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Give Me Fweedom! | Guest: Robert Cahaly | 1/5/21

2021-01-05 | 🔗

It’s Election Day in Georgia: Go out and vote! Kamala Harris’ story about “fweedom” is oddly similar to one told by Martin Luther King Jr. Glenn hears from Georgia voters about the atmosphere as the booths open. Pat and Stu give their predictions for the Georgia Senate runoffs. Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Cahaly joins with good news about his Georgia polls and what he sees as the biggest issues for voters. Glenn has a poll for you: Which radical leftist proposals will be reality in a year if the Democrats win the Senate? Glenn gives his advice for Trump supporters rallying in Washington, D.C., today: Don’t fall for Antifa’s games. The House of Representatives will remove gendered language from its new rulebook.

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Would you not to return and one back programme? America? I welcome to election day. Yes, it's happening all over again and as important as the presidential election, perhaps even more important, we'll talk about that. We want to hear from you if you're in Georgia and there's a chance, nobody's listening, Celine working right, I mean everybody knows these democratic rights. Everybody knows that. That's really stupid idea to stay home I'll work on it showed a lamp, my giving them houses and the White House that all day jam. We want to talk to you with your voting in Georgia. Do you know anybody? Are you voting or not voting hated? Eight? Seventy seven bees gay will give you the latest in Georgia. Also the way we will. We really cute story about freedom from Comma Harris, she's still, Q with jewels widow will tell you that story in sixty seconds glum programme.
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become a new radio listener specials and enter the promo code back, and you ll find all these great radio specials, eight hundred nine six, six thirty one! Seventeen, my pillow Dotcom Limburg Programme, we're gonna, get to your phone calls, and the latest in Georgia today is a very important day for the republic could be unless day we eat fleet. But I also I want to tell you this amazing story that commonly Harris has told many times, and it is. It is so good. It is too it's worth repeating She was doing an interview with Elle magazine and she just She was ass. She said she was in Oakland, California, and she was very, very small,
and she was attending a civil rights March. And she was sitting in her stroller. And she remembers it and at one point her parents we're all caught up in the protest and she fell out of the stroller. and then all of the parents and nobody even notice that she was gone. and so essentially this is the part where I say and when questioned the parents or Minos enter department of children and families to their door. baby fell out of a stroller, and you just walked on avian annoying baby yeah, so she's. He said in the magazine article by the time they notice that Little Khumalo was gone and doubled back she was understandably upset
Mama says my mother tells a story about how I was fussing and she's like baby. What do you want? What do you need, which is? Actually, what apparent would say to a baby that was all upset? You know I wouldn't be like hey I'm here, I'm sorry, we got you you're safe. No, no, it's like what do you need? What do you want and little Camilla looked at her and said freedom? and it is so so sweet? It's just just wonderful, and so they just ring true? Doesn't it? You don't. have to convince me? This story is true. I believe it immediately. It just sounds so so true it out there. There is another story like this that been found. Martin Luther King told a story about how
during the vote, a protest Young black girl was accosted by a white policemen. and Martin Luther King said the girl looked at policemen in the eye. and told him? She wanted freedom. So it's completely different store. One was freedom, and this one is fear about its clear. It was stolen its clear Martin Luther King stolen from common Harris right. That's what I was thinking. That's what I was sunk, unbelievable yeah, how that asked reasons why we should raise him at best, would steal from Kamel of which was such a sweet story, and you know it happens a lot of times it happen, I remember I was very, very small, and I was up on the grassy Knoll Amazon Stroller and my parents were so excited to see Jack. DE out and die and is lovely wife, didn't even notice that the stroller
rolled down the grassy, no oh, my gosh and hit the back of this big black convertible. and I was thrown on the back of this car. Only Goodman yeah yeah I just remember this pretty nice, lady and she was so pretty. She was dressed in pink and he crawled out on the back of that car to grab me and she, Poles Vienne, the car and end she was holding me, and I said- You have blood all over your dwell. and she said dad. It's is no, is now widely its blood and it was such a cue thing. She said witty. What do you want? What we need and I sent for you- that's so sweet out a sweet story. It was, it was and is really nice kind of like when I remember when F D are
Given the speech you know about going to war and air, and my parents were up in the balcony, you know watching it and they they were just so excited to see. If they are, they didn't notice that I had crawled over the balcony and fallen Omar down the right onto the floor of the house and to let a terrible parents in these stories yeah. Well, it's not question the parents, and so I was because I was healthy baby I I fell down and then I just rolled right to the feet of after mega jug. A kind of idea, and so I was ever there at the feet of whom He said you know a day, which will live, and I pulled on his pants leg. I said Mister Mill star and he looks down at me. I'll, never forget. He looks down he's like oh, my gosh askew little baby.
is right at my feet and he bent down and he picked me up, and he said what do you want to be Indeed, I was bleeding a little bit from the fall sheriff bad interference that you feel about me, and he said you want what nice it Fleet and he said that was so cute and that's why we went to war world war to cause. He was gonna, say, do which will live in the minds of people as a peaceful day and instead a day of ever make. As I said, freedom and he realized, that's your hand- is against freedom. You have it It's better speech the way, the way you want of doing it. Now I was ass. Yet I played a role in that I got you were there yeah, because that really would have been a terrible and you, as I remember when I was I was on the moon, my parents were doing something shopping or something and my stroller start rolling of street and all of a sudden
I found myself on the moon, accept because you had those you have those balloons they about you attach to the to the stroller guess sure Jack lifted up there now just to see now I will go through the head, so I'm there on the moon and hand one of these these guys, I think they're coming to rescue me, but they just but if you go into the moon at the same time, one of gums dailies, like You know one small step and I'm like a queen and he says you feeling didn't. He looked at me like what's a baby doing on the moon without Us Base without a space out, and I just tugged on his space suit and I actually put a hole in it which were freaked him out a little bit, but I was a baby, I don't know I was doing right and he says what are you doing here animal. I said I was freedom and oxygen.
and he was at all- you are dog, but the door was so cute when little baby say oxygen, yeah, there's, never adorable yeah. You have you considered running for vice president, because I haven't I haven't you know I don't like to brag until these cute cute stories about me now I cause- I know- because I might Harris occasionally will do that. I was, I love those drivers. It was really cold. One Christmas Eve and my parents were paying attention and I followed it away on an iceberg. And I was I was in the river than that. Delaware, River, Leah and all son is both comes up and all these guys are in it in hand and I'm trying to get back to Philadelphia in and he's go the other way
I said: wait for freedom because I was sober all additives in food and this guy you know in the bodies picked me up and he's like you are so cute. You know the Eu Chile Joey had I said I am, and I was George Washington. they were pressing the Delaware, oh my god, and they were going up. I don't know what they were going to do, but I said full dumb and they went and they they beat the Haitians real it yeah yeah. That was you that was me. While I was about the rallying cry that day, damn that's interesting, because you know comma had that story about freedom and it was very powerful. The eventual she often tells powerful stories about her childhood, like when she said that
Biden was a racist and the debate that was also another war, our warming, I she was angry. You ways it. I want freedom if I'm Joe Biden Awry is what you re. Initially Leif said that Joe Biden was away pissed, We hear sniffing weakness, it yeah. I remember that started with the latter so cute. How does this happen? I'm this is just so pathetic. We have to have these. Weird Emmy aid does is all appearances are at least that she's basely lifted this decree from Luther King, early least part of it.
Justly good parts near as acute party ass. She Martha came to know the story of the parents abandoned eight hour. He had rallied it's a great bypass, the soldiers from anything you have the aim of Aimee every year, the baby s eye or alike, because they could arrive aim and then cry and my parents, or what do you want you lied and eyes have led. This is going to turn out being like a Saint Patrick Day. Parade is they're gonna, be. Why do is that? It's not it's not a right. A rally: thou us of its heartwarming cause just power hammered hubby with lung how'd. You lose this baby in the stroller, you're still pushing the stroller, but the baby falls out here that the article tries to make it out to be they. Did
Have a lot of safety requirements on children's strollers. Parents were a little more responsible who write like I leave it to the leader of the media. We, like the problem, was the government they didn't require Eddie. I still have the gift of the Meda Birch and we look at it again taken at occasionally Mombi Gaddi life were allowed to think about it. That way, you're supposed to do it is illegal. Once a month check in with you have a baby is of special, adding more how eroded crowd of people like when you have been. You remember this good. When you have a baby and you're like you're in a crowded environment, you for your obsessive, yeah right, you're, look you're like looking making eye contact with this child constantly to make sure you don't screw it up, because in your mind, but the when, if babies sport. It just gonna, stop breathing in the middle the night and you're terrified of that later on, your fragrantly, but, unlike the top of the car, cars eat your constantly obsessed about. It
A bizarre idea that just maybe they ve got a letter stringent roll down the street, the middle of a political rally and what a great crow chasm for the way our country is operating right now, like This is the way the left is right. We have to get a what what's more important your baby or your politics I guess they made a choice there Well we're going to we're gonna go to Georgia and talk, but the loss possible of freedom, freedom, I remember when I was really widow and I was I was in it. I was twelve were and his end, I was in Dallas and my mommy and daddy didn't pay attention and I mean, straw were rolled down all awaited, repeat, state and I found myself in a vote and move I didn't know what to do cause. I couldn't wreak devoting booth buttons and I
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Ten. Second stationary, let's go to Georgia, Is there anything to report on the poles? We have the guy from Trafalgar on it, about forty five minutes. And he is the guy who who called the presidential election? Well, pretty close. Pretty close by he's on IE eight heard he doesn't have good news. He said that and he's from Georgia. He says he thinks the Democrats are gonna, take it really
We are very bad yandah. We really bad. I you know, I think it's become such a national election. It's not the normal state of affairs in Georgia when elections, Go to run off is that Republicans win them that that's that's out! This goes. That's. The way it supposed to go in Georgia is This is a national election now in their spent hundreds of millions of dollars on this race, and It's been one of those things has become the big story and, and people are voting some we are voting on, whether they like Donald Trump or not? People are voting on whether they want the Democrats to have complete control again Can you imagine this going on right now with the types of you? No socialist elements that have more overtly been revealed, in the democratic party. Another they're gonna have complete control over the government. I mean about that's a scary,
yeah. I guess I don't think it is in an overstatement to say America as we know it, is the last day of that could be today me, if they sweep and take both the Senate seats would there's no way to stop them and they will do all the things they ve they ve talked about. They will will have a fifty first, fifty second in fifty third state they will change our healthcare. We will have single pair healthcare. You know us. Socialized medicine. We are going to have the new green deal. We will certainly attacks increase, but was able to do that with fifty votes without even try. Yeah and it do you, ever get it back. I don't think you ever get it back. This is this. Is the day a fundamental transformation that we have worried about they'll every lever to be able to do it and have already Thus they will and what's the problem
is becoming a sort of national election. Is You have all this money be flowing into these races and people are basic looking at this, as do you want Democrats to have control the Senate or not so obviously, Democrats do Republicans don't, but the devil rats. Usually in these runoff elections, are not as energized I mean they have. Other Democrat depend on fringe voters, there's no surprise here. They, the theyve, depend on people, sometimes maybe not breathing other times that you know they are voters who are on the fringe. of reliable they show up for big presidential elections, they don't show up for these little run off. Well, that's not the case here. All of our lines are stuffed with people from Georgia. Our crew have all either on their way voting or have already voted. So Talk to them coming up in just a second also back great, joins us from Papua at least as the programme continues to- Scott's off freedom. Let's say
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they only once that's my prediction when, when one of the two tokay hurry, I'm hoping, warlock seat will go to the republican leffler. Flirting once again younger Kind of big Purdue has a better chance of winning. For some reason. In both of the poles, everybody loves his chicken. That's why that's exactly I loves the chicken? That's exactly why thank you. Have the combined vigorously lens think out of the two warlock be the winner inactive? What the word is calling him more largely you think. That's appropriately, probably we cannot win. Purdue was dark. Magic, come produce, an elected incumbent with
Very high name recognition because people of the chicken right at any going up against a a candid us off who does not inspire black voters, particularly well. They ve they don't love him and they d do kind of love. They do. produce little bit? Theirs, outside or do you think we're pretty wins protecting the here's, what I would actually predict like, I would tell you to not not bet on this one guy. I honestly don't know to meet a total toss up if a gun to my head have to get it right. I mean, I probably think Purdue wins Leffler it was not elected members appointed yeah, so the usually they run behind elected incumbents she's. Not I would I mean I like level. I don't think that she's been out of love people, basher unearthing, but, like I think you know I like her, but She doesn't she's not like a.
transformative politics religion, she's, not one of these people who you know she's, not spiralling are you think she's, no, Abraham, Lincoln she's, no Abe, Lincoln they're, not gonna start until our statuary terrorised here's the thing. Sometimes you dont want transformative politician. You know what I mean like getting to put an inspirational figure way. She's kind of seeing she's nuts she does not seem that waste is not like an inspirational speaker. She's, not one of US people, it's gonna, get you fired up. I don't think of her as a highly talented politician. Now I don't care about that. I wanted to do a good job in the Senate and she will do a much better job than Warnock will but Warnock has different profile, warlock. He has a different profile and I think, she's, probably more vulnerable than Purdue. Though, The poles don't particular show that are if they, let's just let's just say we win one one seat. What happens to America.
six months from now. What are you? What are we like? Republicans when one seat, then they can block most things right: they now they remembered when you're talkin about fifty one seat, you're talking about Mitt Romney. Susan Collins LISA Mark Housekeeper, you lose any of them and it's all right if they can pass these things, especially when it comes, Two things like tax increases. so then you will and you will not get fifty the main thing. people need to worry about. I think there is changing the rules of the Senate because once they do that which they might do they say they all the rules on your house arc ray, see you're, crazy, Jane, we're getting worse and worse all the unlike anything we ve ever seen before, but then you get rid of the filibuster and the Senate and they ve been threatening that now. There's people that think that fat- go through if it's only fifty see
but I certainly too do you, trust Joe Mansion and a big spot to step up for no freedom. Now I don't know so that could easily happen. Then you're talking about everything being on the table. Every being from obviously tax increases which are no brainer, but even so the things that the outlier type things that were passed but maybe in the worst case scenario before with few fifty, He states in twelve Supreme Court justices at all these different ideas. It's a green new deal, they gets that filibuster through all of it all of it. Now I think you know it'll be like, Paul, Lynde the Centre square to block, and hopefully, though, block everything that the demo you're trying to do with their agenda because the only chance we have, but if they win, let's say now, they win both. Who Democrats here What happens? What is where are we in six months self help Or in south hell, I think to me: that's catastrophic for America, yet
absolutely catastrophic area and I dont think because if they do the things they said they were gonna do If they do you no gun control which they will, which they will gun control the Green new deal, which they will the great reset. Fifty three states I mean eaten p, or they are not going to stand for ill, be things designed to to make it so they will not lose power again like Ebay, will pass things designed to make sure that that the Republicans can't turn this around in a couple years, if they could do something as radical as split California to five states among them were just done yeah and they are just I've seen. This is where I think like, if you think of that being a ten worst case scenario in going into the election. That was very much on the table. Republicans performed well enough across the bay, to keep things so close, I'm in the smallest house majority, really we ve seen in modern history and eight,
very the very best. A fifty fifty cent for Democrats. I think that the The ten worst case scenario maybe worst case scenario now? Is that eight or nine, but a lot of it? If they can still do if reports Billions are able to win one of these seats or two of these seats. Ideally, then Thank you lower at two, like a for by this I mean making mistake. Joe Biden is still going to do a lot of really terrible things. You know with that executive orders and he's going to join. the Paris Treaty and he's going to restart the IRAN deal and all tons of terrible things you can do on his own. The worst case scenarios stuff? If the republic, can just block a lot of it
That will be a major improvement in maybe just gives us another. We know another gasp of breath right. That's all we're! Looking for living living, Vladimir in Georgia, I've got all these people calling in from Georgia. Did you go out and vote Vladimir? Yet ok, a glance- they did. I tell me, what's tell me what the feeling is on the ground. There was early anybody there. There was no line. Wasn't no member third, really that work at my with me, My dad, he became a citizen busier, so he vote in November third, the first time, but he required to show proof of citizenship which he did of today. he had to show that it again and I have to come because majority voting should be the system
that all we don't know so the one with the paper we voted last time. We put it patient down this time that all of the participation up no wonder why are Vladimir? Thank you very much for your call. Let me go to Jerry and Georgia Gary have you voted yet Yes, I am warning Glinda. Do you have voted this morning? Got there after seven or so I live in Woodstock Georgia, which is thirty miles north west of the land I would in line four, I guess forty five minutes, my son, he just turned eighteen with me eighteen and all your so he voted in November and we better again today be known. not really too much of a feel. Their liner line are just kind of quiet trying to do their thing in India through I mean I did ask. It was just a
a question I am, I gonna get a copy of this ballot. You know whenever we get done voting and obviously the answer was no then, and I even ass a well. Can I take a picture. You know cause we're using the dominion Machine Boat, the ballots out knowledge stuff on there like will now you know, that's that's an issue of secrecy and I said to us: it will only a little bit tat there right now, I'm in another way loaded path that right now you know the answer was no, and you know I went through the motions and everything may they printed out the ballot and adjust it got under my skin, just even seeing the named many and all that strangeness all virulent. Nor now let me ask you a question: do you know any one? Who is a republican whose listening to people like Linwood? But do you know any who does not voting no
not within my circle of friends or family, no we're all stern believers in getting out there and voting and making sure that we we make those proper votes. This is a crucial vote for our stay for our country. And being old man up, I'm just by my pray to God that everything turns out the way, though, that we would like four to turn out really do his we'll be done. Thank you so much Gary Rhonda did you vote yet now. Sure thing this morning out there at six thirty with my husband and may it was wrapped around the building waiting for them. Now there is did you have, glitches in your part of the state cause I know, least part of the state is having a glitch and they have to use paper ballot no way they had done
did it on the screen: Oliver Gennaro Georgia, south of Atlanta, pretty conservative city. I gotta he'll that most people in the line were voting on the report inside and yes, I did snap a pitcher of mine, so did you now. Can I ask you this? Let me ask you this: do you know any one in the circle of friends who, as a conservative, who is not voting today, am I do follow landward on twitter erasing weight, but it did not determine from money to buy are right! Thank you. So much MIKE in Georgia go ahead. Good morning, Glenn and pleasure to talk to you about that was about five or six people there, one person that was at the bar slop
politicking be, I believe, a little too close to the building, but not a cop. I can't tell them I got my dog, here. Everyone I talked to her was eyes in line we all agree, die. We gotta keep our pre We gotta keep our guns that we gotta be able. Do the right thing. Suddenly aborted republic, and I know that I know that, because we all the talk, it might think for your call on take one more. Can I take lying six sally in Georgia. Sally welcome I therefore give my just are honoured to talk to you. Thank you. I am did cast my vote this morning. I listen card county and I was that with their early this morning and Michael was bought number ninety, two I wanted to add. I heard you talking about when would, and I
today I am a Linwood follower. I would be that the stool rally where He told you, King has come, I interpreted, it could be. more about calling our legislators block and enforcing left I beg you to take action and defend Donald Trump, I'm actually my way to pick up my sister and I are going to be by the spot, the steel rallying again and in the end the most important point here is: if your big, supportive Donald Trump then listen to what he saying, which is go out and vote for her Donald out of Rapporteur leveller, any who do yeah he's he's outwardly set and Donald Trump Junior, the entire family. They are not only in this game without would Cheech him a lesson and don't show up here. Donald Trump said over and over again get out there and vote on it Thank you so much Sally God bless and stay safe in Washington, what's happening in Washington,
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I'd like to talk to you today and not just from Georgia. We have a lot of people on the phone from Georgia. I'd like to hear Anybody on oh, what Does this mean to you? Does this mean Are we in six months if they win both? I just got a note from G O p person in Georgia? going to need big turn out today, early voting for dams were bigger than the general, not sure That means they burn through all their vote or, if that's a bad sign of things, to come so if you are in Georgia, please to they go out go out. Hugely important here and cannot overstate that today, because again you so where are we in six months?
Where are we in six mom? You didn't like pats answer of south hell? No, I thought that worked pretty well here. If I look, I think we are. If there Hawkins can win one of these seats. You can limit that outside. If, if not, there's no limited the downside other than what Democrats internal A feelings are to keep this thing: fair and about that's: what's between you and socialism and air sea, and all those things is what you'd ever cranes think is fair. He would think policy would have moderated her approach. She shot down the G o p they don't they will not have a voice with a noose with a new house rules. You don't think there to do that in the Senate more innocent Ok, I don't usually make these new year's resolutions like I'm gonna, get into shape, but actually I making it this year.
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Would you not to mention the plunder one programme? We have a lot on the play today. It all revolves around Georgia. The election is happening today, I dont believe any, but I do believe one bolster has been better than all the other posters, and that is robber, gaily he's from the two thousand, the added right, sixteen eighteen and he was the closes this time. What does he say about Georgian Robert E Lee joins me in sixty seconds. Glenn programme are more, and more of us are working in shopping and everything else from home these days and believe it or not, spending more time on the internet than we were a year ago, skinny
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promo code back for twenty five percent off, that's life, lock, Dotcom Limburg Programme Chief pollster of the Trafalgar group To help he's actually even though he was born in Georgia, Ray DE in South Carolina and has been doing this really campaigning, since he was ten years old, going door to door. He is one The guys that is really looked? good with the poles most accurate national presidential, poles of twenty twenty most accurate, mid term poles, twenty and eighteen twenty seventeen only Mr De correctly call all Georgia six special election, most your presidential, Poland. Twenty sixteen he's got a good record. We wanted to hear what he is saying I think
about Georgia I Robert how are you doing, there are some good good good just I'm hoping that you are going to have some good news, but I dont think you are for the Gee, I'm I'm gonna. Have I'm good news? Ok, so I'd go here what we guy. We think that the tunnel needs to be a million. Fifty thousand for both the public and to win now run there are voting, was twenty three percent off from the early, the in the fall so at twenty three percent of the general election in devoting that's only eight fifty eight and fifty thousand roughly turn out that not enough. so. The question is what that turnout gonna, be. We think it's gonna be in the window of between eight hundred fifty thousand today,
a million fifty thousand, and that gives us a sport decision with that turn out, we have left. at forty nine point. Seven or knock get forty eight point when one point nine undecided. What for when? We have our thoughts at forty nine point. Four. An Purdue at forty. Eight point: five produces ok the budding goes above one point: if it above a million fifty thousand or do you have a chance to win, but that is trying get a turnout in the general election that is higher than November and having that fail to Please take the com What is the do you measure the passion at all from Democrats and the Republicans in and tell me that well the batteries, as demonstrated by the turn out
selection is not binding if either republican losers are both lose they're, not gonna, love, because a lack of about a lack of about compassion. They got me off because some of the more compassionate squeezed the life out of it When this we had them both winning and widening the gap which started with Purdue, losing and left her away. And then platform was right. In two hours per day: lateral the margin of error and per day was winning within the merger there and then the toys December happen and when they came out with it, six hundred bucks and all the major countries. People didn't like it crop, of course, the room, understood and that we need to be more Warnock em off work chimed in immediately backing drop on the two thousand workforce will consider it
I don't think pretty Mary statement at all that night and that we start and that, with all the five point drop in the day, they came after she's, an and then match Macao, you know comes out and says we're not gonna do this at all, and so the argument we do. We lose him man, big tack after it again after it again, They did not want to hear what he had to say on believe it's crazy and they don't even control anything yet or do they. global mood? interesting, he say you saw, he seems to think that Leffler has the better chance of winning. Now One one way to close for No, it's Amy look here. I think he would tell you you know, look this. These are all right on the margin of error. We don't know for sure. It's interesting, though, if you look back at the way, these races developed the races.
Leffler, more knock, wherein was a major one of these Ex thirty candidate races. Where Leffler and Morn up where the top two, so people really didn't do anything to precise Warnock batteries four was running against Collins, another Republican to try to get to the top of the of the thirty person. yeah, so no one really took any really took any shots at. Not at all. It's been only since that election that people have focused on his record like, for example, you know, is his ex wife. His wife at times is on camera saying that it was abusive or abusive ran over her head, her foot and entirely intentionally. Said that she's, a great actor, you know there's been a lot of not to mention all the suffering comparison Jeremiah right. You had a great special on a lot of this a few weeks ago. Its import that people know this, and maybe that's that sort of
I like shining on were not for the first time is going to be determined if the so Robert he's back with us weed you dropped out, but halfway through the conversation Robert, but we were, we were talking about that the the What happened with the with the stimulus package? really changed everything the argument the Republicans have been making for six weeks. If you don't want to have humour as majority later, you know all the bad things democratic gonna do and then all of a sudden. Mcgrath. Well, you don't have your two grand because of Mcconnell. and that's how they plan to vote to keep him there. So you never get your money if they win, and that was M M for for em, call the money socialism affected a lot of people That was said every other one that would decide between, but out about. Seventy five percent of people in Georgia would innovative.
And ours may us, at the same time, less popular sweet, deeper You and gods, but while in fact you don't need to be against that right, you're, giving money to people our work and how you told not to work through the government said UK work. They don't, I'd be treated like people We were getting welfare, don't work, they don't like I, like I couldn t, agree with you more. I wasn't on the air when this happened. I thought Six hundred dollars was so insulting. two thousand dollars. I felt it. As strongly that that was insulting. I, as a sum business owner and I'm I'm fortunate enough to be doing well, but all of these people that own small businesses like me, I thought. Two thousand dollars. What is that gonna do a thousand dollars is nothing if you haven't worked in six months that that's that's that in all its insulting as well? This is a different
kind of situation that wherein, while in rarely do we think about how Often in the history of politics, does the government right a check to the taxpayers before an election and if that happens You ought to be on the side of the Baker check it out. Less is more. Unless you tell my stimulus and the other problem is what people know that they could be two thousand. We're talking to people on the phone you said yeah, I got my six hundred dollars. It just kicked me off and they didn't say text me off that I could have had two thousand so it was an unforced air. Ah, if every lose both of em. That's gonna be why, but it was it didn't happen, I think, even with their initial miss, that's not price in the two thousand it hard to beat them up the last ten days. If people that
without law, whereby there, like. What are you talking about they may be fit, would get the money now people have been getting checks in Georgia since last Wednesday, so it just it struck the wrong cord It is to reinforce this idea. Me Joe Biden here yesterday saying what they get it if they go back you'll, never the two that you never get two thousand or anything else. It gave them at all it was an orange air. A gaping talking point: It didn't need and I mean I feel, like the browser did everything he could to help fix that unbelievable, unbelievable, ok, Did you say you had good NEWS had already passed that? Have you wait when a winning? What is better than cure them both yet is it is
I do I can't imagine every have you done any pulling yet on on where we, where he, where people think we're going to be in six months, if, if they really start doing all the things that they say they are going to do green new deal, You know severe cut backs with guns. I mean we d be seen anything or do you have any kind of temperature gauge from from America as I can, eventually you mention that, because the one issue that I have seen glaringly absent in Georgia and again hear me you know what you know that local tv happy. I will watch all the air was there listen, the different gather, radio I have, So little talk about guns are talking.
The funding belief? But here to think this? Is Georgia guns go up support for God go the cough Sure, economic and racial was black people and my people, Guns in Georgia. They do not want you taken their God and why in the world, that was not Consideration is, if you saw the private mention that, but may I add that did this without their work ass. Some proper upper do are hitting M M gunned down Publicans are just stupid Many pulling numbers on that on House stupid the republic? Goods are well I have a lot of problems without it campaign to IRAN had an outright that joy to pretty good. Can it not a maiden cast but pretty good care it did. He didn't get the service they
there's no way we shouldn't have been taught that bit ditch this discussion endured it shouldn't have been about about guns. Or separate. Most especially world Democrats, and there still are allowed in Georgia away from democratic nominees than talk about taking away your guns and I had better all over the tv documentation I got a bad time bade Ozma it does does Warnock play In Georgia, does he mean he's so Jeremiah right without me. You know Iraq, Obama by king away from him. I mean he is he's a radical Is he perceived as one hears person? it is one, but you have and that raise compare the war, not race, very much too.
Jamie. after ANA airs than irregularly? He had the benefit social that bath and Jamie Harrison. It condemns again rapport knock is what made you say to begin with, but it is still up your honor, but is also light. compare this morning to flood of Ebay and the girl in the Senate raised. There was a social ability by people saying they were forgetting who had no intention about inform him, the Senate Right Nelson got there was no such as our body, but what they said they were for the shameless. I've here, almost no social, our ability and up pretty race and a a bubble measures are dirty Emma Leffler I wanna rise. There is and who added in I did some studies who, though the voters are who are telling us there. leffler and I thought and water is there were all over White Democrat
They are suburban, moms, don't like drop and Don't love everything by left wing, but Warnock scares them cares about funny police and you know, GDP, America and all that kind of stuff, and whilst the phone appreciable different with these panic bout that left for the significantly better. I mean like in the eightys and the Hispanic Beauvoir Warnock while gap, our Robert had free choice, pastures, a big thing and that that play well what most hispanic Paraguay Palm. Thank you, so much for for everything you know. In the last few years you ve been one guy. You can really count on and look at and I think somebody who's using their noodle a little more and trying to understand voters. Trafalgar Group is is where he's that
If pollster his name is Robert K Hayley, you can follow. Follow him on his website at the Trafalgar group dot. Org. Thank you I appreciated. Thank you, Sir Pneumatic goodbye, nip american financing NL as one eight, do through three for nobody you w that animal, less consumer access, dot, Org totally makes sense. When he said totally makes sense, says If justice we are on the verge here- and I know when I want to talk to you on the phone- I'm gonna- give stew kind of a test. To get his red on what he thinks is. happening in America a year from now, if they would win both seats. Are they gonna do? What are they gonna do to do that in a second? If you're in Georgia, you ve got to vote,
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I want to go through several of these with you stew, and then we will go to the phones. Do we have mandatory vaccinations not federally. I think some states have, though, ok do are we in full lockdown? Do we had a year some point Next year, too, we have full long downs, now, ok, Are we in a depression. However, I think they will print money to until it trinity to avoid that the so I don't think will be maybe in the depression, but we will be on a very banner away gun rights. Have they been severely regulated? Yes, wow, that's huge. freedom of speech, things like the fairness doctrine or something like that or do we have are we Able to broadcast and to get our message out as freely as we are now. I think there will be some limitations
that's where we their top priority, but they will go down that road above it The green new deal, major elements of it. Another look at the whole thing throw, but I think major elements of it will be through. Do we have fifty one plus states, No one I go with no with these. Well slim majority say the great reset are we, we dissipating. In that deeply, DE. I think major elements of it. Yes, ok Does the filibuster exist a year from now I'm gonna say no well and that I think the last question is a free for all the other stuff civil war. We have peace with each other. How good guy I'm not a grin civil war is we think of it in the eighteen, hundreds no, but
in like are we at peace with each other torn to pieces with each other? Now, and I know you ve noticed so you their anger market is a yes. I don't know that I would call a civil war, but I know you want to Europe and who I am your trip Finally, we are trying to do, All right, we're gonna, take a Europe, be your temperature here, aided eight seventy seven Bc Kay. Let me give you a textbook case of adding insult to injury pain, too much for your phone bill. only to find out the big mobile that you just bade the exorbitant amount to is is charging you so much because they're sending part of that to some left disorganization to help for their cause. that's, what's happening, Why are you still with big mobile page? we had mobile has now expanded their coverage even further. So it's easier to dump big mobile patriot mobile, not on
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you're not arouse you're, not a resident of Georgia, but you're in Georgia. That is correct. I am asking the last eight or ten days down yourself Atlanta peach. Re sitting down that way and are actually just here too campaigner donor doors, the weeping granddaughter door. We ve been the hundreds of doors, mostly republican. at about TAT, Sir Bade already voted and about a hand. Said they were planning to vote on election day and very excited about it. Didn't Did you know I did you meet any of them I said I'm not gonna vote, because you just can't trust it. I'm sending a message, yet I only meant to but it was in. It was really hard not to be confrontational and go not distributed thing. I've ever heard, but anyways I mean basically they just they were angry and so one at voting time.
About. One thing in all: you get what you get some sleep over excited. most people in our strong patriot. They wanted to They want to talk about the election, about the fraud that they saw her and an all of them deepen prayer like we're, we're just pray for our country so it was encouraging in some way than another. as you know, it's like when you haven't dream and yet the nightmare, and you can't move and the dream you wanna do this kind of how much who feel right now so call an incoherent update. Thank thank you. Mail. I appreciate, and we just to the head of the tree, Algarve group, which is a pollster and the most accurate in the last for five years. and he just said there has to be a massive turn out for the G o p. The Democrats have aid, a bigger turn out than they than they had but before the November elections, so they're going into election day with bigger led than they
even in the general, so the Republicans have got to show up And the country is at stake we take LISA, in why homing, hello, LISA Hella high you were you want. Take the questions that I just gave this. Do we answer some of the earth, ok about a year from now the Democrats have the Senate, the House and the White House do we have mandatory vaccinations or some sort of a path. port system, where you do, you will have to care. Your papers around or you can't work you can go to shows you can't do air travel, yes or no. Yes, a king Have we experienced full nationwide locked downs. a year. From now will
the above the head of nationwide lockdown, I'm I'm I'm afraid gas. Are we in a depression a year. From now on, I mean to say ass cause, I think we're A lot of people are already. There have gone rights Ben severely curtailed. Yes,. Do people like me? People, like you, have the freedom of speech. That is the message that we bring every day Are we able to do that, easily as we're doing it today, a year from now on, believe so I'm gonna say no, because I think the only thing that saved us was President Trump green new deal, yes or no
then they're gonna hit us with that. Yes, and I think you're gonna try their best Do you think that we have fifty one Plus states I meant to say no and not any year will take a little longer to do that. Are we are we? into the global great reset, Have we gone along at me that. Does the filibuster in the Senate still exist? I think so. because I think they need to use those matters. Anyone out fighting organ. Depend on that too. Are we in a a civil war where it not just talk it's it's violence that the country has broken apart. I believe
and being raised in Wyoming. Yes, I believe they call for the guns. There's gonna be a big there's gonna be a civil war, Ok, thank you. So much LISA appreciated. That's it You know, you said you want. You know civil war. No, I I don't You want the civil war, but I mean you want me you're trying to go to me into saying it will, because here's why here's why You said you answered many of these the same as LISA, not all of them by many of them. If these things happen It stops bay, a disenfranchised, Half of Amerika that has been called all kinds of names, feel as though they are just being trampled on.
The that their country in their constitution is being trampled on, and it no longer is the country that they thought it was, and poor. They they have nothing, because they were put out of business. What's ops. Those people from going. I got nothing to lose. hopefully realising they do have something to lose, which is the greatest republic? That's ever been on the face of the earth and we do face that if we go down those roads him and I'd ten, but they will think that they already lost that now. I know I tend to reserve the term civil war for what I think of as civil war right like the civil war, in only I know that it will be like do. I think, we'll see stuff like we ve sought. We saw this summer. You know like in Minneapolis. I think you will see stuff like that. I don't know But it's I don't know, I wouldn't call that civil war, I woods called civil unrest
and in a relatively uncomfortable skein. I would go for that. Civil war or civil unrest separate the two yeah. I think civil unrest is especially when they know the guns are a big part of this. But again, does matter the scale we're talking about right. If, if come in, and just say. Joe mantra is like a look. All I'll give you a ban on this in some common sense. Stuff, but I'm not you and all that road. I have no faith in Joe mentioned to hold any less whether economic sure we're clear, but if he does any says okay well, we want common sense and Susan Combs goes along with it and they get their fifty. Revolts that limit us Weapons or whatever, like I don't, There will be a lot of pushed back on that. There will be a lot of annex two, but I dont think that we were going to go into Bynum civil war or magazine unrest. Anything if you, if you have the kind of weapons ban that you had in the in the nineties, which,
we still have right, I mean is that now I'm in a big, they came and went, knew about it, but a lot of states habit. Tons of states have already and we're not this we're not seeing civil unrest right. But if you if you say there is a mandatory by back, you can't own these guns, and there's no grandfather clause, and we have to have you on a national registry and attacks, your guns, you go every year and you also, you were also taxing the ammunition and everything is so expensive that you can't afford them. Oh by the way you need this special insurance. I, we'll tell you. I think that people will scale matters here in a better, and you know it. You go to harden, really try to take away a constitutional right from the american people. That's not gonna go up as can I go up, you know people will put up with irritants
right. If they see like you know, I I I put the bump stock thing in here and I think that was an unconstitutional yahoo. But people will put up with it and a ridiculous one for a million different reasons out at like eight people will put up with it. I will not be surprised at all to see Joe Biden go down the same road stow and end who's, the same types of well look. This is really dangerous. Type of reasoning and and banned stuff, like that and it's gonna be our people going to have to remember it, How the constitution has this country working and I especially with a second amendment- and I mean the guaranteed rights. These things cannot just be signed away, and bite and will try that's of common Harris promised it on day. One. Let me tell you: it was in office if Joe Biden, God forbid, gets cove id, and passes or there is, there is any kind of problem with him yet, where he's deemed incompetent end
becomes the president. your worst nightmare worsened? That's interesting when you say that, because when you said that I thought immediately, we are totally right, which shows that I actually am pricing in some sort of moderation from Biden which I dont know if that, as long as he is, is aware and competent, and and somewhat. In control my The problem has not been with Joe Biden, except for corruption, with China thing It is because he is more of a typical politician yeah, notably that ETA. That's odd, that you could comfort from that, but in rhyme ways you do well because, without without there is no speed bump, I mean look look. It is running made me feel it is important that the issue will not care you think about in somewhat he's corrupt he's a typical politician. He is not moderate, he's very liberal, very LE, very liberal. However, he is a bit of an institutionalists. Yes, you know he does you know he D.
Care about results like that. That's why the filibuster I hesitate on because I think that the less, once that so badly. You get rid of that for the next two years they can put in all sorts of. things that would make it possible for Republicans to regain power, you know he's a Senate institutionalists, maybe He finds a spine yeah. I don't know I mean I. I guess I am pricing that in a little bit, which is scary, because if here In the same way, I was just criticising people for pricing in this this you know speed bump of Joe Mansion depend on job? I know her line on anything global, nomes, gonna be a terrible, terrible personnel. The dawn quickly and take one more don. Will you answer these questions for us? oh, how are you done? Do we do how are you good a year from now, if they the Senate, the House and the White House Do we have mandatory vaccinations are some sort of a passport. birthing that
is required for you to work or you know, go movies or use airplanes. I think my idea, I'm not really sure to go to movies Maybe it took over from state to state. Four concerts already too, by large gathered ass, like that are already developed, how are you a year from now? Will we have experienced full nationwide lockdown? Now I dont really well. Will we be in a depression a year from now? I think, like that. I think the government there to keep pretty Maybe I'm pretty money is so we're not gonna, be then sell it gives to the outward camper. The market without yet lots but nothing our money can buy. Gun rights have been severely curtailed and a year you know the gun right. They're gonna, try to securely crook.
but I don't think the american people Lauer. I I just dog, I care about for assault, fell with burning, but every other weapon. I don't think the american people, free speech and broadcast. Are we gonna be able to have our voices heard and connect with you as easily as we can right now. I think, corny, they're gonna- be able to do their work and be in those camps where they want to praying your brain so which is a yes or no take that as a no. I think now, green new deal now. No definitely are fifty one plus states now now- let's see my opinion- is there- I don't think
in the grand scheme of things that we are going to have a president is the White House who does not consider the constitution as the role of the land. I don't think so. our creator is going to allow that now. That may sound naive, but I appeal I really feel suddenly oil, so you have even more trust in Joe Biden. Yeah, ok now hope the second is it: where are the wrong time, their damn delays? Ok, then great reset would be no we're not doing ok filibuster exist, yes or no. No, does not exist, The filibuster is the way the Democrats we'll just I'm things through they'll take away the filibusters, which saw the speed bump up things right as everybody
the democratic there. The other and final question, civil war civil unrest or fine. be civil unrest, I think the one rest! Every Democrat, Democrat Democratic Rights He very much appreciated on Ok, let me hey you about time. Let me tell you bout timber toss. Your kid is sick, you know. The worst thing that you have to do is to take the temperature, especially babies, are young kids and they have to wake them up and they ve theirs leaping, but you have to take the temperature there's an easy way to do it. It's a little paper thermometer that just stick to their head. He'll stick to their had all day long and it gives you an accurate reading and really consistent reading. So you know why either. Your kid is is getting better getting worse. You know at all times
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seventy seven BC k we are going to continue taking your phone calls, I'm fascinated hear from you actually I'm finding some hope. in the way people are answering these questions and I continue to ask them continue to talk to you and I want it explain why I find it hopeful. There are some things that We ve learned this hour that if I mean, is a very small sample size. Obviously, but if that's true There's some signs of hope there I'll explain.
Entertainment, Goin back programme level, media is added again there's a big rally in Washington D C, and now the Washington mayor has decided to call in the National Guard because their these trump supporters. You know how crazy they can get really by the way. I don't know if you heard the Nancy Blowsy House was vandalized with blood it over the weekend and a big head. That said, we want everything and had the anarchists symbol on it. You have Hayley people were showing up anti if I were showing up at his house with his wife and his child locked inside of their house, and they were threatening Hayley, but it's the from supporters. You have to call out the National Guard on. I want.
Aren't you a little bit about how to react if you're going to Washington how to react in what to expect? Also, a little more on this pool that we been taking today from justly body and calling in why there's some hopeful things in their and what's coming, Donald Trump is out kicking rocks in the side of the White House January twentieth. What do they do to him and why all of that sixty seconds programme are, let me show about Gold Lang. Congress convening before Lee County Electoral College votes tomorrow. hopefully, by this time tomorrow, we will know the results of the Georgia election. I mean I I can't imagine I can't imagine
I think that it might we only another six more weeks it s not about everybody. Do let's get together. The Democrats are already pushing to triple the current stimulus, increasing the package by hundreds of billions of dollars. We just we just we're talking to some listeners. It gives me hope that people understand that money printing goes hand in hand with that eventual depression. It's? It's not going to land and it destroys the dollar and the value of the dollar and then there's the Chinese. It's we're we're we're expecting tough here, hopefully not, but have you checked in two gold or silver? There now call for gold to break two thousand dollars and out that's popping up everywhere, two already at record highs. There are some people who are saying stock market
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six gold line that eight six six gold line or gold line dotcom idle. Let me talk to you a little bit here about, first of all, if you're going to Washington DC what you should expect. You already have the National Guard on the streets It is my understanding that the proud boys are not going because they feel that this is a a set up for them. and you are walking into a group of people that I think you'll feel comfortable with you'll feel safe around oh people who were-
are going to Washington. I know people who feel passionately about what's happening in our country. but I dont know any of them that want to start a war want to start a fight, want to be beat up in the streets or beat people up in the streets. It's not who weave We ve ever been now there might be some people that are going in support of you. No stop the steel that do feel that way, but I therein the vast minority, but those people if they engage with teeth or whatever those of the people that are gonna, be seen on television and that we'll be the poster child of. whatever we're doing a couple of things that you should do if you are going to March in activities like this and The first thing is: you have to really kind of channel your inner Martin Luther King,
and know that people that are there against you. Are there to make you do something that you either, don't want to do or really really really want to you're, better angels, you on that path, and so you don't they are there to poke you with sticks, their provocative, wars. If you are going to go into a political activity, do not engage people that are on the streets. Yelling at you, don't to debate them. There is no reason to debate. They are not you're, not to change their mind? They are not shouting things at you. because they think wall, that person looks like he's, gonna be open minded and maybe he'll come over to our side, deal understand what we're talking about that
with their, therefore, they are air to harass you it's a deliberate, technique intended to take you. or participation. and sideline it. Oh don't pause to stop. Don't do anything just keep you. you and your friends marching now, It sounds simple, to decline, to engage you know with morons from Antigua But it is actually difficult in practice because they are trained in direct action techniques. They have studied this. You haven't they study direct action techniques they can get police officers Who are really well trained, just a snap and pull
Peace officers have been trained, indirect action techniques. They know what antifreeze doing their purpose, haired mentally for it it could catch. You off guard Don't let it don't let, The fact you or anyone around you and make sure everyone around you is working together, you grab. Are whose and link arms in Nepal each other out of that. Otherwise you are gonna, be the only thing. that the media will show and it will deal legitimize everything you came to support. So please be careful because there are many forces that want you to describe. It the entire movement of hey. What do you say? We have free, fair elections, count all of the legitimate votes? We? We make
the dead people aren't voting in etc cetera and then except where our guy loses. Are our guy wins? We can trust that it's free and fair and will move on. That's the message. we need to trust the process? that's the message and we don't trust the process again, you are not dealing with rational Americans when you're dealing with Anti you are not dealing with people who were the same thing do you know why Laurie Clinton is not in jail today. Why is Hillary Clinton not in jail. Why why? Did Ford Pardon Nixon
Why did the Democrats, say. Ronald Reagan, was involved in IRAN? Contra, but then, when he left office they left it alone. Why? Because you don't we? Want to set the standard that you and go after your political foes after they serve even they're coming back, I mean thing of all of the things that the Clinton's have done of all of the things with the Clinton Foundation think of the just the the security protocol, that were that would you or I in prison. and they never did anything about it. Now you can see its corruption. a bigger answer
is that you do not want to start putting political enemies in jail. If you do that, the other side. Does it and then you have nothing? The only reason you go after people. Afterwards, is because it so heinous it was murder. try to put the other people in jail during the administration. You do everything you can to make sure that it's clean, and I hate this about our system. I hate it. I think Larry Clinton should have gone to jail idle. a from putting Nixon in jail, but it's him portal that we don't become a banana republic that you don't, create a system that- he's, trying to teach people a lesson. We Will destroy you well, pass that right.
Everybody knows if you get into politics its straw or be destroyed, but they ratchet did that up. we ve seen things in the last four years that we ve never seen before a willingness to tell. Bold face lies. The Democrats are now saying: if they win the Senate they're going, have another investigative body and they are going after the crimes. Donald Trump. if indeed they do, that they are. They are are truly thee the revolutionary marxist radicals, because that's what happens in banana republics. You take your opponent and to make sure that they don't they come back
everybody learns their lesson. Europe them in jail. You destroy them, I think, Donald Trump is gonna, be facing that That is a very, very bad thing, because already, I feel like ah You you wanna play ball that way ok, you know what it's time to take the gloves off it's time to take the gloves off Unfortunately, the GNP will never do this because I think they're worthless. I really think they're worthless, but go ahead head use every legitimate lever of power to stop them, do it, they won't. But the Democrats have gone a step further they will use every Legitimate and not
legitimate ever underhanded every every slimy trick in the book. and they do it and they sleep well at night, I don't ever want to be those people. but you are entering a different time. And we'll know past blue tomorrow, whether not they're gonna have the all levers of the government at a. Marketable thing to give agree. of Revolutionary Marxist the keys. every engine and every car and every jail cell in the country. But unless the people who vote for Republicans show en masse today.
Unless every single person in Georgia, within the sound of my voice actually goes out and votes you, have that situation on the horizon. For the rest of us. Today may be a day that we should fast and pray Don't do it today we may be on our knees, begging. for assistance, guidance and peace. Tomorrow at this time when we speak. all right life lock! The old saying goes just because you know you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not following if they are after they are out yet you. I know that some spare no, but it's true,
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go to lifelong dot com use the promo code back for twenty five percent off one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dot com, promo code, back tens, station, I felt a pang line. Three hello Peggy her you I'm good. How are you good going peggy where in a three year old, woman and I was born and raised in the city of Pittsburgh I now live in, Pennsylvania. What is it ultimately, eleven miles out of Pittsburgh, I started listening to you an rush.
Right after nine eleven I was a total liberal, or should I say I was just a Democrat: so until someone asked me Madame crap. I basically how many answer, though, they asked me to start listening to rush and then I find you as well and at first he was six weeks old. My dad was a very worthwhile, but then I thought the listen really hard. Five days a week and I realize I'm not a Democrat and I haven't been thin- I'm very birth in politics for the most part, because of you and- hush and now I'm out everybody around me? I have a lie for tomorrow. What do you see
tomorrow, you're going to DC, I am day and it wasn't easy to find you. A way to get there because it won't take my car, mostly because I didn't want to be a victim. The girl with group, but we can't find a group and we're taking. but I'm afraid yes kind of drink Kuwait. How then, but are you wear masks, and I will tomorrow I've been in ninety four hive: I am going and you didn't take much. Actually I converted my has been as well after met him. We met sixteen years ago and I got him to think proper way out the words of every wife, Having made conservative we're not Republicans right
I'm a little worried tomorrow. I'm worried because even though one sixty three I'm feisty you're not in like I want a punch, your eyes out or anything. But if someone work, play? My hair, like they did that blonde woman's hair install her flag, there's no way, I'm gonna stand there and cry. I'm gonna run after her, and so I'm a little worried I gotta like I would, but I would recommend that you prepare like what I just talked about, that they are. and to do everything they can to get you to respond and don't don't become don't become them you don't what you will see that they provide contours, will do everything they can, all of the people with them are on their phones. Taping, you we are waiting for that kind of stuff, don't give it to them down give it to them
discredit everything the you're standing up. standing up for. I knew it's really hard cause. I've had enough to can't take it. I can't take the double standard. I can't take the just just the out and out lies about, who these people are. I can't take the the the mayor of of Portland coming out over the weekend on me. I will now now now. We should maybe look into anti for all really now now why Why now, all of a sudden are they there their destructive now, but they weren't before I just a prize me not don't fall, into the trap they were you too? and thank you so much listening and thank you for standing up for what you believe more NASA.
So there you were sitting in a gondola with your spouse, rocking back and forth, and gentle river, just outside Euro, tell us the man in the straw hat must strike shirt pushed the pole in the water in saying some opera, the glass of red wine in one hand and three foot long role of french bread in the other in the far off sound of an accordion, then use napped back awake and remember. No I've never had that experience, because I've been locked into a time share. this timeshare sucks and I mean I think last year, because we couldn't user timeshare. We vacation, perhaps in Syria, Time shares not the way to go, and unfortunately, too many people learn that after they have signed a timeshare times, Your termination team is there to get you out of it. One hundred percent guaranteed. It's you out of it, get the process.
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Talk to you about something that I dont know. If people really fully understand what just happened over the weekend, the house of representative rules. Now this is something I have never in my career talked about or thought we should talk about or found interesting at all. But this is really important, because when walk into somebody's house or their workplace. How They conduct their business, how they conduct themselves, how they, through that they have in their house. tells you a lot about them. I have to tell you this time. you everything about how the left is going to rule in the neck, two to four years. Usually you have ethical, reaches. Severe overreach
and you have systems in place to to deal with that and it's gotten weaker and weaker and weaker, but the ethical breaches now and severe over reach. The Things are going to be redefined. they have rules now that they just pass that keep the house minority. from amending legislation on the floor democratic I have now projected their own injustices on Republicans or anybody who thinks differently And these are this new bill is now sweeping ethics reforms Do you think of ethics? You think of somebody who is severe over rage. He has done something really horrible hole but that's not what this is. yesterday, Cabin Mccarthy set at best in his rebuke of House Democrats. I recommend watching the whole thing, but the here the part where he takes,
For our part, the way the rules violate freedom of speech, the moon most important right Americans have listen to this. I have noted the dangerous trend against free speech. In recent years, a trend that betrays every other founding father who have lived, fought and died for it began and ours rules on college campuses, where students are trot. The absurd notion that free speech is about privilege and our and not opened baked and rational deliberation linen. Job to the mainstream media and socially the giant who use their power to protect our liberal friends, then censure conservatives including during the last election and throughout the pandemic, and now what today's vote that same socialist, I there, they found their way onto the floor and into the rules of the. U S, house of representatives so he is right. There
True for free speech is began and academia and its marxist radicals and it began with critical race theory, but nickel race theory? Is the small picture you're being introduced, and America kind of your daddy to just cause Nicole theory, this is this: is the MAC daddy of all the theories, if you Think the riots were bad. You thought sports had been cut, become overrun with politics if you thought our college it be ready, it's about to get much worse, This whole thing that they passed is critical theory gone. Wild first resolution was on gender and it's easy to make fun of this, and we have and it is fun to make fun of it. But it is serious.
There was a resolution that past that aims to quote make this house of representatives of the most inclusive in history and open By formally establishing the office of diversity and inclusion, the Entire department within the lower house of Congress is devoted to bringing critical theory to life. Cluj and diversity, two concepts that are trenched in critical theory, the left wing call them dog, whistles areas. I got a roller, I love what error, but the debt, creates felt they needed to change the name of the office of the whistle blower Ombudsman. Two and I'm not making this up, gender, neutral office of the whistle blower on buds. then, in sub section in Sub Section II, they include gender inclusive language. This. section quotes,
according modernizing the use of pronouns, familial relationship, terminology and other differences in gender in order to be inclusive of all members. Delegates resident commissioners employees of the house and their families. In other words, the standing rules now are all gender inclusive, all of them the sea. that modernize, the use is, is details. Things like semen is now seafarer, chairman His chair and One clause of the house rules remove the terms of Father mother, Son daughter, brother sister, uncle and first cousin, nephew, niece husband. Why Father in law, mother, in law, son in law, daughter in law, brother in law, sister in law, stepfather, stepmother, stepson, stepdaughter or step brother. The new rules also require stand. committees, too,
include in their oversight plans a discussion of how committee work over the forthcoming Congress will address. Issues on in quit of the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender. I d, disability, age, national origin, honour all gender identity by changing pronouns and familiar familiarization relationships in the house, rules to be gender neutral, this is what we are working on now: one of the most egregious parts of the rule changes is the way their compromising free speech is Kevin, Mccarthy, again for constituent, taking away means. Freedom of speech is silence and good ideas are stifled. Warehouse Democrats have slowly chipped away at this right in the past. Today's vote truly represents the nuclear option it will prove once and for all. Who is truly
the two issues in this body. So here's what they mean by speech things I agree with. Now they have there's a sub section here on deep fake media. Now what a deep, vague, its defined in It's very vague and could easily encompass my show in writing? What do you mean by fake media is at us? is that a meme is that an article is at a joke? Is that an Ipad quote regulations addressing the dissemination by electronic means of any image, video or audio file that has been distorted or manipulated with the intend to mislead the public. Ok is, a deep fake, or is that
Can you say this audio file of Glenn back talking about this thing has been so he so distorted at that it's. It's only being used to mislead the public. It applies not only to the representatives official accounts, but also their personal accounts clear violation of freedom of speech, and we'll penalize any member who shares news or views that liberals and their allies in the media deem fake. They make it now, and ethics violation. Which is usually something like bribery or corruption. Now ethics violation is me. You said some things. We don't like. the new rules, if those don't shake you to your core when we are talking about What will the
What will the Senate do if they win both? seats. Will they rid of the filibuster? Yes They will Can I say that they just gettin gotten rid of the pay as you go or pay go exemption, so Used to be in the house that either budgetary control measure. Limited the tax and spend policies you couldn't. increase your spending unless you found the money someplace else. Ok, that Off the table now because of climate change and corona virus. so they don't have to find any of this money. They'll just borrow in print more money. Oh and there's one thing in the house that is like the filibuster. It's the closest thing to filibuster. The house has
It's called the empty. Are the motion to re commit vis this has been in practice, since the civil war is the only thing the house. Minority has to slow processes down now What is the spread between it's not like? They have forty seats or sixty seats different. What is it five small, so he asked last been modern time. Yes, smallest when I think maybe too, since the civil war and the motion to re commit is. It gives the the minority, in extension,
a chance to debate the bill on the floor and maybe get the constituents does look at what's going on, and say, wait a minute! Wait, a minute! Wait, a minute, slow down here! It's teed cats, top anything, but it can slow it down the same thing with a filibuster while they He's got rid of that it's been there since the house was founded in its prey, inform form since nineteen o nine in nineteen nineteen representative air, Abraham Garret, said the motion to recommend is regarded as so sacred. It's one of those few rules protected against the committee on rules by the general rules of the house. When Pelosi was in the minority? She described the emotion to recommend, as grounded in the free speech guaranteed by our constitution. They got rid of it.
This is done. What do you think they're going to do They have the Senate as well. this happens, because people say just gonna have to surrender some of your right. Some of your luxuries, some of your privileges. because we're in this emergency, or as there saying now, because some of you have privileges that other Don't have. once they changed the rules and they changed the words, your living, a real live version of Orwell's nineteen. Eighty four. What we need are p. people who are willing to face the wrath of leftist establishment. That's happy to watch the world burn.
Mccarthy sought about how do you know people were feeling this indignation. Kevin. I want you to know it's not just you. I feel it. I think more than seventy million Americans feel it. To not going away any time soon. and today I ask that you, just pair mentally, for a rough road ahead, but one that we win in in the end, and I can say with confidence because As I know the truth will always set, people free? The truth will always prevail. Let me tell you about: Templeton Turban, US makers of D, the disposable adhesive forehead thermometers tempered toss
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with you on that, but that would be me telling you. I know more about the motion, and I did I'm ever the term thrown around, and I note that a kind of delays yea it is is its when the minority doesn't want something to go through. They say: Motion Dury Commit and some users I second generic, commit and then they have to break for. I don't know how much time, but it's like I two hours and they have debate the the bill and that's where you can insert new language So in other words, you can say well on our way way way way way. We want to add this to the bill and it it doesn't stop the will it slows the bill down? Remember our institution is built to slow everything down, because when you meet me, when you move fast and wood
real discussion in real debate and without everybody involved, you start to go towards totalitarianism and they know we know the presidential party usually loses of seats in the house. I have no room to wiggle. They're gonna. Try to do everything they can these this first two years. Yet I get these set. It seems that a man we Urien Georgia and you're a conservative, please go out and vote go. Out and vote? Please. Today,
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