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Getting Your Kid to Leave - 5/23/18

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Hour 1POTUS on a tweeting rampage...Mueller's investigation goes on and on and on...Robert DeNiro bans Trump from his restaurants...Tomi Lahren is belittled, harassed during brunch...We need to tax the poor more?...Michael Bloomberg could be the most dangerous man in America...Where's the tolerance?...Is the breakdown in society based in divorce?...Social media has made us meaner... Hour 2 What age is it where the kids need to leave the house?...It's time for some tough love!...Callers sounding off on 'when is enough, enough'...What was your first job?...There are exceptions to every rule...Kids aren't prepared for any adversity today...Staying at home as an adult goes against natural instinct...you should want to get out of your parents' home and build your own life Hour 3 You're fighting your parents in court to stay at home, as an adult...Cutting kids off may not 'feel' right, but it works!...'SOLO': The Star Wars movie may open with low attendance... Jeffy hates all the Star Wars movies...'Spy Gate' may be the biggest conspiracy ever...Ebola outbreak in Africa...Is there Yellow Fever in South America?...What does falling on hard times look like?...Smoking pot and living at home, hmmmmm...

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love courage, truth, Glenn, Beck Beck, Gray, Jeffy for Glen this week on the Glenn Beck program, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back lot going on with the president in his tweets this morning, we're deep in some spygate situation, the FBI apparently I got a spy into the Trump campaign at least that's the claim on Fox NEWS and President Trump tweets. There doesn't seem to be any proof of that. But he's there with it. The guy said it. Yes, talk about. There's no proof. The guy said it
so I mean friend says it: the president tweets it. It must be so fact to fact they open the show today, with a with a Trump's latest tweets, which apparently is set. The president on another wild tweet storm. And he's he's calling this spygate and so he tweet out new bombshell in the Obama spying scandal did other agencies spy on the Trump campaign. Even worlds dumbest former intelligence head, who has problem of lying a lot use the word spy when describing the illegal activities later tweet it out look out. Things have turned around on the criminal criminal, deep state. They go after Phony collusion with Russia, a made up, scam, not sure what
beat up. Scam is an end up getting caught in a major spy scandal, the likes of which there country may never have seen before wow right. So, there's a there's, a new bombshell, hey you left out, so it goes around comes around my friends and what goes around comes around here, yeah tweet, let's read: scrolling through is calling this the biggest scandal in american history that's some serious scandals in american history. I'm not sure that we can put this up there with those. Yet Well, yeah, not just yet yet. Ok, let's wait. Or two or maybe at least one thousand five hundred and twenty minutes, maybe find If there's any evidence of a spy in the a Donald Trump campaign, was right, yeah yeah. If there was, I mean the Dallas kicked him out now you sure and there's no campaign right now, except on Twitter. Quivering seems to be continually campaigning always, but I mean the russian investigation, the
vision thing that there's no evidence there either there's no evidence that Trump colluded with Russians, and this just keeps going on and on and on and on and I'm I'm tired. Millions of dollars down the drain. Well, they were saying the other day that was ten million dollars well for the first year right. That was more the Muller Investigation for the first year and the years up so, and so it's still ongoing. So I don't know how many more millions, on top of the ten Rudy Giuliani said yesterday or the day before word that it was going to end by September first right remains to be seen, but that was also in part with this tip elation. That Trump would testify in front of molar right and that would be inadvisable very really inadvisable advisory park absolutely absolutely uh. That would just get ugly. So
there are some bad news, though, for the president today is this is crushing Is he crushing that I don't know how he recovers from this? You may just want to resign from the office presidency? I don't know where he goes from here, Robert De Niro, has banned him from all of his restaurants can imagine crushing disappointment that Donald Trump is feeling today will be able to eat again- or I don't know no well at least not with Robert nodded. Not it is restaurants and not the deliciousness. That is no boo, he CO owns. The Nobu Restaurant Empire right and he said, he's banned Trump an. He also said he wouldn't remain in any restaurant that the president is in at the same time he would get up and leave.
Be crushingly disappointed. President drop now president drop now not only, though, is Dinero batting him from Nova and I mean that's as crushing as that is um Dinero is also battling from his hotel chain. Oh no, De Niro has a hotel change yourself. I didn't first of all it was the first day I knew that he had a restaurant chain and now he's got he's got hotels, Nobu, restaurant in hotel chain, I'm guessing that Donald Trump stays in. I don't know Trump hotels So I don't know if that one possible, I mean he sure, does now right 'cause. He can't go to Nobu now, Yeah go to Nobu right, any e n. Now what what is the hotel chain that eggs- and I didn't know- maybe it's- maybe it isn't of they're- both noble, I'm not sure
I mean Dinero's has just been crazy nuts over Trump and he's not couching his words at all. I he's made enough money in his movie career, he doesn't care that he spit it off. One slash two of his potential fan base, you know to these Hollywood left is, it seems like it seems like these. Political things are more important to me than than their careers. 'cause they're willing to speak out- or at least they don't they don't think they'll, be any repercussions but can't imagine trump fans supporting anything that Robert Deniro does now boy. He's just been vitriolic but uh
set out some thoughts and prayers to President Trump. Today on this we can get through crushing disappointing day, so the Nobu hotel chain. It is the noble hotel chain- ok, Nobu restaurants and hotels, alright It's got seven and their opening more this year. Does it say what cities mother already open personnel boo opened in twenty thirteen as a boot, peak hotel inside Caesars Palace in LAS Vegas, one Chicago one of Marbella One riata: LOS Cabos one in Barcelona. I've never heard of it. They supposed to be over here. Yes, auditory, yes, and then the one that they talk about him. Opening up on some beach was going to be kid free. He doesn't want anything he's just a old guy that doesn't want children around and There is a Nobu front in Dallas away.
I didn't know that how about right here in the metroplex see, if we can, can we go uh, no, I'm not I'm not going to I'm not going to support his crappy restroom, I think, but but you could, if you wanted to, it was I'm just reading the the Dallas restaurant was closed for a private event, but that was on May 15th, stupid website. Look at their their two butiki to update websites. I guess so So if there's seven hotels, does it say how many restaurants are wars? Another motive, though, I'm guessing that maybe the restaurants are with the hotels, I don't know, maybe yeah. Ok, eight hundred and eighty eight. Seven hundred and twenty seven Beck K
Also, we got to get into this Tomi Lahren situation. Why do people think it's? Okay, if you politically disagree with somebody's opinions that you can treat them like crap. If you see them out in public, I don't know when add state seems like that's a fairly new thing. It is fairly new does happen it's kind of agonizing, really ugly really nasty, and even though president tweeted about her today and you know I'm not the biggest learn fan there is, but this is really despicable. It's really really despicable behavior and since I thought it was the left. There was total. Tolerant of others. So please, please say their accepted of everybody's lifestyle of everybody's opinions. They don't have to agree with you, but by golly we're we're tolerant and inclusive
how long ago was it that Glenn is at the park with his wife and killing? People are throwing stuff and are sitting on him agonizing yeah amazing so I don't know how long ago that was, but I mean right, there is another example we were we were in New York or something that like two thousand and eleven, maybe eight hundred and eighty eight in seven Beck its k, it's for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program. Glenn Beck Mercury Glenn Beck Great and Jeff, let so Tomi Lahren to brunch on Sunday, with her mom. Sheet or mom, or just trying add go to brunch in Minneapolis MN at some now
rooftop, restaurant and uh. Bunch of the customers there just to cast it are yelling obscenities at her throwing drinks on her. One of the video shows the If you wanna drink water as she walks, oh walks out. They toss a drink on her calling her names. Really okay for the left to do is that's all right because again, I'm confused. I thought we were tolerant. They were yeah there. People were tweeting about whoever that guy is that cussed her out, I hope you're having an amazing day, somebody treated whoever through this drink at Tomi Lahren. Thank you. That's how people responded to Tommy Laren being attacked out again with her mom yeah, nice and
even the article that uh the on. I think this, I got this from Mediaite. Even article is written kind of like a there glad it. Mentor Tommy Laron was accosted by an angry angry horde of brunchers at a mini apple restaurant over the weekend lair in the number belonged agitator and Fox NEWS contributor. I mean every he's, got this little spin mean again ' Do we have the greatest experience with a probably not, but the easy she certainly well doesn't deserve that? No, no, not at all, not at all just be 'cause. She speaks her mind and choose a trump fan. All these people think you have the right now to throw drinks on her and to call her a vicious ugly names when you see her in public again that does seem like a new phenom,
and I don't remember seeing stories like that about people on the right or the left, being accosted, this when they went out to restaurants, when they were out in public, that other people felt free. To spit on him or throw drinks on a more or yell disgusting, vile words at them It just I mean. And so ugly As a society- and it just, it does confuse me because the left is so tolerant and inclusive and accepting of everybody's opinions and lifestyle the culture, huh, very, very strange Can they even pretend that point anymore? I don't I don't know they even try to pretend at the left is taller to anymore, because nothing could be further from the truth. ' Lawrence. It's just doesn't
enter into this equation at all anymore. Eight hundred and eighty eight. Nine hundred and thirty three, ninety three or eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven pack is our phone number here, also Michael, Bloomberg was at a big conference, Michael Blue, the former mayor of New York City at one time, a supposed Republican and then, of course he- put that sham, because it was so ridiculous. Nobody believed he was a Republican. Any went indypendent well he's virtually a flat out socialist, listen to what he is preaching here at the International Monetary Fund. Talking about taxing the poor. Some people say: well, taxes are regressive, but in this case
Yes, they are that's the good thing about them, because the problem is in people that don't have a lot of money and so higher taxes. We should have a bigger impact on their behavior and how they deal with them. Selves you see what he's saying he's saying: tax people so that they can't do the is you don't want them to do he Social Engineering, through taxation, here of his bed, that he's had that thought for a law or well yeah the soda tax over in New York over graduating rid of salt in New York tell people what they can and can't eat we're. Just try to tell you what you can and can't eat 'cause. You don't know you don't know. What's good for you. I do I echo Bloomberg. I have more money than you and I know things that you don't know like assaults, not good and you shouldn't be having soda. Ok, so I hit list. So people saying. Oh, we don't want to tax the poor wow We want the portal live longer. I can get an education and enjoy life okay, so so we have to
accident because they are so stupid that they're going things that the harm their bodies so brainless poor decisions. Me make the decisions for them by taxing them out of the market of every bad thing. They want to eat Ann this. Why why you do want to do exactly what a lot of people say? You don't want to do. Do you want? pander to those people or do you want to get them to live longer and there's just no question erase taxes on full sugary drinks, for example, they will drink less and there's just no question that fills sugar drinks and one of the major contributors to obesity and obesity is one of the major contributors disease and cancer in a variety of other things and look stop these fat idiots from hurting themselves. Even more, we got to protect them from themselves.
I mean otherwise we're going to just become giant fat pigs that diabetes. Yeah they get kinds of heart issues, but if we tax them so much that they can't afford the soda anymore. They won't be big fatty's. You can get fat lot of other things besides soda, so you going to do. If they get fat eating ice cream, then contacts, ice cream or right, oh yeah, you have to have to with this kind of mentality, if the social engineering you're doing on on soda drinks and salt in all of those things that you're trying to keep away from him, if that doesn't solve the problem of them hurting themselves. If you could to go to the rest of the everything once they are hurting themselves with so it's like saying, I don't want to stop using coal. Because coal miners will go out of work
well will lose their jobs. We have a lot of soldiers in the United States in the Us Army, amazing. What we don't want to go start a war just to give them something to do, and that's a exactly what you're saying when you say well: let's keep Cole killing people because we don't want Well minus lose their jobs. The truth of matter is, there aren't very many coal miners left anyways and we can find other things for them to do, but the comparison, is a life or a job or taxes or life which do you want to do. Take your poison plus you drink soda and still live he's acting like you, have a you have one can of soda and it's going to kill you and then I've gotta protect you from that. So how could this guy? we have ever called himself a republic. He is. I mean that is social
it's worse than that is communism at its worst, but he changed so that he could just stay in office longer right. He Democrat independent. It was just a matter, so she could stay in office. Is agonizing people I don't know people realize it. Michael Bloomberg is one of the most dangerous people in America because he's so wealthy. Looking right and he's got he's so socialist and social engineering oriented and He wants to control every well, I mean he knows best. He does. He knows best about guns. He knows best. About food he knows best about taxation. He just wants to control every aspect of your life. That's all I want to do. That's all I'm saying here, but it's for you, It's not about me. It's not about my power and control. It's about you for the betterment, love you jeffy. How much do you weigh. Seven hundred and ninety five pounds. Let me help you with that. Okay, we are eating the wrong things:
go through your diet. And pick and choose the things you can now eat. Would that be good for you? Would you do enjoy that? We don't you wanna lay in! Do that yes, for me, don't you want to live? Of course, I do course so choose in to eat. Yell live, listen to me. I know best. Thank you. Michael Glenn Beck mercury, This is the Glenn Beck program with Pat Gray and Jeffrey this week for Glen, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven pack talking about sort of the disintegration of society and how people think it's perfectly fine to attack people with whom
they disagree when they see him out in public. Just really weird, really weird situation. Who is specially for people are so inclusive and tolerant. You throwing drinks on a person 'cause. You seem on Fox NEWS, saying things you don't like. I honestly, I honestly could not Imagine doing that to anyone. Oh my gosh. If you're air through Wi Fi with my wife and acted that way, all right, all right being that there's anyone that I dis, wise enough, where I would either be angry that I was in the same place with them or that they were in the same place with Maine, because I I feel like yeah, who can you mean Michael bloom We were just talking about how idiotic he is. I put my son Michael Bloomberg out without his bodyguards. I I wouldn't trade him
that no I mean, let's say MIKE, and I are you know, dining separately at Nobu and uh. I just want to eat yes I know that's a surprise right and I'm gonna rest like they want to be walked in an the the you see the the waitress bring them to the table. And say: oh Michael Berg, Michael Bloomberg, right now, and you hear the last thing he's doing. It can't stand that guy. If anything you continue to eat with. Let's say you cross paths, but let's say you and MIKE you know happen to go to the restroom at the same time, at Nobu you say they wish they Michael. I am, or whatever stop liquor guns, yeah. I'd say that I might say that I might say we put not crazy about a lot of your ideas, Maya hey. I notice you got smart cards with. You have a good night. How come you don't think other people should be able to defend whatever something? Maybe they might go to?
yeah? It might, but I doubt even that right, but after that you know, have a good night right. You go back to your table. Yes, why do you act civil? I don't understand the mindset of attacking still be a decent human being right, but That's not where we are now. No, it is not and this is why, when we talk about this every day we talk about. How do we ever come back together? I don't know as it as a nation. I don't know and that's what Glenn's been trying to do is find on the other side who share the same concern, and they're, willing to reach out and say. Alright, let's find some things we can agree on. Can we agree on constitutional principles? can we agree on the first amendment? Can we agree on the second amendment, no Ok, maybe we can agree on the third amendment, maybe we can agree on at least freedom of speech and treating each other decently. You know we could agree on prison reform. Well, yes,
thank goodness we can agree on prison reform. How many times tell you into how often have I on on it? m to bring about prison reform, I'm so sick of hearing. It might not matter fact right, That's widely taken care of well Well, at least in the house yeah, the house voted three, sixty five to fifty eight or something like that. Yesterday I mean it was an overwhelming deal to them passes, of this prison reform bill is a big push by Kushner and all and his his friends and this is interesting- 'cause we're as we're talking about this is one of the issues on which the right and the left have come together on prison reform. In fact, and Jones was just on. I think it was CNN and they were talking about the fact that he and the President agree on this
in this prison prison refusing band before we get into the serious discussion here, I would like to replay for you the greeting you received by President Trump, I so want to thank Van Jones stream merrily, because it's constantly says such nice things about he did. He did every once in awhile right every once in awhile. He did he's hey, so he actually has on occasion not too often, but I'll. Tell you what, though it does feel like once savannahs. You yourself have. You are left of PLUTO, so why is someone left of PLUTO sitting next to Jared Kushner being praised by the President, just not only is he left of PLUTO his revolutionary communist?
Yes, we've pointed out make you left of PLUTO, as we have pointed out since two thousand and nine is a revolutionary communist. Well, I tell you: it was a surreal moment of it came as a result of real consideration, as you know, as a president point out, I'm tough on the White House that you give me one hundred issues on ninety nine issues. I've been beat him up hard because I'm for human rights and always for human rights were not working, try to freeze for right, so we're not trance right for the Trans rights, environment and indian. We all hate the environment. I mean just read that he just run list of things we hate prank, but I had to cut his love, how they put that for human rights. Well, who isn't non for taking human rights, from everybody, every person on this planet. They should all be a pro by Michael Bloomberg to a decision. If I'm if our ninety nine issues, I'm against you, but on one issue, someone period Kushner whose dad went to prison wants to do something and on that one issue it would help women who,
being brutalized in prison. It would get four thousand federal prisoners home. It would give people the opportunity come home earlier if they earn their way home early. If you could actually do something to help somebody. Do you let's do nothing, because you don't like them on nine and other issues, it's exactly what we're talking about, though there's a guy on the stream left and is come together with President Trump on this prison reform thing and so have a lot of publicans and Democrats in the house come together on it, so there some things on which we can just on which we can agree, and those are things we need to find and talk about, so that contact throwing drink, and people we disagree with when we see him in public jet, in Texas you're on the go. That program I yeah sure. Thank you. I was just I like about Tommy Lauren and the older sample might be in the
last year's would be that a man say something improper to Tommy Lauren. Let's say if they're having dinner and then after he says something improper he throws the drink on him. Yes, walks out yeah. However, what happened now is, they're, not learning the social etiquette, because their father not teaching them that because of divorce? And I think that really what we need to do is allow pornography then tell people you know when you get married, uh you're going to have to pay a little bit more than just your one hundred and fifty dollars or whatever it is you're going to have to pay a lot that way if you invest in it at the beginning yeah, this is serious. I'm not wait. I have until death. Do us part. I have to pay a lot for what well
after we out loud pornography, because that's crude rude and disrespectful to women, especially then you would say say instead of one hundred and fifty let's say you would have to pay a greater fee of. I don't know some some amount of money, that's going to make you uncomfortable to who are you going to have to assign agreement that says if you get divorced, you'll have to pay a penalty, because the cost to our society is so grave with divorce. The cost is so I spread from not only that family. It's terrible for the children yeah, you know it's horrible mommy and daddy are separated. Maybe there fighting and all of that, and you don't want police to come into your house and try to separate your parents, know it's tragic and then
when you have a repercussion spreading through our community, it's breaking down our community, so we have crazy stuff like this and people. Think, like that's allowable alright, appreciate it thanks Jack. Jack would replace social engineering with more social engineering. Just thinking way is making all kinds of new rules. Man, let's see it. Still unclear as to whom we wants to pay a lot more money to and for what, but I can guarantee that we're all going to be paying for that, but I know you're excited about banning pornography. I know you're all about that. Am I right jeffy he We have a completely different outlook on that Terry South Carolina Welcome to the Glenn Beck program, hi, hello, hey. Or in general, in love, the show, thank you.
Just wanted to. Let you know, I'm a republican and I've got three grown daughters and my mother in law lives with me and my wife. Well, if you listen to the liberal I've talked her into voting Republican. One of my ground, daughters is a Democrat, and is my mother in law, so we've kind of got a blended family and as for that, Tomi Lahren Incident yeah. We would be mortified. We were at a restaurant in something like that happens. Yeah I mean even my you probably intervene right. I mean, if I'm seeing somebody being treated that way, you're going to intervene, no idea. I grew up with four sisters so I learned at an early age respect for women. My dad would have turned me into a stain on the wall. If I would have been
yep yep, you know it's it's a big thing in our family and something that you know all of my daughters of learned at a very early age and they've been complimented on it time and time again. Throughout the years, growing up is their manners and how well I mean my youngest used to get awards in school for respect yeah. That's great and it just it just amazes me, though, how far the left and liberals have gone to the point where well they've, honestly they've gotten to the point where my Democrats in the family are honestly considering voting Republican wow. It's gotten that wow that my daughter, that is the Democrat. That's very liberal! She is in her own way a little social justice warrior and she sees
things that go on with groups of people that she's with that she comes home and tells then she says dad. She says I want things to change said, but I don't agree with how they're going how's at all yeah, I'm glad you can see that because no kidding that's important and we have family get togethers. You know thanks things and everything else. Yes, we do talk politics, but there is the utmost respect for everybody's opinions. Yeah, that's great Britain raise our voice, Is we don't scream at people and just you know, each other. No, no, ok! Well, my mother in law. Sometimes she talks with a mouthful of food. So I said to this: send her back to her room yeah. We just kind of dodge it. You know, but now it really is. I mean it's just they've gone too far they really have, and I for one can't wait for the midterms. They keep some. Because dinner, because we really need to
the rain in this liberal. I don't even know what you want to call it anymore, because, It's not it's! Not a wave, and it's just They dick's thanks goods park. We did that and then apparently we Didn'T- and I think I think the Democrats are good surprised, I think so they think they're taking back the house and see this edit either one eleven. So I don't think you know. Glenn has been saying lately that they've overplayed their hand a lot, and maybe they have Maybe they have feel that way, but that doesn't necessarily right good. So right, it's pretty hard to overplay your hand with some of these experiences. Eight hundred and eighty eight two hundred and seventy ezk. It's Pat Gray, Jeff Glenn on the Glenn Beck program back mercury. Glenn. I think part of the problem is
what do you think part of the problem is twitter part of the problem is twitter is just made us nasty humane society, as has made yes dear, yes, huh yeah it has look at the comments on that and the comments. In fact, it ties right in with the Tomi Lahren thing, because they were commenting on Twitter almost in real time as people were throwing dre, on her. An people were com hang on Twitter, how great that was yeah. Two Instagram they were all over it. No question is the ugliness factor on social media. It has increased to such an extent that can't help it spill over into our real lives right. It can help are you some of it? I guess yeah, you know it's it's easy to. I find myself it's easier to get snarky
and a you know that, and that's a that's a that's a nice word, but it's really easy on Twitter, because you're anonymous, nobody sees you nobody's going to know where you are or who, who you are where you live, or any of that, where is in person. If you that nasty, you could get punched in the face problem on twitter, not a problem on Instagram, not a problem on Facebook. So? Social media is just made us meaner, ok, you don't buy that it again. A lot of this feels like it does I don't know that it is actually does overall. You know if you talk to people face to face, they get it it's. It just feels like although you know like I said it, feels that way, and then you see at the Tommy layering experience in at the restaurant with their mom and you think yeah yeah and then you go young woman with her mom
Yeah just leave her alone, but because she supports Trump and had some opinions, you don't like you had to throw you- bring Connor and yellow entities at her yeah incredible Robin Pennsylvania, IRAN. Come back program with Pat and Jeffy hi. So much for having us. You bet I just first, I just Thank you guys for what you do. 'cause men, I'd there's times I want to bang my head, but you keep me laughing and keep me at least keep it light, but Bloomberg. I I just you know, that's just one example. They they they major in the minors and then you know they don't take care of the important stuff like he's going after so so, but I mean, if you really wanted to go after some important and again I'm neither here nor there you could go after alcohol 'cause that hurts more people that has or you know, on the medical side that they got to take care of things
there's just so we don't want that they could focus on in the yes, yes and don't don't let him know that because they will they will Glenn Beck. Mercury. Love, courage, truth, Glenn Beck, it's Pat Gray and Jeffy for Glen this week. Don't forget at noon eastern right after right after the show uh you could join me for my own show, Pat Gray, unleashed on the blaze. Radio dot com also Iheartradio app and all the place is a matter of fact. Blaze. Radio and television network immediately following this when Is it time for you
to get out of your house. Are you insane fourteen, oh yeah, twelve get a job wearing to a kind of uh You were talking about how nasty society has gotten. It's also gotten a little lackadaisical in certain areas with kids, let their parents house till there forty in some cases, times are tough at times it comes it often. Whether you know is that you get apart. I wouldn't listen to get a part time job. The new in you got to go to college right. You have to yeah I have to get a four year university, maybe five or six that accounts for twenty two years old but the other thing is that you gotta study, maybe for the masters in the doctors, yeah yeah right right right, all through that. You either have a part time job where you don't 'cause. It's tough to him are type job and study. Well, it is, and so takes longer allowed to go to school right right. People can do that
and so now you're. Looking at what two thousand six hundred and twenty seven yeah policy was right, right, right, right and so you're just about to run out of your parents insurance and have to get you. Right. So so, if you have to get your own, then you certainly can't afford a place if you're paying for her own Alvares. Is that even if you tried, even if you can't afford your own insurance there's no way, you could afford your own place right right. So you white living. You might have to stay downstairs or upstairs or wherever you stayed in your parents, home without insurance. You don't want to go out. Well, there's! My bad might happen interesting case in New York, where a couple went to court today, thirty year old Son out of her house, I told him to get out and he said no, I'm not I'm not getting out! You can't make me leave they're like yes, we are in fact they rolled up
an official eviction notice, and went to a lawyer to use the correct language. Ann called him by his full name and you know the whole. Legal nine yards, they went through it all. And demanded that he get out and he refused. So they took him to court and yesterday Court judge in New York said yeah, kid you need to get out because well, Not a kid anymore, you're thirty years old, get out of your parents house and he called his name- is Michael Rotondo. Thirty again thirty well He called the decision out and he's going to appeal the decision I mean it was kind of like a similar to the documentary, a failure to lunch with Matthew Mcconaughey
golf hey Mister, Jessica, Parker. I can see we have leave the house. Terry Bradshaw was the Father, that's right, yeah yeah her face. The Kathy Bates was the mother yeah. He was in and they wanted about two right, yeah and those little you. Don't it to me, I would think that would put a little crimp into your love life. When you come to the other than sooner then Xena Other active. Not in that movie. No doubt everyone. It is about to become a true and that's not exactly real life. When you she asked that I live with my parents. I live in. I live in the basement of my parents. House won't come over No! No! I don't. Nor do I want you to call me anymore. Basements are separate. Aren't they separate from the rest of the house, no It smells a mouse game bar. Download lower yeah. They are lower, but it's part of the same house.
But not in the Dfw area. 'cause there's! No such thing as a baseline is here to the basement. So that's all water table issue right now, supposedly is, I guess, bug I don't know. All I know is that you can have a basement, so you have ten stories. Yes, so anyway, strange that you would have to go to court to get your son out of So when is it too old to be? with your parents. Is it it is it I mean thirty, certainly seems it does. It does well apply as too old to be living with your parents. If they don't want you there yeah and normal out, then normally the kind of you know it's kind of an unspoken thing right. Normally you Could the child is like uh? You know hey love living here, but
want to be able to be on my own. I want to do my own thing. I want to date, girls, and I can't bring here I did my own right now. If that's not a pretty good incentive right, there there's something, maybe a little bit wrong there right, but so I mean there's an independence thing that kicks Salute Lee and it usually kicks in in your teens, and you can't wait to get out of the house by the time. You're. Eighteen, you can't Oh yeah, you to go, and you want to be on your own and you want to do your own thing. Not that you don't love your parents, you do, but you, from now for eighteen years, and now it's time to go. Do your own thing! Yes- and you know I love my kids but and I bet you have a lot of us have to go out and get established so that you know later on. We could move in with them exactly if I ever have to depend on that I've told them it shoot me in the head. I don't want to do,
it's funny, but I want to see my older son said he would do that. I didn't ask him, though Odd Elvis, would I'm sure you don't even have to ask, don't just offer, don't even think about moving, they're, normally with human there's natural desire to be independent and to go out and spray wings and try to fly. If you fail and you come on hard times. Well, that's what we're here for then the parents are there usually to help you get back up on your feet and go fly again, and if that means that the come back for a little while good I mean, but usually right but not for a long time. Open the window in the window was small. I mean if you need to come back, for couple of months, maybe maybe
on the outside. But what, if it took six months, are year that it's it's too long. It's too long, now. I don't know anybody whose faces it would. Would you reset point that it gets too long? I mean. Is there something started crashing you start encouraging them to maybe go out, spread your wings again and see. If you can buy. You know even here darling for awhile ago at the time then you're quite awhile is it three months o'clock already get out kind of where the Xperia an they said: hey we even offered him money will help. You find a place any just wouldn't. Do it really strange, really strange uhm, kind of embarrassing, because even when he got the judge's decision, he absolutely
used to accept it said he's going. Will appeal and he's not going to leave He said it seems, like you know, I should be provided with. You know thirty days or so at least to have to vacate the premises. That's not the case because I don't know he does have a point there. We can't be expected to move out. No all I mean not in a day or got self together right. Two things order my mind right yeah. If, if it takes, you thirty days to get your mind right after a court has told you to get out of your parents' basement. I think there's That's very possible yeah! very possible. So I'd like to know what the cut off is. 'cause things have changed think, oh no questions have changed a lot, no question it used to be. Eighteen will see you later yeah bye, bye, now yeah. It was a tough love thing and if you didn't want to get out we're going to encourage you and maybe four
the issue a little bit, because it's for your benefit to get out and do your own thing. I mean try to remember how old I was back in one thousand nine hundred and one yeah is how long were you out of the house by one thousand nine hundred and one that we had already already planted already planted the field working on your third family by that yeah yeah? I just remember, I remember, being home and thinking I've been here enough. Yeah, oh yeah this time, for it was nineteen, oh crap and go yeah. I was nine Amazingly, my mother, who I loved, and I know she loves me- didn't stop me That's amazing
If you were in that same theory, pasture wife right now, I'm guessing she wouldn't stop you either. Absolutely true Glenn Beck about this story. Wary thirty year old, had to be taken to court by parents to get him out of their house blazing now. I've seen these where it's not unusual anymore. There's, I don't remember the exact statistics, so I'm not going to try to decide it, but it was their point. Was things have really changed in America, used to be you know, you're eighteen, you go but now it's not unusual for
people in their 30s, sometimes even their mid 30s to still be living in their parents, home. That seems excessive to me seems a lot except excessive to me and this particular who was finally booted out by a judge. Uh was thirty years old and had no intention of leaving you got no shame if you're willing to go to court against your parents and say nope, I'm not leaving your house you're going have to continue to take care of me That takes a lot of well, it's I think, and and a lack of shame of any kind and there's another issue in our society. We lot of people have no anymore they're, not concerned. That. It doesn't embarrass them. How is it possible's true I don't know I'd be humiliated. If I was living with my parents humiliated again I don't know how you date under those circumstances, CAS can't be that a track
give to a potential partner right yeah. I live with my mom and dad yeah. What STAR Trek. Most of the you know STAR Trek reruns the day and then, you come over. You say: hey come on over we'll hang out yeah Woods was saying I will talk with little Netflix with them and you can watch Netflix. While I go do my paper route, I got a part time thing, a little paper out that I do have the new in your thirty two when we're halfway through the show you guys want to of course I got fine yeah. Just is weird world. That is changed a lot California in California, the on the Glenn Beck program. With that Steven Stephen
yep through the miracle of the telephone we can. It God bless him. So I think that people are staying with their parents so long because you know parents are, we think it's really cold. The parents only have a forty two year old but star. Now I'm gonna do everything I can to make their lives miserable, so they want to leave right. That is my goal. Not a bad goal as it's a good goal. Actually yeah right. I don't know if you want to start at four years old, but you know maybe it would appropriate time to start with the diabetic cat. It's already happening. I can, I say one more thing yeah, so I drove by a Starbucks that had a chip, play next door yesterday and I seriously laughed for like five minutes, They are now that you that you get blown up really
so it is becoming a problem. You think the it has. Right appreciate the call, so it has to hope. So to be a problem for Starbucks, because if you've now created a place, almost can come in and sit down, maybe relax for awhile pleasant environment. You got, It says to the restroom. What more do you need? A I mean of course, it's going to become a homeless camp or you just bring in something. Starbucks is a little bit nicer than the burger king down the street, so you grab some burger king and stopping at Starbucks Starbucks eat it yeah I know why not if you the buy anything and they made it clear- you don't. So what do you say appropriate ages, though to make their lives miserable, I I do. I agree with you that for maybe not for me, but you know yeah. It's that we over here two days ago, maybe even holder, that one thousand six hundred and seventeen ish yeah. Well, I mean, in your home,
had to be miserable the whole time right, but I mean just I mean just by accident. You made their lives well, first and Yale explain it to you later. Nikia North Carolina you're on the Glenn Beck program, hi, hey Pat Jeffy, so I and the youngest of four. But when I was 18i graduated high school and I went to work like my butt off that summer and left the second I tend to go to college, but I have weather. Home until he was twenty eight got married then got divorced. I was back in with my parents and never left, and I'm now both of my parents have passed and he can't function. In society on his own, like he has no clue how to function as a human being, an adult you have to set them up and you have to take them out. You have to yeah, otherwise they will end up dipen but everybody in society when you're gonna die. I mailed out where your parents, ok with him being there at twenty eight.
And longer? Yes, they were, they were fine and then, when he got divorced he moved back in my mom's baby, the heck out of him, I think, still hadn't had enough It was a terrible with my dad had cancer for a long time, music for thirteen years with cancer, and he was thinking my brother helps. But he really didn't help My sister was the one that helped my mom take care of my dad, even though she didn't live with them, and then My dad passed mom had to have him home there, because at least he wasn't alone, so I got better, but still he doesn't know how to you. Don't you don't learn that life skill so big years old and doesn't know how to live on his own story is a sad story. Thanks, Nikki and and that's another reason why you want to get out. I mean you're, not kicking him out, 'cause you're mean and you don't love. 'em you're kicking now case. You do love them and you want them to experience life. We will go with that yeah. We will at that,
Jeff in Pennsylvania, in on the Glenn Beck program, Beck Program, Patton Jeffy is pleasure, two guys, you too, I remember meeting you in king of Prussia for books and that was awesome. It was awhile ago, but we're using guy. That was just like about halfway back yeah. You had that shirt on or yeah we ran out clearly remember now. This looks very gender twenty one so years ago, but ok anyway, so I'm a little unconventional, I'm a stay at home, father and all I got a nine month old, a two year old and a four year Are you busy I'm I'm already ready for them to go to kindergarten? and I went to Penn State and to graduation. I got a job at a health care system and there are more department and it went great until I got canned and then that was
two thousand and eight and move back in with my mom and three it was about just through about three months. Uh, I ended up finding a girl and uh. We uh we moved in together, but out in Philadelphia and could not wait to get out of that house yeah. I'm moment I stepped foot in there and I think, dare I say I mean I don't know if it's just if it was just me personally, but why is it that I feel it's more like a conservative, liberal thing where it's like. I couldn't to get out of there? I honestly I had dark alright, so going back and living in with my mom. The moment I had to, and needed to get out of there, but I don't understand mentality of other young guys. I don't know they were girls, don't either don't that don't I don't get out and they just they're. Ok with just sticking around appreciate things so maybe like we were just premature, hang up elation there.
We're just not wired that way that we want to live with our our parents under their roof. For you know- and we are adult life- no we're why weird that we want to go out and experience it ourselves and create our own thing and start our own family close to yeah. It's just the natural way of things, a aaa seven hundred and twenty seven Beck Larry in Florida, hi you're on the Glenn Beck program, I'll get right to the point. Ok region. They can't get rid of them. Kids nowadays is 'cause. They don't make him do nothing, they won't even empty the trash, for God sake. When I went eighteen years old is the part time job out 'cause. I still went to school yeah, I okay and room and board at what our two cars in a Chevrolet garage and they may go Larry things have changed a lot change the oil rich but yeah at the least
at least I learned to sub myself, and I knew I had responsibilities I had to get up in the morning go to the job and they go to school next day, man Glenn Beck. Mercury This is the Glenn Beck program, Jeffrey built for Glen this week, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven peck. We've been talking about this really interesting situation of up a couple of parents, mom and dad trying to get their son thirty year old Son out of their house, and he refused- So they took him to court and had him evicted through a judge in upstate New York- and he refused at any- refuse that right he's going to appeal and certainly record at
with me, because I don't understand it, and I know that we're trying to work our way through it and you know, decide that. Maybe it's a different mindset. You know, time that whole thing, but I mean I just for I just remember- I grew up in Michigan and I wanted to get out of there, but almost my whole life and when the opportunity to save enough money to get a bus ticket, IDA Michigan. I took it you know, that's just the way it is. It is something because normally it's not gonna be in every every bank account. I didn't have that's not the issue, though normally something clicks inside of you and and and and you want to be come independent. You want to do your own thing. You want to have your own life, you don't want your parents telling you what to do about a minute of the day. You were Go when you please come back when you want, don't come back. If you don't want to an yet I mean that's just the
it is, and if you don't have a lot of money you try to make, do you have? Do you eat top Robin every night or in my case I loved Franco American, Again again again, that's what I ate. I ate the store brand shells and cheddar MAC and cheese. That word I'll, be over the no no, this stored on the story of the power shoes store brand yeah, that's not good right. That was invented box or something zero and twenty five cents a bottle. If you know if they end up at that time, I was working part time at the grocery store. There were a lot of dented boxes a dented ones? They didn't sell other, cheaper honey, I'll cheaper to get those for twenty. Quite a big shoes recorder you probably took cases of stuff about, dare you not as as we know anyway. Right now, until I got a car you do what you
have to do. I could remember thinking I can't stomach another one of these shells and cheddar boxes, but I'm hungry and that's what I got yeah then you struggle, though I mean you struggle and it's hard life is hard. I remain or uh my lap. Winter in Montana I was living in billings at the time, largest city in Montana. Don't talk to me. Like I don't know. I thought I'd made man no details now, There was a two week period of time where the high temperature for the day exceed nineteen below, and the block of my car froze and so I couldn't start driving and if you tried to start it, you break it. You think it'll ruin your car and
so it just sat there, and you know you find ways around it should do. I actually had to walk to work everyday for a couple of weeks, raise your buns off or get a ride from a friend if they had time or whatever, but you make do the things you have to do it and it actually teaches us that how to overcome adversity is not sort of important 'cause we're going to city. Do I mean I I you know, I remember walk when I first when I first entered the landed in Florida, not having a car and walking everywhere in your to get a ride some days and people would get mad at you some days 'cause, you didn't ask him for a ride. 'cause, you felt bad. You just walked, and I just did I just remember thinking uh I'll, save enough to get a car. When I get out of the NFL. It was, though end of the world happy when I had that first car ban eighty dollars Oldsmobile
bucks magnify the days. I know you could find those anymore. My first car was in like a ten year Old Ltd and it cost me fifty dollars Well, this car, I remember the guy selling it to me. It was supposed to be more than eighty and I was I was giving him twenty bucks a week until it got to like fifty or two hundred dollars, probably tough to come up with and after after I reached eighty. He just said this come and get the car his get it out, so you sort of had your car on layaway just get it on. That's great, just can't get it out there like you're, buying it at Kmart, Kim and Oklahoma here on the Glenn Beck program. Hawaii. Thank you, add a comment about the kid thing and my husband were both better and so kind of Give me some more than him, but when we started having kids, we had three they knew the entire time growing up and when they graduated, they had three choices: military go to college,
out. You go either way. They're out of the house and yeah, either way they're out yeah. I have one that that last one that we college and now one just graduated and he not picking up his mind just yet, but he's got a time limit. They all did you got this much time and then, after that, so so if they don't have a plan by the time they're eighteen they're gone anyway right and they have to figure it out. Or would you allow them some leeway to steal issues allowing this last one little leeway? I is there a little leeway there? No! No! What happens is you know? Ok, you decide. You want to go to college. You have until school starts. You decide you want to go to military. Sometimes you get a little extra time before you ship out. If you want just move out and will give you a little bit of time? I mean I'm not talking years and years you got like six months to find some place to go and get yourself there, an that's correct, yeah. I know thanks Kim it's hard to do that, little bit of tough love, it's hard
with the new mindset in our society that everybody's got to be taken care of and pampered and and so you kind of it even buy into that you do a little bit? U ab! Absolutely you do so it's really hard to stick to that like at eighteen, that's our role! Cia and n well, I've got nowhere to go. What am I supposed to do am I going to live in a cardboard box? I don't know it's up to you: make it work I'll. Tell you what I have known this. Your whole life that this was your deadline, who I spent a small fortune on those good camping gear in the garage. You can have the one that says your name on it. It's hard! It's hard to do it really is, but when you stick to it You get benefits everybody in the long run, David and Utah you're on the hey guys doing good yeah. My my son is a couple years ago he's sixteen now
it's a rambling live here forever. I said: that's fine! I got two one slash two acres: I'm going for the 18th birthday, I'm going by a text all right, studio, apartment on the box. There you go gone by yet Kat button, bright, master master bedroom on the box. I like it that you can't get your Kathleen right kitchen slash shower, but you did by big enough box that it did have a master bedroom at huh. I mean you gotta couple acres, what happens when he backs in a trailer? right. I know that's my daughters mindset, so what kind of car do you want? She goes well, I'm not really sure yet, but I I think I better find something big enough that I could live in just in case wow
oh wow yeah. She had some great life goals right, that's a good life goal. I asked my daughter that she goes. I don't need one Huber thanks David Pre, she ate it eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven back, but again it's hard to stick to those standards. When the time comes is then you're right, you're, feeling lt ride. I want if something happens to you right here, sitting out there and you love him, but love is making tough decisions on their behalf. I mean that's part of being the parent but yeah. Connie and Alabama are on the Glenn Beck program. I'm listening to y'all and thinking back with my boys. The motto it for me is get him to picture the leave and never come back home. Is that worked out? Did it workout for you or city has worked out, but you know once married ones put himself through college after we paid a little bit
but but it has worked in the picture. That's why it's gonna make him what they are in the future. To. You may not be where you are today, because you didn't go through she went through yeah, I don't have one hundred percent yeah yeah one hundred percent agree with that hate their parents. You know my job wasn't to be their friend. My job is to be their parents exactly. I did my job and they moved on and they have a lot of people. We know that kids are coming back and never left and you get him to hate you. They leave and never come back Scotty. Not in Pennsylvania, you're on the Glenn Beck program, hey guys, I'm like most parents. I think we want better our kids and what we had when we were growing up, and My parents both died when I was so I lived in Manchester, so I
wait to get out soon. As I was eighteen, I was out and I'm going to Florida and had to do everything on my own bill paid for my own school pay for my car actually had to ride a bike to work until I could afford that right I mean that's what you do, what you have to do right and I have two the one in college right now I'll. Let him stay for the four years, 'cause, I'm helping pay for call Hanafi moves out and I'm paying for the school there's no guarantee I'm going to go to school yeah. I know so my roof he's going to school and he's getting the education, but if he wants to get like a masters or anything after forty years, he that's on him absolutely alright thanks Scott appreciate it did because for school and going cool. At the same time, that's not!
thing anymore. No, it is not. We were just talking about that, the other day yeah. No, no, it is not. That is the mindset. Is they school? Higher education is owed to the right should be able to go to whatever college they want without any repercussions for the future, and I don't want any college debt anymore. I won't sorry, that's not how it works. Now you got a lot of options. You could try to work for a scholarship. You could get a loan you can get assistance of some sort. You can work your way through college. You can so tool less expensive college. Go to a community college, go to a trade school there's, so many options is there are but not to this generation. They believe they have a Harvard education come to him and it shouldn't cause any debt once they're done well, it doesn't work that way, but the Democrats, this is interesting, 'cause progressive, helped us yeah. It's helped ruin our society because they have
First with the kids that you shouldn't have to have an old shirt for going to college. I mean that's what they're trying to do in New York as we specialize three caps yeah, I was trying to say: hey yeah, I live in New York. You go to college for free, yeah, no matter we are- should be in corsets, for every bit. Of course, the else society is paying for it. For you, the taxpayers are paying it for you and it's well or reaping what we've sound. Aren't we there we are eight hundred and eighty eight seven Glenn Glenn Beck Mercury Glenn Beck. We should probably make clear there. Obviously, some exceptions to this there's except leaving home rule. Now we have been sparked
to this discussion by a thirty year old who was taken to court by his parents. To get him out of the house, Judge ruled in their favor, ordered him to leave kids like will know. I can't so he's appealing it. I mean ridiculous, and so we're talking about when the appropriate time for kids to go, and necessarily come back except for a visit right. Where is that cut all right and there's exceptions to every rule? You know there are certain, sir. Which is in life that warrant you altering. Yes, your rules a little bit or Maybe somebody has a disability or uh episode, kind or or the parent is sick and needs to help care whatever there's always something always some. Generic amount of, but if you're healthy, they have children. If you got a healthy kid, yes, that just won't leave that
That's not good for anybody that good for anyone's, not good for society. I don't think we are wired, a certain way to become independent, start, our own family and so on, and that's how you get society, but things have changed in the ask twenty or thirty years. The mindset is chain changed, an kids aren't prepared anymore to face adversity. So what are they gonna do when they encounter it? I'm going home, and am my parents will help me, take care of it. They'll. Just maybe they'll take care of me. Okay will, if there's something really extraordinary yeah, but there's to be a time limit on that right, going to be here when you're thirty the problem right. Is that the you know when you say the kids are prepared to go out of their own? I mean that that it has a lot to do with us, just dropping them off at school, and take care of our kids, which we've done we've done for fifty years now. Yes
just if we gave it back to this week, for the school system and said here, you raise our kids and we don't know what they've been taught at school in cases. 'cause people just don't ask: how was your day? Ok, they're, learning, reading, writing, arithmetic! Well, that's not the case in schools anymore! Either! so they got it. They got an award last week, got a little little piece of paper. That said, they got a b plus straight through so we're good yeah I mean yeah, so yeah I mean There's a lot to this an we probably need to be more involved than sometimes we are in their lives to help them get prepared question to meet the here's. The world goes. Is that yeah Lauren in New York you're on the program hi. Yes, good morning guys he actually lived up here in upstate New York, not too far away from where this all happened, but I'm still confused. Why in the world, somebody would want to still live with their parents at work,
I yeah I don't know because yeah you're right, it's a natural it was we've been discussing, is a natural instinct was close to be anyway now to just they want to be Independent thanks, Laura appreciate it xxx up to seven back, and maybe it is still a natural instinct is just that we have developed I don't know how to react to it, so that well, it is, but I want to get out, but I don't know how to do it and a lot of kids now Well, I want to get out, but I'm not living in a little apt. I want a house like this right, yeah, it's not coming for awhile. Glenn Beck. Mercury.
Love courage this week, it's gray by the way. You can join me for my own show immediately following this one, every weekday noon eastern, wow Thank you for everything passes. Join me at my own show right here. Then you hear that that particular sound which means that at noon Eastern Uds, Pat Grand leashed on the blaze, radio and tv network, but this summer we're opening up the studios here, as we have done the last quite a few summers, to share the mercury one collection have every, from Hollywood and pop culture to torture, item vampire hunting kit to highlight how citizens of exercise their rights throughout history, some for good and some maybe four
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I mean that if you're going to want to special father's day, you're going to have to remain obviously what is Glendale it's amazing what he knows about these items and you'll hear all about it, I'm. Actually. This is the week. On vacation, so I will not be leading according to fly back in or but yeah man I'd love to, but I can't We have planes fly all over the world and ours. That is true, but no planes come back from where I'll be to hear. I don't know not weekend yeah, not that weekend anyway, eight hundred and eighty eight Seventy seven back we've been talking about this thirty year old, who was booted out of his parents house by court order. It hasn't left yet even he hasn't left yet explained that now he he I was asked to leave. The parents actually drew up eviction notices that he ignored they offered him. Money will help you pay for the first month or whatever, but please go get a job, get out, go, get a job, that's what you need to do and he won't
and so many places that you can get jobs happen. People are, so many jobs out there, though yeah yeah Can I know that look, not going to get a job right away sure one of the one of the fortunate ones where you can move into your parents house, similar to what you're living in with your parents. That's part of the problem is that this generation, a lot of them, seem to they are entitled to start with parents end up, but we didn't start there. We did not start there. No, we did not Cry from it by the way, far cry yes, so far, right yeah. I remember you know, there's some tough times. I remember milk crates as its tables and being thankful that's what we had. Yes, amazing yeah, I mean you don't make a lot of money at first you struggle at first, but the
set is, I guess now you shouldn't have to do any of that. It's you just to have luxury from the minute. You leave your parents home and you live in a beautiful mansion like uh Tom and his supermodel wife right right? that's kind of like your week and who could lead you back into the Instagram world right everything in Facebook and twitter and all you know, is all of social media and the internet of world where everything is fine. Everything is beautiful. We are all living in able to go to the the south. That's whatever we want Just baby didn't pampered orchids. So long now and then they've been buried in pampered at school, with dumb down curriculum and we've changed. Rating system. So the nobody fails where everybody is. Everybody gets it impatient trophy you all get the game ball. He loses right. So
to strive to be better, we've I will just the way you are we've. Bitten this off. Now we have to chew it. We created this mess, we're reaping what we've sown and I so I think, that's in large part what's happening and and then you have a guy like this, who is thirty years old and apparently has no shame, Your parents took record to evict you and you're still fighting and you're going to appeal, and you have not First, by that I mean we should try to get ahold of them and see if we can make him embarrassed. We should We should I better be happy to talk to anybody. Would too but we cannot be ashamed of it 'cause maybe like look at him yeah my parents. They don't use it down here anyway. I don't know why they're mad that I'm living here triple eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back Josh in Oklahoma. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Hey Patty
a huge fan. By the way. I listen every day to you guys on unleashed. Thank you. Thank you program. I've got a friend, uh in billings MT, he lives in his parents basement and he, will be forty one years old this year, wow. Oh my gosh, forty one is I'm still the largest city in Montana, yes, even more so than it used to be clear that we're talking about the same billings, yeah yeah. So this guy, forty one lives in his parents basement. Does he not have a job or what's going on in his life? No, no! No! He he originally moved out and got into financial trouble, so he brought himself back. You know the parents were going to take care of him just like that. Ok, however, he he got really really. Comfortable and now he's very financially stable. In fact, for his 40th birthday he flew in self over to Europe for two weeks. He
He flies himself over to the premier soccer games. The He loves wow wow. He drives very nice car he's doing quite well, but he is he's. He's. Not planning on going anywhere. That's for sure, Are the parents? Okay with that? Or would they like him to leave? I think they're frustrated, but they have did it at this visit he's forty one. He must be in their 60s and they're still supporting their son at home. He's providing right. I mean, if he's making him up, he's gotta be able he's, gotta be provided you know that he's paying rent or anything. He pays half of the bill. Alright! Well, at least you got that much going for him, so that's even pushing buttons should be for everything. Does he have no interest in a family in I'm not sure That's going to be in the cards for him, though really
he may be interested, but, as you were talking about earlier kind of difficult to bring someone back to your place where did your parents basement yeah, yeah yeah? thanks, Josh, not the best way to impress your date plus, if he's in his 40s and you're. Right, though the folks have gotta, be you know up there right so you know at some point. They're like come on over and we'll watch some tv I'll, just roll mom into the bedroom and will be ok. Don't worry, she doesn't go out. Often Susan in Florida, you're on the Glenn Beck program. High, hey, hey! Thank you for taking my call. This is where you my brother, my brother is almost sixty ends up good. The story ends up good, but ok. He's living his parents, home till he was over thirty and they finally sold their house to get him out
well. I think we were ready to sell their house, but that's that's what you know catapulted him out of it. But he cared so much about just living and milking the system that he didn't think about buying the house. Oh, he didn't have that kind of money ok, oh yeah, so once they sold the house and he got out he did he got back up on his feet. Eventually, apparently so, no Sad story, he sank into you, know addictions and it Is it going well, but he's much better. Now he's you know on clean and sober path and he doesn't have a successful careers nothing like that ever happened, but he helps people. I mean he's the kindest heart. He lives on his own. He actually rent the house from me, but you know and he's he's a contributing member of society. He helps old people. He's got a passion for old,
and an appearance both passed away, and he did come back for three years. After my mother had died, but he wasn't helping, he was just another. Another burden. That's fine, but worked out so so Susan. Let me ask you a question if he- and this is just a hyper- question. I'm sure it will never happen if he decided that he didn't want to pay you rap anymore in the house that you were renting to him. Would you able to. I don't think I would but yeah. I would I he signed the lease and everything if he was only unable to pay because of you know ill or something like that. I mean, of course I would keep you take care of him. Everything he can. I mean he's and you know totally regrets those years of the,
that he was in but um yeah he's he's about their four brothers and sister he's. My favorite he's the I'm sorry is you know? He's come a long way, but he had to go through a really hard path to get there and, of course, my parents coddled him thirty years ago. This was thirty years ago, not just this generation. It's it's uh but it was pretty little. You look at it a little more unusual than though wasn't it. Yeah. I think so. I think so. Yeah yeah yeah, alright, thanks Susie ended extended families living with children and grand I mean I think it happens more nowadays. It used to happen one hundred years. It used to happen one hundred years ago. Grandparents always lived with their Children in their grandchildren 'cause they were old, then they couldn't work anyway. There was no social security system, and the back end of life? That was not unusual, yeah appreciate it thanks Susan
when you're getting old. Yes, then you know the kids take care of the parents, like the parents, here. Are the kids when they were young. So That makes total sense, but that doesn't now that is not happening as much right and the opposite is right, AAA seven hundred and twenty seven b e c k Glenn Beck Mercury Glenn, Beck, or here in more and more about these sonic attacks, another another one that we had. Where were they happening, Cuba right our diplomats, Cuba alright object, two hundred to come home because of it. Yeah now, there's been a sonic attack on the American Consulate in China, apparently Ann.
Stafford has suffered a brain injury as a result. Wow, so they're. Looking into that to see what's going on been talking about this amazing story of thirty year old lived with his parents, they decided after you leave. He said no so the way to a lawyer actually had eviction notices, written up several of them, which he ignored. Think of that not leaving so they have to write up an eviction notice to get rid of it and you're still not embarrassed wow right here, still, okay with it and then okay to go to court, so they took him to court. Judge Judge ruled get out of their house. He still hasn't he's appealing wow, really something I mean it's going to sell right around like the lady that just called sell the house to get house yeah yeah them out. Seven back Dakota in Texas, you're on the Glenn Beck program, hey how's it going doing good.
I want to say I'm a long time listener I'm color, I mean I love you I'll show appreciate it. Thank you, but yeah the stories totally insane. I mean uh, I turned eighteen, I'm only twenty six! Now I don't have, years years of experience, but I mean yeah my cat. Leave the house when I turned eighteen and He offered me like this guys. Parents said he offered me money. I mean he paid my rent, the groceries up all assets in here's. The thing I squandered. All of that I mean I took advantage of it became addicted to drugs dropped out of college, and when that happened, my dad said you know what that didn't work you're on your own on title loan, dark times, but
because of that I mean my daughter still very close today. He's forgiven me for uh for what I did, but he because what he did because of him dropping me. And saying you know what you need to learn how to do this on your own 'cause. I can't help you I'm right now successful career model, loving wife, I mean everything is working out in the fridge not had it had continued to baby in cotton me right now, talked with your dad about how tough that was to just say, nope that didn't So no more good luck! That's not how you aren't kidding when you see your son in spiral like you apparently were in that that could be really ugly. He told me it's the hardest thing I ever had to do was watch from since then. I've just continued to well what seems to show my entire life away and it wasn't until I don't know if I'm allowed
when Christ that I actually the. I don't know. If your love, you talk about it on the show either now there's a separation of church surgery, oh yeah, bration featuring was able in the in the constitution. So so what exactly happened when he cut you off, and you were on your own and you didn't have any money an where did you live where you they continue to at least stay in wherever, as you were, living uh well. The numbers I I turned into the apartment that I was living into a drug house will be sold. Drugs entrepreneur, extreme methamphetamine addicts and homeless, living on the streets and all the all along my dad with that? He would. He would call
being talk to me- and you say I'm always here for you emotionally, but I'm I'm, I'm never getting another penny. Now you get your stuff together. And to this day he's very proud. I mean he just went to my wife's graduation as she graduated college, and you know he's just he's extreme be proud of where I've come now and I actually do some work with a local rehab here. He says he had yeah, or proud of you too no kidding way to go Dakota, not everybody pulls out of that, and especially not this quickly appreciate the call thanks I don't know if I get a strong enough to do that. While I do that, I would agree with that. Still, no, who is this amazing hero because I'll virtually in almost impossible. Yes, John in Montana, you're on the Glenn Beck program. Hi hey, Pat, damn yeah. I've got my girlfriend loves me, and so does her son. Her son is twenty years old. High school dropout. Does not have a job has no
Tension of moving out. I found him a job, doing labor for a contract, income The idea would be making Davis Bacon wages working for the state. You know doing state jobs, yeah yeah. It was on there on the road by by Eb on the road five days a week, and they come up with a motel. They pay for all of his expenses. Here's ground father told him not to take it because he would be traveling my goodness, I didn't get this kid to pick up dog, poop, and I'll. Tell you what the next person that says to me. Marijuana does not screw up you screw person up. All I do is wait for him just look what it did. It took every bit of ambition out of this kit that he whatever house, really sad, I, open my girlfriend, you know he's going to be living with us. When he's forty years old he's going to be living in the basement. She says: no, he won't he'll be out by then he'll be motivated, and I just
prove me wrong, but I don't want to wait another twenty years to be proved wrong. Yeah, definitely wear where in Montana, do you live it's in billings area, it's not actually building to turn the billions area. I don't want to say because it's a smaller town yeah you know so, are there any like? Can you get him into rehab in the area uhm? I don't now that he's even doing marijuana anymore. My girlfriend tells me that he's not there, never any drugs in the house, because I too have a son who actually is motivated. He fifteen and he's already working out at the country club. Well, you know I mean my wife, my ex wife and I we do have a very strong work ethic. We you know we were both raised. That way in my son, loves money, so capital. Is it good price and his cigarettes is twenty year old cheese, no man,
I was just wondering. Maybe I could move in stop by say hello for a little while you know hang out well, you just talking about maybe moving to the building where the greater building overall bad, you know, it's. The largest city of money in Montana is exactly right. Thanks, John eight hundred and eighty eight seventy seven back Glenn Beck. Mercury. You're listening to the Glenn Beck program with Pat and seven hundred and twenty seven back that Solo STAR wars story starts opens on Friday. In there expecting the lowest opening of all star wars movies, which wouldn't surprise me me either
and people are speculating that star wars burnout, it's just bad really burnout. We don't want to see, I mean they've, been substandard movies. I think as a cool- it's just me, but I did not like- and I thought I did first, but then I saw it again at home. I thought how did I like this at first, this sucks but you know you give it so much slack because it's star wars, an I've such been such a big fan, since it came out You know you just want to love it. You want, and so they've got that goodwill baked into the franchise and then they disappoint it's almost every time, but you're, not there, you're, not a big star wars fan. You won't be going to this. Solo. Max wants to go, seems to like the stupid shows
Why is that? Because it takes star wars mods out, I've got so much so much. What is just so much of nothing they're, just not good. I will back. I even went back one three or great day at their great. Are they yes I think, so, are they? I love him 'cause. I went back and watched him again because we had watched everything all the movies in order. Heaven forbid we watch about order and and then it so you get to the originals. You think, okay, at least I remember this in my head as being good that I could make it through this one. They are, that good either malamute, never convince me. The first three aren't aren't good 'cause. They are and I'm going to take a rash, a athlete for people go. The cellular covers 'cause. There is you're an idiot, and then, as I know, that, I'm fine- I don't hate them, I'm all you all to find just not that into it right, yeah! It's fine! You know
you have the right to be wrong. This is America uh also just to bring up to speed on a couple of other things, the end of the Trump Donald Trump Fox NEWS spygate situation, heating up the It has been tweeting about this spygate scenario. That's the biggest scandal in american history. I don't know if they have ounce of evidence of it uh any kind of guy. That said so, but somebody is saying so: ok, okay, me, they don't improve. The guy said yes, yes and the press, tweet about. Thank you. So it's got to be true and it was on fox and friends. So it's like Tripoli, true now, Thank you also. A concern is that yet another Abola outbreak I know, but in Africa add one yeah, and they say that
superstition in the Democratic Republic of Congo is causing them. Some, sir, pretty serious trouble some people, or refusing medical care an. Instead, they turned a preachers and prayer to chase away the threat, doesn't work. It's coming from some kind of curse, and now it's also turn to a big MAC all area that you obviously grow faster when the when the sickness start spreading yeah the really concerned about 'cause, it's usually felt pretty comfortable as cover You can feel with it because it's in the outskirts in in the you know in the country, but and once it hits the metropolitan areas, it could spread big time. There's also concern if that wasn't enough, for you there's also been concern now of yellow fever coming from South America. And Brazil, and so don't don't worry about it, don't worry about it, don't worry about it. I mean everyone. Everyone has been vaccinated, right, wait,
yellow fever, vaccination. Then you know there was one that there is. I don't think I'm up to speed on my yellow fever vaccinations Well, you need to get that student ticket that take care of you know what. Maybe you tie this into what we've been talking about for the last hour or so the thirty year old, who won't leave his house, maybe the parents Well, this guy we've been exposed to a Bola. We got to be better, get out of your own safe. Now I have now Alaska isn't wearing a mask worth getting rid of the thirty year old five minutes ago I was just bleeding out my eyes now I wiped it all off, but this idea you don't want to be anywhere near this, though you don't want none of this, so, unless the kids as auto Kerr, this guy, might I don't know, Michael in Tennessee you're, on the Glenn Beck program that Jaffe hello, hey after graduation,
my father walked up to me. Put his arm around Maine said, send a proud of you. I love you. You got six months to get out of my house He gave you a six whole months. I told myself three months, I found a job, moved four hundred miles away and started my life. Move Tennessee. My furniture consists of for milk crates. I got some grocery stores and boards that I picked up in the construction sites. Make tables wow, I know I love with. You have kids, I I wanted out. So you want it out just as badly as he wanted you out. Yes, yeah yeah, that's the natural way of things. It is supposed to be yeah. It's supposed to be well yeah. I've got people here that I work with that are in their upper 40s that are still living with their parents, in my God, embarrassing, yeah. It says it's embarrassing, not to them. Apparently proud. Thanks, Michael,
to those of us who will understand the situation it is I mean I I do understand. The stories of you say, get a divorce and you go back to have uh before your head for maybe a month to write with. If your parents have a house and a space for you, yeah you can go there for a couple of months can see that and then yeah that most parents extend that opportunity like if you fallen on really hard times of circumstances. You know a lot of things have gone against you and you just need a little. I need to breathe in breathe a little bit hand up, not a hand out right. Then you know that's one thing, but coming back to stay, no, no, no Cindy in Virginia you're on the Glenn Beck program hi, um I'll get straight to the point uhm. First of all, the
after his parents have called him all easier than ever held him accountable, which they should. Started doing from childhood on that. One part problem, but the other part of the problem and John in Montana picked up on it too, as soon I saw that guy on tv today on the news of the first thing that hit me was, I bet, a buck. He smokes pot every single day everybody, I know that still smoke pot they live in and they live in another world. Yeah another world of procrastination and not doing anymore than they absolutely have to an. I really think: that's a big part of the problem, so you're you're saying it just stops the motivation out of people yeah the drive. It. You know they become psychologically addicted and well I'll go for a job tomorrow. Right now, let me get high now
I saw the guy to come and there's some pictures online. If you want to check it out long hair and a beard out. So that's why? What tipped you off that he's? Maybe a pot head. Well, he wasn't coming out of the seven eight yeah we got, it did yeah. I do you know. I mean I put a lot of these people and I've I've. You know yeah yeah yeah in it. I see the now. Sometimes, when I'm out and about you can just tell an it, just takes you down that path that it's pathetic, because I'm sure He has no idea what how good he would feel if he could just regain his self respect it will be thanks, Cindy appreciate it doing little profiling. There have a long hair, definite profiling of a log here, it's a pretty nice house like this is the first time I've seen the picture. I haven't seen the house yeah I'd like to see the house, but the kid is thirty yeah. I know it's a long hair
and now he's doing some extrapolation issue here equals pothead, which because he's white, it's okay to do If this was a minority that would be completely out of bounds and we'd have to push up. Value. We'd have to snap you back on that whole theory, but because it's white will allow will allow an plus. It looks as though she could be right. That is, So you also are profiling. This poor man, who could be right profile, It is possible it is possible. I will say that there's a number of you know is with you, unless your already established in some sort of position of being a super smart person uh at a particular,
place of employment here, there's a lot of places that you would go to looking like that, and they would say no thanks old, So you're saying it's tough to get a job yeah and you've got that long. Scraggly hair that looks like it came from nineteen. Seventy three probably it probably more difficult sure, there's plenty of places a little higher bv tie it up in a not I mean I people wait, I mean all the time and long hair and a beard cares Ed in Florida. You're on Glenn Beck program, guys, hey guys, you guys are doing great. Thank you I'll get right to it son, looking very much great young man, the boy the last year and a half you know, inputs into high school was tough, never could use it all, but I really started hanging around the wrong crowd and drugs. All types of smoking. Friends of his got a dick, he had to go to rehab and all that so anyway, just get it
all around the house and so forth, but still in school man. Sixty days before graduation looks at me and says dad yeah, I don't need my degree. Excuse me yeah, I'm just going to drop out. Why couldn't you know he did and then uh? You know within two days just slapped in the house second day into it still didn't have a job. My guys, like son, this houses for moving toward or moving on. This is a positive place to be. You know you need to go, and I booted him out man if you're lives there. Until forty shame on you, it's nothing else not kidding today, a man right, yeah there. You know the sucker fish likes eating food off the bottom. You know if you're going to, if you have no motivation and we need sucker fish, we need, will be on the bottom. But if some, if you're going to coddle someone, I didn't get along on the bottom, shame on you 'cause! If they figure out, they need to move up the food chain good! You can't give them
motivation. They need to find it and you're keeping finding that boot him out. My son went on and got a job in construction then moved into electrician, where you wanted to be, I've been down there soon turn three times got a girlfriend he's paying for the apartment his car broke down got into an accident. I helped him 'cause he's doing the right thing for six seven months, you know going into work everyday work now, working as an apprentice is car broke, and so forth will help you buy a bicycle. He was wearing his black eleven miles. One way, effort that included in the rain. I will bring a couple times because doing the stuff now wow, but he really apart for two months and now, as you know, the family dollar helping get a truck. So you got a truck. Do you
but you know- and he he's doing all the wrong songs. The Mona Nights, divorced household and, unfortunately, also limited difference either way. But you know I kept saying you know: God he's gotta have work ethic he's not displaying it now. You know he's on kid. He's gotta, have it and are gone. If he doesn't. I don't want my son to be. I want my son to be happy and some people are happy being sucker fish. It's there's their journey but you know give him to get started on their journey or shame on you appreciate it thanks it yep, that's tough one hundred and eleven miles to work on a bike. In Miami where it's hot and humid, though that's where I draw the line nope. Sorry, I'm not doing that motivated to do a lot of things and We go the extra mile, but not bike, to work in the humidity of Miami. What transportation is it takes you longer, that's why I walked when I, when I went to Florida cuz the public transportation, it took longer to take the public transportation that did for me to walk how far
LISA were a couple miles. You actually walked a couple of miles. Man necessarily appreciate that tone. When you asked me that question I eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck more of the Glenn Beck program coming off, Glenn Beck, Mercury Glenn Beck it gets better, it does get better at it has gotten better. I found his story in the Washington Post that mentioned some of his quotes the thirty, called the thirty year old man who His parents took him to court to evict him from their house and he won't leave he's thirty, and now
according to the story. Michael, is a self described businessman really he's a busy, this man living in in his parent kosher businessmen, doesn't make your dad good business. True, he also as a son of his own, who he lost custody of. Why probably 'cause. He lives in his parents house as possible. But he said he said He spent his parents. He stopped feeding me and they even cut me off of the family phone plan. Oh no, Oh no, no, I didn't realize there was that kind of abuse- so your mommy stop making dinner for you at thirty years old, and they did I did that you had to pay for your own food and your own own planet- thirty, no Wow- and he said that this entire situation
it's really unfair yeah. So there you go whoever's you needed. He also wanted to he needed more time to be prepared to move. Oh, I didn't know you gotta get your head around it for have a reasonable amount of time to vacate so an amazing story. Definitely it's an absolutely stunning, but he still hasn't netflix password, though I bet, still paying for Netflix that they are yeah. Is car insurance, too yep, eight hundred and eighty eight, Seven hundred and twenty seven Beck use that number tomorrow will be back again filling in for Glenn. Meantime in check me out just a minute here, unpack or at least on the blaze, radio and tv network Glenn Beck.
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