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Government Has No 'Better Angels'? - 5/16/18

2018-05-16 | 🔗
Hour 1 Socialist chickens have come home to roost?... ‘Venezuela isn't socialism’… oh yes, it is...fallacy of impossible wants ...NPR interviews Palestinians who hate Israelis...remember the Nazi kites? How is this different?...Senior Hamas official: 'This is not peaceful resistance'...always check: who do you agree with? ...Socialism Marxism = Antisemitism ...Comedian + Vodka = Bad News?    Hour 2  Suspected CIA leaker...WikiLeaks named the code ‘Vault 7’... one of the biggest and potentially most harmful leaks in CIA history? ...Democrats, less pro-Israel than ever...liberals vs. progressives ...Jordan Peterson continues to be slammed and misrepresented in the media ...Are electric cars worse for the environment? ...new research suggests, yes, definitely...very fuzzy math...gas pollution has been cut by 99% since the 1960s ...Amazon takes it in the teeth in Socialist City = Seattle ...Making Berkeley Look Like BYU? ...Meet Glenn Beck in November at the 2018 Mercury One M1 Ball...get your tickets now at: MercuryOne.org/m1ball   Hour 3 College campus crisis...Declining enrollment ...Author Michael Malice joins Glenn to discuss North Korea...Just like with Gorbachev: It's all about 'trust but verify'... We need to see concrete action from North Korea...3 hostages freed, 25 million to go...Is Kim Jong Un bluffing when it comes to making peace with the rest of the world? ...Glenn goes out on a 'man limb' over the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?   

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The blaze radio network on demand. Here it is, it's finally arrived. The Venezuela is in real communism fallacy. You know how it works. You heard it before you get it. The discussion was somebody who believes in socialism hates Capitalism wants to burn the system down so and on and are always furiously. Passionate They want you to believe that socialism works, but you say Doesn't it fails over and over and over again and as fails. It becomes more and more strong armed, and you mentioned the running death toll of roughly nearly a hundred million China, the Soviet Union, Somalia, Mozambique, Romania, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Cuba, EAST, Germany and now Venezuela and then their mask their face.
Threatens into a mask of fury, that's real socialism, colony of communism, Karen Work, Karl Marx was right and they shove their plate of Gore me Egon Nay Pole food aside? They stop there. Birchen stop stocks and they flee the room. How many times have we heard this before. Well thanks too late night activism, journalist and activism comedian, John Oliver, for reminding us that people still believe that socialism can work this, we on his show he could discuss Venezuela, he wanted to make it clear from the start that Venezuela's status as a communist country has nothing to do with a communist like symptoms of the current state of devastation
of being hard to keep up with events in Venezuela due to the hurricane in that way opening dealing with here, although if you follow conservative leader at all, you may have seen it frequently painted as the inevitable diet consequence. Of a socialist government. Yeah yeah Always jarring, when it happens, he actually said the words. What has happened in Venezuela is not just extremely important. It is absolutely worth paying attention to, because this is not just a story about socialism. There are plenty of socialist countries Nothing like Venezuela, it's a story about epic mismanagement, so epoch the donation of thirty one million people with the largest oil reserves in the world have been forced to resort to some. Pretty creative forms of protest here proceeded to detail the corruption that is affected. Venezuela, its leaders, the corrupt leaders. Oliver's smug. Ignorance is little, tiring. You know, I think,
he's funny. You know, but he's definitely leftist, that's fine, but when you opening a you were openly denying the one hundred million dead from experiments of marks I just don't find it funny. Once again left: leaning activism, journalists, tides buying the guise of comedy book a conservative walks into a bar Alison, Dag these rights. When that higher sheds light on a perceived injustice, It also references the justice that should be found instead, so we all see the injustice, but, as usual, John Oliver has chosen to wave and ask for a revolution, however silly or in secure what is John.
Oliver telling his audience to pursue. But I wonder it what is but what What are we supposed to take from that? Does he actually believe that communism? and work it's Wednesday may sixteenth You are listening to the Glen Back program. You don't do they ever stop to think. Why is there such colossal mismanagement in country your country after country after country, because the government has all the power and the people cannot push back human beings are incapable of managing. That system is necessary. When you talk about there's a lot of successful socialist come countries that look nothing like that. They always point to things like Sweden, It is just a capitalist welfare state right. It's a bad at version of capitalism and theirs
socialist elements to the system, but it is not a socialist system, and may I also point out that every time They point they point to countries like Norway or Sweden. Those very small countries that until recently. Also everybody had blonde hair blue eyes. They were almost all from the they had the same background, the same believe while pretty easy to do that. Really hard to do it in the most diverse country ever on. Planet earth is it's it's it's it's not possible. Is just not possible. Look what's happening to you. Socialized medicine go to the vizier its working out. Well,
Where is that mismanaged and become we're off its mismanaging crevice, because every time you have a problem with socialism, you say its mismanagement or corruption. That's what you do, how bout the social security system is that doing well where is that mismanaged and corrupt, and of course, there is real elements of truth right, It was was Adolf Hitler, a good manager, no was it was Joseph Stalin, a good manager by no was now a good manner. No, he was corrupt and he was incompetent and he He dealt with a lot of mismanagement, however, its ingrained in the system that is all all of these cases, where these, all seem to not be able to figure out the magical formula that makes socialism successful, and the reason is because there isn't one. It's amazing. Is there now saying that you know what we need is the combination of socialism and capitalism? Oh ok,
well, that's called national socialism, that's what the Nazis did. You know what what will lead people key their land will let them keep their factories. I mean unless the Governor Has to take over those factories the words going to let the capitalist system work. But it'll work for the people yap that there it is, there's your hybrid there's, your hybrid, the meat, if you take the people out of it the minute the government doesn't have to answer or better yet does. Fear the people it goes corrupt every time, every time. Why is that? Because If we, if we really were better angels. We wouldn't need all of these laws.
We wouldn't need, checks and balances will need them because we would, I plan on our better angels to take care of us and guide us. Where will are those better angels? Are those better angels found in government, and I ask the world in any government. Are we all struggling to? to model one government or one group of people over another. Is there a model anywhere on earth? Is there a leader on earth that you trust is there Is there a group of people that are running a government that you're like cheese man? I wish you know we just hire them, can we just them to come over here and shows no, but you didn't if they found them as soon as they got and control the thing would fall apart and then they say. Actually that was mismanagement. We pick the wrong people. What they
every single time and again, if you ve seen any success from countries like China, you ve seen it from when they ve embraced capitalism, not the other way around. They started capitalism embrace socialism and then find their peak success. We are seeing is the exact opposite. China was eight China, but there I will try to add some success in and they have a communist party, first of all, its falling away right, I mean they're changing that society in them as they have changed? the technology is going to change them back in may but the reason they ve had success is because as they have embraced elements of capitalism and free trade and the other side of that you know they Yes, do they have elements of their economy that have grown manufacturing examples. The number one manufacturing country our we're number two, but is that to brag about. When you have four times the amount of people you something is what we must be impressed by the fact that you can turn out just slightly more products than us with one quarter. The people is. That is also to be impressed by that
the success of your system, the there is, There are no examples, none and the reason why you have to keep saying its mismanagement is because you have no examples to point to you have a system in in. This is like Sweden and Finland and Denmark, where you can say: ok, that's a relatively stable society, however, it's a stable society where the average person lives in a seven hundred square foot apartment. In a further exacerbated zadig wrong with that. If that's what you want, that's fine, it's it's! But again it's when you put it up against what we have accomplished when the new, a new home that gets built now is over twenty five hundred square feet you can choose to live like that. There's nothing wrong with that, but your prioritizing something completely different. Prioritizing the government king away, the worry of certain basic needs at the expense of your possible once your possible once you're Your success, innovation bigoted
eight innovations, we win the Nobel prizes and then those things spread across the globe and other countries in socialist countries benefit from them. That's a wonder, gift from us to the world but that is not a success of socialism. Well, here's the thing about fifty percent of the nation believes now socialism is great. However, when you drill down- and you ask them specific questions about it, it shows that only about one percent actually believe in socialism and know what it is can make a call. Gender argument for social, one percent, you who's about? Forty nine percentage points. Who, when you ask a simple question: what is it? How does it work, Because the media and the culture is telling everybody this is good. This is
and will they know because they live in what is quote bad so they know that system, but nobody is explaining exactly how socialism works. And once you start to ask logical, questions about socialism. All of support, dissipates, because what you're being promised? Is oh, my gosh. Hope and change. Being promised change. And when something other and better than this is presented without, any facts whatsoever, yeah I'm for that, we're all for that but the intelligent among us say, but but but way could you give me any details on how that works,
What is happening in Israel is absolutely shameful shameful. Not I actually rebirth. Now what happening in Israel how our media is reporting what is happening in Israel is truly shameful but even more so it is dead, the dangerous to us will explain make up and use the second first. Let me tell you about zip recruiter? If you need a great employee, you need a great way to find them now. You could just post your job on a website in hope that people see it you could take out. And had in the newspaper? or you could use zip recruiter now. What zip recruiter does is it goes out any post on all the job site, but then it learns it smart technology, it learns what your looking for, what are the qualifications? What is that
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Do you know what this flag means? Oh yeah! and then said: why would you carry this flag because You know that the laughed is going to use it to discredit you. Why so Why would you do that? are you carrying this flag. You remember all of those times when they when they gave them, opportunities to. I don't. You don't remember, though, any you only. They had to be there because NPR is now doing this. With the knot The kites now of dont know about the Nazi kites. That's because you're watching the mainstream media, there are there are Gaza protesters I like to call them terrorists who who have made kites or you're to saint or terrorist, because they happened to belong to an internationally recognised terrorist organisation more
that's one reason. The other reason is they have made kites, put the swastika on it then put a incendiary bar? more or device underneath the guy they launch the kite on their side of the border over the israeli side in two The end of a farm land in the wheat and then tried to get the kite to crash down and set the fields on fire? That seems like a terrorist me, but the thing that the press, we note failed to mention you know beside the trying to light the fields on fire. Are there nazi kites themselves and when they did mention it. They wanted to make sure that they gave those people
every single opportunity to claim- or they didn't know what that meant. Listen to NPR and we ve also encountered- but I'll board Donnie, who was nineteen years old and when he saw was holding a homemade white kite. Would you strive. What that is probably less and less about dialogue? This is a trade that's going to go to the Jews. He said it's designed to fly but over the Israelis and catch fire. It was decorated with writing, claiming Jerusalem for Palestinians and also with swastikas, Does this thing mean to you why? put that on their livelihood. When gentlemen, parliament had love the Jews go crazy for Hitler when they see it these rights, They know that people are flying kites with swastikas. They know this and they use it to discredit you to say this shows your bad people. What do you think about that?
I ve, been ahead of Romania Dublin the Medieval this is actually what we want them to know. He says that we want to burn them. Clarified. Ok, all right now or in any other circumstance if any one Anyone in Amerika was saying yeah. Well, I'm I'm flying the Nazi kite because Jews, freak out about Hitler I want them to know that. Burn them. Oh, At any time, would there be a discussion at all about? Well, They have a reason to hate the Jews. Well what'd, the jewish guy do for him oh we would all rightfully say disguised crazy. The sky is a killer,
This guy is as bad as the Nazis. Would we not? we not say that there is no place in our society. And what is suppressed, doing clearly condemn people that thing like. This are part of the problem. There would be a witch hunt in Amerika and what does the press doing? The press is to tell us that? Well the inmates solely because of Israel, it's only because of Israel. She's I've heard that before Oh I remember it was from girdles and his propaganda. You know it because of what the Jews were doing, The Jews run all the big in there just oppressing all of us. That's what we're doing. You know they run the media in the banking and everything else that, this girl bulls, Don't need gurgles anymore, you don't need him
head. Guy coming up with all this stuff, is saying it. And our media is defending it and and making it legitimate chose the norm in there just completely accepting all the casualty numbers from the Palestinian Authority from Hamas hey, maybe twenty eight hundred or are injured like will we now they were now finding out that many The people who were killed are actual Hamas members rights. Again, I really like these peaceful protesters just happened to belong to an internationally recognised terrorist group and then beyond that, yet we have a peep. There. We were told these are snipers, taking out individual people there, they just looking at home in their taking them out as they go out of a shaggy our these rallies who, at one percent four percent. Now I mean it's bizarre how many people get injured by this gunfire and at this, in time do not get killed so amazing, incredible? Well,
only if you don't understand the real, peaceful meaning bind the Nazi kites, yeah. This is the Glen Back programme? So how do you find the truth? How do you find the truth? We're live, in a post, modernist world that says there is no truth. That is that all truth is subjected Then your reality is Even reality, there is no reality. Ok, well, that's a biggest pilot. Dog crap. I've ever heard. There is reality. Now understand. The subtle nuance of perception is reality sometimes perception is wrong. Just ass, Johnny or Laurel Sometimes perception is wrong. What is
the truth, well them- a way to do it is to go to the original source. Go and and listen to their own words are. I I want to. I want to read a statement. This is from one of the senior military officials for Israel and I want you to listen to this- listen carefully. When you are in possession of weapons that were able to withstand the occupation in the wars of two thousand six, two thousand eight, two thousand twelve and two thousand fourteen. When you have weapons that are being wielded by men who were able to prevent the strongest army in the region from enter. The Gaza Strip for fifty one days and were able to capture and kill soldiers of that army? Is this really a peaceful resistance? Again, this is an israeli senior official saying this. This is
at peaceful resistance. Has the option of armed struggle diminished. No contrary it is growing and developing when you hear talk about peaceful resistance is deceit on the public. This is peaceful resistance bolstered by military force and by security agencies, and joining tremendous popular support. This decision, And does not fool the palestinian people Day to day he saying you ve, got all these weapons and everybody is saying that this is peaceful, but that is deception and end the power stadiums. They all know that they're not fooled by that their part of this. This is armed an insurrection.
Well that's the opinion of of the Israelis and the idea. F do agree or disagree. I regret Ok I mean you know. I know there are certain people in the media that would push back pretty hard against that sentiment, but I think that's, I think, that's true accurate. I think accurate perception. Let me The original audio cause. I want you to hear what is truth. I want you to hear it for yourself here. It is the same. Lovely in Canada, is there no at the higher the time ass. Liam Autobahn will cost me I'll. Let you gonna tonight and we believe that only a moon, blue, yawning for our part we are linking up through, and what about ITALY? Mather let them in Jani, if that's how I have mercy muscle wearing what lovely while stop. This is not the statement of the Israelis, this is the statement openly
of a senior Hamas official. Now? Where did he say that? Will he said that on Al Jazeera in Arabic. Nobody in the media cares to veto list know what they're saying in Arabic in only there is what they're saying in English or don't you think it really would mean something important if they're saying something different to the people of the region in Arabic,. By the way this translation comes from memory. This is the middle eastern group, that just monitors, what's happening in arab and then translates at all to Egypt, because it is important they say not to us in English through our press. But what telling their own people- and
entire region? Now let me just refrain this. Does your great yes. This is an armed insurrection this this this that there there is no question. This is not peaceful and the people of Palestine. They know it came I just read it again, but now, with the understanding that this is a statement from a senior Hamas official when you're in possession of weapons that were able to withstand the occupation, the wars of two thousand and six two thousand and eight two thousand and twelve, two thousand and fourteen, when you have weapons that are being wielded by men who were able to prevent the strongest army in the region from entering the Gaza Strip for fifty one days and were able to capture or kill soldiers of that army, really a peaceful resistance, as is, a peaceful resistance. Has the option
of armed struggle diminished? No, on the contrary, its growing at its developing. So, when you talk about a peaceful resistance, we're deceiving the public, This is peaceful resistance, bolstered by a military force, and security agencies and enjoying trim, mendous popular support? But just now this deception Doesn't fool the palestinian people, it's incredible and credible at that? You would feel emboldened and bold enough to actually say that on television you are saying just like the guy who held the kite. Yet we just want the juice. We want to burn them. Everything Israel is saying, is right and word admitting it on television, but still the media comes out and tells us that the opposite yesterday have to hide it? They do not. After hide it Hitler. I had to hide it for awhile the leader of Hamas,
is it the YA sin war he said? a hundred thousand people, are going to storm the border fence. He said, and I quote our people and our boys will surprise the entire world with what they have in store. Let them wait for a big push we'll take down the border and we will tear out their hearts from their bodies. Ok, we'll that sounds like peaceful. That sounds very peaceful assumes that sounds like these good, reasonable people that I dont know why Israel won't sit down and talk to them. I remember Temple of Doom Guy did that remove the heart from there. Brought a cavity hears, seem pretty friendly. Yeah highlights cool chant them all around suitor rum champ, I'm sure remember that that I mean there's bonus points about the
The idea that this guy doesn't mean, let's terror, our hearts out of their bodies. That he's just as just type asked the guy with a kite. Who was this error message we're gonna come to burn. You cut was high bourbon, where I personally burning ask the ass, the senior official on Al Jazeera. Then, why deception. What what is it This you're, saying that a peaceful protest is deception, but if I have to believe the percent of all the other people. Then wait. Then there is no deception. Is a peaceful protest. It has to be what how many mental hoops do you have to jump through to be able to believe in the nonsense that is coming out of the U N and coming The media, in others,
there's a list. If you are, if you are on the side of Hamas. Ass, you know it's it's. The old phrase your friends and I'll show your future should always check who we're friends with We agree with doesn't always mean that you're wrong. I find myself in in Vienna rooms, with strange Bedford all the time, but when you are narrowing down to a specific issue? Are you We ve only normal person in the room. Are you is there anyone else like you in the room. The media, TAT To the side of the end and Palestinians and rejects air the thing that is being said by and about Hamas, so high
whose their cup a hoo hoo company. Are they in you ve got Bernie Sanders. Ok, well, well, cable Bernie Sanders he's not so bad United Nations, the United Nations. I mean they Why most of Europe? You not sunscreen Kay palestinian arab terrorist groups like Hamas, Hamas NEO Nazis, they're pretty good yeah, alright oak, There was wonderful progressives, ok, Theo by a national security well now those those the the owl pod castors, our favorite pod castors, In force there already in force, I wonder they're, pretty great cause they're warring on formation like, for example, we'll statements from Hamas in red? into the entire thing. They're right there at war with that in four by That's fake news right and then the means
media? Ok, well that's good company, I guess to keep It's an interesting left right grouping by the way, it's again I would absolutely fight and have many times at whether infill wars is a right wing grid. They dont belatedly, isn't but his ill. It's not like the waits for poorer, no pushed out there in in the media. Is that their this hard right, all the all right, the What do they really have in common what do they really have in common all the american groups? Read them read them again. Mainstream media mainstream media? What did it? actually believe in what are they defending in Venezuela? socialism. My remarks in full wars info wars, what Do they believe in really truly believe in giant state government control, socialist nationalism
Certainly they don't seem to like Jews all that much I'll say that they are not likely to be fancy June. Will they, but they are also in two they claim not to be, but then celebrate every big government decision if their guy makes it. That's very, very true Obama. Podcast this national security boroughs, as they would say that those are anti Israel Socialists, Then progressives of his socialist NEO Nazis, the all right again Nazis allows your little show us the outright. I mean if you look at the platform by people like Richard Spencer, on over it before socialism doesn't sound. Like any conservative thing, you ever her either her rush Limbaugh talk about the ideas that Richard Spencer talks about. No other kids don't have anything to do with race or creed. They have every thing to do with socialism.
They have a lot to do. They also, I believe my job saying no to you, but you can take that away. Don't just stare at that and miss that what they're also advocating is social is right. Palestinian arab terrorist groups- again you to be so, I hear that Hamas is not implemented a free market solution in the region. They don't say they seem to be a challenge. Varying awesome, European nations and the United Nations against social is of large groups and people who also just don't seem to like Jews. You know. What's weird: is these groups seem to have two things in common socialism and the hatred of Jews? it is almost like Marxism and Anti Semitism go hand in hand. In fact, I'm, gonna, go out on a limb here and say no. It like it? It is that Anti Semitism and
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six hundred sizes available, including custom options. You're gonna find the right filter for your business or for your home at filled or by dot com, that's filter! Be you why dotcom filter by dot com? the year are really really glad they. Here today, Chelsea Handler is just edgier brought. This knots we need more than nuts, it's just dumb right. It's like we can we can put an ice spin on it, make her feel good act as if she's ideology Lee none. He maybe she's, not so reasoned with their ideology. She's, just dumb she doesn't know anything about what she's talking about, and she keeps thing but she has these issues. Bastard mastered, and it's really just I mean in a vodka. Does damage does not get over long periods of time really can hurt, it can really does it know it does not make you
particularly well qualified to make in depth arguments about the region. At all I mean this is it. This is a good argument, though ok, Zack. I may I missed one. She says you know this will be the way he's handling the Euro, Israel, the weather handling this. This protest, its Hitler saying outwits was all about helping the Jews stay, warm and I think we all you, know wonder how she can sleep at night, The CIA has had a bad couple of weeks with developments in its two biggest treason cases. Since nineteen ninety last week, I told but the former CIA agent that is now in custody whose spied for China now another is in custody. The man suspected of passing top secret CIA computer hacking secrets to Wiki.
Leaks last year, member that just last year, you, remember this when they, when they pass this formation and tried to Wikileaks tried to sell somebody tried to sell it. To our enemies. Twenty nine year old, Joshua, Adam Schulte or Sholto use the work for the CIA is Engineering developing group, which created computer code for overseas spy operations of thought, he's believe he may have given the code to Wikileaks, who then release the blueprints to the world March. Twenty seventy in wiki leaks, name, the code vault seven, perhaps it inspired by Julius Hodges, Cosy Embassy, home, just a guess it is one of the biggest and potentially harmful leaks in CIA history only the world had access to some of America's most sensitive cyber espionage techniques, its eye. It really is
Ex WAR is gonna, be full fought with ones and zeros. This It's like releasing the the schematics to the Manhattan project immediately after Wikileaks release the CIA Code last year, suspicion primarily focused on CIA contractors, but according to a form. Federal prosecutor, the fact that the government disclosed during hearing that Sholto is a suspect likely indicates that he think they think then he worked alone in giving this code to Wikileaks, he apparently very good at computer spy stuff, because he worked for the USA before moving on to the CIA He said he joined the intelligence field because he felt it's my patriotic duty after nine eleven and apparently, though, patriotic feelings, faded healed if the CIA and twenty sixteen claiming that he will he reported incompetent man, bent and bureaucracy. He said that
caused him to be painted as it disgruntled employee and put him under suspicion regarding vault, seven? Well, the when is still building its case against Shelty, but I run Actually, he currently already in jail. Why is he in jail well he's in jail for possession and transmission of child pornography. Prosecutors say the government found a large stash if chow build porn on his server that he built. He is pleading line from CNN last night, and just tell me access to his server Man who to believe here. No word on whether that server also held any Hillary Clinton emails, but will keep you posted
it's Wednesday May sixteen year, listening to the Glen Back Programme It's all. I read a headline from CNN last night and just tell what you think Zeb anybody else believes what I believed: when I just read the headline Democrats may the approaching a turning point on Israel. Few here that and didn't read the story. Stew. What would you think that was saying it's about time finally you'll? Have a Democrats seeing the light right right great to right, cause Democrats showed up, to Israel for the opening of the opening of the embassy, well, a lot of lights were booked. Now they were, they were night. Oh and now there are wide open, well, religious restrictions. You know there was no. It was that I couldn't get on playing, that's not true at all and they close a lot of the airports. Ok, so I read this
As I know it, well it's about time and I'm thinking what is, that they finally saw the almost any in authority and Hamas saying that made them go. Ok, maybe thing that we covered earlier today, which was when they admitted that it was not a peaceful protests and that they were intentionally lying to the media, to to fool Americans, but they were pulling Palestinians. They were using weapons in an armed conflict yeah. Maybe when they admitted that on television was the turning point, the idea will they admitted that in television, but they admitted it on Al Jazeera and they said it in Arabic. So I don't speak. Arabic and how can nobody and media speaks arabic and what is that? It's, like you know, it's the language of a sub culture stew, so we don't have to pay attention to them. Anything that they really mean. They'll say that in English
two pretty large subculture yeah. Yet I is as the Epp here anyway so let me read the story for the better part of as two decades, the establishment wings of both republican and Democratic Party, have largely been pro Israel Both parties have, at least in their party platforms. Maintain pro is real positions, including calls directly eyes: Jerusalem as the jewish Nations capital, while the real a working party has become more pro Israel recently its unclear. Whether democratic party will be to maintain a pro Israel tilt. Today, The pew research centre- fines Democrats are less pro Israel than they have been in decades. That drop as occurred in the period of just two years since one Sixteen this year twenty seven percent of Democrats say their sympathies lied with the Israelis over the Palestinians. Only
twenty seven percent of Democrats. Twenty I've percent said the Palestinians, the rest said both or neither just to you does it when Democrats adopted more pro palestinian positions and their plank forty three percent of Democrats said their sympathies align with Israel. Compared with twenty nine percent, who said the Palestinians now g? What has happened in the last couple of years is not just the Democrats that are split. It's how their speed establishment. Democrats have been fighting, often insurgent progressive wing and its. On any different on this issue. Liberal Democrats,
push for the more pro palestinian language are far more likely to side with the Palestinians. Then he is written than the Israelis. Now. Listen to that liberal Democrats. Liberal Democrats, when did liberal Democrats, become cool to say again, it's progressive Democrats. Is it not liberal look that's what an interesting thing to say: CNN! They are more likely to side with Palestinians because you know why they they don't do those, because more and more people are going. I'm not really progressive. I'm just a high more of your main stream. You know liberal Democrat the people in the heartland, so what is strange thing to say in this article liberal Democrats are more palestinian than the Israeli, Meanwhile, moderate and conservative Democrats will go with Israel
There is also an age gap and twenty sixteen, those under the age of thirty who call themselves Democrats are independent. Who lean towards Democratic Party said? By? thirty nine to thirty one percent margin that their sympathies, allied with the Palestinians among those democratic. Sixty five in older. The split was fifty percent for Israel compared to twenty four percent for the palace, means now why without happen, I mean who. The only thing that you know- maybe they don't have in common anymore- is going to a university, ok, now without being said, I don't know how you can honestly have a pro palestinian stance, but hey to each his own If you ve done your homework and you know who Hamas is. And you know what Hamas is saying to their own people
and to the world in Arabic. If you know all of those things, I really don't know how you have a pro palestinian view on what's happening in Israel today that I have no idea I can understand it from the perspective of Haiti, Don't you like rub. Donald Trump was the guy who moved the the embassy to Jerusalem like you're gonna, be a pole if you're old crap, you gotta be opposed Trump doing it in a concern: generally seem and religious people seem to be defensive of Israel. If you Not one of them, you might just take the other side generally and you might easily some of the propaganda in the media. Were you see, people like poor people die at the hands of a military. Maybe you don't look into the details that closely. You can understand how you might waddled into that area, and you might even just say look I'm not gonna pick aside, but I think the Palestinians, just I mean look, people are people just Can we all just get along
and live side by side, and I would say yes, if you didn't have politicians winding people up to get them to The strap a suicide bomb honour put their baby in. Harm's way at the four, a line of the of the quote peaceful pro yes and river. The elected politicians of this particular area are Hamas. Yes, gay, eighty known terrorist group. Ok, I'm looking for or a Democrat any Democrat that says to themselves look. I don't agree with your Glenn back on a lot of things, but what's happening right now is is crazy and let me give you another story. The forward has published a big expos ay on Jordan Peterson. Jordan Petersen is a canadian professor, not playing politics, not playing politics just talking about,
mainly boys and men, and fine meaning in your life spend on this programme several times, and he is the most carefully he's a most If person with words I've ever seen, he's here, intentionally a very slow talker at times because he wants make sure he doesn't say anything on a big platform that is inflammatory, hey he's carefully bought out and reasoned. You made agree with him, but there's would forward? Did they put Peter this picture up in a story alongside Adolf Hitler's and they headline was: is Jordan Petersen enabling Jus hatred? Now you have done then he is currently on tour, with a Jew. Now I don't know how bad
our works. Are you ever Nazi rally with the Jew? There must be a real, odd couple situation. It is so you can guess what followed that Jordan Petersen is a public intellectual adored by NEO Nazis, I'm quoting now this. This is coming from weekly standard who took the forwards article apart, I am quoting the forward. Jordan Petersen is public intellectual adored by NEO Nazis, the NEO. Patsy Website daily, stormy, called Petersen, the Saviour of Western civilization part of people on the far right like Petersen, is because he's not afraid to talk about the Jews Peters. His followers rage range from an avowed NEO nazi community like the daily storm or to frustrated young men looking for a scapegoat end quote now. This. Is what the weekly standard wrote by the in the article you have the impression that a horde of Jack boots March behind AIR Peterson's goose steps,
wandering the the actual extent of Petersen support at the Daily Starmer. I looked up word, Saviour and Discover, It has three said, this blog posts written a guy calling himself Joe Jones. As it turns out. He was likely being ironic about praising Petersen as the Messiah, because just them Before his ambiguous Savior comment. He wrote Jody Orton Petersen and I'm going to use the real issues. The real. Why? Because We would be dishonest and take it out of context. Partially and also licence issues, but can be complicated cousin people don't complain because they were taking it out of context. I will I will abide because of the licence issue. A jury.
Petersen is a hardware after a drive, if that's my egg tee the the gay seller, the eye than that and his fans are also that word, one of his other post is title. Jordan. Peterson's fans are massive F words with deeds. The issues, so the guy who claimed in a vague three sends posed that. He's the Messiah he's the Saviour had written to other articles six. That he's gay slur and all of his supporters are good. A slur rarely on daily storm, is my impression that they use any reference to gay people as a compliment,
till earlier they do there a little more investigation on the site reveal, but Joe Jones wasn't the only daily storm or contributor cracking jokes about Petersen being some sort of saviour and Her guy Roy Batty wrote listening to members of the Jordan, be Petersen called you might He was some sort of Christ figure you, you see it's all in acting prop a cheap stick. To make nor means think he's deeper and more father, like than he really is I know some one else named Andrew angling added that Petersen wasn't employee and F slur word, but a pretentious, smarmy F, word and the article titled an hour video on why Jordan Petersen is a piece of crap. Not the actual word yes. Was seven hours in a dish,
post? He wrote Petersen is full of ass, no matter how you slice it Go on with other curses hurled at Petersen, but you get the picture Feldman side one example from the hate site, Joe Jones, seemingly ironic, posed to report his sweeping claim that Petersen is adored by far right racists. Unless the F word, slur. An piece of crap means something different in NEO nazi land. It appears Feldman stress the truth. That is a really generous summary. He s it in their Feldman also hit hid from the readers, all the notable jewish individuals from across the political spectrum who have written or spoken positively about Jus about Jordan Petersen in his work to name A few rabbi, Jonathan sacks. Well, here no Dummy Harvard
Steven. Pinker he's no dummy and he's on the left cycle Chris Norman Doin, Professor Jonathan Height, another non dummy and somebody from the left how Bloom novelist, Melanie Philips journalist, Barbara K, Professor GAD, sad or see ad, It had urged Jonathan key. A comedian Dave Reuben, whose currently on tour with him right or care the young biologist, Brett, Weinstein's, author Ben, should pay. RO comedian Bill MAR New York columnist, David, Brooks in very Weiss its Frank. The astonishing that not one editor had the professional some to insist on gathering some testimony. On behalf. Of the accused from any of these reputable people. Evidently,
The forward is perfectly acceptable to have journalist, asked loaded questions about a man and then stack the deck against him quote only his accusers can we find any Democrats that are listed. In this audience. Can we find one who will stand against the clear anti semitic lies that are happening in the smears on people. Anyone in this audience who's, a Democrat that will take a stand and say I'm tired of this novel policies just These lies like to hear from you ain't it ain't. Seventy seven be easy K. Will anyone stand on the other side and say that's not that's not who we are. That's not who we are. I don't agree with that
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How many have electric cars I mean? We have to have them because clean energy. It's it's free energy, it comes out of like the wall. Somehow right an end, it doesn't even have hamsters in the wall it does. Eel is, doesn't even have a tale pipe. So now go is coming on, seeing all its its part, so worse for the environment on Blue. Please I'm calling the Hague, and then we read the story to your neck. Back is the glad that programme last night, Mercury one hosted its kick off party for the end. One ball happening this November. You can get your tickets now. Harry one DOT, Org M one ball de Andrews, Simmons Lock, who you might know if you ever watched the show the real housewives of Dallas she
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First of all we have said for years on this programme. Yes, they don't have a tale pipe, but there's a couple of things to consider a lie: drink cars. Where does that energy come from the wall? Isn't thinking through enough it's not just the wall, it's the power station. How does the power station make the electricity to power your car? Usually they burn coal. Poor or magic elves, yes, and that coal is dirtier than a new car, so your actually doing more harm to the environment. You climate deny or we should. We're doing J, Owl, ok or you can just wait until it starts to be proven now,
here comes the politico amazing. This is an amazing story and politico. Now, of course, this is based on laws signed, Bible, George Bush and Barack Obama soap its by partisan, we're going to give this up to seventy five hundred dollars to every person who buys an electric cars, and many states also dangle their own mix of goodies for electrical electric car buyers, including ray its largest five thousand dollars additional rebate for vehicle chargers and free use of public charging stations California, Governor Jerry Brown, decreed five million lecture vehicles must be honest states roads by twenty twenty five, along with two hundred and fifty thousand charging stations, eight other. States are following California, led one. California, lawmaker has even introduce legislation to ban all internal russian vehicles by twenty four wait. Wait who? What state California. Dancing their insane all
what's it makes sense of electric vehicles, as their supporters claim, were truly likely to reduce air pollution and tackle climate change, but Are they not Why should I knew you were allowed to ask? But politico has asked a Bum PA men and to answer the question that this is a model of right wing information here, so you might want to dismiss this measure is liberal, be confused when they get to school. They hear any. I they are used. The Eu S. This is me saying this. Is that the author from political? I use the? U S: energy information and restrictions. Most recent longterm forecast for the number of new electrical vehicles through twenty fifty looking at three clean regulated under the? U S Clean AIR Act as well: co2 emissions, so seems pretty right wing right there that its recommendations or derives from the government. What I found is that I'd, spread. Adoption of electric vehicles nationwide will likely increase air pollution compared with new internal combustion vehicles, increase that my
sound counter intuitive or, if you listen to this programme like the truth, draw. I won't what replacing a thirty year old smoke, belching Oldsmobile with a new electric vehicle report, reduce air pollution, yes, but how many of us are driving in Ozma lobbying from the nineteen? Seventy, a good question. Yes, this is where, Electric vehicle proponents arguments run off the road. They fail to consider just how clean inefficient new internal combustion vehicles are. They probably compares for evaluating the benefits of electric cars is not an old gas guzzler. It's the difference between an electric car in a new gas car. No, no, no, no! No! No, no how much? How much cleaner? Will the air be right? If we, if we, replace every buddies. Nineteen fifty five view, in fact, whether Tesla with terror. I dont understand right. This is an amazing that which I was not aware of today's vehicles new,
Gas powered vehicles emit only one percent of the pollution that they did in the nineteen sixties, so gas engines have cut their pollution by ninety nine percent. Now. It didn't know that staff, but I not surprised because- for us, as we have said from the beginning, if the market wants clean vehicles if they want to see driving gas guzzlers there. Something more efficient and clean. The free market will provide it. So look at the gas guzzling almost gone and Jeanne cutting emissions by ninety nine percent of incredible new innovations continue to improve those engines, efficiency and cleanliness ass for the electric car the energy doesn't come from nowhere, not magic elves.
Hamster wheel in your all. It's just from the media have to have an outlet recently Ella. We still generate power mainly by using fossil fuels. Natural gas is now our biggest source of luck, trysting, which is cleaner than coal, but is projected to increase, call declining will remain the second largest source of electricity for some time. Thirty nuclear power which, of course, environmental don't want either, even though its emission free then they also want to stop franking, which stops now look at the ice, projects that the nations electric generating mix will be just thirty percent renewable by twenty thirty, based on that forecast, if YE projected number of electric vehicles were replaced with new internal combustion vehicles, air pollution, actually decrease from electric vehicle two combustion engines that will air pollution actually decrease, and this whole
true, even if you include the emissions from the oil refineries, that manufacture ghastly now lotteries, whereas in the past, when we ve talked about that, have done an analysis based on the manufacturing of the car, because there's it's a lie more strenuous on the environment to manufacture and electric car that it is a combustion com, Simon Innocent Analysis over the whole it's not even in their asked for and I was gas emissions electric vehicles, others is after production. Will use the will reduce compared in new internal combustion vehicles, but the network doctrine in co2 emissions between twenty thousand and eighteen and twenty fifty would only be about one half of one percent of total forecast, who s energy related carbon emissions with such as All change will have no impact whatsoever on climate and thus no economic benefit. So what if, if we have subsidies? Who are they benefiting? We ve talked about this before you go, to your your first New York Times best seller, This information is in here or a version of it
but this is not new. Updated. Has twenty seventeen a nationwide survey and twenty seventeen found that fifty six percent of people who claimed the subsidy. The free money from the government had sold incomes of at least one hundred thousand dollars. Seven percent had household incomes of at least two hundred thousand dollars, which is almost four times the medium income of United States. It's fair to say? So this is a pilot. This, political, are really only person the only people I know that have electric cars like a Tesla people? Of course? It's fair too. A subsidies disproportionately benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor. Who cannot afford by even subsidize electric vehicles, not only at the wires and charging stations need to charge? All those electric vehicles will be paid for by ratepayers further increasing reelection, its and is more wealthy. Customers install solar panels to charge their electric vehicles the cost to provide
the backup power will fall on those who cannot afford. To do so, in effect, the wealth, The owners of electric vehicles will enjoy the benefits of their clean silent cars, while passing on many of the costs of keeping their vehicles on the road to everyone else. Is specially the poor recording politico to be sure for electric cars are impressed, some are quicker than off the line than the formula one race car. We ve talked about this, but there is oh economic or environmental justification for the many billions of dollars in subsidies that America is already paying two speed their adoption com or should immediately terminate electric vehicle tax credits which just benefit the wealthy com, should eliminate zero emission credits where which elect vehicle manufacturers, have used to boost their bottom line, and we said millions of positive things about Elon, musk but he's gotta be called out on us, which even These the bottom line, eight hundred and sixty million dollars for Tesla alone in the last three years, that is,
an abomination, just another. To add to the pile, so it led Silas talk a little bit about Seattle, something that we said would happen yesterday, but I mean who can. Remember how old you were yesterday. I remember that has on tv and the Andes to have in those days like the old school retrofitted is for an out and out from yesterday. Ok, so supporters of the Seattle Tax, psych supporters, that's swell tax like what did we tell you just yesterday that they would do to Amazon Amazon folded. We think they at least started construction on their their new building or it or were rids resumed construction, but they still are out on whether they're gonna stay in Seattle. This tax hike was fine, a hundred dollars per employee. That was hired in Seattle,
it's now been reduced to two hundred and seventy five dollars per employee. It's gonna ass to Amazon, about twelve million dollars every year, every year, We told you yesterday Amazon, what are you this? You can't be this stupid. You can't be this stupid, that's where they start they're. Gonna come for more now that was yesterday how things change let's play the audio of the supporters and what this the porters or chanting at the vote, what what what is it? a little now more later it's so we will get more will be back for more. Is that at least is what I heard, and I quote, clip played again yes, we'll be back we'll be back.
For more we'll be back? Furthermore, I have I honestly how stupid do you have to be done to put your business there in that environment unless they start electing people who actually are seen we'll be back or more, and they will you'll build the rest of that tower. And we'll come back to take their piece of it. If you allow that to happen, that is on you at this point they have been clearer, shareholder, Families- Amazon, you should be. You should be breaking her voice heard on no don't go in Seattle. Would you do paying an extra points. Five million dollars a year I'm going to the shareholders or investing in future things. What are you doing? No go someplace. Where You don't have to pay all of that tax. Fiduciary responsibility has to come into play at some point with Amazon and argue that they can't be that's stupid. They know that this week
it'll be raised? Because They don't have a a income problem in Seattle. The Have a spending problem in Seattle, all socialist cities and nations always do. And eventually they're gonna, run out of other people's money. So. What else is happening in the great town of Seattle? I wait to hear the law It is from the university Evergreen Evergreen College, oh my god. This place makes Berkeley, look like be why you? What are they? bring, will show you where we come back Let me tell you about blinds dot com, blindsided, I helped us with a lot of places in our house, one of them was our bedroom. That was the latest place and we
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Back in just a few minutes, we will tell you about the no whites allowed day of absence it lives on ad Evergreen state College, now wait a minute hold on a second no whites allowed on campus. I thought those I thought the university said they were going to do that anymore. Well, they do but the students have the final say, of course, There is such a happy ending to this story. Europe blow your stag, but then a happy ending and we talked about northern area mask. Bad students at the embattled ever screen straight state college, which made national headlines last year after it hosted an event that ass white people not to come Campus were a day of absence and how she would have happened when I was at school. I would again, I would state home every day anyway,
they they ve had. Did they ve had to organise a new adoration of the event despite to the administrators efforts to shift gears. The minister you should have school does not want this to happen soon. Said the Olympia Washington based public school have organised a three day day of absence observance that includes mix of events on and off campus. Some gatherings are advertised as open all skin colors. Others ass, that only people of color attend a poster At the school obtained by the college fix, which is where I found this article- declares that The no whites allowed self segregation events will be held off campus and ass people to rsvp to a website that spells out no Our seas aloud the url, the
and Sir launched today and run through Friday, according to organizers, who are not interested in any media coverage. For their event, the the screenshot other Facebook page makes it. Very, very clear. Do not engage with these people, as this is happening, no matter what the ITALY person further Evergreen Skate Stay College did not respond to a phone call and an email on Tuesday seeking comment. The theme of this year's observance is D. Institutional eyes, Andy colonise. The mission of this event is to bring people of color together in order to create a collaboration of space and move forward into the future in action to institutions, consistent disregard for our safety. We are opera independently of the college, this the day for us by us in a dish,
the PLC centred events. There will be an anti racist workshop for white people. And people who do not identify as people of color. Please a dish assure your own pack, lunch and dishes potluck style. No one whose intentions are to cause harm are allowed. The college's annual day of absence day of presence programme has been observed for years. However, last year, following the objections by a white biology, professor bread, Weinstein's he's an amazingly brave man. They are they fronted him and police told Weinstein's. They could no longer protect him on campus. After that his class had to meet at a near by park The situation prompted national headlines in criticism. Now this is the good part.
Earlier this year, officials announced that they would revamp the controversial day of absence observance instead offering in equity symposium, as for his art Weinstein's his weight in this year's day of absence. This is fascinating on many levels, the college TK so the day of absence, so the students are going to do this note the structure of their pyramid. Last week the MP and reported that evergreen state quote will look to cut more than ten percent of its operating budget for twitter. Eighteen nineteen and raise student fees because of declining in Rome,
Did you hear that a decision on, or was it normal? It's Wednesday may sixteenth year, listening to the Glen Back Programme, we that Michael Mouse on a few times easy other of dear reader, the unauthorized autobiography of Kim Jong IL easy podcast hosts of your welcome and really fascinating guy on all things, North Korea. We wanted to have him on today to just to give us an idea of what he thinks is going on with North Korea and the latest of MA, I'm gonna, pull out of these talks will the programme, Michael Malice, thanks so much so go away. What is your take on what the news of the day I take it. It's just shocking to me how the media often gets played North Korea, you remember a few weeks ago-
deadlines ready to hand out the Nobel Peace Prize to trample the thought cream present a mood and night, but wait a minute. This is like Hilary, before the election when she treated out happy birthday to this future. President alarmed manipulative their deceptive and what people not either understand about North Korea is they that lasted the entire soviet bloc? That's not an accident there. Very very bright and their very conniving. So for meeting. If you don't mean you glad we're having some negotiation, want to sell me, your car and before leaving sat down I'll give you this I'll, give you free air conditioning for this and that, you're right away. You know I'd be suspicious what is going on here. So the meeting they are giving up nukes, they were saying we can withdraw from the south Korean from South Korea. Our troops they're gonna get in this figure, given the attic, even if they were willing to give up all these things When they do that at the close of the meeting rather than front and we see here on exactly what they're doing, which was a very successful efforts to
humiliate us on the world stage, even if it's just a short term thing deflect them off, I speak. The dark did a lure us essentially into being too eager, to solve this problem. I don't we are too eager. I don't think we can be eager enough. I think this is the biggest problem on the world stage. North Korea is the worst country on earth. I I was on Fox and friends, and I made the point: look we have we got up half the Jews there's twenty five million more, which is the north korean people, the thing is, they cancel their meeting with South Korea today, over these words, besides, these had been an annual event. I think the seventies at least they complained about than before, but it would be as if you know I called you up on a cobra thirtieth, Glenn. I'm upset you're having a Halloween party tomorrow, the meetings off its you knew this was coming. So this is disingenuous and we who knows disingenuous for the following reason:
It was all announced publicly, so they were really upset about these days. They could have very easily behind closed doors, said, look we're we're having second thoughts, we need these changes before the meeting. You know you guys can make any excuses you want publicly, but this is something we need before we get to the table. That, though they did did you send out there? You know they made their announcements declarative. And then you said yesterday, the State Department was scrambling, say: We haven't heard anything from them at all, so this is very much a year. A public show our strategy and in them asserting that their place, in the negotiations. So so do you think the negotiations are going to be on Is this gonna happen or or not? going to my head. I would say yes because then a lot of momentum. My thinking this they do. They didn't say that going out there pointing coy they care for the meeting with South Korea?
at the way of showing we mean business, but they wouldn't have got the fact that all this was enough publicly that he's gonna be with press. From surely behind the scenes. There were so much discussion to get us to that point, so I don't think it's all about yeah. What could be a bluff is what they agree to do as a consequence of this meeting north korean came genuine hoon. Population are having on the world stage. You know the visual that they have him crossing the envy and he's the sweet kid but even though he murdered member going on family, but we're not complied with and now so that it can think that work in their favour. So I think you would be the coup. If they had the meeting and as a result of meaning they really are tied to having to do anything you could it be technically agree to it. Michael. I am interested do because we ve talked about the sort of a tough approach of of triumphant, ministration and how that effective, maybe in in getting to them- and I have seen it come from
respected. That's what's happened right like we ve talked chocolate, we ve held them to account and they actually come to the table from their perspective. Could you argue? Hey? We. We could say we're doing these tests when we were talking tough now reaching our and they ve accepted us and our allowing the President this world, do you know the supposed world leader come two of our territory and big ass, to make peace? So I mean we have to keep in mind the last November or December member those days we were so much younger than President Ciampi death. So you know they have and they were going to nuke Guam. Are these people have no problem to say outrageous things in and in the fact that President drop responded in kind has clearly force be cheap. Their behavior. I see a lot of twitter people are so desperate to attack the president. It's like low. You know under Obama, nothing We changed in North Korea and try just one day.
Another point. I was very saddened that after these three high, these were released, which is a great pay for all American Vanunu, just a wonderful thing Hilary. Joe Biden Bernie Sanders Elizabeth, worn Kemal Harris. Now I mentioned it in their new better. I checked that afternoon and I couldn't even round my head around it and they could very easily take a dig at the Trump or just hey. You know what cooperate neat within me with the hostages and make it your thing. So the fact that this is being into a partisan issue is really disturbing to me So, even if nothing comes of these talks, the three hostages are big deal. So one of the best one of the best explanations on what's really happening that I have heard what it was from bill, O Reilly and and I said because I was a believer in- and I still kind of em there it is Donald Trump speaking the language that a dictator understands
dictator understands strength and being shoved back against the wall, and- That's the guy with the twitchy I and they ve, never seen an american president. Do that and they didn't know how to handle it, and they thought ok all right. Maybe this guy is different. We gotta handle him differently but bill, said that he felt that the tweets and the positioning had very little to do with it. Stead. He said it was trumps. Trade war with China and I'm going to China in saying I'm going to do these things unless, you get the short little guy under control, and you take care of it and it was, it was through the meeting with China. He believes where they called upon the carpet and said look now knock it off. Do you believe I do believe. That's true. I I said
from the beginning of the trap administration, when he met with the chinese president, immoral logo, they are they're doing a good cop. Bad cop, which is trumped, is the farming at the mouth, crazy person. No one knows what to make of him. Look at him. He sang I've been nuclear button on my desk and then China gets to be the good guys. And it's always gonna be more China's problem than ours. Simply because the Geography and China get this day, hey want to deal with him good. No one knows making sure you don't want to be with us we're your big brother. So I think this was a pencil when going in both directions- and I don't think it's a contradiction between those two position- does not one thing- there's clearly several factors that are forcing them to alter their behaviour in such extreme ways. I mean again, this is the first north korean leader to ever go to South Korea to this is the guy. The Olympic then engage with the outside world contradict decades of north korean ideology is, is it is not, Korea look for us, too,
who come over there and accept them and welcome them as a nuclear power, as we have with Pakistan, or in the administration would have any problem getting up and walking away from the summit. I dont think he needs the area means give us all of their technology or dismantle all of that technology which which are they really? they going to do to you the baby, Very shrewd point last night into this morning, which is if you are going to insist, on unilaterally nuclear radiation. That's not fair whatever terms are used and in a certain sense, there is the validity to it. That said, in North Korea was on the state sponsored terrorism whisper, blowing up a south korean jet, their concentration camp. They oppress their people, they sell their military technology worldwide, does not even like Pakistan, because there is a possibility of a nuclear proliferation through their technology net.
I think, a concern, so they're they're going to demand and why wouldn't they demand the world because there in the corner there sitting pretty at the same time, I dont think President Trump. Most people in any administration would have any problem getting up the walking away from the summit. I dont think he needs me mean the classic exam which everyone the right uses fairly you gonna Reykjavik, where They had the negotiation of garbage. You know their drinks, everything and began. Gorbachev surely says: well you know this autumn. And then you giving up ass the eye star Wars and Reagan blew his top and walked and as a consequence of that, he ended up by taking a step that led to the cold war, so I know there's a lot of people in the administration to are very familiar with that scenario: The other point that I think this is from greatest strength. If your work with New York and international real estate for decades. You know
negotiating shenanigans and deal with bad actors. I mean this is this? Is his exact for as you know, I mean I'm from New York. Do. I know what these people are like. It's not. Very nice handshakes stop. It's really. You know check back there fired Reggae Herbert shops that its growth, it's it's cut, throat stuff thirty seconds, Michael one, more quick question. Is that what you expect to happen, which is exactly what I expect, Michael to they're? Gonna start. These negotiations could north he's going to make some sort of demand that is completely untenable to us, and we walk. Is that what you expect? Could it be? I I don't know because it depends on what China had been telling them enforcing them. This is the secret that we are not privy to, nor should we be privy to Michael Maoist, thank you so much he's the author of a great book called dear reader, the unauthorized autobiography of Kim Jong IL and his podcast
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people that, if you're getting alone, these are the people you need to talk to. You can utilise every single alone. They will customize alone programmed fit your financial needs licence and all fifty states- and you can clothes sometimes in ten days- a mess it can financing aid Nine zero six? Twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty! Do it now oh american financing, DOT net american finance incorporation in the mail. One thousand two hundred three thirty four W W dot, animal, less consumer access, dot, Org You know we working on this kick today of. Let's go to the original source: let's listen to them. What other people, we're dealing with, for instance, Hamas or North Korea. What are they actually saying themselves? Listen to this, interests, because this is the reason for my scepticism at least partially. They me, North Korea is famous for as Michael Mouse put it just you know, they're there can
right? They they manipulate and there can rivers and they will lie to you all the time. So we ve been told that, at least through our media that this is gonna, be a situation where we're gonna get these nukes there and the nuclear programme, and I gotta, have weapons and am very sceptical about listen to what was said to palm peo in the varied in the middle. The sir see it story. This is what they, the spokesman, said to compare when he was there. He would visit who have visited Pyongyang at such a good time at such a warm and lovely spring, and a good atmosphere. Been established between the north and the south. So everything is going well in Pyongyang. Now again, communicating look. We don't need you to fix this. This is a very fine were fighting. Data then told the Americans. We have perfected. Our nuclear capability This is not the result of sanctions that have been imposed from the outside. So again you enough do with this not saying that we're having a meeting to turn these things over his emu did had nothing to do this and, most importantly, we have perfected are We are capability. In other words, we don't need more tests, we ve already or done
we ve already perfected it. We don't need anything any more so now I now come to the table after we're done perfecting our programme and no longer need test to tell you when I can attest anymore, not to tell you we're giving Oliver weapons up, in many says: it's our policy to concentrate all efforts into economic progress in our country. Again, we know we had a priority of clear capability, we perfected that now we're moving onto our economy, so sure we'll talk now, so I think tromp is going go in there and here but there are not willing to give up these weapons as again the quote MIKE Data, Michael talked about it the troubled administration only pushes us into a corner and forces of us to give up our nuclear weapons unilaterally, then we will no longer take interest in such a talk and would have reconsider. So I think they are communicating. Is the it is telling us look. I mean at their setting from up per failure because they're going to, of course, bashing. If this doesn't go right, but he should be. The he should be
going to walk on this. If we are there not want them to come on nuclear power. Think about it this way. Why Wait, we ve been hearing about his burning it rather nooks and peace. Can I come to the peninsula. We love that that's a win if we are recognising them as a nuclear power as a loss. Mr Wynn for North Korea if they are just now a nuclear power like Pakistan or like India right? If we're just, The tabled saying: hey, we don't want you to steady more, but will recognise your of beer right to have nuclear weapons. That's not a win from our perspective now we, don't what more under any circumstance that we can take. We don't want we'll dying. We know how bad bore looks so talking absolutely right in and the idea that he can go there and have these discussions could work out to be a great example. Current you're, leaving out one one part, and that is what role is China gonna play glass security back, you're listening to the Glen Back Programme. Should I go out on a manly mere per second,
a man, limb, no man, a limb made of men. Now it's from the man tree way out on a limb might fall out of the man came out. I been there are many tat we have in the you know. You know me, but I did it take it. I'm gonna take a chance here, I am strangely and not deeply, but strangely kind of it, rested in what's happening with. What's your face, that's marrying The prince bloody and even though, is it Harry or what's the other guy's name was the princess, nay Monarchy, it, I know end airy. Ok, it's what's Harry Harry so which ones get married. Hair is getting married Any you show your level of interest is Schreyer. I got very high at all but she's an american daddy's, an actor and Megan market. Yes, yes, my aunt says you know: I've had an idea,
What's interesting me to me right now is the bed the fact that she kind comes from a trashy family? How could I know better than I do kind of like the american trailer trash moving into the palace now has not at all seem to be trailer. Phenomenons HIV is but she's got her. Family does seem to have a rubber branch. Therefore read out of following a falling out of the decent tree. You know he's going out on a limb. Whither Emily and woe I mean trash lamb. Yes, does seem to be that way. Right now, I have could usually, I would have a zero on the interests of the of the royal wedding. I met a one or two on this. One rely largely because of my long term, personal relationship with Megan Marco Will you a people on others, but you were in a personal relationship matters along seven, seven seasons: seasons. Seasons of our lives. You know, that's how I think about it, and are you have
the twists and turns of your life. Did you just? with your relationship just watching her on so what it was I would say it was more than I do didn't. I would say you actually, eight or a deep while they didn't. I did not date her no now, but we never did we have. We never said we went that far right did. Did you ever meet fiddle? the time of the same room with her actually physically present Well, that depends obviously we're right now postmark world. How can happen We really say but allows it all series I love suits the show she was Andrea, I say, show, and it's been on for seven seasons and I've watched every single episode and I love it like I to the point that I actually care about these people. I have developed. I am my deep relationships, probably issue with them when they have problems on the show, I feel for them. Why I think about them? I you know, I bet I I Mulder in a day later, on Roma Cash. I hoped that works out
I hope that you works out. I will tell you: I have that relationship with the Americans really you're right, you're right, I'm very concerned of what's going to happen to them as a couple and and Ito we're going to have with the neighbour is he gonna find out, and how is it going to affect him? I'm really yeah, I'm really I've really worried about, and it is clear that item editor show like that. You really is, and so he's been other show suit for seven years on USA and its us. Is she is one of the main characters she is dating from most of the series of data. One of the two main lawyers in Asia, and so shall sleep with anybody. No, not that legitimately was bouncing back and forth between. Oh, she was with the one I know, but also at the same time she's dating the prince sail up. This is what's amazing. I it's crazy. I crash person. I would. I would highly advocate going back and watching suits on whatever streaming signs ought to focus on Amazon but
Please tell me she has a tramp stamp. I just- somebody mall she's I hope I am in the palace of the trick, I will say the idea that she comes from a white trash family if I may is a kind of seem sort of true by some of the report's, while her brother Moran Rubbia to a shot because she's like in the issue most refined a person in the world on the show how right by NATO, but again like you know you can like there are certain actresses that you'd, maybe sayers, are they ve come from a white trash background that would not be able to pull off a very rind whirl and those, and I could not necessarily lay Cleveland VAT. Oreo Roseanne is Queen Victoria. It's a great boy exam. I say hurry now in the show she would not be white trash at all. As her father is very successful african american attorney in the in the show, I don't think that's
real dad, because a real does having issues real, that a kind of feel bad for the task was to parts of this that I think, are interesting. One the dad apparently took it's gotta get staged photos of him. Taken too him doing things preparing for the wedding and they were stage as if they were caught by paparazzi. Unlike him, in a cafe, reading a book about things and write a really cheesy leg rap. Preparation for the wedding, I'm going to Great Britain, wonder why do rice right right and the accusation is that he was going to sell them to some source. That's not confirmed, then he was so embarrassed about it, but he started excuses about why he was gonna, go to the wedding and walked down the aisle so like this is two days over the three days before the biggest wedding. I guess, if you care about weddings, the biggest one and he may not water down the aisle TAT s been a bit of controversy, the other
if it is the white trash family Bonanno, the heart attack because he said initially he had a heart attack and said he was having a heart. Problem. Yes, the talking you know, and then he went in the day before summer that Andy it a heart attack, so we to have heart surgery. I think on Wednesday is today Wednesday, so to do tomorrow. He has to have surgery, heart surgery and that's why he can go because of his health, and that was his report and all died. So lonely he's their backing, about now and now he may very well go I'll, get an idle. Consider him to be her real father. Consider the lawyer to be her real father on the show right. So I don't know I've, never doubt so. Here's the reason why there saying I guess her ass, a sister said the end she dad dad had a heart attack because of a letter,
and this is why this to me this is the fun park. As I have such a trashy family man, I my family. It's the fact that we are in reality very directly into the palace. That's what I hear what I love okay, so so he writes the brother of the half brother rights to Prince Harry now he rife, he writes just on yellow legal, Pat, ok, give you gonna write a prince midnight for something more than he gets only open. Microsoft word, maybe type it out. He writes it. Dear princess Mary, it's to wait Hagen Margo is obviously not the right woman for you as more
I'm passes into your royal wedding. It becomes very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history. Now you on that saying something yeah because there's a lot as long as I can really a calmness at my and by the way you stop using the accent, but I'm still hearing it. Ok or Athens. Amaze, I'm gonna feel why it old see the real Megan, but though world miles, sees maleagans attempt to act. This part of a princess is like, a bull see average Hollywood actress AIDS, it an old what what what kind of person starts out by using her own father until he's bankrupt them forget the bottom in Mexico leaving I'm broke over mostly Oliver Debts and it's time to pay him back. She forgets her own father lie. She never knew him mmm,
father will never recover financially from pegging maidens way, nor emotionally from disavowing. M Mmm It is showing her true it like Collins, but I think it's his colors. You then for a third to Fyodor, drew goal area retaining their color Harry apparent, better tiny bit of Hollywood fame has given her head, has gone to her head, changing her into a jaded shallow conceded woman. That will make a Jew of you and the royal family heritage, sure this guy's really concerned with royal family. Look I'm a friend I am deeply. I I my life, worrying about the ground, not dimension to top it all off. She doesn't invite her own family and instead invites complete strangers to a wedding. Who does that while a princess, probably why it someone who's, I dont know, has brothers like you. You know that that
those? Are the people the dock, invaded and went away? guess this out with this would happen at all circulars. Isn't this letter smells like beer lit slits so anyway, he egos out. She still my sister. She still is family. Whatever happens is up to her whether she wants to forget no one me or the arrest of a family fan It comes first also. I would think that a royal wedding would bring a torn family closer together, but I guess we're all dis thin face late, the meg I mean it's in this case it seems like a complete dirt bag. Three, knowing honest about it, only runs it legitimate drug business right so he's been apparently in need marijuana business for several years, the engines, medical business, establishes a pharmaceutical dis, answering right very go, and he now he is upset that
Megan market would would would just leave behind the fair, and then I guess, exploit her fame right he would never it his notoriety for his own gain rather never, that's why his new Newport business is launching a new product called royally grown idea is to sell hemp based clothing and make up as well as markets our goal, a new line of marijuana, but the description of this is the greatest description of any product I've ever heard of. In my life I don't know cause. I dont know how to even parts it it's it's wonderful, Markel, sparkle! a new light of marijuana that title that Tyler said quote lit Early smells just what you would picture a boy, Oh bury would smell like
but then again it wouldn't picture now nobody Pincher Isabel than ever upon it smelled blueberry more. That is not an alien. I know it's like what you would picture mamma to right back what makes us and thus she said it literally smells just what she would picture up. Blueberry would smell like yeah, I know but blueberry smell like so. What are you just say? Blueberry says it s like areas that I have you been literally like is not an it's not figurative. Here I want you to make a picture. You understand, I'm saying it literally all shell up just shot like you would picture Blueberry dwelling lie, but what does a picture of a blue bear? I don't feel like I don't know I've, never smell blueberries, you gotta by a lot of pot to figure it out shockingly. It may have been high when, at the gate
tell you right now. It literally smells just like you picture a blueberry dismay that is men. Have we sell. You know why their inviting you royal, when our Let me talk a little bit about gold. Inflation. Is rising thing for good in the country. You know listens the economy is picking up, that's good. That is good, but remember, velocity of money is why causes inflation and we have put, so much money we printed so much money. We ve then re
patriot at all of these dollars, and they ve been sitting here in a slow economy as whose dollars pick up velocity and meaning, as they are spent more and more in people buy more stuff in they hire more people. That's why, inflation kicks in that when interest rates go up. That's why everybody's expecting the FED here on what June 12th to raise interest rates inflation goes up. The hedge against inflation is gold, always is it well your dollar is losing money gold. Is going up why you don't want you know it's not an all. Nothing kind of thing was the way you take part of your money and you put it in gold. You never know when but he is inflated money. The way we have it never works out. It works out like Zimbabwe. It works out is my of I'm Germany by the way. If you a gold mine now they're gonna give you a a ten billion dollar bill, ten billion.
Actual legal currency in Zimbabwe and ten billion Zimbabweans, witches and many ultimate altered calling gold line. You're gonna get me ten billion provocateur spend less than ten billion dollars proud, maybe maybe not, but it is that has never like. It is an article on the billion dollar bill is really cool, because it's a piece of real history. It is that shows what can happen when an economy gets out of control and its happen multiple times throughout. The country is happening right now in Venezuela, so the fat is trying to pull the money back in by raising interest rates, which will mean gold will go up. It's a hedge against inflation. What else has
if it gets out of control. They inflate the money to the Zimbabwe in ten billion dollar bill money becomes worthless, gold becomes a fortune. I don't know what's going to happen, but I do know this. Inflation is coming the hedge against inflation, is gold only people, I trust guidelines, call them now. One eight six, six gold line, one eight six, Six gold line read their important risk. Information find out of gold or silver is right for you. One aid, sick, ex gold line or gold line dot com. We're just having at a quick chat. I think we have to have some here to Morrow. I dont know how even got there but alternate universes. The theory of you know, bubble universes and then, and in many ultimate alternate the universe sure and still is trying to explain to me. He had a hard time understanding that, because we just happened to be in the universe, that quote makes sense occasion
like if I go on overrides and I order something the food will likely come In this theory, all He's there's a million other things like nuclear weapons go off. When I order for Hoover eaten one universe: giraffe, he delivers a direct right hamsters, put out a puppet show for me, other guy. Every other possibility happen that we just happened to be in the one that every time I click over each the food comes Cato. The issue breeds. Maybe it balances out with the new whose southern one day maybe that advisers at this moment, government policies right past universities actually teach things that it makes sense. Glenn, back mercury
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