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Glenn is Going on the Voyager 3 | Guests: Allie Stuckey & Lance Robinson | 12/18/18

2018-12-18 | 🔗
Hour 1 Global market never recovered… Glenn teases what’s coming in 2019 about finances… Trade wars are coming?… Pat Gray joins… Satellite Voyager 2 has left the building… What’s inside the Voyager… Socialist medicine… Government is going to manufacture drugs?… Glenn is going on the Voyager 3?… Glenn teases PrayForDavis.com...   Hour 2 Human Progress… The world is better now… Nazarene Fund UPDATE… Lance Robinson father of Davis joins Glenn… Davis has stage-4 cancer… DONATE: PrayForDavis.com… Fart bomb and Beto coming up… Glenn teases Allie Stuckey…    Hour 3 Allie Stuckey joins to discuss gender… Allie wants to connect with people via Jesus… Sin in this world… Allie vs. Ocasio-Cortez… Christianity in 2018… BlazeTV.com… Net Neutrality… BlazeMedia brings 2billions eyes… Glitter bomb is not enough… The fart bomb is born… Will things get better?… Glenn teases what’s coming in 2019...

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Alright want to talk to you a little bit about to a relief factor or they are paying for this portion of the broadcast and we're thrilled to have them as a sponsor relief factor, I can say, is little change your life. Well, I mean there's no. According to the people that take it about seventy percent of the people who try, it say, Furthermore, in order month after month after month, so it's about a seventy percent chance of change your life, according to just an that's not that we are so bad a hand. I am testimony of that. There are people that statement it Pat took it didn't work for him. It is worked for me. There are really likes it. I never like the launch of people around the place and auditing. Try it just try it you're out twenty bucks. If it doesn't work
You get your life back of it does. If you have pain, try this completely natural drug free developed by doctors, reduces inflammation its relief factor, gotta relief factor, dot com, try it please relief factor, dot, com, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four relief factor, dotcom, the fusion of entertainment and in rain death- is that on that programme, so nobody is really paying attention to what is happening in the market. I think we should, because what is coming was inevitable in two thousand eighty, two thousand nine we broke the market. Remember I was it. I ve elated the free market to save the free market, something like that. The powers that be the politicians in Washington in the bankers in New York in London all decided to save.
The financial system that it was on the verge of collapse and I believe them, but they decided to step in and intervene to prevent this, and the reasons were given protect homeowners, investors, retirees save the banking system and preserve end or prevent unemployment preserve jobs, because the entire system was going to go down. We all remember it. We all remember how afraid everyone seems to be the DOW and the NASDAQ shed around fifty percent of their value. In just a couple of months, major investment banks hundred years of growth just went belly up overnight trillions of dollars of value he raised. We knew at some point. We would have to pay for this. That time, I believe, is coming in twenty nineteen. I begin there in one minute. This is a landmark programme. Are again
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vat of of acid that you had to after you killed them, go to the store yet find a bucket figure out how to do it? Google, although they directions on how to do it, clean it all up before you even get to the half way point it monopoly of just say so it's not that dramatic anyway. This is a fun game. This is a really easy game and you will all be laughing and you get to know each other. It's really it's bizarre. How this works is not their intent, but is bizarre on what you learn about each other, it's called say anything available, the toy section at target right now you can save twenty percent off, just go to target get say anything great last minute give twenty percent off at target. ready So we all remember two thousand and eight thousand nine, and you know what did we
back the government to do and the central banks? I mean they to act right. They had to act. We have to do this, and so they did. And what did we do the government issued loans And loan guarantees to banks the Federal Reserve and the sister Central Bank around the world, began programmes of buying equities and government at directly to prop up the markets. In the: U S, the feds bend over four trillion dollars to by government bonds stocks, corporate bonds, mortgages cos private debt and they did it all to stop the next domino from falling, and you know what they worked right. We live We lived to find another day. Stock market stop declining cover and incorporate bonds didn't default. Most people kept their homes. I raise for one case eventually made their losses back.
We are not in the situation. We were in two thousand eight. It is a success right because by twenty four team. There was pretty much universal consensus that the the interventions in the money printing in the zero percent interest had worked policy of politicians and bankers and policymakers. They all took a victory. Lap array having each other on the back feeling like they save the world from a second great depression or some would say something verse. But something wasn't right, because we we sacrificed and surrendered something that wasn't appreciated. Then. It's something that Stalin's financial advisor new and was killed for pointing out to stolen it's? Why? capitalism
fail and socialism and communism what capitalism will work and socialism and communism will fail. Now the cracks in the damn are beginning to show. We broke the more kitten mechanism that gables markets to correct the mistakes of human beings can drive he of wave. It's it's away, that would things go really really well, but then systems need to collapse and burn out in and the mob it needs to be reset, and so it collapse says, and then if left alone will quickly shoot green shoots and new ideas and new companies will grow more its reward good sir and rational decisions and I'm a vacation of your mistakes. Can you imagine
it allows you to feel the ramifications of your mistakes? Can you imagine if you never actually knew what hot was because we're always kept away from hot. You can told hot, is bad, but you never felt it you'd, never burned yourself, you, never! You never got killed Stu an iron or a stove or a fire after your own devices at some point is can it be good, especially if we would take all that feeling of heart away after you, sat on a stove or you walked into a fire. But somehow or another we were able to say no. We eat your too big to feel that pain. We can't let, feel that pain and show you into the fire, but we It so you didn't remember or feel any of that pain and We gave you the impression that every time you walk into a fire,
no bail, you out we're gonna, make their pain, go away. What steps you from walking into a fire? two thousand eight market tried to correct poor decisions made by people decisions, bankers to lend money to borrowers who were not worthy of the loan. Decisions of borrowers to take on the debt, knowing that they couldn't afford the Dat decision. The politicians to guarantee those loans. Even for borrowers who were likely to devolve desist by investors to buy into bad loans as investments. Decisions of rating agencies to ignore the underlying data and rate investments is good, even though they were bad. In two thousand eight the markets Tried to tear down a house of cards built on greed and good intentions and irrational, exuberance on the floor.
Or of missing out it tried, but we didn't let them The lesson to be learned: we didn't let the market crash, we couldn't let it we. We couldn't stand for, and we couldn't admit our mistakes week. We couldn't let the market com Dark errors. And this is a good thing. Until we disconnected from financial markets. We disconnected from the consequences of bad decisions. We see The leak in a bubble and pumped too of trillions of dollars in it to re inflated and there's a problem. The market is relentless and a dispassionate judge doesn't care. If you paper over a hole in the wall, it just pushes the problem off tomorrow. The papering of the market correction in two thousand eight just push the problem too. Future and the future is now.
Next year, I'm going to concentrate on eight things, One of them is the market, and happening too The free market all around the world. Because we are entering the next couple of years very challenging times for the global financial markets, and when I say financial markets, I mean your money. I don't care about Walter, I mean your money we experienced in the: U, s is different from what was experienced in other markets. In the U S, the stock market lost fifty percent of its value, but since two thousand eight, our markets have rallied not only to recover that loss, but if real, These gains of nearly four hundred percent.
So if you invested at the bottom of the market in two thousand eight, you ve made four hundred percent globally However, the markets didn't recover China's doc market collapse, nearly seventy percent in two thousand eight, but it is only recovered. Twenty percent of what its lost think that its head on it's all time, high still in the rearview mirror. The same thing is true in Japan and ITALY and France and Greece, and Iceland in Finland, in Hong Kong and Indonesia, and a ton of other countries with you're the only one in all of those countries, time highs are still sitting at two thousand seven. In two thousand eight, there was no global financial recovery. It was just us, We created a recovery in financial markets here, because We had the FED print money to buy
equities through zero percent loans to banks and companies, and by giving companies giant tax breaks they buy. Trillions of dollars back to the U S from overseas and they put it off all in the stock market, but there snow, global financial recovery. That's all paper! So now we're starting to see the signs of a global financial slowdown in China in You re Bia in ITALY, in the EU. In two thousand eight in two thousand nine, the FED and Uncle SAM bail. Wall Street and main street we bailed ourselves out, but how did we do it. And what does it mean for tomorrow. More in one minute
right on such a filter by this is that this isn't sexy at all. It just stops you from having to go to the store which all four man, if I can get everything delivered to me, and they would remind me when I had to do it. Ok, I'm good just this world- is not good. People who we know have sluggish tendencies because we're- this becoming in our becoming where we coming those people in Wally, well, you see there will be Wally, that was a robot than yeah and they were all up in space and they were all just enormously fatty acid put they couldn't move, that's kind of May I think, filter by for bringing that life a little
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twenty. Twenty. We are facing a global financial crisis that may lead us into a global financial depression on the scale of nineteen. Twenty nine. Why Because the rest of the world did not recover, we did and it was bogus and its magnified now by the technology that is connected in June in time delivery supply chain of our ever more interconnected world as we move towards the end of the year. My team and I are putting together a financial forecast and strategy. They help you stay prepared for what may be coming next. I am, the position now, but I wasn't in two thousand seven to be: bull to say. Ok, I want to talk to the best financial people around. I wanna. I want to talk to the people who will talk to me behind the scenes I
to know where we go from here in two thousand six and seven I didn't have that, but rain is coming You're gonna need an umbrella. You're gonna need a coach, you're gonna need boots. You might even need a boat. But the Good NEWS is that we're Amerika Erika and Americans or resilient. We have secret weapon other nations don't have, and that is a nation full of Americans. We think differently, and when our back is up against the wall. We react differently now currently we are reacting like the rest of the world and it honestly. If thing collapses and we are not prepared for it mentally we will be a full fledged socialist nation by twenty twenty one. It just happened. It will and I don't care whose in the presidency, because people will demand it,
we need to be prepared. No what's coming know what the solutions are be dedicated to our core principles and that's displays audience is all about that's what this audience is about. Em Eric willing to be independent and self reliant and eager to help one another stay tuned in twenty nineteen because forecast is calling for rain, but We will let you know how to maneuver through that ring. Better China Stock markets. That is completely stunning to me. I had never heard that before I know I mean obviously follow the China chinese stock market all that closely. But if we wait you're right what we were at about six thousand and we get up what twenty four twenty five thousand and right now, Her back and that a little bit, but
four times your money, China, I mean I'm looking at that. Chart they dropped all the way down to about two thousand another. Like twenty five hundred a week, we dropped fifty percent. They dropped, seventy percent so twenty percent, the only regained. Twenty per cent of that seventy s relation. I honestly did not. I did not know that and you look at this. First, the charred- and it's really because they were way way. You know they went up to six thousand when all the way down under two thousand, enabling bouts back up to say now too three. Twenty four hundred. This is why this is by Donald Trump thinks that he can win this trade Wharton Gay, because They are in real trouble. However, One thing that we have to take into account is: Trade war is usually a massive trade war, not what we're doing now, but if the, if we continue to escalate this with China, trade
others are usually the first hour, I should the last move before I go. Mobile war. In countries where there is There's a pattern you have the exuberance, a collapse. A distortion of the money system, then you have more financial trouble. Eighty, aid war and then a hot war whoop, that's the point Always through history, well, we ve had all of those things. And were now about to enter our recession phase at that at best, We are going to go into recession and that has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with the cycle of money- it is a the seasonal thing and so We are way pass the time for a a recession, and
The longer you hold it off the deeper it becomes. Because the rest of the world did not recover and the rest of the world took these loans that they have to pay back in dollars. This is critical. People do understand this. When we were loaning money to these, you know up and coming nations, they have to pay them back in. U S dollars! Well, they didn't get the great growth, but we got we are the only ones So now we sitting here with all of this money that they owe just like us and what's happening. The FED is now saying I gotta call some of that money back in. So I'm gonna raise the interest rates when they raise the interest rates. Other come is beside. The United States have no choice because they have old dollars and all
of the loans owed to other countries are all settled in dollars. So now their money is with less as the dollar gains they have to pay more money. So it's like a credit card. You have a credit card needs. You have six percent interest, but a time the FED raises rates every time. We do this in another country, their king id card is going from six percent to twelve percent to twelve. Percent, to forty percent. There comes a time. Quickly that they can pay, these loans back and it also makes their dollar worth less or their money worth less. So it's huh for them to buy things. So you start to have this problem all over the world where the politicians are gonna, look and say it's America's fault. They got rich on our backs?
We may look at this whole trade wars like Trump could be gone in a couple years. Their thinking longer term them right, vague think they can changes at any time and again making owes convert a couple per cent of their enough citizenship to slave labour and save a heck of a lot of money any time they want and that sort of dark advantage. They have you Harold No, it's Christmas Party season, if you dont like which is seen in the mere, is feel like yeah, maybe angle of double chin, going on or second jaw line. You gotta tried New Jenny Cell Jaw line treatment from show me. This is all the most advanced duff. They have they ve insured. These terms, dual Peptide M deal technology. The pumps, the fulfilling layers of your skin, I don't want any of that means, but I do know that it actually works and people having a great results from it. If you're looking for If we are to get some for yourself this would they have gone on right now, the general
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the building. Thank you invite your two left, the solar cell case. So I thought this happened a few years ago, but it s about wind on the other swell PLUTO wager one left the solar system a few years ago. This is Voyager too, but which one was had the golden record on it more you're too They help avoid your one f. I don't they put anything aboard, so why do we care and slight goods like everybody? I just put my garbage down the trash shoot nature. One can go to hell here. What are needed are needed any more. What are they doing? so I found that in it they do have that gold plated phone, F record Anna Phonograph Player so that, if its ever found by aliens vague in play it and getting I won't ever managed if they have already. If they monitor, I personally think they will it will. They may not have our eyes that you know if they dont have ok, so you
to a planet entirely made up of amputees now they're looking and this phone a graph record and the like, if somebody was taken with the needle on that record or put the record on the player we'd be set. Well, maybe they do with their mouths. Do they have miles? I dont know if they are now ok elbow They don't have arms. Have they adapt? Anyone is road of function, whether he picks up thing. What it's that you have arms and mouths, but no ears, then what bessie we're not thinking we're, not didn't, think it right. We didn t seventy seven. We did not think this through a faded, but Jimmy Carter recorded the message. I think this is pretty good message conical. This is a present from a small distant world. A token. Or sounds or science are images are music our thoughts and our feelings. We retain ding to survive on time, so that we may live into yours
good message, rarely good message I like that, I'm certain he didn't crafted by certain. They won't be able to read it now. That's probably true, but that's a whole other things. Look like thing be possible could be. That, I think, is what I want to have. One of the hurdles show included Morse code, which do they have moral code on the planet. Dont know that no or latin freezes and for some reason they put latin in their two zero Rosetta stone. Because that's what I mean, I would imagine that they they to put it in several different languages and that how we figure out what things are we we have several different languages that say the same thing and so you're like K. That means this, and this means that yeah they did fifty five different, both who of ancient and modern languages? Fifty five then they included things like Bach Mozart, Beethoven, striven ski and it was kind of controversial, but they put Johnny be good, but should bury member that because rock and roll was juvenile and
Carl Sagan said novices: Buster Reserve represent everybody humanity, a working internal controls and important part she wanted roll over Beethoven is at. He wanted Rollover Beethoven and olive astute that would have been better what will the ancient very? I think I would like to dwell there. There you go you're with Carl saying I am, but all of his students said that's stupid idea really, and so they put chuck burying instead I wonder why. How do you decide on Turbary rather than lead Zeppelin? Would you also had access to it the Timer Boston or only so many people can feel a little ship. That's true if we want to include now today many of the actual groups that are so
you bring a penal honourable, they may not be a record Blair. I think the president needs are the major S hand them. So I am on the space like that. Take a whole like that. We have to represent media no k c at sea and on the spacecraft. I like it a lot, and I think it's a good idea, and in forty thousand years it'll reach the next nearest star and CNN oh baby, to tell him and they are very about it. So this can communicate back to us now. Can it yeah it's it's hills. It takes eighty hours or something to get back to us, but it does. Continue to communicate, which is astounding. Forty one years later it still indicating with earth unbelievable can made by an american company. You yes, yeah. It's still operating pretty amazing yeah, pretty amazing technology, and they expect it to continue to last for billions of years now. Don't
that's policies, it crashes into something: well, yeah, he s cylinders. Apparently it's gonna meet the next planet. It thousand forty thousand year, Boo, This is a programme that all our, although I dont know, would it be horrible if there is to it next planet that is forty thousand years away. Its inhabited? It has people with arms with eyes, with ears capable of Understanding are like language and can put the tone arm down, but Burns burns up on, the atmosphere on entry would suck that within a few minutes later would be all I got. Where even these NASA meetings and they need you so writings and right- that's what I thought of a lot of money launderers ease. They didn't lot of em, so San Francisco is so expensive. Now, just reading this article, the me
in home price in San Francisco is one point: six million dollars. It is Expensive waiters can't live in the city anymore. Waiter can't live in lawyers can't live in the city anymore. Neurosurgeons how're nor neurosurgeons living in the city of San Francisco. How does anybody live in it Did he where the average The median home price is one point: six million and the average home price is over a million dollars its believable, I don't know how anybody who makes where are you make Thirty thousand dollars a year: how are you live in that it is worthy of its we're, Assyrian, Texas,
why it's worse here, letters index now, that's right! Yes, it is a thank you to argue Ipad points. Much worse, all my knowledge. The price is five point: nine million die suddenly it here in San Francisco, Oreo, California, don't you think about it? Don't you will readily maximum wages here in Texas or five dollars an hour people talk about half an hour of ammonia, militant about able to me not so militant that you could gather a bunch of people too. You know maybe voted news. Politicians to change that, because the people its other politicians, even it's- the people- variety whatever keeps you out of Here- paranoia liberals from California. What were sent word so that had my haven't eaten since two thousand,
Wow doesn't look like your daddy. I don't know we lay that's minds. The event existed on old fat, erelong time distinction which leave me his own police. What, when you buy a new house, is yours. There's like that guidelines like three to five times your salary right, like they're supposed to targeting technically. If you are making the league minimum. In the National Football League. You could no more right around. They may be made an average house, not not an ice house but like you, re actually laying of a green five hundred grand a year in the interval you're right around that area, where action or I can afford the median house here. That's insanity, it's crazy that is crucial, and not. To mention the case of median prices will mean the the the minimum price repaid in the in the NFL is what for aid for eighty four. Eighty thinking that I just I just want you to think of that, and you also have poop all over now,
right I mean it's not like your moving or to Utopia. You're you're, moving into San Francisco, I think there's only two people who live in San Francisco right now Mark Zuckerberg, the Apple Chief Cook TIM Cook and they lived because I can't afford a place of their own bad, really bad. While the Good NEWS is, we have a solution to all of your financial needs, and I just wanna talk this in here: Elizabeth Warren says now that the United States government should get into generic drug manufacturing now she's, not a socialist. I want you to know she's, not a social now. Why would you say that? Why would you even bring that? Well, because I mean why would you well because of you know having that the government by the drugs and give it is, you know so pretty social sing, but have them,
Now you are making their so basically you're, just saying she's advocating governmental ownership and administration of the means of production. To paraphrase heroism for embryos clunky of a way of saying it, but it is equally what you're saying is she'd like to take over and empty cyclones, social. I didn't run all of these companies idea, but Gimme that phrase against do cause. It's weird. I've heard that someplace before seems, like Elizabeth Worn, is advocating governmental ownership and administration of the means of production. However, that, before a but she's a capitalist, there's, there's a blade, there's a book, it's an ally, notice, the dictionary after the word socialism, that's where I saw it. That's anguish was attacked in Nigeria and he's not a socialist or no she's just now advocating for the textbook definition of socialism and here's the bad thing everywhere
What's the problem with that? What's the problem with that? Ok, try, south for size, you get a drink. And it's made poorly it's now Made right there not making enough they decide to change the price or whatever it is that do something bad and its the government, making them and gum facilities. Who do you go to. Will you go to for help go to to say I think this. I think this drug is actually being made wrong, and it's killing people who do you go to no one because of course, in this utopian idea? That would never happen would never happen. Those would always it will always be cheapest to do it through the government, because the government I mean look at the mail service No, I don't have a single complaint there and you get your mail Lickety split. I mean I can't wait to stand in line at the gun,
manufacturing plant more, my drugs it'll, be. Easy is going in buying stamps and what an incredible incentive this would give these drug companies to come up with new and incredible medications because they get this. Dear that they get to sell it for couple years and then the government gets it come in and undercut their price by like percent or ninety percent. Maybe just give it all away.
I think it is all that that's their incentive. They get a couple years of a window to sell it in the end, there totally screwed what a great idea straighten scrape it's almost like socialism. That's why we're goes well every time. That's why social illnesses. So you know this is something that even Sweden doesn't do right. We talk about this all the time we were these companies, these countries in the european areas where they talk about. Oh well, when you do that, and sometimes conservative say socialism, it's not real. It's that socialism as a technical, well Phoenician, because one of the things they come back with every time has now come on. There's like their controlling the means of production. They She wants to control the means of production she's. Actually advocating for the textbook definition of socialism care, gonna change. I have my stance on something. If we send
Voyager three, I want to be as long as I'm sitting in an extra they expand to see and hear Pat Blaze, radio network everyday also on pet gray, unleash the podcast get wherever you? U fine, podcast Long, as I mean an ex chair, I don't care. How long is in space, not Yeah I've you're gonna go into space for long periods of time. You take the exchequer. I feel like it. It's almost space age, trying to get the service beseech technology, going on all the adjustments then also is just really comfortable for to sit in. Yes, really is the greatest very, very comfortable. It is cheaper than I mean it's, the best chair out on the market and its chair. Better than the so called best chairs on the market. And in its how's thousand times better than what everybody usually sits in at work
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No one. Can you give you something that you can do to to reach out somebody and change their lives? You know we ve been on the look out for, people that are just need of prayers or anything we found pray for Davis dot com. Now this a four year old Davis Robinson, who has malignant cancer stage for cancer, they d No, the numbers, don't work really with him, because he could hear Oliver die and there either gonna get this or they're not he's not old enough to understand. What's going on right now, but his parents do and his parents in the last year since he's been diagnosed, have just moms.
Working anymore with him all the time and and dad is having to take off so much and knave they ve taken They ve depleted, all of anything that they had and they could really use your help you can pray for Davis dot com here, and they they thought he had appendicitis and some really good technician happened to waive the wand a little too far and found that there was a tumor on the other side of him. Running from his belly button down towards his bladder, and they removed this from him. But it it had spread in his body already and it would be great take some of the needs of this family now, so they just worry and spend the time with their son. If you'd like to change somebody's life, here's
Where you can do it go to pray for Davis, dot com, you can make a donation there to help the family, we talk too. We reached out to the guy who set this up. This has set up a friend and he said TAT the fair d, you know, is really struggling, but they will take prayers, the more then money, but if you help them in any way. Please do pray for Davis Dotcom spread their to your friends as well pray for Davis, Dotcom, ok, There's a couple of things: I want to show you how world is getting better worlds. Coming a better place and actually more charitable people in school, in twenty Eighteen have seemed pretty bad
there's been some really good things as well? we'll get into that when You come back Stu has been talking about for quite some time, and I love it because you have the same service, but you not paying. You know at service provider what they charge. You your pain, Patriot, mobile and so the service provider that battery built those two hours there charging you extra and they're taking their money and their throwing it out to you know and parenthood, and different groups like that yeah I mean there's one company particular over eighty million dollars has gone to a left wing progressive causes from your phone bills. There's no reason to be part of that. Patriot mobile set their company up with that idea in mind that conservatives should have a voice. Do. So what they do is they give you the great service in great prices, pc magazine just just to despair, Special on the best-
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the future of energy men and in writing. This is the line that programme a long ago. Was it that Syria gas their own people remember a longer. Does it seem to you? I'm seems like a long time ago was Abraham. How long ago was it? We cancel the iranian Deal or Donald Trump met with President Kim that was shoe. That was June July, the cave boys in Thailand August the wildfires Cavanaugh amid terms yellow vast breaks it all these things happen, and now we just hit one of my top ten predictions on our. U S! Debt. Last year in January I said, you're gonna start to see the foreign buyers of our debt dry up its official they're all drying up, but not to worry, says the: U S, government, we are buying it. What the hell does that even mean? How do we get out of this man? You can learn anything from history, our common humanity, even against all odds, and it's happened before it happened when he could have never happened right in the middle of war.
Common humanity kicked in, and people stop listening to their leaders and I began there in one minute. This is the grand buck program. If you miss last hour, go back and listen to it on the pod cast or or you know. However, you listen to this programme, its in our number one. I talked about the the economy and what I believe is coming in twenty eighteen and trying to get you prepared a little bit. For new and fresh eyes in the new year, because we are we're a world on fire. What was the stats? Do? I gave you last hour that you hadn't heard before the China thing: China, China, stock market, where we had. We have recovered by growing four times where we were at and we lost fifty per cent of our stock market value in two thousand eight. We not the game that back, but
also have grown by four hundred per cent. Not the case in China, or anywhere else in the world in China they dropped. Seventy percent leave only regained twenty per cent. So the world is on edge. As one goes, we all go now have you diversified your portfolio yet have you and you still have it all in the stock market. I I will tell you, I'm not comfortable, I'm not comfortable. Prepare for the reversal of our economic and political landscape by looking at gold and silver as something that you can barter with something that is a safe haven in case the world goes out. Its mind, crazy, which I Contended already has, in turn, political and economic uncertainty the world He's returns to gold you listen to whoever you want to listen to, I'm, not a financial adviser, I'm just telling you this is
I, for my family, I've got Percent of what I have in gold- and I hope to never ever have to use it and pass it on to my kids hope they never have to use it as the only time you really have to use. It is in times where it's crazy, but I don't know Last year was less crazy than this year. Where do think. We're headed next called old line now. Eight six, six gold line, one eight six, six goldmine read their important risk. Information make sure we buying gold or silver is right for you, but talk to them. Now, at eight six, six goldmine, one eight x x, gold line or gold line dotcom. It was- unbelievable time. People have never seen anything like it before now this particular morning the skies were clear and it was the first time in months that it wasn't
swarming with fighter planes and missiles, and the air was yellow. Or read from the the blood for war, you couldn't hear gunfire you couldn't explosions, You couldn't hear the moans and screaming of dying men that you couldn't get too. One of the guys it was there said, I remember the silence. It was so strange, was just silent. It, Christmas day, nineteen fourteen Six months, World WAR one had been going on and it was something that the world had never seen before it never find a war with planes. It had never photo war. With missiles and bombs falling from the sky, it had never dealt with noxious poisonous gas. There was nothing like it
All of the troops along the western front. Had one day to remember what peace was like. A spiritual giant in my life he said Clara think your job is just to remind people. What it feels like. To be normal, what it feels like to be good I dont know if I've ever done, that tried because important that's what happened on this Christmas day. The troops from England and france- got up from their muddy trenches. They were facing their enemies and they they Apt out onto the battlefield, without a single weapon at the ready, the german troops did the same all of the men gathered in battlefields all around Europe.
These guys had been fighting on this no man's land they head head, fought over it. For weeks and Pope Addictive fifteenth had called for a Christmas day. Truce, we have to have a day of peace and commanders from both sides said no, then you have to continue to fight it doesn't matter if it's Christmas, when it arrived. There was this wave of humanity and it Retook everybody at the battlefield, no matter what they believed. It started with just one soldier. There is moonlight on the frost that night. White, almost everywhere. And it began very quietly.
Graham Williams of the fifth London Rifle Brigade wrote that first, the Germans would sing one of their carols and then He would sing one of hours until we started up Oh, come all ye faithful. And at that moment the Germans immediately joined in singing okay all ye faithful, Latin words addressed if Adele us. And at that moment they thought it was extraordinary. Two nations on a battlefield singing the same carol in the middle of a war. This spread ten, a hundred thousand soldiers all across A hundred thousand he honour the Pope's truce,
next morning on Christmas day, german true shouted merry Christmas. In English. Across the battlefield held up a sign. That said, you know, shoot. We know shoot. They then got up exchanged gifts. They gave haircuts, they played soccer. They buried the fallen soldiers who had died in no man's land For one day, they lived. Like humans,. No, we we too often forget about our military weave. Forget. There are even out there forget that the war doesn't stop on Christmas.
Too many times. Twenty times we forget even after the homecoming. In two thousand and nine there was a Veteran, he was a journalist and whose embedded four year platoon of Marines. He was, Afghanistan is one of the deadliest places on earth. At the time. And he saw the tragedy first hand that war brings. He said War is life multiplied by some number that no has ever heard of. At the end of world war, one there was an estimated twenty million people dead and twenty million people wounded. It been build as the war to end all wars, but that was a lie.
Just view matter of beers. The world would become embroiled in yet another a pocket. Dick WAR and we can say whatever we want to say about, never never Chamberlain or anybody else, but we would do the same. If we had lost is so much, we would have lost our sons and our daughters and our fathers, and we would lost, though so even came back. We would wanted to go to war again with Germany, but perhaps we wouldn't If we would just remember the Christmas truce. Because it stands as a reminder, that humanity can emerge in the door, Kissed of times it's glimmer of hope
Found in any tragedy, they are victories, probably bigger than any triumph for human kind found elsewhere. It was a truce of nineteen fourteen. Then it was seen by officers in commanders as an act of mutiny and cowardice to them. The hundred thousand that had dissipated disobeyed their superiors orders. He was a miracle. There was one kid: young. He had The real problem with this truce, is on record. He was.
He was young and believed in his cause and said this is an act of traders. Have you have you no honour? Such thing should not happen in wartime. He said at the time. He was a corporal Adolf Hitler. The soldier themselves, the men dying in the trenches in the fields and gulf by gas and smoke and blood they Degree with corporal Hitler. For one day this one, the Fair didn't involve one superpower against another superpower. All the soldiers being pawns. Just. We can worn out men.
Against the superpower of war itself,. A british soldier later said. I then came to the conclusion that I have, held very firmly ever since that we had been left if we had been left to ourselves. The war would have been over another. Shot, never fired. Unfortunately, that's not the case or remit. Things and The dramatic drop in war and violence following world war. Two weeks We'll have to deal with the realities of war. The people who live with those ugly realities have Deal with it most and they are not superpowers their men, their home there at the table.
I think the best gift we can give to them is peace. This Christmas. Of peace at your table. All a Christmas truce come together. And let's figure out, what it is that is worth living for you never more than sixty seconds away from more content today about our sponsor this half hour arse, answer is exchequer. Exchequer is a revolutionary chair. It looks great but better. Yet it just feels great to sit in. We're spending more time in our office cheer than we are in Which is really a problem, it's true. I advocate more bedtime Roy yes
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I actually feel like I could get away with talking to you about. Things of the heart. Where the rest of the year? Most people don't want to hear it. But I by this time: the year everybody's colleagues so beaten down, you you'd you want some good news I want to tell you how the world Some I mean it's crazy. How the world has improved we look at today's world stew You just look at what is happening today Do you feel things are going for humanity, I mean I think, if you look at how it feels
It feels horrible right right. I think every year we get to the end of the year were like, thank God. Two thousand and fifteen is ending right. Two thousand sixteen me much render a private every year at the end of next year. You say the exact same thing right it doesn't, it doesn't get better and yet it has gotten better. So much has so much May millet. Let me just let me just give you Few things The whole has technology, helped your life or hurt your life. I think a lot of people would say it hasn't helped because I know really you feel you Fleming. Obviously you understand there's a lot of good things right, but I mean people think when they think technology addicted to my phone. Correct and people are never. I also have- Every book I've ever wanted to read on my phone
Do you remember me, surely probably do as it as a music, nerd, radio and lady like twelve or whatever one irony, we're going to record stores yes and searching through been after been defined. Some like imported like bees, side, Remix, CD or you know, Cosette DE pray. I sat Fatah whatever it won't arrived. Algae was beginning to try to find that now every song you could ever want is ever imagine there is. There is a collection I I I really want this for Christmas, but I don't want anybody to buy it. My family is listening, don't biting dying for Christmas, but
no. I really really subtle. Let me just say it on national radio, maybe no one I buy it for me. I don't know, I don't know one horse, I don't like Zachary Tanya has received the message. She's got it. She understands what she needs to do with the rest of her day and are you going to tell you I'm now I wanted. I wonder, and I can tell you, because I really I'm having a hard time convincing my family, their role in their eyes and unlike no I'm serious, I know you as women always say this and the one time I followed through on it. I guess Yelled, so it's not bad! at when a woman says I really don't want anything. It's a trap of cat. Don't fall for that, but with me I really don't. I want my children. I want my family to go, give something to somebody else. I judge go I don't need anything just who give something to somebody else without beaks being said
There is a french show this to me. I don't remember who it is its it's not him, but forget even Ailin, or somebody like this. That way. To an bought, the entire, Colombia. Record. The collection. I too, like nineteen thirty, all of the wax cylinders and everything and they pay it's on C and so now you have this call election of all of these voices that are lost forever: their lost forever, no they're, not their old digitize. Now. And some of the people who inspired the great and you ve never heard jack. Quite right. That did this. Who's he for our white stripes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, so anyway, she's think that technology look at what we have here,
we're complaining about it, because it has a dark side, but so do we too mean like complaining about humans and that's what people do they concentrate on the bad part of humans and they don't concentrate on the good part of humans. Can we concentrate on the good part. Because everything in life is a double edged sword, it can be used for good or for evil. Side of the sword or you What side of the sort are you using this technology, for I want to get into I've- got a list of things that have gotten so much better policy. To talk about him and I have to tell you about the the FARC bomb, which I think is also an improvement for humanity to that ASEAN airlift bound. So when you look in the mirror, do you like what you see looking hot look and sexy? I know I am by
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five, seven, seven, eight, seven, zero nine about agenda so that come g and you see l, dot, com, eight hundred five, seven, seven, eight, seven, zero, nine or genuine, so dont come on your favorite voices are now under one roof. It's the blaze, tv dot com, Stephen crowded, Eric folding, marked Levant me how he studied Oliver Place TV this signal That programme- I love this website called human progress because it puts things into perspective. Sometimes it about the things that are now happening. That are are really quite good, ways that things are getting better and if you just look at some of them, over the last decade, globally It has been become a lot easier for someone to start their own business. More people have access to sound money virtue.
Needs, seven and under the expected average years of schooling has never been higher than it is today global All consumption is trending downward, easing co2 emissions chloral Oh flora, carbon consumption has reached an all time low. We yields for you, as agriculture have never been higher internet, access in schools has substantially increased on the Average freedom of the press has never been higher. Worldly hearing about the press, that's being shut down. But on the average it's better than ever been asked. As to improve sanitation has skyrocketed globally the size of a new Europe home increased every single year. Global labour. Productivity has shot up over the last six decades. The air space industry Ed's billions of dollars of value to the economy, tourism accounts the growing share of the world GDP. Think of that can go.
Vacations. I, like we're doing it now: more people have access to air travel and our travelling than ever before, there is less regulation of credit labour business. You, ve literacy, literacy has reached an all time: high energy, consumption in the U S has decreased. The problem of the price of common food items has declined globally. The number of women in the Labour force has never been higher more people. Ever own personal computer. Think of that. I mean we can complain about technology all that we want but think how connected we are think think about what. Think about what we have done as people As a group that meets at this time, we
it together, and we talk about things we care about, then we're moved into action. The Nazareth fund. We have an anniversary special tonight at it p that you don't want to mess three years, and Thousands of miles later. The former refugees of Nazareth funds first operation, more Marilla Airlift. They the party to mark the occasion our cameras where there was a dick. The journey and what has happened in the year since. Is remarkable, a story that no one knows you will Tonight tonight Later clock watch it with your family you ve been in just the last three years and what we could competition can accomplish when we-
You know why I just want to concentrate on something that actually makes a difference. Think of how can acted? We are a friend. Rural wrote to me and said I have a friend who said We did this for a friend You just look into it. I went online and I. I saw this cute little four year old damage. Single bells here is singing. Jingle bells This is a kid case you're not watching on blaze tv, this, a kid who has seen Dingle bells and he is in the doctors office. He has stage for cancer. He doesn't know that but is
parities, their whole life has changed. And in so I mentioned it last hour, and I mean this audience is always amazing and so many of you reached out to pray for Davis dotcom pray for Davis Dotcom and we actually have his dad the phone with us. Now I dad how area How are you doing I'm good? I am pleased to talk to you. Lance Robinson is dad's name. He is the father of the four year old cancer patient named Davis. How Davis. First of all, the you know, all things considered. He's doing pretty well he's still the most Davy still the happy, joy for the boy that he's dead all along, so we ve been very bless and thankful that but he's responding. Wealthy came out. Treatments in terms of side effects so far
We have somebody in our office that is going through chemo now and it's just brutal on an adult. Are you explaining this to him. You know it back. They really hard exclaimed, because he doesn't understand and and other than the fact that when we originally went on, he was having pain in his out. The man now about pains gone. So when we have to act. I am like hey Davis or go onto the doktor today for a chemo treatment. He I mean he really just get out of fearful and anxious. About it, and all we can say is like buddy it's to help you and he can t keep SAM. But daddy I'm better. I feel better out, but we know that we have to go through this treatment plant, so he has stage four and it was in a tumor that they and they found because he had pain. They thought it was a. Pesticides, but a good lab tech spotted this
it spread in his body. What are the I don't mean to, but the one the odd. What is his prognosis? You know it's hard because they don't really talk about. Most of what the children generally and children, because our resilient they are. There is definitely a higher percentage rate that survive cancer. I'm at every measure by a year by two years by five years or whatever so the best- and I can say, is that you know with rather myerst how much of what he has there they're kind of thinking. It's like a seventy, sixty two percent chance. I think right now that movie could make it through this from lived for a long time it harder, because- and this is crazy- but of the bees Do they call our mass rabble mile sarcoma, but of these cases he's only the night kid ever on record that had his origin tumor start and his belly body like his, so they about Canada.
I remember a loop, but here is just its for us, when my wife and I Amanda nights it. Sir at work right now, we're just trying to take it a day at a time, and- and honestly just you know, continue to pray he'll him in that wouldn't have sentence from the ceiling, not everything, but right now, that's the best. I can say sixty to seventy percent chance that he did. You know at least survive this from its original sin cancer Davis has a year older daughter, what's her name, his sister is her name Your daughter's Harry sister Cheese ate up a bit. We're Lily, Lily We shall see how she in House mom holding up You know, Lily is she's, just love her so much either having little girl and she doing good, but she does she does what I.
Do what you see internalize Woloda thing and she tries to take care of her mom, which is just unbelievable to see you'll see Amanda get upset about something her, you know in the hospital or whatever your watch, I'll watch lily over and take care of her try to cheer up. So tell her. You know it's to be really hard for a long time, because, even though our very trying to be as intentionally can with her. You know all the attention right now is on her little brother, and I think that the heart think as she care for him and she knows what's going on and she can understand a lot better about it, but at the same time, he's missing out on a lot of things, because we can't go places. We can't you know the out on church, sometimes because we can't take Davis there too. I think it's just a hard road for her, especially from a psychological standpoint.
Well. I know that you ve only asked for prayers behaviour friend on your website has put up a place to donate cause. You guys are taking a massive financial hit. Mom can no longer work and you run your own business and it's it's a very difficult. If anybody wants to donate in, go to pray four Davis dot com, but I I would ass. The audience to please keep Lily in your where's to Lily is her name right here. Please lily in your prayers, Especially this time of year running hears us this little girl. Who is just- you know, weathering a storm of her life as well, and it will change her forever and hopefully will change her and the whole family for the better gun. The gods will be done.
Lance, thank you so much for talking to us have a great risk. Grab me. Are you back? Do you think the event? Pray for data Start come now, that is the good use of technology. When I first got into this it couldn't have found out about this family. I couldn't have seen pictures I couldn't live, I couldn't live here picture or a video or audio of this cute for little boy for you. A little boy I I would have had had a letter. Then I would have had to find the family. Put them on the phone, but how could people? Just give money stuff it into an envelope. Her life. Has been so
ITALY enhanced and our ability to help one another, so greatly enhanced by the same technology that can be used to destroy, but that It is the case with everything. And we are either great creators or we are great destroyers. They had all goes back to what my father said to me the two most powerful words in any language- and that is, I am. I am angry I I'm going to get there hence I am week, I'm pathetic or I am a healer. I am a helper. I am happy. I am full of abundance. I, I'm going to share all the I have
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more racism, or else is now. I think everybody it's a dog was already knows when I say that those people, but I mean, are those people who celebrate things like our first date. The first anniversary yessir, torturing me with us. Yet if it's true twenty years today for my first date, but my wife least, which is insane and a very long period of time. I do, though, I kind of disagree with you on this one. I feel, like that's the more important anniversary to celebrate the wedding is just like a confirmation of something that you like her. I like we had. This relationship is little more than that. I mean I guess I like you know, I'm not like marrying my television, but I'm just a little ceremony confirming I like that right. But it's like you say that you love someone right and then you go through. You say: ok, here's a here's! These are confirmation of of love of that, DR everywhere. It's a confirmation that you're never going to stop right right, I mean I do
before we were married. You know it when you propose right like that day and age, and you said, was celebrated proposal like it's. It's a confirmation itself loomed confirmation of love you I would first way or every three that we prepare first day much more important. I think that's it that Europe is the. Where did you meet where we meet, We know where we met at the radio station that you were as well, which broke group brought me to a really interesting thing. Today's that you ve been in my life more than her, I've been around you for longer than I had a formal declaration that continent your love for me Really brevity! You know we ve been working together this year for twenty years In years daily, and later on. In that year, I met my wife. Thirty for me in but we benefit on Deronda within pretty much on for twenty years, which is really too much, and we must be honest about for both of us. That's heads should we. Should we consider it now? The kids are gone. Should we consider
I consider it a mule our separate ways: tat. We stay together for the kids for site for so long now. It's that that's a wild thing. It's a wild thing. Twenty freakin years is a long time I mean the point now we're I've been with her almost as long as I haven't read like the need for her. She I think we met when she was twenty, so I mean like basically half of her life has been spent with me, which is a terrible realisation for her, I'm sure, not something you want to wake up into cash, I've! Oh no, had you see I, like I couldn t, emphasise anniversaries, because it makes my wife looking go holy cow I've. I've done
with my life for twenty years. I don't know if that was a good choice rather than the others, and I hope you are not necessarily the best aright we still have got into the heart bomb is better thing on the border to. We know that and Halley Stuckey is in. She made the greatest argument ever yesterday. Next The future of energy men and in line with this is that land that programme a moment after losing their son, her daughter, depending on which he or she decides to be to the state, because
the other six or seven year old, is decided. They want to be a different gender and they want to proceed in life like this and mom and dad said Balin business hold on here. Legists, you know, let's just wait and see you can make that decision later. Well, now the government of Canada stepping in no no mom and dad you don't have a right to do that.
And so are our necks guest. A friend of the programme and coworker posed the question: if a child six seven eight thirteen can claim they are another sex and demand that they are are called something that they are not and have a sex change. Doesn't that destroy the age of consent, because if you can say no, I'm a boy and I have the right to call myself a boy at eight. Why can't that same boy or girl, say, oh and by the way I've fallen in love with his forty one year old and we're gonna get married or a thirteen year old, say I've fallen in love with his ten year old and we love each other deeply and we both want to get married. What why can you say that? Doesn't this destroy everything poor? that the point out. We stuck
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stole her from US dollar. She made, others might say, rescued her from her and then, when the deal was going through for a merger. The one face that kept coming to me was alley going God, no please say no, no, please! No! don't send me back there right. So just I just wondered honest. I mean it's really. What went through your head was no one, and I am very glad I've heard so many good things about the potential of this merger in all of them have come true so far, and I think it's only going to get better in that area. It is it's time that we all kind of come together and stand together and leave each other alone, and Let everybody do their own thing. You have just been remarkable. Starting video with what happened yesterday.
How did you, who are you tweeting this too, and what is it turned into x? I read it. I thought. Oh, my gosh. This is great cell, tweet yesterday ways exactly what you said. If we are saying that young children or even teenagers are that they have the capacity to consent to a sex change to hormone blockers too, of these things that we say are necessary for gender transformation at a young age. Why, They also have the capacity to consent to a relationship with an older person orally Q posed. A young child. Why not? What logically, is actually stapi? Not, of course the the left is blue check, Mark He mounted drove say that this is ridiculous connection. They did. This is the slippery slope fallacy, but of course they put it actually is, they couldn't say why, logically, that is different,
I knew that my mentions we're going to go up in flames, but I think it's. I think it's a reasonable question to ask, and I never got an answer to it, because you to sing it is a really important decision. So, if you have the capacity to make one really important decision, why wouldn't you have capacity to make another very important decision, because there is no other reason. We say consenting adults rate, so if it's consent and you don't to be an adult to make game changing. Decisions within what really in I'm not saying this liberties surpluses slippery slope, I'm saying let us be consistent exactly that that's a really good point is really when it comes to sexual morality for most progressives or most people on the left, the only law, aids of morality that are drawn our autonomy and consent. So I'm just saying if those are only lines of morality that draw when it comes to sexuality. What's stopping to China,
two apparently has autonomy and consent from have from exercising that autonomy can end could say when it comes to having an older relationship. So the argued really is that maybe there other lines of morality that we should draw outside. Autonomy could set. Maybe there are other things that we should consider so Oh, who came after you yesterday a ladder. We know who they are, and I knew in bed. Shapiro tweeted me retreated me. They were going to come out a kind of flu under the radar for a little bed entail
the power of bench. Piranha came so blessing a curse on that one could draw everyone's oil retweet, something that I do and then it's like I've got my entire actions for the next two days is just not studies. Our entire r and d is what's great about ban, as he can take you apart logically, and you don't even know it you're, all of a sudden, your skeleton standing with no meat on your frame and you're like what just let you don't even know what just happened to me. So you are really focused, and I love this you are really focused on spiritual things and things of deep meaning, which people will say? Millennials don't connect with. I dont believe that, and I know you don't believe that, right? Well, I think that millennials are like any other group of human beings and that we are on the search for truth. I think that we just look in the wrong place,
but so millennials are the least religious and the most politically progressive generation in american history, and I dont think- and I know it clearly she doesn't prove causation, but I don't think it's a coincidence that were also the least that, aside or the least happy wear them. Suicidal, were the most addicted the most medicated. Ah, there's something that religion or the lack of real Jim has left within us and we're still searching for somethin were still searching for some kind of purpose generally guinea. Other generations who I am firstly, not in your generation and I feel the same way that as an old eyes, yes and the religion, is so much of it is bogus and and ritual, is important for me me reasons it's more much more subtle and using
go to church and you're, not hearing anything that is actually relating to anything. That is his helping me deal or understand today and so you'll find meaning in religion. Is it that there are looking? I mean I think there directing religion. Does it s not a lot there. Yeah, maybe so, but I'm not shy about what religion and what faith I think will ultimately fulfil you and that's the gospel of Jesus Christ and I can a shy away from that, and you say you know religion and general faith in general. That's going to help you I believe that, if I did that, I wouldn't be a Christian, it would be a lot easier for me not to have to take up my cross. Deny myself and follow crazed and just say yeah. Religion is great. Go along these rituals they'll make you feel better. I dont believe that I believe that Jesus is what fulfils YO. That doesn't mean that we're going to find temper
we'll happiness every single day, simply because we are Christians, but that Jesus satisfies that void. That's in your soul and that's the audience that I am speaking to you. There are a lot of non Christians that that follow me and listen to my audience, but the niche that I've kind of carved out are a people that are see truth and they haven't really figured it out yet in B, young Christians did that want to hear their faith. Logically discussed logically debated logically talked about within the realm of culture and politics in so I'm not I'm not shy about which feed they think satisfies. I dont think its religion in general. I think it's Jesus what I would say that religion in general It has been one of the problems when you keep saying that you mean, like the people who are doing it People who are miss using it for other organs setting worried. I love this Jesus
I just don't like his followers off, ok and so many of us are not living it. Yet we are the first to point to some one else and say: look at their flaws toad and those people are going to hell because they don't do acts wires ii. Will neither you jack needs. Are you yeah and we're not? We are we right now it in the last few years I have been blown away, The number of people who are devout Christians, who to me deny their faith every time they say: yeah, Glenn peace and all of that stuff. That will get that's fine, but that's not gonna work really cause. That's what Jesus said today and A deny the power of the actual gospel. If are actually living it and not so
is he going? Are you gotta get baptized in the name of Jesus? but just living it just actually loving people and that's hard to do. The people have a really hard time. I have a hard time with this, the balance between fighting for what gray in a way that is effective in also being a peacemaker, is it possible to fight for truth? Truth is inherently divisive and also be he's mechanism also be exactly he did you do it. I'm in America deny that any I was never weak. Yes, aims, never win your exactly right now. I think it's difficult for people to fall to follow that that exam I would see the problem is not religion, its sin, that's the problem. That's always been burgundy, the second with Alley Stuckey. But lifelong lifelike, if you're using public wifi just because
I fight is free, doesn't mean that its secure, in fact thou at being the opposite. It's free. So anybody's free to get on it may not have. You know been set up in the right way, as you would have set it up, so hackers can create their own rogue, hot, thus hot spots and you get on you jump on in their taken. Absolutely everything that you're, putting in all of the information, be really care for this holiday season. Here's what I would you to do before you do any more shopping? Please get lifelike dotcom use the promo code back you're gonna get lifelike an Norton security, so nortons gonna protect your devices, lifelong? protect your numbers in your name, lifeline, Dotcom use the promo code Beckett, an additional fifteen percent off of your first year. That's promo code back for an extra five thirteen percent off at
a flock dot com, ten second station Eddie, So are we left it at seeing? What do you mean the fine sin why everything they eat described, which I think can probably be encapsulated by the word hypocrisy that sentence not necessarily the fault of Christianity or the fault of religion. It's the fault of imperfect people who are hypocrites, and I do think people have misused. Religion to make themselves feel self righteous to stand on her pedestal and say you're wrong, but I'm good because I'm machine or I whatever and I do think that's wrong, but that's not a problem of religion. That's just a problem of simple people, except. I think our religion are houses of worship, our systems more developed by men,
possible is here right, racist. When I say religion, I mean the system of it menace. Bring that it's! So it's so why warped we're yelling at each other, because you don't go to my church and I don't go to your church and I'm better than you because of that. It's like dynamite. Oh Jesus, saying any of that stuff. He said these things and we're fallen down on those things yeah in? I would totally agree with you on that, where we might disagree and something that I talk about an ipod cast. A lot is the importance of good theology. The import, of understanding, your bible, understanding the context of scripture, nor even the believing right. Think some people say no, not at all it's it's not about Dad Judas in talk about theology. It's just about your personal relationship with crazy, but I would posit that you can't have a personal relationship not until you know, God accurately it so we are going through this. I'm going through this with my teenagers right now
to find got on your own asked me a personal relationship. Once you find God you have to ask yourself is any of this stuff. True ditty rise from the dead his. If he didn't ok, Are you going to find the sense of peace and forgiveness. If he didn't. Why Are you doing this this in this and what of it matter? None of it matters. It's just a good book with some really good safety tips in it and entirely different. Then God oh what does it mean when you find God so I think work on the same page. I wanted ask I was fastened, by something that happened over the past year, which was a controversy with of our favorite people. Alexandria cause your court tat. Yes, my an interview, a quota quote intervention
It was an interview I saw with my own hurry. I was realized. Was there I saw you know what I saw her and you were knocking. Weird questions were different from. Did you see the interview on in pr because it was totally she answered the same person? Emily was ready. The is greatly at you. Obviously edited yourself enemy to really funny peace. With you interfering, Alexandria cause you Cortez and serve ass, aided by the way that people reacted in which they try to make. It seem as if you were trying to mislead people, that the interview was real work for US what was it like going through in? And secondly does that because the indication I got as they are scared of you, the fact that they would do that and and and try to to with such a ridiculous angle, attack and try to be known to squash you on the in that moment in say with some. It was obviously a parity was real That indicates a big there. They were
imitated by that whole thing or first, if I was not anticipating this kind of blow back, I've got this will be a funny. Video people will like aid, but it's not gonna cause controversy. When I woke up the next day and had emails from buzz sphere in the Washington Post asking me- and this is the thing that I also learned- we- we all know that their biased journalists out there, but when I realized in the questions that they were asking me so targeted towards the conclusion that they had already drawn is an oh. So this is how it works. They start with a foregone conclusion and they back up for their and now fill in the fact that they want to fill in what really struck me, which I guess again. We already knew was the stunning arrogance of left is journalists to say. Now our readers. You probably didn't know that this was but because we are because we are so cunning because we journalists are so was smart. Let us break this down for you. This was a fake interview.
She she was. She was trying to mislead, don't like good job, dollar Yaller so clever. That's that's what it means to me about there's a there's, a subtle undertow, I think, of the whole Russia situation that is very connected to that in that they keep bring up the the Russia situation with the means. And the end of the box and everything promoting Trump as its workforce election, but the under the Kennedy under if that is, everyone knows you're an absolute more on a few voted because would mean an end in wine our view of America, everyone just dumb it off to be fool to vote for Donald Trump because of a meme. Now I don't know anyone who has done enough to vote because of a mean, but may, but that's like that, it's like did you get this and said they were trying to a top down a people, but be do you give us, as they actually believed it? Do you think that they had a question as to whether you were trying to pull this off as a real interview,
I don't know, I think, it's possible that they really are just so hypersensitive to being made fun of or anything that they find important like Alexandria, Cassio, Cortez, being driven trivialize that maybe they can this themselves that it was real, but I thought that they were just play. I thought that everyone knew was a joke, but they were trying to get it. Take it down because they didn't like it. They don't like to be made fun of conservative are the only ones that are allowed to be made fun of. I didn't play by the rules, and so this is the tactic We are going to employ to try to this royal, I'm in in that time, that I learned that you do not apologise when you're not we're. On the other hand, I am glad that I yeah, it's a remarkable thing. Anybody can tell you how decide most people always say: oh, I know I know, but when your actually sitting in the chair right and they're, talking to you right and it's dead,
current off the air or different prior to the interview, and then they start doing in your like Oh my Its timing is an empty. I know you ve experienced that so many times, but reading some in the Washington post that will alley. Sulky has never he's never made a parity video before this is the first we ve seen unlike okay, so you're just now, keep things up now it really is a crazy experience when you think of us, with Alexander Cousin, Porthos I've seen the media tossing the zone around my kind of theory I landed on. I think the Republicans in general like to elevate her because they the fact that you know hears it admitted socialist, who doesn't seem to know a lot about the things that she's talking about gas. If that's gonna, be the face of the opposition good for us yeah. What do you? because the reason it was the fascination with her. I think
I think the left his glorified her because she is somewhat of a renegade. She is very relate of all give her that she uses social media well, yeah. She says things only. I totally get what you're saying when she talks about personal things, I'm so I we stand that in a student asked me: are you afraid that this is going to now incurred, more social S, to run for office impossibly. When I said no, I am afraid that it's going encourage more ignorant people to run. That's what I was about. What I am afraid. I think that's the precedent that she setting, and that is why many people like meares and love it actually. Thank you. So much anyhow in an alley stuck if you haven't been following her, if you wondered where she went because you replace Van or see our tv we ve now merged, and we are together back in the family, again alleys lucky thanks so much all right when, we come back. I know,
I have said we had to get to it all morning long and it is true. It is a story believe it or not. The fact bomb when we come back here. Let's take the land, not. Everyone can look as wonderful as Glenn back. I mean it's not easy strive for it, but you just can't get there if you have a bit of a double gin or second job on going on, you want to try Jenny Cell Jaw line treatment from Germany this, their new product is at the moment about stuff. They have with the dual peptide an empty shell technology, and Contours and defines the jaw line within minutes. It works really fast and they results get better every day if you'll give her gift or gonna get some for yourself. They ve got this great deal going on rig, the General cell jaw line treatment, absolutely free when you ordered genuine. Four under I bags and puffing us and for results
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he's in everything else. You remember this too. There was a long time ago. It was the one you could go on? I guess you could so hard to remember. I know you could go. You think good, bye things! You could read things you could listen to music. Remember that at the UN could listen to music on the internet and then they had the whole alarm bells. The whole like they need streaming in their basely like watching moving over the internet, right, your computer, or to your phone back in the days we were. There is a real possibility that we have innovation in this country. Well, what happen. As you all remember. A year ago, it was it was a year ago I mean seems like a lot longer that we had the internet before went away. They shut down. The internet would net gravity and, in fact, the the headline was, I believe, what was at the death of the
the end of the internet, as we know at the end of the internet as we know it, and that is true. That is true as in this last year, internet speeds. Have up forty percent Joe the forty percent, that's just the forty percent. So even if now they restrict alder fever, dreams came true and they restricted internet access. All these companies came together in this. Everyone restrict or cut our acts of forty percent. Did we go back to work We were when they are really ass values that you said that they were restricted by forty percent right yeah. What we are doing, that seems like the opposite happened, but maybe that's maybe that's just me. Oh by the way, read this in the Washington Times today are found this intriguing the recent media merger between see our tv and the blaze founded by conservative broadcasts titans mark living, Glenn back is fired up clearly,
cast both audience in marketplace and is ready to rumble? Listen to this? The hybrid as the blaze media and approach. We name since the entity, drew two billion social media views in the first few days of existence wow that sir, a lot. So it's a lot. That's a lot don't miss out, don't miss out civilian net neutrality. Maybe there be way to restrict you know what I mean is not being stopped all than if we could just choke down those small up and coming companies would be. That would be great. I told you Yesterday's do about the scientists that are from harm. Who have decided are going to do a GEO engineering experiment matter about you. But I love GEO Engineering experiments, this always works out. Well, ok. Every science fiction movie Vague
from Harvard they're going to attempt to use particles to block out the sun in attempt to save humanity from global warming and cool the planet? Now, according to popular mechanics. This idea came in ninety ninety one after a reduction of a volcano and particles were put up me. You know into the into the atmosphere block the sun. Now it didn't take volcano one, ninety, ninety one, two to go over that we can, clearly see you know there are times when volcanoes have gone out to urge you know, erupted in an things got very very cold and crops I then people died. But don't worry about it, but the governments Where will manage this process going to manage this support result orbit? They went scientist on this, so Harvard is go, up and they're, going to release some particles up in the up in the sky to see if it works and if it,
as it's gonna be fantastic. Now there is something else that I think is also wonderful and fantastic. China and Russia have now band together on controversial evening experiments to model the atmosphere so Harvard is trying to cool down and China and Russia are trying to heated up perfect. They of modified in important layer of the atmosphere above Europe and our task. The controversial technology for possible military application, a total of I've experiments were carried out in June when June seventh caused physical disturbance over an area as large as about half the size of great Britain, the model I'd zone looming more than three hundred and ten miles high over a small russian town in Eastern Europe, experienced and alike expires.
Ten times more negative discharged, subatomic particles, then surrounding regions it's called, duration, z, machine. China's next but in the nuclear arms race. In another experiment June, twelve, the temperature of thin ionized gas at high altitude increase, more than a hundred degrees celsius, two hundred and twelve. These Fahrenheit because of a particle flux. Could I just say we have researchers in America trying to block The sun We now have the country of China and Russia trying to heat the Ized atmosphere above earth, I think it's time that we offer a shareholders meeting I mean I'm not sure that companies that we have all elected to I dont know, start to build work for now I don't know, but I dont
the ceos of these companies. They should start listening to the shareholders cause I'm not for either of these. Does anybody with to point out that it's a little scary a little? you're a thief, the shareholders, meaning is a good idea. We might have a voice in the sort of process. You said this with eyes: well, it's the same type of thing: where are we I have some voice in this process and I am not going to. I think too It doesn't this sort of destroy or injure the narrative that we're all going to die from global warming like, but the choice in Russia heating things up multiple that too now, but because they're saying well in a desk circumstance we'd have to do this GEO Engineering trick, and I think my everybody's research This is they're gonna screw this up and has any chance of it. Actually working most likely will instead end up in an ice age. Yes, that's what God everybody jumping to immediately, but it all he's really super duper. Smart scientists that tells this is such a huge problem.
Our saying well, I guess, if It keeps go on this way and illustration: keeps rising up in billions of people, keep getting let out of poverty in the end they keep live. In breathing. Well then, you know what we're gonna have to do. Dust in the air, and that's the only way to stop this well When are we wait until it's really bad? When we look at that, then- and I mean if, I always have always believed. If, if global warming is as serious as is, is some people say, but we will find in the end- is that you will be able to develop scientific solutions to that and adapt to it. You know I don't know how that's the that's, not the pro science view. Somehow some out, that's not the precise. You come but I mean come on? Let's just let these guys go up there and just put particles up in the atmosphere. It doesn't sound like good idea, but again these are the people saying that that the outcome is so terrible right, outcome is so terrible and all you do is spread. Some dust will wouldn't just think about spreading the dust
I mean it. Maybe this is a smart thing. This is be some electric conservative should embrace go ahead, started doing these. Spare me now and tell us how China, how it's going to fix things because ideology, Mortimer, butters, good forest butters, bad for it's gonna, like particles, walk out the sun good for US particles, the black blood black out, the sun, bad for an integrated? black, they re magazine. They think they ve done this before they ve done this before we talk about something that is important in science: billions. Yes, ok, so, there is a there's, a guy. I don't know if you have the story. I I've misplaced, my story, but there is a guy in Silicon Valley that people stealing package's off of his porch and oh he decided that he needed to do something about it. So he designed a box. It looks like a package and he put, some things in it, including cameras. So he can. He can actually you know, see what's happening, GPS tracking, so
he just got sick of it. And you know even if you have somebody on your porch, you know you have the camera getting at the police just shrug their shoulders. I gotta know what are we going to do so he decided that Who was tired of it. And- and so decided to retaliate, and he built this box. GPS tracker that lets art? No, when the box has been moved, as soon as its opened a custom built spinning Tom flings ridiculously fine glitter in every direction. So if you open it, you are, I've from head to toe, but he has found most people steal something off of your porch and then they owe made in their car and And so it's your car has giant glitter bomb, but that wasn't it
that wasn't enough a few seconds later after your spitting, the glitter out of your mouth, a a book on em. Bring a blast of canned fart spray goes off. Now, maybe it's just me, but I He didn't. I was not aware that we had fart spray in a can or a jar. I think it's like eighty three percent of Spencer Gifts business, but it really is have far farts gradually really ever wrong that percentage, but I think it's so you ve seen it now. I have seen can't farts re before course ended. Smells like I'm never bought kin. Spray seated in stores. I assume its effective, ok, so advertise solely about I mean we ve never had can fart spray as an advertiser so and I've never used it. So I wouldn't neither of us can say, but I want some anyway.
A few seconds later after the glitter bomb goes off a blast of, can fart Sprague goes off, or should I say the first blast of canned sparks afar spray Because, apparently it just keeps coming, And the reason why he did this is because he wants the thief to throw the box out out of the car out of the window into the garbage or whatever, because he wants to take box and use it again for somebody else and so he just track down wherever that boxes sitting the gps, and then he packs it all back up and puts it on his puts it on his porridge It seems a little bit of overkill for a problem that I know is significant, but I mean they're Amis problems. Can I send you a new one right? I don't know, but I do like the fact that,
somebody driving run smelling like farts uncovered and glitter I will tell you that you know as the as the as we read the article in and is it points out? You know the building a box that goes off and has wires and switches and circuit boards in it me and putting you on a list of some sort. I'm sure what kind of listening to you might want to think twice before you do this. Yours is the stuff that you're actually buying merrily put you on glitter. In far sprang up glitter parts where it gets you better watch list, but eurozone farts break. I need some in parts bravely. Gimme all case of it again. Spencer gifts is not going to be shocked, while at my that request, and a kind of makes you wonder, you know if you
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safe Dotcom, that's liberty, safe dot, com. On tomorrow's broadcast. I want to show you how things get better and its generally speaking, not through protests not Violence in the street actually through stuff that you the things that people say they hate right now were a blessing. The people a hundred years ago, and it's it's it's nothing but still the things we hate right now, it's just time for another turn for capitalism and but Elysium, is changing. It already we're just to blind to see it right now, it's hard to say like someone getting taller and your family like data,
hey, you don't notice it over time. You recognize it. It's easy to go back and look twenty years ago that we weigh worse technology, live our lives, proved incredible amount. We didn't. We talked about this with minimum rate, survival of diseases and all sorts of things like that that that that the progress is absolutely amazing but the third day to day. It doesn't feel that I heard the wind on Mars this week and no one was talking about it. I cast the reins down in Africa that was my weekend. Looking at the different measures differently, did you did you hear that with the winds. Sounds like wind addicted, did somewhat going well, it was weird and because you had to pick it up, I think to octaves to be able to hear it. So it's I know, Sure why? But I think it's maybe very it's beyond hearing the wind, but still I
who noise on another planet and no one talked about it. It is ok about it. Crazy, readable, incredible, would even notice these things do not notice the big things as we do, the exact opposite of the don't sweat the small stuff book right back in the day. So we, going to point out the improvements in thousands of people's lives tonight at eight o clock on plays tv. There is a special that you don't want to miss the third anniversary of the Nazareth funds first operation, where we ve, been in the last three years, how much good you have done and what's to come tonight, eight o clock plays tv. Dotcom airlift
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