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Globalist Woke on Capitalism | Guest: Michael Rectenwald | 5/6/19

2019-05-06 | 🔗
Hour 1 Israel fires back after Hamas goes to town ...Nancy Pelosi thinks the 2020 Democrats are overplaying their hand. ...The greatest movie of all time, was seen over the weekend ...Children in Philly Muslim society praise torture and the chopping off of heads  Hour 2 Corporate socialism with retired NYU professor and author, Michael Rectenwald. We are in the midst of China's Woke capitalism. The Globalist art of eroding all nations states and embracing Leftist ideas. Ridding the world of families. Socialites and Monopolists unit to ruin Capitalism ...Border reality bites the Democrat Party  Hour 3 Lucrative in Ukraine the media is finally starting to report on the Biden's business deal shenanigans ...The Al Gore, the Broadway musical that thank God never happened ...Man who lives as woman sings opera as man ...Make-up for Men is all the rage while eating maggot sausage 

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Going to be another fantastic show, there's a lot. A lot to talk Out the palestinian thing is just is insanity. True insanity we'll get to that coming up right and tell you how we might be going to war with IRAN soon all right. So we tell you about relief factor relief factory is a one hundred percent drug free was created by doctors as for key ingredients that will help you with inflammation. It will help you sleep through the night off you get up in the morning. It will help you will last all day. You've got twenty bucks to lose if it doesn't work, but if it works, you get your life back, go play with kids and your grand kids to do the things you want to do. Try relief factor tried for the three week, trial, really factor dot com, that's released, factor, dot, com,
the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program. The the entire thing began after a palestinian Islamic Jihad sniper air israeli soldiers is real retaliated over six hundred rockets were then fired, bonds, civilians in Israel, and now we have the Omar saying that Israel is not a real democracy, it doesn't respect other religions shouldn't be a jewish state. We have to leave saying now that it's time that we
take care of quote our palestinian people well here in America, I hope we do take care of our palestinian people of Rishi Delete. Who are your list any in people, because last I checked you were a member of the United States Congress. The lie is the deception and the ramifications in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. You haven't even say good morning to Stew, yet hello stu good Morning, glad how are you? Oh, my gosh, I'm fantastic. Things are wonderful, as usual. Wonderful good to hear they are fantastic good. We good for you wonderful, yeah, yeah, yeah good. I wouldn't know that I mean. Actually we do have some really good economic news rain today. Comic news, there's a lot of good something about it. Damn it read
saying I know might be doing it. What is he doing? Stop it? Mr President, please stop it the one really the one thing, but there's so many other positives so far. It hasn't. You know it he has made a massive impact. So it's a drink. It's definitely a drag on the economy. If you would do if he would help her out. I better points this morning. I mean it's like what are you doing? Stop it? Stop it! Stop it! Stop it stop it. I just of these terrorists. I love Sophia's offense for sure yeah. He on that. So, ok, here we go. Let me talk a little bit about Norton Norton is: is now a leader in a secure VPN Norton is is a trusted name that we have known for. Cyber security is trusted, for I don't know how long decades I mean who's been around since the computer is been around now. Vpn is something that I think everybody needs, and this is a way for nobody to make sure that nobody's tracking your nobody's hacking into you as much
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add israeli soldier. So what happened? The Israelis fired back? Then Hamas decided, let's go to town over six hundred rockets. Six hundred rockets fired into Israel. Four israeli civilians were killed. The first civilians killed since the seven week, Gaza WAR in twenty fourteen. Why? Because they just fire rocket there, they're they're, looking to kill anyone. Thank goodness that there wasn't school today, because the bulls were were blown up kindergarten. Did you see the picture of the kindergarten class? I they were so lucky that nobody was in those classes. Hi Ray
a Hamas operative was killed. Now he's the guy responsible for transferring money from IRAN to Hamas and palestinian Islamic Jihad. Everybody was going crazy, it is you know it's real. A fascinating to me is how people on the left- and I mean I should say on the left, how Democrats people that we know and love in our own family, how these p don't understand what side they're on. If you saw this weekend, you saw the the liberals that we're going after the Venezuelans in New York, the anti Maduro Venezuelans did you see that they were screaming at them in New York,
about how Maduro wasn't so bad in and these these and I maduro people or just they just want war and and they're just trying to help trump out it's it's it's not what's happening. Then you have. Then you have receded to lead. Saying that the New York Times is dehumanizing our panel of palestinian people, who just be free, are your palestinian people, Rashid. Can we play the audio I just heard on the four minute buzz play, the audio, please of of the Omar. Listen to this most. The things that I've always been aggravating to me is that we have had a policy that makes one superior to the other,
and we mask it with a conversation, that's about justice and to solution when you have policies clearly prioritize one over the other, such as not just our relationship really with israeli government and this real state and so I see is what institute law that that recognizes it as a as a jewish state and does not recognize the other religions that are that are living in it and we still hold it as a democracy in the Middle EAST. I almost chuck because I know that if you know we we we see, we see that in any other society we would size that we would call it out. We do that. Excuse me, don't recognize, others living in the area. She goes on.
Compare it to Saudi Arabia. Excuse me that's an islamic state and you can't even have a bible there. Churches. There are mosques everywhere in Israel everywhere. There is a huge christian and muslim population in Israel, there are Christians and there are Muslims, the Knesset, that's there house and Senate you mean. But why aren't you speaking out about places like I don't know, ran or Syria or Turkey or Saudi Arabia. Or Libya is it okay to have an islamic state the day you come out and say it's wrong that it's an islamic state, I'll
I'll? Listen to you! I won't agree with you, but I'll at least listen to you when you say it shouldn't be a jewish state. Now We want to bring Jason and he's our chief researcher and and also military affairs expert. We. The USS, Abraham, Lincoln, or to stand guard against IRAN. This is coming from and tell me first of all, the king Hamas operative, that was killed responsible for transmitting transferring money from IRAN to Hamas. What we know well, that is, it is all linked. This is all linked so that that specific hiring commander, just like you said that's his job- is to take the funds that come over from IRAN and give that to to to Hamas, give it to Palestine, Islamic Jihad and number of other groups that IRAN supports in Israel. It's very telling that Islamic Jihad, that's the main iranian group. That's in Gaza, they're the ones that started all this. They start
they knew exactly. What was gonna happen. They knew is Rogan right because we're going was going to retaliate Hamas and then respond with overwhelming force, like you said that conservative six hundred rockets, it's probably closer to seven hundred Lee insane in a two day period, a two day period. Now as soon as this aircraft carrier went into the gulf, I was like, I know exactly what this is: is the rumors are saying that we decide to do this because we had gotten word. IRAN was planning attacks on either US forces or U allies. That to me as I, Israel all the way they knew. What the strategy is in the strategy is good gland for forget, It should have worked in the six day war and it's the Arab surrounding them. They have more people than Israel does to war of attrition, so if they hit them from multiple sides from multiple borders Israel be able to hold. In fact, Israel should not be here today.
Find interventions in my my seven yet from sixty seven, it was divine intervention. There's no way. What do you think could hold it this time? Besides divine intervention intervention or the United States government going and helping them with no one else will absolutely no one else will and now is the people that you were just quoting or actually trying to change that they're trying to change public sentiment so that they don't Have the social contract to go in and and defend Israel, but it's looking like, we have the administration in place, at least for now, that's going to take a stand with them, but if we win would show them that we are willing to put overwhelming force in the area to respond, because that's what this, what this was, I guarantee it. This would have escalated the next level if we would have set this one out, and I I can almost guarantee that Hezbollah would have been probably already have the orders. If nothing happens, no carrier moves into the area has bloom who's down into Israel, moves down into Gaza, and then this
becomes that war just like the six day. War, multiple different borders and Israel shouldn't be able to defend that. Egypt wouldn't be enough on it, though Egypt would not be able Saudi Arabia wouldn't be in on it now time now, so you would really only have what may we, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, IRAN, yep Turkey, which is a very which very strange bedfellows because, like in the the alliances, are different now turkeys, Brotherhood, but they also hate IRAN. I don't know, I have a hard time thinking that they would all come together in a six day, war type scenario, but really that it would be hard enough fighting with Hezbollah. I mean if it's consider, Israel's army fought a war with Hezbollah, and it didn't go very well, did not go very well I've had years and years and years to get the funding to get the weapons. That's why the blockade is there something that Alien, Omar or reshoots labor time talking about. They keep calling us occupation for us. There are no occupying troops in Gaza.
There are none yet when, when Rashid said, when you know, when are we going to stop dehumanizing Palestinians Well, I don't know I'm not de humanizing Palestinians. I don't know anybody who does de humanize palestinian monsters, six Palestinians and IRAN. They don't, care about the Palestinians yeah. It seems like when you want to strap of the vest that explodes on a person, you're kind of dehumanizing them. Even if is to kill the Jews that wonderful glorious goal you have when you push mothers and babies to the front line here, knowing that they're going to be slaughtered when you put them next to the the top terror targets, to make sure that you, you know you to kill them, you have, also have other casualties of. They can then exploit yeah who's, who's dehumanizing, these be the no when they when they, when they eat when their leader, when the Hamas leadership, when they fire rockets, are when they make a decision from their headquarters, they know the what's going happen in retaliation is going to come. They know a bomb isn't come from the IDF, what they do,
I immediately banned in those those buildings and they go into the civilian buildings next door, so that when that civilians die by design they do that on purpose, and they know how the media is going to cover it and the media falls for it every freaking time, it's absolutely don't see here. Here's where I think this is falling apart. I think I think the black Kratzer. So overplaying their hand and my choice I mean, did you see Nancy Pelosi come out this weekend going. You know we. We really need to kind of stay in the middle ground. If you, if you saw this but she's like you know we should be. You know we. We really need to go to remain moderate in the middle what she's saying is. We should just be crazy progressives, marxist social, Socialist Islam, because that's where they're headed it's just. I can't believe that the american
people are with open borders. They are with is comic terror. I just don't see them standing with care. I do see them caring about things like the uighurs. You know I tweeted something last night when I was going through all of this, I'm for the uighurs, I think, happening in China to the uighurs. Is an atrocity where's care on that one. It's an our to atrocity. What's going on the I mean they could all we killed before, ok, even or the world even wakes up. They are liquidating people in China, entire muslim community and all for standing up and making sure I mean I was very disappointed when Donald Trump took that off the table in his negotiations go this weekend. He said he was
I'm going to. He wasn't going to push for the uighurs release. I have to tell you. I was really disappointed in that. So how can I have Islamophobia if I'm for the islamic people in China. But I'm against the people, the Palestinians, because of way they behave being used and they're being used by the Muslim Brotherhood there being used by Hezbollah there being used by everybody, including to leave in in Omar they're being used, I feel add, for the palestinian people, but I am not for there because, because their cause is then by terrorists- and I just I find it hard to believe but a you know hey, I I told you once have I told you one thousand times you won't recognize country? I don't recognize
country anymore, so I don't know if I can dick my country, but my countrymen are still awake or alive at all, are going to see the things that are happening and they are not going to want to stand with the extremists in the Democratic party. We will have more on this coming up right now. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. It's one, eight hundred flowers, I've been reminding you that mother's day is fast approaching. It is now just days away. It is this coming Sunday, one flowers is here, they've got a really beautiful bouquet for you now, when you order a dozen sorbet roses, one eight hundred flowers were going to give you an extra half dozen for free plus glass vase,
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Give you this one okay. So we have the we had the the crazy liberals in New York. Screaming at the the Venezuelans were protesting outside of the Venezuela embassy. Now they were pro no anti maduro people inside the embassy. Of course, it's all pro Maduro, whether they personally are not that's the stand. So the government Maduro is the leader, so you add all of these. These freedom people all Venezuelans their protest in front of their their own embassy. Now these guys have skin in the game because their families are there. The
white liberals come out and they are just hammering just hammering these people standing up for it's like. How are you doing this? How how how can you get up in the morning and go yep, I'm on the right side, absolutely on the right side, I'm for I'm for Maduro what what just a simple bus driver who rose to prominence Glenn and is trying to do the right thing for the people. It's amazing when that is the dynamic once people who actually have family members there who actually have been handed the the downsides of this whole situation in real vivid ways, are being protested by people who who walk out of coffee shops are telling them how they should feel about socialism. It is the death usually do. Let's,
let's do another one, because they'll defend this to the death to Bell will say: oh no! No! No! This is isolated. Incident watch, don't know. Did you see what happened in Philadelphia at the mosque in Philadelphia? yeah a little bit yeah. Ok! So let me play the video here. If we have the video, this is from a mosque in Philadelphia where the kids are celebrating a uma We don't have any of shot earlier, a day, where they were wearing palestinian scarves, they read poetry and they sang songs and the songs were about killing for Allah, the killing for the mosque in Jerusalem and and subjecting their enemies of Allah to eternal torture. So in Philadelphia at the mosque,
they were singing songs about beheading, infidels. And sending all as people to eternal torture. Anybody who is against Allah when we come back, I'm going to share with you what they said, the how that happened, and the press seems to be okay with it, you're not to be okay with it, and I don't think your democratic neighbors are going to buy into it either in a minute, you're listening to Glenn Beck and it's slow. Let me tell you about Ziprecruiter, I'm now at historic lows. That is. This is the best news what we have six now.
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Slang is solid, yeah, really solid and and probably the most satisfying ending to it. A series I've ever seen. Yeah, you know star wars is ending. They've got what episode nine coming out in December yeah. I can't imagine that that's going to be half as satisfying as this one so either to solve movies in that series. Well, it in the entire series of star wars, I love star wars movies, but really, I think, the first three or so the first three or suffers two. It will return to the justice of brilliant walk. The third one solid. It's not that good as if you go back and revisit those other jedi is not that problem with that is not nearly as good as the first blocks were just so sterile stupid. It was the precursor to jar, jar, Binks and then, which is prequels, which we all know were disasters. I thought one I'll give the first one back, even though it was basically just remade, the first movie I'll give episode. I guess seven, some credit, I kind of like that one. You know eight
it really it. It has not been the case, his didn't the biggest. Of all time I mean it's really been uneven. Is it really how general yeah and we're marble has well up until recently, I thought has been really pretty. Even it's been really really very good. All the way along is had simply had some clunkers, but not like the consist, and see of star wars? That thing was just destroyed. It's a kind of amazing that it's just powered through all that, though we just power through three because that you virtually everybody hates. Basically, that's why I like, because it had thirty years of love. Yeah I mean we loved it. So much we've endured the last five that have been totally subpar and we still look at it as oh, my gosh, the new star wars is coming out. How is it possible? I do. I still look. I hated the last one and I can't wait for that.
All like what other movie could you, I can't think of another one like that: That's how much I'm hopeful love me. It is hard to me it is turn it's time. Are you not looking forward to it? I'm looking forward to it, but it seems like no. No, it's not like I've got to be there like the new Godzilla is. I hope I want to see that sign going the day you know, but it looks like all my gosh have you seen the reboot of the Godzilla movies, how many, how many re? No? No! No, no, the latest one! The latest couple of been yeah. I saw the latest one. I think the one with right, Cranston Right, crazy- and that was all yes rock solid- is that related to this new one. Yes, it is yes, it's a continuation of this, like I say, and just the height like the trailer as sucked me
completely. Oh, my gosh, the trailer is fantastic Ralph and I were just ahead of our seats were like yeah, I'm Totale, eleven years old. When that thing comes on. I don't know why. Yeah again, I was not a fan of Godzilla. We used to joke about Godel, it was so bad and isn't it I like, mothra it, it has only had a dragon and look at all the big characters together and once it's what the Japanese used to do. Occasionally they made Godzilla the hero and he fought off, evil, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, it's a great it's. What this one is yeah, but he doesn't last. I still love it. I don't know what again like I have. No, I sometimes will make fun of superhero movies, because I don't have any then the more I mean like fantasy movies, like Lord of the rings, are the cards we've all type. I have no interest in at all and yet hearing
pitching for Godzilla. It's not style; no, doesn't I don't know why giant monster? I like the disaster movies, like I like the giant. No towering inferno, yeah we got earthquake quake, I don't know why. There's no reason for me to learn. Could then there none of those good ones, though none of them were good, not a lot more good and there's no and there's no good disaster where for now now San Andreas decided. Since I was horrible, but had the San Andreas yeah, it was fun. I like the rock doing with yes, that's what I thought it was the rock and then he did it. One called skyscraper. Yes, I saw recently I'm sorry. I did that
it says rock. You gotta see the rock it's fun, it's it's the way, the best one. Now it's worth an on demand friend, oh yeah, yeah yeah, I mean you'll, be bothered by some of the physics of it. That's only three understatement yeah. It was well done for that type of movie. Just like San Andreas was like the redickulous over the top disaster, things going on in so many times, they're running away from the earth following behind them and all these towers falling nine inches behind them, they're not move. They keep running it's that type of stuff. As long as
don't mind overlooking that and you sort of celebrated as the ridiculousness that it is it's like it's like day after tomorrow, or they outrun the instant freeze. So if we could just run into the library will be fine, because the cold can never come into the library books repel cold. We all know this. No, it's the best insulation you can find, and if it's going to it's going to instantly freeze people animals, I mean instantly like, like I said, the only player public library, that's where you go the windows now library, even the windows are they're. Fine, they're, fine, they're, fine with Natalie. Fine! Sorry, you have to suspend disbelief in all of these movies, but air. May I say this we're living in a time where you have to suspend disbelief to live,
that's true I mean yeah. I gotta give you this headline. I gotta give you this headline they're, going to take a quick break and come back with something else would want to talk about. Where is it here's one, but readers advocate for diversity in medical schools. No, no! I don't want diversity metal. I don't care if they're all hispanic, all black all. Well, I don't care they all belong. That's what I want! Yes yeah! If do they all belong there? They do. They belong in medical school. That's downright dangerous! if you're going to choose your students. No, I don't know what you're talking about. No, then there's another story gosh. Where is it? I don't have it now. It's a great story about a biological man who says. He's a woman. Is a female is a male
female opera star now playing a male on state watt. Yet wait even follow that he's a male claims to be a female all he he is a. He is a male female opera star playing the role of a male on stage She biologically is Rob so much of a stretch, not really a stretch, but I just I would just like to point out while- and you think Godzilla is ridiculous. Gray unleash is is, is, is incredible. It's it's every yes, every day it's included every day and it's incredible. You did story today about the Philadelphia MAS yeah hang on we're going to come back. I want to come back with that. First tweet about Lifelock synthetic identity, theft, synthetic identity theft. What the hell is, this
twin when a criminal creates an an identity instead of just stealing an existing one. Scam involves mixing real social security numbers or fake with other pieces of information names, addresses and birth to put together entirely new identity. This is when that happens with illegal immigration. Doesn't because they they take real social security numbers and tie them to fake identities to beat so they act What like legal in their mind if I go lower, run the on the sex roles, so companies can hire them, but then someone with a real social security number get screwed. Did you see this one slash three of Guatemalans plan to immigrate to the United States? Open it come on down everyone anyway, so you really need somebody watching the back door of your life to make sure none of your medical records or anything is for sale on the dark web Lifelock dot com
can't stop everything, but they see some of the threats that you're going to miss on your own. It's Lifelock dot com. They also have somebody who is is here in the United States that will help clear all of this crap up. If it's already happened to you, Lifelock COM use the promo code, back, that's Lifelock, DOT, com, promo code, back gray, is joining us and he's got something to say about what's happening Philadelphia. You know, we've CNN covered the Covington kids relentlessly and their bigoted hate towards native Americans, which turned out to be completely false. However, there quite in this church, mice, on the video tape, add memory which is
not even american news source sound coming out of Philadelphia. Yeah, usually you know we've seen this before. So it shouldn't shock us because the children are indoctrinated, like it like this in in the Middle EAST a lot of times but it's in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it kind of takes a different little feel others little different perspective on it. We ate gift, because this is an Arabic. I skip the songs where they they have this performance uh, they form certain routines, while the music is playing in there talking about violence and killing Jews and all of that and then after some of the kids get together on stage and recite these poems and here's but in Arabic again, so we're going to have to read the translation translation, but our martyrs sacrifice their lives without hesitation. They attained Paradise. The scent of musk emanates from their bodies. They compete
with one another to reach Paradise, the will Jerusalem be their capital city or will the hotbed for cowards defend our land of divine guidance with our bodies? And we will sacrifice our souls without hesitation. We will chop off their heads. We number eight to the sorrowful and exulted MAS. We will leave the army of all of the filling this process and we will subject them to eternal torture. Wow I mean okay, so the excuse that the used at the slip through the cracks yeah muslim american society was it yeah. We did just wasn't vetted properly and that does represent our point of view at all. Can I ask you something fast get really. So that's the first step, those kids just came up with that on their own. I know nothing to genocide plays so many times. I came to count them now. Listen invented properly right. So that means that were probably you should see
they caught. You should see what was vetted I doesn't a wonder, does yeah it does make you wonder. I mean there's no way, that's not like one. That's not like one phrase you're like Al Que Que, but it kind of no no there's no double meaning in this. No, not not at all, not at all. It's not like. You took that out of context. This goes on, for I don't know five an answer for that for in this, for them to say well just was invented is ridiculous, yeah it it doesn't really represent their point. Well, okay, how come kids just did that on their own and how old memory found out about it. Yeah? How come it? Wasn't the Muslims in that community that came out out there and saying hey? We have some bad Muslims that are running our mosque and they didn't vet. How come there wasn't a big out at the mosque? This should still to the bone, because, clearly that's what it's being taught yeah, because the kids also aren't upset about it right.
Do you think yeah right, the kids normal thing in the world people, yet the world people their heads off? What is he takes? that is going to be standard and and the way they're being taught at some level. If I went to my kids right now, try to you know. Had them read it's something that was about brutal murders. They would the only question it right. I mean I could you know I mean getting. There would come home from church if that's what they were doing in you know primary and they cost they got out and they would definitely come home going. It would the church today we we're doing up home about beheading people and making people burn forever and killing Jews and killing Jews in Jerusalem will wait. I mean right, but I mean the kids themselves, caught, that they wouldn't have needed to come to tell you about it, the kids themselves, sort of caught it and then yeah holder, those kids. I mean early ten or twelve yeah. I mean old enough. You know to I think, to
recognize, I don't know if I should be doing this late again. I just want to see their faces as they're doing it totally matter of fact. I also say thirteen also say this: they really. Get through these sentences quickly to the Glenn when translating couldn't even keep up with subtitles. Usually it's the other way around with with foreign languages, where there's like twenty six sentences, and then they say if I go sacrificed their souls without hesitation will chop off their heads. We will liberate the Al Aqsa Mosque We lead the army of Allah fulfilling his promise streaming. That say that yeah I'll say that you know what we might not agree, I'll, be heading talk, but the reading their reading files are already really doing really good, very well there. So we got that going for us. It's in Philadelphia in Philadelphia, memory supposed to be like pilling know clips from palestinian television any RON Ron, they're taking them out of
our country now and translating them yeah. That is not a good sign. What's being done and what CNN is CNN covering this? No, I don't think it all. I saw it on fox this morning, but I did not see this anywhere interesting topic that we can spend the next sixty years of our lives, what's happening with bars are going to show up, it's not gonna, show anything allowed Muller to testify who I can't wait to find out. There was a tweet about it this weekend. Let's cover that in this segment, can you believe the president tweeting about the Kentucky Derby? Yes, let's quote it and go over it over and over and over and over again, but this it's not even bother covering it, because you know what wasn't properly fed guys was not Rob relieve that. If, if this is a clip that they had vetted, maybe we should pay. Attention tries but had not been properly vetted our our our democratic neighbors. Just burying their heads in the sand or are they part of this? I think they're, burying their heads in the sand. Yeah an
because it's not on CNN or somewhere else, sometimes it nobody's watching CNN Cnn literally seen it was down another twenty five percent wow. Twenty five and that's there's a who's watching that network anymore seriously. Who is watching that it there? A CNN is over. I think, they'll it is. You talk you talked about this Patel before were. Were you would bring up these stories that very fundamental to this number when he never even heard the stories yeah, because he ran in democratic circles and he's a he's, a left wing guy, although one we really respect, you know it, but it's one of those things from once. You if you, you're in your own little bubble bubble? You don't even hear these things and a lot of the people you're talking to that are Democrats have never heard the stories that forming your worldview as a conservative and that's a that's real problem. Well have to find a way to make friends with our with our neighbors and
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Happening just as fast as you think it is, but you're missing something. Now this is a guy who was a professor at Nyu. He was he used to write white papers for the communist movement. He was a. It was
communist if you will, but he says he said to me more in theory. It always ends in massive death. I this is a theory. I do think we're actually going to do it and he has he's woke if you will- and he said a major piece of this has finally been snapped in place in his mind. I read couple of chapters of the book he's working on over the weekend and I needed to get him on right away because you need to hear this about new corporate socialism holy cow. When you hear this theory and all kind of works, and you see where we're headed, if we don't turn around and wake up corporate socialism with Michael wrecked in wall in one minute, this is the Glenn Beck program,
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you still with Nyu or not? I am quote: unquote, retired rob, but it's like, I can't really say more yeah. Okay I, like the audience infer for what I mean all right, so you're also the author of springtime for snowflakes, which I think is a fantastic story. And you are. You are now writing a new book based on question that I gave you that you couldn't answer. Yes, that's right and what was the question I think the they had to do with you know what is it about the the socialism uh. I guess it was more like. Why are so many left us out there and even in corporate America, we see this leftism all over. So I wanted to investigate. You know with all this woke capital going on with all this you
embraced by corporations of a leftist agenda. I started some issues puzzling me. I was like well, what are they doing? What they, where is it promoting this ideal for like, for instance, Gillette. They did. You know the all that woke. Crap Nike took Colin Kaepernick all these things, and you think that the answer has been that they are placating and going along with the times, but by the not at all I mean, I don't think that a corporate corporate interests would you know just placate one of their consumer contingents, but and and embrace this kind of ideology. You know yes, it actually benefited them in the long run, and I think by it is not that I saw. I thought that through I thought about all the ways in fact as which, what what I'm calling corporate leftism benefits, least global,
not corporation okay, so this seems counterintuitive because you would say there's no way that these these I can understand it with tech like Google and Facebook, if they're in bed with the government, the all of the information that they could ever need, and I can totally understand that it frightens the crap out of me. But how can a company that is interested in serving its shareholders b? Socialism? Well, what they want is kind of, like I call out a kind of socialism with chinese characteristics This is what they call China now and that that is that there's monopolies on the top, and everybody else is socialism for everybody else in the fact that you know what what is all of really but a monopolization of the means of production by
date and every other area of life. So all you do with corporate socialism as you replace the players who are controlling the means of production, with corporate players and then and their monopolies, it's effectively the same for the people on the ground, so explain difference between this and like now, no socialists where they did let the entrepreneur or the the experts in in each field. Stay in charge of those companies. Well, this is this is globalist for one This is not nationalist, it has to be globalist because they need certain factors to be the case. For example, they need
ever rode, the nation state, the sovereignty of the nation state, stands in the way of global monopoly. They need to, and breaks left this ideas. For reasons that I explain, for example, we'll leave leftist ideas work perfectly for what they're trying to establish, and that is that you have they. They they promote these new identity types. You know transgenderism ism, other, promoting agenda, plural they're, promoting the breakdown down, what with one hand in the breakdown of the family, promoting all of these various elements that actually serve them, because this just makes the the entries there is a just makes it impossible to oppose what they're up to? How do you? I mean again. How do you mean by fighting dividing people up all these in all these groups
how how does benefit them in? Can you go over there? First of all, you create new niche markets. You know so continually create new niche markets than you just cater to so I said I did see. I did see a story out this weekend. That may up for men is the is the new I caught coming thing right and that's what this is all intentional, that they have to get rid of such addition or conventional gender, because this you know the basis of the family. If you get rid of a man woman, you have the basic there apple where or more to getting rid of the family at such a what's. What's the reason for getting what rid of the family the family is a is a space buffer space between state or state or corporate power, and eighty you know. So. This is a space where people can learn different things and have
perspective what that is not necessarily that of the dominant powers like with, like the state itself or corporation we're, taking the place of the state in effect now. So what I'm talking about is a corporate governance, almost that's taking place. For example, if you look at the Google and Facebook and all of It got up in the big tax. What they're doing is effectively eliminating the the public sphere of public space, in two ways, one they make it irrelevant, you know if you're not think something online. If you're not reaching people through social or math or social media, you really have no voice right, so they make the public sphere and effects irrelevant two. Then you control what set on those Perry spaces because they don't have they don't have the obligation of the state to grant you the first.
Right right and they're not granted, but as we see so, I was in church this weekend and we were talking how the men and young women in the church are no longer really even talking to each other there not they're all living in a virtual world. They don't they just don't be Eve. The way people have behaved for forever now they're just living in this virtual world and that's what you're talking about how they control everything yeah there there's a couple reasons why that's happening? I mean the marriage rates are rates. Are course birth rates are down. This is basically a function of keeping us some sort of fractiousness between men and women in order to keep these please birth rates down and so forth. When- and this is of course explains the immigration quite a bit,
but also yeah they're living in a virtual world, not everybody, you know sort of like a monad sitting on the web and all the real communications are taking place there and then censored their and You know it's not, you know, as you saw the they just threw off several people that are considered dangerous right from from Facebook, and this is going to get worse the there Kerr to that they already to telling our rights by, by virtue of you, making public sphere irrelevant and then controlling you know, by virtue of being private enterprise, is what happens or what is expressed on their platforms and then they're just saying: okay, the then they're also limited anybody who might be challenging this perspective and that's why those paper being so they're, not they're not only doing they're, not only doing the people that are challenging but they're. Also, if you send them you're, also going to lose your status online. Absolutely you can
the fandom at all. If you go online and you try to defend some of the people that were just dug person to see, will Friday you'll be just vilified like them, and probably the next you will need to Facebook said Facebook said even defense of those who have been deep, platformed just cause 2d platform you I could get I'm calling this. This is a digital good log, in effect they're putting people in effect in digital good locks where they can't reach anyone else in there disappeared from society. It's happening like crazy and it's a very pernicious development, so they're, acting like both corporations and states. At the same time there exercising the prerogatives of statehood and the corporate it is a profiteering, and this isn't that disappeared. This is a very serious danger: okay, Michael wrecked, in walled author of springtime for snow flakes, which is a great book about his
journey and what woke him up. And finally, we got him at the university level to say enough is enough and it's a it's also the reason why he's now retired quote unquote, Michael wrecked, will continue in just a second with him. First, let me take one minute and tell you: the housing market is crazy. Homes are going fast. There is a bidding war that is starting back again when it is, and it is your turn to buy. You need to be pre Qual, so you can, you can go in and you can bid with confidence and not lose that bid start the pre qualified Asian in as little as ten minutes with no upfront fees choose american financing, you're going with the salary based rap who's, going to customize alone to meet your needs with a
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We break for ten seconds station id okay, so the borders breakdown which allows them to. But these corporations to do business anywhere, one government. It allows them again to not have to worry about the laws everywhere else. Is there any? Is there any thought to freedom? Michael? How are they? How are they getting? Yes, the idea of what's happening to our societies is not leading to more freedom, not at all. I, in fact I call it the simulation of freedom, so what they're doing is because they have these platforms where,
people are putatively able to express themselves and I'll cross of vast plethora of platforms. It looks like but the terms of the of the of the discourse are completely set by them, so they are constraining it to that's a great you agree, and we don't know where this is going to stop. You know this idea of the Overton Window, which is likely allowable space. For political it's going to narrow, narrow, narrow, narrow that, sooner or later ITALY, sometime on the necks of liberals and they'll, see that there are, you know, they've been celebrating the the young person, and that the logging, or to get digital gulag king of all these people that they consider enemies well, this could happen to them. It will happened to them. I think it already is into some regard. I think it already is. I I've had Joe
Berman who was a senator for the Democrats for years, prods presidential of vice presidential nominee in the year two thousand and he told me that he felt a lot of the the old style Democrats. They now terrified of the new style Democrats, because they're not aggressive. They are radicals right. Now, though, get me to them. They could shame and for not being you know, embracing the green new deal that they could do any number of things that totally ruin them. I mean you know, I'm not that I have that much the form, but I already forced the body- and you know this is yeah, they they will turn on a lot of people. You know and it happened in the Soviet Union. So even true: believers were sent to the gulag were shot in the head and it it didn't matter if they changed the terms justice like that you're done so Michael
when you watch the special last week, you wrote to me and said it's vital, and then you said that writing as fast as you can, because, because you, you sense the same thing, I sense can you put into words what you're feeling sure like you're saying they're hastening for some reason: eight at of a worldwide socialism? Okay, and it is going to be an erosion of our rights, it is going to barber shops for the most. You know, not everybody, but a lot of people could suffer probably over this and it's going to be perfect tutorial, just like this our union was union was, and you know it's just a nightmare and it's very frightening and I'm trying to,
figure out. How are they up to this and why are they doing this and water corporations in effect seeming to support it? And I think people like you- know, court, tennis and, of course, Bernie Sanders, they're, just shells for the use of corporate socialist. Today. There are reading on the ground and trying to you know, get the permeation of socialist ideology everywhere. They can please this this corporate, so this socialism will benefit these monopolists in the end, and that's really what I think is the full picture of what So who are these monopolist that you're talking about? Who are these you? You mentioned first, the first, the first at the off on guard of this is, of course, what I'm calling the Google archipelago and that's the title of my next book to market although they are the leading edge, the digital giants and they they way for the,
and they actually believe it. These are believers in it. In the chapter of your book that I read yesterday, you are you lay it out very clearly that the problem is. Is their ideology? Is every it's in all of the base code? Yes, it's even in the technology and to show how it's actually in the algorithms, of course, but it's in the very infrastructure of the entire internet and web. It is unbelievable, but I couldn't believe it when I started putting the pieces together. It starts with this utopian leftist. Commune idea of you know the common right and the internet is going to be this free states and sharing. This is the whole story in the 90s now just like,
Soviet union turn from that utopianism to say a centralized state authoritarianism. That's exactly what's happening here, but it's going from utopian comments to the cloud which is under control of information in a centralized place by by particular elite. It just happens to be digital, and it just happens to be private in this and they don't see themselves becoming the bad guys because they're just so convinced that the good guys. Yeah I mean they think they're spreading. You know the wealth of technology to the rest of the world that you know it is You know they're still, they're still trading on this idea that the internet with would serve fill in fighting everybody that was spread, literacy, r and wide. Everybody will have access to information and all that so they're still trading on the old utopian idea.
The the commons and while they're closing the gates, as as it were, on the central Control, Michael wrecked Walled. You can follow him at Anti PC, Nyu, Prof, you're, listening to Glen back treat supply is our sponsor this half hour, if your of your first impulse after you hear of a storm coming or problem, launch in North Korea. He what happened this weekend, I did short range at doesn't technically violate their agreement, but again that seems to be getting fired up yet again. Man at another time, you're gonna, have to deal with this. Yeah, and then there were, we send an aircraft carrier off to the coast of IRAN. So that's really good news. If you if you heard any of this year, like I better run to the grocery store, you're, probably prepared you're, probably not prepared, might
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Trump Administration is sending a very clear signal who ran back off. They sending an aircraft carrier over to the Middle EAST. To specifically Warner ran that we're to take this, and what this is is some sort of an attack. Courtney buy IRAN on the United States troops or its allies. That's what we got word of. I think it's probably our allies being Israel. However, we'll see this is keep our eye on it. With weekend, we had rasheeda to leave tweeting out how to stop dehumanizing our palestinian people, who want to be free. We had a lead Omar mean a Omar coming
and standing for the Palestinians and and this why against Islamophobia in in Israel, it's not, then a you go was it a week ago, two weeks ago, when did when did Maduro thing? When did the united? It's recognize Dwight, oh the date you're looking for yeah. I was in two weeks three miles longer longer than that. So did you know that code pink took over the embassy in New York, watching this embassy thing and in watching the debate that was happening outside? I didn't realize that it was code pink inside the embassy, because Donald kick everybody out of the Maduro regime. He said close embassies? Go home? We don't. He knows you as the government so that happened, code pink,
go over and is occupying the venezuelan Embassy in New York. This isn't new for them. You know you gotta, remember: they've, helped Hamas and Hezbollah. They are really a militant anti Us Anti Freedom Kind of movement, but they when they were there and they refused to leave. They say what we feel that the elected government in the government that holds power and the government that is recognized by the United Nations is the pro government and they deserve to have their embassy here. It was play January by the way when first, when they first recognized windows. The think of this here, the liberals saying they take over an embassy. They occupied an embassy here in the United States and they are occupying it for Maduro Guy who's running over his own people start in his own people. How many are on that side,
how many are on the receipt it to leave and Omar's side. How many, how many people really are. So very live here at lately, really really liberal. Looking for Anti Israel no carrier, they are dismissing what's happening in even Delphia they're, not talking what happened in Philadelphia. We we played for your last hour a mask that said. Oh, we just didn't these poems. No, no, there's no way! That's that's an excuse. These almost live these little kids in this mosque were reciting, we're beheading people killing all the Jews taking the Temple Mount back. I mean it. The vetting problem that is stream is mosque, and it's in Philadelphia no
is reporting on it on the left. Very consistent with the way these hand they handle these situations. When you look the border, look at what we've been told about the border that it's not a problem, what we know it's a problem now you even have Thomas Friedman going on CNN last week and saying no. This is a real problem. We really do need to build a wall, and yet that's that's. Not all we've been told, we've been told, it's not a problem. We've been told that things like Emmett, Ms Thirteen, which is this horribly violent gang that that's nothing to worry about America, fear mongering for the president. How many times have we heard that really every time he's brought up the name? Ms thirteen he's been mocked. I the media, and we said over and over again look. This is a real thing right like this.
Ms thirteen is a real danger and they are in crimes in this country. Frequently, we said: we've still this many times, but the MS thirteen is responsible for murdering people in the United States at four point three times the amount of school shootings. So MS thirteen is four point three times the amount of people are murdered by this gang, then all school shootings combined all the schools and see we take school shooting seriously and we should, but we take MS thirteen seriously. We clearly don't and what kind of been interesting to me through this entire border crisis situation is they are now, as you point out Friedman, even admitting that this is a crisis. The New York Times, Op Ed Board, has an op ed today saying give Trump the money for the border.
There actually now saying yeah. It's this big of a crisis, give him the money. They still don't want the wall, but the Trump administration. As we've reported many times, It's been asking for ways to handle this crisis. Even without the wall, they're, saying: okay, you don't want a wall right now, give us money for more tension beds, give us for more resources on the border. We have to need to give us this money in the Democrats are the one stopping it, and this crisis is out of control. One thing question, but I asked a few weeks ago, is: if it's true, that we're getting all these refugees and asylum claims from Central America and these people are really fleeing violence. This isn't one of those things where they cross the border and just give themselves up, because they know they're going to be released into the country, which is what we've speculated on. What is the pause of all all this strife in Central America? We know these are not that this is not the paradise central
cut, has lots of problems with the corrupt governments and and crime drugs and everything else. We know this, but that much worse. Why haven't we seen endless aspirated reporting about the new specific dangers in these areas? That would cause people to come? It's such an increased rate. Suddenly, we've talked about in Chicago, we've talked about what's happening with groups that are encouraging these caravans, not as of asylum claim, but because they want something different I've in the country they were the country to be overwhelmed with the system to be overwhelmed. They want a two I mean in the case. Toggle legitimately, as admitted a communist social, socialist communist government? I mean that's what they're there, particularly looking for and there's a lot of money flowing in that direction, but what if this, These are true asylum claims. Where is reporting us right, New York Times? Finally, did it they went down there for three weeks to Honduras and
have a very lengthy to old story, about the strife being faced in Honduras, not going believe what the cause of it is. Ms thirteen. Suddenly they actually are a danger. Suddenly they are committing all these terrible crimes. Suddenly they are the threat. We've been telling you they are for this entire time, because now that it's the cause of all these asylum claims, they want you to think it's a danger. So now it's reported that MS thirteen is it's mentioned in this article, thirty nine times my gosh third nine times in one article, do they engine that it Dennis thirteen is here because of open borders. Did they mention that at all? That's not really the focus of the article. I will say I mean look it is worse in Honduras and by the way that applies to almost everything thing you could describe in
difference between the United States and outdoors. Yes, it's worse in Honduras. That is what asylum claims are for. However, there for very specific things related to the government and the way they're handling situations. It is not designed because you have, you know a lot of terrible things that can happen to you in a country that does not koala you for asylum or refugee resettlement they're trying to make this into a into an issue that would be covered by by asylum, but traditionally has not been. But if you bake this giant story and make it about. Ms thirteen, maybe you can pull that off incredible thing, Glenn were told. Ms thirteen is not a threat, yet we have to accept all of these asylum claims because MS thirteen is such a threat. It is completely the said of what they've been telling us this entire time, and you know I got to say it. Is there a moment when
is organization, step back and say: look we have we have done a terrible job on this issue. We've been denying there was a crisis. The whole time we've been saying. Ms thirteen is not a threat, the whole time and now we're making precisely the opposite case. Is there a moment where they examine? Is there a moment where they reflect on what they have done over the past few years, because in this in this hi didn't jihad against the President of the United States and his administration? They vote looks so many things. Just as they crossed so many lines, they promised they would never cross, and I think that's the most frustrating part about it. We So this is a real crisis, we've known for a long time. You may not like the approach to Donald Trump takes on these things, but I mean you have to admit the the the reality here and reality we really really need more resources on this border. We do and the fact that again, republican
and the president and we've had problems with both of them over the years, but the fact that the Republican, the president or the only one actually suggesting solutions to this problem, or at least attempted solutions to this problem, is pretty revealing. More than sixteen million people live in Guatemala and five million say they have plans to immigrate to the United States. The desire to immigrate to the United States in part by fifty percent of the respondents say they have friends and relatives in the United States nine, the percent of those say they communicate with them. Often. We are, this is a. This. Is a land rush. I don't it's a land grab, it's a land rush. We have people coming from the other side of our border that just want to live here and I welcome them. I do come the right wait. I welcome you, bring
skills with you, don't live of us, but make us stronger. I welcome you. But when you have, when you have such dishonest people in urge here in America that are recreating everything, I will tell you this Honduras Guatemalans don't come here. For this reason,. We're building exactly what you already have building an unbelievably corrupt government that controls every aspect of your life if you're not part of the chosen class, if you're, not if you're, not the eight person, the right point of view wanting to build the right mouse trap, there hold you down just as much in in Guatemala as they will eventually here in America,. No no need to run
because the longer we keep this border over open and the longer we play these little games and the longer we did not truth, the closer we become to what you are trying to flee, I'm so tired of you heard. Hillary Clinton said the election was stolen from her again I the weekend again, it was stolen from the store from our end. Kamala Harris said that the election in Florida and and in Georgia was stolen and she's really concerned that Donald Trump is going to steal. This one, too, could be along along along long. Eighteen, you are going to need some energy. You are going to need dawn to from brick house nutrition over the next. This is going.
I II, I have to use for concentration. You know I'll give you a great example of when I used dawn to dusk recently, the for King Mother report. You want to about a digest a document. Four hundred and forty eight pages try to get through that and focus on it and then get to and review on. Two different shows I mean was not fun. It's not funny. That's what Donna does because it's one of those things where I used to be on the energy drink back kick all the time which is is you know, it's something that sorry how you can get you can get out. Since these are freaking expensive. To I'll be honest about. Do those two three bucks, a pop at every gas station Just gives you a ten hour g supplement. It's it's! It's! It's gonna give it's a smooth election to energy. You don't have to get it's like a burst and you crash it's not like that at all. There's no crash on it, jitters on it's like some of these other products. I've used just for a long time. As you know, we did this socialism special. Last week
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unbelievable. She talking about herself or she talking about like a production deal then there's happy. You could run the best campaign come on. Well, she probably thinks she read the best campaign she's her. Wow, I don't know, I mean she seems to be in complete denial about what happened, yeah and then there's thing going on with Democrats They elevate these people who lose elections to places of prominence like what will Stacey Abrams Run, run president, she could, even when governor of Georgia better, will the guide loss, to Texas to TED Cruz. I mean it was mildly closer than some other democratic races, but only by a couple of points. Other but you don't know their name at all right. If you don't you you're into it on Texas, you know their name at all. They lost by like one two points more than better race. It was a good democratic year, so there's a there were close races, even in Texas. That being
yeah, I mean better was no obviously showing now that he's not that big of a candidate Andrew Gillum, the guy, I mean, was heavily favored to win that race in Florida and couldn't pull it off when you lose your not supposed to be promoted, and to be the democratic way now well, the problem also with fighting and the left has started to recognize. It will go there next, you ready for the last hours too, to up I'm pumped for the last hour of this program, will tell you that much if you thinking about selling your home or buying a new home real estate agents, I trust dot com place to go. I am I am thinking of that. I'm thinking of that are you know now at right now. I already did this, though right, but if you did I would go to real estate agents. I trust dot com, but did you I do I've been real estate, as I trust I come many times, but you didn't do it for your home because you already lived in your home. I already a lot about I had a special arrangement. Yes, I did need one especially
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The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program I mean, I think we just have to start with the audio. If we can, let's just play the audio, please of Tom Arnold in this bizarre pro need not seek tirade. Let's listen to this yeah. I would endorse it. Trump Trump is the worst person power. He is a traitor. He said, doesn't stand up for this country, he's putting it up for him about women, he's a white supremacist he's a white supremacist, and that's why I would endorse a over to drop. They don't have a right to privacy and their not snow, no, no superior race. That kind of thinking never entered their mind. The man says the Glenn Beck program, the new rate Roseanne. I really
It was him for advice on a no, I don't I mean what does he do now? She works I get a seemingly just political commentary. He just yells about things on the internet, which is interesting 'cause. He also recorded Michael Cohen. Recently, I'm friends, I guess, with Michael Cohen than recorded him without his knowledge and then released called. It's not illegal. Well, I don't if it's depends on which State California in California, it is, I think, California, both sides have to know you're being recorded. I don't know the rules- and I know the rules are different in every state. Every state, maybe Michael Cohen, New. Well shot we shot. We had a press conference and I did it shock you that those two are just you know dumb and dumber together. Yeah I mean she going to jail over prison time. Michael Cullen says Adam Press conference. First, they can't go to prison without a press conference, obviously not right in the constitution. I want my phone calls and my presence our
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begun mobilizing the cat, the legal cloud over Joe Biden, demanding that the Justice Department should open investigation, could ensnare the former vice president as he launches his two thousand and twenty presidential bid by this conflicts are too apparent to be ignored and we should investigate them quickly, said pretty yeah please right on that one that we should have been doing this a long time ago, not just because he's a presidential candidate, but because Joe Biden, absolutely corrupt. He is as corrupt as the Clintons ever were there cut from the in cloth. They come from the same school. The suggestion of illegal behavior and the specter of putting a political opponent behind bars sounded familiar to some senior campaign ads to Hillary Clinton, who if dropping his allies, are running a version of their crooked Hillary playbook from twenty sixteen you know you don't have to. As we have seen
cruise is not a liar, but he got the lion TED Monica and there was no way to to beat that. Usually you earn your nicknames. Usually you have to you know like low energy JEB here in that one, the gear pretty low energy yeah, pretty low energy crooked Hillary. She earned that one. I mean decades in office earning that one generally speaking, nickname thing, or these big pushes, like flip flopper for John Kerry, only work when they reinforce something people already kind of belief right right like so these new, like I, a about corruption, specially that in the presidential race really hurt Hillary, because people already believe she was corrupt and they thought she said. Neither one of these we're gonna have to deal with this. The entire time forget it, I'm going the other direction and
that seems to have been the difference in the election multiple studies have looked back at it, so that change that ten days before the election, people enforcing yet again how corrupt this woman was for her or her campaign. This is from politico the attacks on Biden, pivot off lucrative business activities of his son Hunter during Obama administration. Most doubly hunters work on the board of a ukrainian energy company. The reason my holdings as part a long campaign to pressure Ukraine to combat corruption in twenty fifteen, and sixteen then, President Biden, leverage, financial aid to the country Inn to persuade the government to fire the country's top prosecutor. The secure had been investigating Beres mine at the time. Now, when you say a lucrative business deal,
you know I lucrative business deal might be like no. This is all writers who measures nine thousand dollars order of a million dollars. That's a lot for a business deal Glenn. What a million can you imagine? A million dollar business deal? That's a lucrative well in Ukraine. I think he got one point: five million dollars a million and a half dollars for a business deal. That's a lot of money! Glenn! I don't know. Do you have your facts straight on that one? I thank whom shaping affiliated. I have dollars. You can't possibly have that one lock down a well in China. It was a billion and a half Todd is what he let that one set in yeah billion and a half dollars billion and a half and was just one of the one of the two countries. One of the two countries it in the problem with ukrainian Energy Company is
very small. It was was owned by thugs owned by this really really corrupt old dark, who also had been taking money from the United States government and he lost, some place. He lost it. It was crazy, it happens sometimes yeah. I think that was a billion dollars, but it was I D. Don't he doesn't remember what we were is putting it into the bank. She also owned the bank and it was kind of a money laundering bank. He says where the last time he saw it was in that bank that was your tax dollars, Then very small also was under investigation by the FBI, for trying to get our nuclear secrets from Americans in our nuclear weapons program? Well, several of them went to jail so Reese
Hunter Biden is doing business with burry smile he's on their board of directors getting paid by them at this time, so the attorney general comes in and you know their version of the attorney general and he arts looking at our response, well he's he is corrupt. Any looking into a lot of different things. So Joe Biden couldn't deadly comes over and says: hey, I'm not going to give you any of this American made which they had to have or the country would have collapsed. I'm not gonna do any of this aid. Unless you fire that guy. Now was the guy corrupt? Yes, did they come up after he left the the investigation into Burry Sabah? No, why,
Well, those in the in the government now say it was because of Joe Biden's pressure because he didn't on his son involved in any of this. So. Is there anything wrong with that? it looks pretty bad and then his other very lucrative deal was one point: five billion dollars of chinese money and not Mike's Chinese, like hey, here's that you know Hop Ching and his his bank account. It was from the of China one point five and did Hunter Biden's son help them do by an american company that had the he that can be used in stealth and by the way, this this company, that he's representing in China also one that was trying to get our stealth secrets, did and then
their own stealth plane that company, that was paying Hunter Biden or you're, was buying in with chinese money, and then he said, hey well, we can. We can really help your new stealth plane if we buy this american company yeah, it's amazing and the article about it is also fascinating, because you can see number one. They see how if give these attacks are number they're trying to get out ahead of it. They're trying to basically say this, is not real. We want you to know it's not real before it starts picking up steam. This, of course, doesn't work in the modern age right, like people are going to find the truth either way. I think the uh that's interesting about it is the things that are highly critical of is the a very occasional time the mainstream publication picked up on the Clinton accusations and
eight hundred and sixty minutes in this story, they cite New York. There are times in the story, both of which did do some coverage of in cash and all of the corruption around the Clintons, and they did that with all of their mainstream media peer review, type of attitude. They looked at it, they took the I'm sure started very skeptically with it became the fact that yeah this actually did happen here. The accusations and here's how it laid out you gotta make your own decision. They didn't have that's about it, but they did report it and that gave it quote, unquote credibility and what their warning on the article who's your was it political to the sort of has a calico and what their warning on kind of in the article is Hey New York Times this time to pick it up, hey sixty minutes this time, don't fall down this because look what it would cost us time. You went after Peter Schweitzer claims and what happened well to Donald Trump one. You want that to happen again. It's almost like a warning to these mainstream media sources not to go down this road, and the issue here is that the information is accurate. You know it's
not just Peter Schweitzer, also John Solomon, who, to the hill. Now it's been, it was an AP route, Washington, post reporter for twenty years a man who has no problems with credibility as a journalist, and yet here we are you're, trying to say they're, trying to warn their colleagues guys don't do this because you're going to hurt the cause, that's what's your journalism, I'm supposed to be times is making itself an accomplice to a scheme whereby Trump likely intends to put his potential democratic opponent, federal investigation for partisan reasons. No, no, a partisan reasons. This needs to be investigated. Hunter Biden's international business dealings from China to Ukraine deserve scrutiny, says Peter Schweitzer. A friend of this program
left is also blame. Shifting on a story we've covered extensively on television, the by in families, sketchy ties to the Ukraine. It is true. His sketchy ties to the Ukraine are really quite frightening because you see the possibility of a government official reaching his family by using your tax dollars and the cloud of the United States and the same thing in China and if you don't get a handle on our presidents in our uh elected officials- and I think personally, this is happened on both sides of the aisle. I could be wrong, but it there's just nobody looking into it and that's what puzzles me is it really does no one care about this on Capitol Hill or are too many people dirty from it.
My guess is too many. People are dirty, but if we don't stop our presidents vice presidents, our you know John Kerry was the Secretary of state. His son was the business partner in the in deal. His son was. John Kerry was the Secretary of state at the time, so Joe Biden, the vice president, who was put in charge of the China deal along with John Kerry. There two sons travel at the same time that they're trying to who deals with China for political purposes. For the United States, the the suns are both meeting with the chinese government about a one point: five billion dollar investment in their firm wow. That's coincidental that and deserve
look see course it does and that's the problem. It does deserve a look see and that's why they don't want to look at it right. When I talk to you little bit about Goldline Gold lines, legal tender bar, did you see what happened to the stock market? Just last night, US stocks Index dropped five hundred points. The won tumbled, the australian dollar tumbled who's can change quickly. Last night, I was reading about how Donald Trump said. Yeah look at these tariffs, hello, you, these tariffs and I think, we're going to double the tariffs on China. Please, please, president, stop your hurting your chances to win. Stop it it, doesn't help the economy, it hurts the economy and he just doesn't believe that I know he doesn't, but all the people around him do I don't pay mean somebody's got convince him.
Anyway, the China's stock market fell as well at the same time that this was happening. We sent aircraft carrier to a ran, the let them know there's a line in the sand, and you violate this and we will strike back the this story that I read lead with oil prices could go up. She we could also be in a global war for her things are so unstable right now, money is going to change a Gary in you in then ten years the less dollar is not going to be like the US dollar. Now in a transition. What does the world look like? Well, may I suggest you go to gold and gold line, some of your money and some of your investment in gold he's got to have something left when we restart this thing
gold line a gold dot com. They'll. Take your phone calls will answer your questions. They don't to buy anything necessarily today they want you to do own homework in and become a reasoned investor in gold, like I am physical gold key, but in the palm of your hand, and need your own personal vault at home. Eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com. Ten second station id speaking of the Clintons an evening with the Clintons is, is coming to an end. It's coming up, yeah, don't say it yeah, don't say it:
very sad. Why is it just that are too busy too and a man who in demand who many people causing chaos, because they just want to get into the theater to hear their word last night? Was there last show at the MGM. And they are you know when I go to when I go to Vegas. What I want to do is go to see a bill and Hillary show all yeah. I thought I was gonna, be one of those long time. Residencies digit all my gosh yeah, that's what I thought was the so they would just be years and years, doing the same show just talking about how the election was stolen from them fact. A couple of them were, I think, Yeah it was, it was good and she just wears feathers in the Vegas version of that. Strangely, so does he, but to each his own, so they were like five hundred dollars for these seats. The Seattle event went as low as twenty dollars a ticket.
The LA show when as low as six dollars a ticket and Vegas was two dollars. Two bucks two bucks was a lot of shows, I mean only the homeless could go and have a good sense. You have a good rest, not sure with Al Gore, though no really say yeah, because Al Gore was doing a tour as well or he's going to come around and talk to you at theaters all around the country, and we actually had a plan to because there's a new music venue near us we would studios are going to send a reporter there to kind of see what AL was talking about. Problem is show. Cancelled so I'm sure the reason it got cancelled was just yet look at strict schedule. Conflicts happens all the time. That's probably what happened could be that he AL just didn't want to take a private jet to tax to do this show realizing time would have a negative effect on the environment could be that he didn't think about the
until they show was scheduled in on sale for months, but no, not no one coming, and so the show was actually canceled. We cannot get that so you know here's the thing what's really weird is: is all these people have just lost their clout of Barack Obama? I'm a broker, I'm got in and remember those crowds in the in the in term. When he was running, he didn't have crowds member, he booking arenas and how the card like car window curtain them off and right, and they had to shoot it a certain way in the press wasn't showing it that they were they were empty. I think that's going to happen with Donald Trump. Well, no, I mean look trump is a celebrity. Whether he's president or not, I mean Donald Trump was getting big crowds. Are considered running for president no, I know, but the shine is come off of all of these. Other people all these other, the Clintons and all of that stuff. They're. Just like energies gone in that part people like that, I mean they just can't
stand Hillary because she lost to Trump and they see Barack Obama is a guy who had tons and tons of power didn't go far enough with. It is a disappointment. He's really amazing. It is really really truly amazing. You're listening take the land back. All right you first get into your car. What's first thing you do if somebody else is driven it, you adjust the seat. Most cars allow you to move the front. You know the seat front and back back a little bit. You know, but The less you're in a luxury car doesn't have lumbar support most, of us spend our day sitting down. That's why we look the way we do. Quite honestly, but most of us spend our days just sitting down. You're off It's chair can make a huge difference with your back. The x chair is the best. I've ever sat in call one eight.
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and in Monday's really are made for headlines like this? Bylaw is it man identifies as woman plays a man as the. Trans gender lead in U Opera, that's lot of research is a lot of that because you know he this is when he was. He is still biologically a man. Oh well, I think I got I. I know why you are not always along the road of saying that biological gender plays no role. Ok, thank you, but he the biological man, but identifying as a woman, but he's been asked to play a man in an opera My question is yeah, I mean shouldn't you, get a man to play that role, even can't sing it and you get a man to play a man's role or see
over and over again we're not allowed to have a straight person pay play a gay person or or an able to person play non able to person. Does very I'm glad you put that as able. Then you didn't say the word handicap I set it on my gosh. Can we do Facebook. Sorry, sorry, sorry, we didn't mean that It's amazing so do think that you know will sometimes actors prices will go undercover the work in the police for a few days to see what it's really like for police, they're, playing a role police officer, this guy was so dedicated now when he was a guy so dedicated he remained a guy and did guide things for how many years before king to female just so he could play this male part, and I watched that that is dedication to your craft. I want you to hear because he I mean, I don't know if he pulls the roll off as a man?
because he is a woman right. Is he So I want you to listen to me because I don't know if he pulls this off go ahead play. Can we play it on of What are the low voice female? That is right? Zero? Am Now you slap a pair of horns on his head and a couple of you know Madonna breast cones, and you got yourself mighty handsome opera woman. Oh I'm sure, I'm sure I've seen the photos yeah. So ok enough! By the way, did you hear that Madonna is claiming discrimination? they put this world? I'm sorry, but is claiming discrimination she's being discriminated against because she sixty no? No, not
so what it is Madonna, you're being discriminated against because you're, a skank? That's why and that is that's not a word. I usually you know, I'm you heard you use quite a long. Doesn't it fit Madonna I heard anyone use it in quite a long time, yeah. Actually it's an old timey word. It is at all times word here's another story for you, new home male makeup, is catching more men's. Eyes now as an expert in mail make. I wear it everyday. I wear it everyday day and I iv it is the worst thing about being on television or like You, like, I don't wear, make up. Forget it. I'm dealing with people know what I look like and then they say yeah. I know that's why you need make up we've seen you without it. And you're awful, they put it on us every day to tell us how awful we are. It's like a daily reminder of how hideous we are as as people who is the guy I interviewed on Friday. What was his name again? shoot the
Navy seal. He worked with Jocko, so the Navy seal. This guy is a man's man. Okay, he he got us out of Ramadi and he would Chris Kyle was on his team. Zero sense of humor zero sense of humor release of with me. And interviewed him on Friday and he's the first person to say no to make up and in our make up, like what but you're on you're going to be on television under lights. It's going to he's like no don't care If you have like a really bad spot, it looks like a cut on your nose. Don't care Well, I I'm going to get in trouble. It nope no makeup, so he sat down with no makeup uh because he's a man's man and it's an interesting interview
because I I liked him where you weren't here for now and I have yeah. I liked him because he's fascinating guy I don't think we'd be hanging out because it's there's no humor in him at all, it's done some serious things. Yeah I mean he led to seal team, one seal team to seal team three and seal team. Seven- and I said to him not good enough for six did not laugh. Kill you I mean I he just didn't he he just stared at me, and I went I I'm I'm I'm I'm kidding, I'm kidding they do some pretty serious things. No, I That must have been fun, though it was interesting 'cause. I went back several times to try to get that humor thing going with him and not really there, there not there with the object there, but anyway, Jocko will not be wearing mail maker male makeup, but it is true, I will say
the a time where a lot of these the odd man right, totally not a thing back in the day, the the what is the body spray, the axe body, spray, they're selling? God only knows how much of that stuff I mean. That's just like the stuff. Women used to put on themselves. These are just again sense right. I mean all these things, that you want this. Just women female now of just crossed over for male with a different market is in this kind of what MIKE Rectal was added talking about today, he's talking, there's this New Corp, socialism behind these things, because if they can divide people into more categories, they can sell more product and they have more control over you I mean it's it's really it's crazy S, international, which was interesting too. I mean it's yeah, really a lot of things he does. He describes kind of straight black white with them or even some elements of fascism. That's why we're not building a border wall is the reason: does the boards are gone? The borders are just going
gun if they get there. This is international socialism. This is one world government, no borders. This is a just that's just what everybody's after you don't think now, certainly not everybody's after that, but yeah you're, saying that this is the underlying philosophy. Yeah they're not going to be a border there. It's it's an interesting thought. I mean Michael kind of brought it up. It's really something I haven't heard argued all that often, but Michael, is very smart and he's going to make this case over the next weeks with us as well, and on a more often probably on tv as well and now remember, CNN is dropped. Twenty six percent in primetime ratings, maybe because of stories like this baguette sausage and insect ice cream can help feed the world. Scientists say after old. Lobsters aren't pretty, but dip these on sea creatures into warm butter and they instantly become a different matter to most of us,
Why then do we gag at the thought of eating and sex? because they're insects, sacks I'm. Eating them? I don't want to That answer the question? Why why not tasted good. Would you eat maggots? No why, but seriously why they tasted good. Why wouldn't you eat a maggot sausage? If you liked it because our maggots- that's not an answer, that's not a wide! It's just the state! What, if Alex tasted good with Jeter Dog, I would not. I would not notice that I don't yeah, not I do you, don't you don't need any me right. Yeah I mean now I mean like if the recent, what's the difference, why don't you eat your dog because I have a relationship with my dog right.
Yeah? I viewed different animals in different. That's a fascinating thing to a store yeah. Not doing so it's true, it's true. All across the water doesn't eat meat she's gone full, fledged vegan, okay, so you're on the road. So we have I've said tour. She could, He didn't want to. You know we have a cattle ranch and we slaughter own cattle for our own beef and and she's. Like I don't like the idea of like honey, then you can't eat meat. If you don't like the idea and she agreed with me, she led the way on this one. If you don't like the idea, if you look at the pretty cows and go oh those are pretty cows. I don't want to think about the butcher. Then you shouldn't eat meat and I think I mean unless you grew up on a farm like one guy who works here, grew up on a farm used on me like that was just their life like they were
nine years old. You know slaughtering animals as mine too, and that's a lot of people grow up that way right and it's if you're on a farm, that's kind of very standard. You. I think, if you didn't do that, though most people fall into that campaign, Pat says it all the time. The day I die, I want to eat the meat. I just don't think about it. I don't think about work comes from I would like it just in that is: yes, he and may I have this feeling like spiders. I could not eat insects and spiders and couldn't. I you like that that the question, if that big blob of that hairy, australian fight as spider. Like a really good piece of tender, filet inside still would need well if they shelled it, took out the hair. Now you know no, I still would not eat it. There's a tickets because X, Kazakhstan has a very this legit delicacy in their country very standard, traditional cultural dish. That's horse stew, like guess Stu too legit made out of horses and
the controversy a while ago, 'cause we kept shipping, are not allowed to have horsemeat here, but we just ship them over there and then the horses, I think that's a problem. If you got horses and they're going to die, you're slaughtering them, just again like the is that that doesn't answer the question right like there's. No, there is a weird cultural thing that we do in every country. Does it would you pick certain species are like add? Theirs are just totally fine to kill anyone, everyone and those, that's crazy. You be nuts if you ate one of those. It's like well the really that the separation factor there. If you're going to eat meat right is, it should be taste right, like which taste, really good if maggots tasted delicious. Why would you care- and there is a an internal sort of guttural like factors like it's, not explainable. There's no reason if they put that if they made sausage out of maggots, they didn't like you didn't know- it was maggots- you start eating it and you liked it and then later on realized it was maggots. You would stop eating it. That's not that's not
coherent decision. Well, then, is it a coherent if I made, if I it sausage out of people it's delicious. Well, so there's no separation between people and animals. We are animals and just intelligent animals with so, but I mean Really right, there's lots of people, they just look at people as animals or just an animal okay Why not just yeah! I mean there are certainly people who do that right, yeah, but I mean, if you don't do it what's the difference. It's an animal is still pretty large religious one. If you want to start their well, let's say we're: not killing them were saying. Instead of burying them were we were using all of their there. You go up. You know what there Maybe maybe we don't kill people cuz, that's against the law and against many different. Thanks to maybe when they die, we think about giving.
The option is human composting now in Washington find state that it just passed it I know. Maybe we offer you know little bit of a green option for people spoiler, maybe if you're watching a movie right now, so I've never seen that movie in paid till Pat was always like people. Soylent green is people which is the language like the last line in the movie, and I'm like what are you talking about he's like you've, never seen soiling green, I'm like now he's like you got it watch it well. I watched it. I turned it on there like he's going to work at the sewed agreed factory, and I, like it's, people don't eat the people. There's nothing that movie, except the reveal that it's it's all horrible for the reveal? Well, I thought the insect
screaming, maggot sausage conversation that would be on the same page on that. I think I would it pro maggot sausage. Apparently that's my position to simply safe one hundred percent committed to helping you fear less at home. Eighty eight percent of all burglaries are happening in your neighborhood in angel areas. Seventy seven percent of all crimes are property crimes. Three. Out. Four homes are going to be broken into within the next twenty years and if you rental you're in a rental, you are the most vulnerable. Now what do you do live in fear? You would worry about we just get simply safe. No, the others he's all kinds of these gadgets. It odd to watch my front door. Well, that's great, and unless you're watching your front door and the burglar comes for your front door You know this is going to happen except you be like I wish I was watching my front door when he came in or
at my front, door was actually a phone that called police. Simplisafe has put it all together in safe the latest technology. It's really truly unbelievable. What you can do now with this technology, you can you can actually tell the ups guy I'm going to open up the door for a second you bigger at work. You'll, give me the front door, I'm going to open up the door and turn off the alarm. Just put the package inside you. Can you can open the door turn off the alarm? Let him put the package inside watch him leave him close the door. You lock it back up and set the alarm. Can you lock him inside and them him out get out of a sudden? That would be fun. They should invent that feature too. Well, I don't think then enforcing him to eat horse meat. Is that it's simply safe back, simply back dot com. You get a ten percent discount. They also
If somebody breaks in they can verify that there is somebody in the house, because the cameras which will give you priority service at the police station this. The world of difference. It's the best of the industry, simply safe dot com, that's simply back dot com. Still we're still arguing about this. This is an interesting not to eat. Bugs. Okay, you just tony bugs lots of people. The part I know the job up to speed, locust shot. Opted you see, Indiana Jones part to that documentary. I don't want to know that when they eat lots of bugs in my and murky brains and I'm not gonna, be monkey brains either how you're missing out of jail. Well, I'm not hanging out with the kids name short, stop so sure shorts. Shop was named. The Shorty Short Short are actual art. Something like that. Anyway, I'm interested to see if you would be tempted or would entertain a taste test of the impossible burger. This is The best. What's it made out of,
I q. I mean we don't have a few seconds before the in the show should go over this, though this week, it's it it's being it's a pink slime says: no, no, no! No! It's not it's! May it's a plant based. They say it's not actual meat, but it tastes. Just like me. I've had it in me a bunch of times they're just about to add it to burger King Menus PH level, one okay, so you haven't had meet a long time, though I am not years twenty years. People are saying it's the best. It mean it is absolutely the best one. I've ever done. There's one election about really right. Well, look at star the bass but exact I would. I would see from a real meat eater if you actually feel that way, I think it tastes like me bring it on our you're listening to the land back.
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