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"Good Job Mr. President!" | Guests: Eric Bolling, Andrew Klavan & Blaze Media Personalities | 1/9/19

2019-01-09 | 🔗
Special Guests: Eric Boilling (BlazeTV)- Andrew Klavan (The Daily Wire)- Ben Ferguson (BlazeTV)- Steve Deace (BlazeTV)- Jon Miller (BlazeTV)- Matt Kibble (BlazeTV)- Stephen Kent (Young Voices)    Hour 1 BlazeTV's Eric Bolling, Host of "AMericA", joins to give his reaction to President Trump's Immigration Address?..."Trump is making a big mistake on"?...the President Must find the funding for the Wall his base wanted...Nobody wants this Wall, except the American people...the War on Drugs has become a joke?...More people have died from drug overdoes in just one year, then died in the Vietnam?...Everyone is hurt by illegal immigration, especially African and Hispanic Americans, the #'s? ...was Trump's speech effective?...kinda, sorta, mostly? ...Bronze penny from Heaven, circa 1947?   Hour 2  The Daily Wire's,  Andrew Klavan from 'The Andrew Klavan Show' joins to give his reaction to the President's immigration address?...Democrats embarrassed themselves last night; not thinking for the good of the country?...Democrats can say whatever they want, because the press will cover it up?...the Press Must Reform themselves?...Zero credibility ...BlazeTVs Ben Ferguson joins to discuss his reaction to the President's speech?..."Democrats don't care about the American worker"? ...BlazeTVs, Steve Deace joins for his reaction...the end of Schumer & Pelosi politics?...they're in a Generational transition a battle of the bases?...Fun with Gerrymandering?...Watch out for Democrat Jerry Crawford? ..."Let's be honest, Ocasio-Cortez is the Democrats Sarah Palin"   Hour 3  BlazeTVs Jon Miller from 'White House Brief" joins to say President Trump's speech was effective, but stiff?...Who will 'budge' first? ...BlazeTVs Matt Kibbe, joins for his Libertarian reaction to the President's immigration speech?...Decriminalizing drugs will help solve lots of our problems, i.e. Portugal?...Since 2001, Portugal's 'legalization of drugs', Is Working? ...Matt helps Glenn get his inner Libertarian out? ...Young-Voices.com, Stephen Kent joins to give his Millennial perspective on President Trump's speech?...It was good, but expected more?...a fiery, passionate speech? ...BlazeTV.com 

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