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Gut Feelings Revisited? | Guests: Steve Katz & Ami Horowitz | 4/16/19

2019-04-16 | 🔗
Hour 1 850 years of history burns before our eyes? Notre Dame is one of Frances Crown jewels? A sacred place for believers and non-believers?  Hero Priest saves the day (the Relics)? Was it just a coincidence, terrorism or just a bad accident? Christians are under attack all over the world?    Hour 2  The Biden boom is being blown up? Sweetheart deals all across the board and no one noticed? ...110 years later and they're all set? ...Update Controversies from  the movie  'Unplanned', with Executive Producer Steve Katz? Censorship to the core? "We must stop being afraid"? ..."Goatee Guy, Angry Elf, Blondie and Redhead"?   Hour 3  What is the Conservative Republican agenda? Democrat candidate Buttigieg says "Most Americans Don't Want the Conservative agenda"? ...Campus sponsoring hate with Ami Horowitz? UNC and Duke sponsors Openly Anti-Semitic Conference and filmmaker Ami Horowitz joins to explain further?

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