a place where I need to farm all summer yeah. I don't I'm not saying that. I'm saying that every They are taking all of our traditions apart and I'm not talking about do
it's time now. I know you know I'm just saying that it's a tarte everything is for a reason. Okay, he ever everything is here, for a reason is because of where we came from. They are slowly erasing absolutely everything that has made us me and potatoes people does that mean meat and potatoes people. When I say that you, that means a plane, Talkin Farmer and working a guy who calls it like it is a meat and potatoes person get rid of cattle rid of the meat and potatoes say it right and cows and cow greens, okay, yeah and the cow road they want to get rid of them. We just have to change the cow brains into something new magical grain that doesn't make you two two. When you eat it used,
don't use beans as a factor. That's the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot tech sector and not go down that road. Thank you very much when you could connect to public. If I even if it's password protected, it is almost exactly what you're doing what you're doing is your just saying: hey, I'm over here please steal my information you're, exposing even information that could be used by cybercriminals. That's why I highly recommend that you get Norton secure VPN. It is a virtual private network. Now this encryption everything you know when they if this was in real life and they were following you into every store and monitoring every purchase that you made seeing what you were interested in. Listening to you all of these things. You would you go crazy, but because it's happening on computer, we don't care well, you should care it's same thing now.
Vpn stops all of that from happening Facebook, Google. Nobody can track you now because of v, and this isn't because you're doing something wrong. It's none of their business being marketed to end shaped by the information that they have on you, you go to Norton dot com, Slash VPN. This is your in new internet connection, a vpn you can get it from Norton Norton, dot com. It's really easy. It's three! Thirty three a month, if you get the annual subscription, you download the app you put in the password once and now all your devices go through v, p n, it's Norton dot, com, slash v, P, N, Norton, dot com, Slash VPN, we break for ten seconds station id
now how a lot of people don't like, because you Cortez and let's be honest, and when we say you know we think she's a fool. That's a dog! The dog was so we're saying, she's, actually a articulate latina, that's a big issue with her yeah. It just needs to be stopped here. What people are saying now about why people are standing up against, because Cortez Now I want to turn and get one more topic in here all fast. The Republican Party versus Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez, the freshman demo, Congress from New York take a look at the crowd when Donald Trump Junior appeared at a campaign style rally for dad earlier this week, please
they are chanting her initials. You heard the word that followed and today Cortez responded by saying this is a pattern among those on the right, including the president, and she added that the president doesn't another woman, Hillary Clinton or whoever else to vilify anymore, namely goes up so you come back to this, but I just have to I just can't take it no listen! here. Here is why we have a problem with a the Cortez and don't need to explain it. I'm going to let her explain it here. She is on FDR when our party was boldest new deal, the great society, the Civil Rights ACT and so on. We had and carried supermajorities in the house in the Senate. We carry the see they had to amend the constitution of the United States to make sure Roosevelt did not get reelected,
and you know there was so many extraordinary things that were happening in that time that we're uniting working PM. So let me just see if I have this right so somehow or another with a super majority, the Republicans but constitutional amendment in which believe needs. Seventy percent for votes, correct, yeah, two third, two slash two slash three: somehow somehow the states with a with a supermajority: they, it Congress got there through and then they got it approved by two slash three of the states and the and they- and they did this- how they is this somehow magically without any power? No for the Democrats or the Republicans, and they got get through to stop FDR who was all
ready dead. They I had to stop FDR from b or being reelected. Now I, the amendment, would would should have read Noda and people shall run for president, why didn't? They include that? She does point out. That is extraordinary. If they had elected dead person for to come back as president. That would be something extraordinary in our history, not typical. Here's the thing that she's, what she's doing she's flipping history upside upside down. She saying that so many things were happening, that the people were so in love with that the evil Republicans, even though the Democrats at super majorities, the evil publicans passed a constitutional amendment to make sure that FDR could not continue
Do these crazy, great ideas of his first of all FDR was dead. Second of all, was a democratic congress that did it. Why? Because the Democrats knew that we were so close to a dictator when you're saying these great things were happening. Yes, through do tutorial torio means and even his own party new note when can a mass that much power ever again? This is very bad and the uh reason. Why is because he was electric with audiences and people loved him. He knew how to be a good politician and always had an unspoken rule? George Washington served two terms at the end of two he retired said: this is enough. That was the hardest retirement and the biggest news story in the entire world. King
Ford said if he actually doesn't if he actually gives away his power he's going to be greatest man to ever, live that. That's who that was, and up until uh Woodrow Wilson, we had only had a president serve two terms. Woodrow Wilson was taken out with a stroke, the first one that was arrogant enough to say I'm bigger than George Washington was the art and the people did not like it. You're listening to Glen Back American Financing Corporation and an LS one, eight two, three three: four: W W w dot and M L S, consumer access, dot, Org chart state of the mortgage industry over the next few years. I hope that I'm wrong, but I think the call buying for a new mortgage is going to become more and more difficult and higher rates may price match. Americans out, I beg you, get your house in order right now at
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please tv dot com use the promo code, ten bucks off get all the shows that you love this one is and why it matters and blame tv welcome back it's we've reached the time of your day, where you're supposed to suspend disbelief completely this. What happens in politics now you're supposed to forget everything you know about the world when a new news story comes out. If you happen to go to see the documentary AIR Bud Golden receiver. You might have thought you know, I don't know The dog could actually play football well enough to succeed in the National Football League or any other league, and you have, suspend your disbelief a little bit as you watch that or error add spikes back when he, I guess he was good volleyball or when he was good. Basketball and another movie, but is a very talented dog and you have to at some level. You have to suspend disbelief now if you remember in very real
it's in history. There is a very clear thing you could not do when so one came out with a an accusation of sexual harassment or inappropriate touching or inappropriate joking, the one you absolutely could not do under any circumstances, to suggest that there could be a political motive behind it. That was inappropriate. We I saw this with Kavanaugh over and over again, and you know each people. Conservatives would occasionally point out the idea that I'd. Oh, no, maybe the idea that some one comes out of nowhere to make accusation about about a guy when they can't name the place. It happened or the time it happened or who else was there, and all of these details are just completely not connected to any sort of reality. The idea that that accusation is made on the eve of the person being uh
related to the Supreme Court could be a tad suspicious like and we end bet into our equation as to whether we just believe this and rule this guy's life without any evidence that, of course made you a sexist hate. Monger. Until now, because now it's a Democrat with ACT, patients like this and I'd like you to listen to MSNBC's me. The Brezinski and her deep analysis of the Joe Biden accusations a lot of folk. This will say that women need to be, but we've been hurt and I believe they should be heard right. But Are we allowed to bring up that c? Flores is a huge Bernie person and she has you know political connection that might be countered fighting schools and that this could be hold on. Is it ok
To bring up this could be politically motivated, or are we just supposed to take all the words and the fact that she said she was violated at? face value? Are we supposed to just leave it? There. Do you believe, you're hearing the things you're hearing that way, First of all, I mean the analysis that it's okay now to question her political motives and by the way women shouldn't be believed they should just be heard. That was us for quoting every conservative talk show that you vilified just a few months ago. You have to come completely suspend disbelief. You have to forget the into your history of everything. You know it like in air bunch, air buds, seventh inning fetch. Do you think he is that going to baseball dogs? Typically? Are that good at baseball, but in air bud? You just randomly believed it and was just Micah this one time. Maybe you could excuse it, but let's
listen to the views. Analysis of this situation Joe is a hands on Kanaga, but no one I've never heard anyone. And she said she felt violated and I have to take her out of work, but it would've been nice if she had turned him and say you know what JI don't really like this, please don't do this or not Mister vice president, I'm not really comfortable with it. So they stop processes. When conservatives will bring this up this line of argument, the idea is, you have to show some sort of displeasure mean we have you: have a situation more like let's say some person comes up and tries to give a woman a kiss, and she does not want that. Kiss be pulling away. The saying no, thank you. The there has to be some level of I'm not interested right that are now will have to have signed contracts. Every time we go on dates, that's not by human beings interact this.
It's been pointed out by p, rationally looking at the world for very long time, it was all is denied as sakes, sexist and and hate mongering, and dismissing the women and the win. I have a right to tell their truth, and ever they feel is the truth. That is not what our society is based on. You can't put the entire weight of a story on the pie since feelings. If Joe Biden, we have no no reason to defend Joe Biden on this program. He would be a terrible president as he was a terrable vice president, but if he did it's going to go, put his hands on somebody shoulders and he turns around and says put please don't do that RL, I'm sorry! I just I got a weird thing with no space. If she had, and he continued to go down that road. He would absolutely be in the wrong and I
and everybody else is analysis here that everything this guy does is super super duper creepy. I think he's a creepy guy, but you can't just state stand there, except what he's do not mention it for five years and come out in the most, foundational important part of his career to try to derail his candidacy. When you support someone else and just be there, be a blanket belief, it makes no sense every one in the world who looks at these things. Obviously realizes there's, I would say, hidden motivation here, but she's telling you she's come and said the reason why I'm telling you this now is because I don't want him to be president. She likes you a bed rally. She was a burning person. This is obviously you know uh where she may have felt uncomfortable. I think I would feel very uncomfortable if Joe Biden that to me, but you know who would have known that Joe Biden, I will,
I told Joe Biden Dude, had stop sniffing my hair, it's pert plus don't get too addicted. I just you can't let the entire weight of an accusation be based on the feelings of the person you this to be intent, and maybe but his intent is bad. I mean we see a lot of really creepy videos from the guy. I don't know, maybe he's the worst guy on earth, maybe he's you know basically Jerd from subway. I have no idea, but I mean per so one of the things that's been spread around has been this Stephanie Carter Picture or is the wife of Ash Carter. Former secretary of defense- and she says it was not creepy at a close relationship and she was fine with it. She says upon our arrival at the Pentagon, I'd slipped and fell on some ice, which a few what's were nice enough to tweet about, as in the room reporters well, stage in a young woman from Huffington Post, shouted me to ask. If I was doing alright, I will what's wrong. Did I look all right, but quickly remembered news
fall of the on the ice had traveled by then Vice President Biden had arrived, he could send. It was uncharacteristically nervous and quickly gave me a hug after swearing in ash was giving his remarks he leaned in to say thank you for letting him do this and kept his hands on my shoulders as a me is offering support. She is. There was nothing creepy at all about it to her. So so certainly it shouldn't be creepy to anybody else. The idea, though, that you can define an incident based solely not an intent of the person supposedly perpetrating it, but on the person feelings, even when unexpressed is a standard that this country should not be adopting, but because of Palau purposes. You'll see, Micah you'll see the view because they like Biden defending among these things and using all the points that were common sense about the capital thing and, on the other side, you'll see people who, like Bernie and people who, like Beto, saying it's the worst thing ever
It really is a ridiculous. So really here's a really hard time hard thing about this is we are. We're looking at something that we all know. We all know right and wrong, and we all know when we're being hypocritical. For us to have one standard for Kavanaugh, an and uh standard for Joe Biden one standard for Michael Jackson. Another standard for somebody who isn't famous is crazy is crazy, and all know this if they weren't running against each other, this would not be an issue. It will not be an issue if Joe Biden This is the candidate they'll love it. They love their hands all over the place. Yeah will be asking for more hands in more places seriously. They would make they would T shirts with that
data as I've been groped by Joe Biden, might use the word grope right, yes, but but been he's, been he's. Joe Biden smell my hair I mean you, please hands on the economies hands on yeah, they will they, they will shout their abortion and they make it into no big deal. The question is you know or our is this? What we is this is. What is this? What we're really all about? Are we about principles right 'cause? You? Could he here the media recoil pull into common sense when they try to justify Biden's actions and again, I think Biden's creepy, but the idea that it's appropriate- we don't even have we have nothing capital no evidence whatsoever that any of the things accused of occured, and they all said you had to believe the woman now or in a point where we have ton. This is evidence that Joe Biden does these exact things he's on video, doing it over and over and over and over again and because
do women out of the probably one thousand he's done it. Two are now saying I am that made me feel a little uncomfortable. He supposed disqualified from the race. And it has nothing to do with what they believe. It has nothing to do with the truth. It's them all trying to get advantages over each other. Here's the thing I don't think he's should be disqualified from the race. No, I think, should I think people should make their own decision. My wife watch the video and we were we watch it together. We watch all this collection of all these videos of him just really being creepy and we talked about it He said this is just creepy some people don't necessarily find a creepy. No, I mean Stephanie Carter came out and said absolutely not creepy. Suppose the daughter of Chris Coons this under right. He said this is not was not bothered by it either. That's fine, so the, but the average person has to make the call on that. And what we do remember,
there is something called the gift of fear and it's three. It is truly a gift dogs. Have it and you see this in serial killers- you see this with somebody who some who's murdered. Somebody you always see the neighbors or the family. Members are, like you know, poo she didn't like him, never did every time he came around Pucci just went crazy right because there is gift of fear. Now what he, what would make us human is? We have that gift of fear, but we also have reason so that dogs. Never dismiss it. Remember, remember when Uno. Do you remember up in in Pennsylvania that guy who to come to our office all the time they were sharing an office with somebody, and he would come into our office and the trainer of Uno would say all is said to us all? The time asked the dog
you will dismiss trust the dog. Okay so Uno was really cool and he was friendly to everybody. This guy would come, and you remember that this guy would come in and he would always position himself between me and that guy and he would always growl he'd sit at my first door on guard against this. Guy with you be like. Oh, no, stop. It come on. I was really nice we found out later, the guy was not a good guy. Okay, not a good guy, doing some doing some things, the dog new We might have even said, well, you know he's kind of a you know he's doing there. Whatever we dismissed it because of our reason, so is a balance you don't always want to be on. Like I don't know, I have a bad feeling. Well may or may not be, but we usually dismiss that because we're looking for normalcy
looking for? Well, you know what he's just an old guy, and he just relates to people differently and that my to be there also might be a problem here and it's for each of us to the side and never dismiss never dismiss because powerful is there well known, because you knew need them to be a good guy, that's worst reason, and that fortunately, is way the we're making decisions. Now, no, he not doing anything wrong because we need him. We need him to be a good guy, because, if he's not the guy to lead us who will much this half hour is up dot com. The big box stores are great for the season, do it yourselfers, but for the of us who are well, I go to like home depot I'll uh
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dot com, promo code back get an extra five percent off now blinds dot com, promo code back. You know the good thing is: is that you know we've got burn to give us some real, not just some platitudes he's got some real ideas on on how to fix things: instance here he is on on health care. If I am elected president, I'm going to cut prescription drug costs in this country by fifty, so the we are not paying any more than other major countries, all hey baby yeah. Are you going to do it be cause we what is the average cost verge of prescription drugs, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan and France, France? What we will their average cost, which are fifty percent lower than they are in the United States, and we will do that
ohole lower by looking look at them and then lower them once once you see what you see you become Glenn and I would use gaze upon right gum and I have to go and gaze upon a lower drug prices are like that ally and then they will be cut here. That's all you I have to do. Why did we do that? This is typical. Republicans they didn't even think about. Looking at the lower price is another kind of like meditation or yoga. Now now that our yogurt or you or your that's a good point, so I think yeah. I think I think you know what I'm saying there. I I don't. I don't. I think, AOC knows what I'm talking about there. She knows chocobos cow brains and you're, just making fun of her, because she so smart, I have unplanned is out when you went to see it and in you in Utah, yeah, huge crowds, huge crowds and in getting great reviews from people that went
really urge you to take your your teenagers to this. I think it would be a good family thing to do to go out and have a discussion afterwards. It is it is a true story and they went back it over heals to make sure that everything handed was verifiable and legitimate. The the much of the language in it are quotes from the people of of planned parenthood, and it is it's just a great great hero story and you walk out of lifted, see it in theaters now on land, film, dot com go to unplanned film dot com playing, hopefully in a theater near you, go see it right away.
The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program. You know we have a humanitarian crisis happening now on our border. In case you haven't heard about it. It might be because nobody really wants to cover it in the media, beak
it proves everything that they said to be wrong. We have a humanitarian crisis on the border where we have. We have people that want to get into the United States, but are you know not able to be come in legally they're all being kept literally under a bridge in a town here in in Texas, and the numbers of people coming across? Our borders has exploded to numbers we've not seen before, and what does lawyers report? Here's headline, I'm gonna give you the story on a second all the condo shortages virgin margaritas a border shut down. He is going to hit american palates soon your s Glenn Beck program. We got to get this an amazing story and I'm all for it and I'll tell you about it in in in just a second person to tell you about relief factor.
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Autos on avocado toast to the limes and tequila in margaritas. The United Dates is a heavily reliant on mexican imports of fruit, vegetables and alcohol to meet our consumer demand. You know what. Avocados we can live without. We lived without avocados for a very, very long time in this country are the enemy to being so they are baby poop and it only gets worse when it's been in a refrigerator for any amount of time. Now, though, Like three days, we've heard the term brownie great. What it's like. You took a elephant in your blended it up. Like yes here. I got some elephant guge in that in that bowl in the refrigerator go. Have some of that? No thank you. I am
for a complete and total total total shutdown of all of a cut us until we can figure out what the hell is going on. I don't know hold because I don't know why anyone would want. I have a condo toast shut up this So what you're complaining about Africa auto toast we're the ones who are racist for sale, hey by the way, they're keeping kids in cages when it's Obama, that's doing it, we're just saying that 'cause we're racist, gay, somehow or another. We are the racist ones. Now they call him that there one with the people, but they are concerned that we have a humanitarian crisis. We have p order coming in across the border and they're worried about their avocado toast. Oh, I'm sorry Marie Antoinette, I'm sorry I didn't, I didn't realize you were dining with us today, oh well. What will we do? What would we put on our toast
Oh, my god. I love that, but by the way, we're at the point now where even Obama officials are admitting that is a crisis on the border. Is this whole thing about? the emergency declaration in which the Demak its opposition to that was always just based on there's no emergency emergency right now. Here Jay Johnson, a former DHS secretary under Obama, talking about the crisis at the border, on Tuesday, there were four thous and apprehensions. One day alone, four thousand RON paste this month for or one hundred thousand apprehensions the highest we saw on my watch was may twenty one thousand four hundred and sixty five thousand, so there is a crisis. It's very definite crisis. Remember that member may twenty fourteen I mean that was a huge store and we were down and down the border, yeah and and pushing. But you know just saying hey what they're doing two and why was it his story? It was a huge which story.
It was a huge story because we were saying we need border security, and they were saying they were unaccompanied minors, and look at this humanitarian crisis. Look at this Anna Terrian crisis and we've got to take care of this humanitarian crisis, an I said at the time. Yes, we do, however, we need to also turn them around and how then go home, but we need to try people like people. We need to see this humanitarian crisis. Well, now ha ha ha. What were we doing at the time we pudding them in cages. Well, there will one now wait a minute wait, a minute. We don't want any of that. We don't want to talk that will talk about the humanitarian crisis, but we won't talk about putting him in cages now. We're talking about is how this president is putting people in cages when it- almost twice as large of a problem as it was. They do
a claim that this is a humanitarian crisis and remember the Trump Administration and Republicans asked for or resources so that they did not have to put them under bridges and in cages. They ask for those things and Democrats said no well, but I don't know if you know that there is a crisis, I mean it's national emergency. We may not be able to have anything to put on our toast so I mean what are we gonna do without avocados and tequila? What do we do? out tequila still this can We cannot survive without tequila in avocados. Are you crazy, I feel like we could, I feel, like there's a lot of alcohol I drink. You know what I think so too. That's why we make vodka out of potatoes right, because we got lots of those right here in America. Let me ask you this, you know is going to cause a bigger problem. It will cause your problem, but who breaks first. The entire economy of these countries before they say: ok, ok,
ok, United States, we will police, our own will do every we can to police our own who's going to break first us, because we don't have avocados for our toast and to key live for our margaritas. Or can we man just a little bit? Can we live without those things for just a little bit? I think we can. I think we can do it. The air officials who are intentionally sending people to our our border, Tura, even the problems in their own countries. There sh shipping them to us. Some of them are shipping them to us not just to relieve the tension in their own country and their own problems, but there are also shipping him to us, because they're trying to destabilize us, do you think any of our grandparents in world WAR two would have gone. I don't know I mean we do. Good Bm WS from Germany. I don't think so. They would not react
this way, because no world war, two era person would ever eat an avocado. None of it's against it's against the country. It's against our. What are we going to do for schnapps we're going to have snaps are going to stop shortage yeah, I think we could live without the schnapps. I don't think my grandparents had that conversation about schnapps. Look. We don't want to live without these things, one of the Gr things about living in America. Is things like free trade, but which have Broughton plus all of these amazing things, if you for some reason like avocados, congratulations there here because of capital, it's principles, but the idea that there, is a larger cost than just avocados and idea that we have a major crisis at our border. We barely have a border. If we let this, let this end the way the left wants it to end So yes, if avocados are the price, they are. The price, however, be nice to be able to have a border and keep all the crappy.
Produce. That comes in so so do you remember when the John Adams came out this is years ago, and I told you at the scene see we can remember the scene. John Adams goes to Paris. Did you see John Adams either HBO thing right, yeah yeah, I don't think I saw. I know that I I remember it kind of cool. I heard people really liked it. That's something I really do it. It's really good. So Point John Adams goes to meet with Ben Franklin and Adams and Franklin not get along because Franklin was a diplomat. Adams was like look this way. It is gay. He was a bull in a China shop, and so Adams was sent over to France to see if you get some more money and he wanted to talk to Franklin and everything else in Franklin was living the life of the French, but you have to remember. Franklin was instrumental in getting the French to help us because he spoke French. He,
you know, became french for them. He was this great intellect and he was living the life, but he wasn't living it because he necessarily wanted to when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and so he was befriending all of the most powerful people who or just bizarre ok. They were bizarre, they were so you know it's Marie Antoinette. They were so far out of touch with what regular people were like and there are all made up in the white paint in the you know, the you know the birth mark stuff and the guys were dressed like that and war that make. It was bizarre. So here Adams, who is coming from his farm leaving his children, you know dealing with smallpox and everything else, taking this horrible horrible boat over across the ocean, and he comes to France and he sees he see.
Is Ben Franklin and you know living with these dainty doyleys everywhere and he's like what the hell are you doing and he's like. Listen trust me We need these people, don't be yourself, and so they did it. This dinner, welcoming John Adams and Time Ben Franklin is usual in France to not have a plate with Ben Franklin's face on it. He was that popular okay and so oh, he says: let's have this uh this deal. So, although is very wealthy, people are all sitting around the table and these are all the people that will support the American Revolution and we need him on the side and he just boorish, and he cannot and you feel, for John Adams, because you can't relate to these people because they are so crazy and so out of touch with reality, and they say
talking about you know. If you have you not seen the opera, you don't go to operas and in Franklin just glares across the table like don't say anything and he said tell the truth about tell the truth about opera and and and I badly badly paraphrasing, but what he ed was no, you know, I haven't had time to go to the opera first he's really kind of seeding, and is he gets this dirty guy from from Ben? Then he kind of find some. Diplomatic way to say it he's like. No, I I haven't had time to go, see the opera uh. You know My people are too busy worrying about food right now and eating a tyrant right now that we haven't, we haven't had time to build our opera house and then he starts to get this. I and he says,
my children, my children, have to fight right now. So someday they can study mathematics. So when they have mathematics, then there Gordon can study, philosophy and art and their children will be well to build the opera houses for their chill. To go and see and it's just amazing scene, and I remember seeing it I thought someday. We are going to look like the French at the table. And the rest of the world is going to look at us and go what the hell are. You even thinking getting the Democratic Party is already there all He there the things that they're saying are so unhinged from reality and so far out of we should be talking about. I can't get wait a minute. Wait, a minute! Wait! A wait. Wait, wait! Wait!
I can't get avocado toast how how open up the will. So we can have the avocados. That is the French that Shin T minus, maybe five years back in the day they were letting them eat cake from an avocado's, and I love that expression. You know, that's not what I mean. I know it would love that, but I still, but it shows how I know, but it shows how out of touch she. She wasn't saying well, look to be cake like a slam. It was like there's plenty beefcake put in. Why are they having look at these tables are full of cake. How do not just having them have cake? They don't have bread, fine, have cake, no, don't have cake either. I mean that how far out of touch they really were
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get my ten percent discount. Now at this special site site is back dot com, free ship, free returns, ten percent off now at simply back dot com. Ten second station id oh man, oh man, oh man and then have. Of course we have Beto in the news. We have Joe Biden in the news and we have Brittany on the hello Brittany going to shut. I don't know why do you, Are you shut the border down now? Let me this: what about brunch? What do you mean? What about Brian? Let me ask you this: what tops toast jam but are you put butter with all the Al Green's you're going well, yes, I am sort of questions I've been working on with my organization socialist for avocados, and
socialist for avocados, I'm? Yes, I'm like campus activists and I heard a little bit about your show last night about that yes, yes, we did an expose a on better, and and who he really is and what he really believes, which seems to be nothing first of all. I heard you say that and it's just wrong people are you particular set, something how you are he's, not hispanic, which is not irish, now well, This is such a crazy comparison or he's not as hispanic as a real hispanic person. But he's much more hispanic than your average white Irishman. So Would that be cultural appropriation? I don't think it's cultural operation at all. He personally and she his allegations of him being a drunk driver. Yes, yeah! First of all, he was caught.
One time drunk driving, ok, one time and that's your in actually tried to leave the tried to leave the scene about. I heard your spin on it. I watched the I mean this guy was plastered all the time. The fact that he I got was just proves- he's an excellent driver. Okay, alright, well sure he drive slower and more carefully when he said and then you can be I've heard you're talking about Joe Biden yeah. I first I have first hand. I have first experience with just one hand, or you know what I would be honored to be unwilling, unwilling participant in a facial grope or hair inhalation you be. I would be honored that I was. I was work at a coffee shop and Joe Biden used to come in all the time and and you you make him sound, so creepy and It would make him sound so awful, but I I don't. I didn't see that at all this is a man who helped his community and it
a lot of times he was working with students tons of students from the community and they I don't know if they were his daughters friends, but he would always bring in lots of young girls. They would sit down and you know they. You could tell they were having problems. He was helping them, they kind of had a glassy eyed distant look. To them, and they when come in day after after day in the morning. Right- and you know there are lots of them, but I never saw the same one twice. It was always so I knew what and I It was very interesting because the only person I ever saw him with more than once was Jeffrey Epstein and what is where can he leave Miami? I I'm not aware going to we're going to move on. Thank you so much Brittany, let go to Allison in Florida. Hello, listen, listen online! One! Yes go ahead! I am here hi. How are you very good
I was calling because you were speaking about the electoral College and I've never ever understood the argument. Well, we, you know Hillary got more of the popular vote and trump would have lost if we had had the contest based upon the popular vote in the argument to me seem still completely ridiculous, because if the, if the contest had had different rules, both contestants would have played by different rules, it may no sense to say that you know she got more of the popular vote. That's almost like looking at the Superbowl and say well, our team didn't get as many points, but we did hold the ball longer. It makes no sense to me whatsoever right Allison. Thank you for your call. The the the problem is with this is you would have to play by different game, but without the Toral college. You are talking mainly about cities,
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yeah in New York. They have now cut the funding for the special Olympics. Uh they've cut it by one hundred and fifty thousand dollars this year. I think it's two hundred am fifty thousand dollars it was higher than that earlier maybe they're making cuts on that. And this, which is interesting, of course, because the evil Trump Administration had just threatened to cut fund for special Olympics and and that is that was the most hateful things now have been sure it had been proposed for several years, and everyone knew it wasn't going to actually happen, because the budget means basically nothing. It's just a legal requirement, and it a of of potential cuts that could radically happen, but won't right so it's never a chance of it actually happening and the media new that- and there are also it also had happened several years before and no one said anything about it, but they decide
make it into an issue, so they could get a couple of new cycles right. Well, here's the thing I mean you know in New York: they had to cut it because well they cut it for the the Wic program right to be able to feed children in, no, it was a housing thing right to get the poor people into housing. All no wasn't right that I mean sure they had some increases for lawmakers salaries. You know what they want just wanted to increase those law, acre salaries, seventy nine thousand two hundred and ten thousand and four makers, and then Governor Andrew Cuomo, there's no money in the Cuomo family had is a salary potential increased from one hundred and eighty thousand two hundred and fifty thousand quarter of a mill for good old Andrew who is doing a great job, a great
job. With this lighting up buildings, honor, infanticide, just a great great great job. Can I ask you one quick question: this fall into the game. Show category of how libertarian are you uh you are a huge supporter of the special Olympics. In fact, you have held probably more charity events to benefit the special Olympics than anybody. I know. Ok, you don't get out very often I don't. I don't, but. Should the federal government help peace? Sending out one dollars, no, you don't even finish it now on the special Olympics out for the Regular Olympics, all NBA billionaire owner stadiums. Now all and then fell giveaways. How about the federal government spends zero dollars on sports? That's a crazy one! I love sports. I know you don't care about them, but any impex, whether special or not
get zero dollars of funding from the federal government. It is not the federal government's role to support sports. If you want to support it, then you should support it yet, which is what, by the way you did. You after year after year after year, supporting special Olympics, because you believed it was really important. I still do, and you still do it not to say anything about how important it is. The FEB government is not designed to to promote athletic activities. It's designed to to make people feel good. That is not the role. The special Olympics could be a great charity and it's a great and it means a lot but like we're doing it he's coming up on something called night to shine, which is something TIM T. Tebow's charity has done, it's not sports. It is a basic, the prom night for people with special needs. They kind of get a red carpet rolled out. It's an incredible event. He's created TIM T has done an amazing thing here, but should the federal government be giving TIM
teabo money, so he can have the night to shine. No, it's a fantastic event, but it is not, dances and sports are not thing, that the federal government should be funding and we wonder why we have no money and were twenty two trillion dollars in counting in debt and over uh. Drew trillion in long term liabilities, because we're do things that the government never designed to do it designed to promote general welfare? Now? What does that and that's the most open, crazy and liberal part of what uh of but let's talk about that promote the general welfare was. That means to I mean to the left? It means every prob can be solved by the federal government. Well it, but let's use it in real. Life's too I hired you- and I said one of your jobs is to promote the constitution. Yeah, I'm hiring you in your role on this show your your job
is to a make sure we are on time every day make sure But the affiliates know exactly when we're going to break make sure that the satellites are up and we're getting all of our signal to the knock, got it and promote the constitution right now I would advocate for the constitution would make arguments that I believed would benefit people's understanding of the constitution. You, wouldn't you wouldn't, would you would you then create giant? spending programs to no. No, no, I would I would be on the side of the constitution publicly and you might, you might even just promoted by bringing it up in meetings all the time. Hey, don't forget guys, constitution constitution, Promote the general welfare. So it is up to the government to do no harm to promote the fur.
This thing would do is do no harm to the general welfare. Will the little welfare is being killed right now, for instance, the actual health of our nation is is growing out of control because of govern don't control in there Reagan said it. The scariest words ever uttered is hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help that that is that's the problem the government is taking can troll, when, indeed they should be saying, you know what here in here in Virginia. We saw something and the so the country should look at this hey by the way. What what they're doing in San Francisco in Seattle, just you know, that's not working. Is there something else where somebody elses has solved this? Yes, we found it over here, You should Seattle. You should talk to these people. It's
not go in and create an institution, it's too, but really be the promoter of the third. In at the time or fifty incubators. Now called states and say: look, look, look! What they're doing! Look what they're doing that's great, Well, we're doing that's not so great. Maybe these guys. We think that we're supposed to have the government control absolutely everything, and, and so what do they do so they take the money away from special Olympics and they give it to the people in the in the House and the assembly in New York wow, that's compassion, it huh taking the running out from the kids in special Olympics and pudding it into your pocket. While that's not offensive now,
let me let me give you something that maybe we should pay attention to. President Trump's, the President Trump has ordered the government to prepare for EMP's. The order says the government shall engage in risk, informed planning, prioritize research and development to add the needs of critical infrastructure stakeholders and four adverse aerial threats, consult intelligence, community assessments, it directed private sector be involved in Monitorization, including the privately owned electrical grids, overseen by utilities. The government needs to cry protocols for providing warning of a natural or man made surge and come up with department, department assessments. They're, finally doing something about EMP. Now this is a low prob. Ability, high impact kind of event. If if
and many experts say, they think this is the way that they would attack if they were Russia or China or IRAN, because it kill a lot of people at three tactical nukes you throw 'em up over at this. I think it's eighteen miles up in strategically place them over. For the United States of America, you detonate them at a very high level. We're not vaporized were paralyzed. It now x out the entire grid and fries everything, and it's not like you just reset it and reboot it fries at all. It will take it least a year to come back up online in at year, seven E. Two hundred and ninety percent of the entire US population dies. Now, that's what government should be talking about. They should be working on things like that. They should be guarding forget about an emp. How
well just someone hacking into our electrical grid an shutting it down within seventy two hours. If it's not fixed, the country is in chaos, we know that we've studied at four hundred years. How long does it take for society to go into chaos three days, maximum? Seventy two hours think back to who New Orleans a lot of people remember this, but they you almost to the day before New Orleans was hit. I said the most dangerous city in America to live in was New Orleans because it was right for a hurricane, and I talked about levies. I talked about the dams. I talked about the corruption, I talked about everything uh you're, almost to the day before it happened.
These things are not hard to figure out. But because the government is focused on too many other things that they shouldn't be doing and playing politics with, with with down syndrome, kids. We're missing and taking our eye off the ball, which could determine whether we all live or die as a nation, but other than that everything is fine and that, MRS Lincoln, how was the play? Alright, I want to talk to a little bit about gold line. This is the brand new gold line murder case that comes with the legal tender bar now these used to be something that you would have to that they were like in like in this cd rappers, that you know, God forbid. You the barter end. Nobody has scissors. This is a new barter case, it's kind of like chiclets case where you can take these 110th of an ounce gold bullion,
I'm going. These are minted by the Canadian meant another really cool, and if you need to barter God forbid, they this is what you have and it's made for your wallet made for your purse, so you can carry them when you're on trips, etc, etc. The only place you can get him to right, yeah, the gold line is the only one that makes them they were made for gold line by the canadian mint. I to do take pause steps to make sure that if and when the world ever, that's that you have something that will keep you and your family going until things stabilize and that would be gold silver find out. If it's right for York family do all of your homework, you're smart enough to figure it out. Don't take my word for any: do your own homework gold line, one eighteen fix gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com, you know it's really crazy is the way we are
we're viewing everything. We've got to stop this or we're not going to survive. You know, there's there's, there's prime or it dies, and when you look it's the priorities of the left and the right upside down. You look at the price piece of the left leg. Make sure that we can have abortion after the child is born, that we can just let the baby die. That's insane! That's a culture of death that's insane, but that's why they're pushing for they've been pushing for transgender bathrooms. Okay, this affects zero point. Six percent of our population, doesn't mean we don't deal with it, but it probably means we deal with it. A local level like we should almost everything. Zero point: six percent. Finally, a president has moved on the emp threat, which is a three not just from China,
IRAN, Russia, but it is also a threat from the magnetic field. We know now that the magnetic field polar North in Polar South are moving at a faster rate than we've ever seen their move. What was it seventeen kilometers a year? It's they off the axis if there is some sort of a polar shift that that will decrease the the shielding around the earth electromagnetic shielder field, that stops all kinds of things from happening. If you have a fluctuation in that it's like having and an emp go off in the entire world, what happens that? Ninety percent of it just happened in America? Ninety percent of all Americans would be dead within a year now.
What should we be talking about? Should we be talking something that it would have massive impact, but pretty low yeah, low chance of happening or transgender bathrooms. For Joe Biden being creepy or not, we done with russian trump the real threat here. The real threat, but we all know is Russia. We all know that Russia said they were going to hack into our system. We have evidence that they did. We know they did we find what fifteen people in prison because of it indicted them either not I didn't know they will be fully yeah, I mean unless it's Chicago, we know they did this, they announced it in advance and their idea is to call as chaos in the country to collapse us, but what did we do is to focus on whether Donald
trump pour or was involved in that or not okay. Well, I think that's really important to figure out is the president, the President Anti American. Well, you didn't seem to have a problem when you had communists, literal communists in the White House, the last time we're on record over and over again talking about how America needed to be destroyed. They worry in the last administration. Now you a Paul Manafort, you have have you have articles that were with Donald well, they were all dismissed. They were all fired, they're gone. What didn't we do? We do talk about the actual risk, the one that's really going to make an impact yeah. Should we checked into the president yet low probability, high impact if the president was a spy or wasn't
operative or being used by another country, very high impact low probability. I probability hi impact Russia, we're not talking about that. If we don't start looking at priorities and start talking about things that actually matter, we don't we don't survive, we just don't survive. Our job is to focus every day, choose what you're looking at choose, what you're you're spending time on? Don't let the world dictate it to you, you're, listening to Glenn Beck.
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