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'Going In Full Throttle'? - 5/17/18

2018-05-17 | 🔗
Hour 1 It's time to 'do your homework and figure out why?'...media fail to point out that most dead Palestinians were members of Hamas...Successful strike by Israel? ...Blaze foreign correspondent Jason Buttrill back from Israel to discuss what he saw during the US embassy opening...Jason went where the media wasn't...Jerusalem meets 'Occupy Wall Street'...pieces of the terror kites ...President Trump turns up the heat on MS-13...'animals'...Once again the media is misrepresenting what President Trump says? ...Customs, border expert and founding member of the Department of Homeland Security Philip Haney joins to discuss how the Constitution defines & protects our sovereignty...'hopeful' about fixing holes in the system...lack of communication 'holes'...book: 'See Something, Say Nothing' ...Stu's battle with heartbreak continues?   Hour 2 Cheesecake Factory fights and firings?... employees harass customer over MAGA hat...'blown out of proportion'...America is so sick of Trump derangement syndrome? ...City of Seattle stops banking with Wells Fargo...then reverses course; why? ...Companies move to 'make good,' winning customers back...reinstating 'trust' ...Dick's Drive-Ins vs. Seattle...progressive lawmakers are overplaying their hand while small business are paying the price ...What would make Stu leave his family and move into a Taco Bell?   Hour 3  When cows stop being funny? Nothing says funny like an abortion comedy series?...humor from the worst source of laughs ...Where is the conservative Facebook and Twitter?...Investment in conservative ideas is non-existent ..Glenn serves up a hot and steaming cup of 'Addicted To Outrage'? ...Pat Gray, Alex Jones, and Glenn Beck's Mormon 'cred'?...just a 'shock jock praising abortion'?...Glenn confesses to once owning a DeLorean and to having billions in Canadian currency?

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