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Glenn Live from CPAC | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Sen. Ted Cruz | 3/1/19

2019-03-01 | 🔗
Hour 1 Using a Socialist yard stick to measure capitalism? Former Blaze host Lawrence Jones, Now Fox News host,  brings some good news for black Trump voters? Kid Reporter, Phoenix Rising In America.com, gets his big break, gets to Interview Glenn Beck? John Locke joins Glenn to discuss the HR8 bill. Glenn says it's a 'Dynamic, young, focused crowd' at CPAC?   Hour 2 The Woke Nightmare with Bill O'Reilly? Thrilled that the masks have come off? What if Trump loses in 2020? Bill gives us his take on the Michael Cohen hearings? Cohen lied about Trump not wanting to be President. The Truth is somewhere in between? Glenn gives Bill some great material for his New book about the President Trump? To be released this Fall 2019? The Most Credible Man That Ever Lived? MSNBC black know what All black people think?    Hour 3  Ted Cruz Live from CPAC? El Chapo border Wall Crisis with Senator Ted Cruz?  Killing every cow on earth with AOC? "The Democrat Party is the party of hatred"? The Green New Deal and there trains, everywhere? Trump's War on the California high-speed rail with Eric Christen, Executive Director, Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction. Just another over budget nightmare? It's the DMV and the Post Office on steroids? 'Trains are terrible America!'?

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